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To the Career of a Beautiful and
Accomplished Woman.
jhe Daughter of tho Founder ot dm
Washington Chronlolo and Xleoo of
John W. Forney, tho Famous Phlla?
dftlphfo Jfotr?pap?r Man, Die* in
tho Kansas City Jail?Ilor Rapid
Fall In Four Years Fro in tho Position
ot a Brilliant and Aristocratic
BOC1CI j ijcnucr ? ? viui u* a a???r
OuJcast?Dies a Victim oftho Morphine
New VoRKf Doc. 5.?The death of
>Irs. Edith Armstrong better known aa
"Dovie1' Comstock, in a Kansas jail
ends a strange career of a beautiful and
notorious woman. 8he was the daughter
of D. 0. Forney, founder of the
Washington Ohroniclo, and a niece of
John W. Forney, of Philadelphia.
All tboae who knew "Dovie" Comatock
in her childhood speak of her
dainty beauty. The name was given
uer because it fitted her. She was a
laughing, wayward child. It seemed
nataral that she should fall in love
with Walter G. Comstock, of Providance,
who was rich and handsomo and
young. Ilia father was very rich. Ho
is a near rolativo of the Armours, and
wai in the wholesale meat business,
'lhey lived In Providence, on Pnrlds
avenue, in the finest house in the aristocratic
Jil wood section. They plunged
it once into tho social whirl. It was
sot long before she gathered about her
a coterie of young men, many of them
not in tho fashionable set. These young
men drank quantities of wine. Young
j Comstock was at first delighted with
the homage paid his wife. Thon his
avau ntiAnnd And hncrot a divorce.
it is said that the co-respondent was
Samuel Post, the man who we* killed
by Ella Nelson. Some time aftor tbo
divorce Mrs. Uomstoclc came to New
York and lived in various hotels. In
July, 1890, ibe moved to No. 344 Smith
itroet, Brooklyn. It was thero sho met
Theodore Larbig, who lost his life
| through her. He was forty-three yeurs
of age, a man who had seen life. Conitant
intercourse with many people,
coupled with checkered and valuable exI
oenonco in California, had given him a
' certain polish. But it wa? his great
strength and 8oU-confident manner
which attracted Mrs. Comuock. He became
a constant visitor to ber flat when
ho was in town.
In May sho moved to No. 278 Sackett
street and took as a boarder Darwin J.
Moterole, son of General Meserole. She
had known Moierole several years and
had been very intimate with "him. On
June 27, 1891, Larbig called at tho
house and began quarreling with. Mrs.
Comstock. Moserolo interfered and a
fight ensued, in which Moaerole shot
and killed Lurbig. The trial attracted a
"?J -1**1 'i lia nnnnn miin
Kuuu uuai ui iiiiuiii ?>?mo juuun ?
was acqaittod. William J. Gnynor was
counsel for the defense.
Tea months later "Dovie" was marriod
to John L. Watkius and a short
timo afterward she wont weet. Being a
victim of the opium habit, her down*
fall was rapid.
The Kansas City World of Monday
gives the foilowiug'account of the death
ef the unfortunate woman in the county
jail in that city:
! Mrs. Edith Armstrong, alias Mary
Anderson, alias Welden, alias Miller,
elins Darnell, was found dead in her cell
in the connty jail at 8:30 o'clock yesterday
morning. It is thought that hor
death was due to an abrupt cessation of
opiates, as she was a olave of morphine
And opium and had committed a number
of thefts to obtain the drugs; For
several days she?had not used morphine,
and she had told the prieoners
in the women's cell that she would
either cease using opiates or die in tho
attempt. Last Friday she waa taken ill
and she declared to May Plunkett that
she believed she would die as a result of
ino aoanaonmor.t ui opium. ono um
taken with a high fever, and the other
prisoners told the jail officials. A physician
would have been summoned, but
elio refusod to see one. She was tenderly
cared for by a fellow-priBoner, May
l'lunkott, who had become attached to
I the unfortunate woman.
