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1 '
Aai the History of the Paris Comnrnne
Being Beptated.
By the Chloaco Strikers, and Millions
Go Up In Smoke.
Grows More Grave ad the Days
an4 Honrs Go By.
Etpoctod to Bo Followod by Another.
NoManKuowa What tho End Will
Bo?Only tho Strong Arm of tho
OoTororaent Will Avail, and That
by Concentrating an Unormoaa
Body of Itogular and Roservo
Troop#?Six Live* SacriUccd for the
Seneeleas Strllco?Dobs laaucsa Proclamation
Calling on All Striken to
Obsorvo tho Law?II He la Sincere
and the Men Obey Farther Blood*
shod May Bo Averted.
Chicago, July C.?With flaming torch
lawless hordes of fire bugs are at work
. at a ecoro of points in the south half of
Chicago. Fires are raging in every direction
among tho numoroas railroad
yards; hundreds of cars and tens of
thousands of dollars worth of raorchau*
diso havo alroady gono up in smoko or
boon carried oil by the now frenzied
xnobs of riotors. Incondiariim is
rampant Alarm after alarm has fol*
lowed in quick succession all day, and
to-night at 11 o'clock thegiaro relleotod
from tho^hoavens shows that tho dastardly
pastimo continuos unabatocl
Early this morning a blaze startod
nmnnn anrnn nrorttirnn/l rnrn at Tvon.
Bincton, Oalckly communicatingto other
tracks lillod with long linos of cars.
Many containing valuablo merchandise
wero eoon blazing furiously. Fannod
by strong winds, thero wero at this
point a total of eighty cars wiped out.
But with tbo falling shades of night
camo tho climax of tho fiery festival.
Tho Pan-Handle yards from Fifty-fifth
to Sixty-third streoti?oight blocks?are
a mass of fire. Ton tracks, containing
from a thousand to two thousand care,
half of thorn loaded, will bo a total loss.
No water Soing at hand tho fire must
burn itsolf out. The Pan-Handle station
nf 8ixty-third "street was also fired
and destroyed. .. ?
Tho Grand Trunk yard at Elston is
a sea of flamos. Five hundred box cars
are supposed to havo boon destroyed
and otiorts to check tho flames havo
boon futile.
At Hyde Park, near tho World's
Fair grounds, tho ashes of forty cars
aro now smouldering, and word has just
come in that after numerous efforts tho
mob has succeeded in firing the Illinois
Contral shops at Burnside.
At the stock yards to-night abont
fifty toughe, fow of whom wore railroad
men, aro skulking from point to point
and hare set a largo number of fires.
This is tho banner district of the city,
if not of the entire country, for all
around toughs, and it is as much as a
man** Hfft in worth to interfere with
thorn. Troops are hurrying south, company
aftor company in heavy marching
order moving to the turbulent district
from the contro of tbo city. A
Tho aggregate of the loaso3 to the railroads
will bo enormous. Milos of thoir
tracks havo boon rained by the fierce
boat, bnndrods of switch and signal
towers with thoir oxpensive mechanism
uttorly ruinod. Thousands of cars and
nntold qnantltloa of merchandise of
every imaginablo doicription havo fed
tho flames and gorged the larders of
thieves: valuablo locomotives have been
wrecked and disabled; miles of tangled
wires and prostrato polos littered tbo
Tbo maddened mobs, now worked up
to tbo highest pitch of fury, are parallelling
tbo sconos of tho communo, and
at this hour it appoars as if nothing
abort of the miraculous can prevont an
armed demonstration againBt them and
tbo oacrlfico of many lives.
To illustrate tho tactica resorted to by
the incondiarios to hampor tho work of
tho flro dopartmont, empty cartridges
were forcod into tho koy holos of tho
'* ~' ^ ? - ntMMA IfnAiil/a/l
liro aijirin uuxuh, uidihuh nu.u
down with stonos anil bricks, and while
working at tiros tho horses of tho do*
partmotlt woro stolon.
At midnight all tho cars in tbo yards
had boon dostroyecl. Tho mob showed
much method in its incendiarism and
liundrodsof cars woro riflodof their contents
and carried away boforo the torch
was appliod. The loss in tho Pan-Handle
vnrds alone to-night is estimatod at
In Thar IJnitgi Oror the Country.
