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I m back, Notthe Britannia, DetoatI
ad tha Vigilant
I Vigilant Was Pockotod Near toe
I Finish in a Oatm.
I Book In m Col 11*1 on With Satantta at
I The Oon-Flre?Tbo Vigilant UnhrerJPv
^ ulij Admltud to Be rite Better
I Boat?Piiutmrgh Bell Team Again
I Defeated?Tbo Resnltf at Sheep*
Hp' bead Bay aod Washington Park.
I Other Interesting News of Sport.
I .1
I Htwms Qui y, (Firth of Clyde), JWy
' 6.?The roj?tt* of tbe Mad Ilook Yacbt
K Clob to-doy oponcd unld n accno of excllemoat,
which wu toon liter lntoniiP"
fled "by oolllslon beteea tbe Valkyrie
and tho Satanlta, which rctolUid lo-tbe
| | alnklog of the termer yacbt and the so
| rioos disabling of the latter, men w
HE- atill farther excite the masses aabore
H and tho peoplo afloat, the Brittania,
BE -which bad tho beat of tho start, was
g overhauled and passed by the saucy
Vigilant. A. fevorboat of axcitemont
3 Ladprovaliod previous to the start for
K the Mnlr Memorisl Cap race. No such
interest has been shown hero in a yachting
contest, for the American tiyor Vigilant
was to meet, for tho flret'time, tbe
prince of Wales' cutter Brittania, adxnltted
to bo tho fastest yacht in Europo.
Every point of vantaso about thecourso
?'- was packed with siabtsoors from early
wkv morning and their number was conK\.
Btantlv added to as tbe day advanced.
The start was fixed for 10:30 q. m.,
and Just previous to that hour a fair
wind was blowing, and it was oxpeoted
Kf. that tho raco would be concluded by 3
p. in. Tho Brlttanla, Valkyrio and
Hatanlta lav at the Holy Loch anchorago,
a small' bay a little dose to and a
little north of Hunter's quay. All three
K[;,' hoisted their racing Hags at sunrise and
commenced activo preparations for tho
day's agnatic contosu Nat Herroshof,
IE tho doaignor, was at tho wheel of tho
Tho start was mado In a blinding
mist, the wind, bowevor, still holding
good. The Vigilant, Brittania and 6alanita
came up in Jino with tho port
tack, to turn tho mark boat, while tho
Valkyrie raced down from Holy Locb.
| Tho Satanita was too soon by half aminute.t
On tho other hand tho Brittania
was ablo to luff for a capital start. Tho
[K? ' Vigilant turned handsomoly, and was
on tho mark boat shortly after gun flro.
But the Brittania was quicker, and got
" *" ~ 1 It..
ii~ ou inroo iongbiiH uuuuu.
tilb!t cams tuc aoctdsjft
[ of tho day, which throw oat of tho race
and out of racing for some time to como,
tho Valkyrie and Satanlta. Theso craft,
while preparing for tho start bocatno
locked togother and, in a few niinnto*.
the Valkyrio sottlod down and sank,
whilo tho Satanita was so badly dam!
aged that oho was obliged to retire.,
f b'orao tlmo passed before tho peoplo
'ashore folly roalizod what happonod.
Tho Satanita, it appoarg, was lulled for
tho start and was unable to get out of '
the Valkyrie's way as tho Tatter wbb
coming up on the starboard tack. Tho
Valkyrlo's bowsprit ran across tho
fiatsnita's foresail and tho collision which
ensued carried away tho Hatnuitu's
bowsprit and topmost, leaving
her a wrock covored with tangled
rigging and collapeod sails. Tho force
of the collision cat the Valkyrie down
' ' to tho wators odgo and eho slowly sottied
down and sank la throo minnten.
; - Ashore, owing to tho mist, it was dlflicult
to immediately ascertain what had
happonod, oxcopt that tbero had boen a
?' collision and that tho Valkyrio had gono
down. Load cries woro hoard from tho
crows of tho two yachts and for a tirrio
it was foarod mat a number of tho crow
of tho Valkyrio had beon drowned.v
Happily this was not tho case, as Lord
Eanravon, Wateon and tho officers and
crow of tho Valkyrio woro pickcd up by
boats which pnt out from tho qhore^and
from tho many sailing yatfhts and
steam yachts in the vicinity of tho
scono of tho accldont.
lord duniiaveh was a sight
I long to be bo romombored whet) he was
takon on board tho Dobo. IJo was no,.
longor the spraco dignified gontloman ?
