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The Maosoeo to "Bloody Brldlos"
Walt* Is How Speeding.
' i
About of die Scbednlo?Delayed By
Illinois Sand Roads Yesterday.
Pittsburgh Defeated By tlie Colonels?
Martin's Forry Wins Again, i
Organization of a Foot Ball League '
by the Oblo Valley Y. M. C JA/s. \
Wheeling Gets tbo Field Day. 1
SPRiNami.D, III., Augait 9.?Tho j
KI ll.?. Wa mt 7-T2 this 1
, 1 omj Ulbjbiigw wHI?< MU>. ?
|i Jnornlng, nineteon and a "half hours
ahoad of timo.
Jacksonville, III., August 9.?Tho i
Washington-Denver bicyclerolav passed 1
through this city at 9:L'7 this morning,
twenty hours and ten minntoe ahead of ?
schedule time. The bag containing the j
message was brdugbt to tbla city by
Frod Kiilus, who rode tbo laat relay I
uaoignod to tho Springflold raon and du- j
limed it to Arthur L. Black, vico con- ,
an! of the Illinois division, and managor
of the relay. Tho Jacksonville riders i
will takolt to Bnshvillo. '
Buhmnoto.*, Iowa, August a?Tho 1
Washington-Denver rolay raco reaohed
Kosevillo, Ills., at 4:40 p. m. to-day and
passod Oladstouo. Ilia., at 0:80. Tho *
ridor wa? delayed by Illinois sandy bottoms,
reaching the ond of the Burling
ton brfdgo at 7:45. Goorge Prugh and j
Gue Jordan, for tho Burlington club, *
took tho message to Agnocy lliil ami '
passed a given point in Burlington city c
at 7:5U n. m. Tho relay is expoctod at c
Mt. Pleasant at 10 p. m. It is now 1
twenty-two hours ahead of schedule J
timo. (Burlington ia tho half-way point :
between Washington and Donvor.) 1
Fantwy Lowers liar Record.
Burralo, N. Y., August 9.?Hamlin's t
handsome young lour -year-old mate, t
Fantasy, reducod her record to-day in y
an exhibition mile, priced by a runner. <
Bho wont easily to too half in 1:05), and i
then moTod smartly to tbo third quar- J
tor in 81 seconds and camo homo tired, 1
but not pumped or urged to her utmost, '
in 82 seconds. Thfs betters her three- 1
year old record a half second, and boats <
oil four-year-old records savo that of 1
Ovgunlxetl ut StoubanvJUo?A Flold Day to
bo Held to Whuoltiig.
bpccial Dispatch to lh? InteUlocncer. j
Stkuubnville, 0., August 0.?Out of
tbo meeting of representatives of tho ,
Y. M. 0. A. Associations of the Ohio J
Valloy and vicinity, which was held
here Wednesday ovoning, enrao the or- .
Sanitation of the Tri-Stato Foot Ball f
onguo, and this organization and other fi
atnioiic associatioua win uu uiuuu
toward infusing a spirit for athletic
sports and foot ball, which has come to
1)0 a popular athlotic amusement of
late years.
C. 0. Mitcholl, of MaxtinVForry, was
chosen prosidont and John Ferguson, of
Boaver Falls, socrotary. It was docidod
to hold tho annual tri-stato Hold day at
Wheeling, Soptorabor 2.1. The clubs
innludod in the loairuo are Wheeling,
Steuben villo, Martin's Ferry, East LiverSuol,
Beaver Falls, Washington, Fa.,
othanyand Salem. All tboso towns
pOBSoaa crack foot ball men, and this
fall when cold woathor comes some
lively games will bo played betwoon tho
respective teams.
Tho Field Day.
Among tho towns that will bo represented
at the Field Day horo are McKeosport,
Pittsburgh (central), Pittsburgh
(East End), Beaver Falls, Butlor,
Grovo City, Washington, East Liverpool,
Btoubenvillo, Martin's Ferry and
Whoelintrand oossibly soveral others.
