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^hc^kcclwg 111!! 3tttfl%cncer.
In the Great Railroad Strike Reachw3
at Chicago.
Existed When the San Went Down
There Last Night.
And the Mobs Do Not Realize the
DangerThoy Are In.
And On ly-tho Perfect Disciplined the
Soldier* ProvoDti Them Prom Lotting
Pad011 co?The Condition of ACfairs
as Gravo as Possible?What
General Mllos'fiajrs?Mayor llopkins
Issues a Proclamation Declaring
The Law Mast Bo I/pheld ?PolJoe
8impended for Inacclou?Tho General
Situation Throughout the
l/fllCAUO| uui)*M**,iiioguu nout uunu
on by*far4ho most turbulent and critical
day thns far in tho unparalleled
railroad strike and boycott Wbeii it
opoocd thoro was a gonoral feeling that
ita passago would go far toward cloarlng
tho atmosphere, if indoed it did not
practically lift the embargo on commerce
which has held this city in ita
grip for tho past week. That oxpectation
was chiofly baaod on tho presence
of federal troops in tho most dangerous
districts. Looking at tho situation at
tho close of tho day, bowovor, it muat
bo confessed that tho hope indulged at
the opening in this rogard has not been
justified. Tbo troops woro low in number,
at best; and whon they wero
I dividod into squads and diatribatod at
points separated by very considerable
1 distances, it soon becamo ovidont that
their prostige as overawing bodies bad
boon aissipated at the samo time.
Instead oi fleeing in fear boforo tbo
faces of tho veterans, as was expectod
they would do. tho turbulent thousanda
surged about tho little band of soldiors;
jeerod and hooted at them: cast vile
epithets at them, and litorally playod
hide and seek with thorn; stopping
trains at will, and senorally rendering
tho ombarso in tbo military district
moro elTcctiro, if possible, than bofore.
not E-vouan troops.
The throngs ot strikers did not resist
Undo Sam's polico. Again and again
whon thoro wero thousands of thom
about a train which it was sought to
move, and on the track in front of it,
I thov ffflvo wav liko water before tho
lovelled bayonets of a slnglo company
of infantry, or tbo trampling of a singlo
squad of cavalry; like water, too, thov
closed in again at a point just beyond.
They turned switches, derailed freight
cars in front of tho slow moving train,
; and played all sorts of railroaders' tricks
with which the soldiers were unacquainted.
Thus it was that the troops
at tho stock yardi, in persevorenco and
patience, spent tho entire day in a vain
endeavor to got ono train load of drossed
beef out of sight of the starting point.
Aside from the immodiate neighborhood
whore tho troops wore operating
tbero was plenty of excitoment and disorder.
Great mobs gathered on tho
Lako Shore, Hock Island, Alton and
Wostern Indiana tracks and procooded
to obstruct them by overturning box
cars, broaking switches and the like. At
ono point thoy set flro to a switch towor
and an intcr-locking switch box, but
tbo flames wore oxtiuguished beforo sorious
damage was done.
In two inatancosthorowas bloodshed.
On tbo Western Indiana tracks a bard
pressod special polfcoman fired at his
parsuors, wounding a striker in tho leg.
On tho Lako Shore road anVifllcial of.
that company in charge of a train,
which ho wai ondoavorins to forco
through, omptiod his revolver point
blank into tho massed strikers about I
liim, wounding two or three it is bo-1
iicvod. llo was saved from tho fury of
tbo mob by his onginoer, who put on j
stoam and ran back to tho place of
starting. !
Shortly aftornoon a mob numbering j
2,000 started north on tho Lako Shoro !
tracks at Thlrty-sevonth stroot, ovor-1
turning cars and obstructing tho lino in I
cvory poesiblo way. Thoy woro not j
chockod until they roachod Twonty-1
second stroot, whero a hoavy forco of,
police was maanod, and auccoodod in j
taming mom ouok. i?arnik mu mmidood
Mayor Ilopkins und Chief of Po- |
lico Bro'nnan wont down tho Lake
Shore road with an official of that road, j
intonding to go to tho stock yards.
Their passago was obstructed, and they 1
woro compelled to finish tho journoy on
t foot.
