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AJf?c*o? water trrwow.
la txbautiro ttatn of the ncnrooi ijntam. re>
loiUugfroro azocarire mental work; emotional
exd'emeot or other caoaaa capable of (emul ng
the bod7*.?V'P"*^onoI apirita, melancholia. ui
efrt*Jo tjptt of Inanity; iu euea of muscular
w?*kue?. or of general debility; nouraatbeala,
iflfl all irritable i1*W of the brain, spinal oonl.
or ottouj system generally; In ncrrous and
congestive beadnche; In neuralgia au<! In nor*
tou* dfipcpsl*; ,n w?*k "tiuee of tbe generative
ijitemIn *n of tbe abore<named conditions,
Tcatiou wilt bo fooad of the greatest sorrioa.
Vote, 0 Vrap*. l'rIce (9 dracbuikj, S3 00.
Where local drugglata ore not atipplled with
the Ilamnjond Animal Extract* they will be
mailed, toother with all existing literature oa
tbo subject, on receipt of price, by
Washington, If. <!.
Logan Drug Company. AceuU for Wheeling.
; wpi'-TTim
J Export Whiskey.}
i ^ t
! I
\ Guaruntcod Eight YoarsOld. f
J IT certainly li a duty and our doilro to d
\ Acquaint you with thooxcullent qual- \
? Itlw of our Report WbUkey when too ?
\ need ttiLa artlclo for tnedklunl or IwnlW \
i purporn. Tbero li none on tho market m
\ more eutltlvd to yonr oongldomtlon. It \
S hu? Ago. I'urltr. and being free from nil ?
\ lajurlmw Incrodlcats should command \
i your attention. $
\ Full Quurt?? 01 OO. \
f SI* (Jimrta 0(3 OO. f
i Mull and exurea* order* will reojlve A
f pmmputtootlon. JOi PLKMl.VG <fc SON, f
1 412 Market itroet. PltUburglA A
culnful and seldotn a permanent enre, anil often m iltlnjt
la dwath, otmoowwjr. Why onduro this
terrlblo dlnonee? W? Sff/S?
a^a.TK.fi'.?* Zsawshssfci
CONSTIPATIONS yj^MieLlver Pellets
uvrntHsmcitf ?SHaf(??W2SF^22Jifcm
UkoToipoclaU y Yds ptsd ^oT'ciiQiiren'B uao. CO Doaoa
SB oonU.
chgi. R. Oftfltgonnd W. W. Irtvln. jr7T-D,>w
VMVEUS1TT, Lcxlmrton. Virginia.
Academic; Low; Englnoorlng. Opens
SCpU 13. For catalogue address
G. W. G. LEii 1'resldont.
' , * ' jylO-Ttbsiwy
R?aJonbwlnsl5th Sept. Academical, Engineering.
Law, Medical Departnieuts. For Catalogues, add ran
YVM. .11. TliOKNTON, LL. !>., Chairman.
Harcourt Place
Seminary, Gambier, 0.
A icbool of tho hiphcst intellectual advantages,
wlieru girls are given a beuiitJful and comfortable
home, a bountiful table, and uro carefully
trained in everything that pertains to nood
Ilealth, round learning, refined manners and tho
best general culture. Catalogues sent.
Attention! Parents, Guardians & Others.
When you aro looking for n *chool why do you
listen to exaggerated aud uureamuOblo claims
for preference made by schools having tio oxperleucoand
no roputatlouln imparting u busiueii
education. and decide In tboir faror without
personally investigating aud making coiutwiriMil
of tho oourM* of instruction. nil fiicllltlo*.
Rite and reputation of sebooM? If you will call
on each and otamine it* faellltlot and thou compare
them vou will find tho dlflbroucu in favor
great that you caunot foil to gh-o It the preference
In everv regard. By so doing you can decide
intelligoutlv and avoid making the unfortunate
mistake that koiqu do.
Please call or address
Jy'J3 Wheeling. W. Vn.
Mrs J. Steiens Hart's
School for Young;
Ladies and Children,
iSIOand 1318MarketSU, Wlieelitiff, W.Ya.
The Island cara ami electric motor* pit? the
door. Fourth Mnininl *e?.iou beslui MONDAY.
Septcmbur 1", 1S'?I. This school ofTer< n cornvWMu
ami thorough odnmtlon i? I'racttwl Hutc<Uh
Mnthem?tlca, Kngllsh Clonics. Latin nrnl
Modern language*.
I he school coudst* of Primary. Intorinodluto,
Acmlomlo and College preparatory department*.
'h>? iaotho?ltt nnd cour.<o uf Instruction will
compare favorably with tho bo?t nuinluarlM In
t.'io country.
!V?v? uro received In tho Prlmnry and Intertwliate.
For rlruHlnn or tnvorvlow, apply tu
stevkxs if Ait r?
Principal, Wheeling. W. Vn.
2158 anil 2157 MAIS STltEET.
Automatic Safety Gas or Oil Endues.
Wo will cuhnngo your old raoant for an IDK
Kl.nmc Cll.xNK BtCYCLK, luteal road wUoal
and i.e^t hill cllinh*r on earth. Je2i
And Manufaoturora of Marino and
Stationary Engines.
Tho Porfume of Vlolote
Tho purity of thu lily, tlio glow of tho roan,
and tho lluxh of Hobo couuinu in Pouoni'b
wondrous Powder.
Deer Mother Earth. tall oft! Wo#
To ?1m thy prelate la on*;
I acse to ley mc dvwu torv*t
tomewbere npoo thy yle?dhi* brrett.
ro tarn my pevement'weerled feet
Beyond lb* tecmls* end lew ?trr*t.
Awl **k aome dlmpicd country place,
lUlf c**/L bill warm, fur thy embrace,
rh?u kiaa the* prrroe upon thy lace,
Dear Mother LeUU.
Lfke old Antaeut Ion* aro.
Mlioteitreiufth or*r?l up from earth below,
I feel there if e peace In tlx*.
W'UIeh tbou do-1 whltper unto me.
When tbu? I preaa thve. cb?ek to cheek*
rbon art ao utron* and I mo wrek:
And aofue time there ahall cum* a dav
Wl?*u tender, ttembllng band* *hail lay
Mo deep to mingle with thy clay.
Dear Mother birth.
Thy f lit to me aball come to tbeo.
And aa Ibuu art. ao 1 ahull be.
I owe thee ail, and ao must try
To make thee better ere I die;
And a? we twain are one. I ?ru
IteUerlox in jmtIf ma* better thee.
Ana to I rl*e from thy embrace
Itcvived. tad with a ho(?-ful *raco,
Thuj having met thee U'v to face,
Lear Mother Earth.
