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- . ?.HI
i gH
Right Arm Paralyzed!
1 r |
Saved from St. Vitus Dance.
"Our daughter,| Blanche,' now (If
teen years or ago, bad Been terribly
afflicted with nervousness, and bod
lost tlio entire use of her right arm.
iWo feared St. Vitus dance, and tried
ithe best physicians, wltli no benefit.
She has taken tbreo bottles of Dr.
Miles' Nervine and has gained 31
pounds. Her norvoijsness and symptoms
of St. Vitus danco are entirely
gone, sbo attends rehool regularly,
and has; recovered complete uso of
her arm, her appetite is splendid."
UBS. U. B. BOLLOCK, llrljSuin, N. Y.'
Dr.1! Miles'i Nervine
r T>r. Blllef* Ncnino is sold on a posltlro
mm ran too that tbo tint boltlo wl'I V-m-lIt.
All JruRKlntHBoll Itattl.fl botllua lorlt, or
ItwniNjsont, prooold, on rocelpt of prleo
by the Dr. Miles Modlcal Co., Elkhart, Ind.
Bold by dragiUiUi cvorywharc. ap2-Murr*wr
C. Koadrick, Sonch Oil City, ra.. writoo:
A (roolloman friend of min*. living in Buffalo,
NY.. Mot tno to-day a small cinmlnr of your
JutmiVoe Pile Ccro. Ho having enffer?i with
thoPUM forthirty-ono yearn, tr??d everything bo
h?ardof and cot no better until lie tried one box
of your Japonoto Pile Curo. Ho got relief in
futir hoTHM mflPtf him. PlOOSt
sond too u pncVtt8? atonco and ublitfo.
Weeoll tho Japanoeo Pilo Care at SO eta. ocd
|L0O por box. 0 fur $3.00. by moil, with written
guaranteo to refund tho munejr if not cured.
Sample free.
Japonoao Pilo Ointment 53 ctfl. por bos.
Chad. R. Qoctzo and W. W. Irtrin. jr37?tMw
Scfr, Hurt, Prompt and Rtliablt monthly regulator.
Sent anywhere. securely sealed, SI.
Address: CRANE MEDICAL CO.. Columbus. Ohio
For stlo by Logan Prog Co. del^xwvawy
law school
Washington k*v>lee university,
Opens Sopt. M. For cntalotfuo nddrofUi
Kenyon Military
Academy, Gambier, O.
71st year. This old and remarkably nuccemful
Mhoolprovidf* thorough preparation forcollmj
or business, and careful supervision of health. I
habit* and manners. It Ik much tho oldest,
laiyeflt and bc*t equipped boarding achool for
boys la Ohio. Illustrated catalogue scut. I
For YOUNG LADIES. Roanoke,Va.
Opens Sept. 12, l&U. One of tho lcodiug
Schools for Young Ladle* in tho South. Magnificent
buildings, nil modern improvement*.
Campus ten acrcs. (irand mountain scenery In
Valley of Va., famod for health. European ami
American teachers. Pull course. In Art and
Music unexcelled. Pupil* from seventeen
States. For cmalojnica address the Pnwoont,
W. A. HAKltlg, D. D., Roanoke. Virginia
. Jo2VMwr,i\vy
Attention! Parents, Guardians & Others,
When you or? looking for a school why do you
listen to exaggerated and unreasonable claim*
for preference tnado by schools having uo experience
and uo reputation In Imparting a business
education. and decide in their favor without
personally Investigating and inskimr compari?on
of tho oourics of instruction, all fanllitle*.
a^onnd reputation of school*? If you will call
on each and examlno its facilities and then compare
thorn von will tlud tho difference in favor
great that you cannot fail to giro it the preforuncoiuovery
regard. By so doing yottcun decide
Intelligently and avoid making the unfortunate
mistake that some da
Plesse caU or adilms
Jy23 Wheoling. W. Va.
fflrs.M. Stevens Hart's
School for Young
Ladies and Children,
l3ICnnd 131S Market St., Wheeling, W.Va.
Tholslnnd can nndoloctrlc motors pass the
door. Fourth annual wcsiion Insgius MONDAY,
toptcmbor it, lsvi. Tills school offer* a complete
aud thorough education in Practical Englikh.
Matheuiaties, English Clonics. Latin and
Modern language*.
Tho scbooT consists of Primary. Intermediate,
Academic and College Preparatory department*.
The methods and cour?o of instruction will
compare favorably with tho best sominarles in
the country.
Boys are recelvod In tho Primary and Intermediate.
For circular! or Interview, apply to
M?k! if CTPVI.'VK IIA ifT.
tfaito* U.lu UlU.-,
principal, Whoollng, W. Va.
2158 anil 2157 MAIS STKEIiT.
Automatic Safety Gis or Oil Engines.
Wo trill oxchungo your old mount for an IDE
niuwic CUAS'JC IUCYCLK, fcuteit road wliool
inn! Ixxt bill cllrubor on onrtli. JoJJ
And Manufacturers of Marino and
Stationary Engines.
B.,17 wnTO.isn. \\ v\.
We are prepared to move pianos
carefully and prompMy.
mm K. w. IHITMKU nr.).
A Kundsomo Comploxlon
1? nriA of tho greatest charnw a woman can j
Klun It. |
a?nry CI?w?'j Weekly Litter on
the Subjoot
At the Ending of Tariff Uncertainly,
and It U Having lu Effect?l*rloee of 1
Merchandise Ui? precedent I jr Low,
and the Conditions Good for a Sound
aud Healthy Itevival of liasiuesa.
Special Cormvmimot oj Uu InUMomeer.
J?*w Yook, Ausuit 23.?The put
week has aflorded a fair specimen of
the sort of etlects the end of tariff suspense
has in store for Wall street. The
fooling is that of nuivertal relief from a
universal obstruction. Tbe way has
been opened to a resumption of trade
and enterprise in every direction; and
in all interests there is a disposition to
resume operations on something approaching
a normal scale. Tboro are
no longer any great fears, nor any reasons
for timidity, overhanging tho markets.
In overy branch of trade, stocks
>>f I?a?nli*>(i1laik In n >Ui>L'n/l /"nndl.
tion; and tlio reason* which have for
fifteen mouths caused buyers to pursno
a policy of haud-to-mouth supply are
disappearing. As a ruin, prices of merchandise
are unprocodontly lew;so that
if the purchasing nbility of consumors
has beou lessoned, that difllculty is offset
by a proportionate reduction iu the
costs of living uud in tbn amount of outlays
at large. Credits, as a rulo, aro in
n sound and wholesomo condition; so
that tho merchant who doiires to onlargo
liis stock and extend bis trado can
havo the needful timu facilities, and at
exceptionally low ratOH of interest.
