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fThe Intelligencer,
Published Mljr, Except San4aj.
Per Year, by Mull, Postage Prepaid.
OAIIY (MX DAY! IN THE WE?>0 .?ts 00
Tbe Daily IarxLUOfctaui la delivered br carriers
lu Wheeling aad edjAoeni town* it |6
ocou per week.
Penoni wUhlnjt to aubicribe to tbe Daily Ijr*
TKlxiouicn can do to by endluc In their orden
to the iMTRLUOKMctn offlce on postal card
or otbenrbc. They wfii be poncuuliy tarred
Tribute* of Reapect tad Obituary Notices, 60
5;." ccntt p?ir luob.
R;. Correspondence oontahrtn* Important w*i
K;-., solicited from orery j>*rt? of tho surrounding
HjVV country.
|?>; Kejected eotnaunlcatlonanrill not be returaod
^ uukss accompanied by sufficient txwtagc.
2J*nxj 27 FooBTKiSTn Street,
t edition*, ia entered in the ttsKofllco at WheelI
log. W. Va.. as sccond-claai matter.]
^ Kdltorlal Itooui* 431...Com I ting Boom 410.
SQta BriMigtmx.
i..1 . , *
-Congressional Con yention!A
contention of tho Kir*: CooBrcAiooal Diatrlct
Itepubllouus will be held in ilie city of Nyvr
Ifortiusvlllo. W. V&, on Weduu: day. August 1.
g 1894, to nominate a candidate ft.r Congress for
' raid district to be voted for at tbu election to t?e
bold In November next, uud to transact auch
l> other business as may cotno bcfc rq tho ennven>
ticu. W. K. ff TATirRIW.
Chairman ConKresalouaTCommlttce.
Jen. C. ImtDv. Secretary. JeW
:t-" BEADKlU of IU Daily InUUigaxcer
leaving town can hare llie paper unt to any
nj.lrfm ,*,i llj ITnilstl Sdnlft. intuit) aid. fur
I three months, $3 00; for one mont V, 05 cents;
for two teeth, 30 cents. Address changed as
often as tUsiretl.
yon nouac ok deleoates,
tf. 0. 8M1TII.
YOU judge 0/T1IE CltiaiNAL COUItT,
Seuator CuuhIoii'm Fourth o 1 July
It was very thoughtful of Senator
Ccuidon to como to Whooling to upend
Indopendonco Day. Tho sun was not
brighter, tho air was not balmior, anywhoro
in the country than in Wheeling
on that day. Sonutor Catndcn had
a hatful of Fourth of July fun with Mr.
Peter F. Farroll and other conQdontial
advisers, and gavo tho Jtcqister tho opportunity
to draw out of him this entertaining
In roply to an cuuulrr ubout statu politics tho
sonator Nil.I that ho had been no l>u?y at>?l mi
much ouufliiod iu Wiubiuutou that hu knew
very llttlu of wlnit wo* going <>? aL hoiue. hut
that he Intended ?w noon as tho mutter* which
are requiring his presence In Washington are
disposed of to look more carefully after matters
at homo and that bo would do what hu could to
mulutaln Democratic supremacy lu thu coining
It does not seem to havo beon necessary,
as of yore, to induco tho eouator
to "relax his notation." lie bad not
negatod and thore was nothing i'u-that
line to be rolaxod. 'Ihis interview must
havo talceu place very soon aftor-Sonator
Camdon arrived 'hero, for ho had
not been long iu tho city boforo ho was
advised fully that ex-Govornor "Wilson
is aftor his senatorial scalp iu a highly
aboriginal way.
"Democratic supremacy" is all vory
I fine, but if it brinic with it E. Willis
r. Wilson Huproinacy what shall it protit
Sonator Camden? This is the "liouio
manors" which tho Parkorsburg statosman
has on his mind and will look into
ft. with all his might.
A good deal of tho looking into will
be dono in Ohio county. It may bo accompanied
with tho Hying of fur. Mr.
? Wilsou is something is a liair-rnitcr
himsolf and is dot without friends In'
these parts.