Of tho striko in gonoral, it may bo
eald that it has broadoned dnringthol
day. The Dig Four, on which it was
nndorstood traffic was to bo resumod by J
x agrooment, is practically tied up. At
Joliot everything is at a standstill be- j
causo tho yard raon havo gone out, and
the city wator works havo shut down ;
for lack of coal.
Kansas City is again tlod up pretty j
complotoly. Tho fedoral troops quickly
put an ond to tho troublo at Ituton,
& M., arresting a lot of strikers and
starting them for Donvor, though thoy
may lx> hung up on tho way.
Paralysis continues on tho Tactile
coast* Tboro aro fodorul troops at Los
Angolos, but none havo boon sent to
fcacramonto or Oakland, ponding u decision
of tho question whether or not
tho stato troops and United Stato-j marshals
can copo with tho situation.
Tho night closod down with a very
uneasy fooling touching developments
boforo morning.
help-control of the roi.tjirrs.
Ooneral Mflos, in speaking of tho obBtrnctlng
tactics of the strikers an] their
sympathisers at the stockyards and adjacent
railroads, said:
"Thcso mon do not soom to realize
liow close to death thoy aro ovary time
thoy stop a train and harrass tho troops.
That bloodshed has not yot taken place ,
is due to the extraordinary coo! no j a of j
the mon and their wonderful self-control,
They have taken the tannta and
anoera with great forboaranee, and have
ubmltted to indignitiee and insult in a
remarkablo manner. They anil avoid
any overt art and resist by physical
force the pushing of tho crowd before
they will resort to thoir guns. If a ahot
ia fired or an assault mado upon
them while In discharge ot their
duty, they will meet it, and when I
contemplate that rosnlt I cannot help
repeating that theae people do not know
what they are doing. They do not eeem
to realise what a torriblo engine of destruction
they are going against when
thoy fool with tho soldier*. Fifty of
those soldiers could mow down 2,000
Beoole in a fow minutes. I beiievo that
this waa fully realised there would
not bo ao much interference with the
troops, and a wide berth would be giton
to tho railroad tracks. The President is
in earnest in this matter of suppressing
interference with the operation of tho
lava. Theordors of the federal court
'ore bollix treated with contempt. Conditions
lllco those oxiiting to-day cannot
last many hoars without on ding in a
declaration of martial law. Then tbo
military will be supreme."
mayor's proclamation.
After a personal inspection of tho
scenes of violence near Fortieth atroet
i this afternoon Mayor Ilopkina returned
to tbo city ball and for half an
hoar was closetod with Corporation
Counsel Rubons. At tho expiration of
this a letter was dispatcbod to tbo chief
of police and tho following proclamation
"The events of tho last twonty-four
hours render it necessary that extraordinary
measures bo taken to preserve
public peaco and ordor. ,
"Tho mayor of tho city of Chicago has
tbo Ictrai right to demand tho services
of ovory able-bodied man in tho city
and to call out tho militia if noceaeary
to suppress riots or otbor disorderly
conduct, and be will cortainlv oxorclso
every powor vostod in him by law for
the protoctlon of property and tho preservation
of tho public peaco,
"H? nxDoctn evorv citizon to do his
doty in peraervine tho poaco by avoiding
all places where crowds are congroeatod,
to attend strictly to his own
particular affairs, and to soo that all
women and children are kept away
from 'the public streets and railway
! tracks.
"Iho mayo r intends to enforce ovory
law of tho stato and ordiaanco of tho
I city, and ho confidently rolios upon tho
[ pooplo of Chicago to aid him in his ef!
forts in that behalf.
i "If tho woll-disposed comply with his
! request ns horoin indicatod ho will no
I donbt find a means of preventing tho
evil-dlaposed from violating tho laws.
! "The polico force is horooy diroctod
! to disperse ovary agaomblajro of porsons
J in tho public streets or on or near rail I
way tracks and to promptly arrest ull
persons who rofnse to dispone on deI
mancL John P. Hopkins, Mayor."
Tho following letter was sont by
I Mayor Hopkins to Superintendent of
Police Bronnan:
| "I am informed that coxtain porsons,
without authority, publicly and in tho
presence of polico ollicers of tho city,
1 overturned a number of freight cars on
the railroad tracks of tho Lake Shore &
Michigan Southern' Railway Company,
and that thoso polico ollicera did not
make aufiiciout efforts to provont thoso
I lawless acts or arrest tho offenders.
