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For the SuooobboI the Great Oauso
of Protection
Heavy Votes Will be Polled In All
of the States.
Goneral Sentiment is That Morton
Will be Electcd Governor and That
tUo Tammany TJgor will bo Slaughtered
in the City?Bis Odds Given by
Bettluif Won on itapuuuu?u ouuudm
In (hs State?Other States? RoputtIleitis
Will Mako Gain# Even in
Kcntnoky?Ohlo All Hlgbt.
Xew York, Nov. 5.?"Oa the eve of
battle; retting under arms," and similar
phrases wore current at the various
political headquarters to-day in the
place of news. Most of theae places
were nearly deserted, as many of the
managers have left them for thoir home
districts, where they will work and vote
to-morrow. in exception to the rule
was the case of Chairman Hackett, at
tlio Kopublican state headquarters in
tbo Fifth Avenue Hotel, who, bavins;
paired votes with a friend in Utlca, will
remain hero until after election, lie
said to-day that nothing ihad occurred
to change the estimates of Republican
success already made public. On
the othor hand, Chairman Timelier, at
democratic state headquarter!, before
t ;? l?. i IKonn tht* nftrtmnnn travn
it;aTIU? twi ? ? . oat
aa estimate that Morton would not
have more than 40,000 plurality above
the iinrlem river, and that to overcome
this Hill would have pluralities of over
60,000 in this city, at least 10,000 in
Kmua county and from 1,000 to 1,200 in
Kichmond county. Mr. Thacber, however,
admitted that Erie county, which
thnilill mon nave been claiming bv
some 7.000 votes, was at best doubtful
Confident claims are made by both
sides on tho local isouo. The aupportors
of tho committee of seventy ticket pre*
diet that Tammany will bo drowned by
a "tidal wavo," and Bay that, for this
roasoQ, ail estimates of figures on tho
local result aro worthless. At the beadquarters
of Hugh J. Grant this aftornoon,
the Tammany candidate for
mayor, issued a*statement in which lie
asserts that "to-morrow the Democrats
of the city of New York will give an
overwhelming plurality for tho state
ticket, headed by Davlrt B. liill. and the
connty ticket headed by my sol f." Mr.
Grant declares that the Lexow committee
has "finally thrown aside the cloak
of anxiety for the public good, and has
appeared, just as tho Fassett committeo
appeared in the weelc beiore election
day in 1800, as an utterly partisan Re*
publican body."
Ia predicting to-day the succois of
the auti-Tammauy ticket, Campaign
Manager Jerome, of the committee of
seventy, said he bolioved> the voters
would get to the polls early, and he waa
sure that in this event thoaevonty's
candidate! would win by overwhelming
Great interest is taken by all politicians
und by voters generally in tho
subject of tho weather to-morrow. Despite
to-day's storm tho weather bureau
prodicts clear and cooler weathor for
olsutiou, and it is believed that tho fulfillment
of this prophecy will be worth
thousands of votes to'the Republicans.
An important stop which will tond
materially to an honest olection was
taken to?day by Superintendent Byrnes,
who orderod that all tho polioomen on
duty at tho polls to-morrow shall bo dotailed
to precincts where they do not
regularly bolong. This, it is believod,
will provont improper acts by tho police
under tho influence of eloction ofBcors
and others with whom they aro personally
familiar and friendly.
There was n eoad donl of heavy bot
tine at tho St. Jamas nnd other up-town
liotcli to-day and also in Stock Exdiango
circles. Tho general odds aro
5 10 2 on Morton as against Hill and
about 5 to 4 samo in favor of Strong
against Grant, Of course thero was
considerable variation in tho terms of
tho various wagers, but tho odds notod
were about tho averago. Thoro was
little bolting on pluralities.
The Hutting In N?w York.
New York, Nov. 5.?The following
beta have boon mado on tho stock exciian^o
$2,500 to $5,000 on Grant against
Btrong; $5,000 to $2,0001s offered on
Norton; 1 to 5 is offered that Strong
will win by 50,000 ; 3 to 1 is offered on
Morton against Hill.
JSotting on the election went on at a
lively rate in tho up-town hotels.
Charles lloineoian bet $500 on Grant
against "Hutch" Thompson's $1,000,
nnd there were a nuinbor of bots in tho
club made tho same wav. aggregating
$10,000. lko Thompson placed SI,400
on Hill against $4,000.
