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I.The Intelligencer,
FlMJthcd Dalljr, Exespt SoniUj'.
r?r r?r, by Mall, < Poetafc rrepeld.
JAM.Y (TWO DAY* IN TMi WUlO? _ 2 7?
3AILY (ONf MONTH) ___ ?
Tb* Daily JmauamcM* n delivered br c*rlen
la Wb-'IIO* ud edjeoest toiraj Al IS
nn pw week.
renass wMklnr to abeertbe.to the Daily I*.
lujoEsccn eu doio br jendloc la thoir ofIm
to tb? JjrrKLUo**cm office on potul oftrt
T otb?nriM. Tb?T will be punctually urrod
Tribauw of Beipoct aod ObllaArjXoUoM, 50
Vormponaenco eontalninjr important new*
solicited from ertrj part ol the lurrouadlng
con i j try.
: Rejected communications will not be returned
culest accompanied by iQiScient postage.
fig# ? PEorwrroB4
l;-" " '
25 AKD 27 FoUBmurTR Strkct,
!h|*. ; WiiKgLryn.
j? (The Ihtkujomckh, embracing 1U ?cve?l
clltlonn, Is entered in the PotfolTipo at Wheel*
*ing, W. V<t. as second-clisa matter.]
2 i
Kdltoiinl KooniH 823.. Counting Room 8C3.
WIir.I.LIMi, octo licit 19, not.
Fa ron coNoniw.
. Tint DMrlH-K B. HOVIiN KB. 01 unio liVUtltjr,
Y,y. Second Jhttrfd-A. Q. DAVTO.Y, ot Jiarbonr Ca ,
ihird JX*trb-i-JA3. If. itOUNO,ofKaaawb* Ox
IFoui Ui Didrld?W AHRES MIl.hER.of JacJuon Co
H. 0. 8MITIL
West Virginia's Vote*.
Tho vote of West Virginia sinco the
organization of tho state in on interest*
ing study. It shows not only a steady
and considerable incroaso in the aggrogate.
but since 1880 a beatbful growth
of Republican sentiment.
^Vfkr. Rctmb.| D.*ui. fProblb. Gr'nb'k Total/
180 1 23.1MI lO^Cl 33 COO
1?W 29.0l7? 20.8K) 40.SH'
. J87- 32,315 'JO,4511 Iil.760
1870 42,098 M.4A6 09.158
1880 40.218 W.TOlL 0,079 112,713
JaW C 1,000] 07,817 030 132,157
1888 78.171 78,877 1,084 1,508 158,444
' Popllli'l
180 2 80.2S5| 8I.4G8| 2.130 4.1M| 171.018
Incrcoio lu tho total vote botwoou?
1870 aud 1880 ..... 18.580
1880 and 1884 10.441
1881 and IH88 .. 25.2M
1688 and 1R92... ??.. 12,008
Ttio largest increase in the total voto
from 1884 to 1888. In 1888 the Kepublicnns
elected their nominee for govornor
and tho Democrats stole his seat.
In that year Cleveland was eivon tho,
state by 500.
In the next four years, irom losa to
ISO-', tho increase should have been Jarper,
for those wore prosperous times
and population was attracted by tho
opening of coal iniaes, coke works, and
lumber camps and the dovolopment
that was coin# on along the whole lino.
, In fact tho increase in tho total voto was
but half that of the preceding period
, of four years. The Ropublican voto increased
but 2,000, tho Democratic 6,000.
Not less tban 20,000 voters wore not
scon at the polls in 1802.
From a comparison of the party votee
in other years it is reasonable to supposo
that of thoso about 8,000 wero
Democrats and about 1(5,0UUi<eptii)iican9.
If tho full strength of tho parties had
been out tho Democratic voto would
havo been 92,000 and the Republican
00.000, a Republican plurality of 4,000.
To-day there are fully 200,000 voters
in West Virginia, and tho slato is liepublican
by betwoon 4,000 and 5,000.
This estimate is basod on tho normal
Jncroaso and does not take into account
'any of tho causes which havo producod
tho recent phonomenal Republican ma*
jorities in other state*.
. Japan has made no mistake up to
date. She is carefully weaving her net
about China, and when the right time
com 6s she will have that unwieldy mass
in lier power. Civilization will win in
tho contest.
Tariff Agitation.
"We repeat," e ay a tho Register, with
amazing boldnoss, "that tbo Republican
party to-day is the only tariff agitator
in our politics." In tho samo issuo of
the Register is Prof. Wilson's CharloaTo,wn
speech. This production may
have boon handled by tho otfice boy.
