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PRY ooooa <H1D CAHPt
C TON E &'
TUi (MONDAY) morning w# b?jcii
undoubtedly tlie graatMt ule o!
Dry Goods a
Ever bad in this vicinity. Hnndn
High-Class Dry Goods, Sillu, Cloaki
received. Prices were never so low
factarers, taking advantage ol ever
epot eaab, enable! tu to slvo onr ct
$40,000 wortb o( Mew Fall Drew Goods [
and bilks hereto eeleot from at price*
I sever before quoted.
At12jc, 32-inch wide All-Wool Warn,
Grey and Silk Mixed Glotb. Novor bofore
retailed leaa tban 25c.
At 19c, 5,000 yarda celobratod "Atlantic
F" Cashmeres, black and all ;
colori. Retail prion everywhere 25c.
At 390, 8,000 yards 40-Inch wide AilWool
tserKea, black and all color*. Never
retallod less than 50c.
At 50o, 2,000 yardi All-Wool 40-inch
wide Novelty Dress Goods. Have all I
the beanty of goods costing SI 00.
At 8S0,100 pieced French Novelty
Dreaa Good*. All-Wool and Silk and
Wool Novelties. Undoubtedly the greate>t
odor ever made In One stylish Dross
Goods. M
At 98o, complete lis of 54'inch wide
Ail-Wool Covert Clotbs. Exceptional
value at this price.
Finer Dross Goods ap to $3 a yard. ,
What yon want bare at lower prlcoa.
Strictly All-Wool Henrietta Cloth here
The celebrated "J" ill-Wool Henrietta
Clotli at 39c.
Kegnlar $1 00 Black Henrietta Cloth
at 690.
Novelty Black Dress Goods from 29c ;
to $2 SO a yard.
High colors, plain India Silks at 17c
a yard.
Plain Black Gros Grain and Taffotta,
with raisod black figures, 24-lnck wide,
value $125, at 89c.
15 pieces Black Armnre 811k, valuo
00c, at 59c.
10 ploces 24-incli wide Black Falllo
and Gros Grain Silks (note the width),
qualities that norer retailed less than
$1 25, here at 89c. I
IfifWo are Sole Agents for B
St. Mary's Bla
Wouldn't have mi
the usiu
Thii, thoy are not, as an
i Top 11 plain the (act that the 81
i Ki?Ton, ont every size?none beii
f Twi?e and) specially prepared wool,
4 oIlnTf/r" bum not to be fonnd In
i simi. that augments the natnn
f exhibit a diversity of at]
the delicately tinted bore
in ahort the?GENUINE ST. MA
Embpdy tho acmo of oxcollenco?the osse
titting prodnctione ot tho most modern and
Blankets, the famo and e&le of which oxt
bordori of the Unitod States.
So when wo woro offered
' i The Now f boat of bod coverings, wo
\ bu?1w?uo a tunitv. and now oiler the
f St. Wt\ry*g f
Prices, New
Which we {eel con&dont will be no highei
The Chrapeit and Finest Eh
48c pair to 913 O
in Ifaiti Street Window 1
Geo. M. Sn
tST Solo Distributors.
\ Stiff Hats'?
i I 320 1
1 ? ? )
l If you get a pair of Si
Hand'sewed Gordo\
ft Or a pair of same mad<
Their Genuine Kangarc
B Or a pair of their Pater
They will bring you back to
a tb? third w??k of which ii nond
?d? of Boxes, Cuea and BaJea of
i, Linens, Carpeta, ate., bar? been
. Buying direct from the maour
per cent of discount by paying
iBtornera exceptional van logos.
Imported direct from the minufi
GOO dozon All Linen Bordered >?
kin a at 3o each.
600 dozen. All Linen d'Oylie Napkii
worth 12Jc, at 5c each.
JIalf lileacbod Tablo Linen at 12}C
OO-iooh wide Cream Table Damas
worth 50c, at 31o a yard.
02-incli wide Cream Tablo Damai
taluo 55c, at 39c a yard.
