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Of Water la theUpperOhio Causes
a Bier Goal Movement.
From the Smoky City for the Lower
River Yc?tor<luy Morning?'Tlio Coal
FlooC Will Past* Wheeling This
Morning?Tho Packet Lines Will
Now Kesuine All Along tho itlver.
Fifteen Foot Expected Here.
Qu*Jm ?in, fnr anvnrol
UlOHUy uvnunaisi < mug u> ? ?days
past have caused the first substantial
raise in the Ohio since the fleeting
coal boat stage during the first two
weeks of June, last summer. Tiie nvor
is now as yellow a thlo as ever descended
the Missouri valley, fainoas in fact
and in Twainic narrative as an off colored
stream. The swell began in earnest
yesterday morning and continued to
come up tho marks rapidly throughout
the day, the marks at (i p. m. registering
nine feet full. Captain Orochard of the
city wharfboat estimates from the reported
amount of rain that has fallen
that tho Ohio at this point will roach
fourteen or fifteen feet, more water
than has boon soon on tho upper Ohio
for many months.
The rains appoar to have been general,
extending to the lower Ohio. Yesterday
Captain Crockard recoived information
from Cincinnati to the oflect
that the Cincinnati and Memphis and
Cincinnati and Now Orleans packot
linos will both resumo this week. As
Superintendent Henderson, of the Pittsburgh
end Cincinnati company has docided
to send out the other bouts of his
lino, in udditionto tho Keystone State,
so soon as the lower river llnoa resumed,
it inay be reasonably assumed
that the packets Scotia, Hudson and
Iron Queen will be back iu their trades
before the week is past.
Oue of tho most important incidonts
of tho riso will bo tho movement by
water of coal out of tho Pittsburgh district.
Over 10,000,000 bushels aro in
1 boats and barges and of this fully 5,000,000
were sent out from the Smoky City
yestorday. Tho advance guard of the
tbe coal fleet is expected to pass Wheeling
this morning, and at noon the river
will be black with town.
One of the remarkable incidents of
tho rise, says tho Pittsburgh Commercial
Guzotto, if it is largo enough, will
bo the tow taken out by tho Pacific No.
2. Should tho water reach tho boat
stage she will liiKt) aovon coci uujils anu
thirteen barges, tho bi^u'oat ton- ever
taken out of this harbor by a bout of
her kind. Rivermou aro all interested
. in this rise to see how the experiment
will work. The usual tow ia about
twelvo barcea to the steamer, but thoy
toldoin ever attempt to carry nearly as
many boats.
A dispatch rofcived last night frotu
Pittsburgh stated that a boating atairo
was reached in tho river and over 5,000,IXHJ
bushels of coal started for Cincinnati,
New Orleans and other ports. It
is estimated that thero aro 10,000,000
bushels in tho harbor awaiting shipment.
Tho Cruiser's tow was wroeked
at Merriman station in tho morning
and 00,000 bushel* of coal lost.
Stdgo of U'utur and MuveuiuntH of Hoats.
Tho Hivnr Intornnti.
Courier. Ciuinble. Parkersburjr. Ou. in.
Bou llnr, Kumplo. Purkcrsburg. S p. m.
Liberty, Jtooth, Clariugton. 3::k) p. in.
II. K. Bedford. Green, Pittsburgh, S a in.
Keystone .State. Calhoun, Cincinnati, S a. in.
Courier, (iambic. Parkenburg, 10:30 a. m.
It. II Phillips. Kline, Mntmunru.s. IOiJIO a. in.
Liberty, IJouth, Clarlngton, o::?0 p. in.
At G p. m. tho marks at the public
landing showed nine foot in tho channel
and rising. Fifteen feet is expectod
at this point to-morrow. It ia thought,
also, that the river will maintain u good
boating stage until tho really cold
weather, if tliero is to bo any, seta in.
The Courier was duo down Sunday
afternoon, but did not pass until 0 a. in.
yesterday. On tbo up trip to Pittsburgh
Saturday night this boat was caught in a
donso fog at Short Crook, and was cotnpollod
to tio up for twenty hours, causing
tho latoness of tho hourof departure
on the down-trip yeatorduy.
