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In the Great BiUroad Strike
Throughout the West.
The Strikers Mastersof tho Situation
and tbe Railroads Itclylng Solely
oil tho Asalstaaoe of tho Militia and
tfnited States Troops?The Strike on
the Biff Four Declared OH
Sajt Fjuscuco, Oala., July 5.?Tho
Btrikiog railroad men haro placed Oakland
under aeise. They are abtolnte
CDMtorsof tbe ferrysystem. Theyhavo
stopped ths trains on both Must tad
.connection by rail with >11 tbe oltlea
acroti tfa? bi? bu boon cot oO. They
4itTO selzod the railroad yards it Weat
[Oakland, They are la possession at the
Oakland Molo. Not a wheel in moving.
The striken accomplished tholr work
within an hoar and a half and not a
band was raited against thorn by the
aothorltlo*. Several companies of tho
national guard are under arms and
ready to march at a moment's notice
end was telegraphed for and throe com?anle?
of tbe Fifth regiment arrived
lit nigbt. The city Is in a state of
great excitement.
Whon the railroad officials know
that thoy could not ran their trains
thoy stopped all bat tlio boats on tbo
coast routo and thus complotod tbo
blockade. During the night tho broad
gauge pier was goardod by a few deputy
sheriffs. Tbe day was most sensational
in its events of any of tbe groat strike.
Tho trouble did not begin until 10
o'clock, whon tbo striken, in obedionco
to orders, moved npon tho yards and
round bouse at West Oakland. Both
wore captured, nolthor the officers oi
the city ner officials of tbe company
making eny resistance.
Tho Alameda, Berkeley ana uakiana
trains wcro soixod and stallod. The
towers on tho molo wore captured and
liold, and tho switches so arranged as
Co be useless without ropair. Bands of
etrikori went on the run to tho narrow
jraugo lino, and at Fourth and Webster
vtreota signalled and seizod tho train,
running ono of the coachos down the
road antil it rested across tho tracks of
tho Alameda broad gaugo. As the Alameda
has not boon rnnning for several
days tho blockade on tho ontlro system
is comnlote.
During tho aftornoon tho strikers
made another raid on the round hoase
and finished a small part of their work
loft undone in tho morning. Tiioy aro
determined now to maintain tho
blockade as thov havo established It.
Tho railroad is relying solely on the
assistance of the militia and United
titato8 troops if it is posaiblo to obtain.
Last night tho naval bataliion was
ordered to bo ready to march at a
moment's notice. This branch of tho
military forco, wbilo auxiliary to tho
United States navy, is a part of tho
national guard. Tho bataliion roportod
to headquarters and tho threocompanios'
remained in their armories during the
liy tho FoJcral Troops at tho Stock Yards.
A Slob Dispersed.
Chicago, July 5. ? Regular troops
made their first cbargo on tho strikers
at tho stock yards this morning. Ninoty
of the Filtoonth regiment, undor
Major Hertz and Captains Chopin,
compay B, and Mitchell, company D,
^dispersed 3,000 mon that woro blocking
tho passago of a moat train noar tho
main entranco to tho yards. 8wift <fc
Co. woro starting a moat train for Now
XOTK. It was reauy mj iuuyu tuD;?i<ig
but the crowd prevented Its doparturo
rand to rased to movo from the tracks.
3?he troops wero sent (or and tho do'tachmont
nnder Major Hartz was aooa
on tho ground. A short distance from
this sceno of trouble the order to move
on the donble quick with fixed bavonots
(was given. Through tho crowd tho sol*
diora moved without resistance and tho
vtrikora and their sympathizers fled
without reforming.
A Deputy Blorstral Shoots a Barkeeper.
Kxclted Citizen*.
Pueblo, Colo., July 5.?Jack Leech, a
Ijartender for George Stum p at North
Union avonuo, was shot ovor tho left oyo
by R E. L. Taylor, a deputy marshal, at
1 o'clock this morning and diod at 1:55.
