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Ssqw? tEarf GPsi^g ??mpmg fi?[P P'StBD Bg](BOD(B?[P [[email protected]@?a
That Bio Do Janeiro Has Surrendered
to the Insurgents
Tho Nows Raeelved by tho Pernambuoo
dft mpit pfimnidmcn nrmnitv
D'JI llUl UUIU IIUilLU \Jl i IVJinLL 1 .
It Creates a Sensation in London and
j* Discredited in Washington.
Humor That u Desperate Attack
resulted in tho Capture of the
Dra7.ll Ian Capital and That tho
Presldont Is a I'rlsonor of War.
Dispatches From Rio Intercepted
and tho Iloport Cannot bo Confirmed?A.
liuttlo at Iti^ohy.
ICopyrisfJed. lft)3, by the Associated Press.)
PtBNAMnuco, Dec. 22.?The moat
startling and soneatlonal rumors aro in
circulation hero, and as thov corao from
various sources and directions, it would
seem that tho roport which is causing
much commotion ia widespread. According
to the report which reached
hero from Bio Do Janeiro to-day the
insurgent fleet, after two days of doaultor?
fighting with tho government
troops, have made a determined and
successful attack upon Rio De Janeiro,
which hna resultod in the capturo of
that city. It is added that Proaidont
Peixoto has resigned the presidency in
favor of Admiral Do Mello and that
Peixoto is a priaonor in tho kanda of
his enemies.
'i'heso aro tbo facta aa they hnvo
reached ua hero; but it is right to add
that the authorltiea of Fernambuco who
hnvo boon queationed on tho subject
doubt the trutb of the startling nows
which is in general circulation here.
The Associated Proas correspondent
is doing his utmost to find out tho real
facta in tho case, but he is unable to obtain
any reply to his messages sent
I'ress correspondent at Bio have, Apparently,
boon intercepted, which
would give color to the report that
omethine of an extraordinary naturo
ha? occurred.
A battle between the rebels and the
government forces is reported to have
iHten place in the interior. Fifty of
the government troops are said to liavo
been killed.
Reported Itattlo.
Buncos Ayubs, Doc. 22.?A Bovore engagement
between the Brazilian insurgents
and the government troops is roported
to have takon placo ut Itajahy,
north of Doateroy. The number of killed
was said to be four hundred and in
addition a very large number are said to
have boon wounded. The government
forces are said to have enptured the
rebel Brazilian warship Mndoro.
The Intorent In London.
London, Dec. 22.?The reported capture
of Kio Janeiro by the insurgent
forces reached this city after the close
of ousinesa hours. At the clubs and in
an puouc places mo ruiuor ?ao uaxutiy
Not Credited in Washington.
Washington, D. C., Dec. 22.?Tho
Associated Press has investigated every
possiblo avenue of information in
Washington as to the rumors in Pernnmbuco
that Rio had fallen and that
Provident Peixoto had resigued and was
ti prisoner. But neither in official nor
diplomatic circlej has any word been
received which confirms the rumors.
This failure of all departments and interested
legations to receive information,
much loss ratification, of such an
important subject, is so uniform as to
load officials and diplomats to tho conclusion
that the rumors current in For*
nnmbuco are promature at any rate.
At tho navy department no word of
any 6uch startling movement has beon
received from Captain Picking in command
of the Uuited States naval forces
at Brazil
It. G. Dim & Co.'i Weolily Itovlow of tho
Condition of lSuftinoHii.
NknvYokk, Doc. 22.?R. G. Dan &
Co.'s weekly roview of trade says: Tho
year is practically over, except the holiday
business, which is remarkably
well sustained as respects tho number
of sales, considering tho state of industries
and the array of tho unemployed,
but io materially diminished in volume
because purchase* avorago much
smaller in value than in recent years.
