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Editorial ItonntK K23...Countlne Koom 822,
$" ' ==========
Anchor ot tlio "itogUtorV' Snake
This tiino the Register's snake story
of West Virginia politics bears a
Charleston date. Tho writbings of tho
snako are frightful to behold. So far as
the In'Tjsllige.vckh is aware there is not
a word of truth, in tho whole article.
But that makes no diflerence to tho
Tho aim is to make trouble in tho
Republican party, particularly to break
up tho organization. An a first and
necessary step tho caucus is to be
brokon. It is to bo "every man for
himsolf, and tho devil take the hind*
Above all tilings there must be no
caucus to declaro the will of tho party
Tor United States senator. A caucus
would certainly result in tho choice of
Mr. Elkins; and thai tho Democratic
politicians do not want If the caucus
can bo broken tho organization will bo
broken: and that is what the Democratic
politicians aro up to.
i These same politicians remember
what happoned in their own party.
Senator Camden was the choice of a
majority of tho Democrats in tho legislature.
He sccurod tho caucus nomination.
Tho "twolvo apostles" bolted
? the caucus and defeatod Senator Camdon,
their movement resulting in the
election of Senator Faulkner.
Every politician of thein knows that
from thatd^y tho Democratic orgauiza
tion in West Virginia began to go to
pieces. It has never boen tho earno
since. That was a triumph for tho
bolters, tut it was tho beginning of the
end of tho Democratic party iu West
Tt *1? T??... nolUiAtiini nnnl/l
11 UIU 1/UUlUblUVIb jiumivuiug vwu.M
bring about the same condition just a9
the Republican party ia coins into
legislative control, just as it is sending
to Congress a solid delegation, tho end
would be brought vary near to tho beginning,
and thoro would be rojoicing
in tho Democratic camp.
Tho Democratic politicians aro wasting
their time. Thoy will not bo askod
for any advice in theso matters. Tho
Republicans of West Virginia have
shown themselves thoroughly competent
to attend to their own affairs.
They have not bccomo imbecile since
their groat victory.
Tho Republicans in tho legislature
will hold a caucus and bo bound by it.
Thoy will caucus on a good many questions,
to the advantago of tho state and
probably to tho serious discomforturo
of some Democratic politicians.
With the exception of a little bristling
up at tho sugar trust?which may
be entirely Pickwickian?tho Prosidont
is very tamo on tho tariff question.
November fi Booms to Imvo taken somo
of tho bounco out of him.
Moro Democratic Tariff'Agitation,
In campaign tioio thoso Democrats
">!<? iinflaff.iftlf tn inofriw'fc tlin nil hi in
instated that it wna not tho Democratic
purpose to do anything inoro with the
tariff. So far as tho Democratic party
wna concerned tho tariff question was
settled for many years.
Now comos the President, tho loader
of iiia party, and urgea three important
changes in n tariff but threo months oid
and the worlc of Democratic hands. lie
urges that coal and iron oro he put oil
tho free list and that tho diflorential
duty tu favor of refined sugar be taken
It iB not probable that tho senate will
approve theso recommendations or even
ono of thom. Tho miliar trust is too
atronp to bo interfered with. Froo coal
and iron ore will hardly be moro attractive
to the Democratic aonatora who
opponod that policy than it was hoforo
the election.
Ik Conjrroje will not j?ivo the nocoaaary
authority to issuo another sort of bond
to moot curront ordinary domanda on
tbo troaaury, (bo Proaidont want a ConKroaa
to undoratand that ho will go
right on iaauinc bonda any how. This
is bold, to any the least.
Thin Tit Instructive.
Senator Batter, of South Carolina,
cannot bo calltid a Jlourbon. IIo fcan
loarn. Ilis rocent investigations, superinduced
by the proirreaa of tho poatiforoua
Tillman, lead him to tho conclusion
that tho eloction law of that
atato m "utterly auhvoriive of tho ennWL'^
Btitntional proviaiona in regard to elocft
tions by the pooplo."
