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la Oyola R?alng Wo Out Knocl
Out the British Lion.
Over Btfdm, the Ktifllih Crack, ft)
Porte Yeetord ay?Fl f teen Thooaand
Pooplo Went Wild Om the Amorl
can's Flt?o Spriutfuff?Sunday Base
Ball and Other News of Sport.
Paris, Jaly 13.?Fifteen thousand
peoplo assembled to-<Jay at tho Bulfalc
Velodrome to witneH the contest* be
tweeu Zimmerman, the Amoricaa bicyclist,
and Bardon, tbe English rider
The first raco, ono mllo, was easily won
by Zimmerman, who flalshod a dozer
lengths aboad of bis competitor.
'" mn*nnA rnr*A A?m mll?l. Zlm<
merman followod Borden with tbo pact
makers until the fifth lap was entered
ut>on. Tbon he let himsolf go and shot
ahead with inch rapidity that Barden,
seeing tbero was no possible chance /or
himself to win, retired. Zimmerman't
time was 11 mlnutos 60 3-5 seconds.
Zimmerman next won another racc
easily, Wboolor finishing second. The
crowd wont wild over Zimmerman1!
victories and ho wns given a most en
thnsiaatlc ovation. A number of tbo
spectators waved small Amorican Hags
when tlioy saw how easily Zimmerman
had vanquished his opponents.
BltOKtS.I I1Y "i'lNKEY" iitilHS.
Tbe Chicago BZao Jo^rlea With Ulcjolc
Beoords In Great Shape.
Boston, Joly 15.?Jullau P. Bliss, ol
Chicago, saccecded in lowering the
rocords for ono milo, both standing and
flying start, at Waltham yestordny
afternoon. Ho also broico the records
for two-thirds and throo-quarters of a
mile. Tbo two latter rocords were
eraashod in tbo last part of tho flying
milo. Nat Butlor. oi Cambridge, was
also successful in his onslaught on the
one milo reoord./or class A, riding the
"'!? o.rtt oJi P. M- Ilaffmrtvtnd
C. G. Williams, of Walthtm,established
& tandem record for <Amb A, riding the
milo in 1 r69 3-f5w
Berlo and Cutter, two Boston rfdors,
brought Bloss down to tho start llko a
whirlwind. Bliss clung to tho rear
whool of tho tandom and eoernod to bo
anchored then*. Brandt and Eddlo toeDuffeo
pickod Bliss up, and tho first
tandom foil out, without tho slightest
hitch. Tho pacing on (bis Ian was
steady, bat the naco was a furious one,
and many thought it would bo too warm
for Ulias, but that plucky littlo man
hold right on, and swung down on tho
polo and froze to tho third tandom, still
riding steadily and without a wavor.
Tho timo for tho (Janrtor was 231-6; onethird,
37 2-5; two-tbirds, 1:15 1-5; threequarters,
1:25; mile, lrW 4-5.
In tho trial for tho standing start
milo record, Bliss was paced by 5TcDufieo
and Brandt, andOithens and Lamsden
on tandoms. Tho time for tho
quartor wits 32 seconds; for tho half.
1:02 2-5; tbreo-qnartori, 1:31 1-5, and
tho milo in 2 minutes flat. This broke
tho provioas record of 2:02 2-5, which
was hold by Harry Tylor, of Spring1
Hold, mado on tbo Springfield track.
Steafaonvllle's Meet Will Take Place iu
Solietl uled.
Tbo eflorfc mado by Whoofing cyclers
tohavotho fltodbonvlllo Athlotic Club
chango tbo dato of tholr toco moot from
this month to tho first of October, so as
to Immediately follow the Wheeling
national circuit-sieet provod fruitless,
and tbo races are to come oil as originally
scheduled?July 31 and August 1.
Tho mansffemont have secured the
entrlbs OT a numbor of tho Clasrf B,
cracks including Blips, Lumsden and
Githons of the Rambler team. Tho
Steabonvillo Bicycle Ciab may entor the
field and apply for a national circuit
dato thoro on October 1.