Changes during tho past weok have
not been chooring in character, but the
minds of many are now turning to tho
iarcn of a new year with hopoof better
Tho failuro of Hho Crane Iron Company
last week, with some other small
failures, outweighed in influence of tho
resumption of work by a few iron works
auJ has increased depression in tho
east. Bessemer iron is shipped to Philadelphia
from Pittsburgh, whero it soils
at $10 7o and Grey forge soils at $0 35 at
Mahoning Valloy furnaces, but even in
that region tho manufacture keeps only
8,425 of tho Connallsvillo coke ovons at
work while 9,088 aro idle.
The closing of tho St. Nicholas bank
with liabilities of $3,753,000 caused no
scitement. Foreign trade still shrinks,
exports for threo weeks having been ten
per cent lesg than last vear and imports
ft??l imports at Now York twenty per
cent less.
failures for tho weok wore 344 in the
United States against 283 last year, and
o< in Canada against 18 last year.
Plntfue nt Sjtlonlno.
. BnoRADK, Dec. 22.?A plaeuo is raffing
at Salonica and tho authorities have
already burned thirty-four infected
A scpkjuj new Upright Piano
at Wholesale Price.
P. W, Baume# d Co.
Entertained Again nt Philadelphia?II?
HoNpondn to tlio Toast To Tho President
of tho United States.
Philadelphia, Pa., Doc. 22.? Tho
lcadinc lights of oratory, lecture, politics
and journalism mot Ex-President
Harrison thU evening at tho Thirteenth
annual festival of tho Now England
Society of Pennsylvania. Tho society's
banquet board was spread at tho Continental
ilotcl. Charles Emory fcinith
Was tho toastraastnr.
Tho president of tho society, after a
briof speech, introduced ex-President
Harrison, who spoko to tho toast. "The
President of tho United States." Tho
speaker said thut ho felt that ho owed
something to Mr. Smith because iio had
appointed tho latter to an ofllco which
did not pay hia expenses. He expressed
his gratitude to tho peoplo of
Philadelphia for thoir cordiality, and
hia embarrassment on being called upon
to compoto with so many bright
mind a in an after-dinner speech.
"It occurrod to mo to-day," ho
addod, "to inquire why you had to associate
six states in order to get up a
respectable society. If you would adopt
tho liberal charter moastiro of tho Ohio
society I have no doubt you could subdivide
vourselvesinto six good societies.
Tho Ohio society admits to membership
nnvDony wno ana uvea voluntarily six
months in Ohio. [Laughter.] No involuntary
resident is pormitted to como
"But tho association of these states
and tho name New England is part of
an old classification of the states, that
wo used to have in geocraphios and all
that classification is gono except tho
New England and tho south. Tho west
has disappearod and tho middlo states
cannot bo identified. Where is tho
"Why just now nt tho point of that
long chain of islands that put off from
tho Alaska coast and, if I am to credit
what I read, for I have no sources of information
now oxcopt tho not absolutely
accurate newspaper and press,
there are some who beiiove that there
are wicked men who want to hitch tho
end of that chain onto another island
farther out in tho sea. [Great applause
and choers.]
"If that should be done tho west
would becomo tho east, for I think tho
orient has generally beon counted to bo
thrt ofist.
I would not, howovor, suepe9t a division
of the Now England Society. It
is well enough to keep up an asuociation
that is one, not only for neighborhood,
ot historical association, but of
sentiment. Let the Now England Society
live and 1 fancy it will not bo long
till you enjoy the distinction of being
the ouly groat sub-division of the
states; for, ray follow citizens,
whatever barriers projudico may raiso,
whatever obstruction the interest of
men may interpose, whatever may bo
the outrago of cruelty to stay the march
of Now England, that which made tho
sub-division when tho southern states
and all that separated them from tho
states of tho west and of tho north, will
bo obliterated. [Applause.]
Lottor.t TUnt Tilny l>? tho Work ot Cranks
hat the Child Should ho Guardod, NevertllOlOHII.