The doputy was refused drlnk9 by
jLeoch and tho mon went out on tho
sidowalk. A quarrel arose botwoen tho
ofllcers and bystandors. and two soldjers
of tho Sovontoonth infantry. Taylor
says Leech pointed a gun. at him and
xofusod twice to put it up. Bo claims
ho shot in self dofonso. Eyo witnesses
eay Leech meroly had tho pistol by bis
eideanw . as intending to prevont trouble,
jwhon Taylor shot him without a word.
Taylor is a Texan. Looch loavos a wifo
end throe children in the oast. Dopu*
ty Taylor, who killod Looch, has boon
arrostod on domand of tho mayor and
civen in chargo of tho Unitod Htato's
troops. Tho murdor has croatod intonso
oxcitomont and tho stroots aro
'crowded with infurialod citizens.
At 4 o'clock this morning a deputy
rwas shot in tho log when crossing the
'Fourth stroot Viaduct, Tho doputy is a
half brood nogro and he says ho was
tihot by a man named Andorson.
Old "Woody UrlillvV DoOeft the Authority
of the United .States Government.
Denver, Col., July 5.?Iu a apooch at
0 Populist mooting last ovoning Gov*
ornor Walto aald: "Doputy Unlfcod
states marshals bavo no right whatovor
4o bo omployod by any Individual corporation.
In Colorado a rocoivor has
cnliatod an army of dopntios and has
Bont thorn to Trinidad, and tho papora
tell mo that tho people disarmed thorn."
This sally was given by tho governor
with significant emphasis and was
chcorod by tho audlonco. "I any," ho
continuod, "that tho United Status court
or tho Unitod States marshals or both
togothor have no right tocoino horound
practically dociuro war in this uiannor."
Hnbtirlinn gnrvJce Itenewed.
Cincxao, III., July 5.?Tho Illinois
Contral railroad ronowod its suburban
ecrvico to-day, and a limited number of
trains woro running with tho usual
regularity. Tho officials boliovo the
comploto' sorvico will soon bo rostorod.
U'hero was no troablo in securing <?rows
for tho onginos. Tho suburbun sorvico
of the Illinois Central has boon practically
aatpondod slnco last Saturday, and
was soriously cripplod for aomo days
provlous. ________ I
ludlgimnt Citizen*.
Raton, N. M., July 6.?Citlwus nro
vory indignant at tho action of tho ted*
oral troops, 112 men from Fort Mary,
undor command of Colonel Pierflon,who ;
arrived lul night. Thoy charged
Uirunjrh (bo loaa at a doable golek
pace to the American Railway Union
iiatl. and with gnna lavellod ruabed into
tha hall, probably expecting to capture
on arnnal o! gnaa ,anil ammunition. ,
They made a thorough Kirch ol tba
promiaea, bat found nothing. Sot tho
lightest infraction of tha law bai been
committed here lines tha atrike com- |
men cad. 1
Dlftnrbcil ttie Htmiltr at tba Blue Iltand \
Beit of War.
Duvb Iilaitd, Ilu, July (.?The only ]
incident tbat occurred daring the night 1
wu a report tbat the depatlei guarding
the pump at the wait end of the yard '
had been attacked. BainforcemenU i
were tent and proved to be only n gang
of boyi returning from a Fourth of July
dancer who ware etanding off at a dia- !
tance calling tba depntiM ererything
except gentioman. Upon the appear- 1
anco of reinforcement* they a cam porod ,
off across the prairie. The tracks and
yards have all boon clearcd, and are j
ready for bnsinots. The strikers sav
they will do nothing ai loos aa the sol- |
diori are here, but will wait until tboy
leave and thon tie up the road again.
Looked Hotter at tlio block Yards.
Chicago, July 5.?Matters opened
briikly to-day attbo Union stock yards.
