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Dabs Say* Be Had ttao Boat KJsht'a
P.est for a Month.
KzprM (bo Baoio Opinion of Their
ConOnemont?Vloo i'rcatdont Howard
of tho American Hallway Union
dprlnga a Sensation ? lie Glalrna
That Mon Iri tho Ktnploy of the
Managei** Awoclatlon Flrod tbo
Cum, and That tho blao Inland Mob
IVai Led b/a Plnkortoo Mail Bm*
ployod by tho ltallroada.
Ciiicaoo, July 18.?Protidoot Debi
passed a /airly comfortable night at tbe
county jail and oarly to-day ordered a
good breakfast brought in from a neighboring
hotel Dobs refused to bo soon
by intorviowcrs and he and his associates
kept cloie in tboaeolnilon of their
Debs sooms to onjoy jail lifo, aod bo
do George W. Howard, vlco prosidont,
Bylvoster Koholor, secretary, and T. W.
Kogors, a director of tbo A. It. U? and
all of thom wore smiling and in tho
I boot of spirits to-day after their tint
night's experience in tho Gook county
; jail. A large party of personal frionds
of tho imprisoned strike leadors called
early at tho county jail and tho daily
corridor scrubbing was in progress, and
no ono was admitted for somo tiino.
President Dobs sent word down to tho
waiting visitors that himself and
frionds had onjoyod a good night's rest
and had nothing to say that would intoruut
the public.
Ueforo 11 o'clock Debs camo from tho
cell to moot hit stenographer, who had
nrrivod with a bundio ot mail for him.
Tho presidunt was in good humor. 1
hud tho best night's sleep I have had in
a month or more," he said. "Nothing
disturbed toe, not oven tho ghost of
that man who was hanged the other
day, and whoso spirit is said to be
roaming abont in hore. I hove absolutely
nothing to add to what I havo alj
ready said concerning our arrest. Wo
are Hore, and will stay bore until next
Monday at least."
President Debs thon foil to looking
ovor his bi^batch of mail mattor. Vice
i'rcsiaoni Aeionor cnaia uuwu iruiu <uu
coll ia tho dobtora dopartiuont, and
whilo awaiting his turn in tho harbor's
chair said: "Wo aro enjoying this reap!
to from work."
At the county jail to-day Vico President
Howard oi' tho American iiailway
Union inado tbo following statement.
' This thiuir is goinu' to bo a tost case.
"Wo don't consider ouraelvos bi<?'gor than
tho law and, incidentally, wo think tho
railroads aro not. We aro gotting some
evidonco for tho oomlug logal battlo,
and wo considor it a very iair grade,
lioro ia a lottor I liavo rccolved tolling
of evidonco that most of tho froieht cars
burnod hero in Chicago was done by
two mon in tho omploy of tho genoral
managers' association. Ono of tho so*
cretagontaof a certain coinmittoe saw
two mon on the night of tho big ilro
going through the yards with a hand
car loadod with inilainmablo waste
which thoy lighted and systematically
throw among tho cars. This agmit
ovorhoard a conversation between tho
men from which he loarnod that thoy
woro natd $200 down and were to ro*
coivo $300 moro whon tho job was dono.
An nfiort is now being mado to arrost
theno two mon."
"Wo furthor have vory posltlvo ovidonee
tliat tho big man who lod tho
mob of 5,000 at Blue Island was a Pink*
erton man employed by tho railroads,
and it ia significant that although ho
could be easily identified yot ho has not
boon arrostod. It is safe to say that
this caeo will not bo ontirely ono
At Ulich'ihall, tho Amoricati Hall war
Union headquarters, a largor crowd was
gathored to-day than for soveral days
past. Tho arrost of the loadors was dis*
cussed by tho oxcited groups that stood
about the committeo rooms and hall*
ways, and tho action of tho authorities
was soveroly criticisod. Several of tho
local organizers dolivorod short ad*
drosses and tho usual claims that tho
Btriko is still on woro hoard.
Apply For Tliolr Old 1'oalUoDf to Find
Tlictn FtUed With Now Mon.
Taco.ua, Wash., July 18.?Throe hundrod
and fifty-ono employos havo boon
pat to work on tho Pacific division of
tbo Northern Pacific sinco tho strike bogan.