The deceased was last aeon alive at 3
o'clock yesterday morning when she
feebly called to May Plunkett, who had
been detailed to care for her. She wont
to tho sufferer's coll. The sick woman's
lipB wora parched and she begged for
something cooling. May Plunkett had
nothing but an apple," but ahe pared
this and, scraping some of the fruit
fine, applied it to the dying woman's
lips. .She mado her companion go back
to bod and was quiet for a while. About
6 o'clock she bogaa to sing. The women
prisonorB awoko and listenod. Tho song
died away in a moan and all was quiet
At 6 o'clock tho prisonoro were
aroused. May Plunkett lookod into tho
fick woman's" cell and thought she was
asleep. At 8:30 an attempt was mado
to arouse her. .She wai doad.
Edith Armstrong was committed to
thecountv inil bv Justice Krueeer No
vember 24 to await the action of the
grand jury on the churne of stealing a
diamond ring from Emma Von Elinor,
of 1010 Onk Btreet. bho atolo the rin?
In order to pawn it to obtain opiatei.
Ali of her tliofte wero committed for tbo
Mnie purpose.
At one timo alio thought alio was
cured of the morphine habit, and wroto
a "Song of Rejoicing" f?r the "iinnnor
of f?o!d," a religious hymnal published
?n Uhicatjo.
It A I'll) TltANSlT.
A l.iT?rjr Homo llenta tli? Now York Klo
.Vkw Vonic, Doc. 5.?A livery hack
horse boat tho Manhattan elovatod railfond
system last uiyht in a novel raco
from tho battery to Fifty-ninth Btroet.
The match was for $50 a aide, Lynwood
Pnlrnor, the artiat, backing tho homo
nd Frank Elliott, tho Canadian jjontlonwn
j ockoy. backing tho olovatod system.
Hi/ blind confidence lost him tho wager.
The terms of the bet woro that Palmer
could drive, without police intorforenco,
the battery to tho Control Park
Jiding acudemy, Seventh avenue and
I'Hy-ninth Ntruet and cover the routo
'"tor than Elliott could travol bv train.
'I'"* mart was made from tho batiory
"[airs leading to tho elovated ntation.
??rtie Ashendon waa atartor and timekeeper,
and drove with Palmor'a watch
"i hand. Tho route was up Broadway
nd Neventh avenue to the end of the
courso which waa coveredln justtwonty"i"o
minuto*. The two tnon woro in o
[nnabout wagon pullod by o horse, hired
'rf>rn u livery iitable. Tho boat timo
** ? made on Uppor Sevonth avonuo
^hero there was no interference from
pasting vehicles. Elliott arrived ten
minutes later.
At tli* Opening ot th? ?I>?dlcn- 1
lionof t)i*? Netr lJulldliif.
Wtt Dee, 5.?Emperor William,
wearing a British uniform, visited the i
l'rince of ,Walei and the Duke of York i
thia moraine and tlie two latter returned t
his majesty's visit an hour later. They
then started for England. Emperor r
William thon donned a Prussian uniform
and prepared to open the Belch- .
stB*. ,
'i'tie radicals ate furious that tho |
monarcn does noi come to parliament, j
but, instead ho muit so to the castle for
the ceremony. The suasion of the
IteichstAg was oponed at noon in the
liitter snnl of the castle instead of the
usual white hall, which is being renovated.
Emperor William in peraon read his
speech from the throne. It ia as lollows:
"Honorable Gentlemen?in the namo
of my exalted allies I bid you welcome
at the beginning of your conatitutlonal
work. You will transfer your labors to
your new home, which, after ton years
of earnest work, is now upon the point
oi completion, a monument of our national
industry. May God's, blessing
rest upon the houee and may the greatness
and welfare of the empire bo the
goal for which ail are called upon to
work within its walls will aim, with self
denying loyalty. I entertain this wish
all the more strongly in view of the
economic and social political tasks
which must be solved with your cooperation.