Tho Ltrgfcst Cnxnbltirtl Run or fTid Bouaoo
IO raonaoiviiio)
Yesterday morning A party of local
whoolmen, numbering about slxtoon,
took part la tho largest Sunday run ol
tho present season. Tho followins
wero in tho party* Jack Iatio, L* IL Dif
Ion, Leo Bailoy, Bob Dillon, Arch L,
Johnson, Frank Wheat, Lawroncc
Wheat, 0. H. Ddncan, Walter Cochrun,
Frank Ebolintf. John Rankin, 0. Poabody,
Harry Nell; Charles Barf, Jos9C
Barton and.Fred Ilusoman. They lofl
toW"h onrly In thb morninj?, fjoing alonj
tho river* road to Moundavillo, They
took dinner at tho camp gtohnds there,
and In tho Afternoon returned to the
city- _j
Cleveland ltOCps.
Cleveland, July 10.?Tho entrlefl oi
the grand circuit races indicate that the
meeting will be one of fho moat successful
of rbcent vcara. Kearly 300 horsoe
will contest for fiftoon purses, which
upjjrogate 133,000. Thirty-four paceri
havo paid for the priviioge of starting
in tho 2:20 class, and twenty-nine
othora expect to start in tho 2:15 class,
The* officers of tho association aro vorj
much pleased at tho prospoota of a successful
Opnn to tho World.
Astweot, Jgly 15.?Tho International
Cyclists Association has llxod tho datei
for tho racos for tho atnatour championship.of
the world. Tho races which
will bo at a milo, six miles and a hall
and sixty-two miles and a half, will take
placo in this city oh August 12 and 13.
Tho professional championship racoi
will be hold on August 15.
arrau6#uirm? *??r um i?k viiuudi iu jiur
tln'a Ferry fo.iliiy.
Tho lawn tennis tournament of the
Martin's Ferry V. M. C. A. will com
menco to-day with tho prollminarlos oc
tlio court on North fourth atroot. The
finals will bo playod on tho nseorlatiot:
grounds on Friday. Prizes will h(
otlerod tho winners in both slngloj
and doubles. Tho first round will bo ni
follows: C. K. Williams vs. Ilowari
Smith; Elmor Rood vs. John Garrott
Ernostlloao vi. Howard Thomas; \V
T. IMxon, jr., vt. Harry Rosenthal; Roj
Wood vs. C. W. Hoylo; Georgo Chei
soil vb. Paul Morrison; Charing Wooc
vh. Hal Watson. On tho second rount
tho above contests bolng numbered ii
ordor, the winners will play an follows
(1) vs. (2); (.1) vs. (4);(3}vs.(fl);(7) vs
IS). Tho third And fourth will bi
jdayod on tho Y. M. 0. A. grounds
Contestant* not iudnded la tho abov<
will bo arramr^d for on tho soeom
round on handing tbolr names to 0. C
MitcholL ___
k iVnnt n Onror?
\ Tho Duquesno Mhlotlc Club bns
ball nine, of Pittsburgh, challon?os an
club Id whoHlioafor a asmo of ball fa
expeoaea tod $15 a aide. Clabt vboae
, plarert are Alteon*or aixteoa rears old
cad apply. Addreaa C. C. Lean, 36
Kinth it root. Pittsburgh, Pa.
if artto*? Ferry V. M. C. A. Ball Team
Wloa a Great Viet/Mr jr.
( Steabcnville'i crack base ball dab
was defeated on home ground on Satart
day by the Martin'a Forry Y. M. G A.
team by a acore oi 8 to 7. The game
1 vaa very exciting throughout, and waa
' tho beat played In Bteubenville for
> reara. The fielding was errorless. The
Martin's Ferry battery waa Prince and
McCleary, and Steubenrfllo, Powell and
Williams. McCioary track oat fix
i men. In tho loarth innlnjr the score
> vaa 1 to 0 in favor of Stonbonvillo, tho
. home dab leading until the ninth,
whon tho scoro stood 7 to 7. In the
tontb McCleary bit safo and atolo
second and Dick Padden hit tho
i boll hard and brought in McC'leary.
t This raado tbo score 8 to 7 in favor of
Martin'a Ferry, and onded tho groat
conUat. Both batteries did good work.
Paddon caught four fltos and Robert)
flbaw and Vickori each threo.
I Irwlufl and Sharororka.
Tho ftorioa of gsraes botweon tho
| Irwine and Shamrocks. Wheeling's boat
' ball clubs, which will bo inaugurated at
1 the Irwin park, Forty-sovooth streot,
(South 8ido, next Saturday aftornoon,
1 promisos to be roost warmly contested,
1 Tho teams are engagud in daily pradlco
1 so that a game cbaroctoritod by clean
' aod sharp Welding may bo expected.