Unless Dobs has to pay for his fun
there will bo a failure of justico. No
man should bo permitted to do ns he
lias done and go scott free.
Wane to iW'td HIU one.
It is not strange that tho Democrats
in tho souato are wrothy with Hill. If
they could do soiuothing that would
clip his rampant coinb they would bo
r only too happy. They cannot put him
on tho rack. To thuiuhacrow him
would bo barbarous. To hamstring him
would out race tho sense of mankind. fcJo
> thoy think of reading him out of tho
fc party.
What has Senator Hill dono that ho
should bo road out of tho party? IIo
ha? denounced tho incomo tax provision
of tho tarill bill and refused to support
tho bill with that in it. Is tho iucomo
tax a test of Democratic loyalty? It is
not in tho latest Douiocratic platform or
! any other oi that party, although it may
bo in tbo next. Up to this time cvory
nuthoritativo utterance of tho Democratic
party on thi;* subject has been
against an iucomo tax.
It would be unkind to read a man out
of his party for opposing aomothing to
which his party, through its platform,
lias never sought to commit him. Tho
reading out of Hill would naturally bo
recorded in tho column of "phunny
Dnib'ri 6tril:o ia fast approaching tho
condition of a thiug that wait. How
will ho-flottlo with the mon ho drew
into a movement that never had a
c.'umcc of fiuccosa?
Ktnte Troop* mill tlm Mob.
Tho California soldiers who rofused to
try to push hack u mob by innin
strength, tho United States marshal innistinu'
that they should not liro, arunot
to bo blainod. If tho mob Knowii that
the soldiers nro to bo used tnoroly
to pudh and donied tho right to tiro if
thefr officer* think it aeeoMary, the
mob will hire do mora rot pact lor the
oldier* Uun it ho for berift'* depatie*
or other men.
The efficiency of tbo soidiera lie* la
the certainty that thoy will flre i< that
be oeceuary to quell a riot Thl* la the
contemplation of the law, or there
would be do aw to call oat the military.
The mUtake of the California
aathoritiee wae in allowing the marihal
to dictate to them.'
If the manhal bad the matter ia hie
owa bands he had the backing of
United State* troopi and bad no oie
for the state troops. It ia bettor aot to
mix tblnga at a critical time.
Tat governor of Colorado hu been
airing iome more viewa. He doe* aot
agree with the United State* court*.
The reaaonable inference from thia i>
that the court* are right. Wait* haa a
geniua for being wrong.
Deb* and ilia Wicked Partner.
Perhaps the country has beeu doing
injoatide to Deba. At tbo beginning of
the strikoof hia organization Deba aald
it waa to be a poacofu! moToment. If
hia men wero not willing to work for
the Pullman company at it* wage* he
supposed they bad a right to quit it
quietly. This placed Debs on the side
of law aad order.
The Dobs movomeat had not gono far
beforo it developed violence. The runnine
of trains wus interfered with until
inoro than thirty-linos wore tied up.
Coupling pina were pulled out, trains
wero ditchod, armed and angry mobs
congregated to suspend as much of the
traflic as thoy could control, the sheriffs
wero poworloss, the Unitod States marshals
could do nothing, ordors of Unitod
Statos courts woro defied, tho Prouidont
of the-Unitod btatos was denounced
with groat bitterness. So far as tho followers
of Debs and thoir sympathizers
could mnko it there has boon a condition
of anarchy.
All this agroes-with the advice of Vico
President Howard, who early in tho
gamo said that tho Pullman ofHcora
should be well dosed with the coupling
pin, and who was not going to allow
anything to run if he could help it until
tho Pullman men woro put to work
at the wages they domandod. This
would indicato that Howard is the
wicked partner of tho gentle and wellmeaning
Doha, who desiros to obey the
law and wonts his men to presorvo order,.but
is overridden by the stronger
mind of the determined and rocklcas
If Debs can't hold Howard down how
can lie iiopo to got through with tho big
contract ho has undertaken?
