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Fourth District Democrats Will
Stake Another Attempt To-day
The Main Fight Will be Between
Harvey and Leonard.
A Hrnit Outiuinplnirnf Pnnnlii ta Hr>nr
tbo Noxt Gonjtroumuu from Thla
Dlatrlot?Fodoral Oflloa Iloldera are
Btampluc for William L. Wllaon In
tlio Socond?AMlslunt Secretary
Ilamlln at Pblllppl?W. A. CroSTut'a
Object Ijcssoti on tho Heault of Doniooratlo
Cheap Labor, which bo doea
not Intend to bo Takon That Way.
Bx.Hecrotary Bllclna Opens tho Campaign
In Upthar Ooanty, In tho
Third District.
JJlfpateh to the InteUlgmeer.
Huxtixoton, W. Va., Oct. 1.?Democrata
from all over tho Fourth district
have begun to arrive in Huntington
thii ovenlng, and tho second congressional
convention will be held bore
to-morrow in tho bnudsomo Davis tboatre.
The Barnnm club bos made oxtensivc
arrangements to entertain tbo
visitors and make tbo convention a
notablo one. Tke convention will be
called to order at noon. Ashur G.
Carntb, ot tho Lexington, Ky., district,
and Allen 0. Sleyors will bo here to
speak. In this manner tho Domocrata
expect to make up (or their lost time'
and brace up tbo disheartened Democracy.
The Uarvoy peoplo will moke ovory
attempt to railroad tho judeo's nomination
through, having Cabell, Wayne,
Lincoln and Putnam to start oil with.
They claim they will switch Wylle, of
\f?onn. nff thn track after tho tirat bal
lot, and capture most of bis delegation.
Tiioy huve iuuuu the boast that they got
the convention bare and they aro going
to nominate thoirman, no matter what
any other part of the district mar
iiut Harvey has some of the boat
workers in the Barnnm ctab agaiuat
bim, and ha will find a strong opposition
from tbo upper endol the district
Ilia bockors have been working D. H.
Leonard's roligion against tiim, and aa
Leonard lias a good many warm frianda
in Cabell, they aro fighting hot. It Is
thought that an arrangement has been
made by tbo upper end.counties to
combine on John M. Hamilton, of Calhoun,
if it comes to a point whoro Harvey
cfln bo defeated by aucb a combination.
The Uapobart forces and the
"eilent statesman" will have a considerable
pull in tlio convention, which will
be worked against Harvey whon tho
proper time comes. Tho Democrats in
this end claim Harvoy is tbo strongest
man that could be solected, but bo has
run boliind his ticket in overy raco he
ever made.
One of tho Grcntoat Mooting* of tho Campaign?Six
Hundred People r.lHton to tho
Next Congressman?A. Splendid Ovation*
A Deuiocrnl'n Congratulation*.
Special Dispatch to Ma InUiUwuxr.
Camkro.v, W. Va., Oct. 1.?Ono of tho
most enthusiastic mooting that ever
assembled in tbo town was addresiod
here this evoning by CapU B. B. Dovenor.
Tho whole space in iront of tho
Crawford hotol, which had boon tastefully
decorated and lighted for tho occasion,
was packed with a demo audienco
of over six hundred people, who, in |
spite of the cold night, never movod for
full one hour and u half, choering to the
echo tho slodgo hammer arguments that |
tho captain known just how to make i
count in favor o( America's great indui-1
tries. To report all tho good things said ,
would bo to give his wholo speech, as I
every sentenco was an unanswerable
argumont, or a vivid illustration df tho |
fallacios of froo trado on tho ono hand
and tho advantages of protection on the
other. |
One of the most remarkable features I
was the immense size of the audience I
and tbo numbor of Democrats and Populists,
who listonod from start to finish,;
and ono life long Domocrat was tho
tirst to climb on tho stage aftor tho i
speech to, shako hands with and congratulato'the
J. E. Hooton was loudly cullod for after
tho cuptain had finished and mado n
very pointed speech that ploased all
who hoard it Among tho prominont
people present wore noticed Hon. John
A. Hoge, candidato for state senato for
this district, County Chairman S. Vi,
Mathews; E. M. Lewis, L. B. Purdy, B.
F. Moiflhen and tiamuol Cunningham,
of Moundsvillo, and J I. C. Richards,
chairman of tbo congressional committee.
W. II. Harris, of Crlon Easton,
i'rom Wellington Stum pine for William
L. Wilson?A Hlliuly Attended Meeting nt
Dayton'* Home AddroMud by A*?l*tunt
S?-cretnry Hamlin?Mr. Croffnt ntid Ills
91 10 Suit of Clothe*.