A Dny of Torror In Chlcncoi
Chicago, July 0.?Six doad and an indefinite
number of injurod is tho record
of casualties in tho strike conflicts in
Chicago to-day. Yesterday ono man
wns shot in tho lag. If tho blood lotting
to-morrow shall ehow a liko incrdaio tho
" coronor will havo a summer's work boforo
Tho dcvolopmonts of tho night and
those ol to-aay navo oat conurmou mo
conviction that nothing short of nn
overwhelming arrood forco, with instruction
to shoot to kill, can sottlo tho
trouble. Tho local and stato authorities
havo awakonod to tho critically
f;ravo nature of tho strike malady which
s afflicting the nation generally, but
Chicago iu particular, and aro taking
measures to apply adequato rem'idios.
Tho city police forco has already boon
rocruited to over 3,000 mon, and l?y roquest
of Mayor Hopkins and tho order
of Govornor Altgeid two brlgalos of
state militia havo boon ordered horo to
aid in quolling the disturbance*.
At tho nation's capitol, alco, tho fact
Is rocognixod that tho prevailing onditions
aro entirely out of tho oriinary
and that provision must bo mo Jo for
suoh a massing of fighting mon as has
novor beforo boon soon together in tho
history of tho nation. It is in contemplation,
should the iorcot, fadortl,
itato and municipal already ga:heroa J
here, bo nnoqoal to the Ink of muring
order, to lend here the ten eompanlee
atatlonod on the Canadian border in
tho atato of New York, with the reeorvod
intention, it clroumetaacea demand
It, of oxerclalng hit right to call
for twenty tbonaand men from tbo
crack militia regiment* of Now York
and Peanaylvanla.
Tbo day In Chicago hu boea one of
Conitant alarma and calling for police,
deputy marshal! and aoldlora, here,
thore and everywhere, throughout a
wido ftretch of territory in the aouthem
port of the city. Riot bna boen run.
sing rampant throughout the day;
cara bavo been overturned, awltchea
broken and tracka obatructed in
rarloui wayi. Tho torch baa been applied
to nnmerona bulldlnga and cora,
awltcb towera and the like, not to men
won an attempt 10 are a part oi iuo
groat Armour packing plant; in fact, at
one time tho incendiary blazos followed j
each other in such quick succession j
that tbo fire dopartmont was pat to
straits to caro for ail of thorn. To add
to the gravity of tho situation, it was I
found that the strikers wero interfering
with the police, railroad and fire
alarm, telegraph system and, in one or j
two instances, polfcomon who wero us*
ing the police telephone calls were
In general, the order of things compared
with that of yesterday was reversed.
Then she railroads wero trying
to break the blockade by eending trains
oat. To-day they recognired the futility
of that mothod of procedure and
practically gavo up any attempt to out'
ward movement. But there were some
incoming oassonger trains on several of
the roads, togother with a few of the
regular milk trains. Botweon these
two clossos of traffic the strikors managed
to mako trouble for nearly every
road ranning in a southerly diroction.
The Fort Wayno, tho Lake Shoro, tho
Michigan Contrai, tbo Baltimore Ohio,
tho Illinois Central, the Alton, the PanHandle,
tho Westorn Indiana, tbo Rock
Island, the Monon, all experienced difficulty
in groator or leas dogreo at some
time or all of the timo during the day.
The trick of scaring tho crow of a train,
outting tho ongiue looso, ranning up
tho track, opening tbo throttlo and
lotting it run full tilt back upon tho
Hiauuintf (ram was a uow uuu uuu m u
character likoly to be imitated.
Tho stonincr of incoming trains was
common pastimo with tbo rnoba and
aavoral persona wero more or less in*
jnred by flyinj? missiles. One engineer
on a Rock Island train was so badly in*
jurod that It was at first roportod that
bo was dead.
The assaults of the mobs, however,
were not met with tbo paisivo resistance
which characterized tho conrse
pursued yesterday. On two occasions
at loast their attacks wore met with accarately
aimod lend.
-Daring a not in tho foronoon over an
incoming mail train at Konsington, a
dopaty Unftod States marshal shot and
kiilod two strikers and during tho afternoon
tho deputies Hoarding an incoming
UnlflmnrA ^ Ohio nndgnnoor train
roplied to the volley of ahotaand atonoB
which tho strikers ahowored upon thorn
by turning their rovolvors loose, killingfourof
their assailants and wounding
a number of othors.
