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about buying Clothing, also about marking
it at prices that make it sell. Try us
and see if we don't do all we say. We are
going to keep up our reputation for selling
LEAST MONEY. We are the people to
sell you ANYTHING you want in wearing
apparel. We have the best Shirts, the
best Underwear and the best all-around
stock of Furnishings in theeity. WE MAKE
Six Floors. ISetail Department, Main ami Twelfth Sta.
1 it- AMn OTHERS
Attending the Great Exposition this week will
not find any of our Fall and Winter Goods
represented there, bat a few hours spent in
our stores will disclose you ideas in elegant
not to be seen elsewhere in the city. Larger
Variety, Exclusive Patterns, Most Stylish
Weaves, at prices that will sell without further
Persons from outside the city especially invited
to make our store headquarters whtfe in
the city. Ladies' toilet and waiting room for
use of customers and friends.
Geo. e!
Storo open from 7:30 a, m. to 0 p. m., oxcopt Saturday. Packagas
eont diroct to depot. ,
Bargain Bulletin!
MAIN AND TENTH STS., Wheeling, W.Va,
g : z
We have just purchased at Assignee's sale the entire stock o
i of the ROCHESTER CLOTHING CO., and place the same ?
_ on the market for a few days at prices that will move the goods. ?
? Bargain hunters will do well to call early. The following extract o
o from their opening announcement speaks for itself, and we pro- 5
a pose to close the balance of the stock at still lower prices. o
w r 3
1 tat totals Firs Silt !|
| $123,000 Worth of Fine Clothing Saved ?.
5 from the Big Fire at Rochester, N. Y. 3
u j
5 The largest fire that has visited Rochester, N. Y., in years oc- g1
curred in the wholesale clothing district on St. Paul street.. Hun- ?
dreds of thousands of dollars worth of Clothing were destroyed. ^
*5 But S 123,000 worth of Fine Clothing was saved; and to settle ?
c the insurance, the entire stock has been removed to Wheeling, o
5 W. Va., and will be sold for half price or 50 cents on the dollar. g.
u. t *
2 Mon's $4 50 Suila ?o at this salo at $ 2 05 SP
C. A/l/an'o lion's 5 00 and $5 50 Suita at .. 3 87 rt
^ 1V1C11 o Mon's 0 00, H0f)0 and $7 01) Suita at 4 50 ?
- xfnn'a 8 00 and S3 60 Suita at 5 75 p
^ FinP Mon's 0 00 and $10 00 Suits nt 0 w w
. ^ Mob's 11 01) and $11 00 Suits at 7 05 2
. C f Men's 12 00 and $14 00 Suits nt 0 S5 2
2 OUltSi Men's 15 00 and $10 00 Suits at 10 75 "1
2 Mon'a 17 00 and $18 00 Suits nt 12 ?2 ?
Men's 10 00 aud $20 00 Suits at 13 75 ?
^ If you can match those goods for logs than doublo our prico any whoro, &
? you will much obligo us by returning tho samo aud wo will choortully re- ?
^ iund your nionoy. This is as plaiu and fair as wo can uiako it, aud wo ?
1 uicun exuctly what wo say. q
Mon's $1 00 Good Workinc rants at <18 <
o5 Men's 1 25 Pants, splendid valuo, ut U7 J
Mor?'o wen'? 1 00, $1 75 and $200 Pants at $1 13
g iVlci 1 b Men's 3 00 PantH, ojir groat loador.ut 1 :\7 g
C Men's Fine Pants, extra value, ut 1 02 3
n Men's $3 50 and $4 00 Puuts ut 1 05 ?
Mon's 4 50 and $4 75 Punti at 2 02 Q
0 * tlllLo# Mon's 5 (X) and $5 50 l'auts nt ? 2 1)3 c
Mon's 0 00 Pants at 3 37 2
2 Mon's 050 Puuts ut 3 05 n
b p
Acain wo make you tho offer?that is, wo horoby iMiorantoo to refund Qyou
tho money for uuy goods wo soli if not fully Hiitiufactory in nverv eonee P
?'? U10 word, and worth double tho uuiouut of tho price. Thisotiorap- <
'.-lies to our lino of Clothing. O
2. Jloya' 30c Pants co at JO $
rj P/aitc.' Boys' 40c Pants, u groat bargain at 20 P
o uuyb Hoys'50o Panta, big flollnrsnt 35 3
J ^nifc Poys' U'la Pants, oxirn vnltio at 48 0
O ^Ullb Hoys' $140 Suits, a spocial drive at 87 c
* lirtva' 150 Suits ut OS "*
10 00
c ana Hoys' 175aml$2 0Di)roMSultii at _
to Pqnfo Hoys' 2W) Fluo Droni Suits at 102 2
c i ill lib. Hoy#' :?(X) and Si 50 Kino Dihmh Suits at 105 a
*X-._ __ | ^ __ Jloys' 4 00 ami $3 50 Suits at 2 05 w
'I ?|H?tf3wh thundorfoolM aro thoeaiiHo "four WONDKItl'I'L .Hl'n'lXS. ami tlie pultlit)
f-?r full v.iliin tor nrory ?lollur. N ri'.MiItiy m t<? our lmr:{ tliu. uicl Iiiiiim at u nto
prollu are out of tUo inaction Ueild** inttJif other ictrxiiiti* lliul you will huu wliuu vU?
