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pll. OTTMAN,
_ . VorJ notrof TUB FRANOB
f. , .-! -At. iN-rirn-u. < ?.
meat of many frlondi aud
Ijr;. le*l to 1 til
jjriiil-,' art, Mici uiau llotiso, Tuesday,
jjfliiiir.', Windsor Hotel, Thursday,
Ja:.:i-rjr I.
( . ' 1 examination froo and strict
. i : en ' it in. tuG p. in., o:io day*
' ;c.rrli?? t!io different tliscascs
in thetn*o vo.t. It Is a wonij
ic to po Tholr dlag
creato 1 troudtri tiirou;.;liou'.
)ut for all forms of
troatm i o Seminal
: Manhood and Errors of Youth
in - micro stul method
las used by lira. Franco & Ott
' - ^i'tAX, TJ:::AS. ^
C.r.y St., one blocV noitll of
i: Columbus,Ohio. inCapita!
r nd 0nMAy, of Xe\r Yor!:, the
cs; nccar.nt of their larcc
c Hal II lied tlie Franco
if. fin Mtv. refill <}I$CQHCB ivilJ bcauc
! ou the most Scientific l'riuIti
titutc has for it i I?nculty n
nixed pccialistt, each eminent
. ' Irl nor experience in the
.Is in t1:c world enables them ti
fjc.'fj-* >' *-'JI 'I of Chronic, Ncncusnnd
, fthcKvccndKar.
10 LADIES 1 '.'is. J-ka.vci: : n !
y<'nr? of experience. have distest
cure known for all dis&e
ex. Femalediseases pos:
nevr remedy, OJlve BJcsson.
' home treatment. Enf
J.a:tn!? orvsily applied. Consultation
i:,dC orresponderc? *-rio and Strictly Confidential.
1] themost wonderful a tic*
( :t itnu nt of Catarrh, Stomach, Kidn
Bladder. Nmous, Chronic and Special diseases
Tttcn. I)R?. 1*ranck and Ott
: . experience, bare perfected
tv, ... infallible method of curing Vital
j'r : : riisjf, Nocturnal Losses, Impaired
jl?. ?y. v\Mk Back, Mclancholv, Want ot EnJinc
of the Manly Powers?
ti'.' ; -r: 1 disorders arising from ruinous
r f v utli, bliehtintr the most radiant
jj i;ii;c unhappy, annually
'.v grave, thousands ot
r ;! u?d brilliant iutclloct. A Pcrfec}
RiStyitkn Guaranteed. JJriuf: sample of urine
microscopical examination,
ml i rrtoponoence confidential
Trtitmrnt: nt C O. D. tonnypartof thcU.S.
list ol : questions free. Address with
|c?s?c. OR. FRANCE, Columtuj. OMo.
RIPAN* TAJ1CLEK nro tho be?t Medt
J Hhc knumi for tm'lftcMlon, IHlIuuiiiron,
l K,idu.br,< l>j?pcp?U,Chronlo ?
Uirr'JruuJ'Jfo,J>lx/|?r???Had Complexion,
| U.ocnlcry, OITnuho Itrcutb, and all di?< f
I fJcr* of the Motnurh, I.lvrr and Ilawcln. *
Npnni Tjl -jlc* eontntn nothing Injurious to
J ! - 1 ?te ronrtltutJon, An liinmnt to
j li-i. -v.fi-, ?iff?*:iud, and ifl'o lmtnodtato relief. J
1 Mar bo obtained by application to ucurcat
fv^T"^ yru/ I
?? ?T? WE.W
SlfORE. WTER^.MBl - ?
, Or. E. C. West's Norvo and Brain Treatmeni
I'lold under pnsltlro written guarantor, bynuthorIxM
B^nts only, to euro Weak Memory; Loss of
Iirsiamd Norvo Power; Lost Manhood; Quickness
M?!;t IiO?-i'>; Kvll Dreams; Lack of Gonfldeuce;
Laaiitadd; ell Drain"; Lonot Power
< -* ttx?* Gcn?ratlvo orpins In c'th?r box, caused by
Mw^scrtton; Youthful Errors, or Excessive Uso o,
^obscco. Opium or Liquor, which soon load to
ai- .7, CVm:uinptlon, Innnnlty and Death. By mail,
II1 !.< *; Gfor&>: with written punnan^o to cure 01
nfand money. WESTS COUGH SYRUP. A certain
?: for Cou?hK, Colds, A'thma, Bronchltla, Croup,
whooping Gourd, Soro Throat. Pleasant totak?>.
trail tin dl-contlnlod: qJ& 80c. rizo, now25c,; old
Utuo, uuw&ic,
GUARANTEES Hmiort only through CIIAS. R.
GOCTZE, Successor to McLaiu Brothor*. Drugr'-**.
Whf :mg. w. Vn. jylSTThsawy
ran each mui
RrUOl ML Generalotd NEEV0U3 D?BHITY|
f!TTT? TC Weakness of Body aud Jfind: Ef/ccti
v U iV Jl<4 ofError*orExoe?#e?in Old or Young.
NoU? !i iNHOO|> follr Reform!. How <o F.nUnr# ?ml
tow?ik.n nk'Alk.t'XDRVKLOWSn 0&GAX8 * PiRTSofBOpr.
QnMli.K lion* TRIUT*XXT-BwBU In ? d?y.
* fr-m 41 StulM, TfrrlioH??, and ForJunfonalrJf*.
'itwtfii?t4?. Boob, fiUlrtpltaaUan, ud (.rMfbMllM
**< < tnu xi&nu Mil MlOlCAl 00..BUT?ALO.H. T.
Or??f?n nnm and wiilBko7 Habits
^ g p rajwM cured ut homo withft
n fc* 6 KPtiS out pain. Book of par?f
Honiara *<>nt FBEE.
T iimnwm J?. M. WOOLLEY, M.D.
_ u:- M'<" St..
Wheeling Title and Trust Co.,
CAPITAL, - - $102,100.
H.M I,?, M*t L. F.BUfeL Sec'r.
kJ.lU e.V.P. 8.I.Slnjdolou.Aw'tSec'y. ,
__ r'fo H. K. tiiicbrlst. K.iomlncr of Title*.
G Lam; President Joe. Sktbold, C&?hloe
i- A. JsfrcitflOM. A?Uiant Cushloc.
Bank of Wheeling!
Ul'll AL $200,00(1, PAID IX.
A. J Clnr^(v Jo=(?pn ! *. PflttU. |
J ? fui:inin?, llenrv Blobomojk
A. Hoyiumiu. Joseph 8oy bold,
titbton Lamb.
oa Rpocltll dQpo<lt*.
- ilruiuon KtialnudlrelAndandScntitMiT
.Il.-I'.I'H -^KVncl.M
CAPITAI ...'8300.000.
{ S. Vixrp I rrcitilent.
in Vice I'rcsldent. I
J. N. V'anco. George E. StlfoL
' "*. Hrmri!. William E'.I Ingham.
LH. D Aplito. \V; v. Koll >jr.
,, . John l':ow. . I
' Iwiod on England, Ireland, 8cotland
JOHN J. JONES. Cg?hlcr.
] J \nk OF THE OHIO valley.
