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Of Desirable Dry Goods and Cloaks at the Lowest Prices
ever before quoted. Our buyers have just returned from
the Eastern markets where they made some extraordinary
contracts. We enumerate a few of the many at
uaut.iv/ii;> .
r^\r\n\sc I Our stock of Ladies', Misses'and Childv>lUd.Kj
. ren's Cloaks, embracing over 2,000 garments.
From medium to finest here.
J00 Ladies' Binn, Black and Gray Mixed Cheviot Cloaks, some with Velvet
Collars. bettor than any we have had toollor at$7 50. On sale to-day at $ 4 98
250 Ladies' Fine Beaver Cloth Cloaks, 38-inches long, velvet coat back,
equal to any we have otlered at $10. On sale to-day at 7 GO
150 Young Ladies' Chinchilla Cloaks, without a doubt the best value wo
have ever offered, ut r. 0 60
Ladiea' Golf and Tourist Canes, Plaid Cloth Lining, alto Lined Hoods,
worth $7 50, 4 08
Children'* Kiderdown Cloak*, trimmed in Braid Trimming, at 08c
Children's Kiderdown Cloak*, trimmed in Angora Fur, at 1 48
Ladies'25-inch lorn/ Coney Fur Canes, unmatchableelsewhoro under $7, at 4 00
Ladies 27-in. long Black Russian Coney Capes, lined with Artnure.Satin, at 7 00
Ladies'32-inch long Astrachan Capos, lined with heavy fctatin. at 11 00
Ladies' 30-inch lotig Monkey Capes 24 50
Finer to finest For Capes up to 125 00
PI IP Q.PTQ 100 Children's White Fur Muffs and Boa, worth $1, at 40c
rUi\ OC 1 J. ioo Children's Colored Fur Muff and Boa, value$l 25, at 50c
CLOAKING. 50 pieces Wool Kiderdown Cloaking, all colors, ^
PI IP 1M IQ U INin Good Unlaundried Men's White Shirts at 25c
F UlvlN 1 JR UN vj j,?jne Unlaundried Men's White bhirta, value
^ ~ ~ ~ *n~ ? Site
CjUODi). Small lotOutinii cioth Negli^oe Sliirta reduced to 18 jc
50'inch wide, almost 14 yards wide, not all wool, bat splendid, aerviceable
Tricot Cloth Drosp Gooda,,on sale to-day nt lflc
52-inch wido Plain Navy Blue Serge Cloth and Fancy Mixed Cloth to go
on sale at 25c
38-inch wido All-Wool Gilbert Novelty Clotha, worth everywhere 50c, on
sale this week nt 85c
Another ca?u of Plaid and Mixed 12Jc Winter Dress Goods received and
to be sold at 7i]c
40-inch wido All-Wool Bliick and Colored Henrietta Clotha, tho 50c quality,
at 20c
40-inch wide All-Wool Black French Serge, tlie 70c quality at 49c
46-inclt wide finest All-Wool bilk FiniBh Henrietta Cloth; had to buy 100
pieces to get them to ofler (the regular $1 25 quality) at 79c
54-inch wide Black Storm Serge, the dollar kind, at 75c
100 pieces Plain India Silks, suitable for fancy work, at :.... 17c
28 pieces flnor quality India Silks. all the light dolicate shades, value 3i?c. at 25c
24-inch wide line Gros Grain, Satin Iihaddame, Faille and Bengaline
Silk, worth $1 25, at 7!)c
Another eaae'just received, 52-inch wide White and Oil Red Table Linen,
on sale at 12jc
- - * ' on
10 pieces Blenched Table Linen, value ouc a yaru, at *uu
'20 piecos fine Cream Damaak at . Mc
40 piecea Renfrew's Oil Ked Table Linon, value 40c, at .. 2"?c
Itarnettley All Linen Crash, the 10c kind, nt.. OJc
Toilet Unbleached Cra9h Toweling at 2jc
Children's All-Wool Ribbed Hosiery, value 20c, at 121c
Children's Heavy All-Wool Ribbed Hoso, the 25c kind, at 111c
50 dozen Children's Fleece Lined Hoso at 12Jc
Our Big Holiday Opening will occur in a few days. Our entire third floor ii
beinir turned into a perfect Fairyland. Watch the napera for particnlara.
We Are Agents for Butterick's Patterns.
Wmery Much Alive
CT , * 4 * /?\ I
liWUoak question!
