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Tlio Report of tho Sooato InvoatlgatlnK
01 AH the CharKctt Mado?Tho Comiiili
too Soys That No Evidence* "Was
Adduced Bhowlnjf Any L'nduo In*
flue two or Brlhory in tho Matter of
butfar Tariff Lobulation?Tho Sewnpaper
Correspondents Aro Severely
Waruisgto*, D. C., Auguat ^?Senator
Gray, chairman of thoauijar Inveathtating
committee, prcaentod tho report
of the ,x>mmittoo to tho aenato toduy,
and naked tbut tho cotnmittoo bo
dincliarjro'l. Tlio main roportia aiynod
by all tlio senator*, but ?enatora Lodgo
nnd Davio nreiont a aunniemoatai re*
port, and Senator Allen also presents
bis own vlows on some feuturos of tho
enso. Tfjo report, which has tho approval
of tho fall cotnuiittoo, rocltos tbo
causes which lod up to tho Invcstlga*
(ion, anil quotas tbo article Iroia the
Philadelphia Prm, on which tho
charges against aonators were bneod.
It also recites the facta which havo
beon published ulroudy a? to tho refusal
of the correspondent, l?dwards, to an*
ewor queries put by tho cominittoo.
bocrotary C'ariteio is exonerated, and
tbo parts of tho article reflecting on hitn
are declared to bo without foundation,
"except that it is a fact, according to
Secretary Carlisle's" testimony, that ho
did, at the loquest of bonator Jones, of
tbo flnanco oommittoo, draft un atnondwent
to tho sugar echodulo, u cony of
whicb, aa described by .Mr. Carlisle, is
attucbed as an exhibit to tho testimony."
The conduct of Mr. Edwards, says tho
roport, in publishing specitle charges
against public mon without having personal
knowledge of the facts calls for
tho sorious reprobation of tho sonato.
Tbo committee ateo nays: "Thoro has
boon no tostlmony prosontod boforo
roar comnuuuo, aim yuur uuuiiuu>uu
lias boon ttnablo to diacovor any, tending
to show that tho sugar nchodulo
was miido up as it tboo stood In tbo pro*
posed amendment to tbo tariff bill, in
consideration of any sums of raonoy
paid for campaign purposes of tho Domocratic
party. No witnoagos havo toatiiiod
boforo your committee that such
was tbo fact, and alt tho Democratic
members of tho flnanco com mil too, and
all tho sonatorB whoso numos iiavo beon
mentioned in tho public proas ns especially
intorostod in protecting tbe *ugar
roGnlng industries, or in stutos witoro
eugur refluories exist, have undor oath
doniod that such was tho truth, or that
thoy bad any kuowlodgo or information
as to any sums of money, largo or
otherwise, having boon paid for campaign
purposes of tho Democratic party
by the sugar trust, by those connoctoil
with it, or by anybody as a consideration
for favorable troatmont of Its interests
by aaid party."
Tho committee also reports tho subatnnco
of tho testimony of the sugar rofinors,
assorting that tho campaign contributions
woro inndo only to tho local
committeos and not for tho purpoao of
inlluoncing national campaigns, or for
tho purposo of securing, or getting national
legislation. Xo othor toatimonv
has, tbo coiumitteo says, boon oflorod,
suggested or diacovorod, which would
tond to support tbo statements of Edwards
in thin rogard. Nor is thoro, thoy
unite in saying, any ovidonco in sup
port oi|me euuomeni mm uuuvi m mu
Messrs. Ilaveinoyor hold an interview
with President CJovolnnd on a yacht in
thoBumracrof 181)2,'or of 1803, in rogard
to.tho sugar intorosts o( tho Hawaiian
islands, or any other sugar ititorente or
tho policy of tho administration in rogard
to thorn.
"On tho contrary, it has boon allirraatlvely
shown," thoy say, "that tho statoxuont
fs untruo as* to any such interview
having occurrod."
It Is. tho commlttoo envB, abown by
tho ovidonco that ono or more officers
of tho sugar trust wore in Waahfngton
aud that thoy saw aovoral sonators,
gotiorally thoso representing etatoa in
which sugar reflnerioa worn locatod
with tho vlow of influencing legislation,
hut tlieso gontlomon deny tho uao of
any improper inoans to that ond.