CAPITA 175.000.
v ''1" i i rr President
'' " ixnoN Vice-President.
uwfu ou England, intend, Fronoo ana UcrMRhcioiia
^'Ullru a. Isott. Mnrllmor i'ollock.
'! WUIiiHU II Slrripwn.
' M AUin-on. John K. Bfit-for-l.
eury {jpoycr. Victor Iloaonbnrg.
, Jacob C. Tliowo^
w F. P. J. i'zOS, Ctuhlor.
Cincinnati Tribune.
I mot her to-day.
Ilor smile 1* most Jolly,
Till* (air Cbrl?tmsi ulrl,
With Iter hand* full of holly,
Her ringlet?, her lnushtcr,
Her secrcu, hor hat.
Aru really enchanting,
Expensive at ttiat!
For this Christmas Rlrl
Leads oti (oinueh folly,?
I r... \ '.,ci lubl Jcttl
With her hands full o( holly.
In a dream I was transported into tho
world that lies beyond?tho beautiful
heaven opened to oil mankind by the
blessed Christ child.
That hell lies underneath heaven you
have doubtless hoard. Naturally the
holy dead hear and see nothing of tho
pains of the lost, for that would entirely
spoil tho joya of paradise for them, but
now and then?I believe once a year?
it ia given to tho bleasod to look down
into hull. There is, however, ono condition
in particular attacliod to this
privilege. When tho donut which rnn
coals hull from tiio night of tiio angels is
opened, it is for the relief of tiio condemned.
God in his mercy lias decreed that
the saints shall look down into the
abyss in order to tell St. Peter ir they
see among tiio damned any one from
whom they havo received any benefit,
or of whom tUey have even hoard any
good, if the keeper of heaven's unto is
pieaaod with tho nonerous action which
the lost soul performed whilo on earth,
he has the power of shortening the
tirno of punishment,or can even pardon
it altogether and bid it enter into paradise.
As for me, I arrived in paradiao on a
day when hell was open to view, and
came to know thereby many strange
It was granted to mo to look into the
place of torment, and the things I saw
there wore awful. Picture it to yourself
as you will! When I recovered
from the horror that fell upon me, I
in.iu> wcu mm NUUIUU
whom I had known on earth.
A mom: the latter 1 noticed a woman
whom I had known well on earth, and
who deserved to bo among tho lost, I
thought. I had never anticipated any
othor sentence for her. Although she
possessed more thau was needed to
gratify her own own wants, she could
never bo moved by the moat touching
appeals of tho poorest to reliovo their
There is no chance of a voice being
raised in her favor," said I to myself.
But I wad wrong, for at that moment a
lovely angel child How past me on its
bluo and white wing*. WithoiK any
-ij?n of /ear it /low direct to St. Voter,
who looked formidable enough with his
long beard ami great keys, and, pointing
with it* little forofingor to the hardhearted
woman cried, ".atio onco gavo
me a handful of nuts."
"Keally," answered tho keeper of
heaven, "that was not much, and yet I
.1111 surprised, for that woman would
;iot part with so much as a pin during
her life, lint vou, little one, who were
you on earth?"
"Little IJannelo was my name," answered
tho angel. "1 diod of starvation
and only once did any. one give mo any.hingin
my life to mako mo happy, and
that was that woman yonder."
Here tho angel broke otf and throw a
kiss to the condemned woman, and St.
1'eter asked her how it happened that
die, who had been so deaf to all appeals
from tho poor, had been so gouorous to
iho child.
The tormented woman answered amid
her loud sobs; "The tearful eyes of the
little one reminded mo of my small sitor,
who died a painful death before 1
had grown hard and wicked, and a
strange sensation?I know not how it
happened myself?overpowered me. It
seemed as if my heart warmed within
me, and something seemed to say to mo
that I should nevor forgive myself as
long as I lived, and should bo even unhappier
than I was if I did not give the
child something to rojoico over at Christmad
time. I longed to draw her toward
me and kiss her. After I had tossed
her half of the nuts which I had just
bought, I felt happier than I had for
many a day, and I would certainly have
riven her some money, though only a
But Peter interrupted Iior. lie had ,
heard enough, and as he knew that it
was impossible for any one in heaven or
noli to tell an untruth, ho nodded to
her, saying: "That was, beyond dispute,
a good deed, but it is too small
io counterbalance the groat weight of ;
your bad deeds. Porhups it may lighten
your punishment. Still, great riches
were metod out to you 011 oarth, and
what wore a few nuts to you! The 1110
"rmirl vnii fr? hnatmv tllHlll is
ploasing in the sight of liio Lord, I acknowledge,
but, as I said before, your
charity was too paltry for you to be re- ,
leased from your punishment because i
of it."
Ho turned to go, but a clear voico of ,
wonderful sweetness held hi in buck. It .
waa that of tho Savior, who advanced !
with majestic dignity toward tho aposllo
and spoke: "Let us first hear if tho j
almsgiving of which we have just hoard ,
waa really too small to plead lor lonioncy
toward this sinning soul. Lot us j
hear"?turning to the angel?"what be- ,
caino of tho nuts."
"Oh, dear Savior," answered the angel,
"I ate half of them, and I waa grateful
to you, for I folt that I owed thorn to ;
your bounty, as they were ray 'little ,
Christ-child.' ns tho pooplo in the city ,
where wo lived called a Christmas ,
"You boo, Peter," the Savior inter- j
runted tho angel. "Do wo not owo it to (
the nuts of that woman that a pure ,
child's soul was led to us? That, in j
itself, is no small thing. Toll what fur- |
ther happened to you." j
"I ate most of thorn," tho littlo girl ,
answered, "but I had still inoro to eat |
by Christmas eve, for tho people who {
had looked at mo when tho woman |
threw something into my lap woro in- j
tereatcd in my sufforing,and soon 1 had ,
sold all I had to sell, and besides many j
pennies and groachen, one big thaler ,
had flown into my lap. With these I
waa able to buy mother many things ,
that she stood in sore n??ed of, and j
though sho died on New Year's mom- j
ing, she had mauv littlo comforts dur- |
ing her last dava.
Tho Anointed cast anothor look full j
of meaning at Peter, when a largo and '
beautiful angol,the spirit of the mother ,
of tlw cherub began: "If you will per- ,
mit mo, O holy Jesus, I, too, would j
like to say a word in favor of tho con- t
damned. Before Ilannelo camo homo ,
with tho nuta I lay in bod, without hopo
or lieln in my great suilcring. 1 had j
lost all faith, fur my prayers had not }
boetx hoard, and in tho bitterness of iny
heart it seemed that you, who woro said ^
to bo the friend of the poor on earth, \
and God, the Father, had forgotten us
in our misery in order to overwhelm |
tho rich with greator gifts. j
"But when Hannele camo homo and ,
lighted tho lamp, and I saw her tiny f
'ace, where for a long timo I had seen j
no smile, but only pain and grief, now
I beaming with joy; when 1 saw tho f
| nuts and the other good things which
; she had brought and -aw her plonsuro
in them, my belief in Thee, O Lord.