K This ia just what tbo law was intended
to !) . It teems to have anaworod its
purpose until recently, (or ii it bad not
not done to Senator Butler would not be
in tbe senate. Tbe Intention *? to
enact a lav tbat would diifrancbiae tbe
colored Toters ol the state.
It is rather a droll sight to see Senator
Boiler hurling the constitution of
tbe state at a law which was entirely
agreeable to him and bis party until
they could no longer profit by it.
When tbese things can be it is not a
vain hope that before long there may
be a free ballot and a (air count in tbe
lower latitudes o( this country.
The President doe* not quite appreciate
the criticisms on the pension
policy of hit administration. No honest
man objects to rooting out every
fraud and bringing the guilty to justice.
Every honest man objects to cutting of]
Densions duly granted under the law
and then putting the suspended pensioners
to their proof to show that the
pensions were properly granted. The
horse should go before the cart There
should be justice, even to a humble old
soldier drawing a pension.
The President glorifies the policy
which encourages imports. Everything
imported to take the place of
something we can produce in this
country takes that much from the labor
of the countryand by that muqh impairs
the national wealth. The President
and the politiciaus of his party are unable
to appreciate this, but the people
have como to understand it, and their
improved understanding accounts for
the landslide of 1894.
When the Register says that Mr.
Elkins has arranged a slate of any kind
it knows it is not telling the truth.
There is not a man in West Virginia
who can say truthfully that Mr. Elkins
is taking any part in the distribution of
the honors or emoluments under the
now legislature. As to sotting up a slate
tickot for 1896?that is too silly to talk
about. West Virginia Republicans make
tbeir own tickets, and they have never
mado one two years ahead of time.
There is nothing striking in the President's
measage except his recommendation
of more tariti legislation and a
f?onAral ovorhftulinc of the bank circu
lation. It was expected that ho would
(To further on the currency question
and recommend the simplification of
the government issues on a more homeogeneous
basis. This branch of the
currency question he doos not touch.
Wheeling creek has resumed business
at tho old stand for the first time in six
months. It is pleasant to renew an
agreeable old acquaintance.
Tub President takes up with tho
"Baltimore plan," so roundly denouncod
by the silverites. Now shall we seo
some fur fly?
There were flowers on Colonel Breckinridge's
desk. Wondor whether anybody
thought to send somo to Miss l'ollard.
"Does politics pay?" asks an exchange.
Go ask of a defeated candidate.
IIo knows.
DuLunr is bolieved to have a suicido
club. Duluth is a hard place to livo in.
New Publlcnlioiit*.
?r_ 1 C 171 Ian llng Ortmn
AIT. XUUWUTU ?->. jjiiio iiua v.
very entortaining books for boye, and i8
as dear to the heart of the reading
youth of the land as Oliver Optic. Mr.
Ellis* latest work, "Among the Esquimaux;
or, Adventures Under the Arctic
Circle," in one of the most interesting.
Besides the many and exciting adventures
of his> characters, ho civos a very
instructive account of the land of porpotunl
ice and anow, and the customs,
habits and homo life of the peculiar
people of that region.?Penn Publithing
Co., I'liiUuMphia, Viu\ Frank Clinton,
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ia "My I'retty Jane," by Eftle Adelaide
Rowlands. It is the story of a
woman who is in love with a man whom
ntao petulantly discards for an English
lord, whom she does not even respect.
Her stop-daughter, "My Pretty Jane,"
falls in love with her discarded lover.
It is then that tho selfish, sordid un?
loveliness of her charactor comes out.
She throws every obstacle she can in
tho way of the lovers, but who finally
marry in spite of her. It would aooin
that sho would stop here. Her husband
dying, howover^sholios totheyoung wifo
and tries hor fascinations on tho husband,
her quondam lovor. She is, howevor,
defoatod in hor schemes, as she
drtHHrvoa to be. Some of tho situations
are strong, but it is a book which the
critical roader would put down with
"that tired feeling."?J. It. Lippencoti
t(* Co., Philadelphia; Frank Stanton,
Wheeling, IT. Va.