Reports from headwater points wore
as follows:
Warren?River 2 feet 2 inches ana
falling. Weathor ia clear and cool.
Morgan town-?River (> feet (> inchos
and rising. Weather cloar and cool.
Greensboro?River 9 foot 0 inchos and
falling. Wouther clear and pleasant,
IiulitHlritit Xutuii.
The Belmont mill on tho South Sido
is temporarily idle, and is expected to
resume early this week.
/ Tho LaBollo mill wont on again yostorday
mornin?, aftor a lay-oil since
Thanksgiving day. Tho improvements
at this plant are processing rapidly.
Tho Spears axle factorv on tho South
Side was oil for soveral hours yestorday
on account of trouble with" tho machinery
during tho morning. Tho factory
rosumod at 3 o'clock in tho afternoon.
. lumber finishing factory from Cincinnati
to Iluntinuton, W. Vn., an ontorprising
town on the Ohio river. Tho factory
will have nn output of 00,000 feet of
Jinifliicil product daily, and will employ
100 hand?, only tho best materials being
used. Huntington dosires to build
up her industries, and rejoicos in tho
accession of Mr. Trost's factory.?Ltaf
Tho Cigar Wrapper Company has
been incorporated* under tho laws of
West Virginia, with a capital of $.">0,000
and a principal ollico at Wheeling. It is
for the purpoao of "manufacturing tobacco
wrappers for cigars and cigarettes."
'Iho incorporators are Thomas
Hatinn, Mrs. Carolino M. Hanna, J. L.
Sawtell, Wiliam Ktootzor and John W.
Clasaon, all of Wheeling.
Start 4 Undor 1'avorahln |Au?plcei??The
lMnii ?it II.
Last ovonimr a mooting was hold at
8t. Joseph's cathedral to tnko tho preliminary
%tops toward tho formation of
a club ior Catholic young men. It is to
he a social and athletic organization,
similar to clubs that have bocome popular
in other citios, notably New York
and Baltimore. In the latter citv Bishop
Donehuo was a member of tho club.
Tho attendance last night wan unexpectedly
largo. Kev. Kathor You nan
mado an address, dwelling on tho advantage!)
ot such an organization ns was
in contemplation. It will givo the young
L men an innocent form of umusomont,
I keen them from going to Ions praise1
worthy roRorts and bring them togothor
B in their diversions.
B Hey. Father Moyo submitted the constitution
of the Catholic club of Now
York City for tho guidance of the committee
on constitution and by-lawa. It
is understood that F?tber Moye will be
the clerical director of the club. Another
meeting will be held next Tuesday
evening to adopt the constitution
and by-laws, elect officers and perfect
the organization.
Right Rev. Bishop Donehue is out in
the interior of the state on a missionary
tour, and will be gone for some time.
t Luck of the Gold Kin? Company at
Cripple C're?U.
The following from ttie Colorado
Springs Uazettee aoooi various uojuingo
of the "Gold King" Mining Company,
will be road with interest here, as several
Wheeling people are interested in
that company:
CairpLK Cheek, Nor. 23.?The Gold
King Company, who have hitherto been
very careful and adverse to giving mining
newa to the newspapers, have at iast
relaxed that rule, and are now willing
that something regarding their property
hall appear in print. Their ?1 Paso
lode, located in Poverty gulch, is being<
worked mainly by two tunnels, and today
in the No. 1 or upper levol a new
and important strike was made. It was
in the shape of two feet of ore that runs
from ?400 to $600 to the ton. Ia the
160-foot level they have also some
very good ore. The now
strike consists of a peculiar '
white nuartz. The manager for the
company, Mr. Hannum, says they now '
have ore in every shaft, and in every
level in the property. The No. 1 tunnel
is now in nearly 500 feet, and No. 2 700
feet, and they have recently started a
now shaft on the vein that is now doivn
ttvnntv foot and shows the voin well in |;
place at the bottom. With a force of
twenty men they aro taking out ore that
on the average runs into ten cars per
month, but since the strike mode to- [
day they will increaso their force, and
consequently their shipments. As
soon as the survey is finished they will 1
sink a straight working shaft on tho
The El Paso pooplo have cut through
the thirty foot vein of overflow which '
they hod on the surface and now have 1
a three-foot vein of first-class oro. A ,
sufficient quantity of development work
has now been done on the vein to show
that they now have it well in place.