1 and tho kind Fathor roturned, and I
ceased not to bo grateful to tho end.
now, in tho glory of Thy magnificonc
I know bliss unutterable, I owe to th
voman and to tho fact that bho w;
;*ood enough to throw tho nuts in
iJennolo's apron.
Poter nodded affirmatively. Then I
bowed before tho Savior amijiaid:
'The Jittlo irift of tho condemn/
soul hai indeed borno better fruit ths
I i magi nod. Yet when I tell you wh
a greit sinner the was on ear:h-- "
"I know," tho Son of God interrup
ed. "Before wo decide upon tho fate
this woman, Jet us hear what tho chi
<lfd with tho rest of tho nuts, for v
know that she did not cat etiem a
Now, my littJo ange), what became
the last of them? Speak on. Glad!
will I iistou to you."
Uannele began anew: "After the
hail buried mothor they eont mo in
tho country among the mountains, f<
ftfiiil it \via ??nt (ill* tlnttr rtf tlionil
to euro for mo, but that tlio villngo p:?
ihIi, whero my parents wore born. So
was takon there. Tho six nun that
had saved I took with mo to play will
This I most onjoyod doing in tnosprin
alono on tho littlo strip oi ^ra-s bohii:
tho poorhouso, in which 1 was tlio on
child. Bosidns mo there woro but thn
old women, 'being foil to doatb/ as tl
peasants used to say.
"Not ono of thorn noticed anythin
that happened around thoin, but n:
heart used to grow light when over
thing about mo budded and sprout;:
ami burst into bloom. My body w;
always aching, but my paina could m
lesson my enjoymout of tho sprin
Wherevor 1 looked men woro sowin
and planting. It was tho lirst timo thi
I had ever soon it, and tho wish can:
over mo to confide something to ti
good earth that would take root an
sprout and grow green and high for m
".So I stuck, four of my nuts into tl
ground. I put them as far apart in tf
11 T i-i .i--. ;; ?.
Sill.Ul SJJ.HU JV1 J LUUIU, PU lllUk li II
trees carno from my seeds tlicy mid
not utand in 0110 another's way, in
might all enjoy the air and thesunshii
that I was so thankful for. 1 saw n:
send sprout, but What became of thei
afterward I did not live to boo. Tu
yearn after I sowed them a famine fe
upon uk. Tho poor weavers, who live
in the mountain village, had ail the
couid do to nourish wife and chili
There was littio left for the poorhous
As 1 was already ill, I could not stan
tho misery, and I was tho first to diei
the dreadful fever caused by hunger.
"Only one of tho blind women an
tho dull-witted one followed tho sac
in which I was buried?for who woul
have paid for a cotlin? The last tvt
nuts 1 divided with the old womei
Each ouo of us had a half, and'ho
gladly wo ato tho littio morsel, for eve
a taste of any dainty seemed good to i
after wo had lived on nothing but brea
and potatoes. From here I watched tl
other nuts grow to bo trees. All foi
had straight stems and thick crown
Undorono of them, that stood near
spring, which is now called the Fres
spring, an old carpomer who came I
tho poorhouse built a bench."
I lore auotiicr angel intorru fed th
littio narrator with the que- .on, "L
you mean the nut troo in Dorbstadt*.
and receiving an answer in the affirmi
tivehecriod: "I, Master, J am thatoi
carpentor, and during my last summei
1 had no greater ploasuro than to sit Ij
tho Fresh spring under the nut Ire
and while 1 smoked my pipe, to thin
of my old wife, whom 1 was soon to tin
again with vou. In tho autumn, to
many a dry brown leaf found its wu
auiong tho moro expensive toliaci
ones. But the nut trees were cut dow
many years ago."
Tho Savior answered, "I should sti
liko to know what becamo of the woe
of theso trees."
Tho voices of several angels wei
heard at tho same moment, for many i
tho poor weavers of Dorbstadt were I
be found in tho heavenly kingdom. S
l'etor, however, bade them bo quiet an
permitted only the one who had laentered
tho ahodo of tho blessed t
"I was the village doctor," this on
began, "and I quitted this earth b
cause I, too, foil a victim to tho pest
lenco of which many of the poor peop
woro dying, and against which 1 fougi
with all my small powers, but wit
small success. 1 can tell you all yo
wish to know, my Master, for durir
forty-livo years 1 devoted my humb!
Bervicos to tho sick poor there. Who
llannelo died in our poorhousc?it ha]
pened befor.j my time?tiio misery w;i
even groater than at present. Th
weavers wero ground down by the larg
manufacturers until an energetic ma
built a factory in our village and pai
them bettor wages.
"As the population thon incroasei
and consequently tho number of pn
lienta, space was wanting in which t
house them, for the dilapidated pool
liouse, whither they were carried, wa
no longer largo enoiiL'ti to accoinmodat
them all. Therefore tho pariah, aide
by the owner of tho factory, built
hospital for tho whole district, and tli
sito of tho old poorhouso was chosei
for it. The beautiful nut troea whic
liannelo had planted had to bo dt
stroyod. 1 was sorry to be obliged t
*ivo tlio order, but wo needed tft
ground whore they stood. As wo li:n
to bo economical in everything, big an
little, wo had planks sawed out of tit
trees for our use."
"1 owe it a debt of gratitude, too, bu
for an entirely different servico," eui
ii beautiful angel an it bowed itacrowne
bead reverently before tho Son of Man
".My lot below was a very hard one.
"Your image, iny Savior, had jus
boon iinished by a sculptor who h?v
carved it from the wood of the mi
tree by the Fresh spring. They put i
opposito to my bed. It reprosontei
you, my Lord, on tho cross, and you
bead bowed in agony, with its crown c
thorns, was a sorrowful sight. Yet
paid hut small hood to it. Ono morn
,ng, howover?it was the anniversary c
the death of my two dear sons, wh
!iad lost their Jives fighting bra vol;
side by side for their fatherland?oj
that morning the sun full upon you
?ad face and blooding hands pierced b;
tho nails, and then 1 reflected how bii
terly you had suffered, though innc
:ent, that you might redeem us, am
;iow your mother must have felt to losi
such a child.
"Tiien a voico asked mo if I had an
right to complain whoa tho Son of (.Joi
limself had willingly endured sucl
torments for our sake, and 1 felt com
lelloil to answer no niul determine!
then to bear patiently whatovor migh
jd laid upon me, a poor, sinful womar
riicncefortli, my Lord, was Your imag
11 y consolation, and since the wood c
eviiicli it was made came from the tre
jlantod by liannelo near tho Froal
ipring, I owe beyond doubt tho botte
rears that follovvod and tho joy of boin
ivith you in paradise, my Savior, to th
uits which tiiat condemned wouia
(avo to the child."
Humbly aiio bowed her head again
riio tlon of God turned to St. Peter, ga>
ng: "Well, Peter?"
The la'.tor called to tho guardians o
loll: "Let her go tree, tho gates c
loaven are opon to hor. How rich an
nauifold, 0 Lord! ia tho fruit tha
ipriuga from the smallest gift otlercd ii
tuo love!"
"You are riaht," answored tho Savio
jently and turned away.
ASUPziiu new Vpright Piano
at \Vholesalo Price.
F, W. Bauueu & Co.