Abilene, Kas., Dcc. 22.?Two letters
Wcro piciioci up ou ino siroou uure ivuuncsday
by countrywoman and handed
to tho polico. Ono lottcr ia from
Topoka, datod ltocorabor 10, and Baya:
"Wo have concluded to mako two jobs
out of the whito houao businoas. Wo
will take the oldest child first. Wo can
get tier all right Mollio will got her
and hand her over to us and wo will
keep her until the rowatd is offered. It
means thousands to us to get tl..a child
Ruth and we will get her, too, in January.
Address mo in Chicago. Wo will
go right on."
The othor lotter was from Minneapolis
and written prior to tho one already
quoted. It said: "We have ovorvthing
ready for tho whito houao and will send
Grover to hades when thobuglo sounds.
Wo will also got out $20,000. We will
not fail in tho job. We havo nover
failod in a iob and won't now. There is
much tnocein the houses of gold bugs
and Vanderbilt"
Tho letters boar ovidenco of sincerity
and tho polico conaidor them the work
of cranks. A queer acting individual,
who was around tho city early in tlio
week declaring that ho would soon bo
rich, iH supposed to havo been tho rocipicnt
of thom. lie has gono east and
has not been located.
NO STitlKti
Will Occur Among tho Itiverami Knllrond
Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 22.?The joint
convention of river and railroad coal
minors hold hero to-day decided that a
gonoral 9triko waa unneceasary in viow
of tho chaugea wrought withiu tho
last fow days. Sixty delogaios wero
present and the renorta showed that
tlio price demanded (05 conts par ton in
tho rail and 2J cents por bushel in tho
river miues) waa being paid with a fow
Which Will I'laco a ltlg Navigation Company
In an American Syndicate'? I
Quebec, Dec. 22.?A few days will boo
tho consummation of tho moat extensive
deal atTecting tho river St Lawrence
and Lake Ontario navigation in :
Canadian hiatory. Negotiations have
been proceeding quietly which will soon
place the Richelieu aud Ontario Navigation
Company in the hands of II. A.
Kverctt, prosidont of tho Clevoland
street railway, who is associated with a
wealthy company of Amorican capitalis
A Change of Ilnao.
Special Mtpatch to lAe hiUlltqencer.
Sticiiksvillb, O., Doc. 22.?Hoary
Schnellbach, for twenty years superintendent
of the Acme Ulius Works hero,
linn rosiRnod and will ihortly mauutfo a
factory at Alexandria, Indiana.
A bUi'Kiinnow Upricht Piano
at Wholesale Price.
F. W. 1U I'M EH <SE Co.
KrerTtnlOff goes ?t Iliuxnln prlc.i to-dny j
at L O. DILLON ? CO.'S. |
sergeant ryder.
The Athcn* Rulcldo IdcullDod-Wn* Con
uoctod With the llucrultlug Station
Sptcial Vitpa'ch to the InteUiqencer.
1'AitKEiaiiunu, W. Va., Doc. 22.?A
man suicidod at Athens, Ohio, Tuesday
by taking chloral. Ho obliterated all
tracoof his identity by burning letters
and scratching his name from his
wnf/th Tin wnn thorn tinrlnr fthfl nJltnft
' of Georgo Chambers. To-day tbo remains
were identified as thoso of Hobart
Rydor, who has boon living hero
Hovcral months. Ho was a sorgoant in
Unitod Statos cavalry under Lieutonant
Spillman, now General Spillinan, of the
West Virginia national guard. He
came here in September to socuro a position
undor Goneral Spillman. No
cau*o is known for tho act. Ho waa
moral, temperate, and had saved money
from his army Isorvico. Ho was a recruiting
officer hero two years ago.
Sergeant Ryder was well known in
Wheeling, whore ho was second in command
at tho recruiting station during
its existonco there.
Why llo U lu Jail.
Special Ditpatch to the Intelligencer.