It certainly could not have been read
by tho groat directing mind of our os
teemed cotomporary. Kxpressing his |
satisfaction with his reception Prof. <
Wilson s^aid: I
It speak* with unmistakable emphwi?yonr do- ;
votlon to the great chum;. It menus with unmix* i
takahlo eraphnsi* your Hturdy bupport of that
cautc, and your determination to continue to
HUpport it until we have nchiave<l a perfect and j
final victory. * * ? The Imuo in American
politic* U joined between thoxo who dcxiro to
hold whatever tarllt' reform wo havo achieved
nud continue ttie struejcle to iln complete ami
perfect attainment, and those who want to do
away with all we have gained nud to return to
the polielw which have hlthorto prevailed in
thli country.
Prof. Wilson was tolling his Democratic
friends what thoy already know,
that thoy are oxportod to keep up tho
agitatiou and to keep whacking away
until they shall havo brokon down all
tho tariff dofonsos. "Tho comploto and
porfoct attainment" of "tarifl roform"
means to got as noar to tho British
tariff system as tho American pooplo
will stand. This is tho work which is
\not comploto and to tho complotion of
which tho Democratic party is pledgod.
Pro^ Wilson knows what ho Is talking
about and does not hositato to toll
tho truth concorning it. With tho
Regiator tho caso is quite difleront.
Tnr. Register illuminates its pngos
with a powerful cartoon?"Ainorican
1 Labor RotAguir.es tho Dawn of Proa1
?ority." An Amorican workingman
stands on the shoro, and across tbo
^ oroad AtUntio ia the biasing eon ol
Democracy and Proaparitjr riaing orer
the British Ialaa, it mar > anppoaed.
The Register's American workiotman
la liberal enough to hurrah over this
etate of aflalra.
/Souto* Hill baa not ret received
Praaident Clereland'a letter of congratulation.
lias Mr. Cleveland forgotten
boar to writ*?
Prof. Wilson on Wbeatand WooL
IT of. W11900 DM loona oat wot tun
price of wheat it unprecedan&Hjr low.
He made the ditcovery while he wu in
Londoa tod revealed hii find at the
Cbarlet-Town meeting. We give it in 1
Me own wordi: j
When I Inquired why It was that wheat hex ;
gone down to e pdco much lower then It bat
erer sold before In the history of at lout modem
England aud America, the answer wu. there Is ]
a. universal glut and production beyund a .
profitable demand; that not only is the United
Stale* Increasing ber surplus export of wheat 1
and Ens*la increasing ber surplus export of I
wheat, but Antentlnau coming lorward and is
now third in quantity exported to Kuroocau
markets. 1 cannot bat secail the fact that 1 have
atated it again and again before the people of ?
this country that tbe Auiencnn tax on the wools
of Argentine made tbein icivo up their sheep
raising and go into competition with you iu the
production of wheat.
Why. fellow citizens, suppose, instead of in
tbo year 19M. wool had becu-put upon tho free '
list ten or twenty years a*o. Tho people of tbe
Argentine Confederation would not be to-day .
Ere?alug yon so strong in the wheat market of i
ngland. They would be sending us the wool .
which wo excluded from America and receiving
from us in exchange for that wool such pro- '
dvctsssno make aud they need. IJecau?e wo .
would not take thoir wool without a tax of at 1
least U) and uioro than ?0 per ecut. because wo .
shut hor out of these msrkets. because wo prefer
to mako our people forego their necessary <
woolen cloth aud dress in shoddy wo have 1
driven her from being h pod customer ol ours .
to bo a dangerous competitor.
Think of it! Argentina cave uo ber
aheop walka and wont into wheat grow- ,
ing becauao wo would not let hor wool I
comoiatotbia country without paying a 1
duty. Thoro was the law of retaliation
with a vengeance. To tako a fall out i
of ni tbe South American republic i
plunged headlong into a market soon j
to be glutted the woold over. (
This ia tbe way they, do business
down* in Argentina. If thoy could >
have sold us more of their wool thoy
would not have done buainoss that j
way. They would havo kepfout of tho j
wheat business and left us bo much of <
that as we could take from tho rest of j
tho world. Another lamentable result }
of this is that wo have alt had to \
"dress in shoddy," which is certainly f
too bad.