'ilio Ht. James hotel was the chiof
rosort for ttio political bottom. During
the day money ropro8onting a total
hotting of S14.400 was placed ia the
hands of Clork Simpion by "Circular
Joe" Vendue,whoa* money la on the lllll
Hide. J. J, Martyn, a \Voatern Union
telegraph operator, who i* said
to l)o placing monov for Goorge
Gould, wai a proininonttismro about tho
Jamei, Delraonico'n and othor
piflfou. a samplo bet )io mado was
laying ^00 niruitmt So00 that Morton
would have 10,000 plurality. ? A wall
"trout umn took tho hot. Ho also bot
$ >00 to S400 on Strong.
Walbauin had iyO.OOO to boU IIo
r?giatered a bet of $10,000 to $4,000 that
Morton would bo eloctod. W'nlbaum
also bet $10,000 to $4,000 with a broker
named Taylor that Morton would bo
I'Oiiia IX Jones bet $7,000 to $2,000 that
Morton would win. Thia wm tho heat
odda yet Riven on Morton.
(Miiu IN AH Riieiii*
OfscfMXATi, Nov. 5.?Tho olectlon
here to-iuorrow is only for minor state
and local offices, in addition toConijrentoen.
Tiit present Ohio delegation in
i i
Congress consists of eleven Democrat* I
ml tea Republicans. Sorr. in the t
Third, Bichie in tho Xinth, Outhwaite 1
in the Twelfth, Johnaon in the twentieth
and otheri coniidored doubtful or
FaslonlaU and Befiubllcaui BotU Claim l
the Stat* bfOoo<l Majorities fl
Omaha, Nkb., Nov. 5.?The campaign ,
which closed to-night ii admitted to be I
the bittereit affair of the kind in Ne- 1
braika'a history, In all parti of tho '
state it wound up with euthuiiastic c
rallies. Thoolomonts of uncertainly aro i
more numerous in the contest to-mor- f
row than Nebratka hat ever Icnown. ?
The fnsion-Democratio-Populista claim t
the election of their state ticket by 10,OOO.
nnd thn Rnnnhliaanfl claim success t
for tbolr atuto ticket by 10,000. U
In tho congroaaional districts the F
luaioniats are certain of electing two (
member* of the lower liouae, Kein and '
JIcKeighan. In the First district the 1
flsht will bo cloie, bat tbe Indications ?
are favorable to Strode, the Republi- 1
can. In tbe Second diatriot JJercer may
bs elected over Boyd, Democrat, because
ot the refusal of tbe Populist I
noininoe. Deaver, to withdraw. Owing
to the fact that tbe Qxht in tiia Third
district ia three-cornered, the adherenti a
of Melkeljobn are very confident that .
ha will be re-elected, although the
other candidate! are not conceding P
much. Ia tbe Fourth district the fight d
ia close between Stark, faiionlit, and u
Hninor, Republican.
The legislature will, from preaont indi- cationa,
be cloae between tbe fmioniata 5
and tho Republicans.
It ia doubtful whether tbe reiult on
any office will be known before Wednesday
night, as owing to the diatanco from
telegraph stations of a number of the
counties, tbe returns will have to be I<
carried by moan ted meieengers for
many mllei.
Indiana Claimed bj lioth Parties? Uctllog h
Favors the Republicans. tl
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 5.?Both '
sidos are confident of carrying Indiana. 0
Chairman Taggart, of the Democratic tl
state committee, said to-night: "There
is not the least doabt in my mind that C
tho Democrats will carry the state, the
county, township and if there was a city
eiectiou on hand now thero wouldn't
be a Republican in the city government. T
I have heard a great many times that
this is a Republican year, but I am go- 3
ing to toll you there are a few beiuocrats
in this nock of the woods, and y
they are going to vote, and when they .
nil vote that means something. I am 81
confident of success." a
lie also claimed a majority of thir- H
teon Congressmen. ^
Chairman Govay, of the Republican .
committee, would give no figures, but
he said that the state would eo over- a
wheliningly Republioan, and that more o
than a majority of the Congressmen tj
would bo Republicans: Concerning
By nam, he claims he will be defeated 0
by from one to three thousand. The a
bolting is very light, but rather in ul
favor of the Republicans. n
The Chanced Are for the KepablicAQa to ^
fllRKD UUini) ?
