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An Old-Time, Rock-Ribbed Democrat
From 'Way Back,
Domi'i Expect to Boe it In Power
Again?Guno to Rock and Kuln.
An Organization Led by a "Lot of
Fool* and Idloti"?The Lonlatana
PUUbtrth Ctmmmtol QmUr.
r*Alnnnl ilavandar Pamnhflll nf Ra>h<
toy, W. Va., who *u appointed United
State* commlaaionar to the Helbourne
(Au?tr?lia) axpoiitlon by President
Cleveland daring hi? flr?t term, and
later, alter hi* return to thla country in
1680, was appointed World's Fair commissioner
to Now Zealand and Australia,
has Jaat returned from Washington.
When the Worid'a Fair op ened, bo, became
of his knowledgo of wools, was
appointed to Inapoct and report on the
morit* of tho various varieties of wool
there exhibited. IIo was for years one
of the largest planters of Louisiana, and
la ono oi tho boat known poiitlciaoa of
that and bii present atalo. For many
years bo waa one of tho boat known
myi doing business on the rivor between
tbia city and New Orleans, At
the latter placo lie is as woll known as
any of tho gentlemen who bolted tho
Democratic party tho other day, and
there bo la considered an orport on almost
every question pertaining to the
southern planters' life and methnds of
conducting their businosa. Ho is the
eldest son of tho late Bov. Alexander
Campbell, founder of tho Christian
church, a groat friend of Congressman
Wilson, of West Virginia, and has mnny
iriends of influence in this city, ilo is
an interesting talker, very emphatic and
plain spoken, and not in the least afraid
to express his opinions.
In talking over the political outlook
with tbo Commercial Gazette's representative,
bis faco bora at one and tho
same tiino evidences of sorrow, regret
and disgust at the present condition of
allairs in tho ranks of the Democracy in
general, and tho "solid south" in particular.
Said be: "I havo been a Democrat
all my life, and I love tho principles
of tho original Democratic party as
I do my own life. For the last thirty
years I havo devoted all my time,
energy and means to further tiie interV
Aatu nt T)nninitrfli<v hotll in thi? Htfltn
and In Louisiana, and I will live and die
a trne and loral adherent to tbo principles
I have always believed in, bnt, as
tbo Democratic parly is now rnn, I
would leave iu a minute and Join tbo
Republicans at once il there was anything
in its principlos I could tie to. I
am opposod to the principlos of tho Republican
party, but I am distrusted with
tho Democrats ot to-day. what a lot
of fools and Idiots the majority of tbo
great Democratic loaders have mado of
themselves during tbo present administration.
The party is going to rack and
ruin, if it hat not already done so, and
nothing can savo it unless thoro should
como an avalanche of prosperity that
will sweop aside the awful blunders
that have already disgrncod the prejont
"Ono of the worst blunders," continued
the colonel, "that tho Democrats
havo made this term is in not annexing
tbo Sandwich Islands, which should
have boon dono by all moans. I havo
been there sevoral timos and am thoroughly
familiar with their wonderful
resources and their advantages in ovory
direction. This was the chance of tho
present administration, and will provo
a great thing for tho Republicans when
they come into power again, for, undoubtedly,
tho very first thing they will
do will be to annex them to this
rnESlDE?T's lQSOlUNCfc
"Nothing but the President's ignorance
of tho country ever made him oppose
this proposition. Ho is a wonderful
man, but has not had the time toeducato
liimself in regard to tboso mattnra.
Ifo had to enrrv on his law stud
iea and his business intorosts, and tlioio
have boon so confining that it coulvi
hardly be expected that bo should gain
11 knowledge of all the world and tho
things which would provo to Its bo.it ad'
vantago. What ho has loarnod and accomplished
is truiv wonderful, but be
needs moro knowledge, and tlion ho will
bo tho most wondorful man of tho timo.
Why, ho had never been to Washington
when ho wasolocted President tho
first time. It was a grave mistake and
one that tho Republicans will mako a
great deal of capital out of whon ttioy
uro eloctod again. It was a shame that
theso islands wero not made a part of
this country, as thoy naturally belong
to it, and are nocossnry as u naval station
in caso of trouble with any foreign
power. No ono who has not beon thero
can form any idea of thoir wonderful
value, which would recompense this
government for their acquisition at an
early period.