In 'The Old, Old Story," by Kosa
Nouchotto Caroy, tho novel opens with
tho death of Lady Car, and it was understood
that her husband wan a
brokoudiearted man. ".Reginald will
nevor L'ot ovor it," obsorvod Mra.Wvndham,
his sister. But "Koggio" did got
over, thoroughly and effectually; and
tho manner in which ho accomplished
it, and the circumstances that led to his
second marriage, with a good doal of
plot and counter-plot, aro told in fiftythree
chapters of nearly five hundred
pages. The book is simply what its titlo
indicates, tho old, old story.?J. li. Lippcncott
?0 Co., Plultulelphia; Frank Stanton,
Wlleelhuj, H*. Va.
Jatnos Otis has writton a vory clever
Btory in ''Chasing a Yacht," which will
provo to bo of consuming interest to
boys. Two boys havo onirugod to run a
stoam yacht for tho doubio purpose of
pleasure and profit, and oftor carefully
fitting it up thov launch hor, only to
find tho next morning thatsho is gonestolen,
as thev later discover, by two
other boys, who had boon rofusod a
linlf inti.raaf in liar TIia Ml nan nf llin
heroes after their proporty is fall of adventure,
making a book that ih bound
to intoroni the dullest boy.?1'e.nn 1*111"
lirhinrj ('o., Philadelphia; Frank .Stanton,
Wheeling, IV. Va.
"School and Parlor Comedies," end
"Shoemaker's Beat Selections" for reading
and recitation, aro two gorns in
tboir lino.?I'mn Pablith'mq Co.,
dtlphia; Frank Stanton, Wheeling, II'. I'd.
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Dow the Xanip Wat KmcItM by the
Leaders ? Varlooa Comments by Coniraumtn.^
Wahhisgto*, Dee. 3.?Spoaker Criip
aid be had do opportunity to examine
the meesiKe carefully, owiuj; to tbe Irequent
interruptions, end wa? not prepared
to expreaa an opinion antit be
bad done ?o.
Mr. Wilaon, chairman of the vara
and meam committee, exprewod great
gratification over the Fretident'a tigoroui
recommendation of the free coal
and iron billi aent to the aenaie. and
?-,lnftnmant nf ?h A r?Prtm HI??11 f} n ti O fl I
for the abolition of the differential on
refined augar.
Geneneral Tracey, Democrat, of Xew
York, said he would lavor aoino
sort of a banking scheme ai suggested
by the President, which would divorce
the iasue of circulating notes from
the government, but he did not think
auy financial legislation would be enacted
by this Congress.
Mr. Outhwaite, Democrat, Ohio, said
it was an able presentation of the
atateof govarnin?nt affairs, and particularly
commended the President's recommendation
for striking out the differential
on refined sugar.
Mr. Ilarter, Democrat, Ohio, characterized
the President's banking scheme
as a good, long step in the right direction,
but personally ho thought he
ought to go further. The government,
in his opinion, ought not to guarantee
tho payment of national bank note* or
of any corporation. Tho notoa of a
bank were as safe without as with tho
government guarantee. He expressed
his regret that tho President hud not
suggested a plan for the gradual withdrawal
of the greenbacks.
Mr. Springer, Democrat, Illinois, said
tho president's message 13 largely devoted
to routine recoiumondations in
referonce to the business of tho departments.
In reference to tariff his suggestions
nre wise and timely. He does not
recommend any general legislation, but
merely tho correction of some of tho
defects of the tariil law of last session.
c??m?i?i r am.
ccilUiur uiuiibiiuiu, x/Duiuuni) ?v?ieiana,
said: "1 approve of the state
bank recomraondation. 1 am opposod
to the repeal of one*eiehth and onotonth
of a cent difTorential on sugar lor
the reason that seventy-four per cent of
seven million pounds of sugar produced
in Louisiana shares in the differential."
Senator Vilas, Domocrat, Wisconsin:
"It is a good business message."
Sonator Chandler, Republican, New
Hampshire, aaid: "The message 19 a
very commonplace documont. It ignores
tho lact that we have a great nilver
question on hand, and it almost is*
nores tho tarifl question except in reference
to tho 'pop-gun' bills, and in making
tho absurd proposition of admitting
free ahips in order to help American
shipping. That is about all thorn ia to
tho message, beyond a recital of departmental
Representative Rood, of Maino, declared
ho had nothing to say with regard
to the message, and Mr. Burrows,
of Michigan, had no commont to mako.
