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Alia tne supper in wen t nuuiiumi.
Tlic Difterent Departments in Com*
potent Hands?The tin certain moot
Given for a Good Object, and will
be Repeated thiu Afternoon and
! Yesterday the Ladies' Society of the
Zion's German Lutheran church opened
a bazaar, or "apron social," in the
Arion hall, for the benefit of the
Extensive improvements contemplated
in the church building tho coming
year, amounting to nearly $4,000,
bavecauaed this to bo undertaken. Tbe
< proceeds go to the improvement itina,
and the way in which the bazaar started
of! was very encouraging to the ladies
and tho congregation. The executive
committco having general
eharge of tho arrangoment and conduct
of it, is composed of Messrs.
C. Schnepf, Fred Schwertfocer and F.
D. Frederick. Tho attendance yesterday
and last night was beyond the most
sanguine expectations of any of those
interested in the affair. About tlOO people
sat down to the supper table, and
tho other, departments were ai liberally
patronized. The hall is beautifully arranged,
and the decorations exhibit
such good taste as to earn the enthusiastic
compliments of all who see them.
The head of the supper committee,
the most important department, is Mrs.
C. Schnepf, who has the assistance of
eighty other ladies of the congregation.
The way they discharged their duties
reflected groat credit on thom, and cer
ininiy gave gronu Buuoiaunuu iu muu
600 patrons.
The apron stand was in chargo of Airs.
Rev. P. Hob, Mrs. F. Schwertfeger and
a committee of thirty other ladies, and
was a very popular feature.
Miss Christina Jerchio and nine as*
sistants presided over the ice cream
tablo gracefully, and did a good bun? u&^est,
while the "orange tree" wus managed
by Nellie Fette and sqven other
young ladies. Lizzie Kraft and seven
assistants sold flowers, and Lillio Shatter
and a committeo of sevou managed the
very popular fish pond.
Miss J. Schneidemiller and eight
assistants were in charge of another
table, while a doll mart was conducted
by Mrs. Louis Schenck and a committoe
of nine. Miss Louiso Maurer and six
other young ladies had a guessing contest,
and Miss Amelia Schwertfener and
throe others conductod u very attractive
and popular Japanese tablo. There
was al?o a "Sunday School" table, in
chanre of Miss ICmma Steinbecker and
eleven other ladies.
Two contests wore decided last evening.
One was for a rocking chair,which
was won by Mrs. Wilhnlmina Mann, and
the other for a handsome vase, which
went to Aliss r.mrna wooieru mo contest
tor nirohl watch will bo decided today.
The fair will open at 2 p. m. Supper
will be served from 5 to 1) p. in.
There will bo even more varied attractions
than last nieht, and no doubt tho
attendance will bo quito as large, if not
Straugem In tho City ami Wheeling Folks
W. W. Walker, of Mannington, figuroa
on tho McLuro register.
William Edwards, of Mannington,
autographed at tho Windsor.
Mr. J. W. Taxton and family loavo today
for Thomasvillo, Georgia.
JohnD. Connor, a well-kuown Toronto
business man, ia a Windsor guest.
Mrs. Kammerer, of Chicago, ia visit*
Mrs. J. D. Culbert8on, at Echo Point.
J. M. Graham, of Newark, O., district
auperintondent of tho Baltimore & Ohio,
is at tho McLure.
Deputy United Statoa Marshal J. R.
Mehen, of Parkoraburg, ia in the city
on a business visit.
f! W. StAwnrt. John M. Zicrler and C.
C. McCormick wore a trio of Sistordville
people at the Bolder yeiturday.
Albert Neidemeyer, of the South Side,
has returned from Zancsviile, where lie
has been working at the glass trado for
several months.
S. C. Moore, of Proctor; J. W. Hunter,
ot Grafton; W. J. Boo her, of Cameron,
and J. V. Sweeney, of Siatersville,
were guests at the Stainm.
Hon. Georeo ZSr. Rowers, a prominent
Martinsburg Republican,nud .Mr. James
F. Thompson, proprietor of tho Martinsburg
World, are guests at the McLure.
uisnop roiorKin win ue ai nonie until
thn last of tho week, llo has been
absent most of tho time this fall on
business connected with the diocese of
West ,Virglnia.? Parbnburq Journal.
