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clothing, and most of all food and fuel,
and above that immediate reliof for ihe
preening necessaries of life.
Not Much DUlrc** bat Som* Depmvltjr
l-'uuud There.
Two sub-corn mitteos went over the
main part of the Second ward. F. M.
Milligaa and Officer West took the consun
between Eleventh and Twelfth
streets, and found ton needy families
whom tliey certified as worthy of rolief.
The colored residents, most of
whom are in this ward, wero in the
mnin nnrfc urnll nravidtid for. 0T olso tOO
proud to admit that they wore in need.
Those who said they were in want were
certified as worthy.
Ollicor Herbert accompanied Mr.
Morris Ilorklieiinor over tho part of the
ward from Tenth 9treet north on Market
at reel, and tho alleys on both sides.
Sotno distress was reported, but not a
great deal. Mr. ilorkhoimer was most
impressed with the squalid misery and
the unlit habitations Giuck of the Italian
saloon on Market street and one in
Alley C. Thov aro humble-down, dilapidated
houses, dirty'to the extreme of
filthinoss, unhealthy and unfit for anybody
to live in.
It is suspected that -the ollicor took a
malicious delight in slhowing a citizen
what things exist "in darkest Wheeling"
It made a deeper impression
than all the growling by the police and
harping on tiio subject by tho newspapers.
Mr. liorkhoimer at onco declared
his intention to start proceedings
to have these dives condomned and
?? "'"'?incna 'Twnrn a eon
summation dououtly to*bo wished.
Souio Utter Dontitatiou.'lint Not a Great
Deal of It - Food am! Coal Nucdnri.
Most of the people of -tho Third ward
aro ablo to take care of tliomaelvee.
Tho committeemen and the police save
their attention to those parts of the
ward in which such destitution as exists
would be found. There wore some
scantily provided cupboards in which
thore used to bo plenty, and coal houses
with little in theui that were full this
tiino laflt year; but moat of the people
aro hoping for work and comparatively
few of them aaid they were in immediate
need. Somo invited tho committeemen
in to set that ttiere wore no pro^
visions in tho house, no lires and no
W Widows with children dependent on
f them were tho moat touching cases.
One woman who work* and is in bad
ilealth says it takes all she makes to
pay the doctor. She has throo little
children. Another widow who lives
alone had half a gallon of Hour and half
a loaf of brei'd. A lady had sent her
some coal. She said it required little to
keep her and tho county commissioner
had given her two uonurn hub luuutu. ,
8ho pays $4 50 a month lor rent. She
eaid that sho had no moat and had
found that she could get along; without
it. Others said tho same. Somo of tho
needy ones have boon helped by their ,
neighbors who have work.
A colored woman said: "No, sir, we
ain't in need yot. My husband and mo
works when wo can got it, and wo hopo
to pet through the wintor; but God
bloss you for coming. There are folk*
that need help, I know." A married
man whose caso seemed worthy ia said
by his neighbors to havo money in tho
A Tour of tho Ily-wayn by Throe Sulj*Com>
mittoeg. (
In the Fourth ward tho canvass waa
Byatematically made by Raymond Bailor,
ftobert Pekari and others, accompanied
by Oflicora Creighton, l)aum and Buch
and Intelmgenceu reporters. The com- ,
mitteodivided up into threo parties, each
taking an alloy and streets on each sido.
Probably iwenty-fiv? needy families
? -.nlo tirnim?hq nf hnnrf
woru 1UUIIU, uunuui; mo/viwv^
rending distress. Thoso two Mr. Pekari
himself supplied at once, carrying tho
storoa from headquarters, with the aid
of two othor committeeman.
In 0110 of tlieso i'amilios wore four
children, three of them sick, and the
mother also sick. The children weru
Bhoeless and there was nothing in the |
house to eat and no coal.
In old Castle Gardon was found a
family in want, but not so much from
present lack of employment as other
causes, and the committee dolivored a
lecture which would have delighted
Dr. l'arkhurst.
In one house in an alloy were found
four widows, all ordinarily self-supporting,
though all having families. One
washed, another sowed, one worked
with bur children in the glass house,
one cleaned houses for a living. All 1
now tind thoir means of livelihood goue.
Washerwomen and sewing women formerly
worked for people who are themselves
now so hard up that they are '
compelled to economise by doing their
own work. These all kept thoir houses
neat and clean, but had little in them.
They wore recoramouded to the committee
?or relief.
Ono sad case was encountorod. A
girl of twenty, married to a worthless
fellow who deserted her, came to the
door when a committeeman knocked,
feho was pretty, delicate looking, and
carried a bright baby of six months or
so in hor arms. She had managed till
lately to eke out a bare subsistence by
taking in washing or doing any rougfi
work, but she said sho could not got
eveu that kind of work to do now.