"Faithful to the traditions oi oar ancestors,
my exalted allies and myself regard
it as our foremost duty to the state
to protect the weaker classes and to assist
them in obtainiug higher economic
and moral development. The duty ot
the state becomes the more imperative
as the atruirgla for exiatence upon the
part of cortaio sections of the peoplo
grows more serious. The federal governmonte
will continue their ofiorta to
promoto footings of content among the
peoplo by mitigating economic and so*
cial differences.
"In consequence of the change in the
financial situation to the disadvantage
of tho individual statea, which instead
of receiving, as heretofore, surplusos
from the imperial revennes, have lately
been called upon to contribute to the
imperial expenditure, the creation of
fresh sources of revenuo has becomo
necessary. This ODpressive state of af?
fairs can only be Dartially remedied by
an increase of the stamp tax and the
opening of other fresh sources of revenuo
is indispensable. To this end abill
for the reform of the tobacco taxation
will be submitted to you.
"To my lively satisfaction, my confi- c
dence in the maintenance of European
I'ouud iiu3 uuok 'ui vnoi nviautt?iiOiiou c
during tho past few years. Faithful to p
tho spirit of our alliances, we cultivato 1
pood and friendly relations with all tho t
powers. In the death of the Emperor j
of Russia<I deplore the loss of a friend e
and u tried co-operator in works of e
peaco." a
His majesty afterward wont to the
Reichstag building, in order to formally 1:
perform the ceremony of laying its cor- t
nor-stone, which is combined with the i
dedication of the building, and the for- j
mal opening of the new session of the s
Reichstag. Immense crowds of people 3
were gathered along the route and out- v
side of the now building, and cheered t
the emperor and the German reigning n
princos on their way thore and upon o
their arrival Prince Hohenlohe. the I
chancellor, and Field Marshal Blue- 1:
menthal, chief of the general staff of tho t
Prussian army, who is about eighty
years of age, were acoorded an especially
warm welcome from the people. The
dedication ceremonies passed oft
without a hitch.
~The absence of General Von Caprivi,
the formor chancellor, at the ceremon- e
ios was much commented npon. d
?' J
Several Knffngeuientft Reported by tlie
Japanese Field tfnritlin!.
HrnosnrsfA, Dec. 5.?A dispatch from
Field Marshal Yamagata, dated A ntong,
December 3, says that the Japanese
ecouting party sent in the direction of
Liu Shan Kwan engaged the Chinese
outposts on the summit of ^lotien Ling
on November 15. One Japanese soldier
was killed and threo wero wounded.
The scouting party was afterwards reinforced
and occupied a position at
Sokako, where it was attacked by the
enomy in large force. Over forty
Japanose were killed in this engage*
A company ot infantry sont to reconnoitre
Kwan Tien and Saibashu was
attacked by a large force of Chiuese ou.
Novembor*20 at Tasikow, and was compelled
to retreat with the loss of several
Fiold Marshal Yamagata adds that
measures have been taken to clear tho
ivmntrv around Kwan Tien and Saiba- 5
shu. Tho dolnchwonta under General
Taciiimi and Colonel Nissvinia have \
reached their destinations after meeting n
with slight resistance. They attacked j
tho enemy at Saikabo ou November 13, ;
and compelled the Chinese troops to retiro.
Tho two detachments are now returning
to Antona.
Humor* of nu Armistice.
Shanghai, Doc. 5.?It is rumored hero
that a ten days' armistice has been ar*
ranged botweon China and Japan, and
it is said that the terms of poace which
aro still under negotiation are to include
nn indemnity and the formation of a
buffer state consisting of the country
now hold by the Junanese. China now
fears the winter more than Japan an
the flupplios of rice have been kept back
too long.
A New Unnm of ForKerr?The method Un*
Toledo, Ohio, Doc. 4.?A new ami
dangorous swindling game developed i
to.duy at tho Kotcham National Bank.
