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F?no*7lvMsta BtUroad to Extend }
Ita LtOM Naze Spring
A Competing Lino Up the Monoaga* t
beta IMver Parallel With (ha Fair- d
moot UraucU of the Baltimore A f
Ohio?The Preliminary Step* Al- C
ready Taken?After tho Coke j
Trad i'. I ' ' j
ComuBnOe Omritr. (
Whan tho Baltimore & Ohio Railroad C
Company won pulling the State Lino F
railroad, no* the Fairmont branch, '
tbroaiib into Veat Virginia, there wu r
much talk of {the Pennsylvania Hall- ?
road company building a competing *
line. But beyond a lew preliminary J,
surveys nothing wu over done. The j
Pennsylvania officials determined to
wait and see what success tho Haiti. >'
more A Ohio bad with tboir new line '
In order to get an idea of the amount of P
traffic that could be drawn from that c
section, Tho business of the Fnlrmoot J
branch hat proved better than tho most t
ttngulae expectations ol tbe promoters v
of the now road, and now tho Fonnsyl- ?
vtnla company have ovldently mado up }j
tbeir minds to extend a lino far enough C
south to tap tbe Virginia coal llelds, (
Two calls to stockholders havo boen /
sent out, ono from tboofBcoof tho Pitta- s
burgh, Virginia fc Cbarloston Railroad ^
Company and the othor from tho office '
of tbo Brownsvillo & Stale Line Kail- ,
road Company. Both calls are for tbe '
nme meeting, which is to bo held at 11 "
o'clock on the morning of October 15, *
in tho general office of tho Ponnsvlva- ?.
nia ltallroad Company at Philadelphia, j
The object of this meeting, as stated, is 5!
"for the purpose of considering and .
adopting or reieoting an agreement of '
consolidation and inorgor of the Mc- *
K???nort Bosaemor ltailrond Com
piny, the Monougahola River & Streets J*
Kan Railroad Company and tho BrownsvilleA
State Lino Railroad Company j,
with and into tho Pittsburgh, Virginia
ACharleston Railroad Company." Tho
mooting is with a view of consolidating F
the eovcral branch roads mentioned
with tho Pittsburgh; Virginia <Sc Charles- |j
ton Railroad, and extending tho latter
on up tho river and ontoring West Vir- .
trinia under tho narao of tho Browns- "
villo & Stato Lino Kailroad.
The preliminary stops toward this ',
jnovoiuuut were taken uovoral months 2;
ago at a mooting hold in Philadelphia,
but it wad decidod not to begiu activo
oporaliuus until tho business panic was P
tidod over. Tho approaching develop- r1.
meat coal along wostern Fayette and *
eastern Greono countios and in West
Virginia makes it desirable for tho ?
Pennsylvania Company to have a lino j;
up tho river, and this purposo has
doubtloss been stimulated by tho onor- "J
nious traffic tho B. <fc 0. i? now eujoy- "
ing on its now \\ est Virginia connoc- ,
tion. 11
It isalso believed that the Vai:derbilt ??,
system will be next to seel: early Wait g(
Virginia connection by extending tho fl
Pittsburg & Luke Krio via tho McKeoa- i\
port A Boilovernon Railroad on through Cl
lirowiisvillo and up the river on the n
east sido. jj
Some oxnensive roadbed improve- p
monts will soon bo made on tho Pitta- J,
burgh division of the Baltimore & Ohio g
betwoen horo and Pittsburgh. Work fi|
on them will bo connnencod at once and fl
pushed to completion an rapidly aa pos- c
lible. Forty uiiloa of track will bo laid ?
with now 7&-pound rails. Tho joying of n
this now rail will greatly improve tho ^
roadbed of tho division, as it will ro- q
place much that is only 00-pound weight.
Tho rails will bo fastoned by six-bolt <
anglo-platoa. Over $90,0IH) will bo spont 0
lor matorial, and, when the cxoonae for
labor is addod, the total cost of tho im- p
provementa will be $110,000 or rooro. J]
Tho recont visit to tho division of President
Mayor and other oflicials on their
unnual tour of inspection had considerable
to do with accelerating tho contemplated
track improvements, as the
movement, of freight was thon, as it is
now, phoiioiuoiiully heavy, and the very
beat rails, otc., under such conditions, g
aro a prime nocoasity. Other improve- tl
inonts boing mado compriao the build- tl
ins of soveral bridges, which with the g
new work will foot up$100,000. II
a FT Ell TUB co ICR TKADB. t(
When the Baltimore A Ohio officials J
wore on their inspection tour over this
division two weeks ago they made a trip ,
up the Mt. Ploasant branch, and from ^
there drove ovor to the Morewood plant
of the Southwest Connellavllle Coko j*
Company, known as Southwest No.?l. .