"No," and tho colonel hoavod a sigh.
"I am afraid I will novor soo tbo old
party in powor again. I havo worked
for it, fought for it, blod for it, and suffered
for it, but I fear it i9 doomed to
die, becausoof tho orrors onactod, just
whon tho greatest victory is perched
upon its brow, and I may not livo to soo
It in power again."
After tlins predicting tho early demise
of tbo Democratic parly, Colonel Campbell
epoko entertainingly of his travels
in foroign lands whilo on businous for
this government. Ho told of tbo great
wool growing interests of Australia, and
tbo wondorful mines thoro in operation;
tbon passed to tho groat BUgur plantations
of Hawaii, and iroui ttioso to tho
products of England, and then back to
his country and thn recent bolt of tho
Democrats in his old stato of Louisiana,
and uaturally to tho sugar growing interests,
tho bounty and tho sugar tari(i*.
Speaking of tho bolters in tbo sugar
district of Louisiana led him to mako
somo disclosures which will cause a
great sensation whon thov become
known in Now Orloans. "Tho mon
who wont over to tho Republican
party," said lie, "are among the most
aristocratic and influential in tho south
and nro all iminonsolv wealthy. Thoy
aro abova tho touch of scandal nnd will
provo ttio most serious difficulty tho
Democrats of that stato over had to
overcome. Thoy havo a trcmondons
backing and will mako things hot whon
it conies to tho polls. In tlint district
there are also several nogroos who havo
always votod tho Democratic ticket anil
thoso will be forced to comu to timo by
tlieso now Republicans.
"This bolt hns a history back of it
that is vory Interesting. Somo timn
since 1 was sitting in n crowd of gentloinon
who woro discussing tiio proposed
sugar tariff, whonCongroisman Andruw
l'rico, of the Third district, said: 'You
Doinocrats who wont this sugar tarlir
are going to bust up tho Democratic
pnrty in this stato/ I didn't quito
catch the full purport of his remark, so
1 saidi Como here' Prlco, 1 want to
? Remarkable Career in the Oure or
r the Slot
! Holding an Angry Mob AC Bay From
the Itear Platform ot tho Train.
1 Col Robert 6. Olcott, of London, waa
0 tho gueat of the Cheater Club, of Phlla9
delphia, the other evening whoa the
1 anbject for disaussion happened to bo
B our great men. And aa Uol. Olcott'a
miialon to this country waa to inrestiI
goto the history of tho different typea
- of groat American!, ho waa called npon
t to respond. "I will roapond as to the
i physicians," said tbe colonel iu hia
t Kngllsh brogue.
. ".My idea, gontlemen, of a great phyl
slcian ia a physician who la capable, and
i who doen great things, a man of great
f originality, quick in perception, cool In
s demeanor, strong in his convictions,
forciblo in the presentation of hia belief
bur yon sat tbat again.' Ha tbei
drew his chair op to rniao and repeatec
his remark, stating u > reason for i
that tits aogar planter! could not s?
along without too sogar bounty. Tbii
statement, knowing ill that I did, ant
knowing that ho knew a* mocb, uadi
mo a little hot, and I told him that b<
knew better, for tbat the augar bountj
of two cent* ( pound more than pa!<
the price of producing tho sugar, or, it
other wordi, tbat he got bia sugar abio
lately froe of cost.
cuiiap labou ix rue BOUTU.
Then the colonel turned hie attentioi
to the labor question aa it figures in thi
cost of producing sugar, and as he spoki
of the way lu wbich the negro is troatei
by tbelr employes down there now b
grew quite wrathful. "Why," said ho
"they aro a hundred times worse of
than thoy wero as slaves, simply bo
cause tboy do not have tho same amoun
of care and food they used to have whoi
thoy had masters, whose advantage i
was to look alter their well being
That talk of Price's about not beinj
able to make sugar profitably without i
bounty is all wrong. Tho negroes o
the south to-day aro worse ofT than tin
coolies and upon tho whole do not ro
coivo approximately as much pay foi
their services- Price said ho wouii
bo eshamod to tell tho poop!
