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)t Railway Tkainmon Refuses to
Recognize tho Strike.
fcogarding the Blgh-Hanflod Pro*
ooodines of tho A. E. U.
'ban Etop Throughout tbo West,
Federal Troops Ordered Oat in Cal*
Ifornla?A Riot in Sacramento?A
United States Marshal Mobbed
While Trying to Movo United States
Malls?Tho RiTecfs Felt at Pitts*
burgh?Dobs Predicts a Settlement
WillOoMado By Saturday?Mayor
Hopkins a Peacemaker.
cnrcaoo, Jaly 4.-3 a. m., President
Jobs, of tho A. K. U., enya that a settleucnt
of tho striko on a basis eatlsfacDry
to all concornod will bo mado by
iaturday. It is probablo that a meeting
>etwoon the officors of tbo A. It U.,
,nd tho Goncral Manages' Association
Fill ho held within forty-eight hours.
klayor liopklna has been quietly
logotiating with both sidoa and tho
sooting will bo tho roaalt of his
Galesnuno, III., July 3.?Grand Masor
Wilkinson, of tho Brotherhood ot
tail way Trainmon, has boon in rcceipt
o-day of numoroaa telegrams and lottera
from mom bora of ibo brotborliood
n atriko con tors asking what stand
boy will tako toward tbo atriko. Ilo
[givos oat tho following for publication:
i "Tho broihorhood of railroad train
iien, ns an organization, cannot saneinn
tho Pullman striko. It has no
(Iilintion whatever with tbo A. K. U.
his etriko was authorized by abaut 200
ologotos attundinu the A. it. U. conontion,
who did not roprosont onoliirtiotb
of tiio umnloyos in train sorico
in tho United btntcs, but ovory
ian, woman and children employed in
ny capacity on a railway, is oxpectod
j bow to this imperious command rourdhss
of any rights of thoir own obligation
to othor organizations, or contiacla
with thoir otuuloyors. I am not
responsible for the proseut rules or
policy of tho Brotborhood of Itailroad
Trainmen. They wcro concoivod
and adoptod bv tho inun
thoinsolves and havo boon ratilied
[and ro-nflirmod by them, and 1 propoae
to execute those laws according to thoir
direction. Members go out on strike
ntid then wiro asking mo to sanction
thoir action, when tlioy know absolutely
llmvo no such power. If they go out
it will havo to bo with tho American
Railway Union, lor they cannot go out
as moinbers of ttio Brot herhood "Of Railway
Trainmen unlosa they havo somo
grievance oi their own or of an organition
which is a part of a fodoratiou on
tho system whoro they aro at work.
This position is not a now ono. It
lias always boon maintained, notably
during tho Knights of Labor trouble on
tho Now York Central, when Dobs and
Howard wore then roprotonting eimilnr
organizations, and took tho eamo stand
I tako now. They could do nothing
olio then. I can do no ditteront now.
Members of tho brothorhood who havo
Hought advico from mo in this mattor
havo beon invariably told thnt they
would bo oxpectod to perform their
rogular duties nnd no other. This
brothorhood will protect, as for as it is
able, anv eraployo who is discharged
for rofusing to tako a striker's place.
\V. Ji. Kern, railway organizer, is
| busy gotting now rocruits for his local
[union, which now lias forty mombers.
'Ihe Burlington diechargod at onco P.
J. Mangan, president-elect of tho new
union, who was ono of their switchmen.
An eQort is boiug made to sccuro
his reinatatomont.
Ordered to Lou Auuolon?Tho Situation In
Southern California Oruwlng Sorloun,
San* Francisco, July 3.-?United Statos
troops havo at last boon caliod iuto use
in connection with tho great railroud
strike in this state. By order of Geuoral
Ixu^er six cotnpanios of soldiers fully
trmed and roady for thirty-live days
mrt-im trnrn optit to Lou An poles. Thin
military assistance to tho railroad com*
panics has been given nt tbo request
of tho United Statos marshal of tho
southern district of California. Feeling
that ho was unablo to givo protoction
to tho United Statos mails, tho marshal
sailed upon tho military authorities.
Tlio departure of United Statos troops
roiu Anglo Island has a douhlo signlitauco.