so woll remembered in A.mcrlr,a. Tho
captain of tho Hatanlta said that he did
not have room to tnrn, owing to tho
large numbor of etoam and othor yachts
?M/.m ortthnrnri about tho starting lino.
iAVhen tho Valkyrie bogan to fill, eomo
of her crow jumpod ovorboard; a fow
auccoedcd Jn scrambling on board the
Satanita; others woro takon off by stoam
yachta and eomo woro pickcd up holding
on to floating objects. Ono of tho
Valkyrie's aoamon, William Brown, waa
caught botwoon tho Valkyrio and a
steam yacht and had his log badly
crufhod. Tho Valkyrlo lies in twentymo
fathoms of wator. Tho Satanita carried
away six yards o( hot starboard
bow and boam abovo tho wator lino.
The cook of tho Satanita had his arm
In tho meanwhile tho Vigilant and tho
Britannia had gono awav, not'knowlng
ot tho aiuking of tho valkyrlo or tho
damago done to tho tiatanlta. Tho
Britannia hitched on to pott to throw
boraelf on tho woathor boam. Both
yachta thon wont across tho ilrth on tho
starboard tack to tho oppoaito land.
Whon thoy tackod again tho Vigilant
; waa pushing hor bowsprit over tho
Britannia's woathor quartor, and was
throatoning to ruu into the woathor
Tho Vigilant continued to drnw ahead
of the Britannia, and turning tho Aacog
mark-boat, the yachta caino on tho run
with their booms over to port tho Vigilant
carrying groat balloon orapinmakorjibs,
a?j thoy aro termed horo which
woro drawing aplondidly. Off toward
point, aftor rounding the Aacogi mark,
both yachta sot tholr spinmakora to
an/1 tliAi > ?'lnh ffln iitila n'nrn
roplnccd bv jib hondors. At tho woatber
mark, Jock Tardea woro pot tip and,
t working along tho Cioch snore, spin*
mfikoni woro run out to port and jibtop-sails
woro not. Under this sail both
yachtw ran towurd Kilcrcggan and from
horo it appeared aa if tho Mritannia was
closed- up a littlo. Approaching tho
(Jloeh light house, on t!io run hotno to
tho finish tho Vigilant was still loading
and it wah optima tod that she wus about
seven midutos nhoad. Tho wind was
uoftonin?, hut tho Britannia with bor
spinmaknr down boganto haul hor In
and passod hor near Oouroek.
hfovon inilos from tho finish coming
up tho Firth under spinnakers with a
light breoso, tho Britannia, which had
been sovoral minutes bohind, gradually
overtook and pasned tho Vigilant olT
*?hton and rouudod tho XllgroggAQ.
mark best for the retch boot half a
rrxoata ahead of the Vhrtiant. Tbe
following ia the correct time of tbe flniflb:
Bmanols 4 boora, S8 ainotee and
1 teoaod-, Vigilant 4 boors. 28 minutes
A?d 86 aeconda.
One of tbe moet remarkable cbaaget
which em occurred ia a yacht race
took place aeveral mi lee (romXhe finish.
Tbe wiod vac atiil fairly fresh on tbe
ran up tbo firth aa far as Clocb, whore
the vigilant bad a lead of orer five
minotea. On the home aide of Cloon.
bowevor, tbe Vigilant dropped oat of 1
tbe wind, and tbe Britannia began to (
draw up on her, keeping farther from
tbe sbor& A mile above Cloch the
Vlfflant waa patted, and tbe Britannia
waa leading by half a minute
at Kflcreggan. On tbe reach tbe
Vigilant pluckily endeavored to
como past on tbo weather, bat the
Brittannla luffed np and prevented her.
Zbo Vigilant would havo undoobtodly !
won with a mlnuto or two to apare and j
would havo done so but for the laddon |
falling off of tbe wind in which the
Bnttannia waa so well aervod.
It waa admitted on all aides that tbo
Vigilant waa tbo hotter boat aod that 1
abe bad the barder linos in losing.
Pittsburgh Loet to the Quaker*?Boston
Almoft at the Front Now.
CloU W. L. Pcl Chjb. W. L. Pet
Baltimore.?23 W CTj aereland 25 27 519
Borton. 41 2u tni Cincinnati?27 ? <74
iCew York ? 24 503 gL Louia 27 85 4Jb
Pltuboro?-...aG 25 W) ChksaRO -~20 40 U4
PblUdCJlpfcU-iJ 23 5*J Wa?iilncU>D..lS 43 295
Brooklyn ? 24 67^LOUUTMO 14 43 271
Stupid Hue llunnlofc.