1 Tho Irwin battery will bo: Klover and
Malcolm, pitchers: Chambers and Finnogon,
catchers. For tho Shamrocks:
Brodio and Smith, pitchers; Miller,
Tho park la being improvod groatly.
Tho seats will bo covored beforo Saturday's
game, and a press box provldod.
: Tho ground itself is beins arraneod so
tbat it will drain oasily and quickly.
Chicago, Cincinnati and Ilaltlmore the
i Winner*?llalUmoro Ahead.
Clnb. W. h Pr.t nab- W. U PcL
Dnltimorc?tt 21 C72 Cleveland W SO 6M
Bolton ?..4G J3 ?57 CluclnnatL...8l 33 470
i vorii -iO 27 WStLonU- so ?C 4rt
I PUtsburgft~.a9 30 .Vtt Chicago ...? 42 871
. Hrooklrn..-...8a 26 Mft LouUrtllo n 43 *28
PbUtdolpbhLU 28 MS Waablagloa..ltf 30 273
Dfliumoro (Iflionwju 01. ijUUIB yi'Biurday
and again takes the lead la the
race for tho flag, tho Beaneaters having
held tho position just two days. Cincinnati
clofoatod tholr old time rivals
! with case knocking Cupoy's curves with
great forco. Chicago won again from
Brooklyn. This has boon the most dlsostrous
woatorn trip over taken by tho
Tho Colonels Win AruJd.
Lol*w?.le, July 15.?Heavy batting
by tho liotno team in tho eovonth and
olghth innings won for them what
soomcd a loatfiamo. Attondauco, 4,000.
tiOUlwUU Z 1 0 0 0 0 4 4 *-11
Washington ~l 0 4 0 0 0 2 1 0-8
Earnod runj, wand ft. Hits. 18 and 15. Errors,
8 and 1. Homo runs. Clark, Aruwn *nnd I'ettor.
I'ltchors. Mouofoo. Mercer and Sulllvau. Umpire*,
Hrutiey and TwItebelL
Auiod'i Colti aro Winners.
CmcAoo, July 12.?Tho Colts finally
broko tholco to-dny and won a Sunday
gatno. Tho Bridegrooms ontbactod
thom, but their hits woro einglea whiio
tho locals rapped oat six doublos nod a
tripplo, most all of which camo with
men onbasos. Attendance 0,670. Scoro:
Chicago 0 0 0 2 2 3 0 3 0?10
Urooklyn -,.0 12 0 10 111-7
, Earned raw, ft and 1 Errors, 8 and l. nits,
16 aud IB. Piwbera, Terry and Uastrigbt.
Umpire, ileQuatd.
' Collided With Gappy** Cnrves.
CiKcixifATT, Jnlv 15.?Tho Rods had
1 no difficulty In batting Coppv, and;
i tholr homo rnns gave them a lead that.
, Clovoland could not ovoniOmo. Attend-'
ance, 0,000. fe'eoro:
Cincinnati ....4 0 0 4 0 3 2 4 *-17
<JtoY*lan4...iA J0 01080220-6
Earned run?, 7 Had 4. Errors. 4 and 0. Hits, 15
1 and 11. Piiobert, ??wyor and Cuppy. Homo
runs. Latham, Parrott, Canftvau 3, Vaughn. Umj
plro, Hunt ^
Baltimore lu tho Lund.
| St. Louis, Jnly 15.?Six thousand
spectator* ?aw tho Oriole* win acloaolyj
b'ontestpd jwmo to-day from the Browns.*
Clarlrson was knockod out of tho box in
tho sixth inning. Brodio'a fielding was
pt liontj-..?-1 o o 3 } 1 J o o o 6?8
mltlraort) jO 800080000 1-0
I Earned run*. 1 atrfl 4. Errors. 3 and 6. lUti.
13 w*l 14. fcjtcbers. Cjnrkion, IUwley and
McM&hon. umpire. Oaflnoy.
Westoru League Game*.
At Grand Rapids?Grand ilapids 12J
' Kfluuaa City 6.
At Tolodo?Tolodo G: Minneapolis 1).
At Detroit?Dotroit 1; MinnoapolU 8.
At Milwaukoo ? Mllwaukoo 21;
, IndiflDftpolU 13. _
i Fportinjj NeteA.
K "Jack" Boston. tho Martin's Forry
C pitcher frelonsdd by Pittsburgh, has not
yot signod with auothor team.