Have ju?t opened eight large boxes of LADIES' CLOTII COATS?tho
correct thinca?at
$6 35, $7 75, $8 40, $110#, $13 30, $15 03, $1? 75, $19 03.
People toll ui thev are scarce elsowhore. OXE reason why we sell ao
many. Tho OTHER reason lies in the fact that our pricus are right.
Participate in our Special DRESS GOODS Offerings at ....
33c, 39c, 50c and 59c a Yard !
Goodi among them worth twice and thrice the price., quoted.
Geo. m.
1\"mg6jTSeset. padq;
Scotch unf i);
i 25c i f
a All Other Kinds at . i
J Equally Low Prices. ^'BOYS SEAL PLUSH CAPS,^ J
^ With or Without Peaks, 50- Worth $ i oo. ^
5 MCFHDDEN S , ?MA? K^ICT* ST UK??-?ft ^
LOCKE'S $2.00(Two Dollar)$2.00 1
'Shops- '-s 1
L Havu no Equals In Tills City for STYLE, PIT and WEAR. <|
i \ LOCKE'S.M^k]
I j- wzhheeliin-gi-, w. ya. <|
_ funeral directors.
Gmexdel a co.,
. 112! MAIN KTEP.rr.
Funeral Directors.
Promot Attention Day or Night.
Store I?l?Dbooe. No. 41 G. E4. Mrudel'i
Bc-iJ'-nc So. 1
OWcfli Nun. I'l Iilid 27 fourteenth Mr?ot.
New Advertl?einentn.
Waiting for It?Geo. E. Stifel d: Ca-FJfth
Scotch Cap??McFadden'i?Eighth Page.
Notice? Kd. Keuer.
Adam Everett?Wharf Mm tar.
Staled Proposal*?I'.. C.. C. & St. L. P,y. Co.
Fine Fur Cape*?J. s? Rhode* & Co.
Wood and Slato Mantiei?Green B. Jeffrnon.
].a Nora?Gy|?jr l'aliniit.
GoeUe'? Witch Hazel Skin Soap.
Notice the New Dinner Ware?Ewing Bros.
Given A war?Carle Bro?.
New Nut*. Crop of '91?H. F. Behrena.
Masonic Funeral Notice?S el ton Lodge No. 30.
i*T' HAVE your ejpa
?-?J^ tor ctaiMAi
Water KdiiU Due.
Water rents (or the six months ending
March 31,1893. are now ready. It
paid on or before December 31, 1894, a
discount of 10 per cent will be allowed.
The City Wateu Board.
A Church llnumr.
The ladies of the First Christian
church will give a bazaar at Odd Fellows'
hall Thursday morning, afternoon
and evening. Dinner and supper will
be served, and at the various booths
fancy articles of many kinds will be
sold. "The Brownies" booth will be a
featuroof the nflair. and will bring out
many original hits along the line of this
popular fancy.
Up on n Sarioit* Cluugt-'*
Ed Retzer, a letter carrier on the
Island route, was arrested night btioro
I ant ou 11 charge of using cancelled
stamps, and gave bond for his appearance
for a preliminary hearing. He
asks the public, in a card in another
column, to suspend judgment till farther
developmenta show him to be guilty,
and under all the existing circumstances
it is only fair to do so.
A Writ of Hnbeu? Corpin.
Yesterday Col. Amott and Mr. J. B.
Sotninerville, counsel lor W.L.Gal!aher,
the late superintendent of the Wheeling
office of the Fidelity Loau and Building
Investment Association, applied in the
circuit court for a writ of habeas corpu*
for their client, who is in jail awaiting
a hearing. It was made returnable at
9:30 a. m. to-day, when the case against
him will be examined into by tba court.
In the Clruuit Court.
In the circuit court yopterday, the
jury" in the case E. AI. Atkinaou vs. C.
A. iieabright, returned a verdict in favor
of the plaintiff for $48 22. A motiou for
.? ttnat frfnl ivua ?nfnr?i<
The case of Ike Smith vs. Elizabeth
Emblen was then put on trial.
In the mandamus proceedings of John
E. West vs. the city of Wheeling and
others, the demurrer of the city was
sustained and the judgement of the jus*
lice annulled.
In the case of Jacob Hay ha v?. Martin
Thorton the injunction was mado perpetual.
