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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, October 02, 1894, Image 7

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Animal Extracts
Tttptnd Moortlof to tb* fecmal* of
In blf laboratory at Wuhlaetoa, D. C.
Tbt mod wonderful therapeutic
dlacovcry (ioc* U? dajrt * Jtaatr.
CEREBRINE, . promth#br?n,
CARD.NE, , . promtheh8.rt
TEST.NE. V Fromthole,tei
ovaR'^. - -Primthoovart?
f ThepbjttotaftealefferUproduced &ya?ln
fie doM of C?r?brine are acceleration of ttu
pulse with reeling or fullness ana ouhduoi
In ths head. sxhilsrmUon of spirit* increase*
urinary excretion. augmentation of the ex
pa live force of the bladder and peristals
action of the Intestines, increase In muscula
strength and enduranoe, Ineruucd (tower o
rttion in elderly people, and increased appetlti
and digestive power.
Dots, Fws Drops. Pries (2 <Jr?chmi), *2.50.
Washington* D, C.
Bend for Book.
Logan Drug Company. Acents fur Wheeling.
;; Export Whiskey.;
;i sli
j; llil||||! j
, i Guaranteed Eight Years Old. i
1 - *
I I IT certainly In a duty and our dmlre to i
1 acquaint you \riUa tho excellent quol- \
I I Itle* of our Kxport Whlikoy when you i
needthla artlclu for medicinal or /amllv \
II purpose*. There H none on tho lonrket I
more entitled to yonr ooraldomtlon. It \
|) Jim Age. l'urltr. and being freo from nil i
Injurious Incredlouti ahould command }
I I your attention. I
I'ii 11 &X OO. j
I 1 Six QunrU OO. f
, i Mall and exprcai order* will reoolm d
' promptnttontlon. J03. FLEMING A SON, T
, | J 1*2 Market street, Pittsburgh. ^
I Pittsburg !
| Exposition!
Now Open.
1 Sept. 5th to Oct. aoth. |
Innes' Famous
13th Regiment Band f
Of Now York, 65 Pieces, |
E The Greatest Military Band im Avkk- E
= ica, has been engaged at an BN0KM0US =
cost to eutcrtain you. =
E Sec tho
| Miniatnro Coko Plant, |
E Typo Sett In f} Much inc. |
E Electric Display,
Fish Exhibit,
Fresh Meat Preserving. |
| Mechanical Novelties, |
Tho Latest Inventions. |
E? D.tui MM All PallMiute. :
p Sn. Japanese;
William P. Draper, Druggist, Springfield, Mass
The report* arc rry flattering ahnnt tho Jar
anew? Pi In Cure. Tho lost caa*. a l?ly ao?i?
years atHioted with Piloa, for two year* na* uc
walked half a mill', now wolkaany distance an
has used only two bozex. A leading i>byttici:i
recommended her to try the Jananoee Pile (Jun
I have (wvaral otlior cusos tliat I am caring.
We sell the Japaneso Pile Cure at 60 eta. urn
$1.00 per box. 0 for $.100, by mail, with writte
guarantee to rofund the monoy It not curoc
tiomplo free.
Japanese Pile Ointment 23 eta. per box.
Chin. K^Ooouoand W. W. Irwin. jV-T-piW
Lightning Hot Drops?
What* Funnv Name!
Very True, but It Kills All Pain.
Sold Everywhere. Every Day?
Without Relief, There Is No Par
j. ???I Ml l I I?
0. Lamb. President Jos. Sky bold. Cash lor
J. A. JKTFEnwM. Aanlitaut Cashier.
CAPITAL $200,000, PAN) IS.
H. M. Tlrtrper. Joseph P. Pnull.
James Cuuiinin*, Henry Hiobfrion,
A. Rorinauu, Josepn So/!>old
Ullivin Lamb.
Interest paid on ?|*ecml <l.'i?oilu.
Issue* drafts on KiikUii'1. Ireland ami Seotland
inyll l JusKt'll SI;YIM)[,|). Cashier.
CA PIT A L~- ...........$300,000.
J. N. VAXCR^...^. ~ .^Preddent.
John Frxw?...?~ ?Vico rrwideni
J. V. Vauoe. ?le<iric ? K Stllot .
J. if. Ilrown. William Elllmghani.
John Krow. A. VV*. IColloy.
John Waterhomo. W. li Siou*
W. U. Frauk.
Drafts iMiied oo Kngiaiid. Irelsnl, 9eotlan<
and all points in Kuroiw
JOHN J. JOS KM, Cndiior.
CAPITAL..^* $175.000.
i WfU.UN A. - President
\Vii.i.iam H .simimoh....^, Vli'e-ProiMerii
Drafts on Kngiaiid. Ireland. Krunoy ana (Jul
1 William A. font. Mortimer Polli?ck
J. A. Miller. William H. SIhm^oiu
K. M. Atkinson. John K. litit-r.'M.
, Henry Bpeyoi. Victor Ro?mburic.
H. Kurbet
Jal J. A. MILLER, Cashier.
Tb? Wonderful Power of Lit
Un. Abbott.
Ton Cannot Lift ber Against ]
Will, Though She Only Weighs
Pounds andean Lift Groat Wei*;
Herself? Erou Hon clow, the Stro
oat Man In tbo World, Could
LIU her?Scientists Interested
her Case?Dr. Bjilop, of Col am
} College, Studying It,
l ?
I Ifew York Prm.
{ If Isaac Newton bad ran asroM li
s Mn. Annie Abbott, of Milledgevi
Ga., at the time the hlftoric apple
out of the troe under which he lay,
might Dover have tflven the world
L theory of the attraction of gravitati
for the astonishing powers of 1
Georgia woman apparently knock
theory into a cocked hat
Mrs. Abbott haa been showing th
powers to tho public in this coun
and Europe ever since she wo# sei
yoars old. She has now come to N
York for tho first time. She weighs
pouuds and her arms, though la
muscular, are scarcely larger than th
of her fourteon*year*old duughlor. I
ha* been sickly ever sinco she was be
a little more thau thirty years ago, i
she seems so frail that the breath
September might blow her away i
took a notion to do anything so rudi
In ordinary circumstances Mrs. j
bott cannot, at she says, lift the t
out of her trunk, yet on one occasi
in the pretence of a notable assembli
of Britons, she lifted 3,200 poun
Charles Mitcholl, ex-ehampion pugil
tried it after her, aud failed ignom
iounly. Mrs. Abbott porforrued t
feat without any muscular exertion
far as could bo determined, and
Haven she couid lift even urea
weights, simply by flying in the
teoinod face of Isanu Newton.
On tho other hand, Euguno Sand(
the strongest man living, tried to
her oti her foot when she willod that
should not, and, tug and strain as
might, he could not pull her clear of
. ttoor, although, wtiea ana una not
' erted her mysterious forco, tho a
> hud taken hor up us lightly as if i
wore a raj; baby.
By placing hor hand lightly 01
chair some ablo bodied man is trying
hold, ahu awaya man and chair to i
fro, and ovun tosses thein about w
childish playfulness.