A now and grave foature was added
to the situation this attornoon whon a
mooting of roprosontotives of all tho
bodies of organised labor in the city,
aftor a protracted discussion in which a
a genoral sympathy strike was favored,
appointed a commlttoo of throe with
full power to act, and at tho same time
catlod a mooting of all organizod labor
for next Sunday to ratify their action.
Late this afternoon tho socond rogimont
stato militia was ordorod to the
stock yards.
On tho situation in goneral, it may bo
said to have broadonod and strongthonod
in its griD. Tho most significant
feature of it is tho carrying of tho strike
cast of Cloveland, tloing up all tho con*
nnctiona of the soaboard trunk linos
with tho promino that by to-morrow it
would reach tho trunk lines themselves
and so oractically roach the Atlantic
seaboard by tieina up the railroads at
Buffalo. Thus tho etriko would be ox*
tended from ocean to ocean. There is
no notablo relief of tho points heretoioro
placod undor ombargo, and tho sit*
uatiou at Kansas City was complicated
by tho tiolog up of tho Fort Scott road,
thoroby involving anothor southwestern
lino. Tho Pacific coast remains in
paralysis, from which thorearo no indications
of relief.
Anothor significant note comoa from
Soattle, Wash., whoro tho stevodores
wero called out by tho chiof of
tho Knights of Labor to provont
tho unloading of a steamer from San
Francisco, indicating that Grand Master
Sovoroign's promise to Dobs to aid him
in every pos9iblo way was not merely
for ofiect. Tho day ctosos with no rift
in tho pail which ovorhangs tho nation.
During tho afternoon Prosidont Dobs
sent out a largo numbor of tolograms to
various labor organizations and assom*
blios of thoAmorican Kail way Union,
urging thorn to stand firm for at loast
twonty-four hours longer. If by that
time tho striko situation has not improved
for tho bottdr, Mr. Dobs an
nouncod that organized laoor an ovor
tho country will be called out without
any reservation wbatovor.
Proaldont Dobs has issuod tho follow*
ing proclamation:
To AU Striking Employe*.
Inviowof tho report of dieturbnncoB
in various localities, I doom it my duty
to caution you against boing a party to
any violation of law, municipal, stato, or
national, during tho oxistingdifficultios.
Wo havo ropoatodly dock rod thut wo
rospoct law and ordor, and our conduct
mutit conform with our professions. A
man who commits violonco in any form,
whflthor a mombor of our ordor'or not,
should bo promptly arrested and pun*
ishod,; and wo would bo 11 rat to approhond
tho miicroant and bring him to
justice. Wo must triumph as law-abiding
citizens, or not at all. Those who
ongage in forco and violonco aro our roal
anemias. Wo havo U upon roliablo authority
that thugs and toughs havo boon
omployod to croato trouble, so ua to projudico
the public against our cause.
Tho acoundrola should bo in ovary case
inndo to pay tho oonatty of tho law.
I appeal to yoa to bo mon, orderly
and law-abiding. Our cause is just, tho
groat public is with us, and wo havo
nothing to fear.
Lot it boboino in mind that if tho
railroad compunlos can eecuro mon to
handle thoir trains, thoy havo that
right. Our mon havo tho right to Quit,
bat right end* there. Other men have
the right to take their placoe, whatever
tho opinion of the propriety of 10 doing
may be. Keep away from railroad
yards or righta-of-way or other place*
where large crowds congregate. A
afe plan U to remain away entirelv
from places where there ii any likelihood
of being an outbreak.
The railroad managers bavo songht to
mako it appear that their trains do not I
movobecanso of tho interference of the j
strikers, The statement is an unqualified
falsehood and no ono knows this
better than the managers themaelvos.
They mako this statement serve their
pnrposo of calling out the troops.
Iteapect the law, conduct yourselves
as becomes mon, and our cause shall
be crowned with success.
(Signed) Euozsn V. Dkbs.
About eighty cars were burned altogether
in the Illinois Contral yards and
to-night at 9 o'clock flames were yet
smouldering, but no fnrthor spread of
firo was feared.
