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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, December 08, 1894, Image 7

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jnimal Extracts
fnyuti ?ooonlln? to tbo formula of
IB tit HBormlory at W??Mncton. D. C.
tin ant woodcrfal tbcrapcutlc
dlKorerjr ilact Uw dtv ot Join?r. ,
CfREBRINE, prom the brain.
0CDULUNe.Fr6m -tflg ,p|naI
CARDINE. Froln the heart.
XESTINE, ?f prom th0 tastes.
OVARINEi . - From the ovaries.
^iSiirith f^'Hnr offUllneM and dlitontlon
'rv. hMd. ' xbllaratloQ of spirit* increased
" '-T-trreilon. uraeniauon 01 mo ?*Jgfw
^JSfwUve power.
f\i$ Drops. PHo?(2dfiofcit)i $2.50*
? Washington# D. C. ^
Bad for Boole.
f OLD f
(Export Whiskey.!
I ipip I
| Guaranteed Eight Years Old* f
F1 rerulnly i> ft duty and our detlro to f
acquaint you \ritli the excellent quel- A
I itie? 0/ our Export Whiskey when you ?
\ orcd this article for medicinal or family A
I nnrooM*. There li none on the market W
\ more entitled to your conaldorutlon. It A
I bu Sit. i'urltv. and being free from all W
\ Injurious Ingredients ahould command A
f joar attention. T
a Fall Quart* $1 OO. f
i gold lo Wheeling only by i
' l/ihn'Vla?l cor. market and \
j JCOfl Marl, sixteenth streets. 4
? Vlijl and express order* will recelvo \
I ommp:attention. JOS. KM5SIING&SON, r
\ ill Market street, Pittsburgh. ^
^e 3^5^^0?|IIUTATI0 1 s.
ncriwiTratocncrmj brttu Nr? IMPROVED
rV..r rmlf. aiW. Soulfclw. fonllnnona Currant* of KIM*
tfeto aretfhiU WEAK PA*T8,r??u>rln* tbem to HEALTH
*4 <160101S STBUCTH. Klrftrlt Urrtil felt IaaUatljr,
c?t fwfrlt li.C? In c*ih. Art ebesp. an J will ear* wont
am l? 1 to J Dontbi. H?ware of ImlUtlon* r)*1d| bo KUo?
tr.c csrrt&U. 6o?Je4 Pani.hlct Yro*. Addrwo:
USE 13 ELECTRIC CO., 828 Brouiwty, Hew York.
To tiiz Editob?Pleas? inform yonrreadfrs
that I have a positivo remedy for the
ibovo namod disease. By its timely use
thousands of hopeless cases havo been percanonUy
cured. I shall be glad to send
two bottles of my remedy free to any of your
wtlers who havo consumption if they will
Kod me their express and nost office address.
Rrcnaotfnllv T A RloAiim M C.
' So. 183 Pearl Street, New Iork.
GENTLEMEN, Get tho New, Novel Discovery,
Cart* Gonorrhoea and Gleet in 1 to 4 days. I U?
wunn :s magical. I'rwrunta stricture. All com,To
bo carried in vent pocket. Sure prorotiUve.
bent by moil in prnin package, pret*tf,on
receipt of prioo. $1.00 por box; 3 for $2.50.
CUi H. nnti V/. W. Irwin. jV-TJ-DAW
'* Cwwrim, Glfft, Iroforrbcea ?ad Spermtionbaa.
C7No Piin. No Stain. Free Syringe. _
fMvtvrs PTnitTtmc and ail privatb diseases*
,, . it DmtUlt, or ?rat to tar addrt't*. fnrfll.UTt.
ityOku ilAljrdof U TbnJV?l' of ftllpln-flar rmaedlt*.
u?iu?A DIU &MRY BKNTTBUdefort. Ma.
UALYOORMFC.CO., Lnr.caot?r, O., U*S*A
To You._^???
>owtnat the oxcitomont moment
to tho political campaign is over
you should find timo to attend tho
evenins posaiona of the WV\6Ql"
ing Business College
and prepare vouraolt thoroughly
for active buiinosa by studying
Arithmetic, Spelling, tWriting,
l^okkooping, etc. nolo-Trh.is
lc ' \: - LSASjI o. I- M. FIATES,
' ' - \ hnlrl tinder |??W nwagttwit.
i- in rfrrt Hnnltntioni and all
. \ Mtora toNawXork Will
" in tI.i- vri v In-art- of thf iMipnlnr
. MriPt, ivwTMilnot to iiIhwh of atnnfoh
i -?iuin frmn alt piirtH of tho
xo?5' /\> FORCINCINNVII I.Ot;i<A
"ft x\ VII.LK. M KM I'll IS, ST.
" 5=TI * \ J/)UI3. NKW OKLEAN'S
Wl11 iP"vo w h a r f b o nt,
' V,* *v^V/y foot of KloTonth ntroot, as
~y/ follow-..
r sirtt?>. for Cincinnati. O.,
i., s T.8.Calhoun.Maitor;
Kuox, Clark.
i??Uon,ov?nr TiitJiwnAYat S a. in.
Mn.tnr; Al J. SUvou. Clork.
'^ n" iron fjtinnn, ofof7 SvruanAYatS n.
'i. John M. iPhlllipl, Mmior;
ling to Cincinnati. *rt.
' ?. Moat? and atata roont lti?
food until, uwrt. For freichtot
'Ml ; I, oftolophoiio No. all
Chltooo DityitcK
The ?lajr U a-djrlo*. the west wind a-fljriag,
Thy mountain Is wrapped la his muxtle of
And mournful the dirge* of Shaanon'a black
Ai gathers the storm-cloud otf bold Bailahoe.
Ob. baste thee. a j dear one; oh. haste thee, mjnear
The storm descends fast to the rallcy below;
Tbjr lover awaits thee; what i? it belates th'-i!
Ob, why dost thou tarry ou bold Bailahoe *
With shrill plots resounding. their flocks quick
ly rounding.
The shepherds now fain in their shelters would
Oh. Erin's fair d*u*bter. beware tbe wild water
That whirls in the ahadow of bold Ballabocl
I But swifter the tide (lows, the river more wide
grows; ?~
"Oh. father, I perish, the waters below.
1 No help can come nigh ma. Oh, why did I hie
At morn to thy fastness, oh, bold Oallthoc?"
