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| Ex-Oo?ernor OampbeU, of Ohio, a
ffi Disappointment.
Without Enthulaam, brcaon tbero
' wai no Oceaelon lor Eacbulaam.
He Falls to Advance an Argument
In Favor ol Free Trade?A DemonItratlon
or tbe llopoltMuea* of tbo
Democratic Canae.
|||: 'XDO announce mom, mat ox*uvto(mwi
Junes A. Campbell, of Obio, would address
a Democratic mooting at tbo
Opera Homo lait night drew to that
booie an audience which Oiled it ud taira
and down. The ipealter wu eacorted
to the theatre bv the Young
Hen'a Democratic Club, about thirtyfive
strong, beaded by the Opeia House
band. There he waa greeted with
sheers. County chairman Kinehelo
oallod the meeting to order and introduced
R. A. McC'abe aa chairman, and
's&L a long Hat of vice presidents aa printed
in yesterday's Kegister. Bo did not
take the trouble to read the Hat, and it
did not make much dlflerouce, for only
half of those named wero nroiont,
while about aa many not on the list eat
on the platform.
The apooch loitcd only about an hour
and a quarter, the ox-governor reaching
the Opera House very late, and quitting
, early. It waa about the weakest speech
ever hoard in Wheeling from a speaker
of more than local reputation. Indeed,
Wheeling has scarcely a speaker of
local reputation who conld make as
weak a speech if he triod. Mr. Campbell
told one funny story well, and ho is fairly
good at sarcasm. Besides that, there
is nothing to say. Thoughtful Democrats
remained thouzhtful pfter the
alleged speech, and the other kind of
? .. -li-1. t, n,tn
: JJemocrats saia muukb wu.u?? ????>*
business to setsaid in public. The fact
is, the meeting was a fizzle, in spite Of
the iargo tarn out.
Mr. McCabo made a brief apeech, introducing
tho speaker, lie named Congressman
Wilson and John A. Howard,
both of whoso names were greeted with
Mr. Campbell opened gracefully, saying
he was at home in West Virginia,
as bis grandfather was born here. lie
had como to return tho favor Wheeling
fieople had dono him in his campaigns
n Ohio. He said this was an important
campaign, becauso certain irfstitutulions
wore on trial. He reviewed
recent political history, and extolled
the Democratic party. He boasted
that it had left $100,000,000 of a gold resorve
and $75,000,000 of a surplus.
Whore did the surplus?which some
people thought was a bugaboo?go to?
It went where tho Irishman erected his
hole in tho ground. He criticized the
Kopnblicans' adininistrntion of the
finances, and ssid that in 1802 the Hepublicans
wore turned out and tho
Democrats came into powor. It was
predictod then that tho farmor would
starve on his farm, not because
of overproduction, but bocause
of the lack of a market.
"Then they called us 'Kalamity ICrokers.'
Wo did crouk calamity, and it
came true."
Referring to tho Sherman silver bill,
he said that if one man was to store his
silver and get a certificate, ho would
like to store iron from a mine in which
ho was interested, and tho farmers
would liko to store wheat, and the government
would eventually bo compelled
to start a pawn shop and take anything
on deposit and issue a certificate.
Ho said tho ropeal of the Sherman
law only had a temporary effect, because
the seat of tiie disease was not reached.
Then I)r. W. L. Wilson and his ablo
corpB ot physicians wero called in. Of
course the namoof Wilson was cheered.
In referrine to McKinley, he said he
had great respect for him, because he
know it took a mighty good man to beat
him (Campbell) for governor.
Thsn tho spoaker wont back to oarly
days and undertook to make a humorous
comparison between what he callod
it? Qi noK c<?nt tnriff of Alexander
Hamilton and McKin lev's 00 per cont.
Ho eaid all tariffs were moant for revenue,
not lor protection.
Tho orator attain, and several times
lator, claimed that tho Democratic party
was tho only party that ever accumulated
a surplus in the nation's treasury.
Tho Democratic party once took the
tariff question out of politics, and in his
judgment it would live to do it again.
When tho Republican party, at tho
cIobo of tho war, ronoalod most of the
internal revenuo and left most of the
import duties, he declared, the ownership
of tho ttopublican party by tho protoctod
manufacturers began. "Yet if
my friend, Stove Klkina, who speaks
hero Thursday evening, is asked wny
his party incruasod tho taritl from 15
por cont in 1800 to 00 per cent in 1892,
ho will say it was done in the sacred
cause of labor." llo said ho did not believe
in protection, but ho would compromiso
with .the Republicans and
a?reo to protection if they would agree
not to put on a cont of tax excopt to
covor the labor coat.
llo gradually workod back to the "Dr.
Wilson" medical joke. His inet^pfcor
got badly mixed wiion he g?t to foAstinir
the senato and praising the boilse,
but he doclared the timo was coming
when senators must be eloctod by tho
people direct.