One woman said hor husband was
out of work for soveral mouths, and
wasthonoat looking for employment.
" 'ley had ".othing to oat and little coal.
Iiis w.' hree children and sister wero
depone on the man. Thohousowas
neatly furnishod and ovorytiiing clean.
80 it was over and ovor. Largo families
dependent on the wages of ono
worker in a glass house, wbo had been
idlo since the "summer atop" began, or ;
of u worker in the Whitakor mill, not
used to hard times and idleness, now
lind the wolf staring in at the door. |
Much larger means than tho committee
lias at its disposal could be worthily bestowed
on just such poople.
Everywhere work was what was
wanted, and not charity. In soveral
cases tlio distress of poverty was augmented
by sickness, and several families
wore found whoso wholo support
was the labor of women or children in
tho glass houses.
The distress in tiast Whoeling, iu tho
opinion of tho committee, would iiavo
become groater than it has yet boon,
had not stops for its rolief been takon
No systematic canvass of tho Fifth
ward was mado by tho committoo yesterday,
but tho tuembors declare that
in their opiniou it will bo found that
there is loss destitution there thau in
any other part of tho city. CommisA
BOPIBBnew Upright Piano
at W holosalo Price.
doner Voellinger, of tho county board,
oays that tho work of aisistapco by the
county thoro lias boon carried on systematically
and with good oQcct.
Many Cad?* Found Hero?1TUo Worst In
tho City.
A recapitulation of tho work of tho roliof
coinmittco in tho Sixth ward yesterday
shows that thirty-two families
wore found do*Lituto, twonty-eight have
been helped by tho county commissioners,
fifteen were seen about wh Din
inquiries will be made, and it is expected
that there will be found at least one
hundred families in want in the entire
ward, li is tho worst ward in tho city
iu point of abject want ami uestuaiiou.
In tho Sixth ward tho committee in
charge failed to put in an appearance
and tho officers did tho work. They
were Officers O'Brion, JJriiler and Fitzgerald.
Tho entire ward was L'onoover
in u systematic manner by tho officers
and Messrs. A. J. McNnsh and M. Oroiran,
members of tlie committee, who
later on joined them on tho South Side.
As was expected tho ward showed tho
greatest amount of destitution oi any in
the city. Over forty families were
found in actual want; of these fifteen
were almost on tho verge of starvation,
many having only one meal onch dny
and not knowing where tho next would
coino from. These wore located in two
eections near the lielmont mill in tho
old Parker row and tho udjoining alloys;
others along the hillside botweon
bald well's run and what is known an
Many of thoso who applied for relief
wore mill laborers, who nave been out
of work for months. What was moat desirod
by all was a chance to work and
earn tiioir living rather than to accept
of charity.
One old fooblo, gray-haired man said
ho had not worked since last May and
had to support a wife and two orphan
grandchildren. His savings had been
oaten upsinco that time and prospects
for starving during tho winter wore
growing every day. Another had only
worked nine days in three months,
earning $13 50, on which his family of
livo had to live on.
A number of old ladies who had to
Biipport themselves were in actual want.
Two had not paid rent for their rooms
for six months and had boon living on
contributions from neighbor?. Another
who had lived in a moagorly fumishod
room, with a i:o i, two chairs, table and
a few tin kitchen utensils, suid alio iiad
been sick for two weeks and was trying
not to go to tho poor house. Sho had to
get up from her bed to go out
and gather coal along the railroad
tracks to keep from froezing.
Tho neighbors had given her
food. ?ho thanked tho committee with
tears stroamini: down her face and
blessed them when told that she would
receive assistance. Another only
wantod a doctor so sho could get well
enough to bo nble to work and support
her four children. In most cases the
request was for food and shoes for their
bare feet; nearly ail would gladly put
up with rags to wear if thoy could got
something to eat. Almost overy ono
had some pitiful tale to relate of struggles
since tho beginning of cold weather.
A number of cases wore invoatigatod
that were deemed unworthy of assistance.
and these applications for holp
were refused by tho committoe.
Ono good-natured son of Ireland, in a
?Uf. ItKAra.m l.ia f-UI .,n,i
tribulations to tho committee by saying:
"Well! these nre harrud times eure
enough. Why, I haven't wurrucked
since last May and times are so hard at
ray liouso that I found two mice dead
in" ray pantry tho other mnrnin'; died
from starvaiion for tho want of somethin'
to ate."