Both walls are in evidence, and the oro
is pay stuff euro onough.
LOCAL imWViriES. |
Slattern of Minor Moment in and About |
the City. I
JjOCAIj hunters report game very
scarce. 1
The Giiand this evening?"A Ken- I
tacky Girl."
Powell, the well-known magician,
will be the attraction at the Opera
Unnan Saturdav.
The fourth lecture in the aoriei driven
by Dr. Harriet Jones will be delivered i
at the W. C. T. U. hall, 1207 Main
stroot, to?nicht at 7:30 o'clock, sharp, i
Subject: "Generative Organs." i
Annie Aknoi.d, the only female
tramp on the road, spent last night at i
police headquartors. She has been '
hero before, soveral years ago. She J
says alio lives at Nolsonville, 0., and is '
ttio mothor of one child. 1
Yestehday morning B. & O. engine
804, pulling the cannon ball train outho
ilemptield diviaiou, blew out a cylinder
head in the yard opposite the city hall,
and it was thrown about a hundred
leot. Tho only damage resulting was
the delay of the train.
Striwjsern in the City ami Wheeling Folks (
Abroad. ,
C. M. Hatch, of Parkersburg, is a \
Windsor arrival. j
R. I. Pattoraon, of Fairmont, figures
on the Windsor register.
George II. Robinson was in Mounds- I
ville yesterday on business. f
Hon. G. W. Atkinson wont down to 1
Si8tersville yesterday on a business trip. !
S. L. Mooney. a Woodtfield, Ohio, j
banker, is in the city on a business trip, j
u truest at the McLnrc.
T. \V. Jackson, a prominent Parkoraburg
business man, was here yostorday,
a truest at the Windsor.
Cyrus Woodbury, of Columbus, a firo
insurance man, well known in Whoeling,
autographod at the MsLuro.
Mrs. Goorgo Norris, of Woodsfield,
Ohio, is visiting her brother, Mr. John
Q. Blawons, of Seventeenth street.
II. W. Dickinson, of Broken Bow,
Neb\ is in the city to seo Mrs. Dickinson,
who is under troatmont at a local
Superintendent II. B. Pobler, of tho
county infirmary, is visiting relatives
in Washington county, Ohio, near
Chief Marshal of the Firo Department
Frank Hoaly is able to bo out again after
a serious sioge with his old troublo,
Mrs. F. S. Albertaon and daughter, of
Alexandria, Ind., are visiting hor
mother. Mrs. Elizaboth Hastings, of
South Kofi street.
Frank Laflam and wife, of Pittsburgh,
who have boon tho guests of friends on
tho South Sido in this city, left yesterday
for thoir homo.
llenrv Myers, in advance of Powell,
tho magician, was hero yostorday arranging
for tho appoarance of his star
at the Opera House.
Capt. W. II. Gilloinie, a prominent
man in tho Sistersvillo region, accompanied
by Mrs. Gillespie, was in town
yesterday, ami roistered at too Windsor.
W. A. Hillings, of Sistonvillo; Edmiind
Huu'ill, of Clarksburg; J. C.
Lloyd, of Nippon, and 0. O. Hanlon, of
Barnosville, wero arnousr yoatorday'a arrivals
at tho Statu m.
Congressman-oloct 15. B. Dovoner loft
yosterday morning ovor tho Ohio liivor
road for Hinton, whom ho ia to dolivor
an addresa beforo tho United Workmon.
Ho will not return until noxt
D. F. Thomas, of Wollsburg; W. F.
Bowera, of Farkorabur*;; 0. A. Frichard,
of Mannington; C. 1). Munaon, of Buckhannon,
and S. W. Thomas, of David,
wero anions tho West Virginia pooplo *
at tho Bohlor. ,
Kiijoynliln Kv?<nt.