As breaks the bright morning, all nature adorning,
All wrapped is tho villsgo that loved her In
! WhiUt occanward drifting, o'er aaudt ever shift*
I Ing,
! Behold thy last victim, oh, bold Iiallahool
"You appear to forget that tbii fellow
Vaughan has the reputation of being
one of the molt desperate criminal!
that ever stepped. 'King of the Coinera'
lid is rightly named, but ia chiefly
because be is at the bead of a daneerous
gang. And because, by a lucky chance,
you have found out that be ia living in
private lodgings under an assumed
name, makes it none the less risky for
us two alono to attempt bis capture." j
It was in a decidedly dissatisfied tone
that Mr. Koche, the well-known detective,
urged upon bis superior officer the
hazardous nature of the business they i
wero upon, but Arnold Bond merely j
smiled good-humorodlyas be responded:
"Whatever risk thero may be, Boche, I
1 think I shall face. And as 1 expect
to take our man entiroly by aurpriso, I
in the very boaom of his family. I don't j
anticipate much resistance, b'tiil, I am
propared for it, and don't think that he
will easily give us the slip. For the
rest, you will simply carry out my instructions,"
and tho last few words were
spoken in a way which eflectually
silenced any further objections from tho
Tho last rays of twilight wore fading
when, on this summer evening, the two
disguised detectives knocked at tho door
of an unpretentious-looking house in a
quiet street of the east end of .London.
Almost immediately, a respectabie
looking woman opened the door, and
slapping back, said, before Bond could
"Ah, air, I don't believe they expected
you again to-night, but it's well
you've come, for the poor mite ia very
bad, they aay."
With the ever ready wit of a shrewd
detectiye, quick to take advantage of
tho slightest error, Bond instantly
checked the exclamation of surprise
which sprang inatinctivelv to his lips,
and atepping in quietly observed:
"Indeed! I nui sorry to hoar that.
Our usual friend'could not come himself,
but aa his partner I thought it advisable
to look in again. Let me see?
Mrs. Sutton, second floor, is it not?"
Neither of the dotectivea 8carce ventured
to breathe aa they anxioualy waited
to see the roauli of this rather haphazard
"Oh, 1 took you for Dr. Dalton hitself,
sir. Yes, second floor. It's rather
dark, but I daresay you can fiud your
way up. Lor'! 1 never knewed before
as how the doctor had a partner."
"This gentleman ia merely a friend of
mine. If you don't mind, he will wait
for me iu tho passago. I don't auppose
I shall bo many minutes," Bond said,
inwardly chuckling with satisfaction at
*L- .nV.inl, Viffld llnil.Mlllf.
VUU lllClty UllllBBC m UUU "MX MMUWMW.
odly saved him and his companion no
littlo trouble at the outset.
Leaving his subordinate?who had
previously received careful instructions
?Arnold Bond, with heart beating a
littlo faster than usual, cautiously
mounted tho dark, narrow staircase
and tapped at a closed door facing him.
Then, without waiting for any reply,
he instantly opened it, and so quickly
stepped into the room aud shut the
door after him again.
"Surrender yourself my prisoner,
Michael Vaughun, alias Ralph Sutton,"
he said, sternly, as a tall, beardod man
sprang hastily to his feet with a startled
exclamation, and confronted him.
A monentary pauso, then, with an
oath, the coiner snatched up a chair,
and raising it above his head, was j
about to nun it in uiu umuchivu, um i
as quickly dropped it aa hia eye roated i
on tho service revolver ateadily leveled
at him.
'Trapped!" lie ejaculated, savagely I
glaring at tho ollicer. "And in this torn-1
fool fashing, too. But thore'a trenchorv
hero." lie added, fiercelv, *'and if I
"Michael, Michael," interposed a I
women's voice in pleading tones,
"you'ro forgotting poor little Jea?. You
know the doctor eaid she uiuat bo kopt
porfoctlv quiet."
"Ah, .leas, poor raito," aaid tho coin-1
er. "No wonder I forgot everything
when Bond himself, jumpod up before
me like a inugic! Well, I'm fairly
nabbed; but if it wasn't for her," he
added, with a bitter emphasis, pointing
to a bod in the corner of the room,
"you'd never tuko mo in this aqueamian
Agrooably disappointed in the oxpoctation
that tho dospcrate criminal bo->
fore him would offer resistance, but
never for a moment relaxing hia vigilance,
Bond glanced quickly about tho
Tho bed was occupied by a littlo girl
of about six yoara of age, who, it noeded |
no second glance to perceive, waa very
near to death, indeed. She was very j
wide awake, staring in mute terror
from tho detective to her father and
back again. Nor did the white faco of
the coinor'a wife, who atood trembling
by the bedside, exprosa much leaa alarm
tlimi the cniurs.
"Lot'svleur out boforo yoa frighton
iny young 'un to death," said the coiner '
inn quioter voice. "Never mind, Joss,"
ho weut on, turning to the clnld and
speaking in such a tender and soothing
tono that liond stared with astonishraont.
"Perhaps, soon, I shall come
bank, and then you'll be better, and wo
will "
Vatican's voico faltered, mid be
"Ah, take him away, sir, but don't
hurrv him ovor what do very well
knows must bo the last good by he'll I
ovor say to his child! What hopo thoro
may have boen you'll tako with you;
but to tako it away at this moment "
The wrotchod motlinr, uiiablo to articulate
another word, sank into a chair,
hid her fana in her hands, and gavo way I
to a sudden outburst of griof.
"in tho goutloinan going to tako you
away, then, daddy?" tho child said,
feobly. "Oh, don't go! I do 60 waut j
you to-night." Thou, looking at tho
cletectivo with groat, oarncst oyos, littlo
Joss continued, half indignantly, half
pathoticaliy: "How would your littlo i
girl liko you to bo taken away if nho wa>
ili, and wanted you to stop with her
dreadfully bad?"
An involuntary smile gatherod for
ono briof instant on tho storn couutonamio
of liond. i
"It's true, worso luck," whispered tho |
coiner, stepping near hie captor. "Poor
litUo beggar, aha'e mizhtv b?J, end Ibe
doctor llfi the next few hours mesns
life or death. Mor'n anythiog. she's
got to tra kept particular quiet, so let's
clear out Jlnd leave 'em; and, please
God, I'll aee ber again yet. Yea, my
prince ol traps, you cap see what makes
mo such a miserable coward, eh?"
As if ashamed of the tremor in his
speech, the coiner turned, and taking
down his bat, crashed it upon Ilia head,
and approached the door with a rigid
countenance and twitching lips. Apparently,
he dared not trust himself to
take oven a farewell look at bis child.