' l' 'Ills ^roatualu. wlilult will coullliuu until linlaucj < >' ni ?.?k u *oltl.
Main and Tenth StrooU, Whuslln*, W. Va.
Of Importance Considered by the
Council Committed.
Itcqoert (or Illffbt ol Way Modified
u HI U Keqnlro Underground
Wire* in lbs Basilica* District.
Street Car Fender Ordinance Postponed?Bicycle
Itestrlctlons Agreed
Lait nlglit tho council committeo on
ordinances met promptly on the dot, oa
to the nour mentioned in tho call, with
all the aovon members who are in the
city prosent. There wore several very
important ordinances to be connidored.
The first one taken up was the ordi
nance already paused requiring oaictj
fenders to bo put on the electric cars.
Representatives of the Wboeling Kailway
Company were present, and represented
that it was by no means settled
which was the bost appliance of this
kind in tho market, and that the time
allowed to put them on bore was too
short for various reasons.
Tho committoo finally agreod to rocotnmend
to council that tho ordinance
bo ausponcied until farther action by
this committee, and that the mayors
court bo notified to this effect. It was
also recomtnendod that thin committco
or a Bub-committeo or other special
committeo bo aent to Pittsburgh to examino
luto tho general subject of
fenders. The company was also reuuestod
to prosecute farther its inquiries
on the subject.
The potition ot tho People's Telephone
and Construction company for
tho right to erect polos and wiros in tho
streots for tho now automatic tolephone
was then taken up. Iieproaontativoa of
the company woro presont to presont
tho auguments in favor of the graut.
xur. uruao, 01 mo cuiuiuiuuu, o^u>c v?
tho dcairability of having tJio wiroa put
under ground in tho buainwsa centre of
town, and using tho alleys whorovor
practicable in othor parts of the city.
Ho said he had cnuutod nineteen polos
inonoaqaaro on tho South Sido. iio
would like to see competition in tele*
phonos, but was opposed to littoriug
up the stroeta with poles.
Hon. J. J. Woods, of tho company,
addressed tho committoe. lie said
those intoroatod belioved thoy could
furnish a superior aorvico and were
quite sure thoy could furniBh telophonoa
ctieapor. To requlro tho now company
to put its wires under ground would bo
practically to defeat the ordinance, becauao
it had not tho mouoy to do ao,
Sinco tho underground ordiuauco was
passed at least one company, tho long
diatauce tolophouo companv, had put
up poles in tho streets, if this ordinanco.
should pass, it was the dosiro
and intention of tho company to begin
work as soon afl possible. Tho ordinance,
he thought, restricted tho pricos
to bo chargod and ali othor featuroa
within very reasonable bounds.
: Mh C. A. Robinson, of tbo committeo,
askod if most of tho stockholders in tho
now company wore West Virginians
and Whoelinif men. Mr. Woods answored
that tho only outsider was Mr.
Charlos Snlden, of iialtimoro, a man of
wido experience, who had chargo of tho
Woatern Union lolegraph Company's
Mr. Robinson recalled tho fact that
two foreign companies had been grantod
tho same right that this home company
was now-asking.
Mr. Alfred uawwoii apoKo on Donnu
of the Doll Tolopbone Company. Iio
said that company hail spoilt a groat
deal of money to free the strooti from
tho grave dangers cuusod by tuo pros*
enco of tho wiroa ovorhoad, dangers so
apparent and rocognized that ho neod
not dwell on thorn. Ono man had boon
killed on tho postotlice corntr. Ho
doubted the superiority of tho nowsystorn;
If it were what was claimed for it
tho 13o!l company would liuvo sought to
control it, or at least thero would bo
peoplo in control of so good a thing who
would havo amnio capital to put the
wires undor ground.
