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Jot Imprisoned Miners In the Anthracite
Cost Field.
A?<1 Cannot Be Entered from Any
Direction?Narrow Ceoapo of PI fryflre
Workmea?The Terrible Dlaaator
Gaued bj a Carpenter'* Open
Lamp?One Man Dead and Others
Smiion*. rk., ucl uoe workman
dead and four others doted Id tbe
mine, with *11 arenas* ol escape cat oB
sod lb* most dlaaatroas mine firs ever
known In the anthracito coal fields
now raging at the Luke Filler colliery,
li tbe remit In brief of a' carpenter*)
negligenoe. Fifty-fivo other Workmen
wbo were in tbe mine at tbe time of
the accident had thrilling escapes, u
they wore compelled to grope their way
through smoke and noslona gates in
order to reach the freah air and aafety.
Tbe foar men who are itlll milling
bare been smothered before thii, ai
all parte of the big mine are filled with
moke and doaaly afterdamp.
The fire darted in the air way of No.
1 abaft late last night, and Irvio Buffington,
whom the colliery officials bold
responsible for tiie diaaater ia dead. -Ilia
body nag not bnrned, aa death waa due
to anffocation. George Brown, a miner,
and hia 1'oliah helper, Anthony Boberttlk;
liobert, a driver boy from Lnko
yidler and another Polish laborer, are
in the miue, and no hope ii entertained
of recovering them. The mine ia a
mass of flamea and cannbtbe approached
from any direction. it ia feared that
tbe inside workings will have to be
flooded, which tneane many month! o(
idlenoaa to tbe 000 employes.
Snperintendent Morris Williams, ol
tbe Mineral railroad and mining com
pany, informed a representative of tho
Associated Press that while irwin Bufllngton,
John Anderson, jr., and others
-were engaged in retimbering No. 1 shaft
the former disobeyed orders by light
ing his naked lamp in the air coarse for
the purpose of testing the air. A spark
set flro to the timber that ?a* as dry
as powder and tho enrront carried tho
flames np and down the shaft like lightning.
Bufflngton was advised by his
fellow-workmen to mako good his escape,
but he neglected to heed their
warning and returned to the bottom of
the shaft iivorder to exchange his sum
boots for his shoes. The delay cost him
his life and his dead body was recovered
in tho tunnel about 5 o'clock this morning.
Superintendent Williams, Mine Inspector
Edward Brannan, Inside Foreman
August Hehr and Arthur Kennedy,
and all of the under bosses at tho Fidler
and Cameron mines, formed throe relief
parties and entered the mino to rescue
the sixty impriaoned workmen bv
way of the coal run workings through
No. 3 airway on the mountain, and
down the new shaft. The latter opening
proved a Godsend to the men, as it
is to this channel that moat of thorn
owe their escape. The smoko spread
through tho inaide workings w^h great
rapidity, and alarming the men and
! boys doing nighf duty in the mine.
While the imprisoned men wero rushI
ing through the inside workings in
soorcu 01 an air gaaii ior an outlet,
hundreds of tboir friends gathered
about the mouth of the shaft, and as
the lan honse was destroyed by the volume
of the flames, the cries and moans
of the mothers, wives, sistora and children
of the imprisoned employes sent
cbilla-through the hearts of many hardy
miners, who were waiting for an opportunity
to assist their doomed comrades.
Two of the men were overcome by tho
smoke while making their eicape, but
the Coal Ran rescuing party succeeded
in carrying them oat and restoring
them to consciousness. The gangs of
workmen cannot get to any point near
the firo on account of tho' smoke and
gas, so that tho flames cannot bo fought
with any success.
Tlio mine connects with the Hickory
Swamp colliery of the Union Coal comrany,
and it has to be drowned out,
which will compel both mine?* to shut
down for a year or more. The Luke
Tiddler colliery is operated bv the Mining
Company, and gives employment to
000 men and boys.
Overdue Stamps Will Not Be Placed on
I<flttors Hereafter.
WAftfitfOTOY, D. CL, Oct. 9.?Acting
Postmaster General Jones has issued
an ordor discontinuing the practice at
all postoffices of placing postsge duo
stumps on advertised mail matter before
collecting tho required Toe.