This startling statement is from tho
Now York World, and tho World is a
(iouip make* the profit of o?o cublnot ofllcor
uu ?uj:ur to (lulu SMO.i.OO, wlille hid private xecrutan'
lnix luUl by n little not of jM'.uoo. It Is
only fair to mid that tbl* cabinet otllcer'* dtrtieM
nru not iu any way coituculvd with the tariff or
Had tho sugar itch fallen on tbo
whole outfit?
The country has nothing to do with
any disagreement botwoou tho Pullman
company and tho men who woro in its
employ,, but it is dooply intoreatod in
tho supremacy of tho law, without
which tho transaction of business is impossible
and there is nothing left of all
that men call country.
Choicer camo sailing o'er tho seas to
meet the Tammauy bgavos onco rnoro
on a Fourth of July. Before the noxt
occasion oi this kind thoro may bo soino
rudo separations. Thoro may be many
Tammany braves under ono roof who
will not bo able to minglo in a festivo
way. Somb have gone before.
The prenchora gathorod at Chautauqua
have beon discussing the evangelists.
Ono proachertold of an ovangolist
who was willing to work at tho rato
of a dollar per head of tho converts ho
made. This was thought to bo scandalous.
In fact tho prico is low enough.
At tho Chicago stockyards ninety
rogulors dispersed a mob of 3,000. Tho
regulars movod into tho mob on tho
doublo-quick, bayonots fixod. Undo
Sam with his bayonet flxed for businoss
is always persuasive.
Walbs's Britannia boats cur Vigilant
by fivo soconds, but Dunraven's Valky?5?*
hna rtt\ HA In n?VV JdriAll'R lnftkftr, llitf
lordship was fished out of the water in
a bedraggled condition, and our ilair is
stili thoro.
Tlio colored Masons of Goort'la havo
just boon holding thoir annual mealing
at Atluntu. Thorn aro 110 Iodgos in the
stato with a membership of over (1,000.
Thoy own considerable nroporty and
are doing thoir boat to assist tho widowa
and orphanu of docoaaed members.
Many Amoricans upon arriving
abroad innlio uaoof tho cablo coilo. Tlio
first metsngo usually receivodby friends,
and tlio ono thnt irivoa tho moat pleasuro,
is that containing tho word "ablution,"
which means?arrived safo and
wollj good voyage."
Thouias K Brockinridgo, who oroasod
thu plains with Fremont's expedition
in 1845, ia living utTollurido, Col., in
destitute rircumstances. Petitions praying
the federal governmenfcto grant him
a pension aro circulating in California
and Colorado.
Tho supremo court of orrora of Connecticut
liaa decided that studonta under
twonty-ono years of ago cannot bo
hold responsible for bills contractod
during thoir minority.
An alligator killed at b'nnd Hoach,
near Shrovoport, Lu, recently was
found to contain, it is roported, throe
piiTH, a I.nub and tlio roinaius of a neyro
Doalora in raw skino 0011*1 hundrods
of thousands of niuskrat hidos yearly
from Now York to Kuropo, whoro tlioy
aro curod and mado into muQ'd.
Fishormoti in Atlantic county, Now
.Tor.soy, have discovered that I ho sevenloon-yoar
locu?t* uinko an oxcellont bait
for catching black bnia.
Tho fruit crop of California will likoly
prove ono of tho largest evor harvested*,
announcoB tho Los Angolas Trtuk ISnlId
Tin: scrofulous taint which may have
boon in your blood for yoara, may bo
thoroughly expelled by K^viliK llood'a
barcaparilla a trial. (j
Oso H. 3. McGirtra, the ax-IIapnbliI
can, who wot given an office in Washington
by Mr. Pendleton before he tied
served his firat year's apprenticeship as
| a Democrat, while Democrats of loos
Handing were left to go hnngrv, devotoe
tuoarljr a column of apace in the fUyitter
to a violent personal attack on mo because
1 made aorne comment- on hii
appointment Mr. McGivern exaggeratea
hie own importance when ho
thinka it nooeasary to deroto so much
mace to bia own defenae. Concerning
his record and his character 1 care very
little, and it la not in evidence that the 1
pnblic is loaing any aloep over the matter.
My criticiim "was of Mr. Pendloton
and not of Mr. McGivern, but Mr.