Bat as Arnold Bond moved toward the
door alao, bis glance fell for an instant
upon the thin white face of little Jess,'
who bad already fallen back exanstcd.
She was gazing steadily at her father,
who, however, kept' hit faco carefully
averted. The pitiful, pleading expression
in the sick child's eyes struck the
detectivo to the heart, for it was a look
which expressed more eloqnently than
aoy words the bitter disappointment
she felt st seeing one she dearly loved
about to be taken from ber this eight
oi all nights.
The detective paused abruptly, hesitated
a moment, and then the resolnte
expression on his features softened suddenly,
and ho said, in a half jocular
tone, to hide the emotion he could not
entirely control:
"Stay, Vaugban, I can't do it, after all.
I can't take such a cruel advantage of
even you at a time like this! That's all,
and goodnight!"
"Bond, Bond," cried the king of coiners,
springing forward as he recovered
from his momentary stupefaction,
"Heaven prosper you for this! Bad as
I am I hope I'll be able to give you your
reward for this, if it's years to come."
A moment later the detective had
gone. Ho had sacrificed an opportunity
of adding enormously to his reputation!
* *
It wos a year later before the authorities
suicoeded in discovering tho "factory"
where Vaughan and his confederates
turned out the cleverly made
countorfoit coins which had, for so long,
been passed with apparent impunity in
most quarters of the metropolis.
Arnold Bon I had never seen the
i "King of the Coiners" since that night
| wheu the nioro look of a sick child had
been suflicient to make him turn from
I flio atari! Tvnth .lilfif?an ailifnntauu
which tiio coiner naturally had been
quick to avail himself of.
The vorv perfection of the false coins
told that Vaughan had not forsaken his
dangerone calling; and the manner, too,
in which they were passed showed more
and more that the police had no ordinary
criminal to deal with.
But, after indefinite trouble, Bond had
found'out all ho had been wanting long
to know, and this night, or rather in the
early morning hours, ho had surrounded
with his men the detached suburban
villa of such irreproachable appearance,
and had himself succeodod in getting
into the house with a skill that would
have made a practiced burgiar look
with envious astonishment.
The clevor detective was very desirous,
if possible, of capturing the
whole gung of coiners at one raid, and
that, too, before thoy could do away
with the slightest trace of their occupation.
A laudable endeavor, but it was
a wish which wa9 to briue him noaror
I to death than ho had over been before.
Bond seemed to have the house to
himself. Down in the basement, however,
ho could bear a clinking noise
I everv now and then, and at frequent in
| tervals tho sound of moo's voices floated
I to his ears, accompanied by muiiled
Having satisfied himself, as far as he
dared, on several points, he finally began
to creep with all care along the pas|
sage toward the front door, which ho
could see was oxcoptionally well bolted
and barred.
lie had gotten within a few feet of tho
door, aad was already thinking how
neatly ho had managed everything,
I when suddonly and without the "slightest
warning the whole floor soomed to
cave in beneath his foot, and as ho throw
: out nis arms with u startled cry the trap
he had unconsciously turned completely
I ovor and threw him into a largo, weli|
lighted cellar below. Before he could
rise soino seven or eight men had
I seized liim, and, amid a storm of oaths
aud threats, bound hand and foot, despite
his strenuous struggles.
"You fools!" cried Bond, exasperated
beyond measure, "Lot mo toll you the
gaino is up! My men surround the
place, and this little jokn will only make
mattors a good deal worse for you.
You'd hotter "
"Joke!" repoated ono of tho coiners,
with a fior/'rt lailcrll *\Vflll. We'll SAG.
What say you boya? What says our
"Death to the trap what bowls us
out!" answered a burly, villainous-looking
fellow. "Surrounded wo may be,
but whnt of that? Haven't wo means
for getting awav through tho burrow at
tho lirat alarm?"
Without another word one of the
coiners stepped up to tho prostrate officor,
and with a aavago exclamation
slippod tho nooao of a ropo over Bond'a
head and drew it uncomfortably tight
around his neck. Anothor of tho desperate
crow at once throw tho othor
end of the ropo over one of tho beams
which supported tho flooring abovo.
The dotoctivo now recognized to tho
full extent tho really serious nature of
hi.s position; and, half dazed by the ter
rible calamity wiucn naa so suddenly
befallen him, was giving up all hope,
when, for tho first tiino, tho loader of
tho gang?nono othor than Michael
Vaughnn himself?spoko.
"Leavo iiitn to me lads, and got you
all gono while you may. Ah, thore is
not a jifly to lose. Hark! iioar tho
traps? They're brooking in alroady.
Oir with you all!"
"Let the doga bark!'hissed one of
the rullans, with a course. "We don't
go until wo'vo chokod the life out of tho
rat who put 'em on our trail. Run him
up sharp, and leavo him for a pleasant
surprise to his friends!"
With theso words the unfortunato
officer was jerked off his feot, but at tho
s*ime moment Vaughan snatched up a
formablo knife, and at a single stroke
severed tho ropo about his hoad. Yet
anothor stroko or two, and boforo the
astonished gang of dosporadoos could
rocovor inouiauivuB mo uuiuuuvv uuu
regained his liberty.
"I'm with you, Mr. Bond," ejaculated
Vaughan, with a grim dotorminntion
stampod upon his whit? faco. "Aha!
nee how my mutinous crow shrink bark
from your bulldog! And by all that's
lucky "for us both, hero come your raon.
Anothor minuto's delay, and 1 reckon
it would bavo gone a bit bard (or ui
Almost boforo ho had finished spoak
ing tho long, cellar-liko room bocamo
for a short apaco a scone of desporato
struggling, tho walls ochoing with a
chorus of savago cries ami shouts.
Of nil tho mnmbors of tho gang, thoir
leador alono oflorod no rosistenco, but
lapsed into moody eilnnco.
Only when tho opportunity offered,
did liu whisper into tue detective's oar:
"You see 1 haven't forgotten what 1
onco promised, sir, although you only
had a umashor's word for it. I'orhapfl
you didn't know it, but I rockou you
hail the lifo of my littlo Josh in your
hands that night avoar ago; and niaybo
you'll ngroo now that I'vo paid a lair
prico for it. As for mo?but, thoro,
wo're ou even terms ouco more."
