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The Intelligencer,
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ITlie lNTW?J.ir,fNCK.n, embracing lt< several
tuitions is?ent?ro<l irj tlio l'o<?tolflue at Whool*
ins. W. Vs., m second-c1ii*m matter. 1
Editorial llnonn 4:SI. fonntlnr Knorn 41ft.
IVnKELINfi, DKCUMllKIl 10.1X93.
The Prrsldoiit'ii Pica fop Monarchy.
Tho features of most importance in ,
tho President's message on tho Hawaii- |
an question arc, first, that he baaed lii.s
action on Mr. Blount'a report; and,
k second, that ho did instruct Miniator
m "Willis to restoro tho ex-queen. The itnf
portnnce of these facta is great.
Mr. Blount's roport is discredited by
every voice that has been heard on tho
subject outsido of tho monarchial ring
of opium speculators and lottory
sharks. It is known as positively as
anything can be known that Mr.
Blount sought his information in tho
main from porsons known to be favorable
to tho monarchy, and that so far as
he had testimony irom tho other sirio
ho took cood caro not to include it in
tho report ho mado to tho Prosidont,
whoso personal commissioner I19 wai.
Mr. Bloant had cone to Hawaii to
makp out a caso for Mr. Clevoiand and
tho monarchy, lie did what he could
on that line, and the result of Mr.
Blount's arduous labors in this behalf
is in turn taken up by tho President to
make out his defense boforo the American
people. Tho message, then, in so
far as it resti on tho Blount report for
itf* statements of facts, is as strong as
that report, and no Rtrongcr.
Tho second feature of great importance
in tho message shows that tho
country was not mistaken, as Rome supporters
of tho administration insisted,
when it drew from Secretary Uresham's
letter to the President tho inference
that Minister Willis had boon instructed
to undertake tho restoration of Liliounkalani.
lhero \jas no inisapproliensidn
on this point, for tho fact is
now flatly stated in tho message. The
Pmaidnnt had ordered tho verv thinu
which was ho offensive to the great body
of his countrymen, so repugnant to tho
American idea, and ao strongly resented
that his apologists and dofendors declared
that he would never go that
length, but would content himself with
opposing to the end the project of annexation.
The scheme of restgration was defeated
by the firm attitude of the provisional
government strongthononed by tho
very natural rofusal of tho ex-queen to
accept tho kind offices of tho United
States government unless it wouUl
guarantee to hold her on tho toy throne
after it had put her thoro. By the
President's own admission the country
owes nothing to him for tho failure to
carry out his absurd and disgraceful resolution.
Secretary Grksiiam's hatred of one
Benjamin Ilarrijon runs ali through the
Hawaiian message. Gresham cannqt
forgive Harrison for having been Proiidoiit
of the United States.
"Work Port ho Needy.
Pittsburgh and Cleveland aro paying
a dollar a day . on public work started
to relieve the urgent need of the unemployed.
More accurately, Pittsburgh
is paying ten cents an hour. The idea
is that the available money shall be
made to employ a9 many men for as
long a timo as possible at a rate thought
to be reasonable under tlio circumstances.
Work of (his character dono at this
timo is out of the line of ordinary public
work. Tho workmen aro selected,
not for their clliciency but with a viow
to their necessities, tho most needy beins:
given tho proforonco over tho most
Tho Wheeling plan should bo based
on as wise and humano considerations.
The dollars should bo aentinto as many
Why ? Becaus
prices and offer su
sale begins to-day.
#F. :
families as can bo reached, nnd the i
rcbomo should look as far ahead through '
tho long winter as it ii possible to look. \
The sum of $7,500 proposod to bo used fi
in this emergency relief work can bo
used up very quickly at tho ordinary c
raW of wages. After that what? f
m i
When things at homo woro gotting 1
pretty warm for tlio administration
Secretary G res ham sent word to Minis- r
ter Willis that "the brevity of your dia- u
patcbo* is orabarrassing." If that bad 4
I boon tho only embarrassmont at that *
I time tho whole cabinot, from tho President
down, would have been onough reliovod
to danco a jig. f
A St rout Ac Hons il?o Pon insula.