McGivern get* himself mixed up with
Mr. Pendleton in a way that bides tho
main iaaue, which was that ho received
recognition when Democrat* who had '
claims on the party for long lorvice in i
the ranks were forgotten. If Mr. ,
McGivern could boar some of tho com- <
moan luai i/craocran muo uu uig op- |
pointmont be would not consider that |
be has any quarrel with me. Could (
Mr. Pendleton hear them ho would not (
rogard McGivern's appointment as a
paying investment. Mr. Pendleton's
protege resent* the reference to his be- i
inir a loiterer about flibing camps and
assorts that as a member of tho Mark 1
Twain club he dispensed its hospitaii- <
ties to mo, even to tho oxtent of allow- <
ing me to "swill gallons of beer." He J
has made a serious error, tiinco I have *
never in all my life beon a guest of the i
Mark Twain club at its camp, nor a |
guost at tbe camp of any other lishing <
club, and sinco I havo novor enjoyed f
the acquaintance of Mr. McUivern, it is t
not possible that ho or any other person
could havo allowed mo to make <
such a hog of myself undor such cir- ]
cumstances. In othor words, Mr. Mc- i
Givern doesn't know whom ho is writing <
about, and if the otbor statements bo 1
makes in his lottor contain no more f
truth than the ono in question, i
his dofonso doesn't umount to uny- I
thing. By tuo way, a defonse of Mr. I
McGivern from tho members of the I
Mark Twain club might mako interest*
- ing reading.
The IUjuUr has* had an attack of (
hydrophobia, or somothing very much ]
liko it, over siuco last Saturday, when i
the Republican county convontion (
placed in the Hold a legislative ticket 1
Republicans wore not so sanguine at* to (
hope for the Jsupport of tho {
tickot, but wore surprised that (no '
Democratic organ should adopt a course '
which is a virtual confession of tho !
strength of the nominations. Its vilo j
attacks on them and tho worse than 1
demagogic comments on tbo conven- 1
lion's action aro evidence that soinobody 1
is badly frightened. Tho unscrupulous 1
effort to array tho foreign boru eleinont 1
among the citizens of Oiiio county
against tho Republican party bocauso 1
Mr. II. F. Bahrein failed of tho nointna- '
tlon, is an exhibition of tho rankost '
demagogy, scarcely over boforo equullcd j
by even tho ttcyisler itself. It must 1
necessarily fail of its object for tho very j
reason that tho intelligonco of our Ger- '
man-American citizens will rcsont it.
Tho ItciiitUr's course in tho matter has '
boon an upon insult to their intelligence
and no citizens aro quickor to roulizo
the fact than they. Our foreign-born'
citizens resent the idea that would rnako J
of them a distinct class, and
thoy insist upo.n it that they
are* American citizens, on an ]
equality and taking their chancoa with
the native born peoplo of tho country j
of their adoption. The Republican 1
party makes no distinction on account 1
of race, uatiouality nor religion. It has 1
never done so in tbo past and novcr 1
will. It docs not noiuinato a man for 1
public office bocauso ho is of this or that 1
nationality, nor becauso he holds this '
or thatrejigious crood. It only requires 1
of him. that ho bo a Republican, sub- 1
scribing to Republican doctrines, and a !
legal and houorablo citizon of tho ro- !
public. Tboro is no "foroignor" class !
among our citizons?all are Americans. 1
When a partisan newspaper attornpts 1
to c'reato class projudice for partisan 1
purposes it incultd tho pride and loyalty 1
of overy Atnorican citizon, bo ho nativo
born or naturalized. W hon a politician
attempts to do tho same thing ho
stamps himsolf as a despicable domagogue.
And what desperate straights a ,
party is in when it is obliged to resort
to such contemptible methods.
r b
Ttiis cotirao of the lictjirtcr is on a par with
tho courso of the Democratic cam- I
paign inauagors in this stato in 1892, I
whon thoy raised tho "negro domina- j
tion" cry. Thatcontomptiblo and partIv
successful etrort to croato race preju- '
tfico in somo sections of West Virginia is j
still fresh in tho,;inindHjJof tlioso who
watchod tho courso of the campaign. In .
this section of tho stato it was not generally
known at tho timo to what ex- !
tout this peculiarly outrageous cam- 1
paign was carried on in those portions 1
whero tho uogro population is largo.