Torn Helms, formerly of tho Island,
now a Baltimore A Ohio engineer between
Baltimore and Philadelphia, is
here on a visit to relatives, and is
accompanied by hia little daughter. lie
has beon sick for about a month.
Dr. John Storor, who has boen practicing
dentistry in Wheeling for eomo
time paBt, will leave shortly for Cannes,
Franco, where he has secured a lucrative
position in a dontal establishment.
He is a son of Dr. Storer, of Klui (irovo.
A. M. Crow, of Littleton; G. J.. Wilson,
ofCeredo; W. A. Bra?t and E. E.
* Stewart and wife, of New Martinavillo;
R. W. Kellev, of Parkersburg, and I* S.
Neoley and 8. F. Sbonklev, of Mannington,
wero West Virginians at the
To llnIl<l n Xdtf Krltlgc.
Yesterday tho county commissioners'
committee on roads and bridges went
out with Surveyor Bell to look at tho
line between Ohio and Marshall county.
Mr. Woifiko built h house there; and
could not tell which county ho was in.
The cotnmittoo was raoi ai mo intorsec*
tion ol tho two counties on Bi? Wheeling
crook by a member of the Marshall
county court, ntid it was decided that
tho two counties should unito in buildintr
a bridge nt that point, whom the
ford now is. This will bo a decidedly
valuable iinprovomont for .Marshall
reaidents, and will bo worth its cost to
Whoeline, as it will lot residents up
the crook into tho city ai all HtaKea.
"SI riiinknnl" Coming.
The groat impersonator of Yankoo
charaetor, J. C. Lewis, supported by a
grand double company, is to appear at
the Grand naxt Monday, Tuesday and
\Vodnosday. This attraction has no
connoclion with tho cotnody known ns
"Si Perkins," and has no rosombltnco
thoreto, oxcept tho country farmers'
band parado. Tho play in one of tho
most realistic pictures of country lifo
! ever drawn. It has threo acts, which
| aro brim full of funny situations and
j comic specialties. Tho company has a
brass band and fall orchestra, of which
i~ Z
A W?ll Kno?ii Vounr Plursltlaa Dial of
At 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon Dr.
Robert Hazlett Cammini died at hii
home oo Chaplin* street. aged thirty
years. 'ibe IsTii.LiaE.vctB the other
day chronicled hit illneii of diphtheria,
supposed to have been contracted from
a child be wai treating. '1 lis physicians
thought they would be able to sare bit
life, but he lanlc steadily, and finally
yielded to the dread diseaio.
Dr. Cummins wa? a son of the late
Dr. Robert Cummins and Anno, daughter
of the late oaruuel Ott. Two brothers,
S. 0. Cummin*, of Bollaire, aud James
Cummins, of this city, and two .sisters
who lived with him at the old family
residence on Chapliue street, survire
him. lie attended the WashingtonJefferson
college for a time, and afterwards
went to Princeton university, but
did not graduate at either, lie got his
medical education at the University of
Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, and
afterwards took a special conrse in disease!
of tho eye, ear and throat under
Dr. Seiler, of the same city.
Ho was a gentle, much-beloved young
man, devoted to the profession in which
he was making steady advance. He
was a member of the First Presbyterisn
church. His death has many features
about it which make it peculiarly sad.
Kxnmlimlinn Waived by the Defendant
Hrfore U. S. CominliMloner Campbell.
Commissioner Campbell came down
from New Cumberland on tho Clevolnnd
A Pittsburgh last night, arriving at 9
o'clock. Ho at onco proceeded to tako
the evidence in tbo preliminary hearing
of the caao of tbo United States against
Edward Rotzer, on tho charge of reusing
cancelled postage stamps. Eight witnossoa
wore sworn for the United States,
but before any testimony was taken,
Mr. G. W. Atkinson acting for Mr.
llei/er, waived tho examination of the
witnesses, and Retzer gave a bond in tho
penalty of $1,000 for his appearance
April I next, beforo the United States
district court in this city, to answer
any indictment that may be mado
against hiin. Nothing further will be
done in tho matter until the assembling
of the court, April 1.
Changes ita Nairn* and Increase* IU Capital
At a mooting in tho office in this city
yesterday of the stockholders of the
Junction Iron Company important
action was taken. This compnny recently
purchased ttio intercut of the
Laughlin Nail Company in tho Laughlin
aud Junction Steol Company's
works, at Mingo Junction, and tiie new
acquisition led to a chango of the coin*
pany'a name and an increase of the
capital slock. Tho directors were
authorized to apply to tho secretary of
state for tho right to increase tho capital
from ?400,000 to $(>00,000, and to
change thonaino to the "Junction Iron
and Steel Company." The company,
with its now property, will be ono of
tho most extensive in' tho country.