Bjttcial IMn/Mleh to the lnUlUgrnctr.
Pini.Lipn, W. Va., Oct. 1.?In addition
to Doputy Commissioner of Pensions
II. 0. Bell, Mr. Manstir, of ono of
the Washington departments, and othor
arms of President Clovoland's govornxnont
who havo alroady been making
speeches in this district for Mr. Wilson,
whilo ho is across tho seas enjoying
Ixmdon banquets, etc., there came hero
to Uayton'H home to-day, anothor contingent
of Washington attaches, hcadod
by Hon. C. S. Hamlin, atsislnnt secretary
of tbo troasury.
Tho occasion was to havo been a big
Democratic gathering, but tho little
Philippi court houso was suificlontlv
largo to hold tho crowd that usfloinblod.
The audienco was ontortaiued with addro8son
by Mr. Hamlin, who snoke
about forty mlnutos, and that colobrated
gnntloman, Mr. W. A. Croflut, with his
SI 10 suit of clothes, which liooxliibit*
to laboring mon as tho consummation
of Democratic aohiovomeuts, JtJsvorv
doubtful, howevor, if this poculiarfroak
takoa with the workingaen, nono of
whom care to wear a tail of clothea
coating but $110, especially when they
consider that the labor on inch a low
priced loit muit have been at starva- i
tion prices after you deduct the cost of
the cloth and the profita of the manufacturer
and retailer. Mr. Croffut,
who.bytheway.il a noted Waahington
preacher against organized labor, i
aeeoia perfectly innocent of the fact
that bo it "hoodooing" Mr. Wiiaon by
allowing this$110 auit.
There waa alto a apeech made by that
fannr old gentleman, Congressman J.
(' III I 1 _/ \f:_i_: ._l. _ -I.
v. xjiuuLiiur i, yi MIUUIKIIU, wuu,
tjiougb a millionaire himsell, knows
how to condole with bis poorer brothers.
Ilia quaint address was, as usual,
amusing it not very harmful. Mr.
Blsnchard is to remain in this section,
where he will mako a number of
speeches and entertain such Democratic
audiences as can be gotten together in
these days of slimly attended Democratic
meetings. In the meanwhile the
Second district's next congressman, our
own Gordon Dayton, is every day making
rotes, and the peoplo believe he
will represent their interests, and not
England's, when he gots to Congress as
Mr. Wilson's successor.
A Condition anil Not a Theory Confront*
the Democracy >a Till* .St a to?A I legator
Cerrcapoudeut's Inconsistent Statement*.
Special DUpalch to the IrUdltjencer.
Outrron, W. Va., Oct 1.?A meeting
of prominent Republicans, about ten'
days ago in Grafton, to canvass tho
political situation, as published In the
IktemiIOESCkb at the time, was pitched'
upon by tho Grafton correspondent of
the Register, as an opportunity for desoending
to the low methods of a "mudslinging"
In bis dispatches last week the
traniia fhonrr ? nu nrainntnfl with ?n
audacity only equalled by Ha otter
absurdity, that "this meeting of Republicans"
meant a campaign of wonderful
quantities of "boodle, la which
the poople would bo bought like sheep
in the abatable!, and the entire legislature
of the sovereign state of West Virginia?Senator
Camden's "re-arrangement"
and all?would be stolen outright
bo that Mr. Eikios conld bo sent
to tho United States eonate; and that,
it was decided by these Republican
conspirators "net to waito any monoy
on Dayton." Now all that is changed
and denied in another story In to-day's
Register, wherein it is asserted that the
aforesaid meeting of Republicans waa
held "for the purpoBo of devising ways
and means for raising additional money
to defeat Congressman Wilson," oto.
In one Instance, "it was decided to
waste no money on Dayton," but now
it is charged that all thin mythical
"boodle" is for Dayton's sole benefit.
It thorefore appears that the writor of
the articles in quoBtion cannot toll a
falsehood twice in tho sntno way.
The trend of such political newspaper
trash as tho stuff mentionod only goes
to doinonstrate tho dosperation ana
panic-strickon condition of Grafton's
coterie of Democratic wiro-pullers.
They not only soe in advance the finger
of destiny pointing to the defeat of the
distinguished gentleman, who is tho
idol of Great Britain, but haa done
nothing for tho people of his own district
excoptthoso politicians for whom
be has gotten oflicos; bat they fear a
general uprising of tho people that will
result In tho downfall of tho Democratic
party in tho state. As to boodle?it is
notorioua that Democratic boodle is
already boing used. To say nothing of
tho quantity that baa boon contributed
by Now York importers
to aid Mr. Wilson, there
are tho results of assessments
of tho salaries of hla appointees to office.