In some countios the whito people wore 1
.1.-4. : r *!.? liAnl.l,lin.na ?Ktnln.nl
power in the BUM mixed schools would 1
be eatabliahed, though the Douioeratic ;
mnnauorn know that such a thins would j
bo impossible under our constitution, J
and that tho llcpublican party ami its
candidates (lid not favor such a movomout.
In thosouthoru countios of Wost
Virginia, and particularly in tho romoto
mountain districts, groat posters
woro displayed, on which was au enormous
picture of tho interior of a school
house. Seated flido by buTo' woro colorod
and whito childron. and in
tho foreground was a gigautic negro in
tlio act of administering corporal punishment
to a little whito child. This,
tho reader was informed in flaming
words, was a picture of what wan to bo
oxpocted if the Republicans carried
Wost Virginia. Intelligent Democrats
woro disgusted with their pnrtv manngors
that such a method to obtain votes
had been adopted, but thoy were easily
porsuadod by tho bosses that tho no- \
cossities of tho occasion domanded it. J
And so tho minds of ignorant whito 1
votors were worked upon effectively? '
and all in the name of tariff rofortn! (
llow a self-respecting man can endorce 1
a party that will resort to Bueh moans '
to carry an election is a mvstory. And j
yet the bouost, solf-reapucting Democrats
of Wost Virginia did that very
thing, though, lot ua liopo, uot without
a blush of shame.
Wliother thij "negro domination" j
ficaro will bo attoinptod again or not ro- (
muinsto be seen. It is not likolv that tho i
Democratic parly will bo ablo to fool
ovon tho ignorant classes a second time <
in tho samo way, howovor, and bo a I
aoarcn is uomp tnnuo ior somo now cry 1
with which to uppoal to class projuilice '
in tho intcroHtof ''tariff roform." Tlio ?
dishonest cliort to cronto race prejudice, <
having ncrvod its day and purpose, tho I
JhyuJir linn hit upon tlio"antMoroinnor*' s
ho. lint it will not bo successful. ThH
timo tlio Democratic managers will not
haro ignorant wliitoi in tho mountain
dintrict* of tho Kentucky border to prey
upon, but tlio into'.li^out foroiirn-born (
citizonn of tlio intolliguut community of
Wlioolin^, who am already nhowiup
their rcHontinont of tho innult kivcmi by
tho li/ginler when it attouipti to cronto
th oiu iu to a class. Tho Jtcyisiefs peculiar
Highest of oil in Leavening Poa
style of campaign will react with torrlblr
force beforo tho bittlo is over. Soc
l( it doesn't.
The Democratic organ'i deep oonc?rn
for the Bepablican ticket ii really
UTecting. It asiamoa each day to call
itteotion to the miilakea made by tho
;onvoj)tion last Saturday. It doesn't
requiro uq bhiqm poiiuciau
that whoa tho onotny sheds tears over
)ur "niiatakoi" it it time for ua to coujrotuiate
The visit of Senator Camdoa to
IVheeiine is brief bat it is swoot,
'or tbo boys, whilo it lasts. Tho result
)f it will bo notod whon tho personnel
)f ihe logislativo ticket in known,
blvervthing was fixed, ami all tho con/ontiou
will have to do will be to meet
ind ratify Mr. Camden's ticket. Tho
primaries will solect delegated to the
:ounty convention who will veto for tho
date. That part of it will bo arrangod
it tho suggestion mooting?. After that
will corno tho checks from tho Standard
)il muiruato to help mutters along until
November. Wiudy Witeon wou't liavo
i show in this county, but at on early
lay ho will tako the opportunity to iu:orm
tho Democrats of Ohio couuty
that ho is a caudidato against Cnmdon,
tud is running on a platform ropresoutug
Democratic principles as opposed to
;ho compromising attitude occupied by
he senator.