Thero will be throe sots of modals, ono
for pentathlons, ono for tho association
making tho best percentage and one for
special ovents. Tho pentathlon contost
will consist of 100 and 220 yards and
one milo daahos, high jump, running
broad jump, polo vault and putting tho
twelve pound hammer and shot. In
this contest every man must tako all
and tho porcontajro is basod on what
oach man makes on oach ovont,
Tho special ovents will consist of hop
ston and iump, high kick, 440 yard run
and polo vault and thoao in tbo pentathlon
clnes. i
Poraons who wish to contest in any j
ono of thoao can do so, also for any ono
in tho pentathlon class. Tho pontathlon .
modal will go to tho association bavin#
tho highost total porcontage. Specials
will not count for pentathlon percont- j
ago. 1
Tnllendom Do Kin Up. j
PrBTOBDimn, Pa., AuRtiat 9.?Hornratals
effcctivo pitching nnd tiraoly 1
throo'buNo hit in tho ninth inninjr won (
the gamo for Louiavillo. Attondanco, t
1,000. Scoro: I
rirrHntmoii k. ii. p. a. n.ji^i*wviu.K k h r a r *
Douovun, r.O 2 G () 1 lirown, cL.O 12 0 0
E.8mltb.lf..l 0 2 0 0W'lnrko. 0 2 10 ,
Jfcckloy. 1t?.0 0 0 0 I Iloilor, 2b...I 3 2 4 1 1
gtetuel. cl.,.0 2 3 I ( |Fl'h,rtr.3b.O 2 110
lMcrb'u'r/i.O 0 2 0 OiO. Hmltb.rf.l I f> 0 0
Olawc'k.n.O 0 4 4 oil.'t'ub'rjf, l.l 12 2 1
]Iurtuma,3.0 0 0 0 C Klch'r'n,iu.l 12 2 1 1
Mark. C 2 4 4 0 0 'Jrim.f 0 2 4 0 0
(iuuJbort,p.l 0 0 0 0 1!"in'ji!,M?...l 112 0!
Slcrrltt" 0 o 0 0 n .
Totrtl.. 5 12 27 11 3 1
Total 4 8 27 11 'Jj ,
*Morrl?t Imttod for <lumbert, ?
Pitttburgb 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 0-4
LouUvllTo...- ? 3 001000 1? 6
Kurntxl rnus, LouWvllle ? Two bwo blM.
^tcuzel nnil Mack. Throe bn.no lilt.-. Hrown. I'feflur
n ml llemiuinij. Suerlllee hits, Hlorhiuicr.
titoloti bow*. liounvaii uwl O. Smith. ftoublo
play*. Stciixvl.iilnMuock iiud bock ley; <ilai*cock,
iJturbauer ami Hv?ikl?\v. Klrct bwuon bull*, oil'
Gumbert 3; oil' Hemming s. fit ruck out. by
Humbert 2; by Humming 2 I'/i *? <! balls, ??rlm
2. Tlmo, 1:&U Umpire, Honxlnml.
.Teuiitntr*' Flu? Worlc.
Brooklyn, August ft.?Tho Brooklyns
und Baltimore* playod togothor for tho
last time litis aoasoti utEantorn l'arl: today.
Heavy batting by tho homo toam
-won thotn tho game. Jennings' work
at short and DoIv'r at socond woro tho
featurofl. Attonuanco, 1,707. Scoro:
Baltimore 0 0 2 3 0 1 8 2 ?-ll
Brooklyn 2 o 1 1 ? o o o o- :
Errors, llrooklyn 3; llaltlmore 3. Jilt*, Hruoklvti
17; Haltlmorv |0. Knrne<l inn*, llrooklyn a;
linHbiiiiti1 1. Homo run, Ktoln. Itntterl'-s?
Ktuln Mini Kln?)ou, lliiwltu ami Itohlimon. I'mpircn,
Lynch ami i.mMio.
Cluey Hun Not iii It.
Chicauo, August ft.?Tho Colts and
Hods liuishod tholr sorios to-day nnd
split ovon. Atlendnnco 2,500. Scoro:
Cblcaip 3 0 2 0 0 1 ;'? 0--10
Cincinnati 0 0 3 0 0 2 2 (I 0- 0
Krrorx. '? inul ;i Hit*, 11' ami 11. fortiori run*,
ciilruKu 3. Cincinnati 3. Homo run, I looker.
lUtteruM, irirtlth ami Hchrlvor, 1'nrrott timl Murphy.
Umpire, MeQunMo.
llnlltnnn'n I'ottl l'lnjr.
