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i'' Yaatarday the Attandaooa Record
at Mouadarille was Brokaa.
f: Of tho Afternoon and Me Dlscoomo
wu Listened to With ItcmMkablo
Attention?Dr. Leonard Mnd Not
| Arrived?Dr. Mead'u Morning Sermon?Tho
Saturday ProoAodlofia.
Note? From tho Camp Gronnda.
Yef torday wai the fourth day of the
prohibition aasombly at tho Moundi
? ' ?>Aim<4a 11(4 In
Vlim caiuy iudouiih * ?
point of attendance it was tUo beat o?
the four by far. Special traim during
the moraine carriod thousands to the
famous grounds to bear the well known
prohibition orators who were billed to
K speak. The weather though hot every;
where else was comfortable on the
Prof. A. A. Hopkins, of U&rriman,
Tenu., was greeted by the largest audieneo
in tho history of the asaembly as
I he stepped to tho front yoatorday after*
noon and attempted to anawer tho question
''Why are temporance meetings
j and temporanco camp meetings necessary
in those years of intelligence and
social nrogreas?" llis answor ho oxplainou
by the fact that society is comt
posed of threo forces. The organized
moral forces, tho organized political
iorcos ahd individual man. The maintenance
of aociety domunds harmonry
between tho organized moral and tho
organized political forces. This harmony
can only come through-tho third
factor in society which is the individual
Tho organized moral forces consist of
tho home which is tho uoit of organ[
ized society, and to have femoral society
you must have moral Jfonios. Demo1
-, ralizo tho homo and you demoralize tho
very foundation of tho state. yob must
maintain tlio homo in ita purity if you
would koon tho nution morul.
Tho school is an organized moral force i
; higher than tho homo, llvro tho moral
forces of tho homo uro emphasizod and
extended. Eliminate from all tho toxt i
books of all the schools all that is of
moral teaching, yet tho echool to bo of
service to tho atato must of uccoasity bo
f moral.
Tho church ia tho higheat form of
j moral organization. Hero aro gathered
| . an?l concentrated all tho moral teachings
of tho home and school. From it
go tho forcors that tend to build up tho '
morul fabric ot tho nation. Thoso aro
k tho throo primary moral organizud
forces?all others aro secondary and
oxist, simply because one or nil of tho
throo mentioned havo failed to do their
duty. Wo have to doal only with tho
primary force*. <
What aro tho organized political 1
forces? They aro the political parties,
and they ox proas thoir organizoa sentimont
by tho expression which wo call
| law. For tho maintenanco of sound '
government thoy must bo in harmony
with the tnornl forces, if their expressed
sontiinent result inlaws con|
trary to tho wolfaro of tho moral forces
it proves a political sentiment existing
that is antagonistic to tho homo, tho l
i sehool and tho church. Have wo snch
i a law? If bo wo must liavo an organized
political forco behind it of which it is
tho expression. NVo havo a law on onr 1
i statutes licensing tho liquor traffic?beiiind
it stand the two groat political
partioa of tho nation. Is this law tho i
friend or foe of the moral forces? If a I
foo then tho parties of which it is the i
mrnrnoHintt nrn no orcrnnized nolitical
forces tho enomies of tho homo, tho <
I > school aud church. Is the licensed sai
loon tho friond of tho homo? Doos it ;
make it bettor, inoro intelligent and
i spiritual? If bo it is good, if not it is a
foe and should bo dealt with as such. 1
& Is it a friond of tho school? If so wo
i- ought to havo ono as noar ovory school
as posslblo. What aro tho facts? Does
not every law in tho land discriminate
!V. against tho saloon, and driving it away
> - from tho school testify that it is un
open enemy to the school ?
Is it tho i'riond ot tho church ? Does
it mako tho church mombor hotter,
moro rogular in attendance, more ablo
to contribute to its support? lCvory
proachor noro knows hotter. Tho testimony
of all tho religious bodies of tho
nationals against it What is tho re*
suit?disharmony and discord until tho
moral and political forcos Do harinonrizod.
When and how can thisbodono? I
will say it cannot bo dono in tho
churches. Neither the secondary or
auxiliary forcos like tho \\\ C. T. U.,
tho Good Templars uod kintlrod
| organizations. You can harmonize
them only in one way and at 0110 place
and that is tho vital "point of all republican
govorninont?the ballot box?and
you can onty do this through tho third
force in society aud that is the individual
And if tho man .bo demoralized, how
can you accomplish this? It is my
honest conclusion, after yfears of study,
that tlioro are more men demoralized
i through tho inlluenco of tho saloon who
now ontor its doors than tho on tiro
patronage of tho saloon. .Men who occupy
high and honarablo positions in ?o*
cloty, who would scorn to ontor a saloon,
who quail before its power and
inlluenco, and for tinaucial or political
reason* refuse to raiso thoir protest
; against it.
