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(lit c Wheeling Ifllik 3nTcHi<jcnm:
Or Marion Republicans Bear
Hon. Stephen B. Elklna '
Of William L. Wilson Are Handled
Without Glovoa.
More Czpenalvo to cho Country Than
?i_h w.?_p?nnl,w, Hu Donro
tueudi ?- _
ciatod Thirty For Cent Under the
Present Proo Trade System, and
This Is Bat the Beginning ? Tho
WHson-Oorman Bill la Not Acceptable
to Any Party or Portion ot the
Pooplo?A Decrease of Piro Billion
Dollarslntho Wealth of the Country.
An Administration Whose Plnanclal
Policy Means National Bankruptcy.
An Oration to' tho Eloquent West
Special DltpnUh to tU Jnldliaentr.
Faibmoxt, W. Va., Oct. 10. ? Tho
nesting hold here to-night was successfol
boyoad the wildest expectations of
the local managers. Long before tho
tioo for the meeting to be callod to or*
der the opera house was packed full,
and the streets near by crowded with
people, who were forced to eo homo
without hearing any of tho rousing lie*
pablican truths presented with the utmost
clearness and force by lion. S. B.
Ellcioa, Promptly at 8 o'clock, County
Chairman Showalter callod the meeting
to order, and in a brief but telling address
called upon lion. John W. Mason
to take cbargo 01 toe meeting.
Mr. Mason then procoeded to introduce
to the mooting tho spoakor of the
evening. lion. S. U. Elkins, who waa
givon an ovation seldom tendered any
one by the citizens of Marion county.
Cheer upon cheer waa given as he aroae,
and his apeech waa listened to eagerlv,
and applauded heartily all through.
Among other thinga ho said:
I thank you, gentlemen, for this magniGcent
audience and for tbo jyaceful
tribute tendered by Mr. Mason, and I
shall endeavor to discuss tbo situation
in a business like manner and from the
facts just aa I bolieve all matters of bua*
inosa should be settled. The importance
of this campaign ia creator I believe
than that of any campaign sinco
tbo war. We havo tbo groat quoation
of free trade on trial, something never
before tried; a dangorous and hazardous
oxperimont, the facta and statistics
show to be advorse to our best intercats.
We were living under a system of
laws, until the passaeo of this new tarifl
bill, for thirty years, that has made us
the most prosperous notion on the face
of tho earth, and this bill is a now ays*
tem fraught with danger and our prosperity
is menacod. I cannot believe
that the policy which gave us thirty
yeara of prosperity is wrong, and freo
trado is at host an exporimont which
baa always been provon to be dangorous
and hurtful in tho extreme to tbo business
interests of tho country. Let us
all as good citizens, Republicans and
Democrats, examine this question as
partners and diacusa it in a business
like way and soo which Bystom ia for
our own beat interests.
Tim niunt.T on* pnnTi?rrio>a.
Dtiring tho thirty years of Republican
rule the figures show that manufnctares
increased six-fold, farming inter'
osts three-fold, wages eevon-told and
savings twelvo-fold. We hnvo to-day
fi?o times tho aavinj?B in this, a comparatively
new, country as has England,
comuries old. We paid the expenses of
tho war and our wealth to-day is $109
for overy man, woman and child in this
country, and I cannot aoe that a system
which shows such results can be bad.
Bat what can the Domocrata show?
Nothing. Thoy claim that protection
was not tho causo of this, that tho tariff
laws aro robbory and unconstitutional.
How can that be whoa such laws were
the corner stonoof our government, and
tiie question was never ovon thought of
from Washington to JackBon and nevor
soriously raise! until four years ago.
A comparison of tho exports for the
yoars of tho Harrison administration
with tho McKinley bill and tho past
year of Democratic rule show our ox*
ports were increased $275,000,000 and
reached the highest point in tho history
o( tho country. Wages wore higher,
and under tho McKinloy law tho country
enjoyed tho greatest ora of prosperity,
as groat as tho depression which
set in under tho inisrulo of Grovor
Cleveland and the Dotrocracy.
In 1802 Democrats wero successful by
making falso promises to all parties.
Tho wostern man was to havo Bilver,
the New York capitalist froe coal and
timber, Populists to havo free Btato
banks, Tammnny was in lino, and
marching under tho banner of tariff
reform with promises of spoils and
ollices, ovory section wa* tnkon in,
overy nationality and tho anarchist
element wore welcomod with promises
that tho existing ordor of things should
bo changed. NVhoat was to bo worth
Si 50 pur bushel, wool 45 conts per
pound. Wages wore to go up and
prices to go uown; tho samo old story
the/ had boon tolling for thirty yoars,
which, strange to say, was believed.