! Among tho public works that could A
bo undertaken with bubstantial results
I would be a short-cut road over the pon- 2
' iniuia, beginning at a point near tho
, Terminal bydgo on tho west sido of the \
hill and coming out at a point noar tho U
Fulton bridge. Tho saving would be *
about a quarter of a rnilo over a hill. c
Tho project has boon before iho board c
of county commissioners, but ns tho c
work would bo within tho city limits !
the commissioners could do nothing r
I with it. Tho owuors of tho land would a
bo glad to have tho street cut through, s
The President hammers Ex-Minister n
Steveus for taking the name view of JHawaiian
annexation as Secretary Mar- j(
cy, a Democrat who has novor been c
thought tho intellectual inferior of 1
1'rosidont Cleveland, took nearly forty ^
years ago. The reasons for annexation ?
have increased in number and force n
since Mr. Marcy'a day. ^
Muskegon has secured tho biggest t
puachor in the world. This gigantic n
mass of iron, weighing 43,000 pounds, j(
has been sot in its place at the Muskegon
boiler works. It is a relic of tho d
HTmiM'a P"n!r nml io /?!?nnb)? of nil fifth- A
ing two-inch holes through two-inch
plates of steel.
By a remarkable pieco of ongineerincr ^
a large area of salt meadows, nearly *
1,500 acres, at Bridgeport, Conn., has v
j been ditched, diked against tho tide, v
and is rapidly being got into upland t
grass. c
' Berlin is to have an Italian exposition ?
next summer. Parts of Koine, Venice, 11
Naples and othor cities are to bo repro- fl
duced realistically, with restaurants, c
gondolas, orango groves, etc.
In Vienna tho servant girl is not permitted
to climb Out on a window sill to
clean windows without a safoty bolt y
and rope attached to it which fastens to
tho building.
Tho rubber tree comes into bearing, ci
so to speak, in about seven years after ai
planting, and with proper care tho tree
is good for fifty years of production.
The bank commissioner of Kansas
estimate1! that tho people of that state tl
have $31,681,113on deposit in tho banks, n
or about $23 per capita. k
Thero is a natural spring oi small sur- NV
face dimensions, but seventy feot in n
depth, on William Wells' farm, not far
from West Chester, Pa. J):
A foreign correspondent estimates
that there are about 8,000 Americans in 0j
Franco, less than one-fitth of whom are
engaged in businoss.
Tho caves or grottoes discovered in I
Carniola, a province of Austria, in 1SS0, e<
are said to be equal in extent to our w
Kentucky wondor. b
A Now York police justico rules that a ri
Molina AtKnnr linu ??/* riirlu t.n Innlr nf. a O'
|'U"" ?" "
woman in such a way ad to attract her pi
A Chicago fakir recently sold somo
'gorgeous bottloi of cologne," which,
whon opened, wore found to contain
plain winer.
The North Carolina Methodist Eois- ^
copal conference arraigns football as
dangerous to morals ni well as to life.
There aro one hundred and fifty pa- 11
pers published in the interest ot anarchy,
most of which appoar in Spain.
Nearly 15 por cent of the present iv
population of the United State* is of
foreign birth.
Oakland, Cal., has imposed a tax of $5
on each telegraph and telephone pole in
the city.
The London henharriers havo an
organ, edited by ouo of their own nuiu- 8(
A man in Polk county, Ma, baa li
salted down 20J rabbits for winter use. Ii
Auctioneer?''Hum book, gentlemen, is
especially valuable, aa it contains mar- tc
ginalnotes in the handwriting of Alex- n]
ander Von Humboldt. A hundred ^
marks olJered. Goimz?going?gone. It ^
is yours, sir. (1 ho autograph marginal
nolo by the renowned scholar was as
follows: "This book in not worth the
paper it is priutod on.")?Humor ^
Bacitten. e(
George (to Tom, arriving unexpected- c?
ly)?"llello, Tom, old fellow, how uro ti
you? Yon are the last man I expected ll
to see." Tom (lookingaround the room) ti
?"I beg your pardon, I'll leave and a
wait until the others come."?Detroit
Free Press,
A?Miss Fraulein, will you permit
mo to introduce you to ray friend li?