Huntington, W. Va., Doc. 22.?Ii. B
Jones, a barber of St. Albans, is a federal
prisoner at the jail to-night in default
of S300 bail. Ho and a married
woman named Boyd, who lived here,
have been corresponding, and tho husband
of the woman found one of the
letters, which causod a separation botweon
them. It also contained matter
not pormitted to puss through the
mails, and Boyd got out tbo warrant for
tho fellow's arrost.
New Postmasters.
Special Dtupatch to the Intelligencer.
Washington, D. C.t Dec. 22.?Postmasters
aDDointed: Generah, Wayno
county, Albert 13. Watts, rice E. G.
Reed, resigned; Ivanhoe, Upibnr county,
Joseph A. Newton, vico A. B. Blagg,
resigned; Monongah, Marion county,
Georce C. Galliher, vico Ella 13. Dean,
removed; Mountain Cove, Fayette
county, U P. Willis, vice E. R. llunt,
llov. F. J. Donoliuc, of Baltimore, Snlil to
llnvo ltecolvcd tlio Appointment.
Information was received in Wheeling
yesterday that Rev. Father P. J.
Donohue, rector of tho Cathedral at
Baltiraoro, had hoen appointed bishop
of Wheeling to succeed Right Rev.
John J. Kain, recently appoiuted coadjutor
archbishop of St. Louis. The report
goes on to state that tho official an*
nouncemont of tho appointment will be
mado public in a short time. It is not
known when tho nowly appointed
bishop will come to Wheeling, though
probably soon after Now Year's.
A Novo! Petition.
Toledo, Ohio, Dec. 22.?A novel petition
was Hied in tho United States
court to-day by tho employees of tho
Toledo. St. Louis & Kansas City Rail
road?Clover Leaf line?which hag boon
in tho hands of a receiver since May 22.
The petition asks tho court to allow tho
employees to receive living wages from
tho company. It is represented that
since tho appointment ot Receiver Callaway
tlio wages have boon systematically
reduced, until at proBont it is impossible
for soino to provide for their
Cholera is increasing in St. Petersburg.
The popo's Christmas addroas will bo
a denunciation of anarchy.
Tho verdict in tho famous Monson
murder trial in Edinburgh was "not
The I'rendorgast trim vestoruay was
given up to the hearing of expert insanity
James Bowors was arrested in Chicago
last night -nrhilu attempting to bribe the
Coughlin jury.
An anarchist exploded a bomb at So(l.i,
Spain, wrecking a drug store but
killing nobody.
Tlio Scnato committeo on foreign relations
lias decidptl to fully investigate
tho Hawaiian affair.
It is now bolioved that the plan to
hold n Democratic mucus on the tariH
bill will not materialize.
Tho firo in the Minonlc,Ills., mine
which endangored tho lives of 300
miners has been extinguished.
Every night policeman in Andorson,
Ind., has boon furnished with a blackBnakn
whip and all tramps will bo whipped
out of town.
Tho new wage scale at Homostoad
steel works will he roady for tho moil to
sign next Tuosday. All tonnago mon
will be roducod.
The rivor and railroad mines of tho
Pittsburgh district have decided not to
strike, as tho operators aro granting the
price demanded.
Mrs. A. P. Woosoncrnft, daughter of
ox-Congressman Benjamin Wilson, o!
Clarksburg, this state, diod at Dallas,
Texas, yesterday.
A boiler exploded at the lumbor mill
of the Alexandria Company, Knoxrille,
Tenn., yesterday, killing four workmen
and injuring three.
A reunion of tho German soldiers of
tho United Statos wilt be hold in Pittsburgh
next August. Ton thousand votorans
ore expected.
Judge W. II. Williams, a leading Republican
politician of Punish, Ills., was
assassinated yesterday by an unknown
man. Judgo Williams was a delegate to
tho Chicago convention of 1830 and was
one of tho famous 300.