00-inch wide Bloached Tablo Line
tbo 50c quality, at 29c.
SSr~Better grades at 39c, 49c, 59c, 8
and DSc, all at a aavinu of 25 por cent,
White Crib Blankota at [email protected] each.
Zobra Blanketa at 99c ouch.
All-Wool Scarlet Blankets, worth S
it $2 48.
All Wool White Blankets, worth $41
it $2 98.
We want you to leo theie Heavy Sat
24-inch Coney Capes at. $4 S
27-inch Conoy Capes at. 6 ?
30-inch Conoy Capes at. 8 S
Comoleto lino of Electric Seal, Brm
jnd Black Martin, Astraknn, Monfec
Wool Seal and othor dosirblo Fur (il
SEE THIS: Cream and Tan Embroi
ored Cape and Skirt, Infant.' Lo:
Coats at 98<
I-areeselection of Children' Gretcui
and Jackets at 08c, $103 up to $15 tb
will pay intending buyore to invos
M. SNOOK &. COin
the P-i
? Tho Kojnoto! .
3rV J Pure Wool, 4
ri/TO T
1 O 1 J^P^oSoaD^I
. -? O a?TU/m
llKetS-I en oases ui mei
ich to talk about if thns inert simply
il run of Country Blanket*.
inspection and comparison will ina
Marv'a Blanketa run largerthroug
ag akimped; are made of tinor grados
, possess a froodom from groaae a:
othera; diaplay a auporiority of flni
il softness of the fleocea omoloyed, ai
plea nnlookod for in Country Blanke
lera of which aro absolutely unfadab
m blankets
inco of perfection-bo- 4 ]?jjnpped'
I improved machinery; \ unnhrinknenda
even boyond the F i>i*.
tho exclusive aalo in Wheeling of the
quickly availed ouraolvoa of the oppi
im to you, reador, at
and Revised Prices
' than tlioso clinrcotl for lnforior maki
into are here represented,
0 pair. See tome of them
iook & Co
and 1322 Market St,
tacey Adams & Co.'s fine
/an Shoes for - - $5.0
s French Calf for - 4.0
10, all styles, for - 4.0
it Leathers for - 4.0
1043 MAMvi" ST.
_ funeral directors.
G MENDEL * oa,
Funeral Directors.
0 Promot Attention Day or Night.
? Eton TttoolMM. Mo. a. 0. to. SCeodan
BWtoa Tclgp&on*. No. I. noB
Ofllr?: Xo*. ?fl and ?7 FourHKHith Stf?L
New AdvertJMme&U.
1 Open Hooie^-Tlobert ManUrfi. .
Grand Opera Houae?Ro*e Hill Folly Co.
Uau> to olvo Them Up-Alexander.
Wanted?An Engagement.
For Bent?RolfZ Zane.
Warning?Mr*. Ada KorraL
Supply House-Trimble & Lutz.
SO Per Cent Profit?The Traders' Syndicate.
Keady-to-ftear Clothlng-Kram JJroa.?Fifth
qrillu?Qeo. E. Stifel ?b Co.?Fifth Pace.
what The Hnb Haa Done?Eighth Pus.
Dry (Jooda and Carpet*?Stone A Thomaa?
Eighth Page. _
_iI jHi7TiLJlliiiTii'_i_ uaVE your ejree
.. j^BSaSBKBSKSHSSk. teatnd for fflasaea
'."WiAa frai.?r,hap0. h*
p- IsMSsr^v^- JACOU * ?BDBn.
UVw Jeweler and OpU>
IB, chtn.^tark o t u Dd
0 Trnn?l?r Recorded.
Ij lbs following transfer of real 09 la to
' w left ior record at Clerk Hook's
1. office Saturday
' Deed inula October 4,1S94, by Iloury
M. Purcell, trustee, to Lewis Jones, for
' 33feot front, on tbe north sidoof Zane
i9c street; consideration, $1,900.
Estate Sold.