The First regiment, 750 strong, wont
to Hyde Park end Kensington this
evening. Tho Second, with about the
lame narabor of men, followed shortly
after, being assignod to the stock yards
district under diroction of Polioo Insnector
Hnnt. Tho Third regiment,
600 mon, will bo placed on duty in tho
district north of Thirty-ninth street.
Tho Seventh regiment, 700 mon, is
hold in roserve, together with Battery
D, ot the Michigan avenue armory.
Grand Master Wilkinaon, of tho
Brotherhood of Trainmen,-in on interview
to-night, said:
"This is a bad state of affairs, and I
I am glad that our organization haB no
part in it Wo have no grlovanco with
tho _ railroads, and aro under con*
| tract for a cerlain longth of
time. "While we sympathiso with tho
| mon at Pullman, wo could not find in
I that a justifiable cause to go out. I do
| not expoct to soo tho A. R. TJ. mon to
win. If they can dictate what kind of'
passonger cars must bo used what is to
provont their rofusing to aid in hauling
Iroight cars made by some car
building company that might bo in
trouble with its omployos? It is a fruitloss
and hopelesB struggle. Mr. Debs
and his party have promised the Pullman
strikers certain things which thoy
cannot carry out."
The building trades council, of Chicago,
-with a membership of 25,000. has
issuod a call to all organized labor
throughout the country to strike.
It ia reported to-night that Grand
Mastor Sovoreicn of tho Knights of
Labor has callod out all members of
his organization in tho state of Now
York and will establish headquarters at
Buffalo for the management of tho
one or Tiir: kffeots.
Chicago Iodnatrle* Closed, Shutting Out &
Hundred Thoutnnd Men Wlio Daro no
Connection With the Strike.
Chicago, July d?Tho Herald will say
In the morning: After to-day smokoloss
chimneys will give Chicago's emoko
inspectors nothing to look for. An exhaustive
canvass of tho industrial concerns
of the city reveals an appalling
state of affairs, and warrants the statement
that to-morrow 75 por cent of
them will stop their machinery and
koep it so until tho present embargo on
traffic is raised. Tho effect will bo to
throw into idleness upwards of 100,000
The Deering Harvest Company's
works will stop, throwing ont 3,000
people. The Illinois Malleable Iron
Company's furnaces wore allowod to dio
last night for lack of fuel and pig iron,
shutting out 300. The ninoteen furnaces
of the Illinois Stool Comoany's plant
are banked for neod of coke, and all tho
company's mills at South Chicago,
North Chicago, Joliet and Milwaukee
aro closed, throwing into idlonosB 3,000
at South Chicago, 1,500 at Joliet, 1,500
at Milwaukee and 250at North Chicago,
a total of 5,760. Tho Union Foundry
Company and tho Kimball 13ridgo Company,
allied concerns, cannot got iron
and thoao plants are idle, adding 250
more to the army of unemployed,'
Ho nay* tlio Cltumx hun linen Hunched.
Tho Supremo Moment (or Caious.
CnrcAOO, July 0.?Grand Master
Workman Sovoreign, of the Knights of
Labor, arrived in Chicago to-day from
Dob Moinos. Ho said ho had como to
Chicago to rondor what assistance ho
could to tho American Railway Union.
Ho thought the climax of tho movement
was about reached and it was imperative
that ovory labor organization
should put in its best blows to win tho
strike. He added:
"This is tho most critical period in
tho history of unionism in Amorica. It
is tho time for ovary labor loador to
rally his forcos and join in the strugglo
for existence.
"As roifards a walk-out on tho part of
tho xnombers of nil trndos unions in tho
city, I will eay that I think it might
bring about groat good. Cortainly it
would forco upon tho peoplo u stronger
realization of tho necessity for a sottloment
of theao troubles, and tho populace
would riso en masso in a demand
for arbitration,
"Arbitration tho laboring man is not
afraid of. Tho capitalist, though, will
not accodo to it. Mr. Dob* stands
ready to actfor aroasonablo settlement."
Will bo Boffua by tho Order of Hallway
Conductors To?day.