Sho lifts heavy mon from tho floor
placing hor hands gently on thoir fat
and if tho man is aoatod iu a chair, i
lifts him. chair and all, by resting I
hands on the back of tho chair with*
even grasping it. She lifts, in tho sa
manner, as many men as can bo pi
on n chair. On at leust ono occas
eight men, weighing in all nearly 1,
pounds, heaped themselves iu I
chairs, and then this slight woman I
one hand on each chair and the wli
mass of humauity and furniture r
irom tho floor.
By restiug her fingers on tho bacl
a rocking chair sho can prevent the
cupant from rocking, try iiowevor b
ho will
Sho does even more wonderlnl thi
with a billiard cue?any cue, not on'
hor own choice. For iastanco, she 1
ono across her open palms, and then
vitos any number of spectators to pi
it across her hands. The strongea
tho oulookors steps forward and d
his host with tho cue, but it docs
budge; Llton another man step9 forw
to help tho tirat, and tho two succ
no better. As many as four poo
havo often takon part in theesperim
without making auv impression on
cue or on the little woman on wh
) atid it rosts, without being clutchec
any way, except by tho unseen to
that is somehow generated within I
as if it wero electricity, and she woi
small but tremoudously effectivo d
jj amo.
Another of Mrs. Abbott's oxporimc
with a billiard cuo is to hold ono
ward in both hands, while alio eta
erect on ono foot. A9 many as can
at the cno puau against it. bat aro
able to forco tho woman off her balai
It is an interesting fact in this cour
tion that Mrs. Abbott has always i
fored from weakness of tbo ankles, i
lias ordinarily boon unablo to stand
? much pressure ou her foot as moat j
J pie can.
ri In another of hor tosts a billiard
a was placod upright ou tbo tloor, v
live men to hold it llioro, and anot
a man perched uncomfortably on tot
B niako assurance doubly sure. Wl
L Mrs. Abbott laid hor palms against
cuo, up went tho whole weight
She puts hor hand out against
wall, or even against a window?
? thin glass at that, soiriotimen?am
many men as can push against
slender body at ono time aro unabl
forco it against tho wall or tho wind
as the caso may be. Tho queerest tl
about ttiis last test, or any of the oti
in which the circumstances permi
, that Mrs. Abbott, to show that
forco exertod i.gainst hor has no ol
~ upon her, otton holds in her hund!
= oge which would bo crushed instai
if the pressure ou it amounted to n
- thing. In the oxporiuient of hold
herself out from a wall against whic
numbor of men were trying to push I
>lr?. Abbott has sometimes beon km
to have a spoctator hold an ogg in
hand, while his lingers and the hot!
of his hand touchod the wall. Upon
hand Mrs. Abbott would lay how,
then sustain herself against lite p
( ureof as many as could convoniei
push against hor, yet without crust:
the ogg.
A peculiar feature of theso phi
. meoa is that thoy aro manifested c
- when Mrs. Abbott and those who
experimenting with her aro stand
on glass or wood. Standing on a
pot, tho woman is rather moro hplp
than tho averago of humau beings,
L if any of those who aro working v
her stand ou tho carpet, hor power c
thorn ceases. Furtlierinoro, if any cl
material is interposed between hor
tho other*, slio can do nothing, exc
with hor own normal strength. Neil
I can she lift dead weight, A hur
being must bo somowhoro in tho ;
_ Slio could lift a choir with a hoary r
in it, whereas sho couldn't lift the cl
without tho man, unlesa, indeed, it
a very light ono.
Mrs. Abbott, ai hor plcturo provoi
a very thin little woman; indood,
seems to bo growing thinner all
time about tho l>ody and bust
arm* aro strouu'ly doveloped, which
she ascribes to the fact that thoy
handled so much in her porforman
She has a well formed leg, suinow
r" mwrular below the knee, bat not 61- ?J
traorvlinarily to.
Mr*. Abbott ! the daughter of conn- ir
try people. Hir an cm urn, ma far u can J-|
tie be trace>l, bare all been farmer*, or ^
held poticion* in tbe church in farming au
dittrlcu. Xon* of tbe family bate efer ??
been aSected or gifted in tbe manner
1 m tbe little Georjia Magnet ioemi to be m
IK. (tilled. ?
6bo married at tbe ace of fourteen Jf
. and bu three children?a rirl. fourteen en
jean old, a boy of eleren 'and another >*
02 of aeren year*. A lady who 1* acquaint- ,
bU ed with Mr*. Abbott *ay* the Little n
Magnet i* pbyaicaliy conittioted like ia
any otber woman, aublect to tbe aame *>
not ailment*, no more, no lew.
Her condition, a* already intimated, u!
cannot be traced to pre-natal influence
hl* in either ber father or bar mother**
line of anceator*. When her power u?
drat aaaerted lueif, the almpie country ?'
folk* among whom alia lived acarcely
paid any attention to it, and Mr*. Ab- im
ttle bolt did not attempt to make any raon- *<
ilia, ey oat of the tiling until the death 01
fell ^er ',a"band niado it necessary for bar hu
to earn ber own living. Even thenshe *'
? ? tried performance? ouly a small scale;
tbo ihe cut ber atart in Loudon, whltbor
on she wont on borrowod money. ?c
A verv remarkable thine in connec- Jg
*" tlon with Annie Abbott ia ber peculiar ,
tho diot. She lives often for months at a u
time on black coflee and boiled lobster, n*
oao She drinks little, but champagne doei JJj
not interfere with hor performance, in Nc
lr^ fuct it seems to improve it, inasmuch as I*
run it brightens the Little Magnet's usually JJJ
ew somewhat morose temporament. {-r
''iy Mrs. .Abbott has made a tour of the cii
She worl(,, ?lart'n* *rotn York penni- l0j
irn> leas and in debt, with a few billiard cue* g
ind given ber by a friend to uao in ber per- till
of iormances, she came back loaded with <>?
f it diamonds, with a very respectable bank JJ
9. account and scrap book* containing 3v
1,500 pages of neWRpaper and magazine we
clippings, written in scores of ditferent jjj]
lt)m languages and ombellished profusely qQ
ray by illustrations. Annie Abbott has 1
on, boen stared at, lifted and experimented No
ag0 with by almost every potentate in the jjj
1(|a% Almanac de Uotha, Willi the exceptioa $0
iat' of the Kaisor, who rofused to look upon tlv
in- a?y Ituiuan being claiming to possess JrJ
more mysterious powers than he him80
self. Some of them paid Mrs. Abbott
handsomely in gold, others in modals 1
tor and jewolry. . J"
ea. Scientists all over those parts of the ?/
world that Mrs. Abbott han visited have ire
boon very much interested in her c"
lift Powers, ,end it is a significant fact that Jn,'
j|0 the cnareos of fraud which would i.u
naturally ariso have come raroly, if at *?}
tl,e all, from scientific observers. A numox.