Tho officials looked ovor tho ground,
but would say nothing for publication^ .
Hpeakiug of a posaiblo now branch, tho
Mt. Pleasant Journal says: "ThoBaltimore
& Ohio railroad company wants
its sharo of Morowood's coko output
direct, instead of receiving it by transfor
from the Pennsylvania atliverson, as ia
being dono at present, and intends _
reaching that big plant of tho South- J
west Connollavillo Coko Company .
with 'with a branch of its own. It
ia understood that one of two routos '
will bochosou. Sevoral yoars ago W. '
i J. Kainoy, tho Clovoland coal operator, !"
I closod u doal for coal underlying tho
Kaat Huntingdon township farms of the
l.Uo Samuel Warden, which aro situated
but a short distanco north of Mo re wood. !3,
Should Rainoy go ahead and build a
plant of ovens on hi* purchase it is said J
tho ltaltinioro & Ohio will oxtond its ?
Mount Pleasant branch, roachlng tho J'
proposed works as well as Morowood 11
from tho north. If not, a lino will be
talton oil the name branch near Iron 0
ttridgo station and run to Morowood by c
way of the McClure Coko Company's ,
Bessemer plant, if tho lattor routo is Ji
chosen a hi g fish t with tho Ponnsyl- ,
vania, which is atready on tho ground,
can bo set down as assured." t
PMliti 1,000 FEET. J
Young Woman A?ronrut LniiM Hold of t
tho Tn?p7.ii liur. f
FuASKLr.NviLt.n, N. Y., Oct. 7.?In '
plain viow of a thousand spectators at n
tho fair grounds a young woman lost ?
her grip upon tho bar of a balloon nnd i
foil 1,000 feet to solid earth. Sho was ^
Uoatrico Vandresen, only oighteon q
yoars old and littlo experienced as an s
When the balloon was cut looso it was a
eoon that tho girl had hold of tho '
trapeze with but one hand. As tho air- 1
Hliip shot swiftly upward, sho could bo f
[ neon twisting and straining to get a grip <J
with tho other hand. But her strength
was not equal to tho effort whon sho t
hocamoa mere speck to tho eyos of tho I
spellbound gazers, a cry of horror arose, t
alio had lost her fooblo hold and was
Her body dropped straight downward .
for hundroda of feet, thon suddenly .
turnod ovor, so that sho struck on her '
head nnd shouldora. The Impact was
ho sevoro that her body Hank a foot in I
tint soil. Her neck was broken and her >'
body torribly cruahod, Death wa>, of {,
course, luaUnUuooui. a
lie IMmacralic Batrolt tialut Wllaoa. 1
A Correapeodeot Him t'p the Sltu>
'0 tkc Editor Otot hUUaaar. I
Bit:?"X.X.X." baa not the time .
or tbe inclination to answer tbe ecrib era
of tbe many "fngllo borna of lib- "
rty" and Ibe alleged metropolitan I
resi, who bare sot only knocked ,
ova a "hornou' neat," bat pulled all
he "lUngeri" oat before tbe neat waa
iaturbed. Amon; the prominent <)omocraia
who will not aapport the J
ree tradera thia time iip-tbe Second t!
'ougreaaional diatrict are: ?
Col. Xbomaa B. Oaria, Fairfax fi. J
.undstreot, Capt, George ff. Uarrlaon,
leaaara. Ueorgo W. Uarrlaon, Jr.,
'harles 11. (Jolborn, J. 11. fianti, ?
