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CPtilihAg MM 3ntrlK<|mrrr.
But Vory Short of tho Expootod
Deflulto Action.
Ysaterdoy Was a Prolonged Ouo,
and No Rosalta Attalnod.
On a Dili That Will Moot tho Appro*
but Ion of All tho Members of tho
ConfcroncoComtnltUjo?Suffar Htlll
tho Stumbling Block?Iron and Coal
Hcbedulet* May Bo Doctorod to Salt
Cbe Slote Democracy, But tho Patlont
WillNcrer Survivo tho Modirtlao?An
Inquiry In Nova Bootla
Coal Interests?A Very Interesting
Wasumotom, Augusta?Tho Domocratio
tariff conforooa held an unusually
long session to-day, lasting from 10 to
1:30 o'clock, and thoa after a fow minutes
for lunch contiuuod through tho
aftornoon. No agreomont had been
roachcd up to recois. Tho conference,
however math) fair progress. Ono of
tue conferees said It would take two or
three days yot before It could bo said
with certainty that a bill would bo
agreed on. As heretofore, sugar, iron
ore and coal arc tho itoma at isauo. As
to iron and coal there scorns to bo good
ground for tho report that a wilding
ecnlo compromise is urulor discussion,
by which tbo forty conta por ton duty
will be gradually roducoa during the
uoxtrthroe or four yours until entirely
extinguished. It it) uudorutood that
this plau commonda itaolf to tbo
President and Mr. Wilson, as it will in
tirao bring a realization of Ireo raw ma*
Tlio Movement to InvaHttgute tlio Domlnlou
Cool Company.
Washington, August 2.?Tho resolution
offerod yoatordav by Mr. Chandler,
directing a apocial commlttoo to iuvostigato
tho Dominion Coal Company, of
Nova Scotia, whether it was organized,
or in being organized in tho expectation
that Congroes would ropenl tbo tariff
tax on cbal; whether any officora of tho
govornroont are intoroHtod in tho company,
and whether any asBuranco9 that
tho duty would bo rotnovod wore given
tho company, and if so, who gavo such
lusuraucus, and what atopa are beiDg
tnkou to fulfil tho asaarancoB, wan laid
before the aenate and Mr. Chandler
urjrod its adoption.
Mr. Chandler claltnod that John K,
Russell, of Massachusetts, avowed hid
connection with the Dominion coal company,
and was to be an avowed participant
in tho profits to coma to tho company
from the removal of tho duty on
coal. Go camo on to Washington to
give counsel and advice to the President
utid urgo him to stand fast on tho Democratic
prinoiplo of froa coal. Tho
President thou wroto a letter (without
addroBaingit to any one in particular),
dating it July 2, as a sort of stock in
trado, or a chargo of dynamito, ready to
be launched without warning on somo
unsuspecting purposo.
It was accordingly aent to Mr. Wilson
and after duo uourso of time and after
an agonizing birth (who was tho accoucheur
at tho advunt, we do not
know) it aaw tho light of day vory
much to tho Burprfao of tbo senator
from Maryland (Mr. Gorman), and the
senator from Tennessee (Mr. Harris).
IIo thought that Mr. John E. Russell,
as the advisor of tbo Proaidenton tho
Mmnual nf thn dutvon rani, would bour
participate in turgot practice on Sunday.
A roply had boon rocoivod from
tho war dopurtmont.
Mr. Urosvonor hud no criticism to !
offer upon thogroundaof tlio court martini,
viz., that a private soldier had no
right to dinoboy his Buporiorn, but lio
initiated that tho oflieor ordering tlio !
Sunday tartfot practice did 00 in plain I
violation ot tho order of President Lincoln
in ISrt'J, and in diroct violation of I
tlio statutes of Nebraska* Mr. Oroivonor
paused soino aovoro strictiiros on 1
tho court martini and tho general who
had approved it, and ordered ita docrco 1
"The nction of that brigadier genoral,"
caid ho, "wn? the outgrowth |
either of tho mo?t Btolld and inconcolv- ,
able ignorance or a tol.il disregard of all )
that wom right and propor."
Mr. Grofivonor paid a high trihuto to
1'ro.ddont Clovolaud, who had ordered
thoofllcor wiio ieauod the Suuday tar-.
jwt practice order to bo arreatod, tried
and punisbod.for violation of tho order
of Presidorit Lincoln.
Mr. Oathwaito (Dem., Ohio) chairman
of tho military Hilairi corainlttoo,
n-aii a letter ho had received from Adjutant
General liturgies concerning tho
punishment of tho otlicer who had violated
I'rosident Lincoln's order.
Of tlioKuflrnr Inv?f?tli;utlun?(low (.'amden'i
Sutnn Wan Cotiaectcd Wit U lu
Wasiiikotoi*, D. C., August 2.?The
Bupplornental report of Honator Allen,
of tho autrar trust investigation com*
rnittoo, proaoutod to tho acuato, ia made
Tho aupplouiontnl toatimony taken
by tho committee, but kot>t secret heretofore,
ia submitted with the reports.