ber of Now York physicians have ^ (
wntrhmi with keon interest several nri
iho val0 toata ^r9, Abbott's mysterious '
.powers ia tho past week, but none of i
j a thorn bos put forward any explanation ity
>to of tho tiling. " *
ind Wednesday Profoasor Jlyslop, of (
Columbia Collogo, ono of tho foremost ?c<
exports in tho country on hypnotism
by ami psychical phonomona.accompaniod <
,ea a Proas roportor to tho Sturtovant par- th<
jj,Q lors, saw a fow of Mrs. Abbott'* testa i1*
[jor and quoHtloned her keenly, llo bocaiuo pr
JUt convinced that the case was well worth 101
mo tho moat caroful study, and hopes to J
iled Kot to? or *owart*. bottom of the be
ion mystery In company with Dr. Hodgson, as
3jq of Boston, the investicator in chief of $*'
vvo tbo American Society for Paychical tte- cu
aid ?earcl1- . &
The Feature* ot tho Money anil Stock
C of Alnrknt*. wt
oc- new Yojtic, Oct. 1.?Monojr on call easy at
ard l per cent; last loan 1 per cent; clotcd at 1 per ,
ccut Prime mercautilo paper 3aA^ per cent. jjj
Sterling cxcban&e firm, with actual business la SS
nRg bankers* bill* at St 8C',$al S0& Sliver cortM.
cnicsC3X-c. Tbo total sales of stosks to-day were p\
0 ? -'05.070 shares. A f
ays Tho stock market opened irregular and very
in- quickly developed weakness iu tbo entire list on .
jqj. a pronounced selling movement. Tho pressure '
" . to sed was heaviest iu Sutjar. In the opening Ju
c ol dealings u break of 1% per cent took place, fob 011
Iocs lowed by u recovery of ; 'H per cent and for a
not short time tbo improvement wan maintained,
, but dmlng tho afternoon reuowod sulci sent 1
urtl prices again downward, tbo decline continuing rej
eed to tbo close. The Inst sale whs at (be lowest of qu
lD|(, tlie Uuyuud showed a loss of 2ttl from tho fiual rci
H " sale of Satutduy: tbo preferred stock rcceaed % sel
ent to 92%, which is per cent ubovo the coiniuou fr?
tho stock. Distilling sought a Mill lower level to- du
o*o day .toucblag 1%, a decline of \% per cent from wi
. . Sttturdny. Cntciuio Gaa opened 3s P?r <'?ut
1 in higher, but the advauce was promptly checked
rco bv heavy offerings of tho stock and a steady do* ^
)Gr ciino took place, tbo lost sale being l-*{ per cent gv'
, ' below the best of the morning and % per cent nc
? a lower than last week's closing,
lyn- In tho railway list tho (Jrungors wero most '
active. The lluctuation iu tho shares were only ru
. fractional except iu Burlington <k Qutney.
inta which Uecliued one per cent with a final rally of
for- % per cent. Western Union declined l'/4 per 1
n<i? ccut, of which 14 per cent had been recovered ut $11
the close. st(
ROt Tho bond market was rather heavy lit tbo do
an- early dealiuun and during the first part of the 9b
lce afternoon, but becamesleadler In tha later do d.
I' Ings and closed with nu improved tone. The
lflC" total saloi reached 1*11.000. i
iuf- iioverumeut bonds firm.
ir,,i State bonds dull.
j"? Railroad bouds firmer.
)0t)* 0. S.Mrcff no National Oordago., 1SJ< J,
U. S. 0# coup U9 Nut. ford, pref'd... 23#
CUO U. a. 4" reg.-...~~...U.% New Jorney Cont....lOj
?;?i, U. S. 4s coup Norfolk ?fe\Vcj?U p'd 24'f G
U.S. a tec- XorUmrll I'jclllc.... i\;
.tier PacIIIc ?? of '9T? lot do proforred lSVjj
3 to Atohlnon 5ft Northwestern 10i>$
linn Adams Express 146 do preferred 142 Bi
.. American Kxprow^lll New York Ceuttal . VJK
tbr> Iklilmoraiomo.. Tii N. V. ,t Voir En?_ a)JJ
Canada Southern... M'f Oregon Improve'u 15 in
n Central Pacific .. 17% Oregon Nav 2 J M
nM. Chusapeako.t Ohio lSjrt,Pncl/l(5 Mull ll}?
an" Chicagoi\e Altou.... 14: |l'lttsbiirgn? JM Cl
1 Q8 Cl\i. llur. A Qulncjr 72 W Heading l"% "J
h?r ChleosoGa* - G'.t:Bittichmoud Term.... 17ja h,
C.. C. C. it St. 1, :w do preferred 22J<j
0 10 Col. Coal Iron 8 llock Inland COki
low, Cotton Oil Cortltle.. M ,St Paul... fil!4
Pel. ?t Hud 1:415a, do preferred IIS
"o IteL. I4WK. Si WctLlTUh St. Paul .t Onutia. ;ir?* J
tors jjL.n lt (} prc.(M ,j0 preferred -112
t, is D'i.st. & Cattle Feud StySugar Holluery "
tho Krie lUJTeun. Coal <ii Iron. 1H|Z w
I* . do preferred 2S}? Texas Pacific. HJi
,oa Illinois Central 0.1 Tol. St O. Cen. pref. 72 W
? nil Kun.it To*, prof'd 22 Union Pacific 11% ...
itiv I^ike Krie it Wost... U.S. Kxpre>s 4S "
do preferred 71 \V.. StL.tP CM
LakeShore ? 131 do preferred. 14 -*
llUjr head Trust. 37^ Wells Farco Kx~...U?
?i o l?nulsv|lle.t N<i?li.. V>^ Westoru Union stlf^
..... Michigan Central- Us Wheelingit I*. li.M I2Ji
,or? Missouri Pacific "-iVVg do preferred 43 ^
jwu Xiuhvillo Chuiu. <v> General fcloettio.....
ItrnndatnfTmid Providian*. 't
I, Chicago. Oct. I.?'Wheat atlomutcd to ndvance
' ,Mf to day uided by lighter receipt! and better u.
unci cables, but win lilt hard bv Hie big iuerea-u in Vi
rue- (hc vUIb'e supply and closed unchanged for m
,,iv December. May oorn closed %c higher. May *7
. " oats unchnngeland provisions a Blight decline.
ling Kloit.'uuchatiged.
Wit rat?Ca?h No. 2 uprltie 51%aft%c: No. .1
spring notniuul; No. 2 red oljfa'tl'ici October
.11 S^aVit'i!?;?:; Dec-ember 5.r;(1iw;i^4a.>i;4uiyJilc: tc
inn '?S;w?-V>>iaW>^jy^C. iti
,no* Cohn?Cmh No. 2. 4i?jjc: No. 3 yellow 49^c; ic
inlv OhioImt 4,.?,,4iii'J.;NaiyKc: Dccutnber4S.i4BkB4b;^i irr
is'^c; Mnv M!4?.d>j;u.^f5<n.V>;jc. b]
nro OArs-Cafch No. 2, 'Js^o: No. 2 wlilto :wj^a Hs
30'i -; No. :s white :t0u3l?4c; Octolwr 2S^?i2S%a ?
11 nK .WiftWu'e; November 2!>a2i>%o29kc: May 83jla _
enr- 3i?;a:?Jv'' T
ItHfi Uvr.?No. 2. 47Ke.
i IUiilky? No. 2, f?:ia.r?3^'c. 1
n."J* KI.axmkko?NO. 1. 91 41.
k'ltll TfMOrilY fRED?Prime go -iOn'til
?vor Mk*h I'oitK?t'osli. per burrcl. Sl.T .la 13 W;
int I, Innuary SU' 2i>alH .r7?i^i3
'"ll l Aitn-CiiKh. per lou lbs.. t? 40aS 42^: Octo*
and ber ti sms Mnb 32)?; January ?7 C7^a7 77^a
' Suort I?ns-Owh aldei (loono) 57 i'm7 4t?; jJ
l,or October t~ 2.'?a7 37^7 25; January 8ft 77l^a p.
linn ft 8?S?aO 77>5; dry anlttxl houldera tboxed) 80 /kia k<
>ilo. 02V*; abort clear aldcit (ln?xcd) ?7 .Ua7 ?. \i
iinn Wiiwry?Distiller*' UtiUhcd goods per gallon \ji
' . Si x:V A |
?ntr St'tiAK?C'utlonf unchanged. ?