Pastoral Relutlou* Dissolved.
xAt a spccial meeting of the Presbytery
of Washington, held in the First
Presbyterian church yesterday, the request
of the Presbyterian church of
Moundsville and of its pastor, Rev. S.
if. Doyle, to have the pastoral relations
existing between them dissolved, came
up for actioD. The request waa granted,
lie v. Mr. Doyle is a younj? minister of
great zeal and energy, and has been a
power in the presbytery, all of whose
members, as well as his own congregation,
are sorry to lose him. He received
and accepted a call, however, to
the Falls of Schuylkill church, near
Tlie Old Men** Club.
The Septusjjanuraa clab wan handsomely
entertained by Mr. W. N. Ilolliday
yesterday at his residence on Hanover
street, Martin's Ferry, in honor of
liia seventy-second birthday. The dinner,
a most excellent one, was Borved at
I o'clock. Those present waro ?. P.
Khodes, William Clark, Hiram Fra/.ier,
II. W. Smith, J. II. Drennon, Smith
Uurat, James Kerr. William In^lebri^htv
James A. Gray, David Park, X. Stillwell,
Rev. Samuel Uoyd and Rev. and
Mrs. S. J. Botfle. Mr, Kerr, tho youngest
member of tho club, will bo seventy
on Saturday, on whicn occasion he entertains
the club.
"Tho Dnncwr Sljrnnl."
Of this play, to be seen at the Grand
Opera House the last three nishta of
thin week, tho Chicago Ileruld says:
The play is one of tho best of its class,
atul one of the fow dramas that combine
action with mechanical otlectt without
ut tiie sumo time sacrificing nil literary
merit. Tho telegraph oflico is a realistic
sceno, and the locomotive shown is
really a remarkably perfect one. The
scouory and mechanical eflects are elaborate
Januft" Xo'iilfflit,
"Tho Rising Sun Roarers," tho famous
villajjelband in Jo?oph Arthur's idealic
play of "Uluo Jeans," will discourse
several of their choice selections from
the stano of the Onera Houso this even
ing. "Uluo Joans" is more popiuar ioday
than any play from the pen of a
nativo of this country. It lias been
more successful and secured larger
audiences to seo it than any play depicting
a phase of American lifo ever
pros en tod in tho last quarter of u conjury.
The Mattering record of its career
during exceedingly long rune in tho
various metropolitan cities is onoof tho
remarkablo things now to ho recorded
in the history of tho American stage.
It w at once quaint, sensntioual, idealic,
comic and pathetic in appropriate and
pleasing proportions.
ID Special Dross Goods Salo will
V^Urx be continued this week. Wo
are offering good values.
Emsiiximkk'h, Klevonth at root.
"Tick JJhowniks" Booth at tho Chris
tinn church bazaar in somothing now.
Udd Fellows' block all day Thursday.
Qcakeu Broad, motto from pure liquid
malt, i? tho linest tiuvorod, moat deli*
ciouH uud palatable homo-made broad
in tho world. Knoh loaf boars tho apoclal
stamp of tho Wheeling Hakory. A
beautiful picture card irivon with ovory
loaf. Sold by all grocery
11 you wunt puro alo ulways insist on
having Smith's.
If you try Quaker Bread you will uso
no othor. It it) tho Whooling Bakery's
latest variety. Sold by all grocora.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Caetorla.
Euterlaina a Larg* Audteuaa at
trie Wbsslia/ Opera Home.
And tbo Whole Affair Kcl! sets Credit
on the Coin mitten and clip Order.
Tbo Supreme Officer* Present and
Mako AddrenKPR?Good Music a
Feature of the Aflair.
At. thtk Hnflra H'insn !ant niffht the
Wheeling: council of the Royal Arcanum
gave an entertainment, which
was largely attended, the lower Dart of
the theatre being filled beyond its seating
capacity. The committee which arranged
the utfiir was composed of Dr. H.
B. Baguley, Georgo B. Pea body, Will C.
Brown, CharlesB. Heed and Dr. William
Potrie. Dr. Bagnloy preiided, and -introduced
the orators of tho evening.
After a selection by the Opera House
orchestra, which caused hearty applause,
Hon. G.'W. Atkinson was presented
and made nn eloquent address,
eulogistic of tho principles of tho ordor.