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 5.?Tha earn- *
paitfti hai boon one of excitement from
tho beginning tho Republicans being
moro aggressive than ever known in
this state. Thoy have nominated for 11
all the offices to be filled. The Democrats
will olect thoir congressional candidatea
in the First, Second, Fourth,
Sixth and Eighth and probably in the 01
Seventh. The latter is Breckinridge's 8
district, in whioh Owens is the Demo- j
crntic nominee and Judge Denny the tj
Kopubiican. Owens' election is made
doubtful because many of tbo frionds of T
Brockinridge navo refused to support a
him. The fooling between these factions jL
is intense and bitter.
Tho really doubtful districts are tho
Third, fifth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, .
tho chances being about evonly divided.
In- this, tho Fifth, there is a suppressed
feeling of oxcitoraont this even- ,
ing, which forobodos troublo to-morrow.
Ovor 100 Republican election officers J
have been romoved and Democrats appointed
to succeed them during the past .
lorty-oight houra. Tho old oflicera were
appointed to servo for a year, and aa .
thov have eleven months yet to serve, A
tUoy will attempt to tajce lorcioie posses- _
flion of the books, nod trouble trill prob* J
nbly rosuit. ?.
A Sweeping It*publlunii Victory Conceded tl
by DrmocrntM. a,
Boston, Mam., Nov. 5.?Perhaps the si
severe storm la responsible, but there is jj
little or uo orcitomont in and about the
hotols of tho city on this, tho eve of tl
olection day. There is uo betting on o
tho results in this state and the Demo- a
crats concedo the election of the ontire ?
Republican ticket and elevon congressmen
out of the thirtean, although they ?
mako no Ugures rogarding the plurality ai
of Govornor Greenhulgo. Hon. Josiah
Quincy said to-night that ho wad mak- 0
ing no predictions as to the plurality C|
which the Republican candidate) will ?i
rocoive. Chairman NVinslow, of the J,
Republican atnto committee, like Mr> 0
Quincy, makos no predictions. Senator J
Lodgo looks for a Republican plurality
?f nn /?Vt
Will be To-dnj-'n Hodult? Cliulruinii Ilnb. ^
oncU'x clnlniH. 81
Washington, D. C? Nov. 5.?Chair- d
innn JJnbcock, of tho Republican Congressional
committee, to-day addrossed "(
a dispatch to Vico Chairman L, D. Aps- 0
ley, of Hudson, Mass., claiming for tho n
Republicans tho cortaiu olectiou of 183
membor.j of Congress, fonr more than [J
n majority of tho liouso and tho probahlo
olontlon of 2i8 Republicans. iho '
dispatch follow*: _
"WjlHIIINOTOK, P. C., Nov. 5,1SD4.
"Ilmt. !,. />. Avtlry, Vict chairman Hepubtlcan
Cong ret* Ion nl OimniUlft, Jlifttmi, Man.
"1 hitvo iatu information (rom all ..
at.'itea and cloao congressional districts,
and, without n ainiglo oxcoption, thnso ,(
roport* show Republican gnini, and, n
from tho latest advices, Iflzureupon 183 n
districts that will oloct Republicans be- tl
yond any question, nnd 33 districts in p
which we havo moro than even chanco tl
o elect I confidently believe we will
>ave good working majority In the
text bouse,
Wijued] "J. V. Babcocli,
MlnuatoU'ft Situation.
Br. Pacl, Nov. 5.?Minnesota will tonorrow
elect a (all state, congrestioosl
ind legislative, and all tlireo leading
lartiea maite great claims. TbeKepublean
committee clalme that Governor
foleoa will be re-elected, and predict a
olid congressional delegation and a
najority in the legislature. Tho Demoratic
committee claims that Becker
rill bo elected by 5,000 or more; Hint
lart of tho state ticket will follow him,
ind that at leait two Congressmen will
le Democrat!.
The Populist committee simply claim
be election of Bidnejr 31' Owen tor
overnor, without uiving figures, exireii
confidence In the re-election of
Congressman Boen, and assert that they
rill hold the balance oi power in the
sglslature. Senator Washburn's rolection
ie assured if tho legislature is
'resident Cleveland Ha# Written no Word
Endorilug 1111).
WasmNOTON, D. 0., Nov. 5.?A depatcU
from Albion, N. Y., printed toay
gives an extract from a letter purorting
to bavo been written by Present
Cleveland to Kobort L. Tnacher
pon the political situation.
It can be stated on authority that the
resident has not written any letter
earing upon the existing political caaaso
In New York state.
llo U a PopallaU
Washington. D. G.. Nor. 5.?Tho fol
>winfc dispatch explains itself:
Goldsiiouo, N. C., Nov. 5.
