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The Intelligencer,
I'o AND 27 FoiMm'.KNTIl 9T*RffT.
T F.KM* :
rrr. ykak, nv MAIL, rosrAon rnwAtn
IUII.Y, dar* lit the week.. 0f>
Daily, tbreedny* In the weclc * WO
Daily, two day* In tbo weolc... 2
Daily, oik? month - .. 03
Wi:i:ki.y, onuyoar. In ndvanca 1 00
Wr.KKi.Y. blx montin c?
The Daily Intklliorkoku li dollvorM by
forricr*ln Whcollug uad adjacent towns at fi
ct iiis per week.
PcraoiiM w lulling lo sulncrlbo to the Daily In*
TtLLir.nNcKKcan do mo by flcudin; In tbolr orders
i<> tbo I.srr.M.ioKNCBi: ollloo on postal cant
rroibcnvlso. Tlioy will bo punctually servod
by enrr ort
Tribute of Uoapect and Obituary Notices, 00
tenth per Inch.
Correspondence containing Important newi
K)lji it?il from ovory part of tbo nurrouudiug
Kcji'clcd cnininunk'itloiix will not bo returned
2i"le^ nceoinpniiicd by Hilflclcnt postngo.
ITho iNTifLMUKNCKit, cii??*r/?fliicf It* several
editions. is entered In tbo Po^toisb'o ut Wheel*
JilC. W. Vn.. as second.chum matter.)
F'Mtrrfal Knnni*(11. Count In r Hoo.ni -110.
?J? SaMtgma;
l'or tlio Newly.
TIio Intelmgenceu wiil receivo and
acknowledge publicly any subscriptions
that may bo sent in lor the relief of
tlio destituto of Wheeling and hand
the same over to the citizens relief committee.
The following havo already
been received:
Ohio Volley Tr.i<lcs nnd Labor Assembly S 50
InteLi.iocnckh Publishing Company 100
C*iC?zoii...- 100
Unltlindre & Ohio employes 23
31. Sonneborn. "The Hub," clothing nnd 10
31. Gutman & Co - 25
AVork on tlio Streets.
Seventy men are to be put to work
this morning to clean the streets. It is
the intontion to give tho work to the
heads of needy families. Fivo times as
|A many men are registered as can be employed,
if the general relief committeo
had the money it could supplement
the work of tho board of public works
and to great advantage.
Thero are alleys, rarely seen by the
f public but much used by the people
who live in them, which are almost
impassable. Living in these alleys are
men who clamor for work to keep
themselves and their families of) the
rh'iritv list. Monov could be well ox
ponded in this way, but the coininitteo
Las not the money.
Witnesses in the Cronin case on the
side of the state Imvo reason to be nervous
for 001110 of that gang of assassins
ure yet at lar^e.
Removal oft!u? Public Library.
It. does not appear that the board of
education has acteH wisely in ajjroeinpr
to move the public library from its
present quarters to the Masonic temple.
The present quarters are well located
and easily reached and the now ones
will certainly have no advanta^o in this
respect. The difloronce in rent ia in
favor of the present quarters.
The decision of tiie board was not
u_ i *i.? ?
reucuuu huh IIIU wnwmu.; |??u'.w..wu
of that body, which the pooplo of
Wheeling havo boon in tho habit of regarding
a* an exemplar among tlio city
The general relief conunitteo is in
need of wagons and carts- to haul coal to
people who can't wait for tho coal.
Ilero ia a chance to help where it will
Ccttip? Down to HusinrfiS.
The general relief committee has gono
to work with a will and ia trying to get
its business on a business basis. When
the machinery rota to running well it is
thought that no needy ones will be overlooked
and no impoateri allowed to take
what tho deserving should have. It
takes a little time to pot those things
j well started, but Some of tho moat careful
and most earnest men in the community
aro giving tho matter thoir close
Individual effort can of ton help
jj organized charity. It it is known to
any citizon that a family ia sutterim:
and has not boon reported to tho ward
or general committee, lot him inuko it
known. There may bo deserving cases
I that will never get to the knowledge of
tho proper authorities in any other
To-ni Aire's perforin a 11 co of "The Firo
Patrol" at the Opera llonso ia for tho
benefit of tlio relief fund. Tho piny is
put on substantially without cost to tho
committee and tlio Opera House i* given
on tho same terms, 'iho house should
bo pnekod.