J Tho cablo brings tho news that Captain
Hiokok, of too Yale atblotic team'
now in England, has boon Injured in
practice. Tho great Oxford-Yalo couf
test comes oH this aftornoon.
i Tho Vigilant and Britannia moot
. again in tho .Bangor regatta at "Tanoytown"
(Bolfast), Ireland. Tho Vigllant's
Bpars navo boon ehortonod and
sho will moot tho British boat On equal
, torma.
" All Sorts of Local Now* uud Ooaitp from
tbe Glnia City.
Frank Fitzpatrlck, tho brothor of
Albert, tlio missimr brother who floecod
I Lena Troll oat of hor monov, who was
lock up on a warrant issued upon tho
1 affidavit of tho snrao girl, chancing him
with complicity in the matter, was tilsi
missoJ by Mayor DuBols after a hearing
f Saturday aftornoon. Ilia connoctlon
) with tho cano couaistod in his tolling
Miss Troll, whon oho asked him, that
i Albort did own tho proporty ho roproBontod
ho did. llo did not own tho
.proporty roproaontotl, but in tho trial of
tho caao the prosocution noi/loctcd to
. prove this and tho accuacd was die*
, Tho board of managora of tho Epworth
Park will moot to-morrow to dovlso
further plana concerning that sum1
mor resort, now so thickly populatod.
i A fow peoplo aro complaining that the
i oottagtfa aro no nuuiorous that it is liko
j living In town, but tho mnny iind it a
j much moro doiirablo and comfortablo
i placo In tho hot months. It is growing
1 in popular favor no that thoro aro many
; moro cottagc9 than thoro usod to bo,
. but they aro nocomry becauio of iho
r incroasn of campors.
* W. N. Shinnick, esq., city clork of
J Znnoaviilo, was in town Saturday look'
ing up tho) npociflcations for tho ntroot
* paving that la dono horo at ?U cents per
' sqrtarn yard. Thoro have boon many
Inquiries conccrtiing thii work from
5 mnny places. Hut tho laut paving dono
in this city was put down at (14 conts
? imr square ynrd. It sooins hard to Tool1
ir.o bocauso tho first work of tho kind
!? horo coat $1 4<J$ por square yard, and
then thoso In charge thought thoy woro
o l'lio furnace will be in full blast \oy
day aud all of tho omployos will ho at
r work. It took eovcral dara to boat un
the n#w lining thorou* hly. It ! (poesib'o
the steel work? mar not start till
tbo first of next week, though it i? the
intention to begin Thursday if they
have Iron.
Thomas Hamsey, a veil known engineer
on the B. A 0., whose borne was
at Newark, was killed in ft wreck Saturday
morning. Both leg* wero crushed
and he diod while being removed to a
liov. Mr. Cogswell, of Steuben villa,
conducted service* at tb? Episcogtrl
church yesterday and made rather a
favorable impro?lon. The church has
boon withoot a pactor for some time.
Some of tbo delegates from this sectlon
to the Christian Endeavor convention
at Cleveland returned Saturday,
but the bulk of tbom remained over
Sunday in the Forest City.
Mr. W. J. Morrison, of the First Notional
Bank, and wife, and Mr. J. II
McDonald, manager of tbo ateei plant,
and wife are spending a couple of weeki
at Lake Chautauqua.
W. C. Hankin, of Gas City, Ind., ia in
tho city, visiting hie sister. Court Is
secretary of a tank window plass company,
in which ho ia largely interested,
at Uas City.
Bliss Emma Cochran, the daughter of
Ex-hhoriil Cochran, who has beon an
invalid for about four yoars, is now in
tho North Wheeling hospital for treatment.
There is talk of extending the railway
tn Riverviow. three miles south of this
city, but thcro is no probability of ita
boiu<? douo this yoar.
John W. Andorson loft Saturday
ovoning for LoCroase, Kantas, from 1
which point ho will viilt varioua parts
of that region. I
Joe McMiilon, another boy who ia a
freqnont o/Touder. was taxod $10 and
coats for jumping on cara Saturday i
ovoning. 1
Fcatue Darrott, of this city, took
passage from New York Saturday for a
thrco months' tour of Ireland.
Tom Nicholson loft Saturday to join
hie bnso ball club at Springfield, Mass.,
J. \V. Sellers hae sold his photograph
gallery to Robert Uenderaon.
llapf and Mlahupa lu the Thriving City
AcroM (ho Ittvor.