Kolf k Zane sold for D. M. Campbell a
four-roomed boose, No. 148 Virginia
street, to E. P. Portor, consideration
$1,000; also a lot 30 by 130 on North
York street for Ralph Whitehead, to
Charles F, Etz, consideration $1,200; a
lot on 8outh York street 25 by 120 feet
in Zane's orchard addition for James E.
MoVenes, to Mrs. Annie S. Farls, consideration
Thoy Got Gay.
1 Yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock a
[ Bellaire hack drove through Bridgeport
going west. The occupants woro three
in youngmonfromBollaire. About 7o'clock
the same hack returned and the occu?
pants were so Jisordorly that Marshal
r Ktufl arrosted the whole party and took
x them to jail. They deposited cash for
u tholr appearonce this evening at 7
rn o'clock before Mayor Williams.
j'j.' Were Accommodated.
A rather novel acoao was witneaied
at the Cleveland, Lorain A Wheeling
j passenger station in Bridgeport recont"
Iv. A Martin's Ferry police officer, with
5 two prisoners for tbe St. Clairsville jail,
arrived at the station just after the St.
as Clairsville train had pulled out, and as
at the train makos a short stop at the yard
ti- oifico in Kirkwood, the officer was "told
that if ho would hurry he might catch
the train. Ho started on a brisk trot,
with his nrisoners following. Thoy had
to hustle to keep up, and at times'wero
soveral rode in tho roar. The officer
would turn and look back (or hia men
occasionally. They caught the train,
and tho men who aeemea so anxious to
got to jail were accommodatod.
llelmoot County Court.
Th? Belmont county common pious
* court will conveno to-morrow with tolly
? 250 canes ou tho docket. If all the cases
Jt are disposed of the term will last about
_ six weeks. There are twenty-six claims
for damages, thirty-eight cases of a ppoal
from lower courts, nine injunctions,
twenty-ono divorce cases, fifteen fore
closuroi of mortgages, etc. Thirteen
I old indictments are hanging for dia)
posal and twenty-seven have been sent
up in order that tho grand jury may
) pass upon tho charges airainst them
> this weok. Martin's I?rry oases are sot
' as follows: Frances McCord vs. Cleve|
land, Lorain A Wheeling railroad, OoI
tober 10: Mary Roddy vs. Grant A Border,
October XI. In the county jail
thero are thirty prisoners.
Strangon la tho City and Whoollnc polka
l 0. Vf. Snider, of Sistorsville, is a
,jj_ Stamm arrival. ,
bKvlimn mna tinra vm.
01 uuph UIIOl ICO uiliiivi nwi HV>? j VM
nd tordav, a guest of tho Behlor.
sh William Stoner and wife, of Manningnd
ton, figure on the Stamm register.
[B* S. C. Moore, of Proctor, waa here yesl0*
tordav and rogiitored at the Stamm.
r# Miss Mabel Smith, of .-Etnaville, is
* a visiting her uncle, N. M. James, of
f Bealsvillo, 0.
f James Storey, a well-known Now
i Martinsville man, figures on tho Mck
J Lure roglster.
A. D. Knight and B. N. Knight, of
)so Pomeroy, wero hero yesterday and autoor
graphed at the Behler.
Colonel and Mrs, Thomas O'Brein
lonvo to-day for Mk. Clements, Mich.,
for two weeks'rocroation.
Mr. W. D. Johnson loft yestorday for
. a businoss trip to North Carolina. He
will bo gone several weeks.
Jamoa Robinson, Austin Bamos and
G. U. Johnson wero a party of Wellsburg
people who spont Sunday in
Ex-Congressman Charles B. Smith, of
Parkersburg, woa hero yestorday, a
guost of tho McLuro. Ho loft for homo
i in tho morning.
* Prof. J. M. Hammond, of this city,
commcnced Saturday night instructing
tho young pooplo of the Bollaire Episcopal
church in music.
Mrs. Alex. Euston, ot St. Louis, Mo.,
f with her daughter, Alias Dolia Euaton,
' 4 is visiting hor sister, Mrs. M. T. Carr, of
a Ploasnnt Valloy, oaat of tho city.