Whilo the amendment campaicn in
Michigan was in progress, a man of Inch
position and a rogulur wor?hippor in
ntin nf tli?? nilv lOmrriini atnoilnn in Hia
oj>urn house, a few Java before the alec*
Hon, ami wwle ?m argument in'iunu
That Tired Feeling
Hood's Sarsaparllla Makes the
Weak Strong.
" I cheerfully announeo the (acts ?.f a enurse
p! treatment with Hood's Snrsaiwrllla, I w.ia
? troubled with a dull
headache and that tired
feeling. I am employed
by the St. I.oiiIh fi San '
l''r?iifl?ro Railway and
was out In all kinds nl
weather. 1 began totake
Hood's Sarsnparilla. and
nftcr taking six bottle* I
5 felt perfectly well and
: bad a good a ftp * It t ft.
3 Mood's SnrsaparMa is a
1 great blood purifier and
I I gladly recommend It.'1
\ C. V.. Tmnenu, Munett
Mr. C. H. Tlblftts. Mlasonrl.
1 Jo ?uro to get Hood's and only IIeod'J,becaus?
Hood's m
Heod'e Pills arfttliftPtst family cathartic
W mor modtcluo. Harmlcjs, reliable, suro.
prohibition?to J what do roa think it
was? Revtaae! lUrenur!! Berena#!!!
from beginning to end. If prohibition
became a fact, Detroit woald lose $301,000,
end vet that men, a few weeks liter,
could alter an eloaasat prayer to
oar risen Lord u an Kaater offering.
Demoralized through tbe influeni? of
tbe saloon.
Jlare Christian patriot! no doty to
do when the progress of tits home, tbe
school and rhe dhurch are tbos bin*
dered and burdened by such demoralization?
Whero will #ou apply tbe
remedy 7 Not in tbe^salooo; not in tbe
church, bat at the ballot box. And
when? When the individual voter
sbsll oxpress his moral coavictiou by
bis ballot, ond not (ill then.
A Largs Coneraiatlon That Kip?ct?xt tu
llcnr Or. Lronnrd-.Vol Disappointed.
Tho experience meeting was held at
0 a. m.. and manv and interesting wcro I
the testimonies given.
At tbe cloio of this meeting Dr. Mead
announced to tbo audienco that Dr.
Loonard would not be prcient on account
of the daugeroui illness of his
brother, and also announced that much
to liia regret aud agamat his protest
the comutitteeon programmohau called
him to till the deficiency. Ho could
not All Dr. Leonard's place, but would
do his beat. Ilis text waa Uen., 1-3?
"And God said let there be light and
tbnre waa light."
A large congregation ha\l beon attracted
by the announcement of Dr.
Loonard, but they weqp hardly disappointed
for the sermon wai an oarnost
and instructive ono and an ellective appeal
to all Christian men and women
everywhere to riso to the dignity of
their privileges ns co-workers with God
in the moral uplifting of themcoand bo
Willinir, if necessary, to sullor to-dny
that they might take in the glory of the
Commencing with Abraham, tho doctor
spoke of tne light booms of tho
world, as Jacob, Daniol, tlio Hebrew
worthios?David, Saint Paul. Luther,
Knox, Lincoln, Wondell Phillips, Meal
Dow?and and nil men everywhere who
had done anything to elovato the race,
who prqclaimod to the world by their
lived that the dispisod of to-day become
the honored of a lator ago.
lln (linn naif! n olmcinir trlhnto to tho
Bible uh the guide and lamp of young
itnd old, and concluded by aingime in a
very eflcctive manner, that boautiful
byuin composod by Gen. Morris, editor
or tbo Home Journal, of iioaton, entitled
".My Mother's liiolo."
31 It. MILLS' ADIHltiSS.
Interesting I'rosrmiiuiu nt tlio Aaiembly
on Snturdnj*.
Tho oxercisos on Saturday of the prohibition
assembly consisted of tbo usual
opening nnd closing exorcises of tbo
Silver bike Quartotto accompanied by
Mrs. Grubam unci aapoecb by Walter
Thomas Mills, of Chicago. Tuia ia Mr.