of the north thotruo story about thi
wago question, and I don't blame him
for it is a shame and is five hundrei
times worse than the 'pluck-mo' store
of the mining regions of Pennsylvania
They hire negro men down there to
from 60 to CO, and in rare instances 7<
cents a day. A man who doos not knot
the roal tacts of tho caae does not thinl
theso wages so bad, but I will opon you
eyos about it. These negroes do no
get this price for every day during thi
month, and thorein lies the outrageous
ness of tho matter. They gat pay onl;
for tho days upon which they aro per
initted by tho weather to work, and si
they lose every Wet day, and it take
thom frequently fifty (Jays to malci
twenty-six. This is not all, for tlioj
havo to pay for their rations for tin
whole fifty days, just as if they won
getting paid for them, and tho way the;
are charged for those is nothing les
thau downright robbery.
"When X accused Price of this bo sai!
ho know 'it was wrong, but everybody
did it.' For instanca, thore aro planta
tion stores owned by the sugar planters
and they buv flour tor, say $5 a barrel
and thou soli it to their hands for $$1|
making jUBt twice what it cost them; 01
thoy sell five pounds for twonty-tivc
cents. With bacon it is tho same way
and so with all the othor necessaries o
life. The cabins tiley live in aro 110th
ing belter than tho merost hovols, and
not half good enough for a gontleman'i
bird dog. When thonogroos wero slave:
their owners bad to pay a big prico foi
thom to bogin with, and so thoy won
careful to provide them with such food,
shelter and raiment an would make
thom ablo to do good work all tho timo
Now ihoy don't caro what thoy aro do
ing so that thoy can work when wanted
Thus it is vastly cheaper for the sugai
planter to mako his crop now than ovoi
"Whon tho war ended nnd tlio slavpi
were declared (roe one of these bolters
and tho man they have put up to bea
Prico, wont ovor from the Domocratli
party to the Republicans simply be
cause ho said he could hold his negroe
in that way and ho could not do it ii
nny othur. Tills man u Harry C
Minor, and ho is vory wealthy and in
fluoutial and belongs to ono of tho mos
aristocratic families in Louisiana. Hi
ia\ho bost man tho bolters could havi
selected for their purpose, sad wil
make it hot for Price."
Prolmblo Significance of clio Lntcst Movi
by the Jnpnnoiio Army.
Washington, D. C., Sept. 20.?To
day'a advicoB from Tokio, stating that i
eocond Japanese army of 30,003 mot
Ballod from Hireahima yesterday, is re
garded in official circlos hero as tho lira
movo in tho advanco on tho Chinosi
capital, Pokin.
It is pointed out that there is ni
noed of Japnnoao roinforcoraonts ii
Koroa, as, einco tho battle of Pinj
Yanc, tho Japanese have had practicu
poasosaiou of Koroa, and their firs
army of 15,000 noods no additions. I
fs bolioved by diplomats that the Japan
oso have turned their attention Iron
Korea with a view to invading China
The guit of Pechili, wiiioh tho die
patches givo as tlio probable dostina
tion of the army, in tho ontrance to thi
rivor loading to Pokin. It is said, how
over, that tho forts nt the ontranco t<
the rivor aro practically impregnable
owing to a etrotch of mud flats arouni
them. It is not boliovod, tboroforo
that any advance on I'ekin would bi
mado up the rivor, but that tho 30,001
men would be landod at some gulf port
whonco a short ovorland march wouli
take them to tho walls of Pokin. Thi
circuit of the forts is tho Btrategic mov
advised by a United States army office
of high rank who lias mado n study o
Japan's proposed invasion of China.
Tito Lourenxo Situation.
Lourekzo JIarouez, Dgi.auoa Bay
Sept. 20.?Tho situation of alTalrs her
is growing worse. Tho outlying dotach
meats of Portuguese troops, which wen
hastily called in to take part in tho de
(onno of tho town, wero so closoly pur
sued by tho natives that they wero com
polled to abandon their arms and am
munition. Tho total strength of tin
Portuguese troops avnilablo to dofeni
tho town ia only 320 otlicors and mon
and tho Kaffirs threatening to attack i
are rstimatod to numbor 7,000.