Tho troops wore being inarcbod to
points of vantage, and the Btock Yards
Switching Association was making an
oarnost effort to cloar its track and got
stock and paching houso products
started oast. No mobs woro apparently
gathering, and thoogh no stock was received,
tho outlook at the yards wom do* {
clared more bopofnl than for several
days past.
Brighter Outlook at St. Loots.
Br. Louis, July 6.?In the railroad |
yards aud about tho Union depot to-day
a moro choorful state of affairs exists
and a bravor attompt is being mado to 1
handle traffic. Moro switch enginos aro 1
at work than at any time this woek, and
more froigbt cars are being moved. 1
The paisengor eorvico, which has beon !
demoralized the past forty-eight hours,
is improving and all roads report a better
movement in that eorvico.
At Dearborn Station.
CmcAao, July 5.?At Doarborn station,
tho terminus of tho*Erio, Wabash, 1
Snnta Fo, Monon, Grand Trunk and |
Eastern Illinois, an oflort was boing
mado to-dav to get through passonger
trains on all these roads. Most of tho |
trains wore getting out of tho station on t
time. It was said that no attompt to j
ronow tho suburban sorvico on any of
tho Dearborn atatioa linoa would bo i
rnado to-day.
The Strike at Jollflt. i
Joliet, Ilu, July 6.?The contral J
tradoa and labor council of Joliot bold a i
protracted eosBion tbis morning and do- 1
cidod to tio up all roads as far as Joliot '
wua ooncernod, tho striko to tako oiToct ,
at 12 o'clock noon. At that hour ovory
switch ongino in Joliot, all conductors,
liromcn, engineers, brakomou, switch- .
mon and ovon flagmen wont out and
loft tho railroads helpless.
Tho Illinois Steel Company Is sorionsly
crippled in its yard eorvice.
Conipleto Tie-Up at Fort Wayne. i
Ft. Waynb, Ind., July 5.?Tho striko l
situation at Ft. Wnyno ia boocminc vory 1
HoriouB. Not a mall train has reached
tho city over tho Wabash for two days,
and only ono pasiongor train has been i
moved. This morning at 1 o'clock tho I
Nickel Plato omployoa quit and not a I
whool Is turning on that road botwoon
Ft Wayne aud Stonoy Island. Even i
tbo flection men aro out.
Lako Hhoro AIcu <juit Work.
Detroit, Mich., July 5.?At 10 o'clock ;
all the yard mon in tbo omploy of tho '
Lake 6horo road here quit work. Do- 1
troit, Grand Havon and Milwaukco offi- ,
cials aro doing tho switching in that i
vard. most of tho yard hands having <
struck. Everythinc is moving regularly '
at the Union and Michigan Central do* !
pota. J
Strike Off on the 111; Fonr.
Alton, 111., July 5.?Tho agont of tho 1
Big Four road in this city said to-day 1
that tho strike on that road has been '
declared off, and that all tralnraon in ,
tho employ of tho company in this city ,
are working as usual. Thoro is no truth |
in tho roport that Grand Mostor Sargent
had ordorod tbo firomon out. I
Will Make ttie Strike General.
Chicago, July 5.?Prosidont Dobs in (
an intorviow this afternoon doclarod
that if it becamo necossary tho chiofs of <
tbo various labor organizations in tho .
city would call out ovory trado in 1
Chicago so that tho strikers would win.
Strlkors iVrroitod.
Trimidad, Cou, July 5.?Tho troops (
withUnited States marshals surroundod i
tho lodgo room whore tho strikors and ]
thoir sympathizers woro holding a moot- j
ing und arrestod thirty-oight persons. J
Thoy havo boon sont to Denver. <
Strike Over at Indlannpoll*.
I.vmanapolm, July 5.?Tho strike in
Indianapolis is ovor. Tho Monon train .
wont out at noon. Tho Big Four trains 1
wont woBt without obstruction or dim* (
culty of any kind. (
llloekado IJrohrn.