WU3 IKrrrKit?Market Htcady; creaincrlc4 13u25cj dalries
Kuus- Firm at HV4"17|^c.
New Yoiik* Oct. l.?Flour. rorelnU 23.1C0 bar.
rel<; exports I4.'."<> barrels; Milea l't.000 barrels;
' 8 inarkotunlet. Wfioat, receipt* !f2M..Vsi buahidn; In
sliO exjH?ri* 17V'.M) InMheU: Mile* 2>7<UM) bushels of ca
tutures and 2IS.U.JO bunliels <rf hpot; upoi mar* nl
tlio kut ateadier; optloUHiit the closo wen- ktuadv;
i r,,t. No. 2 red May fii^nfttM^aft'.l'.iu; Octoltur IWwtMJfn P|
, fM'ie; Doeetnlier .i7'.'?h?7'^i ?7!4o l!om. receltUs
fiict 70,4'J.MiUHiielK; ?i*p<?rt< Iimhui htisliol*; *aloa 4hii,nro
U si IminIiuU of fulnte* mid IHimi IniKhelsufapot;.
K)<ot tnftikoi otuadioi; May 5l^aMJ^a;. 1 ^je; Oelo?"
VIS* ber y?'.n.V.'-a.?'.? : Novou.f?.tr ,-,'VuV,*ll
uut DoccmUot i?Oioilu'ilc. OaU, iucclpuu,2vubu^u- 111
; ex porta 1.700 bo-hel* nbi MMOt bael
latum and It4.000 buabela *>f soot; <
irkei nead.er; nation* cloaad qu?*t. but*
ether tteadler fceilnr: Mar ? ?' %?. UeW
*aJ?|*^%r Sotember SO&fJ
nber MsaJ?SaMSc. Bv
dy. Lrtitotr iMir. Cut meeu dull. I
dr. buttrt quart, votrru umirf
*n?r do factory : WglM
iutlon creamery lial5?c; iui? dainr K*
creamery 15a*'?V- Chcoaa dnli. ?f*?w
to ana P*nn*ylranta He: tee bo a*
tern freeh irnAxr, ca??a flt&M**- Ta.
dy. Roaln firm; atraineJ common to jt
JOal 5. Turpentine ?n*d? at *c. 1
?. Molaaei ateadr. CoflVe. optiuot ck
relrateadr at 10*13 pointa netdecdt* bui
r anU; refined doll.
Ultivou, Oct L?Plnor dull; ?^,ra
7oal ? do extra |3Wa2lp: do family Us
winter wheat patent K 7ftmJ0in wprtoB
l*s 5ft; pdDx wheat straight P H** 2to
!pU 17.57V barrels ablptnenta 10.M2 ban
ea 1.6M barrel*. Wheat Arm; apot and mo
-iaMHc: December "H*]
omcr No. 2 red 60\c bid; receipt* IS
abeli; ibipments bwbtli; ?toc* 1.J
i btubela; aalea 1*2.000 buabelr, wb
ample. Mc. Corn doll; potttc bid; Octc
*o aued; year U>v?o asked; reccipU J
aheir, stock 4t,397 bu?bela; ?ala* *.<**> V114;
itbcrn white coru eoc; yellow '
ictiro at 'lightly easier price*; No. 2 wi
laiern So. 2 ml**d do XJaTCVj
Ipu 2.272 btuhrla: ?toc* 2&T.W2 bo?hci?. I
m;Nu 2. i3c; rvccipu 1,0.a bushels tockS'
abeU. II*jr dull; good to choice time
! ooali.10. nuptr tlrui: granulated ?l ?.
I Iba. Butter ?te?dy and tirtn; (aucr,f?f ?
do Imitation iCaJOc; do ' ?ie 17a
od ladle J6c; atorc park?vl 12a'8c. ?
?b l#c; cold ?tura?o 1Gu17c. Cbe^e Urm
JTi-j nut ) r?ow rati, w ?i*v, ?,!?. ?
lite do 22aire 1 l*4c.
Jincijckatj. o.. Oct. i.?FJonr ateady; fa
2aa2 <0: family 12 05?2 10i. Wheat easy; >
1 51%a'df?c; reoclpw .s.VD bu?bel*; ?nipmi
U0 bushel* Corn dull; No. 2 mixed 51
U quiet; No. 2 mixed 3ln31kc. Kye atei
'2, Wo. l'ork quiet hI 113 is. Lurd on?;
25. IJuIk menu in llcbt demand at 17 ;
can noiuiual at S* 27*. Whisky easy: salei
frela at fi 33. Hutter easy: fancy KIrIu crc
r 27c; October 22a23c: dairy Italic. .Si
iy; bard refluedaj^ai5,/:; Now Orleans 3^1
uaeed oil beuvr at 5iu.'>tc. Kggs ateady at
eeae steady; pritno to choice Ohio tint l>a3
'iiii.Ann.PHu. Oct. 1.?Wheat dull and
*'or; No. 2 red October Al^l^c; Noveu
^a.V}c; December frVfio57c; January f?7?4?
ru. No. 2 mixed quiet, aud late options
{her, October 56*1?Tc; December
u lirm and Sale higher; No. 2 white <>cti
li'tj^c; Norem ber U-, December 37a3<
unary 37f4h3??-4c; carloti No. 2 white aoHc;
rhite Stc; No. 2 mixed 3.!c. Butter firm: If
itcrn creamery 27e; l'eunaylvunla print*
>bing at 21hCt.'c. Kpk? were ncarce aud
iher; freah near by 21c: wwter" 2(?e. Cb
let but ateady. Kefined au^nr* unchanged
Toledo O.. Ocl. I.?Wheat higher and atei
>. 2 cnih .MV; October 51?<r; December 43
ly &yjjc. Corn dull ami steady: No. 2 mi
i; eio. 2ye low 5l?c; May .'?lc. Oat? aten
. 2 mixed 2S^|c: No. 2 white 31 tyc. K*e ii
e; cash 48c. Cloveneed active and atea
into cash und October ?-'?25; February $
slke prime ?5 70; No. 2, tfi 50.
London Wool Mites*
xjxdos, Oct. 1.?At the wool auction sale'
y 12.777 boles wore offered. oi which l.OUOv
tbdrawu. There waa a rather larger por
faulty. German buyer* took greasy uierl
ely. Yorkshire and Scotland buyers bou
>ssbreda. Hconred woola weye in lew demi
il Irregular. CajHj of Uood Hope und Na
jvr whites were ub?o eaider. Tho Amcrl
rchn?e* to-day amounted to barely 500 hi
Mowing are the sales lu detail:
Jew South Wol:**, 4,0ii bales; icourcd &
t; greasy 4^du'Jd.
itieensland, 423 bales; scoured Is lj?d; gr
/ictorian. 2.015 holes; scoured V/i<ltC2a 1
jasy 5^dnlld.