Tho governor in introducing a newspapor
oxtract ho proposed to read, nseertod
that no laborer in a protoeted
industry had hud his wuges increased
under the McKinloy bill, while ho had
found a man who had his pay raisod
already by the Wilson bill. Tho clipping
ho read asserted that a Lowoll
curpot factory had raised wagos becuuse
of wool being put. on the free list. Ho
read several similar bare assertions, but
gayo no authorities, and theso, us well
as most of tho points ho strovo to make,
wore vory tamely received. The only
time there was moro than a mero ripple
of applause was when he named
Cleveland or Wilson.
The "force bill" camom for its share
of denunciation. Iio predicted Democratic
triumph, but said if tho Republicans
should return to power tliey
would strive to restore "mad McKinleyism."
"Givo us a year's trial of tho Wilson
law, and if this country is not prosperous
1 will como over and suy that 1
stultified myself when 1 made this
speech." Ho urgod tho Democrats to
stand by thoir congressional and legislative
candidates, and dwelt upon tho
importanco of Ohio county's vote. He
oronouncod a hoarty eulogy on Mr.
Howard, and oxpres'sed a hope that
whon ho put his oars to the wire on
election night, tho first thing he should
hear might be a teloirram from Louis
i Dohipluin: "Johnny Howard oloctod."
| He closed at U:40, and after thrco
cheors for Campbell und throo for How
nrd, and a patriotic medloy by the baajj,
| tho crowd disponed.
,,l,k y?? to ti??ir
\v!..!i liTil ?? Coitoni V?rl,,?111,11 Natural
i. llo?o M...1 in. onnvluoed tliut
thoy urn th? best la ill* iuurk?u
bllan at Mlur low la ud ibnl
IB Ml .
Matnine at tfa* Grand to-day. j
Eucui at the Opera Boom Thonday
In Gusd tbli erening?"Hla Nib*,
the Baroo." __ 1
A xutmo of the council committee 1
on finance hu been called tbU evening.
Wou hie been commenced on tbe 4
new bigb preaaure water main to aupply
people on High and Ckarloa atreete and
tbe npper end of Twelfth (treat.
Cuu Book yeaterday iaaued a marHate
license to Caaper Joaeph Flading,
aged 24. and Sabina Ueavercamp, aged
21, tfcth of tbla city.
Woar on tbe fourth itory of tbe
Home 4 Hermann building la progreaalng
japidiy. A large crowd ,
watchea the eonatructlon at all timet.
This evening the Third Preibyterian 1
church will hold a congregational meet- 1
ing to aever the paitoral relation with f
Rev. 0. K. alliord, who haa accepted a (
call to a Philadelphia church.
Tn* circuit conrt bae adjourned for ,
the term, bat t#o apeclal terma will be j
held, one on t'riday and one jnat before <
the election, to naturalize citizens who t
nnlv. Notice of tbe date of tbe loat i
Maion will be1 given in dao time. ?
At a meeting of the council commit- .
tee on petitions and remonstrances it 1
tu recommended that n license be 1
granted to Frank His rick to keep a ]
saloon at 1617 Market street, and one to ,
Grant & Jones at 27 ?loventh street. {
Makaoek Wijcnett, of "His Nibs, tho ,
Baron," haa invited all all tho members j
of tho police and fire departments and v
wives to attend the performance at tho t
Grand this ovening froe. This will bo
the last appearance of the engagement. 1
- One of the most interesting announce- r
monts for tho season is the engagement t
at tho Opera House, Monday evening, I
October 15, '94, of Thomas Q. b'eabrooko ^
and his comic opera company in "The *
Isle of Champagne/' by C'harJes A, I
Byrne and Louis Harrison. (
'Thecity's fire alarm wire was trans- c
forred from the old telephone polos to C
the city electric light poles, and yeaterday
most of the telephone company's a
poles on Markot street north of Six- v
teonth wero taken down. The change 1<
is quite perceptible to the naked eyo. f
? r
Stransors in tho City und Whoallng Pollen
Abroad. 1
H. R. Allen, of Washington, Pa., autographed
at the McLure.
William II. Ilearne loft yeatorday for 1
tho east on a business trip. f
G. Fred. Doraey, of Morgantown, c
figures on thd McLure register. j
E. 8. Duorr, of New Martinsville, reg- t
isterod at the Stamm yesterday. ^
J. B. Floater, of Weston, and IL Levy, a
of Siateraville, wero guesta at the Wind- Q
aor. c
Prof. I. 0. White, of Morgantown, n
was among yeaterday'a arrivals at tho li
Windsor. a
8. 0. Moore, of Proctor, and J. II. Mc- I
Coy, of biatersville, wore at tho Stamm L
yeBterday. f'
D. G. Courtney, of Raymond City, a 11
well known Kanawha valley man, ia at
tho Windsor.