The mau who is annoying public men
in Washington with crank letter* would
look well behind the bars until he shall
have recovered. Tho time to deal with
such fellows is as soon as they begin to
\ show themselves:
CtiAUiTAnLKorgauizationa should sond
I to tho general relief committeo at oneo
the names of tho persons they are helping.
so that tho good work may not be
Tiik Intelligkncku'b art portfolios aro
coming right along now. Tlio pub&
lishera promise that there shall be no
^ more delay."
An invitation to dinner in Japan com*
j , moncos as follows: 'I hey pardon for
thus insulting you in besging your company
at my house to dinner. The liou->o
in small and very dirty. Our habits are
u? rude, and you may not got anything lit
to ear; and v?'t I hope that von will condv?cond
10 bo present with ua at ti
j o'clock on Decern her (i."
Mai. \V. K. Peon, of Arkansas, an*
nouuees that ho wiil print tu a quarterly
he Is about to establish, tlio names
all persons who promise to net aoart
their wills money to aid in building a
carrying on coilego?, churcho?, h
pitais, etc.
The trousers pocket of a Kansas I
was found to contain a safety pin,
marbles, a top and string, a base L
and glove and a plow clevis.
A towel made from (lux and claiti
to be a half a century old is in the p
session of Mrs. John Worth, of Ili
Point, N. C.
One of the prize curiosities of tho
Mechlin museum was a cherry stc
basket containing fourteen pairs
ivory dice.
Female fish of all species aro con?
erabiy more numerous than males w
two exceptions?tho angler and tho <
For thousands of years tho ont
world depended wholly on the hoi
bee for ail the swoetness used in co
.Skins of catfish aro being worked
by a man at Old Orchard, Mo., i
strong and handsome leather.
A Buffalo horso walked up a flight
stairs the other day and had to boh
erod away by a tackle.
Klickntat,a Washington county, I
a frontawo of 175 iniloa on tho Colum
Jupiter hag a rod spot and a wl
apot, and both puzzle aatronoinors.
The first English translation of
Bible was in the Irish tongue.
Ex-Senator Ingalls looked more ait
uatod than ever whoa he made his
dross in Kansas City the other day.
long frock coat, closely buttoned, accc
uatod tho gauntnn?s of his tiiruro, i
this, with tlio streaks of white in
hatr, made him appear to bo "a comi
mine between an illuminated spook t
an animated moon-beam."
Swami Vino Kananda, a Brain
priest, is lecturing in tho west on
manners and custom* of India, hav
rocontly made his appearance in M
neapolic. ilia locturep are more on
out ward aspects of Indian life than
tho philosophy of the faith ho re):
Mrs. Mary Noyes Colvin, who I
been chosen professor of the Roma
languages in tho College of Women
Western Reserve university, has sn'i
for Florence. Sho spends the year
Italy and Spain boforo on tori ng uj
her iluiies in Cleveland next Sopteml
Dr. Arbino do Freitas, one of
most famous physicians of Portuj
and a memtier of one of its most iil
trious families, has been sentenced
eight years' solitary confinement
poisoning his nephews and nieces.
At tho lato jubilee in Ca
bud iu honor of Labitzky
Catholic priest composed a tosti
hymn, tho Protestant minister wr
tho words and tho Jewish eynagoj
furnished tho singers.
The empress of Austria has to jrfv
written receipt for tho state jew
every time she wears them, and I
majesty, as a result, usually eonte
herself with a private collection, wh
is worth ?800,000.
Queen Victoria has gone to Osbo
House, her residence' on tho Isle
Wight. It is roportori that during I
coming visit to Italy sho will be
guest of King Humbert at tho ro
palace at Monzu.
i III) i or 11121.
The Forum, which has beon red u<
to twenty-live cants a copy and ^
year, U the best periodical of its el
published. The con ten ih of tho Ja
ary number are particularly ri
Among tho contributors are iJavid
Wells, <>n "The Teaching of Hoc
Economic Experiences," and \V. L. V
sou, on tho "Principle and Method
tho Tariff Bill." A^articlo of Ciiai
Sumner by Senator Iioa'r is of oepec
interest. A discussion-of whether 1
ball games are educative or brutaliz
ii timely. l>r. I). 15. .St. J. Uoosa (
cusses it from a physician'* poinl
view, and a numbor of college proi
sors add their testimony Among
In:tar are President Scburmun, of C
ne!l; President Angell, of tho Unii
sity of Michigan, and President U
tiold, ofLafnvetto college.
Grovor'n Stock iny.