Commencing next Sunday tho Y. M.
0. A, will hold open moetings at 4
o'clock, tho point to bo docided at the
committee mooting to-night At tho
regular mooting yestorday afternoon
Hoy. Mossra. Boglo, of tho I'rosbyterlan
church; Robins, of the M. E., aud
Ilnrt/og, of the Baptist, and others oxpressed
thomselyos as favorable to tho
project. Tho worker* of all the churchos,
both malo and female, will bo askod to
co-oporato, and tho meotinga will bo not
only for men but ladies. A largo
chorus will bo organized this week for
tho purpoao of furnishing music.
A Jolly party of young pooplo of Martin's
Ferry will go into camp on tho
rivor near Poop Run to-day. It will
csnsistof Mr. and Mrs. Jamos Ralston,
Mr. and Mrs. Gcorgo Robortsbaw, Mr.
und Mrs. V. W. Kuchuek, Misses Beta
and Clara Sheote, Kato Groor, Joss
Charlton, Miss Frauzell and Goorgo
C'essell, Lewis Gone and others. Two
othor parties of tills city will go into
camp noarbv.
Atan.oarly hour yestorday morning
* J ?/
lureo man omaruu vuo lumuomu u?
David Bonders on Third street and carried
off soioo cooking utonsilg, groceries,
otc. Mr. Sondors' daughter Kilo
hoard tho mon and frightcnod them
away. Itissupposod they wantod to
f;o flailing and wore abort of pots, flkilota
and pans.
Tho Buckeye Gloss IVorki will not go
on this week as reported. Tho time
may bo determined after tho adjournment
of tho glass workers convention.
The works had a big stock whon it shut
down and continues to ship goods.
The decorating department is running.
Yesterday Police Officer N. 6, Neal
captured a full grown mocking bird,
measuring fourteen inches from tip 10
tip, and with a tail eight inches long.
It is a beautiful bird, whito, yellow and
J)town, with a larao bill, the Inside of
which is almost as black as cool.
ThoG. A. ft. hall bos boon repainted
and retittod In first-class style and
looks bottor than Over. The Gntnd
Army, Minora anion, Federation of
labor and colored Odd Follows all meet
in this hail
Prof. J. M. Loo and wifo, of limiting'
ton, W. Va., will arrive on Wednesday
to visit Capt, and Mn. L. W. Inglo*
bright. Tho professor was formorly
connectcd with tho Linsly Institute.
Judgo Driggs on Saturday denied the
application for an injunction to rostrain
tho city council trom paying off the
floating indobtednoas by issuing bonds
on account 01 an error in tho petition.
Tho Laughiin nail works will resume
ns soon as tho Coal minors' striko is
settled. Tho committoo wus to have
had a conforonco with tho managomont
on ftfitnrdnv. but did notshOW UT).
Mrs, John Jonoa and her daughter.
Mrs. Thomas Conoway, have roturned
from a viait down tho river with a eiater
of Mrs. Jooos'h, whom eho bad not soon
flinco tho war.
Yosterday morning about 3 o'clock
an uaauccoaaful offort waa xnado to
broak into tho resldonco of George \V.
Tho Indopondont and Vigilant hoso
companies will have a turtle soup aup?
per at the rooms o( tho latter thva
"William Salkold had his right hand
badly cut by a piece of glaas at the
Weat Virginia glaaa works on tiaturday.
Charles Vollbardt had a narrow
oscapo from drowning on Saturday
whilo bathing in tho river.
Thirty probationers woro taken into
full momberahlp in tbo M. E. church
yesterday morning.
Mias Bollo Doagle. of Bollairo, ia visiting
her nistor Mrs. William McMaatera
on Fourth street.
George Sponcn ia orcctlng a two-story
brick rosldonco on Conter atroet, coat*
ing ubout $?,G00.
borne of tho fair asaoclationa wunt tho
Independent hoao company to ruu oxhibitton
Mr. and Mrs. George Vonnum havo as
their guest, Mra. William 1'iacUor, ot j
St. J'anl'a Episcopal Sunday school
will picnic ut McSword'a orchard next
Clmrloa Doglo, who Una boon visiting
old friouda at Ronton, returned on .Sat-1
Many Martin's Forry pooplo wont to
tho Moundaviilo camp grounds yesterday.
Miss Thoodoro Kich is visiting tola*
lives at Cincinnati, hor former homo.