Tho Cracker-Jack club of Bonwood,
last evening gnvo a ball at tho City hall
in Bonwood that was ono of tho* most
brilliant aocial ovunts of tho aoaion
down thero. Tho attendance was firstclass
and a most enjoyable timo waa enjoyed
by everybody. A masquerade
ball will be givon at Dolan'a hall in
Hun wood this ovenmu,
Cam. at tho Whoeling Unkory's rotail
storo for un order of hot pan-cakos.
\A/p nro hoadquartors for holiday
V V L. yoods. Tub Leader.
Ask your procor for Qunkor Broad,
nnd insist on havinc ono of thoso bountiful
picturo cards with oach loaf.
Ladies, if you wont a puro dolicato i
soap for tho coinploxion, druggists will
always rocoinmond Johnson's Oriontal
Modirinal Toilot Soap. Cliai. It Uootzo i
and W. \V. Irwin.
uflrmnu NulutlMviasiud Loan A#?orlntlon?Wlmt
a Well Matuiced Home lust
it utlon has (loan In hlx Slonlb*.
Tbe Mutual German Savings and
Loan Association, organized and con*
ducted by representative buiiueis men
of Wheeling, had been in operation for
six months. The aim has been to conduct
the business on conservative iinet,
quality being regarded as of more irnportance
than quantity. The interests
of the shareholder have been tho lirat
consideration. Notwithstanding the
conservative policy pursued, tho association
has in this short time issued
11,690 shares of stock. The tabulated
exhibit showing maturity values and
securities is striking:
lustallmeut shares $1,101,300
Prepaid ...... 14,500
I'nid up ...... fiO.'JUO
Loaua .. M.000
First Moru??to securities - 1*1Oftft
Fire insumuce...... ? ftC.SW
Tho paid up^stock represents, as its
name implies, stock fully paid at the
beginning to tho extont of $50,li00. on
which the association pays annually 8
per cent. This, with sale1! of prepaid
stock at $50 per share, paid in cash, and
monthly receipts from installment
stock at 50 cents per share, together
with premium and interest on loans,
represents the fund out of which loans
ire made. It will be seen that for
overy dollar loanea tho association
holds $2 70 of first mortgage, and SI 45
of fire insurance. It impossible to get
bettor security than this:
The Mutual Gorman Savings and
Loan Association is organized under the
laws of Pennsylvania, undor which
thoreissuch protection for the shareholder
as tho best experience approves.
The officers of the association are:
\V. A. Wilson, president; George
flook, first vice-president; E. I). Smith,
Becond vice presidont; C. li. Hart, third
vice president; Alfred Paull, secretary;
P. ]J. Dobbins, treasurer; S. K. Pool,
general manager; J. 13. Sommervillo,
Tho homo office is in tho Peabody
building, rooms .'101 and 302, open every
Jay daring business hours. Tho general
manager or his assistant will bo glad
to answer any question relating to tho
business. Tho books are always open.
"Hliiu.Joniitt" To-morrow Night.
The famous and rich American dramatist]
Mr. Joseph Arthur, who gave to
tho nativo stage, among other successful
plays, that of "liluo Jeans" and
"The Still Alarm," is a nativo of tho
jtatoof Indiana, and therefore when he
conceived the many droll characters for
"Blue Jeans" he had his mind's oyo on
:ertain pooplo who cun bo aeon nearly
avery dav iu tho "Blue Joans" district
in the state mentioned. Tho play will
jo seen hero at the Opora ilouso
Wednoaday night.
How Many Butcher*.
Mr. Adolph Gardner, of Dallas, Toxaa,
autsido euard of ttio National lie tail
Butchers' Protective Association, made
tho statement at Wheeling, W. Vu.,
that there were 400,000 butchers in tho
United States. Wo considered tho statement
too high and inaugurated a system
of inquiry, which finished, shows
Lhoro aro about 165,030 retail butcher*
in the United States and over 220,000
:rocors who handlo meat.?Butchers' and
Packers Magazine.