Mills' second visit, to tbe camp ground
nnd the lurge audience showed tho appreciation
in which bo is held. Jlo evidently
underrated tbo acoustic properlies
of the great assembly ball ami
gomowhat strained bis voice in epeaking
but his hoaror* were ao much interested
in tbeBubject mattor of bis discourse
that they did not appear to notice
His subject was 'Torcos Tbat Are at
Work in Our Amorican Politics," of
which bo claimed tbat tbeso controlling
forcos were a)l vicious, and tbat to(jethor
they form a combination by
which they become tho masters of our
political iifo. These bo said were:
First?'Those mon whoso business interests
are of such a nature tbat it ia
necosiary to the successful management
of their business for tbom to oxurciso
a controlling influenco over tbo
tiovornment. All corporations doponding
for existence on the consent of tbe
pooplo wero included In this list, ospodaily
coininoD carriers and companies
ongaged in tho transmission of news
and information, as also l.ight nnd water
plants and kindrod industries. And,
when operated with a viow to sololy
create dividends for tbo stockholders,
without regard to their moral responsibilities,
their influences became vioioua
in the extreme.
Becoud?Thoao men who raado polltics
a profession-with tho solo object of
benotitting themselves; who were politicians
by trado; whoso object was not
to serve anv oartv or tho /country from
principle, but to ily any ilug thot would
tend to their personal bonelit.
Third?'Worn tho professional criminal
classes as distinct from those who
wero temporarily ovorcome of evil passion
or depressing circumstancos. TIioijq
were mon who aimed to pot something
for nothing and through a lifetime of
practice andoducation doliborgtely violatod
the spirit ot the law, bnt succeeded
in escaping tho penalty. lie cited ua
representatives of this class Jay Uould,
of Now York, and John B. Furwell, of
Chicago, who, while a Uopublicrm in
Illinois, contributed to the Democratic
campaign expenses in Texas in order to
cany through his great land scheme by
which he hopod to reap milliuuy of dollars
for his own personal use.
lie also paid his compliments to Mr.
Pullman and cave facts from his personal
investigation and experience of
several days among the strikers at Pullman
and Chicago. Tljo great corporate
interests of tho couuiry were opposed
to tho prohibition of tho saloon as this
was the center through which corrupt
capital by tho corrupt politicians contracted
tho sium vote of tho country in
their own interest and us evidence of
this quoted from the election returns
of Clovclnnd and Cincinnati for the
past sixteen years, showing tho steadInst,
adhoranro of the better wards to
their respective parlies while tho sium
vote HnetuatC'i with astonishing rapidity
from one party to the other, but id*
ways on tho side "of ihu corporations.
^*?i-inl?l.v KrtU??.
II l? MnCrn-r.r ?f VVlmnlitt.t ciiinn
in on Saturday to remain for tiso nauembly
John A. Nichols will nupply the
vacancy occasioned by tho nlnonce of
Dr. Leonard Monday nfiernooii, and ho
far a* known thorn wdl bo no lurthor
break in ihu program inn.
Miss Newcoinb arrived yonterday and
with Mrs. ICst'-r l'oylo it) Htoppin^ at tho
hotel. A lar^o crowd wan there yeaterday
ami ovoryouo i.s much ploaaod with
thoprosont iii;?na^om?'iiU
lJrt?m thn lUvnrn.
Warren?Kivor at low water inarit.
Wuathor warm with who worn.
Greonaboro?Kivur (?feet nnd stationary.
Weather warm and clear.
Oil City?River 7 indies nnd Htationary.
U entlier cloudy ajid warm.
StenbenvHIe?Hr\?*"r 1 foot H inehea
and falling. Weathor clear aud warm.
Don't buy a blood-purifier because it
in "cheap. Tho boat? tho Superior
Medicine?Ayer'n Sar/?np*rilln, H. in
the oud, tho cheapest blood-purifier in
the market. Tho iii'crfdion.'fl of which
it in composed aro tho moot expensive
and medicinally uflicncioua that can bo
obtaino'l. _
cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion
& Debility.
XatUn of Sflsor MoaMt ! ?ol About
11m Cltjr.
Conrn ok Li ox Jivivlon of tho uniformed
rank K. of P. sod Baltimore
lodge oltho lime order mill uioet at I
p. m. to-daf lo attend the funeral of
Thomas Mullauey, a member of both
Tkx Belmont blait furnace will go to
work to-day, employing about 200 men.
Tne pudUJerv'st the L'enwood mill
will resume work in fnllou Wedneaday.
Dn. WxcnsunA caae for alleged abortion
and" murder will tomtv up for trial
in tbe criiniual court to-day.
A lauok number of tbe Daughters of
Liberty of thia city and McMecbeu wiil
make a visit to lieilairo in a week or
Judok Pa fix on Saturday overruled
the motion for a new trrtU in the cane of
Catharine Church va. city, and entered
judgment for $400.