Sr. Joseph, Mo., July 5.?Tho blockade <
in this city has boon brokou and both <
tho Rock Island and Chicago Groatwcst- J
orn roads aro running trains.
Preparing to Prollt by the Pafl?UB* of the
Tariff Hill.
CniCAOO, July 5.?Tho managers of
tho whisky trust mot to-day to con
eidor tbo tariff bill and mo pronabio
effects of tho increased tax oa spirits.
It was said that tbo trust will make an
oflbrt to got possosfion of all tho supply
of spirits in tho inarkot in anticipation
of tho riso which will follow tho passing
of tho tariff bill.
Jt'iintnet' "Ariny."
Fpeeinl DiipOtch to the IntrlHyctuxr.
cnarlestow, W. Va., July 4.?Jonnines'
"ariny," flftoon strong, campod
horo to-day. JonninRS attornptod to
epoak and was arrested. Ho was allowed
to (to aftor promising not to so
again. Jonnin?s loft Indianapolis May
5 with oighty-six men, and in Huntington
aoventy of thorn dosortod. IIo is
still carrying fla^s and drums undismayed.
That Tlrcrl Fnt-lltig
Is a danp;orous condition directly duo to
doplotod or impure blood. It should
not bo allowod to continue, as in its Mobility
tho system is especially lialilo to
serious attacks of illness. Hood's Sarsaparilla
is tho rornody for such a condition,
and nlso for that wonkhnss which
provails at tho chango of season, cliiuato
or life.
Hood's Pills aro purely vo^otahlo,
carofully prepared from the beat iujtrodiuuta,
26& 0 .
tman??u bflb W'?t Yl?slal? !> >?Ciulgn
U Cl*?f laud-A !*>?rlal Trat* to
Vmf Wkw>!ln(-A DallcbUel Trip b>
Dm Great
ft at tvwte Mnm * Wat Virginia:
Tbo great convention will open next
Wednesday evening with eervicM in
Utaeo of the laigeft ehnrchM in Cleveland,
Ohio. , . ,
Each delegate, in order to gain admitlion
lo the convention halls, moat wear
. hirimv which will be lor
Dished by a comml(t9o at oar state
tiead quarters. West Virginia state
'juJzoj will bo told on tho train.
The railroad companion have adopted
me (are for tbo ronnd trip.
Dologates livin* on tho main lino of
tbo li. A 0. railroad will start on train
No. 7 Wodnesduy morning, which leaves
Mariinsburg at 10:15 p. m., Tuesday,
Cumberland 12:40 a. m., Wodnesdav,
Keyier 1:23 a. mM and Grafton 4:2(1
Delejratos from Clarksburg, Salem,
Weston ind those points on the fifth
liviaion of tho B. de CX will oomo to
Grafton on No. 2 which loaves Clarksburg
at 3:10 a. in. Delegates from Ellonboro,
Ponsboro and those points near
Parkersburg will go vis Parkorsburs.
All delegatoa living along tbo Ohio
liivor rallwav will bo tickotod through
to Clovoland by tho the agont (Ohio
River railway agent).
The excursion, after loavlog WhooU
log, will go ovor tho Clovoland, Lorain
5c Wheeling road, a beautiful and almost
direct route, rfolegatoa coming over
tho Ohio Klvor roau and Clovoland A
Pittsburgh road must bo In Wheeling
In timo to loavo with tho excursion,
which will loavo Wbeoling at about 10
a. m., WodnoBdoy, July 11. Deiogatos
from Huntington, Charleston, Ravenswood
and thoio points southwost of
Parkersburg, will bo reouirod to ac
either to Parkersburg or Whoeling the
ovoning boforo, on account of the time
the special train will loavo Whoeling.
Hotel accommodations can bo soenrod
at olthor of thoao places at vory reason?W1~
-* ?" Dalanntu* (rnlna fmm Pnrlr.