Prof. Wilson is off, far off, about tho ]
Argentina sheop industry. That country
has not given up its shoep raising.
In 1882 it produced 244,000,000 ponnda '
of wool. In 1801 it oxportod 304,000,000 ,
pounds. It stands to-day the third i
wool producer in tho world.
The fact being quite different from,
Prof. Wilson's statoment of it, liisthoory ,
based on the falso assumption falls to i
tho ground.
Ex-Govkknor Campdkll ie an entor- 1
taining talkor, but there wero no voto9 [
in his spoech of Inst nisrht Bring 'em j
on I Tho votos aro all right i
^ i
Prlcos and Labor Compensation. <
AVhon tho Kegistor prints ono of Prof. 1
Wilson's speeches it should givo more ,
hoed to what it contains. The Intelu- i
gkxcer is obliged once more to confront 1
the Register with Prof. Wilson. First (
tho Kecistor: ]
i ihn a.t.uimml ivtrm.inevrtcu win flmiro It. i
out tbat tlie price of labor's product, when nut
artificially enhanced by a trust. cait fall and ibc '
wage* of labor not follow to toe mine level Li a (
piece of ustouuding reasoning that in entirely or- j
iglnal with otifcucicbbnr. At any rate it is not
I true, as every workhiKman who Is old enough .
, knows of bin own experience. nor Ik the lNrei.Lt- l
oenckr's statement borne out by the census, to |
| which It recklessly alludes, evidently without i
having examined. )
I Next Prof. Wilson, who is chainI
pioneJ by tho Iterator aa a man who (
| cannot mako a mistake on those ques- t
tions: (
It is found that it has bocomo almost a truism *
to-day that high-priced labor, which is always t
competent and Intelligent labor, and cheap f
products go together almost the world over.
Tho Register will observe that tho j
Intelligencer's reasoning is not so J
astounding aa to keep Prof. Wilson 1
I jrom fulling in with it. Butitisuso- j
I less to discuss tho question with anybody
who does not know that withiu
tho past generation the prices of coin- ,
moditiea foil and tho compensation of l
labor advanced. t
It would be vocy sad if Prof. Wilson 1
were to bo unablo to take a hand in *
farther tearing down tarift defenses in \
tiio nozt Congress. It looks as though i
the pooplo of his district havo do- 1
terinined to give him all tho tiino ho f
needs to cultivato tho acquaintance of 'j
his friends on the other side of tho e
j ocean. ^
I Yestkiiday was tho anniversary of i
tho great fire which swept Chicago j
twenty-threo years ago and gave to that
j wonder city a new birth. A cominu- \
nity which has accomplished what Chi- i
cago has in that time may well boast of \
its progross.
Tub faithful poured into Morgan- J
town yesterday to hoar tho causo of ^
protection advocated. It was a flnu j
turn-out, We shall hoar good news i
from Monongalia in Novomber. 1
Oliver Wendell Holmes passed 1
away quickly, quiotly, without any of j
the pa,in of dissolution. Tho machino <
had just worn out and stoppod. It was i
tho ideal ond of an ideal lifo. y
m i
The London frionds were glad to hoar (
of Prof. Wilaou's rccoption at homo, j
Tlioy would rejoice inoro to hoar of his ,
election. If they could voto ho would t
havo a cinch on his scat.
m i
Fobty-eioiit prominent men of Louis- 1
iana, horetoforo Domoerats, havo askod (
Governor McKinloy to como thore to ;
speak. Tho world doos inovo. 1
m ? 1
Not n Succom. <
Mlldiurgh Ditpatch.
Tho inauguration of Trof. Wilson's 1
campaign at Charles Town, W. Va., yos- I
tcrday, is not calculated to go down in <
tho history of tho atato ns among its 1
foromost political ovonts of tho closing <
days of tho contury. From accurate reports
of unbiased obaorvors of tho pro
ceedings of tho occasion it was a do- 1
cidedly tamo oponing. nnd not of a
character to in?piro enthusiasm concerning
Mr. Wilson's prospects. Tho 1
prostration of all tho industries in that 1
usually thrifty community no doubt 1
had an influnnco in chilling tho ardor of (
Mr. Wildon's formor supportors, and j
tljis in apito of tho fact that ho took up |
tli*o thread of his fruo trade argument J
. , y [
Highest of all in Leavening Pow
where it vu broken off during the over |
memorable tarifi ttruKjjle recently
snded. Ia pretaing the tariff forward
o bit opening addrett. 3Ir. Wilton
nutt be credited with tbo courage of
bit convictions. That it the common
ground on which the entire country hai
expected to tee the battle of that district
fought out.
rarlfl lteformer Turned Down?The Kronomlc
Sj-Rtem that lh? Author of the Now
Tariff mil Would flare Adopted in the
Uaited State*.