Gahnkld Assembly; cigarmakew,
I.? .i?rtttt in full force
on Labor Day, August 125, headed by the
Opera House band.
It was Joseph, instead of llenry, Bobrecht
to whom tho contract was
awardod lor hauling sower pipo on 1*.
Conner'* contract with tho city.
A maxuiauk license was issuod Saturday
to Magnus Butler, a nativo of St.
Alasy, aged thirty-one, and Caroline
IleiI, a nativo of tit! Mary, aged thirty.
Ida Aci.t and Kinma Luiidora were
locked up for disorderly conduct by
Oilicer Watson Saturday night, and
Chris Clino by Officer Carney for refusing
to move on whop orderud to.
Saturday tho cash drawer at (Joorge
liorvn/h cigar store, in the Museo, was
robbed of about$10. 'i here la a slight
clow to tho thief, who got in his work
betweon 5 and G o'clock in tho ovening.
Last night Jtov, Dr. F. D. j'. Bickley
received a telephone raessago to the
effect that Mrs, BiokJey and child, who
wore at Moundsvillo, had become seriously
ill. Ho went down on tho lam.
Tins afternoon tho city polico will be
ontertaiued at Whocling park as
guests of the ftork association, and all
anticipate a great afternoon's eport.
Homo tall scores will be inado on tho
bowling alleys.
Last night a complaint was received
from Simpson M. E. church, on EofI
street, that boya wore disturbing tho
worshipers thore, and did so habitually.
An oilicer was sent up with orders to
broak up the practice.
Fjikigiit business will bo rosuined on
tho Wheeling & Luke 15rio railroad this
morning, and the two Wheeling und
Maasillon trains which were rocontly
taken oiron account of tho strike will
bo nut on again. Most of tho men who
wont out on a atriko have asked lor
their old places
It was discovorod by the otnployea at
tho Pan-Handle and Baltimore ?Vc UJiio
stations .Saturday morning that tho
trunks of tho Uniou News Company
had boon broken ofj.ui. n Inriro i?-?r.irn
of tho contents carriod oil, and tho reinoindor
left cxpoiiod u? tliu rain aim
wind. At the Pan-Handle the trunks
wore drugged oil a considerable distance.
Tiik tobacco workers' union, composed
of Bioch Bros.' oroployo?, Rave a
very successful pidutc at Alozart Park
Saturday. The ono-inilo bicyclo raco
was a feature. Tho contestants woro
Albert Snyder, who lives near the LaUollo
mill, and J0890 McCausland, tho
winner oC the road raco to Wheeling
Park at tho Catholic picnic. Snydor
won tho race. Ilo receivod as his
prizo a Qno silk umbrella, apd McCansland,
as second, won five pounds of
Mail Pouch tobacco^
Strangers In tbe City nntl lVhootlng Folk*
Goorgo W. Atkinson, jr., is at White
Sulphur Springs.
Miss lloliy Paltorson ia visiting
frionds in W'ellsbnrg.
W. W. BeaU and wife, oi Wellaburg,
are guests at tho Windsor.
Dr. A. L. Hupp, of Cherry Camp,
autographed at tho Staratn.
L. C. Porcroal, of Mannington, regis
tcrea nt tno winuaor last uiwie.
Cioorge V. Drown and wife, of St.
ClHlraviilo, autographed at tlio McLuro.
I)r. J. Wechslor, of Chicago, father of
Dr. 11. WcCbalor, of this city, is at the
Statu tn.
Miaoea Paulino H. Sogui n and E. Zolda
Blapchard loft Saturday for Mt. Clemens,
Mrs. Jacob Loos and son ltnymqnd
loft Satiirdiiy*for u visit of three week*
to Sardia, 0.
Mra. liuortre Mvora and children have
raturnod homo from a visit to Canal
Dover, Ohio.
Miss McCauley, of Waahinnton, I>. C.,
is visiting her couiiu, Miaa Ethel Brauncu,
of KoIT street.
Masnra. William Vanco and Dent
Taylor, of Ott Jiroa. & Co., aro homo
from an enjoyublo visit to the South
>1. F. Hamilton and J. 0. Iluov, of
Muuniugton; J. A. and E. M. Smith, of
Amos, and W, Shannon, of Mautiiug*
ton, registered ut the lJohlor.
Mrs. Alfred Caldwell and daughter,
Mis* Lnura, accompanied by Mrs. Iaaholla
Irwin, arrived homo Saturday from
Mt. Cleiuciiti, Mich., whero they havo
been for the past mouth.