Young Lady?But you aro yourself a d
uorfect stranger to rae! A?Oh! bat my b
friend J3 will introduce mo to you tl
presently.?Flitgende Jtlactler. it
4,I didn't know Staffer wag qn active
work or in tho church." "Well, then, ?
you've never seen him at a church sup- Y,
p or."?Jnter-Ocem. g
Visitor?"I am most grieved to learn ^
of your mistress' illness. Nothing serious;
no great cause tor alarm, I trust?" ~
Now ^French Maid?"No. monsieur; t
. ?| rgg W
;e we are the only deal*
ich terms as defy com
You are cordially invi
M. B
0 '
lozzing beeg, nozzing grande. Somczng?what
you call loetle, petite." Viator?"What
is it?" New French Maid
?MEet is what zov call zo little?small?
i mall pox."?Tit-Bib.
Tvo lost my ring, Bridget." "Why
lon't yees advertise, mum, an' no
Ideations asked?" "What good would
t do*'" "Yees might find it, mum; mo
asht mistress did, an' I got tho reward."
Wfiltuld Union,
"Well," said the facetious young
nan, "Christmas is coming. Are you
:omg to hangt up your stocking?"'
'No," replied Brokins. "I'm going to
lang up my watch."? WashingtonStar.
Judgo Duffy (to witnoss)?What is
our father? Witness?Ho is dead.
'Nonsense! I mean what- was ho boore
ho died?" "Alive."? Texas Siftings.
tworica's Daily Cycling Pap or Causes
Woiulorlu Eiigl in-.l.
few York Wheel.
Hon. A. W. Campbell, of Wheeling,
Vest Va., was one of the prominent
iguros in Virginia 'politics during the
rar of tho robollion, and through tho
olutnns of his paper, tho Intelligexeb,
of which ho was thon editor, advoatod
the separation of the western porion
of tho statu from the Oid Dominan.
Scvoral years ago tho gentleman
etired from active work on tho paper
nd two seasons ago was on tho other
ido of tho big pond.
While in London ho was elected a
Jlub, which ho made his headquarters.
>110 morning he was seated in the readng
room with eevoral recently received
opies of his" paper, when u prominont
English Liberal, with whom Mr. Camp*
iell was acquainted, approached and
ntercd into conversation. The headng
of tho paper attracted the Englishman's
attention. It was: Daily
vlikkling istklllgent'kk.
"Why, this is onterpriso," romarkod
ho Englishman. "Over here, where
lioro are many times moro cvclers
han in America, all wo can allbrd is a
umber of weekly and monthly poriod:nln
dovoted to ttio sport."
Needless to relato. tho heading was
ecoivinir, and tho Englishman soon un[orstood
''how it came about."
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Ihildren Cry for_Pitcher*s_Castoria7
r Than C
srs in this vicinity vvli
petition. To convincc
ted to come.
< : ''* > j ' .' *
I Tlir ISrnvn Veteran l'mmen Awny In III* A
I Fifty-seventh Year? lilt lirllliout War
Itecord and n? a Lender of the lieinucratlo
Party?Sketch of )||i Career. ^
Spccial Dispatch to tU Jntdliuenccr.