You will at onco inquire into tho mattors
referred to, and suspond all polico
| officers presont whon said cars were
I overturned, ponding the investigation.
Horeafter, in ovory instanco, whonover
I violations of tho law occar, you will
| promptly removo ovory police officer
present who doos not by his acta and
conduct evince a purpose to do his
j wholo duty in onforciug the laws.
(Signed) "JonN P. hopkihb,
, "Tbo immediato causoof tho issuing
of my proclamation was the overturning
of care on tho Lake Shoro & Michigan
Southern railroad this afternoon,"
said Mayor Hopkins.
"That sort of businow must bo stoppod.
I dosiro that my lottor to Chief of
Police Bronnan in roforonco to tho duty
of tho polico bo published so that all
officers may road it. Thoy will horoaftor
perform their dntyor rocoivo tholr
dismissal from tho iorco. I deslro that
distinctly understood."
will appeal to pullman.
Mayor Iiopkins said to-night .that
tho outcome of tho couforonco betwoon
himself, Corporation Connsol Rubens
and tno loadors of tho Amoricau Railway
Union would probably result in a
request boing mado in tlio name of tho
pooplo of Chicago to Goorgo Pullman,
that ho rotnrn to Chicago and submit
tbo difforencos betwoon himself
and his employes to arbitration. Tho
roquost will not, howovor, bo sent to
Mr. Pullman until aftor nnothor mooting
botweon Dobs and tho city officials.
Every policomun on tho South Sido
was callod into service this aftornoon,
whon word was rocoivod that thoro was
a blockado on tho Rock Island road,
at Twonty-fifth streot A dozen cara
had boon thrown ofT tho track and bohind
tho obstructions woro throo passongors
trains trying to get into tho city.
Thousands of pooplo surroundod tho
trains and tho aspoct bocamo so throatoning
that tho railroad officials sont iu
tho call for policomon to dinporso tho
While trying to disporso tho mob an
officor wfis struck on tho houd with a
stono thrown by ono of tho crowd and
sorloualy hurt. Koinforcemont arrived
and tho'mob was dispersed.
in california.
A dispatch from Sou Francisco says:
Tbo sovonth day of tlio yrout railroad
strike closoa with tho blockade mora
cotnploto in northern California than it
has boon at any tiuio ainco Unbs
ordored tbo railway union raon to tio
up tho Southorn Pacific. At Oakland
and Sacrainonto tho embargo of tho
striko is absoluto, not a wheel being allowed
to tarn, and at no othor point in
tho etato is tho Southorn Pacific doing
any business Sacrainonto eon tinuos to
bo tho centre of interest.
The conflict that sooraod to bo unavoidable
has boon dolayod for at louat
anothor day. No attempt to bring out
tho militia wna made to-night, and tho
dotorminod American itailwny Union
mon aro in possession of Sacrainonto
Goneral Diamond, chagrined at the
action of tho troops yostorday in refusing
to move upon tho strikers this
morning ioft Sacramonto.aud returned
to San Francisco. Dcforo doing so,
however, ho sent two companion from
Stockton home in disgrace and issued
an order depriving tho Hacramonto
companies of their arms and uniforms.
All tho artillery and cavalry statlonod
jit tho itock yards mado aforcod march,
arriving at tho lake front opposite tbo
Auditorium at midnleht, and going at
ooce into camp.
Marshal Arnold tonight aald:
"Thcro will undoubtedly bo serfous
trouble at tho stock yards,
the troops cannot submit to much
moro atone throwing and defiance without
shooting. When thoy do this,
nothing can prevont tho killing and
wounding of hundreds, and tbia. should
it occur, will go far towards ending tho
strike abruptly."
Tbe President of th? A. It. U. Makes an
Kx|?lanatloa of the Strike*
Ciiicaoo. July 5.?President Debs, of
the A. H. U. issued an address to-night
to tho public, tho purposo of which, ho
said, was to acquaint tbe people with
facts relating to the present irouuio.
He doclarod that the Pullman employes
who etrnck on May 0 did eo entirely of
their own acoord. Their aotion was a
rovolt against a sorios of deep eoated
wrongs of long standing. Labor leadors
not only had no part in it, bat thoee
connected witn tho A. R. U. advised
against it. ThoomployciutPnlman had
virtually become tno slaves of tho corporation.