It shows tho United States govirnmunt
has becomo interested in tho
roublo, and that tho Southorn l'acitic
Company is succeeding admirably in its
etlorts to open simultaneously the two
great strategic terminal points iu tho
Tho departure of tho troops to Los
Angoles has a meaning. It means that
tho great coast terminal of the ^uuta Ko
is also to be opened. Incidentally tho
Itrikors will bo overawed on all important
points on the Southern lino at
Bukcrsfiold and Fresno, two u the
strongest positions, 'iho military av
fclstance, so valuable to the railroad and
bo earnestly sought by it, has by a series
oi curious circumstances boon given
without tho request of tho railways. It
is not uninteresting to know what tho
state officers of tho American Kailway
Union think of this importaut diangj
in tho situation. They claim that it
will not affect in the slightest degree
tho del condition of atl'airs, so far as the
Southern Pacific is concerned. They
look upon Sacramento as the key to the
Southern Pacific system, and u- til it is
lost they will not bo discourage i.
Ankrd for rwloral Alii.
Chicago, July 8.?United Sta'c* Pisriot
Attornoy Mllchrlst, Atiornoy Kdrard
Walkor and United Stnti t Judge
3ro-eiip decided to-day to call for fedfral
aid. A tolegram was accordingly
out at onco to Attorney Uuuwal Ulney
asking for regular troopo for Blao
Island. No inoro deputy marshals will
be sworn in.
General b'chofield said that while tho
local commander had power to act and
then report, this power wns subject to
tho limitation that thoy must not act
until riots wcro in progress.
A yiob Atxanlt* a United Statoi 9fnr*hnl
Who Attempt* to aiove u Tralu?IJIb
Narrow Kicapo Front Ucath-Tho Govrrnor
Appeulotl to for AMUuancc.
Saciumcxto, Cala., July 3.?Sacramonto
was tho scono of a violont demonstration
on the part of tho railroad
strikers this aftornoon. Tho Southern
Pacific Company attomptcd to break
tho blockado hero, and sent tho west
bound overland train to San Francisco.
Preparations bad beon made for this
attempt for a day or two past. bat the
ellort resulted in comploto failure. Ae
soon as a utart was mado a mob of throe
thousand strikers, who had boon ie
movod from the imraodiato^riclTrttjr of
the train provlously, swept down upon
tho train nnd draped United States Marshal
Baldwin from tbo cab of tho engine.
Thestrikora knocked him down and
tho doputic>9 and polico who triod to interforo
wero powerless. Many in tho
mob shouted: "Kill tbo marshal," but
the lattor drew his revolver aud sover.i!
doputioa who had forced their way
through tbo crowd did the saino. Tbo
strikers wero obliged to fnll back and
tbe marshal finally escaped to tho railroad
ollico. Tbo attempt to move the
train had to be abandoned for tbo time
being. Tho striker* cut tbe train in
two, then thov commenced to side*
track tho cara and disablo tho onginos
in their yards. Marshal Baldwin, realizing
his uttor holplessness to cope with
tho rioters, sent a dispatch to Govornor
Markham, at Pasadena, explaining tbe
All day tbero baa boon tho groatost
excitement in tho vicinity of the Southern
Pacific, yards. Early this morning
people began to assemble thero and
long before tboro bad been any actual
disturbance, thousands of peoplo were
surging with tbo strikers through tho
ground* and tho streets. There are
3,000 strikers at this point including
tho men who went out of the railroad
shops aud noariy all of them were in
tho oxcited throng.
With rioting in prospect at Sacramento
and throo reirimontB of stato
militia under ordors to proceed to this
point, with six companies of United
fcltatca infantry on routo to Log Angeles,
anothor contro of disturbance, and with
a hordo of strikars in Oakland ripo for
riotous action, tlio whole peoplo of California
aro in tho intdst of groat excito*
bucb ovonte as tho railroad strike ha*
dcvolopod havo liorotoforo been unknown
in California.
To-night tho tie-up on tho Southern
Pacific and Santa Fo systems is ai
cotnnlolo an it has boon at any timo
during tho llvo days sinco tho blockado
was instilutod, and owine to tho disturbances
that havo onsen tho situation
is graver than it has boon at auy
timo liorotoforo. Out of Oakland and
Ban Francisco a few suburban trains
aro runuing.
Kundri Rrfuso Freight for tbo West.
Freight Train* Tltxl Up uu All Lluro.
Pittsudrqu, Pa., July 3.?Thoro has
boon no troublo in tliia city, as far as
tho hauling of posBongor trains with
Pullman cars attached is concerned,
but tho business intorosts of tho city
aro boginning to suffor severely. Today
found tho railroads, as far as tho
shipmont of freight to all points west of
Pittsburgh, prrcticaliy at a standstill.