Those conditions cortainly lay tbo
basis for a sound and houltby rovival of
boslness. Thoro is in tho intrinsic
state of affairs little to suggest misgivings
as to tho future; thoro is, on tho
contrary, much calculated to establish
confidence in n continuous, stendr,
utablo and conservative courso of trade.
Iho country has learned some serious
I lesson* and thoreforo in disposed to bo
sober; hut it is also vorv hungry I for
more trado and bettor profits, aud is
I thoreforo dispoaod to tarn to activo
account every chanca for improving
both.- For tho last four years, tho perception
of a coming change iu onr tariff
policy has had a more reprossiug eflect
upon* ontorpriso than is generally supposed
; and tho fact that that change
has at last come, with little prospect of
its being much disturbed for some
years to oetno, prepares the way for
many long postponed undertakings.
I Tho fact of tlie common cneapness 01
materials and of the quito genoral reduction
of wugos Iiuh n vory direct
tendency to invito rovivul in cortain
important branchos of trado, especially
tlioBO connectod with building, machino
plant, public improvomonts and rail*
roads. How far tho reducod scale of I
prices and tho exemption of raw ma- I
toriols from duty may enablo us to in- '
crease our export trade romains to ho
seon; in tho moantirae, howovor, it is a I
hopefully significant fact that last year's I
reduction in values was attended by on
increaao in our oxports of $38,000,000, as
comparod with the yoar 1802-3.
Tho rocovory that now sooras to bo |
netting in is #omot)?ing broader than a
rovival from tho effects of last yoar's '
panic, 'iliat crisis, though immedl-1
ately incident to tho great silvor fright, |
embraced Also the clients of the deoper !
derangements that sot in with tho eroat i
Barings suspension, and of which that
failure was but a symptom. Tnoso de-1
rangomonts woro largely in tho nature |
of over-production, over-speculating,
ovor-trading, and woro world-wido in j
their influence, and their oflocts still
continue in the porsistont depression of
trado in every European nation. If the
recovory from thoao four years of react*
inn first makes its appoaranco in tho
United States, it is nothing mora than
miaht bo expected from the greater u*
siliency of our rosources and from tho
fact that wo havo been lees intimately
connoctod with tho disturbinc cause's
1 than havo othor countries. It is roaI
aonablo to hopo, howovor, that rocovory
on this side the Atlantic will tend j
' to stimulate improvement on tho other
side;aud thus it may quito possibly
happon that tho foroign markets, both
J commercial and financial, will respond
to tho improving tendoncy in our owu.
Henry Clews.
The Wont Market.
I Jfrarlftrut'i.
The inarkot is steady, but trado is I
moiierato, sales showing a considerable ]
1 falling of), A now complication has
arison that is liable to seriously efloct ,
thn mnrkot for foreign wools. It is do-1
clarud that foreign wools in bond will f
not be allowed to coino in froo when
tlio now tarill goes into eQoct owing to I
the peculiar wording of the bill, but ,
that they will hnvo to bo assessed at tho
present duty. Thoro is a large amount
of wool hold in bond waiting for tho
now tariff, nnd if this interpretation is I
correct ic will upset nil calculations, be* |
aidos causing a considerable losi to ira-1
portors. Tho wools in this caso will
have to bo exported, and thou either bo |
roitnported or sold abroad. !
A New Mcdlclno From KocIi'm Lubarxtury ,
c'oHtfi 91 u liono.
New YonK, August 25.?Not sinco j
Jenner's discovory of vaccination has j
thoro becu in inodlcino a inoro import* i
ant stop in advanco than tho troatmon |
for diphtheria which is put forth from i
Dr. Koch's famous laboratory in Berlin,
and which Iioh boon introduced in
, Now York by tlio civil authorities. II
tho board of hoatth secures tho appropriation
of $50,000 necojiary to produco
ufllciont anti-toxino. a* tlio remedy in
callod, then tho terror of dipUthoria will
i hnvo dopartod.
Dr. Cyrua Edgon says if this is dono,
1,000 lives will bo saved during this
yonr, at a cost of $30 for each life. Last
year, 1,700 pooplo died of diphthoria in
Now York.
Ten years ago, Loolller discovorod tho
bncilltH of diphtheria. It is m powerful
ulmobtns Btrychnino. Now a *tuvlont
in Dr. Koch's laboratory ha* discovorod
how to nullify tills poison toxino, as
tho doctors call it. ttriolly summed up,
tliu uutitoxino, that is, tho romody, is
i tho blood from animals winch hava
been inoculated with diphtheria bacilli.
This blood is injoctod hypodormically
into tho pationt Buffering from diphtheria.
Constant coughing will, if nogloctod,
| inflamo tho entire mucous membrane
iiiiingtheuirpassii^eto limiting*. Cubeb
Cou^'ti Cure it) tho only romedy to bo
relied upon to cive quick relief and
1 allay inflammation. It is eoothing in
ith oiloet; i? m<wt pleiwmt uud agreeable
to tako; ciiildron like it.
Sold by Alox T. Young, John Klarl,
Whooling, and Dowio Jc Co., Undue*
port, Ohio.
Two X?o irvna (It# I'oartli l)rl*eat?
I>Utr1ct-A Strung PI it form.
Special Cor/npo*drmot of the
Cowic*, W. Va.. August 24.?The Be?
publican convention for the Fourth
delegate district wu held hero to-day.
J. W. Curry, of Webster county, and
Georgo W. Dean, of Levis county* were
nominator by acclamation. Porter 1
Lough, whose name was prominently
mentioned, was placed in nomination,
but withdrew In a neat speech and
moved that Dean's nomination be made
unanimous. Mr. Lough is one of the
popular young men of Lewis countjr,
and msde many friends among Wobiter's
stalwart sons by bia manly action
UMtay, and he will be heard from in the
It will be remembered that J. W.
Curry was elected eherifl of Webster
county when the Democratic majority
vras much laruor than at proaent, and
be was the best shorift Webster ever
had. His election ia conceded. George
W. Dean ia a prominent farmer and has
been elected several times to office in
Lewis county, each time overcoming
large Democratic majorities. Neither
of these men will be culled upon to explain
any questionable counectioa with
the Insane Asylum nor the odions dog
tax law, of which Andrew Edratston,
oiio of tbo Democratic nominees, ia tho
father. Aftor the nominations wero
made tho audienco was entertained by
tho "tall red oak of Braxton," L. M.