(if.o, F. 1 fount In Chicago bitrr-Ocam.
llniig up old ?! rover's stocking bolide tho w
hou*o flue.
llo sure 'tis hooked securely, whatever i
Nail laths across the windows, for Santa, in
Will have a lot of Rooslcrj that are
From out the fur Pacific Queen Lit inay ?
A pair of dusky damsels with their Ilula 1
To keen the interest moving while Graver's
the ruck
To tho music of the Iioot-'crt that are
The south will sond hot irons and acryiug wo
The pineries a two-edged nine?and poaslb
ft rrrj.
The collieries a lot of tools whilo busluc:
And coal to roast the HooVcra that are
Tho cities of tho Union memorial cards
And l? rover's kind attention to their misurj
And many a mill that's standing still will si
loan its stack
To friamee the liooitcrt that are
The pensioner.* will ofler a lot of wooden 1-m
They're dvimj off. i??or tallows, anji seat
need tho po:rvPerhaps
old Grove will need thorn to bo'.p
(town Ii!? 'h trnek
Ami brush uaido the Iiooetcra that are
A million tramp*, or over, their compliment
Tho' like enough his mightiness at this w
hcurie unbend.
Dut then his curt civility we willingly w
And loavo it for tho Roos t s that aro
Llfo i* Mincry
To many pooplo who have tho tain
scrofula in their b'.ooi. Tito ajjot
caused by tho dreadful running si
and other manifestations of this
cast) aro beyond description. Ther
nootlier remedy equal to Hood's Sa
psrilla for scrofultt, salt rheum
overy form of blood disoa-to. It
reasonably sure to beuefit all who gii
a fair trial.
Hood's Pills euro all livor ills.
Asupniiuuew Upriirht Piano
at NN holesale Price.
F. W. Baumku & Co.
II, K. llltluiuii 1' Co. hnvo marked t
entire fttrtcx at 30 per cont I??M I Unit r<
I??r prions.
A kick Christina* present is oni
Ziegonfeldcr'a litiu Fruit lJat*kots.
A 8ILVF.lt TI1I111M0 15r, lit Wlionl
CoBtBTs very choap at Julius Jac j
of A YtillV II >T UOAST
For II olio Smith 1>Ih>i?m1 Up bjr n Gcorsin
03 Atlanta Ditpalch in Cincinnati Enquirer (Dtm.)
)Qv Something of a sensation lias boon
yi'x created in political circles by tlio publi all
cation of a letter written by 11. M,
Blackburn to President Cleveland,
wd Blackburn was boomed as tho original
!0?* Cleveland man in Georgia in opposition
to tlio claim of Hoke Smith, and foi
.. which tho iattuf wua honored with u
0 cabinet position. Blackburn was editor
},1j oi tlie Atlanta JferaUland also chairman
01 of tho state Democratic committee. Fot
vigorously championing -Mr. Clove]
'id- land's cause ho was ousted frost:
ith liig newspaper position. Ho con
nt- timtn.l t\\e* flrrllt in thfl nolitica
Held and subsequently when made i
iro presidential elector ho and his friends
ley thought that surely his services would
ok- receive propor recognition. Ho wan induced
to apply for an appointment ami
Up hid claims wore warmly indorsed b\
nto ^PL'*'l^cr Crisp, Governor Xorthen ant
other prominent Georgians. IIo named
. Mexico, Dresden, Frankfort and Man'
01 Chester, either of which pUima would
)W" please him. The President ollerod hiir
Cienruegos or fcfr.Thomas, both ofwiiicl
las hedoclinod. Lntor Mr. Cleveland ton
bia dored him a $2,000 placo in tho consul
bureau. This aroused Blackburn's ire,
nto and led him to mako ptibiic tho corre
spondoncu with the President. In this
tho 'et,or 1,0 says:
"I.desiro tocali your attention to the
strange anomaly that places ?lo,o00 ou!
of $-2,200 in foreign appointments givei
to Georgia in tho Panda nf those whe
on. fought against your nomination. Isn't
ml. it- singular that tlio men whom youi
llirt friend defeated in that contest shouU
nt- 'all heir to such a largo percentage <?
in,l tho otlicefl distributed by you ? It. woult
hin seem from this showing that, those wh(
(ro. havo your ear have adopted tho rathe;
ind uncertain policy of biiidingvour friend;
to you by ro\v;mliu'j your euoinlos."