>outh Australia. 1,675 bales; scourcd 8#
,d: greaty 3da7^d.
CewZculHiid. 3 ..yo boles; scourcd 5J^dalsS
..i?? .vt'.,tuini^r
:hihj ol Good Hope and Natal# CO? b<
Hired iklals 4d.
l^ivo Stuck.
'liinAno. Oct 1.?There wero lot* of cattk
a yanl* to-day, but not many good ohm.
c cattle wero salable at 81 UUao i!5: westerr
AOaJ to. and Texan* at 91 25aS 10. Sale* \
incipaily at Si 7"?a5 75 for natives and Si 25:
westerns. Hogs?There was rnoru llfo lu
ide than has been manifested for ?otno <
st, and u firm tone pervaded the market,
st heavv grades brought 5<%> lOaG 15. and as 1
85 85 was paid for light. Popular price* t
4005 80 for medium weight* and 55a.'?i5 7c
:bt weights. Poor atuir sold around 55 15,
Us went to city butchers otS-50a4 60.
eep market simply was swamped. Jlu
Id oil until they bad forced a declino of
len they took hold in a limited way. paj
li'wtlOO for good to choice and bidding
00 for poor to fair. Lambs unlit?red us mi
ling to f I GOaS 75 for poor to choice. Not m
is accomplished towards emptying the n
iceipts. cattle. '.M.OOO head; calves, 1,000 1j
igs, 25,txio head; sheep, 83,000 head.
East Liukutv, Pa.. Oct. 1.?Cattle, rect
>eral; good grades steady; others lower; pi
5?a5 75:good 5170n5 v5; rungh fat 7<>a
od fat cow* und heifers S-* fiOa'J lo. Hog*
lots henvv. dull and a shada lower, Phlui
iias 55 80a500: common to fair Yorkers 5?
i0. Sheep?Supply heavy, dull and lowc
eep; lambs Vic lower than last weekse
00*3 '25; fair ?175a2 (W: lambs 00a3 80.
Jincinmati. Oct. 1.?Hogs lu good demand
gber at $l5no5 90; receipt* ?,00J head; a
jiiia 1,000 head.
Dry Goods.
S'kw York. Oct. 1.?Tho demand was verj
stilar for moderate qualities of specialties
ilred for urgent wants, und the business
iched was Increased by mail orders for sin
lections. The largest roles, however, resti
>m forwarding on contracu that matured
v. Print lug cloths were in moderate dem
th fair galea at '-%c, this for CI squares,
S'RwYoitK, Oct. 1.?Petroleum fttcndv; Pi
Ivanla oil. sales none; November option, s
me; closed at Si;bid: Lima oil. sales n
us buircU; clearances 4W,Oj6 barrel
S'rw York. Oct. 1.?Pig Iron quiet: Sci
> .VJttJl 00; American SlOOOallW). Con
mdy: Inico & 7i?. toad barely me
tnostic Si If?i3 M. Tin barely steady; sti
jGtalft 8ft; plate* quid.
tf*w \ or*. Oct. 1.?Wool steady.
Constipation and Bick hoadncho 1
anently cured, and piloa prevontcc
ipanose Livor Pellet*; esoeci
lapted to cbildron'a use. Chas.
octzo and W. W. Irwin.
If tho H?by I* Cutting Tooth,
0 sore and ueo that old and well-ti
imody. Mm. Wiwrlow'bSootuixo Sy
r children toothing. It soothes
lild, soften* tlio gums, allays all p;
rros wind colic and is the best ro
, for diarrhoea. Twonty-fivo cont
itile. w\vFA
hen Baby ?u rick, we p*re her Castoria.
lien sho was a Child, 6he cried for Castorla.
lien oho became Mb*, she clung to Castorla,
lien aho bad Children, she gave them Castor
nioft! Pllos! ItrliliiK I'llfl*.
Symptoms ? Moisture; Intense Itching
ItigiuK; moit ut night: worso by scratching
inwcu to continue tumors form, which u
whI and ulcerate, becomlug verv
vaykb'f Oi.ntmkst stops the Itching
ceding. heals ulceration, and iu moat case
ovt* the tumors. At druggist*. or by mail
cents. Dr. Swayne ?\: Sou. Philadelphia.
"Ifnw to ?uro AltJSUIn DlMaw*.
Klmplv apply Swayxk's Ointmbst." No
rnnl medleliio required. Cures totter, oca
i:h. all eruptions on tho fnce, hands. nose,
nvlug the *klu clour, white and nealthy.
vat healing and curative power* are |Kmo
r no other remedy. Ask your drucgUt
rAV.sr.'.-<()isrMi.NT. ttik
Join tho Mutual Speculative Syndicate.
Sot dividends to tnotubors alueo Jan. 2. ISO
m. 1ft...- 8 per coul May 81 Wperc
in. 81 ....10 Jtine lft-...12
b. 1ft? 0 Jaue 80 13 "
?b. 2H 9 " July W.r.JI "
srcli 14? 8 * Jul >' )]--' *
arch 81.... ft *' August 1?..? 7 "
nril 15-...15 " August 31? 8
iril no 11 " Sept. 1ft...- 7 ?
ay 1ft...-7 M Or t. 1....9
Total. - - - - 179 por oont.
Monthly Avora?o,20
Monitors an* admitted dallv by depod
Din tM OitoSVOW with tis (or luvostmon
reful syndicate onentlon*. Addru-u com
rations and remlttaun* to
407 W'ootl St., l'ltlslmrifli, Pa.,
Or ur.IiANKY & CX).. lUuker* and brokers
7, US lliaTio. (Board o( Trade Auuoxl. Chlr.
I, ociw
Mb m??TTT..1 TTTTT? |
KS S nrrnnr i couu t? wim# v
g I BEFORE toxrif i
tort 3 ' ' ?=? had spent hundred*!} ?
I of dollars TRYING various renwd>r<fi
JT: I and physicians, none of which did roe ?
?>; fi any good. Mvfinger nails came off, fi
sand my hair came out, leaving me9
?J3 perfectly bald. I then went to
* Hoptn&to be cured by this celebrated S ?
treatment, but very soon became B
?* disgusted, and decided to TRYB t
1 dJ nil ? i ill im The effect was# I
*Wi trulv wonderful. I fi
nth PbjVfcjKW commenced to re-B
%3 . ^ " cover after taklnp B
?* the first bottle, and by the time I haag Ml.
taken W?1 eflftrr ly CUT*! - g
>bfr US'*??. vy ?wwra?wwii?
L77? ? H<* h*4 taUad.
iebt; | W.M. & LOO At IS. Shrevaport, U.
Jf)* ! Oor Book on th? DImm* and ttf TrMtmaat
bit* J nuai?dtr*#WMy?ddp??.
;rv SWIFT SPKCinc CO., Atlanta, Ga. "
i ms?2! night school
ncr ?or 7711?
!* Wheeling Business College?
EncH*h Brancbe*, Ik>okkecplng, Shorthand,
I r Typewriting.&r.
i ic. Comfortable K >cms. Careful Personal IostruoHon
?nd 1a>w Price*.