Tim is of Interest to You. f
In making an investment, be sure you
havo what is absolutely safe and socure,
investigate thoroughly. The Mutual
German Savings and Loan Association,
(bo very careful that you see that this is
the correct narao, as there are institutions
springing up with similar names
and with plans and contracts entirely
different) is a homo company, though
organized under tho laws of Pennsylvania,
the original homo of building
associations, as their laws aro based
upon long experience, and are therefore
more directly protective of the
interest of the stockholders than those
of some of the commonwealths in
which tho work so far ig principally experimental.
Pennsylvania absolutely
prohibits the une of tho funds of a
building association in any other way
than to loan to members, tho element
of risk being thus entirely eliminated.
The association has been in existence
six months. Number of shares of stock
sold 11,GOO, loaned to membors $>0,000
on approved mortgages amounting to
$104,055. If you desiro an investment,
or wish to make a loan, drop a postal to
tho company's office, Peabody building,
and our solicitor will call and gladly
furnish all information.
W. A. Wilson, President; (ieoree
Hook, lrirst Vice-President; K. D.
Smith, Second Vico President; C. 13.
Hart, Third Vico President; Alfred
Paull, Secrotary; P. B. Dobbins, Treasurer;
S. E. Pool, General Manager; J.
B. Somraerville, Counsel. Depository,
Drtllnr Savinan Bank. TrUHtee. Wtioel
ing Title and Trust Company.
11AKGAIXS lit I^iillen* nnrt Gentlemen'*
( old WutrliOH nt II. K. II11.1.M AN St CO.'S.
A ke you fond of pancakes? Call at
tho Wheeling Bakery's retail store and
they will bake you Homo while you wait
and explain all the wonderful convenience
of using the United Statoa Baking
Company's now Pancake Flour in
every home. It is the groat labor saving,
time saving, economic food.
Cam* at tho Wheeling Bakory's rotail
store for an ordor of hot pan-cakes.
8PKCIAI. luirgnliin in Diumnada Ml II. K.
Ill I.I.MAN & CO.'S.
"The Browniks" Booth at the Christian
church bazanr is something now.
Odd Fellows' block all day to-day.
I.AIMtFST Ntuck of tlno Stiff mill Sort
llntn In tho rlly. IMX(iKlt IlltOS.,
38 Twelfth nnd 1054 Main Street*.
A Quarter Century Tent.
For a quarter ot n conttirv ur. lung a
Now Diacoverv has beon tostod, and tho
millions who iiave received bonelit froin
its use testify to it9 wonderful curntivo
powers in all diseases of Throat, Cheat
and Lungs. A remedy that has stood
the test so long a (id that has given so
universal satisfaction in no experiment.
Each bottlo is positively guaranteed to
give rcliof, or tho monoy will bo refunded.
It is admitted to bo tho most reliable
for Coughs and Colds. Trial bottlos
frooat Logan Drug Co.'a Drug Store.
Largeaizo 50c and ?1. li
"Tliero Im Diiiigor In Unlay."
Since 18011 have boon a great auflorer
from catarrh. I triod Ely's Cream
Halm and to nil appoarancos am cured.
Torrible hoadachea from which I had
long suttered aro gone.?W. J. Hitchcock,
late major I J. K. Vol. and A. A.
lien., Buffalo, N. Y.
Ely's Croaiu Balm has completely
enrod mo-of catarrh wlion everything
olao failod. Many acquaintances have
lined it with excollnut results.?Alfred
W. Stovoni, Caldwoll, Ohio.
I'rico of Croam Balm in fifty contfl.
If tho Huby l? Ciitllnc tnnlli,
Bo aaro and uto that old and well-triod
romody.MiiK. Winri.ow's Sootii i.va Syrup
for children toothing. It Boothofl tho
child, softeni tho gums, ullaya all pain.
curoB wind rolio and in tho beat roinody
for diarrhoea. Twonty-tivo rentH a
bottle. mwimw
Smitii Browing Co. makos tbo boat
ale, porter and brown stout.