Already thirty-two railroads havo notified
tho genoral office of tho Fort
Way no road in this city that thoy will
not receive freight of any kind until
tho boycott troublo hao boon sottlod.
Officials of tho Fort Wayno, as woll as
thoeo of othor Pennsylvania company's
lines running into Chicago, acknowledged
thoir inability to got froight
through to tho west, oven as far as Chicago.
Thoy aro not ablo to deliver
freight to Chicago, and tbo Fort Wayno
has so far had loss troublo than any of
tho roads weet of Pittsburgh.
Freight trains aro tied up all along
tho liuea botweoa horo and Chicago,
and tho lossoi from tho delays will bo
somothing enormous. In this city provisions
have advaneod greatly within
tho last forty-oight hours. Meat is from
2* to 4 couts por pound highor, and
potatoos aro soiling at an advonco of 25
per cent.
Ou Dcclc ns T>u:tl With u Telegram to the
Strlko Lonilor.
New York, July 3.?Citizon Georgo
Francis Train, who has been in a quiescont
stato sinco his return from Washington,
which city ho visltod in connoctiou
with tho Coxcy movomont, has telegraphod
the following mesaago to President
Dobs, of tbo A. H. U:
WinwAM, Madison* Square.
To Cltfrfn Prnlilcnt Vtbs, American Hallway
Union, Chicago, 11L
Stop atriko and Bcoro victory. Pullman
put up job to hodgo bankruptcy.
Corporations building own cars, and
Senator Sherman's sugpcstod tagls lotion
collapses monopoly.
(Signed) George Fuancis Train*.
Dlspntchcs to tho Associated Preus
from points in this slate, Ponnavlvaniu,
MafBachusots, Connecticut and otbor
eastern states, as well as from tho
south, showed that tho supply of fresh
moats is vory small, and tliut priced
have bcon advanced accordingly.
OrtlcriMl Out u Ikt-glmuiit.
Si'ftinarihld, Ills., July ii.?At tho request
of United States Marshal; Urluton,
Governor Altgeld this ovening
ordorod out tho entire Fourth Infantry
I. N. G., Colonel Smith commanding,
to proceed to Cairo and assist the
United States ollicors in making arrests,
and in getting out mail trains. Gonoral
Piitrkloy, commanding tlio Second
brigade 1. N. G., goes to Cairo to-morrow
morning in an unoflicial capacity to
adviso tho governor as to tho situation
lilillMllft |l**lll<K'Rltll.
Tome a, Kas.. Jnlv 3.?Tho Democratic
stafo convention in ne?Hlo:i hero
to-dav nominated a full ticket with
David Obormoyor for governor ard Sid.
ney C. Cook, for lieutenant governor.
Tito Chicago platform wu? ad op tod.
ViKiiiniiu Wit; Join.
Uca/.il, Inii, July 3.?This evening
at 0 o'clock the employos of tho Vandalia
notified tho company thoy would
join the general strike. It ii claimed
all traffic will bo stooped. The Chicago
AEaatorn Illinois i>a#s?*nger train which
was . trondod by tho ongineor and 5reman
leaving tho engine, is still standing
at the depot and there is no procpect of
its boing moved soon.
11* Says He Did the l*e?t Uo Coold With
Ills 31 on ? Company Not I'ayiu? i:xprime*.
Hollywood, N. J.t Jaly 3.?Georgo M.
Tollman arrived at his snmmer roaidenco
bore to-night in company with
General Horaco Porter. Regarding
thn ntrikn hrt hai littio
to eav, as bo doclaros ho i9 not
receiving any special reports as
to its progroes. llo said his company
had iiooo the beat that could bo done
with the men employed in tho shops at
Pullmau. and be thought tiio men who
worked at Pullman would bear him oat
in hit) statoment. For montua business
baa not paid exponsus. For dome time
tho Pullman company has boon
paying more to build cars
than they received (or them when they
woro built. It was tho tint timo in tfte
history of tho villago of Pullman
that there has boon any troublo ovor
labor or wages. lie trusted tho mon
would soon boo tb* foolishness of their
coursa and try to reach an amicablo
Tho strike hes now lasted ovor two
weeks and has cost tho mining, railroad
and vessel companies togothor with tho
mon over half a million of dollars,
Passengers Detained From tho Dnnthbcds
Of Relation* by the Strikers.
Bloobhkoton, Ills., July 3.?Thore
sro Ave passongor trains of tho Chicago
& Alton lying on sido trades at tho
Union dopot and vicinity. Every man
in tho train sorvico of Alton is now out
oxcopting tho onglnoera and they may
decide to go out at tho meeting to-day.