Dr. J. A. Campbell yoatordny nv
turned from IJerkoloy Sprint*", whoro ho
attended tho annual meeting of the
Stato Medical .Si.doty. Dr. Campbell
aho vinitod bh old homo near bvkcavdlo,
Mian Cora ilowor*, of North Main
street, and Mi?i Libido Twoody, of
Martin's Ferry, left over tho C. ?S: i*. on
Wednesday, "to attend the Christian
Endeavor Society and to visit friends in
Mr. Timothy W. Dlids, tho votorau
Mason of this city, with his granddaughter,
Mr*. Will. 0. Deans, ami Hie
latter'6 two children, loft for Wn?hington
nonnny, Ohio, whore thoy will vieit
Vigilant iiihI llrittinniiu
London, July 15.?The Mmshm. Gotild'n
bronzo tdoop yuclit Vigilant and l'rinco
of Wnloa' iJritannia will take part tomorrow
in ilio regatta of tho Itoyal
Ulster Vuclit Club, conloitinu for tlio
County Down cup, valued ut tlfty
pounds. _
i!y Vlolnnne
Utile Is ac!couif>lhhcl In thin civilized era, liut
uUli tho WLMitie luintlve. Hostuttur'* Btotnnch
Hitlers, tlio bowel* nro rclliivud without abruptlienoritultMC'iptciH
wcnkoultiK. I>rKpo|?Nl?. innInrm.
rhouniiiiUtu. wonfcui'M mid ki<lno>* tmutilo
>|<?ld t? till* n-llitny uurotlve, fiireiiuwt ulso
iuumw tnvtjcorauu uud to?omm?ud<Hl l?y idi?*W
rtnu*. <dvo ilu.i iiiedlduo u fair trial ua<i bo
Tiih Pan-llnndlo Dyeing cHtablinhmcnt,-o7/H("l.|iy-.lolin
lloilnioier, nt No.
14*.U Mnrkot muqt, i* tho boat equipped
house of im kind iu Wheeling. In addition
to tho dyeing and clonniuc departmontH
a corps of llrHt?cluna tailors aro
employed, who can do ropairinu' as nent
n* it in po#*ihlo. Clothe* and Indies'
garment*, clenned or dyud, can be mndo
to look fike now. Satisfaction yuuruntoed.
laic ta En.
And Coffoo Roasters.
We Lead, Let Tbose Who Can Folio?!
Lemons, per 15c
Half-pint Jelly GUocs per dozen ? 2He
Quart M*??on Jan...- OOc
Bakcr*i Touiatoci. 3 cam for,....'................... 32c
lk?t HiaaJanl Totnatocs. 3 cam for?.~....... 23o
Standard Su?ar Corn, 4 cam tor J*3o
Sugar I'cas^i cam for...........^. ? 35c
Ilartfott Petri. 3 cam for ... 35o
Choice Rod Salmon, i can* foe ?5c
Fresh Ginger Snaps, 4 pounds ton 23o
Baking Poirdcr.per ponnd 10c
Fresh Butter Crackcra. 6 pounds for,...-? ?3o
Large Lump Gloss Starch, 7 pounds for....... -3?
Rolled Oats. 0 pounds forM..~~......... - 23o
Polo's Boot Beer. 3 bottles for. ... <5e
Half-pint Beer Mag Mustard. 3 glasses for... *3?
Half-plat Catsup, 3 bottles for "So
Clothes Pins, per dosen.. lo
Carpet Tacks, 8 ounces, per box lo
Mile Tea Ci.
visit retail merchants Business pleruwut
and profitable. Address "S," care of lntellig'Mi*
cor otllcc. Jytt
Agents?to travel or at
homo, to take orders br ?arnt>le. Wo par
espouses and salary or ootntnlsHlon. It is a
quick soiling staple drtielu Sample rent <?u
application. Address Lock Box 1?>, N. X. City.
Sealod proposals will bo received by the Board
of Kducatlon of Muunlugtoii. W. Va. until Satunlay.
Julv us. Its'Jl, at 1 ji. in., for the erection
and enclosing of a twelve-room school building
at Maunlngton. W. Va
The plans and specifications ran be seen at tbo
otllee of the Board of J-idueatlon ut Manuington.
W. Va., and also at the office of Kranibeim,
tiiesoy it FarK Architects, Fourteenth street,
Wheeling W. Va
Bid* to be marked. "Propoinlji for erectingnnd
enclosing a twelve-room school building at Mantiington,
\Y. Va.." and to be addressed to Clerk
of Hoard of Kducation. Maimlngtou. W. Va
Each bidder will submit with Ids bid a certified
check for 2 pur cent of amount of btd.