It contains the statements of Albort M.
fceip, Ktnll Gillaudeau, benatora Camden,
flmlth and others.
Help said in hia testimony that ho
was in tho oflico of Carson & McCartney,
of this city, moro or less, and that
hia purcbato of sugar atock had been
largoly influoncud by socing senator* in
tbeoJBno and by tho common talk that
tbev woro dealing in enjrar stock.
Ilo produced letters from Erpll Oillcadeau,
of tho Now York brokorago
tfriri q( Wheeler tSr Co., tho Orat bearing
| uuiu >iiinu if, unu ruuun<K> j
( "I flee that Hmitb, of Now Jersey, And ;
! Camden, of West Virginia, both swear j
that thov had not speculated in sugar j
. stock, X could produce a man, or that i
is, I know a man (I don't think ho would
! go back on ma) who is in my office this j
morning that rccoived orders in sugar j
from both of them, aud ho baa Cam* ,
don's written ordor. I should tblnk ,
that if a sonator sworo falsely it was a
pretty eerious matter."
Mr. Seipsaid ho understood Samuol
BattorsbalJ to be tho man roforrod to
by GUleadoau as bavins rocoived thoao
| Edward A. Lovy, another witnoss, ;
furnished the photographic copy of tho
order which road: I
"Buy me 200 aharos sugar at 83!}, or <
I loss?-and 200 shares 88$ or less." i
(Signod) "J. n. Camdks, March 2." <
j Sonator Smith when rocnllod, and tho i
lettor and testimony of GUleadoau was
road to him, said that tho statement was
absolutolylfalao, and that hodidnotknow
Mr. Battorshall, and novor had givon
| him an order for tho purchanoof sugar,
i Tho Chairman?Do you rocoliect any (
I transaction in sugar stock sinco tho
meotinglof Congroes?
Senator Smith?My improssion was
I that I bought a thousand shares of 1
| augur along last of January or tho first
i nf I'nloiinro on nnnrlv iin I onn rneollflftt.
investigation, and bo boliovod that tho
facts which hud boon aubtnlttod not
only warrantod tho aenato in invoBtxgating
tho charges, hut roauirod it to do
do. Leaving tho subjoct of coal, ho took
up tluvquostion of saaar and orrnignod
tho senate for itn action in irisiatinj* on
the difloroutinl dutioa givon to rotlnora
Aftnr upoaklng of thoono-oighth ditlornntinl
nn tho oiuvoichth donation to tho i
truflt, wboHO proaidont, Mr. Uavomoyor, f
admitted having poured out its money
liko wator, tho quoation waa thon
put on tho motion by Mr. Ilill to lay |
the Chandler reaolution on tho table
and tho vico proaidont declared it carrind,
but Mr. Chandler subsoquontJy
asked that tho voio bo reconsidered !
aud this being dono, tho motion to lay
Jay on tho tablo was dofoated?III to UO.
Tho resolution wont to the calendar
undor tho ruloa and it will require a
voto of tho sonato to again bring it up
lor consideration.
An Ofllcor WUo Worlcuil (ircnt Injnntton
tu a Private.
Wasiiikotos, D. 0., August 2.?Tho
houuo to-day pauaod a bill authoriziug
tbo purchaao of tho property and tho
franchiso of Choctaw Coal & Railway
Coinpariy. Unanimous consent for tho
consideration ot a bill for tho suppreaaion
of tho lottery traffic was objected to.
A bill was panned to remove tho
ebargo of dishonorable dismissal from
tho record of Cyrus 1'aino.
Mr. Grosvonor (Hep. Ohio), aroso to a
a question of privile^o in connection
with a resolution ho introduced soino
tirno ago calling for a report Irom tho
war department upon tho court martial
-1 - nt Dtnthn fnr ro/jnintf to
| I won't awear poaftlvoiy that I did buy
a thousand flharua of sugar, but rather
havo the impression in my mind that at
! that tiino I did. ?
Senator Smith addod that a friond
j asked him to bay something of him and i
ho gave an ordor for a thouaand shares. i
Ila did not know whether it was BUgar .
or not, but thought it waa whisky. .
This tostimony waa takon yoatorday.
I This morning (August 2) Sonator Smith i
appeared before the committoo and said 1
I that ho had ascertained that ho had not ;
bought or sold any sugar cortiflcatoa
I during tbo ponding of tbo tariff bill in
tho Bcnato.
| Sonator Catndon who waa recalled I
also oaid that tho signaturo on tho photograph
of tho allogod order resembled
his handwriting and ho would not I
awear that it waa not his, though ho i
had no rocolluction of ovor having
written it, and had not elvou such an
ordor. Tho body of tho ordor looked <
leas liko his handwriting than tho sig- 1
Ilavo Homntlitng Porttnont to 8ny on tlio
Hugtir Invontlgntfon.