Uoafitru Cuunut Ho Cured
by local applications as thoy canno
roach tho disoasod portion of tho car
Tlioro ie only ono way to euro doafnoss
and that is by constitutional romodios
Dnafnoss is caused by an inllamod con
dition of tho mucous lining of tho Bus
tachian Tubo. Whon this tubo is in
flamod you havo a rumbling sound o:
imporfoct hearing, and. whon it is on
tiroly closed doafnoss is tho rosiilt, am
unless tho inllammation can bo takor
out and this tubo roHtorod to its norma
condition, hearing will bodostroyod for
over; nine casan out of ten aro causoi
by catarrh, which is nothing but an in
flamed condition of tbo mucous stir
Wo will givo Ono Ilundrod Dollars foi
any caso of Dcafnosp (causod by catarrh
that cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars; freo.
F. J. Chunky <fc Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggist?, 75 conts.
Curo For Umidnoho.
As a rotnody for all forms of head
nclio Gloctric Bittern has pi ovod to In
tho vory bout. It etlocts u norinaneni
enro, and tho most droadou habitua
nick headaches yield to its influence
Wo urgo all who aro atlllcted to procurt
a bottlo, and givo thin remedy n fail
trial. In cusuu of habitual constina
tion Eluctric Bittors euros by giving
tho nood tono to tho bowels, and fow
casos Ionic rosist tho uso of this modi
cino. Try it oncer Largo bottlos onlj
fifty conta at Lojjau Drug Co.'u Drui
titoro, 2
r and unbiased by sectarian prejuuico,
I whether it bo iu medicine, rollgion or
9 politics. The physician I refer to is cor9
taiuly a wonderful physician as weii as
, u romarkablo personality.
1 "Ho seems to possess a great intnis
tion, which enablos him to diagnose all
. diseases and describe these diseasea
r without being told anything and with5
out usking any questions better than
v the patient can tell him. I have seen
c him in moro than twenty cases blind*
r folded, and in this condition tell every
t person their diseases in detail without
3 asking a quostion. Consequently, when
lio doctors a pationt be doctors mm tor
>' tiio ripht diaeaso initoad of exporimont
intr witti him. I have aeon him more
> than a dozen titno wbilo thoroughly
i blindfolded read a book aa readily aa if
i ho had tho use of his eyos. 1 don't prot
tend to say bow be does these things,
j for I don't know, bat I do know that he
3 does them.
r "Ho examines thousands of sick peob
pie every year, and tells eaoh and evory
onu their tronblo without asking a
quostion. Now it aeoms to mo that a
i man who can read tho inside of a sick
person as he would an open book without
asking any questions is far more
cnpablo of treating the patient than the
doctor who has to guess at thediseaso
from what tho pationt may tell him.
"The gontleraan I refer to is Dr. R. C.
Flower, of Boston, Mass. You have all
heard of him many times. He has
thousands of pationta under his caro.
Those patients aro distributed all over
your United Statoa and in other conntrios.
Whorover Dr. Flower goes crowds
gather to soe him of tho incurable sick
from overv part of tho world. Inquiry
at tho following hotels?Riggs Houso,
Washington, D. 0.; Exchange Hotel,
Richmond, Va.; Kimball Houso, Atlanta,
Go,; fit. James Hotel, Jacksonville,
Fla.; Tromont House, Galveston, Tex.;
Monger House, San Antonio, Tex.;
Richolieu Hotel, Littlo Rock, Ark.;
Guyoaa Hotel, M-.mphis, Tenn.; Gait
llouae, Louisvillo, Ky.; Boors Hotel, St.
Louis, Mo.; Throop Hotel, Topoka,
Kan.; Plankinton Hotel, Milwaukee,
Wis.;Palmer Houso, Chicago, 111.; Cadillac
Hotel, Detroit, Mich.; Denison
Hotel, Indianapolis, Ind.; Grand Hotel.
Cincinnati, 0.?and tho Continental
llotol in this city have all brought tho
answer that whenever Dr. R. 0. Flower
visits thoir hotel groat crowds of tho
sick and sufforing como to see him, and
that tho peoplo who como to see him
uro genorally tho moat prominent and
wealthy poopla of the country, ropro*
J sonting all tho positions, businoss and
professional, of lifo; and aa far aa any
expressions nnvo ooon ucnru, way uave
boon that Dr. R. C. Flowor haa curod or
is curing thorn, and that bo told thom
s thoirdiaoasod without asking a question.