UVI I ? -
. c
TUa Features the Money ami Slock 3
New Yobk. Dec. 7.?Mouoy on call easy atlal^
per cent; lost loan 1 perccnt; closed at 1 per
cent. Prime mercantile paper 2Ha4,S P*r cenlSterling
exchange ationg with actual business 'r
in bankers' bill* at %i 8Sa4 88K for demand. Silver
certificates 61 ljc bid. Tho total sales of stocks o
to-day were 375,391 shares. u
There was Increased activity oa the speculatiou
of the stock exchange to-day and the market
waa characterized by a marked degree of
strength with the exception of slight reac- si
tlons. aud the opening, shortly after mid day p
and around delivery hour the leftdeucy ol the
general market was upward. Among tho most
potent influences in the market wa? the improved
prospect of the passage of the Patterson railroad
pooling bill, the objections to which, .
Interpreted by tfle interna*- commerce commis
lion, having been withdrawn, with a probabili ?
ty of legislative action being taken by Congress J
on tho currency questioa !
Sugar again broke the record of lludlvldtlfll | '[
ialf>, the transactions thereon for tno uh>- e*?
ceedlng 193.WU abarei. The promised director-*' ?
statement was not forthcoming am* the only ex- "
planatlon oita non-appearance given was that
President liavemever aud Secretary Searlea wure 1
not at the ofllee to-day. Thcxtoek fluctuated J
widely, openlug % tier cent higher at K7J4> advancing
with intermediate reaction toIW'i. *ell- _
iug oil'to M, reaching yiJ4, the top price for the 1
Jay. just before the1 close, the final sale bHue J
onlv lii per cent below the best and 474 per cent
abort- ye>terday'a cloalug. The preferred #i.? ?.
Lr allied 'J1,4 per rout. There wam Ueavv covering
lu the (iratigcrs. lloek Islaud advuuocd *tea<U
ly, cIo*Iur at the best nud 1 per cout above in>t
nlght'a prices. The other more important u'Hius
ou the day are: Toba'-co 2, Cordage pre/erred
1V?, do common J1,, (ienernl Klectrlc iyt and
\Ve*teru I'nlou and Lead \\\ per ceut.
The bond market wa* Arm lu the earlr ?es*Ioa
but alter midday became strong in ?.mputhv
with the sharo speculation. The transactions ~
were ou a large scale, the total of which were
(rovreumentbouda firm. J
State bonds quiet.
Kail road bonds strong.
II. S. 'a reg.., 119 IXatloual Cordage...
U. A. ooiiDn lVJVj do preferred, i
U. S. 4s reg 114l/.|Xew Jer?ey Cent-... fll
I'. M. 4* coup ..11%' Norfolk A West. D'd 20i{
U. S. 2a reg 97 .Northern I'acllic.... 4*?
I'acllic Gsof 'tti VJij do preferred - IP^
Atchison j Xortliweatcrn I
Adman Kxpre&i 112 do preferred Ml
American Cxprcjw..] 10 New York Central.. '.0%
Baltimore A Ohio- 07 X. Y. A New Kng... til ft
Canada Southern... Mi Oregon Improve t- 10
Central Pari tie. ..... 14!'9 Oregon Nav 20
ChesajKJake ?fc Ohio IS!* Pacific Stall '-i
Chicago d: Alton....145% Pltubargh 156
Chi. Uor. ?t Qulncy 72*-a Keadlug IS1*
Chicago Cas .... 72s* {Richmond Term..- 1GW
C.. C.. C. ?i St. L aS'-.i do preferred 20
Col. Coal & Iron K*J|{ock Ialand 62
Cotton uil Certltlc.. 27>-4,,St. Paul W
Del. i: Hud *..126% I do preferred US'-* f
Del., Lack. A- West.lGl'4 >t. l'aul A Omaha... tiV.i
Den. ?fc K. O. prefd WSi do preferred- 112
Dlst. ik Cattle Feed 9 Sugar Rolluery i)l?? I
trio 12>dTcuu. Coal <k Iron.. HI
?U ,'TI.VMU Pmiflo
Illinois Central Si> Toi. ?t O. Con. prof. 7."?
Kuii. <fc Tex. prePd 227* Union I'aclflc l-lt
1-alto Krle *t West... 16^ U. Kxprow 42
do preferred 7f>}? W., St. L. ?t I*
Lake rihore 13<J do nreferred 14 J*
Lead Trust 40'y Wei In Karco; Kr !<**?
Louisville it Nash- My* Western lulou 8?i
Mlirhlgau Centrals usi^ Wheeling ?t L. K.. 1'%
Missouri Pacific 2H'/,i do uroferrcd !W
Nashville it Cbatt.. (i? General Electric j
BreadfftuOa and I'rorUlon*. (
Chicago.?A combination of bearish infill* *
ence, prominent auiong which were lower
cables, weakeued wheat to day, .May closing %c '
lower. May corn gained >40, May oats |?e uud
provisions elosed slightly lowor.
Flour quiol and unchanged.
Wheat?Cash No. 2 NpriuK .,?9V^>C0!^c; No. 8
spring nominal; No. 2 red Decombor
ttaMKftKWc; May July COV?aCO?^
Cork?Cash No. 2 4~&c: No. 3 yellow 4&4c;
December 47? ^47^47140; January 47}$a47;da
47^c; May 4U>ia5QJia.'jO,l;c.
Oats?CoxU No. 'I 29We; No. 2 white 32^a33e; I
No. 3 whlto 31^a32>^c; December 2%a.?%a '
29*c; May O^'sX.'ka&.'^C.
KVE-Xo. 2. 49c.
11 * u i vv vn ? ma!ufl.
Flaxseed?No. l *i 48.
Timothy Heei>?Prime 8.r? GOaG to.
Mess 1'oitK?CaaTi nerbbl. 8l2 00al2 12%: January
III ttiftW OOal'i uO; May 112 Alal2 85al2 35.
LAKD-Cttsb per 1(X) lbs. *1 S7V?ai; 90; January ,
SC'JOaG 9oa6(/JS; Mar ST 12Sa7 I5a7 15. J
Shokt KtBs-Cash Hides (loose) $' i<5aG 00: Jan- I
nary *3 'J5afi 00a5 U7>$; May $0 lT'-^uii 20ati 20; 1
dry salted shoulders (boxed) 5%u."?>;c; short '
elear aides (boxed) t'.)^aG%c. *
Wiii.skby?Distillers' Uaiihed goods per gallon
biittek-Market steady; creamery 2la2lc;
dairy l Ja.'Ic.
ifius-Steady at 12o23c. c
N*w York?Flour, receipts 22.700 barrels:
exports 18,400 barrels; hales 14,100 pack tip ?>;
market weak and buyont withdrawn. Wheat,
receipts "U.lOO bushels; exports 85,800 bushels; c
sales 3,215,000 bushels of futures and 14S.000 d
bushels of spot; spot easy; options closed unlet
at ^a?aC netdecliuo; No. 2 red January closed
at6lj-4c; February closed at CJ^c; March eloscd .
at &5e; May closed at June closed attHlfc; 8
July closed at 64jJhc: December closed at <JO)j?.