Dicnvbb, Colo., July C.?The ordor of
of railway conductors will to-morrow
begin war upon D. V. Doba, hla ordor
and ntriko. Tho first stop will bo to
oxpol from tho ordor all mombera who
liavo gone out on strike on tho ordor of
This dociaion haa boon arrived at bocnino
of aovornl roaaona. Firat, members
of that ordor who stopped work
violatod tho laws of tho ordor; aoeond,
by thoir nets tho atriking mombnrs
h&vo wonkonod tho influonco of tho
ordor which hai alwaya boon ao atrony
that it hat novor boon callod upon to
Htriko in urdor to gain a doairod point.
It i? intondod to punish tho diaobodi*
onco and to atop tho woakoniog of tho
ordor'd inflnonco.
A MtrlkftrHhnt,
Chicago, July (I.?A mob attempted
this afternoon toovorturn eonio car* on
tho Pan-IIandlo road at Brighton Park.
Thoy woro rosistod by doiwty sheriff*,
and one ot the atrikera, named Charles
Foot, wm shot in the neck br a deputy.
The wound ia believed to be fatal.
A 0?n?ral Tie Up-All Trmiomta Exwpi
X?|lMiri Oo OuU
Detroit, Uicil, July All the railway
firemen, awitchmen, yardmon,
brakemen and freight handler! in the
city went out at 10 o'clock to-night.
The action wai in complianco with the
decision reached at a lengthy Joint
meeting of repreientatlvea of all the
railway employoe' organiaationa.
The eneineera and conduotora did not
trike, but it will be impoaaible to opor
I ato the traini, m too onginoera will not
I work with non-union flromon. The
I Michigan Central, which had hlthorto
I been froe from the itrike locally, ii tied
np. Tho night trains were not iont out,
and twenty-eight engines wore sent to
the round nooso.
At tho Union station a Dotroit
| Lansing and Northern train alroady
mado up, was the only train which
went out. A Detroit, Grand Haven and
Milwaukee train drawing a Chicago and
Grand Trunk Pullman car aleo loft the
Grand Trunk depot without molestation.
Otherwise no trains are leaving
Tb? Situation Alarming?Freight Trains
Tied np afe Conway.
Pittsburgh, July 0.?The atriko on
the Clovoland At Pittsburgh road has
reached Conway, twenty-three miles
west of this city, whero thtf yards of
the company are located. All freight
trains are tiod up at that point and
nothing has come through to-day. All
through paisenger trains from the west
wore dolayed this morning, tho only
traini arriving being thoso made up at
Fort Wayne and Columbus. In this
city tho situation is moro alarming than
at any timo since the strike was inaugurated
in the west. The men on
tho Clevoland <5: Pittsburgh road are expectins
orders to go out, but the pros
?* I'-- -?? I>MH MKnlvud
JJOUI ui pttmiuK una uvt uwu uw.?
with onthusiaim by tbo railroaders.
Secretary Ilnjroa'H Luteal Sonmtlon?Expects
the Kulgbtn to go Out.
Philadelphia, Pa., July 0.?Secrotary
Troaaurer John W. Hayes, of tho
Knights of Labor, said to-night that
counaol for the Knight* had been instructed
to proparo articles of impeachment
against Attornoy Gonoral Olney,
for his allogud broach of tho law in his
action in the railroad strike, and that'
tho papers would bo forwardod to Oongrew
in a foir days.
Mr. Ilayoa loaves tho city to-morrow
and it is atatod bo will go to Long
Branch and try to intorview George M.
Pullman regarding the etriko crisis
Mr. Uayos said to-night that he is oxpecting
at any hour to rocolvo word
Mn.tnf IV nrtmfin finvnroitrn nrdor.
ing the Knights of Labor nil over tho
country oat on striko and that this action
must come.
Ttie Burlington Tied Up.
Kansas Citt, Mo? JulyS.?Thd Burlington
is tiod up here to-night by a
strike of its night switchmen. Tho
Fort Scott & Memphis night crows are
alao also out and that line is tied tight
at this point. Tho Santa Fo officials
doclare they will run trains according
to schedule timo to-morrow. Every
man from onglnoor to brakoman that
goes out on a freight on this lino will be
sworn in an a United States deputy
marshal aud will carry arms.
D. & e. Men Oat
Evansvillk, Ind., July 0.?Tho Peoria,
Docatur & Evansville road is tied up.