Ex-Congrassmah W. fl. Kitchen, who
lined the Peoples' Party a few months
jo, and who has canvassed the state,
as just sent me a telegram denying
be charge made in yesterday's papers
liat be had gone back to the Eemoratio
party. Ho saya:
"I am a Populist and will not vote
bo Democratic tickot."
(Signod) "Marion Butler,
Ihairinan Peoplos' Party State Elective
he lUglster'A Uatparnts Ilrunk About
That Cant Yeltcrilay.
"o Iht Editor of the InUUtoenar.
Sir:?In regard to tbe editorial in
esterday's Kegister, alleging that tbe
gnars of tho card relative to Mr. Whitkor's
treatment of bis employes pubsbed
In yesterday's Ixteixmikcim
ere intimidated or compolled to sign
10 card, I desire to say that first I
m a JJUiuuurnt; auuuuu, unw u? ioudv
no-half of the slcnera wore Democrats;
lird, that I myaelf, and I know ovory
ther signer of tho card gjgned it freely
nd of his own accord, without the
lightest intimation from the managelont
or from Mr- Whitaker that they
eiired it. In tact, I know that Mr.
fhitakor know nothing of the card
ntil he saw it in print
uomas Fox, Jr., and Many Other
a tlio Hold* of Tliroe Stoamers?Fifty
Thoimniiil Dollars Lonn.
Savannah, Ga., Nov. S.?At halt pait
o'clock this evonin? firo was discovred
in tho hold of the cotton iteatnor
kidby, at tho Central compass wharf,
ho firo woe in hold No. 3, in which
<.ero was about 2,500 bales of cotton. |
he 8kidby had about 10,000 balea
board. Sho had about concludod loadig
and would have cloarod to-morrow,
ho Are had painod considonble boaday
whon discovered and at tbo writing
i still burning.
At 0:15 it was discovered that tbore
aa flro in tho cotton in the hold of tho '
;eamer Baltimore City, at the Gordon
reaa wharf, about a mile away from tho
zone of the tiro on the Skidby.
Alongside of tho Baltimore City lay
le ateamor Caatleparth, and in a few
linutea aftor the discovery that tho
>rraer's cotton was afire, flro waa also
isuovored in tbo forepeak of the Castlearth,
in which compartment there was
bout 100 bales of cotton and tho seaion's
Tho firo on the Baltimoro City waa
til small and waa soon put out. On
10 Castlegarth it was more obstinate,
nd was not extinguished until the
lilors' clothes had been burnod and all
io cotton in tbo compartment more or
us damaged.
About an hour aftor tho diacovery of
io fire on the Baltimore City, an alarm
f fire was givon from the steatuor Stag,
Iso loading at Gordon's wharf along
ith tho Baltimore City ami tho Castloarth.
This firo proved to be tho most obstiato
of the three at the Gordon wnarf,
nd it is still burning.
All the firo are out now except thoio
n tho Stag and tikidby. Loss, af far as
in do estimaieu at vuia wuio, 19 uuuui
30,000. Tho ships and the cargoes aro
ivored by insurance. As to tho origin
[ tho Ares, there ia no satisfactory oxlanation.
Tlio Kmnlt-i'ux Scnro.
Washington, Nov, 5.-?Cornelius Farer,
a colored man, in the araall-pox
?rvico, was stricken withjtlio disease toay
and removed to tbo pool house.
Jlallard Morris, tho principal examier
in tho patent office, who to-day waa
sported to havo tho disease, wai found,
11 inspection, to bo sufloring froiu an
gurnvnlod caso of vaccination.
.Several other suspicious eases woro
sported, but investigation showed that
lev wore not small-pox. Ono of tho
ntionts nt tho hospital is vory low, anther
is quite sick, but tho romalnder
ro doing woll.
.Smallpox Near Mllvvuukru.
Milwaukbb, Wis., Nov. 5.?Frederick
lash lives near Maskogoo Lake, nine>011
miles southwest of this city, four
tilos from Hales Corners and three
lilos from 'Joscb'a Corners. Two of
toir children died Thursday of smallox
and ono 011 Saturday. Sovorul of
10 others and (lie mother aro now aick.
The Gallant Young Opponent of
the Great Free Trade Leader
Amid Unbounded Eothuelasm For
the Cauee ot Protection.
Hi in, In gplto ot Bad Weather?A
Great I'roccMlon?Thousands of
l'oopio llally to His Standard?Wil on
Closas at Grafton Opera Home,
While tho Jlopubllcans Hold a
Gr?a(l Mooting a Square Away.