Drsburg, St. Mary's, Now Martinsville
and thoso points north of Parkersburs
:an start on tbo morning train which
loaroa Parkoraburg at 5:50 and roach
Whoeiing in timo to leava Whooling on
the oxcnrsion.
The rates over the Ohio Rivor road
via Wheeling oro as ohoap as ovor other
roads. The pleasure going with tho
iolegation will bo groat. It pays ono to
go with tho excursion, oven if they do
discommode thomsolvea a littlo to got
with the oxcnrsion. Delegates, go
with your excuraion manager, and don't
go ofi by youraelvoa; there are chances
Df getting batter accommodations by go*
Ing with your excursion.
Tho commlttoe on ontortainmont will
secure ontortainmont for individuals
[>nly through thoir oxcursion manager.
Tho American houso ie Wost Virginia's
liotol. It is situated on Suporior atroet,
not fivo minutes' walk from tho Union
Jepot Ratos at this hotol aro $2 por
iny (Amorican plan). Tbo hotel limits
us as to tho nuqjbor to bo sont, so.
theroforo, "first come?first sorvoa.''
Secure your hotol accommodations bofore
they aro all gono.
Tho WostVirginiahoadquartorswillbG
In the First Congregational church, on
franklin avonuo, cornor of Logan.
Delegates not caring for hotol accommodations
will bo placod in privato
bousos around our hoadquartors at rates
[>f from Si to 31 50 por day. Thoso aro
good places. Dolegatos desiring to room
together will pleaso notify tho excursion
manager at onco.
Wo will havo a special train out oi
Whooling providing wo havo 1G0 or 200
iologates. Tho train will bo decorated
boautifully, and wo will go straignt
through to Clevoland without moro
than threo stops. Tho rido will bo a
lolightiul ono, passing through somo
boautiful towns and ono of the prottiost
jummor resorts to bo found in tho state
af Ohio, "Chippawa Lako." a delightful
place to stop whon ono is hot and tirod.
fickots will bo b'ood to stop ovor on our
roturn if so dosirod.
Wo havo arranged for on oxcuraion
for tho West Virginia delegation on tho
lako to Niagara Falls, tho faro to cost
but S3. Tho excurslou will start MonJay,
July 10, at 8 o'clock a. m. aud roturn
Tuoaday, July 17, at about 0 p. m.
rhia gives us a day and a night in
Niagara. Hotol accommodations will
bo eccurod for tho excursionists at vory
reasonable rates. Moals will bo served
an tho stoamor, on tho European plan,
?nd poraonB enn pay for just what thoy
$ot at vory roaaonable ratos. Othor oxjuralons
will bo run, but this ono needs
mecial mention.
Kemombor that frlonds of tho Christian
Endoavorere are iavitod to tako
this trip at tho aarao rates and accommodations
as aro oflorod to our Endoavsrors.
Any othor information yon may wish
;an bo had by writing.
L. B. Hull,
Excursion ManacrorWost Virginia Christian
Endoavororo, Grafton, W. Va.
Aro You Going to Trnvol ?
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route. havo a aufllclcncy of Uostcttcr's
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i malarious cllmnto or abrupt transitions of
oinpentnro, avoid dyspepsia, and the sumttchle
muffs begotten of bad final and water, ana
iouutemew an unexpectedly developed tend>nry
to constipation, Dlllousucra and rbouualata.
Buoklcn's Arnica Salve.
The boat salvo in tho world for cuts,
jruiaofl, soros, ulcors. salt rhonm. fovor
soros, totter, chappou hands, chilblains,
:ornB, and all skin ornptions, and poai*
ivoly euros pilot, or no pay roqulrod.
it is guarantood to givo porfect satisfaciion
or monoy rofundod. Prico 25
sonta por box. For aalo by Logan Drug
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hnir which
lms become thin,
and keep the sculp
clcau uud healthy, use
It prevents the hair
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Tho best
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CuablUtaed 1870. IMW.4U St., N.Y.
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