Home Cases of Destitution?What is Wanted
The Eighth ward committee was out
in force yosterdav, both morning and
afternoon, and a number of cases of
destitution woro relieved, tho orders
being mostly for groccrieu and clothing.
Iho coinmittoo and police officers divided
up tho territory, which is more
cxtonsive than any other ward. Not
noarly so many case* of destitution
[\s expected were found. This is partly
explaiaeu by tho lacts that tho jriaasworkors
nro receiving$0 por week from
their union, and that many of tho idie
workin^'inou rocoivo credit from thoir
grocers and other merchants, and are
not yet foeling the prevalent distress.
A member of tho committee Raid:
"This nnlirn rnnsim is n. vorv dnlinittn
matter nil around. Thoru stands a man
who has not had work Htoadily for
nearly a voar, but if I wore to approach
him to answer tho queries on this
blank ho would probably fool insulted.
What tho pooplo who have corao under
my observation want is work. These
pooplo are as a class highly self-respecting
and only at tho last extremity accept
pure charity 6uch as tho committee
Tho worst caso found in this ward
was that of a mail who livos on Thirtysixth
stroot. He haa a large family but
has had no steadv work for six or eight
months, Ho has a largo family who are
dependent on his labor. Ho had recontlv
two or threo days'work on tho
strootfl and that is all. Tho committee
expects to reach luoro cases ot destitution
The Hoard of 1'uMio Works will I*nt
Seventy Mow to Work.
Up to last night 494 men had registered
at tho polico headquarters as applicants
for employment under tho
board of public works. The poiico inquired
into the circumstances of these,
ns far as possible, and it is the understanding
that in giving out work tho
heads 01 families or those having families
dependent on thorn will bo given
the preference.
This morning tho board of public
works will put sovonty-flvo men to
work on the streets, cleaning the paved
ono- and doini; anvihin:: oNi* that ran
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speedily dissolved,
and easy to tuke.
Every dose
bo done. J^They will bo paid 15 cents an
hour, und the price for a horse, cart
and man i* L'5 cents an hour. The
financo committee Inst night provided
tbo moans to pay for this work.
"The Firo Patrol" to bo Proton tod nt tbo
Opera Ilouito To-ultfht.
Every poraon who can should and undoubtedly
will bo nt tlio Opera House
to-night und show their appreciation cf
the oifer of tho members of the "Jure
Patrol" company to give a benefit performance
for tho poor and destitute of
this city, and in showing that appreciation,
they will substantially uid there
lief committee in tneir cuori? iu who
for tho noody sufJorers who are badly in
want throughout tho city.
Tho company gives an elegant performance,
in fact ouo of tho bent
on tho road, aud thorofore, besides
helping the poor a lint class show can
l>o aeon. Tho play is a fine and thrilling
0110 and has received tho highest
praise from all tho papers throughout
tho country. Tho scenery aud oflects
are all parried by tho company and will
be seen at to-night's performance, notable
among thorn tho ore stamping mill
in full operation and tho police patrol,
which dnshus at full speed on tho stai?'o.
In the company aro W. \V. Uiitner,
an aclorof raroabiiity, Mr. Folix Haney,
tho original Teddy of tho "Little Tycoon,"
and othors of equal renown. A9
tho whole is under tho management of
Mr. Goorge Scott it can bo relied upon
that a first class ontertainment will bo
Got your scats to-day at House's
music store.
An K?tubll?hmnut Which I* u Credit to the
Thoro are a number of concerns in
Wheeling which have been instrument
at iu building up her reputation in wie
paat as a manufacturing: centre, and one
of thoso which has done this and is
maintaining that reputation is the
Smith Browing Company. It makes, at
its browery on Market stroet above
Ninth street, stock and cream ale and
porter, noted lor their purity and
health-giving qualities. Nothiugontors
into tiie composition of their product
but tho purest and most carofully selected
inirredionts, malt and hops, and
tho popularity of their ole demonstrates
theidiscriinination of ttie ale-consuming
public of Wheeling and vicinity.
Air. A. 10. Smith, tho gonoral "manatjor
and brewer, is a veteran in tho busings.
and has no superior for competence
in his lino. Tho Smith alo is a
housohold word wherever ale is drank.
Tho president, Mr. M. Lally, is as well
known in the community for enterprise,
business souse and fair doalititr,
and thus otlicerod the company has the
contidonco of all.
Health, temperanco and local indus
try aro promoted by using the Smith
Browing Company's products only.
They aro popular not only hero, but
wherever they liavo boon introduced,
and this is their best rccommondation.