Thoro aro six hundred passengers bore
and many caseB of great hardship. A
number of passonsers wero on their way
to the deathbeds of relatives or to
funorals, and these aro almost distractod.
Others uro dostituto.
A Swooping DUchurge.
Chicago, July 3.?A swooping order
was telegraphed ovor tho ontire Ts'orthmiwlnpn
cvnfnm Ik Will thfftW
oat of cmploymont 30,000 men. It is
intondod to strlko from tlio pay;roll
during tho continuation of tlio atriko
ovory man who is not absolutely necessary
for tho diepatoh of what business
tho company may be ablo to handle.
At SIoatpeMer.
Toledo, Ohio, July 3.?A spccial from
Montpolior, Ohio, says tho eido tracks
thero aro filled with freight and passenger
trains. Only ono paseougcr train
passed through to-day. Montpolior is
at tho junction of tho "Wabash divisions
and is tho key to tho wholo system.
ltaltlraoro & Ohio Tralo Ditched.
CniCAOO, July 3.?A passenger train
on tho C. it 0. was ditched at Rock Is*
land to-day by strikors. Tho onginoor
was badly hurt in jumping and tbo
road was complotoly blockod by tho de*
railed train.
Troop* nt Trlal<1iul.
Trinidad, Colo., July 3.?Tho federal
troops lrom Ft. Logan are in camp horo
noar tho gulf road depot. Tho strikors
aro o'derly, and the citizens declare
thoro is no necossity for troops horo.
IUg Four Mon Out.
Mattoon. III., July 3.?Tliroo hundred
Big Four employes aro out on a
etriko. Thoro is a coraploto tio up horo.
'i'ho strikers aro ordorly.
Ilor Assallnnts ltclciuwl by n Reviewing
Court ut Ilagdud.
New Yodk, July 3.?Miss Annie Melton,
the young .American missionary
who was tho victim of an unprovokod
and murderous attack by thugs in tho
villago of Daroo in tho ICoordish
mountains la?t euminor, and who
barely oscaped with her lito,
has arrived hero from Gonoa,
Italy. Immodiately upon hor arrival
Miss Melton made hor way to tho rooms
of tho l'resbytorian Board of Foreign
Missions, undor whoso auspices sho
wont to tho Mosul atatiou, Wost Portia,
six years ago. Tho aisault upon Miss
Melton has been tho subject of correspondence
betwoor. tho Unitod States
government and that of Turkey.
Soon attor Mias Melton's arrival tho
socrotnry of tho board received a loftor
from Uov. \V. K. McDonald, which said
tho prisoners, who had been held for
tbo assault on Miss Melton had
been released bv tho roviowing court
at Bagdad. Mr. McDonald looked upon
tho result of tho cuso as most disastrous
to the causo of missions and to tho
safety of Amoricana in Turkey. Tho
secretary oi tho board said it was probnblo
that Preaidont Cleveland will bo
communicated with at onco on tbo subjoct
of the board.
* filint-Trnm.i
Ortlorril to tin* Scene.
Lansing, Mich., JulyA dispatch
from fcjheritl Eddy, of Gogebic county,
etutes thai n mob of 4,000 mou havo
control of tho mines.
Several men havo boon shot ond ho
is una bio to protect men or rostoro
order; that all resource! have been exhausted
and asks for troops.
In response the governor p|Ucod at
his disposal the live companies of tho
Filth regiment in the upper Peninsula,
unJor command of Coloucl Lyon nt
Two Liven Saved.
Mrs. Phabo Thomas, of Junction City,
III., was told by hor doctors alio had
consumption and that there was no
hope for her, but two hotting of Dr.
King's New Dlscovory completely curod
her, and sho save it saved hor lifo. Mr.
Thomas Eggers, 139 Florida St., San
Francisco, eufTerod from n dreadful cold,
approaching consumption, trlod without
result everything olso, then bought
one bottlo Dr. King's New Discovery
nud.iu two weeks was cured. Ho is uat11
rally thankful. It is such results, of
Vhich those uru sampler, that prove the
wonderful efficacy of this medielno in
coughs and colds. Free trial bottles at
logan Drug Co.'s drug storo. (tegular
Bizo 50c and $1.00. 0
Tho Sob ate Passes Its Emascula
tlon of the Wilson BllL
His Spooch Declaring That It Wil
Dofeat the Democracy
For Years to Come?Tho Majority ioi
tho lllll Only Flvo?Two Populist
Voto With Mr. nil! Against It?The
Kcpublicaus Fight to tho Loai
Against Froo Wool?Tho Action o
tho Scnato Reversed in Two Casos
CoramUtoo Amondmont* Adopted
Tho End of a Romarkablo Siege.