Tho air line men all went out to-day
and aro stopping everything at Princeton,
Ind., excopt tho mail trains. Tho
shopmen aro all out. Louisvillo &
Nashville men aro all ont except tho
shopmen, and no freight 1s being
Britlib Comment*.
London, July 7.?Tho Chronicle, com*
monting on tho atoto of anarchy now
reigning in Chicago, aaya the losaon of
it all ia that modern conditiona do* ,
mand aotno collective control over tho
gigantic capitalist combination.
London, July 7.?Tho WalmiruUr Oa j
telle to-day printa an interview with W. |
T. Stead on tho subjoct of tho Pullman ,
atrike. Mr. Pullman, bo declares, ia an |
industrial czar, who makes hia philnn- j
throphy pay divldonda. He (Mr.Stood) |
would not bo surprised if tho prosont |
atrugsrlo should ahow how oaaily an in* j
dustrial war can bo dovolopod into a
civil war. ,
Tho aituntion is sravo in Utah and
government troops aro asked for.
Six hundred strikora on tho Erie rood ,
voted at Cloroland to roaumo work today.
Trainmen aro being recruited.ot vari- >
oua oaatorn points to take the plocoa of i
striking woatern mon. i
Near Ottumwa, Iowo, a paaaon^er (
train was ditctood by atrikors, killing j
the ongincor and liromon.
A incssaEO waa received at Buffalo
from Proaidont Dubs ordering tho Buffalo
mon out at midnight to-night.
Govornor Stono, of Misaouri, has pro- i
toitod ngainat tho intorforonco or tho I <
fodoral nathoritioa in tho fltriko aitua- t
tion in that stato. j
Koatraining ordori aaninst Provident (
Dehs and othor loadora have boon c
issued by the United Statos courts at t
Clovolnnd, Ohio, and St. Lools. t
Chicago labor unions appointed a 1
committoo with full powor to call out (
all labor organization*. A mooting to 1
ratify the action its callod for Sunday.
A tologram has boou roceivod from
President Dcba in liutlalo stating that t
the Jlutlalo mombora of tho A. li. U. ,
will bo callod out iniido of twonty-four
hour*. '
Tho Southern Pnciflc Company aro J
no nonror tho managemont of their road ^
in California, lho blockado at Oakland .
continues owl at Sacramento not a ,
wheel is turning. fl
Mombora of tho Tenth batallion t
N. G. S.. Y.. have boon ordered to f
leave their wldrussos with thetorgoants (
of thoir division*, nud to bo roady to ro- (|
port at an instant's notice. j
Tho Southern Pacific, it is rumorod, c
liai oflorod to cotnpromlno with the 1
Btrikera by ngrooini: to abandon the t
Pullman corvico on local trains only.
Strike losdori aro opposed to tho com* 1
promise. C
Ovor the Strike Situation Felt at
tho National Capital.
Carefully Keeping Track of All
the Developments.
Of tho Bayonet In Dealing With Riotera
a* Regarded by General Schofield?If
a (Trials Cora on It Will Fare
III With tho Mobd That Defy the
Authority ol Undo Sain?Tho Prosidont
Disposed to Allow Oorernor
Altgeld to Make Oood Ills Claim
That tho Illinois Stato Mllltla is
Ablo to Copo With tlio Situation,
lint That Doca Not Moan That tho
Fodoral Troop# Will Bo Withdrawn.
WAsnTKaTtw, D. 0., July 0.?At the
cablnot mooting to-day tbo ontirositiiation
was vory carefully conoovor la tho
light of rocoat dovolopmoatt, and particularly
of tbo correspondence betwcon
tho President and Govornor Altgold.
As a result it ii bollevod that thoro is
now a strong disposition to aflord tho
govornor amplo opportunity to make
good his claim of ontiro ability to copo
with tbo present difficulty in his stato.
Not that the regular troops will bo retired
from the Hold, for tboy will still
oontinuo their guard ovor tho mail
trains and tho government property,
but the militia will bo given I
full opportunity to contend with tho i
disorderly mobs outsido of tho railroad I
tracks and government property, and
tho regulars probably will bo Iropt in
waiting to rospond to any call to aid
them. The war department officials
were somewhat concerned at a silly
story tbat camo from Chicago to tho
oQoct that General Milos daro not order
his troops to flro upon tho disordorly
mobs without first Booking oxpress permission
from tho President. Probably
this idea aroso from tho fact that tho*troops
have so far actnd with such oxcollent
discretion and moderation that
it has not been felt necessary to go to
tho length of shooting any one.
