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I* Nil UM?ato?r at washinotom, D. C. J,
OOSt, 8 DROPS. f
PML ft* f?i?1 Of 2 Drachms, *2.so. 81
* T
Login Drug Company. Acent* for Wheeling.
flpl7-mm ^
OLD { 5
! Export Whiskey. 5 *
rai J i
I A :i
( Giiarantocil Eight Years Old. i1 A
f |T certainly 1* a duty and our dwlro to I $
\ 1 acqaniut you trim tho excellent qufl- A
f Itlw of our Export WhUkoy when you I
\ ncv<1 tills artlclo for medicinal or farall.* 11
f ptirponm. There 1? none on tho tnarkot I
x more cntltlod to yonr conaldoratlon. Ill *'
f liw Age. I'uritr. and bulnn fn*e from nil
\ Injuriont ingredient* should command >
r your attention.
A KullQunrta. OO. 4
4 Sold In Wheeling only by A .|i(
a Inhn iriflpl c?R- market and \
f Juuu Man, bixtkkktsi strkkta # i
a Mall and expren orders will rccolvo A A
f prnmptfttMoUou. ?OA KLKMING'ASO.V. f M
\ 412 Market ttreet, Pittsburgh. ^
v&y CURE t,
A Vbw nnd Ootnplcte Traotraent, conrirtlng of p
ffcpPOHITORnW. CapralM of OlntfflonJ and two .
Uoim of Ointment. A narer failing Cnro for Pi lea of II
tvtrj naturo and decree. It make* an operation1with
the anlfo or Injoctlona of curboflc ocjd, which or? C"
?..j MMnm u mrmnnnnt onro, una oltonrt*- _
Tn"deothT nnnwwwary. Why Mduretnis >'
terrible disease? W? fHaE!Pt??i?Ji8?X )(
a-awxirai Jbastahftsai ,
CONSTIPATIONS,u^nc?u>"p?1ISu' ['
llj? irvit LIVER *nd BTOlIAClf REGULATOR and ll
BLOOD PURIFIER. Small, mlfd und plmwnt to c
t&ks, wp?clally adopted for chUdron't u*. (0 l**oe
'?> cent*. P
C'bai. R. Goctzoand W. W. Irwin. J?27-D.?wr J'
" c
' a
Lightning Hot Drops? 0
What a Funny Name! ?
Very True, but It Kills All Pain. n
Sold Everywhere. Every Day? c
Without Relief, There la No Part j?
i P
m you want a c
Safe, Sure. Prompt and Itrliable monthly^ rc^ti- j ?
AiimtT CRANE MEmCAlCO-Vcolumbui'. (SWo ?
For sale bv Loksu Drug Co. dol-SJtWFAWy h
? 0
?or the? ti
Wheeling Basiaess College? S
KnglMi Branches. Bookkeeping, Shorthand, j!
Typewriting. Ac. 11
Comfortablo Itocms. Cnrcful Porsonal Instruc* o
Hon and Low Prices. b
Mrs.M. Stevens Hart's:
School for Young u
Ladies and Children, "
_______________________________ jj
131G MurUntSt., "Wheeling, W.Vu. n
The Island cars and olcctrio motors pus the n
door. Fourth annual session hozluft MONDAY. j,
Fepteraber 17. 1S!M. This school offers a corn- .
nleteaud thorough education in Prat'tlcul KngiNh.
Mathematics. KiikIIhU Classics. I?atlu and o
Modern Languages.
Tho school consists of Primary, Intermediate,
i Academic aud College Preparatory department* P
The methods and cour?e of instruction will n
compare favorably with the best somluurlos in <
the country. ,
IIovn ure receivod in tho Primary and Intor* "
mediate. For circulars or Interview, apply to u
Jilts. M. STKVJttS 1IA.UT, a
I'rlnrli.nl. Wliwllllg. W. V*. J!
pw BOOKS Stanton's [
Old City Bookstore H
Trilby, by George DuMaurier. Illnatrotcd v
by author, do .. si 75 ti
Mv Phrrrv Jakk. by K, j Rowlands. 12 j
mo. clo l 00 ?
Sox P. Sai.ikct Point* is tiik Hrir.scr. OK 1
Till KAitTlt, by sir J. W Dawson, Hint- b
trated - 2 00 ,%
Bovtki.l's Kerai.Wno, ^ illustrations,
ancient and modern l no Q
Practical Cookkhy, by Mim McDonald, of c
Newurleans ? 160 u
Biony ok Odr Pusitr. by T.?.. Ihxiwiiey.
F. R 8. Ac., Ac., fully Illustrated 0 00 c
Practical Electricity, \V. E. Ayrton. F. fi
11 8. Illustrated 3 50 ?i
"New Hooks Dally. ^
No. 1301 MARKET aTREET. t1
Ami School Stationery. li
Miscellaneous Books.
Cheap Publications. .
i iithion and Literary Magazines.
Dally and Weekly Paper* delivered anywhere. 11
1114 Miirli.'t Stn-i't. j
?' ??
A Handsomo Complexion i
U one of tho greatest charms n woman can t
possess. PouoRi'a Complexion Powdku d
gives it. * t
w the l*UBUo**etr.
rill teU jroa ?tory: tad thn? It begins:
?<* long ftfv V>?r* w#re born two twin*,
lis {actio itself should not eaoae foci to start
it twins invariably come by the psir.
le parent*. who thus bed been honored br (ate
ade mncb of thematter-riifbi here 1 will atai
bey differed exceedingly much In their rlewi
At an equal dlvUion neither** rights coal*
?on this occasion a wise thing tber did
U dUcoadoa was banished and each took i
be christening drew near and ther set a grea
ae Invited a preacher; toother a priest
i a very short time the names were attached,
nd again In the race tney were evenly matched
hen the feasier* had fluished and bomewar
had gone
was fouod that the kids boti bore the nam
lie parents regretted what now seemed a wast
i the matter of cd!hies: and that their taate
or a wonder bad hit on the rery same name
xrprlsed both the man and his combatlv
o distinguish the babes an amendment ws
nd in this selection rare taste was displayed,
be world was astonished, the neighbors agbas
hen they called the first Alpha, Omega tbi
s older titer crew and both waxed instrenjtl
x>r Alpha wu left In the atruggle (or lengtn,
ut atranae to relate, though Omega was tail,
hen the adipose came tfien Alpha got all.
t last when their heads had dilated enough
tier were aont off to achool with learulug t
lie cranial cavity nature nod placed,
nd prevent their young cerebrums running t
oxr Strang.-) la the manner in which they wer
ne learned It was wet whenever It rained.
hile the other ouo lound, now .lie wu a hum
iner. .
tiat the hotter the days, the warmer the sua
ow, when boya llvo together and run in i
Ickuauies; nro in order. In this inatano
as the sobriquet carb was entitled to wear,
ut this no distinction would bring to the i?ir
brougb lists of cognomens with dillgeno
ut the proper title still oluded their thought.