Boston, August ft.?Young Ilodeon
mndo Ilia debutn* a mombor of tho liofl*
ton club to-day nnd to pay that ho covorod
himself with glory is but mildly oxpressing;
it, for ho kopt tho hoary hitting
railadolpbiani down to nino scat* <
terinsr hiti. Hail man in the ?ixth, in
running down ilodeon b?twoon iecond
ind third bases, deliberately threw the
alter to the ground, aod for a few rainitet
it looked ft* though thoro znizht be
trouble but outfide of cat-calla and
liiMet Ilallman'i bad playing waa aoon
forgotten. Attendance IA JO. Score:
Borton ? * 10 0 3 0 0 0 5-11
ftiiUilei'.tiltt .?.I 0100000 0-2
Error*. If.1hdelph!a I. Hiti. 11 an<! * Earned
ran*, lta-ton 7. Home run*. Mc^rthv. .Wh
ftettertai Ilwlwn and Tenner. T*yloTiod Uuckvj.
Umpire. Gnfliu-y
WenU At Hi? Mat.
Wabkinotox, A ugust 9.?Tho Sonatora
slaved an errorless gamo today, but woro
amentably weak at the bat. Attendinco
1,100. Score:
h'ublngton 0 0 1 2 0000 <>?3
few York 3 1 0 1 0 0 0 S - 7
Error*. Wuklugton cone: New York lilts,
WMhlngtou 7: Now York t>. Earned rum,
Rtahlufftoti 7; N>w York 4. Homo run. Dojrlo.
kitort'n, Washington, Maul and McOulrv; New
fork, Meekin and Farroll. Umj>lru, Kevfo.
JJoafl Ball Sot**,
Brock Browo, who becarno very sick
ftiilo ployine at Martin's Ferry on Satirday,
joined the Martin's Forry club
it Barnosvillo yesterday.
Tho Kirkwoods challenge any club in
;ho Ohio Valley under twonty years of
igo for a game Saturday, August 11, at
! o'clock, oa tho Bridgeport ball park.
A largo crowd witnessed tho gatno oa
;he Martin's Forry Y. M. C. A. grounds
. orttordoy botweon tho Hiawatha and
High school clubs. Tho former won by
i score of IB to 111.
Tho Kirk wood Stars dofeatod tho Hoyuantj
Stars Thursday by tbo ecoro of
W to 8. Tho features of the gamo were
.ho pitching of Davis and tho butting of
iincheloo and Henry.
Twalyo Homo ltuufl.
fpecial DUpateh tu tin Inlelltijr.tictr.
Barnehvii.le, ()., August 1).?Tho gamo
bis afternoon was another victory for
Martin's Forry. Martin's Ferry 25,
iurnoBville 5. llits, 21 and 10; errors,
J and 4; homo runs, Troy, radden, rarwll
and Kouno, of Martin's Forry. PadIon
and Brown's phonomonal Holding
eas tho foaturo. Battorioa, Gauding
tod Millor; Bulger, Carr and Princo.
Martin's Ferry haa inado twolve home
ana in tbo last four zamos.
A Gauin Armngod.
At last a gamo has boon arranged be*
ween tbo Mozart ball club, of thia city,
ind tbo Oallahere, of Moundavttfo, and
vill take place Saturday afternoon at 3
>'clock for $25 a sido. Tho Mozart toam
8 mado up of tho following playora:
ilako,catcher;8. Jonoa, pitcher; Goorgo
[iibos, ahortetop; O. Knulto, first baio:
iVeat, second baso; J. Wright, third
)aao; J. Powoll, loft fiold; J. Knulto,
(ontro field; Stroblo, right field;
[Iumphroy and Davis.
To Justify tho Kxpootntlons of Iler Aduilrrrn
ut Saratoga.
Saratoga, N. Y., August D.?Yo Tarn)ion
mado her first appearanco to-day
ind aho waa mado tbo favorite over
Uerry Monarch in tho second race. Sho
ailed to justify tho confidonco. Tho
nost interesting contest of tboday waa
hat for tho Soa Foam atako, a dash of
ivo and a half furlonga. Correction
ot a livoly paco, followod cloaoly by
Ulifford and l)r. iloabrouck. Tho two
ormor came into tho atrotch lappod,
-J.I. n ?I-~ ..till ;? lnn.1 Hnr.