Washington, D. 0., August 2.?
Messrs. Davis and Lodge, Republican a, ,
submitted to the scnato a supplemental
report dovotod outiroly to tho Hubjoct of
tho iniluoncoof thoaugar trust ao-callod
on tho making of tho sugar schodulo aa
it now standa in tho tarift bill. Thoy j
aay that "no ovidonco has boon
submitted to tho committoo which
proves that tho ewgar achedulo j
waa mado up in order to ,
fulfil obligations to the sugar
truflt /or campaign contributions," but
thoy consider it their duty to go into ,
some dotnil as tho method omployod in j
making up tho sugar schedule, for
which tho Democratic members of tho ,
flnanco committoo, it is pointed out, |
are publicly rosponsiblo. "It is also
admittod," savs tho roport, "and it i9
provon by tho" sworn testimony of every
witness called, tbat the i>runout form of
tho schedule was that doairod by tho
representatives of tho rofiuors or tho
sugar trust." '
It is pointed out that Metiers. Ilnvoraoyor,
Soarlos, Ilenry ft. Rood, Cord
Moyor and If. L. TorrcJl, of tho sugar j
trust, all tontitiod Mint thoy sought to
socuro an au valorem duty.
Tho roport says: "It appoars by tho 1
tostimouy of Sonator Voat that Senators i
Urico, of Ohio; Gorman, of Maryland; (
.Smith, of Now Jorwoy; Mill, of Now (
York, and Senators WJiitoand Callory. ;
of Louisiana, after said conforonce (ot
Democratic senators) catno to tho rooms ]
of tho financo committoo in regard to (
tho schodulo. Honator Vosfc tostiflod f
that Mr. Gormau urged a duty ,
of -10 por cent ad valorem and \
a quarter of a cent per pound j
differential in favor of roll nod sugars as <
tho proper schodulo. This was opposod r
by tho senators from Louisiana, ropre- J
sonttng th* producers, as against tho refiners
of sugar. Afterwards tho specific t
schodulo was changed by tho flnanco
committoo and was roportod as it now
stands?with a 10 per cent ad valorem j
dutv and an one-oighth of a cent dif
Tho raport coneludoa: "It is n lunttor
ot complete indiUorouco to tho truat
which duties are loviod upon sugar, ho
lonjj aa tho form in ad valorem and puf- ,
llciont differential 13 given in favor of
rollnod sugar."
It Ii I'ro|MHCit t<? 4.N>iitliiin< (tin Strike* 011 I
tint Santo vo lt?:i<|. i
Chicago, August 2.?President Dobs
presided ovor tho American Railway
Union convontion which mot hero totiny,
Tho neighborhood of tho hall
was thronged with men, mostly workrnon,
who werodnoply interested in tho
meeting*. I'Ut manv of thorn wore not
delogatoa to tho convontion, Tho moot' ;
inn boirnu behind closed rioor.i, and '
l'foyidont I'obs said, before uoinig in,
that tho suasion would probably eontintio
in secret although soino wore in
favor of admitting tho public. 'J'hcre 1
wore about 2">0 delegates preaont ropruuonling
'ill! union*. 1
Tho aftornoon nosslon of tiio eonvon-1 !
tiou took up the conuldoration of tbo L'
itriko. Tbo Santa Fe ayatem had fifteen
or twenty delegates in the hall
who coneuuied tho ontiro afternoon.
There wan a foelins among tho
iolpgatca that ovon though the .
wen might return to work on
ill tbo other rouda the etriko would be
continued against tho ?anta Fo. This
is for the roanoua, it ia auid, that the receivers
fiavo been cutting wage*, that 7
tho road ia behind in aalarioa, and that
it biu boon especially active in tho
prosecution of tho officers of the union. 1
rbe Socrnt or Urn Kleotloo of Uurrlaon
County'# Clmtrniaa. T
bpertal IHspalch to thu Jrticllt<jtn'rr.
CLAiucacuRO, W. Va., August 2.?-Anithor
chapter in tho tito of John O. Ton- *
Jloton has boon closod in this county,
ind predictions aro froquontly hoard
that his political life will noon bo aaoai3d
hook. On Wodnoaday tho Democratic
county oxocutivo cotninittoo had
anything but a harmonious mooting,
but it ondod by making U. Lee Wolfe,
chairman, and Thomaa llaymond aocrotary.
It will bo romemberod that
Wolfo in in the fight to tbo 'death wttli
Fondly ton, and this mouns that a herculean
oflort will bo luado in this a
yjunty against his rooomi nation. Tho 0
honor wni gracefully tendered to Jesso
K. Randolph and John J. Davin, bat aa
peacefully declinod. Editorial hostil- ci
ity brought l'ondlotou'B privato socro- it
tary horo lout week to purcbaso tho i,
M-tcn, but as Wolfo luya aside tbo editor- .
