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f- A North Carolina Offloor Hsra
' With a Requisition.
Justice Georgo Arklo Accused of
Grand Larcony In that State?The
j. Unusual Circumstances In the
History of tbo Cos??A Writ of
llabeas Corpus will be Asked lor.
There wai considerable of a seuution
in a limited 'cirdo yetterdsy |over the
p* arrival of an officer from North Carolina
'./ vitb a requiaition from tbo governor of
Xorth Carolina snd s warrant from
Governor MtcCorklo, of this state, for
oquiro UBOr^O AIKIU. Alio ftmyva w
bated on on indictment retarned by tho
grand jury of Columbia county, N. C.,
but bock of tbo case tbore ii considerablo
The oflicor who carao with tbo papers
'Y isNeal McPbaul, of Wilmington, who
weight 2U5 pounds. In spite of his
size, it was impossible to And him last
lie called on SberifT Franzboim, to
whom bis warrant was addressed, and a
\ deputy went to find Squire Arklo, but
? failed. It was learned later tbat tbo
squire and his family bad driven to
Moundsvillo for a little outing yobtorColonol
Arnott is the squiro'a nttorif
noy, and ho has also consulted Prosecuting
Attorney Howard in the course
it of tho proceedings which led uplto tho
prosont situation. Yesterday Judgo
? Jordan was asked to bo in his room at
j - tho court honse last nijrht, as it was do*
sired to apply for a writ of habeas corr
pus. Judpo Jordan camo in from his
home at. Kim Grove, and waited until
U:30, but thero was no sign of roasons to
usk for a writ, and ho wont home. At
; 11 o'clock Squire Arklo wont out on tbo
:<j Elm Grovo train to bis homo at Elm
Tho storv of tho case, as relatod by
Sqaire Arfelo's counsol, is as follows:
lu 181)2 he was a delogato to tho supromo
lodeo, Knights of Honor, at
ft Charleston, & 0. While roturning, in
North Carolina, Mrs. Arklo, who accom'*
panie<l him, found a pockotbook in the
aislo of tho car, whilo tho sqniro was in
? unothur car. It containod $140 in
I" money and $07,000 of certificates, checks
aud othor papors. Thoso woro, ao Col.
Arnotfc said last night, mado out in
favor of u man whoso name Boemod
to bo written "Maiteraon." It was
fi"- afterwards found that his namo was J.
U/Mesaogor, and that bo waa a county
treasurer, living at Watorloo, N. C.
r Squiro Arklo, aftor arriving homo, wroto
to the bank to which tho papora wore
iV diroctod, and hoard from tho owner of
\l tho pockotbook.
Ho wroto him, offering to return tho
book and papors if Moaaegor would con*
uont to lot hiin koop tiio $140 in cash,
and send him $G0 besides, making a reh
ward of $*-'00 in ail.
Aftor aomo corrospondonce, Mossogor
\ put his casern tho hauds of ox-Congressinan
A. It Waddoll, who wroto
? that if^ail tho proporty was not roturned
he would havo Squiro Arklo indictod
for larceny. Lator bo did so, and a
requisition was sont to Governor
Fleming, who rofusod to honor it This
waB ih tho fall of '02. Tho requisition
il waa again aont'.to Govornor MacCorklo
laat year, and after soino delay, ho
honored it and granted a warrant for
b'quiro Arklo's arrest. This hus for
k:[ some unexplained reason beou unex%
1 ocuted ovor sinco. and it wan n genoral
^ surpriso when Oflleer Mcrhaul appeark
ed horo with tho papers.
Thero aro many othor Btories told in
ffi, connection with tho case, but nono of
tbom can bo traced to a reliable source.
Hauire Arklo suys that after he camo
into possession of the purse ho laid it
on tho window boaido his seat, so that
| the ownor might claim it, but nobody
p did ao, aud uh soon as ho got homo ho
wroto to tho bank.
It is stated that.McPhaui's orders from
Mt the govornor of North Carolina woro not
to return home without his prisonor.
It ia probable tho arreat will bo made
this morning, and a writ of haboas
?! corpus be ready at onco.
At an early hour this morning it waa
learned that McPhaul was regintored at
the Hotel Windsor as A. 15. Jones, of
Baltimore, Md., and occupied room 12.