Wasujsotok, D. C., July 3.?In thi
midst of immonso excitement at 10:1
to-nit'ht, after having bean debated foi
tbroo months and ono day, tbo tarii
bill, amondod to talco offoct August 1
1S94, passed tho eenato by a voto of ?>
?? - ? ?? tmirt?? vnfn nrront AT 1
W ltO| U OMIV? M"'"/ 'W.W| ??J-liill,
who voted with the Ropoblican
against tbo measure. Tho Populist
divided thoir strength, two, Mossri
Kylo and Allen voting in favor of th
bill and two, Messrs. Peffer and Stow
art, against it.
At tho very opening of tho Inst da
of the groat struggle, Mr. Harris, th?
voteran parliamentarian in charjjo o
tho bill, nnnouncsd that it wonld pas
to-day, tho third of July, or then
woulcl bo no Fourth of July for tho son
ato of tho United States. Until eveninj
thero woro no sensational incidents.
A hard but hopoless light was randi
by the Republicans under tho loader
ship of Mr. Sherman to placo wool ot
tho dutiable list. Through the instru
montnlity of Mr. McLaurin (Dom. o
Mins), tho action of the committeo o
tho whole in oxempting tho salaries o
Unitod States judges and tho Prosiden
of the United States from tho oper&tioj
of tho income tax was rovcrsod iu th
sonate. A very important pieco o
legislation in mosnapn ui nn auwirua
law was placed on tfio bill as a ride
without ovon so much as a division. T
was designed, as Mr. Voorhoes, chair
man of tho committee, suid, to insuri
''integrity in tho oxocution of tho law,'
it being admitted that any tariff systen
afforded abundant opportunity for the
formation of trusts and combinations
Allen's denunciation'.
Tho galleries woro filled to ovorflow
ing, and many prominont ladies anc
gontlemon woro present Tho clima:
occurred wlion Senator Alloa, tho No
braaka Populist, nmnrting under th(
sting of a doublo dofeat, in thuadoron!
tones denounced tho Democratic moin
Lors of tho flnauco commtttoo, am
charged thein with bad faith in takinj
advantago of his ignorance of parlia
mentary proceduro to induco him tc
otlor the amendment, thus roleaaini
their Democratic colleagues -ander the
caucus agreement from voting for thein
Ho harangued tho sonato and tho gal
lories uud intimated that ho had boor
Mr. Vest on bohalf of tho committer
hotly doniod tho chargos and up
braidod Mr. Allen for cielivoring hi
philippic while in piquo over his owi
dofcnL For an hour aftor tho excite
incnt caused by this oxchaogo of crim
inations occurred tho proceedings wort
extromoly dull.
dramatic incident.
Tho most dramatic iucidont of thi
night occurred whon Mr. Ilill arosi
and in ringing and forvid tonus enteral
nn olooucnt protest against the "Popu
listic incomo tax," and arraigned hi
party nssociatoa for boing faleo to tlici
party plodgoa and their couutry, Thi
Kopublicana drew around hitn aa hi
spoke. Tho galleries loaned ovor ae In
dealt hie sledgehammer blow?. AVhei
in conclusion ho declared theatrical!;
that ho would not support tho bill, ;
wavo of npplrtuso quickly chocked bj
tho vico preaidont, swept ovor tho gal
A final word of protest followed frorr
Moisrs. Aldrich, Chandler and Munder
eon and the supromo momoni was a
hand. Tho bill wob pjacod upon it
paseajn and tho roll was called. Upor
tho annouueomont of the vote, 34?3fi
thogallories choorod. Doinocrata throv
bills high into tho air and amid aconei
of jubilation and of rojoidng tho aonat(
adjourned ovor tho Fourth of July
Tho light in tho donio was oxtingulshoi
and the tarifT bill had paaaod.
or tlio Cirent TnritT Flijht In tho Senate
11III'M Speech Dcctarlug llo Could No
Vote for the 11III.
Washington, July 3.?Mr. Ilarri
premised nt tho opening of the sonnt
session that a final voto on tho tarifl'bi!
ehould bo reached during tho day i
thoro wore no factional obstruction*
Mr A hlrirli virtually nlodfrnd Rnnnhli
cans to permit tho bill to pro?roj8. Th
excepted amendments to tho para
graphs on burlaps, etc., and collars Am
cuffs wore quickly adopted.