Iftl quill only to toko charj.?o of tbo campaign
in this county, in tho lonj^uairo ?i
tho groat Grovor. "It is a condition w
and not u theory that confronts" Mr. c
Pendlotoo* 0
Jnchaon County Tickot. ?
8t>trial DttjxUeh to the In'dHqtnctr. <
Ravknbwooi>, W, Va., August 2.?Tho u
Uepublicane of Jackson county in con- 0
volition yoetoruay noimnaiou mo 101- if
lowing ticket: For house of dologates, v
bx-J udgo It. F. Floining and 0.13. Koiaor; "
county commissioner, lSliaa A. La them; u
lounty superintendent of schools, Will- b
lam M. Siloz. t]
m d
Killed by ttie Cars. p
Special Dlrpateh to foe MeUigeiuxr. r
Steuuenvillb, 0., August 2.?An unknown
man, thirty years of a^o, ovi- ?
iently a Polandor, wan struck at Cum- ^
borlnnd Junction to-day by a Pan- n
Imndlo train and died here to-night. v
One leg and ono arm wero cut off. a
~ u
Tn t!io Lumtirr titutrtat of CJitcaffo?Tiiree
Vfirtln Doalruyod.
CnicAoo, August 2.?Tbo lumber dls- ^
trlct was to-nigbfc visited by a second o
lire, which for a tlmo threatened to g
rivul iu deatructivenoaa that of last c
night. Beforo it was subdued it 0
bad wiped out tho yards of v
the following concerns: John Spry, g
lumber company; A. J. McBean, codar fi
posts; P. Farrell, codar posts. In addition
to the lumber yards tho wooden
bridgo ovor tho Chicngo river at Ash-'
laud nvonue was totally deatroyod. Tho 2
Ore to-night was on a pi is go of laud 250 ft
feet long, and half as wido, lying bo- a
tween two loading slips for vesaola. It /(
la directly oast of where tho firo was n
:hockod last nieht. ^
o A 4 a Kin,,* atitv. ?
r. m uiium. wiuv.it c. w-k v
posed to bavo originated from eomo a
umbers, sprang up in tho north oud of c
tho Spry lumber yards. A high north- o
wast wind wu blowing and tho flames, y
which in a low minutos were beyond 0
the control of tho firomon bogan to r,
travel rapidly southward. Calls for j|
tiolp wore aont out but no power could d
have provontod tbo destruction of tbo c
9nry yards, and in twonty mlnutoB,
they woro a roaring furnace. v
At 10 o'clock tbo tiro dopartmont bad l
Lho tlamog under control, that thero was lj
o danger of its spreading to other lurn- f<
bor yards. Tho losses aro ostimatod as y
follows: a
Jobn Spry Lumber Company,$5)5,000; b
E. J. McBoati's, $2,000; P. Fur roll, S3,000; n
total, $100,000. All arc protected by in- D
aurauco. n
A largo olght story building at No. h
15S, Wont Van Huron street, was cloau- 'f
3d out by tire to?night, while tbo lura- y
bor yards woro blazing. Tbo building q
was occuplod by a numbor of small con- c
uermt, tbo )arge?t of which woro tho Jj
Chicago becorutivo Supply company, d
which lost $20,000. Tho total loss to fi
tho building and its contonts will foot li
up $so,coa t
* t
[Jn? of tho Stockholder* Hrlng* Salt
That Paper. R
New Yoiik, August 2.?A numbor of g
jtifts have boon begun in the supremo y
court against tlio Now York Timet Pub- c
lishing Company by atockholdors of 11
Lbat corporation, to set aaido tholr subicriptiona
for stock on tho grounds tbat
A\a subscriptions wore obtained by ?,
r * ,
IIIIUU1IIUIIV uiia>"|iii;aull?i?iiuua. y
Iii tlio suits iilod tho complainants al- B|
logo that thoy woro inducod to subscribe
to tho block of tlio company on
Lho basis of bona lido ^subscriptions for
\ total of $1)00,000 to $050,000, and that n
tlio capitalization of tlio company wan 8,
not to oxceod these totals by mora than 0
?100,000. In ono of tlio bills of com- 0
plaint filed by Clinrlos F. Watson, tho w
allegation is mado that tho company (]
re us capitalized for $1,250,000, without jj
tho knowledge of t.iio piaintilT, and that
*250,000 of tho stock wan ifivon to tlio g
promotors of tho company without any r,
money consideration being received (|
thorefor, tho capital being thereby (.