Iharlea E Jnnklna, J. C. Davla, Frank h
;. Kpplor, and many others of equal
irominence, who do not care to nave *
beir names given ao much publicity, ?
mt when they vote will vote in favor of "
irotectlon and that noble little giant
rbo represent* tbe true Interests of the 1
rbole people, be they miner, mechanic,
iborer, profeaalonal miu, (trntr, mar- u
hant, or an alleged coal "baron" or a c
umbor "king." "
In tbe campaign of education of two c
ears ago the people became educated 0
o tho fact that from an era of proa- "
>erity for the whole people it haa ho- ''
omo an era of depreaaion and idlonera 11
or all classes?be thoy bread winncra P
y rnnacle or bread winners by brain *
rork; all bavo been compelled to take "
n involuntary reit, and tho marta of "
usineaa have all bean idlo or clogged, "
)ur now notorious member of Congresa e
and wo write It thus advlaedly), who '
raa formerly the member from this I
deeatrict," afterwarda the momber r
rom tho United States, but now repro- 0
anting his Knglish constituent, yon "
now, waa daring tbe consideration of ?
be Alilla bill in Congresa a warm advo- d
ate of retaining tbe tarifl duty on coal 0
0 the amount of 75 centa per ton, bnt
ftor he became "hypnotiied" by tho *
'hite house inlluenco and graduated "
s a g-r-o-a-t constitutional lawyer, gave
: aa hia opinion that a tarilf for pro- ?
action waa unconstitutional. For Mr. I1
filaon'a position In that Congress (and
1 is official) boo tho llles of the Conressional
Kecord for dotails. "
Tlio basic foundation for the rapid {'
rowtb of Woat Virginia haa been thia '
line unconstitutional tariff", which 0
lade it possible to develop this state, 0
:ie VVeat Virginia Central & Pittsburgh "
ill way and tho C'amdun aystoin of rail- "
3ads, as woll aa other ureat works ol
iternal development and works of iin- P
rovemont. Moro than 1,500 lumber- 61
ion are at this time idlo along the lino 61
f tho West Virginia Central & Pittaurgh
railway on account of the lack of P
rdora, and the cmployoa aro indefi- P
Itely "laid oil," and, like Alicawber, p
ro "waiting /or something to turn up. *'
hat something will be tho killing of 8
1 possiblo chauces for tho nassago of '
ny of tho now famous "pop-gun" 1
ilia that are ponding in tbe senate of j1
io present congress. Should the Dem- '
crnts by anv possibility rotain control
f tho next "congress, our idlo men of r'
11 trades will bavo to emigrate to "
ould" England to seek employment,
ad with this omigration take with *j
lorn a lotter of introduction from Mr. L'
/ilaan, certifying that they votod for
eo "raw materials." *
Wo havo rood about the Democracy P
-of ''Jefrorsonian simplicity," of the a
Did Hickory" Democrats of the Jack- ?l
>n era. of tho times of "Joemes" Buch- *(
nnan (we do not caro to spoak of those J1
nioa?rathor unpleasant momorlos
i>nnected with them). Then we arrive at 0
le roign of "Grovor tiio 1st," when tho n
'emocracv got into a kind of a "botch- 11
otch." It was the single gold stand- Cl
rd?"the Whitnoy-Susar-Trust-Wall- c
treot-Democracy," "the Bixteen to one u
livorites;" "the Populist addenda,"
nd tho "I am a Domocrat-Hill." To w
;ip tho climax of Democracy camo a *
roup of the "latter day saints." Wo ?
lludo to those "Simon pure, dyed in 0
ne wool old locofocas such as Judgo
iresham, Wayno McVeigh, Governor 8
Jampboll, Sonator Palmer and othor j*
stowaways" from tho grand old party '
f Lincoln, prosperity and protection. H
The old nursery rhyme is ao appro* ^
riato wo cannot resist tho impulse ot 0
ho moment to quote it in full: g
"SUir h sonfj of alxpeuco,
A pocket full of ryo,
Four and twenty blackbirds baked lu a pio.
When the pio was opened, if
Tho birds began to sing. r
Wasn't this a dainty dish
To set before tho klus-Urovor? c
That the good peoplo of West Vlr- 8
inia may know tho political outlook in fl
tie Second district of thii state, and ?
tiat they may bo encouraged by tho 5
ood cheer from this pnrt of the state, L
; is a notorious fact that tho Hon. Alsan
Gordon Dayton will receive the "
lion KOfl In "
ho countios from Mineral to Barbour, j
nd ibis only includes the oouutioa of ]
Iineral, Grant, Tucker and Randolph,
rora all parts of this district we havo
ood news. It will really be a spon- n
aneous outpouring of tho peoplo who ?
eliove in fostering the groat industries
f this state as well as the country at'
irgo. Tho taltc of the opposition that ?
tioee mon who novo the courage to
arry out thoir convictions and voto in
ivor of protoction aro only obeying the
rder of tho "con! barons" and "their ?
maters" is mero "bosh." Those gon- "
lemen are patriotic, and rise abovo .
arty in bohalf of tho prosperity and "
rolfaro of our whole people, irrespocive
of thoir formor political predilecions,
and will ondoavor by thoir votes
a kill tho "polypus" of froo trado. In
ict, they will "knife it" at tho ballot
ox just one month from this dato.