Vw York AdvertUtr.
The return of Profettor William Lookngbackwnrd
Wilson it a matter of in*
?? ' mm?s. to naa hia own words.
'sobered but unappalled by the truth
breed upoa us that of all human govjrnmenta
a free government is the most
:omplox aud diliicult." Mr. Wilson
tvill have occasion to bo more and more
lobered oa the Oth of November approachea.
Wilson will find that a free
jovernment is complex because it takes
10 many to run it, aud they all have a
liand and a voice and a vote in it. In
jommercial warfare, os in military operations,
it is a good motto to "ilnd out
what your opponent wants you to do,
ind then don't do it." It is also a safe
naxim to distrust the wisdom of your
jwu conrae when you 2nd that it ia givnjr
satisfaction and advantage to your
:bief rival. .
The United States and Great Britain
ire the chief commercial rivals of tho
nrorld. Sharing alike the world-conjuorinc
Anglo-Saxon blood, and advancing
side by side in the great march of
progress, still thoy are in many respects
jxnet opposites in national conditions
ind policies. England seated on her
'snug little isle" reaches out with hor
mighty navy to the uttormoat ends of
;he earth, and plays her hand in tho
icreat game of nations.
There is no continent where her flng
inna not float, no noa that dooa not
boar her commerce, and no harbor
rt-hero her drum boat is not heard.
The policy of the United States over
since the days of Washington had been
the opposite. A continental and not a
colonial policy. While England lias
spread herself over tho world, the
American peoplo has devoted itaolf to
budding up Amoricu.
Tho result has been that to-day wo
may claim, without boasting, the leadin];
places among the natious?first in
natural resources, tirat in agncnlturo,
lir.st in mining, first in inauufacturos
ind first in domestic commerce. Wo
liavo railroads HUflicient to girdle tho
world moro than seven times. Wo havo
increased in population, in wealth, in
manufactures and in tho distribution
:>f wealth moro rapidly than any other
nation on tho globe or that ever existed.
It has not boon our policy to
roach out and spread ourselves pvor tho
whole world, but rather to make Auierca
the boat and richest country in tho
.vorld, with tbo most intelligent, most
comfortable and moat enterprising
And that is what wo havo done, notwithstanding
Europe has been sending
,0 118 in t?0 1081 lony-uvu jema j?>vaj\j,XK)
of tier poorest aud least intelligent
. In 1S91 tho Unitod Kingdom, iocludnc
tho adjacent islands, had a populaion
of 38,104,000. In 181)0 tho United
states had 02,022,000. To-day wo have,
beyond doubt, not loss than 07,000,000.
When tho question is raisod as to tho
:omparative conditions of the two counrios
we need only to consult tho tables
>f immigration. Examining these, wo
ind that thoro loft the United Kinglomand
camo to the United Stalos tho
dHowinc numbers of peraona in tho
lerioda named:
mm 18U to itfo ...
'row 1H..I to ISO) 1.^.?
roin iwil to 1K7U 1.U&.U70
row 1H71 to ?,
'roin 1KM1 lo lsut)
'roia lb'Jl lo 1891 JIS.JI1
Total...-. - - ftS9W? .
In other words, it appears that in tho
)criod named tnoro than sixandaquaror
millions of people have been so atractod
by tho better eonditioni of tho
>eople of tho United Ktatea that they
lave deotnod it worth the sacrilico to
>xile thomaelvea from the hoinoof their
lativity, from the scenes aud coinDanoiis
ofchildhood and youth, and from
ill the associations of their ancestors
ind tho graves of thoir sires to jnako a
lomo in this new world, in a land of
itrungers. And they go not back again.
I'hoy bocomo tho patriotic bone and
liuew of this great commonwealth. And
10 wondor. Wo think wo havo hard
linos in this country this year, and yot
t is prospority itself compared with tho
lermanont conditions of lifo in tho
Jnited Kingdom.
Apply tho test of pauperism. Thero
vas expanded for tho relief of pnupors
n tho United Kingdom in 1892, ?10,f17.753;
in 1801, ?10,029.200; in 1890,
?11,172,113, or almost $50,000,000 in ono
oar. in the same yearn tho number of
>2111 porn in tho United Kingdom was as
k'enr. Fffft and Wales. Ireland. Scotland.