In concoction with tho talk concornng
tho Domocratio fear to run Mr Penlleton
again for Congross, and Mr.
Pendleton's own consuming douiro to
:ot out of the way of the cyclono that is
ino Novembor 0, are tho speculations
regarding tho Democratic nominee in
:aso Mr. Pundloton retires. Ail tho
)ld names aro montioned and some new
)nos. Among the Wheeling men, who
ire talked of nro Colonel Amett, ex-Soualor
Suininorvillo and lion. John M.
Uirch. Mr. Birch represents tho young
Domocracy and tho progrossivo decent
of tho party, but ns tho lnttor is
ladly in the minority, it is not likely
that the IJirch movement will got beyond
tho spuculativo stage. Besides,
Mr. Uirch, who ia a broad-mindod man
ind not tainted with demagogy, can
icarcoly bo regarded as an available
:andiduto iu a year when tho Democratic
caudidato is expected to defond tho
failures aud short-comings of the Democratic
Congress and administration,
jo fraak and fair-minded a muu ns Mr.
Uirch would bo plucod at a disadvantage
undor tho circumstances.
An auonymous corrospondont in tbe
Regitler tho other day propounded a
iorios of questions to Captain Dovenor.
fho inquirer asked tho enptain if he
was willing to pledge himself to certain
things if olocted to congress. Those
"certain tilings" provod to bo tho prinliplos
embodiod in tho Populist platform,
with an amendment ondorsing
I'oxeyism. While I am not nuthorizod
Lo speak for Captain Dovoncr, 1 would
suggoat to tho correspondent that if the
japtain is nominated ho will carry the
standard of Republicanism, undor which
this country crow groat and poworful
md prosperous. Suppose tho correspondout
propound his aerios of quesLions
to tlio Democratic candidate. Thia
is.not tho yoar to ask Republicans to
:ompromiao with any of tho crazy
iaaues that havo sprung into oxistonco as
i result of tho Democratic era of busi!io9s
depression, wreckod industrios and
5nancial panics. , o. a. u.
Hold n Delightful I'lculc nnd Crimp.lire at
tiludvHvUIe, tn Frotton Couuty.
Spccial CorrcfiMuUncc of the Intelligencer.
Gj.adesville, July 5.?G. A. R. Post
So. 112, of this place, and Lynn Post, of
Independence, turned out in a body at
Lho Sona of Votoraus picnic and campliro
hero last wook. At 3 p. m. tho Sons
jf Voterana and G. A. R formed into
lino in front of tboir hall, and headed
L>y a drum corps marched to the boaulifni
grovo locatod at tho edgo ot tho
town, whore a largo, crowd had assembled
to hoar tho Bpoakiug. Comrado
Lanham, of Independence, was mado
:bairman and responded in an interesting
speech, at tho close of which ho introduced
Thomas N. Kwishor, coinnf
Xtriiiiln lWt Vn 0 (1 A W
sf I'nirraqnt, who spoko iip^roaaivoly
ind oloquantly for half an hour.* < Ilia
iddrew waa greatly enjoyed. Corurcdf
C, Bcoti, ol Indofuudeoco, follow*!
with a twenty raintitts' speech,in which
Liu rolated many funny stories.
Itov. A. M. Bennott, captain commandintc
camp No. 0, of thid piaco, wascallod
!>ut, and domoliahcd Comrndo Scott's
?tory, which cauaed grunt laughter.
L'nptuin Bonnott ia poat uivino cbwlain
->f tho sons aiul a good talker. Loud
:all? wero mado for Col. Wilbur H.
Brand, cominondor West Virginia division,
Sons ot Veterans. Ho catno forward
to the stand, and in a ten ininuto
iDoech cappud tho climax. Colonol
I'.rand lia? been called tho "boy orator
jf West Virginia " Comrndo Swishor
Lheu lang tho "Fadod Coat of Blue,"
ivhich clobod thooxorciaoi for tnoday.
rtio G. A. II. and Sona of Votoraua wore
invitod to tho G. A. K. hall, whero refroahmeuta
woro served by camp >10. 9,
t5r>ns of Voterana. '1 ho big Soua of Votjran
cainntiro oponed at 8o'clock in tho
iunior hatl, which waa crowded to ita
utmost cnpncity. Capt. A. M. Bonnott
lircriided, and introduced Colonol Brand,
liviaiou coinmnndor of tho Son* of Vot rnna,
vho upoko oloquoutly tor three[)uartorts
of an hour on tho principles
md objects of tho ordor. Short apeechoa
svoro mado by Thomas N. Nwiahor, Capt.