That money is alroady being used
a anl/lanna/l Kw On inniflnnt thill TA.
contly occurrod in Barbour county,
where a certain George Enamiuger tried
to brook up a Republican meeting. Ho
called some folks up in Barbour "bad
namos" and invited them to join tuo
people who had money, declaring publicly,
to which declaration thero aro a
nutnbor of responsible witnesses, that
he had $500 of Wilson money, and to
prove it he pulled out a big roll of
greenbacks from his pocket, which ho
boaatingly displayed.
Oh, yes, thero will bo boodle in this
campaign, even if tho Republicans do
not have a dollar for campaign expensos.
A Iloufllag Republican Mooting?Klltln>,
Haling nuil Otliora Address an Imtuonae
Special Ditpalch to the IntdllQtncer.
Buck Hanson, W. Va., Oct, 1.?Tho
Republican campaign oponod horo to*
day with ono of tho best moetings in
many yoars. Thoro wero no "rattling
fights" advortiaod, such as tho First district
Democrats scorn to require, but a
largo crowd numbering nearly fifieon
hundred from this and surrounding
countios gathorod outsido tho court
houso to hoar tho living issuos discussed
by roal talont. Promptly at 2
o'clock Mr. Will T. Burnsido, chairman
of tho Republican county committeo,
cnllod tho mooting to ordor and natnod
Col. Goorgo R. Latham as chairman.
That gontlomnn, on taking the chair,
made a very happy speech, after which
J. J I. Huling, of Kanawha county, tho
Ropublican nominoo for Conpross in
tnis, tho Third district, was introducod.
lie spoke briefly but pointedly, and was
followed by Edgar P. Hucker, of Nicholas
county, in a short but tolling ploa
for the Ropublican nominoos.
Tho principal spoukor of tho aftornoon
was lion. Stophon B. Klkins, and
for nearly ono hour and a half ho delivered
fltich telling and ofloctivo
blows for tho cause oi protection as to
convinco many Domocrats who woro
present thai Grover Cleveland and
William 1- Wilson wore trying to logislato
for England moro than for Wost
Virginia, llis argnmonts woro clear
and convincing, and Ool. Ron Wilson,
who is to rnpresont tho Domocrats tomorrow,
will f.nd hard and stubborn
facto to faco. Many ladios, and among
the numbor Mrs. Arnold, of Columbus.
Ohio, a sister of tho noted Stonowall
Jackson, worn prosont, and sharod in
the applause. At tho concluiion of
Mr. Klkins's speocti, U. 8. Grant Young,
esq,, tho Ropublican nominoo for stato
Hoimte, wai coliod for and rospondoU in
an oiroutivo speech. A. B. Clark, osq.,
candidate for honao of delegates, then
spoke for a fow minutes, after which tho
mooting adjourned until uftor supper.
To-night a largo and enthusiastic meet"
ing is boing hold in tho court houso,
with Messrs. Ruckur tad Eiktns as
principal Bpeakors.
Opens tha Campaign In Missouri
at St. Louis.
By tho Groat Protectionist uud an
Iraraenso Overflow Mooting Composed
of Thousands, Whilo Senator
Vest, who Opens the Democratic
Campaign ' In Kansas City Addressos
Ttto Thousand Peoplo?McKlntey
Cheered by tho Business
Men Irrospcctlvo of Party?A Happy
Nou*Partl?an but Effcctivo Specch.
Sr. Louxs, Oct. 1.?While SenatorVost
was opening tbo Democratic campaign
in Missouri at Kansas (Jity to-mgut,
Governor MoKinley, iacinz a vociferous
crowd in a Urge ball bere, made the
opening address of the Ropublican
campaign. It was the third state campaign
which bo baa opened within a
At 1 o'clock the Merchants' Exchange
was visited. There was a demonstration
as tbo govornor stopped across the
floor of tbo capacious cbambor, which
was renewed when Mr. \V. G. Boyd,
president ot tho oxchaoge, introduced
the guest in n fitting speech.
Governor McKinley said: "Mr. President
and Gentlemen of tho Merchants'
Exchange:?"I count it a very great
honor to be presentod to the merchants'
exchango of the city of St. Louis, composed,
as it is, of representative business
men of this strong and progressive city.
I bring to you the good will oi tbe stnto
ot Ohio, assuming that whatever differences
you may havo, you are all
for tho city of St. Louis [Applause]
and for the stato of Missouri.
