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The Gotham Giants Attain Defeat
the Baltimoroa.
And Wm Won by Reason ol Jon
tiltiffa' Fain bio In tlio Ninth?Open
fiig ol I bo Knees at MorrI* Park
Tbo Local IU1I Oamo This After
[ fiooti?Foot Ball at Martin'* Ferry
Ilaoini; at Clillllcotlio?Other Newt
of upon.
Baltiuoue, Mii., Oct 5.?The mcow
game of ttio Tetnplo cap aeries, playtx
hew to-day, was another exhibition o
great ball playing. Local fain, however
do not fully appreciate it, bccauae tlx
Orlolei lotL Both toama were oveBl;
matched in ?kill and in play, hat an eie
moot of luck waa in favor of the Net
The game wu nip and tuck up to thi
ninth inning. In tbia, nn error by thi
peerlesa Jenninga, which should ban
been an easy double, retiring the sldi
finally, gsvo the Giants four runa. Ii
early practicc, when "Kids" wore on thi
fluid to clmse the loatlier, liurkn hi
one of them in the face with a ball. I
looked dollborato and u crowd from thi
bleachora awarmed over into tho deli
after him. 'i'lio police drove tho crowc
and Burko oxplainod that tho otfenai
waa nccidonral. Tho New York playeri
and tlio rooters came to tho ground n
2:30 o'clock with one policeman in eacl
Tho gome began at 3:30 o'clock am
tho crowd of 11,000 people kept uuunual
ly quiet all through the guuie, with thi
exception at tiinoa when brilliant playi
wero mode by either side. Kmsllo tool
the first turn at judging balls and
strikes and Hurst on baae decisions.
Tho New Yorks were first to bat ant
they wore oat in ono, two, three order
Eddie Burko waa tho firat to bat and h<
waa greetod with a storm of applausi
and horn-toots from Gotham rootera
Ho hit tho flrat ball pitched by Gloaaoi
into Heeler's bands.
Manager Hanlon was presented witl
a picture of tho club before tho Orioloi
went to the bat, and Kelloy walked t<
flrat on the first four speedy but wile
ballfl pitched by Meokin. Kooler sent t
boautiful single betweon controand left
and Brouthers' ouo to deep left ad
vanced both Kelloy and Kooler a base
McUrnw Boat a long fly to Vnn llaltren
and Kelly was nailed at the plate on t
beautiful throw in.
In the second Crleason mado a groal
stop aud assist by a hard liuor from
Wrrd's but, aud in tho same inninj
Doylo dropped an eaay foul fly from
Jon nines'but, but was saved an erroi
mark by Jontiiuga sacrificing on th(
uoxt ball pitched.
During this inning the New Yorl
plrtvors crowded around Emslie am
kicked principally to worry him. In
tho fourth inning Meokin mado a wonderful
atop of a hard bit ball fron
Kelloy's bat, and in tho noxt inninj
Burke's catch of Brouthers' long fly waj
tho feature. In tbo sixth inning he do*
lighted his admirers again by uiakinj;
what soetnod an impotsiblo play, li
the seventh Ward and Meokin attempt
od tricks accredited to McUraw.
Tho game was won and lost in tb<
ninth inning. Fuller sent an easy on<
to short, but it bit a stono and boundet
over Jennings' hoad. Karrel got an
other scratch hit and Meokin atrucl
out. Burke sont an easy ono to Jen
nings for a double play but his over
anxioty caused a fumble. Tiernai
cleared tho bases with a threo-bngRe
and camo in on Davis* out. and Doylo'i
out retiring tho side.
In the Baltimoros' half of tho inning
Meekin rolied upon speod. Ho sen
three men to first on balls, but nil thi
OriolBB could do was to get in ono run
Xcllev. IfJT 7 2 0 0 Ilurko, 0 1 0
Kcclcr, rf...5 2 fl 0 o Ticruon: rf.5 4 3 0
JJr'ihurs.lb.l 1 10 2 1 Davis, 8b....5 1 0 2
3tcOmw,3U5 0 1 1 0 I)uylO,lb_-5 I 0 1
llrodlo. ?f...4 0 1 0 0 Wnnl.2b....4 2 2 2
RclU.2b A 2 2 OV'uH't'u.cM 1 G 1
Jouuluw *s4 0 2 G 'J Fuller. WJ....8 12 4
KoMnnon.o 3 0 2 2 0 Karroll. 0.....4 13 0
uleason, p.?4 1210 Moeklu, p~4 111
Total.?..30 1 27 15 8 Total 39 12 27 11
ltoltiraoro ?0 2 2 0 0 0 10 1?