"watorod" to at least that, amount. ^
Tho Time* chanpod hand* in tho
Rpriutf of 180JJ, boinjj sold by the Gooriro ,,
.Tonus ostnto, and those who woro aaao- j,
ciatod with tho lato Mr. Jones. c
Tnitn lltililMT* Kollml. j,'
WT. bouts, flio.f AiiKuut z.?mi unauo j|
ecsaful attempt wait mudo to-niirht to h
hold ??p train No. 3, on tlio St. Lotiia A ^
Ban'KranoiHcoroad. 01
Tho train loft tho Union dopot in St. Hl
Louis nt S:'Jo p. in., in cii'ar^o of C'oa* ?
factor Mnnaliold. h
Tim I.lvini; I'lutiiro*. t|
Tito "living picluron" nt St. Lufco'a P. 3
I*, church pariah houno on tho Inland I.
lunt ovonint* aeorod a bfj* auccona boforo ii
i oulturod and fashionable audimico.' c!
"(thost Story" waa onpocially tlno. a
Mr. ! !. I'. Kran/hoim had amoral chnr^n, ii
nnnistod by Misa Hollo McC'nbu, Alra.
\Vili Met lav, Mrs. Jtidgn Hounr*, Mr*. <1
I'hurloi Unfiles, Mr*. Wylio Irwin, fCd- w
ivnrd IJowio, Mrs. Atidrow Swoouoy and b
other*. Jliaa Annlo Sago preaidod at a
tho piano and Mrs. McCoy baudlod tho tv
dolin, \I C
3 Brought Boforo tho Tribunal
That Will Convict Him. (
'hut Always Attend an Important i
Trial In Franco ,
111 tho GraoHuino Efloctn arc Uruugtu J
Forth and Kxhlbltod to a Morbidly c
Curious Aurtlonce?Tho Precautions
Taken to Protect cho Court From
tho Vengeance of tbe Assassin's
Frlonds?Tho Uxatnlnatlnii of tbo
Prlsonor, In tioino Instances, Borders
oa Cho Flippant.
Lyons, August 2.?Caaoro Santo, the
sasssiu of President Curnot, waa put
n trial In tho asaixa court fco-dny. His
amovul from tho St Puul prison to tho
ourt woa without incidont. M. Broulic,
who presides ovor tbo court, is tho
idgo who drew much criticism upon
imsolf by condemning the bill for tho
jpproBoiou of tbe anarchistic crirao
rbich was rocontly paasod by tho
bambors. Addressing the. jury at the
pening of tho aasizo, July 23, M.
Iroulliac used the following words:
Whiio the chambor of deputies, acting
pon tho proposal of tho govornmont Is
ndoavoring to rolegato to tbo common
iw courts certain crimes which you (
roro occasionally privileged to bo called
pon to try, wo, in this court, by tho
id of twolvo honest aud froo cltir.ons
ummonod Irorn tho nation wilt punish i
Uo murdorer of yoatorduy and onoavor,
according to tho measuro of our r
owor, to provout tho poril of to-morow."
Tho pnlaco justico was to-day guard- ,
d in tho mosttborough manner against
ossiblo ebullitions of anarchism. Tho ,
i*gular police guards woro roinforcod by
n entire battalion of infantry, und tho ,
icinity of tbo court hod, in conoo- .
uonco, very much tbo appoaranco of a l
lilitary cantonmont. Soldiora wero
tationed upon all approaches, while a
oublo cordon of troops surrounded the t
uilding itaelf. In addition a company
f infantry was posted in tho ontronco i
all, and a plutoon of cavalry surround- ,
d tho prison van as it was driven at a
allop trom tho priaon of St. Paul to-tho |
ourt house. ,
Tho eoldiers on duty about tho palaco j
f juatico woro Buppfoinentod byovory <
arioty of polico ollicial, from tho local j
endurmo to tho shrewdest dofcectivo
rom tho Paris profecturo. ,
A largo squad of policomsn in cltl- <
Dns dress had boon specially told ofi to j
irnlsh tho audionco, ovory seat usually i
vailablo to the public being roaorved i
it tho detectivos, but at tho laat mo)ent
the programme was changed, and (
'hen tho doora woro oponed a waiting
rowrf was allowod In, and in a few mintea
all tho available spaco within the
ourt room was detisoly packed. With- 1
ut thoro was (brilliant sunshine, and (
ritbin tboro was suffocating heat, Tho !
nly air moving was that from a bunded
fans, in tho gallory woro many '
idios, almost all young and gaily 1
reasod, furnishing striking touches of
Tbo trial is orpected to occupy tho
rholo of to-<lay and part of to-morrow,
'boro will bo no fongepocchcs, tbo nubc
prosecutor confining bimsoH to a
>rty uiinute addroaa. Somo people
rho ahould havo colqo forward did not
ppoar, doubtless foaring reprisals,
nt twenty-eight indiaponsablo wit08908
havo boon callod by tho govornjonfc
and tboy includoall thoso who rolomborod
having spoken to Gaaero aa
o was journoylng from Ootteto Lyons;
owner of tbo limo kiln, whoro Caaoro
rorkod in 1803, tho baker who omployd
bitn at Cotto; Gonoral Boriua tho
hiof of tho lato president's military
lousohold; M. Rlvaud, prefect of tho
cpartmontof tho Khono; tho two mon
urvantH who sut on tho rumblo of tho
*to prosident'a carriago and I)r. Gailloon
tho mayor of Lyons, who rodo in
ho carriagn with M. Cnrnot, whon
Jasoro struck tho deadly blow.