Corn, receipta 6S.W0 bushels; exports 2.2U0 0
bushols: sales Jft^OOO bushels of futures and 9.S.OOG
bushels of spot; s|?ot market steady; op- c
tions closed at V4C net advance; January closed
nt 5^*40: May closed atM!?c. Oats, receipts 10.?00
bushels: exports 10S bushels: sales 175,000
bushels of futures and Ktt.OOU bushels of spot; ;
options closed uucuungeu at >/jc. decline; .inn- >
uary dosed nt February cloned at :Wc;
Mny closed at "6?te: December cloned ni
Hay steadier. Hops quiet. Hide* firm. leather n
steady, lleef quiet. eminent* dull. Lard steady;
western steam closed nt 87 27 asked: citvtBic;
December 67 25 asked; Juutmry 87 2'?askou; May j
8730. I'ork dulL liuttcr steady; western dairy >
llalOc: do creamery lttaAV; do factory 10al8c; Kleins^:
imitation creamery ];fc2dc; suito dairy
13a23c; do creamery 18a-'4c. Cheese dull. Kegs c
firm; state and Peunsylvauli 2fia27c; western
fresh 22a26c. Tallow strong. Ilosln steady, s
Turpentine steady at 27%*dc. Rice llrin.
Molasses steady. Oranges weak; fancy box
8187; others 8112al 7X Cottonseed oil quiet;
prime crude 2tc. Coffee, options closed weak a
at 5a2ft polnta net declino. t<ugar, raw quiet;
refined dull.
nnltlmore?Flour dull and unchanged; receipts
11,131 barrels: shipments 2,308 barrels;
sales o*)0 barrels. Wheat steady; snot and 1 ?ecerabcr
fiOaW^e; January fllaCl^c: Februarv 02a L
62>4c; May 6:g{a64c; steamer No. 2. rc- r
ceipts 14,88-1 bushels; stock 1,091,719 bushels;
sales 3,000 bushels; southern by sample 60aGlc;
do on grade 67>?a60}?o. Corn quiet; *pot50%a
year 50^?ad0%c; January ^.aSO^c; May r
.rHcflskod;iteaiuer mixed 48%i48Kc; receipts 43,144
bushelsi shipments MSM bushels; stock 4.so,4i:J r
bushels; salei ?0,000 bushels; southern white
jorn 4fia.'?0Sc: do yellow 4fia51c. Oats firm; No. e
2 whlto western 37}4a3Se; No. 2 mixed 34>^aHSc;
wifolmi f. AM httalipl*: utnr.lc IRA.477 himhols. Rvn
quint but Armor, No. 2. 5Gc; stock 3C.-I00 bushels. ,
Hay firm: good to choice timothy 11250*1"00. I.
ritigar quiet and unchanged. Butler and ecgs
steady ami unchanged, Cheese tlrm and unchanged.
%aKc lower: No. 2 red
December GO1 .aGO^c; January olafd^c; February
62)t*62*{a: March A31 iatBJjfc. Corn l4c hitihcr,
Decomber 51^a51}?c: January51^'a5i>,c; February
ftl^nStSc; March 51%a52'fc Oaia steady:
Decomber 30He; February Wa.i9kc; March :;:?a
39^c. Mutter dull and 1c lower; fancy western
creamery 25c; do Pennsylvania prints 20c; do do r
Jobbing 27a30c. Kggs ic lower; fresh nearby 2ac;
do western 21c.
Toledo.?Wheat active and lower: No. 2 cash
*nd| Decomber 555<c; May.Vi.^c. Corn dull and
firm; No. 2 rnixeif 47J<c; December 47'<c; May
4'Jj.jc; No. 3 mixed 43c: No. 4 mixed lie: So. 3 j;
yellow 41c. Oats dull and steady; No. 2 mixed ,,
iWJ^c; No. / whita33}yC. Ryo dull; cash51c. Clo- v
vorsced dull aud steady: nrliue cash and Do- ?
com bur S'> to; February IS 7a.
I.iro stock. ^
Clitengo.-Cattle, Tho ranee of ouotations f
was II 25afl CO for inferior cows to fancy Christ* 8
mas steers; sales below $2 00 were few as were C
thoio lit over 1500. Hogs?The demand was V
active at SI 30a4 75 for poor to prime heavy; at H
SI 25al 65 for medium weights and at SlOOal 45 s
for lelghts. Hut littlo bu?ine?s was done above S
SI (Ki and not n large amount below Si 30. tho It
bulk of sali-H holm; within the compHratlvcly H
narrow limit* of Si 30a 4 tk). Sheep closed weak. B
Quotations wore 91 25a3 35 for Inferior to extras
sheep aud 82 25a4 25 for poor to choico lnmbs. T
Itceejpts?Cattle 8,000 hand; calves 300head;hogs ..
32,000 head; sheep 12,000 head. *
Knst Liberty.?Cattle steady: prime S3 00a
5 25: good 14 20aI 40; nulls, stun* and cows J2 (??a 7,
3 25. Hogs active; Hiiladolphlns Si 55a4 00; \
common to fair Yorkers W.'Wn l 40; roughs f;l 00a C
4 00, tihecp steady ami unchanged.
Pry Hoods.
Noir York.?There was more business doing a
ill all department* of notion goods and dre*s 8
fabrics,and the collective safes for the future do- P
llverv were fairly Important. A decidedly hot- H
ter fueling was manifested by vlsltlug nurchaserx H
aud I* opiuiou is growing thai values are at 8
be bottom. The Jobbing price of Atlantic J.
afbmeret and X urge* hiive U*a advanoid to
Sc; printing cloth* ateadv t?? Arm at i*?c.
Sale* for the week about ,2f>0,wu pieces
OH rifT.?Opeao.1 at bifbMt K9^r:
ivc(t8%: cio?il at t??,c: #*!< * KtfM I iarrvi?;
lcantnc**? ?'-0(JUO barrel*; ?bipiucuU ^1,1'libitel?j
run? 76,11a barrel*.
N>w York.?Petroleum stroni:; l'ennKtlTani*
II tales none: January option Mica noua, cloeed
t w*4C bid; Lima oil. sale? uono.