Hew York 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 14Ilarnocl
ruus. Baltimore 2; Now York 4. Throe
base hit*, Keelor, Gloasou. Tlornnn. Davis. Sac
rltloo bits, Jeiiiiltws. Davis. Stolen bases, Kel
ley, Kctiler. llruuluera, Drodle. Robinson, Tlei
111111. Doyle. Double plays, Vau Haltren nu<
Varrell; Jeuuiugi. Kaiu and lirouthors. Fir*
ba*o on errors. Baltimore 2; New York 2. Firs
base oa balls, by UIposou 1; by Meokln o. Strucl
out. by (Jioason 3j by Mcukla 2. Wild pitches
Olcjuon, Meek in. Left 011 banes, Haltlmoro t
Maw York 4. Time ot game, 2 hours. Umpires
liurstnnd Emslle.
Today's Bntl Gnrno.
Thie nftornoon tho beat gamoof bast
ball that has been aeon in Wheeling fo
several years will probably bo witness
ed ut tho Irwin ball park on the Soutl
fcide, when a picket! nine of NVhoeUni
professional playors and tho atroni
Cleveland loaguo team will cross bats
The tonm outlined in tbo Intblliokn
ckb will roproaeut the Wheeling end 0
tho game, and it is not necessary ti
enumerate the stars who form tin
Cleveland team, ono of tho strongest ii
the league, and tho only western clul
tlint finished tho season in the first di
vision. Thogamo will he called ut 3:3<
p. in. instead of o'clock, as at first an
nouueed. Yesterday's rain did not in
jure tho grounds as was foarod bj
Font Hull To-day.
Tno foot ball soason will bo oponod a
Martin's Ferry this attornoon by tho Y
M. U. A. elevens of Martin's Ferry ani
lieaver Falls, and a great contest is ox
pocted. Tho home team will put un 1
strong game, and tho boys think tho;
will defeat the crack team from Boavo
Falls. Martin's Ferry's lino is remarka
bly strong. The game will ho calloi
at 1:45. Tho teams:
Heaver Falls. Position. Martin's Ferry
Tyndnll bolt Knd Swecue
Howard -Left Tackle Davl
Paisley Lei t <?uard .Sped
Olavtou .....Centre U. Mc.ViiiiicI
Carter Klunt<iuurd Mnrkv
Mnxenfelter Ukbt Tackle Hinitl
MI tctieil........ -Right Kud U. McAuliicI
Morr Quarter Hack Mitchul
Whito Right Half Hack.,.K. McAnlllcl
barber Lett Half Duck Kdward
McOuae...mmw Full Unuk ?.jurutei
ftirl* on tho Hiiro Trunk.
This afternoon a novel spoolaelo wil
bo on tho track at tho State Fair ground
on tho Iuland. Several young ladio
havo put up a number of valuablo prizo
which will bo contoated for by gir
ridors of tho ailont stood. Throo race
will bo run in tho presencos of a atnal
crowd of invited spectators, Thosi
are tho llrst bicyclo races ovor givot
unywhoro whoro girls olono aro oligibh
to contest.
On 11 Cyrlo Tour.
^ Yofltorday Murray Kiilman and Wil
Fullmer, two whoolmon from Uoading
l'u., members of tho I'otin Wheelmen
arrived in tho city on tliolr whools, on
route from Itoading to Muskegon, Mich
Thoy will rosumo their wheel journo:
this morning. That (fir tbejr bar* covered
320 tnilas, having croM*J the All*- t
ghenies by the national pike.
t Morris Park opan*.
New You, Oct. &?The lait meeting
ol tliu season in thlaatate m began to.
dajr at llorria Park and before a large
audience. The fint race urn the Albany
atakoa for two-year-olda, aad Bright
Phoebaa was a top-heavy favorite.
Taral got hit mount oQ wall and then
- Bloodying him did not let looie till
. within a half furlong of the finish,when
ho shot oat and won ai lie pleased.
In the all ages handicap at five far.
longs, Gleamoyns wai the favorite and
, won easily while Marian naqn fast
enoogli at the eqd to get the place away
from Lady Violet. Summary:
First, six furlongs?Brambaletta filly
> won; time, 1:14j. Second, one mile?
Warlike won; time, 1:44. Third, AI1
bany stakes, six furlongs?Bright
f Phoebus woo; Shadow Danco Colt seo;
ond; Monaoo third ;tfme, 1:12J. Fourth,
Jerome handicap, one mllo?Rubicon
won; Declare second; Harrington third;
' time, 2:09J. Fifth, all ages serial handi
- cap, UVu iunoagB?uiuuuicvim nu**,
f time, :68J. Kixtb, six furlongs?Little J
Billy won; time, 1:11^ _ 1
s The Latoula liacos.