Now let us argue fair. I was novor
accused of unfair argument by anyouo
in tho stato of West Virginia, oxcopt by
the editor of tho Whooling Register.
What is our history under Grovor
Clovoland? Wero tho promises kopt?
They wero not.
what wk IIRAtl witnks* to.
You aro prosperous in Ibis county
now, but it will not last Wajcos 93c
and $100 coro formerly $1 .">5 and $1 50,
wheat qrtoted lower to-day than over bo*
forr. u. cur history. Values and wngos
havf shrun. u'5 to :t ) per cent. An
nwful, a tumble Iosh to tho pooplo of
this country. Wool 15c, which makes
an end to :ho nlieop husbandry of our
country, and hero is nil obioct lossou
i-asily understood: Under tho McKinJty
law we not (or Uir?? poundsoi wool
twenty poonJi of sugar; under tl
present law for six pounds of wool i
getaeventeen poondi of sugar. Ta
aa inventory now and compare It wi
one made two yeaia ago. and you fii
voa are wortli 30 per cent leu now th
you were then. I know I am. llora
are cheaper, land le cheaper, mon
hard to net, with the banka full of
Tbe Democrats say let tu go a little ft
ther. 1 don't want to go. We will
be bankrupt, and even now we ha
one million men looking for work ai
bread, and cannot get it. Only yosu
day in yonr own minet, fifty men we
dicharged, only a beginning. We ba
bad atrikea and labor troublee witho
end, and troopi called oat in twel
states to keep order.
Cleveland, tbe firit thing after ent<
Inn office, increaaed tbe public debt HI
miilioni and burdened aa with $2,SO
000 more interest, paying 5 per cent I
the loan, when wo are all borrowi
money at 4 per cent. All tbia troul
wai caused by inability and ignoran
Like every other big corporation, c
govern moot must bo, run on basim
principles, and it takes ability to. run
properly, ft is like runniugan engint
the engineer mnst know how or be n
ruin tlio machine. An eviuenco 01 u
inability is shown by tho decrease
the gold reserve. It was down noai
to the one million mark under Iiarrisc
bat under Cleveland, notwithstandi
tbe repeal of that awful bugbear, t
Shorman silver act, the gold continui
to flow outward, and Democracy w
powerless to deviso means to stop it.
nave enough confidence in tbe Kepu
licau party to believe that under tl
same circumstances thev would ha
stopped it. Our trade has fallon
over $600,000,000 compared with 181
We left the country prosperous and '
find oar trust betrayed. We have
bill that nobody wants, either .Repub
can or Democrat, congressman or ser
tor, President or anybody 4lse. A
Wilson nays the fight has just begi
and hastens to England to tell the
about it, and he and Grover, those c
heavenly twins, will in time strip W?
Virginia of coal and timbor and wc
The war cost millions, but tho beno
to the country by cementing the diflt
ont sections was amplo payment, b>
wliero is the benefit derived by tho fl
billion dollar shrinkage in valu
caused by this obnoxious bill? A
Wilson says trusts must go, but be
are tho facte: Sugar trust given for
millions; whisky trust given fifte*
? ",f w-?nAmna
UlIUjUHg , nu?y j/uiuiuivu wn- ??u.r?
givon a reduction of the coal tari
which will net them ?35,000,000 at t!
expenao of our coal fields. Mr. Wils
nover gives facts, but deals in glittori
generalities, eomething to come, b
something which you can never p
your hand upon. The New Dominii
Coal Company can deliver coal to B<
ton markets now one dollar cheaper p
ton than West Virginia operators, ai
our markets are gono. Tobacco, liquoi
laces and ombroiderioa, ostrich feathc
and kid gloves are made cheaper. Ti
tariff is reduced on all these articl
used so extensivoly by tho poor ma
and our coal, wool and timber must
givon up.
Now lot us soe what some of our go
Democrats thiuks of this bill. "It is n
satisfactory to Democrats, or to t
party wo Dromiaod bread and ga
them a stone."?D. B. Hill. "A ri
bag production, a crazy quilt, a splo
did nothing."?D. & Hill. "Tho n<
bill enables tho monopolies to hold t
country by the throat"?W. L. Wilsc
?and voted for it forty minutes lat
"It is tainted with dishonor," says Gi
ver Cleveland, and he allows it to t
come a lawMr.
Ejkins closed amid the greatc
enthusiasm and was frequently a
plauded throughout tho ontire addrei
Fairmont never before turned out
crowd so enthusiastic and appreciati
and tho result in November will sh<
the oflects of one of the most intore
in?, forcible and elective speeches ov
delivered here. Mr. JsiMns speiKs
Wheeling to-morrow night.