'**' Tho Features of tho Mjaoy and Stool
J, M?rkeU.
lo New York, Pea 2??Monoy on call easy at 1
V'jpor ccnt; lost loan 1 per cent; doted at
per ccnt. Prime xncrcantUo papor pe
ccnt Sterling exchange dull at 83J$ul S7J-,
Salc3 wcro '223.7(0 shares.
(n On theaiockoxchantfo to-day the upccnlatlo
t vrai feverish and unsettled. sotno heavy decline
u LvIuk record.- i ui cotwin of the specialties. du
: ::h y Lup; l '.o '?eof!?,r*d 1"
it. h.ilo on a weak market, rasher than by reason o
* nny specially unfavorable conditions of th
,} properties tneniselvcj. Two course of stock 1:
J'l iJ>?* day's h) irj;? i wu? ro.i**urlng uuder the pre
i-q vnlliui! coudUlous on tho lis: opening at un
,i changed figures. The shares advanced % pe
com and wire fairly well held at a higher love
of until the afternoon when tho doprcsslon bccom
|y ing infectious Ati-hhou gave way l>er cent
hut quicKly rallied , per c-'n'. < losing firm n
only a low of percent on thoduy. Now Knjj
)V bind lttdlu tho uoalincs and met thoattacka.o
to t'itf bear* without mt-iainin* serloui Injury, tin
decline from lost night being-1percent Th
Uruugcrs were among the strongest of the activ
iy li>t. Chirac;.) lint was the weakest of tho Imlui
r- trials (iu selling orders fr??tu the w? <t, closing a
? the iowe?t point touched. \"/A per cent beloi
* veiterday. The other shares which ?how tht
I heaviest decline* from vestcrdajr'n llnal figure
h, aro?Kvansvlllo it Terre Haute 8. Cotton Oil pre
,r fcrred 6, National Rubber 4, Starch 41... I*itt>
-? burgh, ('inciuuati. Cnlcago A St. Louh pre
i'i ferred h Munnattan -!+, Wheeling it LukeEri
lv proferred 1 per cent.
* Kail road bond market was strong.
Government bonds dull.
10 State bonds inactive.
^ IT. S. -is ros 113 (Nat Cord, prefd... 40
I.V U. S. 4u coupon Ill ! New Jersey Cent 11v
1'. S. 41 -j rv.f ?Norfolk it West p'd VJl
,i Pacific ( * of "Jj 'Northern I'aeitic.... 6
Atchison 11-!4! do preferred- 19
W Adams Ex press l.Vj North wen torn W)
;jt American Kxpresi..ll'J do t?referred 2UI
? Haiti more?k Ohio- O'J New York Central. US1/
Cuuuda Southern... i?U\, N. Y.?fc Now ling ... IV*
>? Central Pacific ? Oregon Improve't. 13
lit Chesapeake it Ohio 16.'* Oregon NaV '26
u Chicago A Alton.... ,1'aclllc Mall l:t>r
Chi.ilur.itQuiuey. 7.V, Pittsburgh- ?
Chicago*;.is ..ill (Heading IS1;
it] (it St. l S5^fRichmond Term....
,, ('<*1. Coal it Iron lo j do preferred.. 1'
Cotton Oil Cerillle.. -S IWck island .. *?'?
10 Del. tt llud ISS^ISL l'aul W/
10 I'oL, l^ick. it uV't.I.VJ 1 do preform!.. llii
;,r Den. it K. <i. prof'd 3t Paul Omaha.. 3*>>j
1 Jiit. it Cattle Feed. -i'4 do preforred. ll:t
II, Krlo 14%pugar Kotinery S'J
It do preferred .'tl 'I'enu. ('ohI ?t iron.. Ji?
lR Illinois Central s.''i'Toxa< Pacific 7
' Kansas it Tex. pref. 2."-; lol. it (). Ceu prof. 70
l> Laky Erie A West... I l's Union PttCiflc V)
111 do preferred <d |(J. S, Express vl
0 Luke.Shore HL. L. it P 7
l.ead Trust do urefcrred 11
111 Louisville it Nash.. 47!. Wells Fargo Ex ,...ll!5
scl .Michigan Central... 'JJ'? U'oitern in lor. &.?>f
)V Missouri Pacific '-'1 Whedingifc L. E ... 1:'.%
; MLiQVUlCiVUUatU V*l I ?o pr.-1'Tnju f/j
" National Cordage... 17!^|Geueral Electric....
,,J liri-inUtiilTb and Provisions.
Chicago. Dec. 22.?May wbyut mode a now lo\
price record to-.day of 66}$c and closed 5t-o lowc
than yesterday. Free soiling, larger receipt*
1(1 Mituller export clearances and weaker cables al
,}- cornblued tt? force a collapse.
. Corn nml oat a only lost %c.
'' 1": ovisions closed sllghtiv higher.
'O Flour easy.
^ \Vhkat?Cash No. 2 spring ?*?0%c; Ko. rtsprln
* .V .! >& : No.. red uj' jc; December6JJ''-aC0j^uWj>.U
'* May ti.'ij?uM!-.,a65%c.
a Cons'?(.'Mb No. 2, 3l%c: December 34%a34}
js a3l\c; January 31J4aSI>,;a3i%e; May 8iiJia3S}
i J a s V11
oa re?Cash No. 2 27*;c; January28c; 3Iay 29ft
to 30a30c.
ir kye?no. 2. -r.kcFi.axseed?SI
wj' j.
Timothy Skcd?$ ! 25.
u Milis I'ork- i ash 512 50nl2 7.r?: January 812 07}
h a 12 I2^al2 12! /. May $12 60a 12 C0al2 'u1/..
, I.Aito cash * is o >; January 87 70a. 80a7 ~l
"u May $7 .r?2Jjn7G0a757j4.
Shout Kins?Cash 5fi 50aG 65; January SC 40a6 -1
0 0'"' i?; May iki I7,!:ai> o,'niG j./.j.
)o Others unchanged.
?> ni:w Yokk, Dee. 22.?Flour. roociDts 13,000 bai
rein: exports 17.U0J barrels: sales :."2.00(j barrels
X- market (lull. Wheat, receiptH 12.000 bushels; ei
ij ports son." bu.diels; sales 7S0,iKW bushels 0
, 111 tores and is.uw bushel.! of spot; spotxnarke
lull and lower; No. 1 northern 7 i option
'V dull aud lower: No. 2 red January CO!
0, February G7v;af>\is'.7>ne; March Gs' t;; May 7ii
u 71 v*i71c; December <la71%a7lc. Corn, receipt
, 1 l.th4) bushels; exports 2liOOO bushels; sales 3&,
id 0U0 bushels of futures aud 152.000 bushels c
0, spot; market fairly active; January SJ^aU^
r."..e; February L^e, March May u',
December 4-,J4<'- Oats, receipts 2?v
!0 000 bitsbeis; exports 2?)0 bushels; sales 40.U0J busli
n e!s of futures and 2I.O0O bushels of snot: inarkc
quiet and lowor; Jnuuury 33/^c; February :iaj4(
.. May ;;s i.,u. Hay dull, Hops dull. Hides steady
II <'ut meats steady. Lard steady; December *8 ai
id January S? 15. I'orlc firmer; now mess SU7.i
M .Vt; extra prime 'J-'mtJ 76; family S15 OJ
.vj; shohen- ir ;1 j .V),il."> 7a. Putter quiet; wesi
fO era dairy 15o?2c; do creamery 2l)a'iS%c; stat
Of dairy li?u26c; do creamery 22a27c. Chee.se quiei
n Iurv'o Gallic. i.Vkh dull; westom fresh
Tallow dull: city6a3!?c. Kosln quiet. Turjien
t- tine quiet. Rice steady: fair to extra domesti
(1 ;;i5'/.e. Molasses dull uud nominal. CoiTe
t steady at 5aI5 points down. Sugar dull.