Wade, and that brilliant and aggrejsive
Republican, W. C. Dodrill, of Nicholas
county. The nominatingspeeches of it.
Ad. Hail, of Low is, and that matchless
orator of Webster, C. C. ilcrarick, were
well rcco?ved and tho applauce made
Webster's nominations rin*.
The delegato? woro royally received
and entertained by the good people ol
Cowon, Democrats as woll as Republicans.
Coweq is slluatod on the West Vir*
j ginia & Pittsburgh railroad, twelve
I miles from thefamoaq Webster Springs,
and by the good graces of Kopublican
I legislation has boen from its birth a
j prosperous town until its growth was
| rocontly rotardod by iniquitous Democratic
throats of destructive legislation,
I backed by tho power to esocnto them.
' The convention adopted the following
( resolutions amid tremendous applause:
We, tho Republicans cf tho Fourth
I delegato district, in convention assom*
I bled, reaffirm our belief in tho oft ro|
peatod Kopublican doctrine in favor of
! the liberal use of both motals and proI
lection to American industries and
! American labor, and we hoartily enj
dorse tho advancod position of the Re*
! publican party in favor of more stria*
gout immigration laws, which makes
tiio American system of protection
I completely protective.
I Wo chnrgo tho Democratic officials ol
I this statu with so shaning legislation,
and so administering the aiato government,
as to inalco tho value of tho lands
of tho farmers decrease one-half in the
last ten years, while bis taxos have
atoadily incroasod.
Wo view with alarm tho ownership of
largo tracts of land by individuals for
uiero purposes of speculation and wo
donounco tho Democracy for taxing tho
small farm at a higher rate than the
large tract ownod by tho speculator.
Wo denounce tho convorjion of our
tato institutions into political machines
for tho promotion of tho iutorosts of
particular Democratic candidates. And
wo charge tho Democracy with dispensing
patronage so as to subsorvo tho interests
of favorites; and we especially
and emphatically donounco tho employing
and rotaining of useless and unnecoasary
employes at thu hospital for the
fnsano at Weston, to corrupt voters and
to secure their votes; all at the expense
of the people of tho statoof West Virginia.
Don't fail to attend tho races al
Moundavillo, August -S to 31.
Tho Faaturoa of thu Muavjr and Stock
Nsw York, August 25.?Monoy on call easy at
1 per cout; last loan 1 per coot; closcd at 1 pt-i
ccnt. I'rltnu rncrcnntllo caper 3ai'?y2 per ccnu
Storllng exebango dull and easy, with actual
busluuM la bankers' bills at W 8C^a? 86% for
| demand aud $1 8*?!<al for Bisty day*: postal
rates, si tm% 87 ana s? nmi no. commercial
bills, 91 8i!-;n4 HIV* tfitvor certificates, C&340
bid. liar tdiver. G5??c bid. Mexican dollars,
W^c. Tbo totul sales of itocks to-day were
W-.m? ahwrca.
With the exception of a brief petlodof firm'
nwi nt the o|?>uingof business and in the final
trading, speculation on the stock exchange today
was heavy in tuue, und tbe transaction* resulted
I in I he establishment of it lower range of Taluus,
extending from % to 3*4 per cent, tbo latter in
l'iMtllUlitf 'iho eiilef interest of thu market
was centered in IMstllllug. the Miles of which
wert very heavy. There whs good buvlug fn the
stock In the cariy dcullugs, aud an advance of \VA
per cent whs recorded in the belief that the
j-'j.uooooulotn bad tieo'j eilccted. Advices from
Chicago, however, threw doubt on this point.
As thu sequel proved, this was but part of thu
inside cliques' plan to work thu market, und thu
scbomo worked very aucceiffullr, hcavr blocks
of tbo stock being thrown on the murkot, und
sotnu stop order* being uncovered, the prlcu
breaking 4% per cent to 19%. Considerable
block had been absorbed by thu clique ail thu
whv down, and at tbu lower figures otiUido
buyers carat into the market, whose purchases
caused a recovery of \i per cent, but tfi. trading
iu the stock was fovcrfrh, ntnl u subsequent ruaction
of 1 per cfl^tnok place, with a dual rally
of ^4 t>cr cent, tbo lost price being iij* |n;r cent
bolow yesterday's closing figure*. Af'cr tbu
close of biisinrsj the street was informed that
the company hud scoured c loan of between
$1,500,000 and fil'KMOO, and tliut the Illinois
Trust Company had taksn possesion of whisky
in bond at 1'corla and i'eklu valued ut fu.ooo.uw.
This remove* au unsettled influence In the
market. The heaviness of tbe general list was
geuentlta duo to the ?Uyr^lun ot ttw l?ndm in
the trading, though some of tho rallied reports
received worn somewhat faroniblu.
Thu cbnngus on the week aro nearly all in the
direction of higher values, the mure important
advances being: lturlingtou ,fc (Julney. K. J'aul
fc Duluth, Oregon Navigation, Chicago .V Hasturn
Illinois, Chicago Juuctlon, United States
Cordage preferred and Tobacco preferred. 6 i?-r
cent; do, common, 7; Michigan Central, '2fi;
New York. Chicago ?fc t?: f ouls. do, llrst preferred,
r>; Lake KrlJ ii Western, v# do. preferred.
Louisville ?fc New Albany,'iy4\ sugar,
-J?; do, preferred. 1!4; Manhattan and Siikquehiiiiua
Western, 3; Cotton Oil, a?.f: do. preferred.
Wheeling take Krio preferred. .lj4;
Now hnglutid third a Kcsstucnl paid 4,l?; United
wtaiaui l .iHtluir .ndMrri-d. Ifiililwr .1*/. ?l<?.
preferred. 6; bind preferred. 4Jj; i^ikc Shore,
uJ-4; Consolidated ti?w. New Jernoy C'outrnl.
[r'4; Metropolitan Traction. :>% , Pullmnn. 7. mid
National Sturcli second preferred. 10 per rent.