Pittsburgh, July 5.?Stupid baio running
loat tho game for Pittabnrgh toda/.
Tho gaxno waa exciting throughout,
Pliiludelphia winning in the tenth
inning on a double by Sullivan and
Caraejr'a tlnglo. Buckley's catch log wis
tho featoro. Attendance 1.000. Score;
prrmnuou so r a r.j run* da. r u r a b
Smith. 11?0~ T 4 0 OifUm'fn.ctO 0 4 "o *0 ,
Donoran, r.O 0 8 1 0 ilallman,2bl 2 4 4 1
Becklay, 1.1 2 10 l 0 Dclah'tr.lbo 1 8 0 0 <
Btontvl. cl_l 1 2 0 0 Thomp n.rfl) 110 0
Bch'lieck. Ml 1 4 2 OiCroo. 8p....i 12 11
Lyon*. 8b...0 I O 2 0 Or-dy.lbalLl 14 10
BUtU'uar.10 0 2 5 OFuUlvan. aal 2 4 10
Merrltt, c-0 1 2 4 2|Huckley.c~0 1 8 8 0,
ColcoIo'h.pO 2 12 OCancy, p....O 1 0 0 0,
Total 17128 17 2' Total ^4 10 30 10 ~2 ,
PltUburf 0 101010000-8 1
Philadelphia. .0 I 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1-4
'Eamod run*. Pittsburg 1, Philadelphia 2. Two {
bane bits. Sullivan. Threw bono hiu, Ortdjr. 6*crillce
htu. Schlobcck. l.yonn. Ptnllvan. Stolen <
baso?, llallmon, Oow. Hamilton, Thompson.
Double plnjra. Donoran and Buckley, Hallman
and Delelmnty, Qrody. tfulllvan, Buckley and
llallman. Fim on balls, ofl ColooluiiKh 2; off
Career 4. Hit, BeckJey, Schclbeck. (Struck out,
by Coloolonich S; by Coney L Tlmo, 2:13. Umpire.
Lyncli. 1
Tli? Lead urn Downed.
Cincinnati, July 5.?Baltimore's errors,
Hawko'a basos on balls and Cincinnati's
torriblo hitting comb mod to
overthrow the visitors to-day. Attendance
8,000. Scoro:
Cincinnati -..8 1 0 7 0 0 7 2 --20 j
Baltimore -0 0 O 0 1 0 3 0 2? C
Earned run*. 8 and 0. Errors, 2 and 8. Hits, 21
and 9. Pitchers. Dwycr and Ilawke. Umpired, 1
?.w1 IU?,rtiin
Gloiito Htlll Watting.
Louisville, July 5.?Errors loat the
gamo for Louisville to-day. Both pitchors
did good work. Attendance 1,500.
Louisville 2 00000010-3
Now York l 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0? 4
Earned run*, 1 each. Krrom, 4 and 2. lilts. 7
and a KtcLer?, Menefeo and WcatorvelL Umpire,
Slugging Guuio.
Ciixoaoo. July 5.?-Tho Senators batted
Hutchison out of tho box in tho
third inning, but tho Colte ovoned matters
by giving Maul a large doao o( thoaatno
medicine in tho fourth. Attondanco
030. Score:
Washington .?...0 0 7 0 0 0 2 1 0-10
Chicago - .1 0 3 8 3 U I 0 *?13
Earned, <J and 10. Errora, Sand 3. Hit* 10 and
12. Pitchcra. Hutchison, Stratton. Mercer, Maul,
and Sullivan. Umpire, McQuald.
"PmImU" Knocked Out. *
St. Louis, Jaly 5.?Broitensteln was.
knocked out of tbo box in tho first inning.
and although Ifawloy, who succeeded
him, was batted freely, tho
Browns fielded and batted well and won
nclosogamo. Attondance, 2,000. Scoro:
8t Lonlx.......... ..Z 4 0 3 0 0 3 0 ?-13
Brooklyn .7 1 0 O 0 o 0 1 3-12.
Earnc&rtins. St. Louis 9, Brooklyn & Errora,'
C ond 4. lilts,17 and 14. Pltchuri. Dreltenstuln,.
llawley, Danb^nd Oaitrlght. Umpire,Oafffaoy.
Poor Old Spider*.