J Tho Marietta collogo foot ball team
F wero in Whooling Saturday ovonini:
A aftor their gamo with Wash-Jeff, and
\ yoatorday morning left for homo ovor
f tho Ohio Kiver road.
if George W. Sum mors, lato of the Rog}i
istor oditorial stall, now holding down
f what in politics is known a9 a "snap"
4 in Internal Rovonuo Collector Gilko\
son's of 11 co in Parkersburg, spont Sunf
day with Wheeling frionds.
4 Ho v. William II. Hayden, paator of
\ Disciplos clnircli in Whoelmg, delivered
f a grand rally sermon at the J Christian
4 church in this city on Friday ovoning.
\ Rov. Mr. Haydon's remarki wore highly
' f recoivcd by all. It was quito on onjoy
f ablo mooting and thoie proaont wero
well pleased with it.?lh'laire lYibun*.
That.Joyful l'tiollng
With tho oxhilaratlng sonso of ronowed
health and strength and intornal cloanliness,
which follows tho uao of Svrup
of Figs, is unknown to the few who havo
not progrotsod boyond tho old timo
luodicinos and tho choap substitutes
n somotiiuos offorod but nover accopted
g by tho woll informed.
0 Smith's Cream Ale for tho flick and
,Q woak has no oqual.
ATTKVTION, lliiirlii>rn mid llrowrml
for tlir lioHt Wool ami U'omtod tlachots
nuuli* lit loir nrlcua, uull lit
' SMiTit lluBwiNd Co.'g Ualf lucl Unit
is Ibo coming drink, uvrr-i
hum of Minor Hoiaiot li ta4 AkftVI
tho CUT.
Tkatxl on the atreet railway on tbo.
Ohio tide wat rery heavy votwrdtjr.
A MtimsQ of the eoancii committee
on elalmi bat been called for thii etwtiinz.
Thus vat only one plain drank In
the police court Saturday morning, and
no catct in the evening.
Saturday the eight-inch water main
in Alley C and on Tenth and Chapline
itreeti wat letted with the high pressure
and burtt in two placet.
JoSEPnik'i Boyd's Tenth tlroet bouto
wat raided again litt night by Officers
Herbert, West and Walton, aod the
landlady and three girlt arretted.
Tux Knigbte of Pythlat committee of
Bridgeport, held a meeting yesterday
and arranged mattera and tnvilaliont
lor their* entertainment to be hold in
the opera houaoon nextThurtdav ovening.
Saturday night "A Trip to Chanatown"
wat givon at the Opera House to
a large and deliirhtod audionce. The
apeciuiuea navo unou impruvuu iu nviuc
rospocti, but the singing is acarely up
to that of last season.
Jonx Nolan alias John Bull and
Harry lice, both of Wheeling, tfero
arrested in Kirk wood on a charge of
drunk and disorderly. Thoy were lock*
ed up for a hearing thia morning bofore
Mayor Williams, of Bridgeport.
Robert Maktell will bo the noxt attraction
at tho Opera House. Ho will
present his very succossful romantic
drama, "Monbars," with now scenery
and accessories, next Saturday night,
and tho house will no doubt bo packed.
Mrs. Lizzie Dow.vur died Saturday of
apoplexy. Deceaiod was sixty years of
age, and was widely known and esteemed
ior her many admirable traits of
character. Tho funeral will tako placo
thia afternoon, from her late residence,
No. 2303 Main street.
Tub residence of Mr. 0. P. Porter, on
Eaa^Fffteenth streot, wui entered by
thieves .Saturday night in tho absence
o( the family, and qotno diamonds and j
jewelry and u watch stolon. Thore is
no cluo to the thief, but ho was ovident*
ly somewhat familiar with the house.
A NUMBERof youngladios of the South
Side met recently and organized what
is known as the Sweet Violet Club.
The officers wero duly olected. Tho object
of the club is of a social nature.
Weekly meotings will be held at tho
homes of tho various members alternately,
and a hop will be given once a
A great deal of intorest is manifested
in the lecture to bo given in the L 0. O.