Ill h hrlitbt youth arose in the niltwi of tni
flock /
nd two ustnes proposed, which were JAck aai
ow this seemed a title that each ono could use
lid without further thought or expression o
iio kids wcro rechristened, and each had ti
tio weight of tho nickuamcs applied to then
iio names stuck cloudy to each of tho pair,
nd of troublo approaching neither Ouo wa
ntll u fool wit to bo funny, you know,
icked ou their initials. Jack A. and JockO.
have read iu the book of JR*ot>, D. C..
nd bit animal freaks seem fuunr to me;
uch amusement la found lu tho acta of tb
ut moro in tho mlachicvoua moods o! th
Ins the Work of Invention Moon of Ren
Detriinout to Lnbor?The Itock Itive
Conference It<*port Auovored.
fncinnati Commercial Oastl't.
.favm Oimuu, upuu IU3 tovuiu uvu
Ijo Centonnial Exposition at Philadel
bin, in 1S7G, was hoard to remark tba
liere was too much machinory in thii
aim try. Viewed from n certain stand
oint this was truo, but from an on
irgcd standpoint it is not true. Thi
ork of invention haa progressed, an<
'ithin tho last eishteon years whicl
avo elapsed since Mr. Mnton made tin
amark attributed to him, tho pro^rem
an been murvelous. Within that porioi
lectricity has boen introduced ns i
loiive power. Tho telophono has comi
uo uxo. and inventions tending t<
tieapen the cost of manufactures ori
linoat without numbor. As a rosuii
vervthing that enters the iiold of con
nm'ption has boon cheapened. Booti
nd shoos for example: These an
ow manufactured chiefly by ma
hinery. Hand-made goods are stii
sed, but tho consumption of the?<
i confined to comparatively few of thi
opulation. Wo have tho sewing ma
hino, which takes the place in manu
icturinc ostablishmonts and houso
olds of hand work. In our clothini
9tnbli8hments, instead of sewing girle
lachines are uied. Ueaides these, cut
ing inventions have been utilizoi
'hero sixteen thicknesses of clqth art
ut into garments by a wtnglo process
'horeaa formerly each thickneas wai
ut by tho scissors. Thus the coat o
lanufacturing shoes and of clothini
a? been reduced to a minimum. Oi
ne side theao inventions have dia
laced human labor, but on the othe
i/l?? thov Imvn roducud tho cost 0
rticlos generally consumed.
Electricity on our street railroads hoi
iken the placo of horse power, 'flit
alopbono has taken the plaio of mesi
nper boys. The type-setting raachint
as taken the placo of compositors, and
r> on through the whole range of ine
hanical i in prove men ts.
At this juncture of industrial aflairt
lore was brought in at a meeting o
Do Kock itivor conforonce of the Moth
diet Episcopal church a report em
odying the following proposition:
"Labor has boon pushed from its for
lor field* by machinery and steam
lectricity, and inventions that can d<
vory thing but think. Capital combinei
ado by machinery and monopoly, a
jwest price, all tho work, and the la
orers stand idlo in tho market-placo.'
This is true to a limited extent, bu
ntruo in tho main. There is not j
lachiue invonted that does not requin
lbor to produce if; to this extent labo
i interacted. Furthermore, we nius
ot forget that the ciiief products o
lachinory increase consumption ant
onefit tho consumer. A suit of cloth
ig to-day costs much loss than a sui
f clothing in tho pa?t. A pair of shoe:
3-day coats one-half loss than what wai
aid for them in the past. It costi
inch less to send a communication bj
slephone than it used to cost to aoud i
y a messongor boy. At the samo tim<
loro clothing is consumed, moro shooi
re consumed, and thoro is more com
mnicatioii by tolopbono than formorly
0 it is in regard to tho sorvices of typo
jtting machines; so it is in regard t<
lio substitution of electricity in man]
f tho departments of industry; so it ii
1 regard to streot railroad sor
ico; so it is in regard to oven
eourtment of industry. While in
eutions havo choapoued produc
ions, they have also clieapimod tho pro
nctH which enter into consumption
ho revolution, therefore, which ha
oen inaugurated requires a readjust
lent of labor to meet the absolute ro
uiromonts of progress. We canno
lose tho doors to inventivo gonitis
his gonius has come, and is bound ti
outinue. Its offorts are found on tin
irm, where reapers and mowers taki
lie place, to a largo oxtont, of man tin
ibor. it is found in a very manufactur
ig establishment in tho civilized world
t is found in the system of comtnunica
ion by tolegraph. It is found in tin
lOophone system. Old methods havi
ieen abandoned, hut now methods hav
mon introduced, and those, while do
reasing tho cost of business, havo no
irgoly diminished tho employment o
iiHiiuul lnbor. Have they not incroasei
his employment? For examulo, tho ex
onsion of our street railroad systou
tas vastly increased the expenditure
if our citizens. Tho Consolidated Mtroe
tailrond Company omploys a capital o
en million dollars, upon which it pay
i dividend of llvo por cent. Tnia como
tut ot the pockots of tho pooplo. Corn
pare tbie with 1857, when there wc
no atreet railroada In Cincinnati; wb
there wera a few omnlbot linee, a
wben the people walked chiefly betwe
their place* of boaineea and th
hornet. lheae modern improvemei
iocreaxd employment for armiee
t people, while at the eame time tb
g have increaaed the coit of living, a
to a large extent tbe comforta of t
people. Tltii illojtration may be i
plied to the theory that mechanical
ventiona are antagoaiitic to mam
labor. Can thia be aitamed T *
t imagine not.
Tbe Rock River report takea t
ground that maclitoery haa driven
bor out of employment, and that lab
l- era are atandina idle in onr atreeta ai
. conaeqnence. Up to 1892 laborera wi
c not aeeking in vain for employmei
They were not working for inadeqm
? wagoa. They wero all employed, ai
aa compared with otliera countrioa, wi
prufltablv employed. To what may tl
5 be attribnted ? to machinery? t
questionably machinery hat been
* roach effected, and as disastrously
fected, by tbe prevailing depression,
t labor. The silent factories, the anus
" machinery is the cause of deprecial
wages and unemployed workingm<
i Machinery cannot prosper unless tb<
is work tor it, and labor cannot prosi
unless there is work for the machinei
Tho Rock River conforonce, therefoi
took a very nurrow view of the siti
0 tion: it took a superficial view of it;
took a demagogue view of it, and
? would have been more creditable to t
authors of that report if they b
d adapted it to the goneral situation.
This ia, of courae, no possible way
. dothrono machinery. Improveiuei
in this direction are generally in t
' civilized world. In every country tl
competes with the United States tb<
a ia machinery and raachanical inv<
tiona everywhere aro at the fro
B These advances are to bo met?they i
boing Diet. First, because of tbo chei
ening processes, consumption has be
u increased. Second, mechanics aro
during their hours of labor. The eigl
hour system i* becoming general in tl
e country, and it is being demanded
l other countries. Thus we havo efo
houra instead of ten or twelve, ai
mochanics have more hours in com
f queuco for rest and improvement.
It remains to be considered, thei
} fore, whether the introduction of ir
i ckinery lias not been boneticial to t
toilers who are dependent upon thi
labor for the support of themselves a
s their families.
The authors of the Kock River C<
forence report should certainly rovl
their conclusions. N'o uncertain soui
should go forth from the pulpit.
inflnnnrial hmtv thorft allotlld
found no demagogues.