On November 20 a man giving tho namo
* '' H UaniUldlra hnnrvht n Now 1
OI VI6UIKU 11, iiyiiunk...
York draft for $12 and on tbe 27th an- !
othor for the same aum. I
Ihe IIrat draft was oaslfod on the 30th j
by an Altoona hank, but it had boon ,
raised to $1,200. Tho drafts wore on
eafoty pnnor and tho inothod of forgery ;
is unknown, 'iho no mo man, about tho
Hiiino tiino, bonsrht another $12 draft at |
tho Ilolconib National liunk, of this
city. The othori bare not yot boon
heard of. '
Morgnntown Municipal Ticket.
Special Ditjxiieh 1? the InUMqtncer, \
Morgantow.v, W. Va., 1'flc, 5.?Tho
following ticket trna nominated by tho
Republicans lant night to bo voted for j
at tho coming corporation olection:
H. A. Poston, mayor; John M. Gregk', .
recorder; Dr. J. i'. Fitch, Dr. \V, C. \
Melloy, J. A. Davis, J. A. Woaver, and ,
11. C. Hannr, counciimeu. Tho ticket
will probably not have any opposition,
although thero uro a fow opposed to it.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria. j {
Pht Murder of tb? )Iinu?>apuli* Woumn,
Trying to Find the Murilorrr.
Mixxkapolis, Dec. 5.?Whit will
)robablr prove to be tho mo*t mvster0U9
und sensational crime in the hisory
of the northwest is the murder of
Wis Catharine Goat;, which was an*
lounccd in these dispatches yoiterday.
Miss Gong, who wan a dressmaker,
van twenty-nine yearn of aire and of
itriking beauty. Her bruised remains
ie cold in death upou a marble slab
n the morgue in this city, a victim
i ther to the repacity of a highway rob*
>er or the vengeful vindictiveness of a
ealou* and frenzied lover. Beaten and
cangled out of all semblance to their
ormer perfect outlines, tho features of
he dead woman seem mutely appealng
for the pity denied her by the cruel
nurderer, who, seeing the bullets had
ailed entirely to snuff tho spark of life,
lompleted bis foarful work with the
>utt of a piatol.
A young man named Harry T. Hayvard,
who was laid to have had busiieaa
dealings with .the. murdored
voman, was examined by the police in
lours last night He admitted having
iad dealings with Miss Gong, and said
le had loaned her at various times
arge sums of money. lie held her perlonal
notes for $5,000 and stated that
ihe had not long ago taken oat an accilent
policy of $5,000 which was astigned
o him. Beyond this no information of
loto was secured from Hay ward, who
itrongly protested his innocence of any
cuowledgeof thecrimo.
Miss Gong, who had had connections
n Auburn, X. Y., had been in this city
lome time and had workod up a lucrnive
business aa a dressmaker, bhe had
>een known to carry laifce sums of
noney on her person on eevoral oocalions
of lalo.
One of the most important facts yet
earned is that Miss Gong drew $7,000
roin a safe deposit vault Monday, and
to trace of this monoy can be found.
L'his strengthens the theory that sho
vas killed for monoy.
Others think it to bo a love aflair
ind that the murder waB prompted by
ealousy. No arrests havo yet boon
nade, but the theory that it was the
erinination of a lover's quarrel is based
in thn fnct tlmt it in Itnrfwn to n num.
>er of peraons familiar with her moveoenta
of late that she had been in the
labit of driving out alono and picking
ip her companion at some point in the
mtskirts of tho city, und ior this reason,
he police are bonding every energy
award to locating this person. Mayor
fastis ie heading tho investigating and
arge rewards have been ottered for the
ipprehension of tno murderer.
One of Miss Gong's numerous admirird
was Fred I. Reid, at present mana;er
of a department storo in St. J'aul.
tlr. Roid was eugagod to her at one
imo, but broke his engagomont without
[iving her any explanation, and evon
entan officor to secure his diamond
ngagement ring, which she refused to
One of the first things which the poice
learned was that lately sovoral
lotes had been sent to Miss Gong by a
nan who always summoned a nieasen;er
from the Nicollett house and that
lie received one of tho notes Monday.