V1 bll VUllDlililVU DW?? >uu w?.
action had had enough oC it by this
imo and Grifiln took Clitlord to tho
ront, with Dr. Ilaabrouck, who had
novo<l into aocond placo, vainly atrivng
to ovortalco him.
Old Dominion won all tho way in tbo
irst raco with Chattanooga, the favorlto
n tho placo. Then camo tbo second
vith Yo Tamblou, Worry Monarch,
Jaolg and Gloaming tho chiof contoatmtfl.
At tho first turn Gloaming and
Ifo Tarabion wont to tho front and racod
sock and neck to tho atrotch. Merry
Monarch, who had boon lying in an
lany placo, cloaod with tho leadora in
ho"last furlong. Tnral rode YoTamblon
o bla utmost, but eho fell back. Morry
Monarch won in adrlvo, with Gloaming
locond and Lisolg third. Summary:
First, six furlongs?Old Dominion,
00 (Midgoly), 7 to 2. won by ono length;
Chattanooga, 112 fTaral), evon, socond
>y four lengths; Dauntloss, 105 (Ponn),
(to 1, third. Time, 1:1(1.
Second,oneandone-alxtoonth miles?
tforrv Monarch, 109 (Griffin), G to 2,
von by a head; Gloaming, 109 (A. Clayon),
5 to 1, socond by two lengths;
uiaolg, 07 (Porkim), 7 to 1, third. Timo,
Third, The Grand Union llotol stakos,
lis furlongs?Princo of Monaco, 115
Taral), 7 to 10, won by ono and a half
ongths; Handspnn, 107 (Griflin), 7 toO,
locond by throo longtha; iirioso, 100
Clayton), 20 to 1, third. Timo, 1:15$.
Fourth, Tho Soa Foam stakos, livo and
1 half furlonga?Clifford, 120 (Griffin),
5 to 1, won by two lengths; Dr. Ilaabrouck,
127 (Lamloy), 9 to 5, socond by
:wo longtha; Correction, 122 (Taral), *8
;o 5. third. Timo, 2:07}.
Fifth, soiling, flvo furlonga?Memento
:olt, 97 (Griffin). 20 to 1, won by a noso;
La Rosa, 99 (Porkins), 10 to l, second
ay a noso; Tormentor, 114 (Taral), 3 to
I, third. Timo, 1:02.
Sixth, ono and ono-quartor railoB, ovor
lvo hurdloa?Colonol Clay, 130 (Mc3ullough),
10 to 1, won by a hond; JJaalanio,
1X5 (lJlakoly), 0 to 1, socond by
hreo lengths; Japonlca, 150 (G. Hamil
OH;, " 10 l, unru. iiinu, -.-i.
)a1ly Amerlm a Top l[?nvy Favorite Won
Easily?Tlio Otlmr Ituroa.
New Yokic, August 9.?At Jeromo
[*nrU to-day tljo opening roco promiaod
.0 bu in tot-eating, but four out of nino
?cro scratched and Daily America was
i top-heavy favorito, with Annio Bishop
itid Charade equal socond choices aud
,ho othora negleetod. Stononollio took
iho load and Icopt it to tho otrotch whon
sitnms gavo Daily America his head
md ho enmo in and won easily, Stonelellio
cutting the place with just about
is much oa?o.
In tho second race two out of tho
right wero scratched and tho MagnotL-ui
colt was niado favorito. Ho won
without exerting hiiuaolf with South
Sido wecond, far ahoud of tho othora.
First ruco, one milo?Daily America,
107 (biiuius), 8 to 5, won by throe
engths; Stononollio,90 (M. Jler'gon), 10
o I, second by two lci!*;th?; Annio
llisliop, 110 (Hamilton), ft to 1, third,
rimo, 1:45.
Second race, five furloairn?Magnetism
:olt, 110 (Hamilton), H too, won by two
engllm; South SUle, 1 111 (Doggctt), 2 to
I, hocoud by four lengths; llereimer,
103 (Simula), 2 to 1, third. Timo, 1:03.
Third raco, one and ono-Hixtoonth
iniloe, Boiling?Jodan. 107 (Doggott), 7
o5, wiin by a nock; I.ittlo Matt, 03
Cartor), 2A to 1, aocond by two longtha;
Jalloping King, 110 (Uttloliold), 3 to 1,
third. Timo, 1:53J.