IIr U lUcfirlac JUoy Letter* Uegardlog
the Bepablle?u OuberMiartol NominaHon.
An iNTEiLiGEScea reporter met Mr.
G. W. Atkinion veeterday end aiked
bim it be bid I lightning rod up (or the
gubernatorial nomination. Mr. Atkin on
"I have been receiving letters from
nearly every county in the state for
? I nasi ru/lllaalinif Ihtll T
BBverm nctka j<nov, iuiju?uiiufc should
aunounce myself as u candidate
for the ftepubliran nomination for governor,
and giving assurance of hearty
support if I could reach that decision.
In a letter just received from the southern
end of the state I am told that no
one else is* being considered in connection
with the nomination."
"Have you reached a conclusion?'1
was asked.
" Well, no," replied Mr. Atkinson,
"that is, not exactly. The campaign is
far ahead yet, but 1 will say that it the
sentiment continnes in its preaont drift,
you will probably finu me in the field
for the nomination."
A Mnnntngtnu Oil Mini Got* tho Wont of
it at Martin'* Ferry.
An oil operator of the Mannington
field, who gave hia namo as John C.
Smith, was assaulted and robbed of
about $200 in Martin's Ferry yesterday
afternoon. Ho appeared in town about
poon and was at tho Brown Front
saloon on First streot until about 2
o'clock, whore he loft his valiso and
' fn n-aa tl-.nn ni-nMu IL-nll
tanked up. Ha afterward visited one
or two other saloons, drinking at these
so that he had about all thai ho could
carry and waik in the middle of the
lie disappeared later in the afternoon
and was not aeon until two email boys
ran acroBa him on the river bank in tho
rear of tho Northwood glass works,
with his face, hands and a portion of his
clothing covored with blood. They bocame
frightened at the sight aud hurried
up to tho police headquarters, where
one of them said to Police OHicers Fritz
Och and Martin Mvers, "Thero i9a man
down at the glAss works all cut up and
his face is hanging way down hero,"
placing his head on his breast. This
waB about 5 o'clock.
Tiieso two policemen hastened to the
econo and found tlio man leaning up
against a post with a long gash just
below his left eye and another cut on
the right side of bis nose aud so drunk
that he could not give an account of
himself and supposed ho was in Uellaire.
Me was taken to the lockup, cleaned up
and his wounds drossed. He was
Bearched, and in his pockets wero found
a lot of valuable papers including $1,500
in notes and an insurance policy for a
large amount.
He had vory little money on his person
and after sobering up somewhat
told Mayor Westwood that ho had been
robbed of fully S1U0, his Smith &
Wesson revolver and his bunch of keys,
but by whom or whore this wa* done
he was unable to say excepting that ho
had the money when he arrived in
Martin's Ferry. Ho seemed to remembnr
nothing about beinir assaulted.
The trashes looked as if he had been
struck by some blunt instrument. He
left Martin's Ferry last night.
Salt riibcm with its intense itching,
' s * 1... i-i 1?- v.....
ury, not bkiu ih uuruu uy xiuuu a uo?sbparilla,
because it purities the blood. 9
Ask your grocer for Quaker Bread,
and insist on having one of those beau*
tiful picture cards with eacii loaf.
Konolntioua of Ileflpeut.
At a special meeting of tiio directors
of the Sehmulbach Brewing Company,
held this tifth day of December, 1S!)4,
the following preamble and resolutions
were adopted:
Whereas, It lias pleased God in his
all-wise providence to remove from our
midst by death our friend aud associate,
and a director of this company, Potor
Welty, esq., and
Whereas, In his death we recognize
the loss of one of the company's oldost
directors, and one whose constant and
untiring zeal has added greatly to the
intorosis of this company, therefore bo it
liewlveil, That we hereby oxpress our
sincere regrot at the loss wo have sustained.
and that we extend our hoartfolt
sympathy xo ma uereuvaa lnmuv m vu*b
sad hour of their nlliiction; and
Jlcsolml, That ns a further mark of
our respect and esteem wo, the directors
of the Schuiulbach Browing Company,
attend the funeral in a body, and that
the secretary be authorized and instructed
to forward a copy of thuse resolutions
to the family of the deceased,
and also to uncross thorn on the minutes
of this company and have them
published in the city papers.
IJrn'ry Sciimulhacii, Pres't.