." ? mi*?riu iiuu^xioi. nuumrn iwmir;
trait* $1.1 CS; piuuit dull. Speller woA. Cop*
er*trouc;broken' pric?jtf9;c.
S>w Vnrli? Wool dllt. T
> of most of the auecectfn! tbio^v ^and *?
) peclally of the world-famed
Liebig Compajiy's
extract of Beef.
I Tbereforo for sat /) _
I Is factory roaults t / /?,
> in your cooking n.f>ffoc t
> L-dt the gonulno /7
I with thin elgna- ' *3
- - 1
The cream of the stock of
wo large New York Furiers
on sale for
This is the best opportunity
offered to the public this
;eason to obtain a nice Cape
it a low figure.
II Mm,
\fiarh Departure and arrival of
trains nt Wheel! ox- East'Imo.
schedule In efr
P? ?|^fc) jfjj'L>ct November IS IV?L
^ For Baltimore, ^'liUttdel*
Grafton Kxpresi. P:.V?n. m . Monday only.
WasblDRtou City Express. ft55 a. nu, daily, erC<?uinborland
Accommodation, 6:30 i. ra., dally
x?-<<nt?uudav. . ..
Grafton Accommodation. 2:30 p. m.. daily.
Mouudsvilio Accommodation. II:to n. in. nnd
00 p. m.,cxcv;>t Sunday, and ll;0) p. w., Saturlay
From Saw Vork, I*iiila<lclpbfn and naltlmoro,
:15 u. in., daily.
Washington City Express, 5:03 d. in.,daily., crept
Cnmbcrlaud Accommodation, 7:50'p. ra.,orept
Sunday. i
Grafton Accommodation. 10:1.') a. in. daily.
Grafton Express, .Y00 p. m.. Mondav only.
Mouudsvllla Accommodation. 7:30 a. in., ex*
cpt Sunday; 10:15 a- m.. daily, 12:55 and 7: *) i
.m., except Sunday,and 7:25 p.m. Saturday only,
For Columbus ami Chicago. 7:30 aud 10:15 a.
a. daily and l:l'? p. in.. dally, crccot Monday.
Chicago Exprtnv 3:30 |t ni. Mondavoniy.
Cnlunibu* and Cincinnati Express. 10:1 > 'a. m.
ally, ll:lo p. in., daily, except Saturday,and
:20 a. m. Sunday only.
Sandu?ky Mall, 10:15 a. m.. daily.
Newark Accommodation, 3:30 p. m., dally, crept
St. Clalrsville Accommodation, 10:15 a. m. aud !
:3o p. in., except Sunday.
Chicago Express, 2:35a. in. and f?:.T5 p. m. daily,
ml 10:11 a. ni.. dally, except Monday.
Chicago KxprcM, ll:35a. in., Moii'iar only.
C'lucitiuati Express, 5:00 a. m. and 5:35 p. m., |
ially. i
Sandmkv Mail. .ri:.'t*? p. in., dally.
Newark Accommodation 11:35a. in., dally, orcpt
Sunday. ;
St. Claiwvlllo Accommodation, 11:35 a. m. and i
:35 p. in., daily, oxcopt Sunday. I
For Pittsburgh. 5:05 aud 7 w a. in., aud >:4r? p. ]
3.. daily; ana 1:80 p. m.. daily, cxcept Sunday.
For Pittsburgh aud the oast. 5:0>a. in. and 5:15
. m., daily. ,
Washington Accommodation, 5:03 p. in., dally,
xcept Sunday.
From Pittsburgh, 10:l0a.ni. ?ndfi:VJp.m.daily, '
1:30 p. m., .ially, oxcept Saturdar. I.':t5 p.
i., cxropt Sunday, and 2:2r? a m.. Sunday only. .
Washington Accommodation,8.10 a m.. daily.
rccpt Sunday.
t?onPBylvanla Stations. .'
riilna Run by Central Tirao.
ickrt OrrroM at ^rnKan.vAHiA station o?
Wat*b Sr. Fi?oT?ir Emventh ?i .. Wmkimno. 1
at Mi'I.fHK Hoi k*, Wnr.r.mmi, ani? at tun
fJnrrun r.:- Kv?rrv~" !\? v Hssnr r Kolte" j
Dxll.r. fDilUT sxcipt Susdvv.
KllsburgandSteubenvllla, J6ant f.VrWpm '
lcDi>nai'i and I'ituburgti..., am t'>: ! '? pm '
i'\v Cumberland C:J5 ain 10:35 am J
iidlanapoll*aiulSt. l->uk^ ftJ:j*. am .'?: ? pui I
oliiinbimanJ Cincinnati.. .. Iam pm
MNburv aud Stoubonvilia. hi^'Vam V35 pm "
biiadoifhiaau'l So** York.Jli:^ pm 2.2S pm 1
louboufUloand Pittsburghpin pm .
olutnoiiHand Cnicago .. .|U:.i?pm pm .
hlladolphia and New \ork pm ^lO.-ii am
altluioreand Wa?hiugiou. -:' > pm am
teubctivlile and Pltwourgb pm "M.'liain
teubenvilleaud DounUon.. pm ?IO..tiam
idiatinpoiU andSt. l/iuts... p:i?l nin fa:l-um
lay ton and Cincinnati ts:0) pm t<i:U am
tcubeiiville and Coin.nlim. fd:0J pm fti;12am
NorthwotiSkAwm-Cloro. <k Pitts. PlrMoti. c
raii.u ruu datl/. oxoflpi Sunday, at lollo.vc
HOM liKitxiKroaTTO LKAVR. ARRtVa *
I A rts am nm <
"SJJSl A swnlwiivlllo S:i)<aui r. JCim
UMibenvtllcni'l I'liuibiinjli .- .' :u8?m
?i!:?Mira8a |$KI
^Mfciiss'ss ;
Si Soli'llliiiiad N?r Vork.... 3:11 mo ? I'J I'm i
SlU.ii.ire una WMhltiflmu.- =:J? l?" ?;* J"?
rr..i nnviii.i i?il l |'iti?t>iirirti... 2:4< pn? J W phi
VSSSZI'wiiuviuJ?-.:. *> I"" **??
Railway time card.
Arrival in*! departure of tra!tr?on an1 after
\i E-W4*4Tirt|i or Rr.rrarrrc
' jMootUrt*.