?he measenger was located, and upon
iaitincr Mian Gonff'fl room nointed out
he picture of linrvey Axford, local
aanoger for an eastern clothing firm,
is that of tho mail who sent the notes,
lut when Axford'a wife proved that she
tad given Miss Gong Mr. Axford's phoograph,
Mr. Axford was dismissed.
'lio Jnpanofto Legation on tho iloport of
Japan'* Pomanik
Washington, Doc. 4.?At the Japanso
legation here tho disposition is to
liscredit tho statement made by tho
apanoae semi-official press that if the
rar were concluded now the victorious
tation would demand an indemnity of
00,000,000 yon und tiie cossion of Chi*
ieae territory now occupied by the Japinese.
Great secrecy pervades tho
intiro course of tho diplomatic pre*
iminarv treaty negotiations now in
irogreas, and tlio Japanese governnont,
it is asserted, ia not tnakiutr pubic
the terma upon which theao nogotiaionn
are based.
Even the foreign representatives of
ho government aro not kept advised of
fhat ia buiim down. It ia not dotirablo,
t ia said at the legation, that the terms
f any treaty of peace should be pubished
at this time, consequently there
an be oflbrod no pretext for interfernee
by foreign powers who may fancy
hemielves at a disadvantage as tho
losaiblo reaultof the conclusion of much
lenco negotiations. Nothing is known
,t tho legation of the torms of tho
ounter-proposition mado by Japan to
hat originally proposed by China as a
>asis of peaco.
Now PoNtmnNter.
pecial Ditpatch to (he InMUQtnrtr.
Washington, D. C.f Dec. 5.?J. E.
Valthall has been appointed postmaster
,t Brooklyn, Raleigh county, vice 0. S,
Jpton, ronignod.
Brings comfnrt nnd improvement nnd
tends to personal enjoyment when
tightly used. The many, who live bet*
lor than others nnd enjoy life more, with
lens expenditure, by more promptly
sdnpting tho world's best products to
the "needs of physical oeing, win a urn.
the value to health of the puro liquid
laxativo principles embraced iu tho
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
lUcxccllcuce is duo to its presenting
in the form moat acceptable and pleasant
to tho taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of n perfect laxative;
effectually cleansing; the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fovere
ind permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with tho approval of tlio medical
profession, because it acts on the Kidney*,
Liver and Bowels without weakening
them and it is perfectly free from
a very objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is fur sale by all druggists
in 50c and $1 bottles, but it ia manufactured
by tho California Fig Syrup
Do. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Fig*,
find being well informed, you will nor
accept any substitute if ollercd.
Irl wiuitc<l. Now liuiilnou. S'l n iltiy mnilo ??hsIjr.
SoinplMwnU terra# /roo. C. 11 M A Us 11 .\ 1,1.,,
<ockuori. N. V. ik-;i u 1
THIS is the year to
new tariff law
per cent. The
$1,000. We have them
Let us impress one
everything. YVe have a
have the stock, and ha1
STONES were never bel
Gas and Oil Heating Stoyes!
NESBITT cfc 33 no..
1319 Market 8HWI. nM9
, r . .( . ; - 7
Wood and 'Slate Mantels!
B.F. Caldwell & Co.,
15QS and 1510 Market St. *u21
Wo arc ARenf.i for tho Colobrnted
Elwood Gas Stores and Radiators I
no9 1210 Main Strkct.
PRICE - IP an 1 25c a Bottlo.
Terrestrial Globes,
FlIOMrtTrtia INrilKi |?* PIAMBTRR.