Ho arrived shortly aftor midnight yeiterdav
morning. Last night fcjheritt
I'ranzhoim called on McPhnul and
promised to havo Squire Arklo iu caatody
this morning.
Matters of Minor Monmut iu and About
tho City.
JudokPaui.u is holding court in Hancock
county this wook. On Monday he
will hold u special sossion hero.
The council committeo on Accounts
will meet in adjourned session this even*
in# to audit tlio book* 01 tlie city ciorx
ami city receivor.
Tub city patrol wagon has boon sent
to the shop for repairs and a picnic
wag.in from Merchant's livory stable is
f. ia aorvico in its place.
Diu Wocht -am Itliino iishing club,
composed of city ollicials and other prominent
citizonn, will leavo for its camp
on the Tynan's Valley rivor ucxt Wednesday
The mnn Trucmati, who wna sent to
jail fifteen days :ij;o by b'quiro Gillospy
K ' on a charge of obtaining monoy under
false pretences, was roloased on his own
recoginance in the sum uf $00.
Ybstkhday Mrs. Addleaborgor, of
Martin's Ferry, complained to tho police
hero that her husband. who loft hor
Home timo ago, had kidnapped tlioir
For Months
I have been a sufferer from trouble with my kid*
ncys. My back wiu? so lumo I could not raise
myself Irom my chair,
nor could I turn over
'n RTt'Ut
pain. I also sufTciod
much With imtiKOH.
Vuft four bottles of Hood's
?3 Harsiparllla with
j infl.Ht gratifying re
L jh! \ ouewper?oo. flood's
-7 moro ,rtr D,? Umn H"
: '4s*^r%&&&*?? olll<r medlolnes
Suflorlnjr has ceased
to be a drcadod troiiMr*.
F. L. r.uttlu ble owl I httVf been
re.ttorcl tu perfect health. Through sympathy
Hood's Sarsa1
1-vt^-MKV partlla
with jH>or mortals who
ramiot eat or sleep with n 111 va)
comfort, I havo Riven Skxad
tny experience with
IIood'H Si ran par Ilia. Mns. F. L. Uattlb,
rnrhoroiigh; N. <!. Ho sure to cot Hood's.
Hood's Pills the but acc. per box.
Utile fiH and brocfbt bsr to this fid? of
tbe rifer. Up to alata houi^he badmot
been found.
Mollis Atzu vu ran in lot night*
by Officer Driller for bow* out after
sundown for improper purposes.
Ed Corns, who *u accused of stealin*
|7 GO from his brother, wss let *o
by the police yesterdsy. He claimed
that he found tbe money in the alley,
and his brother declined to prosecute.
Ycstuuuy's police court had nine
cases. Four paid fines of $5 and costs,
one man went to the hill for thirty days
in default of a fine and the other four
vnrn diimiieed or judgment suipended.
Maooie Aura was before Squire Gilleipy
yesterday oo a peace warrant
sworn out by Mrs. C. CL tiprowls, who
oaid she bad threatened to kill her.
After hearing the evidence the squire
dismissed her.
Dr. Haskins yesterday complained to
the police that his boggy had been run
into by a two-horse expreai wagon, and
badly broken. He wanted an example
made of tne express drirer, but did not
know his name.
Yesterday tho visitine singing societies
from Allegheny were takon out
to Wheeling park by loading mombors
oi tho Beethoven socioty, who iiaw that
they all enjoyed themselves. Last evening
all loft for their homes.
Strangers lu the L'ltjr uud Wliodllag Follu '
G. W. Haggorty, of Mannington, registered
at the Behlor.
J. 6. fitowart, of Now Marlinsvillo,
registered at tho Stamrn.
John Itobins, 'of Now Cumberland,
was at the liohlor yesterday.
N. J. Crooks and L. C. lline, of Keyser,
figuro on the titamm register.
W. E. Mallory, n Woodsfleld lawyor,
is in town, a guest at the Windsor.
A. J. Russell, of Sistersvills, ono of
ttiat town's well known oil operators, is
at tho Windsor.
Oicar Jenkins, of Porkersburg, and
Commodore Hood, of ShinuBton, are
guosta of tho Htamm.
lion. L. C. Sommorvillo, of Point
Ploasant, a prominent Mason county
man, was bore vostorday.
Mrs. Copt John Francis and family,
of tho Island, havo gone to Lakesido,
Ohio, to spend the summer.