Tho evidenco of M." Artigaud, tbo,
nnsmith of whom (Jnsoro bought tho
agger, is oxpoctod to bo vory dramatic. ]
evural times boforo bo paid for tho
capon Casoro trJod to boo whothor bo
onld handlo it properly and sovoral
imoH boforo the gunsmith tho assasflin
ohearscd liia idoa of how ho would
tab life victim. 1
Santo propoaoa, practically to dofond e
itnuolf but will havo tho aauistanco of
I. DubretiH, a Lyons advocato of con- c
idorablo noto in criminal practice. 0
Tho touch of tho gruosoiuo, always
otoworthy in Fronch trials will bo r
jpplioii by the instruments used in f
porating on tho proaidont, a drawing 1
f tho carriago in which tho president
aa sitting when stabbed, Caaoro's
agtror, and tho liver of tho murdorod t
ro#idont proBorvod in alcohol.
Tho nrisonor. during bis lifo in tho
t. ran! prison, Mas found timo tor one d
jgrot only?that ho ran away aftor tho ?
oed. To ftim?olf hi* crimo is justified, r
roditable, oven glorious and ho haa n
ioon anxious to bo trlod quickly. v
Nobody haa sent tho assassin any
lonoy pinco ho wan arroBtod, and ho r
aa subsisted on prison faro. Tho t
ourt oponedut 0:15 n. tn. and tho judgo a
roaidont wan no aoonor aoated than ho i
idled upon tho cendurmoa to bring in f
lio aceusod. All tho poraona pronont
old their breath as tho assassin of v
resident Carnot woa brought into w
uurt. The nriaonor looked soinowhat c
sarod aa bo carao in eocuroly hand- }
uflod to a gondarmo on oitlier aldo ol c
itn and two othor gondarmoa bring- o
ig np tho roar. Ah aoon aa bo waa in u
jo dock bis counaol M. Dubrouil and o
f. IJoffonoral, profaworof Italian at the
yoiiM hurtinosa collogo, tho latter hav- v
ig boot! appointed interpreter, ox- s
hanged a fow words with the prisoner /
ml Cnaoro took hid aent, and tho read- t
m <>f tho long indictment began.
Tho prisoner listened intently b
tiring the rending of this doeumont o
hich contained what wai supposed to
o a full account of tho events beforo
nd on tho evening of tho murdor which t
aabeliovod to boacouiploto record ol ti
aeoro'a jouragy from Italy, giving tho 1V
Banio of nearly every ono tho prifouor
ipoko to, otc.i while on his way to
Whon tho reading was tinlsbod namea
>f thirty witneaeoa were called and tho
jreaiding judge, M. Itroullaic began to
juoation tho ftcousod. Tho judge llrst
o cited the knowu fact* about tho family
>f tho prisoner, the latter answering:
'Just no. air, 1 novor had a dliputo Mrith
?ny ona"
Tho preshlont continuod: "How
ibout your morality?"
"I auppoBo it wai the samo as that of
>tber ineo," replied Casoro, smiling
"I understand that you desire to pass
ta an ascetic; but," said the judge,
'that ia not correct, as we huvo
wldenco from tho Cetto hospital that
rou have not always had u horror of
women." (Laughter).
"iiut," continue*] M. Hreullalc, "what
a Important is to know whether you
wore responsible for you actions?" *
Tho nrlsonor hore, cried, with great
inimation: "Yea sir, I am responsible
or aiy action;!. I Imvo never boon
Hoplrlng to furthor questions, the
jrisoner said that not ono of his family
was or had h?on woak-tnindod.
Tho ^presiding judge thon turned to
:bo prisonerand unit!:
"Since your arrost did you write to
four mother Haying that you killed tho
^resident 'from nnarchistic motived?'
iro those your words?"
"Yea," replied Casoro, with Rroat in*
In reply to tho indua's questions In
ognrd to his childhood and his taking
part in roHgious processions, Casoro
inuwored mockingly, "Childron do not
mow what they nro doiug." Judgo
Uroullaic thon examined Casoro at
engfch as to his connection with anarchy.
During this examination tho
jresidont said, "Your family tried to
irean you from thoso thoso horrlblo
"I love my mother," tho prisoner
repliod, "but I canaot submit to her
prejudices, or to my family's prejudices,
["hero is tho larger family of humanity."
In spite of repeated otlorts of the
indite to draw from tho prisoner oomo
jtutuuiont in regard to his connection
with other anurchists Cnaoro would Bay
nothing upon thortubject
Tho prisoner wan then quoBtionod
ibout his movements at Cetto and other
plai'os provious to tlio assassination,
md during this portion of tho trial
fudge Bruoilinc remarkod:
"Your relations were alwuys with anirchiBta."