J. S. Price, of tho Cleveland Provision g
Company, waa hore lookiug after the 0
local branch. j
R. H. Thompaon. a Pittsburgh travel- J
ing freight agent, waa here yesterday, a o
guoBt of the McLure. o
Ex-Contcreasraan Bon Wilaon, of J
Clarksburg, is horo on a business visit, L
a guest at the Windsor.
Prof. Lyman T. Powell, of Philadol- J
phia, tho University Extension lecturer, 1
is a guest at tho McLure.
0. G. Hildreth, aecrotary of the Holly J
Water Works Compuny, Lockport, N. (j
Y., autographed at tho McLure. j
Ex-Govornor Jamea E. Campbell, of c
Hamilton, Ohio, wae a guost at the f
Windaor during his stay hore yesterday. '
0. A. Dunnivant, traveling pasaenger
agont of the Quoon & CreHCont route,
was in the city ye8terday on a business
visit. | t
T. M.'Garvin and D. K. McCombs loft '
on the Pan ilandio for Texas, on tho 1
home soekors' excursion. They will c
romain in the far west several weeks. J
E.E.Stewart, of Now Martinaville; ?j
Mrs. J. It. McCamic and C. A. McCoy, t
of Siatorsville, and F. C. Stewart, of r
Now Martinaville, autographod at tho ;
Bohler. ,
Charles Travers, of Pittsburgh, traveling
passengor agent of the Chicago &
North western, was hero yoatorday and
interviewed tlio local railway passenger
Miss Fannio Gardiner and Miss Maud
Curtis, of West Liberty, passod through
Wheeling yesterday on thoir way to ,
Moundsville'to attend the district meet- j
ing of tho Ep worth League. v
Rev. R. It Swope and Dr. G. A. Asch- *
man left lait ovoning over the Balti- J
moro & Ohio to attend tho meeting of
the Brothorhood of St. Andrew, which
moots in Washington City this week.
Thomas Davison, C. P. Flick, Percy
Norton, Thomas Dannor and Archie
Taylor leave to-day. 4
Photograph C'oiicurt. t
At tho i^irat Obriitiuu ohurch last j
evening the PittuburgU Phonograph .
Clmpany gave an exhibition under tho J
auspices of tho C. K. society. The pro- ]
gramme, which consisted of songs, rocit&ticn,
orchestra aeloctions, banjo music,
etc., was a lino one, and oacli number
was honrtily applauded. A largo i
crowd was prosont, as tho exhibition is
quite a novel one.
Tho spectators claim to havo heard
tlie songs and other selections vory distinctly
in tho remotest part of tho
room. Tho same entertainment will
be given at tho Zano Street M. E.
church in tho near future, under tho :
auspices of tho Epworth League.
Nearly uii Aroiilunt.
Last night about 10 o'clock there was
a narrow escapo from a bad accident at .
tho corner of Fourteenth and Market
streets. Mr. Ewing, of Pleasant Valloy,
was driving up Markot, when one of
tho horses stumblod and fell and in tho
mix-up that followed tho carrriago with .
four ladies noarly turned over; in fact "
it would havo dono bo but for tho holp
of a driver of one of Burus A Church's I
wagons who caught the frightened animals.
"Moiihara" .Saturday Night.
Saturday night Kobort Mantell will
presont ono of his strongost plays at
the Opera IIouho. This ii Louis .
Nathal's version of "Monbara," a play
by Adolpho P'Ennory, ono of tho most
prolific and ollectivo of inodorn French
dramatists. It deals with tho storv of
tho self-made man who falls in lovo
with ono of tho aristocracy of Franco.
Mr. Mantell does clovor work a* Monbnrt,
and his imporsouAtion is quite pictures
Nollno, >
I want ovory man and woman In tho
United States intoroxtod in tho Opiutn
and Whisky habits to havo ono of my
books ou thostLdisoasoi. Address B, M.
Wooi.utv, Atlanta, Ga., Box 380, and ono
will bo scut you froo. , uAwy
..... 1.. . .. ... , . ..
ftimerous Options Boing Taken on
Goal Land Over the River.
Lre Not Known, and Two Snppoaltlons
ere Glron, One Thee tbe lloal
Purchaser la die Cleveland, Lorain
& Wheeling Hallway Company and
that the Coal Will be Worked from
Majrnard or Martin'* Ferry.
Option! have been aoenred on about
fteen hundred acre# of coal land comaeecinu
at Martin'a Ferry and exending
to Scotch Ridge, a diitance ol
oar milei. Tbe Scotch Ridee farms
iplipned are tboae of H. M. Pickens,
>artd Thoburn, Mre. A. J. Alexander,
[eee?h Majori, Jaraea A. Gray and John
>Mi, and two nearor Martin'a Perry are
hot* of Tbomu Gow and E. E.