Th? Full Hirer Willi Will Kesnmo,
Fall River, Mass., Oct. 10.?T
Manufacturers' Association this aft
noon voted to start up the mills ne
Monday mornTng. This action w
taken in accordance with the si
gestion of Mayor Coughlin.
Tho two leading coal companiei
Vancouver, B. C., have combined, ai
will hereafter have a monopoly of t!
coal production of tbo Pacific slope.
The civil sorvico commission will i
vestigato tho charges mado by tho Phi
adolphia Pross that the omployoi of tl
Philadelphia postoffice havo boon sol!
itod for campaign subscriptions.
Tho British steamer Chicago, Capta
Dodda, from Sunderland to Baltimo
with a cargo of cement and wine, h
boon wreckod noar Slain'a Castle, Ab<
deonahiro. Twouty-ono of tho cr<
wore rescued.
Preparations for tho oxpoditi
which is to bo sent to tho island of M?
aeascar by tho Fronch government c
being pushod forward. The crui<
Arothuso is being armod at Brost
ordor to tako part in tho oporations.
Patrick Ilondoraon, tho British com
at Cadiz, and who had just return
from a visit to China, shot himself
tho waiting room of tbo government t)
nartmont at London yoatordav and di
soon afterwards. Tho catiso is t
Tho anniversary of tho birth
Father Mattnow, tho apoitlo of tompc
ance, was colobratod in Chicago by
largo parado, 15,000 pooplo narticipi
ing. Bishop Watterson was tho orat
of tho day, and a lottor was read fro
Mgr. SatollL
Tho twontleth annua! convontion
tho Ainorican Association of Bankc
convened at Ford's opera iiouso, Bui
more, yesterday morning. Kvery s<
tion of tho country was represontc
Secretary Gieao, of tho association, ?p
that tho crowd's chock for $150,000,0
would bo cashed.
Governor McKinloy loft Chicago yi
tordav morning at 0 o'clock, and mo
thirteen spoochos onrouto to Poor
?vhoro he rocoivod an ovation and i
dressed soveral thousand pooplo.
loft in ttio afternoon for Springflo
111., whore he made anothor speech
I tho evening to an linmonso nudionce
Klias Sumtiiorllold wan yoslorday a
I pointed rocoivor for tiio American 1
bonturo Company, of Chicago. T
I company has u capital stock of $2,01)
000 and a bondod indobtoduois of $
500,000. lti? oxpocted that tho ussi
I will be Kiilliciout to liquidato tho onti
indebtedness. Businoss dopresaion w
1 tho cauiuof tuo appointmouU
i? kimplk feiivicks
[? Pr??d# lb* llorUI ot (ha Agad "Autocrat
of tli? Ureakfaat Table."
,d Borro.v, Oct. ia?A small gathering
a of loving friends and a fair words of
" impreuive import from the lips of a
life-tone compaaioo and co-worker,
u. m*rkod the limple ritei over the body
11 of Dr. Oliver Wendell Hoimei it King's
T? Chapel, this noon. At 12 o'clock the
^r. procession bearing the body of the de,re
ceased poet filed into'the church with
ve Mr. Edward Everett liale at its head,
at Upon the cuket rested a laurel wreath
ve which nearly covered it. Another
r* laurel wreath hunir from the balcony in
the chapel, while baclt of, the altar wore
a few florftl remembrances. The Boho?
rnian club, of San Francisco, aont a largo
r* baskot of white chrysanthemums with
raaiden hair fern. Mrs. Julia Ward
y Howe seat a wreath of panales and
" maiden hair fern, a wreath of palms,
violets and orchids boro the name of
' Fred Stonson, the theatrical manager,
J?{ while the university clasn of '87, of
Oxford College, Ohio, sent a handsome
' bunch of liliea of the valloy. The pall*
; ? bearors, who were morabors of the
family, wero 0. J. and R. T. Paine, J.
J. Morse, jr., 8. R. Morse, 0. J. Morse,
J. Jackson, C. 6. Storrow, F. S. Bigginfit
son, C. C. Jackson.
ar* The services consietod of a few reoltalit
tione from tho Scriptures by Dr. Hale
vo and selections by tho quartette. There
66 was no eulogy.
Ir. There wero present a number of men
ire of national reputation, including aovty
eral class mates of Mr. Holmes,
en There wero twonty-two carriaees in
y the procession that accompanied the
ill, body to Mount Auburn, the place of inhe
ng taIimanv corruption.
... Til j? llnrtunnnai nf tlln I'iiIIcm Son.
lit ? ? ?