Practically all tho old onginocrs
havo roturnod to work. Many of tho
switchmon, conductors, froight clerks
und somo of tho firomon who quit havo
filed applications for their positions,
but not all could bo takon back, as now
mon had been onaagod. Tho road
would bo in oporatlon as usual irora cnu
to oud, tho officials say, but for tho
cuorilln warfare that is boing continued.
Thoforco of doputy marshals in this
Btnto has boon reduced from 300 to 200.
All bridsoa nro boing guarded, chiefly
by rogulnra.
Klutlug 'I.oiiKHhor?)mr>n.
Oswboo, N.Y., July 18.?Rioting 'longehoromon
ontored tho houaos of Jatnos
Soxsrulth and Isaac Dousraoro, nonunion
men, during tho night and brutally
aasuultod thorn. Soxsmith's wlfo
canio to her husband's nHaiatanco and
wn3 also beaten. Tho 'long?horomon
then Htonod non-union mon'a housos
and throatouod to hang tho mon if they
should unlond bargos to-day.
Tho militia are now occupying tho
boats surrounding the company's property.
preventing tho 'longihoremon
from Approaching tho non-union mon.
The Forty-first eeparato company, of
Syracuso, is uxpoctod hero Boon to aid
tho Oswego iniiitiu in proaorving tho
flloro Hiivnge Tltau Imlluim.
Denver, Coi?, July 1H.?Gonoral McCook
is hoartily in favor of Gonoral
Schotiold's policy of concentrating tho
fodoral troops at posts in tho vicinity
of tho large citioB. He buliovos that a
largor garrison should bo kopt at Fort
Logan, noar this city. "Disorderly
mobs in big cities," said tho gonoral today,
"hnvo shown thornsolvos to bo
in urn savago than tho Apacho Indiaua,
and thny will from now un bo moro hoVeroly
doalt with. In this dopartmont,
liowovor, porhaps moro than any othor,
tho nocoisity of a lavr scat to rod xnrrihou8
ntill remains. Arizona and Now
Mexico uro still full of Indians."
Mrlkft Donlnrcil off.
I/ooav, 0., July IS.?Tho Columbus,
Hocking and Toledo strike has boon doclnrod
off nnd all tho men nt this place
returnod to work to-day.
Nntlnnnl Tilhn Work* Strltio Rutlftil.
i'lTTSDunoir, Pa., July 18.?After nino
weeks of idlonoss, tho 5,000 strlkora at
tho National Tube Works at McKonsnort,
ixiot to-day and doclarod tho fltriko
off. Ilia plant partially ra?ume<l on
Monday under tbo guard of ttiree hun- _
dred doputies, and about aixty-five men
were at work to-day. A aouera! re*
aamption will take place in a few days. ^
To the JapiuiMi Govorumnnt a Subject of d
Interacting f?p?c?l?tlou. {l
Wa*ji?*oto.v, D. C., July 18.? Much ,|
intorostWM aroused in official circles tl
horo to day by tho publication of a long b
etaiomont purporting to contain an ex* A
tract from a dispatch sont by Secretary ^
Gronhain to the Japanoae govornmont, n
saying that the United States views a
with regrot tho levying of an unjust war tl
by Japan upon a woak and dofonaoloes h
nation iiku Corea. >
Immodiatoly efforts woro raado to con- b
firm tbis story, for it waa assumod that a
if the secretary waa corrcctly quoted be
had gono to an oxtrerne length in thus
addressing tho Japaneso govornmont,
and that tho reuuit would bo a serious
uipiuumui; toiucutaiiuu, us mu wupu- ,
nose woald bo sure to resent tho secretary'i
oxpreuion m an unwarranted in* ?
torforonco. 6
It happonod that Secretary Gresham P
was indispoBod to-day and kopt to his
room in tho Arlinntou, but bo was in*
duccd to sond word that ho could not at '
this tiuio say anything oithor in denial A
or affirmation of the publication, aa the J
correspondence ia still in progroia, aud T
to make a partial voluntary publication d
would violato diplomatic practice. Since t)
tho subject has attracted so much at- "
ton lion, howover, it ia almost cor tain si
tho aonato will adopt a resolution call* '<
ins for tho corroapondonco, and in that ?
caso tho aecrelary's acruples will not bo J>
atralnod in making a full and comploto '<
response. '
Tho other officials of tho atato depart- Jj
mont whon approacbod with inquiries h
oithor stood muto or doclarod that they
wero not informed upon tho subject.