Tho now system, if n success, would
throw many girls and others out of employ
mailt. If it was a success, why had
it not snporiodod tho old system iu
Now York and other large citios? Ho
combated, also, tho claim that the now
systom, admitting everything claimed
in its favor, would cheapen tho sorvico.
On tho contrary it would necessitate
twq different telephones in every largo
business establishment, and so almost
double tho cost of tho eorvice. Expericnco
had already shown that this was
tho inevitable result olsowhoro. Iu
Antwerp tho Bolgian govornmont
licensed threo telephone companios in
tho hope that competition would
chcapon tho sorvico, aud then had to so
to work and compol them to consolidate.
Tho now company expects to make
tho chareo for its sorvico much lower
by securing a cheaper plant, it wautod
to put tho polos aud wires back on tho
Btrootn, although it was not alJegoU tiioro
was not room for another By a to in of
conduits. Tho lone distance lino fuat
had throe polos in tho limits of thn nil*
dorground system, those being from
Tenth etroot to tho bridge. All its other
wiros woro put under ground. Ho did
not ajk tho cotnmittoo not to grant tho
franchise, but ho did prote.it against its
granting tho now company any special
privilege*. In other business no special
favors woro gratityd to one inau or Urru
and not to another.
Mr. Woods respondotl that tho now
company onlv a?kod tho same privilege
tho old ono had unjoyod for years. It
only asked for tho right of way for polos
and wiros for ton yeaia, and it wjm woll
known that the Dell Company had that
right long enough to make enough rovontio
to pay for its improvemontsaudpay
tlividondH besides.
Mr. Caldwell and Mr. Woods arguod
somo timo, and then Mr. <?rn?o moved
thatvtho solicitor bo instructed to draft
an ordiuanco requiring tho now company
to-put itn wires under ground
whorover tho old company had boon
compelled to do so, and to u<o the alleys
whenovor practicitblo in othor parts of
town. This was paspod. Mr. Kobinson
giving tho only dissontinc vote.
Tho resolution calling for an ordi*
nance rogulating tho umo of binyclos on
thoatreetH was thou token up, and diacitBHod
at noma length. It was ilnallv
derided to have an ordinance prepared
forbidding a apeed of ovor ton miles an
hour, requiring a bull or lioru to bo
lined, willt a light aluu at night, and forbidding
tho uue of aidowalku by wheel*
It waa decided i" recommend an
amendment to the ordinance f jrbiddiug
. i.
rrm kit oOeaa 10 No. 1315 Cbipline
| ! ttrm, opp. PmIoo Foanuln
I 1 and western entrance to Coart
f | House. Ground floor. Tele'
phone 5.31.
stalls or booths on the. streets or tidewalks,
exempting di?plav? by result*
merchant* in front of their doore.
An ordinance concerning dry rsalts
wes return'"! to council with ft recom
mendation mat it be sent to the tioaun
committoe, which was already considerins
that subject.
The wide tiro ordinanbe was spun
informally discussed, bat no decision
was reached. Unfavorable action waa
taken on Mr. Milligan's ordinance to
prohibit the ringing of bells, beating of
drums or "any other noisome manner
of advertising, except by persons
1 icon end to do so, and thou the committee
Strati gars to tha City and WhaaltBg Folks
W. C. DeCamp, of Parkersburfc autographed
at the McLure.
Hon. Lorenzo Danford, of St CJairaville,
autographed at the McLure.
Miss Annie L. McCabe, or flow xor*,
is visiting hor sister, Mrs. W. T. Lntz.
Miss Sadio Koborts, of Thirteenth
I stroet, loaves to-duy for New Castle, Pa.,
_to visit her sister.
Robert Young, a Chicago fire hose
salesman, is beroou a business visit and
| figures on tho McLuro register.
Starter T. Wood Martin, of Philadelphia,
who is officiating at tho State Fair
races, is a guest at tho McLuro.
H. M. Sheets,of Grafton, superintend*
ent of tho fourth division of tho Baltimore
& Ohio, is a McLure arrival.
Mr. A. M. Jolly, formerly tnanagor of
tho Whcoling liailway .Company, was
here yesterday, a guest at tho MuLure.
Col, Robert McEldownoy. of Now
Martinsville, the Wetzel county states*
man, is in tho city taking in tho fair,
lie figures on tho Windsor register.