Lottlo and Harry Williams loft ynstcr*
day for Pittsburgh to visit rolutivos.
Joeoph Hilton went to Cambridge
yostorday to make a short visit.
Mm, Jcnnio AI?1, organ in t in the
UaptUt church, has roslgnod.
Five druaks nnd ono disorderly wero
arrested ou Saturday night.
Tho West Virginia Glass Works shut
down on Saturday.
/s u They're goin
to Pie
~ /~V\\\ the old-fashioned wa;
li\ \ I 11 rub, over the wash
I j n Hard rubbing is h;
VI wears out t'lc c'ot*
\j 11'\ J the women.
V I There's nothing <
jl / if you'll let Pearlii
j(y M washing. All you'll 1
C vf/K then, is to look aft
/ save all this work am
that does so much h:
i flin^ mnl'PS washing
LJCUUU3U A. tMiv ?? ^
needn't be afraid that it isn't safe,
worn out J ust as your clothes will
you use Pearline.
Peddlen aad som
you u imitation, be liOimt?tntj it bjii,
j fifth: a.nntta.1
Ohio Valley Prohibit
Hon. JobD G, Woolley, Rjy. Dr. S, B. Leoi
Rer. Ward 1). Ilckard. Prof. A. A. Hopkins, Wul
More, Cnrollno I). Huey, Hon. W.
John A. Nichols will bo on band with his lino Ptcroop
Humorist, wlil bo present duriu* the outiro Assernblr.
every <lay In Physical Culture. W. C. T. I' liavo a full
Quartottoand Mrs. Francis W. Ornham, of Now York.
Season Tickets, $100. Day Tickets, 2
Castorla Is Dr. Samacl Pitcher's i
and Children. It contains nelthc
other Narcotic substance. It Is
for Paregoric, I>rops, Southing ?
It Is Pleasant. Its guarantee I
millions of Mothers. Castorla Is
-the Mother's Friend.
Tutor! a to so wrli adapted tockMrrn that Caste
I recommend It MBUperlor to any proscription Poor!
known to mo." n. A. Ascnrx, M. D., Kills
111 Bo. Oxford St, Brooklyn, N. Y. P
"Tho use of Cwtoria' la eo unlrcraal and .
Ita merits bo well known that it a?*mit a wmk
of supertrupaUontoec*lon?It. IW orotic <
lDteUlfrot families who do not keep Castorla do so
wltMn cost >cadi.n rofiult
Cuwca lUimn?, D. D.,
Now York City. t
Tub Cnrrira Cfcmpjjc
Performs Wondert In s Fei
BffOftf AhO Arrtn UUHi-W Rnln r*w?*. Xlcktlj Hir ?
mull #f Amni !??* ?, wkbk If wfWW ?l? ??^l/ ?? !? I? l???r
Dlrklr ?rn?*ii??llr. Trj IU tttflt If rrtom Ull, f 1.00, ?U 1*r j
Up Hotfj jiddrn* 01
\ Hflr?^ &MTT*<S* A,c yoU C0N?
* W aches? 1? yot
r ^ usinR Wr'K|tt'ii
. tn^s. 5O0. Sac
for salk hy logan drug CO.
N| l/i "73? CJ llriuluHir, Vi'ukrruliie
Pj? VI KV ^nlrUBMi. Evil UraM
1 * *1 aTO hjruvrri'jri'rlloti. routhAi
; ? 0 1 ^ u KflornimulanwwUlrh icmJtr
;j|V n? i\' jfJ^lvoiiitntioHirrTin vMt M
ftlnh T ^fcf\ I'TBI rurli. r.r O f
MNVQU^SWfeujJ^^ written ifmiranit-p In t
BEI ilBR AKD AFTEIl lll.W. V'irvK
Forsalu In WhcoUnji by I/X1AN I>HV3v'? CO.. cv>T. Mftl
H?S iSuW
Formlaln Who,'Una bjr tho U)UAS l>KU?i CO.. Mufti
p- both die women who
? wash, and the things
!C6S that are washed, in
f. That constant rub, rub,
iboard does the business.
;ird work. Hard rubbing
ics; hard work wears out
>f the kind, jCo \ ~j
le do the Aj(llJhV
lave to do, / f \||() I Vl |l
er it It'll || u wlVj
J rubbing JJ It O
irm. But, y^>V
easy, you jvSi \)J fj>
riiat idea is It \J(\
be, unless * *
a unscrupulous croccrs will tell jroa j
a" or " tbe same as Pearline." n~?
ion Assembly!