Regarding that portion oi tho message
relating to foreign affairs. Representative
btorer, of Ohio, said it impreasod
him as being of great vaguonoss on
every subject of real interest to the
government, Mr. fcjtorer continuing,
said: "No montion is mado whatever
of the construction of tho Nicaragua
canal, although a year ago tho President
heartily favored tho project and
bum grout space la given to 11 tjupuruuuu i
roviow of the entanglements between
Nicaragua and tho .Mosquito country,
ns to which our only national interost
lies in tho fact that Biuefieldb, if made
a British port, would command any
canal they build over tho Nicaraguau
Representative Dalzell, of Ponnsylvania,
said in part: "Tho President
cither has not; hoard as vot of tho elections
that recently took place, or does
not think thoy are of any special significance.
Thoro is absolutely nothing
naw in tho message."
Of the Democratic members of tho
flonate committee on finance, Senators
Voorhees, Harris and Yost asked to bo
excused from expressing any opinion
on the financial view udvancod by the
President, and Senator Jones, of Arkansas,
would only repeat what he had
horotoforo said," that he did not believo
that any financial legislation would bo
possiblo during tho present session.
Kepublican members of the committco
wore almost as much disinclined to talk
na their Democratic colleagues. Son a
tor Sherman would no no further than
to say the meesa^o contained nothing
Senator Gorman, while delining to
directly discuss the recommendations of
tho mossago, said that at tho short soasion
that was now beginning action
would depend largely upon tho willingness
of tho Republicans to porinit anything
to bo done.
Senator Brice, Democrat, of Ohio,
said: "There are, I beliovo, thirtyofcht
pages of the message, of which
thirty-aovou aro figures, while the remaining
patro is given up to urcintr tho
adoption of the 13nitimoro financial
plan. I have not had time to verify tho
figures, but as for tho Baltimore plan, it
atrikos mo as a puro droam. Its adoption
would certainly demoralize tho
finance! of the country."
Wednesday, Dec. .1.
What nhnll I render unto (iod for nil his benefit*
toward me??ftuilm ll&li
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L'.")C. 1
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Tt??Soc%r Km; Ur.iwt a Check for * Mil* I
lion nad a ilalf on Uo? Bank.
Sax Fraxcisco. Dec. 3.?Considerable
interest been aroused here over the
check tor a million and a half which
Claua Spreckloa, the augar Line, drew
Saturday on the Nevada bank. The
check was made payable to too California
batik, and it wna thonght that pos?
sibly Mr. Bprecktes had transferred his
account from one bank to the other.
Mr. JsDrecklea said to-day that this waa
not the case; that he still had a largo
deposit in the Nevada bank. When
asked how large that deposit waa Mr.
Sprecklee said bethought he could draw
several checks without exhausting his
account. He refused to say what the
check waa for, but intimated that it was
to purchase aome of the now issue of
government bonda, for which the Bank
of California had subscribed ono mil*
lion, eight hundred thousand dollars.
A Town In Dtrkneii.
Spfdal DUpatcfi to the Intelligencer.
Toronto, Ohio, Doc. 3.?Saturday
night tne town of Toronto was in dark*
ness, as tho result of tho council bavin#
failed to renew its lighting contract with
the Toronto electric lighting and power
company at an increased price demanded
by the latter. Tho price heretofore
paid has boen ${J0 per year per arc light
of 2,000 candle-power, on the moonlight
scliedulo, the company demanding $10
per year per lamp of an increase with
tho result above noted. Lanterns aro
in demand.
Supreinn Court of Appenl*.
Special Corrapondcnrf of Vie hilell(<jcncer.
Charleston, W. Va. Dec. L?In the
supremo court of appeals this morning
tho following orders were made:
Boggess vs. Richards' administrator,
from Harrison county; opinion by
Deiit, judgo; decree of circuit court
reversed and cause remanded.
Vance vs. Richards' administrator,
Irom Harrison county: opiuioti by
Dent, judgo; decree of circuit court reversed
and cause remanded.