"Naturally,"Interrupted thoprisoner,
'1 could not consort with tno bourjoois."
Tho presiding judgo aftorwardB quos;ioned
tho prisoner concerning how
uuch money ho had remaining after ho
lad paid hie bill at Cetto, asking:
"What did you do with tho remaining
lvo franca?"
"I bought a poi(?nard," repliod Casero
Tho assassin narratod dramatically
:ho incidonts of his approach to and At;ack
upon Prosidont Curnot. itoplyintr
o a question at its closo by M. iirouliac
if he did not know tho penalty of his
ict would bo death, he said, "I am an
Anarchist, and I hnto the bouruooia bo*
:loty, and tbo hoads of tho state."
tub deadly weapon.
Aftor this reply from tho prisonor,
;ho weapon with which bo killod Prosileut
Curnot was brought into court and
mown to too jury, mo presiaont Baying:
"Tjiko coro, gentlemen. Do not
ouch tho blado. It is a rolic which
nuat be procloualy proaorvod."
Oaaoro thon recounted tho details of
lis journoy from C'ettoto Lyons, tolling
low ho finally arrived at the 1'aiait) do
Dommorco where President Carnot was
>eing banquottod. Tho priaoner then
larrated tho incidents of the tragedy
"When I wa9 onpoaito tho gato
vhonco tho president w#s about to
unergo, I know that persons of mark
ilwaya ait on tho right iido of tho cariago.
Thoroforo I crossod to tbo right
land eido of tho pavement. I hnd
rouble in kooping in tho socond row of
ipoetators, to ao many peoplo were
inxloua to got a glirapao of tho proallont."
"I laid my left hand on tho carriago
tnd huatlod aaido a young man who
paa in my way. T/ion I made a dash at
ho President and dealt him a violent
hrnat with my daggor. Tho blado
ituck faat in his breaat and my hand
otiched hia coat. As I stabbed him, I
riod: 'Vive la revolution."'
Judge nroullaio nuked tho prieonor
vhat occurrod at tbo traqric niomont
vhon ho caught Prosidontparnot's eye.
Clio prisoner eaid: "Prosident Carnnt
ookod mo etraight in tho face. I felt
tia doop tslanco tho moment f poinardod
liin." [Sensation and uproar,]
Koplying to tho queetion, "Did yon
?ot wish to atriko elaowhoro?" Cannro
xclaimed llorcoly:
"I winhod to atriko IjIh heart, but my
fnJIn.l m/? thn hlrtW frllUlOtJll. I
ilone meditated tho coup. I Iia?i no
cadors un?I no accomplices. 1 acted
rooly and of my own nccord."
After tho examination of aovornl witlottos
describing tho stabbing and tiio
ittondant EconctJ, tho court adjourned
jntil to-morrow.
;oiiv<Mittun?IntrrmtlnK Statist !? ??S?tnt11'n
letter <'itnltnUr Kmloriiftl.
St. Pah., Minn., August 2.?At to!ay'n
aoisiou of Catholic Abstainers,
locrotary A. 1\ Doyle, ofNow York.auhnltted
nit IntoroHtinif roport uI the
mmorical strength of tho ordot in
vhich ho nays:
M\Vo havo addod flixty-niirht now go.
iotioH with a membership of 2,(Mi to
ho roll of tho national union. Tiioro
ro now atliliatod to tho uonoral union
wenty-aix subordinate unious and
nrK'.nlnrt .1.0 nolli-il rtociatio?.
During tho your sixty-eight Hociotio*
roro admitted and twonty-oi?ht wore
riclufruwn, having on tho rolls 7'):} eoiotie*
with si total membership of 03,
to. IMiilmlolpliin IrnHu with lt'?j h<?iotios,
ami l?l,()S7 members, whilo tho
thers are reported in Albany, Haitijoro,
IJoBton, HulFalo, Pittsburgh and
thpr pliteoi."
tfp/ulung of .Siitolli's loiter lio said it
;onid do more than twenty appeals to
ut tho Catholic church rialit with tho
tmerienn public on tho auloou quuiiou.
Xhn afternoon nimion was concluded
v roporti by tho dolouatca on tho state
( affairs in their ruspoctivo districts.
Wnt'.N th ? hair litis fallen out, loaviui;
lie head bald, if tho sculp ia not shiny,
horo in a chnnco of regaining tlio hair
y u?log Hull's llolr llouowor,
Or tho Battlo Dotwoon tho Kow
Shine and Nanlwo.