He was followed by a song by the
Royal Arcanum quartette, of Pittsburgh,
an organization which reflects
ureal credit on the order in the Smoky
City. The Opera House orchestra
played ugain and Charles 11 Cornelius,
orator of the Grand Council of Pennsylvania,
addressed the audience ou tho
aims and objects of the Arcanum, making
an earnest Mild effective speech. Ho
was followed by music by the quartetlo
and orchestra, aftor which Hon. Joseph
A. Laugfitt, past recent of the Grand
Council of Pennsylvania, made an address
He was by turns oloqueat and
amusiinr, and was listonert to wish undivided
attention throughout by tho largo
Music followed again, after which
Chill \V. Hazzard, editor of the Monon*
gahela City Kepnblican and supreme
regent of the Royal Arcanum, was introduced.
He is a famous utory teller, and
he put his audience into a good humor
at the start by telling a good story well,
lie followed this with a recommendation
of the order to general favor, his
talk ranging quickly "from grave to gay,
from lively to severe." He said receutly
at Scranton he headed n procession
into a theatre where the order celebrated
its anniversary. The bund was
instructed to play "something appro*
priato," und the speaker led tho procession.
As it filed down tho centre
aisle he was shocked to hoar tho bund
strike up?
"See the bo^ts of sin advancing,
sumu icuutiir; uii.
His talk wan highly appreciated. It
was followed by another selection by
the orchestra, and tho audience waa
dismissed with very pleasant recollections
of tho exercises.
'The Wltcla ?r Kudu*."
One ecene in particular in "Tho
Witch of iindor" deserves special notice.
This setting represents the environments
of the Prodigal Son when
in the full possession of his patrimony
and while at the zenith of his short
lived pleasure. The Prodigal Son i9
costumed in gorgeous robes ami is surrounded
by a gay throng of richly bedecked
companions. In this scone aro
introduced dances and choruses for his
amusement and the contrast between
the life and warmth and boauty of this
setting and the one immediately following
is indeed vivid. He is next discovered
as the herder of swine, and finally
is seen returning to his kind lather with
fullering footstep*, ragged and Hungry.
The story that this part of the entertainment
tells will leave a deep impression
on all who behold it.
Lota of Animals In It.
Powell, who so delighted large audiences
for 2U0 connecutive nights in New
York, will come to the Opera House for
a inatinoo and night Saturday, December
8. Hie programme which he will
present promises to ho even more interesting
than his former visit, including
several new illusions which are inventions
of his own. One of the features of
the performance will be "After the
Flood, or the Ark of Noah," in which
numberless birds and nnimal9 make
their raynterious appearance. It is a
common rumor that the birds and
animals are imitation, but such is not
the ca*e, for when turned loose upon
the stage they will bo found to bo very
much alive.
Tlie Mort.wu Mother
has found that her little ones are improved
more by the pleaaant laxative,
Syrup of lrige, when in need of the
laxative effect of a gentle remedy than
by any other, and that it is moro acceptable
to them. Children enjoy it
and it benefits thorn. The truo remedy,
Syrup of Figs, in manufactured by tho
California Fij? Svrup Co. only.
Go to Arion Hall to-night and have a
good time. 25 cents admission, with a
tirat-cluss supper.
Qua k Kit Bhrap is tho ruost wonderful
health food yet producod from the
Whoeling Bakery. Made from pure
liquid malt.
Don't forgot the bazaar at Odd Fellows'
hall to-morrow. Dinner and slipper
aervud. Many novel features.
With all tho pood things in tho
world peoplo prefer something new,
and here comes tho United .States Making
Co.'s wonderful Pan-cake Flour,
which has just been introduced to tho
trado, creating a sensation novvrbeforo
oqualod for health, comfort and economy.
Even the dyspeptic, who lias long
been denied tho luxury of buckwheat
cakea for breakfast, or llannel cakes for
supper, says witii this now Pan-cake
Flour, ho has hot cakes without a pang
of remorse.
a iikavtiful Picture Card givon with
each loaf of Quaker Broud. Ask your
grocer for it.
Tun Pan-Handle Dyeing establishment,
owned by John Heilmoior, at No.'
1431 .Market street, is ttio bust onuippod
house of itB kind in Wheeling. In addition
to tho dyeing and cleaning departments
a corps of first-class tailors aro
employod, who can do repairing us neat
as it is possible. Clothes and ladios'
garments, cleaned or dyed, can bo mado
to look iiko now. Satisfaction guarantooil.