J. LI. Lancaster, .Sec'y.
KEUMSA?On Wodnesilrty. December 1891, at
10: jo p. 10., ItusL kkii.m.ma, ugeU.m years un?l
Funeral will take place from the residence of
Mrs. Lena Krnfl, No. II*J7 Market .street, on
Friday afterrioun at 2 o'clock, lntermeut at
Mt \Voo<l cemetery. Friends of family in
A Peculiar Case
Periodic Attacks of Neuralgia In
the Eyes.
"C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mais.:
" I write to any thut I havo been n sufferer for
four years with neuralgia In the eyes. The pains
were veryjewe at night, causing mo to suffer
winter and summer alike. Sometimes a month
would lapio between spells, tlien I would be
Troubled Every Weok,
especially If I was up at night. I am a man of
regular habits, 42 years ot age, and employed
for tho past seven year.* by Heath, Springs ft Co.,
well-known merchants and bankers of this place
and Camden. I bought a supply of Hood's 8ur apnrlll.i,
used four bottles and believe I am
cureil." VI. J. Lo.no, Lancaster, South Camllua.
Hood's Pills cure Constipation by restorlux
the perhlalUc actlonol the alimentary catuu.
Our ne?r Frniti aro now coming in and
are exceedingly line. Our purchase*
nro la rite and 'from iho most reliable
...I.*. ?n t Im I'tfltlP Collt. OlIT CU|
toniers can therefore rely on getting the
very beat from ua at a cheap price:
Evaporated Peaches, 2 lba, for- 25c
Evaporated Apricots, 2 lba. for 25c
Evap. Apples, all rings, 2 lbs. for....25c
Seedless liaising. 3 lbs. for 25c
California ttaisins, 5 lbs. for. 25c
Rolled Oats, 7 lbt?. for..- 25c
Tapioca, 4 lba. for -25c
No* English Currants, 4 lbs. for-...25c
New Buckwheat, pure, 6 lbs. for 25c
Barber's Matches, per doz - 15c
Clothua Pins, per doz 1c
Carpet Tacks, 8 ounce, per box Jc
Gold Dust, per package 20c
Pettijohn Food, per package ile
Half pint Catsup, 3 bottlos for 25c
Gloss .Starch, 7 lbs. for. 25c
Corn Starch, 5 lbs. for 25c
ftgTSend for Prico Liat, luailod free
to any address.
lafift Ci.
tin '-MW.tr
Grand opeka house.
Di'iwmhur lo. Matluou NYe<\nesiiuy.
Supported bv a select company of Comedians in
the Laugh*bio Yankee Coinedy:
Everything now but the Title.
Night price*?l.?, 25, :i5 and 50c. Matineo prices
-IV ? :nid '!< ,">
small town*; S7"?00 per mouth can bo
made, nnd will prove it: we furnish samples
free; write u.s we will explalu. Address Box
Wis. Boston. Mass. nol-rrhas
O allow liboral salary and expenses or commfrsion
to proper Applicant!. Staple seller.
Three stores out of five will order. Address, with
itauip. Lock Box 4JQ. New York City. nu4 rrh4?
or gentlemen to sell Mark Twain's new
book in this city and vicinity; a flue opportunity
to make money. Books delivered to you
free; distance no hindrance. For circulars
and liberal terms, nddros AMERICAN 1*1111LlSlIlNG
CO.. Hartford. <Jt. del
just out; nothing like it ever seen.
I.oomis Stamp Holder and Moistener. Sells at
light; every bank, otllce. store aud business
muu wants one. Instructions uud sample by
mall 7.V. If you mean biudncas writo for outfit.
Postals not answered. THE CINCINNATI PUKE
ALUMINUM CO., (,'lnclmiatl. Ohio. del-a
everybody; $" to $103; C per cent Interest:
easy payments: also a death bene lit for old
nnd young not exceeding SI,000; cost St. Send
stump for particulars. Agents wanted. MUTUAL
|r., President (Second Auditor of Virginia. Mendon
Pally InteiliKoncer. no19?
: of ftlaert*. near Honey's 1'oint A good
new house. good luys well. If not sold
will rent to a good man. Address J. F. KNOX,
Koueyji Point. XV. Vn. * del
Five thousand ucres of coal lauds in West Vir;ltilo,
abounding in rich Hitumluous Coal situated
on a prominent railroad. Address "S.
