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1 gT0NE & THO MAS.
-? e ii
"IATE UNDERSELL all competitors. Buying irom ine
V V makers in large quantities in" every instance for
Spot Cash, enables us to UNDERSELL I
Tin Each, 50 dozen Japanese Silk Handkerchiefs, Hand- 17 ?
AT III sonreiy embroidered. Value 20c. Our price only- ( (j
A Qa Each, Ladies' hemstitched, plain white Japanese Silk A Q?
A IflU Handkerchiefs, "actual value 25::, at l?i(j
A I) 1/fl Each, 1,000 dozen Ladies' Swiss Embroidered A Ql/o
lfl/2u Handkerchiefs. Beautiful designs, value 25c, at lo/2\j
A In 1,000 Chin* Rose Bowls, pink, rose, blue and helio- A in
It!I) trope colors, actual value 29:, at- - Itu
Ifln 100 Fur Antfmal HeadScarfs. lftn
TUU Choice during this sale 4i/C
A (\n 500 pieces N"o?. 9, 12 and 16, all Silk Ribbons, in all k ft.
lUu fancy shades, value.15 and 20c, at lUll
if An 200 Children's White Fur Muffs and Boas, worth
4t/G ti 00. Choice at - TuC
CQn 100 Children's Colored Fur Muffs aud Boas, actual CQ?
AT flHli viiIiia <f flol at? - OvU
WWW ' ?? r- ? A
17 n 58 pieces Light Colored Plain India Silks, suitable for A 17 ?
AT 1 lu fancy work, choice at - Ill)
QHa 25 pieces Evening Shades Crepe Silks, price every- Q|)n
OuU where 50c Here at - Dull
ffiyf A A Ladies'Black Lynx Fur Capes, lined with Satin (PI A A
, AT (])t. u(J Marveiloux vaJoe $7 00,at - U U
ff> 11 QA $2-inch Long Ladies' Curly Astrachan Capes, <M 1 A A
(J) Hi uU heavy satin lined, value S18 00? vj)l 1. u U
1! If QR 500 Ladies' 36-inch Long Melton and Cheviot Q * QO
AT *J)tJ Oloaks, in blue and black, value SO 50, at i])t)
QOn Children's plain colored and fancy striped Eiderdown QQr
AT 00C G|oakji Brajd Triramedt at . OOC
tQ Children's fancy Eiderdown Cloaks, trimmed tf>/| yf Q
ijlli rO in Angora Fur, value f2 50, at (Jl.TlO
41) A On 500dozen Children's and Misses' all wool A A A On
A 1U 1-/50 Hosiery, also fleece lined Hosiery, choice iU L'tlll
* ti lorrro frtma nf c:iipq neonle have been working nighty
' ? *v" v i r - _ _
('and day for the past week, and will be the balance off
i 'this week, getting ready our Great Holiday Emporium.*
i A space 40 feet wide by 95 feet long, $,800 square feet,^
1 to be devoted to our great showing of Holiday Goods. <1
(Opening next Monday. )
Agenti (or BUTIERICK PATTERNS. Ask for Butterick'a Christmas Souvenir
Book. Free by calling for it !
A RT Linens!
With particular stress on the word ART!
a'I A N? bungled pieces masquerading under
JJ this name here. Everything sprightly.
spiey and refreshingly aesthetic. Crowds
growing larger every day around the Art
Counter-fitting tribute to the excellence of the manystyled
articles we sell at such reasonable prices. Linen
Art Fringes in every shade and combination. Brainerd
and Armstrong's celebrated Wash Embroidering
Silks in five lines I
cpppfAT INIOTIPF* Until Christmas we will
orcUIAL INUUL-n. eharge half price for
? /->" mofurifliq houaht from us. We
an stamyuivi uwio a
have just added several hundred new stamping designs
covering every late idea, including a complete
assortment of HonitanlPatterns and Photo-Frames.
SOME of your Christmas Presents can be better
supplied here than elsewhere.
Geo. m.