Tho Associated Press has obtained a
copy of a violent manifesto issued socretly
by tho Fuench Anarchists. It
donounccB all French statesmen, threatens
them with assassination, and
closes with tho sentence, "Long live
Anarchy I"
Tho bituminous coal miners of Clearfield,
Cambria, .Indiana, Huntingdon,
Centre, JofTorson, Clinton and Bodford
countios, Pa., who recently suDored a
reduction of 10 per cont, will establish
a permanent organization looking to
better protection.
AsvrsRB new Upright Piano
at Wholesale Price.
F. W. Bapkeu A Co.
Substantially Aided in Largo Num- ;
bora by the Committee.
In all tho Wards by Committeemen
and the Police. i
Arc Found, but tho Want is not as
General :is it was Expected to Find
it?Tho Worthy will bo Helped?A (
Good Day's Work?Tho Ministering {
to tho Poor at tho Central Storcliouso
Goes Bravely on?A Number '
*4 I r,lh??nl tinna AAtloi 1
j to tlio List Yesterday.
"Work! work! work!" is tho cry
whore ever tho relief committeemen 1*0.
Au tho committeemen and tho police
went tho ronnds yesterday thoy woro
besought on every hnnd to know
whether it was true that work was to J
bo provided, and if so whon. Mon who j
havo never known what it was to bo
out of work and out of tho necessaries
of lifo mot tho visitors with an appeal s
for work that wont to the heart Some
of these woro men who had mado tho
wages of aicillod workmen, and now fl
they would bo glad to got any kiuu 01 t
employment at any wages. Moat of tho i
men whose families aro in want or on
the verge of it have boon employed at t
laboring work. They have nothing laid t
up, bavo exhausted their credit at tho f
grocery stores and aro living on tho j:
little that ii left in tho houso and the v
hope that work may bo provided for v
tiiem. in very many cases they re- j'
ponted the idea of accepting charity, v
clinzin/ to tho belief that in some way v
they wbuld be given a chance to earn h
enough to carrv their families through (
the wintor. "Give us work," thoy said, t
"no matter at what wages, and we'll *
find a way to get along." k
A noblo spirit of hone and self-reli- f
ance was shown at many humble homes h.
whore tho living is from hand to mouth.
These aro poor poople, but they aro not t
yet compelled to accopt bounty and they a
do not desire it. There is scant comfort r
in somo of these homos, but tho peoplo I
who live in them say that they find that s
they can got along on little and aro do- c
torminod to caro for thoraselvoa as long t
as they can. Some of tboni said they t
had enough coal and provisions to laat v
a week, and before tho week runs out
thoy hope to got work. Some of those
seemed to fool hurt to be asked if thoy
needed help. Many of thoin thanked e
tho visitors for coming, and directed e
them to homes in tho neighborhood r
whore thoy thought there was prossing t
want Such homes were found, whero [
tliero wa9 not a Dound of coai. no firo ?
and nothing at all to oat. in some j
eases neody ones had boon helped by r
noighbora, who had dividod with them r
tho small supply of coal and provisions ?
they had for thomselvei. Borne of the 0
most touching cases reported were B
those of widows ami children, the ,
mothor in bad health and unable to
work if she had tho chance. Some fam- a
ilies reported that they livo ontirely by f
tho Btroet-beKgioB of their children. * i
There was less real destitution found t
than was expectei, but it was also ro- ,
veuled that unless work bo furnishod c
quickly mauy more will bo on the do- L
pendent list. The conoral reiiot com- \
mittee was kopt busy all day at its head- \
quarters on Market street, opposite the e
postoffico, receiving and distributing. v
bo far as tho commltteo knows all omer- \
gencv cases wero given temporary rolief.