G. A. Giondonning, a lumber man of
Huntington, is horo on one of his froquo
lit visits, a guest of the Bohlor.
State SuDerintondent of Schools Virgil
A. Lewis, of Charleston, was at tho
Stamm yesterday en route to the state
Captain T. J. Hinde, of tho Ohio
River road, who has boon enjoying a
wook's vacation, goes back to work this
W. II. Foyo. of Zanesvillo, auditor of
tho Adams Express Company, is horo
on a business visit, an uarival at the
Mrs. William Schworlfogor and Miss
Eva Wilson returned yostorday from a
two weeks' visit to tliu springs at
Cambridgoboro, Pa.
Charlio Freeman, an oight-voar?old
child, was instantly killed near Newark,
Ohio, Tuesday evening by a west
bound passengor train.
Mr. George W. Eckhardt, jr., last
evening colebratod his llfty-flrst birthday,
anuuibor of his friends being present
and all enjoying a good time.
lit. Rev. Monsignor Sullivan is a
guest at tho Cathodral for a fow days
aftor an eastern trip, lie will probably
leave for a Europoau tour shortly.
Wheeling Lodge A. F. A A. M. tho
other evening prosontod to Mr. Henrv
Spoyor oue of tho costliest and handsomest
Masonic badges evor seen in tho
Henry Hoffman, a well known young
man of tho South Side, was tondered a
surpriso party last night, tho aflair being
in honor of his twenty-fifth
On Monday noxt Mr. Anton Roymann,
with his daughters, Misses Anna
and Emmu, will leavo for a shnrt trip to
Europo, to visit bit ion, Lauronco, and .
daughter, Miss Nettio, who are at
school there.
Mrs. Richard Tazgart, of Toronto,
Ohio, and Miss Sarah Tarr, of Oakland,
Pa., who have boon visiting friends on
Fifteenth street, left for theirhomoayesterday
Prof. James M. Leo, of Huntington,
superintendent of tho city schools there
aud formorly identified with tho cause
ot education in this vicinity, is here,
and autographed at tho McLure.
Goorce Heard, of Pittsburgh,
gonornl manager of tho Natural Gas
Company, of West Virginia, and Euimitt
Queon, a big Pittsburgh oil
IIIUUUUIC, Ul? ?U ?UU ?.? > W'l w?u...vuu
visit uuii registered at tho McLaro.
Bert Uiustcad, of Wheeling, was a
visitor in tlio city vestorday. IIIbh Minnie
Huff has returned from a visit to
Wheeling friend*. J)on Morriflmu, of
Whoeling, spont the Fourth in tno city
at iho gueat of Prof. J. A. Raynos.?
Slcubenvilk Herald.
Mrs. Charles Jianchor and Miss Shophard,
of Whoeling,and Misses Annieand
Carrio Wagner, ot Cadiz, uro charming
guests of Mrs. V. McEldownoy. Thoy
took in tho races in a landau. Mrs.
Kato Crogau, of Wheeling, is visiting
her wister, Mrs. Thomas CouifE? SUtibenville
John M. Brown, who was a delogato
to tho general assembly of tho United
Prosbytoriau church, held at Albany,
Urocon, arrived homo yosterday. Mr.
and Mrs. Brown spont some iirno in
traveling through California and othor
Pacific states. They were woli pleased
with tho country and their trip, and
ran the blockade on the railroad without
much troublo.
Mr.and Mrs. W. S. Grafton.of Wheeling,
aro in tho city sponding the Fourth
with thoir old frionds, says tho Steubenville
Jfirald. Mr. Grafton is general annorintondent
of tho Whooling Corrugating
Company. Ho has takon out twentysix
patents "on machines, rooting ami
ceiling ainco ho liaa been with the firm
and has othor applications in tho patent
ofHce. Tho firm u-ually employs from
eighty to oue hundred men, but at the
present time have a few less tbau that
nu rubor.
t'linuReH In Alarm Uoxns.