J. LiiMCND V. Cooke.
A Slonater of a ftpeclea Snppoaed to be
Kxtinct Killed In X'arla Attar It llad
Mloln Several IJuinaa Victims.
n?? ? W?t
For many years it is undeniably stated
tbit in tho fourteenth arrondiwemeut
of Paris?called tho tomb of
I*soir?a number of persons living in
(hat quarter bad mysteriously and
periodically disappeared. Tho most
careful researches, tho most minuto inquiries,
tho moat skillful agents of tho
police had failed to diacovor the loast
true* of them.
Every year successively some inhabitants
of thia quarter would suddenly
disappear, leaving thoir friends overwhelmed
with grief and anxiety. It is
also slated thai these strange, inexplicable
facts always occurred iu the early
spring?from the 20th to tho last of
March?and without regard to age or
First a notary disappeared. It was
thought ho had used his client's funds
and lied to parts unknown. Then an
old woman, returning late one night
from market, was tho next victim, then
n laborer going home from work. Tho
last victim hud boen a young girl?a
flower maker out delivering her goods.
From that time she had as completely
disappeared aa if the earth had opened
and uwallowed her up. titrango to say,
no children land boen umoug tho victims.
This peculiar fact was accounted for
in this way. Those mysterious disappearances
always occurred late at uight,
when tho children woroat homo asleop.
As the time was drawing noar fortDose
periodical mysteries, thu chief of police
becutne very unxious, and instituted u
strict surveillance, contidingtho matter
toanuinborof tho most skillkul of his
assistants, hoping the combined efforts
of bo many zealous agonts would suroly
be crowncd with success You will see
tho reHult.
Hn? nitrht?thia factcan bo voriQod by
applying to llio otiico of the prefecture?a
policeman, about 3o'clock in tho
morning, heard a distant musical song,
which seemed to coinofrom tho bowels
of the earth. Ho listonod, and fanciod
tho sounds came from aa opening in the
center or tho atreot, at tho foot of an
onormouo rock called tho tomb of Is*
aoir, or the Giant's cnvo.
It may bo interesting to state that
this rock dorivoa its name from a legend
that a great giant had been buriod tbcro
many years boioro tho Christian era,
and this rock had boon placed thoro to
mark the tomb.
Surprised at this atrango diacovory?
for the opening had uovor beon noticed
beforo?the policoman waitod, listening
to this poculiar song, when ho suddenly
saw a young man approaching. Ho
know from his coatumo that he was a
countryman latoly arrived in tho city,
ihia young man also eeomed to hear
tho 8Ubtorrnnean sounds, first walking
slowly with a poculiar wavoring slop,
aa if in cadence with this musical chant,
thou faster and faster ns ho drew near
l|io fatal rock, until ho ran with such
velocity that in spite of tho warning
cries of tho policeman ho was swallowed
up in this myatorious opening. With*
out taking a moment to consider tho
policeman rocklesBlv followed, first tiring
liia revolvor and giving one or two
vigorous blaata on hia whistle.
At this signal sovoral of hia comrado9
quickly arrivod. Tho muaical chanting
had ceased, but tboy could boar in tho
dark, cavernous dopths tho mufllod
aounda of a dosporate struggle.
By tho aid of ropus and laddors they
succoedod iu entering the myatorious
chaem. Tho light of thoir lamps ro*
voalod a sickonmg sight.
"" ? *?nfi??uninn wn? Ivintr on lllK
back writhing in tho grasp of nn unknown
raonator, whoso horriblo aspect
froze tho ncents of police with terror.
It was as largo as a full grown terrior,
covored with wartlike protubcrauces
and bristling with coorso brownish hair.
Eight jointed legs, terminated by formidable
claws, wero buriod in the body
of tho uufortiinato victim. Tho faco had
already disappeared. Nothing could bo
seen but tho top of tho head, and tho
monslor was now ongagod in toarim;
and sucking tho blood from his throat.
As soon as tlioy recovered from their
horror and surprise a dozen balls struck
the body of this sanguinary beast.
lie raisod tip ou his logs, n greenish,
bloody liquid (lowing from his wounds,
and, with a frightful cry, oxpirod.
Tho first policeman, who had givon
tbo alarm, was lying unconscious in ono
cornor of tho cavern, wboro ho had
fallen, a distance of 210 foot.
It was with great ditliculty thoy sncc<?p<l?d
in removing tho two bodios and
tho unknown monitor from tho cavorn.
Tho poor countryman was dead, but tho
policeman was soon restored to lifo.
'J ho agouta immediately sent for tho
commissioner of polico, who summonod
a naturalist in great haste.
Tho ilrst established tho identity of
tho victim; tho second declurod the
creature lying before him was a gigantic
spicier.* The specios had been considered
extinct for conturioi??over sinco
tho days before the dolugo. It wits
callod "Arachno gigans" and was said
to havo ttio power of enticing its victim
by a poculiar musical song. N'onojiad
been seen or hoard of for ages, but it is
now believod soma of ihose sanguinary
boasts still oxist in tho doenost gallories
of (ho catacombs.
Tlio Uuad bo'ly at tlio npuior was can- i
vovod to ttio .Mil sou in of Natural History,
whore it tvni carefully Htulloil uud I
in lion- on exhibition.
An l^lortrlR Light 1'lniit being put Id nt j
AVtfl York Evening I'oit.
lit tiio matter of modorn convoni- j
encos Alasku is emerging from its obscurity
and ranging up abreast of tlio I
times. A system of electric lighting, for i
inslanco, in being put in at Junoau, ono
of tlio best known of Alaskan aottlo- I
mom*, but a place novorttuilcaa of only I
2,000 inhabitants. When completed
thi? will bo tlio first central electric j
light plant in the torritory. Kloc.
tricity, howuvor, in not altogether now j
in Alaska. It has brou used for souio j
time in a limited way in tho mines.
Watorpoworis nbnmlant everywhere,
and the curront |s gonoratod on the
a tree ma sod currioo to the ruinea br
cable*. For Ai auk a, Juneau i? a lively
place, at the ?a?ini? i< Two near
wharret am building juat dow, and the |
water ioi?pIv. having it* eoarre in a
apring near' the town, ia being perfected.
Tuerv if do booio, however, for j
the rea?od that private capital i? re-1
pellet! by tho Government ownership of i
the land on which Juneau ia built. A
petition ia jrtmcJti Waahidgton aiking
for theettsbliahtnent of an independent
town site. If iuch action ia taken,
Juneau mar have work for the uuetn*
ployed to do.
A Colored q^rt Admitted to the liar In
Chicago?De?tlaed to be an Ornament to
the Colored lXace.
CAirngo Inter Oxan.
Mita Ida Piatt, recently admitted to
the Illinoia bar, can truthfully be aaid
to be not only one of tbe roost remarkable
women of the day, but of tbe ceutury.