Republican Corumlttoo Claims Day*
ton's Election by Eight Hundred
Plurality?Tbo Figures.
tifccial DUpatch to the JtUelHoencer.
Fairmont, W. Vjl, Nov. 5.?Notwithstanding
the rain and damp weather
to-day Fairmont witnessed by all odds
the largest, most magnificont assembling
of people seen bere daring this truly
wonderful campaign. Early in the
morning people began to come into
town in parties, in wagons and on
horsoback by the hundreds, and when
the town loeraed to be full to overflowing
and the procession was already too
large for the town, Winfield aud Union
districts capped the whole aflair by
turning out over 1,000 men on horses
aud in carriages to add to the already
immeuie parade. The crowd was estimated
to be more than 6,000.
At 11 o'clock the parade started headed
by Gol. A. Howard Fleming, chief
marshal, and the Wheeling Opera Ilouso
band and the Dayton Four Hundred
Marching Club, followed by the delegations
from each district of the county.
Each district was represented by a
large body of horsemen and carriages
with a brass band at tho head. Mauy
had martial bandti and altogether it was
a wonderful turn-out of earnest, sincere
Americans, determined to allow meir
disapproval of the actions of the present
congressman from this district. Fully
three thousand people joiued in the
parade and it extended for a length of
nearly two miles, completely encircling
both Fairmont and Palatine.
At 1:30 Hon. John Jarrett, of Pittsburgh,
was introduced and was recoived
by an imuienge enthusiastic cheering
crowd of Republicans. Ho spoke for
nearly an hour in the face of a cold rain,
which did not seem in the least to effect
the enthusiasm of his audience, which
was boundless. At the conclusion of
Mr. Jarrett's speech Mr. A. Cr. Davton
appeared udou the platform and for
several minutes nothing could be heard
but "Dayton, Dayton, Dayton!" Mr.
Dayton was so hoarso as to be unable to
speak for auy length of time, but the
crowd relusod to allow mm co leave ana
aii crowded around to shako his hand.
It was only by the greatest difficulty
that the crowd was persuaded not to
carry him bodily to tho opera houso on
their shoulderi, to which the rain
finally compelled the assembly to adjourn.
After the adjournment to tho
opera house Hons. G. \V. Atkinson,
John W. Mason and others addressed
tho crowd, while the wildost enthusiasm
prevailed all through the
city. Profuse decorations, horns,
drums, ail were in evidence, and tho
utter absence of any druukennejs or
disorder made tho meeting a wonder/ul
contrast to the carousal hold hore Saturday
by the Democrats. Fairmont
never in hor history received such a
magnificent turnout for a political party.
Xover before has this county boou so
thoroughly canvassed by both parties.
Republicans have it all tlioir own way,
howovor, and Dayton will carry tho
county by at least 300 majority. A
pleasing incident occurred at tho end of
tho oxorclsos at tho opera house, whon
Chairman E. M. Snowulter presented in
a delightful little soooch to Mr. Davtori a
beautiful floral pieco built of cut flowers
on behalf of tho young ladies of Fairmont,
who wished to show by some
means their loyalty to Mr. Dayton.
WlUon unci Dayton linch EiuIh Ills Cnm>
pnlRii la Grnftou?Hoth Hnvo Croat
Mooting*!?Dayton'* Klootion l'rndlcteil
by Hih Committee by n Macolllcunt
Plurality?llowr It I* Intimated. ,
Stxetal bitpatch to IhnInlcUijciicer.
Gkafton, W. Va., Nov. 5.?William
L. Wilson inado his last spouch hero to*
night in this campaign. It has boon
his custom in former campaigns to close
in Grafton. It has boon tho last speech
ho has inado in sovon consecutive campaigns
for * return to Congress. Tho
lingor of dojtlny points to his dofoat
to-morrow. The "signs of tho times"
foreshadow it While ho was spoakinu
to-night, tho Republicans wore holding
a mooting whore enthusiasm ovorloapt
all bounds and mou choured and yollod
like mad. Dayton was thoro. Tomorrow
it will bo Congressman Dayton.
Mr. Wilson and his chairman, Col. John
T. McGraw, spoko at tho opera houso.
Tho building was crowded. It was tho
lust grand rally for froo trado and William
London Wilson and great preparations
were inado for it. Thoro was a
largo numbor of Indies in tho audience
and they adorned the stage, too, by
thoir nroBonco thoro.