Tbo board reserves the rlpbtto reject any or
all bids. jyia-MWAK
*1f*t? KAT.I,'
?< Farm
of tho Into Caroline Keuamond. containlilg
W?aerus of ihofluest farming laud in Ohio
county. Lav* well, well watered. ?lt(ta?ed IIvo t
tnilo* north of <4ty: reached by n ?ood roa<l.
Elcramt brick houv? ol eleven rooms, largp Utirw
ami other neciwary outbuilding* >JIho two orchards
containing a lurso variety of fruit For
further Information call on or aiMrnji v. II.
KLIKVRS; ut Dollar Savings Bunk, or mi Chapline
atroet wylfl
Cheap and on Easy Terraa.
W. V. HOG5.
crA Cltr Hunk flnlMI-nr. rwo Mnrltor
' JL? Main ytrcot. Addreai Lock Ito.t fe.*7
. Twelfth itreot, anvl five reaj rooms. Inquirt'
at ?tore. jclS
. alloy back of Chniilinu *trfet. Fifth ward.
Adilrewi "h. M.caro Intelligencer otllco. iny-11
Corner o? Main nml TniitU StT?oli,
Inquire of JAMES L. J1AWU5Y,
_Je3S KM Main Sired
1501 Jacob street. roron rooro? nn?t tyith.
Mnruot ?.troet. Jive room* nail aula
UUU Alley C. five roopi*.
.ml? Foil*street two rooms nnd nttl<\
M Fourteenth street, front room, lint floor.
Wore room So 101" Mat^o' ?reeL
titorc room*. Not 4 nud 8 Tenth mrov't.
GKU. J. M AT 11 ISO N.
Telephone 107. " [n|>7| i.tff Market Htreet.
Store room in l'?*alioiIjr Ilolldtu;.
O.tle* rooiurt In I'e:ihudy lltilMiiu.
Ste:iiu li(>2if,o|?vatoruin( nil tiiodorticon*
vuuU'uvus. Term* r?i??oiiiilil?.
<nl ll'jit nmt 1 l'-iS Mnrl<?'t Stn"<t.
13 Mmtiwof Nmloiinl lLink of West Virginia.
lihnnM Wiinvirk rlilmtt'oinpntiT.
'. Qflmre* Wheeling Ice Stor&to Co.
jonhnre* Fire ami AUrlne liM'imacoUa
CO Miiires li-inV ol theUhlo Vrtlloy.
?'('?lmres l.nliHIe Natl Mill.
COnhiires Lmchliii Sill Mill.
.'Iannis Wheeli"K Hnilvrny Co
*J0?huroi .Emu 3laudur<l Iron m l Steal Co.
H. I ItWlN*. ItoKor.
JeW ^o. Jl Twelfth Str.^t.
Bonds and Stocks !
Other Investments.
mrJ9 No. 1311 Markot St.
liv virtue of a deed of tnut tnndo by Mary MeNniimr
i tind Mlchied McNntnnrn. her IiuMmtid.
to tin*trustee iliiiml April It. ls?. recorded
In tho olllco of tho t'lortc of thn County Court of
Ohio county, Wo.it Vlrgluhi. Hi I Joed of Trust
Hook No. nt. I wlll sell lit thu u,?rtf?
front door of tin? court houno of mi1?1 county, on
WKUNK81UY. Till: Jhtji I?aY OK JULY. |VJ?,
commencing nt 10 o'clock n. ui.. tlio following
dcsorllicd pro|icriy. that N towty:
The cant linlf of, lot uutnherud two innl tho
west half of lot numbered three, sltnnto nnd ho
liik-oii the north sldoof Klcvonth *irr?t. in tlio
city of Wheeling. Ohio county. Wont Virginia, as
luhl out bv A.kihmv II. Itritt. a pint of which nthdivision
l? ro'-i?rih?<t In l> I Rook No.
JIA?. The sniil f?teceot Rround front* fortv feet
on Kleveiitli htrect. running northwiiMlv of
equal width to tho scuth ilno ?if land* owned bv
tlio Wheeling. I'ltt-diunjh .t lbilthnom railroad,
one htiu<lrc>l mid twenty feet, more or los*.
Ti.iiM* ?if Hai.p: <?iio-third aihI ns much nioro ;
as the |>Hrohn-i'r < |iTts to i?nv In cadt nil tliodny
ol sale, tin' balauco In two equal liiMadmouta nt
otiouml two >enr?, unlet bearing lntero?t from
the day of vnle to l*o iriveii for tho deferred i?ny? i
menl* W. .1 W. LOUDEN. Tru*to<\
W. II. Itait.tut. Auctioneer. Joll
j Lilies to be
I ^fa^THIS \
$2.50 PARASO
1 $3.50 PARASOI
i $6.00 PARASOI
,j $7.00 PARASOI
< o?o?re?9o?