When it ia aaid that ahe ia colored
and haa had to riie auporior to the race
prejudice wuicu has proveu a biuhidline
block to the course of others, ambilious
a* herself perhaps, (he story is
half told. What her struggles have
been no one but hersolf can tell, although
ber friends bint vaguely at re*
buflu which would have disconcerted
any one with less resolution than horso
Mr. llolper do Koode, tho well known
insurance man, was the first to extend
a helping hand to Miss Piatt. Shu had
been a pupil in music of his sister.
Madame Eugonie do Roode-Rice, and
he recognized hor ability and tho promise
oi something better in the future.
For nlno years she was bis stenographer
and private secretary. In 18112 she entered
the law office of Jesse Cox as a
stouographer. and bozan the study of
law in tho Chicago College of Law. In
Jaly, 1803, ahe eatabliihoii herself in tho
Ashland block as a stenographer and
law ronortor.
At tho closo of the torm, June 15, 1804,
Miss Piatt graduated from the collogu of
law. In ordor to pass in this institution
a student must havo a standing of at
least eighty-live marks out of every
possible 100 awarded at examinations.
Miis Piatt wont olevon beyond that,
standing ninety-six. *
jupge 811 epa rd'3 high tbml'te.
Her success decidoilly contradicts tho
opinion of Prof. Abbott, of tho Northwostern
University Law Department,
who recently stated that "women are
not a success as law students." Judgo
Khepard, one of the professors of the
Chicago College of Lqw, thinks diferently,
howovor. He says:
"So far as my observation goes, women
are remarkably good students, accurate
and discriminating. Tho two
membora of tho eenior class, Misses
Foskotte and Piatt, especially attracted
iny attention, bocauso of thoir ability
u<.?n iomof nf mil. intv
but to understand its principles and
their application, and I predict a successful
careor /or them at the bar."
i Miss Piatt is unusually fortunate in
I hor antecedents. Her lather, Joseph
I K Piatt, was a lumber merchant of this
city, and nag well known and respected.
I lio was not southoru born, but was a
nativoof Now York, llor mother was
| a Philadelphia!!. Among her nearest
I relativoa is Jittnos Matthows, the celo|
brated colorod lawyer of Albany, N. Y.,
wiio was nouiinnlod by Prosident Cloveland
during his llrstterm to be recorder
| of deoda in Washington. Mr. Matthews
is Miss Platt'a cousin. Iler sister has
boon for many yoars an assistant in tho
pfihlic library.
Personally Miss Piatt is attractive.
She is young, having boon born September
29,1803. fcJho is of medium height,
is light colorod, and has pleasant ovos.
always ready to sinilo. llor hair is just
touchod with pray, llor manners aro
' porfoct, and sho posBossos the ruro attraction
of a Hweot. low-toned voice.
Showasoducatodin tho public schools
of this city and graduated at 10 from
tho high school with honor. In tho
same class was lioraco S. Oakloy, of tho
I law firm of Ball, Wood & Oakloy; the
! woll known lawvor, Josoph W. Errant,
ond Dr. Mary Miser. Sho is particularly
proQciout in Fronch, German und
I wusic. _
Specimen Caaes.
8. TT. Clifford^ Nc\v Casselj Wis., was
troubled Willi neuralgia aiiu ivuuuuiutifiin,
his Stomach was disordered, his
Liver waa ufTeeted to un alarming de|
gree, appetite fell away, and ho was terribly
reduced in flesh, and strength,
l'lireo bottles of Electric Bitters cured
i him.
Kdward Shepherd, Ilnrrisburg, 111.,
had a running soro on his lec ot eight
venra' standing. Used three bottled of
1 Electric Bitters and seven boxes of
liueklen's Arnica Salve, and his leg io
pound and well. John Speaker, Catawba,
Ohio, had Jive largo Fever sores on nis
leg, doctors said ho was incurablc. Ono
bottlo Electric Bitters and ono box Bucki
Ion's Arnica Salve cured him entirely.
Sold by Logan Drug Co. 3
[ Constant coughing will, if noglectod,
inllamo tho ontiro mucous mombrnno
liuinffthoairpassageto tliolunirs. Cubeb
I Cough Cure ia the only remedy to be
I relied upon to jjive quick relief aad
nlioy inflammation. It is soothing in
ita ellcct; is inoit pleasant and ugreoa|
bio to tako; children liko iu
Sold by Alex T. Youoir, John Klari,
Wheeling, and Bowio & Co., Bridiroi
port, Ohio.
When Baby wm tick, wo her CMtorla.
| When fOio waa n Child, she criod for Castorla.
I Wlion iho becomo MIw, Rbo clunj* to CoKtoria.
When sho had Childroc, oho gavo thorn Castoria.
linemen'* Arnica Salvo.
I Tim boat salve in tho world for cats,
I brtiiao9, sores, ulcers, unit rhetitn. fovor
fiorcp, tettor, chnppod hands, chilblains,
I corns, and all skin eruptions, and poaij
lively cure9 pilus, or no pay requirod.
It it) iruaranteod to j?ive perfect
lion or money refunded. Prico 25
con Is per box. For buIo by Logan Drug
Join the Mntnnl fttccuUtlvc Syndicate.
Not dividends to moiubor* sltieo Juti. \l ihdi.
J/n?. 15,.? m pcrcoui.|Mnr 13..... 7 pur c?nt
hvk 1.....I0 " Juno 1 30
Poti. 15 .... C " June 15 12 '
March 1?... " Juno !W IJ M
MHr.-li li... H ' Julr 10 14 "
A|>tll 1-.. ? " July I M
April 1V..J5 " August 16 7
Mny 1...J1
Total. - - - - 155 por cont.
Monthly Avoraqo, 20?a "
Monitors aro H<lmltt??<l dully by dcnotlilnK
from f.noi to li.iwi tor liivoituu'iit In cnro*
(ill nyrulinito operation*. Addruu comniuuloalloii*
nnil roialtfaiurM to
407 Woml St., Pittsburgh, PuM
Or DKLANICY it CO., llaukora and Brokers,
117,118 Ulalto, (Board olTrade Annox). Chlrnjia
FIN.i.SCK 4X1) TttAilH
I Th? Vnturn ?t t??? Xn?; M<1 Stock
N ?w Yoiut. A iurut 2T.?MaMr on e*U e*?y at
1 per cent; i?m liwa 1 percent; riuved at 1 t*r
crot. Prime m?fv*ntfi? taper ?** c*uU
fetcrlluf r(change rtnli at #4 fUyi sliver
certificate* 0;>.a the lout MM Of
t<??ka kt-oaj wo<? ?u*rv?.