F. hall to-morrow evening by Prof.
Lyman Palmer, as an introduction to
the university courae. His subject will
be "Washington and Lincoln," and it
will bo handsomely illustrated by astereopticon.
It will be free to tho pub
Eiqiiteen coses are on the dockot for
this morning's police court. Four are
plain drunks, tnreo vans, and all the
others disorderlies, growing out of
numorous fights Saturday night One 1
man named Woods shot at anothor
man, tearing tho rim of! his hat. He
may bo arraigned beforo a justico for
shooting with intont to kill.
This evening there will be two "cracking
good" (without the "prize fight")
meetings at the Fifth and Sixth ward
Kepublican clubs. At tho former meeting
Mr. Whitaker and Mr. Bently
Jones will spoak and at the latter Mr. .
Whitaker willmuke anothor address on
tho issues of tho campaign. Both will
without doubt bo largely attonded.
Two Sninll Flron Yesterday.
Last evening thoro was a bright blaze
in Fulton, caused by Lewis's bake-oven
catching fire. The ovon got overhoated,
and the shed over it burned down. The
loss is small.
A still alarm yesterday callod the
Niagara engine to a house on Twentyseventh
street, where a line of clothes
hung by the fire to dry had caught fire.
No serious damago resulted.
Local Industrial llrovltles.
John Fawcott has taken charge of the
galvanizing department of the vEtnaStandard
Sheot mills Nos. 12 and 13-at tho
^Etna-Standard are being changed to
make block plato.
Tho ./Etna-Standard Iron Coxnpauy
is making large shipments of iron and
tin to Wostorn points.
All the catsup and preserve factories'
are running to their fullost capacity (
now. The late fruit yield did not provo
half go bad as was feared.
The Wheoling Choral Club will hold
its flrnt roKular rolioarsal this nvonlnc
at 8:30 at Mr. Martin's studio, No. 1S23
Markot street A fuli attoudanco is
earnestly desirod.
MKN, to ??curo mitlrc Hiitlxtuctlou In
stylo, tit and irour, nt popular prlcos, mil
nt C. 11 i;SS ?? 8(>?fS, Fashionable Tailors
nn<l Omits* FurnihlierM, 1323 und 1325
Market street. ^
All pood physicians especially recommend
Smlth'a Croam Aloaud Portor.
The only clothing materials used in
Madagascar aro silk and rofia cloth. Tho
latter is spun lrom a libre taken from a
native plant, and is seldom exported.
^ iSI^1
? IT floats*
('IfAIItiH, by tlio*Olily Sol-niitltlci Optlr'|iiu In
tUo HUito,
UIO Mala Street. Next Door to 8aoak A C<x
[ uuSlMrhaiW
? " " i 111 - ' ' " * '
Shout the glad tidings! We have toiled, tailored
and triumphed, broken down prejudices, won confidences,
gained a prestige to Ready-to-Wear Garments
that places them before all, above everytlUng, t!ie
acme of perfection, the quintessence of fashion, living
examples of the economy and satisfaction of buying
what you can see and try on rather thau trusting to
the FANCIFUL picture drawn by Imaginative tailors.
We have given dollars their greatest purchasing power,
and the result: The people recognize our facilities,
appreciate our excellencies, applaud our endeavors,
patronize our offerings, and gratefully accept the saving
our prices make.
Has made Wheeling a community noted for well dressed
gentlemen. The opportunities are greater this season
than ever, the stock larger, the variety better, tlw '
values richer, and the prices lower. The battle has
been long and fierce, but custom tailoring has succumbed
to the overpowering influence of our matchless
stock. The greatest majority of clothes wearers depend
Only Strictly One-Price House in the State,
Fourteenth and Market Streets.
Special Sale
Moquette, Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brussels,
Three-Ply Ingrains, Extra Supers Unions, Cotton
Chain and Cotton Carpets.
These goods must be sold, all grades, at cost
and less than cost, (or cash.
Call and examine goods before buying if you
wish to save money.
Assignee of Alexander Frew,
1147 Main Street*

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