0 Cincinnati, Oct. 5.?Three favoritios |
3 at clofio odds won at Latania to-day. t
3 Tho otbor throe racoa wore takon by
1 outsiders. Banker1! Dan?liler, second t
9 cboice in the oponing race, won easily, t
t while Mary 11 .M? the favorite, ran an- r
t placed Pure Delight, tho ander-esti- f
9 mated third choice, woo the fifth, beat1
iug the second ohoice and the favorite i
1 in a driving finish. Summary: ,
, First, three-year-olds and upwards, (
, sevon furlongs?Banker'aDaoghterwon; f
t time, 1:20). Second, for four-year-olds
i and upwards, one mile?Wbitnev won; ,
time, 1:441. Third, two-year-olds, five '
1 furlougs?Lady Diamond won; time, j
- l:0.'i. Fourth," nine furlongs?Semper
5 Lox won; time, 1:56], Fifth, for maiden
, two-year-old fillies, nine-sixteenths of a ?
: mile?Pure Delight won; time, :57.
Sixth, seven furlongs?Dr. Park won;
time, 1:3d. t
1 11
Ztace* at Pimllco.
\ Baltimore, Oct. 5.?Tho track at i
> Piralico was dolnged by rain on Wod*
nosday and last~ftight, but it dried ont h
in good Bhape boforo tho horaea wero
i called to tho post. Tho opening event F
i was a 2:24 clnas that brought fourteen r.
> to tho wire. Tho money waa ovonly
[ divided on Nollio D., Electric Uoon and
i llockburn. Eloctric Coon won tho race ,
, in straight heats and reducod his re* J
- 'cord to 2:20f. The 2:17 claaa proved a ?
. Burpriso party to tho talent. Happy
t Lauv waa backod quito liberally, but at "
i tho end of tho rnco waa bobiud, tho ?
monoy diviaons. Oramto Chief, a local P
i horse, won in straight heats. The 2:14 (
. paco waa postponed aftor Little Pitt
: and Blizzard had each won a heat,
i "* i
Cloao at Giiiilicutlio.
Chillicotiib, 0.. Oct. 5.?Tho cloeo of ^
tho Driving Park Comuauy's mooting
hero was attended by about 3.000 people.
Alix was nchedulod to beat her
own mark of 2:03}, but tho cold weather
and wind were against her, and sho J
only made the mile in 2:00}, which,
un<Jer the circumstances, wan very pood. R
'the free for all pace proved to bo a c
walkovor for John R. Gentry, he taking
it in three heats, and setting a paco so .
hot in the first heat that tho track roc- J
ord of 2:07, inado by Vassar in the 2:10 J
pace on Thursday, waa reduced ono second.
Summary: J,
2:23 class, trotting, purse $1,000?Ga- :
briella won; titno, 2:20. ?
Free for all pacing, purse $1,000? ^
John K, Gentry won. Tlmo, 2:00.
How Tlioy Com pure.
Tho following table shows tho comparative
measurements of Fitzaimmous
and Gorbett will be road with interest c
just now whon tho two "pugs" aro hav- 1
ing their little war of words: c
Corbett Fltzslmraons. '
24 Age.....^ .. M I
188 - ~ Weight ....175 t
0 ft. 1 y, in Height. <J ft. M In. !
2>*4 ..Reach 20)4 c
Jffl .-rr^Cbest-H. ...... 39 I
88 Waist .. 8(1 a
; 21 - Thiuli 20 .
? U ...Uilf 14 1
S 1?X 1
I lift, roreurw itf, c
0 ?
0 BKLliiUliU. c
0 Alt Sort* of Loonl New* and Goutp froin *.
" tbo Glass Oltr.
1 A Benwood man, whoso nntno could fl
ii not bo learned came over to this city ?
9 Thursday night to havo a tiino with tho fl
! boys, ami whilo in Maulo's saloon with \
; a ISollairo man, thoy full out and tho c
" Bollairo plug picked up tho whisky bot- ?
i tlo that had noon sot on tho counter for ]
| thoui to tako a drink and hit the Ben- (
c wood man full in the face, driving some :
i. of tho glass into his cheek. Tlio fellow
I' waa dazed but did not full, and when ho i
' recovorod himself thoro was a livoly 1
rough and tumbio fight, until tho Boll*
airo man sot au opportunity to run.
a There was a ropori circulated yoator- (
r day that the tank bottle furnaco at J
Pultuoy bottom had cavod in and was
i worthloas, but an investigation dovelt
opod tho choerful fact that tho tauk
i waa not hnrt at all. In building tho
. gaa producer Mr. Murphy had put in an j
- extra row of brick to tost their quality, J
i and theso melted out, and somo of thnui
3 droppod into tho cavo, but tfecrotary J
0 Kirklund and Mr. Murphy joia iu tho
1 statement that neither the tank nor tho
) producer is injured in the least. Thoy
. will bo blowing glass to-day as usual.