Tho concern felt by the department
officials on tbls scoro is not for tho
troops, but rathor for the deladed rioters
who would bo sure to suffer if they
acted on the theory that tbo troops will
not shoot in case of noed.
As a matter of fact General Miles is
clothed with tbo widost moosuro of discretion
in dealing with tho disturbance.
llo has consulted fully with the
President, with Secretary Lamont and
with General Schofleld, and has full
power to act as ho soes fit. Ho is a firm
believer in tbo efficacy 6f tho cold steel
of the Sprinaflold bayonet in setting a
crowd on tho run, and so far the soldiers
havo not found it nocessary to go
further than that. But if tho timo
comes when tho regulars aro placed on
thodefonsivo, thon it will fare ill with
any crowd that ftcos them, for the big
Springfield ballots, the Gatling projectile
and tho deadly ballot charged sholls
of the steel field pieces will doubtleaa
' ?? ? ? -I- - kUrf.
IDBTK HUl'il UUVUU l*a vu uium ? u?wu;
pago in Chicago'i history.
It is solely from compassion for tho
oxcitcdand misled riotors that Genoral
Miles has withheld the fatal word,
Tho sitnation ia tho tar We9t and especially
on tho Pacific slope, ia still a
matter of gravo concern to tho esocu*
live. Application! have opme for relief
from tho coraploto blockadoat Sacra*
mento, Cola., but tho way is not yot
clear to extond a helping band. Tho
militia soems to havo proved to be almost
worthless, tainted by sympathy
tor tho lawless olomont that stops them
from tho porformanco of duty. 'Xho
only available troops-are at tho rrosido,
San Francisco, and tho war department
tiositates to ordor them away and loavo
the valuablo trovernmont proporty at
ton Francisco exposed to attack. It ia
hopod that tho situation at Los Angeles
tvili show such signs of amelioration in
i day or two that the troops thoro can
1)0 roleasod, in which caso thoy will bo
jpoedily transferred to b'acramonto.
Ono rosultof tho crentstriko has boea
:o show in a startling mannor tho inidequacy
of tho Unitod Statos rogular
irmy which has boea roducod to a mero
ikoloton. At prosont twenty thousand
nen aro expected to polico tho whole
:ountry. The Northwoatera pouts aro
loploted to small handuful of mou and
ihero is no adoquato roaorvo forco.
joncral Schofleld haa been obliged to
ixorciso tho moat aubtlo ingenuity in
lisposins hia small force so us to inako
>no man as odiciout as ton, and to-day
t would 'io dilQcialt to transfer a singlo
command in tho wost without oxpoiing
no groat trans-Coutinontal linoa of traiic
to indefinite interruption. Tho genirnl
aaya that it would requiro an army
if four hundred thousaud men to quoll
ho disturbances and bronk up at ouc.i
ho blockades at tho many points wliero
hoy exist, and that is why ho is
>bliged to nttuck thorn in dotail, Always
in unsatisfactory military prbcoduro.
Officials at tho postofllco dopartmont
akc a cheerful viow of tho eituatiou.
'Xlio backbone of tho strike will bo
>rokou to-morrow night, dotpito toIny'a
dovolopiuonts in and about
2hlcaso," said Genoral .Suporititondont
fVnito, of tho railway mall norvico.
'Tlx* forco has not boon sntflciont. With
ho increase of deputios, of police in en
md of troops, both nutionnl and state,
here will bo to-morrow an adequate
nrro for quolline tho disturbances at
Chicago and maintaining order. J hat
lono tho strike will ho practically over,
is Chicago in, of course, the storm
ontor of tho movomont. i don't moan,
lowover, that tho strikors will roturn
o their places."
A batch of now men engaged by a
ocitl representative of the Baltimore &
)hio road to work on its wostcrn linos
as substitute* for tho striking employee
loft for Chicago tn-day and more are expected
to follow At once.