McUluro vs. Cook, from Wyoming
county; opinion by Holt, judge; decree
of circuit court revoraeti and cause remanded.
f!tiniiin<rlinm va. Brown, from I'reston
county; opinion by Ilolt, judge; decroe
of circuit court reversed and cause remanded.
Richardson, Goodwin <fc Co., vs. Ralphenydor,
from Preston county; opinion
by Kn?lioh J.; decreo of circuit court
Stale of West Virginia va. J. Vernon
Aler, from Berkeley county; judgment
of circuit court aflinnod.
Ferguson vs. Bond, from Tyler county;
opinion by Urannou P.; decree of
circuit c*tirt affirmed.
Hi ley vs. Jarvii, from Taylor county;
opinion by Brannon P.; judgment of
circuit court roverdod aud cause remanded.
Adjourned until next Saturday morning
at 10 o'clock.
Governor Oatoa may enjoy the products
of the American maize, but bo bus
no uso for the Kolb.
"Come ye disconsolate," would bo an
annrnnrinln liVllin with tvhicil to 0D6n
tho present house of representatives.
Noah never made any claims to being
a professional fastor, and yot for throe
months ho lived upon- water and faith.
Binks?Did you enjoy the foot ball
frame? Jinks?No, it was too tame:
Not a man killed and but threo carried
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Too many people beeomo Insane. Too many
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m Great Rotary Snow Plow nnd Cannon
Hall Vostibuled Train. consisting of n
Full-Sized Ixjcoraotive, Tender and <
Thrco Coaches.
I'siial Prices. dc3 ,
SATURDAY, Doc. 8. |
Tlio Groat Powell !
In a Brilliant Scrie* of NKCltoMANCY and tho
Acme of All Wonderful Illusions.
"Oho " A Beautiful Lady apparently burned
whO, to ashes In full view of the audience. ,
lw&U S fl"R, animals are used.
"RUSSIAN TRANSIT"?Cabinet of Thantoms
and 10 other Novelties.
Nijjht Price*:?Reserved seats, $100: admission,
.7) and 75c. Matltino Prices:?Reserved scan, 7.*>c;
admission. 2> mid '?0c. Seat* on salo at A.
Homo's innsic store, mile to commence Thurnday.
December <1. de-t
OTCiilngri and WKDXKSI'AY MATINKE, December
-i amisAtUt". (IASSON,
Presenting Fred 8. Oibb's Immensely Ftinny
hour-Art t oracuy i>ram:i,
-A Kont\ioli:y Girl! -
Nljiht price*?15, ?), 3,*? nn<l Sue. Mntitico prlect
-1ami :. >? . no.".'
merchant tailors.
Sc. HESS & SONS, :
Kn*liloiinl?l? Tailor* ntiil Cirtila* Fur
J nUlinro, 1351 ami 1.153 Market St.. J
Are now making to order at a e
|Elegant Overcoats for $20.:
j ?am>? :
0 (Warranted to Wear), nt J
: ?$6 oo.? :
J SY P*lmt?t, has arrived } 4 j.
As an open baok. ?*ti?Uction gturanMainitrxt
7 of W aerr?. ttcor Koncj's
new bou?e. p.x*! land. U>? ?> ; . ;
h ili 1 ciiI tu m mat*. I N '
Honev'it Ij.lnt \V. Vit. . ,
Wanted -ixtelligi n
or Mutlemen toMll Mark 1
book in this eity nn.l vicinity. *
tunttytotnaktmoner. Hookidc
Ire*: <1Utiineo no hindrance
and liberal ??rm?. addre** ASIKK' \ \
L1S1I1X*. it\. Hartford. ft.
Kite thousand acre* of coal land* la U. ? . vr.
gin la, abounding lu rich tMiumiuoui
ated on ? prominent railroad. Addrv>* -
care Intelligence! office.
The regular monthly mee'.mco? tti* \v. f a.
Society will be bold at iho V. M.< v t.> & ,-rjf
(Wodnvaday) afternoon at - o'clock.