& This country, in the interests of labi
dodtf not need to bo protected from t
eflecta of modern inventions in the li
of machinery, but it does need to
1 protected through legislation, and
r the extent of tho demands for tho i
cesaary support of tho national govoi
mont,"honestly and economically <
i ministered, against tho cheap, uni
- muneratfld and depreaaiug labor
t European nations.
Tho Feftturos of tlio .lloney find gtoi
0 New York, Oct. b.?Monoy on call c>
1 at 1 percent, last loan 1 per cent, closed i
l por cent. Pritno mercantilo paper 3a4}<
0 cent. Sterling exchange strong and higher, w
3 actual business In bankers' bills nt SI 87al!
1 for demand. Silver cortlflcates bid. 1
l total sales of stocks to-day wero IM.-lll sbni
3 Tho stock market opened fairly firm and
3 many cu*es a fraction higher, but thetempoi
, the speculation quickly changed under a sin
3 selliug movement, in which Sugar, Chicago G
t Iteadlug and the grangers were most pre
- iueiiu Not until about noon was there a re
. aud thou only u small part of the decline was
1 covered. During tho afternoon tho inovein
* was almoit entirely toward lowor figures i
- speculation closed weak with prices at or n
I the lowest poiut of tho day, tho declines cc
1 pared with tho tlnnl sales of yostorday rang!
J from % to 4H per cent iu the active list: Sugi
a percent, do preferred \% por cent. Cordage p
lerredlK percent. Pacific Mall was a not*
exception to tho general depre>sion and was
good buying demand on reports that tho co
pauy was to bo consolidated with tho Ot
, dental and Oriental Steamship Company. a
* that George Gould was to bo clcctoii presldt
i of the united company and of tho l'anamu Ri
- road Company, lwnais oi uju repun n
raado by the Pacific Mall people, but tho stoi
nevertheless. moved up 1% per cent, closl
3 within Hot the best. The comtniMlon hou
i reported a dearth of business. and tho Bpocu
, tion was loft thercforo in the hauds of the roi
f traders and tho clique of manipulator* wh:
1 has been the dominant influence in the tradi
j for sotno time past. Sugar wa* told dowu
, the account of an operator who was oue o
former bull pool in the stock. No uewK affe
ing the trust was in circulation. Tho selling
r the granger* la said to Have been entirely j
f fcsslonal. but there seemed to '>e no oue si
porting them. Distilling was weak on n rep
that the sale of fc2.IVXi.iHM) additional bonds i
a coiiteinnUied to pay rebate vouchers maiurl
4 The bond market was heavy during I
. greater part of the day on u moderate volumi
business, the sales aggregating $711,005.
i uovernmeni Domis nrm.
i Slate bonds inactive.
Itallroad bonds weak.
bonds and arocK quotations?cmed UttX
U.S.ftreg 1W Notional Cordage.- 1!
' U.S. 5s coup ~..1I'.' Nat. Con!, prof'd... Si
( U.S. 41 rc{....~~~-..U4 Now Jersey Cent...Ill
U. S. Is coup.. \U\i Norfolk A West, p'd 2.
U. S.2*rog 00 Northern I'acitle....
" Pacific tis of'93 101 do preferred II
Atchison C, Northwestern 10;
. Adams Express....,.117 do t?reforred? 11:
American Expros<.llO New York Central.. U!
Dnllliuormt Ohio... 75^ N. Y. St New Eng... IU
3 Canada Southern... fd Oregon Improvo't- P
, Central Pacific 17 Oregon Nnv 2
: Chesapeake & Ohio 10 Pacific Mall I
1 Chicago it Alton....112 I'ittslftirgh 15
Chi. llur. vt Quiuey 7.<!^ Iteadlug... I
? ChicagoC?as 7.?}? ItlehmondTerm.... 11
C.. C. C. A St. L !M do preforred 2'
1 Col. Coal ?k Iron 8 (toek Island &
1 Cotton Oil Certirle.. 41 St. Paul (5;
> Del it Hud mw do preferred lli
Del., Lacic. ?fc West.lC3^|St. Paul ,fc Omaha. ;t
r Den. ?t It G. pref'd 33!^; do prof-Trod. -Ill
t 1>1*V. it Cattle Food Sugar Refinery, 8i
f Erie - IlkjTenu. Coat Jt Iron. II
, do preferred 17% Texas Pacific
1 Illinois Central UJ&Tol. ?k 0. Con. prut. 7:
Kan. ?k Tex. prof'd Slj^: Union Pacific 1:
Lake Erie tk Wost... 17 III. S. Express ? 4"
do preferred 71 W.. St. L ?fc P (
9 LakeShoro ???....do preferred- 1
9 I<eadTruiu Wells Fargo Ex?11
j I?uisvllIo.t Nash.. 51% Western Union 8!
, Michigan Central- OS Whocllint ifc L. R... I!
' Missouri Pacific..... v8 do proferred 4'J
t Nashville ?fc Chat:.. G3 (General Electric Ss
HrfimUtiin ami Provisions.
1 CllfCAOO. Oct. 8.?The wheat market wan strr
" to dav until tho visible supply statement \
. roceivcd, when ovor -'.OOJ.OOO bushels wore foi:
. 'to have accumulated during tho weak. 1
market became weak, cioslug with all tho ea
' ?? advanroand '^c per bushel besides. C<
' owned strong ana closed weak at J<c lower
a May. and May oats closed lower. Provlsh
also finished at a decline.
Flour Kteady uud unchanged.
/ Wiikat?Cash No. *j spring M^nMXe; Nr
. spring nominal; No. 2 red .'dka'?-!ic; Octo
M '^a.v.^5lkc; December i^e; A
Cokn?Cash No. 2. 51Jic: No. 3 yellow fil)
October M^aM^aAlJie; November SlJ^aAit
' M'jjc; Doceml>er Mayftoj^aAl
8 50ka51c.
Oats?Cash No.*J8>ic: No. 2 white Alkali
. No. a white 80,'Salle: October 28Tun'?)j4ai!8*
. November 25%aa?/'ia29Jia;Wc; .May
C 33-^0.
Itvc-No.5. 47SalSC.
, ltAiu.BV?No. 2, Me.
_ Ki.AXsr.KD?No. I. fi AV/C/
0 TiMoniY HEKt>?Prime
t3 Mr.s? Poiik?Cash per barrel 81.' HOalS 12^; I
| nary f 12 C?7'<al2 W^aPi ?7>f.
Laud?Cash, per IWi lbs.. 87 fi.ria7 70: Oelol
57 t'.2^a7 0'-'SiJ?7 (i %\ January 87 ;t'?a7 4Jj^a7 'X
. Snout Kills-?Cas.li (loose) 8?'? "/iail W; octol
. Sfi 72ka08lta0 7J>?; January Jfi -l-'^aC MaO 4;
dry sal tod,'shoulder* (boxed) C'iati''-c; short cl
" aides (boxed) 7?<a7J^!.
b WnwKY? DisUller*' tinlshcd goods jwr gal!
a 3121
Situ a it?t.'utloaf unchanged.