Tho committee also unite in Baying
that no ovidonco has boon adduced tending
to Hhow improper conduct on tho
part of thoso ongagod in tho framing of
cho sugar schedule in tho tarifl hill.
"Though porhnpe outsido tho acope of
tho duty imposed upon your committoo,"
they aay, "they tako occasion to
strongly deprocate the importunity and
presstiro to which Congress and its
members aro subjected by the ropresentativos
of great industrial combinations,
whoso enormous wealth tends to
suggest unduo inlluonce, and to creato
in the public mind a demoralizing belief
in tho existence of corrupt politics.
DissATisFiK1> ni:MOOKAT.
Secrutnry of Mlnii*N?ti% suite Committee
ItotlglM ffin I'OflltlOfl.
St. Paul, Minn,,''August 2.?Secretary
P. K. Smnlley, of tho Democratic etato
central committee and of tho state
Democratic association, tendered his
resignation to Chairman Outcoaon today
because tho commlttoo yostorday
refused to ondorso Prosidont Cleveland's
remit letter to Congressman hiibquuu
thy tari/J bill. Ho statea that tho rofuaal
of tho comtnittco to ondorao tno
plan of tho sub-cominittoo tor a ro*
organization of tho part)' hag nothing
to do with his action, "That is a mattor
upon which loyal inoinbors of tho party
might honostly differ," ho fluid, "and f
could not eay anything against thoir action,
but when n packed committee do*
cllnod to endorse tho I'rosidunt in his
attempt to uphold tho platform oi tho
party, I folt it necessary, In ordorto
retain uiy aalf-raspcct, that I ont&r a
protest, and tho only way i could do
this was toaond in my resignation.
.1n f??fffnr'n {Cough Trvntnwnt.
Trks PinnRAft, N. M., August 2.?
Charloa li. Oriflith, oditor of tho Taos
Vjilloy Jf'm/'I, hay arrived horo in a
t.itiablo condition, having wallcod from
'l'n08, a dlatanco of forty miles. Mr.
Oriflith soya his ofhco was niobbod a
day or two ago, and ho was terribly
hcaton on account of an articlo doner! pfivo
of tho ponitonts and crnol religious
rites published in tho I/f raid last wook.
'J ho articlo was written hy Dan Flynn,
and originally appeared in Harper's
Nnw I'lMtmiHtAr.
IHipntr'i to tht JtiMUuinrtr.
Waiiiisotoh, I). G\, August ii.?Mr*.
L.ivontin Stafford has boon appointed
postmaator at Gilbert, Logan county,
viceC. \V. Kinnison, removod.
I'lMi'i.tj.s, boils and other htiinora oi
the blood aro liablo to broalc out in tho
warm woather. Prevent it by talcing
liood'gBara opnrllla, Ji
_______ <
tow Nearly UMMJ.ooo?Fuiir Fcrtum
Killed and a NumW Injurtxt.
Cuicago, August 2.?The eixty teres
of tho lumber district, over which the
tiro swopt last ntylit were still smouldering
to-dav, bat before daylight all
danger of a spread of tho llatnea was
over. All ovor tho district between
Blue Island Avonno and tho river, and
froboy ntroot aod Ashland Avenue, tho
yards wero covered with smoking piles
of lutnbor and wroclcod buildings, and
streams of water wero poured over the
ruins ail day. Tho total iota is estimated
to-day at closo to $2,000,000, but the
burned property wan largely insured.
Tho revised Hat of lossoe and insurance
Is as follows: 8. K. Martin Lumber
Company, $85,000, insurod for 00
nor cout; riiomeua A Ilaliko Company,
$175,000, insurance $10U,000; 1'orli, Low
?3t Uo., ? 140,000, insurants to covor;
Wells, French & Co., $135,000, fully
coverod; J. II. Adams Cedar I'oat Company,
?15,000, inaurnnco $10,000; Barber
Asphalt Company, *00,000, rovorod
bv inBiirauco; W. B. C. Palmer, $20,000,
coverod by insurance; Khooinakor &
llifsbi'o, $25,000, partially insured; John
Spry, lumber, $10,000; R B. Conway,
$50,000, fully insured; loss to railroads
and docks, $110,000, insured, and other
small losses. Total lota, $l,!fl0,<j00. Tho
total number of men thrown out of omploy
men t by the tiro is 2,'JOO, and tho
destruction was so complete that it will
be weoks before moat of them can bo
given work by tho linns which ouilored.