Tho employos from tho beginning
had been willing to arbitrate tjioir difference
with the company. This was
still their position.
On Jnno 12, tbo delegates of the A.
R. U. met in convention in Chicago.
Two committoes wore sont to the
officials, but no satisfaction oonld bo
obtained. As a last rooort tho delegates
determined by unanimous vote to decline
to haul Pullman cars, unless tho
company would do thorn juetico within
Ave days. Tnia action was talcen six
weeks after tho striko at Pullman occur
The day^bsforo the order of tho union
declinoiTto haul Pullman cars wont into
otfect the General Man ace rs' Association
representing tho principul western railways,
mot and agreod substantially to
uphold tho Pullman company in its
fight against its employees, tnat they
would haul Pullman cars aud they
would stand togethor in crushing tho
life out of the A. K. XJ. Evory good
citizon must viow the outlook with
grave concern.
What could bo done to rontons peace
and conildenco? Tbo A. K. U. Bteod
ready to do anything in its power that
waa honorable to end the trouble. It
simply insisted that tho Pullman company
shall moot its employos and do
thorn jnstico. The lattor would accopt
any reasonable proposition.
The question of tho recognition of tho
A. K. U. or any othor organization was
waivo'J. l^ot tho npiru 01 conciliation,
mutual concession and compromise
govorn both aidoa and thoro would bo
no troublo in roachintra aottlomontthat
would bo Batiafactory to all concornod.
Tho railways woreuotroquirodto rocognizo
tho A. K. U.
Aa to tho charge that this woa aavrapathotic
atriko, tho employe* had dono
only what tho corporation had dono.
Sympathy With the Strike.
Buffalo, N. Y., July 5.?Thouaande
of workingmon aro wearing whito ribbona
to-day out of aympathy with tho
atrikera. Thin omblom, which waa
doaUrnatod by President Dobs, mudo its
first appoaranco horo yoatorday. Somo
of tho !arpor unions of labor havo
bought and aro distributing tho badgoff- '
froo to thoir monibora.
At Untie, SlonUiuu?Ono Man Killed and
Several Wounded? Tho BlllUla Called
Diwter, July 5.?A apecial from
Butto, Montana, aays: An A. P. A.
riot broke out horo laat evening, and.
ono man doad, ono fatally injured and
halfadozon moro or ioea woundod ia
tho roiult of tho outbroak. Tho militia
. has boon cullcd oat and is atationcd in
ono district of tho city. AU ealoona
have boon closed aa well aa pawn ahopa
and placos whero ammunition ia aold.
Tho troublo was procipitatod by two
saloonkeeper^ displaying on tho fronta
01 lUOir UIUUUO UUUUJ|)( lui uitiiK Iiuu ?u liters
A. P. A. During tho sight'aomo
one, presumably a Catholic, sot olT a
stick of giant powdor undor one of tho
windows, demolishing a largo pano of
This attracted a largo crowd of pooplo
to tho acono which blocked tho stroet all
day. After tho parade tho polico could
not disporso tho crowd. Soveral fights
occurred and tho first shot was firod by
William Forgason at William Pago.
This intensified tho foolings and tho
crowd started to tear down tho buildings
occupied by tho saloon raon who
had tho A. P. A. sign out. Judgo Mcllatton,
of tho district court, appoarod
in a window and addrosied tho crowd,
appoaling to thorn to commit no ovort
aot of violonco and gavo assurance that
tho troublo would soon ond; Tho crowd
could not bo calmod but wad hold at bay
by wise oounsel.
* At 0:30 tho riot broke out and thollro
dopartmont rushed into ttio crowd,
turning tho water upou them. Tho hoso
was turned into Simon llnusowirth's
saloon and tho A. P. A. signs torn
down. Soveral moti insldo tho saloon
began shooting. One man stood at tho
door and firod six shots into tho saloon.
Tho 8horifl and poaso thou cnino upon
tho scone, somo of whom woro roughly
handlod and barely escaped with thoir
lives. Tho mayor tlion cnllod upon tho
governor for militia and soveral local
ccinnanios woro ordorod out.
Ropes woro drawn ncrosg tho stroot
anil tho militia cloarod tho blockado.