" UUTTKlt?Market steady; creameries 15a'.
t dairies l;P/?a2le.
f Kimin - Steady at Ifii4al7,kc.
j Nkw Yokk, on. 8.?Flour, raeolnta AI,nC0 L
rels; exports IC.'.mi) barrels: tales 11.100 packni
market more active, but whn upset bv tho I
1 decline in wheat, and closed uu?etlleil. Win
H receipts iW.iJOu litish?ls; oxport* 1.%4U0 bunlu
. sales 2, Itu.OiM bushels of futures and I On,
: tvuxhels of spot; spot market weaker; oiitb
I cloied weak ill .'i^ net decline; No. 2 rod Mai
U acinic, closed at 0096c* May 026-piaCJ I I
. i'IihmmI atO.^ij?: October li-^-he; November .'?0j
8 Dt'iemla-r OTIia.Vi'yC, closeil at Co
recelpu 42.UU0 buslieU, oxpotta ttUU bushels; s?
If? 304,000 boabela of future* tad *?.o 0 boahela of
apot: spot market eaar-, Xo. X 3*c afloat; option*
J closed He kiwer on law option, but V higher
na ?>? October; March ek*ed *y*.
?D May rlooed at 4*y October K^aHt.
mr eloacd at &7)fc; November .?Tl^a.' ? V- '*<*? ***
B" celpt* idw btubeK et porta *-*? ??u?bea;
?! aa?et lltt.UAJ bu?bet*oi future* and Ji.im. o u- ?;
01 u of spot; ?|K?t market quiet, option clo-ed
n- quirt and unraaogt-d to '^c net ad **? ? : Xae
** vrtUVHie. claw<l a; X7tie: cwoher clowd at Or,
OU November J ?,a.iic- cl<wd at m'-s: l>MJ&fc*rMX
he ?**c, cloaed at .kiV^c. Hsr quiet. Hop* dill. Hides
1D. firm Leather firm. beef steady. Cnt?*aU ?eaJr
Lard steady; wr*teru steam c(oard *t*f? mfcStt-;
10* Mica 'A) tW-rce* at |#0J; dtjralTSC Uebiber
iti rlo^J at t* uo cnmluai. January IT Si nominal;
y? refined quiet I'ork <!o!l but steady. Batter
weak; western dairy 17c; do creamery I a.'^e; d?
factory lilaiiHrlns 2T*; imitation creamery
he ltotle: ?taie dairy HaJV; do creamery istfV.
[-. Cheese steady. K?ga weak; state and lenn^yjranla
l*a30; Ice b.ioae ;Jal?*c: western fre?h
I'alhSy?; cases U A Tallow dull om ???*'?>
I a Hoiti linn; ^trained common to good II *)al ??.
,ro Ttxri|fi?Une steady at >Vfa.'S!,?-. Klreflrmjdo'
? raeaiTc fair to extra ?^c; Japan?iSl
n*? laaar* stead r. Coffee. optiou c?oaed ittadf H I0*
ite 10 points net decline: sales Ci750 bag*. Sagar.
jj raw dull; fair refltilog
ire Baltikohk. Oct H.-Flour dull: weateni super
, , n 70a I 1W; do extra fJ 00*2 Of: do family V **
Mb 260; winter wheat patent lifWiU): spring do
fn- w SSa" ' *> do straight I* lOai i"?; receipt* UOM
aa '"fri'H; shipment* .,.W7 barrel*;???=? I *> barrel*.
. Wheat flnner; epot aod month SW^aWe; Ueeenr
W- bcr fifi^ai'.c; Mav ?l?.4a6i V: JjS-i
ai rvcvipu UvJSi bu?hcl*; ?tock l.r?.,67i
e(\ builieln; calcs irt.ooo buihels; rollUiitf wheat, by
aatnplc, 5&c. !?*ria llrtner: up ?i and month -4 ?c
01 bid; year 50?401c; receipt* ft.OT bu^hfla; ?tocll
ID. ?.273 bukbeu; aaltra IW.UX) bu>heK, *outhcru
?ro white corn y>a>>lc old; ' *? new; do yellow ,V*a->'.'c
old; ."?7c ne\r Uabmleadr: No. 2 white we*'trt?
,er WV^?c; No. 1 mixed S2a2Ite; reci-lpW 3.a*?
nr. btubela; ktock 2X.6J-t biiibela. Kye quiet; No.
P(J i'tc; recelpta i.iw bushels; nock I9.47i buiheU.
* Hay sl?ady; iroo^l to choice timothy 112 OOaV- ?*?
Grain frvljmt* dull; iteara to Liverpool per
it ouurier. l?:id October: Cork for orders t?er quart
it e'r.3?;ida2sGd;cotioti. per !UJ 11m. 27c;'Hour do
lift ^ SuK*r llrjo: Kranulated $J 71 per 1U) lb*.
~ Hutter tlrm; fancy crcMinTy ? *.'&: ?o imitation
ad lOaJftc: do ladlt* llal.V; tfood Ltd'c lfc; <U>re
packed 15c. Kgg* firm; fresh 19.*; co!d Morage l'>
tft al7c. Cheese flrra: faucv New York Co t-lro
10 U^c; do 36 size lljfc.
IW Cincinnati. O.. Oct. 8.?Flour quiet: fancy
be |2 25a2 40: family 5".' u5a.' 10. \\ heat easier; .No. :
jat red j0>?a5h- receipt* a.ioi bushels; snmments
1*100 bushels. Com dull; No.2 mixed file. Oats
,0 firm aud active; No. 2 mixed AiftaSlKc. Ity
Jfl- uouiinal; No 2,02c. 1'orkdullat <13 2a. I.ard
Ht, firm at >7 50. bulk mean Arm at 17 1J?. Itair.
constcadr at ?>5o. Whisky firm: *a!e? 6(4 barreli
nt fl 23. ISiitter qulot and unchanged.
IP- 8u#ar easy; hard rellned Jfl/ias1#: New Orleans
en 3j^a4j{?. LiiiM'cd oil lu moderate detnaud at 51 a
Pfl. fi-c. iigg* steadv at 14c. Cheese steady; prime
to cboiut Ohio flat 9a9>jc.
. fiiiLMUkwnii. Oct. 8.?Wheat dull and MfMc
>18 lower; No. 2 red October W^ait^e; November
in W^4?35J>c; December 56k?aj0?%c; J?unary 5iyta
rht 5"Sc- Com steady; No. 2 mixed October 57af?S?;
, December SlSa-'l^o; January 51^a51?$c. Oata
flrxninnd J^e hUber; No. - white October ^-daWSc:
30- November December :^a>7c; Jnmfl
ary87aH7^c. Flour quiet but atcau.. llutter
dull and weak; fancy western createeryjiific; do
1*0- I'eansylvauia print* 27e; do do Jobbing /Ja-llc.
IB- K?ga stendr; fre-sh near by l'Jal9;,c; do western
he Cheese uucbauged.
'iolkdo O., Oct 8?Wheat active and weak;
. No. 2 cish aud October We; December
Qu May M\c. Corn dull; No. 2 mixed fiO^o; No. 2
yellow 51 Sc. Oat* quiet; No. 2 mlxetWOc; No.
in- 'l white .tie. Itre dull: cash 48c. Cloveraoed
active and ateady; prime cash and October
"0 }5 12>$; Novinuber $3 25; February 85 Sift, March
id 95 30.
London Wool rrtte*.
0 London, Oct. 8.?There was tt largo attendauce
at the wool auction sales to day, aud
jr, binding was keen, l'rlcea were atrou? for all
be &0(** wools and easy for everything inferior.