What wo want in this country, no
msttor to what political party we may
belong, is business and prosperity. [Ap?'A?1
mill Krin.i flint
(uuunuj. auu mmwfSi !Ml ?
about wo mean to have. [Applauao].
This country is too great, its resources
too mighty, to permit of anything permanently
standing in the way of its
progress" and prosperity, and whatever
Btandi in tho way must got out of the
way. [For whatever wo may be?Obioans
or Missourians?we are all of
us for our own country, first, last
and all tho time. [Applause], I
congratulate the citizens of 8t Louis
npon their splendid conservatism in
business. Wo liavo gone through, in
tho last eighteen months, a dreadful
panic, and yet the business men of this
city, resting as they did upon conservative
business integrity, survived that
panic, and as I am informed, you did
not havo a singlo failure. It was a remarkable
history to inako, and I con*
gratulate you upon it. I congratulate
you,. too, upon being- the fifth city of
this groat Amorican commonwoaltb. I
wish for all of vou, for tho business of
this oity and of the state the largest
After Innchoon at tho hotol, Govornor
McKlnley was takon to thofair grounds,
whore Children's Day was being celobratod.
Some 50,000 voungsters wore
on tbo grounds, and all cheerod lustily
for "McKinley" as tho govornor was
drivon past Then came a visit to tho
Exposition whoro, in response to a
storm of choors and demands for a
spoecb, the govornor said a fow words,
extending thanks for tho welcome accorded
him and expressing gratification
that tho great exhibits were all tho |
handiwork of Amorican workmen. As |
a mnnufnrtnrincr nation the United
States stands supremo and this eupromacy
must bo maintained.
m'kinley opens the campaign |
Thoro was an imraonso crowd in Suburban
Hail tcnigbt, filling and overflowing
the large building. The cbeoring
of the great audiouce bocarao almost
cyclonic whon Governor McKinloy
arose, and continued for several minutes.
With an expression of amazemontupon
hit faco, tbo speaker begun
with: "Your chairman said that this
was the opening of the Republican campaign
in Missouri; I wonder in my heart
what it's close will be," and the audienco
rospondod with another outburst.
"Tho truth is?" continued the govor-1
nor, "that 110 hall is large enough for
Republican meotinga this year. I was
horotwo years ago whon I addrossed a
vast concourse of people in tho Exposition
hall. Wo woto unfortunate in
that year aud we havo boon unfortunate
ovor'sinco. Wo do not always anprociato
prosperity in all its fullness
until wo exporionce advorsity."
A contrast was mado betwoon tho industrial
conditions thatoxistcd under
tho Republican tariff luw and those existing
at present, the result, it was
charged, of Democratic legislation, and
Govornor McKinloy inquired whothor
tho audience thought it tho business of
Congress to logislato for tho bonoflt of
tho United States or for foreign nations.
"Nobody," said ho, "has hoard ot any
industries being revivod in tho United
States einco tbo passngo of tho Wilson
wuerf. 18 the nittJEFlT?
"If anybody in this audionco knows
of a single one, lot him name it. On
tho other hand thoy nro boing rovivod
in Europe. I challongo any ono to
point out a single American interost
bonolittod by tho law of 1894. It has
benoflttod iritorosts beyond our flag, but
nono boneath it. lias it built a singlo
firo or given omployiuont to a singlo
workmen? Has it givon you better
pricos for tho products of your farmw.
["No, no."] Thoy say tho law of 181*4
is hotter than tho law of 1800 becauso
it has reducod duties.
It roducod tho duty on tin plato, and
Mr. Niedringhaus, who sits bosido mo,
can tell you what tho rosult has been.
Ho has closod his tin plato works bocauso
undor tho tariff law of 1S9-1 ho
cannot compote with tho cheap labor of
Wales and nay tho wages that ho paid 1
nndor tho law of 1800. 1 would rathor
moke it hard for foroign products to
got into this country than to mako it {
hard for Amorican citizens to livo in
this country."
Whilo Governor McKinloy spoke insido
tho nail, lion. Chariot F. Joy and
Congressman fiartoldt addressed aud
ovorflow mooting of 2,600 or 3,000 poo*
plo outsldo. At tho conclusion of his
address tho governor loft on a special
train for Kansas City, and will spoak at
that city to-morrow afternoon.
Op?D the Democratic Campaign to Ml?.
ouri-Ue Telia ffhj lie Cmnred Preal.
deot Cleveland and Declares for Free .