There ia roason to boliovo that when
tho corrospondonce is mado public it X
will bo found that tho secretary's q
languago has boon, norhnpa misinten- .
tionally, misquoted and that tho orror .
though apparently slight roally places ..
tho secretary in a position substantially ..
dlfleront from that assumed by him. ^
To a Grand Army I'oit for Their Support o'
of Ills Pensloa mil. C
San Francisco, Cala., July 18.?Son* ci
ntor Voorhoes has written a lottor to ?|
Llborty post, G. A. It, of this city, gj
thanking tho post fOr its support of a U
bill introducod in tho Unitod States
aonato by him rocontly, to provido for
fhn nnumnnt of nnnflionn to all VCtorans
oftholato war at a minimum rato of Q
$12 por month. Sonator Voorheos says: ?
"I hope to bo ablo to socuro tho passago p
of the bill in qnostion, and fool that still T
much tnoro ought to bo dono for thoso a
who in their youth saved tbo L'ovorn- n
mont from doatructlon, and which now at
in thoir old ngo, aro ontitlod to tho ?
caro and affection of ovory patriotic
hoart throughout tho Union." f(
tuichk ihiownud a,
I If tho t'Affftisliiff of n Hunt? Ono DrowDoi)
llcforo tlio Roscnera' E/cd. .
Pobt Anqkls, Wabil, July 18.?In a
drown in 2 accident noar hero J. U.
Jobason August Nelson and John Dippold
lost thoir lives. Tho tbreo left II
yostorday aftornoon in a fishing boat
for Dunttouosi Spit, four miles east of t
tho city. Thoir boat capsizod in view
of pooplo on tho boach, who hoard thoir i.
crioe for help, but, having no boats, j
could rondor no aid. ,
Itoscuing parties started out soon ?
afterwards. Eight miles ou9t of this ^
point Nelson wan Boon on tho upturnod
bottom of a boat, five hundrod foot from u
shore, trying to paddlo to tho beacb. t,
On porcoiviug the rescuing party ho *
spraneinto tho wator and .was drownod
before thoir eyos.
Attacked the Urltlth Consul.
r..i? ia A j w
iANDUN| 11 Uiy iOi *A uiO|iaiv>u tv ?uu ^
Time) from Shanghai gives additional g
dotaila regarding tho nows recolved ai
there from Sooul, the capital of Coroa, n
that Japanoao soldiora recontly as- ?
saultod tho .British consul at that placo
and his wifo, which rosultod in tho P
landing of thirty British blue jackets to
guard tho British legation. Tho consul JJ
was druggod fifty ynrdu, and was beaton
by tho Japanoso soldiers, who used aj
their Hats ropoatodly. Tho chair of tho c'
consul's wifo was pushod into a ditch. 81
The British consul drow up a formal w
complaint and sont it to tho Japaneso ?'
minister, but tho lattor only sont a curt 91
roply aud made no apology.
Wbtppotl by Wliltecnppnr*.
Louisville, Ky., July 18.?A spocial P
to tho Pott from Columbus, Ind., says: ^
Whitocappori havo invndod Brown tl
county and havo torribly boaten tho h
ontiro housohold of Porry Hloomflold, tl
consisting of wife, fathor and threo a
brotliors by tho namo of b'tophons and el
thoir wives. Thoy woro taken from C
thoir bods and foarfally whippod. Tho u
youngost of tho Stophons brotliors at- tl
toropted to oscapo, but was shot through U
tho hool and captured by tho whitocnps tl
and unmercifully whipped. A numbor ci
of othora woro warnod to lcavo tho ii
county within a cortaiu timo. n
Pnrliamont'rt Worli. CJ
London, July 18.?SirWilliam Vornon o
Hat-court in tho houso of commons to*
day said that tho romalndor of this
Bo.ision of Parliament would bo principally
devoted to considering tho ?
ovictod touanti bill, providing lor an ^
equalization of London ratoo, tho local
government for Scotland bill, tho
ininors1 eight hour bill, tho Wolsh
church bill and tho locnl vote bill. All 81
otlior moaauros, ho aaid, would go ovor p
until tho nozt aossion. it
,? . o
rilgrlinii to LuiinJen. C(
New York, July is.?a company of
pilgrims, bound for Lourdoa, sailed
from this port in two dotachmontfl, tho
Paris carrying 120 and tho Xoordland *
07 of thotn. Thoy havo planned to visit, 1
onrouto, Milan, Vonico, Florence and
Home, and in tho latter city havo boon d
promisod an audiouco with tho popo, ii
who will bless tho bnnnor thoy take to tl
Lourdoe. _ =
Outgoing Gold.