Chiof Iioaly, of tho firo department,
ves tor day chuntrod thn location of 11 ro
alarm boxos an follows: No. 15 to tfiffhtli
and Markot; No. 17 from Tenth and
Markot to Muin and Ninth; No. 18 to
Tonth and Market. To-day tho following
chnnnos will ho made by tlio chinf:
No. 1) to tho Top mill; No. 12 to Third
and Main; No. 13 to North Whooliug
pottory. ^
Word comos from all quarters that
the noatoflt and most satisfactory dyo
for coloring tho board a brown "or
black io Unckinghnin'ti Dyo for tho
Ip your oves tiro, wator, twitch or
burn, or your hoad?achon whon reading
or sowing, consult and havo them examined
for glussos, free of charge, at
1110 Main street (next to Snook &(Jo.'s)
bv 1'rof. fchofl. tho oolician. uw.ts
Of the American Company Connecting
tho East and Sc. Louis
Work Coins On In Belmont County,
AcroM the Hirer, Sow-Tlie Now
Lioo Will Bo Kcady for Bail now
Hero in * Few Week?-Tlio Atnerl
can Is Connected wun ino i?u
The lone distance telephone line be*
ing constructed from Pittsburgh to St.
Louia by tho American Telograph &
Telephone Company is rapidly noaring
completion. Within a fortnight it ia
expected that there will be a coutinuoua
line running from Now York to fct.
Louis. Tho new line, however, will not
be open for trallic from Whooling for
several weeks yot, an workmen are
stringing new wires on a portion of tho
lino oast of this city lu Ohio county. It
has boon genorally a op posed that the
Amorican company is not connectod
with tbo Boli interests, in fact that it
was an opposition coucorn which would
likely be the moans of giving this city
cheaper rates on long distance sorvico.
It is learned now that tho American is
allied with the Boll intorests, and that
thoro is only one long distanco phono in
use?the same ono used in Wheeling for
some time past.
Tho linos of the Amorican now oxtond
from Maine to Chicago to tho north
of Whoeling, aud from Now York to tit.
Louia by way ot Wheeling, giving service
to nearly all tho big cities of tho
couutry. At present the forcea which
nre boing handled from Whoeling are
at work in Belmont county, over tho
river, and tbo conclusion of work ovor
there will mark the complotion oi tho
ontiro lino.
The Urgeut Need of Actlou by Couucll aud
tho Cltjr Water Board.
To the Editor of the In'dltgcnccr.
Sin:?Aftor a disappointing dolay of
three yoars tho wolcomo nows comes
that tho new reservoir is at last water
tight and in good condition.
Ownors mid tenants of all the olevatod
portions of Our city hail this tiding
with groat dolight. They now ask that
immediate steps bo taken to supply the
Twolfth and Thirteenth ?trout residents
by laying a main at loast ilfteon inchos
in dinmotor up Thirteenth strcot, connecting
it east and north, so as to sup?lv
nrnantil nrnnortv owners of Bol*
vodoro addition und many hundred
homos which will in a abort tiino occupy
all tho eastern eiopo of Wheeling
Vacant ground on tbo Island is boing
rapidly improvod, and it will not be
many yoars until tho beautiful oafltorn
slope of tbo bill will bo tbo borne of
-,000 or a,000 pooplo.
It is only nocodsary to look at our
neighboring city of Pittsburgh with its
safe and speedy inclines, to seo bow
easily this may bo uccomplisbod. Lot
us hope that no ploa of povorty or lack
of mean* shall delay this greatly noeded
improvement. Tho income from wator
ronts, along with the increasod rovonue
derived from tho orection of dwollings,
aud enhancement of real cstato, would
justify tbo placing of a ton, or fifteen
year special loan to accomplish so doBirablo
an objoct.
It is woll known that iron pipo'was
never so low as at prosont. Labor, too,
is low, and if this improvement was
arced forward, tho business of the city
would bo favorably aOocted, and weary
waiters for wator would say: "Woll
dono, wator board and council."
In closing this hasty communication,
it might bo proDor to say that those aro
the viows of a disinterested citizen anil
tax payor, who don't own a foot of
ground on Twelfth or Thirteenth street,
or in Belvedero addition.
Wheeling, July 5. 1
Tin: vnluo of a good namo was woll |
exemplified tho other day, when a man
asked one of our druggists for a bottlo
of Sarsaparilla. "Whoso?" inquired tho
clerk. 'Whose? why, Ayor's of course.
Yo don't oupposo I'm going to run any ;
risks with Hannah, do yo?"
The Stoainer Charleston will carry
passengors to tbo lawn fcto at Zuuo's
Tuv GotnSodn Water.
Kumhelmur'ii Clonk Koom.