in llo thert boldly charges Holco Smith
the responsible lor his hutniliai
tion, and continues:
"I can*accept gracefully tho disap
pointment that cotnes with defeat in i
1 fair, oj)en and manly contort, l>nt when
1 nm sought out lor humiliation by i
' e* boastful bragjurt who doli-ibta in tiis
personal prowess, every element of mj
'ins manhood rebels and tells mo to expogt
nc? the treachery of him who thus outrage
yt true manliness.
led ?i cj0 not hoeitato to say that I bo
in liev.e you really desirod to tender m<
)on something in the line of honorable pro*
,or- motion. My failure to reeoive such at
the appointment 1 charge to the cowardly
;al, tactics of disparagement adopted by Mr
us- Smith. I am somewhat amused at tin
to insuperable gall of this man Smith
for when 1 advert to the derisive nurnrist
that was felt in Georgia over tho lirai
r]3. mention of his name for a cabinet, port*
tho folio. and cotnparo tho then private
vu| citizon, who would have been a dismal
0t0 failure in any canvass before his people
rUe with tho stuilod importance of tho cabinet
officer, as ho passed on thequalifica
tions of Georgians, who, in clinrac
ter, merit, loyalty, intellectuality ant
ner Purfc-V service^ are superior to his in*
nts dorsomont. fortunately for mo I was
i . educated in a school that taught met
to respect sincerity, manliness* ant
straightforwardness?elements of gen
rn0 tility and true courage not possessed it
ol the (slightest degree by INIr. Smith, j
lor also entertain a sacred reirard for tlmi
ll,o lofty attribute of real merit, an intei?
yal rity of purpose and character that loath
men to walk inflexibly in the paths o
truth?which, 1 am constrained to nay
is ruthlessly trampled upon by Mr
Smith, whenever a wanton violation o
3 51 his word is necoseary to serve his aelfisl:
:ISS mill rnn/mt fll I nrnlw
mi- "it wns a most singular inconsistency
cli. ?across perversion of tho idea that;
A. public office is a public trust?that let
?'nt Mr. Smith to surest to you that kmc!
h1- an appointment would fully rcquin
of me for inv dovotion to you ami my per
'lea vices to tho party in the last campaign
:iul and then trivo an important position ir
oot. the intorior department to a mat
inj; whoso political allegiance wai no
tin- known to a dozun men in Atlanta, anc
? <ri whoso only claim on official courtos^
tea- and party reward consisted in his no
the joriety an 'iloko Smith's bailift'-?i
>or- sobriquet that doos not accord witi
'or- othical practice in these parts."
ar- -o.
Preacher?"Youn>r men should novel
i?o to a place wuere they would not tak(
blto their liNion*. In tliore a voun^ man it
the auuienco who uutiKi no may aiuen
11UJ break this wise rule? Young man un
his dor the gallory stands up. l'rcacher?
And what is tho pluce. my young iriend
which you think yourself justified u
visiting, and yet to which you wouh
not think of takinir your sister? Youtij
Man?The harbor shop, sir??Lift'.
Mendicant (to actor)?Would yoi
oblige a brother professional with a tri
ion flo to got some food? I used to bo ir
the btiHinodd nwelf?contortionist. Ac
tor (giving quarter)?Well, here yoi
are, ox-iortionist."?Kate Field's l!'ai/i
iolly Doacon Eaukno?My friend, do yoi
drink? Stoughton?I* that an invitn
a tion or merely a question? Peacoi
,a is Eauknn?It ia a question, StoughtonOh!
Never, sir, never.?Boston Trau
Mra. Elderleijrh?Do you love you
teacher, Johnny? Johnny ? Yo?
will ma'am. Mrs. Elderlolgh?Why do voi
love her? Johnny?Cause t!se Bibl
in" say* wo should love our enemies.udly
Clara?Would you tako Walter Ham]
some to Arthur llandsoino for brothers
Amelia?Yes, 1 haVo already promise*
to be a sister to thorn.?liayuiond*
<. Mont ihj.
*e!y +* 1
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4 C.\- '
Lm ?? Pins ami Ivir Kings sit It. W. IIOSE'J
OUld 1010 Murk in strict.
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and ??
i* r\TTTT Yuur Christina* Prosent* nt
is U 1 Wheat St llanohor's.
2 Low Holiday Mate*.
For Chriattnns and New Year hoii
days, tho W heeling & Lake Erie railwa
will Hell tickets io all points on its owi
and connecting liae* nt very low rate#
Tickets will be sold December L'3, 24. L'."
heir 3D and 31 and January 1, good return
KU" ing until January 'J. For particular
noply to Wheeling & Lake Erie fluent*
d of or to 0. K. Wood, traveling pasaence
u^o nt.