1bUw?a au ?t~uiuc (Uy uu the flock excbnnre.
t>y rvwu of the ?i*cal*Uoa in tbe
?u>ck of tb? biMillwf ?u>] C*ule Krwtjsu: Com!<??)'
It WM?rrn?rsMr understood ?( u?e cloae
o| ou Mi unity tbai Uie fuua? trouired
to Uke ?io compauy'a apulU out ot U>u?l u*-l
txvu jiraaictlijr ?M>uie<i. *ud that lmprwton
KeVasled al siie oientug of Uu?Ibr?a tbi. laorut
Tbcrewa* cou??tucufJy * bruk demand
for the cumiwuy't ?jck. wb'ch aold up to
on tbe opetiluj; dealing*. * c*'a of - per
f*ut uo Saturday'? eloaing. Very *x>n, however,
came report* of bitch lu the loan ne|a'Uttuu?
cud. on tiie auiiountfoneat by Kuwll tfcge that
they bad MUen utrougb. u br*?tc V> 1>':*
was made. Tbe lru?t i>cup!e thomvlVM. bowever.
rvfuacd to ?pc?k ou tb? tubjee*. ?ud
ttadrricame Into the market t ' buy at tbe doclluc,
aeuding tbe ptlcu up to PurrbaKi
to cover abort con:rarta caUMnl a teCovery
in the dual deuiltif?of I'* per cent. the
la?t aaic beiiik' made at. figure only S per ceut
below SatiirUay'a dual price. HprcuUtion in
Sugar wu (airly active, but omewbtt SevcrUb.
? ?. mArmnnm.ll */. i?r mut *U <]UJ> kly lOkt
un?i a decline of r.!; pei ceUl was "ffwifd on tho
sate of a big block of tlicnock ft* ih* purpose oi
takltui iitutlw. *bea tUq transaction* were
completed the slock tnovtnl up IJiper cmt to
1U. with a ?ubMi|UtfUt r*?ctlou oti, per cent.
Little wasdonu Iu the otoer industrial ?ban*
Tbe movement r.*s-j'ted In an advaure of 1?> lu
National starch. % lu chicnitu Cms, l}41n Claw*
era! Electrie au<l -Vi pw Ceut lu Laclede lias
preferred. Toboeeo aold up 2 |?or ccnt iu th?
morning to 107, dropped to 103. r*ii1ed to lift and
closed at lot. a u?t loa* of I per coot. Lead preferred
iccoidcd a decline of % pe. ciut In the
railway list the trading wa?Kenerully fitm. Mo#t
of the shares dealt f*i appreciated in value, aud
at the dose e firm u>ue prevailed at.d .a general
advance was eatablislieu. ranting Irom
jvr cwnu The boud market wu unsettled durI
UK the day. but tlitf nwln tendency wa? toward
higher prices. Tuo transactions were large,
aggregating tt.3UI^<u.
( overmnent bonds strong.
State bondi dull.
Railroad boud* firm.'
BQMOI A.K0 8 roc It WOOrATtOMWXOlCD aio.
U. 8.&s reg .*.....114** National Cordaro- joyi
U. 8.6s coup ^.IIHM Nat. Cord, pref'd... 31
U. b. 41 reg...lHS'New Joney Osat?115
U. ri. 4?coup~.....~.ll4% Norfolk ?k West. p'd 'AS
U. &ttreR..MM .. V7 Northern Pacific.... 6%
Pacific 6< of '5>i 101 I do preferred ...... I9JS
Atchison .......... tf%;Norlhwe?l?rn 107S
Adams Express S4H do preferred
American Kxpross-lli New York CentrtLKKk
lialtlmnro.k onio.M 74* N. Y. ?L New Kng... 27 W
Canada Southern... 52^ Oregon I in pro re t- ir??%
Central J'aclflc - l.ff4 Oregon Nav 18
Cbesupeake & Ulilu SIJ-. Pacific Mail 1?^
Chicagotfc Alton....|4o PJttxbiirgn ...?150 ,
Chi. litir. <fc Quincy 79^ Heading .. 21JCblcagoda*
.....? 77 Richmond Term.,M wi
C.. C. C. <? Ht. L 36 I do preferred....... 2Jl4
Col. Coal A Iron 8% (took island (&K
Cottou Oil Certitlc.. JW>? ot Paul to!*
Del Jt Hud ?....J# do p referred...121
Del.. Lack. 1 Wt*Ll67 at. Paul Jt Ouialia. 39
Den. <fc It. O. prefMPiM do preferred 1I4tf
pist. St Cattle Food 19% ^ugar KofJnerf 112
Erie ~ JfH> Teuu. Coal Jt Iron. 19!?
do preferred - Texas Pacific IOJ4
Illinois Central 91 Tol. ?tO. Con. pref. 7;?
K?n. &Tex. pref'd 'it iCnlou Pacific UK
Lake Krio A Wost.^ l?*< U. B. Exprw< 52
. do proforr?L. 70 \V., SL L. Jt P ? 7K
Lakerfhore ^....I36k dopreferrod l(i)i
I^cad Trust. 43V? Wolls Fargo Kx 115
Loul?\iJIOit Naib.. W Wcitcrn Uuiou 89)4
Michigan Central 9J Wheclliur ?t L. E.... 13
Missouri Pacific 8VK do preferred, 45
Nashville ?t Cbatt. 63 aenentl Electric...- \i\i
ItrAadatufT and Provlaloaa.
CiflCAOo. AtiRUjtt 27.~Wheat^vra? inclined to
DO nrut lounv, uui was mm niw n? .
the hard ipoU ?ml dosed Ho lo^'f for lumber.
Cum cluMiJ Uo lower for May "a41 *CP*
totnber, ?n'l osts Hushed lower.
Provision* closed with slight gains.
Flour steady ana unchanged. _ ?
Wheat?uuh No. w;iar?.V<p; No. 3l?prlng
nominal; No. 2 red .VPjaUc; Angcst WJ?*3I v1
me: September l>ecembor
67g?T?7H?W?7^57W-: May
Cous?Cash So. 2. W^c; August ^7/,t
September otato)?*U#4c;.October
MOAn&&i?'N242. 29S?30OJ NO 2 white *.??<#
aiWc;No.? while HISattUe; August
.Oj?c: September 2y>J0tt3UV.it?;^J0c; May M-/?
2. WXc.
1URI.F.Y-No. 64%ftM)?c.
yi.*XMU3>?So. 1.1\ lit 2S.
Tinutiit agio?I'rlmo ? ooitf 10
Miw I'okk?Cash m ? ? no: September
9IS 57J<a18 fioais 57>,s January fl3Ma|X7oal3tt!V.