Misseb' Jackets 50c and up. (
Ladies' Jackals SI 00 and up.
Ladies' Suits $1 00 und up.
Ladies' beautiful Wrappers, full
Ladies' all wool Ton Gowns $3 50.
Children's bluo lllazor Suits 5=1 50. j
Children's Gingham Dressen 20c.
Emkiibisikk'b Altkkatio.v Sale. |
Whnt 4 1-2 Out* u I)ny Will l)o.
It will buy three glasses of Gem b'oda i
Wator-?<>no glass taken after each meal
?will aid digestion to this extent: that
it will preserve your health or flowly, f
hut surely, rosturo your health und .
viiror, if impaired froui indigestion; it
therefore becomes invaluable to oach
and every one of us. It is most pleasing
to the tAste, quite refroahing and in
tho roach oi nil. Justly wo can say: A
(treat Mousing has come upon us, under j
the namo of "Gem Soda Watek."
You pny for school-books; but tho
beat school-book for your children is
your daily paper. Well printed, carofully
and intelligently editod, of inBtructivo
content*. lirst and fullest with
tho nowH and best in prosontintf it, the
Pittsburgh Db]>atch tills tho bill.
TnvGi'tn Soda Wn'or.
j^TOClCS FOtt tiALli
j.'? ilinn-M Wnrwkik Cliliin i*?inip:iiiy.
'.it ?Urtr?w Wliti-'liia loo A alonu:*. Co.
10?li?rv< Flrcaiul Mnrluo IiiHiiruucoUd.
5?HhiUTM llniik ?.f thuOlilo Valluy.
'.'tmhitr?< l>tiMlp Null Mill.
J) itliarvi l.augliliii Null Mill.
J l?on.l? WlieHliig Kailwuy <Ja
AUmmrui .Ktuurflaii'l.irJ Iron ami Steal C?.
* Its. IK WIS. I In ?. or.
Jol'J Kii. -I Tnglllli ftirrot
Bonds and Stocks 1
Othor Investments.
mra No. 1311 Markot St.
Nothing known to Hlenro nt the prrvnt
d;iy lui* breu aucti a healthful Dtlwulutor
oiid built up
xi? thin great medicinal whUkey, which ia
tlm only purr wliUkwy upon the innru*t.
It U apcclally vnltml.lo thU ?ca*ou of thn
yrnr far counteracting had footl*, impure
wntor, utuluriu ami iiuiiuHr complaint*.
It can bo obtaiuod of nil reliable drug*' -??
irmi'airi. liuil all parioa? idiould
Intlut upon having PUFFY'* and nut i?o
K rounded to take any uttiur. Send for llitrutod
Kor?H3?TKU. y. V.
Atlaotic ft U.
And Coffeo Roasters.
We Lead, Let Those Win) Can Follow I
Lemons, per dozen 15c
Ilnlf.plut Jelly Glasses per dozen -...- #?c
Quart Massou Jars ? COc
Baker*! Tomatoes, 3 cans for ?5o
BestStandard Tomatoes. 3 caus lor- S5c
Htaudard Sugar Corn. 4 cans for- 25c
Sugar Peas, 0 cans for- - 25c
Uartlolt Fears. 3cans for...- "5c
Choice lied Salmon. 2 caus for- 25c
Krcsh Ginger Snaps, 4 pounds for. "So
Baking Powder, per pound 10c
Krcsh Butler Crackers, fi pounds for........... 83c
I-argo Lump Gloss Htarcli, 7 pounds for...? "5c
Boiled Oats, 6 pounds for...<MM. - - 25c
Pain's Hoot Uoer, 3 bottles for. 25c
Ilalf.piut Boor Mug Mustard, 3 glasses for... 25c
Half-pint Catsup, 3 bottles for 23c
Clothos 11ns, per dozen? lc
Carpet Tacks, 8 ounces, per box.................. lc
I Atlantic Tfia fin.
XJLU.M.U LAW Jk Uvii w vi
To Whom it Hay Concern:
I hereby give notlco (bat I will not bo responsiblo
for any debts rnado by any person or per*
sons other than inysclf.
will bo received at tho ofllco of tho undersigned
until noon. July 12. i.vji. for tho construction
of a retaining wall feet In length
aluiw tho public landing of tho City of WheelIngToetween
the east lino of Windsor alley and
the east If tie of tho 1'., W. ?t K. It. It. Co.'* do|>ot
Rroperty, near Jiloventh street. Plans nnd spedration*
for this work rail bo soon, utid detailed
Information obtained, from J. V. Kraden, atrent.
at the oflleo of the 1'., W. & K. 1L It. Co.'* frcltrbt
ktatlon in Wheeling. Tho privilege is reserved
of rejecting auy or all bids for this work. M. J.