All was roatorod to quiet at tho immodiato
scono of tho riot, but at tho othor
oud of tho block largo crowds aasomblod
and moro trouble was momentarily ox*
Tho oxcitomont rau high all tho oveninu
and thoro woa a lively intorchauRo
of shots with tho following results:
D. II. Daly, a Hpoeial policoman, was
shot through tho hoart and instantly
killed by Frank Munford, a Imkor.
William Vaio received a glancing shot
over tho oyo. Suinuol Dunn was shot
In tho sido and is probably fatally injured.
About fifty nrrostw woro made
and tho governor him boon asked to
aond militia, and from Holona and
othor points in tho Btnte.
Minor* ltoluriito Work.
Pjr'tal IHfpatch In the Mld!l<jrn:rr.
Stkuubnvillk, 0? .Tnly A.?Tho Bustard
shaft miner* have, nftor holding
out throo woolcs for 05 cents, tho onmo
as paid high shaft miners horo, huvo
aerood to j,'o to work :it GO conta.
Wahihnoton, D. 0., July 5.?Tho cash
billnnco in tho treasury to-day was $110,.
079,823, of which $04,742,735 was gold
Of tbo United Statoe Fedoral
Troopo Ware Sent to Chicago.
To Govarnor Altireld'e Demand
That Soldlora bo Withdrawn.
And tho Local Autborttioa Not to
Bo:Interforod With.
iHMUEing mo UOUBtiUB nrinB?w"?u ?
Short lint Pointed Responso From
Che President?Ttie Governor^ Mesaago
a Domngogio Argument That
There? la No Nooossity for the Protection
ot Mails and lnter*8tato Comraerco
andaObargo That His Political
Enemies Are "Working** tho
ProsMont? His Version of tho Situation.
Wasuisoton, D. 0., July 5.?Prosidont
Cleveland has sent the following
roply to Governor Alt/fold's demand for
tho removal of fodoral troops from Illinois
Executive Mansion, \
Washington, D. 0., July 5,1604. /
lion. John p. AUseUt, Ooocmor of IlUnoit, spring/Wd.
Federal troops wero eont to Chicago
in etzict accordance with tho constitution
ami laws of thoUnited States, upon
tho domand of tho postofflce dopartmont
that obstruction of the mails
should bo removod, and upon tho representation
of the judicial officers of the
United States that processes of the
federal courts could not bo oxecutod
through tho ordinary moans, and upon
abundant proof that conspiracies exis
tod against uommeroo botwoen tho
states. To moot theso conditions, which
aro cloarly within tho province of fodoral
authority, tho presooco of fodoral ,
troops in tho city of Chicago was deemod
not only propor, but nocossarv, and
thoro has boon no intention of thoreby
interfering with tho plnin duty of tho
local authorities to prosorvo tho poaco
of tho citv.
(Signed) Grovbo Cleveland.
Tho following is Govornor Altgeld'e
Executive Oppicb, State or Illinois, \
Joly 6, 1804. /
Hon. Grow Cleveland, ?mtdmt~V* United
titato, Washington, D. C.:
Dear Sir:?I am advised that vou
t. j -j /-.i?i *?,??
IJUYU oruuiuu lUUuiai WUU|/P WW hv? iun.
Borvice in tho state of Illinois. Sorely
tho facts havo not boon correctly presented
to you in this caso, or you would
not havo takon this stop, for it is ontiroly
unnecessary, and, as it scorns to
mo, unjustifiable. Waiving all quostiona
of courtesy, I will say that this
stato is not only ablo to tako
caro of itself, but it stands ready to-day
to furnish the federal govornmont any
assistance it may need olsowhere. Our
military force is amplo and consists of
as good soldiorana can bo found in tho
country. Thoy havo beon ordarod out
promptly whonovor and whorovor thoy
woro needed. Wo have stationed in
Chicago alono tho tbrco reKlmonta of
infantrv, three of battery and one troop
of cavairy, and no better soldiora can be
found. Thoy havo been ready evory
moment to go on-duty, and havo been
and aro now ready to go into sorvico.
Bat thoy havo not boon ordored out bocamo
nobody in Cook county, whothor
official or private citizon, asked to have
their asslctance, or evon intlmatod in
any way that thoir assistance was deeirod
or nocossary.