The liat of casualties, so. faros known
is as follows:
Tho doad?Lieut, John McGinn, of
tho tiro boat Geyser, burned, died at the
county hospital.
William Wollonfoll, 0:t3 Union avail
uo, struck by u cup blown from engine
No. 33, knocked into tho river and
Unknown mnu, knocked into tho
river and drownod,
Unkuown boy, sued 17, burnod to
The injttrod?Edward Burns, pipeumn,
burned, will rocovor.
Captain Byrno, engine No. 15, struck
in tho oyo by a stream of water; will
Iobo an oyo.
Captain Boreal, flro boat Yosomite,
overcomo by srnoko, will rocovor.
John Gary, pipomnn, badly burnod
nlinnl fnr><? hnrlv nnd nruifl.
1'otcr I'holan, pipomnn, overcome by
boat and btirnod.
Liout. Dauiol Murphy, hook and laddor
company, knockcd ingonsiblo by a
Hying brick. ?
J. V. Flahorty, liroinan, hit by swinging
boio, knocked into tho flro and
badly burnud, will rccover.
Otto Kichtnr, fell from a lumber pile,
two ribs broken and injured intornally,
may dJo.
Tho Hi>rtu1tiiK<' AnBoolnttou Is at ? Lust) tu
Know tho Objnct In Vlotv,
Nashville, Tnvr*., Auguat 1?.?Information
waa rocoivod to-day from tho
Hortnitago wliero Gou. Androw Jackaon'B
romuina aro buried lhat hia grave
was disturbed last nigbt by some unknown
person or poraona. A holo
eighteen inches in dopth and throo feet
in length was duj: at tho hond of tho
grave, but tho parties were frightened
away beforo they accomplished thoir
object. Tho Hermitage ia twolvo miles
from this city.
Tho desecration of (Jon. Jackson's
crave was discovered at an early hour
to-day, and tho fact immediately roportod
to tho Ladloa' Hermitage Associa*
A long plank was left lying bosiJo tbo
gravo. {Suspicion rests upon a woll
drossod negro, for whom tho authorities
aro now looking. IIo wane to the rosfdonco
of a whito man living flvo miles
from tlio Hermitage yostoriiay aftornoon,
ami borrowed a ahovel, which ho
rotnrned this morning. Wiiilo near
tho Hormltago ho mado some inquirios
about Gonoral Jackson's tomb. Tho
Ladies ilermitago Association oflicora
aro at a Iosh to know what could bo tho
object of tho person or porsons who die*
turbed tho gravo. Thoro aro only throo
persons in cburgo of tho houao and
grounds, and they know nothing of tho
nocturnal visit until daybroak.
An Abilticteri folltlcliiQ.
fc'i'okanr, Wash., Auguat 2.?Vigorous
search is being kept up for tho missing
Charles Gloyoatin, who is supposod to
havo been nbductod through political
motivos from his homo, at Mico, in this
county. A button and bloodstained
loavoa havo boon found near tho houao.
Tho sheriir is tracing tho movoiuonts of
mysterious light wngou, soon at dilforont
places in tho neighborhood on tho
night of tho abduction. The blood
stains aro being nnalyzod in Spokane.
Tho county commissioners havo ollorod
$500 roward for tho man's body, If doad,
and SI,000 for tho arrest and conviction
of his murdorora. Thoy also petitioned
Governor McGraw to offor a roward of
Clititwn lu I'oMiiko Stamp*.
Washington, D. C., August 2.?Im?
portnnfc changes in tbo denominations
of postago stamps are in contomplation
by tho postotUco dopnrtmont. Tho
principal onoa oro in tho nowspnpor and
periodical aorios, but tho regular eorios
is also to bo altorod. Of tho latter tho
ones, two*, thrnos, fours, fives, sixes,
eights, tons and fiftoons, which aro now
In tiBo. will bo continued. Tho present
thirty mid ninoty cont ordinary atampa
probably will bo diacontinuod and liftv
conta, and ono, two and livo dollar
Htampa will bo added to tho aorioa. It
ia intondod to roduco tho nuuibor of
denominatioua of thenowapaper gtatnpa
from twenty-four to twelve or thirteon,
I/jndov, August 2.?A lottor to tho
Time* from Shanghai aaya that report#
linvo boon rccoived thoro froin foreign
officials ntSooul that tho Chinese under
(ionoral Yoson Sunday la at defeated tho
JapanoMo forces near Aaau. Tho .Japanese
withdrew to .Seoul. Twenty thouBand
Manrurian Chtneao troop's havo
crowed tho Korean frontier aud uro
marching upon Sooul.