Two amendments offered by Mr. Pef
lor woro rejected. The llr3t was t<
placo wool on tho dutiable list nude:
tlio McKinloy classifications, with tin
exiatimr' rates reducod oue-balf. Tin
other was to put manufactures of wool
otis ou :tio freo list.
Mr. Faulkner asked that tho commit
toe amendmonta on the wool echedul
an a whole be airrood to,nnd it was done
tho silk schedule then being taken up
The committee amuudnionts tothosill
schedule were adopted and then copy
ing paper, littering papor, tissue paper
etc., wero raised from uO to 35 per con
ad valorem. When bituminous coa
was reached, Mr. Hill renewed his inn
tion made in the committee of tin
wliolo to place coal on the free list, bu
the eommitteo amendment placing ;
duty of 40 contra ton was agreod to,
to??. Mewr*. Kyle, Allen and 1'efFor
Populists, and Mills aud irbv voted will
Mr. Hill.
When tho income tux sections won
reached the amendment* wero adoptei
without division, except tho two upot
which Mr. McLanrin had demanded a
separate vote, excluding from tho operation
of the tax the salaries of United
States judges and tho President of tho
United States.
Mr. Hill opposed Mr. McLsurio's position.
lit* maintained that to levy an
income tax against the salaries of
United States judges and tho President
was in contravention of tho constitution.
The bill exompled tho salaries of state,
county anil municipal otlicers. Those
L two provisions wore tho only two in tno
bill ho was disposed to approve. I
Aftor some further debato thp
amendments exempting tho salaries of
. United States judgos and tho Preaidont
I were defeated, 34 to 30.
r Tho amondment to soction 71, ropealH
ing tho reciprocity clauso of tho Mct
Kinloy law, declaring that tho repoal
should not bo construod to abrogate
1 reciprocal arrangements now in oxietf
enre, was agreod to. This was tho last
of tho amendments adopted ia committee
of the whole. Mr. Jones then, on
behalf of tho committoo, proposed tho
amendment changing tho date on which
tho bill should go into cflcct from June
30 to August 1, 1894.
3 Tho other dato3 in the bill were
4 changod to conform to tho dato (August
1), upon which the bill was to go into
r effect. Mr. Allen thou moved to insert
(I aB a now paragraph of tho freo list
i "foncing wiro,", which wan stricken from
J the dutiablo list in committee of the
whole. Mr. Palmer (Dem.). of Illinois,
opposed tho amendment. Ho thought
3 it iiTiju8t to placo all tho materials used
0 in tho manufacture of fonco wire on tho
! dutiablo list nud thon put tho fmishod
' product on the free list.
0 Mr. Palmer moved to strike out tho
- proviso exempting fence wiro from tho
duty irnpoiod on other wire. This
v took precedonce of Mr. Allen's motion.
After dobatc tho votejbeing taken upon
r it tho Honato reversed its action by a
vote of 38 to 32 and restored fence wiro
to tho dntiablo list. Eight Democrats?
Messrs. Iirico, Gorman, Hill, Palmer,
" Murphy, Elanchard, CafFory and .Smith
* voted yea. When tho announcement
was made it so angered Mr. Mills (Dom.
Texas) that ho moved to transfer all
wire, nncbors, axlea and anvils to the
freo list It was lost, 17 to 52. The
t vote then rocurrod on Mr. Allen's
r amendment to placo fonco wiro on the
If froo list. It was lost, 32 to 38, and
t again Mr. Allon stood dofeatod.
Mr. Hansom (Dom., N. C.) then
' moved to place a duty of 20 per cent on
1 mica, which had been placod on tho
t free list by tho committoo.
r "Why in it proposed to rovorso tho
rtnininiltrm'a n^firin of. thin ntnen nf tlin.
. garno?" persisted Mr. ilill.
B "lu order to raiso revenue," repliod
? Mr. Ransom. [Laughter.] Aftor a
1 brief argument in Buppert of the
amendment tho vote was takon and tho
! amendment, with tho aid of Itepublican
votes, was carried. 40 to 28.
Mr. Morgan ollored his anti-trust
* amendinent, which has already been
c printed. It consisted of fivo sections,
' four of which wero identical with tho
5 Sherman auti'trust law of 1S90. Iu
1 arguing for the support of tho amendj
merit Mr. Morgan dwelt on tho oppor1
tunity afforded for tho formation of
* truita uudor any eystein of tarili' tuxation.