Jt was tho "pop-gun" bills; now it
rill bo "Bill's pop-guns" that will go
IT next month, fc'omo one will bo poiticallv
disabled, nnd wo will bot a
omul of that high-pricod Democratic
rooi that it will uot bo Alston G. Dayon,
oithor. In the iall of tho yoar wo
itist oxpcct "slips" and "slidoa," and
his your tho Democratic party will havo
mo of tho btegost kind of land slido to
art away tip Halt river.
Nino saw mills aro shut down for a
nek of orders in tbo countics of Grant,
.'ticker and Randolph alono, und wo
lavo not tho full roturna yet.
Tho "menu" of tho London banquet
0 the lion. William L. Wilson makos
n oxcellont campaign "dodgor." In
act, tho plain poonlo aro enjoyiug at
his timo tho "shadow soup" ue cabled
rom "Lunnun, you know." It was
'coal ou t-o-a-s-t," "lumber fricassood"
,nd "wool that had a gummy taste from
tich ii long koop from H'atuerica, Tho
nonu is printed on what was loft of the
Vilson bill. Tho picturo of tho conjuering
horo is beneath thfs object leaon
of Iroo raw material.
Seriously, this district will ho ropreonted
in tho noxt Congress by tho
'Littlo Barbarian," Alston G. Dayton,
lo is a hustlor and is making lots of
rionds und votos, and what ho is not
lolng his frionds aro doing far hira.
Tho dio is cast, nnd as Oauar crossed
ho Rubicon so will tho Republican
tarty cross tho Rubicon of succosb in
ho idos of Novombor. x. x. x.
PiedmontIV, Vu? Oct. 0.
Aro Yon (lultitf Abrond
'or honlth. pluHNiiro or btulnoM, nnd would not
avc your voyage innrrod by nun-slokno.u? Then
nke iiloin* with von Kostcttor'n Htomnch llltlerd,
nd when you foci tho iniuiteit Irr n wlttck'luiufiil.
1 will oilvct ii nimjIcHl eliiiu^o fori ho hnuor In
our Interior, him! it conttuimuoo ot ll will wive
tm from further uttnuks. Ah u moans of ovoromt?K
mntnrlaU kblmvv, dv*itui>llo, uorvouH
ud rliuuiuailu trouble* tho Ultlorila uuuqualod.
'he Democratic Nomination for Governor
of Sew Fork? Hla ipneh of Acceptance.
Snr Yowc. Oct 7.?David Bennett
{ill baa formally accepted, tbe tbird
Ime in bia career, the Democratic nomnation
(or Governor o( New York.
tanielS. Lock wood expreaaed bia doire
to remain on tbe ticket wiib tbe
enator and Supreme Court Joatice
bariea F. Brown, of Nawbarg, wan
hosen by tbe 8tata Committee to fill
be vacancy caused by Joatice Qaynofa
eciination to ran ai candidal* for
ndge of tbe Conrt of Appealp.
Tbda tbe Democratic ,atate ticket haa
een made completo, and noxt week one
f tbe moat aggressive campaigns in tbe
iatory of New York will be beicon.
Oongressmab Bonrke Cochran delivred
tbe notification apeecb, and Sena- '
ir Hill said, among other things, in '
is roaponae:
Tbe very life of the party ia at stake. '
leaidea, tbe control of tho next nation- i
I i . .1?t
1 noun OI rOprUWUHkltH u.?; UBpvKH
Don the election here. The Demo- t
ratic convention having, against my 1
rotest, selectod me to lead in aach a :
rials, although I exceedingly regret ita
ction, and eepecialiy regret that my j
dvice ni not adopted in regard to rep- ,
Mentation in the convention Iteelf, I j
ave sought daring the pan week, as ,
ersonal and intimate political friends
roll know, not only to heal and barionize
political and factional difQcal- ;
iOv, bat to socuro come otbor candidate
'holly acceptable to evory one, to as- 1
ime my place in thia great atruggle, in 1
hoBo favor I would gladly rotiro. 1
JThis has not provod foaslblo, and, <
Bcollocting that tbo Democratic party <
f this statu has honored ma in the past
'hen I solicited its favors in the days f
f Its sunahine and prosperity, I cannot t
esert it now in the hour of its danger (
nd groat omorgoncy. [Choors.] I
It is a time when personal sacrifices t
re demanded, when individual pro- i
irencns must bo subordinate to the
oneral good and when there must be xhibited
a lolly patriotism. [Ap- >
If we win this contest it will bo the
arty's victory, not mine; if we loso, it
ill bo tho party's aofoat, which will be
lvolved in my own. Personally I am
trgely indl&erent to the consequences
f tho struggle. A duty confronts mu
nd I shall porform it as God gives mile
light to see it. let tho results be
hat they may. [Great applause.]