"Tho physician who took Antonio
. Casonero, tho Cuban prince, and his
j wife to aoo Dr. It. C. Flowor in 1883, described
to mo the first interview bo1
twoon Dr. Flowor and tho prince's wifo:
'You need not toll me anything,' Buid
t the doctor as he took tho woman's hand
in his and looked directly into hor eyes
foraminuto. 'It is my opinion,' said
the doctor slowly, 'thatyou wero bitten
i by a vicious cat somo years ago and
i como very near losing your life from the
: injury. Shortly aftor this occurred you
1 received a blow in vour left brea9t,
t Soon a lump appoarod. This in timo
t was pronounced a cancer and you had
it cut out. It soon roturned with four
or five othor growths, and are under the
arm. You have had at least two, and I
boliovo three operations. Your caeo
is now considered by physicions goner*
_n? ? j-i iv... t
3 any uh luuuiuuiui xuu mu u^u?
in every particular,' said tbo woman,
J 'but for God's sako bow did you know
, these things?' 'Never mind how I
I know them. I soo you now have seven
, or oiqht growths coming in the breast
> around tho odges where the operations
3 woro performed and two under tho arm.
. Your disoase has now reached a stato
1 whoro you are in constant suffering.'
i Without delay tho doctor filled a hypoe
dermic needle with a mixture of lacnor
sis, permanganate of potash, thymol
f and refined green tincture of stillo'nger,
and mado an injection into each growth.
Thoso injections ho ropeatod every
third day for throe wooks, when ovory
t traco of tho cancerous growtns wore
gone. He treatod the system constitutionally
for oight months, from which
' time Mrs. Caaonoro has onjoyod porfoct
0 hoaltli.
"Tho Minister to tho United Statos
- from one of tho leading South American
- Kopublics told my worthy friend on piy
loft that ho bolievod Dr. It. C. Flower,
b of Boston, was inspired of God to euro
1 tho sick whon all othor oflorts failed:
that he and his family were patients of
t Dr. R C. Flowor, and his treatment of
thoir cases was miraculous. 1 hold in
my hand a lottor from tho late ex-Governor
Bishop, of Ohio, in which ho says:
t 'if miracles havo ovor boen porformod
. in modern timos then Dr. ii. 0. Flower,
t of Boston, porformsthom daily. I havo
. ueou him oxamino scoros of patients
. without asking a question aud toll each
. one in dotail his trouble. I havo seen
. men and women sick unto death with
p cancers and tumors, aftor eivon up by
. tho leading medical skill of this coun*
i try to die, cured by Dr. tt. C. Flowor in
! n short timo without tbo knifo, without
j puin and without blood. I havo aeon
. the same wondorful cures of paralysis,
1 rhnumntism, heart and uorve troubles.'
. The governor closos this letter by Buy.
ing: 'There aro soveral brothers in tho
Fiower family whoso lives aro fnll of
P nroiniso. 11. 0. Flowor, tho youngost
) brother, is the popular oditor of tho
t Arona, but thero is but ouo Dr. R. C.
Flowor, and there will
XttVIUl! NBVKIl! KBven!
Bo another. IIo has built up his prosont
great practice, which is without
doubt tho largest and most extended
practice in tho world. Of this groat
i practice he is its head, its lifo, its centro
b and itssourco. One of his brothers, Dr.
I A. II. Flowor. Is in his employ, und is
. doing n good work. Other physicians
i of skill aro associated with htm. Ho is
r tho most cheerful man in tho sick room
- I ovor know. Tho moment you como
{ into his prosonco you feel that ho will
r euro yon. IIo is tho most pleasing
gontloman I ovor mot, and in my judg*
r ment tho greatost living pnjslcian/
; "It was Dr. It. 0. Flowor, who fourtoon
yoars ago curod in this city tho
President of the Peasylvania railroad
of hopeless paralysis. From that day
to this bit miraculous cures have
startled your country at frequent intervals.
Sdcli cures as tbat of Miss Ella
Belts. South Norwolk, Conn., from helplessness
to perfect nse of tier nml?;
Mrs. A. T. Longly, of Washington. D.