' Mr. Morean's amendment was agroed
* to without division.
' Mr. Allen then oflored an amond'
mont to paragraph 182 ropoaling tho
sugar bounty in tho 6hape of a proviso
1 continuing tho bounty iu forco until
January 1, 1895, to tho extont of paying
0 tho orowors of sugar aud maple syrup
nine-tontba of a cent on sugar testing
H abovo eighty dogroes and eight-tontha
1 on sugar below oighty degreos. This
wa9 tho amendment of which notico
* was givon by Mr. Jonoa on behalf of the
? Gnanco committoo yesterday. ItRpruaentatlon
caused a breeze. Mr. Hill was
on tho floor domanding recognition.
3 Mr. Harris asked him to yield to allow
him to movo to lay the motion on tho
3 table.
1 Mr. Harris' motion to lay the amend.
mcnt on the tablo was agreod to, DO?22,
3 tho parties dividing.
r Tho voto in dotail is aa follows:
3 Yeaq?Bato, Berry, Blackburn, Brico,
a Chandlor, Cock roll, Coko, Cullom,
d Daniel. Dixon, Dolph, Dubois, Faulk
Y Gorman, Gray, Ilalo, ilansbrounb,
a Harris, Ilill, Ilunton, Irby, Jarvis,
j Jonos, of Arkansas; Lindsay, Lodge.
. McLaurin, Martin, Mills, Mitchell, of
Orocan; Mitchell, of Wisconsin; Mori
pan, Murphy, Palmer, Pasco, Power,
- llansora, Hoacli, Smith, Teller, 'furpie,
t Vest Yiles, Voorheos, Walsh, Washs
burn, White?50. s
i Nays?A Id rich, Allen, Allison, lllanchi,
ard, Caffcrv, Call, Carey, Davis, Hawley,
j Iliir^ins, Jones, of Nevada; Kyle, Mc*
s Millan, Mandorson, Patton, Poller,
j Perkins, Piatt, Proctor, Quay, Sherman,
. Squiro?22.
* iiii.l's rr/rim.vrrM.
At 10 o'clock the bill was read a third
titno, after which Mr. Smith (Dorn. N.
'. J.), mnde a spccch against the income
1 tax bill, but in favor of tho bill as a
B Senator Ilill followed with a brief
speoch. lie said tuat in his opinion
tho 1:11 imperilled tho possibility of
' permanont Democratic success in a.iv
f northern state for many years to come,
i. As between a Populistic income tax on
one hand and a Uopubliean tariff law on
the other, ho chose tho latter as tho
0 loast of two evils.
As between pomicious class lecisla- i
\ tiou fraught with dangerous conse- |
quencus to tho country on the one hand
anil simply high tatili' taxation on tho
* other, ho preferred to ondurotlie latter,
1 at least tor a brief period.
r Continuing, lie snid: "Kliminato tho 1
) income tax and there is no difficulty in 1
> framing an honest, consilium ana i
. uonuino tarifl' bill upon strict revenue (
lines with a!l raw materials free, which
. can bo passed by tho voto of ovory j
0 Democratic senator without tho aid of
a dinvle l*opuliat vote, aud which tho
' country would welcome and approve,
j Tins is not oven pretondod to be euch a
. measure.
' Numerous senators around tho Dom{
ocratic sido of thiR chamber must fcei
1 as though Democratic principlos have
. been surrendcrod or barlored away to
? neenre tho triumph of this botched
l compromise measure, which ia really
x acopfablo to no one.
"Sink or swim. live or die, survive or
porinh, I cannot and will not support
| this hill in in present shapi*."
The detailed voto on tho tlual paiKago
of tho hill ii as follow*:
Yeas?Allen. Bate, Horry, Illnckburn,
' Klaechard, Cattery.Call, Cock roll. Coke,
1 Daniel, Faulkner. George, Gibson, Gori
mau, Gray, liarris, iiuutofc, Irby, Jar
ris, Jonoft, of Arkaona?; Kyle, Lin Iny,
McLanrin. Martin, Mill", Mitchell, of
Wisconsin ; Morcan, Murphy, Palmer,
Pasco, Hansom, lioach, Smith, Turpie,
Voit, Vilas, Voorfleet, Walsh, White?
Neva?Aldricb, Allison, Carey. Chandler,
Oullom, Davit, Dixon, LV.pt>, Dabo!?,
Frye, Gallinjjer, Hale, llantbrougb,
liawley, Hik'ifins, Hill, Jonea
(Nevada), IkhIuo, McMiilin, Mamlereoti,
Mitchell (Oregon I, Patton, Poller, Perkin?.