The American purchase* amounted to !UX) bales
J10 to day. There was u large proportion of uow
be Queeusland and good New South Wales wool oft0
fered. Crosvbrcda were sharply picked up by
Yorkshire buyers. Ca|?e of Good Hopo and
10" Natal htiow wblto wools were hardening. The
II- tiumber of balea offered to day worts 1J.71S, of
i J. which 1,500 were wlthdrawu.
4X4 F.>l!rtu.|.ICr t hi. In iliitnllt
ro* New teutVwaie*. 2,9lVlmies; scoured OJ^da
01 la Cd; greasy 4%aS%d.
Queensland, 2,703 bales; scoured lOdals2*^1;
K Victoriau, 832 bales; scoured SolOJ^d; greasy 5da
South Australia, 401 bales; scoured TJ^dals;
sW greasy 4Uu7fcd.
Now Zealand, 4,551 balm; scoured 5dals ?d;
? greasy 4^al0^d.
( ape of (iood IIopo and Natal. 2,298 bales;
it 1 scoured O^dals 4fcd; greasy SWo'^d.
per ???
LlTfl Stock,
7L/ Ctiicaoo. Oct. 8.?The cattlo market opened
u'+ quiet ?nd uncertain. It boou developed a fair
The uetlvlty, however, and the retorted salon showed
rCfl, the day's business to have been dono on a basis
, ' of last week's cloning quotations. Kxtra MM
|H to 1,650 steers wero quoted at *">90a6'Ji). There
f" were not mauy sales ni?ove *3 75. From ft 70 to
l?rP ?.'? 25 bought a large port of the untlves, and 52 6G
'*" ail 30 were popular prices for westerns. To-day's
'}?" cuttle were firm. Tho calf market remained
'''? llrin. The hog market was active aud strong.
It averaged 5e higher than Sutnrrlsy. and there
r.wi were many sales that looked 10c higher. Trad"
i fng was active at tho highor prices The toj:
L'*r was 85 40. There were not wuny trades at better
i..? than 55 2.5. the olTorlngs of prime heavy bogi
'*}{; bclug small. Packers paid SI ?Ua5 10 for most of
tho stutr thoy bought and $503a5 25 was the
?.? range. Sheep?Tho market remained obout
,,? steady, with lambs selling at 10aI5c better and
choice western abeep a Ititlo higher. 75ca53 50
,~j" for poor to choice ibeep and |1 fioal 60 for lambs.
H" Receipts?Cattlo. 24.000 head; calves, 1,000 head;
^ boRB, 24,000 head; sheep, 26,QUO head,
ill. Eart LtnEKTY. Pa.. Oct. a?Cattlo steady ant1
ero unchanged. Hogs active; Philadelphia* & Goi
L-ic, 5 70; best Yorkers and mixed $5 40s5 55; coinmor
hit to fair Yorkers 85 20a5 30. Sheep, extra S-t 20a3 50;
* ??0 i,\n-x in. #ttlp ti on?o on- Inmha ?l> 2,-uu fifl.
ilu- Cincinnati, Oct. 8.?Hogs iictlvc and strong nl
>m &i'.!5a5 25; roceipta 3/JUo head; shipments 1,4W
Ich head.
'for 31 ? till#.
' a New York. Oct.8.?Pjgiroti dull; Scotch SID jOi
?t- 2025; American 810 OL'au00 Tin barely steady:
in Btniiu815 ti0n15 70; platen market weak. Speltei
ru* steady; domestic Si <(0a3 45. Connor quiet;
P- bullion broken' quotation yj.**). Metal Exchange
urt do 80O-'wU 70. Load quiet, ttulllon brokers'quu<
vas tutlou 83 ft'>; Motal Exchange do ?3 10a:i J7>{.
he i'<*ti oii'iun.
1 ol New York. Oct. 8.?Petroleum firm; Pennsylvania
oil, sales uonc; November option, sales
'j'.Oivj uarrelk; closcd ut bbid; Lima oil. sulci
Oil City, Pa. . Oct. 8.?Shipments 142,876 barrels;
ruusSl.&O barrels.
2 yA
J Wool.
\tl. New \ ORK. Oct 8.?Wool quiet
\\* Joiinron's Omental Soap far suporior
to all tlio other so-eullod medic)\\
inal soups for boautifying tlio complox^
ion. Cuas. R. Gootzo and W. W. Irwin.
J u, When Baby vu sick, wo ga?e her Cartorla.
\*/\ When she was a Child, sho crlod for Castor!a.
When sho bccanio Mliw, she clung to Castoria.
j js When she had Children, ah? gave them Caatori*.
I* ?
)>< Plica! Plleal Itching Pllea.
\X Symptoms?Moisture; intense itching and
' atluging; most at night; worse by scratching. If
Y* allowed to continue tumors form, which often
' bleed and ulcerate, becoming vorv ?ura
\Y* SwayNK's Ointment atop* the itching and
? bleeding, heals ulcenitioii, and lu must cases removes
tno tuinors. At druggist*. or by miul. for
oUceuU. Or. Swuyne ?fc Sou, Philadelphia.
lad "How to Curo All Sktu l>Uf?ns?a."
he Simply apply "Swaynr's Ointment." No ln^
rly ternal mcdlclne required. Cures tetter, eczema,
>rii itch, all oruptious on tho face, hands, nose. ?kc..
for leaving tho skin clear, whlto ami nealthy. Its
>ns great healing and curative power* are possessed
by no other remedy. Ask your druggist 4pr
Bwayne's Ointment. ttimaw
>. 3
Children Cry for
ft Pitcher's Castorla.
i MONEY. ^
Join tho Mutual Speculative Syndicate
Ah* Net dividends to members since Jan. 2. IjKM.
.M,r Jan. 15 s per cctu May 31 'JO per cent
' Jan. 31....10 " Juno lf? 11
ki,r Feb. 1"> ? * Juuo 12 "
7?. Fob. ? 9 " July M...J4 "
'-V March IA? 8 " July :il?It M
p r Marrh 31. M 5 August 16..... 7 "
lotl April 15 15 " August 31?? "
,0a A.Ill 00....II ' *>pt. V< ~^ "
May IV...' " Dct. <...- 9 "
Mc; Total. - - 170 Dor oont.
Monthly AvornRo,20 "
.Member* aru ndinlued daily by dopodtiiiK
'"r* from f/o 0) to STi.wm with us foi investment in
{e*? careful syndicate opentlons. Address ayninufl,e
nlcatlona and reinittancca to
"" 40? Wnoil St., I'Msbnrifli, I'm,
Or DKI.ANBY ,t TO.. Ilaukorl llllU llrnkm.
ni, U7,llt)Ulalto, (lioard olTrnJo Auuo*). rhtciico,
Jus 111. OOMAlU
| psaiwiiiif
^ Mlss Dells Stereos, o? Boston. Mm*. ?
^wriuw 1 harp always suffered from ^
SS bervJltarr Scrofulju for wb?cb I W?d ^
5^ rarioua rcmrvllw, and many reliable r-c
pbysletaoi. t?ut& .no relieved me Afvr ^
llkinC C bottles of ^
I ?m do* wrii. i m ^HP r-;
^ idi Trry i?rairful 'i
SK to you, x-. I feel ^
that It ?ared me Bbnf* i #? ?? g
^ from s life of untold asony, and shaJlx^
5? take treasure In apraklnK only words c
^ afnralsefor the wonderful mcdlcitx-.