Crauter. A depoait baa been made with
ach of theae farmers to make tbe opioni
binding and the namo of the ?pn:!eman
who ia uettini: thorn ig William
Ciniey, .of Maynord. Tho prico on
Host of ibo land loosed is $20 per acre
or the coal, and tho options are for one
car, tbo money .paid to be forfeited by
bat time it tbo land is nut taken. For
rhat company Mr. Kinsoy is taking opions
is not known to a certainty.
Some persons nsiert that a company
rill open an extensive coal works at or
tear what is known as tbo Gow coal
lank on West Jefferson street in tbo
tick part of Martin's Kerry and thin is
Fhy all the land has been secured,
rhile others say it is the land for the
'ittsburgh & Wheeling Coal Co.,
Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling railroad
ompany) which will work it from the
*ow bank opening or near Maynard.
A Scotch Ridge man told an Intblliienckr
representative that the same
lartios would work out tho coal that
lave the :ninos at Maynard. Ono
armor askod $40 per acre for tho coal
irivileges on his farm.
'ho Couucll Hum no Mooting?'Too Much
The city council failed to cot a quorum
Mfc night The lirst branch was short
our and tho second three. Tho Demo*
ratio inembors seemed to take more
aterest in tho Democratic meeting at
ho Opora House than in the public
lusinesB entrusted to thorn. In the
ocond branch Mr. Millitran movod to
nforco tho rule which authorizes
ouncil to compol tho attendauco of
U80nt memuera, nnu i*ir. vjtuhu mm ?o
ind a rather warm paassago over this,
nd finally on Mr. Gruso's motion tho
?ranch adjourned. All tho pending
tuainoaa will therefore have to no over
or two weeks, unless a special session
j sooner called.
A Now JmluMLry Orguuixori.
Last evening tho American Electric
melting Company, of this city, met and
rganizod. 'J ho directors elected are
Jr. John A. Campbell, T. II. B. Ilaaso,
osoph U. llail, Charles Mcnkomoller
nd Itobort C. Ilaase. Tho following
Hicera were olectod: President, Dr.
ohn A. Campbell; vice president and
tusineaa manager, T. II. B. Ilaase;
nanager operating department, Josoph
J. Hall; secretary, Kobert C. Haaee;
roasnrer, Charles Menkoraellor. This
ompany is formed to manufacture
luminum and other metals by electric
,nd other processes, and for tho pro*
iuction of articles of like nature, under
Jnited States patents owned by the
ompany. It has secured by purchase,
ree from royalties of any kind, tho
'Joseph 13. Hall's Electrolytic Process."
IJAnth ol' l?ll Giliuoro.
Word was received in Bridgeport yesonlay
that Eli Giltnore, formerly of
hat city, had died at his homo in Colirabna.
Ho was in tho wholesale groery
businoa* in both places, and was
rosporons, respected by all who know
litn, and will bo sincerely mourned.
'ho remains will probably Do brougui
o his old homo at Bridgeport for internont.
Sarsaparilla is carefally
prepared by experienced
pharmacists from Sarsaparilla,
Dandelion, Mandrake,
'unipor Berries, and other well known
ogetablo remedies. The Combination, Prolortion
and Process are Peculiar to Hood's
iarsaparilla, giving it strength and curative
Spower Peculiar to Itself, not possessed
by other medicines. Hood's
Jure* Scrofula, Salt Rhoum, Sores, Bolls,
^implis arid all other affecthuja caused by
mpnr# blood; Dyspepsia, BUlousntss, Sick
Iftfliofco, Indigestion, Debility, Catarrh,
thvonuAtisru, Kidney and Liver Con*
Cplai nts. It in Not What
wo Say, but what Hood's
Sarsaparilla Does, that
Tells tho Story?Hood's
Hood's Pills'"" eontlo.mlltlmidcffuctlv?
1^0 li SALii
C Liu up and ou Euiy Toruu.
nrrt fltr Untile H lil'll lit I'f'M Mnrl-of
)? First Xortgago on Ohio Itcnl Estate.
1!. T. 1I0WMX,
InHurniioe and Heal Kuluto. IlriJtct*j?ort Ohio.
Money to Loan 1
$4.1 00,
To flew rod by Dood of Trim on Uniaouin*
btirud City Ileal ICxtaio. Inquire ot
Wheeling Title and Trust Co.,
NO. 1310 ai<VUItLT HTUtilST.
." . . - 1 i .