.lopnnoitii K?|iiiIhviI.
Shanghai, August 2.-?An official fclogram
rocoived horo from Tion Tain aaya
that In tho bnttloa fought July 27 nud
July 28 at Yaahan tho Japanoae wore
ron'tilaod with a loas of ovor 'J,000 men.
Wo o/Jor One JJundrod Dollare ro*
ward for any raao of Catarrh lliat cannot
l>o cured by Hall's Catarrh Ctiru.
F. .1. Ciikskv it Co., Tolodo, 0.
Wo, the tmJcral^noi], bnvo known F,
J. Chonoy for tho last llfteen yonra, and
boliovo him perfectly honorable in all
bnsinesn traasactionu and financially
nblo to carry out any obligations rondo
by their firm.
\VitsT & Tim,"ax, Wholesale Drajj^lats,
Toledo (l,
Wamuno K INNAN Marvin, Wholoeale
JJrutfuisti, To If'do, 0.
Hall's Catarrh ('tiro i9 tnkon internally,
acting directly upon tho blood
and uincotiBunrfacoa ofthoHyatom. Togtiuionialfl
wont froe. Price 75c per bottlo.
fciold by all druggiete.
1>1'<; Ills OWN OttAVti.
It.it Wu Finally KewnMl Kfotn It?At*
fr-tUpU*l Hittrlil*.
AuuNtiTOX, Min., Auguit Laic
lost night tbo aupcrlutendcot of n
Catholic cemetery, noar tbo Cambridge
Hoe, discovered a new made mound of
earth in an unauthorized place. Upon
Investigating ho found a shallow hole
with a man lying In it in an uncotiticfoaa
Btato. A boaquet of flowers lav
upon hid breast and a half tilled bottlo
of laudaoum lay besido him. Ho wa?
alive, and aftor'throe hours hard work
was restored to consciousness.
It was aicortainod that his naino wai
Kdvrard Wnlkor, twenty^ovon yoara of
age, living on Brattle etreet, Cambridgo.
Ho hai boon coniidered a young man of
much promise, and has shown marked
ability as a designer of humorous pic
tares for the illustrated pnpora. About l
two yeara ago ho was dangerously ill
from typboid fevor. Whilo bo was recovering
froiu thin attack bis intonded
wife dioti. Tho aad nows was brokon to
him boforo ho had fully recovered his
strength, und it is thought his mind has
not boon right uince thut timo.
Walker dug tho gravo himself.
Frillniuo Work* Nturtoii Up.
Chicago, August 2.?Tho Pullman
works were atartod to-duy quietly
und without demonstration on tho part
of ox-omployos. liut 250 men rcportod
lor work. About 1,200 atrlkora gatborod
ubout tho building und good naturodly
chaffed the returning worktnon, but no
attempt at violence was made. A heavy
detail of polico wore on hand, and remained
at tho works all day.
Chlticno Kiwi Sail*.
Copbnuagrn, August 2.?It I*officially
announced hero that the Chinese northern
Hoot, consisting of thirteen vessols,
baa loft Chefoo for Korea. Tho announceinont
is accompanied by tho
statoiuont that a buttle between tho
Cbinnso and Japanoso may be oxpectod
at any hour.
Ho Hotibflil lite AlulU.
Chicago, August 2.?Benjamin Tuita,
head mail clork on tho Chicago, Iowa
City run on the Chicago, Hock Island &
Pneifie rnnd has honn arrrvited. charsad
with stealing mouoy from tho mails.
The accused is a brother of ox-Congressman
Tufts, of Iowa.
A fTiifdmiid'it Jcaloim ltagn.