^ and in recommending it to alL ^
^ Trsattve on Blood gj IlfOAfl
| -auar ()llft)ll|
J, | \
yL= _x ^
An catabllflhed hotel mirier ner man n demerit,
thoroughly renovate, t, twrfect *auttatton ?m.l all
modern Improvement*. Vlwltor* to New York will
fltid the Everett tu the very heart of the popular
hopptn* district, mirenii'tit to placet* of auiitoe.
meat anil re^ulHv aroe?*Ible from ull parta of Uio
(i. Lamb. Prmldent. Jo*. Bkybolo. Cublcr.
j. a. jkvkkkson. AasUtaut Ca^Uior.
CAPITAL $200,000, l\Ul> IX.
n. M. ITurper, Joseph F. Pniill,
JamcMiumiuins. Henry ll|obcr*ott,
a. Roytnunu. Joseph Soy bold. i
Gibson Lamb.
Intercut paid on apodal dcpo-riu.
Issue* drafts on England. I reland and Scotland,
myll JusEPH sKYIkti,i?. i'hwIii.t.
CAPITAL ....$300,000.
i J. tf. Vance -President
John Fubuv...^. _Vlco President.
J. N. Vaneo. George B. Stlfol.
J. M. ltrowiL William Kllinghato.
John Frew. a. W. Kolley.
Joliu Wuternomo. w. r? sume.
W. H. Frank.
Draft* lamed on England. Iroland, Scotland
and all point* in Europe.
JOIIS J. JON'FN. Cmhler.
C A PITA ...^.$175,OOO.
Wii.mam a. Tsctt .... ^..Prealdont
wit.mav b Summon ~Vic<vPro4ldouL
Draft* on Kuglaud. Ireland, Franco ana liarmany.
WIlHnm A. Isott. Mortimer Pollock
J. A. Miller. William II. Simpson.
K. M. Atkinson. John K. Rotsford.
I HonrySpeyet. Victor Rosoubnrj.
II. Forbes.
Jal J. A. MILIiKR Ontm
Notice to Natural Gas Consumers!
, BURNKR is thoonly burner on the market that
1* guaranteed to give satisfaction. Bo not deceived
in accepting "just as oood" with no ;
guarantee. Sold ouly bv
jnrtl 1"H Market Streot.
| Practical Plumbers, (
| No. 38 Twelfth Street.
/Ml Work Done Promptly nt Ri'motmhlo Prl>>m.
Wheeling & Elm Grove Railroad.
| On and aftor Friday. April -*0. 1831. tralni will i
run a? follow*. city tlmo: l
I.UAYE WllKBI.l.NU. | lAAVr. iu.m unmr.
Tr'n TinojTr'n T'raoiTr'a. T'tne TTn T'nin ,
.. - ?*,U-L P-m* ?-,u- !? ?? '
Na 20...:i.-<ju No. 1_ t<S"0 Na 19...&U0
Na 4~...7:00!Na 22...4:0J|No. 3... 7:04 No. 2l...*:OU
Na 6?fcoijNo 2I....Y0U No. ft... H.-oti Na 23...&00 '
Na 8?...9:<J0(Na 2G?/.:<W No. 7...19:t)0 Na 25../.:00
? No. 10 1<>:U0 No. 2H...7:00 No. 9._.10:00|No. 27...7M
Na 12.11:00 No. No. 11..11:00 No. S)...8:00 '
p. in No. p. in Na ai...9:IO '
Na nfliOO No. ;n..ll:00No. 13..12:no No. 2J_10:10
No. iG.~l.-00 No. 15... 1:011
No. 18...'.':ifl| |Na 17...AiM |
tDally. except Sunday. 1
Sun day church traliw will lnnvo Klui Grove at
{fclrta. ni. mid Wiieclliiif at 1*2:17 p. in.
Train* No. 2. rt. 11 mi l jr. connect with hurdle
line for Trindolphiu. Herdlc leave* Trhdelphla
lor Klin(irovoHt.">:?(?ii in.. 7:30n. m.. 12:1) n in. (
and fi:iO p. in. lJnUy, oxccnt Similar'* and Snt- .
urduy'K herdlc. will connect with twin Na .'.l.
Icavinrc Wheeling nt U:uQ p. in.
Sunday's honlle leaves Trladolphla nt 9:00
n. in.. 12.-00 n. in.. 6:.T0 p in. and c;?ntiec:.i with
train* No. i*. It uttd -M from Wheeling. ,
11. K. WKIStiKUMI'lL <?en. Mnnntrpr.
?Pennsylvania Stations
Trains Run by Control Tirao. j
. jritieT OrricKH at Prrrx*Yi.vA,<u station oj
\VAT?;n St., Koomr Ei.rvrvTit St., Wttr.EM.?o, ?
at McLuiik Hornr, WifKi-MW, anh ai Tir?:
StflrTHwrTHwr' -""'^ l!*v?>:.?: Koite"
DAILt. fDUf.V Kxc?pr SUN OA v.
KiuiM WIIRKUNU TO ?i:\vi: Aitmvn. 1
Wellnburtfand Siotineuvllla. (C.-t'iau t?3:lup.i r
McDoiimU and I'ltUOurrf.i...- fCr.i?am p.: 1.1 pm
New Cumberland.. uttt lu.\tf ma v
IndltnnpollHiiudSt. *ru |ii;iup.., .
ColniiibUHiiaJ Cincinnati..? fti;IOpm '
Wellsb'irj! and Stoulionvllio. a n hi. l-/ pm
Philadelphia and Now York 112:2* piu p u 'I
tiionbenvllleand I'liuttituchflJ:-! p n f-'.-Jipra ?
Colunibuiaud Cni&ujo .... .fl2:.i) pm f2:ii p u
Philadelphia and NV.v Yurs -':*? i?m iu.-.a um
itultluiorc and \Vn*ni:ujio:?. p a ?ni: t'? 410 ,
Sieuociivllle and i'liubnrgfi -': ?> piu **10: t> ,un )
tfieubenvillcand I'onuiion.. ?2:.m pm ?10. t? um '
Indiiuiapoii* and St. I?nh.? ft:iWnm tfiil-'ain ^
Hay ton and Cincinnati ti.oinm
bteubcuvillo and Coin utMi. ja : >.) pm pi: 12 um *
Northwest S.*ioui-Clo*e. 1'iu*. I>Iv1-?:oil 1
Train* run ?lalljr. exejp; Suii<l?y. *' iloiij.vt: s
t u Wayne and 1 iilcjitf.i - ft.tb am *:;?> i.in j
1'auton and Toledo ? o.'Os inn -l.'.VS piu '
Alliaucc aiKlC.cvrianil 5:0<am ?."> ? pm I
bteiiMiivlllcaU'l I'ltuburgti... .?:?/ * n u 8:H pm I
btOubou\llloaud I'ilMhiucti.... am i?: II a:a
Ft Wayne .fe Chicago 1: lupin S:l'? pm >
Canton and T.dedo 1:10 pm l:">Hji.nj I
Allianceau<l Clevuland.^ 1:1" |?ai iNOprii
Steubonvlileand WolUvilio..., 1:10 pm 7:'?sani ?