OL, of malignant fibroid growth of the
womb, and all ot these cores permanent.
His roceot cures of sacb men as Jobs
Hopkins, Ellsworth, Me., and Dr. M. F.
Brooks, Portland, Me.; ol Jolin Straw,
of Stowe, Vt.;of Mrs. Jerry Bootb, of
Vorgennes, Vt.: of Mrs. McOrabsr, of
Baliton Spa, X. Y.; ot A. E. Sornxne, of
Columbus, 0.; of Mrs. Jheota Deykesn.
of Sheridan, Ind.; of C. H. Posey, 015
Chestnut street, Kvansvllle, Ind.; the
wife of the Hon. William Mix, of Louisville,
Ky., it ovidence boyoud diaputo
that Dr. K. C. Flower in tho treatment
and core of chronic disease* is a master:
that most of his cores aro men and
women given up by otbor physicians us
incurable. Dr. Flower is the bead, the
examiner and consulting physician of
this great practice, while tho treatment
and details aro attended to by his associates.
"Your worthy secretory, who bus
known Dr. H. C. Flower for many years,
?a1,1 mn minu ntt tnf??relitin? bit Ol
his history wnilo ho was in tho ptactico
of the law. For, as lomo of you know,
the doctor was educated for law, practiced
several years, lost his voico, wont
into tho practico of modicino, and has
never been able to quit it. It was in
1874 (20 years airo) that Dr. It. 0.
Flower, not a practicing physician then,
was called to Mobile to defend a man
under arrestchargud with arson. After
a dosperatoly fought case be succeeded
in acquittiug his client Ou his return
north at a littlo elation south of Franklin,
Tenn., a mob of iufuriatod men surrounded
tiie aherifl, who was ondoavoring
to got a negro on tho train. A
thousand men, many of them with,
inaiks on their facet, cried out:
hang him! iiako him!'
A rope was thrown around his nock,
and in another momont he would have
boen swinging to a limb, when & C.
Flower, moving his hand, cried out from
the rear platform: "Gentlemen, hear
mo before you hang this inau. You are
southern men, and I am glad as such to
address you. This groat crowd is represented
by soldiers who a few years
ago wore both the gray and the blue.
Your records wore those of courage, of
daring and valor. You were brave men
then, and I beliove you are bravo men
to-day. You aro southerners, men of
chivalry, tnen easily excited, quick to
resent an ovil, but, gentlemen,
and I don't beliove you want to murdor
this man in cold blood. You don't want
to ostablish a procodeut of mob law,
which may somo day bo visitod upon
somo of you. Lot the law, I bog you,
tako its course. You will fool bettor as
you think it ovor; bottor whon you go
to your bods to-night, and bettor in tho
ailence of your luqt night on earth.' At
this the loador of tho mob cried out as
he throw tho rope down: 'I reckon yon
are right, young man. We will let the
law tako its course,' and the sheriff'
hustled tbo frightouod negro into the
But enough. Col. Olcott only exfireasos
what thousands know, and if
)r. R. C. Flower should over return to
the practice oi law he would at an early
day carvo ma name on iuo nignost
round of a great roputation.
Tho great intorest tho world now has
in Dr. Flowor is aa a physician, as a
healer, when all others full and death
Those interested in tho wonderful
caroer ot this marvelous wan who send
four cents return postage slumps to tho ,
Flowor Medical Company, No. 559.
Columbus avonuo, Boston, Mass., will
rocoive a photogravure, biography and
a now work entitlod "Dr. 1L C. Flower
in the Sick Iloom."
This Justly famous physician can bo
conveniently conaultod as follows:
Steubenville, Ohio, Imperial Motel,
Monday, October 8.
Columbus, Ohio, Noil House, Tuesday,
October 9.
Springfiold, Ohio, Arcade Hotol,
Wodnosday, October 10.
Dayton, Ohio, Beckel Houae, Thursday,
October 11.
Tolodo. Ohio, Hotel Madison, Friday,
Octobor 12.
Fort Wayno, Ind., Tho Randall, Saturday,
Octobor 13.
Indianapolis, Ind., Now Deniaon
Hotol, Monday and Tuoaday, Octobor
15 and 10.
Now Albany. Ind., Windsor Hotel,
Wodnosday, October 17.