11IAMOXI1 Kings from 85 00 up n
1 & Whr:it & llntwhcr'n.
b'3 Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla
? Their Malta U|> U Nov* Complete?The '
I5r.st I'lnyurt* in Ii.
Intelligencer?George A. Dunning1
ton, Will Casaell. Will 8. Faris, Joseph
C. Borland, It. Mathor Archer, Robert
Brewster, Herman Schockev, Joaoph
Weitzol, John Frew, Joseph L. Rbeos.
' South Sido?J. E. Wright, George W.
1 Hnnnnn, John Speidel, A. B. Marach
r.er, ChrR Viewig, Charles Hortsmann,
i I 1'hillp Kurtz, Henry Mill, Dr. W. K.
Slathers, Charles A. Bowers.
i 1 Presa Club?Harry V. Arkle, Will C.
Beans, George W. Sum mors, W. "Pick"
Robinson, S. G. Smith, Hoy B. Naylor,
i Will Woodrnlf. Fred Colmar, A. F. Gor
etelI, Frank Tucker.
1 Wheeling B. C.?Fred Happy, Max
t lleas, L. F. Stifel, William C. Siifel, C.
i iiirscl), II. B. Grimm, I. Singleton,
William II. Zirnmer. Charles Schmidt,
Paul O. Key man n.
i Calumet?A illiam Ilandlan, A. Mar'
in, E. Truachol, L. Ileiner, J. Hoflmun,
I M. F. McClelland, George Griffith,
I Charlua Cameron, C. Lang, K. Lang.
The Bowlers?Sam B. llarripon, AmI
brose S. List, Sam llazlott, Frank Horry,
i Wither Bloomlield, Walker Friasell,
i Will B. l>ay, Guy T. Scott, Frank Chad
i W. A. W.?Charlo3 IC. Stroebel, Chas.
\V A
cuuuur, xraiuv muvu;, ..v.-,
Williamson, Will Stevonwn, John KiholdafFer.
Jason C. Stump, Georgo Ton- |
body, McGinnie.
Columbia?Charlai Soibort, A. Bishofl,
Joseph Weisgorbur, 0. Weisgerber,
II. Amick, Jamas L. Day, Goorgo Miller,
li. Bond wing, Dan l'ragor, Iionry Weis- '
gerber, of Altonheim water works.
It will bo scon that each team has ;
handed in the names of ten men, the
full quota, and tlVeee only will bo
allowed to take part in tlio championship
games. Tho schedulo games for
next wo??k aroas follows, sover.il changes
having boon made: Monday, W. A. \V.
v*. Wheoling Bowline Club, at Seibert's
Garden alleys; Press Club vs. Columbia,
Wednesday, at Felly's; Bowlers vs.
Calumets, Thursday, at Wheeling Parle;
South Side vs. Intelligencer,Saturday,
at Mozart Park.
All tho teams havo selected their
home alleys, an follows: Intellioenckh,
Columbia and \V. A. W., at Seibert's;
Wheeling Bowline Club, The Bowlers
and Calumets, at Wheeling Park: Press
Club, at Felly's, and South Sido at
Mozart Park.?
A Man Stcjin in Front of a Train mill Cut
t? Piece*.
Mr. W. II. Conkle must havo been
tired *of life and lack of work or ho
would never havo stopped in front of
the Wheeling & Lake Erie train at tho
t TTn,vi nflnl/l tnntliil vna t A rd !l V ovonillf? nt
, 5:30 o'clock, and allowed himself to bo
I* ground to death, when his three companions
put themselves oat of harm's
' way without any oflortt.
) Con"klo was literally cut up in email
hits. The remains wore brought to the
j Terminal station, where Jur-tice fichultz
decided it was a caso of deliberate sui,
cide. The corpse wa* buried by the
, county undertaker.
I Conkle was an old soldier, having
served in the Eleventh Ohio cavalry.
, lie wa* a harness maker by trade, but
[ had been out of work for some time.
l*'OOt lillli (illlllH.
. Tl'.i.s afternoon at 3:30 o'clock on the
f old fair grounds, at this end of iho
Bridgeport bridge the foot bail teams ot
' the Linslv Institute and of Ritchie
f school will contest. Both teams aro
( about of the name weight and an exciting
contest can bo expected. This is
. how the Ritchie team will lint* up:
, Center, D. O'Connors; right guard, J.
j O'Connor.-'; right tackle, Kdward Arkle:
, right end. Kich Rose; left guard, T.