Tho second assistant postmaster general
has issued circulars calling the attention
of ail postmasters to tbo importance
of promptly notifying tho department
of changes of schedules on any
railroad, whereby mails reaching their
offices by star routos are delayed. Frequent
complaints havo been madfc' to
the department of tbo negligenco of
postmasters at railroad points in this
respect. Postmasters have also been
notified to mako prompt disposition of
mail sacks used in transporting public
documents from Washington, and their
attention has been called to tho necessity
ior a closer scrutiny of tho name of
tho state in the address on mail for
offices of similar names in diflerent
III Maryland?Judao liond to the Orand
Jury Concerning Weight*.
CdXBtftULXD, Mn., Oct. 0.?Jndgo
Bond, addressing the grand jury of
Allegheny county, referred to tho late
coal strikes in these words: "I am
charged that some of tho operators in
this region did not allow thoir men a
fair and just weight. We havo on our
statute book a law in referenco to that
matter which requires the operators to
allow tho miners a full woight for the
coal thov havo dug, and if on your investigations
you find that any of thoso
parties have violated thoir duty in that
respect, it will bo your duty to prosont
them and have thorn brought to trial.
If tboro aro any such casos brought to
your attention it is proper for you to
investigate both sides fairly and thoroughly."!
or (lie w York Cloak Makers?T?n Thousand
Persons Involved.
?.w Yotuc, Oct. 0.?A genornl striko
of tho' cloak makers of this city, numbering
noarly 10,000 men and womon,
was inaugurated to-day. About 7,000
finishers and oporatiyos will bo forced
out of work within day or two by tho
Htriko. They Will only work long
enough to finish up tho work that tho
cloak makers left in the shops. Tho
striko committee has agreed that no
Mttiemeat ihtll be mad* with the manafactnrera
onul the Utter her* aigned
bond#, giring ml mill eecority for
tbair good faith. It ni farther agreed
that no anion man aball commence 1
work ontildlof tbe mannfactnrera had bit
come to terma. lea
There waa cooaiderable oppoaltton to ^
tbi? movement, the principal anug- ,h
ooitt being Joieph Berondeaa.whobolda V"
that under tbit rale oae obettaate man- Dri
nfactorar can keep 10,000 men ont of re]
work forever. The aoclallatic element, lac
however, wanted a general atrike and 1
they held a majority. mi
Second D?y? HMalou ot Ilia Iaurutional Ja|
Typographical Dalon. Wi
Lociaviujt, Kr,, Oct. 9.?Tbe aecond . f
daya lettlon of tbe forly-aecond annual ^
convention of the International Typo- aaa
graphical Union reconvened at Odd Jai
Fellowi' Hall promptly atO o'clock thla
morning. All tbe delegate* were pre*- ""
ent and the convention at once pro- pri
? .J. J 1 !- t?? D. IJ 1 TTf_ I
VUL-UDU W UUIlliCM. M'l (CBIUDUIr Ul|(* in jj
gins, o( the local typogrspbical union, iOC
delivered * speech on the per capita I
tax question, bat it was not received on
with moch favor. An amendment woa fro
offered that the time o( the meetings be
be changed from the first Monday in exl
October to the first Monday in September.
The principal argument in favor
of changing the time was that the 1
weather would be better in tho northem
cities, where the majority of the
convention! wilt be held. Thi? caused er*
a heated debate, resnlting In the defeat toi
of the amendment. N?
The next question ol importance was of&
that of changing the per capita tax ae- coi
cording to the earnings of toe men. It fiw
was decided to leave the matter with Th
the local unions. be.
In the Saycr Murder Cuo-A Promloent Xili
Lawyer Involved. on
- Pobtlasd, Oh*., Oct 9.?Another ar- lefl
rest has been made In connection with
the assassination of Gen. W. Sayor, I
whose body was recovered in the Wil- the
liamotte river foar days ago. It wu mu
that of K. N. Steves, a well known law- cir
yer, and Jointly with "Bunco" Kelly [V
and Bob Gathorne he is charged with "!n
murder. Sieves was held without bail, uei
Chief of Police Hinto declined to dis- '
close the nataro of the evidence against n0'
Stevos at the present time, but Inti- re>
mated that he had good reason to hold
him. Duting the examination of Kelly,
Burns, Mohan and tho others now in
jail, Mehan and Burns testified that *
Stoves had been at Kelly's sailor board- '1
ing house to soe him on private business
and that Kelly had also visited
Stevos at his office. * The latter state- *"
mont Kelly did not deny.