CiiEVEi/AND, July Boston struck a- ,
terrific batting stroak. Clarkson and
Griffith wore both knockod out of tho .
box. Weather clear and cool. Attendance
800. Score:
Cleveland 4 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0- 7,
lkaton. 2 1 11 0 0 1 0 1 ?-22
Earned rnna, Cleveland C; Jfcwtou 10. Errors,
,0 and 2. Illia. 10 and 29. I'ltcbers. Clarkson,
Griffith, Cuppy, liouuon and Stalor. Umpire,
Had a Smooth Tlmo Winning nt Sheeps* 1
head Hay?Ttio Other Uucea. i
New York, July 5.?Tho attondanco
at Sbcopshoad Bay to-day was light, and J
tbe racos aa a rule, uninteresting. Tho
clososc finish was tho soiling raco, when
Candelabra boat Copyright by a short ,
hood. Tho only fixture was tho Spendthrift
stakoe for tbroo-yoar-olds, In ,
which ouly four starters wont to tho
post. Gwendolyn made tho paco, but
quit after a while and Dorian and
lionry of Navarro had it out in tbo
strotch. Thon Dorianalso quit, loavlng <
Byron McClolland's colt to finish. Sum- 1
First raco, Fnturity courso?Roiff, 112
(Doggo tt), 5 to 1, won by threo lengths; >
** xrill- ft7 W?ninln\ 1K * 1 I
*1LUJ X>?J ** / w. y -?
second; War Bonnott, 115 (Littlotleld), '
3 to 1, third. Tinio, 1:11. Mirage, j
Goldon Goto, Swodon, Moid on to colt, 1
Warlike, 8olitniro, Jorsoy Bollo, En- <
chantrosi, Frugal, Hall Mine, Yo El ?
Key, His Grnco, Wodding Tour and '
Horn Guossor also ran. <
Socond raco, fivo furlongs?Gatta <
Torclia, 107 (Littloliold), 2 to 1, won by i
four len*tha; Midgoloy, 110 (Taylor), 12 1
to 1, second; I'rlnco of Monaco, 111 1
(Sirams), 7 to 5, third. Time. 1:01}.
Cremona, Ella Rood, Daric, .Second At* <
teuipt, Amiterdam, Iilo9aoin, filly, 1
King Gold and Hod Ton also ran.
Third raco, one milo soiling?Cande- 1
labra, 107, (Itocgott), 2 to 1, won by a
iiobo; Copyright, 104 (Grillin), 7 to 5,
sccond; Captain T., 102 (Lntnley), 5 to ,
1, third. Time, 11-0. [
Fourth race, Spondrift stakes, milo
and an eighth?lienry of Navarro, 125 '
(Doggott), oven, won by throo lengths;
Dorian, 112 (Hima), ovou, nocond; Our
Jack, 112 (Griflin), 20 to 1, third. Tinio, <
1:50 1-5. Glondolyn also ran. l
Fifth race, railo and an eighth?Ilerald, 1
114 (Simma), * to i, won; lutuuit, mr ?
(Lnmloy), 10 to 1, iocond: ftodakin, 107' I
(Ponn), oven, third. Timo, 1:54 !W. 1
(iiilloping King, Claras, Stowaway and
Uoioro also ran.
Sixth raco, inilo on turf?Livo Onk. 09
(Ponn), M to 1, won by a lnnffth; Dol
Norto, 90 (II. Jonos), 3 to 1, aoconii;
Indra, 00 (Hamilton) 7 to 1, third.
Timo, 1:42 4-5. Avon, Spread Eagle,
Itomoto, Pulitror, Pootry. Diabolus,
llluo Maw, Hartford and Governor
Shoohan alao ran.
Wu?liliiRUm I'nrk Hcmilt#.
Chicago, July 5.?Washington Park
reaulwji Krai raco, livo lurlooga?Kva
L. won: time, IM. Serood. ?ix farlong*?Mefgie
Gray won: time, l:14j.
Third, mils mod three farloiu*?Sabloe
won; time, !:18{. Foartb, mile and *
liltMOib ? ilutT woo; tlmr, 1:47.
Filth, one mile?Budolpti won; time.
1:41 j. Sixth. Are (orionet, Pelleu
won; time, 1:02. Bcrenth, tix furlong*?William
T. won; time, 1:14}.
A Jaoplvc CoaMC
Mirtin'i Ferry defeated Wheeiine in
ajamping eonteiil?t evening en the
common* xiStar use blast furnace. Ed.