^.AT C
^ r\ n
uHU. K. J
Wo ha?.> mora calls for qioney than we ran :
supply. If you have money to put out on intercut
call on u?.i We hnvo good real estate socurity
to oiler. Interest* pot cctu per aunuio. All
ozpcQ'O pai<l by borrower.
Wo hnvc buyors for small ehosp bouses well
lnmtcd. If cheap u quick cash Bale can bo made. 1
Call on us.
HOLP cSa 2SA.UI3,1)
Olllpe hours 7:30 a. m. to 8 p. m. Jo25 .
A Imrgnlu fgr a few drfys only- A b<hh1 eight*
roomed dwelling. with full lot. on prominent
ttrci't on the Inland. for f.l.7.Vl
Fntltfnnn. on? of the l**t in this Ration.
Hooks will show good lucomn every year. In
on*li. No olf years. Mniril amount of cash will
,handle It nnd tho pto?-6 will jmy tbe balance; or 1
win exchange for city pr?i?rty.
Klfieflti-iicw farm with new four-roonin! 1
boii?e and st4m> huiMlmr. Jmt above Martlu's
Kerrv; twenly minutes by rati from Wheeling.
(isnl'Mi truck an?l other crops all In. Will sell
for SI.?fX) cash and jjIvm pos>ct^ion of crops and :
all In four days' tliue.
Money to loan oil city real estate.
To I .ot?Dwellings. large and hutalL ,
Rents Reduced !
No. 31H1 McColtnch *trc:t; will arrang.* for
two toimiiK orotic. mul put in llwt-o:u*< order.
No. .r? Thirty aovonth ?truot. hocond floor, 37.
No. i:u Zitto ?tr?'!t. Mucond U<x?r. gi2.
No. -Sil KoifKtrcct. onuortwo families.
No. WW .Muln ntniot. two-Biory brlou.
No. UI2.1 MoColloc.li strvut. two-story frame.
No. A2V Muln KtroU, lur^D tuolcru brick dwelllua.
(ourfotm room*. !
No. 1327 MoColtocli ?trcot. brick, ill (M.
No. U'? t?lilo Iroct tbrw rooms. ?7 .V).
No. 21 VlrirlnU sltoos. Jrani j. ?ix ro.om
Tin' Wn'ldl'njton Plii'-o. hoij?o?n l i'l uur-y.
No. til'j Main itrrot. brick dwelling.
No. 2102 Muln ?trcet. tlrsi il<>nr. ilirea room*.
Nn. 12.1 Tblrtv-tfdrd street. briek iWoroontt.
Two uplendld otlliv roinn> til MusonloliiilldlUj.
No. 2!?r.,(?i?inUi!C!>tro'.'t. tlvo room*, jUUJ.
No. l.VKl Mtrkut Mruot, oftlco roomi
No. 121 Thirty-third s'.nw:. tirerootm. $< 0).
N-?. '.*>> Miiln nre-*t. twelve room* mid 1km
otlko room* In Hlbbtrd Illock. i"U Mnrlcot
No. 1"?22 Mitiu ?t'M0t. second and third Mart
Store room toi: South ^croot. In Ilojrtu labernacltf
e rort WAIjR O
No. 2S2lVott"*fro',f. lwi>srory (riuno. C rnotnt
Summer. r-.td Mi'- 'i Iti tbo?Country fit l'urSt
View, 1'lvitsant Valley. l.euthcrivo,>d aud \Vuod.v
mosey to loan*
?;iTr junk itriLDiNO.
Telephone '2lt?. (JoliM Koom No. C.
? ,
Money to Loan !
? $6,500,
$4,IOO. ?r
To be ?ocunvl l?r l?cod of Trust on UninootaIxred
City Ileal Hitato. Inijutra o( ,
Wheeling Title and Trust Co.,
no. tan nfAiucvrr s-rnutrr.
1 mewtyim; sk 1 m ,k i ? wo i 1 k mkn.iiqnesr
uul'NTaud ta.srv Work, ssnd for urlfjw
??ud :7 t'uitrlMDttx Siraa'.
Closed Oil-!
LS FOR 50c.
-S FOR $1.00.
LS FOR $2.50.
LS FOR $3.00.
Ilnuso of 0 rooms, I'OlTstreet, between '.'.M mil
23d struets, witli l-roomcd house iu the rear;
largo lot. 51,600.
llouie of 0 rooms. 23d struot, 81.500.
A Fiiiu I in proved (arm of sixty ucroi, (Urw
mile* cut of wheeling.