Silver and Free Trade. (JV
Kasiam Cnr, Mo., Oct 1.?Senator
OoorKS Veat opened Ilia Democratic
atate campaign In tba Auditorium in
this city to-night Over 2,000 entha- A
aiutic pooplo crowJoJ tha large theatre
and accorded the apoaker perhapa ai
rousing a reception u any orator erer
recoivod in Kanaaa City. Upon enter- of
iug tha hall, Senator Veat waa greeted th
with uproarloui applause and when he 0<
arose to apeak the cheering bocamo an .
ovation. Ho waa introduced by John '
L. Peck and delivered what many peo- f?
pie regard aa one ot the atrougeat us
peochea in hla caroer. lie laid in t.,
part: ,
"If anyone ii here with the expecta- "
tion that I will attack the Preaidont of D
the United Btatea, or any othor Democrat,
that expectation will not be real- n
ized. Wbotovor differencea of opinion
aa to public qneationa mayexlat between '
tho President and myself, tboy shall I'1
not interfere, so far as I am concerned, pi
I with my duty ia the boars of conflict
and danger. ({
Tho Democratic party in 1892 pledged
I itielf to certain roforuie. Firat, the ti
1 repeal of the foderal election* law, N
which authorized tbo use of United f0
States marshals and soldiers at tho ?
I polls; second, the repeal of the Sherman
act; third, tbe reduction of tarifl taxa- cc
tion to a revenue basis; fourth, the R
lessening of governmental expenses.
Governor McRinlev, in his recent
speoch at Bangor, Maine, mado tho ,
statement that not a staple pledgo of
I tho Democrats has boon redeemed.
When we reflect that bis speech, carej
fatly prepared and made at a bid for the m
I presidency, contains no allusion to his tfc
| views on the two great issues of silver
coinage and the income tax, it is not
surprisingthat he should add mendacity m
, to cowardice. Tbe Democratio party U
I has, in fact, repealed both the federal a(
| elections law and the Sherman act, ^
while the oporessive provisions of the cj
I McKinloy tariff have either been on- aJ
| tircly eliminated or greatly modified
I and governmental expensos largely do- v<
creasod. I shall not bo to disingenuous y
| as to evade tbo fact that tho repeal of at
I the Sherman act, which authorised the in
purcbaso of silver by the government, Uj
was accompanied by serious and jrritat- to
I ing diversity of opinion in both tbe He- ?p{
publican and Democratic parties. Sen- f0
ator Vest expressed his own vlowa aI
I against the ropeai, and advocated free w
silver. c]
In referring to stato and national ^
I banks, Mr. Vest said: The legislation B{
' which tared out of oxistonce the circalitinn
r\9 atifn hfinlfQ { A CrmHH tlflrVflr- C
| sion of tho taxing power and should boJ p
repoaled. The cry of bankort and o
bondholders that state banks cannot be n
truitod to issue notos, and that the ora gl
of wild-cat and red-dog money would a'
return is tho cry of self-intorost only.
If the state cannot bo trusted to protect it
tho issue of notos by aiato banks with bf
propor limitations and ba(o guards, thon ol
tho thoory of our government is falso c)
and tho whole fabric unsafe. ui
Taking up the tariff tho speakor ro- u
peated tho history of tho passago of tho ai
now tariff bill* as told by him in tho m
sonato, and declared thoro was nover a p
momont when tho Wilson bill would
have passed the senato. Tie said: "If
any difference of opinion on tho subject
exists botweon the Prosidont and sf
myself it is that I am moro oxtromo in
my viows and havo long sinco discarded
tho fallacy of a tariff for ovon incidental at
protoction. Tho atatomont that thoro ^
was any issuo between the President .
and mysolf as to tariff reform is false. kl
The statement that I sympathized with tt
Senator Gorman is equally false. If
tho President had contented himself T
with denouncing those who forced the P
amendments upon us I would havo said ai
nothing?but when ho attacked the "
wholo senate indiscriminately for action ti
to which ho bad given his approval as 01
absolutely nocesiary, I could not romain
silent. w
"The new tariff law is infinitely hotter w
as a tariff reform measure than the solf- al
constituted critics have inducod many
Democrats to beliove. It removes many 11
of the oppressive provisions in the Mc- Q
Kinley act, and does not deserve tho a>.
anethmai which ignorance and preju- b>
dice havo poured upon it," L
m sl
Mu} or Arm en* Daughter Marries tl>n Man j'
of Her Clioloo lu Spite of Hor Father.