So far as 1 havo been advised tho local
officials havo boon able to handlo tho
situation. But if aav assistance wcro
needod tho stuto stood roady to furnish
ono hundred mon for evory one man
roquirod, and stood roady to do bo at a
moment's notico. Notwithstanding
thoflo facts, the fodoral govornmout han
boon applied to by mon who had political
and solflsh motives for wanting to
ignqre tho atato govommont. Wo havo
just gono through a long coal striko,
mora extensive horo than in any other
state, hecauBO our soft coal Held is largor
than that of any othor atato. Wo havo
now ton days of tho railroad strike, and
wo havo promptly furnishod military
aid wherever tho local olliciala nood it.
At prcaont some of our railroads aro
paralyzed, not by roason of obstructions,
but bocauso thoy cannot got mon to
oporato their trains. For aomo roason
thoy aro anxious to keep this fact from
tho' public, and for tho purposo aro
mailing an outcry about obstructions in
ordor to divort attention. Now, I will
cito to you two oxamplos which illustratos
tho situation. Somo days ago 1
was aiivlHcd that tho busiuosi of ono of
our railroads was obstructed at
two railroad contros?that thore
vrua a condition bordoring on anarchv
thore, and I was askod
to furnish protoction so as toonablu tho
employee of tho road to oporato tho
trains. Troops woro promptly ordorod
to both points. Then it trans'pirod that 1
tho company had not sulliciont mon on i
its lino to oporato ono train. All tho
old hands woro ordorod, but rnfnsod to ,
go. The company had largo shops in \
wllich workod a number of mon who ,
diiJ nnf h?>lnncr to tho railway union nnd
who could ran an nngino. They woro J
appoalod to to run tho trnio, but flatly ;
rofuaod. Wo woro obliged to hunt up \
Boldiora who could ran an eogino and
operate n trnln. Agoin, two dn^j (
ago appoals which woro almost ,
frantic camo from tho officials of an- j
othor road stating that an important
point on tlioir linoe trains woro forcibly
obBtructod and that tlioro was a roign
of anarchy at that place, and thoy askod .
for protccjion no that thoy could raovo
thoir trains. Troops woro put on tho 1
ground in a few hours' timo, whon tho i
ofliror in command tolejjraphod mo i
that thoro was no trouble and had boon 1
nono at that point, hut that tho road I
Momed to have no men to run trains, I
and tho shcrit! tolofjraphod that ho did t
not nottd trcmps, but would himself i
movo ovory train if tlio company would I
only furnish an onginoor. i
Only a wry small por contof thotfo men I
havo boon guilty of auy infractions of <
tbo law. Tho newspapers' accounts
have in many poses boon pore fabrics*
tioo> and in othora wild erspgerationa.
As governor of the state of Illinois I
askthoimmodlato withdrawal of tbo fed*
eral troops from active doty in thia
state. I have the honor to bo,
yours, retpoctfolly.
Joni* P. Autqkld,
Govornor of Illinois.
Tho President is watching the developments
of tbo situation at Chicago
with doop concern, lie i* advisod of
overy movumont as reported to tho
war department and tho department oi
Tho consideration of tho Rovornor'fl
letter and tbe preparation ot the
answor occupied tho President
and his advisers for noarly throo
boura. Tbo timo seemod long for
so short an answer, bat tho
gravity of the aubjoot and tho tlrm atti
tails assumed by the Profldont apparently
warranted tho doliborato action.
CnnercBMtuau MnGitnn Has u PropostUon
Which lie Think* Wilt Sol*? the Pru!>lem.
Washington*, 1). 0., July 5.?Ropresontatlro
McGann, chairman of tho
corumittoo on labor of tho home of
representative!, is preparing a plan for
avoiding strikes, which ho will soon
prosont to President Dobs, of tlio American
Railway Union; to President Gompore,
of tho Federation of Labor, and to
tho hoads of largo railway and other
corporations employing labor.
Mr. McGann'a plan does not contomplato
a law, but a contract between employer
and employed by which oach
will agree to submit dlficroncea to arbitration.