Story of n G'olncltlenoo that Happened in
Stories of coincidences aro always interesting
ami this ono will not bo an
exception to tho rule. About a week
ago a carpenter employed at a South
Side planing mil! was on his way down
street from his residence with a pitcher
for some beer. Jle was accosted by a
stranger who appeared to be in tho
worst etajro of poverty, being dreaaod in
rajra and looking as though ho hadn't
had a square monl for many days. He
asked for something to oat, and the carpenter
told him to go along to the sa1
*< *'? with Mm ninl ho would ir?t him n
sandwich and a elass of boor. The man
answered that he would bo thankful for
the sandwich, but that he did not drink
The voracious maunor in which tho
stranger ate the sandwich convinced
the Wheeling fellow that tho man was
really in extreme want, so he took him
to his home and gave him a good sapper.
Aftor the repast had been concluded
tho carpontor asked tho man
about his history, and learnod that ho
also was p. carpenter, and that ho had
cotno recently from Denver, when tho
migration of tho vast number of unoraployed
took place from tho Colorado
metropolis. Ilo had been furnished
transportation from Denver to tho Mississippi
river by tho railroad company,
like many hundreds of others, but at
nt. iiOUia no was compcuuu 10 uupuuu
oil his own resources, and had for many
weeks tramped, stolen rides on railroad
trains, and thus slowly worked his way
oastward to his home in Philadelphia.
Before ho loft Donver ho had, with
what money ho could scrapo together,
sent his wile and children and his kit
of tools to Philadelphia by rail.
When the Wheeling man loarnod
that the stranger was a Philadelphia
man and a carponter bo further interrogated
him and soon discovered that
ho was tho man with whom ho worked
together in apprenticeship many years
ago in tho same shop in the Quaker
City, and that thoy had completed their
apprenticeships on tho same day. The
recognition and handshaking that followed
were very pathetic. Tho poor
follow remained with his old frienu 1H1til
last evening, when tho Wheeling
man purchased him a ticket to Cumberland,
where ho has a brother who will
no doubt holp him on to Philadelphia.
How's Tills!
We offer One Ilundrod Dollars Howard
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A Horrible ltullroml Accident
If? a daily chronicle in our papers; also
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All Sorts of Local New* mid (Sonslp from
tlic OIam Citv.
It hoji Just doveloped that the Ratnioy distil-,
lery ui J'owhatnn is the largest in this luteruul.
revenue district, and that the guUBcrehlp pays
noout 21,200. Chalmers Trimble hns boon appointed
to tho place. sheriff M. M. Scott held it
lor eight years ami most people thought ho ouly
mode 5?J0U or ?;?>)? year out of it. There are a
number of Democrats uorr kicking themselves
for not going alter it.
Luiuyctto AtMlu, unold rc>idcut of this city,
diet! at the Dayton soldier*' home. During tho
rt/vr h?*crrcd la .ompasy I. r? V. I mid
was it member of .Spranuler Post. ol this city.
He won also u member of the Christian churcn
and ha?l been from his l>oyhood day*. The
funeral will take plat e here to day.
Thieves entered tho groccry store of Cro/ier
Urothelial an early hour yesterday morning,
hut only got a few pontiles and soaie provision*.
They wem right in the front way and tin: family
sleeping over the storeroom was undisturbed.
TJ10 Ariel l?ow lonccn uuiuimu; |?..
lurxu audience ut tho First 51. K. Church last
night It wus really a grand entertainment. and
the beauty of the lady members of thoquurti'tte
added to the pleasing featuro of the ontertuintoout.
Con pressman Toarson Is coming homo in Jan- ,
uary lor u few day* unhwa he changes his mind.
In order to enjoy n holj'lay rest ho wont down
Into old Virginia, whore tho otlicc ^eek^rs oau
not bother him.
J. A. I>rlj,*gs A Sou will leave 1XK) loaves oi
bread at city bull this afternoon for distribution '
among the poor, and on Monday thoy will furnish
tho bread for the Chrhtmaa dinner for the
Mrs. M. A. Sanders pleasantly entertained tho
Every Other Week Club after their literary cxereises
other home Thursday evening.
A Mlscellnnooiirt Meluugo of Minor Binttors
from JIxvralmll'H .Metropolis.
Will Humtnond, G. W. BllJIngsly, B.R Blair,
Miss i'enrl Dorsey and her brother ure home
from the West Virginia Conferenco Seminary to
spend tho holidays. I
Tho King's Daughters of tho M. K church
held a "Whitticr" musical and literary social at
the homo of Miss Annie Sutidcrlund last night.
1'rof. ft. T. Williams and family will spend tho
the vacation at tho homo oi Mis. Williams's
parents ut Hnnnibul, Ohio.
The Kpworth Loaguo spoilt a verv oujoyablo
eveuingat tho homo or Air.jonu cnupmuu uu
Thursday evening.