Somo impostors applied, but it id
thought that in almost every case of
this kind the truth was discovered in
time. Some persons who have money
in bank thought it would bo well to let
it stay there and throw themselves on
tho public charity, but tho probability
is thai none of these succeeded. Tho
committee has many demands for shoes,
which need not bo now aud can bo used
in all sizes, especially children's. All
the ward committees will meot to-day
at tho places and at tho hour announced
in yesterday's Intklliocnckr. To-night
the executive committee meets at the
chambor of commerce at 7 o'clock, when
tho roturns of tho censuu will be brought
togother and tabulated.
Intelligences reporters visited overy
ward with tho committeos and police,
and tho accounts of the trips and the
results of the investigations here given
are from personal observation.
Tho most reliable estimate that can
now be made placos tho number of
ncody families at about 250, but ot those
the proportion where tho want is pressing
and tho domand lor aid should bo
filled immediately is smallor than one
might oxpect, possibly not twenty families
in tho whole city being in that condition.
N'rcoiMurlc* of Life Dispensed at tlio Contr.il
Yesterday Storekeeper Robert Simpson,
Clerks Hocking and Conan,
Moists. Laklni and Gaus, and the
mayor and oiombors of tho committee
put in a bnsy day at tho citizona' relief '
committee's storohousa at 1523 Market '
street Donations of stores were arriv- j
in? and being sent out to those vouched '
for as worthy and in need. Orders for
coal also came in to the number of tlfty- '
one, but of thoso only seven wero filled, j
for lack of teams to do the hauling. ;
Carts or wagons aro pressingly needed
for this work, and no hotter aid can bo '
extended the committee than to have '
this work done for it.
Mr. Robert Simpson took hold yester- !
day with a will and soon had a firm
grasp on the business, which in his 1
bands quickly bocamo systematized. .
He found it necessary to buy a barrel of
beans and a barrel of hominy, as nobody
had donated these things. Corn- '
meal, salt, pepper, snrar and soap aro '
nosdod, and should bo donated by some '
person able to do so.
YosterJav forty-fire familial were
substantially aided. The whole beef '
donated by F. J. Oario was cat op and
part of it givon oat, while the reet was
sont to a cold atorago house. Part of
the Wheeling Bakery Co.'a broad was
ilso distributed.
Yesterday additional donations were ,
recoired us follows:
M. KeiUy'a family, 50 Backs flour,
li. Emaheimer, 2 dozer, llannol shirts
ind drawers, 1 Uozon half hoae, 1 dozen
:hildren'a hoods.
M. Jacobs, 2 coats and 2 vesta and 25
iozen boys and girls' caps.
J. Beuior, 50 boys caps.
John Eckhart, 75 pairs home-made
i toe kings.
Henry Ploch, 25 loaves broad.
Josoph Spoidol & Co.. 25 paper sacks.
E. 11. O'Donnell, 1 case baiting soda.
M. J. Pollock, 10 sacks llour
Albort Stolze & Co., 75 packages tea.
li. Fisher, 5 pounds tea.
C. Schuepf, $25 worth of drugs on
>rdcr of coininittoe.
Standard Sowing Machiuo Company,
100 loaves of bread.
Miss Greer, Fourteenth street, 14 !
aairs stockings. I
Noill & Ellincham, 10 sacks flour. ,
JJader & Maoer, 25 sacks ffour.
Tho employes of the Wheeling Kail- 1
ffay Company aro collecting a fund to
>e given to tho relief committee for re- (
ieving the dostitute. it was started
reaterday at noon, aud al 3 o'clock $15
lad beou collected.
To tho Intelligencer roliof fund M. ]
5utinan & Co. added $25, making tho
und $310. Other cash donations wore
lIho rccoived. The prospects aro that
ill those and perhaps much moro will 1
>e neoded, and needed soon.
!omo V?rj DlHtroiNkiiK C'nafl* llrought to
Light?Where Kxtrriuo AVaut Mnlkl.