MUs. W. J. W. ( OWDhS
dc4 - r.
Tbo rcRUlat monthly meeting of th?> \v n,
Hospital Association will b?? boi l *: *., jrlH.
pltnl on Wednesday, December ' 3 >. 0. ,4
p. in. A full uttondance u doMre-l.
MlsS MAIM 11 A J. I;A
dfr* V
Member* of Nelson Lodge So. *v>, ,\ F ?-kJ v.
M., are requested to meet at their k-Ur room
on Wodneaday, Decemberat l j. m. *h?rj. to
attend tho funeral of our deceano 1 IltoUier L. v.
Warneke. Members of sister Iodic* itivlr. ,i
de4 R C. DAKKAII. \\. y
XXXX ConfoctloneM' SuRar. Hrd Su^ar.
de4 m? MarL.A -u-.u
100 share* Hellairo Nail Works.
10 shsrea Fire and Marino lu^urance Ca
10 uliare* Hostorla Gla? ?'omi.au v.
in ihar.li Kvi<hiilivi> Itnlllf
10 shares of National linuk of Weat Virglnlt
100 nhnrcJi Wheeling Stool ?fc Iron Camvtuy.
lo *bsr?? Wheeling lee no?l Storage *<>
10 shares -fctua Standard stcl .fc Irou Co.
'JO shares National Bank of Ilollalm
R. S. IKWIS, [Irokflr.
no2S No. 'it Twrell".:! street
NEW 1 fi RKN0RLE WA L'T?|ui
OF '94. J URAZU, SOTS. it?
do3 '/J17 Market -tr.?n
"WitcliHazel Skin Snap!"
It will mako your akin soft and relreljr. ml
preTent* chaps. IO conta per cake, or oao bji
tliroe caicea, 25 cents, at
Market akp Twelfth Stwektk. no:;
New Dinner Ware
?Shown in our Window !?
1215 Market Street. J
? ?
Marble and Tilo Flooring a specialty.
no27 17 Elovcnth Street. Whyflir;
Fine Mechanical Toy!
One of the finest ever seen
in Wheeling. Now on Exhibition
do3 1308 Market Street.
Store building Nob. 1412 and HH Mtinstrce*.
Will Improve to ault tenant.
No. 1KE2 Main (tract, threc-atorr bmlfling.
Storeroom and dwelling, corner Fourteenth
and Mct'ollocb stroota.
No. 1018 Main itroet, second and third Boon,
eight rooms, uii modern convenience# for hou*keeping.
Na 81 Ohlostieet, flro room*, frameNo.
1127 Alley II., three rooms, frame.
No, 1116 McColloch street, throe ronnu.ru
Na 11N McColloch streot. two room*. f> w.
\'n 9J/y? Miln kiroff turn mom*. in 01
No.9J Ohio ureet. three room*. vw.
No. 2117 Alloy B. two room*. *' WNo.
24JO Main street, two rooms. S* 00.
No. 130 South Kim atroot. flvo rooms. 51- m.
No. r,!9 Main street, fourteen room*, mnjiera.
No. 3?oi Woodi street, six rooms, brick, sliw3110
McColloch struct, four rooms
No. 133 Zano street. second flour 31?
Na 3123 McCoIlocb street. two stortr frnm*
No. Mil MK'-olloch street, brick. Stl )l
No. 619 Main streot. brick dwelling
Two furnished rooms for men. on jswd.
twoen Thirteenth and Fourteenth struts
No. 29WChai)lino street, tlvo rooms. SUJ*
No. l.vw Market street. ofllce rooms.
No. 121 Thirty-third street. H*e rooms |i?
Room* for msnufacturlnu purj?o^ witttjv'Tw
furnlihed. iatho business p*rt of city.
t'torc rooms on South Bleed, lu Uoiruc 14
ernncle bulldlnc.
Crr\* Bank Building.
relophone 2M. [dell So\
Cut Glass,
Banquet Lamps,
Fancy China,
Of all description. Also a large
assortment of
Dinner and
Chamber Set?.
Everybody wants to see ?ur
3tock before buylngelsovvli<Jr0'
iiin main sTiti:i:r.

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