UQ imtionul Testimony lleforo tlio Lexow
)g. Committee.
or New Yomk, Oct. 10.?For tho third
time since tho Lexow investigations
^ commenced Chief Counsel Goff to-day
lie producod evidence to show that throats
os have been made to pat an end to wit:D>
nessoa who hare ap poured before tho
0 senators conducting tho examination,
od Samuol Kauffman, a tailor's salesot
man, was the first witness called duriug
the day. He gavo tho substance of
^ a conversation which ho claimed took
q. placo on tho olevated railroad just after
Policeman Corcoran loft tho witnosa
[jq stand Monday.
)n Corcoran waa alleged to have aiserted
3r that ho would "make thoio witnesses as
>0] dead as a door nail" and that ho would
)Q[ "lay for them somo dark night."
Patrick Kelly, an iron workor, related
lBl. a story of going to sloop on tho atroeU
p" Ho waa awakonod by a policeman going
5j through his pockets. Tho name of the
^ officer, ho thought, was Thorow. lie
ve reported tho matter to the police sta)W
tion, and ho asserts that a day or two
at. after this he was assaultod by the poer
liceman, who finally arrested him. Ho
at was fined $5 on the testimony of the
John U. Lemon, a young man who
attendod the French ball, testified that
he Superintendent Byrnea and n number
ar- of police officials wero present at the
xt ball. They did not mako any protest
as against the lewd conduct of tho persons
ig. assembled there.
William H. Jamonnoau, president of
tho Atvin Manufacturing Company,
testified to paying Detective O'Connar
$100 for the recovery of stolen goods
of from tho pawnbrokers.
id Vincont Majowski, who conducted a
ho policy Bhop, testified to the tribute ox*
acted by tho police. Majewski comlainn
ed that there were seventcenor oighteon
[1- backors in tho city and that they ario
ranged with the polico for tho torritory
ic- thoy should work.
All the backors oxcopt Cornolius 13.
jn Parkor were in the combino at tho
re present time. Ho waa working alone,
ftB but waa not allowed to have many shops
Br. on the wosl aido. Asked who had that
JW torritory, Majowski rooliod, Al Adamson,
"tho king." Lottora wero road
which are allegod to liavo passed bo?P
twoon Majewski and the polico captain,
lU" WostorvoU. Thcao lottora mako coniro
stant roferoncos to tho daugors of
'er thooxpofliiras by tho nowapapors.
ln Majoweki was troubled by opposition
policy ahops which did not pny tributo,
ul and falco lottora of complnint woro
?d mailed to Superintendent Byrnea, but
in no attoution was paid to tho comlo
od Majewaki claitnod that four of tho
^t policy shops complained of were still
of The investigation closod for tho day
ir- with an examination of Liobor Free
a man, who claimed that lie viaitod Silver
it- Dollar Smith to socuro immunity from
or arrest for Ilia brothor-in-luw, Josoph
iin Frankol, a Ilostor streot saloonkoopor.
A man namod Solomon claimed to
0( reprosont Smith, and $200 waa finally
,r8 paid to socuro tho roloaso of Frankol
tj. from prison. The arrangement waj
JC. that Smith should find bail, but he hui(j#
curod a diachnrgo for Frankol. Tho
kyg monoy was raised by Max Kosonsch woig,
()0 and na Smith did not procuro tho bail as
arrangod upon tlio first, Koaonschwoig
has brought suit in tho city court to
rocoyor ;'.'0t).
,a? Tlift llrookljrn'n Armor Plata*
Flo Washington, D. C., Oct, 10.?A furthor
1,1 tost was mado at Indian Head to-day
in of tho four-inch plato representing tho
Brooklyn's aido armor, which waa subp.
iected to a test Inst wook with tho ro?
>o* nulls not altogothor satisfactory. Tohu
day more shots woro flrod at tho nlatu
D,- from a four-inch gun, making oiglit
1,- shots in all that it has roceived, so that
its it waa spotted all over with shell marks,
re The plato came out of tho trial in auras
prising shape, breaking up ovory oue of
1 tho projectiles.
Are the Issues of the Campaign b;
ex-Vloe President Morton.
Of tho Repqbllcan .Nomination Fo
tho Governorship of Now York?/'
Document That Will bo Quotes
From?The Only Wise Coarse Fb
the Country to Pnrsne Is to Hostor
Cbo Management of Its Affairs to tbi
Party l'hat Built it Up.
Nsw York, Oct. 10.?Hon. Levi I
Morton, Republican nominee (or gov
ernor, to-day sent hie formal letter o
acceptance to Hon. Warner Millet
chairman of the Bepnblican state con
it is in tho main as follows:
RuiNBCLiFr, N, Y? October 9, 1894.