1SJ 7S7.M.1 107,774 ftWIl
...... 774.903 107,1-V M.atl
Hir? * ...... 7M.483 10UWI S7.&U
jjyy 770,4i-S 10^803 87,000
From this it appoara that in 1893
hare were in tho Uuitod Kingdom tho
istoundlng number of 900,323 public
supers out of an aggregate population
if 38,000,000. And these aro only tho
'egistered paupers, and occlusive of tho
,-agrants and "casual poor" who are in
ecoipt of outdoor rolief.
Turn now to tho United Statop, that
'Protection robbed," "tax-riddon," God
oraakon land of "robber barons to
nrliich Profoispr Wilson has just ro.uruod.
llowdoos it aland/
By tho conflua of 1890 thoro wero, in
in airgrogate population of 02,022,000,
F3.0-13 paupors, of whom 27,048 wore
homaolvoa foreign born, and 3,580 wero
children of foroign parents, making
11,228 that we owo directly to foreign
ands, aud 0.407 wero colored. Tho
number of paupors both of whose parjuts
woro whito nativoa was 21,519.
And Proiosaor Wilson would havo tho
[Jnited States adopt tho economic aysom
that boars auch fruits and cannot
:reato bettor conditions. ^ os, l'roeusor
Wilson! Wo aro soberod, and wo
iro also appallod whon wo think of if.
It waa a flno banquot to which you
lat down in London, but a million
oaupcr* stood outside!
Arc Yon Ciolujr Al>rnnd
For IioaUIa. plcaimro or business, and would not
lavoymir vo.vn?o mnrrcd by?oa-?lckneM? Then
like n'oiiu with yon lloxtettor'n Stomach liltiow.
m.l when you fool tlm IIUIIS9H irvn wiin'tflusafnl.
i will Oirertu iniiglenl Uiuiro lor ihe witter in
rour Interior, mid n eotitliniuueo ol U will wive
mi from further attack*. Ah a means ?f over oiiiIiik
malarial. klduov. <lr#>|K>ptlc. iiorvou*
ind riioumatle trouble* tbo UlttoraU unoqnalod.
' .. . -t _ ',...(f'\^ ...
' ft
Ofcooraeyoo like tohangon toany- thing
that hai been u comfortable
and nlca u your low hoe* have ?
been. Well, if you want to continno wearing
tbem we can help yon make ]
thorn do (or qnite a while. We'll
ell yoa a Rood Over*aitor for 35c, E
a better one for 50c, and aome colon
for 15c per pair. 8
Xew Shoei in new shapes being ?
opened erery day. J
AlPYanripr ;
w.?Latest U. S. Gov't Report
The FralU of Free Trade Agtuitloo Are
WltoeMed?A Ktriklni Object Loiwn.
Ckartn Town, W. Va., Special in PitUburgk Di+
Wbilo Congressman Wilaoa was in
the court hoaie to-day, right in his own
home, expounding the beauties of the
tariti administration, ha could have
looked oat the window and seen a sight
which he felt must have mado many of
his hearers lauzh at him. He did not
loolc out the window, but he could not
help seeing and thinking as he alighted
at the little depot this afternoon, escorted
from Harper's Ferry by a band
of onthusioits.
Right bafore him lay a large tract of
land, a part of the town, to improvo
which an extensive plan was started
over two years ago. This extensivo
tract of land was laid out into lots on
which buildings wore to bo erected.
There was a call for lumbar and a gon*
eral stirring up of business. A remarkably
line hotel was built in connection
with the project. To-day tho hotel is
deserted. It closed Saturday at a loss.
Tho many summor boarders did not
flock in as was exoecte-J.
Many lota wore sold aftor tbo projoct
was startod, but few business housos
have been built thereon, and of the few
built several are deierted aad have
"To Let" siena ou them. Tlio depreaaion
in business caused by the tarill
agitation is held responsible for tbo
collapse of the "booin," an it is called
ho re. Other projects of a similar nature
in this section were startod, but are
said to have fallen short of expectations.
It would be expected that in tbia, the
homo of Mr. Wilson, tnero wouiu oe
dome evidences by this time of the benefits
to bo brought about by the new
tariff bill, or at least, that the people
would say they are coming. While they
gave tho congressman a hearty personal
reception to-day, this did not prevent
them from saying: "Oh, no; wo have
no puch times an we did a couple of
yearn ago. Thoa there was an air of activity,
but that does not hold now, and
so far there does not seem to be any
hope of improvement."