1 Mrs.i. Stevens Hart's
incy School for Young
r" Ladies and Children, *
He: 1310 tt?.i 1318.'Uurket St., Wheeling, W.Va.
iatt- Tho Wand ram and electric motors pats tho
illy; door. FourthtiuuualsevUia beciua MONDAY,
>40; .September 17, IffcM. Thin hcbo<jl otler* a coinrdetonnd
thorough odintition in Prm-tica*. Kmc- Isb.
Mu thermit it*. English Cl&taicit. Latin und ?
Modern UniKUugr*.
. The Bohuoi couslst* of Primary. Intermediate.
p..n> Acadomlc and College Preparatory departmenti
iifin The methods und cour^> of instruction will
An? compare favorably with tho best seminaries In
Ujo country.
init Iio,v* *ns received in tho Primary and Inter
tnli mediate. For circulars or interview, apply to *]
llC*" Principal, Wheeling. W. Va.
m" M"3' kva llDBBARD
3als Removing from No. CI Slxtocnth street to litift Market
street, inconnectloinvltb Mrs. M. Slovens T
t'id* linn'sscijooi lor niiiiik i-iuiun.
/T^' Class** iu Drawing. Crayoning. Oil Painting
jo.. Pastel mnl Water Colors, Portrait! oxccutcJ iu
' Craron mnl I'tut-l.
| Regulators?-*
thu Fur K?*duclug High Frcssuro.
Th" Wo aro now prepared to furuUh
J?? Water Prossuro Regulators i
I for
and por fjxetorief. dwellings awl elevators, which
7"? will reduce the high premuro of tbo new re??w
cervoir to Mi?y degroe desired.
Itvi Inforinatlou cheerfully t'lvea by
inch '
B,MV Plumbers and Steam floaters,
Mil 1500 and 1W2 Market street
Jlpt* -
Koiics to Kataral Gas Consumers! del
r on BURN Kit I< thu only burner on thu market th ic
xtra is Riiiiruntced to giro satisfaction, lie not du- *
oelvcd in acceptlm: "just as oouo'' with no r
?nj guarantee. Sold only bv Jj
ilp" GEO. HIBBERD & SON, 1
mr?l 1.11? Market Street
r Ir. -yyiLLUM HARK & SON.
j? Practical Plumbers, t
No. 38 Twelfth Street.
All Work Pono Promnth'at Rnnonable Prlnw.
?nn. '
Wlteellno & Elm Grove Raliroal c
On mid nfter Friday. April 20. 1891, traluj will n
itch run ua follows, city time: g
iidy; L
raita Tr'n T'raoiTr'n TinclTr'n. T'mo T*rn T'mo g
a.tn. p.m. a.m. p.m.
No. 20...2:OONa Na 19.JM0
Na 4?...7:U0 No. 2J...I.-00 No. 3... 7:00 Na 21...4:00 .
Na fi-JUJUjNo. 24...ft:00 No. 5... S.ik) No. 23...5.00 c
Na K>...D:?)1Na 2rt...ti:00 No. 7...tft00 So. SL.AcfiO
No. KMlhUO No. ...7:00 No. 9?10:00 No. 27...7.-0") .
ier- Na 12.11:U0|No. :w...S:0o Na ll..ll:U0 No. J
I i.v i? in No. p. m Na :il...!>:I0
1 "y No. Hfiaoo No. IW.11:00 No. 1SJ2:U) Na W.lftlO
ally Na Irt-l.O'j] [No. I.V..IKH
K. Na IS-^Wl |No. 17...A0J
tDolly, oxcept Sunday. "
Sunday vliuri'h truing will leave Kim Grove at j
9:1mA. hi. una Wiiecll'ig at I?17 p. tn.
Train* No. 2.0 14 and Jfl connect with herdle '
line for TrUdelpliia. Herdlo loaves Triadelphla ?
,ou tor Klin Wrove nt 0 ft in.. 7:30 a. in.. I?;t> a in. 0
ltOP and 0:10 p. m. Daily, except Snndav's and Sot- ?,
tlie urduy'* lierdlc. will contract with train Na 31. 3
leaving Wheeling ?tll:i?p. in.
a " Hundav's hcrdic leave* Trlndelpfila at 9:00
tno- a. tn.. liOU a. m.. ri:.f) p. in. and connects with
s a trains No. S. 14 nnd .'??from Whet-liuR. a
11. II WKKMKIWKK. Con. Manager.
?f Pennsylvania Stations. ^ '
Trains Run br Contral Time. j
I'lrurr orricra at Pp:f*?Ti.vA*iA Station oj r
Watkii St.. rooror Er.Kvjn.-rn St., Hiieemko, 1
at McLcnr. Hocke. Mnr.ri.rKo, and at to*.
la, i'r.s.s-KTi.VANU Station. I.'uirxiKi'ottT. c
Pnt-rnwT?rSvrrv? -"V\? l!*vviKKoirrr"
' Daily. fDAiLT KxoKrr Sunday.
FltOM WllKKI.lNU ro l.KAVK AKItlVK. 1
SVellsburKaiiddioiiuon*lilo- t6:Viam |G:i0pn E
McDonald and Pltuburgn? run 1?i:I0 prn ?
New Cumberland ain 10::3 am .
ItullanapolWandS;. Ixvilt... h>: i'i a:n fG:lop.u (
and Columbus and Cincinnati..? p:.r?a:n 0:lup.n *
^ WolNburtf nndSioiitioiivHia Ain G.lOp.u
dten phjiadoljdiiaaiid New Vorw.UJ:i'? pm 2.25 p-n 'I
*>r?- bieulKsnvllleand I'ltwburghil2:2.i ptu pm c
and colutnbmand Ciilcago. ......112:2.) pin t-:i3 pin
< n>* Philadelphia and New York *2:35 put ?lu:iJ am
for luiUmoroand Washington. .::*? pa di0:t> aui ,
Stenbcnvllie and Pltubur*b *-': ? p;n ol0:ii um )
titoubmivliieand l>aonl?o?^ pin am J
IiidlannpoiU andSt. I?ouli.^ p:'/Jpm tii.-i'iain J
, Dayton and Cincinnati t8:W pin Tt?:Unni
' ln* yteutHinvlllo and Colo nbM, t8:i)J pin f6:Uatn
'J"ft- Northv\c?tS>stcui-'Clovu. it I'ltti. 1)1 ridon. 1
'imliiA run dAily. except auuduy. at ,/oiIoyi: -s
II* i-Koji itmu'iKfoKr ro Lkavc. aiuiivc \
"T1 11 WAyneand riileaffo ??..S^ain 4:Mpm 1
' 'of ('anion a:id Toledo 5:0Sain 4:Vsj?in 1
>w AlUauco n.id Oieveland. 5:0Sam 4:/?sptu I
bteiiuonvllleaiid I'lttaburgh.? 5:USa:n 6:l^juii 1
htvutHMi\illea:id Plttauurt;u....ni:iMatn i>; ?1 oin '
Ft. Wayne.b Chicago 1:10 pm 8:14 ptu "
Canton and Toledo 1:10 pm 4:*?sj>in 1
Allianoe And Clovoland ^.IMiipm l:iOj?:n J
Bteobenville And Wellavlllo.^. 1:10 pm 7:.^a-n I
T Philadelphia and Now York..- a:4i pra 8:15 pm 1
Baltimore and Washington.^. 2:44 jira 4:'>8ptn <
HteuLonvilio and I'ittauurgh.^'.'Ml pm 4:.".Spiu '
H BteuoenviUo Wi-IUvillo C:l:t nm 7:'iSa*n 1
rat. Wlieellnu Brldtie & Terminal Ky.