Fourth, six furlongs, soiling?Cockido,
107 (Doggott). 3 to fi, won by throe
lengths; Metropolis, 107 (Simma),8to 1,
iocon<l by ono length; King Gold, 105
llorgin), 12 to 5, third. Timo, 1:17}.
Fifth, nix furlonga - MrKoo, 1H) (Mcclain),
II to 5, won by llfteon lengtha;
Monotony, i)0 (Hidcr), H to 5, aocond by
'our lengths; Sally Hymen coll, 93 fit
Doggott), 10 to 1, third. Timo, 1:17 J.
Sixth, aix furlonga, Rolling? Flirt, 107
[Slmms), 9 to 0, won by six longtha;
Mic Mac (Jueon, 107 (Domett), 8 to 1,
second by half a loiutlr, Melody, 111)
(Littleficld), 8 to 5, third. Time, 1:1b j
For Tra Tliouaaud i'luiik*.
Cowcs, Ist.K or Wiorrr, A a goat ft?
Mr. (iould ha* declared informally
at the Koyal Yacht tiouadrcn
caat!e that ho is willing to sail thrre
races against the Britaania for a prlro
of $10,000. it is believed that it there
racoa are arranged they will be tailed
as nearly aa possible upon tho bails of
tbe international yacht races sailed in
the United Statos.
Onpt and Bl!aU?tp? tu t>?o Thriving City
AcroM tl?? Ulter.
Mr. and Mra. A. D. Newland and
daughter, Miaa Maud, are entcrtaininr
Mra. E. U. Fiaher, of Oanton, Ohio, and
Miaa Ella Robinson, of Brain ord, Minn.
The latter former!* resided on Fourteenth
etreot, In Wheeling.
Mr. George Chandler, who arrived
homo on Monday from Chicago to attend
the funeral of hie father, will return
to-day. Ilo is in tho coal and ice
buainoaa tboro.
Squire Alec HumprevlBe, of Mt.
1'loaiant, slipped on a com cob while
loading a colt on Wodnosday and broko
hie left leg below the knee.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Van Pelt and sou
loft last night on a two wooks' trip, including
Chicago, Ouiaha, .Nob., Lauoing
and Muflkugon, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hendorson aud
daughter, Kinina, and Air. and Mrs.
Aaron Black learo to-day for the liollow
Hock cauip ground.
A hay wagon party of ten couples
went out to tho homo of Miss Luuru McCuo
in tho country luut night and had
u good time.
Miss Magcio Ralston haa roturnod
from l>ayton, accompaniod by Mrs. Itov.
E. C. Simpson and daughter.
Tho Martin's Forry young pooplo
camping at iiasa island like tho placo
aud roport a {rood timo.
?r. c. /-1I.IU.. ;a irialt.
airo. v*. r. viuutii, u? .w ,.u..
inn her inothor, Mrs. Clark, oil North
Fourth street.
Mra. Joaoph N. Frazior und Miss
Marcia SchoUold wont to Epworth park
Last evening Mro. Fro'l Mueggo and
Mrs. George Rorchor roturaod from
Tho estate of the Into Mrs. 'G. A,
Groonfleld waa approisod yosterday.
Missoa Liwio Bollo aud Kato Shaver
have rotarnod from Cincinnati.
Mrs. Nathan Vaio, of Wollavlllo, 1b tho
guost of Mrs. G. W. Twoody.
Mrs. William Davis is visiting at
Sharon, Pa.
Mies Mary Abbott is nt Mingo.
All Sorts or Local Now* and Qoaslp from
th?i Glaus City.
Tho window glass manufacturers demand
40 por cent reduction from tho
blowers. Tho workmen think their
yoar of short work Is coining if tho doinand
is insisted flpon, but thoy havo
boon looking for some reduction.
Jamos Wilson was protty badlv used
up by Doing hit by a moving frolght
car on tho Clcvolund, Lorain & Wheeling
railroad. Ho was quite drunk at
tho time and his limpid condition may
have savod his Wo.
A Noble county man announces that
ho got soventy cents a bushel for
hiB wheat by turning otor ono huudrod
bond of hogs into a nino-acro Hold be
fore cutting it, ana tnon soiling mo
Uollairo pooplo nro congratulating
themselves that tbo worst ol tho hara
times /or this locality seems to liavo
passed. All tho locttl industries are
now in operation.