Eransville, Ind., SU George Hotol,
Thursday, Octobor 18.
Torro Hauto, Ind., National Hotol,
Friday, Octobor 11).
Lulayotto, Ind., Bramble House, Saturday,
October 20.
Japanese Liver I'ollots are tho best
(amily modicino for liver complaint and
constipation. 50 pills in vial 25 cents.
Cbarlos li GooUo and \V. W. Irwin.
A Thoughtful Pcrnon
consults his beat intoroata by having n
box of Kranao'a Ileadacho Capauloa at
hand; takoa as diroctod will proven tor
atop any kind of a hoadache, no inattor
what tho cnuao?in fact if your skull
waa crnckod it would provont pain.
Tho frequoucy of tho attacks will diminish
and by taking tho capauloa at
tho approach of a headache yoii will
nevur have another. 23cpor box. Sold
by Alex. T. Young, John Klari, Wheeling,
aud Bowie & Co., Bridgeport, Ohio.
When Baby waa sick, wo gave her Castoria.
When alio was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When alio becamo Mis, tho clunc to Custorla,
When aho hod Children, she gave thorn Castoria,
Every household ahould bo prepared
for emergencies, for how oftuti, "like a
thiof In tho night" croup or whooping
cough may come upon a doar child without
warning and in a few hours placo
its awoot life in balanco by a elondor
thread. Cubob Cough Cure, promptly
uaod, will avort all danger. Dolnvn aro
dangerous. Sold by Alex. T. Young,
John Klari, Wheeling, aud ttowio t!k
Co., Bridgeport, Ohio.
Joh.vron'h Oriontal Soap import* a
dolicato odor and loavoa tho akin soft
and velvoty. Try it and you will novor
uao any othor. Charloa H. Qoetzo and
W. W. Irwin.
Piles! IMIoh! lU'liliit; l'ltes.
Symptoms ? Moisture; iutonm) itching nnd
fit jiifilnir. mmtui niRht: wonehyiicrittcblng. It
allowed to continue tumor* form, which often
bleed mid ulcerate, hccotulmt verv sore.
Bwaynk'8 Ointmknt stops tho itching aud
hlcomutf, heal* ulceration, tin.I [n mon aims w
moves tho tumotn. At driifftclslK, or hy moil, for
Miceuu. Dr. 8 wayne & Son. Philadelphia.
"How to Cure All SUlu lUsnttsoA,"
Simply op ply "Swaynr'h Oijtoirnt." No Intorniil
modicino required. Cure* tetter. ec/cma,
Jteb, nil eruptions on the fnce, hiiuds. nose, io?
lonvltiK the skin clour, while mid iioulthy. its
prcat hciiUm; mid curative powers an' poMCfttod
by no other remedy. A*U your druinrist for
bWAVNK'B olntmitst. 1TIIMW
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
*jj\ Salt Water Bathing?
W'ff "?{ at home or shore, for health and cleanliness,
scatl done perfectly with Pcarline.
< ? "p> The Pearline in such a bath gives
t II I I 1 \ you luxurious cleanliness. More,
// ' t00, ^s a bedded help toward
> making the salt water do you good.
? You don't get all out of it that
%T WATf^ you can, unless you assist it witli
vbr^ ?-?Soap is out of the question in
\n~~T / sa^t watcr bathing.
You can't use soap with salt
^ water, any way.
y"* Peddlers and some nnscrupnlocs proccrs will tell yon.
$*?1 "this is us good as" or "tlic same as Pcarline." IT'S
I St ~ VV CLl FALSE?Pcarline is never peddled, if your ntver sends
you an imitation, be honest?send it Uuk, 401 JAMES PYLB, New Yorfc,
11 ?0 Main Street,
1153 Market Street.
| New Fall
Winter Goods.
Now on Sale:
Dress Goods, Coats and Capes,
Silks and Velvets, Merino Underwear,
Lace Curtains, Draperies,
Portiers, Knit Underskirts, Silk Underskirts,
Cambric Underwear,
Fast Black Hosiery, Linen Damasks,
French Printed Flannels,
&c., &c.