Houso of llvo rooms, Twenty-third atroct,
llduso of flro rooms, Chapliuo stroct, Contra
Wheeling. fc!..*WL
Itou*" of throe rootaj. MarkuU street, Centra
Wheel I UK, I1XXI.
House of ten rooms, brick, Murkotatrout. Fifth
tvnr<l. easy terms;
House of iivo rooms, brick, Fourteenth atrwt.
Hou?o of four rooms. Jacob streot, Sixth
nnrA. iL2Hl
Honw, flvo rooms, Woodiatrvet, Lait Wh.?;!*
In?. C 1.4f0.
Fine fnrm, irtfncros. throe miles from XlonuJ*
vlllo. with ajxlendld Improvomenu. This h a
ax) foot of laud irontlu;; on McColloaU aa?l
Hotel of fourt?H30 rooms, dolaggooi busiaeu
splendid location, cheap.
Hn'tiM) of seven room* ond bull, CUaplud
itnt't, Centre Wheeling. SI,2'?U.
I>?t on??i end Fourteenth htrect. 9V<1
I/rts tvu I.lud *>trtt?t. l'.elvcdcte. S2"i cacU.
I*>t>< iti IVIirons it Hpeldol's addition. Il tti'l.
lun's ii'Mltlou to North Kenwood. ll'iiu
Caldwell's Huh. Pleasant Valley, Dellcvue uui
etber placQHln Hud tieartho cltft
Monor to loau on cltv roul e<lato: iJJJ.
HOO, &OJ, fl.ttW, tl.jJJ and a-J.WX
Tfl. tux 1738 Markot Strait.
UnlMltm eorncr Tweuty-fourth and ts?urkvt
MiC'.'ts, lately used us a carriage
fuctory *... ?4'.
S'o. ;t| sixteenth "J
So. l-h'Seventeenth street. fir?t ?lr>or. 1,1
No. 3W7 Clmpiine street, tw'u rooms. 1
So. 2M7 Clupline otruet, two rooms 4 1,1
So. :V?7 Market *'root " '
iivlcon und dwelling ttdjululng 0. Jfc I'.
dup.it. Martin's Kerry '?
So. 2S17 Chapllno streot. throe rouws !?
Sn. 105) Mum street. room*.
# Vaoaut lot* mi Kli'uhotb streji.
[fo.2iV.i M-irkf! Kfri-ot both g;??ci ... !' IJ
So. 11CI High street, tworuoius 0 ?J
So.2C.21 AUeyl) 1- >
So. KU24 Chupliue street. store room uuJ
K'n V? ? Allnv II 7 ' !
No. Cf.?l Market tro<-t. two rooms <j11
So. 18 Twoutr-tWth fttreot '
No. ltil EotVotruot, w.owa UtKi? i' "
No. l.MFovonteeuth atrout, soootiil tlour * -'J
So. iW J it cob itreot !; ;
No. 2M0 Jtifoh ureet 1: "
>ti n? toosii*, Muiii utt'i Twouty-tln?t itrcotJ
for f>oi, $icu>. . >
So. loi? Chniilino street, four room*. I'
So.'iV)! Mam nrv? t -
No 'i*. !V Mti-ilfih ?troet " '
So.'.'Hi >f nlu Mrcot. four rooms K J
S'o, 1W .NIim'K cnth ?irwst .
So. 1V!7 Chapiliio rtroou odlrv room " 0
So. 1721 l otlVrct. j*vond Uaor
So. v.**.i Mct'olluo.h street..,., I
So. Z'- T worn tilth utroet - -' '
So- if'-ls Murkei s'rvi't
So. 1'lfl Miilu mtvot .. ?" *
So. i:.\ seventeenth street, two room*
So. irc? Twenty-ninth llreot <> 'u
HutMlng for UiHnufuctarlug or wholcub
buklucu. lu rear of No. lVil Market St.... ' +> 03
11)11 8 ALU.
lical wtalo cf every description.
Ileal Exfaito Affent. Collector. Notary PnMlc
Ivmlou Atiornt<y> No. ICJ-' Market?troct.
No. 2r. South V.'aba?h tn>rtt. thnv room
) No h. Virginia n'root. night rooms.
Nu. 4" North llurnu ttroet. three ruotnt
No. <3 North Huron siroot, sit room*.
No. in tv.iiih Front xrcot.curim roatn<
on South lJroniw.iv, rtvo room*.
c fori haxjB. 9
Property of ?H UtuJv ?ueh n* UulU'.iv, '
vMUcmtw, bu?ln? .i property, farms.
MONEY t o 1.0AN On!I nn<) mu uifc
CCATl rTv" J. F I TSJJi.
11U Market itircot. Telephone Ml Jcli

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