Bhrodet. of l!?rtln'< Ferrr. cored 10
feat 5 inehee and 9 feet 8 inehee, and
W. M. Caroy and Ed. Carney each made
fl fiuit A, ln?hM
Alt Sort* of I?ocal News and Goctlp from
U?o OUm City.
Captain Ed. Mnhleman, of tho CryaUl
Glass Company, wai in the city y eaterJay.
He Js olated over being able to ran
his factory in Jaly this year for the first
Lime since be lias been connectod with ,
the business, and ho i? more gratified at
having a business that inatifios them in j
lighting up the second furnace this aeaUOD.
A fair nortons from tbia city sttended
the Populist meeting at-Steubonvillo on |
tho Fourth that nominated Jomos Brotteile
as a candi4eto for Coogreas. |
Among those present from here were
Thomaa P. Mason, Morrla 'Davia, Levij
Kessiger, Mark Leater and Theodore
Neff, all former Democrats.
Mayor DuBois had athis office vester-1
day a bunch of heads of wheat harvestod I
from his farm, out the national piko,
that wore beauties. The wheat is of
the Fulu variety and tho yield this season
is about thirty-flvo bushels to the
Cards wore rocoivod horo ycatorday
from Mr. and Mrs. Koaa J. Aloxondor
annoncing tho morriago of thoir daughter
to Josoph CharJos Hoinlein. andj
that thoy would be at homo at Dridge-;
port nftor the first of October.
There was but one drunkon man soon
upon tho atroots of this city on the
evening of tho Fourth, and ho was
holploas as well as harmless, but bo was
takon in to rocuporatc.
R. W. Archer, Thomaa Brady, D. McGrail,
Jamca Hunt and Charlos Zigler
leavo this morning for the glass workers
national convention, to be held in
Canada next weok.
Oharloa Fenstormaker and Miss Mary
Glasaer, who wero married tho othor
evening, loft yeatorday ovoning for
Pindlay, whero tboy will make thoir
future homo.
T'? havn a/lnntn-1
White's school manncomont as tho bcok
dc which to basu their questions on
thoory and practice.
Tho vory mild colobration of tho
fourth in this city 1b accounted for by
iho (act that there is no monoy to burn
Tho Women's Foreign and Homo
missionary societies hold a joint mooting
in tho First M. E. church last night.
A groat many people in the city havo
boon invited to tho Scotch prosorving
works to*day from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m.
J. Robert Anderson, tho High school
teacher, is studying book-kooping in
Pittsburgh during the vacation.
ilon. A. T. McKolvoy is proparina a |
loctnro on tho noted inon in tho history
of Belmont county.
Missos Ella and "Winona "White, o!
tho Fourth ward, are visiting at Glou
Easton, W. Va.
Hap# and Mliliapn in tlio Thriving City
Across tlie Wver.
Last night Unity Council No. 11, 0.
U. A. M., installed tho following officers:
i, H. Stanton, connsolor; Frod Goinoy,
V. 0. ;John Hatch, F. C., Goorge W.
Smith, treasuror; Howurd Peitch.li. 0.;
Wiley M. AJcGlumphv, A. It. S.: Goorgo
Wagner, indnctor; William Johnson,
Dxaminor; Edgar Shipman, I. T.: Watson
Roborta, 0, T.; Fred Gossott* trnsteo.
Alvin Darrah romoved his family
from Wost Wheeling to Martin's Ferry
jresterdav. Charles Sedgwick romoved
his family from tho country to town
The Martin's Forry Juniors and Blow
Baas played two games of baeo ball yesterday.
i ho first was won by tho former
bv 11 to 10 and tho second by tho latter
by 11 to V
Yostorday tho Boldom Soon fiishing
flnh nnd hmai bond loft ovortho Wheel.
inK & Lake Erlo railroad (or Franklin to i
remain a month or so.
According to the roturna of tho assessors
thoro aro in Belmont county
4,338 dojts, an incroase of over 800 ovor
last year.
Frod Ulp, Ilarry Choesell and Panl
Lewie rodo to Bteubenvillo on their
whools ycfltorday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Naoloy, of Pittsburgh,
are eponding tho wook in tho
Miss Ella Inclobrljjht baa returned
from a vieit to Miss Klson, at Magnolia.
Last night a festival was given at tho
Welsh Congregational charcb.
Kdward Crosaloy, o! Mingo Junction,
Is in town.
John M. Swoonoy was in town yesterday.
Andrew Taylor is dangorously ill.