Nbw York, July 18.?Tho sloamor
Columbia, Hailing to-morrow, will tako
away $700,000 in gold.
n'o onk in ordinary hoalth need becomo
bald or gray, if ho will follow sensible
troatinont. Wo adviso cleanliness
of tho scalp and tho uso of Hall's Hair
Itonowor. _
IlttcUlcn'0 Aruicn
Tho bolt salvo in tho world for cuts,
bruisos, sore?, ulcers, unit rheum, fovor
sores, totter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all nkin eruptions, and positively
euros piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect ?ati?faction
or money rofnndod. Price 23
routs per box. For tulo bv Logan Drug
Company. _
Children Cry for
Pitchor's Castorla.
0 tero tb? Lit* of ncr Motlicr, Who W*?
Betas Al>?i?cd by D?r Uosbind.
Loi'Isvillh. Ky.. July 18.?Mrs. T. F. j
leazber, thirty-two year* old, shot and
iiled Lor futbur, John Aechbackor, tony
at 10:15 o'clock, at So. 145 Waihigton
street. Mr*. Meagher fired throo
bot* at Aachbacker, only one of which
aok ottcct. Tbo ball onter?d Aschacker'a
heart, and lie died inntautly.
kflchbackor was abusia>: hia wife whoa
bot by his daughter, lie had beaten
ad kicked her in au unmerciful inaner.
Mrs. Aicbbacker is now in bed,
nd ih said to be dying from a kick in
tie stomach inflicted by tho brutal
osband. After the mnrdor Mrs.
leather drove to the jail with hor huaand
and delivered horsoh* up to the
Oil Steamer Burned.
New York, July 18.?The American
ark Emma T, Crowell, of Soariport,
laioo, Captain Pondleton, sailed yo?irday
for Shanghai laden with case oil.
ho was towod to soa and landed hor
ilot oa tho statiou boat at tho bar
fiortly boforo noon. All wont well un?
1 0:20 p. m., tho vessel then boing
bout twolvo miles south of Firo Island,
.bout tbia timo ono of the crow noticod
moko iaauin? from the forward dock.
be batcb wan immediately battonod
own and orders givon to lowor away
io boats and abandon tho vessol,
'bicb was apparently doomod to dotraction.
All band* embarked and
ift tho vossol, Whito Star stoaraor,
iunic, hovo in sight and took all on
oard. She then pat aboat and steamed
>r tho Scotland lightship aboard which
ie crow woro put. They romainod
aoro until morning when they were
rougbt to this port.
Ovation to tfio StlaneniiallM.
Philadelphia, July 18.?The crulsor
[innoapolis has reached hor dock at
ramp's shipyard. 6bo came up tho
vor as far as Leaguo Island navy yard
iat night, but owing to shoal water und
jo heavy fog which rendered navigaon
in the Delawaro damioroufl, sbo
roppod anchor. When sbo weighod
achor this morning and started for hor
ock she received tbo greatest ovation
iror given a boat on tho Dolawaro.
raft of all descriptions salutod the big
ruieor, and tbo scroeching of hor big
'.earn whistlo iu roaponso to the aalutos
jntinuod with scarcely an intermis*
on of ton seconds until she was mado
let to hor dock.
Quay's Tarlll Speech.
Washington, D. C., July 19.?Thoro
ro about eighty pagos of tbo Congrm
\nnl lUcord in typo containing tho last
ortion of tho spoocli o! senator ?^uay.
his lifts not been doliverod, but it is
ndorstood that tho Pennsylvania eontor
would bo nllowod to havo it printed
s a portion of his rotnarks. Thero is
ow a rumor to tho effect that Mr. Quay
I preparing to dolivor It when tho conjranco
roport ia presented, Ho was
skud if ho was fixing up his speech and
?id: "I am preparing a now ouo."
"When will you dolivor it?"
"I can't tell. I will havo to wait until
aoo tho bill."
TlioflO Hpectai Warrants.