In hisspooch Mr. Wilson appoarod to
disadvantage unuiual horotoforo. Ho
Booinod hauutod by visions like those ,
that aroused Richard HI from his slum- ;
bora on tho JJoswoith battlo-liold and
told him of tho crushing defeat ou tho
morrow. Ho was embaNuaaed. Hid ,
spoocii wan n pitiful appeal. its bunion
was tho trusts and Kopublican ''booalo."
Ho intiiiu&tod tbat lio foarod dofeut and
proparod tho way by charging k up to
Kopublican "bojdlo" in this campaign,
notwithstanding tho fact tho Dciuocrata
iiavo uard ton dollars to one on
tho othor sido. Ho said if ho wore 1
beaten tho causa of Dotuocraoy would
go on and noma other man us good
would taUo IiIh plnco. At thia point
Homebody criod out tho uuino of Dayton.
Tho closing Kopublican railv was
hold horo titturday, when Mr. Dayton
raudo an oxtondod spoocb. Tho mooting
to-night wa? potton up ginco noon today.
It was held in tho court houso.
TIimfa ?ti>pk hitnrtrA<{? nil tliA OUtflidtt
who could not gain nn admittance, so i
! great wan the jam. lion?. G. W. Atkin- <
, son, of Wheeling, and JohtfU. Holt, of j
Grafton, made stirring apeochoa and
predicted victory for Dayton and protection.
Wild calls wore mado for Dayton.
Hespoke a few momenta and the
ovation that was given him woa aucb a*
a groat military horo might receive .
fresh from the lield of battle, bearing
his trophies with him. Altogether ft
baa been the groatost night of political
excitement ever known iu Grafton.
Tho Republican congressional committee
gave your correspondent their figures
to-nigtit, Dayton's election is
claimed by 825 plurality. The majorities
by countics ure as follows:
Dayton's Wilson's
I'lurnlitic.4. Pluralities.
IlArboitr 'hi 1
Berkley ?... -W ..... i
Grntit NSo 1
Hftinjwhiro <
lUnly....^ ..
Jefferson l?M)
Marlon 200 .... . .
Mint* rat 17.') ...... 1
Monongalia <
Moncun ..
Pendleton .. .. 250
Preston ...... 1730 ...... ,
iUuriolph 7oo
Taylor - 4i% <
Tucker .. 175 ......
61:5 4J00
Dayton's plurality 825.
Chairman McGraw, of Wilson's committoe,
is game to tho last. He is, of (
course, claiming Wilson's election, but 1
every factor of the situation cloarly ,
provos it a desperate claim. Mr. WUaon
leavos hore on the 4:05 train in tho 1
morning for Charles Town. 1
Til lit I) D1STKICT.
The Outlonlc Very Favorable to Kepnbll- .
cam?It Looks Like IItiling Will be
Elected. 1
Speaal DUpatch to the InUllljencer. ]
CiiAnLKSTON*, W. Va., Nov. 5.?To- I
night every thing points to a Rouubiican
triumph to-morrow. Gains aro expected
in Logan, Boone, McDowell and j
Kanawha counties. Democrats claim j
gains in Clay, Fayette and Pocahontas. |
In Boono both aides claim gains. Little (
change is oxpcctod iu otlior counties, i
The Republicans claim Kanawha by t
from twolvo to fifteen hundred, while i
Doraocrata give Hilling from fivo to i
eight hundred. A bis mooting was h
hold to-night, addreasod by Horn William
Seymour Edwards, L. A. Martin
and othora, and enthusiasm was at
fevor heat. Beta aro being niRdo oven 1
on ono thousand plurality for Hilling, j
wbilo bets on Alderson's election, no .
plurality given, aro also boiug oflbred ,
and taken. The Democrats genorally 'j
claim that Alderaon will coino to Kanawha
with one thousand plurality, while
Republicans claim Haling and Aldoraon
will como hero nock aud npek. Kana- 1
wlia is cortain for a Republican majority,
with Huliug loading the tickot,
but never before was thero so much
uncertainty as to the figures. Under- [
curreuts aro working on both Hido* nnd
the result will only bo known whou the
returns are received.
How "Junior" Stnmls. ^
Fpeelnl Dlajxiirb to the IiUelllocncer. <i
Kinowood, W. Va., Nov. 5.?A special \
from here to the Register yostorday is t
misleading. William G. Brown is sup- *
porting William London Wilson for !