I.ari??Cssn |7 fcfk; SoptemlKsr 57 77JU7 'JO*
7 ??: October 17 (iitfA7 ?,Sa7 January
S7 C>>&i7 70a7 6-V
Short IttPt-Cosh sides $7 45a?M; September
?7 4'^ia7WM7 4-"<: October J7 4<M7 4iKa. 40; Jatiwary
*7 ft*" 0."x\7 02*4; dry salted shoulders 40 00
uC 70: sbo:t clear sides f7 7Un7 ?i.
Whisky?Distiller*' tlulshed goods SI tt
Sim r.m-Unchanged.
litmrcK?Market steady; creatnot7 14a23Xc;
dairy llta'JOc.
Knott-Steady at 13}$at4?ic.
N'kw YoiiK. August 27.?Flour. receipt* 30.000
barrels; eiport* 16.000 barrels: MlenJ^.ooO package*;
market steady, buyers tuklnjt winter
straights chlellv. Wheat. receipts .ztt.000 babuls:
exixiru 211,000 bushels: sales 4,283.000 bushels
of futures and S27.OJ0 bushels of spot: spot
market lower; options ntieued firm and clow
heavy at Vji uet decline: No. 2 red May closed at
W/tc; August closed at M'/ic: September closed
ut &tfccc; october closetf at WJa: December
closed at CI*(fi. Corn, receipts 5I.OJO bushels; exports
l.tWO bushels: sales U'i.OuO bushels ot Intares
aud 48,000 bushels of spot: spot market
r.ulet but firmer: uptiuus opened unlet and
htc/ulr. closing at not adwuico; May closed
nt M?{c; August closod at C2!^c; September
cloictl nt etc: October cloned at Ottvjo; iJeeember
clo?ed at 6'3ia OaU. receipis 8?UX)U UusIiot?;
sales 75.000 bnshela of futures and *ji?y.0"0 bushel*
of snot; spot market weaker and tuoro active;
options steady. closing al Wc net decline: May
c'oied at ."Wc: Auuust clo?cd nt St?ptomber
closed at 8$mo;October cloiwlut :H*vc; November
closed at :iHfm: December closed ut MQifi. Hay
dull. Hop* uull. Hides quiet. leather quiet,
ltetff steady. Cut meats dull. Lard linn; westcm
steam closod at 17*4 refined tirui. Pork
ilrra. lJuttersteadv; state datrv H*22)??. Cheese
tinner. Kggs steady; statu and Pennsylvania ISj.
Tallow nominal. lloiln linn. 'i'ntpcntlne dull.
Hlro firm. Molassos quiet. roftce. options miclumped
at 10 polui.i decline: spot coffee. Ida
steady. Sugar, row, tlrm ut j^c; rcllued active
anil firm.
PJtiLADKi.riiu, August 27.?Flour weak.
Wheat closed weak; Nines 6,000 hurtle.*; So. 2 red
In export elevator at 57c; No. 2 red August 56)?a
Wic; ?eploml?er uCfyMJic; October 07liab74ic:
Nov ember SlpajU'/ic. Corp atruug and
prices advanced lc; sales 1,000 busJieis; No
'J high mixed elovutor iMe; No. 2 mixed August
til.V'-.V; tfcptombor tiiaG.'c: October tilawc.
Out*. IltfUt ?ir>ots declined \<x, under fico o?erlugs;
.So. 2 wblto August 25ka."tfc; September
.V^aHCUe; Octot?er November 37?{a
toy*c. flutter unchanged. choice ttccK
sciirco: fresh near by Ibc.
CINCINNATI. O.. August 27.?Fiour steady;
Ittiiev 52 25a2 40: family S2(Wo2 10. Wheat In
pM)d demand; No. :'I rod 51c: receipts 3.0(W
bushels: shipment* 7,500 bushels. Corn strong
No. - mixed 57?57)>c. Onti vrcafcei; No. 2
mixed StaMIHc. Kve.diill; No. 2, 45c. Pork In
Jitfbt demand at $14 tK). Lard in good demand
ntt7 75a78?. Hulk meat* iu ':giit deaiaud and
higher ut $7 ?!> Uaeou tlrm ?u IS 75. Whisky
in good demaud atSI&t. Dutter ?fadj. Suuar
Mc.t lv. K|tgs slow and steady at UJjc. Chsew
Toi.kik), O., August 27,?Wheat aellvo and
lower; No. 'J cash and August 5'HJic; September
.VtHaMe; December 57e. Corn dull; No. 2
white 50c. Oats dull mid steady; No. 2 mixed
sua: So. 2 white 33c; No. 3 wliltcal Vs. Krudnil;
cosh -iSc bid. Clovoftecd active njid steadier,
prltno cash and Hvpteuiber 55 35)$; Octobcr
*j 3>; November V> 40.
i.iv? Stock.
East Linr.rrrv, Pa.. August 27.?Cattle, rocelpts
fair, about 112 cam on sale: few ttood ,ir
prime cutilu on sule; prime fl Coa4 Cm; good
lilt cow* aud heifers S'i 4t'a110. Hogs, receipts
light: Philadelphia V*W?<*00; common to !?tlr
Yorkers $"? 40u5 tie; idgs 85 00ii5 :t). Hieep. supplv
litrht. about -") cars on sale; extra 'Ji'ai hu;
fair jl 50jI 7o; common 50caSl0J; lambs 82 20a
i uo.
CINCINNATI. AURU*t27.?Hogs lu good demand
nml Mcadjr ill ?l 2-JHfl 00: receipts 3,WW head;
uliipnicnu 1,000 head
Ilry tiuwU.
Nr.w YonK. Aiumst'.'?.?There wnsn very good
renewal of tl;o demand of lost w-?k, nt openltiR
dI the ilny. tb.it liicreaM.il ttendlly UiwukIioui
and Rtive thu market u Rood dcRreo ul activity
uinl returned a luryo total o/fillet. From trnvelftii;
salesmen ami from principals direct there
wasn veryROod quota of orders, mid tbu engagements
reached in tills wl?i uvre largely
enhanced by those in the hnttd* ol Tivideiii
aiceiitsof the out of town house*. TIio demand
iv a* irfiicrnll v lor nil klnda of goods, with printed
calicoes In the lead. Akoiii* have advanced tlx?
price uf kid cambrics atid solid prints ntid
American Inn:* Jiv. friiit Cloth* are atroug at
flnC bid and declined.
Oil rnv, J'*.. August '27.?Opened nt Rfl'jc;
highest sic: lowest ?"Jfic: closed at Mc: -me*
1.?0 barrels; shipments ifio. 751 barrels; rum IOC,.
<fiii barrel*.
NjsW York, August 27.?Uetroleum stendy;
Pennsylvania oil, sule* none; Heplemhur option,
tale* none; closed ut HO^cj l.imn oil. yules nouo.