1 shall confidently appeal to tbo plain i
eople of the stato who havo always |
iiatained mo in tho past when I have ;
spoused their caueo. I shall present
> them tho isino of Democracy vorsus
lutocracy [applause]; the issuo of no j
ublic taxation oxaopt for public pur- ;
oses j the issuo of opyosition to the con- I
rallxatlon oi all powers in tbo general \
ovornmont; tho ieaue oi personal libor/
and against religious intolerance:
jo issue of good government, liberal
nd just excise laws, economy in pubc
expenditures, the promotion of tho
ignity of lubor and protoction for its
ights, municipal home rule und tbe
prooting of corruption and tho corrocon
of abnaofl everywhere, whether in
lopublican or Democratic localities.
Gentlemen, I accopt tho nomiuatiou
hicli you. in behalf of tho Democratic
arty of Now York, buvo tonderod mo,
nd relying upon the undauntod course
of tho Democratic masses, their
>rtitudo under adverao circumstances,
ioir loyalty to thoir principles, which
ruly r'oprosont tho people's cauRe, I
nte'r upon this contost with the dolorlinatlon
that no honornblo olfort on
ly part will bo spared to achiovo sue998
and with tho confidenco which is
n oarnest of assured victory. [Trolendous
applause!. E
Senator Hill spoke slowly, seeming to ^
roigh every word ho uttered, and it ould
bo difficult indeed to adequately
oscribo tho intenso interest with which _
very sentiment was received.
When Sonator Hill had ondod Conressmun
Cockran approached, and,
rasping his hand.in a vice-like grip,
)ld him that no Domocrat could help
ntindorso overy word ho had uttorod.
'there crowded about tho sonator to
fler congratulations.
tate ok Ohio, City of Toledo, )
Lucas County, j
Frank J. Cheney makos oath that he
I tho senior partnor of tho firm of F. J.
'(ieney & Co., doing businoss in tho
itv of Toledo, county and stato afore- m
nid, and that said lirm will pay till) *
nd every caso of Catarrh that cannot
a cnrod by tho use of Hall's Catarrh (
Iiiue. Frank J. Cheney.
Sworn to boforo mo and subscribed in
)y presence, this Oth day of December,
l. D. 18S0. IJ
seal} A. W. Gleason,
-V-'' iiatary Public. "
Hall's Catarrh Garo is taken intornd
acts directly on tho blood and mucus
surfacos of the system. Sand lor
3stUnonial>, free.
J. F. Scheney & Co., Toledo, 0.
5?"Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Water ronta aro duo Octobor 1. A
iscount of 10per cont will bo allowod
; paid beforo Octobor 10.
*l"G-8 W. K. Dow.man\ Socrfttnrv.
JgWhere t
M Water is j| :
It should not bo drunk H
fS unless proper precautions flg j
ra are taken. Moro diseases Pf
W arise from drinking lin- gff
Ef pnro water than people jW
m iningino and yet in tho
fif face of warning they con- wt
tS tinno to absorb tho dunjjfil
gcrous fluid. If you havo N V
@ uny doubt?if yoa are^^H \
W travelling?if you movrflBv
H to a new locality?