0 Philadelphia. Pa., Dec. 22?Flour quiel
Wheat declined } ? under free offerings am
llirht domand; No. 'i Pennsylvania G5)4c; No.
iq n-d winter f'.i'.c; December t'Wiit'd^c; Januar:
( l'.Jrt(?l!4c; February GGaM'fc; March
Corn was lower; steamer 11a 11 ^c; No. :
l" mixed lil2e; December ll^allkc; January 411
10 ail',c; February -Jl^aUSc; March 4l%a?k
Oats were dull; No. J wliito aj^e; Januar;
, :UV; December UljJdatoJ^e; January 31Ka36c
'l Keb.uary :r.a;..?','c; Marcn Uj^uMc. flutto
iU quiet mid unchanged; western creamery 2la.'Sc
Pennsylvania creamery prints L'tiaiWe. Egg
1 steady; western fresn i'>a2Cc. Cheese unchanged
15 jultjmoju;, mjv. Pec. '22.?Flour easy; reeeipt
11 27.uu0 barrels. Wheat dud and weak; receipt
)- 27.000 bushel*; December Glafij'-.jc; January ?' ! >{,
ij UI'..c; May ii??> ,a70c. Com dull uud lower; No.
1 whitesnot 4_'e; January -Halite; February ll|;j
0 11' ,c; May tS^e. Oat* dull and inactive; receipt
.j "j,wo bushels. Itutter quiet ami unchanged
n Kggs steady and tlriu. llaydull; choice fancj
, timothy $15 00al5 ftO.
cincinnati, O.. Dec. 22.?Flour steady. Whoa
dull: No. 2 red ftSc; receipts J.OUO bushel i; sir j
i, menu."), UJO bushels. Corn quiet: No. 2 mixe?
. Vtia. Oats heavy and lower; No. 2 nixed 30>jC
Uye firm: No. J. Me. I'orlc quiet at ?12 7a. Lan
13 firm at $7 7... Bulk meats firm at SO 75. Hacoi
- steady at 5S00. Whisky steady nt ?1 ]5. liuttc
3 uiul eggs a lend y. Sugar easy. Cheese firmer.
0 Toledo, O., Dec. 22.?Wheat dull and steadioi
, No. i' cash aud December i'o'.?c; May ?c. Con
a dull imd steady; No. - cash "7c. Outs quiet
a ca>h JfJe. Rye dull; cish 61c risked. Clovecswn
o uctive and tdeudy; prime cash, December am
January $000; February SO 10; March SO 1-' -.
I* Ltv? stock.
Chicago, Dec. 22.?Cattle, receipts fi.ooo head
0 shipments 2,000 bead; market active and steady
(j Un>. good to extra steers 10a"?00; fair SlOu
1 l 70; oilier* $1 U?al 23; Toxnus ?2 i5; Miockers gj i;
u n:i cov.s gl iua3 1?. llou's, receipts 2.0 >> head
d isbipmeuts l.ooo head; market active and higher
0 rough and common >0 OOao 00; mixed and pack
cr? ; '? li'u? ] '?; prime heavy SJ 15ao2.">: prime ligh'
2'. J J.'i. fcneep, receipt* 0,000 head: shipment
it 2,000 head; market dull utM lower; fair to root
J mixed g.i U0a3 50; westerns ?2 00a3 00; lambs gJ 2
ii ?"?
East lineary. Pa.. Dec. 22.?Cattle, reoolpi
' C ' Ihead: shipments 120 head; market weak am
unchanged. Hogs, receipts 2,6M licutl. shin
t moiits u.lutf head: market very dull; all grade
1 5.) I0o5 2!); most sales from S ? loa5'20. .Sheep, re
1 celpia ;iiw bond: shipments 200 head; marko
t d.'moralized utabont unchanged price*.
t Cincinnati, (>., Dcc.22.? Hogs In gooddemnnt
[1 and strong at S i 00a-l10; receipts 0,000 head; ship
r incuts 2,000 head.
'J Dry Goods.
New York. Dee. 22.?Domestic drr goods sbov
some decline in business, wltnoui any partlcuJa:
if changj in prices. Stable cotton goods ruU
0 Meady In prices, l'rint cloths hold their own,
Prints and printed fabric* ruie steady, but art
Y w-ty quiet. There ia an irregular demand So.
ii ginghams and woven wash faorics, footing up i
. hinu 1 total and confined to spring lines. 'flu
spring demand is generally very backward. anO
y everybody .seems to be waiting ior the new year,
>. Petroleum.
j On. City, P*.. Dec. 22.?Opened, highest, low
? est and eloped at 7'Jc; talcs u.ou) barrels; ship
incuts 10'?,SJl barrels; runs 87,01 J barrels.
New Yoi'.i;, Dec. 22.?Petroleum easier; n(
>' sale*; January options closed at 76j;c bid.
1 Pivrsuuuuii, Pa., Dec. 22.?Nothiug doing; 79<
Ii bid.
j Wool.
\ Piiii.adci.piiia,Pa .Dec. 22. ?Wool?Thorowai
scarcely anything doing, aud prices were no in
l. jua); Ohio. 1'cnnsyivania ami West Virginlr
0 XX and above ..lu.Mo: X and above ria23c
; medium 2ic; quarter blood 23c; common 20uJ2e
New York. Michigan ami Wisconsin, etc.. lint
c r.'.iilc; medium 2i*j!Jo; washed combing aud do
1 Initio line 0hio20c;uo Michigan, etc.. 21a23c;
r medium - e; unwashed line Ha 16c; medium 18c
territorial and western light, lino 10al2c; heuvj
? do 7al0c; lino medium l'Jalic.
0 Nkw Yotuc. Doc. 22.?Wool' dull; domestic
ti flecco 10.:uoc; pulled 20o2Cc; Texas l'Jat&c.
u ."Metal*.
1 Nkw Your, Dec. 22.?Pig Iron quiet; Scotcli
820 OOa-il .V); American il20ital*>00. topper quiet:
lake Slo'. Leadlirm; douie<tici3 ^u. Tin quiet
1 straits ?20 03,
(| Cotton.
; CiNCfS'NArr, O., Pec. 22.?Cotton quiet; mid
tt dllng7^c.
r A supkkh new Upright Piano
nt Wholoanlo Price.