"1 hope that the Good 3Ian above will
loubly reward every man in this work
Tho is trying to do good to his follow
This expression was raada by an old ,
nan who had not boon able to work for ,
wo years, and who has boon suffering 1
rom kidney disease, and tho only bud- <
>ort 01 ino lamuy 01 iour waa me who, i
rho made a littlo now and then by
rorking out by the day and doing odd
obs for tho neighbors Ilia little girl
ran without shoca, and the larder waa
irtually bare of iood. This man said '
ie came to Wheeling shortly after tho f
irant bouse lire and worked steadily I
intil two years ago. The habitation 1
ras very modest, but .what thero was to 1
:eep clean, tho bed, tho floor and tho 1
uw cooking utensils, showed that tho i
louaeholdhad seen bettor times. i
This waa only ono case, and, perhaps, i
ho mildest that officers Ritz, Desmond i
,ud Snyder and tho Intelligences re- '
orter struck in their rounds in tho I
rirat ward yesterday aftornoon. Through (
omo misunderstanding nono of the
oramitteo of citizens met the officers at
ho city building, and it devolved upon
ho officers themselves to do the arduous i
pork, and well waa it accomplished. i
families in want.
The threo ollicors abovo named ex- J
rted themselves solely to find out tho {
aost needy, and at tho same time tho 1
nost worthy. In the brief space of
imo devoted to tho * *, over twenty '
amilinj iworn iliacnvn in hfl flntlrflll
rorthy of immediate holp. Thoro ,
hould bo no rod tape about the cases
eportod by those officer*. The need is
>ressing and imperative. All of the
aon, heads of families are worthy of
if the largest charity that can bo betowed
upon them; they are willing to
Fork, but, alasl no work cau they find.
In ever? case they were found" to bo
obor, industrious citizone, whoso misortuno
was not of their own making,
fhey once enjoyod the benefits of good
iraes, and their tnblea were then spread
villi plenty, and the pantry aud the J
oal house were always filled. These
aou, and their wives, too, had pride, but
Q tut) into ui uubuai nauw kuui uuaunu
ins broken down all barriers, and in (
very instance the parties called upon
esterday vroro grateiul for the help <
hey saw in sight
It Is not necossary in public prints to
mblish the nauios and locationsof those :
ound to be in want. They have been
ecorded bv the police and they will bo
mown only to the general and ward
In one place sat a man who has lived
wenty-four years in the county, tho
nost of that time in the city, having
vorked seven vears at tho Top mill blast
urnaco. Whoa employed ho mado
:l 45 a day, and on tho^tamount ho sup>oried
a family of live, iio hasn't hail
i stroko of work for five weeks. Ilia
vifo was out, having obtained a day's
louse cleaning. "God knows," said
hiti man, as he sat in a squalid room
>y a liroless stovo, "I would have gone
nyelf if I could have done tho work."
Thisman had a great deal of sickness
n tho family, and acknowledged that
ho only coal ho got in the past four
veeks was what he pickod up on tho
ail road track.
What did ho want? Anything that ho
?ould get, and it would bo extremely
velcomo. Thero was not a thing to oat
n this house, and tho man, a splendid
ipecimen of physical manhood, sat in
lie middle of tho room, a picture of doipair
that could not bo reproduced on
lanvass. And as tho officer and tho ro:>ortor
departed the skoleton of a cfit
*ubbed against both a* if knowing what
jad taken place. This same story may
>o repeated throughout tho entire list
iftamilies visited.
On Coal street tho investigators came
teross a family of twelve, all depending
>n one man. It has been live weeks
lince ho has done a stroko of work. The
>are necessities of life were wanting.
Che husband and father was willing and
inxions to work to feed tho hungry
children that clustered around his knee,
>ut thero was nothing for him to do.
While this man was being interviewed
is to his wants, the voice of a girl next
loor was heard singing a cheerful song.
\.nd thus it was all through tho ward?
iontentmont was tho neighbor ot want.
Jut it must be said that tboso who have
lid the needy who have not.