Congress, but that support has a mask i
on it. Junior thinks that Mr. Wilson
will Da UL'iuon or ?m uu uuusuu 111
Camden's place in the senate, and thus
"NVo us & Co." can pet to Controls via
tho Wilson route. One tiling is certain, ,
"Junior" was not supporting Wilson
according to the queen s taste when a
Domocratic pastwaater was chosen for
Jvingffood. B
An Krrnr In IVlutcrnphini; CntinoA tlm C
IntoIIiconcer to Mnku n Mlmtitnnirut.
Domocratic Itoorbnch Nniled Jane tlm
In yesterday's Intkllioenckb ap- t
poarod a special dispatch from Grafton j
in reference to the Democratic roorbach '
from tho same place printed iu 1
tho liesister charging that tho
Uopublican committee in the Second
district was attempting to ^
corrupt tho voters of Hampshiro 1
county with money. Tho liegiator's
story charged that a vast amouut of
money had boon aont to Hampshiro for i
that purpose. Tho Intelliuknckk'* dispatch
stated that it was positively
known that throo thousand dollars in
corruption taonoy hud been sent to the 1
county by tho Democratic boodlers, and 8
also declarod on tho authority of tlio p
liopublicau comuiittoo that only $1,000 c
of Republican money had boon tout to
pay logitinmto campaign expensed. '
It should huvo read $100, tho orror "
boing duo to a mistake in the transmission
of tho telegram. Tho fact of tho J
maiter is, tho Republican committoe in
tho Socond district bad no such sum as (
$1,000 to send to Hampshire county, or
any othor county, as they havo been
pushed hard to raise enough money to "
payorpouflos. That tho orror in printing
$1,000 instead of $100, tho propor
amount, was made, is evidenced by
tho following tolegrain rccoivod from
Manager A. T. Clino, of tho Western I 11
Union Tolegraph Company at Grafton: o
Ghakton, W. Va., Nov. 5. ii
To thi Editor of t\c JidcUiijeikW. h
Sue?In a apccial dispatch dated at 1
Giafton November I, anil printed in tho
first column on the first pa ire of tho J
Wheeling Daily Intklucjiixcku of this
date, November 5th, it is Raid: ^
"Your correspondent is authorized by
tiie Republican congressional com- J "
mil too to Htato tiiat but one thousand I
dollars bus been sent lo ilampshire j ^
An examination of the original copy
rid Hied in tliix olllce shows the liguros i
*=1,000 (one tiioiHand) as printed, should o
i.? ctoii htiiulrml). It in nlainiv I
wiitlHU "ono hundred" in iigureti anil .
Bhould have buen ?? transmitted and ]c
printod. A. T. Ouxe,
Maunder Woitorn Union Tolograpli. j
Suml Cor labul.
Mansfii:i,d, 0., Nov. 5.?This after- i
noon Calvin ! '. Martin, Democratic j
L'onnty coinmiusionor, eued \\\ ?S. Cap- I
pallor, proprioior of tiio Now#, a Ho- 11
publican paper, for i'Jo,0'JO damaged. M
Saturday tliu <li)fondiint'?? pnpur contained
an itoin inninuaiin^ that Martin,
who wa4 appointed to unccood u Ket>ul>- '
lican coin in iHJloncr, who wai killed,
paid $700 f or the nppointuieut. i.
China Said to Have Askod the
Powors to Arbitrate
L'tio Chinotfo Ambassador Aaks
Europe to Hue For Poaoo?The
XeriDH Arc lltat Korea bo Allowed
to Kciualn an Independent I'uwar,
Indications That tho War in thm
Orient Will Come to an End.
London, Nov. 0,?Tho Dtily Newi
aya that tho Chineao miniator baa imIiurtod
to tho foroii?n oflico tho Chinese
iesiro that tho powers mediate with
jupau iur a xuc luiuimor uuq
jono to Paris to muko a similar roquost
Ia a loader commenting on the forejoing
tho Daily News aayu that tbe
Jhineae have approached tbe powers
with terms of pouco she will otter
Japan. This is a formal renewal on a
ar?ur scaloof tho ovorturos made to the
queen's miniutorn a month ago. Lord
Rosobory'a course could not hav>e boon
noro completely and conclosively
'indicated. No European power can"
veil desire to prolong this disastrous
:onflict. Even the United States, doipite
tho Monroo doctrine, must be
:oucerned for the regularity and secnrty
of ttieir groat tratio with Japan. It
vill be diflicult to contend that inter
orcnco is premature now.
China Wnuta l'?ace.