A. Al. Bonnott and Rev. Hall Snodgruas.
Ctxri* For llciidnrtic.
As fi romody for all forma of hoad[tcho
Klectric Bittern has provod to bo
[ho very beat. It otlects a permanent
L*uro, and tho inont droadod habitual
s?ick hendachos yield to its influence.
wo nr^o an who nro niiucum 10 procuro
i bottle, anil jjivo tlii.-i remedy a inir
[rial. In eases of habitual ronntinaliou
Eloctric Uittors euro* by Kivin^
the 11 (toil tono to tlu> bowels, and few
:a?e?i lontr roflist tlio u.10 of this modi*
sine. Try it onco. Lamo bottlon only
Hft.v couta at Lo^au Drue Co.'s Druir
store. 2
IlAvnyou trioil (ieinSotlo Water?
Compare tho Pittsburgh DitpaHi with
jllier pupors. ^
HI: my Pontons nn; Ir.fcvt.
lown from overwork <?r cans.
IJniwn'H Iron Bitters HcbulMmiieyMcm.
nldxdlftrctlon. remove cx<v%a of bUo.
ma cuxvs inularlu. Uct tbe uuuuluo.
rer.?Latest U. & Gov't Report
> Powder
$1.25 SMS
The Silk Bargain of (be Season,
750 yards Fancy Silk suitable
for waists, trimmings and
dresses. All this season's
styles. Not a piece in the lot
worth less than Si 2;.
FBOM 50 CENTS TO $3.50.
The Bast $1.00 Hammock In tbe City.
Jcl6 1308 Market Street.
NOISY?Flrowrork? of all kltvlf.
QIJ112T? lfcwe It ill Good*. Knot Balls. Croouot.
AH tliu latest Lit'-rnry ami l'anlilou Mnguzlnof,
Weekly juiU Dully Paper*. Cheap Iidoks, ota
Jy2 UN Market fitroet
The Pittsburgh Dispatch.
ui'iivuiu-i uuy piuuu in vuu
lCcnWeok, ?0c Including Suudujr.
Leavo Orders nt Store,
uiy'il 1410 Markot Stroot. Wattling. W. Vn.
Jewett's Refrigerators!
With Jcwptt 1'ntont Cold Air Iilimt, Insure* tho
Krt'Htest j>o*?lhle colrl with loss ijtiatitltv of lev
thnn am- other style. Call and am thorn or lend
for catalogue to
( us unit Uusiillno Stoves of all Sizes.
1508 nnd 1610 Mnr,<ol St.. ni*2l
Refrigerator or Ice Croam Froozsr
CoMt' and s-'co Our tftook.
tii:: laudiur assoktm1 nt in iii::cirv.
uiyj lilJ MAIN bnuxr.
H.r<i oolrt *a<l fulfill: tabif w v
pacJ: NotluiMl: mioMwt?.-.k
r inlUlcA *
Itei tun>. H Vt
Ttic nnual mectln* ol tbo Mockh'O .
?h# G^ruiMU Flro Ituurnntv Cotnimi < ? w. J
log. \V. Vfc. for Ibe elccil ?u of iiltu* dir.. ,
and con-.'deration of idi Otbrr butlrn ? .. .?
be found uceeaarr. will bo befcl Mon m*. j ;
?. iftM. Iwtwoen tbo hour* of un 1 ? ? at
tbo offloe uf Uio ooutjany, N.? i .. lr.
? $ ?'?*
With crory II00 worth of Rood* pur'i ikh of
t?ViU rvcelre odo down P1CMC mra tM
of ooanfo
JjJ-TOAF 1117 Mnrkrt H'rr I
pi Ekinm c
Forty t'lnl Yrw. HraHltfol and lir*lil,iul
location. Fifteen milt* north uf Clncit.iiati.