3 Tho body of Samuel Powell, tho win- ?
dow glass blower, who waa run over and
killod at Hod Koy, Ind, by a Pan-Han*
7 dlo train, arrived hero yeatordny and
waa intorrod in lioso Hill cometorv.
ilia wifo and ono child live hero.
t Kev. Mr. Foator, of Fairmont, W. Vs.,
will preach in tho Episcopal church
[ hero to-morrow. Ho may tako chargo
. of tho church in this city.
i Harry Gill cloaod tho pot works of
f Gill liros. here this week and went to
r Muncio, Ind., whora tho firm is opor
ating a largo plant.
1 Tho Gravel hill industrial school for j j
girls will bo opened at tho readiug room j j
this aftornoon at 2 o'clock.
s Miaa .May IVIcAlliator. of Tolodo, id
< tho guest of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 1
1 Nicholson. i i
;i Mra. (J. H. Over and daughter, Mrs. ;
| A. K. Smith, camoin from Muncio, Ind., j
, yoatorday. ^
1 lit'lilgepurt.
Water rents aro due Octobor ]. A
I discount of 10 nor cont will bo allowed
9 if paid beforo Octobor 10.
, "l-g-8 \V. li. Bowman, Socrotary.
1 Iftwklmi'M Arnlm Salro.
J Tho boat oalvo In tho world for cuts,
I bruisoa, sores, ulcers, salt rhouiu. fever
' eoroH, tettor, chappoil hands, chilblains,
1 corns, and all akin eruptions, and nosi>
tivoly cures piles, or no pay roquired.
It in guarauteod to givo porfoct satisfaction
or money refunded. Prico 25 j
conts por box. For salo by Logan Drns I
I Company, j |
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
Upland Ml?hyi la i:m Tiiriyli j Cltf
Acrou tlie Ulvtf.
Mr*. Bertie Hobensack, widow at the
ho late Dr. J. D. liobenssck, of Marlo'i
Ferry, caused the arrest of bar
irotlier-in-law. Kwtrt \V. Hobensack,
it Martin's Farrv, yeatord&y, on the
liarce of opening's lettor seat to bar.
tie charged that a letter was lent by
>r. J. it. Wllion, of Whoaling, to Mrs.
iobensack at Martin'i Ferry, patted
hrough ibe Wheeling and Martin's
'erry offices, being taken out of the
stter by a sir), was opened by Ewart (
V. Hobensack, who, ioatead of turning
t over to Mrs. Hobensack, sen: it to
lis brother, who it in the dm; buiilesa
in Connecticut; that it wan mailed
o Whoeling and opened bv Mr. Crisrell,
who auppoiml it wo* a (otter conerning
tbe coal bminaaa; that Criaweil .
in discovering it was a private letter .
ind for Mrs. Hobensack, handed it to "
iwart Hobensack, who refused to tako ,
t, and Mr. Criswell becoming alarmed
lolivored the letter to Mrs. Hobensack BC
ad explained bow it came into his t}1
louessiou. The lettor was mailed by tli
Jr. Wilson the latter part of September la
ind it did not reach Mrs. Hobensack rc
intil a few days ago.
William Tolbert, an employe at i"
ilanna' foundry, had his loot mashed at
>y a casting falling on it, and William 1m
loppy met with a similar accidental ut
be Belmont brewery. di
John Parker, the old gentleman who ar
ras assaulted and robbed lost February, It
iiu sold hit farm of ninety-two acred m
iear Pleasant Grove to John Stewart pi
or $4,100. nc
Tlio bait of Bout Stroble vs. tbo cr
.aughlin Nail Co., for the recovery uf c\
rages narnisheed beloro Squire Edward
Hark wag decided in favor of the do- gi
ondent. ui
Tli. Gjertsen returnod yoitorday Ci
roni Cumberland, fad., nud will play pi
rith the Y. M. C, A. foot bail ve. at
leaver Falls to-day. ac
Invitations are out for the marriago ?
t Miss Inez Mafor to Dr. W. B. Ewing 9,
1 the Presbyterian church, October IS. A
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Wood have ro- ,
urnod from an extendod visit at Smith- 1
old. I'
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kodehavar leave (
o-day for St. Louis, their future homo.
Yosterday Thomas Charlton moved 1
lis family to Huntington, W. Va. 11
George Cooke has been admitted to 11
iractico law. .
tatb or Ohio, City ok Toledo, 1 .1
Lucas County, /
Frank J. Cheney mukOfl oath that bo (1
a the senior partnor of the firm of F. J. 1
'hcney & Co., doing business in tho
itv of Toledo, county and stato afore- 11
aid, and that said firm will pay tho , |
um of one hundred dollars lor each
nd every case of Catakkii that cannot 1
10 curod by the use of Hall's Catarrh , 1
Juke. Frank J. Ciikney.
Sworn to before mo and subscribed in I
uy prosonce, this 0th day of December, . 1
L. D. 18SG. 1;
r^i ^ 11-1
V heal > a* n. uluasua, ?