There is moro catarrh in this soction
ni tho country than all other disoasos
put togethor, and until tho last fow
pears was auppoiod to bo incurublo.
Kor a aroat many yoarsdoctora proaonnced
it a local diaoaso, and proicribod
local romodlea, and bv constantly
failing to euro with local treatment,
pronounced it incurable. Bcionco
has provon catarrh to bo n constitutional
di*oaso and thoroforo requlro#
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Dure, manufactured by F. J. Chonov <k
Jo., Toledo, Ohio, is tho only conatitntional
euro on tho market. It is takon
ntornrtlly in dosos from 10 drops to a
leanpoonfnl. It acts directly on tbo
blood and mucous surfaces of the systom.
["hoy ollor <100 for any caao it fails to
juro. Bond for circulara and tostimoaials.
F. J. Cheney A Ca, Tolodo, O.
SffirSold by Druggists, 75c.
Itorr printing, finest papor, fullest reports
oil all topics in tbo Pittsburgh
Virjiutch. _
110 J*oft?hore I'.xmrxion from Wheeling
*lu PnnimjrlvnnJft I.luiit.
Atlantic City, Capo May, Soa Ialo City
n Ocean City cnu bo visited at nbovo
round trip rato July 12; return coupon
valid twolve daya. Pullman stooping
:ar from Wheeling. For dotal la apply
to J. G. Tomlinson, tickotagent, Wheeling.
Nmiimnr CotnplnluL
I-ast fall I was takon with a kind of
lumruor complaint, accompanied with
t wonderful diarrhtcn. Soon uftor my
tvifo's sistor, who livofl with uh, was
takon in the Mmo way. Wo used almost
everything without bonoflt. Tlion
I said, let us try Chamberlain's Colic,
Dbolera and Diarrhea Homed y, which
?ro did, and that curod us right away.
[ think much of it, as it did for mo
(That it wa? rocommended to do.?John
Uortzlor, Uetnol, Uerks Co., Pa,
S~\ ThePe
5* '
' satis
t\~~ j J ine is chea
* imitations ar
almost any pu rpose. Compare the \
the small amount of money saved
Qrtn/4 When peddlers or unscrupulous j
OCllLL "the tome u Pearline," IT'S F,
n I your crocer scuds yoo so met
11 Pack unJittek. 384
. Whal
Costorla 1.1 Dr. Samacl Pitcher*
end Children. It contains nelt
other Narcotic substance. It
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothlnj
It is Ploaaant. Its gnaranto<
Millions of Mothers. Costorla
?the Mother's i'rlcnd.
"Cmtori i% 1a no well adapted to children that Ci
I recommend It as superior to any pnscriptlou So
\fcnown to me." II. A. Aacnxn, M. P., K1
111 So. Oxford St., Drookljn, N. Y.
"The use of 'Caatorlr.' la bo tmhw?l and
its merits so well known that It acems a work <
of supererogation to endorso It. Few are the
intelligent famlUos who do not keep Oostork j0
wiUda ccsy reach.** ro
CisLoe IUSTTM, D. D?
New York aty.
' '
1 CLEAR iarrnrnio^H,
i' ' J
(| -j
& OirMIg]
;; oD?lb [Ptpi
r (MOtlc
<i ? 'l1
We Can Get Up for '
% % Qfc
Performs Wnndor* In a
Bm>?a i*oln3? UhmW ??(?
rM?Jtof XriTMi* 0 !?*? , wklrh If ??cfeHN9 otll 0*?l?f r*^ll la I
nlrtlj mx3 y*rnM>?*ilj. Try IU f*ti bj retani Wit, 01.00, ?lx
Uw mmttj ii?r*m
fFCjOHTxi Are you
^ v> ACHES? It
it u,i"t wriniit
?todew|^m zli?0n
fop. salk nv logan dhuo co.
&&S ^manhood!
UUflT -*)>) {ay _.,, J nil twrronnillMiM'K.ro
?WfU O G llfluditrhn. Wuhrfb
W t \/ ?<* VI M?leknfN,Kvll Dn
\T fydl V >>c I nil drain* and lu#??f p<
' -ASaJ. bjron?r?wrttoD.y?nt:
* Tj) or PtlmulanU which Ice
?-A"K >?rr vciiiont lo cnrrjr III voir
for 81 rorh.oi
gWSBpraflE^WlwH?Offi'wrl,,,n ruuronloet
LiKixmi. ami irrni iking. ActaS^'eir^#?S
For sale In Wheeling by LOOAN DKOO CO.. ror.