Chicago, Aug. 1.?In a fit of joaloua
rago Ilarry R. Ilintacoo, of No. 30~;i
Vernon avenue, emptied the contents
of a revolvor into his wifo, Grace, today,
and then seizing anothor weapon
tfhot himself. Tho woman will probably
dio, and tho husbaud is fatally
Purntturo Fnotorjr llurned.
Indianapous. Ini>., August 2.?Tho
Stoin furniture manufacturing plant
was totally dostroyod by tiro at an oarly
hour tbii morning. Los) betweou $40,000
and $45,000, fully covered by insurance.
Ten Pomona Drowned.
Hftinpnv Aiiniiaf.')?A nlnfll.
uro boat ladon with excursionists from
Yarmouth, capsized on tho Mauddacb
rivor last ovoning. Ton of tho passongera
wero drowned.
Utg Jewol Xlobborjr.
London, August 2.?Tbo houso of
Princees SoltykolT, atStougb, waa ontorod
by burglars last night and robbod of
jowelu 0/ tbo valuo ot XlO.OiXX
Golil for Europe.
New York, August 2.?Tho atoamor
Normannla, which sailed tor Hamburg
to-day, took out$S50,000in gold,
I). C.
Orauil Encampment of tho Kulgbta of
Pjrthlu* of tho Wor!d.
Tho biennial encampment of tho Bupromo
Ix>dgo and grand oncaraptnont of
the Knights of Pyttiias of tho world will
bo held at tho national capital August
27 to Soptombor 5.
For thia occasion tho Baltimoro &
Ohio Knilroad Company will soil round
trip tickets at roduced ratoa from all
points on its linos oaat of tho Ohto
rivor, August 23 to 28 inclusivo, valid
for return trip until Soptombor 6; a
further oxteDfllon of time to September
15 can bo secured, provided tbo
ticket ia deposited with tho joint agont
at Washington, D. C., on or boforo September
Tho rato from Philadelphia will bo
$4, Pittsburgh $8, Cumberland $4 G5,
and correspondingly low rates from all
other Htatfons.
Tms ia to cortify that I havo used
Krtfuso's Headache Capsuloa periodically
for over ono year and havo vory
much pleaauro in stating that they
havo always provod vory bonotlcial and
havo rolioved" mo in from ton to liftoon
minutes. I havo boon a sufferer from
headacho for many yoara and havo
nevor found anything to do mo an much
good aa Krauao a Headacho Capsuloa.
Loi'tn IIrrmas,
Wichita, Has.
Hold by Alox T. Young, John Klari,
ujieoiiny, miu uuwiu ? i?riu?u*
port, Ohio.
A Drink
?For the Picnic, j
0 Tako a supply of GEM SODA c
> WATER with you. Takoa up /
J no room. You can mnkoityour- I
> aolf in a minuto. All you neod i
r in a tumbler and water. Prico r
? 23a By n>Qil *?0c. ?
One puckngu inakos 11 kIomch. J
^ fM7 .V. Front.St., >'ltl)MiJu)pliln. ^
Higgins' Gallery,
Photographs *ir.5P un
Pounutts w Pasteu Oil, Cuatom. NVatik
anp INK.
2154 71*7*1 N STREET.
,' )!
Tho Rosy FroahnoSB )
Awl a vclvuty HoftncRS of Out nkln Is Invariably
obtoJiM'<J by tliowu who u*e I*oy.aeor?t*m
<'<MII|llcxil)ll I'mvik-r.
ON1.Y Till: IllvST quality of
'111K SFAll-fr TYI'K nro uwxl 111 Iho Cora*
uificlul rrlntlmr ?l??ue l?y . .
Brings comfnrt anil improvement and
tend* to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live better
than others and enjoy life more, with
low expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best product* to
Hll! IK1HS UI I'llJ Birui UCiu^, ?? ?? m?.??
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principle* embraced in the
remedy, Hyrup of Fig*.
It* excellence is due to its presenting
In the form most acceptable and pleasant
to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of r perfect laxative
; effectually cleansing the systenit
dispelling cold?, headaches and fevers
ana permanently curing constipation.
I It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of tho medical
profession, becauao it acts on the KidI
neys, Liver and Dowels without weakening
them and it is perfectly free from
! every objectionable substance.
! Syrup of Fie* is for sale by all druggists
in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured
by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed,"you will no*
accept any substitute if oflercd.