1 ?-v-? > Notary Public. tz
Hall's Catarrh Curo is takon inter- .
ad nets directly on tho blood aud inuc- .?
us surfaces of tho system. bond lor
cstiinoniala, freo.
J. F. Schkney & Co., Toledo, 0.
S^Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Dr. Oiiinnn,
ormerly of Now York, now tho celoiratod
Examining Physician of Tiie
! ranch medical and sljkgical i.nstxuth,
Columbus, Ohio, by request of
any frionds and patients, has decided
o visit Bridgeport, Sherman House,
.'ueaday, October 9; Bellairo, Windsor
Iotol, Wednesday, Octobor 10. Counltation
and examination free and
trietly confidential, 0 a. in. to G p. nirf
mo day only.
The Franco Medlonl Institute'*
:ase book snows that a largo number of
low patients, rosidonta of Columbus and
tdjoining towns and states, have placed
hoinselves undor treatment during the lu
?ost month. Tho France Modical tnatiuto
has tho largest and finest collection BU|
if instruments and appliances and tho "
nost eminent corns of physicians and
nmnnno in thn ttnif.nl rlntna if nnn
iro sulforinR from any form of chronic ,
iisoaso that has battled tho skill of ?
ithors, call and havoyour caso examined, <
ind thoy will toll you nt onco if your
iaso is curable or not. Mnny dieoaaea
iro so dccoptivo that hundreds of por- - (
ions havo thorn beforo thoy evon nag)ect
it; thoy know thoy are not woll, but
iro ignorant of tho cause. Aro you
ifllictod? Your caso may now bo curible.
Call boforo the disoaso has worked (
rroparable injury. Ono or more of tho A
ixnmining phyaiciaua and surgoons can w
ilways be consulted free of charge at tho fl
nuti'tuto, 38 and 40 West Gay street, K
Jolumhnn. Ohio. to
VIiss Maria Parloa I
Is admitted to be a leading Amcri* I
cun authority ou coolciuy; she
Says "Use
a pood Block for tbo foundation o| J
soups, sauce* nud umuy other things, ?
aud tho best Htook is
.iebig Company's j
Extract of Beef" ?
100 of Miss 1'nrloa'e recipe*
sent gratis by Unuchy A Co.,
J7 Park Place, Now York.
niiTriitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiHiiiiiriiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiy ~
Pittsburg !
Exposition j c
Now Open. | j Sept.
sth to Oct. 20th. | ~
lnnes' Famous !
13th Regiment Band ? j
Of New York, 65 Pieces. |
Tub Omatkit Mtutauv Band in Am**- = 1
ica, has been m^Rrd at an enormous = ;
cost to entertain you.
itbcbaxical effects 1 All
never eqvaled.
Boo tllO
Mlttintnro Coko Plant,
Typo Oettlnfi Macllno.
Jiloctrio Display^
Fish Exhibit, = \\
Fresh J Teat Presorvin/f. | ku
Median leal Novelties, | nnU
Tho Intent Inventions. | ,
Low Rate* on All Railroad*
.iiuiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliuillllllllllllllHIIUIilllllllUlllUliillll^ m
Brings comfort and improvement and '
nd? to personal enjoyment when
ghtly used. The many, who lire betr
than others and enjoy life more, with
ss expenditure, by more promptly
laptini the world's best products to
c needs of physical being, will attest ,
o value to liealth of the pure liquid '
xative principles embraced iu tho
rnedy, Syrup of Figs.
It? excellence in due to its presenting
the form moist acceptable and pleasit
to the taste, tlie refreshing and truly
neficial properties of a perfect !axivc
; effectually cleansing the system,
spelling colds, headaches and fevers
id permanently curing constipation,
has given satisfaction to millions and
et with the approval of the medical
ofession, because it acts on tlie Kidivs,
Liver and Dowels without weakling
them and it is perfectly freo from
'cry objectionable substancc.
Svrup of Figs is for sale by nil drug- |
sts iii 'rHJc una $1 bottles, but it ja man- !
'actured by the California Fig Byrup ]
). only, whose name is printed on every
icltage, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
id being well informed, you will not
?ept any substitute if offered.
Reliability J
And Indorsed jj
Klein's Silver Age, t c
Duquesne, r
Bear Creek, f J
Pennsylvania Rye ? 2
Whiskies. r \
Ask your dealer for thorn and toko no
substitute. For sale evorywherc.
roraaio uj
Wjlg-TTllSAWy W'MKELINO, W. Va. p
era Is do Substitute for Experience. '*
'ho Cinderella Stove* uiul lUuiges uro the re- S
t of thirty years' oxperiencc.
Their cleaullHOJW liwnons labor."
Tholr ocouoiny save* moutiy." ^
312 Market street. iol4 City Affents. N
;1 H
Wood and Slate Mantels! l
.F. Caldwell & Co., I
1508 and 1510 Market St. uu-t t!
efrlgorator or Ice Cream Froezer ?