HECKKK. Chief F-ngJuecr, P., U. C. & Bt L! Ity. '
Co.. l'ittsbargh. Fa. Jyft
jpou SALE.
Farm of tho lato Caroline Kcnaraond. ciutaluing
lrw acres of the tlnost farming land in Ohio
county. I.ays well, well watered. situated flvo
mllos north of city: reached by a good rna?l.
Elegant brick honso of eleven rooms. Iiirgo barn
and other necessary omballdlug*. Also two orchords
containing a larco variety of fruit For '
further informutlou call ou or address F. II.
KLIKVKS, at Uotior Savings Bank, or'.315 Chapline
street. mylG
j^ui; bALii
Cheap an i ou fturTorrm.
oeff CltrBank Untitling. MOOMarketfliroet.
.1 Main street, Address l/tck Hot :Vit). fe-T
1701: KKNT-STOHK ROOM, NO. 00 ,
JL Twelfth street, aud tlvo rear n?otu.s. Inquire
at store. Jei;t
_i alley back of Chanlluo street. Fifth ward. ,
Address "L M.." care Intivllgenivr ollleu. my::i
Corner of Mnlo nnd Tenth Streets,
Inquire of JAMEd L. 1IAWLKY,
joJS M.D Mutn Street.
Tbo Wheeling Club Uoomu
One tlut. threo roomi. Twouty-thinl itreot.
Ono houv, Uvo roouu. Tnrouty-thlrd atreol
myl;? K. li. LAN'<iM
jfOlt KENT.
120I Jacob street, aoven ror>tn? ami bath. '
MI2 .Market atreet. live room* and ottta
10IU Alloy C, live room*
|0:i7 Mill" street turn rooms au?l Attic.
hs Fourteenth street. (rout room. first floor.
Store rooui. No I0J7 Market street.
Store rooiua. Nos. 4 uud 8 Tenth airoet.
Toiepln.no 1?7. [nf' 1 IT.'' Market Stroot.
you KENT.
Stor.? room In Prahody ItulMln j.
oniro routus In I'ruboily Itultdlu^.
Steam hoot,r levatorfind ult luudurucon* i
veuiviices. Term* ron?oiii?hlo. 1
Ml ll^n iiml lltfH Market Strr?t.
= 8
'Jo Ihf CrtilUorn of Ftjlf St II*until, llrmur't:
In pursuance of n dccroo of tbo Circuit Court
of the rountv of Ohio, initio lu n enuno therein
iM'iiilliiR. t?> subjeet the real estate of Ihcanid 1'ille
M. hu?M)ll to tbu payment of hor dobts, you
are required to present your cIhIiim lUMlnst the i
' talent tlio;-al'l Kttio M. KtW-ell. for ndjudlca* >
lion. loUeorge >{. K ii|lchri?t. Commissioner. at
hiHonU'A I u mi Id county, No. 1404Cb*|iliumitrect.
Whcclluir. W. Va, ou or lieforo the sixteenth
day of July, 18H
WIlue*i John W. Mitrhcll. Clerk ot the auUl
Court. tbU thlrty-ilr>t .Uy of May. 1WI
Jtfl-F JulIN W. UHXIUXL, Clerk. I
The above Ci
production of one <
of Binding the In
World's Fair,
... -A.3S
Bring in your t
possible, and we
ready for Delivery
We will sup
Destroyed Parts at
In order that
may be able to pre
tiful pictures we w
Binding especiallyexcellent
work, ha
and Embossed in
lowing low Prices:
English Silk Cloth (Three S
Half Morocco ...
Full Morocco
Full Kussiu - - STOCKHOLDERS'
A mooting of tho stockholders of tho West
Virtfnia Glass Company for tho election of a
Hoard of Director* will bo held at tho MoLuro
House Tuesday, July 10. at 10 o'clock a. in.
J(tft H. K. WADPKf.b. Secretary.