mpehhtroyhl i
raffl?S<R&A?k for DR. WOTT'BTEBTJTT
W^*SK??r'ti5r Sond for ciroulur. I?rlc<
^SOaScjor DB. MOTTS chicmi
Forwloln WliMlln* br tho IjOOAK DRUG <?>.. M?
n limine
ddler Tells You,
tat Pearline is too good for
miinary uses; he says, "of
ourse it's nice enough for
lelicate things, but what I
ive is just as good for scrubng,
scouring, ctc, and is
iper." Now, we say this:
ine is the best to use for
ng, and the best is the chcapthe
end It docs its work
more easily, more quickly,
factorily, more safely. Pearlp
enough for any use. These
e dear at any price and for
ralue of the things ruined with
by the use of cheap powders.
;rocers tell you " this is ? gooa as or
ALSE? Pearline is never peddled, and if
hing ia place of Pearline, be honest?
t is
B prescription for Infanta
her Opium, Morphine nor
is a harmless substitute
I Syrups, and Castor Oil.
s is thirty years' use by
Is tho Children's Panacea
latori* carta Colic, OocxtipatJaa,
ur Stomach, Diarrbcca, Eructation,
Us Worma, givoM siocp, and promote* di
tthout Injurious medication.
'For (rmrnl ynars I ham reootnmetuJcd
ur 'Oostoria,' and shall always continue to
> so aa It haa Invariably piultiood UmcUdfli
Emnw P. Pa re kb, M. D.,
125th Street and 7th Avo., New York Cltjj
jlxt, 77 lltnuur 8nuarr, N'rw Vorur Cur
^ ^ ^ ^>9
mum. ? ' ' m.
; i1
J- (
?0D??B?p? ;j
jBGBn I'
-? h
fou All Kinds of i
O |
TH.M <
Few Days. n*?b?i fwt*, w#?k nmorj, uct
?, wrrk. t. ww plrtlMl mv Md Um
MMUr ?r rwnxiMlN. < K??rt- .TfRTB fOUV mm
br ti.no, <(* writ!** rurulr* U rvr* or rrTu?4
CRANE MEDICAL CO.. Colombui. Ohio.
NSTIPATED? Do you have HEAD- i
oat of order? If to, cure ywareelf by 0
rH Celery Ton. It ituproroc the 4
I. Ooe month's treatment 250. Three a
Samples sent tree. Addrcn, j"
Wriqht8 Celery Tea Co.. s
c0lum0u8. ohio. 4 ,
Damn. I-n rk of Cnutldcncts Scrvonnu^t.
>wcr Id OaneraUro (>rv?n? of Hlhor box canted
kfnl frrnr*. e*r?>**l*o umi o( Hl)*oco.op|om
id to Inflrralty, Cuntinnptlon ?od Inanity. r<?n?
l pocket. I?7 moll propnld In pUtn t>o* to ?ny
rttfor&ft. (Wllhewry Wo?<fr w?Htve
to coco or rvAind the monry,? For t%]c_tr
r,M and ?cc?pi no other. nHCJJIjAU >UfEF.I)
(U. Masonic Temple* ( hltflfo, 111*
Main and Tenth itroofc. mrA-KWMwy
lgI1>PS Tho only safe, ouro nnd
LIT. relUblo Fomalo PILL
D 81 I V* ovor offerod to Ladles,
r !| I A oopoolnlly rocommondI
IlkiEgiVB od to married Ladles,
&OYA1* FZX*Z*B and take no othot.
) 91.00 per l*>*? ? boxes for 95.00.
C.VL CO.. - Cleveland, Ohio.
Uu on.I Tenth 8tnw<?. doH-rviw
*** r=s
Rammer. :
V^verly. 0T . PUMP!
Dauntless, I IT SAVES TIME.
Jason C. Stamp, 1406 Market St
Br virtue of deed of tra?t autflo by Martha
C Noble. to tn? as trtuioa, dated Majr 11 t?vj
recorded In the offleo of the Clerk of tho County
Court ol Ohio couuty. Woat Virgin!*. iu Deed
of Trust Book No. 2?. ?aj,-e V7.1 rill Mil at the
north front door of the Court Hou?o of Ohio
county, on
commencing at ID o'clock a. m.. tho followiuj
described property, that l? t < iar i
Two lota of ground numbered 81* and Sewn
in John MeLnro'i addition to tho cltr of Wheel*
inc. In Ohio county. Wait Virginia. In the First
ward of aald city. uM lota (fluff west ol uuJ
fronting on the county nwd leading from ihu
National road to Mount Wu<ki Cemetery.