Latost Maps. Steamer Routes*
Isothermal Linos and all lato
Prices from - - 25c to $7 50STANTON'S
I.nti'lort (Jraphle, New*, ChrMmm Pictorial,
Vulu Tide ntnl nil i?f il??* popular Miorary mid
Fnnhion Monthlies. >\II ftirniidiod by the year
at publish it* lowest niitiual nv'o<.
liunpi'l 11)11111". Jlo..k? iiml Stationery.
no.D lll l Market Sl^ot.
COUNT aud TASTY WOKK. Send (or urlriM.
^aud :7 Pourtcuulli 6iroa?
i buy them, because our stock v
went into effect, and will there
prices are right, whether you '
in larger assortment than ever
' fact upon you. In selecting
reputation in that regard, alrr
/e made prices to move it.
rore offered in Wheeling.
Homo. 3 rooms, lot 23x103 feet, hind street.
Colvodoru, very easy tertui. 8750.
House 7 rooms. brlrk.Msln st..fith ward, 82.650.
liouflo, 4 rooms, brick. Jacob strcot, 4th ward,
II. SO'.
House, 6 roomi and hall, Farlc Vioif, lot lOOx
l".r> foot, easy terms. 51,7W.
House,5 rooms, 27tbst, lot 2.?rl00st??t.$1,700.
Double houso. 10 rooms,Indiana streut. Island,
ea?y terms. $1500.
House, 0 rooms. South Huron street. Island,
with large lot. 82 200.
House. 7 rooms and hall. Market street, be
tweeu vHi and am streow, easy xornu. ?z.jin.
House. ft room*, corner lot, 24th street, easy
terms. SI, 100.
Doublo home, 8 rooms, Coal street, lit ward,
f l.ooo.
House. 5 rooms, McColloch streot, East Wheeling
SI 700.
House. 7 rooms and hall, with large lot, 13th
street, SUHW.
Houno, :: rooms. Charles streot. easy torms. S750.
House 5 rooms. Baltimore street, East Wheeling
easy terms $1.05a
House. 4 moms, 18th streot, easy terms, 8950.
Splendid lot for dwelling house, Koff street,
blhward #1.650.
House, 5 rooms, brick, Htb street, cheap. 82.M0.
House, 10 rooms, brick, with largo lot, 15ta
street. cheap.
Houm). ft rooms, Jacob street, Ctb ward, easy
terms. 3l..r?00.
House. 5 rooms, Wood street flth ward, 81,10(X
House, r. rooms. -JOth street 31.030.
House. f? rooms. Wood stre?t. flth ward. 31.8V).
Flno HuUhed House, ft rooms and hall, Park
View, lot 100x175 feet. For a short time only.
Splendid house, 5 rooms and hall, L\nd street,
Belvedere. 31,450.
Homo. t> rooms, brick. Market street. Centre
Wheeling. cheap, 81.2)0.
Lots ou Lind streot, EelTedere, 8J50 and W&
Houso, 10 rooms, corner 29th and Chnpllne
streets. $1,103.
Three lota in Park View, cheap.
l?-lot, MrOolloch street. Centro Wheeling, $330.
Lots on Caldwell's ruu, SJWeach.
Business property on Market street at moderate
fAKK $.W0. 8590, $800, $1000 and $2,500 to loan on
real ebtate.
Tel. act. 1739 Market Street. |
No. 31 Sixteenth street, 7 rooms 420 00
No. 34 Sixteenth street, first floor, 4 rooms. JO 00
So. 81 Seventeenth street. 8 rooms. both
gases. hot wnter and hath 20 00
No. 37 Seventeenth street. 4 rooms 11 00
No. 'J103 Mnln street. flvo rooms 0 00
No. iS)l9 Woods street ? ~ 0 00
70 acre farm north of city, for market gardening.
9*00 per annum.