Full courM uf study, frerarulor; au.i
frlntr. ll?s?t facilities In Hwle, Art, etc., * it? I
Ijotue cmro and nu|f rvUlou.
|le?. Ua I'OTTtU. O. U., Glendale, Olilu,
_ Jy" y-a wy
In honor of tho dead President of France. baJ!
( arimt. will bo held nt tho Cathedral ou Kiidb)*
morning, July C. ot i? o'clock.1
Kverybody i* invited to attend.
by order of AUuro Lorulno inx-loty
JOHN KRKHMt;I'll. I'rwldent
V.HTOK lloliTKltMKVr.K, Secretary. JyU
L. W. Ileulg?t pti'l Charlw I' Hamilton. arehl*
tecti. huvo thiii day formed a jKmiier?hi|i lor
doing a general architectural builnev.. i.ud re.
ftpeetftillv a?k n continuums of thu public pai?
rutiage Jointly, that hu? heretofore been n>
corded them idnglv. I'luiia utid ?|H5elflcutlu??
carefully prepared and penoual aupcrvhlou
given all work. L- W. II fcNIGST,
Jl'LYG, 1KU. Koom 1'J. ltelllv ltl<?ck.
Mouiber American inrtituto
Electrical EokIuuodi.
Electrical Engineer and Contractor,
Electric Light, Power, Hallway, Mining and
riteuiu Pin nt*.
Denier in Electrical Supplier mr.'OMWK
(limited quantity), for a fow days. <*
^ ^ ^ ? ?+? ?
Deviled Crobi, Imported and Domesm. *
lobsters, Salmon.
Smelta, Herring in Tomato i
Lunch Oysten, Sauce.
.-ardiuc*. Kipper of Herring,
and a lull lino of pottod ami deviled moats.
Jy2 13UG Market Street
Blank Books-^
Of all kinds for Merchants,
Banks. Lodges
and all other organize
lions, inow 13 nit) inuu
to open a new set. Our
stoek is complete and
AGcnuiuo Split Bamboo Fishing
Rod for $2 51).
AIM tbo Celebrated Stool Fly and Halt Itoda at
low prlcci.
Red Fire! i
Red Fire! '
!R,. HI. LIST,
Joiao 1010 Main Streot.
W. L. Douclas
ft1* ?STHE BE8TA
$ 5.SP P0UCE,3 Sous.
yon can aave mnnev br pnrctoaalng Wi L.
Iluuclnn HliiiCft , .
llccaase, we are tlie largest manufacturers of
advertised hIioch In the world, and euaraatce
the value by stamping the name and price on
tlic bottom, widen protects you Ogalunt high
tirlccs and the middleman'* profits. Our shoes
e qual custom work In style, ertsy fitting and
wearing qualities. We have tbcm sold everywhere
at lower prices for the value Riven than
any other mate. Take no substitute. If your
dealer canuot supply you, wc can. Sold by
II. i. :>tr..\KF>iKLi.i:tc, aiai Market .st.
.1. t. sr?x::, 10 n main mh-ot j .i. mump
Sale of
Odd Pieces
111!> Main Street.
Harcourt Place
Seminary, Gambler, 0.
A Kfl'? ">lof Hit.- h!;f!i'n! Iniellv'ttial advents*,* >,
wli- Mn nn- ?;?vr;t ii ?rd i??:uu?r<I
. i?tii iMimtUul niiil wv rurvfully
irr.m fv.-rytli!tn< ttvii |<o>tnlu<> .?
towltl ?timl li urrtiM*. rt'iSiMM] nintm?-rx uiiu *.'.o
be.4t..ml .-uluiru. Cuiolo;1 -.* tout.
TNTi'u.iit'ai'f'.us in'ii oh Kin:- -?
_l M'.W TYi'i' ?:U!1 I.I'U U'lSlSr
COUNT aau TAS I'Y WOW*' n, u.l ! ? nr|??u.
' ? uuJ :7 1'ourhMUt'a S:.-o0

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