Try I i?i: to Have WIUoii.
Cincinnati lima-Star.
The professor's prospect in his Wost
Virginia district this year does not
seem to bo roseato. The Democratic
national managers, who are taking a
livoly interest in his campaign, aro fully
awake to tho danger that confronts him.
It is reported that they will send to his
district all tho Democratic oratorical
talent obtainable. Every stump speaker
of any roputation who can bo spured
from his own bailiwick will bo dispatched
to the aid of Prof. Wilson.
Seine member* of tho cabinet will go
ovor thero and pitch their voices on tho
highest key in behalf of the leading
representative of tho administration in
the house. President Cleveland and
the outiro free-trade gronp are bouud
to seo the professor vindicated in his
district, if possible. Tho chief significance
of this grand rally in bohalf of
Wilson is thut it shows tho free tradors
to bo laboring under a forlorn hope in
regard to tho country at largo. Certainly
thero is littlo confidence in Democratic
success at the goneral olections
in November if the administration is
impressed that theominont ''reformer"
must be so powerfully reinforced. And
tiio present outlook is tbat dospito all
ihe eloquence poured into the oars of
the West Virginians by a brigade of
Democratic orators the professor will
bo defeated.
'Hits i* True.
Jtilchlc Gazette.
Joke or no joke. Dayton has the
Domocrats "skeorod."
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sure she would ro blind. Au old lady told me
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on Katurday ami bcloro the next Satuniaylier
eyes were sound and well :is any child's. Flio
was altuonl blind and had l>ecn kej4 in a dark
room /or more than a yrar { could not hoc to feed
herself; and they havo never lieen as yet tlio
least parti do sure or even looked red from that
day until thls.and it will be three years the first
of May. They certainly cured her, and I think
they are the greatest remedies out. I only used
half uboxoi CuTictuiA.onocaknof CmmtA
Soap, and ono bottle of Ci-ticuba Uesolvent;
so von *ce what wonders they did for my little
girl. I havo wad of all of these most wonderful
eases, but never iHjfore thought that they might
Ito tnie; but 1 know this to be the positive
truth. Mum. FANNIE OAK WOOD,
Canton, Ga.
CtmctTRA Uesolvknt, tlie new bloojl and
skin iiurifler and greatest of humor remedies,
cleanses the blood of all Impurities and poixonous
elements, and thus removes tho cause, whilo
CCTtOUHA, the great skin cure, and CiTtct'OA
SOAI1, an exquisite skiti iHWitlllrr, clear tho
skin and sculp, and restore the hair. Thus tho
CirricuitA Kkmeimw earn every species of itching,
burning, scaly, pimply, and blotchy skin,
scalp, and blood diseases, from pluiplcs to
Sold throughout the world. Trleo, CtrricrnAt
60c.; Hoaf,2Ac.; Kesoi.vknt, Gl. rorrrn Dauo
ANl> Oukm. Conr., tfolu Proprietors, Itonton.
jff " IIow to Curo Bbln Diseases," mailed free.
DIDV'C n,M' I"ir^cd and besutlQod
dad i u i?y Cuticuha tfoAP. Absolutely pure.
Aching Rides and Back, mp. Kidney,
and lltflritio Paine, and Weaknesses,
relisted In ono inlnuta by the Cutl?
iV.llcuim Anti-rain i'lostor. rrice, 26o.
Shoe Seller, 1049 Main Street.
Don't forpct the $400 Piano. One
chance to win with each dollar
pent with ui. w
Capt. B. It. Uorener Will Address Meot- J
Ings at tho Following Places, np to
and Including October 2!l, ISftl.
f'cilnrvlllt', (illiacr oountjr. Wodnoulajr, Octo- v
bor 10. IfctW p. ui.
Hrown's .MilN. Harrison county, Thursday, Ootobor
11. 2.HX) p. ui.
SUinston. Harrison county, Thuraday, Octobcr
11. 7:;<0 \u tn. ~
Komiuc'H Mill*. Harrison county. Friday, Oo- H
obor li ".'iOU p. in. |
llrid^opurt. Hurrlson couuty. Friday. Ootobor
12. 7:.K) p. m.
Comer 1'oint, Doddridgo county. 8aturdiiy,
October. 13. ?UQ p. ra.