PhlladolnhU und New York..-2:11 pm 8:15 p:n 1
Baltimore and Wn?niin,'tou...? 2:11 pm 4: * |?;n (
Hteutoiivllie au'l l'ittno irvch.- 2:11 pm (
Btenoouvilto ?l Wellavillo 6:l.{ inn ?: * ? ain I
Wlieelliui Brldye & Terminal Ry. C.
0. Hit IWSTKU Kecelrer
Tltno Table No. IX t-> tak?e.r.?ct IJ1 a m.. t
Sun.1.iv Novombjr I'.' 1SJI. ,
I.CIIV0 Wheel!uir-fS:0J. risu. M:!!)* m.. f-:JO. >
"t-.tft. U |9:0>i p. 1a. m
|/eavel'onlU'?.ilH-|tt:tW. fOi'd, J11:11a. ra.,f;:J8. I
'liwivo Mariiirs l-orry?fS:lA tO:57. (11:52iv. in., \
.1:27. tin.'. <9:12. 1
Arrive Terniiual Junction?t8:I7. |10:0.l, |tl:tS I
a. in.. M *" ;" ?:? P- "? I
I^'iivo Tormltial Junction?17:2.'. ?D:(W. %. m., 1
1 :4?? a. in., t ?.?. |4;9?. I'll, ft- ? p. in. (
heave Miiruu'ii l-\?rry? J7:2S. |j;j; .t.ni.. '12:li. b
11:0 >. 11.10 tI*: l?- Ml. I
U?ave I'culn^ila< ?:IIo.m.. I2:>1. JIMl. r
44:17, h:2.? ft : > P ??. (
Arrive WlienlliK -t7-.l0. i'J-iJ a. m., Iit37, I
31:17. ti:A t;1. |?- "? '
Datlr- fUnllyotcopt Sunday. Hunday< only. <1
All traltu will ruu on ta<?toru Tuna 1
J. H T.\ USSIO, SupcrmicuJoat.
Arri* ' .?rt i#;h* ur u' oa l )
V?- b N
Mil- !?*ji . -?u-i . * "' :'l '? l
,rJ i?"d. ?i \ '.? ? ;? ??.. ?
wOar uat) r..%:eru - Tio?
. ? .1 n ?v* .. i. . tur fc fc.
t! . ?:n . v ; p^ji. x n V
t J) | r il v N V
t l?.?> v . .? \r.\ ' 1 v?
1 (>M .'? .. w- if 1 h ..u?
'":SJ nm M.i ! . .:n " .? :u
1l:l\ am . tin
f u i-w *;.?ua??\ ; -4.... i*i i i i
,'ta M . A. xv,, ; ?
' 1 v . v. --|
t* t am To- .,u- , ,. 7 ,| ; ,
' ' ' r 'U- J f % |in?
M; ! "' 1 ?'* ! ' i us am
M ;?i? '..i'nu' \ .I,- Hi;,
'Op- .. . v.* 4, . Jin
? ?'I ti' \ t . k!?
i?U.j -t. 4!f* < } kZ* I-at
? * *? ?
I HAM u ?w*' .... .
f>O ?m I'i en r ?m
t" v ml...? r?c*b t-'U
|?ai| rit>t > rh in S ?.t*t |. n
'1:.*) jiUl; .IttUti'insii it ; . i
4A) j'?n| ..\V*?hiiirftot? r<. ? . . . > n -i
.l'>M-??i-?rgh . i : * ' im
I'l 4HT r.l a ->r. U til ?>; ;: V U~*
" Y> uci llttatiurs: * l {lip
a uhi'ivli J \V??l " pui
*1 i. I'.ti?u?irw*!t *ti?l Vf* Y ? : i |.:ii
< v? }.n> ritt?bun;li mm l V. w York Ml;T? ? .i
*7:Ti M'n i'xpi*^. i?n I -t !>? ?!* am
"MOj.m i \|?rva ?.'iu ?ii 1 St U>ul* ' !? |?ji
* I j? uiK>dnJChlnu,')' * - i-i-a
f. V? |?"i IMij.tiurK'h til l IN'nniom. tH > '* ?'?
p: ivahtT( i . \ I'. It It A*niVK.
>.\y< ?m .Fori XY??uo ml H p?a
?' i|!;i HtiMli utM T??|. !'? . . vi. pin
' Oh AUI \ IHIW n'lO 01<?VP.H?ul > ? p-.ll
' ?i OS mUi'* it it 1 l*i it^OUrcti "A IV nn
ll 'I mn:?t?MilxmilloMinl INluburtfti!' U>4I am
10 pill Fort Wuyue ? ! ! ? h'.-aipi ?h pin
10 piu| . I'anton mi l Um-I'I. w pin
jujjj \Iliancoau>IC.t'tvUu4 lipm
' pa*h'fii!?nvii| n i<I \V?*U%?-|:li? i-ui
Ml pin rhlln<!elphta un t .N???vYor? '. v* j..u
pin {Hal lira UW H?I<I W^.tilnctmi * ? <4 piu
U pin(?t?*nl?oiirtllt*Mtt<l fttuimrtfh ?:V* pm
Tit piiii -'tMilKliv. i? \v. ?villi' ^ V< am
PITAIlT w'.v l, K Uv j AKIIIYK
mu MhmUIou. T iIMo mi'l \\>?i i pin
"J!' ?m Cauton. Akron \ <' avelainl pia
v i'i ara Wluvlinc mill Stetilwurillel pin
ll* pin ...MhjmiiIoh Mot''Hilton....1 Il-i? ah
'4 ii p-i Wji.vll'itf nii-t -t- i!'"iviil.- li u ?m
TMAJY ' .1," A' U' - 11H: I ? . -1> K f A HI VK.
*7 i am ClerelaiKl.ToMo.v I'hU'nKO pin
*' J? pin|? levoUinl ToliHlii>U!lllflai(ii tun
1 pin . . MitKllloti Aoootti mn
v." htn| St. Cnilri>v!ll? Accom ? .? V? mu
l'? s mioi St. Clairovllto Amirn *\:A\ put
put M. (*.ulr*villo ACt*ntu.~. *1: *? (MU
'pm St. t:l?lr?r|l/e A?xvui "T. V? j.ni
*1:30 p'nj luteal KrriitliL .......^*11 :l*? am
pii'akt. | ulixo uTVifil K. R. ARUIVK.
ami I'hs-.-iiK'T ??
pill I'nwiiger. *1:0l pill
t l:'W juiil _. l'aa>ciiK*%r ffrW l?m
" i'ka vk* I li. ?"? O. KAILIU HU>. a mu vu
MO aml....Ik*lla(ri* aril Znmivlllo 1:20 i>m
i <K> i 11n Wo <N -I I n i mn
Tbe Cleveland, Lorala & Wheeling K. R.
Via. Elyrla and tho Like Shoro Ho at a.
KVATJON* 4- *li | iW W
Centra! Time. p. ni. a. in a. in. p m.
Lt. WIhHIiir .. i'i f. in 12 id
Xellaire 3 ! '? f. W u 0)
Martin'* Kerry 3 J>......... r. in |?? io
ItrldKoport :? *' C .a- l.?:?