Hon. B. S. McLuro and family havo
roturned from an enstern trip. Thoy
visitud tho family of E. L. Rose, at
Binghampton, N. Y., formerly of this
Mr. Charles P. L'utz, formerly of this
citv. but for tho past twonty years a
resident of Chicago, is visiting at tbo
residences of bia brothora, William T.f
John and George LuU
A. L. Trichord and A. W. Prichard,
of Mannington ; William Lippincott, of
Martinaburg; K. D. Talbott, P. U. Dan*
iola and S. P. Scott, of Beverly, aro
among the West Virginiaua at tbo
D. A. Docrow, of Lockport, general
manager of tbo Holly Water Works
Company, the concern that built tbe
now Wheeling pumping station, was
hero on a bueiuoau visit, a guoat at tbe
General Superintendent C. A. Wilson,
J. li. Tyler, Claim Agent Willard Colo,
A. S. Bulbort and It Wering wore a
party of Wheeling <fc Lako Erio ofliciala
at tbo McLuro yesterday.
I* E. Ilnraley, of Grafton; P. J. McBrido,
of Mannington; J. 11. Molvin, of
Fairmont; Mrs. 0. C. EtiBonbarth and
Mrs. Dr. Lowther, of Now Martinsvillo;
S. E. Kovnolds, of Milton, and 0. A.
Wover, of Martinaburg, aro among tbe
West Virginia people at tbo McLuro,
many of thorn here for tho State Fair.
F. C. Pifer, of Buckhnnnon; George
W. Snyder, of Fairmont; G. W. Sino,
of Middlebourno; E. W. Stewart, of
Siateravino; 13. ISnglo, F. M. Furbeo
and W. A. Furboe, of Middlobourne;
E. 0. Bennett, of Grantavillo; II. W.
Wordon, of David; J. L. Simpson, nf
Luna; taiuuoi naraosiy, 01 jimminc*
ton; A. J. Crooks, of Koysor; J. G. Seymour,
of A moB; and Oscar Jonkins, of
Parkoraburg, are Stamin arrivals.
Misses Alice Parker, Julia Parkor,
Nora Ilnguo tfnd Mamo ltogors, and J.
J. Jenkins, of Fairmont; Z. J. Martin,
of Amos; John It. Ubl, Clydo Uhl and
Georgo J. Ub), of Williamstown; J. II.
Ott, of Rymor; L. S. Neely and 0. F.
Shoaror, of Mannington; J. F. Couaway,
of Faifmont; S. Snoderaas, Ward
Brady, Mrs. A. Carter and Mrs. M.
AHou, of Manninjrton; F. Swootland, of
8istoraville: DanStophens, of Brink; 0.
K. Yatotf, of Adolone; Jacob Koontz, of
Now MnrtinsviPo, aud J. H. Browstor,
of Holly Kivor, aro among tho Woat
Virtrinians at tho Bohler.
? -is?2sl There's no lpngv I
/ wearing clumsy,
jWar^ ' challug Trusses,
which giro only partial relief
AuH at b^et, never cure, but often
rflHgJr inflict great Injury, Inducing
iullammatlon, etrangulatlon
Ay Vln ami dcuth.
^ IL, matter of how ion* standing,
? or of what size, to promptly
and permanently cured without tho knife
ond without pain. Another
Triumph In Con?or?ntl*o Surgery
is tho cure, of
?nPTTMfVRQ Ovarian. Fibroid and other
4 UiMLUlVD, varieties, without tho perils
Of cutting operations.
diseases of the lower bowel, promptly cum!
without puln or rt*ort to tho knifo.
QT^nMl? In tho Bladder, no matter how
D1 UiilJ large, ts cru3hed, pulverized,
and washed out. thus avoiding cutting.
cutting. Abundant Herercnces, and PutnphIctH.
on abovo dlsonfies, sent muled, lu plain envelope.
10 eta. (stamps). Wohlo's Uispknsauy
NuncAt Association, Uutlalo, N. Y.
C.KO. K. STI1KI. A CO.'Sntoro* will clour
Thiirhilny at lSKIO o^look n. m., Ii( order
that mnployes may nttmiil tho htatc Fair.
FINF novn,tv ^r0H9 1'attornB each
r 1 IN u ono dilleront. Popular pricos.
(ina Jf. Snook ? Co.
WE nro tlio only California Wine llaute
in tliw Htnti?. WIiioh from Stir quart up.
r?I Twelfth NtriM't, opp. SInI.uro llouno.
Ohio Htato Fair KxcurnlonR to Colombo*
rln lliilUmorn & Ohio.
Soptombor 3, 4, 5, 0 and 7 tho Baltimore
it Ohio company will soil excursion
tickots, Whoolinu to Col um bin,
Ohio, at ?4 10 for tho round trip, good
to rolurn until tho 6th.