20 rooms. Main atul Twenty-first strcot.
jNo <U seventeenth street.....^..... IS 00
No. 101 Nineteenth stroet. .... 9 U)
No. 21-V"> Main streot. 1 ro?m?. both gasei... 11 OJ
Building in ro*r of 1301 Market street...,.. SO tt>
Four-roomed houses. Croscent J'lacu.. 7 80
Four rooms, botli gases aud bath. No. 35
Seventeenth street 10 00
Saloon and dwelling, Martin's Ferry, adjoining
C. ttc 1*. depot 17 00
Eight rooms, both gases, hot water and
bath. No. 1011* Main street .. 25 00
No. 37Sevonteenth strrot, eight rooms, both
gases. hot water and bath 20 00
No. 'lliii Market street, three rooms .. 7 (H
No. 39 Twentieth streot 10 00
Store room* Main aud Twonty-flnt streets,
*800 and S2U 00.
No. '.'CO2 Main street, three rooms fi 00
Building corner Twenty-fourth and tnnr
No. 3-V27 Chapline street, tiro rooms... 5 01
No. ?$ ".!) Market street, both ffrises .... 15 01
No.'2023 Alley H .... 8 0)
No. 2C2I Chaplino street, store room and
No. 2500 Jacob street 11 01
No. 2510 Jacob street 11 0)
No. 152J Chapliuu street. o:lico room. 8 0)
No. 00 North Front streot. the most dealrablo
building *ltc on North Front street, 00 feet front
and about 400 feet deep.
Kcrtl estate of every description.
Heal Kstato Agent, Collector. Notary Public and
Pension Attorney, No. Itil2 Market street
Store building Noi. 1412 and 1414 Main streot.
Will Improve to suit tenant.
No. 1522 Main streot. three-story building.
Storeroom nnd dwelling, cornor Fourteenth
and Me 'olloch atreeU.
No. 1018 Mnln street, second and third floors,
eight rooms, nil modern conveniences for housek<Na
m*Ohio street, flvo rooms, frame.
No. 1127 Alley II.. three rooms, frame.
No, 1110 MeColloch street, three rooms. 8750.
No. 1111 McColloeh streot. two rooms, 96 00.
No. 2402 Main street, two rooms, S<> 03.
No. 91 Ohio streot, three room*. IS 00.
No. 2117 Alloy B. two room*. 8* 0). ,
No. 2120 Main street, two rooms, $ > 00.
No. 121 South Elm streot. rive rooms. 81250.
No. 51> Main streot, fourteen rooms, modern.
No. ,'(001 Woods street, sit rooms, brick, 8120).
XI10 McColloeh street, four rooms
No. Id Ztne street second llo ir 812.
No. SI21 MeCollooh strejt. two-story framo.
No. 1.127 MeCollofih street, brick. Ill 00.
No. 61!) Main streot. brick dwelling. I
Two furnished rooms for men. on Jacob, betwoeii
Thirteenth nnd Fourteenth svroiti
.ikmi rttM ro.iins. StiOl
No. 1VW Murkot ?tra-?t. office ro.unt
So. I'it Tniru-itiir I -tnij; ilv? ffmi, W11.
Room* fot inaniifnctiirlng pnrpow. with power
lomlllw'l. In tuo hn.lnoi; inrt "to 'r ,
ritore room* 01: Soiutt utreof. In I let me To- <
ernnoi** bulidlnz.
Sonev to loan-. 1
Citv Hank nuil.di.vo.
Tolcphono 219. [ ioll Koom No.*
t~% i.' x i. f.statm
|{,hi?c< for ohcwv
IliilUituu' lot* for -Hie choftp.
Kurin* f'"" *'? '' >???PI'rnpurty
f??r wilu on eiujr teftnt.
Money to loim ou real wstnte.
T..IWIIW1" III: Mwrk.M Hwl 1
*JOB + Ji:3RK?
/as purchased before the
fore save you about 20
ivant to spend oo or
DIAMONDS quality is
lost country wide. We
Such Bargains in FINE
lOOiharo* Rollalr? Null Work?.
lOchnrui Klre and Marine Jn?nranoe Co.
lOnharo* Fontorla 01 us (Company.
10 ?haro? Kxchanne Uauk.