, Graebe; left tacklo, P. Quan; left end
^ and captain. C. Burtt; right halfback,
J. Shatter; Iclt Halt uacic. J. coverage;
j full hack, George Bowom. Average
weight, i:i3 pounds; colors, biuo and
, old gold.
1 Clirl*tiii:it foot Hull.
The big attraction in Wheeling on
- Christinas will he the foot ball game on
t tho State Fair ground* between tho
* Washington, Pa., eleven and the Martin's
I'Vrrv Y. M. C. A. team. It will
bo for the benefit of tho poor of Martin's
Ferry, and will be called ut 3
r ?
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. Co.'s, Wheeling, W. Va.
i ?
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i n 111 f i iv X' r r? *u
) _*
Smith Brewing Oo.'s Duck Alo on
_ draft in all saloons in Wheeling anil
| vicinity Saturday and Monday.
Episcopal Prayer Books and Ilytnnnls,
new edition, at Stanton's Old City
Book Store.
I A few or thoiio ISidlock Comb*, UriiMlie*
ntul .Mirrors will be o|>?ikmI this morotug.
i. <;. ini,i.on ?v cu.
II ?
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r ?
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]?<mjo? at llnir l'rlcu
At Houso'a on Saturday.
GOLD Filled Indies' Wiltflli with Elgin
? Movement Jjl'-i 00. :it
Children Cry far Pitcher's Castorli
Cai.kn'daks, Booklkts and Christmas
Cards, now stock, in large variety, nt
Stanion's Old City Bonk More.
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ront.< every form ofdt*en*e, purifier tho !
l)l??o(!, renovates tlio t-yMciu, promotes
good heal tit nt once. 1'rlco In 1 gallon
Juga, 5&.C0; In 40 oz. bottlo?.,Sl.Cu.
60-r-age explanatory book?telling wha; It lion
clom\ una what ?t will do, free.
The Wm. Radam Microbe Killer Co.,
7 LaifihtSt., New York City.
ni)lG.rrni.i Wbrallna
Agreed upon by tho Council I'lnnnco Com.
inittoo last Night.
Tho council committee on finnnco mot
last night to agree upon an ordinanco to
bo recommended to tho city council
| making tho usual appropriations for tho
I various departments and boarda for the
first threo months of next year. Tho
I soHsion was short, City Clerk Thonor
I having saved tho committee most of its
labor by drawing up the ordinanco,
| ready to bo passed on. To the depart]
monts in general ono-fourth of
the* amount expounded this year
[ was appropriated, and to tho liro de,
partraent $1,600 in addition to pay tho
balance due on tho Island liro appara|
tus; to the market committoo .$1,310 to
pay for a now roof on tho Second ward
| inarkot house, and to the board of pub|
lie works $15,000 for its contingent fund,
' so that the board may employ as many
| men as possible.
The committoo recommended tho orI
dinanco for passage and adjourned.
I Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Rcj
nowor has rosiored gray hair to its original
color and prevented baldness in
thousands of cases. It will do so to you.
A suPKmnnwUnriirht Piano
at Wholesale Price.
F. W. JUumeii & Co.
0 9
1 Hnn'f P,m fnr Waffir! i
\ JSUil ?- JL UJ AllUuvj +
Y A >oli<l KxL.ict of Hoof ismorp l'.con- T
J omical than n liquid, for the reason g
" that it is concentrator, and housu- "
A keeper* will And it much cheaper to A
* BUY *
* Extract of Beef, J
9 A soli.l concentrated o.ttract. froo y
\ from fat and gelatine ??r any foreign a
y substance aim dissolve it themselves. r
^Thc /7 y /y ?lgn?tiirof
igcraulno on llicjarj
Jims thls^ c=J in him.^
Wheeling Opera House,
Scott IIumo'^Kxcoilont Dramatic Co.
in the Thrilling Now Spectacular
TiMewFire Patrol
Under tho Auspices of tho
Citizens' Relief Committee
Good Actors,
A. Groat Drama.
Prlcp*, 7ff, SOinnil 25 Cents. dc22
Special Christmas Attraction!
Two Grent Performances. Tho Distinguished
America's Actress,
Assisted .by Frank Weston. Robert
DrouetyT; W. CouLDOCKaud a Specially
Selected Company.
MONDAY AFTERNOON. Doc. 25. Grand Chris tnias
Matinee?XXassoI liirlto.