Corno and fc'oo Our Stock. _
iy9 1210 Main Struct.
215SJ uuil 2157 MAIN STREET. I
tomatic Safety Gas or Oil Enjiaos. BICYCLES.
'e will exchnngo your old mount foruu IT) 12
[JPTIC CKAKK IMCYCbti, fastcit roud wbool
11>odt hill cllmlmr ou oarth. jvti
I T<
id Manufacturers of Marino and IS
Stationary Engines.
117 WllKKLIKG, W. VA, ,
in the Household
iv/i a m/imjo fself pan cake flour,
marvin s 4 self kaimn(i lu'ck wheat flour*
[self u a lsi n li peakl meal
Makes tho Best, Moit Delicious aud Lightest iiKIDDLE CAKES in tho world.
Thcso cool morning* create An appetito for thorn and there it no worry nor
rouble to mako them. Add sweot milk or cold water to mako a batter, a hot
;riddlo and the you are. Always ask your grocer (or M ARV lN'S and don't forget
Lro tho best over produced. Try out Roso Jumblos 1
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hl.t'orv'or WJIV?C-APiASSKJoS'" ""talntae; nearly one hundred pagra, m tboH
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t?? "I'rrtnge, fully illustrated. Do not fall to improve the opportunity to
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Iain DOOJC will be sect to anyone free on receipt of 10 cents postage. Address.
DR. F RANCH, Columbus, Onto.
*0 W. Gay St., one block north ot
D*a.FkANC* and^TMAK^of^SSi* York,the
H\1 eminent Specialists, on account of their large
MU;, M practice in Ohio, hare estabUsbed the Francs
JEic u Medical Institute, where all diseases will be auo>
Hfflrejjs 1 uent rcicTc Prio|
{jonpitalR lit the world'rtiables them toauccaaa*
, ?i4A 1 Diseaaea, also Dlseaac* oMhe^yr Md^a*!*^
" A IMPORTANT TO LADIES.?I) aa. Fkancb and
,?li Ottm an. after years of experience, have di?>
rWifM |f)liiiPv?a^e: cuvered the greatest enre known for all dlseaast
sW$h0 ' '-.ft RswX , **'**> Peculiar to the ms*. Female dlscasca positive
, / < ' ly cured to? the new remedy, Olive Blosaom. Tho
?' * \ .4^'*" ' * ' <ur<* cfleeted by home trratment. Entirely
7i'Av JKA "fSkflKAM harmless and easily applied. Coniultatlon and
uLiffn Corespondent? Free and Strictly Confidential.
v:iWw Tilthave attained tho moat wonderful ano*
WtimBEtitiSu Zy&Snhih^'' 1 CPKh tlic treatment of Catarrh. Stomach, Kid*
ney.Ctadder. Nervous,ChronlcsndSpeclal Diseases
"f n,en a?d women. After years of experience
JoWMl they Uave j*rf.*cted the moat infallible method
SSStSBSBj^Wpik \ ' *'ct curing Vital Drain la Urine, Nocturnal
MMa \ q ' '~X','.'"iV!nb ^o>sch. Impaired Memory, Weak Hack, Meltn.
\ vmmibjmnratjui cu.hv, want 01 r.nerjry, rremamre iwcimeoi
^^mSSEaMSkfflnf/ltfk. \ 1,,e ?M,y Power*?t hone terrible diaordera
>\l" r ! , fflffity*arising from rtiititmn practice*of youth, blight*
WwWffflW,flUPli Vtlli./. , JXfM tin' mo st radiant hoj*g. rendering m&rriaro
Du. Ottman, Trkasurkii,
icopical examination. MTCaaes and correspondence confidential. Treatment aent C. O. D. to
iny partof the U.S. List of 130 question * free. AddresH.with jH>stage, OR. FRANCE. Columbui.O.
formerly Of Now York, now ot THE FRANCE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, Columbul, Ohlfc
by requoit ot many friend* end patients, havu decided to viait
]tridgo|iort, Sherman Hoiiso, Tuesday, October 0.
iicllairo, Windsor Hotel, Wednesday, October 10.
oiumltation and Hxaminatlou Free and Strictly Confidential. frotnf a. m. toil p. m. Ooo day only.
Tho doctors describe the different disoat'>.s better than tho nick can thomwlvo*. It la a wonderful
ift (or anyone to pon-wii. Their dlagnottlo pouore havo croatod wonder* throughout the country,
ho Kloctrouatiilc Treatment for all form* of Female Dihouos, and the treatment of Semiuat Weak*
en, Low* of Manhood and Krror* of Youth, is rocognizod to bo thu most succonful method ovur
ihcoverti'l as Uiod by I'm Krntmi .v: OttmimWeak,
Nervous Men!