pARKEitsuuna, \V. Va., Dec. 18.?Col. "
D. D. Johnson died this afternoon at
bis homo, at Long Heach, Weit Vir- j11
ginia. Tho funeral will occur Wedno*- r
day afternoon. j|j
In the hours when the people west of ta
the Allegheniea neoded the services cm
and counsel of all their son?, David D. tl:
Johnson was not absent or deficient. li<
Ho was born in Virginia April 28, 1830, in
and resided at LongTieach, fyler coun- cc
ty. Ho grew up to manhood on his fo
father's larra, laboring nine months
cach year and onjoying tho benotits of a
private school at homo duriug wiutor co
months. At tho ago of twenty-one he at
entered Marietta College, Ohio, whero
he spent two years, and in Juno, 1800,
graduated from Columbian College
(now University), Washington, I). C. ui
From the galleries of Congress he a,
listened to the exciting dobates of tlie yj
hour, which presaged tho coming nr
atorm; attended as spectators tho great
union convention at Baltimore, in May, ]
mill, returning to tho labors of tho
farui, determined to resist all Attempts =
to dissolve the nation. Ho took an ac- o
tivo part in tho canvass that preceded 4
the election ot members of tho Virginia ^
convention in February, 1801, opposing f
secession in aU its forms; was a member /)
of the mass convocation at Wheeling iu K
Mny, and also of iho delegated convon- f
tion of June 11, 1SC1, and did his part i
in preventing what is now West Vir- *
ginia from beint* annexed to the south- f
em confederacy. In August, 1862, ho i
entered tho Union army ns iniijor of \
tho Fourteenth West Virginia Infantry, f
and was promoted July 20,18G3, to bo A
colonel thereof. Ho was in many \
hard-contested battles, wounded at f
Opequun, and in several engaeoments A
acted as brigade commander, and was
mustered out and finally honorably dia- f
charged July 3, 1805. \
In IStili he served as a member of tho *
houso of delegates, and led in opposi- f
tion to tlio test oaths which were en- A
acted bv that legislature. There had *
been no organized resistance to such f
measure, but by his public criticism he A
aroused a sentiment which later re- *
suited in tho transfor of the political f
power in the state to tho Democratic a
party. . f
In religious affairs ho was equally ac- f
tivo. Tho Baptist denomination owes a
to him its rescuo from apathy aud din- '
couragement and its present ag- f
gressive condition. He was mainly i
instrumental in orzanizinir the General f
Association of West Virginia, which ^
elected him its Urst president, aud so
continued liitn for several years. ?In
I860 ho waa tho Democratic candidate
for Congress in his district, and ___
made an aggressive and bold canvass,
but was defeated. In.18(38 ho delivered
the master's oration at his alma main,
Columbian College, and received tho A.
M. degree. Ho was a member of the
state senate from 187-2 to 1871), as a Democrat,
and was President thereof; was
an able and quick parliamentarian,
popular and impartial. He also served j
one torm us clerk of tho senate. Tho wfc
same senatorial counties elected him to ey<
the constitutional convention of 1872,
in which he took a prominent
part In 1873 he was appointed a recent
of tho state university and was
^resident of the board for many years, wfi
In 18S0 he was presidential elector by a
larger majority than any of his col JJ,
leagues, and voted for General Hancock ?
iu the electoral college; was an alter- 4
nat'e to tho Democratic national con- i
vontion in 1SS0, a delegate to tho one of I
ICtlQ un.l nil <i! rmnn rxt tlm afnto ,mn?nn. I
tions of 1870 and 18S0. 1
Cplonol Johnson van a fnrmor, loving
agricultural pursuits, boing a member
of the atuto board of agriculture, but
lias takon part in every political campaign
in tlio state ainco 1S05. He was
admitted to the bar soon alter the war, u
and has maintained a lucrativo prac- H
tico ever since.
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Betray tlio Stnto'n Cnno.
Chicago, Dec. IS.?Assistant Statea
ttornoy Todd and hit associate nttor y,
A. S. Truilc, aprung a goniation in
10 Prendergast trial to-day when they
mounced that tliu atato had boon boayod
by tbo modical experts. The
rosecutien claim that tiio ovidonce evicted
to ho usod in rebuttal of tho innity
evidence of tho defense hits been
.rrled to I'rondorgast'a attorneys by 1
10 doctor* on whom tho stnto hud r<'td.
Mr. Trude denounced tho exports 1
strong terms, and also stated that !
rtain organizations have raised money
r the defense.
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ortWo work and outside collecting. 0:,f
wants permanent position at reasonable wi.r*
Address "XXX.'' care Intelligencer ^ivlu :
reference, former occmiatlpn. experience. etc.
Out Glnoawaro.
dolG 1215 Market Street. Wln-e tat
Xmns Gift?!