Tho Sunday school of tho M. 12. church will
deliver provision* to the poor of tbo city tills
Itev. 8. II. Doyle will preach to morrow morning.
It being tho twentieth anniversary of "Cmbaue
Thieves entered Mrs. Ilnbbs's place on Thursday
night and took u great deal of buitcr uud
Rov. D. A. Hammond, of WillIam?town, is tho
gueat of his brother, eK-l'ostmaaterilamiuoud.
Thomas Gatts and B l-\ Gray, of tho llrm of
Gatts ?t Gray, are building now residences.
J. I* Hurley is homo from Lehigh university
to spend the holidays.
MAiiri.ws I Eany.
Ilnps and Mlshnpn in tlio Thriving City
Ai'roati tho Ith-cr.
Action has been brought under the Adair law
against James Keesev. Patrick McDonough. Alex.
Linn and luoums FiUcsIminons by Mrs .Maggie
Long, of El wood City, formerly of Martin's Kerry,
for $5,000 damages for selling whUkoy to her
husband, B. J. Long.
Mr. J. U. Gillespie, of Martin's Ferry, has been
appointed contracting agent for tho Pittsburgh
A western road, with headquarters ut Youngstown,
Mr? cnn? T,. W. Iiitflfthrieht has roturned from
Enst Liverpool, where sho bos been ut tho bedside
of her sister, Mrs. Anderson.
G. W. Glover, or Cadi* purchased tho Ohio
wool exhibit ut tho World 8 l-'ulr, It consisted
of ubout 3,000 pounds.
Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Watson leave to-day for
Ilnrrisvillc, to visit relatives.
Howard Smith and Thurman Sclby are home
from Lafayette College.
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nut wants that little good.
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Figured Silk.
This Sale will be conducted in Market Street
Room. Store will remain open until 9:30 this
evening- All packages delivered as instructed.
CLOTH CAPES, j styles
At Exactly Half Price 1
Geo. R.Taylor.
I h 'a. eyatpni, ittmulatea and r??tor?;i
^A mK?U>VI maut *nergjr nn<f newer: 01 Mj
hV'rjvill \v\V-Vf IKUCnOIlROEA, Barrenness, Prolapnu*, Her roue liability, wakeful: * j
IrfrTj1 WljKiP hi arina down prilna. Il nn:? a direct influenc* on tl>? ut?-ru? nnd n^waj- J
?lond?,andwinpo.Mtivelr ESLAltOF. .ii..inAHI)ENund.'v.-lop4-d n bT.-.. R?
Before and After UB111K' "uH* guaranteed. C ircalar frre. I'ackuiio containing Internal and I o< ?i
^ ment.11.10. UlorfS.UO. Addrtu PBALMEDICINE CO., Cleveland, 0.
Sold by CH^9. K. <i >KTZIS. Sucoowor to MeT,*ln Bros.. Twelfth anflMnrkot Htrnfta. ^
? MCOUC " woNDeRFUL'ouRE H SiaE I pSlSJfaii Wj
r> AftU A decidod lmpOTomant in on?< w??k. Thovi tuff* ring from N'ervon* Debility. V< ml Mfj* 9
v or.r, I'utn* In tin* Hnek or )!r*<d, Itfii-t, ffrnonn l'r.?vrutln?. or Mlrrplca?'ni,?N MOW'A
P RRAIII ^vn-tinaboxofTobleU. THEY COS7 SUV LITTLE. 91.00 A BOX. ,
p DliHl IX 80LI> BY C1IAS. It GOETZE, 12th & Market, & GEO. U. EBELING,2125Market ?
> <-VW?
mott'S sssrsafftf
for D3. BOW'S J?SJW7aOYAJi PH.L3 and tako no_??
S&flKgMgfo & E#"* Bond for circular. Price 61*00 per box* 0 box, , r?>,io.
SsSaato'IJR. MOTTO CHEMICAL CO, - Cleveland. Oliw.
Koranic la Wlieellnst by tho 1.00AN DUUG CO.. Main und Tenth Strefttn ' '' CORNICE
ASD? holidays.
Pneci il nttmitlon clvi to nil V!n(l< of SIIi:ET "?K ? THKLT'TII .^n.l_ .?HON
ami TIN WORK oil balldlugt Abo
Call and get price* before oontraetlaff. m I am -A* A Q
ire pared iokIvo bargain* lu that line of work. pHOTOG-IlAi'?
Portraits ik Paktel Oil Chato*.
B. F.CALDWELL, 2iStl wrTN"street.
1500 and 1505 MARKET STREET. Jel3

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