Hon. Warner Miller, Chairman of the Republtca
State Contention:
but:?I havo boen officially informet
within tho past fow days of my nomi
nation for eovernor by tho conventioi
over which yon presided at Saratoga.
Grateful for past recognition and fo
this friendly evidence of thoir confl
dence, I accopt tho trust the Republi
cun party has honorod me with, pond
ing my hoarty co-operation in thei
efforts for an honest and efficient cou
duct of affairs.
Tho platform adopted by that body i
a just, but tomperaio arraignment o
the Democratic party, now for tHe firs
timo in many years in full control c
all branches of tbo national adminis
Tho issues involved in the pendin
canvass aro clearly dofined and of pars
mount importance.
During the whole period of its exist
ence the Republican party has beei
distinguished for its devotion to th
principle of protection to home produc
The last Republican administrate
had given statutory expression to th
American doctrino that duties shouli
be laid upon foroign products compel
ing with llko articles of home procluc
tion, and that articlos exclusively pre
duced abroad and not so competin:
should bo admitted free for the boned
of tho consumera. After tho pasaace o
this law tho nation was at the summi
of its greatnoss and prosperity, with it
name respected throughout the eart!
and penco and plenty iu ail its domain
It is not claimed that this statute, an
more than any other human ordinanc
was perfect in its details, but tho mod
ifications suggested by time and oxpei
ionco should havo been loft to th
trieuda of tho measure.
Peril to American industries was an
nounced in the chance of administrr
tion. The menace alone which its ad
vent heralded was sufficient to still th
looms, to darken tho furnaces, to clo
,tho whole of business, and to precip
tnto a tinancial doprossion unparallele
in our annAls for severity and duratioc
The menacc, with its* accompanyin
unrest and disaster, endured through
out oightoen months, in which a Demc
cratic Congross sought to undo tha
which had boen so woll nccompliahei
by its Republican predecessors; and i:
spite of tho repeal o( the silver purchat
ing clause of tho so-callod Shorman aci
which was only rendered possible by th
aid of the Kcpublican party, it was evi
dont that permanent relief would nc
como while the stability of our indui
tries was throatened.
A measure was enacted false alike t
the prompting of true Americanism am
to the professions of tho Democrati
party. The bill which originally pasae
tho houfio of representatives had, a
least, tho merit ot consistency in aom
degree with tho anto-election promise
made to tho people dv tno uemocrau
national * convention. But tbo
which finally prevailed is
thine of incongruities, a patcfc
work of protection and free trade, c
protection to favored localities and o
nurtnro to trusts, but of hostility to th
masses of thp workintrmen of tho lane
Kopudiated by its principal fratnei
characterized by the Democratic Presi
dent as a bill of perfidy and dishonoi
denounced by tho signature of the Pree
idont, proclamation is already mad
that it is only tho beginning of tho at
tack which will bo persisted in upoi
American wage-earners.
In the confusion of Democratic coun
cils and tho porversity of Domocrati
legislation, it is plain that the only wis
course for tho country topuiauoist
restore the management of its aflairs t<
that party which for thirty years ha
doveloped its resources, upheld its gooi
faith, cared for those who fought for it
integrity, and guardod tho rights am
fortunes of its citizons.
Tho writer thon turns from nationa
to stato issuos and in conclusion Mr
Morton says:
I desire to omphasizi my hoart]
concurrence in tho provisions of tin
platform of tho 8aratoga convention
wherein tho party pledeoa to tho peo
pie a freo ballot and a fair count, prac
tical ballot reform, freo and fair pri
marios, a* fully pro toe tod bv laws a
general olections, an improved civil ser
vico, municipal homo rulo, a just ap
portionmont, roducod stato cxpondi
turos, an equitablo systom oi taxation
an acceptable excise law, adoquato pre
tection from unjust discriminations b;
monopolies, and u minimized tax rate
Very faithfully yours
Lkvi P. Moiito.v.
Aro Clinrgnd Willi Vlolntlon of tho Inlet
Htnlo I'ommiucn I,u\v.
PiTTsmritait, Pa., Oct. 10.?Unitoi
Slates District Attorney Hall to*da
inado information beforo United Stato
Commissioner McCandluss, charging C
S. Wight, genoral freight ngont of ill
Baltimore k Ohio railway, with viola
tion of tho inter>etato commerce lav
A warrant was also issuod for li. M
Frazior, gonoral agent of tho Baltimor
A Ohio Southwestern railway at Cin
cinnati, on tho samo charge.