Come and look at our new line of
Bissell's Grand Rapids Carpet Sweepers
clolS 1210 Main Sirfqj.
FOft THE 110UIUY3 !
2217 Market street, or at his Branch Store. Thirty
eighth ami Jucob ?treem. ,jel5
of tho valuable real es'atoof the late Imm Frees?,
deceased, situate In Centre Whceltnp ainl SooUi
Wheeling, and heretofore advertised. win, |Q
pursuance of adjourntncnt. take place nt the
north froutdoor of theCourt Houtuon U'Elv
NErfD AY, DECEMBER 20. IfflJ. at 1U o'clock u. a
Special Commissioner*.
J. C. IlF.riVKY. Auctioneer. do;8
Storeroom, one of the best retail locations la
the city.
Modem oflirt-s in Fgerter Block. Alio meat
ino lorn Assembly's Hull in the city.
Five rootn? una bulb, 96 Sixteenth street.
Four rooms, second tloor. Zano street.
Four-roomed bouse, North KrlOstreeL
Four-roomed house. 78 Twenty-filth street, $1
Three rooms, 2S36 Market street.
a. o. guvtitix,
These lots are situated near Tiltonville. Ohio,
five miles irom the city of Wheeling. adjacent to
the beautiful rcsldoncc of Mr. Win. If. Bebln*
sou. and w!>h!n five minutes' walk of the depots
of tho C. A P. and the W. & L. E. railroads. The
pounds uro beautifully located, beinc between
ten and llftceu ieet above tho flood of 18S4, and
possesses natural advantages, second to none la
the vicinity of Wheeling. There has Just beea
completed one of the finest Potteries In the valley.
employing 100 men. and with other buiMiugs
under construction, proves this to be the
coining place. j uese ion wjii ootwiiu on u-u \iui
year*' tlmo. with u small cash payment and will
be five from interest and taxes until paid for.
For further Information apply to At.
KLL, Agynt, Bridgeport. Ohio. do!5
No. 90 Fourteenth street, six rooms and bath.
No. 77 South York slrcot, three rooms.
No. XI Thirty-seventh street, second tloor,
three room.".
No. 1822 Main street, second and third floors.
No. (V? Seventeenth street, four rooms.
No. 72 Fourteenth Htreot. ten rooms, modern.
So. WOhlo xtreet, first floor, three rooms... 9 to
No. 2901 Kofl'stroet, three rooms - 9 M
So. any McCollocn sireot. throe rooms c a)
So.2900 Chnplitiu Hireet. flvo rooms............ 15 OJ
No. 290J Chaplino ktreet. Ave rooms 14 03
No. t?9 Twcntv-eighth streot. four rooms.... 11 0)
No. 1022 Kotl' street, fourrooips 9 M
No. 145 Fourteenth sh-oet. 6 rooms modem. 3'. W
No. 21tW Main street, third floor. 2 rooms... ?
.S|x-room?l fraino dwelling at Leatherwool
Store room* on South street, in Hoaruc Tab*
ernnele hulldihg.
8175 will buy a good lot on tho Island.
81,200 will buy a good lot In the country.
85.000 will buy No. 2849 Chaplino street, eight*
roomod brick.
81,800 will buy No. 113 \irginla street, fourroomed
Sl/KW will buy No. 1115 Alley II, five-roomed
8100 to loan on city real cstato.
Want to borrow 8000 on city real estato.
City' Hank Building,
Telcphono 21'J. fdcl9| Room No. 6.
For Housekeepers.
Parlor Fenders,
Parlor Coal Vases,
Parlor Fire Set,
Grand Rapids C.irpot Sweepers,
Table Cutlery and Carvers,
Christy Bread Knives,
Pockot Knives,
Nickel Tea Kettles,
Marion llarland Coffee Pots,
And a Tbonsaud Otbor Things
Nesbitt & Bro.,
for rent. ::::::
The Store Room
iO. 1233 main STREET, formerly occupied
by a II. Glffln & Co.
'os5cs?lon glvon Xovomber 1. Xuqvlrc oI
b:. zecqg-e, MnrketSt. i
^ rZu
ition to give such
mber our opening

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