A Cleveland & Pittsburgh railroad
brakomau was packed up dead drunk
by tho marshal Wodnesday night und
yestorday ho was assessed 32 and
The steol works will closo down today
becauao of a shortage ol metal, but
will run part of next wook, all of it if
material can bo bad.
Throo neighboring Sunday schools1
held a union picnic at Clover hill yosterday,
just west of town.
6. 0. Cummins loft yeatorday for an '
oxtondod trip through Canada and!
along tho lakos.
Miss Lucy Davis ontortainbd a number
ol frionds at her home on Gravel
Tho noxt county touchers' institute
will bo hold at Epworth park.
John L. Schilling wont to Parkorsburg
llow'tt This I
AVo ollor Ono Ilundrod Dollars roward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot
bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Curo.
F. J. Chbmey & Co., Tolodo, 0.
Wo, tho undoraignod, havo known F.
J. Chenoy for tho last fifteen years, and
boliovo him por/ectly honorablo in all
business transactions and financially |
ablo to carry oui any oungauons mane
by thoir llrm.
Wkmt A Truax, Wholosalo Dru^iats,
Tolodo 0.
Waldino Kinn'An & Marvi.v, Wholosalo
Druin?istfl, Tolodo, 0.
llall'a Catarrh Curo is takon intor- I
nullv, acting directly upon tho blood
and mucous surfaced of tiio system. Tohtimonialfl
flout frno. I'ricu 7oc por bottlo. |
Sold by all dru^^ists.
Suits to ordor $15, reduced from $17
and $20, at Morton C. Stout A. Co.'b,
Merchant Tnllora, undor McLuro House.
Joitn L RlCB. Manager.
have you boliovo that trade j
enters a condition of tor- 1
pidity about July 1, and remains
bo till tho cool days of
September wake it to lifo and '
activity again.
liut,begging your pardon, that
ip not true. There id no hcjisou
of the year in which |>eoplo do
not buy goods; there in no seaHon
in which they do not want
them. Lly the name token,
there ts no reason in which it
will not pay to advertise.
However, if your neighbor has
thin old-fashioned notion, and in
too coiiHcrvativo to advertitio
now, there is all tho better
chance for you. If you think
j>eoploare not hunting bargains
iu warm weather, try it.
Everybody is not out of town,
by a large majority I
Tho Porfumo of Violots
Tint THirtty of tlir lily, tho Blow of tlin ro*?r,
Mini the fttiMh of IIi.hu uumbino In 1'uzsoNl'fl
u-ondroiiM I'owilcr
f /^L r \ > Y?u c
f _< \ \ urc 5
V\i 3 \ \ \ helps
7vJ/ \ \ \ l'lal
^ ^ ^ ^ doe^
.. t _ . .1! i_.l V?..'
ine, use It JUSI as uirccicu. i uu
than with anything else. If your
tion, return it, please.
Catrtorla is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's
nadChlldrva. It contains nelti
other Narcotic substance. It
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing
It Is Pleasant. Its guarantee
Millions of Mothers. Custoriii ]
?the Mother's Friend.
"ContoHniriso well ndnpted trtchU'lmilhat Cai
I rtxjomnwad It un Buj^-rior to any jirtiw.-rljitiou Hoi
known to mo." II. A. Ancittii, M. I)., Kill
111 80. Oxford St., Uruoklyn, N. Y.
"Tboiiflo of 1 Cn/tforia' in ro unlmrcal and
Its merits no well known thnt It aci-ms u work n
of Bupctwogatlon to codoreo It. K<'w ore tho yOT
intclUccntfauiCIwwho do not keep Cuatoriu j,,,
within <my reach." rus
New York City.
Tint Ckmtauu Goitpj
*.q?a ass&rjsffstemplotlnar
marriage, folly Illustrated. Do o
I ?lL. S ??c moot Vrtlaablc booka whli
This book will be sent to anyone free on recc
DO. OTTMAN, iliEASUBEIl, ' prai
Gcoplral examination. MXaitii and corrwpondenc
any part of t bo U.S. List of 130 queiitlons free. Addr
dr8. france &
formerly ol Now York, now of THE FRANCE MEOICAl
Of request ol man* friend* and calle
Kridu'cport, Kliermnn llonso,
Hollafro, Windsor Hotel, W<
CotiRUliatfoii nud Examination Kroo nuil Strictly
The dortondescrlbo tho illiferent dlscaso* better thai
clft fornnjrono to poswiss. Tholr diagnostic powers ha
Tho Klcctropatlilc Treatment for all foruu of Kemalu 1)1
new. Low of Manhood and Error# of Yonth. la recojnl.
discovered as uiod by D? Franco & Ottrnun.