Tkhms of Hal*:?One-third aud a? much more
a* the purchaser elcott to pa* lu ?wh on the day
of wle. the balance in two equal installment.* c
oar and two yeura. not?*a bearing Interest from
the day of ralo to be glron for tho deferred payments.
tho tills to be retalnod until payment Is
mado in fulL
W.J. W. COWDEN. Trostoo.
W. n Ualuck. Auctlonocr Jali
By Tlrtuoof adred of trust mado by HaryM?
Nnniara and Michael McNaiaara. her htisband.
toine as trustee, doted At>rll 14. l*'ju. recorded
in the ortlce of tho Clerk of the Couuty Court of
Ohio couuty. West Virginia, in Deed of Trust
Hook So. 80. n.igv 203.1 will sell Ut tho north
front door of the court house of said county, on
cotmnouclnsr at 10 o'clock * m., tho following
described property, that 1* to uy:
Tho east half of lot numbered two and the
??? ?i?I* ?.? IM ?Mttit..<p.u< IhrAii dliillii mill Im.
In* on the north aide of Elevonth atreel, In tha
dtr of Wheeling. Ohio oonnty. WoM Virginia, <w
litM out by Andrew II. Hrltt. a Plat of whlebiabdivlalon
it rveordwl In fh?ed Book No. Ti.
169. The mid j<looe of ground Xronu fortv fwt
on Elerentn atroot. running northward!/ of
equal width to the aoutli lino of lands owned br
lb* Who^Un*. PimbuTRb Si llaltlroore mUroaJ.
one hundred and twontjr feet more or los*.
Term* or Salk:?One-third aud u much more
a* the jnirchaawr alert* to pay In caah ou the day
of sale, the balance In rwo equal lnatallmcuu at
one aud two year*, not* bearing Interest from
the Oay of sale to be gircn for the deferred paymenu.
W. J. w. COWDEN, Truate -.
W. R Haixol Auctioneer. Jcli
Money to Loan 1
"" " $6,500,
$ 1,000,
$4,1 00,
To bo Bocurod by l>ecd of Trtut on Uniaoau*
bored City Boal Estato. Icqulro of
Wheeling Title and Trust Co,,
Plnmhlnn> nnrl fln? FlflllH*.
Stcum and llot Water Heating.
A Fall Line of tho Celobrttod?
?Kopt Constantly on Hand.
ITotlcs to Hatnral Gas Consumers!
BURNER l* theonly hurflor on the mtrkct<ha;
Is puarautood to giro xattrfaetlou. be not deceived
In aecQptini* "jcst as good" wltu no
guarantco. Sold only by
mrtl UM M?trtfltreet
Practical Plumbers,
No. 33 Twelfth Street.
All Work Done Prompt It at Bcnonablo TMcea.
Atlantic City, - Now Jersey.
Close to tho beach, hot &nd oold eoa. vator
baths and nil plaecs of Interest Nowly larohhcd.
Excellent table.
Will bo opened Juno 20. Elevation 2,003 feet
above sea lovol. Hound trip ticket* ovtiYlhe
Baltimore A Ohio from Whoeliog and other
points. Circular!, with ruforenuox, oaa bo had ut
the McLnrc llonse. Addroa ?
my#* Mathlas. Hardy County W. V?.
Michigan, Avenue, Neor Coach.
wr Torms: $8 to 312 por Week!
Send lor Pamphlets.
aP:r, J. E. REEIX
21511 and 2157 5IAIX STBKKI.
Automatic Safety Gas or Oil Engines.
Wo hill oxcImojto your old mount for m? IDil
EblJPTlC CRAMK niOYCLH, fuUttt road wbool
and hill climber oo otrth. j&2
JJEDMAK & 00,,
And Manufacturors of Marino and
Stationary Enjrlnos.
?U17 WflUEMN'O. w VA
KHfY?? of tUemofctottailiuh'OMMOf Oon. rrh'M
Hkn ftn''4niartnu?Minfrc*u3toll il?Pk^D.
V | m> othwtr^toKWt require! ,?ndwttb-*it
BtJCji. I tho uumuuresuln?r daafiyr ?ritti Qu
BIkII I t*\*. or tUu.Ul.YiOfet. IMA \f
iDY all iinurcut*. J. KrrrA, (aucocacur tc
Urou). Hurtntoinn. fart*

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