Pirrxs mill. I'a.. A ii mi it '_'7.?Opcnod at 8<)%c;
Closed at803ic; hlghwtMlc: lowo?t8Jj.c; UO kales.
NKW. York. August27.?fig Iron dulL Copper
JuluL Lead strong. Tin very firm; atralghts
IV W nuked.
Ngw \orr. August 217.?Wool steady.
Children Cry for
| Pitcher's Castoria.
a Wheeling, W. Va.,
SKIT. 3, 4, 0. II nnil 7, 1804.
Grander nod Greater than over. Two Ira Trotting.
i'Mlug uud Ktinnloi; ftart*. one Sine e.
l*oiiblu. Trml'i and (jiindruplo Parachute l.c*t??
from Ouu lJalloou l?y n Lady. Uuniitmian and
Two I)up*. LitrKf und lluo orhlblt of Llva Stock.
Agricultural Implement*. Kiiriii Product*. I'iauu.
Piowet*. Prulu nud uumerom special attractions.
Kxcurxlon ?? " on ill railway
h'lh^'d untrii*? c1oh> August T>. Llvu Block entries
close Auv'tut fW.
Addrou SvcrcUrv lor Premium Lift, eta '
OKOKOK HOOK, Secretary.
A. KF.VMAsy. PreMdent. )n.<?
0. Lamb. Praaidest Jo*. HRVBor.n. tXublcr.
J. A. JxrrEU<<oy. Amiitaut Casblor.
Bank of Wheeling! =
CAPITAL $200,000, PAID IX.
II. M. Harper. Joseph F. IMnlL
Jaiues Cuuitalm, Henry Webenwn,
A. Rortuaun, Jo?oiin boy bold.
GlUon Lamb.
Intercut paid on apodal depwita.
Issue* draluon Eugland. Ireland andSAtland.
tayll JOaEI'll HKYHOI.H- C*ihlcr. .
CAPITA! -3300.000.
J. N. Vance .^.-PreMdent.
John Fhew^...^ ^Vlco I'waldont
J. N. Van CO. Gonroi E StlfeL
J, M. lirotfiL William Klllnghaai
John Frew. A. W. Kollajr.
JoUu Waturhoaws. W. E, Siona
W. II. Frank.
DrafU Inuod on England. Iroland Scotland
and all poinu in Euroi>o.
JOII.VJ. JON'KS. Ca'hlor.
Wiujam A. Ikctt...mmm~ - -..PrciMent.
Wii.UAM It Himwo* ..Vlro-Preildmit.
Draftt on England. Ireland, Franco auu Gorman/.
William A. Isott. Mortimer Polloet:
J. A. Mlllor. William It Simpson.
E M. Atkltnoa. Joliu YL ftolWord.
Henry Spcjor. Victor Kownbni*
IL Forbe*.
jnl J. A. MILLER <Vhi?-. ,
Wlieellna & Elm, Grove Railroad. 1
On and after Friday. April 'JO. 1891. train* will
run na follow*, city tfmo:
Tr'n T'mciTr'n TmtiiTr'n. TtnolTrn Tmo
a. in. p.m. a-m. p.m.
No. Na 20...3:0) No. Na 19....T0J /
No. -l?...::OaNo. 2J...<:<W No. 3... TKWiNa *;i...<KW
No. C?AOOlNo. 21.mV00|No. 5... 8:01) No. 2n...5:lX) 1
I Na 8-...fc00 Na 2G...WJ0 Na 7.^19:00 Na J5UMW
No. lO.lttOOiNo. iU...7.-00 No. 9_Ph<*? No. 27...7.-0U
Na 12.11.*00jNa 3U...8:00 Na 1U1W0 No. -J9 ..&UJ
p. m.|No. &J...9:!W| p. m |Na al...9:IO
No. Hf 12:00 No. 34.11:00 >'0. 13.12:00 Sft a.i..iu:iu
No. 3C?.1:00 Na !5...1:0O
Na 13-2:00 No. I7...&W
I "~t"ailr, except Sunday. (
! .Sunday chnrrh tralus will lo/ivo Elm Grovo at
feci a. m. and Wheeling nt 12:17 p. m. ,
Trains No. & o. H and 20 conuoct with hurdle
lino for Trladelphlo. Hurdle leave* Trladelpbla 1
I lorKlmtitovoai5-.:?a. m.. 7:30 a m? 12:33 a. m.
and 0:10 p. m. Dully, exccpt Sunday's and Saturd.iv's
herdlc. will conuoct with train Na 31. /
leaving Whcollntc at 11:00 p. in.
Sunday's horulc leave* Trlndolphln at 9:00
n. in.. 12:00 a. in.. r?:.T0 p in. and connects with ,
iraliiH Na 8.24 and 20 /roin Wheeling.
H. K WK1SUKK11EK. (?en. Manager.
?Pennsylvania Stations. i
^nnsylvania Lines.
Train* Run by Central Time.
rimrr Orricwt at 1'rncwvavAKtA HTATIOM oj 1
WATRH ST.. FOOT or Ei.nvRimi ST., Wiirriixo,
f^o^TlJTrrJ^ ^!vrrTM- , PAV H?*m.R ItnuTK-"
?DAit.r. tDA.ii.v- Kxoarr Sundat.
Wellsburgaud SJignbonvllla. |6:.l5 ara |C: lo pui
McDotmiu and Pittsburgh ... fthttaui 1ii:10prn i
New Cumberland ... C;&1am lu::t5 atn
JndlanapoihaudSt. Louis... t:i:J5am tj:10 pm i
Columbus and Cincinnati.. .. auj o:io ptn
Wellsburg and dioubeuvllla j?J:Main 0:10 pm J
Philadelphia and Now Yorfcti2:25 pui 2.25 pm
Hionbenvllioand Pittshurghfl2:2* pm :-.s> pm
Columhusaud Chicago tl2:!5 pm J:J5 pm
Philadelphia and Now York eJ:j3 pm 0 i):*S am ,
ilMltiiitoro ami Washington. ?2:jj p:n *lt/?-Uain
Steubeuvllleand Pittsburgh J:V5 pm *W;35 um ,
Sieubunvllleand DounUoiu pin w10.:ti uni '
ludlanupolls and St. toulv. tt:<Wpia W:12am ,
Laytou and Cincinnati }S:0J pm |0:12 am '
ttteubcnvilloand Columbus. t^'U pm ffl:12a:n
Nortnwe?iri>*tom?Clove. ?fc Pitt*. Diviiioa
Trains run dally, otcapt Suudu/, at fulbi.vi:
Hun iiitiiH?i:i'oitr ro I.kavk. aiiiuvk. ,
Ft. Wayne and Chicago 6:08 ?m 4;f?s pm 1
Canton and Toledo ~.5:0Satu 4:5Hpm
Alllouco and Ciovoland.A.-0S am 4:'?3 pm ,
Kveutoenvllleaud Pittsburgh.* 5:(Mam 8:15 ma
UteiibfntlllOR.id Pittsburgh... 10:01 am !?:4l am
Ft- Way no .4 Chicago ... 1:10 pm 8:15 pro i
Canton and Toledo ... - 1:10 pm i:W pm
Alliance and Cioveland.- .. 1:10 pm 1M0 pm
Htsubenvlllfl and Welliviba.... 1:10 pm 7:.V* nm '
Phlladoltihliiittid Now York.... 2:41 pm 8:15 pm ,
llaltlmoro and Washington.,.. 2:11 pin 4:\Hpm
ttteubonvllle and Pittsburgh.- 2:44 pm 4:5Spin
Bteubwnvllta ?fc WellwrlUe 6:1:1 um 7:5s am
Wheellno Brldue & Terminal Ry.