The watchfulness of the efficara of
the administration here continued unabated
to-night. Attorney General
Olnev, Secretary Groaham, Secretary
Lemont and General Scbofield, reached
the white house ahoctly after 8 o'clock
and renewed their conference which
has boon practically continuous since
July 2. Freauent communications
from General Miles and others at the
scene of tho trouble wore received and
tho officials were also kept informed ot
tho situation through bulletins furnished
by the associated press.
Another communication waa received
from Governor Altgold shortly before 9
o'clock. It waa taken immediately to
tho President and considered by the
oonferenco. It oan be etated, however,
that the administration is atue of ita
ground, and that tUo ledorui troopa
in Chicago wHl not be callod in any
ovent othor than tho oomploto res tor atiou
of such onlor as will allow
Unitod States mails to go through uninterrupted
and tho parfoct administration
of tbo orders of fodoral courts. So
for, indsod, aro tho otQcials from
abandoning tho iirra stand which thoy
have taken, that the? apparently bolieveahat
the crisis is nearly rouohod
and they stand ready to act promptly
whon occasion demands and aro proftared
to uphold thoir representatives
n the west in uction in tho lino of instructions
alroady inauod.
While tho situation further west is
causing some anxiety here, chiof attention
continues to bo turned towards
Chicago, tho idea boine that if lawlessness
can bo subduod thero it will soon
subside at othor points.
To Governor Altgeld'if flrcond TtTeuage?!fo
Time for Argument But ? Tim# to Act.
Wahiiingtok, D. 0., July 0.?Tho lottor
of Govornor Aitgeld, containing a
long argumont in support of his position,
and again demanding the with
druvral of tho troons. camo over tho
wiro to tho white houso and occupied a
considerable tlirio ia transmission. It
was nearly midnight when tbe following
reply of President Clevoland was
givon to tbe press:
"Executive Mansion, )
"Washinotom, D. 0. July 0, '04. /
"To the Jlon. John P. AUaHd. Qovcrnorqf liUnoU,
Sprt*g/Ud 111 :
"While I am still oerauaded that I
have neither transconded my authority
or duly in tbe omorgeney that confront#
I us, it Booms to mo that'in this hour of
dangor And public distress discussion
mar well Rite wav to active effort on tbo
| part of all in authority to restore obedience
to tho Iftw and to protect life and
I property. Gbover Olkveland."
I Id a Divorce Gaso Botwcnn Mombora at
the English Ariatocmoy,
' EDiXBoaan, July 0.?Shocking.revelations
were made here to-dayduriug the
taking of evidenco in the suit for divorce
which Claude Alexander, son of
Sir Olaude Alexander, has brought
against hts wife, Lady Diana, daughter
of the fourteenth earl of Egttctten and
Winton. Mr. Alorandet it appears, <Msnamrt/T
Alilfion. in hH
wifo'i bod room and anbeeqnently
brought auit for divorce. Lady Diana
to-day testified that her husband forced
hor into a socret agreement permitting
each of thornio hare free love relations.
Allison camo repeatodly to her room
and she let her hatband know, in advacco,
upon etch occasion when Allison
woa to visit her. Further hearing of thb
case was adjourned.
A oiicplty Ilcqucat.
Paris, July 6.?The Figaro atys that
Santo, the murderer of Ctrnot, ha* addressed
a letter to President Casimir.Perior
asking for monoy with which40
mitigate the riflor of tho treatment be
it recoiving in tho-Lyons prison.
The caqh balance in the troisnry vettordav
was $119,020,095, of which $04,711,8tJ7
was gold reserve.
Tho session of both housoa of Condress
yoitorday was briof and unimportant.
Iu the houso tho tariff bill
was referrod to tho ways and means
coramittoo, which will bogin work at
rtn/?n Tho bill for tho state taxation of
greenbacks was passed
Tbo Brazilian minister in London haa
roceivod a dispatch saying that 1,000
rebels woro killed in tho battle at Passo
Fundo, Rio Grando Do 8ul, Juno 27,
which Gonorul Saraiva, the insurgent
commandor, has claimod a victory.
Weatlmr Foreemt for To-dojr.
For West Virginia. fair; north wind*.
For Wo?u?ro Fenuajrlvaula and Ohio, goaoralljr
fair; north wind*.
aii fnrnishod bjr (i Scfucarr. drujslit, coraor
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