Tbo bond market io day wa? Iriejriilnr on a
tuodvraU' volutuo of buiium. Thu bale* uicgreRated
U. S. &i rwc -...tlS'^ N'Htlornl c.'ordmo... -I
U. H. h*coup llt^'Nni. Cord. pref'd... :iI
! U. h. re* ...... III'.->'?*' Jumov Cunt.... lit
C. S. 4?coup ??l 11?-j Norfolk A \Vu?t. pM 'Jifi
IT. H. '.*j r?wr w; Northern Pacific..,. M1'aelflutH
of 'M 101 I do proforrod Ih?4
I AtchUoii C^|Nort!iv/i*torii 107
Adaiu* Kx|>ru? JW do preferred 14'J'J
American Kxt?ru?< .112 Sew York CeutraLintU.
HiltlmoreA Ohio... 74k n. v. A n'otr Kiiit... '/Vi
CanadaSouthern... M Oregon Improve u
Central Pueltlc 13'? Oregon N'av l'J
Chesapeake it Oulo I'.iciile Mull Jii'i
Chieiujo A Alton.... 140 I'ltfehurxh |.%u
cm. Uur. A Qulnuy 7*1, tu-adhm
C'blniltodiH 7i'r''r Richmond Turin.... IS^J
C.. C. C. A St. I. 41?, do preferred '11
Col. Con I A iron.,... #S Rock Island Wi
Cotton (Ml Curtlile.. :u s;. Paul
I>ol. A 11 ud W? do preferred
l>el, Ijjrk. & Went Pi" St. I'aul A Omah*. :to
lien. A It O. prul'd :H*g do preferred., J14.V,
1'inL A Cuttlo Hoed ".Dli -'iiaiir Jleflnury
Erie I.'?y, Tenn. Coat A Iron..
do proforrod -I'.. lVta? I'aclilti 1HW
llllnoU Central VI1 r<il. A (i. On. prvf. 7:1
Kan. ATox. prol'd 2IH Union Paclrto ? 13!4
Lake Krle A Woit. IM>j U. S. Ktpron 5."
do proforrod 7! \V? St. L A P .. *!?
LnkeShore ......I'I7 do proforrod Pi'i
LvadTriiat. 417i WolN Kiirito Kc ,11?
1/OiiUivlllo A Nu?li.. f?t'? Wo?torn union Kt'l
MIcliiK.iitCentral.- tol1'* vviiootlmr A L m .. ij'l
Mlwiurl I'niillia.... M'-* do preferred. 41-4
Niulivlllo A cinitL. <* (Juiivral Klectrio...? 4i;4
ftrMidntilft nnd IVovInIoim.
ClllCkOO. Ausust V\?'Tlw l?ulU lu whvnl nnd
corn nu'ilii tiHik cotlrnco tndny. and ilicvridu
innrKot.1 rlirtini ilrm Tlio crop duinnxu K;?ro
un?a tiromltioiit factor lu corn and otlior hulliab
IlOWd fldllKVl Wllfll'.
Coru closed wltti a unlu of T?o for September.
it float:
which f!nUbe<l ',jc bteber for December. and
September u*t? are ffc blcber.
PTOTtstoiu clntud wltb but little chaufe.
Fi>ori?winter patent* tSfiQaltfJ; winter
traljcht fj auaJ b&. aprluf pat*uu gt 1(m3 CO.
WtieAT-H'tfh No. .NO. 3 "prill*
nomiuai; So. 2 red W-jibfrjr. Autrot
MKc H^picmt?r:?4f4a.?lH^V: December 67fta
0' 3J*r
uiMK-Oub No. i sac; August (Jam?oS4Tfc;
OatJhT 2,S/ic; No. 2 wb!'" ?H?33'^c;
Na I whitorfJ'^Bo: Au*u?t StWu'uWHc; September
.>**>'^>40; Hay ?a35Via*Vkvk-no.
2. te.'^c.
IUri CY-N'M. Mai*}.
M.AX*r.r.j>?No. 1, |l 2Jal 24.
Timothy hkcd?Prime K :u
Mew PoRX-Cash 113 Amis S'r. September
Jlavmu .7*1340; Ji.nu.ry IW5'V13 6W13 5T^
Laux>?<Ja?B #7 7.'Krt7 7j; September 17 70*7 "\4
' October 17 7i?7 ?M7 bO; January 97 02%*7 6Z
s< fl>.
Sll<|ftt Kirs?Cash 17 tta7 ?; September |7 37?
*7 4i*ia7 October 87 57*S U7J<a7 S71* Jannary
10 J*7 oi?ti n7;,; ijrr Mlted nhoulden 80 50k
^ "hoit clear ?fdes |7 6>s" 7.V
Hiiwky?DHflllor*' finished goods IISL
b in j ?w?j * n ?b h i ijjeil
Nr.tr York, August 23.? rinar. receipt* 23.000
barrels; oiporu iv.uuO barrel*: sale* iAJlMparkace*:
market dull and uulufertMing. Wheat,
receipts i?;*suOo biMiels: export* Mfl.ww bushels:
Mle< 7?,oiu linubflu of futiin*4 and 1G.(X*J bushels
of spot; spot inarwot inactive; option* opened
firmer uri-i closcd at Hrt'/S net advance; May
ciosod at 6fiJ4c; August closed at We: September
closed at is'jc; October cloacd at ?V': l>eccM'
bcr closed at tif^c. Corn, receipts M.IWU bushels;
export* I.'.OUJ lnnhPN; sale* I.UOuO bualiela of
futures and Jfl.000 bushel* of apot; a??t market
firmer; QpUouadutl.cltotac at kaftc net adrancr;
May closed at Uific; Au,;uit dosed at tiific; Hepteuiber
closed at ajJic; October clowl ui WKe;
December closed at OaU, receipt* lai.WW
bushel*; exports I .COO busboN; miles lju.uoobuib*
els of futures and ;?j0.imi bushels of aoot; spot
market dull; options fcteady at J'.e higher; Mav
eioied at \ijci Auyuit closed at .'fjJic; September
rloied at 3#{c; Octotwr closed at .Hfic; November
cloted at sfi-jo. Hay weak. Hops dull. Hides
ateudy. Leather steady. Beef dull. Cut meats
firm. Lard Urm; western steam rioted at 88 loa
8 13; reflned llrm. Pork Arm. Butter steady;
atato dairy mi'JStCc. Cheese firm. Ekks weaker;
aiNtONfid Penusylvatiln ISc. Tallow dulL Hosiu
firm. Turpeutiae dull. Itlcu quiet. Molsues
atenly. Coffee. options steady aud unchatwed
at 10 |K>iuta ad ranee. Sugar, raw, ateady at ^c;
refined aetifeand higher.
PHtuDKM-iiu. August ?>.?Flour weak.