The annual meeting of tho btockholdcri of tho
Crystal Ola* Company will bo held at their
works In UridROpurt, Ohio, ou
it 2 o'clock p. in. ED. MUIILKMAN.
Je27-Wia Secretary.
Rents Reduced !
No. 3110 McColloch Btrect; will arrange for
two tenants, or ono. and put fn Ant-clan order.
No. OTTbirty-icvoiith streot. socoud tloor, 87.
No. l.ti Zaue fitruvt. Mcoud tloor. $12.
No. '.Mil Ko;r*trrot. one or two families.
No. WW Main atroct. two-atory brick.
No. 3123 MoOolloch street, two-stor/ frame.
No. /?.". Main rtrcut. lanje raodoru brick dwelllu:r.
fourtcon rooms
No. 1327 MfColto :h street. briok. 511 00.
No. o:? Ohio Ktreet. three rooms. $7 50.
No. 'Jl Virginia htretit. frame, mx room?.
TheWuddinvton Place, hoti*o and ijacroj.
No. <519 Main streot. brick dwrllin?i.
No. 2102 M*lmtr.N'i. tirnt lloor. three rooms
No. liT Thirtv-third street, brick !lro r turns
Two Nplciviid ofllcc rooms in Mamyiic building.
No. 2'irjunatdliie ^twwt. live roams, J130J.
No. l.VWMurkot atreot, ollico rooms.
No. lit Thirtv-third strojt. live rooms. 4J J).
Jfn. iW? Main K'.roo:. tw.dvo roj:n< aud bath.
< ?illc-o rooms Iti Hllibard Illnc.k.iiUt Markets
No. I Ml MhIk itnjot. socoud and third ?l?ri
Htoruroomiot: South fetrcot, iu lloaruo Tabrruuelo
No. Eoll tre.-t. twoHinry frntno. (1 roouu
Sutumor ru?!douc-* In tho country ut I'nrSt
How, i'lcasuut Volley, Lcathurwood aud WoOiUla'c.
Crrv IUnk Huiloimi.
rclnt'tiono 21'J. (JclOl iCoom No. 0.
r.iio. saw, swj. 9i.ow. si.k?. ffj.ioj. euro.
|3.uon. si.u*) and 85,000 ou real ostuto security
)ti ?hort notice.
1 Inline and lot on Market struct across tho
reek. I'owwlon nt ou?*e.
Virginia utreet hott?<? and lot dirt cheap.
South Front a:reel lot dirt cheat*.
North llnron street houac and lot very cheap
lltiil.Win,' lot* from 83 m upward iu alt parti of
lie city and suburb*. Call and ?ot our list
Tclophono 8G6. Jc.'S
.f'CJ-bO C3^J_j?U.
A rc?! bargain in n iwwvl Hj>ht-rooinp<l riwvll?K
IioiiM'.wltlt full lot. (iWlxl.M) on Zauu atreot.
ibiivo ivi! ilno'I iloii?o In kooiI ruimtr. Will
itlor for a fotv <luy* for S1.7.VJ null. Yon muld
lot roplaco It forfT>,(Mi. It must !>o * ?on t?> ai? rioliito
till'luirituln uflerotl. IT WILL l'AY.
KlRht-roouioil i?rlck dMvllltit;. In u?mk! rvpnlr,
rlili ijihhI Rtnblo in r?n?r. ?>ti wiMt M?lo of Murki't
tnvi. between Klahth ami Ninth MreuU, for
?sol 1: ,\tii:srs ran?
Jas. E. Pcppar 4 Co.'s
?* r? #in avfirt ra
Li I 12) ail tAUCL I
)f the many styles
telligencer has for
krt Portfolios
ES of the WORLD.
3ooks as soon as
will have them
inside of ten days,
ply Damaged or
10 cents each.
every Subscriber
serve these beaurill
Bind them in a
prepared for this
ndsomely Bound
Gold, at the foltyles)
. $1 00
- 1 35
- - - - 1 25
Building corncr Twouty-fourth and market
streets, lately used us a carriaKO
factory W1 Gil
No. W Sixteenth street ? ? #9 W
No. W) Seventeenth street. first lloor 10 03
No. 3527 Cluipllne street, two rootu*.- 5 00
No. Uf?7 Cliupltno street, two room*... 4 00
No. 11037 Marlcet street ............ 8 00
Soloou and dwelling udjolnlng C. St P.
depot. Martin1* Kerry 23 00
No. ?17 Chapliiio street. three rooms 8 00
No. 1W0 Mftlu street, room*.