Tho information was made by dirocl
ion of tho intor-state commerce com
missionors, to whom complaint ha
boon made. The allocation h that th
dofondnnta violated the laws by din
criminating in freight rntp? botwooi
Cincinnati and Pittsburgh by billin
rortnin froiulir nt the regular rat on am
then payingrclmtoa. The ca?o will b
of additional interest to railroad me
and shippern !>. < ,inso tho Baltimore
Ohio and Puu Handle companies jus
now aro warmly contesting for froigh
botweon Pittsburgh and Ciucinuati,
In the llaee For the .Nnt K. of 1% G
Lode* Meeting.
Stxnal DUpaUk to t\e InUthQcnccr.
Hcxti.hqtox, W. Va., Oct. 10.crand
Lodg? Knights of Pythias tioi
its baainesi to-nijtfit. Wheeling,
- moot, Morgantown and moral c
placet wanted tho grand lodge
year, bat Fairmont won oasily and
unanimously decided upon. A con
* tee was appointed to chango the by*
1 to conform to tho oh uncos made Ir
aupreuio lodge, whoie action wai
o Tho following officer! wore olec
D Past grand chancellor, Frud A. I.
Clarksburg; Brand chancellor, Cyn
llall, Charloaton; grand vice c
ceUor, W. 11. linker, Fairmont: g
? prelate, If. K. West, Huntington; g
master of exchequer, M. H. tin
Keyser; grand keener of records
>f seals, Manner Jonkin*. Piodinont; g
( master at arms. Col. Paul Preger, 1
eraburg; grand inside guard, Col. !
1'oBten, Morgantown; grand c
guard, C. Y. Bonedum, Bridget
grand trustees, Col. Paul l'rcger, 1
ersburg, Dr. S. M. Scott, Torra
n Col. C. C. Roud, Charleston; aupi
representatives, Gen. J. VV. Ma
1 Parkoraburg, U. W. Connolly, Whet
i- Tho ttavenswood division gav
n flambeau drill to-night before
thousand people. The report
r t'?o grund keoper of records
. seats shows that in tho
( five years tiioro has boon an incroa
(. membership in this state of J
r Thero are now in West Virginia I
Knights of Pythias/
f FiUtiaimonfl Willing to Try Conelu
With "I'oinjHulour Jim."
J* PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Oct. 10.Fitzsiminons,
who is to meet Co
X in New York to-morrow to arrang
l~ terms of a match for tho champior
of tho world, left this city on tho
n night train. Ho was accompanio
e Captain Gloria, President Scholi, c
Olympic Club, and a number of 1
deipbia sporting men.
a President Scholi does not 1 iko tl
e titude assumed by Champion Coi
J and tried hard to induce Fitziimi
to assume the titlo of heavy-w
: champion of tho world, roceutly ai
i- ed to hiin by tho Olympic Club,
e "I will not do it," repliod
t simmons.. "I want the title, but J
! not accopt it in this way unless Co
t Hunks out of making a match,
s liove I can wiup Corbetr, and I
Ii bo champion IT ho moots mo. I
. nothing for Corbott's weight. I
y knocked out bigger won than he,
o ot thorn weighing two hun
I- pounds, and I am confidont that
punch hardor than ho can."
^ KuinorsAro Plentiful, hut No Autli
|( Account* Uavw ltouclie<l Tliia Coun
e Sftakoiiai, Oct. 10.?Various
g rumors are in circulation, tho
j* prominont boing that 40,009 Japi
| troops havo landod noar Shan K
^ on tho boundary between tho Ch
i* provinces of Manchuria and I thi I
tho eastern oud of tho groat wall *
j traverses China. Tho telegraph 1
& have boon cut, thus hindering con
n nication with'thnt district.
A roport which is clawed here a
reliable saya that tho Japanese
0 effected a landing near New Oh?
' Gulf of Loaca Ton.
1 According to a lettor received
' from Tion Tain during tho progros?
largo firo there, on Friday last,
? China merchants Godown volun
^ protected the sottlnmont and aro
c patrolling tho streets from sunsi
" sunshine. It is reported hore tnal
t oral Japaneso warships have
n ntf Tnknnr.
a A dispatch received hero from
? Tain, to-day, Btntes that the Britisli
lt Ruaaian ininiatora have arrived t
a and that they will proceed at on
Pekin. Another report rei
11 this city that after a skirmish w
* took placo north of the Yalu rivei
? terdav, the Japauese outpoata
[ drivon back across the river.
: Shan Hai Kwan, whoro the Japs
[" are reportod to have landod -1
troops, ia directly on the railroad b
'* ing from Tien Tain to Moukden, ai
0 of great strategic importanco.
" In fact tho opinion haa boon oxp
a od that if Shan Mai Kwan ia capt
thero is nothing to prevent the .