Wheat advanced Jic mid closed linn; No. 'J red
August September MQiflWUc; uciouur
57}?a&7^c; Novombor WHic. Corn, market nominal;
aai** ol No 2 y>>llow <Vtc; So. 2 uuxed
August ODjoiOl.'ic; September OOartle: October
fi^nolc. Onto, easier a lid lower; No. 2 white
Auguet ?iHAa?Sc; Sw. to ruber .%Kc; October
a;j-?a37?4c: November :i,J4a.lSi!. Ilutter dull anil
unchanged; I'eniisylvsula prluti 'Sic. Eggs acarce
and llrm; Ircah western 17jyc.
CINCINNATI, O.. August 23.?Flour quiet.
Wheat strong; No. 2 rod 52e: receipts 7.1MJ
bushels: shipments H.vOu btmhel*. Corn llrm;
No. 2 mixed A'^ic. OnU dull: No. 2 mixed
UtiV- Kye In roou demand; Mi. 2, 4^, I'oric
neglected nt iU 00. Lard in good demand at
17 o~>$. IJulk meats llrm at 17 50. ltoeou In
moderate demand at fx 76. Whisky unlet nt SI 2&
butter in fair demand. tfugar firm. Eggs steady |
at 12J$c. Checso quiet.
Dry Uooilft.
New Yohk. Augnst 2ft.?Tho quiet usual to
Saturday was reflected In a moderate demand o(
agents, still lurge Mile* weru ruachetl through j
mall and tulegrum orders for i>re?ilug roqulru- I
incut*. Jobbers were more active tliau on tho
1 same day of tho week not many months ago mid
the outlook was iurruaslug favorable. All cotton
goods weru steady to llrm and for some of
tbu more staple stvlo piocei aro slightly dearer
l^cauio ol demand In exuosH ol the supply,
lluslnesa for tho woek ban boeu moro legitimately
uctlre nnd of lamer voiumo than for any
week since Muy, 1&)1 Printing cloths lira ut
Wookly Uuulc Hlutmunnt.
? Nr.w York, August 25.?Tho weekly bank itatcI
mi'tit snows the followlug changes:
. rtefcerve. decrea*o...~.~. l.OrtS.OOO
IxiuTiN, Jncrearo 2,<01PCO
tfpeeie, deere***........ ?.... .... 28J.C00
Legal tender*. decrease........ Deposits.
Inervaie W^SCO
Circulation, decrease ... 4.700
The banks uow hold Jdfl,718,050 In excess of tho
rcqulrumenta of tlio 25 per cent rule. 1
New York. Augnst2.'?.?Petroleum firm: Pennsylvania
oil. sale* none: September option, sales
uouo; closed ut bid: Lima oil. sales uoue.
Nkw Yobr. August 2.V.?Pig Iron dull. Copper
quiet. Lead weak. Tin nomlual: plates dull,
bpeltcr nominal.
L.tv? Stunk.
Cincinnati, August 23.?Hog* steady at 51 G3a
6 00; receipts 400 bead; shipments 700 bead.
Nkw \omc. August 23 ?Wool quiet; domestic
lleece lSuijc; pulled 2fla25ff.
bpcctuiou Cases.
8. TT. Clifford, Now Cossch Wis., w.19
troubled with Neuralgia and Rheumatism,
liia Stouiach wan disordered, his
Liver was affected to an alarming degree,
appetite fell away, and he wiw terribly
reduced in tiesh and strength.
Tlirco ooiwea ui jc.iwtnu x?n,bvra curoa
Edward Shophord, Ilarrisburg, 111.,
bod a running tjor? on his log 01 eight
years' standing. Used tlirco Dottles of
Electric Bittcra aud seven boxes of
Bucklen's Arnica Salvo, and liia log i.j
Bound and well. John Speaker, Catawoa, I
Ohio, had five lar^o Fever sores on nig
log, doctors said he was incurable. Ono
bottle Electric Bitters and ono box Bucklen'ri
Arnica Salvo cured him entirely.
Sold by Logan Drug Co. 3
Tins is to certify that I havo usod I
Krauso'a Uoadacho Capsulos periodical- |
|y for over ono yoar nnd nave very
much pleasure in stating that they |
havo always provod vory beneficial and
havo relieved uio in from ton to liftoon
minutes. I havo boon a anfferor from
Iicadacho for many years and havo
never found anything to do mo as much
good as Krauso s lloadacbo Capsulos.
Louis licit man,
Wichita, Kas.
Sold bv Alox T. Young, John Klari,
Whcoling, and Bowie dc Co., Bridgeport,
When nabj waa ?leV, we jraTii her Cartoria.
When fclio was a ChilJ. ?ho cried for Cnstoria.
When sho becamo Mlao. ?bo cIudr to Cnntorla.
When ibo had Children, the gate thorn Castorla.
nuekl?n'? Arnlcit Snhn.
The best salvo in tho world for cuts,
briiicofl, son's, ulcers, unit rheum, fover
sores, tottor, chapped Uuoda, chilblains,
corn*. and nil ?kin eruptions, and positively
euros piles, or no pay required.
It iu uunrantaod to kivo porfoct patiafaction
or inonoy refunded. Prico 23
contt per box. For sale by Logan Drug
File*? Filet: Itetilnc Fllon.
8WITOMM - Mol?tiin?; Intemo Itching an<l
aiIiirIiji;; inott at night; wor*e byBcrutchior I(
ullowotl ci oouUutio tumor* form, whloUofUm
lilm.il Mini ulevralo, btvoniiutf vcrv winv
Hwaynk'n Ointmbjjt utopi thu Itching and
lilcfliiii:. heal* ulcoiatlon, ittid Iu raoitciuoi romnvm
tuo lumuiiu At deans Wis, or hy mail, tar
oOcouu I Jr. swiiyuu A Sou, Philadelphia.
"Ilonr to Cure All Skin
Nlmplv itjipljr "HlfAVNR'H OlKTMKWT." No InWrjml
mvdlvlnu H'tpiliisl. t'uron tutU-T. vino?m.
Jti'li. all eruption* ou tin* faro, immk ikhu, Ac..
InnviiiK tlio -?ln rluiir, wultc ninl iicnltliy. In
Cri'Ot lioalliiK mU<I cu'nllvo inwurs utv
y no oilier luin.ily. A*k your UrtiKvlnt for
a "wheelinffT"wTva.,
SKIT. .% 4, G, Omul 7, 1894.
| Grander and Greater than ever. Twelve Trot1
ting. racing nnd Kuimlng faces. Ono Single,
, Double. Triple aud Oundruplo Parachute Leap*
from One Balloon by a Lady. Geutlemau uud
I Two Dog*. Large ami lluo exhibit ol Live Stock.