We take especial pleasure in unoaneIng
to oar thousands of patrona that we
are now occupying oar sow and elegant
fouMtory building. which is equipped
thorouphlv with every modern improvement
to facilitate the handling of
goods. New spice mills, new and improved
coffee routing machinery, steam <
power elevatot The largest and beet
In the State I
if aeon Jars, per doien-.. 45 c
Choice Large Lomons, per dot 1 Oc
Jelly Glasses, per dox -28c
Clothee Pint, per doz Ir
Carpet Tack?, 8 ounco, Per box. lc
Choico Salmon, per can -I Oc
Baking Powder, per pound 10c
Carolina Bice, per pound 5c
Freeh Ginger Snaps, 4 poinds. 25c
Fresh Butter Crackers, 5 pounds...?25c
Pain's Root Beer, 4 bottles for 25c
Sugars at refiners prices.
Male !u Co.
Wanted?boys, men and laDIES
to know that thero 1* a Night
Fchool at tho Wheeling Busluess College for <
them. ocfi
Lady wanted, to write and
do light work at home. 815 weekly. No
coiivuftlng. Bond stump. J'EAltL PEAK. South 1
Hend. I ml. ocfi*
Wanted?a lady bookKEEPER
ond Stenographer who has had
pnictleiil exporieuco in bookkeeping. Address
Lock Box 73. city. o<fl
Wanted-gextleman who
has had charge of hundreds of oranloyes ;
nnd ifirge business interest*, desires art inline- .
dime engagement. HAKNES, 1226 Main street, 1
third lloorlront ocS?
Strayed?from -etn a vi lle,
Saturday, September 22. a red and white
cow. Kinder will bo rewarded by giving Infor- |
jimtlon us to her whercabouu to WM. RUCKLE,
AStnavillo, Ohio. oel
Wa ntkd? hon est, en ergetic
men to solicit orders fur fruit and ornamental
nurxery stock: permanent employment;
llbortil terms; no experience necessary. Address
R. (}. CHASE ?V CO., H30 South Prun '
Hi|nure. Philadelphia. Pa. mw.tk
10 shares Wheeling Title & Trust Company.
10 shares of National haul; of West Virginia.
25 shares Warwick China Company.
2 Wheeling liridgo Com puny bonds. ,
10 shores ."Etna standard Steel & Iron Co.
'JOhlmros Laughliti Null Mill. .
'20 shares Wheeling Iron ?fc Steel Co. <
2 bonds Wheeling ltuilwuy 1%).
tt. S. IKWIN. nrokor.
bo29 No. -M Twelfth Streat
+-+ BONDS. +-+ ,
Roynl Cloy Manufacturing Company.
Kostoria UI&kh Company.
Wheeling Street Railway Company.
]'a keraburg, Sutton <fc Glcuvlllo Ku 11 road Co.
Wheeling Pottery Company.
Wheeling Steel and Iron Company.
Pieduiout Wutor Works.
Riverside Iron Works.
JSellnire Null Mill
Kxehaugo Hank. J
LaRolio Iron Works.
vKtna Standard Mill. '
Wheeling Klcctrleal Railroad.
Kosloria Glass Compauy. 1
Stocks, Bonds and IuvestwonU,
oc2 No. 1311 Market St. 1
Storo room In Pnnboriv Halldlng.
Olllce roouiH in Penbody Halldlng.
Sttmin bent.clovatorand all modurncon. ,
veulouueA. T?>rum rwimoiiiible.
Jnl nan and 1138 Murkot Slroi't.
J^Uii liENT.
New Basement Barber Shop!
Corner Main anil Tenth .Streets.
ko-hJ H.U Main Strcot
Hub Building ^
FOR RENT?One elegant office
room, also one large elegant hall,
first floor entrance. Until permanently
rented, will rent hall for entertainments,
etc. Most centrally :
located and best advertised building
in the city. For terms, ?tc., apply at
Fourteenth and Mnrket streets.
In tho Now una Thriving Town of
Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 16 & 17.
llostdes numerous vacant lot*, thero will also
ho <?tr*!re?l 0110 now I'ltinlim Mill Plant, ivc-ontljr
completed. Willi full outfit of new tnnchinory.
Also 11 Rood Mvory Stnhlo, ('welling lintmcMun?1
two Rood Farms within one mlloof the corporate
limits of tlio town of Hundred, couiatnimt !'2i
and M nenm respectively. 'Also a half intoruat in
Reasonable terms to purchasers.
Halluon aM oiihlouji.^Kood iiiuhIc. etc.. to entertain
nil who wiih lo visit llio town on that day.
W. O. lk-ckciibaiiK'h. of llalllmuro, Md.. auctioneer.
For further Information rail on or uddrcxi T.
II. HAMILTON, Hundred. W. Va., or
W. T. SIDELL, Affont,
oc3 New MartUuvlUo, W. Va.
Bargain Bulletin!
MAIN AND TENTH STS., Wheeling, W'.Va.