C. O. HItKWBTKU Receiver.
Time Table No 13. to tnko oTixjt \ a, to., ;
Hundav November If 1HJ5.
Leave Wheeling?f9:la, jii:n a m.,t2:M, .
"1:15,14: W. 19:00 p. ra. i
Leave PeuUwula-t8:06, < ?. 1(1: W a. I
3:21. f l:;bi. |9:00 j?. in.
I^iave Martin s Ferry?f8:12, t9:57. |tl:52 a. in., i
12:3.*. '3:27. fl:42. |W:I2.
A rrivo Terminal J unction?'18:17. flOniJ, J11:>1 ,
a in.. t2:3H. p. m.
Ixvjvo Toriniiiai Junction?f7:4!. j0:00. a. m., i
l'i:40. it. Ok. >i:W. f4;UV f5.il. fs.ti p. tn.
Leave Marl in's Ferry?|7:2S, |'J:07 u.ui., "12:11, ,
14.es. 1t:lu, f?:19. tH:62tv m.
U?avePsnln?iila-t7-W.JJ:l4am..*(2:51, 11:11.
t4:17, f5:/?. fHi.vs p. m. ,
Arrive Wlteeilng?(7:10, 19:20 a. ia, *12:97, 1
14:17. fl:25. t9:U???. in. '
l)Rlljr. tDaijjr ox cop; a,n ml ay. ^Snnda /s only.
Aiivnuiuniii ? "" ?~
J.K, T.MWIO. suiKirnitoiiilooL ,
Has a Tliorouohly Equipped Job
Printing omce.
A SDecialtv.
Antral *ti ( .1#:?4rtnr- ? ft ?'? *. i <*r
l?y :: ??. K\>J * ????
I *.-k? tl*' > Nivkl'i'l"1 t . :'J . !*< *
> J'.rU. tH.UCUtCIKII l^; f>UT? U? U.?, -N..i
dtt - iu4tr I T,in>%
l>Kr?ri llMo.lSK - 4?i.i Uu '! ' vk .1 r.
U *' ?.! w ,.!) X Hilt I'.I.I v S V I* . ?.a
tea I k>LT\Vu?J. !li.u Pall VNY
' t? ?ta ? iint?-rUu.! Aqbui v-J fa
t \><4 ....... %<*??*.. 11? 1 **a
? *i) asal t.*' ?*
U:t'? uij. . M<-u?>>Uvili" A ? -?ui i* I ftsn
t >0 pnv lu'ltiil ? AcrwtU ...-I *' ? l?n?
lu jupa M" lu.itvlllr Ao*?m ;? > i?tn
?>'? ?fi ... f ".!?? ;>a
FTrTwr m v<? K it -r""?Vi>tr \Ve?rf *k
t' ?tn' K.?r t\ili;>. l?a? ?.i>l . bl-u*"{ t.* . nn?
Ufcju an.i '" il'iiu' n- n -J I'iitp n:i?H ' t j?-u
?> ] ?>' r.imin^u* . imiaU t? Vi am
1? 1 i r:i'|< an 1? til K<j? ' *> i? am
pm| Nrw..li. ..... II::% ?!U
a;,i t"l?!r?*tiii' A >?m 'IT u u
* m t"? -t. QIIIM i : *>< .M ? n?
llKTAUl lluaTui \\ I* ,V~|Y .'l?. Al l" >
t?i*i am;l'in?lM.rvu. t v i am
t? v am r.?t?b tr.u ??iu
iVH j?m| .. I'ttntiiircb an I Ka?t illl'js t?in
l.? pin Iltoourvu I t*5-0J
piUi_Wa?hlngU?ri '? .uvom. ? 4a? *
|:? V> y?m I'lttajnirvh ..... i?' ; am
t'?? ABt. f i'.. i' X *r 1. lit, ; ?i.r.ivu~*
'*I> am ....... .Vltuliurv^- - ? ' 11 l m
*C Vi gin <-|i-nlwurll1ca'i 1 WiMt 1 1 i?a?
I "*? i??u .IMtatmrvh ati'1 N?'w Y-wic. j ia
f.v.M put, ,l'itul?urKl> Now York. M. ? a
i wu?r I
* mll'o.r.ai ('In .? I <( ' tin
"M?i |?iu K*pn>M i'in hi ! >t 'j>.n
'] it j.uj': :*."u<ub attUfblou*". - I'tn
t ; v, p"i l'liul>iin:h ^n.I l)?'inn?<ia M . am
i?tr*ni | r x I*, h H i AI4.IVJ- * - i
*?'Os aiol Fort Wayue miilVhliMjit... I ' l"Q
air .i nutun mil T?ili-?lt? i?m
?V<i? b'i. . Alllnnri* mi<J Cli'vo mi l ".?!'? p.tt
**Y> pin
'11 <u tuMi'iibuovilU.-niiJ i'ilt?burvU Pfcll mn
*.':M pm. Fori Waytiu nnJ <*ln? I * ?.V* pin
-:!?? |>m I'liiitun mill Tolinju . o piu
.MO |.iu. . Allluiicu mul riov.-imitl *i:U pui
ptiijSiiMiticnvUlo mi<l WVlUvllU' " : inn
3:41 pt>i|l'titlfi<lui|ia:u and NVwYork '. V ptn
ill pniilbtllliiMri' nu I Wilhlofluu < pm
3:11 plu!st^ilt*0tITlll0 NUd i'lllltiiirvll p!U
7:13 j.in; Sh"ib uv i'.f \ nm
DKfAltV. I W. A L V liV. ! 4MB1V*
am Mh*?|II->u T?tle>K? mi l W'W : > pin
"Jl'i mU) ?'nti:oti Akrw:i X < '?voUu?l y ptn
Vt5 ?ui Wlnvttue niul "ivalv ' pm
1:10 piu' Miuitlloii mi'l t'.iniott.. ito'iain
N <" pm Whi'i'lmi; ft 11 1 SU'uIh ti villi* Hi" am
pwakt. | 1. A Wl-DiuiHiintiir Y VmuviLT* . ;
aut flcvvlmid Tn|iil>i?k( hiPW?' pm
? ;:? pm v.Icvclind.Toledo A t'h!cn<o, p:u
pta Maitlllon Ai^cum j |i):V? am
*:I7 mu 8i. CinlrHVlili* Accorn | .'?> mu
'10:.'8 am! 81. <"lulr?rille Aivom .. ?l pm
ftlb pui) St CialmviUo Accnui. ...j *? <> l?tn
.V.TO pm! ..St. ( lalrnvlllo A?tou?-..-.i 7.-a!? piu
1 :.*JH pui l.*H-d! KrclRhL.,^ I !" win
17;.*o ?m ..?.M.PuHitiit?r mo v> ?m
2:15 pm .. hiwuRi-r. I *1.01 pin
tl:S0 pai ?..rn??emitr. ! pm
Lltvc J?, Z. 6i C. fiAlLKOAD. II arjUVK.