Was and Gnsollno Stoves of all Sixes.
150B and 1B10 Market St. ?p21
C,V hihciiam.vfj a
Refrigerator or Ice Cream Freozer
Como trail Sco Our Stock.
myfl 1310 Mm* firhp.kt.
hi i nrviint a?? fiWOES
VV, L Dovclas
18 THE BEST.v /
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IBKS^Sal,* 5.3J POLICE, 3 SoLta
VHIMKSEND roc catalmue
Yon can ?invo money byiwretanslnt W. L.
IlaualnM Sboon* , ,
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nt lower prices for the value given I ban
any other tniike. Take no substitute. If your
dealer cannot supply you, we can. Bold by
II. V, MKNKKMKl.LKtt, 8151 Market Ht.
J. T. tfTONK, 104a Main HtrenU JyflMW**
plumbing. etc.
Plnmbliicf and Has Fittiug,
Steam and Hot Wator lloatiugv
A Full Line of tho folebrated?
- svniv STEAM I'UMPS
?Kept constantly on iiao'i.
1.100 AND ir,02 9.MIRKT ST?K8T, WUKKMSO.
Notlcs to Natural Gas Consumers!
nuns I'H I- tb'iimly burn or ou tho JnurJiot that
1? ^ni?rfti?teo<l to uivo wtUfautloo. lij not ?locoivwl
In Acroptltju "sv<*r as ooon" with no
guarantee. tioM only by
lnr'il i:?U Market Strict
Practical Plumbers, '
No. 3S Twelfth Stroot. j
All Work Dono Promptly at JUuuonublo I'rlco*.
Hrti'l for I'ntnphlot.i
jftt J. E. REKD
FrontnHwUyon tho I touch. Turin* ti M per
ilny,810 tofjr. pcrwL'ck. Pino Fhlilng, Ounnlng,
llnthlnrt urn! fs'itNo rnrwquttooi. No innInrln.
W O. I1KCK KNIlAI'lilf,
jy'.t Mutiny-r.
Atlantic City, - Now Jorsoy.
t!!o?o to tho bench, hot ntjil floM *011 wntor
bathn nwi nil ptoeivj of lulenst- Newly furnish* (
c?l. Excollcul lablw. _
Jump aboard and wa will bs
delightful and instrui
sions, which will
18th of Our Charn
Under (ho patronage and directum u
? CMTlTt cn , ? .
4 Giii
No smoke, no dust,
No heat, no co
No bad v
No ti
_ >"v?c 9 f
" ^ > - ll
In a rocking chair of sup
member. Our party, the
numbers, will be condut
National Park, by great h
across Minnesota to St.
Iowa for a visit to Dells
these dreamy delis we
horn Valley, by places 01
of battle, to the Black
many a wonderful see
Indian legend to Minr
Croix's beautiful river t<
the Wisconsin. The D
panying these scenes of
of America, are like
fillmnr th/a afm
V.UIIM? UIIU lining vi iv ukiM
part 18 Contair
The Following jj /
jiant, Catfish and Young Faithful C
i Cree Indian; Ferry across Red Rh
jf Sioux River: Lover's Leap: The
Rock: Signal Rock: Cabinet Gorge;
iral Rock; Summit of Harney's Peat
Harney's Peak; Horseshoe in Elk
lear Custer: Beecher Rocks; a Chan
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telligencor an^ Ten Cents fo
dress the
Art Depar
off on two more
:tive excurbe
tiing Series,
f our Superb Portfolio
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in perfect condition,
company pleasant and
reme comfort for every
>ugh now very large in
:ted out of Yellowstone
arvest fields in Dakota,
Paul, thence through
of the Sioux. Out of
procced along the Elkrice
red with the blood
Hills. Thence back by
;ne, made famous by
lehaha Falls, over St.
) the romantic Dells of
descriptions accomnature
in Glimpses
5 bouquets rich with
osphere with perfume.
) WEWS :
-ones; Prairie Home of
rer of the North: Dells
Devil's Notch; Danger
Needle Points; Cathec;
View of Bear Butte:
Canon: Wedgo Rock,
iber in Crystal Cave.
rst Page of the Inr
each part. Adtment,
:eling, w. va.

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