{ aletn. Harrison county, Saturday, Octobcr 13,
Mi* Iiunc, Doddridgu county, Monday, October
15,2 p. iu. P<
West Mil ford, Harrison county, Mouday, Octo- p<
ber 15, 7:K> p. m. Ai
Wyait, Harrison county, Tuesday, Octobor 10.
2:00 p in. At
Littleton, Wetzel county, Wednesday. Octobor
17,2:(W p. m. A'
Murion, Wetzel county, Thursday, October 18, .
2 p. in. Ai
Silver Hill, Wetzel county, Friday, October 19,
2 ti. m. Pi
Knrn?lm\v\ Wotzel conuty, Saturday, October
20. 2 p. m. i
rfmlthflrt'd (Anther's Fork), Wotzol county,
Monday.?)ctober 22. 2 p. m. Q'
Pino Orovo. Wetzel county, Tuesday, Oc- 0
tobcr Zl ?
W. L. Douclas
KX \s4.M.5PFINECAlf&kWi6ASDI c
J? J 3.5PP0U6E.3Soi?3.
Pi '$25-0,2-WORK|NGMENs i
BROtM un, mnaar.
Yon can tare tnorry br purchasing W. L.
Duuslnn f*bncp, -A
Because, we are tlic largest manufacturer* of
advertised shoes in the world, aud guarantee
the value by stamping the name and price on
the bottom, which protect* yon against high
prices and the middleman'a profits. Our shoes
equal custom work in style, eosy fitting and
wearing qualities. We have them sold every,
where at lower prices for the value given tian
onv other make. Take no substitute. If your
dealer cannot supply you, we can. Sold by
If.II. MF.NKKMKM.EIt, 21/it Market St. T
T. .1. sro.Ni:, 1042 Muin Mi t. j i.
ONo.NLv"Tf Saturday, October 13.
The Favorlto ilomautic Actor,
Supported bv a Powerful Dramatic Company, in
Ills popular nud successful 11 vo-act drama, ^
Presented with New Sconory, Properties
and Costumes.
Prlces-30c. 75c and SI. Seats on sale at C. A. ?
House's muiic stoto Thursday, Octobcr 1L it
oc8 V
Thos. Q. SE ABROOKE, t
And his own Opera Company and Orchestra 0<
in tho eflerveseent success, N<
T ll rtVM l-\ ATM A I
ISltJ Ui bllclIllJJciyiiC ! "i
Prices:?Parqnitto tanrt Dress Circlo, roiorvcd 31,
scats, 81 '"0; adinitmlon SI 00. Gallery: Reserved j
goats, 75e; admission. 50a Sale of seats commences
Friday, Ociobcr 12, at C. A. House's [ e
music store: oclO
Grand opkra house.
WEDNESDAY iJATINKE, Octobcr 8. 9. la NJ
the prkmier comedy success, d,
"His Nibs, the Baron," j?
Interpreted by a Select Company of Comedians, y]
Dancers, VpcaUsts, Actors and Actresses. ,
Nlglit ptiWH, 15.2\ 3*i and 50 ceuts. Matinoo ?
prices, l.i. and :fi eon to. oM Mi
Gu.vnd opera house. tiiujtsruy,
kmoay and Satorday and
Saturday Manser. October 11,12,1.x
uautovs Rose Hill English Folly Co,
In their new and roll nod Oporatic Hurlotta, f
Interpreted by a company of 25 Operatic and
Comedy Stars. Usual prjtva. nc.S
S^!?arBains Boots.1
Wo bavo a lareo stock of Books,
slightly damngod by wator, which wo
aro o lie ring at one-itai.k prick and
loss. a. giieat bargain.
Call Early. 7S
oc(? 1308 Market Street. v
jj^ciiool hook's
And School Stationery, 42
Miscellaneous lK?olcs, di;
Cheat > Publication*. Wl
ruthioti anil Literary MaRuxlnoi q.
Dally and Weekly Paper* delivered anywhoro.
c. ii. quimby,
seC 1 111 Market St root ^
legal notices. ?
To all persons holdluR lions by Judgmont or 11
otherwise on the real cstato, or any part |
t Hereof of Groon li JclI\ir?QU: , ? (v- v r.]6|
In purauanoo of a decree of the circuit Court !
of Ohio county, mado In aoatuo thoreln pendln* 1
to subject the rod'.estate-of the said Green IX I
JoITbrfon to tbesatlsfaollou of tho lloas thereon. I
you are lioroby required to pteaeoi nil claims
held by yoii end eacb .ot you afalost.the uM . I
it vil
f TKNT I'harmacUt. Addrw* "DKf'o
ire IntgMlfPcyr. oclQ?