? 1 2
> We have Just purchased at Assignee's sale the entire si : 0
i of the ROCHESTER CLOTHING CO., and place the Mnie o
_ on the market for a few days at prices that will move tha goojs 3
$ Bargain hunters will do ivell to call early. The following extr.i.t a
o from their opening announcement speaks for itself, and wo prj- =
c. pose to closo the balance of the stock at still lower prices. ' ~
JEreat Soft Fire Sale !|
5 $123,000 Worth of Fine .Clothing Saved ?
5 from the Big Fire at Rochester, N. Y. jj
5 The largest fire that has visited Rochester, N. Y? In years oc- ?>
curred in the wholesale clothing district on St Paul street. Hun- p
dreds of thousands of dollars worth ot Clothing were destroyed. -a
t? But $123,000 worth of Fine Glothing was saved; and to settle ?
c the insurance, the entire stock has been removed to Wheeling, o
Z W. Va., and will be sold for half price or 50 cents on the dollar. ?
O Mon'a $4 50 Sails go at this sale at - S 2 (T. M
? IWIAn'e. Moil's 5 00 and $5 60 Suits at.... 3 87 ~
"" JVien S Men's 000, $0 60 and $7 00 Suits at - 4 .VI ?
- Jlon'a 8 00 and $S 60 Suits at 6 7.', ?
12 Finp> Mon'a 0 00 and $10 00 Suits at H '.K> 0
1 luc Mon'a 1100 and $11 50 Suits nt
, o . , Moil's 12 00 and $14 00 Suita at 0 S3 ?
? Suits! Jlon'a 15 00 and $10 00 Suits at 10 75
0 Mon'a 17 00 and $18 00 Suita at 12 ?? ?
ii Men's 19 00 and $20 00 Suits at la 75 ?
1 if yon can match theso goods (or loss than doubl# our price any whoro, P
V von will much oblige ua by returning the aamo and wo will cboorlully ro- i
d fund your money. '1'his ia as piala and fair as we can mako it, and wo ?
X moan exactly what wa Bay. q,
Mon'a $100 Good Working Pnnts at OS <
Mon'a 1 25 Pants, splendid value, at ? 97 J
2- Men's 150. SI 75 and $2 00 l'ants at.? $1 IS ?
? lVien S Men's 3 00 Pants, our groat loader, at -i :t7 J
E Men's Fine 1'antn, oxtra value, at 1 02 3
~ Mon'a $3 50 and $4 00 Pants at 1 95 ~
"> %? ?1_ * cn 1 4.1 IK Ponta ot ?? ?: ? J
^ li'l 1 1 <-IU *UU V ' " * - -- y
_ ranis. Moo's 5 00 and $5 00Panta at 2 IB c
S Mon's 0 00 Pants at 3 37 2.
$ Jlon's 6 50 Panta at - 3 93 i
h u
r A train wo mnko yoa tlio offer?that Is, wo horobv guarantee to refund &
you tlio monoy lor any goodB wo soil it not fully satisfactory in every sense ?
of tlio word, and worth doublo tbo amount of tbo prico. Tills olTor ap- <
ui plies to our lino of Clothing. 0
u c
o Boys' 30c Pants go at 19 f,
5 R/-vtro' Boys'40c Pants, a groat bargain at 29 f
2 Doys Boys' 50c Pants, big sellers at ? 3.5 3
J C, Bovs' 05c Pants, oxtra value at 4S 0
O OUlla Bovs'$140 Suits, a special drive at 87 c
3 J Bovs' 150 Suits at 93 T
? dllU Doys' 1 75 and $2 00 Dross Suits at $1 is ?
6 D _ **if r* Boys' 2 50 Fine Dross Suits at 10'.' n
n ranib. Boys' 3 00 and St 50 Fine Dross Suite at 193 a
S Boys' 4 00 ond $5 50 Suits at 2 1)5 f
The*o Snot Cash thundorbolt* nro tbocauw of our WONDERFUL SUCCESS. ami thu publlo
ooklng for full valuo for ovory dollar. In catching ou to our bargains. aud business huun ut a rttj
bat big profits nro out of tbo quostlon. Besides many other bargains that you will sou whua vtitlug
ihb great sale, which will coutlnuo until balance of stock Is Hold.
*E. B. POTlSs,^
Main and Tenth Streets. Whoellng. W. Va.
V. | .i . ,. House or six rooms, Fifth Ward, on euy
Nino rooms, bath, both ga?08, all conveniences terms. $2,000.
No. 109 . IIuuso of livo rooms, now, with modem |w
Four rooms, No. 122 bevonteonth sueot. Ilont, orovoments, lot 25x100 foot. Eighth ward, cheu^
(12 a mouth. gl gdq
Three rooms and attlp, No. 93 South Pona jIoUJW> four-roomed brick, and four-roomed
(trout. Hunt, $10 a raontb. u. /i. ? brick In tbo roar of Jacob street, Coutro WhealTwo
rooms in rear 85 Eighteenth street. Rent, jj1gi on ea9,. terms, 12,000.