Agricultural Implements. Farm Products.Plant*.
I Flowers, Fruits aud nunorou* Special attractions.
Excursion rates on all railways.
Bpeod entries cloio August 27. Live stock eutrloK
close Augnst :w.
Address Secretary for Premium List, eta
GF.ORG K HOOK, Hecretnry.
A. RuYMAWV. Prosldont. lU'.f.
G. Lamp. President Jos. 8crnoLD, Cashier.
J, A. Jwebmv. Assistant Cashior.
Bank of Wheeling!
CAPITAL $200,000, PAID IS.
H. M. Ilarpor, Joseph F. Paul!.
James Cummins, Ilonry ISlcborson,
A. lie/maun, Joseph ScjbolO.
Gibson Lamb.
Interest paid on spw.tftl deposit*.
Issues drafts on Eugland. Ireland and Scotland.
myll JOSEPH KEYIWH.O. rash lor.
CAPITA! -.3300.000.
3. N. Vince --President.
John flucw.^, President.
J. N, Vanea Oooreo B. StlfeL
J. M. Drown. William KllinghABL
John Frow. A. W. Kellojr.
John Watcrhonw. W. R Stona
W. IT. Frank.
Drafts Imuott on England. Ireland. Scotland
and nit points in Kuroiw.
JOHN J. JONK3. Ca?hlor.
William A. - ^President
Wii.uam It fiiMPWM ....MM......mM.Vico-PresIdoiit.
Drafts on England. Ireland. Franco una Germany.
William A. Isett Mortimer Pfllloelt
J. A. Miller. William U Simpson
E. M. Atkinnon. John K. Uotsford.
Henry bpoyar. Victor Itosonbur^
IL Forbc*.
Jal J. A. MII.T.EH. Cwhien
Wlicellno & Elm Grove Railroad.
Ou and uftor Frldar. April 2d, 1831, train* will
run ax follows, city tunc:
Tr'u TraolTr'n TtnoiTr'n. Tniulfrn T'ujo
iu in. p.m. o.in. p.iu.
No. 2...tf.:00 .Va 20..,:?:00 Na 1_1C:U) Na 10...&OJ
Na 4....7:00;No. 22...4HU Na 3... 7:00 Na 2l...4:OJ
No. 2t...fc00 Na 5... 8:00 No. 23...bM
Na 1L...WM Na 3fi..,?:o0 Sa 7...PJ.00 Na 2T?...?:00
No. 10.10:00 No. 28...7.-00 No. 9.... 1U:00 No. 27...7:0J
Na 12.11:00 Na 30...8:fr) Na lUlnO No. 29^.8:03
p. m. Na S!...0:no p. m Na 81...'/.to
No. 14(12: UOiNo. 3-Lll:00|Na ISJftrt) No. 33.10:10
No. in._i.oo Na l.V-.i.-oo
No. 1S...,.*:<I0| [No. 17....:i)0
t Dally, except .-unday.
Sunday church trains will learo I'lm Orovo at
fccta. m. and Wlicelini; at 12:17 p. m.
Trains No. 2. G. U and Jf< connect with hcnllc
lino (or Trladuiphla. Hcrdlc leaves Trlndulphlu
for Klin (!rovo ot "?:'0 a. m.. 7::n? a. in.. 12:80 a m.
and 0:10 p. m. Dully, except Sunday's and Saturday's
hcrdlc. will connect with train Na 31.
leiTinp Wheeling at 11:00 p. in.
Sunday's hcrdlc loaves Trladelphln nt 3.00
n. in.. 12:0oa. in.. 0.TO p. in. and connects with
trains No. 8. H and -id from Wheeling.
?? r. nr.iaur.ivinvn. mil, . milium.
?r Pennsylvania Stations.
Tralna Bun by Central Tlmo.
Tmrr Or*irx* at JPBTomTt.TAVu Htation os
Water 8t.. Foot or Et,rvKTni ?t.. Wheei-ino.
at MrLCHE Horns. Hiirrtrvu, and at tUt
I'r.^xPTi.rAXu Statkik. Pkiimbfoot.
t Pornrwntr8YATry~" !?a* Haxiit x Hoimc-M
j DlU.T. tt>UU* Ktoirc StJ!?tHY.
Knox WiicKMsu io UMv? Anr.ivc.
Wellnbursnud Sioubonvllto.. arn fti-.iop.n
JlcUnnni'i mid l'llLabuam t?Mr> j?-u
Net Cuniberiund tWmiti 10:34 am
IndlaoapolkandH:. U>ul*?. f.nnm ftJ:|0pm
j Colninbuaand Cincinnati.. . \MA\*m pm
WellibnrK 011(1 dtonbonvilla am 6:1? pm
1 Ptklladel|*bls?n*l Notr Yort11.':ii pm }.-*S n-n
hionbunviUoand Piti*burgiitl'.:.?l pni 2:i? pm
Columbinand Cnloatfo....... pm J:i? pin
I'bllailolpblu and Ne* Wit 'Jr'w pia O. tA am
i llnMmoronud WaMiHwon. pm ?m: ;> am
Mfliibonvlllo?nd I'ltubunclj pin am
StenbenvllleMd l>ennlioiu J.-iSp'o w.ai am
IndlauapolUnudSt. I<ouh... t*:<'Jprn ttf:l2am
Dayton nod Cincinnati . p;0) u.u fti:u am
BteubonvllloandOoliiiiHMt. f?:iWpm |ti:l.'nui
}Jorihw??iH?iUoiu?Clove. ?fc I'ltii Dlvlnon.
Irani* rua daily. etoopt tinud/iy. ?? ./ollon:
>iium ?mi?"?KiM.rrr> !.r*vn arrive
Ft Wayne and Chicago am fMpm I
Canton and Toledo A.-pi am 4:M pm
Alliance and Cleveland. riMUm 4:.Wpru
htoubenville and 1'Uwburuli? .VtMam 8:11pm
Htuiibciixiiloand I'ltuo.ir^u.... in. M o'u !?:<! am
Ft Wayne >b Chicago .... 1:10 pta h:l'?pm j
Canton and Toledo IMOptu l:Mpm I
Alllanoe ami Cleveland .... J :lt? pm 1 MO pm
tfteubcnvllloaud Wellavillo ... ] :10 pm 7:.Viain
Philadelphia ninl Ne?r York... SMIptn 8:15 pm
Baltimore and Waithlngtnn..... SMI inn 4:V?pm
Htoofcciivlllu and PlttaUitrRli... '.Ml pm 4:iHpm |
M ten hon villi) ?V: WHInrllli' ....... <*<11 tun 7:.Viam
Wlieellna Brldac & Terminal Ry. I
C. O. nUKWdTKIt Deceiver.
Tliuo Tablo So. 13. to take oifoot l!:9l a. ta.
flnndav. No vera bo r r.? W9J.