Rome, Nov. 5.?A dispatch receivod
rom l'ekin states that China is disposed
.o coucludo a peace with Japan ou the
jasis of a jruaranteo of the indepenrijnce
Qf Korea and tlio payment of an
ndemnity, the amount to bo fixed by
he powers. The dispatch adds that it
8 reported that China has invited the
-epreanntalives of the powera to intervene
to secure peace.
Li limit; Irnimf?rrixl.
Shanghai, Nov. 5.?It is stated that
Viceroy Li Hun}; Chang, instead of takuj:
command of the lirit Chinoso army
is it was said ho had been ordered to
lo, has been transferred from Xien
L'din to Pekin.
( 'roiu America by tl?? Ucrmun Goraru*
iiinnt?Tim Agrarian League Wants It
.>Iu<!n Sweeping.
Lo.vdok, Nov. 0.?A dispatch to the
rimes from Berlin says that tho Agra*
ian Leujruo has prosonted a memorial
o Chancollor Von Hohenlohe, requestnz
him to exctude all American cattle
ihippod to Germany on October 28.
Clio niomorial demands that the cattle
>o returned to the United States, and
lint alter unloading, mo snips mac
jrou^ht them to Germany bo qatrtnined.
Though the eflorts of tho Hon.
Cbeodore ltunyon, the American am>assador,
to obtain a repeal of the
ncaauro forbidding the importation of
American cattle liavo failed, further
ittompts will bo mado to arrive at an
mderatanding with the government on
he matter.
An Uiipletumiit Incident.
Vienna, Nov. 5.?There was a noisy
ceno in tho roichsrath to-day. The
residont of tho house delivered an
ulogy on tho late czar. During bis adIress
the Polish members hotly proested
nznin.it iiis praise of the dead
tuperor. Finally tho greater number
i tho Polish members withdrew from
he chamber. Tho incidont was an unfeasant
one for the government and
imporor Francis Joseph is likely to
uke it as a personal otionse.
Odessa, Nov. 5.?A firm bolief prevaili
lore that Czar Nicholas will partially or
otally abolish tbo press censorship.
'ho Flultililu? Departuinnt of tlio Edgar
TIioiumoii Stool Work ft.
Bhaddock, Pa., Nov. 5.?The finishng
department of the Edgar Thomson
tool works is idle and a complete susonsion
may follow. The rail straight- j
tiers were told this morning that the ^
Biographers woro to be dispensed with,
,nd tlio straiglitoners would bo requird
to do tlio extra work without nddiionnl
compensation. Tho straightenrs
thereupon quit work aud appointed
conimitteo to carry their grievance to
Jhnirmati Frick. About 150 men are
iovv alloctoil and snouui a compromise
,ot Im made, tho entire plant Jrill have
o cloao down. ?
'l'nipmly in Cuorglu. A
Amriucuj, Gjl, Nor. 5.?Saturday f
inht, Mr. Konnody, a fnrraer ltvitapr
ipht miles in tho country, whilo crodu'
liomo intoxicated stopped at tbe
otno of his brother-in-law, 31iltoa
Aftor knocking some timo at tho door
nd rohi.iinj to answer when nuked
Who's thorn?" tho door wut opouod by
Ir. Hart'i eon, Mr. Hart being ready
> dufond hia homo with a uun. Ken
ody rushed into tho home an soon as
Ins door was opened and wan shot by
Ir. Hart. Ilu died yoatorday.
Kill?il tl<n IVoprirtur.
JAsrnit, I.vi? , Nov. 5.?Tho sawmill
f Kuminulf Company, of Duff, Ind,,
low up to-day. Mr. Rtnntnols was
iiloil and sovorul of tho employes woro
adly injurod. Kummola caino from
V'liilcly rounty about tliroo years a^a,
NlPiiiil<lil|t ArrlvnU.
NVwr York?Truro from Hr-'tiicii.
Liverpool-I milium crotn I'hllatlolpliia.
Uimilipr r<ir<nm?t lor Ti?.i Inf.
i t W?-m V|r,:iiijn. WokUtii lVniisylvnnlu nnd
,u!ur.ill> i.iir during Tuc*lny; unribtu-At
ti. rKMt'i.itAri'iiis vmrKuoAV.
, fis- >! ';( I !'.? . !|m::v eoru)?
.ir?'- /! ! Fourteenth Mruv.i.
' n. in II' 1 p. m M
i n. m mi. Hi! 7 |>. in 46
! in 4UJ Weather?changeable.

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