MONDAY EVENING. Dec 2?. First Presentation
In tho city ot Robert Dronot's Grcnt Play, the
season's great success, DORIS.
Matinee Prices?25 and 50c; reserved scats. 75c.
levelling Prices?50 and 75c; reserved seat*, 81 On.
Son is oil Mill! at C. A. House's music store on and
ii/ter Fri< 1 n>\_ Perumt er -'J. <loS)
Mntinoo and Night, FRIDAY, DEC. 2ft.
W, S. Cleyelaa-l's Minstrels,
Matinee Pricos?2& and 50c;-reserved sont? 75c.
Evening I'rieet?V) nssil TV; reH-rved seals 31 00.
Sale of sent* commences Weuuesday, December
J", nt CL A. HoU'C'b mmic More. do'23
DAY. FRIDAY and SATURDAY and Saturday
matinee, December HI. '12 and '3.
Night Prices?13, 55 s."? and f?0c. Matinee
prices?Reserved seals 'i"c. gallery 15c. Reserved
seat-ton falent (irand boxoHlce. dfis
GU A NI) 0PER A11 () t J > r,. MO N r> A Y,
TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY with Christmas
and Wednesday Matinees. Dec. ?>, JO, 'SI.
?The Boy Ranger I?
Prices?i."?. 2.">. .V>and "X)c. No lil^bor. Mntineo?
! '? ati'i Ii >H !:iy niailne" ;>ri^o?.> tm<' r.s
christmas and
Common sense
t<> your heart'* contont.
Your choice of t ? ,
20, oO and ujc ones * / C
Choicest varieties,
Km! loss patterns.
End loss assortment.
Cheap only in prico.
Pocket Books and
Shopping Bags
New and choice.
Cloaks and Fur Capes
At your own prico.
Lace Curtains,
Table Cloths, Napkins,
Chenello Covers,
Blankets, Comforts,
Gloves, eta, otc.
We Keep the Quality Up
The Price Down.
. A i'.
I' OS 1'? ON DECEMBER 21, liKJ
TWKKN Klin Gn>vo ami I'otomnc. (?hlu
county, 57j. Kinder will be paid $10. Ad'lrem
JOHN ANDERSON, Klin Prove. d.v
1. Preaching Sundav at 10::w a. tu. by Rev.
C. II. Iicntborue. and at*. 7:30 p. m. by lEov
A. U. Rdbb. Sunday School at 2 p. tn. o c;
X Tbo pastor, Rov. 0. A* Cunningham. 1? I
willprcach at 10:30 a. in. nud 7:;k> p. ni. .-abbatb
School nt 9 a. tn. Minion School ut c ; ^
in.. I:::: 11?' * 111li strict' da.M
L Church, Rov. J. T. MoCluro, I>. I)., post,jr.
Rev. J. 1*. GUTon. n undent of tho Zenla Seminary,
will preach morning and evening. Sni>bath
School at - p. in. Christiau Unlou nt r. j-,
p. in. ;
Can bo bad at cost nt tho Depository of tho
C1ETY, No. 09 Twelfth streot. do.'.:
ilaving Bold to C. E. Onlligan and \V. \V. Dormottonr
merchant tailoring establishment. nt
No. 1157 Market stteet. all person* indebted to
in will HQttlo with our ?ueco?sor<. We <lesi ? to
tlinuk tno public for their liberal puimnmru m
the past and nik for our uuocewow. Calllftiin ,fc
lieriuott, thestmo favors, knowing them t<> bo
worthy. H. W. I t'! IN
do'ii K. K. URLIMi.
We have an elegant Upright Piuno, sent to us
as n snmplo Instrument, which wo offer at
wholesale price. Now is your chance to buy a
Piano cheap. Call aud ueo it.
de22 P. W. BA UM KR & CO.
Tno undersigned will sell o*i THURSDAY.
December 28. 1SW. nt '2 o'clock t?. m.. at public
auction, nt No. 110.1 Market Htreet. (second Hour)
Wheeling. W. Vu., two pool and live blillnrj
tables, with balls, cues, &c.. alio one rash r^iv
tor ami other furniture, bcjng sanio promtv
assigned to me by W. 11. Humes, lCa(|.. and will
ho oflorud osi>t whole and by slnglo tables. ati<i
fold in which ever way tho tno.'C money can l>o
. realized. Terms easy and rondo known at tlm
sale. [de'J-'l] T. .1. lll't'iCS. AhIkiiu'.
Knives and Forks
At the Lowest Hrices to be Found In the City.
do23 1210 Main Street.