Mr. McGann bollovos that n contract
botwoen tho parties will bo more oflectivo
than a law and ho is drawing up a
rough form of such contract. It is, of
course, advisory, nod will bo ao submitted
to tho conspicuous labor loador* and
employers, but Mr. McGann thinks it
will recommend itsolf to thorn. Tho
contract ia to bo a pro-roquisite to any
Mr. McGann says tho gonoral adoption
of such an arbitration contract
would givo individual rishta to each
laboror and would tend to do away with
the necessity for unions. It would also
aid tho oinplbyor in avorliug tho loss
from strikes.
Thf Lawyers of thn Sonato Conslclnrlog
Tli?lr Power Under the Constltu tlon.
Washington, D. 0., July 5.?Tho
ovening Star to-day eays:
Tbo best lawyers of tho senato com*
mittco on oducatioa and labor aro making
a caroful study of tho quoation of
tho power of the government to mako
an eflectlvo law for tho adjustment of
disputos botweon employers and omplovos.
Members of tho committee
would liko, if it can bo found within
tho jurisdiction, to do such a thing,
to enact an arbitration law providing
for tho arbitration of labor troubloa and
tho onforceraont of tho decision of board
when both part-ion to tho dispute havo
agreed to submit the quoation to arbitration.
It is very doubtful, however,
whether tho powors of tho govornmont
under tho constitution aro broad enough
to admit of tho enactmont of a law
which would bo oOoctive.
Will be Tnfcon up by Mr. WlMon's Commltteo
Washington, D. 0., July 5.?Mr. Wilson
roturnod to-day from tho aiok bed
of his wifo at thoir home in Weat Virginia
and at onco took up tho tariff
work. "I will call a meeting of tho
committoo for to-morrow," said he.
Later in tbo day tho noticos assembling
tho committoo were issned. It is
practically sottlod by tho ways and
moans mombers that thoy will roport
back tbo bill on Saturday.
Tbe Hon we of Representative*.
Washington, D. 0., July 5.?Tho
events of intcrost in tbo house to-day
wero a cablegram of congratulation from
tho Brazilian chambor of deputies to
the house of reurosontativos on tho
ono hundred and oiehtoenth anniversary
of Amorlcan independence and tho
reception of tho tariff bill from tho aonato.
Thia lattor evont excited Domo?
cratic applauso, and tho bill was laid
upon tho apoakor's tablo.
Tho bill to subject to stato taxation
national bank notoa aud United Statos
treaaury notes consumed tho entiro afternoon
and no conclusion had been
reached whon tho houao adjourned at
5:15 o'clock.
Tho Trout Taken Advnutnjce of tho Tariff
lllll Framed In let* Inturont.
Chicago, July 5.?Tho prico of whisky
will advanco two conts a gallon tomorrow.
To-day tho directors met
and ordorod tho advanco. Tho prospective
raise of tho intornal revenue
tax in tho tarid hill is largely roaponaibio
for the action of tho diroctors. Tho
board of diroctora ordorod Presidont
Green hut to purchaao stamps at tho
prosont rato of taxation to stump all of
tho spirits in bond.
A IIoMcivhlpper Who Didn't Whip.
SiyrOil Dtrpatrh lo We IntctlUlcncer.
Cameron, W. Va., July 5.?0. Cook is
aditor of tho Hopublicnn Banner, J. G.
Crawford is oditor of tho West Virginia
)For/</. Mr. Crawford took offonso at
an item in Cook's laat iasuo ami concealing
a cow hido on hia poraon procoodod
to look Cook up. They mot at tho Haitimore
Uhio station yeatorday and
Crawford started for Cook whip in
liand. Just as ho raiaed iho whip to
jlriko, Cook sailed into him.
Ti.a wnv lui worked hi* anna was a
saution. Whoa Crawford finally oxtri:ato;i
hirasoif from tho living arms, ho
loft, and tlio trouble was ovor.
Tropical Krult (Sroworn.
New Orleans, La., July 5.?Tho Tropical
Fruit Growora* A*aociation hold a
mooting last night and diacuaaod tho
latimglnc odoct of tho pondinir railroad
striko in tho woat, which hnscaused tho
Iohh already of two hundred car loads of
Imuanasand throatonn tho total ruin of
tho trado unlnsi ondod. Tho aa-ocialion
tolocrnpiiod to Vho pronidont and
:nornl??ra of tlio nonato nigintr thorn to
alco irmnodiato action to protect intoritato
counuorco and provout furtlior ilogal
and unwarrantable iutorforenco
with it.