(5 a mouth. , ? .. House, eight rooms and hnll, 22a St.. 55,700.
>our rooms on socond floor, No. 1013 Market House, ton rooms,with large lot, 16th st., fu.600.
hftn-J11 vJ|lUM VlfrhtAnnlh* ntr?nf HOUSO, dOUblO, flV6 TOOtM OaCh, 1411k Nt.S5.UM.
wif;Kh^^OU^mSW5ol.8mo^?h ilssa II
?^=f" t0llK''No'1005 '''ua "tro0t- *"" "oHS^jSS?' K. Centra
JO 50 a month, Wheeling Si 850.
atroot. , "'^ourroom., Jwob.troct. Coutro Wheel?.????
v? *? TMrtnn??h ?#.??? House, five rooma, Ltnd street. Bolvcdore, $i?50.
J,ZSvi?Tm'room'"ud a?1:'lot 1K)X1A l'"t
R<m'i I, 8U a lllo11tb^0, !>0- 8UUlh 1"0aJW'T' wJ^U^uFlK.VrMMarJ TOOd
n?0"080- N?- 10 Norlh Y?rk Snlondld house, Ave roous, Linn itroct. Hel- I
itreot. item, sy uo. vouore SI 450
,,?,^'nV,N?- 723 Market ;,r mm, br)ct- ,treoti KlllU
Street. ltont. 825. wnrd S' 2.V)
ft!vim mnmM?ni?rirSrt:Vn^ ^i^Fibhfh^'strMf Hou?oI six rooms, North Market stroot. 81.3W. ;
?-?n^ P brick. No. ,.l Lighth street. House of sevou rooms. Eighteenth iireut, with (
Kent, 9M. _________ six-roomed house in tho rear, lot 30xl.?. $i 7i?.
(1^, a.) (O. I..) House of throe rooms, Llnd street, Belvedere,
ROLF Cb ZASTB, Houso of 6 rooms, Koffatroot. between 22d stid j
NO. 12 FOURTEENTH STREET. ^Ul stregu. with 4-roomed houso iu tho rear;
Telephone 500. oc.8 1?oumj of 6 rooms. 23d stroot. $1,600.
?i??? -i?, -i-n-rv -i -i i- i House of llvo rooms, Twenty-third stroot,
FOB T-?, H !lsvTrTl 82,6oo.
" IIouso of flro rooms, Cbapllno street, Coutre
amoxtil Wheeling, 82,600.
Storo room, No. 1149 Market street 825 00 ?r Uv? br,ok- Fourtconth llrwt
Four room*, both gases and bath, No. 85 8-..?oo. t , .... ^.
seventeenth streot 11 00 . "0i,"?Artflv? r00ms' Wood3?troot' VNhwl*
Saloon nnd dwelling, Martin's Ferry; nd- i . , , , , .
Joining C. .t 1'. depot 20 00 T:*no. loot of laad *">ntlug on McColloch uud
No. 14, Twenty-lltth street, two rooms 6 0(1 Llnd streets. ...miin
No. 1012 Chapllno stroot, Ave rooms 13 00 "I \? ?? "vwua Chapli n
Eight rooms, both Rases, hot water and streot, Contra Wheeling, 8L2W. . .
buth. No. 101ft Main street 825 00 c< 02S?t^?{^,?2irtc,i'; Eft
No. :17Seventeenth streot, eight rooms, both "700, 81,000, #l.&0a and $-.0))
Buses, hot water and buth 22 00 .. , _ _ , , _ ~ ~ Z. ,...
No. 22JS Market street three rooms 7 00 NESBITT &. DEVINE.
No. 89 Twentieth streot 10 00 nL-oun 1 ?,L"-vniu?
No. 131 Twenty-ninth street 100 Tel. 013. . 1739 Market Stroot.
Store raoms Main and Twonty-Unt streets, $8K<),
JIG 00 and $2y 00, ; ?? ^ <| . -fv"T" f~T~1
No. 2241 Main street...-^. 16 00 FOWj T?, Hi [Ml ?
No. 170 Kightcenth street, threo rooms, "**
lirst fleor.... 9 03
Four-roomed bouses. Warren Plaoo, south Now 77 South York streot, throo rooms, frame,
of gits works 7 50 810(0.
No. :H02 Main street, three room* G 00 No. 3822 EofTstreet, four rooms, frame. I? w.
Two rooms southea?t corner Market au?l No. .KVH Woods street, six rooms, brick, tl'Twenty-sixth
streot fiOO No. 119 Thirty-third street, llvo rooms, brick,
No. ji.V?>Main -treot, four rooms 10 00 88 00. I
No. 31 Sixteenth street 40 OJ No. 1101 Allov II. two rooms, brick. 51W.