_0T? . Vflll whohafolxvn hnmlmffP"<lt?y the "Elrrtrte Ilolta," ,V^?^lnwB^ll!e^ef,,, 'BolM,,
I llll Crayon,""Troohca." " Viwunai," "Kru? Cure" tjaack*, and who have foqud
ww vurvelf jrrowJnK wider and worn?: YOU who have tflrun np 1nrtt*pair, Baying
fit. i^Sa ** I to doomed, them it no hope far me?" to you I tar. whoare jluklnglnto y oarly
<1?6(M^ nPvI grave, or drifting tinon a Bbori-lrws a>?i ?l ttlekneaa anil mufnrtunp. TP. and SAVH
MM perfect mmmn restored
.Jy'iMrSflr Write me a full hlitory of your rue. ami for 0UEST101* LISTS ami 100 Pap* Book. By rwoareaa are boouA
>nr akilt i?great. I haveeoreJ fhomanda. 1 US I't'KX ?01'. Tw#nly ytara' eii?riene?. IF AVVLICB
v> write M.ireuklitCtrr ittxiffit cUewhvra. CotnultaUona |>*raonally or fiy mall, freaand aanrcl.
tS?JSBr 3miSkZfi HedWiir???*Blii?fr?wbrrf itiut nrtar I'. O. I>.ualm%uri1rrH.i A friendly letter may direct yon la HEALTH
Or. N. E. WOOD, President. CHICAGO MEDICAL & SURGICAL INSTITUTE, 3D Van Buren St. ChlclJO, lit.
m Tho great remedy for norvnns promrotton and oil nervous dlseosoeot
Irg^Sb,- jT . UioKeuerallvnorffanflofolthttrsox.iiUfhatiNorvonsi'rostraUOn.lrail 'JKEXiitSSltJA.inirorLostManhood,
Itijpotoncjr, Nightly KiuInnIom, Vnathfnl Errors,
rrflBT^iTv*V Montnl Worry. oxc??k?Ivo ui*i* of Totineroor Opium, which lend to Con*
naroptlon hnu Insanity. With ev?ry HC* order wo etvo n wrtttoa ttuurB&FOliE
AND AKTiSlt USING. anreotnpuroornifiind tho riinm?y. Sold utfl.OO nor box. o txixos
u&rviUiAiiumu* rorSS.OO. 1?U. MOTT'tt CUfcMICAI?C0..Clevelai?U.011la.
Bursaloiu Wiioolius by tho LOGAN DltUO CO.. Main and Tenth StreeM. deZI-WkW
tore room. No. 1119 Market street $i"? 00 No. 77 South York streot, threo rooms, frame,
'our rooms, both gases and bath, No. &'? Sl'uxj.
Seventeenth streot 11 00 No. IW22 Eotr street. four roojos, frame. 39 00.
aloon und dwelling, Martin's Kerry, nd- N6. 3KOI Woods stroot, six rooms, brick, 912 00.
Joining C. A I'. depot 20 oo So. ll'J Thirty-third street, flvo rooms, brick,
'o. 14. Twenty-tilth street, two rooms fl 00 gsoo.
Io. 1012 Chapllne street, flvo rooms 13 00 Na 1101 Alloy 11, two rooms. brick. 00.
ight room*. hotli* gases, hot water and No. 5KM9 Chapllne street, two-story brick.
hath, No. lOlfi Main street 825 00 a two-story frarntfttweiliug of flvo rooms on
to. iff Seventeenth street, eight rooms, both South Elm strout.
gases. hot water and hath 22 oo :tno MeColloch street, four rooms.
to. 22i"? Market street, three rooms 7 (W No. j:ct Zano street, second floor. 312.
lo. 30 Twentieth street 10 Oil No. :H23 McCollooh streot, two-story fmme.
Io. lill Twenty-ninth street S 00 No. &>j .Main street, larjo modern brick dwoUtore
rooms Slain and Twenty-first streets, io::. fourteen rooms.
fit 00. Sl?? 00 and32U 00. No. M27 McCollooh street, brick. 31100.
'o. 2241 Main street 10 00 No. ') ? Ohio street, three rooms. 87 30.
:n. 170 Eighteenth street, threo rooms, No. 619 Main street, brick dwoillng.
first floor..... 9 00 So. 2102 Main street, ilrit floor, three rooms.
our-roomed houses, Warren I'luce, south Two furnished rooms for men, on Jaoob, boot
gas works 7 .V) tween Thirteenth and Fourteenth strooU.
to. -.'0u2 Main street, three rooms 0 00 Two splendid otHee rooms iu Masonic building.
wo rooms southeast comer Market and No. 2W2Chapllne street, tlve rooms, 113 OJ.