J 25(j Tliey are worth J
i " 1 OOo ! i
> All Other Kinds at i
J Equally Low Prlce3. ^BOYS SEAL PLUSH CAPS,^ '
^ With or Without Peaks, 50^ Worth $ 1 00. Jj
*,<^ *. t
$2 00 SHOES-J. C. LOCKE & CO^
LOCKE'S $2.00(Two Dollar)$2.00 J
^ QItaac m? L?J?ES 1
? Hnvo no Equals In This City for STYLE. FIT and WEAR. |
l LOCKE'S.i, ]
1 | WHEBLIFG, W. -VjSl. J
. 1131 MAIN TltEKT.
funeral Directors.
Promot Attention D*y or Night.
Store TeltDhOM, N<o. U O- Rt Mendel'i
RfMdeoce Ttl?phop?. So-1.
| Office: .Son. 45 ant! it? Fourteenth Street.
New Advertisement*.
I Parnltare for Xmas Prwent#?Eighth Ps*e.
The Gremtest Modern Phyntclan?Second Page.
Opera Home?The Black Pattl
Lh Nora?Gypsy Palmist 1
Another New Case of Mttnjrqn'ft Cores?Goetie'i I
List of Letters Remaining in the Postoffice.
Clairvoyant?Madam Margald.
I For Sale?Nesbltt * Devlne.
Boyal dtore Polish.
New Nuts?IL P. Behreof.
Rookwopd Pottery?Ewln* Bros.
Wood and iflate Mantel*?0. B. Je Hereon.
Given A war?carle Bros.
Christmas Goods?Jos. Urava's Sons.
HAVE your eyes
tested for glasses
free of charge by
Jeweler and Optl.
elan, Market and
Twelfth streets.
ANT lady who desires tn bny her bus.
band a llfe-time Wateli will be Interested
In our Vacheron & Constantln
^ Sole Agents.
Water rents for tbe six months ending
March 31,1895, are now ready. II
paid on or before December 31,1894, a
discount of 10 per cent will be allowed.
Tub City Watrk Boabd.
Prominent Physician Dead.
Dr. A. B. Wilkin, of Harrisville, Ohio,
died yesterday at 4 p. m. after a sickness
of nearly one year, aged 08. He wae a
prominent physician and druggist in
that community /or years. i
The Hnndlnu Libel 8ult.
In the circuit court yesterday,vbefore
Judge Campbell, the libel suit of W. M.
Handlan vs. Frew, Campbell & Hart, j
was put on trial to a jury. The testimony
for tbe olaintifl was finished and
that for tho defense begun, and the
judge adjourned court until Monday
On Antietnui Battlefield.
W V Tnnnrnnll nCfftnt of thft
United States Express Company, has
been appointed by Governor McKinley |
one of the commissioners to locate the
position of the Ohio regiments at the
battle of Antietam. He will join the '
commission here on next Tuesday and
no to the battle ground.
Another HAWinill Scene.
La?t night "The Limited Mail" was
given at the Opera House. This made
the fourth play this week with a saw
mill In it, but nono of them except
"Blue Joant" saws wood. It will soon
come to be that every "realistic" play,
to be a success, will have to advertise
"positively no fake saw mill scene
To Pat Llf? In the Club.
At n meeting of the Fort Henry clab
stockholders, held at the club house
last evening, it was decided to reduce
the initiation fee to $10. This is done
to brine into the club members who
are desirable, but might be deterred
from entering its membership by the
higher initiation fee charged. The
stockholders, of course, retain control
of the property and affairs of the club.
A Very Sn?l Deatli.
Yoiterday Mrs. Mattie iiickinaon,
wife of H. M. DicKimon, o[ Broken Bow,
Nebraska, died at the City Hospital.
She had been married but a few
months, and her death waa peculiarly
sad. She came from her western
home recently to attend the funeral of
her father, Mr. James Hutchinson, who
lived just west of Bellaire. She was
taken ill a short time alter ber arrival,
and brought to tlio hospital, whero a
severe operation lmd to be performed,
but oven this could not save her life.
To?morro\r Night's ICeheanal.
At the bi-weekly rehearsal of the
n IT-. n? Acinn hnll
vjpem nouso umueavm uv m iv?
Sunday eveninzthe following attractive
programme will be rendered:
March?1"Hohenzollcra" - Unrnth
Overture?"Norma" Bellini
Waltt?"HochioJtarelgon" J. Strausa
Grand Selection irom "Lucia di Lammorinoor"
Violin Solo?"Kantnslo Caructeristique" A lard
Polka for two Piccolos-"The Two Little
Finches" II. Kllncr
Descriptive Fantasia?"Life on the Mississippi"
Paraphrase on Abt'B ?ong "Waldandacht"...