"Tho Limited Mail."
Tho Opera Ilouso has securod Elmer
R. Vance's phenomenally successful
railroad comedy drama, "The Limited
Mail," and on Friday next, the pooplo of
Wheeling will have an opportunity of
witnessing what is everywhere recognized
as tho most uiarvolous stage production
of modern times, tho great
iconic and mechanical effects requiring
two 00 feet especially designed and
auilt cars for their transportation.
a p.e you fond of pancalcos? Call at
the Wheeling Bakery's retail store and
-hey will bako you some while you wait
ind" explain all tho wonderful convenience
of using tho United States liakntr
Company's now Pancake Flour in
3VOry liuiuu. Xfc in uiu kio.iu luuui omiiitr.
time saving. Economic food.
Mobilo, Alabama.
A New Being
That Tlretl Fooling'
Full Strength and Appetite Civon by
Hood's Sarsnparllla.
Th? fniinu'imr in from Mr. Thomns C. TCarrctt.
of Mobile, Ala., a well known member of tho
city lire department, attached to IJoolc and
I.ndder Co., No. 4.:
"C. I. Hood &Co., Lowell, Mass.:
" I have been taking llood'H Sarsaparllla as n
spring modHno and blood purifier. It Is tho
best blood medicine I have ever used and for an
appetizer It is excellent. I have taken several
different kinds of medlclno for tho blood but
Hood's Sarsaparllla has proved to bo tho best
I was troubled with Indigestion and that tlrod
feeling. After taking four bottles of Hood's
Sarsaparllla I feol like a new man. I cannot
recommend Hood's Sarsaparllla too highly."
Tiiomah C. lUmtr/rr, Mobile, Alabama.
Hood's Pills aro prompt and efficient, yet
easv In action. Sold by all druggists. i!5c.
T. H. Higgins,..
dot 4 2 Twelfth Street.
jy?YLIvS AKI biUUiU.
Portraits in Pasthu Oil cu a yon. Watkr
and Ink.
Chief of Police, of Wheeling,
Subjectto tin* dcniKlonof Republican Primarios.
Your Votf. and SurroRT KtarKt-rrtJM.y
tiOl.K-ITKl). lloJfl
A Few
comfort may be gathered
here and there, but if you
A Whoie
ur satisiacuon, wcai
ander's Shoes. He FITS you.
Someshoesdon't "break in"
until they "break out." If
by chance you get such shoes
from us we'll thank you to
bring 'em back.
Shoo Seller, 1049 Main Street.
l?"Plonty of Piano tickoti loft?0110
with every Hollar.
small towns; $7'?oo por month run bo
made, nnil will prove It; wo furnish samples
free; write us we will explain. Address hix
KkW. Boston. Mass. nol-rrlus
O ullow liberal salary and expenses or commission
to proper applicants. Staple seller.
Three store* out of five will order. Address, with
stamp. Lock Mux -I'.'Q. Now York City. uu4-rrh.m
everybody: 8"? t<? $100; fi per cent Interest;
easy payments: also a death benefit for old
and young not exceeding Sl.OJO; cost Si. Send
stump for particulars. Agents wanted. MUTUAL
Jr., 1'residunt (.Second Auditor of Virginia. Meutiim
i>nily Inlclli^i-iif't. iio'J'J'
Cheap an J on iia.y Tartar
nrfl rUvJtnnk H'tiMlm? 1"A) MnrkK
JU Mioro room, So. 1401 Mailt street, now occupied
by House ?fc Herrmann. Has good elevntor
Kurvico and tiro proof vault in ofllco.
Possession given April 1,18'Jj. Apply to IIKNRY
K. MAT. at City llauk. nol9
The store room now occupied by A. W. Kmsheimcr
& Ilro.. adjoining tlio Jewelry atoro of
J. W. Crunb. on Twelfth .street, in Washington
Hall building. Ail inudoru conveniences and
floored cellar. Possession given April. 1.18UT>.
Inquire of J. V. L. ROIMJKHS.
no 15 1111 Market Street.
Store room Ju P?mbodr Rttlldln?.