F. W. Baumcr & Co.
Children Cry for Pitcher's _Castoria.
pfe n M Is a sonrro of mnch
e ft R 9 Buffering. The system
Kh tJfl should bo thoroughly
vinw cleauiMMlof all iinnur1
ARl|AitlC''. and the jSIrwxt
l BlIlBB^'Ptiuahcalthy conDLUyU,!,tion
moves aft lamt of
i. whatsoever origin, anil builds up thu general
u For thrr? ye*r* I *a? %n trouble! with tMltrfal
, poi?on that lile io?t all tu chirm* i 1 tried mercurial
" end Pouth rPinr.Ut. but tyjid get do idleit A
? tcw^ botUe^ofVTWqKJj
"t and ',7f KjLxA gfl A ffSEf
c ^'j-aTkICE. Ottawa,Ktn. jRjg
Our Rook on Blood And Skin m ?t rrr>
L?i?caie? nailed facc. Kjj U U*w */
o now ana vvnere
t Shall We Educate
: OurSons& Daughters i
A handsomely illustrated announcement of tw<
rxccllent schools, with an introductory essay 01
u the above subject, that may be of incttimabl
vnjiie to you, can be had 'by addressing Tit:
llEOENTS, GaMUIKK, Oil 10.
Night School. >o
* Why don't yoa attend Iho nfght scsnous
of tho
! Wheeling Business College,
Cor. Main and Twelfth Sts. ?
I '
i Writing, Bpclllnjr. Arithmetic. BookUcopInc,
a 6/iort/mwJ, Trpeiveiling, oto.
Comfortable ro.iuis, careful-penoual lustruc
tiou aud low prlctss.
i -
Mrs J. Stevens Hart's
School for Youns
: Ladies and Children,
i 131U utid 1318 Market St., Wheeling, W.Va.
The Mnnd oa r# and eJofirJc mo tors pnw tho
door. Third annual session begins MONDAY,
v SEPTEMHEIt IS. 1S1N, continues thirtjr-nlnu
r weeks, divided Into four torm*. This school
(. ?flers a complete and thorough education iu
il Practical English, Mathematics, English Classic*,
l.iitiit and .Modem I.ADKiiascs.
The school consists of Primary. Grammar,
Acudymicaud College Preparatory'department*.
Tho methods and courso of instruc.tiou will
ff compare favorably with the beit setuinurles lu
the country.
JJo.rs are received Jn the Primary and first yeai
<A Grammar. For circulars or interview, apply to
i Principal,
Koshienco N'o. 727 Main St.
; Bake YourCakesWitli
J IX. II. LI3T, ^olu Manufacturer
All first-class dealers sell it. do21
[. \<\ j/JUia, iMiW ukijI'.a.a.i
o ff^ynl^\n\ AN'D INTERMEDIATE
WJ u lORVO Wharfboat.
ti foot of lilovcnth atretic, as
[? Strnmer K??ystonc State, for Cincinnntl. 0.,
| Pvoiy Tl'ksday at 8 a. m. T. S. CalUoun. Master;
7 Charles W. Ktiox, Clerk.
J Steamer Hudson, every Thursday at 8 a. in,
? Robert Aguowr, Master; A1 J. Slnveti. Cleric.
s Steamer iron Queen, every Satuisday at.8 a.
. m., for Cincinnati John 3L FhllUpi. Mailer;
yr It. II. Kerr. Clerk.
First-class fare, Wheeling to Cincinnati. 80.
r Uouiul trip. $10. Mails ami atato rooms In'?
cludeiL Tickets good until used Kor freight or
* passage apply on board, or telephone No. :Jti
n<i->? CRQCKARD& BOOTH. At-nnM
? Pennsylvania Stations.
annsulvania Lines.
Trains Run by Central Timo.
1 rtf'KV.T Offices at Pkkkryixahia station oi
\\ ter sr.. Foot nr Eleventh St., Wbkemso,
OAtr.v. axcen Suxdjly.
a WfUsburjiatulStQiibonrlllo. 10: :i a:n .?"?pui
: McDonaid r.nd Pittsburgh..... it".: ;-j am 17:16 pa
' .\f\v <"cirribt-rlawi 7;;;r> mx
1 Indianapolis and St. Louis.... ".S:l-)am 5:2t? put
Columbiisund Clucinuutl cto: ID a;n * >: ft", pm
\VollNb?:ru and Stoubotivllle. cb:H)aiu eo:2G pm
Miiladclt.hirt a?d Now York il2:-'."? pm t2:.'.? pm
SieubcnvllleandPiusburghfl pm +2:25 pro
Columbus and Chicago t 2:25 pm T2:25 pm
Philadelphia and New York ?2:55 pm 10:35 am
" littliiinorv and Washington. ?2:V> pm an;
J stonbonvlllo and I'lttsiiiirKh pm *1): t? am
: StcubcnvIUoaud Uouulson- *-': ?? pm *lo.3?am
? WelUburg <::? pm 5.V, ,,ni
7r:dianapo]i,??ndS;. l/0Ul9.? pm air
Dayton And Cincinnati -f8:r?pm it?:r>am
? stf.ibonvil'.o ami Columbus^ |S:r? p:a p'?:r?am
: Norilnvcst S>stein-Clove. A l'itu. Dividou.
Trains run daily, oxcopt Sunday. a? loiio.vi:
Fuom lir.iiKiKroirrTo Leave. akrivc.
1 Ft. Wayne and Chicago ^rJu.it pm
1 Union and Toledo 4:49 am G:.W pra
" Alliance and Cleveland"4:40 an 6..".o nrn
8 Steubenvilleaud Pittsburgh.... 4:49am 8:l?pm
Stoubenville and Wellsvilie 8:13 am 1:10 pm
t Steuben\llle and Pittsburgh.... 9:50 am 0:50 am
Ft. Warned: Chicago I:i0;pm G::ypm
i Canton and Toledo l:iupm C:::?pnj
- Alliance and Cleveland... ... 1 :10 pm 1:10 pm
Hteubenvillo and WcllsviUe?1:10 pm G.:t'J pm
Philadelphia and New York.,.. 2:41 pm f?:00 pm
Baltimore and Washington...- 2:41 pm 5:00 pm
Btcubcnvttlo and Pittsburgh... 2:lipm r?:;K) pm
f Btenbenvillo A Kits: Liverpool. G:li)p:n 7:5iam
; TbeCleteland, Lorain & Whaeling B.R.
Via. Elyria and the Lnko Shoro IWnto.
[ November 19. isn
~ STATION^. I 21 I ... i ;o
Central Time. lit m.|a. m.ip in.
Lr. Wheeling I | l 20
Bellnlre ? ... b oo
Martin's Furry I t jj
Bridceport J si'. 1 .vi
? Ft Clairsvllle j ' ft it. 2 0")
Flushing 1 9 1:1; 2 ;.fi
Fro?'|>ort O il'. :; j;
Tlhrlcliaville f, -io 10 40 1 2
New Pttlladelphla. G a. 11 tr?, .j
Canal Hover- G 07 11 07; 4 u
Beach City 6 SO 11 ?> ft 0 :
I Jtl'ttH G 37 II LSI ft 10
MoBfillon G ft.*) ll Gt .7
1 p. m 6 61
; Warwick- 7 22| 12 XI
: Pterllng 7 45 12 4: 8 10
? Seville 7 50 12 M 6 i*
Medina S (is 1 1." t! |ri
; (iraftoii 8 .. . 1 4' 7 11
; Ar. Klyrla 9 lo. 1 7 0
Lorain 0 *251 2 .'D K 00
Cleveland - 10 lo 2 50 8 3u
j p. in.:
Sandusky- 12 32 '?.%"?