" nese from marching on Pekin. A
c aneae floett was reported to hevo
0 sighted ofl Shan llai Kwan on Sop
3 ber 28.
Cltlaa ilnH Htul Kuuugti.
1 Lo.vno.v, Oct 10.?A dispatch dat<
s Berlin alleges that China has a
i Germany to uao hor good oflicoi to
minato tho war with Japan.
Aillal Ii Treated ltailly by tlio Kloin
? A Koctt DUnppnlntmriit.
i( Lincoln, 111., Oct. 10.?In poii
i* numbora tho demonstration of
Democracy of Logan county hero tc
J in honor of Vico Prosidont Stove
. was a keou disappointment. Tho
- was raw and chilly, a high wind go
in oarlv, growing more violont at
day progressed. Tho vico presi
K spent tho night hero as tho gue
V frionds. He was oacortcd to tho lea
' hotel at 10 a. in., and held a recoj
until 12 o'clock. Tho out-door met
which had been arranged upon an
larged and complimentary scale
abandoned at noon, and u hall reac
to. The city was profusely decoi
with flags, banners and hunting.
i ?
? Naval CUuucun.
a Washington, D. C.t Oct. 10.?Vo
}. Assistant Engineer <-i. S. Wil
? haa been ordered to duty aa inapt
L* of stool at Thurlow, Pu., C
J* linginoor J. P. Mickley to
Richmond. Assistant Knginoer C
0 Rointnell from tho Richmond
'* Cramps. leased Aaalstant Kugine
11. Lawrence to the Homoatoad i
Works. _
j A Ui>xtriicllvn Mm.
0 Wabsaw, N. v., Oct. 10.?I'lro b
out in tho Katmaw block to-day.
j. wator supply was inadequate to i
1 the otnorgoiiny, and tho four-story 1
o block burned to the ground. Tho
n block, a throe-story wooden I mi I
k followed belore tho couHasratiou c
t bo subsided. Sevon stores and ?u
t oils ofllcos woro in those two build
Tho loss is estimated at $30,000.
From tho Uultod Statoa Marshal-in?
|{ie(j ship In This State
' wa? To tho Vacancy?Tho Marshal'* Oon.
i ai itlaws
duet of Senator Catmlon'a Cam*
t tho paltfti the Cause For lilt Uo en oval,
i on- (jl)U|p|ain(g Made WlUon
!tcd: Fareloii ol the Democracy Hoard at
Off, Washington Mr. Garden'* Appoint18
ban- tno"1 Not Likely to lloal (ho Fao*
rand tional Soroncw.
rand _____
"ami Washington, Oct. 10.?S. 8. Vinson,
rand United States mardlial for tho district
'ark- 0f Wost Virginia, at tho request of tho
tutor :^torno>' K?nt'ral. roaijfuod, and A.
jort* V' Pardon, of \Vhouling, has boon an'ark
pointed to tho vacancy.
A'la? Mr. Vinson was appointed in 1893.
thor' 'n ^P10"^01" Vinson and soveral
iliug! deputies woro present at a political
e a mooting in \Vavno county, W. Va. At
ten th0 conclusion of uu address by ox-(ft>vand
ornor Wilson, which did uotpleaso hiin,
past Vinson aroso to reply, whoroupon many
.so of of the audionco loft tho ball. This
1,659. 8U0iuo(l to have an go rod Vinson, and an
*' altercation nroso, which culminated in
an ntlray during which ono man was
killed and three others wounded.
Tho marshal and his deputies were
ton* arrested, and are under bond to await
the action of the grand jury. Complaints
-Bob have boon made 10 the attorney general
that twice beioro Vinson or his dopu.
ties had boon guilty ot creating disturb*
0 '',0 ances at political meetings at Bluo- iship
fle ds and Huntington. l;or ono of
mid- thoio otlense.s Vinson was roprimandod
by Attorney uenernl Olnoy.
if tho Tho news of tho removal of Marshal
hlla* Vinson from office will bo no surprise
to the peonlo of West Virginia. It has
io at- |)0(}|l OXpUCto(l for sumo time and tho
bett, onjy wonder has boon that it was not
B.0118 dono several weeks since. Tho story of
eight t|ie aiiotguJi campaign wluch Vinson
vard- jina ^uon carryinir on in tho interest of
Honator Camden, and of the disgracoful
r m" rows, ending in bloodsiiod, which have
h?\" occurrea among liio I'uiuocrau in lao
rbott jowor enj 0f t|10 Htaie, as a consequonco
1 of liis actious, is familiar to tho roadors
Wl11 of tho Intkij.h?knckiu Vinson and
earo fl0V0ral of bin deputies and followers
liavo ttro jjQjd answer boforo tho grand
some jury for niurdor for thoir part in tho
idrod Way no nflair.