Twenty-sixth street.... <? 00 No. 1500 Market street, ofllco rooms.
to. 2155 Main streot, four rooms lo ?? No. 121 Thirtv* third streot. live moms. W JJ.
to. M Sixteenth street. 4U O) Rooms for manufacturing purj>oio. with power
o. 17S Seventeenth street U O) furnished, in tho busluoss part of <^ty.
O. 1012 MCUOIIOCil Htreoi iu vj more room1* oil cuuiu anvui, m uwuiuu * ?ulldlng
corner Twenty-fourth uii?I mar- crnacl? building.
ket MroeU, lately used us a carriage MOSEY TO LOAN. '
o. 3.127 Chnplino street, two rooms "> 0) rSSiSStSTr.!:
rinehart & tatu-m,
?:a?|AC^.Hmi^I7ww Mm aira 5<M Urr lUws lioiLVWa.
dwelling. . Telephone 211 [oc8| ltoorn No. a,
?. l.ii Seventeenth street,second Hour 7 03 ? 11 ? *
o. 2100 Jacob street 13 0J nri /"""N "T" "TT1 rfi
o. ailOJueob street i:t <J> JL J?I JCJ -L .
o. 1.127 Chatdlno street, otllce room. tMW , ????
o. ISi Twenty-ninth street <10J Modern uluu-roomud dwelling. with Macros of
ground. tine orchard, all above HH Mud line,
,,, ut Tiltonville, a few miles north of this city, oa
>nrm of .7 ncrw. Trludelphla. linos of C. .V 1\ and W. <St L K It. 11
levelling house on Niitiomil ro:id. Hilton. S-1V*. KjKht-roomed dwelling. fi:u Market streot.
Ten acres of Imid and dwelling, near lluucy- Sc von-roomed dwelling. 27 South Penn eircotj
>wu. $J0G. Ju*t papered and nalutoa throughout.
tteal estate of every description. S"ven-roouied dwelling, wfth stable, 28 South
Huron strcot; will rent to two families.
T A IV/r PQ A UPM PY Six-roomed dwclliuir. 2630 Chnplino street
J/V1V1 L-O r\* n^lNri I 1 Five-roomed dwelling, 31 10 Jacob street.
oal Estato Agont, Collector. Notary Public an J Five roomed dwelling, 25M W>?d?tjoot.?
Pension Attorney, .No. 1011 Martel street l oitr romued dwe Ung, 2o?) M?rkot street.
ocl Foui-rootfled dwelling, 1101 High strcot
Three 100ms. 120 South Penu street.
1*1^.A/1 Z1 f nm Many two and three rooms at half prh?.to 4|
lOUl iVllII OilG. l|tU tenant who can nny the rent.
Store room and dwelling, 2111 Main street.
Btote room, 2618 OhapUtio street.
Wo linvo tlio very thing thut 1? wanted to open
P for business at once. Centrally located on olvii I M Go UlUMINoUINj
dlrond and river landtag. The building Is a k>21 1220 MARKET STREET.
lur-Btory brick, bus eighty thousand .square - g
ot floor space. Can bo bought on caiy terms, PHOTOGRAPHY.
lesarnous rent. The price very low If it is re- - " ~ r \ ~
ulrcd. Will ngrco to toKo some stock to help HlGGINS' GALLE'R7,
' ~ ~ _ _____ 0 TWEUTTIl STIUCCT. ?
^.OI>F ctj ssja.Kr353.
mintatcanit Itental Money to t/wn u PK/-itrim-n nho Si per Dozen
Specialty.^!.' Fourteenth street. od I 1 lUlU^lupi lb AnoftJpwattJ^,
Houses for sale cheap. -1.V.A.
lJuildliik.' lot* f?ir hale cheap. x3Tr/-?rrt/-*/T.-r-? .
Farms fur Hale cheap. PIXOT^GXI.
ProiMsrty Mtlo ou easy terms.
Money to loau ou real estate. PORTRAITS 1? Pastku Ott, CnATOJT, W%xm
Telephone ?7. lll i.Marko: .-treft.
ii llrst Morlija jo on Ohio Heal Estato. ?? _ ~
?t.ho?-k m Wheeling Bnsiness College?
Iusurnuco and Ileal Estate, Bridgeport Ohio. (,'or 3IAI\ \XD TWELFTH STS*
Vloney to Loan !
J (iunfortuble Kooms, Careful PenonaMnsttn*
??-????? tlou and f?ow 1 Vices.
$ 1,000,' M^'J' x KAYNKS'
$4,1 00, ?j- elocution, delsarte.
>boRocured br Doed of Trust on Duiucaui' RAYNES,
be red City itci. l>tato. Inquire ot VOICK CUf.TUItK, PIANO
fheeliog 'litle ana Trust Co., FOUHTEKNTn 9TMHT.
ko. 1310 MAltKbl' bi'ituur. rpiXE INtELUGENOEB
X '? * Cuutwoui PamnaTnn-a^w.

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