C. O. IMtKWSTKll Jlocelvor. .
Time Table No 13. to tako eireot 1 !:3L a. m^ i
Snndav Noveml?er 19 1SH j
locate Wheeling? tSrtM. 10:14, 2H:IDa m.,t2:20, >
3:1ft. t?: W. i.'.? 0u p. m. .?
liOavel'enliunla?|3:0G.t9:51,Hl:Wju ra.,fJ:'J6. 1
3v:u 11; ??. i?:iW P- m. !
l^uve Marilu * Furry-t8:lJ, I9:ft7, ill:S2a. in., \
i:-*7. M 4J lU li. I
Arrive Terminal Junction?18:17, |10:i)J. |U:5J 1
llnj; Q. |t:4i?. ?9:I8 p. m. 1
t til Ix>nvo Tornilnnl Junction?J7:ii. ?9:00, a m., I
tun- i.'uu a. in., g?: ? .?. 14:ia?. t ?:14. IS.45 p. m. (
I.eave M.irrfu'i* |Vrry-t7:iS. jj;a; ium.. '11:11. J
_n 24;0>. 14:10. t o'.'. !>:_ -t?. in |
GE u*v.il,eiiliiMii?-t:-3l.i,J:lla.m..*l2:Sl, Jl:ll, !?
' 44:17, | fs: ?s p. in. C
Arrive Wlieudtitf?f7:l0, |J:J) a m., *12:57, I
>4:17. |4:2ft. fft:l?. in. (
' * DAlly. tidily except ?uaday. ISundAyi only, ?
into, au trains will rnn on Kattern Time. 1
tU J.K. TAUSSIU, SuporiutcudeuL
Arrlrnl on<l d?r>?rttirr> of tr*jm oa tnd Attar
lay iwt k\n.*N?rtoji or R*rwut*c?
Um?: tlHUIr; SunJar excepted; JMondajr exited;
(NuurxUreveptrd; l>ut>day oaly; *JklMar
only. Eastern t?und?td Tim*
PKfART. .RAii'K'K. -Main UnSTfcut| tiurt
?l V. *r.? U'a?h.C*jr, Halt, FblL <k N. V f*tt am
|&4> pm \\Mh Cr. Halt. FMl. A x. Y ?
"V.'O *ai;.-...Cumberland Areom...-. **10 pm
f*a)0 pm........ liraf'on Afifon. ? flifcOO ata
?7:.'0 aR>'M....M(>iin?l?ritle Aivom....^ *7:10 an
Aivora *V:15 am
ftto pn?j.~. Monn<)?vii:e Aeoom~~~ *1:J0 pm
10:*) pm ?Moun Urlilr Acvom pm
IV: o a?u'->N?hlnc'oi> C:tr KtprW-1 t\<t> pm
PM-axr |K,?o K.K?C. p. * ARIVC
fT:?) aui>F<>r(V?]umba<i and chI<M*? ttU am
lPtJO atu Cnlumhosand <lnoinnatL tScit pm
11;."$ pin]-Colutnhui and Cincinnati- itU am
14:13 put Columbia ?n I Chicago Exp tlO-,4.% am
**: %) pn>| -Newark Accoiu - !!:? am
l(hai a tit | 6L Claim-ill* Accom-...^l?:3^ am
PXK) pm M Claimlll* Acoom.... *4:21 pm
aw Colnmbnt andClailn. Kxtv
nrrAirr. RJfcO. R.R.-W . p. i li. in* aumiv*. 1
proo am ....~~.For Pl?t*bunja tlAii am
t7:X> am Pitubtirtfh t*>.V rm
pm FilUbnrvb *nh Eaat~.. |ll:Jft Dm
l:M pm PHuburgo..... "l-iS pm
f?:0J pui ...\Va?hlmtou. Pa.. Aoeoui... MO am
Pittsburgh Kxprwa. am
UKi*ART. 1 IV. C 4 ST. L R*. I AKKIVK.
?m .... Pltubarfh. *7:11) pm
*7:V? em. >u*uheQTlUeand We*t.... *7:10 pm
M:f24 pm .l'iti?t>urvh and New York- *9:XS pm
|3:.'w pro ..ruuburKb and New York- fll:S5 am
7:? ntn|Kxpr?Hi. Ha. ami PI. Lonl# *7:12 am
OrtW psu.Kiprv** Ciu aud Hi Lonta *7:10 pm
ptn|Kxprc*alSteub. and Chicago &.J5 pm
f.T'kS pnil-l'lttwtmryli and l>cnnl?on.. fll:i5 am
nKrXnfTj C A K It akhitr." '
fdK a'i% .Kort Wayne and CblnaffO. *: ?# pm
&JS *tn j Cant?u una Toledo .. *0:15 pm
C.uh AHUiie.*nnd Cleveland... *115 pm
fi:0K Aro.SieutHMirllU'*n<1 Pltuiiarttti ?V:15 pm
11:01 ainStiMilicnvllieitixl Plitaburtfh *10.41 am
**i:IO pm' .Kort Wayne and Chicago. pm
*J:lo pm .Canton and Toledo *5:5S pm
?10 pm .Alliance mid flerrlmid. ... *?10 pm
7:10 pm S'onl'enrillr and WelWvllle *0:14 pm
3:41 pm I'hiladelpbin and KcvrYork *.VM pm
T.;|| pQiilUltlinoru and Washington VVI pm
*<:M pm Steubonrillcand I'ltumircb bM pm
7:13 pml -Sieubt'iiTiilo .v WnlUvlUe . <*58 am
pri'Ait? | W.AL K. ltr. arriv*
*D:4"? am jMaarillon. Toledo and Woat 5:?? pm
am I'nuton. Akron .t Cleveland *5:30 pm
0:15 am Wheeling and Sienbenrlllo *5: J) pm
*4:irt pm .. Maa?illnn and Canton.... *11:05 am
4 40 |?ni|\Vhealinn and SteubcurllU HKft am
DRfxirr. | a. I* A vv.?iutnorroat arrivk.
*7:5 Ain ni'VPland.ToletloJkrhlmiro *M3 pm
* :o0 pro Uuvtfland.ToledOtt Chicago *i:.V) pm
*4:1' pin MmHIlon Accoin *10;.V? am
?s: 17 rttn St. Cialravlllo Aceom *0:50 am
10:.H am SL Clalnrille Accom *1:35 pm
pin Ht Clalmvillo Accora..... N:tt> pm
5:30 pm St. Clairarlllo Arcom *7:05 pm
?1 :30 pin1 .......... Iam-aI Freight .... *H:45 am
IIKTAItr. OHIO HlVK.lt It. R. arrive.
17 .0 ntn ~.?|1aMenfCftr...?M..~M f 10:45 am
pm ........ ...Pawnjer *1:01 pm
f4 :nt pm PaaMMKor f8:40 pm
l.ravb 11. L X a RAILROAD. arrive.
kl.l aikk beli.alrb
0:10 ain ....IWIlalrt* and Znno?Tlll&... *:J0 om
4:Qi) pm .Wo.nUtlfld 8:15 am
;be Cleveland, Lorain S Wheeling R. R.