Warhinqton, D. C., July 17.?Chiof
[axon, of tho Hocrot service, to-day rojivod
a tolceram from hia agent at St.
ouin, etating that ho had in his pobssaion
the platos from which tho
special warrants" isBuod by tho stato
[ Mississippi woro printed. After eoniltatlon
to-day with Secrotary Carlialo
hiof Ilazon said ho would sond one of
ia special agonts to Jackson, Miss., to
jnfor with Oovornor Stono and explain
> him in what rcspocta tho issuance of
io?o warrants is a violation of tha
fnited States statutes.
What Insurrection Leads To.
ew York Earning Putt.
Tho "eacrod right of insurrection"
hich wont down boforo Napoloon'a
rapushot, had no other substantial relit
than to sot him aatrido of France
rid Enropo. That ia tho classic examloof
tho making of a dictator. Tho
iftbsos and tho Sovoreigns aro hia
rophots and precursors. They aro tbo
ion who shako tho faith of "Herbert
poncor in tho Btoady evolution of
omocracy. To oacapo from tboir
jcioty and property, and all that rnakos
vilizatiou precious will throw themslvos
into tho arms of anv man who
illguarantoo them continued fxistonce,
/on if it bo an oxistouco girtabout by
tool and fire.
0100 Howard, *100.
Tho roadors of thia paper will bo
lcaaod to loarn that thero in at least
uo drcadod dieoaao that scienco has
oon nblo to euro in all ita stagos and
iat ia catarrh. Ilall'a Catarrh Cure
i tho only positivo euro now known to
tio medical fraternity. Catarrh boing
constitutional diaoaso, roquiros a contitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh
'uro ia taken internally, acting diroctly
pon tho blood and mucous surfaces of
io systom, thoroby destroying tho
>undntion of tho diaoaso, and giving
lie pationt strongth by building up tho
(institution and assisting naturo in dole
its work. Tho proprietors havo bo
iucIi faith in its curativo powora that
aey oiror Ono Ilundrod Dollars for any
no that it fails to euro. Sond for list
f testimonial*. Address,
K. J. Chknky & Co., Toledo, 0.
J66?*Sold by druggists, 75c.
"Dooa your now dross flt you woll,
Inra?" "Oh, splendidly! I can hardly
iqvo or broatbo in it."?Tit'liiU,
Cam. for Cubob Coujjh Curo and inst
upon having nothing also. Twenty
vo and fifty cont bottles. Try it and
it is not as wo say?tbo best romody
f Ibo kind in tlio world?wo aak you to
jndomn it to all your friends.
.Sold by Alex. 'J'. Younj:, John Klari,
fhoolini:, and iiowio A Co., liridgo*
ort, Ohio.
a Cnpn May, Atlnutlc City mill Son Into
City, via It. A <>., Tlmrariny, ?Ftily 11?, '111.
Round Irip, $10. Tickots tfood twolvo
ays, witli Btop oil privileges at H'nsli>uton,
1). C., returning. Sleopor on
10 .r>:.T) p. in. train.
For Stomach
Liver Complaints, and
Headache, use
They uru purely
vegetable, sugar-coated,
speedily dissolved,
and easy to take.
Every doao
Bring* comfort and Improvement and
tends to Denwnal onjoyxnent when
j rightly turd. The many, who live better
than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adaptitig the world's best product* to
the need* of physical being, will attest
the value to nealth of tho pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in tlio
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellonce is duo to its presenting
In the form most acceptable and pleasant
to tin; taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect laxative
; effectually cloan*ing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of tbo medical
profession. becauso it acts on tbe Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels witlioui weakening
them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Fip is for salo by all druggists
in 50c aiiu $1 bottles, but it is manufactured
by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Fig^
and being woll informod,"you will no*
accept any substitute if offered.
One of the Features
Of our Special Summer Salo is tho
LITERATURE. 200 titles. 12 ma,
half Russia, redncod from 75c and
$1 00 to SOO por volumo. Such
authors as Irving, Scott, Eliott, Dickens,
Bulwor, Hoado, Longfellow, Whittier,
Tennyeon, etc., etc., in tho line.
STANTON'S book ""re.
X to por weak. The Pittsburgh Daily I*o?t. Co
Cor week. 11c iticlii'Jlnit Wnnlnv. Tho Pittaurjjh
Dally Cotntiwrrinl iJiwotto. 50e nor month,
formerly rAc. delivered any whore. Alio Cincinnati.
Sow York nn?l Chicago wii.ors.
JV>olcs. Stationer/, Laso Hall uoods, Croquets.