I can j'jjQ appointment of Deputy Marshal
A. D. Garden, of Wheeling, to succeed
tho ousted marshal will prove a popular
ono among Mr. Garden's friends?
,antic who aro many. Ho has tho qualificatry.
tions to mnko a good odicor. His aplocal
P?'nt?ont, howover, is not likolv to
lioal tho breach botwoen tho Domom08t
cratie factions. Like his lato chief, he
inose is n Cainden hustlor and will scarcely bo
wan, acceptable to- tho Wilson faction, who
ineae ',nvo declared a bitter war on Senator
Carailon and his whole crowd of federal
i,, at office-holdors. Mr. Garden's selection
rhich moans a continuance of tho fight, but it
iviros may bo safely predicted that, so tar as
imu- tho marshal is concopnod, tho shotgun
policy will not bo pufsuod.
a un
can it, ~~~
Tliroo IltuiilroU Ve?s?I# Dnraaceil nt SU
lalitM. N. f.. by tlio Htorm.
nero ? ? i
of a St. Johnh, N. F., Oct. 10.?A nortbtho
oaat gale of exceptional forco swept
toors ovor tj,j8 jg|ao(i iagt night. Tho storm
)t to *a9 vory 8ovoroat St. Pierre, Miquolon,
; sov- wliero thirty Uvea wore lost and great
boon damago was done.
All tho vessels at anchor took meaaIieJ}
urea to outrido tho ijalo, but tho caaual'and
tio8 woro many. Somo of tho doomed
;"eJ0 vessels woro thrown aahoro In very ex00
10 posed places, and tho great seas soon
*h h P0,,n^0C* thorn to piocos. No assistance
]"IC" could bo ronderod from the shoro. A
y?fl" numhor of mon attempting to roach
wero tho shore by swimming woro drowned,
whilo othera woro swopt into tho sea
'nnnH an(* woro ,,ot 6000 nffa'a unt^ their
"JJy bodies wero cast upon tho beach.
U,1Y" Tho wrecked vessels wore part of the
*d 18 fishing float that had put into St. Piorre
to repair damages sustained during the
ross- heavy storm of Septcmbor 30. Alto.urod
jjothor thero woro noarly throo hundred
lapa- voago|9 nt tho port, not a toingle one of
JflP* whicn cacaped without sustaining some
been jamago. Njveral of tho fleet aro misstem
jDK aillj jrrnvo fears aro entortained that (
ttioy founderod during the night.
?d at An Sulchlw ut Chnrloflton.
s k o d Spteial J)i*patch In II* In tell iQcneer.
1 tor- Charleston*, \V. Va., Oct. 10.?Mattie
Sentus, colorod, attcmptodsuicide today
by takiug a largo doso of insect
powder. She was putnpodoutand horlifo
cnts. saved. Domoatic dilUcultios woro the
catiHo of tho act.
0f Jim Anderson, a notod thiof, was con,
victed in tho criminal court to-day for
1110 holding up A. T. Dunlnp last spring
' day nnd robbing him of eovoral hundred
nson dollars. Ho will go up for tivo yoare.
*)a- Arrival**
Now York?Manitoba from Rio Ja*
tho neiro, Teutonic from Liverpool, Nodent
braska from Glasgow,
"t of Liverpool?Majestic from Now York,
di"R Nuuiidian from Montreal.
?tion Southampton?Spreo from Now York.
ting - o
en- n'otitlior Kor?c.nt. tor Ti?.ilny,
was for WW Virginia, fair; west winds; warmer
irtod iJ| northern portion.
.,i? .1 For Wi'.itorn IVnmrlvanla mid Ohio. Ronoralljr
Wlu fnlr. preceded by lnnil xhimvrs oil lake* lu oarljr
morning: west wiiula; uoclmiiK*-' In lemporuttiru.
ax furnished by li m iini.it. ilriiftgut, curuor
i Mnrkci uu.l Fourteenth ?troou.
, . 7 n. ra W| 1 P. >n ?1
lolls 'j n. '"| " l: in. ; ? ?
,cior " 1,1
ij coupoN si
' & 1^ 0 FOK ? 4
?i j! PART No. 28,
Tho <t\ W J
moot , 4 m
. . * !:)! ? Coupon. with lOo 1< cood |\ m
irirK i a j ;iri : ?? ( amkrjca" .4
I'ark \ ouo i'iiri Insuoil each wee.;. \
ding m M
lOtlld A \l ,
mer- * aut roittvolio i>ki?ahtnt \
?. i

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