'7Jl , % ?turd*jros??p:<M i-no Ur onlr;
Tim* 00 Maud*)* only. K&?tcra ^tarulard
[*:!?: !{,U> !L - Mala" f lap. K*?l I ARRIVE^
JM' n,n J}"*h ' "V- Halt Phil, it N. V f*15 ats
? pm Wash lu ... ,1 A v v
' ' am ? iir.r. r;*:j 1 A worn .. -7:X) pm
- ' ?'lM 'Tudorj Anti>u 'tlOtl.s am
Jl-JJ am . M.mii.linllo \< 0(101 ?-V? am
n;So r ' ; * *? ._^isa pm
.,, n' Monn<KrUle Aivom i C?:.'A pm
; ?ai -ttathlncon i\tjr Ktprcss ;.J) pm
- ?JJLI" 0 raft on Ktyrv%* 1 ^i.-OO pm
' ir f11' ~r- <X I?if .We?t| ARHivit
* ?. r? ol tint bit* and t'hlounl t?.t? am
J"' <^la:abn?an?l ''Inclwiatt tv.r, ?tn '
i> * r<? ' v.'ainlMi?aii.! Cincinnati. fJ 00 am
? r, I'"1 / blcaco Kcp iO;l'? am
MoSS' *11 Warn
10 r am ^W"fk ,A'' "n " ?
I0.1.I am ... .v I lainvitlo Accotn... |*ll:?V am
i'Ittir*Til!.? Aocom... o X> pm
- a n i and Cineln. Kip. ?
- ' Saoduakr Mail ffrW pm
tw!?lu-*ui1-r\ u r-.Ak DivfraimT!
r?l tio 10 am
,m Mtub'iwh . 1 M M) nm
V n pml .f..Plttal?'irj:h MO 1 Fau ill-n doi
'1:10 pm ........ .Plttsbur^n ... . I'lM) pm
5<W pm .?Wa?hlniton I'* \ccom... *S:10 am
Pittsburgh V.xrr?*% ..| IMS aw
Direct, f i?. c. a ht. i umml '
*"7:'-> urn Pittsburgh i "fciS pm
*31 *<tetit>eiiT:llH and Wmt J *4;M pra
l-'i'i pm .Pittsburgh and New York-| *i.lS pm
13.55 ptn,..Pittsburgh and New York. fll:M am
*7:2"? amlRxprrcs. Cia. and St. IxraU *7:12 am
*9:0<) pm Kxpivtt. Clu. ami Si Ix>uU, *6:85 ptn
"I:iS piiilltxpr*?s,Steub. and Chicago| &?& pm
13 .Vt pml Pittsburgh nml ppnnUon til *5 am
&0S atu ..Port Warn.* and ('hlra*o_ **:58 pm
"6:08 am Cunuin ?n>i Toledo tlO pa
<*. 06 am ..Alliums and Cleveland... *7.W pm
*&06'am Strulx-urlllcand I'itUbargb *frl0 pm
ItwW auvsteulw'nrilloand Pittsburgh *11 :<Vi am
1141 am;..Steuh?,avUltt WelUviUe.. "M pm
10 pmUFort Wayne ami Chicago.. 5:.* pm
"-'MO pm!.. .('Anton and Toledo *6:58 pm
".':10 pm Alliance and Cleveland... *1:18 pm
2:10 pin SUMibeavlilo and WelUvllle *9:10 pm
?^:H pm Philadelphia and SewYork ?5:M pm
*3:14 pm Baltimore and Washington *fi:M pm
3:M pm.Steiibcnnlleund Pittsburgh *5:5* pm
*7:1.1 pml dumbvivnUo .c Wwilsvllln . **:M am
PKI'THT "! W. A L F. K*. arhivk. " /
umMassillou. Toledo and West *5:2i> pm
V:ir> am Canton. Akrou A* Cleveland 5:3) pm
1?:4.% am i When line and Steuhonvillo ?f?:30 pm
110 pm Massillon and Cnutoi)? *11:05 am
*4:40 pmlWhecltng mid >t??iibenvlHe|*ll:05 am
PRI'AKT. I C., I.7?fc VV ? HaitKJftPORTV | ARRIVE.
?".W nm|n?vf?dattd.Toledo?fc Chicago *:? pm
*1:30 pm Olevelaiid.Toledo A Cbioago ?50 pm
jim Mits?ilIon Aoeoni 10:V am
7:12 am! St. Clairsvllle Accom ^-OO am ?
*9:19 am: St. Cluirftrilla Awnra nm
*1:3) pin SL Clafravlllo Arcom...M *12: W pm
4:85 pxu! St. Clalrartllo Ai com..... 98:37 pm
?1. ? fiat Loi'nl Kr?Jj{ht *11:4% am
PKTAtr. 01110 RIVER R. R. amuyiT*
7:20 am -Pauonger ... f10:45 am
pui Pa.nMiiK?r ..... *1:01 pm
|4J0 pm Pastenger. , f8:40 pm
i.rave B . Z. & a KAlLKoAl). arrive. '
9:10 nm ....Belklrpand Zat)MTllI&~ 3:20 om
4:00 pm .Wo'n1ifUd<l M> am
TheClevelaod, Lorain & Wheeling R. R,
Vlh Eljrrlii aad the Liko Bhoro Rout*
Jcur 8. Hit
~ KTATION*. 12 2i Stf 38 *
C-ontrnl Timo. p. m. a. m k m. a in.
It. Wheel In* ? S 25 fl 00 11 55
IWUalre a 6 SO 11 45
Mardh'n Kerry..-.. * 21) .... fi 00 11 55
Nridroport.. 8*1'. 6 50 12 1?
rhMhiDc 7 19 l 15
Froeporfc 6 J21 7 44 1 41
UhrichifUl* GOO 5 40 * 19 2 19*
h*w rbilndttlpUla. 6 20 &-00 8 39 2 40
Canal Dover.......... ti 27 o 07 8 46 2 4#
Miuwlllon...- 7 Li G bS ? U3 3 4ft.
Warwick. - 7 V 10 01 4 oM
SUTHDR 7 45 W 54 4 JA,
Seville- 7 6i| 10 31 4 3T
Medina.* - 6 Hi WW 5 00
( rufton 8 4^ 11 20 3 W
h'.yrla. ........ 0 10 KC 5 AS
p. m p. m,
Ar. I-oraln o 12 00 r. 10
i lrvplaud .. 10 1J 12 to 6 if
Akron 8 00 11 00 ft 0J
fcftnduskf .. 1:57
p. m.
Norwftlk 12 20 8 57
TnUwio. 2 05, B10 10 fid
Detroit .... 6 25 6 25
a. en.