Washington, D. C., Oct. 1.?Miss
Cicely Amies, tho eighteon-year-old
daughtor of Major Qoorge A. Armos, a V
rotired oflicor of tho regular army, was ja
married to Ilerbort Claude, suporio- c|
tondont of the Kock Crook railway, at II
tho parsonairo of St. Patrick's church P1
this afternoon, and tho couple slippod w
out of a side door just as tho brido's c<
father charged in at the front armod t[
with a warrant foe tho young man's 01
arrest C(
Tho wedding wni tho culmination of P
long stauding fumily troubles. Mrs.
Armos placod tho young lady In a convont
to keep hor lather from hor.
The young man says Major Armos
throatoiiod to kill him on sight, so that N
ho armod himself. To-day a marriago
liconso was procured. Whon Major
Armos hoard of it, ho sought a justtco w
and socured a warrant for Mr. Cluudo
on the charge of carrying concealod
weapons, and drovo up to tho parsona^o
at 4 o'clock, while the ceromouv was
being performod in tho proaonco of
Mrs. ArmoBnnd friends, with two do- H'
tectives, who had been omployod by
the groom, in his wake.
Major Armos was courtmartialled for 11
pulling tho noso of General Jamos A. h
lieaver, of Pennsylvania, during liar- vi
rison's inausuration, nnd has conducted
a real estate business since his retiro- p
mout. w
TIio Charffo Agntunt the Alloghony County
Grand Jiirj Not Huatnlooil.
riTtsiiURtiii, Pa.. Oct. 1.?The flousa- u
tlonal chargo of Attorney A. II. Kowaud ci
that tho grand jury bad boon corrupted
to leeuro tho throwiog out of an indictment
against John Murphy, director of "
public safoty of Allegheny City, provod o!
a comploto flwle. Murphy km charged ai
with receiving money from koopura of It
dlaorderly and gambling houaei. Tho
Indictment* wore lunorod by a tin vote. 01
Itowand then alleged that he had alii- m
davita allowing that mtimliors of thu k
grand jury had been iafluoncod by n
oflori of money and poaltiou. The court 01
and grand Jury mutated upon Invest!- di
ition. To-day Rowand produced tho
en who uiado tlio affidavits, but each
le declared that hit statement van
ado on information recoivod and that
) had no personal knowledge of the
lejred corruption.
Great ltepubllcao Laud tilde Sweep*
Uver tho State?(iroutfit Vletorle# Since
Uie War.
New Cosh., Oct. l.?Uoturns
local elections from different parte of
le state aro slowly coming in and at 2
clock thero appears a Republican
ndslide has sweat tho state. Out of
urty towns heard from the Kepubli:ns
win ten. Arnonc tho first tvron-soven
citios and towns roportod
intitoon wore Republican and eight
Norwich Rave 550 Kopublican major*
y; Watortown, Middlebury, Thomas'
n, Bethany and Oran^o aro all Repub:au.
Stanford gave tho biggest Koublicau
majority siuco tho war, and
ilford was Kopublican for the first
mo in thirty yoars. .At Now Britain
le citizen's ticket was victorious. At
ew Londan, Jolt aeon (Democrat) doated
Bontloy, (Republican), but the
opublicans retrained control of tho
tuncil. Danbury eloctod the entire
spublican ticket
lie Lcxow ComuiHton FIuIiIiIiik ltd Work.
Big aieu Involved.
New York, Oct. 1.?Tho Lexow comittee
reaumod its investigations into
10 polico department to-day after a
ro woeka' vacation taken to allow tho
embers of tho commit too to attend
10 Btato conventions of iho Republican
id Democratic parties. It i6 evident
tat matters aro rapidly roacbintr a
imax. Tho beginning of tho end is
jparontly in sight.
Commencing with tbe crimiuals, the
?ry worst men and women in Now
ork city, as witnesses, -Mr. Goff, the
rtorney who has beon conducting tho
ivestiKntion, has boon Bteadily movina
pward in the scalo of humanity. Tho
istimony of ex-ottlcors and former
>licomon having boon taken just bore
adjournment, tho prosecution took
jothor stop nearer tho throno to-day,
hen Major William II. Kipp, chiof
ork at the polico hoadquartors, was
illod as tho first witness of tho day.
lis toatimony referred largely to raatir
appearing in tho records and was to
imo extent of a routine nature.
Then camo ex-Polico Commissioner
harlos F. MacLoan. He thought tho
owor oxercisod by tho polico courts
ror tho polico department was in tho
tain injurious. He believod that a eiuo
head to tho department would
rentually bo an improvement.