ir.t.t.me I Ri.i.iAsr.e
JMU nm ...Bollaln*and Zntiwllla.... a:.M nm
l.t>? pin Wo ' Ullul'L I ft.l'i Alii
riie Cleveland, Lorain & Whoeling R. B.
Via. Eljrrla and tho J/iko Stioni Routa.
Jmr P. 1891
bTATION*. VZ | 'J I j 30 3^"
Con tr?il Time. p. in.ju. iu. u. in. p m.
Lr. Whi'oliiitf " i'l o lo li 10
ItellAire 3 IV.. r. i?o i: w
Mnrtln'n Korrjr...... 3 ii. f. jo J.' li)
Hrl.JRPport ?. 3 4' C .VVISD
Kliiihliu I '?l 7 :u l jj
Krwf>ort ft ?? 7 :?i i 51
I'lirU-hivlili!. c w : x > 2 ao .!
SuW I'lillii'lelpblft. C .0 cut1 H l ?
Canal Uovur^ c -7 c o<i ? '2 A?
Maul! ion 7 i:? r. y? y u a ?
WnrwlcL 7 10 (U I US
SIitIIiik 7 !"?, 10 .11 I Ui
MoJina 8?wiinn bo?
Kniftou ft <0 11 '."J r, M
KJyrJa 9 10 U 6) 5 M
i p. m
fcr. j-ornln 0 ?'? 1-' 10 a 19
I'JvVeluiid 10 (Wj 12 i-'i fl ?
SanrliiHkjr?- 1 67, 1:37 ....
Korwulk I a lit s ft7
Toledo ;i j-?! a ;o io ;??
Deirolt o a) 6 'jo
i i
ehlcflRo? o JO i? JO 7 s>
Buffalo 0 40, 5 40 3 29
a. tn n. id. p, in. , .
Albanr......^ j ,V): 2 tt) 1 C>\
New York ... 7 0> 7 Oo 7 (tf
lloMon... 10 M IMA V2*?
Akron k out 'J ;tf>
?On PuucJny TihIu No. will ruu from Uh'Irliivllloonly.
For lime card. rnto of faro and further Inlornation
reiwrdlnBoiirirulnN. apply to tiny C., L.
fe W. ticket agent. or G K. Ik-lknap. TruTcllng
I'auongcr ARent. Miuilllou. V.
Ocn'l Freight and Pass. Agont. Cloreland. 0.
/QjrRwin&tk Ivpartiiroand arrlral of
l4yQyty4 train* at Wintering. Ka?ttlnie.^
.-elioUulo io cfKev?er
K*prew. 9:T? a. tn.. dally.
Cumberland Accommodation j a. m., dally
jxwpt Sunday.
limftivn A<vomrooda<lo?. WW p. m..<V\lly.
Moutitlnville Accommodation. <:jOnnd 11:15 .
m.. and6:10 n. in., except Sunday, uud UhJ) p. in.
Saturday only.
From Now York, Philadelphia and Baltimore,
fcl-la. in., dally.
Keyner Kxpreu. 6:09 p. in., dally.
Cumberland Accommodation, 8:10 p. nt.ex*
jopt Sunduy. . ,
(irnfton Accommodation. 10:fWa. m. dally.
Moundxvlllo Acommndntlnn, 7:10 n in.. ox?
sept Sundav; PhOO o. in., dully, and 1:20, S:i0 U.
in., except Sunday, and 10:10 p.m. Savuniuy only.
For Columbus aud Chicago, 7:30 and 11J p. m.,
nifcinibtu and Cincinnati Express. 10:2) a. m.?
ind 11:35 p. iii.. dally.
Newark Accommodation, S:30 p. m.. dally, ex*
sent Sunday. ? _ .
St. Clalrsville Accommodation, 10:J9 a. m. and
WOp. m., except Sundny.
!. ??>?? ftX't ? ?ti mul in- ISit. in. (lullr.
cTudnMtl 'liiprou. TiiTa. in" and fc* P- ui^Newark
Accommodation. ll:5in. in.. dally. **
ClainvMe Accommodation. llitf a. in. *od ^
>:2i p. m.. dolly, uxcopt Sunday.
Vm Mtt?Uunsh.M"0 Hti'.lT:*>? a. ui..dally; t:M
n. in., dull v. eKwptSunilay.on-} p J0"*?!!?;
For I'lt^liurgli wild tin- oust. o ni^W??bl"K^'n
Accommoilfltiou. 5:03 p. in., dally.
"*11iV*bun;l?ailxpress. 830 p. in., Sunday onl/.
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From l'ltUlbunjIi. l":l& 'i*tn. nnil p.ni..ll:~l
/nu.lMly nud lfcHft ui.. ?*ecpt Suudaf. and
^\Vn^hu/i*ion'Aeban?modatioa.S:10 a. m., dally.
;xccpt riuuday. __ ?
On and attur Stiuday. J Uiio :t. 1SJI. I'aMJU?0f
rraln<wlU run m lollowv. MDai\f. 1 Doily Ex*
jvj.t Sunday. Central tlmo.
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tiihrttn. . V>1 ?, ...j i? 17 ?
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iuvnudotie .. | . iVll ?.
Huntington jfWtj 1 M | |t M
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Sew MnrtlmvUla I ]?|? ??;?! $ > '
tutcmlile ]'} W. ' * ? <?
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Itirkrnbiint $ * 2 ^ Tkjilovllle,....
I *' { 1; * * * '
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;alll|M](j '-j I- ' '' -'
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I. u. 11. x. r. *. 1
.An. .. v . .v . ... /?>.- iit: . - /.

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