OitlcA room* In ]*<taboily ltiillillng.
Strain hunt, elevntoratid all modern conveuionceN.
Terms n<iiHiiualil?.
jnl 112<l nwl 11'is Mnrkot StrooK
New Basement Barber Shop !
Corner Main and Tenth .Streots.
FO'-ti H'JO Main Street.
Hub Building.^
FOR KENT?One elegant office
room, also one large elegant hall,
first floor entrance. Until permanently
rented, will rent hall for entertainments,
etc. Most centrally
located and best advertised building
in the city. For terms, etc., apply at
Fourteenth and Market streets.
rt BONDS. +-* '
Wheeling HrlrlRC Company Honds.
Koynl Clav Manufacturing Company.
Fostoria Glass Cotnnuny.
Wheeling Street Railway Company.
I'n-kersburg, Sutton it Glcnville Railroad Co.
Wheeling Tottery Company.
Wheeling Su?el and Iron Company.
l'icduiont Water Works.
12shares Riverside <ilass Company.
Rlvmldo Iron Works.
Itelluire Null Ml!:.
Exchange Hank.
Lnllelle Iron Works.
.Mint Standard Milt.
Wheeling Kleetrlca! Rollroad.
Fostoria Glass Company.
Wheeling Ico and Storago Company Stocks.
Stocks, Ilouds and Investments.
no'.'-' No. IRII Mnrk?t
M nnai; tn I r?nn I
IVlWliV^^y L\J L-VLU I i
$ 1,000,
$4,1 00,
To ho Scoured by Pood of Trust on Uulncutu*
bered City ileal Ha tale. Inquire of
Wheeling Title and Trust Co.,
NO. 1313 MAKKirr STltKKT.
Stuto of Weil Virginia. Ohio county, ss:
In the Circuit Court ol Ohio county, West Virginia.
November Utiles. lS'JI.
J. H. Pipes, survivor of himcelf
nixl .1. II. Ueed. deceased.
Into jmrtnerMloin*
business under the Arm In 11,1
name of I'll** A Heed. Attachment,
Frederick N'ouiuann. J
Tho objcct of this Kiiit in to collect from tho
defendant. wild Frederick Neumaun. tli?* sum of
$t>:t .V), with Interest thereon from tho '.MJth day
of November. 1H8I. being the tialanco due wild
I'ipesit Hood, and to subject to tho payment
thereof the one undivided oiie-tifth interest in
lot numbered fourteen, in square number nix ill
t lint i?iii tot the City of Wheeling formerly callKitchiotovvu.
but now known lis South Wheeling.
upon which an iittnehiuont has been levied
in ill is suit.
Audit appearing from nn aflldnvlt filed in
wild cause, at tboso Itules, that tho defendant.
Frederick Noutnnnn. is not n resident of tho
State of West Vlrglula. and ho not having boon
perved with process in said suit, on motion of
tho plalntitV, by his attorney, this order of publiention
In entered against htin.nnd it Is ordered
that the wild defendant. iitiovo named, hu and
is required to appear within otio month after
the date of the tlrst publication of thU order and
do what Is necessary to protect his interest*.
It Is further ordered that this order bo published
and posted as required bv law.
Witness. John W. Mitchell. Clerk of our wild
f'ourt. at tho Court House of mild county, this
!?lh day of November, 1894. to-wit: Novembor
Hides, is'ij. Jul IN W. MITCH HI.L, Clerk,
i'ublished the first tlmo November 11, 181M.
Attest: JOHN W. MITCHELL clork.
W. J. W. COWDKN, Attorney for l'lidntltl'.
ii"l 1 rf
TIIK N K A TINT TYI'K aro used In tho Comuicrciul
Printing done by
- ?. " ?" ?
I Pattern * \
| Dresses v s
J370 Fine All Wool J
V rN r\ . j 1 1 A
2 uress patterns at aoout ?
| Half Their Value placed \
| on sale this morning. \
W 9'
^ New Chinchilla Goats, J
? Jackets and Capes,also <j
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S Scarfs, &c. ^
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