O no risks but put u tea- n
E Brown's j|
1 Bitters m EH
in tho glass of water, jjH 1
I as it makes it healthy and fcKJ
k| ^"on n journey It is
sa always dangerous to jh
d drink much water?take ss
h IImown's i hon bittf.ua n
h along-somo people would h u
h not start without it, for it jl
02 keeps them in health. Jj? MP
Look tot crossed RrJ Hi r
jPk lines on tho wrapper. H .
wffl mowhchiy.co.,n?tto.,mo w j
Bring* comfort nnd improvement .iik!
iends to personal cnjoytfient when <
rightly a sea. The miiny, who live bet
*r than otiers and enjoy Uie more, wiui
ess expenditure, by more promptly
idapting the world's best products to
he needs of physical being, will attest ,
he value to health of the pure liquid I
aiative principles embraced in the 1
emedy, Svrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
n the form most acceptable and pleasmt
to the taste, the refreshing and truly
xmoficial properties of a perfect laxttive;
effectually cleansing the system,
lispelling colds, headaches and fevers
1111} permanently curing constipation,
[t has given satisfaction to millions and
net with the approval of the medical
irofession, becaiw it acts on the Kidleys,
Liver and Bowels without weak- <
wing them and it is perfectly free from
iverv objectionable substance.
Syrup of Fiim is for sale by all drug;istsin
60ca!?r$l bottles, but it is majiifactured
by tho California Fig Syrtip
3o. only, whose name is printed on every
lockage, also the namo, Syrup of Fig?,
ind being well Informed,"you will no*
icccpt any substitute if oucred.
Pittsburg (
Nnw Onen. 1
* ,w ? j
Sept. 5th to Oct, 20th. |
Innes' Famous
13th Regiment Band 1
Of Now York, 65 Pieces, |
: thb gkkatbst military hand in ambr. e
tCA, has been engaged at an enormous =
cost to entertain you. =
Sco tlio =
. Miniatuto Coko Plnat, |
Typo Setting Machine.
Electric Display^
Fish Exhibit,
Fresh Meat Preserving. =
Mechanical Novelties, E
Tho Latest Inventions. =
\ Low Rates on All Railroads.
Uiiiiiiimmiiiiii?iiii?ii|iiiiimiiimiiiuiiiimiiuiiiiimiii^ <
housefur n ishi ng goods.
here Is no Substitute for Experience.
Tho Ciii'lorftllA Stovoa and Kangca arc the ro*
lit of thirty yc?r?' oxporlcnca
"Their eloaullncss loaaena labor."
"Their ocouomy saves money."
1812 Market strcot. soil City Agent*.
3. F. Caldwell & Co.,
tsos and 1510 Mnrkot St. ?n21 =
Refrigerator or Ice Craam Freezer
f'omo uud Soo Our Stock. r
my 9 1210 Main Stkkitt.
LJL You Wnnt Framed? _
on will bo plowed with tho largo stock of ^
,tont |?iittoriiH of Mouldlnga shown nt
fiucw VUIY Low, 12SJ Muxkot Street.
4 Pictorial Jour
? Northeast.
Excursion No. 28
' V
Conducted-,by our great Pictorgraphic Portfolio
T-T ^ W >FlK^
^ ^ -xs. g - j- *
fi i i m hqpq
111X1 JJkJVkJ
-T- f 3 ^^njv
11 ^ r >' 1 ^ "v T i 1 ~* i' f i t~ fliiti rt ^tn tn tl ifiAII
are through Canada and the New Emgland
States. The trip is to Ottawa. Canada, for a
view of Chaudiere Falls as they appear when
the crown of the ice-king is upon then\ then
through Lachine Rapids and on to Montreal to
participate in the Winter Carnival which is
held there. Thence we journey to Quebec
and take a glance at its heights and battle
grounds, then speed away to Montmorenci
Colic I Qf Inhn thn rii/#?r nf FVaofh
1 U? IJ, Wl< uwilll, UliU bi?W i?TWl VI h/VUVII(
through a region of great scenic beauty. Our
trip is thereafter southward to the Green
Mountains of Vermont, by lakes, rivers, falls,
farm-lands, villages, and thence on into the
heart of the White Mountains. Here curiosity,
awe, grandeur and beauty are in company
joining hands and holding a wondrous cegion
in their embrace: we travel to the summit of
Mount Washington and -look away to the sea.
and around upon an armv of mountains
seared with vast chasms, garlanded with
heavy forests, silvered with running streams,
jeweled with sapphire lakes, wonder break*
ing upon wonder,
- r\ 4 T 1
Ulorious to Benoia.
From the White Mountains our tour is to
Maine, and thence to Boston and down the
Old Colony Road by Woodworth's Home,
where he wrote "The Old Oaken Bucket,"
and Daniel Webster's Farm, to the seaside
haunts of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
We visit Plymouth also, where the Pilgrim
Fathers anchored, view the monumental spots
where .they lie, repeat the old stories and enjoy
a review of the historic associations of
places and individuals which "distinguished
New England annals.
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