Kliwlilnff - 4.M ... 7 ' 1'."J
Fnvport ... ft 7 M 1 M
riirlt'huvlll.'.. 6(?> r. 10 8 :tu
Cunnl iJovcr. 0 .7 fi o<i 8 : - .'>7
MiU'dlon 7 IS 6 .V? 9 1' 3 12
Wurwick. 7 10 o: 4 OH
Fieri I ox .. 7 4'. 10 A 4 M
Medltm 8 0*11 (U ^ii
( raft on h 401 11 2v Jil
Elyrlu 9 lo, 1J 5."> 5 SI
p. m.
Ar. J/ornln 9 'jr., 12 10 f. n
L'lcvelaud 10 oo U 11 0 l?
p. m.
Sandiuky..... .. .... 1 57 1:07 ..
Norwalk 3 P 8 M
Toledo .. ;i l'i 3 111 1U ."?5
Detroit....... 0 ID CJO
it m.
Chicago??. 9 J0 9 JO 7 3)
IJuflalo 5 40 5 40 3 2")
a. in. a. hi. ik in.
Albanr .... 2 .'hi1 2 fti 1 &'?
New York 7 0J| 7 00 7 0"?
Jlofton ... ......... 10 .'rill 10 U) 9
Akrou s o:? o r.
?On Sunday Tialu So. 'M will ruu from UUrlchsvillooaly.
On Huiidny. train No. 24 rutin to Lorain, ntid
No. 3Ufruin 1/oraiti only.
For time card, rate of faro and further information
regarding our trains, nnplr to aur L.
St W. llckct agent, or (I A Hoik nap. Truvellng
['awcuger Agent. Mu.ssllIoo. o.
J. F. TKHltY.
Qcn'l Freight and Paw. Agmit. Cleveland. O.
em Hnio. -cliedulo In of*
For Baltimore, ^PlilladeN
Wanhlncton City Expre?. & '?* a ?n., daily.
Cumberland Accommodation, 3:3U a. m., 00117
ixot-pi Sunday.
(irultou Accommodation. 2-/W p. m.. dally.
Motiudnvillo Accommodation. ?:50niid 11:15 n.
m.. ami t>:J0 n. in., except Suuduy, uud 10:33 p. in.
Saturday ouly.
From No\r York. Philadelphia and Haltlraoro,
S:1"?n. in., dully.
Wfi?|i|nj?ton City Kxprf???. ri:(W o. m., dally.
Cnuiborlund Accommodation, 8:10 p. in., cx*
?ni Sunday.
(iniftmi Accommodation. 10:03 n. in. dally.
.Moundxvlliu Accommodation, 7:10 u in., ox*
?epi Snndnv; 10:00 a. in., dally, nod 1:J0. 4:?0 ji.
31m except Sunday, nnd 10:10 p.m. Saturday ouly.
ForColumbiwiind Chicago. 7:30 aud 4 1-' p. m.,
Columbus and Cincinnati Expruai 10:23 a. m.
lully mid ll:ttp. m.. dally, except Saturday, aud
11. in. Sunday onlv.
No war I: Areoniinudutlon. &' '? p. m., dally, ox*
iept Sunday.
St. ClalrsvllJo Acooinmodatlou, 10:20 a. ul aud
p. ul, except Sunday.
Clilcngo Exprcs*. ?:35s. in. and 10:i'?a.m.dnlly.
Cincinnati Kxpress. 1:5?a. m. and &.J3 o. ul,
Newark Accommodation. 11:35m ul, dally, ox*
St. Clair-vlllc Accoin'ti'datlon. 11:33 il m. aad
p. in., daily, except Sunday.
KorlMtt'bursb. nnd ":?l a. m.. daily: 1:13
>. in., dully. OKceptSnndiiy.an'l .r':'i.r?p 111.. dally.
For I'ltNijurRh aud tlie ea.it. 5:00a ui. and'i:JS
>. 111., daily.
Wnsliiiifrtott Accommodation, 'c03 p. ul, dally.
(SOi'pt Sunday.
From Plttubnnjli. IO:l.riiL'n. mid&jOp.m. daily,
1:J-, in. dnilv. cxcctit Saturday. and l.':l> p.
n.. except Sundav. and ? > a. in. Sr.nday only.
WndilnirtiMi Accommodation. 4.10 n. in.,'dally,
xrept Sunday.
On and after Sunday. Juno :< 1H3|, Pauoihtoe
ruin- will run a* follow: "Pally. fDally fix*
rfil sniidar. iVntmi time.
vhItii Bousa 7 T, T~!i Tr,
>1 ! v h. a. jr.
vikvIiiic. .. v\ fl.' IS ?-i .?i
Ujinv.i ' I *>! l_* .*>i o
Initiidmrillc t?G: u * ? Ul
.' iv MnrtiiHVlllo......... f. ul 1 4> 7 5J
utcr>vil|0. !< in J II". s 15
rl.'iidlj *> '? ! 2 li? S 10
1 Mnr ...I i 41 'Jill
vjlllmnMown. ...a.m. 7 ??', :: jo y is
nrU.">l?urjj f 5 ? *7 :3'.' *<? W 1?
vikvlll' r. -m i?. >1. 1 u 14
{.ir-ii- vo.-l ; 7 u, . ? u 31
tlpioy Landing I 7 * It 17
.minim I it- 12 1.1
;..?v llnven 1 HI.' I. 1 U 17
lnrtf.inl ; f-M l.'JJ
11*1111 City I >- ' 1 'il 1-' W
ii(i"ii ' ?.wi ?o; usi
: l'lcn*ant... I y t*? 0;p.' 10^
InlUtKdl*... : "I',' 6 <?! 1
uyundotto. 11 i?| 7.'" . vsi
(uiiilunton iioi' K ??'i
I r. >1. | f. m.
NuiififWr.Nn f j , 1 1 0 1"
! I'. M. ! I*. M. | a )t.
viicciiiiv 'u-1 "i r" i" -J r.
kuuood II IV 7 : :o|
.Innn.I -vi.I.? 11 7 (> . 10
Muriumvl la ' " s l:i
|Mer*vlH?' I" 10 '? in 7 4*.
rl.-ii.nv ; l-?u? 5 vy; 7.t.
t. .Mnryi ;l?! ? W; 7o.J
V'iPlU.MS.nWII 1 HO! I C All r. Jf.
ark?*r?biirtf.- j S .:? ?); .to f.) *)
loili'vlllu 7 ?" ( y 1 ; a. m. J Mi*
tnveiisw<?t?.?. .. 7 in, ,.i[ I h 1J
:i,.: } burling r. fill! *11 7 yj
irali.'wn 0 ~'i 1 : 7 IS
ii'?v lliiwn "-0 117 I 7 in
Inrlfoi-1 *' lo 1 I;) I 7 15 i
in-Ill f.i; r. 1" 1 7 7 M i
jlf'oil <i t"?r 1 ;t.*l 7,)-,
'I. Plon-iui: ' ' 7 1 (ii I ?; ;i7 a
;?!-lp"ii" flOJ M
liiyiiiKlotte * II 11 | 5 in
lumlujjiou 4 i.?, ti :tj| fjoo i
A. SL . x. M. v. x.

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