Leave Wheeling-pif'JllA. 211 MO a
*3:ir?. W:0d p. in.
Leavol'enln*iiln-t8:OJ.tO:51, JlIMOa. m..12:28.
3:*JI. t4::srt. j?:iM p. m.
Iamvo Manln'a Forrjr?(9:1% tt?:37.111:52a. to.,
WJ7. f4:4J.
ArrlvoTormlimlJmietlofi? f8:17, |10:W. |U:"?1
a. m.. tlvJR. <M:.U. 11: l<\. f.f.lH p. m.
Leave Terminal Junction?f7:2J. 29:00. a. m.,
l.':40. ?. 111.. *I:W. tVll. tH.43 p. m.
I^uvo Mnrtln't Kerry?i'j;07 u-m.. 12:11,
|4:0?. ti l". |?:Wp. m.
U>ave Fenlii'.iilH-t7r#|.JJ:Na.w., 12:51,11:11.
' > p. i?;
Arrl?ro Wiioollujj?f7:IO. a. in., I.':i7,
31:17. f|:-A f?: tl. fi P. in.
Dally. fDalljr oicopc rimiday. IBaodayi only.
All iralttf win run on Laitern Tliua
J. li TA UbdlU, tiuporiutcadoat.
Antral ?4 (Wjarrtitr* of trtfuaoa *.*vj aft**
May 71. l?l Exruwarrrw or )".rj-rju.v?
MIRK*. *?jutj<Uy^xr*^?\3
iNnunl?jrexf*p:^t oalj; *4Hp
nraay onW >'M*j?ni auoAotvl tv??.
l'Kr\ir UiOftTH-JUin' LtncTtoi] *?wvt"
11 45 am \Nath.i"jr, Rati., Phil A S. V tv 11 not
1JA) j m Wuh Cy. iwut. KUL * N. Y
*6 ? un ?CUmN'rtwjil Acoota ; f 'a urn
1i<X) pta ....^. (iraftou Ac?to. ?if lv ant
<Vaia Moufc?l?TlH.? Accota j * !0 ani
11 15 am ....Moundiftli? Ac?*ra.. .. | " 15 ant
*10 pta .... Moundartl.a Acoota? *1 *> pra
"1030 ptn .. Mouailml'-* Aivom ... !*li?lD pt?
*M> ain Ktyer Kipr- ?? I *ViM psfc
UKran. tl IwH.?0. O Gl? ~W??tl ati.ivj .~
t" *> am For toluml>u? aui i hir*?v| ?.* .V u:n
an -ColumMu am! < '.nciiiua*. I 1- >'< pm
11:35 pta t'olumtia* a i l? u.>-:nnnU_ t? Yt am
f4:li pco Coluintu* an t Chicago Exp ? <?*>
J? pta ...._ Newark Aocotu " II '? a ?i
10.31 an? Pt v"lalr?Tj'.l? Ac* >m *\v\? am
*1W pm . M. <1air*ril'<' ActMtti i> t>?n
tierAKr. 11 AV ICK.-\\~f~v if1M? iiuMviT"
f.SOO am Plmbuivti. ...?.? '. am
f? 30 am . .ritUbarvu I "O :? n
{AStptu .....l'itul ii'j!i iu I 1 -wt 'til p..?
1.30 piu . \ I
JO) ptn _Wa*hlneu>n fa.. Accoai. , m am
|5.*<i pm Pn??lmn;h Kxprw. )< am
Wt*ART. P., V A SrT.ruV. "l ? IV*.
1 Vi atn I'ltutmrrti > li .,m
*I:Xi am; j>lonbvDTll1etD<l W??\ I * v? pia
MS ptnl.WtHbuntb aud Sew York.) > ]>m
tJ:&4 pm' l'ltubarjcb aud Now Vor* illlJj aiu
7'its anlExproM, Cln. and St. I?uU| *7,13 tin
"*ti? pmih*prp*?, ciu. and St Luui?j pi*
pa KipPe?.St?tJb. ?nJGiu*u<i.i : j.ia
tf-V> pii|.lHt?Nun;h and Ucani">n. 'fll *'?
l.ei-AKT." CTJCTTK U. *u.:vir
*C:OH Bin .Fort Wayne and Oil^a^o- " pw
&0S atn i'antou and Toledo. 'O.l'j pta
6-iA am ..Alliance and Ctovelaad "'.IS pax
*? US am stcutn-utJIleand Pltut>mvt? **15 pai
I JK)4 am Sli?lbvnrilloand Pitt?liiirxli !<> ?! ata
.MO pin .Fori Wayne and Cbicajpi -ft '?" pa*
?10 pru .Canton ami Toi?*0 ? . .. VM pta
*^10 ptii Alliance nud CloTrland ?.V.W pta
J-.W pm Sioul-?nTill? and WellnTjllc *> v? vnx
3:41 i'io i'hiladelpbil nad KfwYrUli V.\4 piu
*$ 41 pm Unltlniur.* aud Wa*hln?:t'>n pta
"-4 44 j>tn .-teiilNinrilliiatit) Fltturiuivli pia
T il pm ."wub^nyillo .tt XVHUviHo *S:M iiin
dicta kt. i WT5TC t Hv. * ahmv?"*^4'i
am M/utlllo;i. Tolod" and W?t j) pra
JM'i Mtn'Caiil'ni. Akron .V CinvHaiid *.'i ji pia
atnlWlictdltifc and H.?iU-nvllle *: A) pia
410 inn Miuwllon tod r?nt<?u.. Ml ifc uia
4*40 piti'WhreMncjiud Slcnl^UTlIk IHV? am
jjfcVAUT | l?. L &i SV.?r | ttutivc.