W. Nehl
Galop?"Chasso au Lion" C. KocllinK
The oflicers of the orchestra are A.
Keymanu, president; Ii. B. Grimm, secretarv;
E. W. Speil, musical director; L.
Feinler, treasurer, and J. H. Fischer,
manager, _
Common Sense
Should be used in attempting to cure
that very disagreeable disease, catarrh.
A8 catarrh originates in impurities in
the blood, local applications can do no
| permanent good. The common sense
inetfjod of treatment is to purify the
blood, and for this purpose there is no
preparation superior to Hood's Sartaparilla.
, Hoon'e Pilm cure constipation by re'
n]11 n aofinn tr\ fch? nlimon.
tary canal. 5
- - ^
Tub indication! are that the Opera
Home will hold tho largest and most
select audiences of tho season during
the coming week. One thousand tickets
have been ?old for the "Witch of
Endor" and the run on them ia not
abating in the least
?HTIt Vnclioron * Coimtnntln Wntolieii
linve no ri|iu%l on I lie fin e of tlie enrth.
Tliejr (lon't couin high.
Hole Agent*.
will "oon l? '1#reUnristmas
Our stock is complete.
Gko. M. Snook & Co.
FINK Glovei ami Seal Cap* Tor Chrl?tmiiH
prncutfi. DINGKIt KIlOS.,
;>K Twelfth nn<l 10.11 Main strocts.
WliLL; WliLL! WEL1.I
Wow IUomo Cu(>? null fiauccm, with *lorlfnc
.Silver Spoon* <lo|to, it SI 00 each, at
I. <i. in1.1.on ft ro\s.
Silver worn.
Quadruple and solid silverware, from
tin) moit reliable manufacturers in the
country for sale at popular nrieos, by
1020 Main Street,
Tiik Wheeling Bakery will serve oach
of their customer* who call at thoir rotail
store, No. 12!?0 Market street, toj
day, an ordor of elegant hot Vancokos,
made from the United States Raking
Company's wondorful now Pancako
| Flour. Those cakes will bo bakod,
j while you wait, to iliuntrnte the very
simple'mothod of making thorn.
' CI.OSlNd out 000 l,a?ll??n (aoltl Illnga?L
leas tlinn coat at II. 1C. Ill LI,MAN Si CO.VS. j
Children Cry for
I Pitcher's Castoria.
Hrttlnsi tab* Hvlil In All tho iTjsrds Ttsl#
The Republican Question meetinjja
to name candidate* to be voted for at
next week's primaries for Republican
nominees for council will be held at
7:30 o'clock this evening, 'ibe places
of meeting will be as followa:
First ward?Vlfilaat Ewrine House.
btcuod ward-Market Hall. n . ..
Ttiird ward?Republican uub Room. OJd
Fellows' Hall.
Foarth ward-Polio* Court Boom.
Fifth ward?Corner Mala and Twenty-first
''sixth ward?Republican Club Room.
' Seventh ward?Ho** Horn*.
Ejjbth ward?KepubUcaa Club Koorai.
The meeting! will nin? man for tha
two branches of council and member!
of tbe new city executive committee.
The city campaign ii bezinning to
biorb (treat intereit. There are no
candidate* for mayor on tbe Republican
aide except Mayor Caldwell. For city
clerk tbe only candidate! are Cbarle*
Dannenberg and John 6. I-easure.
There were four in tliu field, but two
withdrew, and there were never auy
other atpirant*.
For chief of police ex-Ohief Thomaa
D. Bennett, John C. Devine, W. M.
Clemana and Capt. Robert Cowan are
the contestant*, while for wharf maater
there are three applicant*, Adam
Everett, George W. Connel and John
W. Norrington. Tho conteat ie warm,
though triendly, and it look* aa if the
nominee in each ca*e would be elected.
The Voting Flncos for th? City Election
Fixed lnat Sight.
At an adjourned meeting of the city
council committee on elections, held
laat evening, the membere from the different
wards submitted the lists ol
place* to bold tbe city election in tbe
various precincts, and the committee
adopted these suggestions. Mr. O'Malley,
of the Sixth ward, was not proaent,
anil the ward had to be loft open. Tho
others are aa follows:
Precinct 1, No. 204 Main street.