Norwnlk 3 13 6 57
Toledo 1 t V) 10 ftj
Detroit 6 SO 10 Zo
1 0. m. u in.
Chicago? 9 00 12 4"> 7 35
; !p- >n.
Buffalo.... 5 ? 10 30 3 20
a. m. a. tu. p. m.
Albany .1 03 *. 2 10
New York - 7 ;w 10 :n 7 co
p. m.
BostonvL^. 10 501 4 l'i 9 25
Akron.Q..vla WanvlrK..' s o.tl
it TKKI?y. Ofip. Fr< Jght .V fan Ageni
TUK NEATEST TYPE aro used in the Commercial
J'rinting done by
Arrival and dcparturoof tralm on and af'or
Pooomber X Ih.u Kxhj.anation ok Kkfekkxcs
Makes: ?Daily; fSundav uvocptcd: {Monday
oxceptad; ^Saturday ux.coted: |S.:nd?f ouly;
"Saturday only, fcastcru Standard Tluio.
DEi'AKT. iH.Tt57ER -Mai'iiLiuViiSrI arriv*
*1:40am,Wash.Cv Unit., Phil. a N. Y 8:35am
1:25 pm Wash. Cjr rait.. Phil N v tTSSatn
......Cumberland A.-cnn ! tr.iipn
1:25pm' -.Grafton Accotn ' 'Id:'.?) ana
til: 10atn' Mouuilsviii.t .worn iTi'dam
ffi:00pm| Motwidsvillo 1ccom | tltlOpm
il-Oi pi? . ! ; ' \ ; 1 *" " pm
umf :' :'?.. r - fV " p;a
OETACT. B. AO. R.R.?(XOtT:In v.7Wo-?t| Aitanra.*
*7:.r>0am Tor Columbus and CliIc.?:' '"ijiWata
*l?:i5ani Onunibiw and Cinciuuati...' '.ii'JSpta
tI2:ir>am Columbus and Cincinnati-: "V.Odura
"1:12 pm Columbus & Chicago Exp>s 10:40 am
pni N?\rark Acoorn '111 :3*>am
lU'rl^aru St. cialnville Aroom
" tS:30ptn SL Clalnrlllo Ac-coni ifo :25 pm ^
"dei'akr H?u>. i: i: \v p ?t II Divi AKitfrit
-*?:05um For 1'ltt-b'iruU *10:10 am
*7:f0?o} Pittsburgh *i?;5'Jpio
pm Pitt.stmrRh and East 112:l'?ain
tl :C0 pm ! 'ituburgb 11- :^0 oia
tC:00pm|...Wudiiugton Pa . Accotn... t7:J"? am
? ! I'nubtityh )'.xprv.s. |j
DKPAttT. I P. C. A ST. Tj. R*. * I AHUiy*'
i 17:30amI Pittsburgh ' ts:-&pm
7:40 am I N?"v Cu"ii-?-r!itud | Kurn
?"inr. vouootivme ani uw... > :-pnx
11:25 pm ...PUUbnrgbaud Now York- t*::5pn?
8:55 pin ...Pittsburgh and Now York.-pil:S5 am
5:30 pnij -Well*b*ug 1 G:5"> pQl
*9:<0am Ktpnm. Cin. and8t I/ralft-.! t7:t5am
19:45pin Kxpren, Ctu. and 81. Loub...| pxa
tl :'.'5 pin Kxbrou. Stotib. and Chicago.' pm
*3:56 pml-..Pittsburgh ?t Deitni*oo..-ril:3San?
M '-aiit. 'c il?. H It ' I aruivc,
15:19am Ft. Waynonn I Chieogo l,la
air. ('nnion mid Tolci ? 7;::') put
15:40 am AUhuiro and Cle reload.. 7::w j?m
1 ti'.'am - ?Mi?M?nvilIo and Pittsburgh .>:15pm
air. Sieiibenvllle and WolUville t' :Wpni
f'0:-V>am SU' ibonvilleand Pittsburgh MO:*?>am
f-: 10 pin Fl. Way no and Chicago t7::x?pm
1'-: 10 j?m t'linion and Toledo 17:".o pin
r_':lupm Alliance and Cleveland |j-.t:ipm
r.Mopm s oubviivillo and Weuiirlli" t7:30pm
1" :J1 pm f'lif 1;i i Iphia and N'ow York ttI:O0pm
13:44jwn ..Knltlmnroand Wellington t'.jWpm
1":-Mpm ' teubcnvlMe and Pittsburgh! lr.:iOpm
t7:10 pm iStcub uvlllo Alia tUvoroooll pftSSora,
liRPAirr. | W. a l. E. It. it. i akhive.
IS: > am1... Wheeling SJiiUbenvllle.. |7: am
1*3:15 am -Cleveland. Toledo We<u pm
I9:r?an> ... Win-.* iM .'.tst'-u icnvi'ui'. pm
tl:.T0 pm,. wh. Hiil'.-- unbonville-{ yia
' :l"? pm Wheeling \ Crosion tj <7 pm
14::ui jnn .Wheeling ?fc Stciibenvllle.. ti':57 am
!s:00 am ... Wheeling .V: M i^Rlllon. .. i<):l<? pm
9:i'? am.. Wheeling t^stcnbouvdl*!-1 :? am
9:00 pm|... Wheeling stonbenvilli.'-1 ji:l">pm
"nEi'AiiT MJTl .v W ? I'mii:"in":ior. ACKIV*.
fi:-Upju,t';.*voI?jjd. Toledo .v- Chicago f9:U5pm
C.. i* ?fc W -ltitiiKSKi*> >i:t.
*9:16 am Cleveland. Toledo.'; Chicago ~':*?Spm
!l': ?)pm Cleveland. Toledo & Chicago pm
j.wjijij ..iLut^jlion ai.'iMijimodati'iU-itll :U0 am
s:15am! St. dalrsvillo at-com l'J:.f?.am
f 10:50anil PL Clulrsvllle accoia I fl:15pm
t".':00p:ni Si. Clalnville accom. [ 1":45pm
i st.clalr>vllle arcoin ! 17:15 pin
"ih'ivmit. I ~~ oillo iuvi l: k It i ahit:vi?0.n
lint I'u-sengcr pio.4 a u
:00 pm 1 Paisoiige ! u
"iVavk "| BZiO.RAlI.UOAD. jvniuvit
Bl.l.l.AlltK I Iin.t.AIItH
0:10 am Dollalre and Zauosvlllo.... :l:20ptn
''a Departure and arrival ot
/a"/. A ol truin at IViiocdins. t-Uu?[?.<&
-,. *\JTO r:? time. -clicdulo lu oX
IE*' ft" i? n?K-ct November Iis i
(V For Daltimoro, 1'lilladolphLi
ami Now York 1:43
I " w., l:-3p. in., ilally.
Korser Express. OfCTo. in., dally, except
CumUurland accommodation, 7:13 a. m., dally
oxccpl .Sunday.