<:J) aui OlerrUud.Toledo?*Oil<Mirn ?b.tj pm
ptu CltfTel<ind.Tol?do?l('hl('iii(t) *2J0 nm
4:t.\ pin Mftxlllon Acconi am
5:17 dui St. Oaimrlllo Avcoin V <0 am
atn St. Clairarilto Aivom *1:?? pra
?14 pm St. Ctatrirflta A room *(.'*) pra
ft.*) pm St. Clairavlllo Arcotn..... "7:ui pia
i m pm Ixk-mI Freight. *11.43 am
IT AJ am ...... I'awiiKrr - |IJ 4> ma
pm ...._~.....PuuuN)gcr "Ml pta
tIJO pm I'tiavuicwr.. fS-40 pta
I.KAVK Tt7z. ii c. KAl LHOAt>. Altitiva
9:10 am ....Ballnlro nnd ZnncsvlUa.. nm
4:0' pm ..WoodanH'l.. ... *1'' am
TbeClaveland, Lonla 5 W&aellng R. 6.
Vlfc Elyrla and tho L*ko SUoro Routo.
Jcr.r 8,1831
STATIONS. U iJI Jj ?> ""
C?atrol Time. p. m. a. m. a. in. p in.
Lt. Wheeling a i'i G 10 ii io
Bclloire ?.- t >'? o Ou n ?i
Martln'a Kerry 3 c lu i? jo
lirlilcrtport ? .'i 4'< rt so 1J ?
KliiPliitfic 4 M 7 20 1 -ju
Krci'ixirt. fi S? 7 54 j ;,i
Ululehaville. 6w ;?4u H v> *30
New Philadelphia. ii .0 fi njj * <>. * 43
Citfial Dorer 6 .7 CUT ? V, 'i ,'.7
Maulllon 7 Jj 6 fcv J fi J |*
Warwick. 7 10 o: 4 ??4
Hterling - 7 4.') i<) .ii 4 :;i
Mc<M tia .. hps il 01 .ri0?
iirafton_ * 40, 11 r, 24
KJyrla.. .....?.'.... 9 lu 1.' 5j i il
p. in
At. Lorain-...^. 9 2*.i l.' lo g w
Cleveland - lu o)i j J 41 0 ii
p. in.
Sandmbr.-- 167! 1:'7 _
Norwalk. .... 1J s 07
Toledo .. .[ io .'i 10 10 &?
Detroit 0 i)l < ? 'JO ...
, u. uu
Chicago?.. 9 -.?oj 9 .'o 7 :ii
Ualfalo 0 ID > *0 t J)
a. in a. in. p. in.
Alb?nr....^....?..> . >i, 1 > 1 M
New York ~ o> 7 0u 7 o?
Uostnn. io Ml 10 : ?
Akron ....? m tr.' I w : ??
*fln Sunday Tiaiu No. wiii run from L'li*
For titan curd, rate of faro and further Information
regarding our i mm*. apply t<? any (I. I>.
IV ? . ui-HCi Ifgt-ui, iir ' . in-ixaup. I intciius
Posecujjer Agent. .Maulllou. U.
Gan'I Freight and J'akl Agent. C.. 1. O.
x$gjp$>? BALTIMORE 4 OHIO.
Dcparlnroand arrlral of
at Wliwiini ( >,?.
^i"<:' ?0"c^Ovlu^ la ?**
Koyicr IJxprew. &"?*? n. m.. dalhr.
Cumberland Accommodation, J.M11 m., dally
except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation. 3:01 i?. m.,d?il7.
Monmlvrillo Accommodation. r. SO and U:V"? x
m.. ami 6:10 ?. m., except Suuuay, uud 1(WJ p. m.
Saturday only.
Krom Neur York, Phllaciclplila and Daltlmora,
Stir.n. m.. dallv.
Koyner Kxprv**. '?:tM 0. m.. dally.
t'umlK'rliind Accommodation, 8:10 pt m.,oz*
ccpt Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation. 10:00 a. m. dally.
Monu(li<vil!u Accommodation, 7:10 u m.. except
SiJudnt; 10:W a. in.. dully. and l-.'W. MO p.
m.,cxco|it Sunday, and 10:10 p.m. SAturUayonly.
For Columbuf and Chicago, 7:30 uud i Vi p. in.,
Oihunbiu nud Cincinnati Kxpreu. 10:2) a. m.,
uml ll:Mp. m.. dally.
Newark Accoiuinodatlou, 3:30 p. in., dally, cx?
conl Sunday.
St Clalmvlllo Accommodation, lJ:JJ a. in. oud
3-.30p. m., cxcept Sunday.
Clilcngo Exprcw. ?:Xm. m. and 10: r?n.m.dally.
Cincinnati lSxprcu, 4:55 a. m. nud 5:25 p. m,
dally. ,
Newark Accommodation, 11:3jo. m.. dally, ox*
copt Sunday.
St. Clalnvillo Accommodation, 11:35 u. in. and
5:25 p. m.. dally, except Sunday.
For ntr*burRb, 5:M nnd ":**> n. rv. daiij;: V.H
p. m., dallv. except Sunday, uud p m..d.illv.
For l'liudiurgli and tho cast, 5:00 a. ut, und j:.iS
p. m., dully. , ,
Wellington Accommodation. 5:0) p. m., dally,
ex?*pt S'liiduT.
Pittsburgh Express, E:.Y> p. m.. Sunday only.
From I'lttfthurch. 10:16 u.m. and i'. vi p.m.. 11:21
p. to., dally, and l'.':4* p. m., oxcopt Sunday, and
i0:3*i a. hi., sundnr onlv.
Washington AccomuiiHlaxi0n,8:l0 u. m.. dally,
cxrupt Sunday.
On and after Sunday. Juaa.n. is>l, r.itmjje
Train* will run as follow*: 'Dally. tD^lly Ux?
ccpt Sunday. Central tluio.
fcotinfltiousu. j 7 j ?> 1 .1 1
1 ft M.' r M. A. v.
Wheeling. ~..| ' ?> fl- i'? J>
Ik'inviMHl I :M'? 1: "<)
.Moiitidtti I If..... ; | 4 0 ' I-' i< G;3
Ni'tV Alii'iuinvum.. t . ..
hHoMVitltf .. | ; ^ 11.1 H 1.
rrlvti'Uy I fi _ ( . \ u
m Mnryu 1 > ?i' . j.I *j
\V|iliitin?loivii ...M.V.I T"' 3 -'I ?
l'nrk?r?(Mii?f ....... | .*> ?*.. *7 i :< V j j.\
IL'licVilli' : J-, y. -| . l'j \\
lUvi-rKwocl 7 I-1 ,iiti i|]i
Jiipsc* Lftuilin* ~ \ < ?r
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