Precinct 2, North End rink.
Precinct 3, Vigilant engine bouse.
Precinct 4, No. 813 Market street.
Precinct 1, Second ward market house.
Precinct 2, Hope hose home.
Precinct 3, No. 1076 McColloch street.
Precinct 4, No. 1104 Market street,
Precinct 1, No. 1313 Market street,
room 1, Title and Trust Company buildin
Precinct 2, police court room.
Precinct 3, F. Miller's, corner Woods
and Fifteenth street.
Precinct 4, Third ward annex school,
East Fourteenth stroe).
Precinct 1, Atlantic engine house.
Precinct 2, Bischof's hail, Eighteenth
Precinct 3, No. 1721 Woods street.
Precinct 1, Hook and Ladder house.
Precinct 2, Mrs. E. Kreider's, No.
2147 Main street.
Precinct 3, Philip Vollinger's, No.
2217 Main street
Precinct 1, Island club room, corner
Ponn and Virginia streets.
Precinct 2, Little church, South Broadway,
Precinct 3, Lukins's warehouse, North
Precinct 4, Hose house.
eighth ward.
Precinct 1, No. 3517 Jacob street
Precinct 2, No. 3712 Jacob street.
Precinct 3, No. 4101) Jacob street.
Precinct 4, No. 4527 Jacob street.
Fur thn City Council.
Totht EdUor of me ItUtlUgcnccr.
Sir:?I be* space in your vslued
columns to a-tk tiio voters of the First
ward to canvass the merits of Mr. S. M.
Kice for the position member of the first
branch of the city council.
If the Republican voters of the First
ward nominate and olect Mr. Kice, they
will be represented by a man of the
most sterliug integrity, untiring energy,
who will work with an eve Hiniriw to the
public prosperity. Pro Bono Publico.
Wheeling, Dec. 7.
Tli? Moilrrn Mother
has found that ber little ones are improved
more by the pleasant laxative,
Syrup oi Figs, when in noed of the
laxative effect of a gontlo remedy than
by any other, and that it is more ac*
ceptabie to thotn. Children enjoy it
and it benefits them. The truo remedy,
y.vrup of Fig*, is manufactured by the
California Fifc Syrup Co. only.
ONYX TABLES in tho hlchttut jrrndo and
<|imlitjr at 1. O. DILLON 6i CO.'S.
p^nAQ finest and cheapest. Spev^d|JCo?
cial prices to-day.
Geo. M. Snook & Co.
ENOLISIl China Clock* at
Gents' Neckties, Collars, Cufls, Shirts,
etc., cheap, at Tn* Leader.
SEE tlio ftnn Marquetry I>*??ks and
Tnblos nt I. G. DILLON & CO .'si.
KXAMINK II. K. Hlllmnn ? Co.'* fine
Htock of ,I?w?lry nnd HUverwara boforo
you buy clHOWliere. TTII48-5
MAKBL1- BUSTS, ontlrftly now, at
Tub Wheeling Bakery will servo each
of their customern who call nt their retail
store, No. 1230 Market street, today,
an order of plegant hot Pancakes,
made from the United States Hakinjj
Company's wouderful now Pancake
Flour. These cakes will be baked,
while you wait, to Hhistrato the very
simple method of making them.
nir.fl kc _"'e'!fv? ll'fT- A'0"'!1,
v~ rraiit wuttiu uv uu> a(?uvi?i
prices to-day. Geo. M. Snook & Co.
SPECIAL low priced on Diamonds
at I. Cm. DIIililoN X CO.'a.
MKN's nnil Hoy*' Turn Down Cnp* nt
<!&c. IHNOKIt ItltOH.*
3K Twelfth nml 10.*?4 Mnlu btrnetn.
Your Chance.
Now is your time to buy Clonics, Fun
and Blankets at Tin; Lkadck.
11" you waul, to l?ur a lino Wntcb. uuiuo III
nntl lalk to tin. Win will clvn you Monin
Kooil ntlTlre. I. U. DILLON * CO.
8PKCIAL tmrgnln* iu Onyx Stnniln nnil
Lamp* at II. K. Mil,I,MAN A CO.'*.