Tho witness gavo it out aa his opinio
that tho present system with its
ad application of tho civil sorvico laws
[fared groater opportunities for purlasinga
place on thopoiico forcothan
rider the old system. There was an
usually largo nttondanco of attorneys
id minlstors when tho sosaion comencod
to-day. Tho interest in tho
rocoodings continuos unabated.
xikes Wlchlto, Knn*n??'Two People Kille?l?Wire*
Down Everywhere.
WicuiTA, Kas., Oct. 1.?A cyclono
rnck hero to-night.?Tho damago in
ie city is $50,000. Two people aro
oownto bo killod. TIks wires are down
irough tho country.
Tho division headquarters and tho
welfth stroot depot of tho Missouri
aciflc road was tho first building struck
3d it was completely demolished, tho
>of strikiug tho stalilo of Dr. IIupps,
vo blocks away, crushing it like an
About thirly houses and barns woro
reckod and probably 500 shado trees
oro pullod up by the roots and strown
bout in all directions.
Threo children woro hurt and two
ten are roported killed at polico headaartore,
but tbolr names could not be
jcertainod. Lightning struck a little
?y named Fitt^ibbocia and killed liim.
ightning also struck tho Fifteenth
,reet depot and car stablos of tho elocic
railway and completely consumed
with all its con touts before tho fire'
apartment could do anythiug for it.
Wire Nail Work* Cloxr.
Cleveland, 0., Oct. 1.?Tho Baackers
7iro Nail Company, of this city, tho
irgost of tho kind in tho world, hns
osod down for an indefinite period.
, is said that tho plant may be closed
ormanontiy, owing to a combination
itli eastern manufacturers (Jn nc>untof
tho business doprossion during
jo past year, the plant has boon run
illy to a limited oxtetit, and not to ex>od
200 mon will bo thrown out of em*
loymont on account of tho shut down.
Tho National lJsink of Fayottovillc,
. Y., tias closed its doors.
Cash baianco in the troasury yesterly
was $119,919,719 of which 82o,317
as nold reserve.
Pittsburgh will mttko a bid for tho
jnvontiou of tho National Loaguo of
epublican Clubs in 1890.
S. R. Harris, ol Bucyrus, Ohio, was
ominatcd for Congress by tho Kopubcans
of tho Tnirtoontli district.
Tho World'* Food Fair was openoJ at
oston yestorday by Govornor Groonnlgo.
Tho exhibition promisos to bo
3ry successful.
A riot occurrod botwoen the Brussoln
olico and socialists white #tho tatter
ere holding an anti-military mooting,
jvoral of the socialists woro injured.
The monthly treasury Htatoment isled
shows that on September 29, l.c!?-l,
io public dobt, less cash in the troasry,
amountod to $8'J7,04(1,017, au in eflRo
for tho month of Sopteiubor of
A coinpftrntive Btatomont of tlio rodpts
and expenditures of tho governlout
ahowa tho receipts for tho month
f Septombor to liavo been $22,021,228,
jd tho expenditures $30,323,018, luavig
a deficit for tho month of $7,701,700.
The NationalZoitung.of IJorlin, states,
i tho best authority, that thooznr has
itlorod from Briglit's diabase of the
idnovH since last summer. But. tho
dwspaper adds, the disoaso is of a mod-ate
type aud thore ia no iuiuiediato
Arc Overhaulod and Oao la KUled
oad One la Captured.
Anil Report boa It That $25,000 Wu
Socurod?rajwouffors on tho Train
Not Disturbed?Tho Bandits Make
tor Clio Mexican Lino, but arc Ovortakon
by a Sheriff'* Pomo and a Hot
Fitflit Occuw-Oiiiy 0110 oi tno irio
KucnpoH?Ono Mau Killed.
Phoenix, Ariz., Oct 1.? At 12:15*.
m. tho eaat-bound Southern Paciflo
train was bold up ono and a half milof
oast of Caricopa, l?y tliroo men. Ono of
tho robbora rodo on tho blind baggago
oat oi Maricopa, whilo tho othor two
flagged tho train. As it slackonod up
tho follow aboard passod quickly into
tho onginu and at tho point of two re*
vol vera, f oread engineer Hollow ay and
fireman Martin to doacend, uncoupio
tho ouglno and proceed ahead of the
train for half or throo-quartora of a
mile. In tho moantirao ono maskod
robber entered tho express car while
the other stood guard outside.