Later Steves was taken to tho control {j01
police Btation and when questioned by J>e
Ohio! Minto and District Attorney
Humo as to what business culled him to u
Kelly^s bouse, and as to why Kelly ?y
visited him, the lawyer denied that he A*
and Keliy had evor exchanged visits, r'
Meban and Barns though, when they \8
confronted 6tevo? in the chiefs office. *
identified him as the man they had 1
seen in Kelly's house. Despite the an(
identification Stoves was allowed to de- ou<
part, but he was constantly shadowed tea
by a detective until his arrest.
A Terrible Wreck.
Amikvsllk, N. 0., Oct 9.?The south
bound freight on the Asheville &
Spartanburg railroad ran away down a 60r
heavy grade on Saluda mountain at 5 cor
o'clock this morning. The crew re- tlv<
mained on the flying train which ran Iti
to the bottom of the grade *our miles tioi
and then left the track, the encino and cen
fourteen cars piling up in a deep cut. Ooi
The reports say Engineer Berm and a
colored train hand have not been found. "
Fireman York was seen buried under
tho wreckage, and it is thought he is ??f
dead. Conductor Will Patton had a leg
and hip badly crushed.
Acting In ilannoDjr.
Losdos, Oct. 0.?The Associated
Press learns on the best authority that
the European powers are acting in Harmony.
They do not intend to permit
tbeintogrity of Korea to be disturbed
and will actively enforce this decision
should Japan attempt a permanent oc*
cupation of the peninsula.
Djlnjj From Apathy.
Dublin, Oct 8.?A largely attended
Parnellito meeting was held in tho
i *-3? xr- t?i<>. t>?,i
itoiuuaa uuro wj-ury. mi, ?<uuu
mond, member of the house of com*
moos for Waterford, presided. ' He
said that the home nilo caaie was dying
from apathy.
Ohio's governor's progress through
the coon try is a perfect ovation.?Minneapolis
At every place where Governor McKinloy
stopped in Kansas ho was ten- (
derod an ovation.?St Joteph Herald.
The whole state seems to bo joining
in to make the McKinley Bally at Peoria
a great success.?Peoria TrantcripU
Again, and ovor again, Welcome,
Governor McKinley! Govornor thou r
art, and President may be!?Dn Jfoina
Heguter. *
Congressman Bryan is congratulating ^
himself to-day that he was not permit- _
tod to have a boat with Governor Mc* 1
Kinley on the tariff issue.?Omaha Bee.
Judging from McKiuley's receptioh
in Omaha the peoplo of Nebraska aro
certainly not wholly gtvon to tho worship
of Populist ana democratic goods. /
?ifinneapolu JoiiruaL ^
The ardor and bitterness with which
tho Domocrntic organs aro attacking
Govornor McKinley will make him the ^
envy of all othor Republican loaders.?
.Kansas City Journal. M
From tho crowds ho draws this yoar,
if McKinley is norainatod for President
in '96 tho congressional districts will yC
havo to be onlarged to givo his aud- ar
ieocos standing room.?JCantat City Journal.
Cedar Rapids would liavo rojoicod mi
could sho havo had an opportunity to &
entertain Governor McKinley for a r
short time, but she is not jealous of the ?
favored cities. It is enough that he is bu
in Iowa battling like the giant that bo ca
is for all that is best in Republicanism
and Amoricanism.?CWar Jlapidt Ktpub- ^
I icon. / q
Whoro is thoro anotbor campaigner ?
like McKinloy? In Kansas this week j
he delivored thirtoen speochoa in four- ^
teon hours, most of thom in tho open jt
air, addrossing all told, it is ostimatod, ma
100,000 pooplo in tho stronghold of Pon- yr
ulism. Oratory is not n lost art in )Dj
Amorica whon one man's voice can {j0
rencb such a mighty multitude?Ztoifo/i jf
Journal. Br
Only a fraction of the mass of pooplo Da
who gatherod to hear Govornor Mc* roe
Kinloy svt St. Louis could gain admin- hav
eion to tho largest hall in tho city to hci
hoar him, a fact which lod him to re- .
mark thai "no hall is largo enough thin 3
yoar for the Republican meotings."