;are Intelligencer office. del
Cheap and on EaiyTorroj.
or* ntr Hanl? RnlUlMg IMP Market Stnwt.
Jl more room. No. HOI Main street, now occupied
by Iloute ?t Herrmann. Hits good elevator
service and fire proof vault in office.
I'o<?e?ion uiven April 1, IS'Ji Apply to 1IKNKV
K. LIST, ut? itv tank. no!9
The store room now occupied by A. \V. Km lu'imcr
& Bm.f adjoining tue Jewelry store of
I. \V. Cruhh. on Twelfth street, in Washington
Hull building. Ail modern (conveniences ami
Moored cellar. l'osftcssioii given Aj.ril. 1. lStfj.
inquire of J. V. 1.. HOIHJKIW.
11U Market Street.
JjiQtt KENT.
More room In I'oaboiy Ituililla;.
Oftlce mount in iV.ilioily ltiiildiner?
Strain lieaf, elevntornnd nil modern con.
vcuiuncet. TeriuN rtmmnablo.
In| 11 vl(t iiihI II'IH Mnrlcet Strooh
j^ou jiii.NT.
New Basement Barber Shop !
Corner Main and Tenth Stroets.
*eJy HiiQ Main Street.
Hub Building ^
P/-\n lln?fr r??. ni oiil ^a
ruK i\um?UIIC cie^aui uiuic
room, also one large elegant hall,
first lloor entrance. Until permanently
rented, will rent hall for entertainments,
etc. Most centrally
located and best advertised building
in the city. For terms, etc., apply at
Fourteenth and Market streets.
ar?r i'ii punpn$ui.s wri r ni.' nr.
reived ut tho ofllee of tbo utidorik'ned until
Saturday, December 22. for (ho t>uil?lliif; of n
new |uir'?rnsor NtAtlon in the city of Wheeling.
\\. vm. 1 ho tinil'Jinu will ho *ixty feet lone and
Forty-three fi?ot wide. two atoriea high on the
trark fcide nirl ono story high on Water street:
imii11 of brick upon Motie foundation ; covered
with Nliite rnif.'nucl have platform'* and train
iIhmIh nttitehod. I'lmiH mid sp:*cillc.itioni can bo
icon fit tin* oillco of the undersigned. The right
la rcsorvod to reioct any or ml bid*.
'Iiief Knglnccr I'., C\, C. ASt. L. Uy. Co., Pitt*burch.
I'a. d?V>
I'liTsiH'iioii, I'a. , November 22,I #91.
The undersigned buying received from above
unuio'i cuuii'iiut mi urn |imi in mi'
inklnji Fund. provided in the* inoricnKo tinted
limuary I lss?. (which, with the haUiu-o In tho
:rii4tp?>N* lunula, Si 49. niojnuatoi Si/.iw 4'.?. np{dicnbla*
to tin* pnrchw of the flr?t rnnntlldntod
nortu'HKo t?ond* Mvtuvd by Unit innrtKng*). "ill
ecolvo |>ro|M???lH until December 'Ji. 181M,
'or tiie null* to (hum of $5,000 of such bond*.
s. it. lmuktt.
no. Trimnv'*
Milsic at Half Price.
Ilercnftor wo will mill nil new and Uandnrd
iliool Music Hi HALF P1UCE.
tD arn it
? 1 ClLL^i 11 A i
| Dresses t I
?370 Fine All Wool*
^ r\ t-n i j j 1 j ^
V =====
A Very Successful Bazaar Opened
laat Evening.
I Dress ratterns at aoout z
Half Their Value placed?
on sale this morning. <
? New Chinchilla Coats, ?
J Jackets and Capes,also jj
? New Fur Capes, Boas, >
Scarfs, &c. <j
| New Taffeta Silks*
? In Dark and Evening Shades, Small ^
# Figures and Stripes. J
? Jet Black Eudoras and \
^ Silk Warp Henriettas, ^
? also Black Boucle Suit- ?
^ ings! jj
$ Silk Umbrellas !j
5 Mfin's Two-in-Hanri ! f
t ?
W AT THE ~ \
t Marked Down Prices j
/tAMrrTiTTTnn r ^
\ uuniinuiiu: ^
i . j
5 Our stock of fast black HOS- f
slery, corsets, cambric UN-S
Sderwear, centemeri KID5
\ gloves and dr. jaer's SANI- i
% tary underwear was never f
X Better I j
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