< hloigo 9 001 _ 7 OT
UuOAlO... 5 40. 5 <0 t2 3S
a. m. a. m.
.Albany 2 60 2 50 9 tf
New York 7 00 7 00 P'l ?
Jtoaton.- - 10 451.10 45/ * 45
10 12 14 14
a. m m. p. m. p. u>.
Ar. St ClalnTllIe 7:60 10:00 2cl0 5:19
Lr. Kirk wood..- 7:12 9:19 1:20 4:85
15 13 U 9
p. m. p. m. ft "m. a. m.
Lr. Pt. ClalPRTille 5:25 8KW 11:30 8:00
A r. Kirk wood f?:00 3:47 12:? 8:87
All Trains daily, oxcept Sunday.
General Fright and PjUfgaggr Agat
On nnd aftor Sondar. Jane 3.1891,.PMsaanf
Train* will run u follow*: 'Daily. fDally Exncpt
Sunday. Central time. _
SOUTH BOUNU 7 6 13 1
p. si. | r. m. k. if.
saotiai; ??
I Jen wood J 45 12 30 6 U
Kndavillo JO} 1245 6M
New Martiunvlllo. 5 14 1 45 7 fii
? 5 40 2 0-> 8 15
Friendly. 6 63 W 8 30
Jt Maryi ? 6 & 2 43 9 02
Wiiliaiuitown A. H. 7 00 3 20 9 45
I'nrkembiirg ^ ^ !2 K
Iiotlorlllo - 6 30 p.m. 4 2ft 10?
RuVenswooU 7 10 6 00 11 3ft
Urnbtm ****--" " ?? SSHB
V?w lift von. ~ 8 12 6M 12 17
IllrtfoSl M?
SJilonCitr-? J2j J? gg
I "itftou 8 ? 6 CM 12 5>
PL I'lmuftOt ? JOS.
Qftlllpoli*? 9 J? ??* IS*
Mivamlotlo J0*? *a ?2 Jl f?
Huntington...??- flO 4> t8 00 *2 98
A. M. r X. f. M.
SOBT1I BO UN a 2 4 6
P. X. P. M. A. U.
WhMlIn*. .... .f!2 01 *7 40 *9 ?
[kMlM'Mxl 11 <6 7 51 9 30
MtiiitxUviUu 11 SO 7 oS 910
Sow Mnrtlnirllla..^..... 10 30 6 03 8 10
?i?ier*rlllc ? 10 10 6 40 J
Friendly WW ft 29 7 35
?t Muryt ~ ? 9 35 6 00 7 0>>
SVjllUm?town 9 01 4 20 6 20 P. *.
I'ufkcwUurg- 8 351 3 50 ft 50 f) il
Ki:::::::: ?8 ?
;au""" IS IS OS
S ir.T.a ? eso t? Ji*
llnrtforil S i! ! J! Z 15
Mumiu Citr ? 6 10 1 37 710
aillon f J ' JJ
PI Plrft'Utit ft .<7 1 05 # S7
iilllHl" ?? W? ?
iuynixtotte .... ? #! U 45 '?
liuutlngtou........ -.. 4 IS *11 Sj 00
>. r x.
Wheellno & Elm Grove Raliroai
On nurt a(lor FrliUr. April 20, UH truim ?M
run u follow*. city tlmo:
Ir n Tbc Tr'n fmo Tr'n. Tin? Tm Tam
a. in. I p.ut am p.m.
?f0. 2... 10:00 Na ?...&00 No. LffciXI No. 19...3:?
4.....7:00(No. 22...4KW No. ?... 7.-00 Na 2I...4*
s*o fi..._S OO Na 24..,ft:00 No. .V. *00 No. 2Z..&J0
<a' 8 9:00 Na 2?,..?:00 Na 7.?t9:00 Na
so 10 1 >:00 No. 28...7.-00 N<?. 9.?UfcOO Na 27...TJ?
<0. !2.U:00;N??. 30...R:0J Na 11.11.-00 Na ? ~?0?
t*. in 'No. IW...W) p. m Na 31...9:10
Co. llfl.':(0'No. 34.11:00 No. 13 .12.00 Na 3jj0tl?
Cn. IC....1 <W Na tft...l:ft)
<o. 18....':00l I No- I'.-'Wl
"t except Sunday.
SiIikImj- diurrh train* will le*re Elm Qroreat
hi:;a iu. *n<i Wnoollne m 1217 p m.
Train* No. 16 Una>l .*> oonawt with berrtlo
ine for TrMolpUlA. Herdlo le**? TrUrfolphU
or Kim (irovo *1 ."?: ? li 10 . <:.*?? m., m.
iml 0:10 p. m. Daily, except Sunday'* and 6m.
mlnv'ahoplic.will connect with train Nail,
phvIiik Wheeling ttll f*) p. ra.
.-iindar'n liordlc leaves Trladelphla at .?
u in.. liOoa. in.. 6:30 p xn. and connect? wldi
rains No. s. N and from Wheeling.
11. F- \Vi-:isiJKKBKft, Uen.Manager.
Wheeling Brldne & Terminal Ry.
C. O. BREW6TKR Ilcooivor.
Tlmo Table No. 13. to take eifcot i?:?t a.
riuuduv. Norcinber 1'J 18M.
LeaTeWhrchujc-tfiW). 2.1:40a m.,t2:30L
ri-l.V t? : W. p. ??
Loavo PeninauU?18:06, ttftfl, |ll:4S a. m.,t2:2$,
3:^1. f4:J6. iu.
Loavo Martin's horry?f8:lJ, f9:57, jll:52a. m.,
-2 U:4J.
Arrive Terminal Junction?fS: 17, flOiirt. |ll:M
u iii.. fj: w. p- ?>
Loavo Terminal Junction?t"-.21 |9'.Q0, a. nu
1 4J a. ul. ilM. f.?:14. fH.iS p. in.
I.cmt*1 Martin'* Ferry?17:23, |J:07 tt.ni.. *12:11,
t iii, 14:10. fS;S2 i>. in.
lieavu l,enlu*iila-|":3l.i,J:l4a.iu., <*12:51, |4:11?
4:17. f4:tf. fJtr.'vi p. ui. %
Arrlvo Wheeling?t7:40, {9:20 a. ra., *12:5^
4:17, H:-2*. I'J Ofi u. ui.
Dally. tDallr except Munday, |3unday? only,
Ail trains will run oil Kaitern Tliuo.
J.Ji T.VU?dlU, Superintendent,

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