Via. Eyrie and the Lake Shore Route.
July 8.189l
station*. ti 21 06 85* '
Central Time. p. m. a. m. a. m. p. m.
<T. WlH-olliig 3 r? 0 10 12 10
Il<.l1alrt> S 1.'. 6 (*) 12 Ofl
Martin'* Forry...... 8 '.'.'t C 10 12 10
Rrldgcjtort... 3 45 C :*> 12 SO
Pluauhig ....... 4 54 7 73 1 29
Froepnrl. _ 6 20 7W 154,
Ulirichivlllc. .... 6 IX) ft 40 8 ? 2 30
New Philadelphia. 6 JO fl oo 8 4* 2 4?
Cjinnl lJuver .... c .7 0 07 8 M 2 57
Miiwlllou 7 13 4 .V? 0 40 3 42
Warwick. .. 7 21 10 07 4 Uft
Berlins; 7 4". 10 dl 4 ?2
Molina H OS 11 01 5 (X>
(irflflou 8 40 11 29 5 2S
EJyrlu 9 10 12 65 5 53
p. m.
Lr. I.grain 0 25 12 10 ? 10
Cltsreiaud 10 O) 12 4ft 5 45
Pan'ltukr P'l W 1:57
Korwiilt. ... a 13 8 57
Toledo a l?) 3 10 10 55
la-troli 6 'J) 6 20
Chicago ... 9 fo 0 20 ""7 35
Buffalo 5 40 5 40 3 20
z a. m. a m. p. nu
Albanr... 2 50 2 60 I 55
Now York 7 00 7 (X) 7 Itt
Jkxton.... 10 50 10 60 9 25
Akron 8 09 9
On Sunday Tmln No. as will run from Ub?
On Suuduy. train No. 24 rum to Lorain, and
?o. :? from Lorain only.
For time card, rato of faro and further lofor*
tint Ion regarding our traina apply to aur C.. L.
: W. ticket agent, or G 8. Ilolknap, Trarollnff
'assengcr A gout, Masilllon, O.
Gen'l Freight and Pma Agent. Cjproland. O.
Departure and arriralof
QW^S^AicJM.v.'^traliM at Wheolinz. Kait^Utne.^schedule
in of51)
For BaltlmorV Pbiladol?
phla and Now York 1:45
Washington City Exprwa. 9:55 a. ra., daily.
Cuml>crlAii(l Accommodation, 5:30 il m., dally
xrcpt Sunday.
(irafton Accommodation, 3.-09 p. m.. dally.
Monndxrlllo Accommodation. 7:50 and 11:15 a.
n.. ami 0:10 r>. m.,oxceptSuuday, and 10:30 p. ra,
ii turd ay only.
From Now York, Philadelphia and Baltimore
:15 a. in., dally.
Washington City Kxprcw, 5:00;p. m.. dally.
Cumberland Accommodation, 8:10 p in., OX*
opt Sunday.
cimfton Accommodation. 10:00 a. ra. dally.
Moundsvll.'o Accommodation, 7:10 a ra., exep\
Sunday; 10:00 a. m.. dally, and 1:20. 8:10 p.
n.,excupt Sunday, and 10:10 p.ra. Saturday only.
For Colnmbusand Chicago, 7:30 and 4 la p. hl,
Columbus nnd Cincinnati Expn*t 10:20 a. m.
[ally and 11:35 p. ra.. dally, cxcopt Saturday, and
:l'j a. ui. Sunday on I v.
Newark Accommodation, 3:30 p. m., dally, exept
St. Clalrsvillo Accommodation 10:20 a. m. and
:3op. in., except Sunday.
Chicago Express. ?:35a. ra. and 10:45 a.m. daily.
Cincinnati Ex proas, 4->Ja.m. and 6:25 p. ul,
Newark Accoramodatlon, 11:33a. m., dally, exopt
St. ClnlrxvUlo Accommodation, 11:35 a. m. and
:25 p. in., dally, oxcopt Suuday.
For Pltt'bunjh. r.iOO and 7:'? a. tn.. dally: 1:33
?. ra., dally, except Sunday, and 5:35 p m.. dally.
Fnr IMtt-ibnrgb und the cast, 6:00 a. m. and5:3S
i. in., daily.
Washington Accommodation, 5:03 p. ra., daily,
xcept Sunduy.
From I'lttabnrgb, 10:I5a.ra. and 0:50 p.m. daily,
1:25 p. m. dailv. oxrent Saturday, and 12:45 p.
a., except Sunday, and 225 a. m., Suuday only.
\\'jivliliirf!ou Accommodation,8:10 a. m., dally,
xrept Sunday.
On and after Stitidnv, June 3, 1891. Pomoowc
:*niitm will run as follows "Dally. fD?Uy
vptSuudar. Central time.
SOUTH HOUND. 7 5 j a I""*
P. M. | P. M. A. H.
Vheelint *3 :?,tl2 15 ?0 20
k'liwoud .. 3 45! 12 .10 6 IS
loundaTille- 4 <*> 12 4> 6 32
Jew Maitlnavilla 6 11 1 l> 7 52
Htcwvllle, - 6 40 2 05 8 15
'rlendly............ 6 2 16 8 '*)
I Mar\M? b 2i) 2 I: 9 02
VIIllainMown..... A.M. 7 00 3 20 9 15
'nrkcrdMirjf. f 5 15 ?7 30 3 ftO 10 15
lollevlllc. 6 80 p. jl 4 25 10 56
(uvt'Dswoed 7 1" 5 00 11 SJ
tlplev Lauding 7 6 2D 11 47
i rail am 8 <i\ 6 O 12 18
>'e\v Haven b 12 6 60 12 17
lartford 8 15 6 64 12 2J
lu?ou City S 21 CO) 12 30
lift.ui R :? 6 03 12 35
L l'i?,a<nut..M yunl C *2 105
JallliKdN.- 0 15 ? ?!? 1 JO
iuvandotto I" Ai 7 50 2 20
lumlnifton tio 45 IS oo *2 JO
a. x P. x. r. x.
NORTH ROUNU 2 4 o ~"
P. M. P. JI A. N.
Vbecllng. .... fl2 01 *7 ,0 45
iOUWOPl _ II 45 7 25 V :u
loumhvlUe... ..... 11 :?J 7 03 9 10
>cw Martinsville. 10 ?> 6 Ui 8 10
latenfllle - 10 10 6 40 7 4?
rlendly ? 10 Ol 6 29 7 ?
t. >?ar*a f M 5 0) 7 0*?
VIlMatimiown 0? \ C 20 p. M.
arkorslKir*- 8 3'. :< :<i 5 50 to 20
lollevllle 7 4". 8 15 a.m. 8 45
ta veil* wood-.. 7 10 2 40 8 10
(|i>!i*y Uudlnjr C \n 2 20 7 50
irahani 1 jr. 7 25
ivw lla^'U C 20 1 17 7 18
lartford C 10 1 It 7 15
la?ou City 0 10 1 :.7 7 10
Uftoil < '? 1 :?2 7 05
r. l'l?-n nut ft ?7 1 0i 0 37
iailip'dla '> 2S; l.' w 0 23
luyaudotttt 4 11 i? 6 10
luutlugtou 4 l'? **11 33 to 00
A. M. I A. M. P. M.

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