No shotn wore 11 red, nor woro tho passengers
alarmed whilo tbo robbery wafl
in progress Tiio engineer and fireman
wore walked hack ahead of tho robber
No. 1 to tho express car, whore they
arrived obout tbo time tho other two
wore ready to depart. All three thon
mountod horses which wore tied near
by and struck out in a southerly direction
toward tho Mexico lino, which is
fifty miloa from tho truck. Tho amouut
which tho Wolls Fargo inesaongor reports
as having been cupturodVyi $150,
but thoro is a current report (hat tho
robbers got away with $20,000 in gold.
Their trail wus struck early this morning
by Sherif! Paris, of Pinal, and Mur
' l.v Tl?n_
pity, oi ,Uiim:u)>u, lUbviupuuivv. *,j ?. r
utv Widemor and his brother. Tho
train robbers wore ovortaken about
oiehtoon iniloa oast of Phujuix by the
shorifl's posse. A ilirht ouaued, ia
which ono of tho robber? whs killed
aud another was capturod and tho third
Tho ponalty of robbing trains ia
Arizona ia death. Tho posse, led by
Sheriff Murphv, of Maricopa, found the
trail of the robbors at tho point whore
thoy had crossod tho Gila river, seven
mil'os oast of l'hoonix. Soon after*
ward thoy camo upon a camp which the
robbors had hastily abandonod. There
thoy found tlireo Winchesters and
throe horses. Not long after this they
overhauled ono of the bandits whom
they callod upon to throw up his hands,
Instead, ho turned upon tho officers
and lirod, but a chargo of buckshot from
tho sheriff's pun brought him to the
ground. Tho priaonor, whoso namo is
Frauk Armour, was brought here and
it is believed ho will rocovor.
SprecUlen Cloned A>y the Sugnr Trust?'1 he
Ovorntocked Jlurkot.
Philadelphia, Pa., Oct 1.?The
augar trust to-day closod tbo SpreckloB
sugar refinery in this city. Tho trust's
Franklin refinery is now ruaning oa
half timo but is only taming out soft
grades, tho supply of which is not at
prosent oxcessivo. McCahan'srottuerpr,
which ia indopondont of tho trust, will
probably shut down to-morrow or Wednesday
'"I /Inn tn fKn nvnr.
AI11B CD8BUUUI1 la uuu ttv? ?w w>vetockod
condition of tlio markets aud
operations will not bo resumed till the
auirar at presont on hand is disposed of.
It is reported hero that tho Havomeyor
and Eldor rolinerioa in Now York and
tho plant oporuted by tho truat in Boaton
aro about to shut down.
A UncUtrulu Who FuruUlietl luforumtiou
to the Jupuuunv Kklpn Out.
Shanghai, Oct. 1.?It is reported that
tho Taotai Shunjr (chiof magistrate of
tho district) lias loft Tien Tsin. As it
has been reported that Shunt; was implicated,
with othors, in furnishta# information
to Japan of tho movomonts
of tho Chinese forces on laud and soa,
it is now boliuved that the fugitive
Taoii will bo uriablo to rendor additional
assistance to tho onoray.
The Japaueso troops, it is stntod in
Japanese advices received lioro, are
rapidly approaching Moukdon, the capital
of tho Chinodo province of Manchuria.
A dispatch from Chco l'oo eaya that
Japaneso cruisers are sighted daily off
that port. It is added that tho nature
of their operations aro unknowu.
Diim-Ii Troop# Ambushed.
Amstiucpam, Oct. 1.?A tolo^ram received
lioro to*day from Batavia states
that a detucliHi-jut of tho Dutch troops
were led into an ambush set for them
by Balinoso robels on tho Island of
l<ombok. A captain and liuutonant
were killed and ten men were wounded.
Wflfttlior I'oreiiiiii for To-iluy.
For West Vir.puiu. warmer; fair: *ouih wind*.
For \\'eitern lVn??ylvimin, inlr Tuwdajr;
probably rloudy we-ither with showers on Wedn?**Uay;\vi:i.U
hliKiliii; tonoutli uu<l warmer iu
we-tern {tortious.
For Ohio. lair und slightly wanner Tuesday;
threatening wcat'uv and prMmbly ruin by Weil*
uesday uiondmv. wl?ui> hMMuk u< south.
r.s famished by C SniSKPK. druggist, cantor
Mnruet ami Fourteenth ?troou.
7 a. m 1 p. M .. ....... 74
V a. ui ?VJ ~ in ....... (W
I' l:i i ' W.-??li.T Fair.
Q O roc 9
! PART No. 27,
I " J
\ Tlit* t'.niPtm. with lOo li irorxJ \
M for IVrt 11 of lii.nil'.OMOr AMUUICA" W
\ uuc pur: UmioJ each weec \
; > /
L liitrUlgeucor rublbhlujf Co. ?

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