That is unfortuuato, but it soomstobo AU
an architectural necossity. Republicans
havo to hold thoir mooting* out of Bi
doors, and evon there they aro a little ^
crowded*?Cincinnati Timc+6tar, ~
in 11 hl i ill7ftW iiUffiin i
lew* Hlochnlr ib* nttmr Klo?Th*
Till Baport CMllrn?),
iOAXOBAU Oct B.?The CtaiDOM hats
tckad the month of the river Kin,
dioz ud to Foo Cboo, and voaaela
and (or tb?t port matt now dlidurge
lirauToe* at Sharp Peak. No connation
baa been received here oi the
>ort that the Japaoeae bad eflected a
idlnzat Port Artbar.
the BrlUah zunboat Bedpole, Commder
Cbarlea C. May, arrived here .
day, and reporta having vial ted the
inuy of Port Arthar, where tbe
paneee were reported to have landed,
(boat finding any trace of tbem.'
Supplementary reporta are received
re of tbe naval battle fooght 08 the
mtb of tbe Yaln river, repeating the
ertiona frequently made that the t
paneae did not loae any of their war- r
pi in thia engagement, although lev- ti
J of them ware badly damaged. li
Cwo Japanese warabipa recently aplached
cloie to Cbefoo probably aeek- tl
lot tbe Chlneae wanhipa of the tl
itbern aqnadron.
1 ii reported from Pekin that the tax
gooda being transmitted to and fro
m Mia Interinr Will attain nrnhaKI v
largelv increased in order to provide "
:ra war Iundsf J
Commercial Im?el?r?* noma. '
toouiMPTOK, N. Y., Oct 9.?The "
ner stone of tbe Commercial Travel- *
' Home of tbe United States was laid ?
Joy by tbe Masonic Grand Lodge of p
* York, Grand Master John Hodges D
elating. Tbe home as projected will e
t $125,000. Tbe strnctnre will be e
i stories in height, with a basement,
e prevailing style of architecture will
Parisian with a blending renaissance. j>
e building will be surmounted by a [.
rer, and on tbe east aide will be an ""
lervatory, overlooking Boss Park. P
0 tize of tbe building will be 175 feet *
tbe principal front and 95 on the u
' ,'<*e" . _
Unreasonable Delay. ?
Iebum, Oct. 9.?The correspondent of j
1 Associated Press is informod that
;ch annoyance is Islt In government
clet bere from tbe unreasonable deof
Washington Bureau in transmitg
to this country tbe awards made to
rman orhlbita at tbe Chicago World's
r. Up to tbe present, it is asserted, :
; a single medal or diploma has l
ched this city.
.is of Oaio, Cm or Tolido, 1
Lucas County, j
'bake J. Chesby makes oath tbat be
be senior partner of tbo Arm of F. J.
bxey 4 Co., doing business in tbe
7 of Toledo, county and sta'to afore- :
1, and tbat (aid firm-will pay tbe =
n of onk iicxdubd dollars lor each \
1 overy case of Catabbh that cannot =
cured by tbo uso of Hall's Cataiuiii e
hb. FllANK J. CllIKBY. \
worn to before me and subscribed in ;
presence, tbis 0th day of fiecowber, =
1A XOOO. =
*-? > :
eal V A. W. oleason,
-v-'' Notary Public. s
Iall'a Catarrh Curd is takoa iutor- \
1 acta diroctly on the blood and muc- =
i surfaces of tho system. Send lor =
timonials, free.
J. F. Sciibkev & Co., Toledo, 0. \
"Sold by Druggists, 75c. - |
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve.
'be best oalve in tho world for cuts,
uses, eoroB, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
cs, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
ns, and all skiu eruptions, and poai*
sly cures piles, or no pay required}
s guaranteed to give perfect satisfao |
a or money refunded. Price 25
ts per box. For salo by Logau Drug fci
mpany. ?
L bad quarrel is in progross between |
i Portuguese king and bis naval of* """
-5oap ,
he pwoqt1h k qam ok 00, oihtt.
/our MiJaily
neals i
can do you no good when
iur stomach ana digestion
e out of orderl The food *
iu eat does not make so * , *
tich difference as t/ie way it * ,
digested. When in health < >
iu can eat almost anything, <
it when sick the most deli- i
te dishes cause disgust I i \
rown's Iron Bitters ?
s the best remedy for stomach ?
tbUi and indigestion von can tike. < T
has been tried and proven for
ny yean. It will surely cure you. i .
own's Iron Bitters does not ^ J
urc the teeth or cause constipa* ^
n, as all other iron medicines do. A .
your stomach troubles you. It's a T1
own's Iron Bitters you need I
not try It as an experiment i . GI
rely, for many, many sufferers ^ f n
re told us of dyspepsia cured? } ?
ilth restored ?you need not doubt! i .