TUtsi set of Carvers
d:20 1215 Market Strcot.
If you need Spectacles, eyes tire or head achoi
when read ink' or sowing, consult anil have your
eye* examined lor fusses without clmrjjo by
The Scientific Optician, IliO Main Street.
Those purchasing Glosses for Christmas gifts
will rooelve a card which will entitle the ono to
whom the glasses are given to have their eyei
examined and glasses correctly fitted without
oxtra charge at their new quarters No. 1110
Mnln Street, next door to Snook A: Co. deiO
Rotnilninj? in Uo Posto.Tlco at Whealing. 0:>!o
county. W. Vn.. Saturd.iv, lJocombor H\. To obtain
anv of tho following tho applicant must
oslc for advertised letters, giving duto ol list:
Dnnde, Miss Sarah Kavlor.-Miss Itoxa
Bueklew. Miss Aliueda Laaibert,'Mis? J)ora
Brown, Caroline Mahoney. Miss Nellie
Brooks Mrs. MeCook, Miss ltosaana
Cain, MIni Annio ltobinson. Mlas Maud
Cook. MUs Margaret Smith. Merri luleu
Dunknison. Annie (DL) Saxton, Miss Maml
Pormna. Miss Mary Toinud, Miss Carrie
liate. Kute (di.)
Brady, P. R Kendriek, ii. B.
Brown. Carl Myers*. Geo. Ij.
Caldwell. II. R. Mnonoy. E. I).
Davis. Charles \V. Miller. W. H.
Docker, < has. O'Dotinoll, Frank
Davis. Geo. A. Osborn, U. K.
French, John S. Phi-tor, ii. (md)
Tray, W. M. Paine. Clias. IL
Henry. B. Ij. (dl) Flckcrt. Jaek
Howell. It. J. Stahl. Nichlaus
Hall. Henry T. Woo l. John
Howe. Charley Wende, Chas. (di.)
Johnson, Smith
W. J. W. CDWDEN. P. M.
For Housekeepers.
Parlor Fenders,
Parlor Coal VasC3,
Parlor Fire Soi,
Grand Rapids Carpit Sweepers,
Table Cutlery au'l O.irvers,
< liristy Bread Knives,
Pocket Knives,
X cTiCl Tea Kettles,
Marion llarland CoiTee Pots,
And a Thousand Other Tiling.
Nesbitt & Bro.,
\ Mouth.
No. 335MalnatreefT l.'t room", newly pnluted
and papered throughout, two cellars,
both ense*. for hotel or boarding hoiMe...*'-1
No. lr?K? Main ?troet - 1
No. 'JJ1S Eoir htreei - ' 1
No. HO."> Warren vtreut '' 1
No ".'MO Jacobs t root ' ' ' 1
No. 2C17 Murkot street ' "
No. lifll l o r street 11'
No. (' ! 8ovonteonil> street
Four-roomed dtvelllu^. rear I ."U Fourtocuth
No. C) North Front street. 1 Fonr-rooiued
hoits;?, Manchester Coal
workn '
Hoar JttO) Chapllno street, three room*. \
Hear MOl Chapline street. two rooms W
No. 120G Kllzabeth street, two rooms and
table '' ]
No. 25.*0 Main atreot throe rooms J
No. 175 Seventeenth street "
No. fclu Market street w
70aero farm for marlcet gardening, nortlt
of city. Slot j*jr milium. ^
No. Zt South Front strei-i J'1 "
No. 11"? Fourteenth street.
No. 11C6 High street, live rooms '
No. :i Alley Kand Terminal railroad - s
No. .ri Ailev IS and Terminal railroad * "
No. 2V*ii Mnlti 'tree'. ''
No. -?'?<)"? Woods street, three rooms ' '
No. 2.V)7 Alley ?
No. "SO:* Aliey It. two rooms
No. 'JI'd Main street. throe root: ' '
No. 20 Tldrty-thlrd street "
No. ;-* -? Chapline Htreet, two rooms . u.
No. M'lTwouty-nluth street ' J
Uuildliii; for raamifaeturioc or wholo?aiJ
buaiua**, in rear of No. l.V)l Market 4L
Five lots south of Forty-eighth stroot....
KojI estalo of every description.
Renl Estate Agaut, I". Claim Atiorui)/< ^
loeMr^.il Notary i'ubda
de23 Ifll2 Mirkftt
COUNT aud TAalY WuKK ci'tiil lor ! ?" ?
a and 'il Fourteenth atroo*

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