These instancos might bo set forth at
ongth, but it is not necessary in the
imited scope of this article to make the
lituation more impreisivothan tho mure
ntation of thoso mentioned. There aro
>thur cases, the degree of whoso want is
lot less distressing. What is wantod in
his ward is work for the ablo-bodiod
Ben who are anxions for it; shoe*,
[Continued on tiixth Page.]
Among tbo Sports by Governor
Miteboll, of Florida.
Between Corbctt and Mitchell and
Ho Will U?o Every Lawful MMDI
to Prevont It?Ho Flatly Rcfowi *
Charter to the Duval AtMetlo CiaU
Tho Governor Will Call on th?
Troops, if Noccssary?Mr. Bow4ra
Says IIo Will Boo the Matte*
Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 22.?Th#
r-v i i .Li.- ni..L : J . U.
uuvai .timuuc uuu rocoivou u now u??fc
to-day in itsctTortato pull offtheGorbott-Mitchell
fight. The attorney for
tho club apnonrod before Governor
Mitchell at Tallahassee and made application
for a charter. This the governor
tlatly refused, statins that ander cover
of tlio cliarter*tiie club proposed to Tiolate
tho laws of Florida.
Of courae this proved a bomb to the
sports and their conatornation TU
further increased by tho knowledge that
i strong lettor against the tight haa been
written by the governor to Ur. J. B.
lysou, a prominent gentloman of thll
lily. Tho letter says that the governor
tvill uso all lawful means to provent the
tight, and uso tho military forces to (bat
?n>l, if necessary.
Wiien tho lettor waa shown J. &
Bnwrien, of tho athletic club, he aaidt
"liad X not boa asaurod by our lawyer!
that there was no legislation agaiaat
mch a contest?had I not known by*:
personal canvass that wo had the pnb*
lie sentiment with us?had not llltohsll's
silence given mo reason to anppoM
that ho would interpose no objection, I
would never have gono into the matter.
Bat now I am into it, I must remain ill
il to the end."
"This question," continued Bowden,
'docs not involvo a fight, the
jovernor and the roraonstranoe to
;ho contrary notwithstanding. It
:ias novor boon advertised?never
>eon contracted for a bare fist fight, bat
or a clove contest for points. We fully
ealizo thatGovornor Mitchell if sincere
n his attitude In the contest, bat
wo don't beliovo that when onr oourts
iliall have decided this matter, wbioh
tvill bo very soon, that he will abrogate
.o himself any authority in tho premises
>r interpoBO his interference."
Wlij Canudlim t'utholicg nro Happy.
Montreal, Doc. 22.?The French Canadian
press of Montreal and Quobec il
;ery enthusiastic over the eleotlon of
lohn Hopkins, tho Catholio mayor of
Chicago. 1'roininont French Canadians
n Chicago telegraphed Senator Tasse
:hat6,0U0 French Canadians voted for
lira and assured his election.
La Hinerce oiids that the election of a
Catholic in Chicago is a groat event.
. ?
The Heat Christina# Present*
To the Editor of the Intelligencer.
Sin:?Your words, "The Beit Chriitnaa
Present," should strike deep into
lie hearts of all thinking men. Ye*,
live to your family everything to mik*
.iiom comfortable, but do not buy useess
presents for this yoar and until yoa
leo what Congress will do with the tar.11'.
Let oach one give his mite to thi
poor children and make them happy,
ind you will see the light shine througf
,Iio furrowod faces of the mother
Lone live the Intki-uqencih. c. b. w.
Grqflon, IK. Va., Dec. 21.
Weather forecast for To-day.
For West Virginia, loir, slightly warmer;
louuicriy muu*.
For Western Pennsylvania and Ohio, fair, ex*
sept showoni on the lakes; houiherly winds.
is furnished by U. Sciikkpf, druggist, corner
Market aud Fourteenth streets.
7 a. 40 I 8 p. ni .. fit
'J a. in- -18 | 7 p. fiX
12 uLh - 60 | Weather-Cloudy.
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