A,r yoD COh
OR kioneys
A iwinic Wfi?l?t*l!
# MARK complexion.
\ Wmoutb?, 50c. S
I'rrtorms wnntirM mat
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rt.ull if !Wm<im? IIImm*. nMfti If emlrftNl ? !(! Onillj Iw 4b*
qnlfkl/ u? I ftmMWII;. Trj It. Hrnl fey rv'um nail, $1.00, *J* (*
ll* wnrj Ad<r???
{SJ? -rsfir? k|! nervousdlnoni'oi'.hikI
*?t| wftp, UrmJuclie. WakcOiti
i?* V) (?*? Uiilckueat, E?ll Ore;
V A^tJ v J1L. luldmliiMBtiJ|?o?
T An?n 1 . Ityovi-rosnrtlou. yonlbi
d 1 Ljiorntiniuliuim which lend
r'A 'yo: -.-f'7>ivpiili<tii to carry In root
f fl?T|L ^ ifth. nfl r |i*iTjP|'f|ni1ilri i furS>1 i<ur]>,?ir<
^WfrxaTTfTlW^1Vrllt|inmuirHnU? <?
utHiiiB wSTuna i?isn. ilwiWw?*'&
For mIo in WhowlltiR by LOO AS' PlttJU CO.. cor. M
For salt) In Whoellns by tbu LOU AS UUUU CO.. Mai
tie mm
olish Woman 1
in't spare the time to jneas:our
Pearline ? Well, that
; us, but it's lucky for you
an overdose of Pearline
no harm. It's only extravaice.
Beware of a dose of
: imitations.
can get just as good work
nough Pearline as with
too much. Use it as it
aught to be used, and don't
waste it, and you can't think
that it's expensive. To get
:he best results from Pearl11
save more of everything
on imif-.'j.
I atliu.l ^V<U ui?
as JAMES HVLE. New York.
i?in1 iar>wn?irs3B<
; is
prescription for Iolhnti
ter Opium, Morphine nor
la u liurailcss mitistltuto
Syrupa, and Castor OIL
Is thirty yearn' uso l>y
la tlio Children's 1'iuiuccu
itoria euros Colic, Oomitl potion, j
tr Stomach. blurrbuxi, Eructation.
b Worms, rIvus (deep, oud promotes dl
kbuut injurious inodicatloa.
For a-vornl year* I havo mvimmr-ndcd
ir 'Contorta,' and nhnll nlwnyi? continue tc
?> Hrt It has invariably produced benefice
Emn* F. Pabuhs, M. D.,
125th Htroct and 7th Avu., Now York Cit jj
irrr, 77 Mi'iuuv Sinner, Nrw York Crrt
?AY=50 Cent Book Free.
g', nearly one hundred paged, a short
young and old?eapecisxly those conlot
fall to Improve the opportunity to
:h has ever come within your reach*
ipt of zo cents pontage. Address,
a, Columbus, Ohio.
38 A 40 W. Gay St., ona block north of
State Ilonse, Columbus, Ohio. In?
eorporatrd 13%. Capital $300,000.
r9. Frahck and Ottman, of New York, th#
ncfit Specialists, on account of their large
ctlce In Ohio, have established the France
ical Institute, where all diseases will be Ruefully
treated on the most Scientific Prlnes.
The Institute has for Its Facultv a corps
ecopnized specialists, each eminent in hia
[cssion. Their long experience In the largest
pltals in the world enables them to aucceti*
treat al 1 forms of Chronic, Nervous and Private
aies, also Diseases of tho Eye and Ear.