Eybs examined for rIashcs froo of
chanro by Prof. Sh'ufT, tho Optician, 1110
Main Btroot, noxt door to Snook & Co.
N P W Clonics and Capon for Fall and
IN C VV Winter woar at
Geo. M. Snook & Co s
VISITORS (o tlio cllyiiro Invllxil in rnll
nnil jjiit our i?rl?? lint for WIiIhUIcn iitul
Callrorulit %Vlni?a.
A. W. UMSIIKPtnit IlltO.,
51 Twelfth Htrort, opp. Mcl.urc Koimw.
MoKKI'-At Trlmlelphlft. W. Vn.. on Sun.l.iy
tittirnliiir. Hc|itpml?or If. IH'JI. lit n'cln. ,
A. M? Ki.t: UHln'rtltli > .ir > ( liNomv
01* KllliW A IIKimtCIIV).
Funeral Dimilor ami
Arterial I'mbalmer, <
illGMnln sirrot. Ki??t Sl,1?.
CnlU hy toI?i?t>hiio ?lnjr or with:.
Htoru wlci?lioiic, rwiUcucc, ootf. ap.7 J
. M.
#f No other house does. ever did. f ...
^ or ever will, sell such sterling W
? qunlltfes aC such low prices as J
A we quote. ^
We Lead?
The Clothing Trade with a display of Fall Styles that's
the surprise of the season in Wheeling. Every Suit is
an exact photograph of the current fashions, and made
up from materials as genuine and durable as anything
all-wool can be. We insist that our customers shall
be handsomely and stylishly attired, iir garments worth
more than the money they cost.. We selected our stock
on that basis, recognizing correctness as the mark of a
progressive community. You see what you ought to
wear, when you examine our clothing display, and also
discover just what you ougnt to pay ior it.
IT'S not the wheatharvest we are figuring on, that makes
no bookkeeping for us; it's the harvest of weddings
: J that comes from the field of picnics, tennis camps,
" A
j f yachting, moonlight strolls and such like frivolities, that
: i : makes life worth living for us furnishers and outfitters.
A wedding means fine Underclothes, elegant Neckwear,
^ : Dent's English Kids, Full Dress Suits, E. & W. Collars and
- * : Cuffs and a lot of other things too numerous to mention.
i T :
: ^ : Perhaps, dear reader, you may be one of the lucky peo"
A | pie going Into double harness in the near future. If so, wo
I a : want to talk with you. We firmly believe we can fit you
|J: out in'the most correct style and save you money on every
: j article purchased. Many are the bridegrooms we have fixed
: : up for the momentous occasion and caused them to pass
J : muster like veterans.
D. Gundling.
ac co.,
Dealers in Finest Furnishings, iU anil 36 Twelfth St.
Is now offered you to buy
Furniture ],?
r> ,i.? I to
" ^arpeibj o
Do not miss it! A $40,000 stock from which to seloct.
Now and elegant designs In
Bed Room, Dining Room
and Parlor Furniture I!
Call and Examine Goods and Prices Boforo Buying,
j". k:. hall,
AsslgnOQ of ALEX FREW, 1117 Main Stroot '
Ai.ncnn enrufill unnfl
surtno rncnun muuti.> Vj!KP,<'.'
The ideal for slender figures?
splendid support for fuller figures.
Boning never works through the jMrniri
binding?never breaks?never rolls up.
No brass eyelets to stain garments
and cut lacers. '''llr\
who will refund tho money It not
satisfactory after three weeks wear.
Ono npiilii-nlion will In-tnntlr ami intuitively timtrct your lioix* un?l ?alll?* from nnr nntiarnncfl fnvn
Flltn, (!miim,kuiI IiiihtIh of every klml, |iii|in>vi it tin' Apii-arumf .?i* tin- inat,?INj? i^ini< with r . . It
prrv.nl*Thntli, liiNifutnl nkIn (IImmmw. It In llmgrrfltt-M t-otuimuinl nf thi-" not. . v it : i l
LVDvit:i <<<1. l'rlit" ?if "TotNiiMiN-ll.ti*," liirltnlliiK' ImiMis ymirt cun-. Imll _jmI. i. 1 ; - . .1.
tfiiiiH, <'iiejttlllmi will Inrt four ImfM* nr iuUle ntt i-utlrc m'WH. Ik'warc Of iwitutiouju }UiL-uiJy t)J
CltKMENT MAM1.UTIUINU CO., l'Ullu?l(-l|ibln, 1'u.
UAh'tt oUNa' UHOOLKY vJO.? buliln-.' Mtfvnva. Wlioolluit, VV.Va. uu11hU*.<
t N

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