Put on tho Naval Ltocagemont Botwoon
itio Chinefto and Japanooo
Vcwol?-Thp Commnndrr of the
.lujmn CruNcp Acted With Tinman*
Iff, Hue tho Chincao Troop? Flrod
on tho Forcl^nom Aftor Thejr Uad
Jumped From tho How Shlng?A???
otlior Navul Content l*\pcctod,
London, An?ti9t 2.?'Tho Japaneso lo*
irution in thin cltv lias received tho fol
lowing diapatch from Tokio:
The triffned atJ)davJt9 of Captain Gsl#?
worth aud Chiof Ofllccr Tauiplin, of tlio
Ivow Siting, httvo boon recoivod. Tho
captain aays that tho Kow Shine was
chartorod by tho Chinese govorumont,
and that eho loft Taku on July S3 with
1,100 aoldiera on board tor Kaahau.
Mooting tho Jflpanoso war ship, Saul'
wa. tho latter signalled hor to atop.
Continuing, tho captaiu says:
"L obeyed, and alio niovod off. I
thonsignalled: 'Am I to proceed.' Tho
N'aniwa signalled in roply, 'hcavo to, or
tako tho eonsoquoncos.
"This signal wan not meant for tho
Kow Siting, hut for a Chinese warship
Hying tho Japanese llag and a white
"Tho Naniwa sont ati otiiccr to tho
Kow tihing to eno hor papors, and ho
uakod i( I would follow tho Naniwa. I
nnawored, 'wo aro in your power."
"The officer then roturnd to tho
Naniwa; but, ho camo hack to tho Kow
Siting upon my signalling tho wiah to
cotntnunicnto personally with hiuj. I
told tho ollicor, when ho camo back
that tho Chinoso generals would not allow
mo to follow tlio Naniwa, aud that
thoy threatened my lifo if I did ho or if
I loft tho ship. Alter hoaring this tho
Japaneao officers roturned to tho
-i? ?~
ship immediately.
"1 replied: 'I ani not allowed to
"The Naniwa then hoistod a rod flag
at' liur foremast, and repeated the
signal to 'nilit ship immediately/ thereupon
1 called tho enginooru and othor
foreigners on dock.
"After a few minutes tbo Naniwa diacharged
u torpedo at utj and bogau liring.
f, and several others, jumped
overboard. Whilo in the water the
Chineao on board tho Kow Sbing kept
firing tit us.
"l^waa picked up by a boat from tho
Naniwa, as waa Mr. Tamplln, tho chiof
Chiof Officer Tamplin'a affidavit conflrma
tbo atatoiuout made by Captain
Ualuwortti, and adda that tho objoct of
tho socond visit of tho Japaneso ofllcor
was to transfor tho Europeans to tho
Naniwa boforo firing began. Tho ChinoKO,
however, would not pormit tbia.
Tho 'Jimn correspondent at Yokohama
telegraphs aa follows: The
Jnpaiioao minister at Seoul, after the
collision thoro botween tho Jnpanose
and Korean troops, placcd Tai-In-Knn,
tho king's father, at tho hoad of the
Korean government.
Tho pooploof tbia cityaro in rapturos
over thoir naval victory. Following tho
oxamplo of tho sovorcign, tbo people
will contribute toward tbo oxponao of
carrying on tbo war.
The Timet' dispatch from Shanghai,
dated Angust 1, Bays: Later information
shows that tho Kow Hhing was
Bunk with 1,500 aouia by tho JnpauesQ
cruiser Naniwa, noar Aaan, Koroa.
Tbo whoio Chinose fleet is now asnembled
at Aaan, and a decisive battlo is
UOlRnttlloos oi inm~cunuitj uurn uru
providing immonso funda for currying
on tho war.
Tho Chronicle* x corroBpondonk at
Tokio, telegraphs that tho Japanese
floet is concentrating its etrongth at
Knngwha, an island at tho month of
tho Seoul river, and that a groat naval
light is oxpoctod shortly,
Moromeutn of St oiimnlil jin.
UorwoNn, August 2.?Arrivod?AmBtordnm
from Now York.
Hamuvkg, August 2?Arrivod?Rhaetta
from Now York.
CrKNoA, August 2.?Arrivod?Fulda
from Now York.
Brkmkk, August 2.?Arrived?llavol
from Now York.
Nnw Yoiik, August 2.?Arrivod?
fucrat Uismarck from Hamburg.
Wcntliw KopiTint for T?.?lujr.
For Wont Virginia, fair; stationary temper*
tuns w?xt winds.
Kur WVmitii I'ptjiisvlvnnln, lorn I niltis niifl
tlminli'r Mortns; sonthwi'it win?K becoming
For Ohio, fair; north wlmll,
its MruNliOiI l?y ?*. .-vusm\ drussUt, cornve
MnrkCluuU Fourteenth street*.
7 ?. m...................... 7<>: :i j>. in *>6
n. in > ''] " j>. in "U
1? in '."'I Wi'uUht -t'lnnitfi'iihii*.
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4 1 iiom ? y
} Art Galleries of lbs World. J
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| PART BO. 18, I
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