Vacant louon Hlrabcth Btrcct
No. ZBW Market ?troet both ga*M 15 00
No. 11W High street, two room* - 6IH
No. 2023 Alley I) 10 0)
No. 2C21 Chaplino itrect. store room aud
Np. 2W Alley U - ? 7 03
No. 2T04 Mnrket street. two room*....?...... 0 00
No. 18 Twenty filth street ? 7 00
No. 1721 BotFstreet. strond floor - 0 0)
No. Ill Seventeenth ?>'rcut. second iloor 7 (X)
No. 'H&'t jHeob strtv'......... ?13 03
No. IMOJncob street.... ..... 13 00Store
rooms. Main and Tweuty.tlrst itreeta
for...... $?<W. 61600. 20 00
No. lOliClmitliiH) Mreet, (our rooms- .... 10 O)
No. 2MJ2 Main street - ? ? 9 ft)
No. 10 Twentv-tHth street - C 01
No. '.'151 Main street. lour rooms 10 OJ
No. lui Nineteenth street ?.... 0 0)
No. 15i?7 rhapllne ?treot. oilicu room .... U CO
No. 1721 Kotrstreet, second lloor - 7 00
No. 12J0 MrCollorli street 10 00
No 23 Twentieth street 2-5 CO
No. '.MIS Market street 22 00
No. 151ft Main street -
No. rr? s.-vi,n,ifnth stroot. two rooaw 0 tx)
No. i n Twrjty-nlnth strict 0 00
BulliHu* for iimnnfac'.urlUK or wholesale
builue**, In rour of No. 1M1 Market tiL... 30 0J
Ileal estate of ovcry description.
Ileal Keiate Aevut. Collector. Nolary Fut>!lc and
rcusiou Attorney. r?a iui; nuirzut street.
A Pino lamrovod farm of slsty scrus, threonine*
(Hit Of ft lll't'UUtf.
IIoum) of live rooms, Twenty-third street.
Si <?.
IHkw: of five rooms, (.'huplluo street, Centre
Whirling. Sil.mv..
.<f three rooms. Market street. Contra
Wheeling, ?M?.
Ho?l??of tell rootui. brii-k. Market street. Fi!'.U
ward, o.uy U ryii. 57.COJ
House ol tivo rjo'ui, brick. Fourteenth utroot.
llonse of four rooms. Junob street, Sixth
want. $12VI
House. live rooms. Woods street. East Wbool*
Flno farm. J '7nrref. tbrvo oilloi from Mouuilv
villi', with lid Improvement*. ThU i* *
-0 tort of lend fronting uu McColIoch and
Hotel of fourteen ro >t:n. dufti,: so>! busluaji,
splendid !??'*jti ?:i. chcflp.
Hmue of v-wn room* suJ tiall, Chaplin*
street. Centrt Wheeling.
I<ot en*f ?t: i Fourteenth ?tnft, }VU
I-ot- on 1.1 ii I stivot. IW-lVHlero. ?!7*?ieh.
I/O'* in lJ<*lir<%i?-? ?fc HpeldelN ad JUIoii. Handl*n'?
nddttl.xi tn North iWivrood. lt->ir??' Httu.
(Vldwoli'a K'lii I'k-NAuu: Valley. Hellevuo and
otli- i?luc??> tu uud n<"irtlio cur
V .11..,' i...II nltv* p.. il ...f-.f.r- mt'.li
H<o. sw. *:ou. 8i.?w. $i. ?Oii noil f..<xw.
To!. Oil 1739 Market Stroot.
Na Vfl South Wii'nwhitmn, throo room*.
No m Virxmlu RUivt.cluht rooms.
No. 4'? NnriJi Huron i.tro?t, tliroo roouM.
No. 41 Norm llurou i?irt*ot. <lx rooms.
N<?. I 1 South Krout *troct, MTOU room* uuA
Oh South ltronihroy. flu* room*.
Fori saijR
I'mjHT r of nH Mu<N. ficli La build ill;; loii.
orotH>r<y, farioi.
MONI'.Y lo IX)AN Cull una mm ma
UtfUmkctalrcofc TcIcpUoucGi?. Jcl*

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