' "- im/ioi/r
'MARGE, by I ho Only Scl-ntlllo 0|?tl?lnn in
ho Mute,
1110 Muln Street,
next door to titiook & Co. iio'29*davv
The Hub's
Incessant $
Keeps the people's store unwavering in tho lead. With onehmii
sense tho public pulse, and with the other hold control of the market, Tk#
first to know the popular want, tho quickest to moot tho domani. armor I
with the greatest stock we've ovor had. and incomparable policy of r!?
gression and straightforwardness that i? honest, not on tho aiiriao. h
through, wo are going to force tho lighting. Business has hewj j,a|
we'ro going to tnako it better. Prices have beer. low. j?ut we w?J| iow?
them to tho bargain lino?touiptauona uirown in your way at a tim.?whw
you will yield eagerly to tho inviting values.
Men's Suits and Overcoats, M3?s
At SiO wo havo got throe stylos of Men's Kersey Overrents Ln?t ?rs (51
discounted bv anybody's $10 line. They're cood enough to he tlie s; ,
conts. Strictly nil wool, in Black, Blue and Brown, lined with \ ] 1|a,|^
of serge, and all tho seams silk sewed, nil sizes, nod a first class lit. SXO.
Wo'vo just put in stock, a line or Three and Four Button Cutaways
Sack .Suits, made np o( line Imported Clay Fabric, and made up, t0??
well and as thoroughly ns any ?20 Suit on anybody's counter Nottnnj
drossier than Clays, ami t!ie?o are inado to perfection. Thoy arc big bar.
gains at S91?>.
That boy, bless him. Mamma's darling is our dnrfintr. too. Weknot
them?know their Unto, know they want pockets, want style, and motto
bo men. Wo havo got just what tliey want, just what mamma and MP,
wantat mamma and papa's prices. Boy's Double Breasted Suits, rloublecat
knoo and seat, (wo know that boy), strongly sowoil (or service, tin u
fifteen yoars. Each $2 75.
From tho lack of stock in sotno stores, it would seem as if they msd? i
side issue of Born' Clothes, kept bocause they had a call novr flnd then.
We're in it for aJl the business vre con get, catering to every dosire and to
every purse, carry a varioty that makes it more than equal to any (our?
carry a finer line "than any can boast, many lowor prices than any of them.
One Price a Printed Guarantee.
Your Money Back for whatYou Don't Want.
Do You Expect Anything Fairer ?
Fourteenth and Market Sts.
Hundreds oi boys pot a Multiform Combination Top last week. Hundreds
will got them this weok. The interest in the (treat HUH conteit ii
growing daiiy. Get a Top and sue if you can't carry ofl the prizw. Atop
to every purchaser of a Boy's Knit. Boys, we're going to give a prize to the
boy that cun spin the .Multiform Combination Top ilia greatest numb or of
ways. Aro you going to get ready for the contest? Then get n Top. One
with every fruit or Overcoat. Kvery boy entitled to enter ttie foment.
^ Cramps, $ 8r $ $ /' Burns, f
$ Diarrhcc? jf I a V L Bruises, ^
Flux, S \Jr S Scratches, (I
^ Cholera ? Bites of '
Morbus, ff^h /f% fF*b Animals and t
f Nausea, # $3 h n V\ * Buqs, etc. \
K Changes of $ 5 JHS ? Tastes Good. J
J Water, etc. ffJ7 tj KJ" N KB Smeii? Good. i
? Sou Ev[RiwHcnt-25c a no 50c Pen Borne. No Rclhf, No Pur- f
A HF.RIl MEDICINE CO. (Formerly ol Wt.inn, W. Va.] SPRIN<lFIEt.n. " t
[SPECIAL BARGAINS! j |T' Hl Hl?ns'"^
? I ni-inTnr.RArHER.
C. HESS & SONS, s r 1
*F?Hlt!onn1iln TMI<?r?multtnnta* pur. * d??l 40 Twelfth Str?at
nl?her?, 1881 and 1383 .>lnrk*t St.. ? ? '
Are now making to order at a 5 ^\?YLlis' AUT SIUOIO.
Elegant Ovcrcoats for $20, i l'Jl!,"A", m ,ut"
S w ' : f\vi,Y Tiir "isi-:<r <>| ,i IV #
$6 nn I \J statui." i.iiv. tiii rivi.?r > ?! '
^ u tiii: nkmiyi i vim: .?r? u.vi iu i:m {0*
OO0S(IDOAif.iiaranaaf!?? ? luerclnl I'riiitlinr dune by
# ' T1IK IS rtLUiiKSCKK W? 0-. ! -

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