CHARGE, by tlio Only .SnlontKlv Optician In
the Hint?,
1110 Main Street,
Next door to Snook ?L Co. no'.TMMwr
The Hub's
Incessant m
^ I
Koeps the people'# store unwavering in the lend. With nneh??]
sense the public puiae, and with the other hold control of the market. tv!
firat to know the populur want, the quicken to meet the demon I, arm I?
with the greatest itock we'vn over had, and incomparable policy 0| ?
gression and straightforwardness that ii honest, not on the aarjacr ?
through, we are doing to foreo the fighting. Busincas has beeuVood i"
we're going to make it better. Prices hare been low, bnt we will u,
them to the bargain line?temptationa thrown in your way at a timewh"
you will yield eagerly to the inviting values. "
Men's Suits and Overcoats, M3?!
At $10 we have got three atylej of Men'a Keraey Overcoats that ara >.
discounted by anybody's $10 lino. They're good enough to be the
strixtiv ?li wool, in lilack. Blue and Brown, lined with A 1 nuta.
oi serge, and all the Beams silk sewed, all alzoi, and afirst class tit, SXCX
We've just pat in stock a line of Three and Four Button Cuu,,y, lt(
Sack Suits, made up of fiue Imported Clay Fabric, and made up, too u
well and as thoroughly ai auv $20 Suit on anybody's counter. Nothini a
dressier than Olavs, and these aro rnado to perfection. Ttiey are big bin
gains at ?S1<3That
boy, bless him. Mamma'a darling is our darlinj, too. \Vekn(,
them?know their taste, know they want pockets, want style, and w,nll,
be men. We have got just what they want, just what mamma and pip,
want at mamma and papa's pricea. Boy's Double Breasted Suits, double cm
knoe and aeat, (we know that boy), strongly aewod for sorties, fit, ?
fifteen years. Each <g2 75.
From tho lack of stock In some storos, it would seem as i[ tboy nnd?,
side issue of Boys' Clothes, kept because they bad a c.ill now tod thin.
We're in it for all the business wo can get, catering to ever? desire ?nd t,
evory purse, carry a variety that makes it more than equal to any four?
carry a fiuor line than any can boast, many lower prices than any of thin.
One Price a Printed Guarantee.
Your Money Back for whatYou Don't Want,
Do You Expect Anything Fairer ?
Fourteenth and Market Sts.
A JILJUHI Uii tl/JLDi.) AilVll 1VI IIAAU JJI JLIMJ. ?v*v vv?
Hundreds ol boys got a Multiform Combination Top lsst week. Hundreds
will got them this week. The interest in the great HUB contsiiii
growing dniiy. Get a Top and seo if you can't carry off the prize. Atop
to every purchaser of a Boy's Suit. Boys, we're going to give a prizs to thi
boy that can spin the Multiform Combination Top the greateit number o(
ways. Are you going to get ready /or the contest? Then get a Top. Oqi
with nverv Suit or Overcoat. Every boy entitled to enter the oontMt. i
Boys' Clothing 1-*
I r?- in fl l The reasons are very plain why Boyj
b Clothing business centers here in constantly
ft ^ increasing volume.
h PMHIz} Taste, Quality,
Make the three-fold combination thatcontrolil
SB=f A Bargain f J
Fifty Suits, with Reefer Jackets, eight trH
' ten sorts, at $5, reduced from 56 "ifl
}6 50, because the lots are small; sizes 4 t?S.H
Fifty more of the Black and Blue Cheviot Suits, sizes 6 to 14, witfiM
double breasted Jackets, at $3 25, go on sale to-day; valued at $5. I
We have added several new styles to the Fine All-Wool ChinchilliH
A?*r?/.han nt SB OO. $6 00 and $6 50. |
New line of English Corduroy Trousers at $1 00.
We don't make much money on Boys' Clothing, but we get the boyfl
in, and that's what we're after.
3Q twelfth: STREET- B
W&S. XMAS ,#^1
VV/V>XP"Mit? A\v^ /
X-*>vk/x XW /
presentsw^^/>K ^ynBBB
Xmas ^ma!
/,//?% f> s/s* X.
\ Assignee of j /^/l
Xo. 1117 Hi in Stroef, Wlioeling, IV, Va.
F ^ 1 i ,'^V^ ~ ^ PLAIN AND FANCY _B
inte ffencer + + + job wop1?
*1 Neatly and Promptly

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