T T with UO0: bualaew p*r? f.v?> wr tn.?eih
B?1 M pornument. For particular* ?
ire thu otticr <v
ljL opened and All eUuw of booU.vf.n*
for* dona by au oipcrteucod and export
oontant at rauonabM cUtrj^s. Add rev* I .
ox 71. Wheeling. W. Va.
3 6. BANDS,
Member American Imtltnta
Electrical Eutlneori.
lectrlcil Engineer and Contractor,
Electric Light. iVswcr. Hallway, Mlu;u,- *al
team I'muu.
Dealer in Electrical Huppliaa xnr? x*r
SnffiS? :
New Feather Dusters!
Notice Prices in Our Window.
EWINQ BROS., Itl5 Market M
jl If not. you oau bo at
1429 Main utrcvt.
'ho carry All tho choice braul* of whUkic*, Tit:
Jn*. E. 1'epper & Co.'i Old H. llnnry,
verholt, Dougherty. Fluch, Ciib*>n. Uu kca
rimer. etc. Al*o full llnu *oI Ohampuc.i.i,
rums, awwcr whch iuu yinyur .tiut u<U
yjita J. a. uaynes,
For terms addro??.
^Oliver Wendell Holmes
JVII1 awakqna renowed intent: in h ?
Uerary woTk*. Wo have Justremud
a fail assortment ?
jobs, 12rao. do., plain
x'cu.l'imo. clo.. ct It........ ? ou
utocrat o( Iho Breakfast Table, iiamly
vol. edition, alo ..- 1 13
utocrat of the Breakfast Tuble, handy
vol. edition. Sol a *5
utocrat of the Breakfast Tablo, lUvorddo
edition, okk I ao
utocrat of tho Breakfaat Table, llollduy
edltlou, '2 rola. n 00
-ofeaftor Poat. Klsle Venticr. Gtiardiun
Anrul, Mortal Antipathy, all uniform,
Bloth ^ 1 AO
Harpet Beating!
Carpets Cleaned the year
sund on Short notice. Telehone
472. Our wagons will
all and deliver.
1604 and 1506 Market St.
I. H. LIST, 1010 XA13 STREET.
Sold by Druggfota and Pooler*.
l'lamblng and Cos Fitting.
Steam ami Hot Water Heating.
Fall Line of the Celebrated
Kept Constantly on Hani
.H.G.A. Concerts and Lectores.
ipular and Attractlvonnd Sure to Plaaie.
t;onr?T[ uourio in tuo u|imn iiuuim
ICKETS - - - $2 50.
it. 18. The Melporacno Concert Co.
?v. 10. New York Philharmonic Ctul?, m?
tinted by Mlw CInra C. Jleulry, opntnu.
sc. .1. Torbott Concert Co. nn?l the world
'anion* Luttninnn Mulo Sextette.
tu. 3. Tho Muznrt symphony Club.
?b. fl. The Maud Powoll Striiifc Qu?rtett?
iiid colebrntod soprano.
ttrch 10. IIutnoriMlqiin Quartette. Four
.'nTorlte New York lfnmorlut#.
ictare Coarse In Association Hall I
TICKETS - - - $1 OO.
>v. 1. Dr. ltobert Nonrae. "Fmnlten*
?c. 14. Dr. W. F. Oldham. "Slcetohei of
ho Orient."
in. lO. Dr. W. H. Crawford. "Snvona.
b. 18. Edwnrd P. KUIoti. The liuper.
iountor in lilt three.nct play of "Dollar!
(ircli ltt. Or. L. II. Sperry. "Gumption
ind Grit."
Clearance Sale
.Ladies' Wintor Jackets,fh * A A I
nek and Colored. rani;- 'L II II11 I
e in price from $S50toj||iT l/U I
5 00. Choice, $41)0. S7 1 u I
Mieitos' Long Cloaks, (f)J P A
tes 14, 10 and IS yearj, V1 nW
nrtli lrom$050t >: | V V I
oiki for tlia Little ones./h I AA H
ood quality ami well- ** 4 IIX I
.11.\ running in nrice >11 I
3m S3 60to$1100. Mips
indQ years only. Ciioico,
S'KATLY AND ritoMlTOfl^^HP ggj

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