Plait, Power, Proctor, Qnav,
Sherman, Shoup. Squire, Stewart, Teller,
The pairs wuro as follows:
The lirnt named wouid have voted
for the bill, tlio others against it?Brico
with Wolcott, Butler with Camoron;
Catudon with Pottigrew; Gordon with
Wilson; Pugh with Hoar; McPhenon
with MorrilL
The voto tnon unnounced by the vico
president, ayes 39, noes34, was received
in silence, aftor which Mr. Harris
ujuvuu maw u cuuicrouco luiummru ui
seven sonutora on tho disagreeing votoi
of tho two houses bo appointed and
although Mr. Allison protostod against
this action, maintaining that as yot
there was no dieagroenn-nt. tho motion
provailod und tho vico president appoiuted
tho foliowinc coinwitteo:
Mossrs. Voorhees, Harri?, Vest. .Tones
(Arkansas). Sherman, Allison and Aid*
Mr. Ilurria then moved that tho sonate
adjourn until Friday at 1- o'clock,
which was agreed to at 10:43 o'clock.!
Tho announcement of thogCloso of tho
lone struggle was tho signal of an uproar
rarely witnessed in tho grave and
diguifiod senate chamber.
Rocommcadatloii Itccanllnjj SaeUsOIado
l>7 (hr Cuminittar.
WAStrrsr.TON, D. C., July 3.?The
agricultural appropriation bill was reported
to tho annate by Sonator Coll,
from tho committee on appropriations,
today. Among tho nmeudmonts in ado
by tho sonate committoe is onodiroctiug
tho Rocrotary of agriculture to bavo the
seeds sot apart for tho uso of senators
and representatives, directed and
mailed at'tho department when tho
Honators and members so request, which
is a return to tho old system discontinued
by Socrotary Morton.
The provision in tho house bill for
the annual publication of data showing
tho yield of agricultural products, tho
cost of production, transportation and
giving othor like information was stricken
out by'tbo sonato committee.
Thoro is alio an amendment instruct
ing 11(0 entoinoiogltil. iu muim uiHpuuuuu
and experiment* of tlio habits of unBccts
injurious or boneficial to>plantH.in
iiaruorioa or orchards whoro necessary.
Agal nut tho Nnwupupur Men Who Ilefaied
to Answer yue#tlon?.
Washington, D. C., July ^.?Indictments
worn returned to-day by tbo
Krandjnryngftiu8t.il. S. Edwards and
John Schrivor, tho nowspaper corroapondonts
who rcfusod to'enawer questions
of tho sugar trust investigating
cornmittoo on tbo ground that it would
bo a branch of coniidonco. Tboy furnisbod
bail in $1,000 oach and wore rolouacd.
No indirtmonts woro returnad
aeainst Mossrs. Huvemoyor and Searlos,
the sugar trust officers, and'as tbo
nrand jury was dismissed for tho torni
thov aro safo'trom iudictment for the
Tlio rope'a Health Failtug.
London, July 4.?Tho correspondent
of the Tinw at Romo eays that tho
pope's health sooma to be failing. IIo
has delivered a sealed packot, supposed
to contain his last wishos, to a cardinal,
with instructions that it shall bo opened
at hia death.
A Village Wiped Out.
Mkdfohd, Wis.. July 3.?Tho viUago
of Whittlcaley was coraplotoly wiped
out by a forest liro to-day. About a
dozen atoms, tbo Wisconsin Control
railway dopot and tbo postollico woro
Steamship News.
Copenhagen, July 3.? Arrived,. Po?
Iaria. from New York. . _ _
Liverpool. July .'{.?Arrived, Lord
Gough, from Philadelphia.
Boloqnb, July 3.?Arrived, Maaadam,
from Now York.
Glasgow, July 3.?Arrived, Parisian,
from Montreal.
TVonflicr I'ortmt for Tn-ilay.
For West Virginia, fair; wcstwluds; wanner
In Miutoern portion.
For WVmcrn PenuRyhvmla. west winds.
For Ohio, genornlly fair Wednesday: loud
thunder storms Wednesday ni^Ut; westerly
the TKJirKKATVCi: ybttecday.
hs furnished by e. Skunun'. drujslst. corner
Market uutl Fourteenth streets.
T o. ni ... "1 I'JI.p. ? 90
n. in "# 7 t>. ni SI
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