JLY 13th to 23d, 1894.
iard, D. D., Col. Geo. W. Bain,
Iter Thmno* Mill*, Mitt Henrietta G.
IV. (jjbba and others.
'.loon entertainment Prof. A. W. liawks,
Mlu LydJa J. No?roomb will havo cluttes'
programmo. Mtuic by tbu Sliver Lako
oaks, excursiox truss.
Sc. Single Admission, 16c.
imwmaiu ? i in i m inmiiiuju
prescription for Infants
r Opium, Morphine nor
> a harmless substitute
Syrups, and Castor OIL
s thirty ycors' use by
the Children's Panacea
iH? ooros CoQo, Oantlpation,
itouuicL, Dtaniraa, EracUUca,
Wcrtnfl, gin* ak* p, and promote fit
>ut (a Jarteaa medication.
ir Bnvpral yoars f bare rroomnauSod
Cantori*,'' ami ehall always cog tin uo to
na It haiPtnTarlably produced beccfcdAl
Emrrr 9, Paroo, fiL D?
Eth Street and 7th A vo., New York Cltj
r, 77 Mckxut Snutrr, Nsw Yo*x Cnr
I D|)S. M tonal tour, Krtk BMItfi M
r*\. drrp?*4ml, M? ?4r1tr4 am *M U*
Jltrr MMMpllft*. UUM* MUtt* FOOD r?f?
U?00, ?ll?i a rillra nwMlN1 (? bn ?f r*f?md
tANE MEOtCAL CO.. Columbus. Ohio.
TIPATED? Do you have HEAD- #
it of otilct 1 If so, cutc yourself by 6
Celery Ten. It improve* tbo d
one month's treatment 250. Three 4
ipleskont (toe. Addtcis. |
RtaHra CEtERY Tea Co., i
lift'- MVO.tWV
mi* I ViUtoS# numntcrd to enre
? Wonk MtjiHirr. Lotn or ilrntn PnfMI
I^xl Mmili.MKi. Mali (It tif?la?l?nf,
is. Luck of Coaltd*?<-! . Xrrvoneueu.
rill UMitfratlVOOtninf of OlUlWM*f#BW4
Irrrorm o?it?wlv? u?> "t tobacco.opltio
Intlraitty. Commmptlutiou<l lnmnlty. too*
?-k.-t. Hjr timl) jm |f?H In pluin box t*> any
rr*3. (IVIfherwy *A?rd*r woBlyo
nrr ur refund ?h?? ?n""'*>x2_K.u,r.
and tto^'i't no other. ( lltCtTLAH i-ilRB.
>* <?., Mnaoale Tcwple. 1 h!oa?<s 1U.
In nnd Tonth tbuoia. uir'-wwMvry
rvnn* prostration fttirt nil norrot?rttH????<jOf
?tthor N>s.rurh*? Nnrv?u?rpiK*.raUop. Hall*
P'tency.Nljtbtly Ktjjlw1?>n?. Vpnibfnl Krrofw,
u?r nt Toboeco or upturn. ?blrb l#art to Oon?
With every fel orrtcrwojrtve n wrlttm
ho mono*. Holil at Si.00 perbox.? botes
T'a nir.M uiAXfo.. n?vciuad,ohio.
ninl Tenth sttoon .h'JMnw
ill >NA
Good to Show Your Frieodii
Good to Bind Ioto a fiooki
The Values of Such-Pictures
as We.ara
Art Galleries
Is that they not only please
the eye when you first receive
them, but that they
gain upon you and reveal-new
beauties with every glance.
Every one of these great
pictures has given its author
years of thought and labor.
It Is, in most cases, the supreme
effort of his life, and
is-so recognized by the great
public. It is, in Itself, a great
volume, showing in its details
the artist's Inmost and
best-feelings. It should be
worth examining a hundred
and a thousand-times and
should please y-ou-each-tlme.
- T-H E.i. i?t
Best Educators,
Tiey Will Do Yoa-Coodl
Tiny Will Benefit Your Family!
They Will Delight Your&lewkJ
I lie coupon will oe launu on w
first page. Bring or send one cm
pon and 10 cents in coin and sccuf
the part for which your coupon ;j!I*
-One part distributed each use*
W112CL150, W. TA?

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