Sole agents tor Dr. Jaeger's Merino Underwear,
and have just received a full line of
same. Our prices are the same as at the
New York agency. Stock on hand consists
of Socks, Hose, Gloves, Knee Warmers, Chest
Protectors, Children's Vests and Drawers,
Ladies' Vests and Drawers, Ladies' Combination
Suits, Men's Combination Suits, Men's
Vests and Drawers, &c. All sold for the
same charged at the New York office.
Sole agents also for the Ypsilanti system
of Underwear, of which we have a full line.
Catalogues furnished when called for, for
We also have just received a full line of
the American Hosiery Company's Underwear.
Prices in all cases as low as in the larger cities.
What it
Jastoria is Dr. Samuol Pitcher's prescription for Infanta
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor OilIt
is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' uste by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria is the Children's Panacea
?=-the Mother's Friend.
Castoria. Castoria.
"Castoria hso well odaptod to children that Castoria cumi Colic, Constipation,
I rooommend It as mipcrior to any ptvHorlption Sour Stuuiaulj, Dinrrbtea, Eructation,
known to me." IT. A. Annum, M. D? KilLt "Worms, give* promote dt
111 So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y. giutlon,
Without injurious medication.
"Thotuoof CaKtorln' Li po iinivprml and
to murit? bo wttU known that it fr?uu4 a work up? yfnn i hum rccommcndd
of rapenTogotlon to endonu It, Few nj? tho your 'CfistoriV iui?l tdwill nlwnyH continue to
loU-lllBont fumUies wbo do not ttwp liutoriu do no <m It liaa Invariably produced benollcW
within cosy reach." rosulw."
Cilitca llini, 1). I)., Fiiwtk F. l'AiirtKR, M. P.,
Mow York City. l~?Ui Street uud Tth Avo., Now York Gtjt
Tub Cextavk Oohtany, 77 Mniuur S-nuarr, Nkw York Crrr
Weak, Mervous Men!1
Vnil whrthftTobwn hntnbnjrpMbjrtho "tilcctrli* TVitn.n "Pellow Halt Tor." "Botafc"
IUU "''rayon,""TrfH'htM." " Vnmum," " Krw Curw" Otiitfkn. and who huvo f?>unji
w youmclf ?rrowlr?K otilor nrnl woriw: YOU w'?n Ijuvo j*lrrn up liKii^pnlr.Btyi'lit
H I orn riiHirafl. then* t? no h?i|*> fur inri" lo yon I any. who oro ?lnkltur Into ?n cayY
BeJfVj jrravi'.nrilrtftlnirurunaahortfldM-nor ?lt*kut>ii?an<l iuiiirortunu,ri*, ?nJ
j7w?j*w yottx?.?i3xji*m tukuki?iiui*gi tiuorju x? a ourm
^fc./wWwP* iWBfaffrllB m? ? full hUtnry of pnr mw, ?nd (?t UPRSTION MITTS *r??l I AO I'M* " ?*. M*?wer? '* J*
Kflt I't'l **?? my ?kilt i? I hit* mrrl th?u?ui(i?. I r %N (TIM TO!'. Tw?-nl> ?< ? " upTniii*. IK ?l rl.ll n
writ" Ufartinlinetmtre?nl riMwhw. r?n?ulUUnn, t*r*>n?llv < ' ? ? null, irw?ri<l ??*!.
OT'iTl'iy. J!tWtZ3 ???rr?krr* ihut ??*rr O. D. nnl<H* i.r.li rnl.i A Iwivlljr Mlfrm?lfillfMtfwi???HMl?
Or. N. E. WOOD. President. CHICAGO MEOICAL k SURGICAL INSTITUTE. 30 Van Buron St. Chicago.dL
n i. . i. ... ,ii ...i. i -1
TTttTKI? "re<Hrffe*m*U't]"'yC5R Tho only ?afo,?uro onJ
cmmT.Vg ? rr . ^ Fomalo PILb
kfcHuiviK Anlt for MS. KOTT'9 PEKirraOTAI. rots and tako no othor.
arSond for clroulur. H'rlco ?l.ut> per bo*, O tmxM for
XSKQfittfc UR MOTTH C'IBKMICAL CO., - Cluvujuud.
FotHlolu WUiMllim by lUo LOUAN UUUU CO., Mulu uud loulh tiUMU, d?ll-M?

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