IP0RTANT TO LADIES.-Dks. Frakcb and
'man. after years of experience, have dlsrred
the greatest cure known for all diseases
tllar to the sex. Female diseases positiveired
by the new remedy, Olive Blossom. The
i is effected by home treatment. Entirely
nless and easily applied. Coniultation and
espondonco Free and Strictly Confidential,
toy have attained the most wonderful 6uoIn
the treatment of Catarrh. Stomach, Kid*
Bladder, Nervous, Chronic and Special Diseases
icn and women. After years of experience
' have perfected the mcst infallible method
:uring Vital Drain in Urine. Nocturnal
tes. Impaired Memory. Weak Hack, MelanSWant
of Energy, Premature Decline of
anly Powers?those terrible disorders
Ing from ruinous practices of youth, Might*
Ihe most radiant hop?>s, rendering marriage
*ppy. annually ewwplucr to an nntlmelv
re thousands of exalted talent and brill
luiinrn. h ufioci nn>urniivn uuiromctg.
iff sample of orlne (or chcmlcal and microp
confidential. Treatment ncnt C. 0. D. to
en*, with postage, OR. FRANCE, Columbui.O.
inu, two decided to tiiit
, Tuesday, August 14.
nlaewlay August 15.
- ('ontlfleattiil. from9 a. in. tod. p. m.
n t!io tlokcnn thomiolvw. It Is n womlorfiil
vo created wonder* throughout tho country.
soiisoj, and tho treatment of Seminal Wen Itecd
to bo tb<i most nuccj-Mf ill method over
ISTIPATEO? L>o you have HEAD- ^
out of otdei? If &o, cute yourvctf by ^
? Celery Tea. It improve* the d
Oue mouth's treatment 250. Three A
3tuples Kent free. Addn-r 9, i
Wrights Celery Tea Co., 2
00lumdu6. ohio. ^
P? Outs, lot Hm??| Yvrtr, Hr?l 8.morj, [fHt
??k, i^-fmnl.uf. U* (blrUrd fci?* *>4 wvmrtt, Ik.
unlit ur c,<a>uin| Iton. OUM'H *!?? ?7><U? .?r?
CRANE MEDICAL CO.. Columbus. Ohio.
I i5 SDffP i! Ttil?womlorf'ilr?'inr>(r
inv Wl*wv vmirwiilrfd < ? fiir?
i nn Weak Memory. !.? ? ?f lirnlu I'ow-n
>r??, i.o*i NlRhtly >.n?l??lon*.
inn. Lurk of (tonflitanec. >ci-vmmur??.
wrltitlont'ruUVnnrttanfl of Hilwr i?<?* ciui?.J
"ulrrrorn, uxn'Mlvo tim? of tnbaft'o. opium
t" Intlrmllv.O'usuuu'Moii nml ln?n?Hy. ?.? ?
nocbi't. !!? mnll lt? plotn box to n??y
1 f.irSfl. tWith every ?ilnrrtrr wro'vr
cup^?vrrrfutiU lh?* mutvry.) t l'??r ??**' I;?
It unit u?*-"pt no ollic. t lltct I.Alt VUKl..
'.It CO.. Maannla Teniiloi CblctXtM IIINln
mid TYutli MirVvweAwy
?qrrou? |in>?tmn<in un?l ?ll
?f olthur net. Mich ? < Norton* 1'nw trnMon. FV. tiro
t*>t?mcr1Nltfhtly Rni1?ilon?, Youthful Rrrnr*.
POiiMidl TiilinccoorOlilUtii. Wlilrli UwltuCnn.
With pYorjr 9H onlttr jflv?* n ?rrit t?<n ir<tar>
I thp rni'nor. SiiM hi SI.Ort'M'r horm
TT'H I II KM ICAI.ro.. tfevrlanU.OItlo.
'i nti<l Tenth Stroou, <!p'.'1-iuu'
11) ,NA
First Cable
was successfully sunk
across the bottom of the
Atlantic, when tho railroad
first spanned our great
continent, and when the
Atlantic White City first
arose from the shores of
Lako Michigan, all tho
world wondered. They
sang tho praises of human
They woro events In the
history of mankind.
That other great and
purely intellectual, educational
and refining enterprise,
marks another epoch.
Thoy appeal to tho better
nature of man. and develop
a lovo for all that is
hrtrmt.lfnl* nil thnt snh
lime. They aro a magnificent
collection of 300 of
and Most
of tho world, painted by
tho foremost artists on
both continents. The descriptive
matter alone is
an invaluable
of General
It is published in twenty
parts of fifteen pictures
^PARTS 1 to 12 w
Clip a coupon to show you
aro a roador and bring or
sond It with ton cents to
this offlco.
l'ulilishlmj Company,
27 FuurtccntU Street, Wliocllus, lY.VHi I

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