Hummock*, etc.
Jylrt 1414 Market Street
The Pittsburgh Dispatch.
Delivered any plaeo lu tho city.
Men WeoV, SOo Including Sunday.
Lenrc Order* at Btoro.
xny.il 141G Murkot Ktroot, Wheeling, W. Va.
mwvvrrvr n A r TTmrr
TKllViJbLili & LU1Z,,
Plumbing and Gas Fitting:,
Stcara.und Hoi Water Hosting.
A Fall Line of the Oelobrated?
?Kept Constantly on Hand.
Notice to Natural Gas Consumers!
BURNER 1* tho only burner on tho xnfirkot tbae
In guarauteod to glvo wtfafactloa. Bo uot docelml
In aceoptJrw "jvst a? good" with no
guarantee. Sola only by
rotfl 1314 Market Streot,
Practical Plumbers,
No. 38 Twolfth Stroot.
All W.irk Pone Promptly at Rwonnblo Prfcot.
Front* directly on tbo Bearh. Terms $2 50 per
day.SlOtoljnporwoofc. FlnoFlihlng, Gunning,
Bathing and Bailing. No mo*qultooA No malaria.
W. 0. BECK EN 1) A UOI [,
JvC Manager.
Atlantic City, - Now Jorsoy.
CI010 to tho beach, but and cold tea water
bntb* nud all plncoa of Intoreat. Nowly furnished.
Excoltont tnblo.
Will bo opotied Juno 20. Elevation 2,003 feet
aboro nen level. Round trlf> tlokoU over tho
Baltimore Ohio fnuu Wheeling ani> other
IKtlnK Circular*. with refon'neos, can bo bad at
tho McLuro llotuo. Adrims
myy<? Mwthlns. llarily ronntv. W. Va.
Higgins1 Gallery,
Portraits in Pajtii, Oil, Ckayon, Water
and Ink.
2154 mniN STHBET,
unmounted Photographs
?on ham: at?
nr.' 1 M trl.i'i ^trs'L
TilK NKATK8T TYl'K nro UmnI lu tt)0 ComJOB
In the pres
Viz., 16, our large comp
traveling through all the |
United States and Canac
Yellowstone i
And Shown tbe Mnmerons Bar
All the curious geysers, so
of mud,stones and water t<
that simmer like a Devil's
terranean monsters; the e
resemble stalactites and ra
walls frescoed by nature In
ing over enormous precipic
in cones rising from Yellov
plateaus in summer: rem;
that look like prisms: fossi
Valley, and many other asl
der this the most truly unp
These Amazing Cu
in all the whims which sh
/* ft
all tne magnmcence or ner
of her strength and the be
tions, are reproduced in G1
a series of exquisite photc
equally eloquent and realis
Mo Other
I i Pictorial and D
Ever Pi
Such Inexpressible F
limely Grand and 1
Such Wealth
with Beau
16 Phol
Cleopatra and-Jupiter To
the Belt Valley ; The Gold<
celsior Geyser in Action;
ful Geyser; Rustic Falls;
Lake, and Cooking the Fis
Cone ; Beauty Spring Form
the Norris Geysers ; Cryst
Crater of Castle Geyser; C
of the Yellowstone.
One Coupon cut from
telligencer and Ten Ce
dress the
Art Dep
MO. 16.
ent number of
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any of excursionists now
picturesque regions of the
ia, are conducted into the
Rational Park
vflls of tbat Mysterious Region:
me of which vomit streams
o a height of 200 feet, others
stew, and growl like subxtra&rdinary
formations that
inbows; great canons with
richest colors ; rivers plung ac
h-acinc nf hnilincr water
^stone lake : snow-covered
irkable petrifactions; lakes
Is of extinct animals; Depth
:ounding wonders that ren>aralled
district of our globe.
iriosities of Nature,
e is capable of exhibiting, in
variable charms, in the glory
:auty of her protean attracLIMPSES
igraphs and described in an
itically graphic manner.
escriptlve Work
ascination, Such SubPicturesque
of Value Allied
ty, as does
rraces ; Jupiter Terrace; In
;n Gate; Liberty Cap ; 'ExCupid's
Cave: Old FaithFishing
from Yellowstone
h in the Basin of an Active
ation ; General View of the
;al Cascade, 129 feet high;
jibbon Falls ; Grand Canon
the First Page.of the Innts
for each part. Adartment,

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