Its Wondrous Arciitootor# Llvea
Now Only In Memory.
Of All tho Grand Creations of the
Goniusos of tho World's Fair llalldom
Dostro jrod by Firo?The Adwinis*
tration Uuilding, tho Torminal Station,
the Mines and Mining, the
Manufacturers', the Elootrlolty, tho
Agricultural and Transportation
Palace* Ail unrncu-ion namns
Mako Short Work or tho Spleudld
Citicaoo, Jalv 5.?All the main buildings
of tho World's Fair, excopt tho
horticultural building, tho womans'
buildinsr, tho art pulaco, tho machinery
and Unitod States govormnont building,
woro almost ontiroly burned to-night.
Thoy woro tho proporty of tho
Colnmbian Exposition Sakago Com*
pany, and had boon ynrchasod from
the oxpoaition company for about SIX),*
000. Tbe lire was diecovored this evening
by several boys in tho southwestern
corner of tho first floor of tho terminal
I3y tho tirao tho first dotachmont of
eneinos was fully at work tho terminal
station was a mass of flatuos and tho flro
had looped across to tho administration
building. In twenty minutes tho domo
of this boautiful strncturo foil in and
biasing brands woro curriod by tho
wind north and northeast of tho mines,
eleotricity and agricultural buildings.
Tho olectricity building woa tho first to
tako firo. in a fow minutes it was
envolopod in fiainos, at 7 o'clock tho
glasn roof collapsed and tho iron frame
work of tho structuro foil in.
At7:lG o'clock tho eaat end of tho
minos and mining building foil in and
tho flamos bccamo no fierco that tho on*
gino companios stationod betwoon tbo
oloctricity, minos and mining buildings
had to fly for thoir lives.
The manufacturers' and agricultural
buildings woro soon aftor envolopod in
flamos aud woro consumed Following
caruo tho transportation building. The
ruin is complete.
J Lcamerwnon tomuiiuno uur? mniiiioiua
Wator Work* Truatoo*.
Last night at Bioboraou's cafe, on
South etroot, a committoo from Lonthorwood,
ont tho piko, compoaod of
Messrs. Woods and Humphrey and a
committoo of tho trustees of- tho
Altonhoim wator works, Messrs.
Bioborson, Schmidt and L. F.
Stifol, held a mooting, at \qfcich the
Leathorwood committoo mado application
for a numbor of Ore plugs in their
community for tbe purposo of affording
fire protection. Tho wator worics trustoos'
committee considered the application,
but has not yet given
the committoo an answer. About
v six plugs would givo the place
ample protection from fire, with
tho propoflod volunteer firo dofiartmont,
which will soon be organized
a tho village. One of the water works
trustees, when seen, said ho did not
know whothor thoy could grant tho ap*
plioation, but that already thero aro
several pings in uso which roceivo water
from tho Altonhoim works. Tho trustees
will probably moot to-day'to consider
the proposition.
Protest by Citizen* of Kdgtnffton Iao?
Ahont n ScliooKUotuo.
Last night on Mr. S. 8. Bloch's
grounds thoro was a mooting of
citizons of Kdgington Lono, Pleasant
Valley and Echo Point, nearly ovory
voter of tbo community boing present,
at which action was taken regarding
tho proposod oroction of a two-roomed
school houso at Edgington Lane by the
school board of Trindolphin district.
Thoro aro over 200 childron within tho
school ago limit in that vicinity and a
two-room homo would bo ontlroly too
small. A committoo was apDointod at
tho mooting last nigbt composed of
Mossrs. 8. 6. Bloch, Kreigor and W. G.
Johnson, who aro to soo the school
board of Trindolphia district and ask
that tho school houso bo built of four
rooms. Tho committoo will procood to
their work immediately.
Woathor ForeciMt for
For Went Virginia, fair, tflndi shifting to
For Wottcrn Pemiftrlvanta and Ohio, general*
ly fair, warmur, ?otithwost wind*.
m furnlnhod by C. Schkkpf. druggist, coraor
Marxet and KourleotiUi streets.
7 a. in .... 07 I fl p. in. M
9 o. m 74 7 p. in W
2 pi W? I weather?Fair.
Coupon, PartNo.8.
J ?noit tijk? f
} Art Gates of tbs World. ?
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( <)ac part Issued each woek.
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