10 nhnro* of National IUn!t of Wwt VirflaUk
100 ?her?a Wheeling steel A Iron Company.
10 share* Wheeling Ice and Htoriuje Co.
lUnhares ."Etna Standard Stoel A Iron Co.
30 ah area National ilank of Allaire.
11. K IRWIN. Broker.
r-+ BONDS. +-+
Wheeling Bridge Company Bonds.
Roynl Clsr Manufacturing Company.
Foitoria Glass Company.
Wheeling Street Railway Company.
Pa-kersbiirg. Sutton A Gloavllle Railroad Oo.
Wheeling Pottery Company.
Wheeling Steel and Iron Company.
Piedmont Water Works.
12 share* Riverside Glau Company,
Riverside Iron Worka
Bel la I re Kail MIIL
Exchange Bank.
LaBello Iron Worka.
&tna Standard Mill.
Wheeling Electrical Railroad.
Fostorla Gtasj Company.
Wheeling Ice and Storage Company Stock*.
Stock*, Bonds and Investment*,
no22 No. ir^ll Mwrk?f St.
$500, $1,000. $1,500, $2,000,
$3,000, $5,000 on city real estatosocu*
Bargains in city property, both Improved and
Houses to ront In all porta of tho city.
For Snlo or Rent?No. 109 Fourtoonth street.
Possession at once.
HOLF c?3 2!TVIV3D.
Bmtoeas property in ceutral part of city that
trill pay a handsome income as an Investment.
Four-roomed house, SMC McColloch street, for
Eight-roomod brick, with good stable, on Market
streot. between Eighth and Ninth; splendid
location; low price.
Seven-roomed honse. 27 South Penn streot;
desirable location. Price. S3.750.
Eight-roomed houso. with three-roomed teno*
ment homo in rear; full lot. COxlW. In good rejiair.
for $3 .'AO. The lot is worth $3,000 without
any Improvements on U; will pay aa investment.
nolo 1221) MAKKKT STREET.
Money to Loan I
To be Secured by Deed of Trait on Uuinouabe
rod City Real Estate Inquire ot
Wheeling Title and Trost Co.,
NO. 1315 MAItKKT hthkkt.
0. Lamb, President. Jos. Bkvbou>. Cashier
J. A. Jkpkermok, Assistant Cashier.
CAPITAL 3200,000, PAII) IX.
H. M. Harper. Joseph F. Patill.
Jaine* Cummins. H??ry Rttbonwa,
A. Keymuun. Joseph Saybold.
Gibson Lamb.
Intercut paid on special deport*.
luucd dralu on Knglatid. IrelandandScotland.
my 11 JOSEPH SKVnohD. Cashier.
CAPITAL ~.3300.000.
J. N. Vamce........... ^.^.PreMdent
Jons Frew.. ... .^.Vlcc President,
J. K. Vanoo. fioorcfl B StlfaL
J. M. iirovfiL William Kllitigtum
John Frew. A. W. Kelloj".
John Wntorhoimo. W. E. Ston*
W. II. Frank.
Prnfu {mind on Rnfland. Ireland, Scotland
ind all polnu in Eurot*.
JOHN* J. JOS-K8. r?<hlf.
CAPITAL. -.$175,000.
William A. I.?ett .. ^..Preaidant.
William b Vlc*-Pre*ilmt
Prnfu on Knglaud. Ireland. Franca aua Germany.
William A. laoit. Mortlmor Pottoe*
J. A. Miller. Willia-n R. 3J nn?oa
MM Atkln-on. Joliu K.
Henrjr spoyoi.
1L Forboa.
.'ni j v wn.t.i-ii rum*.
Fruit rnke. Plum PuiMIng, Malaga Grapei, Ta?!o
IlaUiu*. Oranges. F.#?, Nut* of all kinds,
fvlAtn. Pineapple ami Roquefort Checno, Olivet,
Dates, Cranberries, Mluca Mo?t
qo27 13W Market direct.

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