Grafton accommodation. 1p. m.. dally.
Moundivlllo ii'-fommodntlon. 11:13 a. :a*
aud 0:00 uud 11:00 p. in., except Sunday.
From Now York, Philadelphia and Baltimore,
8:fc'? a. m., dolly.
Ivcy.-mr Express, 0:00 p. m., dally, oxccpt
Cumberland accommodation, 4:1* p. m., oxcet't
iirafton accommodation. l':-0a. in., dally.
MoundsvIIle accommodation. 7:50 a. m., oc?
cept Sunday: U):j" a. u.. dally, aud 1:10, l:li
- and7:J6p. ui., oxcopt 8uudny.
For Columbus aud Chicago, 7:53 and 1:L2 p
in., dully.
Columbus aud Cincinnati oxpro?. 10:15 a. in.,
dally,anda. in., daily, except Sunday, aud
::1 > ju m., .Sunday only.
Newark accommodation* 3:33 p. m., dally,
oxcent Sunday.
St. CJaiwviJlo accommodation, 10:13 a. in., uud
p. ju., except Suuday.
1 auu1vr.
Chicago express, 2:30 a. 111. and 19:13 a. in.,
Cluclnnall oxpreas, 5:00 a. m. and 5:25 p. m.,
Nownrk nccommodatlon, 11:35 a. in., daily,
except Sunday.
sr. Clulravlllo accommodation. 11:35 a. m. and
5:25 p. in., daily, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh. r?:0i and7::?0a. m.. dally; 1:13
p. in., duli.v, cxcopt Sunday, and 5:3? p. iu.,
For Pittsburgh and tho east, 5:03 a. m. and
5:35 p. m.. dnjly.
Washington accommodation, 6:03 p. m., daily,
except Sunday.
From Plttabnrgh. 10:10 a. tn. andfi:>0 p.m. dally
an<l l'J:10a. in., and 12:45 p. in.,cxcopt Sunday,
and 2: j) a. m., Sundav only.
I Washington accommodation, 7:25 a. m., dally.
on and u.'tcr Monday. Juno 1). Fawontror
Trains will ran as follow*: ?i uily. fDaily lix- ,
cept Sunday. Central time.
" iourii boos a 7 5 i
r. M A.M. A. X,
Wheeling. i t|i *5?
Bemvood ? J J ,:s '! iHJ
Mouudavllie J?
New Martinsville i 18 U ?; 20
si*tenvillo > 111 i 1; 7 40
Friendly ~. J ; '
St. MurvN 5 50 ' >s-?
WIlllHinstown a. m. g :u| . 2 2* 9 10
Fartiorshurg, t > 40 "? 00 >0) JJ ??
Belleville 0 2?i p. : to. 10 25
Jt .veuswoud i ' '-V, jj
Klploy LiiiiiHiiR < r' i-, ,' Ui
tinihmn '
New Haven 8 oi '? \}\
lliirlfor<l H "' " J1 '?
Musoii City 8 1.
Clifton s-JO .10
I'j. l'lon?aut 8 5* 0 1-) 1C.ullipoli
? C. -2} 12 -0
Gnvundote. , . . . oo
lluntltiK'Ion tl? ?' 1" I' ! ?
I A. M. I' M. P. M. ^ ,
NoltTH BOUND. I - j I I 0
I P. M. | I* M A. it.
Wheeling fl2 1", *' < ? '' *"?
Benvrood ? II ^ ? ;oj
Moundsvillo.~ 11 i' C 10 n in
New Mnrtlnsvlile. 1" 45 *> 07 8 01
SlRteP-vl'.Ie 10 4 I > 7 40
Friendly 1" 1 ' -1 ^
.-t. Marys - 0 1? 1
Wniiatiihiown 9 10 S20{ r. 10 IV m.
Fiukcrsbtlfg... 8 - 4?! 6 4"- ts '"l
Belleville 8 " <0 a. m. 7 2J
Knvenswood- ~120 ' '0
ltipley lauding 7 " 12 ! 0 IS
Graliaiu . 1: '? 50
New Haven C :m 12 is 6 -tl
Hnrtford - 12 11
MasotiCity c> " 1-o? ' '-0
Clifton - - C r. 11 ' i'
i't. i'lfa*nut 6 11
Onllipolls 6 n 10 I :t7
Guyundotto 410 ov 3 15
, Huntington... 4! '0 '< * r-i 05
A. M. | A. M. : P. 3L
\v. .i. iu)ins.v)>f. q. P. a.
1 Wheeling Bridge & Terminal Ry.
C. O. BREWiTKP. RweiTOr.
Timo Table No 13. to take oJTot ' :r)t a. nr.
Snndav November 19 13H
Leave Wheel I tig -1SJ03. t9:; >, #11: t) u m..
8:15. 29:(W p. in.
Leavel'enfusiila?|8:0G.tD:51, jll:Wu.
<$: :I. f?. >;. ?:>:'<> i>. m.
I.Ciiw Marti.i Kerry?f3:I2, f.?:'.7. 211:52 a. in.,
Arrive Terminal Junction?1tS:17, tl0:o3. ;ll:jO
a. hi., f- s- v;';' M-4'? ' ? 1,1
Leave Terminal Junction -t7:2J. g9:00. a. in.,
<l::4 ?. a. in.. i>:W. 14:05 j .11. t*?.: ? p. m.
I.euvc Martin's Korry?f7:2S. ,;j;u7 n.m., J1'2:li,
g{:9?. t'-'O,
I^.ive Peninsula?*7:31.;J:1 la.ni., ?12:51, ? 1:11,
f-l:IT. fi:. ? |?. m.
Arrive WIm. 1uk -1:tO. ?;.?:l!0 a. ra., 12:57?
it: 17. tl; '-V f5:3L t ' 1 ?p. m.
' Dally. fDaily eicon: Sunday. JS .adayi only.
All truius win r.iao i I ji '.era Tiaxe.
J. F. TAUffllG. -SuDermteodent^
Wliecllnq & Elm Grove Rallroal
On ond alter Saturday. October 1, laJi tralm
will run as tollows. citv tlrao:
Luave Wuekus ' -"C:00:i. :n.. 7:00 a. m..S:)l
a. in..9:00a. in.. I0:??a. m.. 11:00 a. x. 12*03 nt.
1:00 p. ui.. -:oj p. in.. ;J:9J p. iu.. I:W p. in., ?:il
p m., 0;u0p. m., 7:00 p. m., 8:0) p. in., 9:JJ jv
in.. 11 :WJ i>. in.
LEAVE lit.il ?iE07t?*0:00 a. ra.. 7.-00 *. rn.. "?:31
a. j ova m. lO^tW a. in.. r.:'?A in., 12:0) nt.
1:00 m.. .:u0p. in.. a:00p. ;a f.O) n. in.. ' :))
t?. m..0:o0p. ;u., 7:OJp. w.. S:0J p. m., 8:13^
in.. 10 lop. in.
Dftll.*. oxcept Bundar.
Bi NDAT'-Churcb iralm leave Kim Qrore xX
9:4J j. ai. aad Wlice'lU'-' at 1?7 p. m.
IL ii WEhokRDBB.
ool acae.-nl

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