?be Genoino has the Crossed i h ?
Ral Hues on the wrapper, j ' t
Dracgtsts and General Storekeepers d ^
ell lt. But get the genuine? ~ . Yoi
uovm chemical co., Baltimore, Md. 4 lat?
Brings comfort and Improvement find
sndt to personal enjoyment when
ightly used. Hie many, who lira bet?r
than others and enjoy life more, with
s expenditure, by more promptly
ilaptinK the world's best products to
be needs of physical being, will attest
le value to aealth of the pure liquid
native principles embnesd in the
smedy, Svrup of Figa.
lu excellence is due to iU prwntihg
1 the form mott' acceptable and pleaant
to the taste, the refreshing and truly
erieficial properties of a perfect laxtire;
effectually cleansing the system,
ispelling colds. headaches and fevera
nd permanently curing constipation,
t has given satisfaction to millions and
let with the approval of the medical
rofenion, because it acts on the Kideya,
Liver and Bowels without we&iaing
them and it ia perfectly free from
rery objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drngista
iu 60c and 11 bottles, bat it is manfactured
by the California Fig Syrup
o. only, whoec name is printed on every
ackage, also the name, Byrup of Tip,
nd being well informed,"you will not
xept any substitute if oSeied.
Pittsburg j
Now Ooen.
Sept. 5th to Oct. 20th. |
Innes' Famous
13th Regiment Band f
Of New York, 69 Piecca, |
The Gmatut Military Bawd ih Amr> =
ica, has been cn^iged at an rwoKMouk E
cost to eotcrtaia you.
Sco the
Miniature Coke Plant,
Type Setting Machine,
Elcctric Display,
Fish Exhibit,
Fresh Meat Preserving. =
Mccbanlcal Novelties, =
Tho Latest Inventions. |
Low Rjtoo on All RalkoW
>eie is no Substitute for Experience.
'bo ClmleroUa Store* and Kangoi aro tho roll
of thirty years* oxporieucc.
Their cloanllueas logons labor."
Their economy aavoa money."
S12 Market street sell City A genu.
Wood and Slate Mantels!
,F. Caldwell & Co.,
150S and 15)0 Market St. ?u2l
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a will bo i?l?a?ed4 with the lanro atock of
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A Pictorial Jour?
Excursion No. 26
Conducted by our great Pictorgraphic Portfolio
*4-*-r n I- n >i 1 a ifl^
<?- ?Anwirca
JL JLlilVi 1UU
**11 hi^i.?. t i.ti <i ?<i.t.fi< it t .?i 1- > A
are through Canada and the New England *
States. The trip is to Ottawa, Canada, for a
view of Chaudiere Falls as tbey appear when
the crown of the ice-king is upon them, then
through Lachine Rapids and onto Montreal
participate in the Winter Carnival whtth is
held there. Thence we journey 4o Quebec
and take a glance at its heights and battle
crotinds. then soe&d awav to Montmorencl
Falls, Lake St. John, and the river of Death,
through a region of great scenic beauty. Our
trip is thereafter southward to, the Green
Mountains of Vermont, by lakes, rivers, falls,
farm-lands, villages, and thence on Into the
heart of the White Mountains. Here curiosity,
awe, grandeur and beauty are in company
joining hands and holding a wondrous region
\ in their embrace; we travel to the summit of
Mount Washington and look away to the sea,
and around upon an armv of mountains
seared with vast chasms, garlanded with
heavy forests, silvered with running streams,
jeweled with sapphire lakes, wonder breaking
upon wonder,
Glorious to Behold.
From the White Mountains our tour is to
Maine, and thence to Boston and down the
Old Colony Road by Woodworth's Home,
where he. wrote "The Old Oaken Bucket."
and Daniel Webster's Farm, to the seaside
haunts of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
We visit Plymouth also, where the Pilgrim
Fathers anchored, view the monumental spots
where they lie, repeat the old stories and enjoy
a review of the historic associations of
places and individuals which distinguished
New England annals.
One Coupon cut from the First Page of the fntelligencer
and Ten Cents for each part. Address
="= .^-....D'AILY intelligencer.
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Pickles at sicu ana 2157 main stkeet.
/illhub, r
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017 F. w. BAUMER & 00. ?a!7 WHKUMO, W. VA.

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