No. 17S .Seventeentl> street a 00 No. 2319 Chapiine street, two-storr brick.
No. 1012 McColloch street 10 00 A two-story fraiuo dwelling of live rooms on
llulldini; corner Twenty-fourth and mar- South Kim stroot.
ket streeLs, lately used as a carriage 8U0 McColloch street, four rooms.
factory. No. 133 Zatio streot. second floor. $li
No. 3.VJ7 t'lmplino street, two rootns.M 5 0) No. 3123 McColloch street, two-story framo.
No. 2S17 ChAiilIno street, thn.'e rooms 8 03 No. 629 Main street, lu>;o moiiorn brick dtroil* ,
No. 2IKW Market street, both gato* 1\ tO inir, fonrteon rooms.
No. Alloy 1) 6 03 No. 1327 McColloch stroet. brick, 8110O M
No. M21 Chapliuo street, store room and No. 9*? Ohio streot. three rooms. $750. .J
dwelling. No. 019 Main streot. brick dwelling.
No. 120 Seventeenth street, socoud floor 7 03 No. 2102 Main ntroot. tlm floor, throe rootn*ffM
No. 2506 Jacobhtrout 13 0) Two famished rooms for men. on Jaoo?. oa* a
No. 2510 Jacob street 13 00 twoen Thirteenth nnd Fourteenth streeUL'j|8^^H
No. 1527 Chaullno street, oillco room. 9 W Two splendid oillce rooms iu MasoniobouCI^^H
No. 133 Tweuty-uinth street 0 00 No. .^r.'CiiBollno street, tiro rooms, 81301.
vow SALF No. 1506 Market streot. oillco rooms.
Vnrm nt ? nnrov Trl.utnl.ihln N?. 121 Thirty-third StTOOt. flVO (OOBM. 9f
Slllm hmroltto!!;'wart. Fulton. W. M
Tm acre, ol land and dwelling, near llaney- Jiore" , ".S. SX la uluat Wf
town, 5iW. crnsclo buildlnir
Heal estate of every description. MONEY TO LOAN.
JAMES A. HENRY, rinehart a. tatUM# I
Ho.il IMnlo \gont. Collocuir. Notary Publica'id nnxcnnni O0 'n,w'"?l
Pension Attorney, No. 101- Market streoL City Bank Ut'tLDlNO. '
r?el w ? , m
T11CA1. KSTATli T?"'''ho"? ^
Houses for wile cheap.
Kann?1tur'ii'u'") p.tl'0,lp' Mndcrn nhio-roomed
Property for sale on easy torms. *l?n\lu Vn orc]mr'' iV ??h,!r tiiisoltr.^ZH
Money to loan on real estate. ?l 1 ,,t??v'Jl?: fc,Vnl nL'rlJ i! H
mvw HnesofC.?fc P. and \\. iV L. r. H. K. ' 1
IIAltHY J. FINK, Kliht-rooinod dtvi'llint 8,1!l MRtkotMTtOanH
Telephoned. 111 ; Market StreoL gSoiwSSSSS dwelling. 27South Penn?tr<*?:
????-j Ju?t pnpoml and nalnte?i throughout. - ^ a
JEWELRY. Seveti-roomod dwelling,wfth stable, 88
Huron street: will rout to two famtllcJ. ^^^^?
T T J L_ l _ I Six-roomed dwelling. 2616 Chnpllufl[.?*
HflV mnn 1 .nn^l plv? roomed dwelling. Itreetf*
1 1 Ci V 11 Cl l 1U V_> I'l 11 1 a I FIVO roomwl dwelling. 3305 Wood street*
Four-roomed dwelling, 2610 Mjirketstreee^e
Flint arrival of Fine Havilnnd China under Four-roomed dwolllng, HOIJlIjgBSWee.% .Sj
now tarlfl'blll. Wo are otieulng now uoodi Three rooms, IJo Soutl) n}nnstr(wv .^^^^H
everyday In CHOI' l?ISHl's.< AKK 1M.ATK8, Many two and throe rooms at ball pnc?,w
MKAT sr.Trf, It:K (,'HKAM SKI'S, o VST Kit tenant who oaupy theirent.
1HSIIKS. HOI'l' Sirw. CHOCOLATK SETS, Htore room snd dwelllng. 2111
SALAD llOWL-i and many little things suit- Store room. 2618 Cbaollne?tWM.
u'orwl,ldl,,K*^w,low- SMITH & DICKINSON,k
I. G. DILLON & CO., so2i 1220 makkkt
Jowolors nnd China Importers, ? ?-155
??*Full lino of Ohio Valley China Company's ^PULL IN rKLLIubNUftKgoods
in stock. mOU JU MA Ci.kau and l

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