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: WSHt-1
Right Arm Paralyzed!
Saved from St. Vitus* Dance.
"Our daughter, Blanche^now fifteen
years of age, had been terribly
afflicted with nervousness, and had
Inst the entire use of her right arm.
We feared St. Vitus dance, and tried
the best physicians, with no benefit.
She has taken three bottles of Dr.
Miles' Nervine and has gained 31
pounds. Her nervousness and symptomsof
St. Vitus diince are entirely
gone, she attends school regularly,
and has recovered complete use or
her arm, her appetite is splendid."*'
MKS. K. K. BULLOCK, Brighton, N. Y.
Dr. Miles' Nervine 1b sold on ft positive
raanntee that tho first bottlo will benefit.
All druggist# soil It at tl, 8 bottlotf for ?3, or
It will ho sent, prepaid, on receipt of price
bj the Ur. Mlici Medical Co., Elkhart, lad.
Fold by rtrngglits ererywhero. ap2-MWFAtvy
elys CatarrH
I* quickly W CATARRH 1
absorbed. HrTi/'^^Vnl
Clraii.es Ih* kPLDlwH^' l
*?? ? Pa-r^eij "ijV - j
^YFWEftfb Jj
Huls tm Sores.
Protects the Wf J M
Mmnbrane from /C>yfl|
Additional Cold.
AMrttdoln awllcd Into eacb nostril andu
Kreaiblo Prlc.SO ceati at DruggUta or bjr mall.
EI.V BROTHERS, 56 Warren St. New York.
TbiiPamooi Recaedy cure*qnlekly and r^rmaorntlf
nil nenrons disease*. nuch aa Weak
Memory, I<oss of Brain Power, lloaducbe. Wakefalofu.
l.?at Vitality, niulitlr omlMiona. evil
drranm.ltnpotencynnd wasting diseases cauacd br
jouUiful erroni or fxecMei. Contains no
nplswi I" n nrrxr tonic and blood builder.
Makes the pale and puny 'irons and plump. Easily
carried In rest pocket. SI per box; ? for By
mall prepaid with a wTltten guarantee to cure or
money refnndod. Write ns for free medical
book, tent sealed In plain wrapper, which con*
tains t?*Umonlala and financial -eferoncoa. No
ekarr r"r conanltatloo*. Bfware of imllo
Umif. Sold by oar advertised agenta, or address
REBVE MEED CO., Masonic Templft.Chlcaco.
co-Hint &ioth, druggists.
_ Hiija Ta saaraatead to cur*
Nervous Proatrnnan',
vc Neuralgia and inaomnln.
Great ei.
tlon?, bringing on De- I
Before after* BSrJSiRBi'iK:
prwiton, 8oftenlnKOf the Brain, Insanity
andatlarta miwrnhlo JT-uth. MACNETIC NERVINE
bttmU nil lotwn* in either ni, renown vitality
UfUirength to both the muncnlarand nervounnyitem,
taQM op the brain, build* up tho flwh. bring* refreshing
iImp, and rmtorN health and hupplnetn to the
ulern. A month'* tfwalment in plain packaae by
mail to anr nddre?, 11.00 t>?r bo?: o for $>>.00. n 1th
mr7t&00ord?r w? jrive a written Cuaranttee to
care or refund the money. Circulars free. Uuaranteoa
iMned only by oar amenta.
-Chm- K. CtocUo and W. W. Irwin. Jy27-p*w
\ oaw; or old bavins any form of Weakness. Lost
Manhood, Lack of vigor, or one whose manly power*
are falling. I will send FKE1S the formula of
a Mmple reraody which removeaauch trouble* in from
10 to 20 days. Any druggist can put It up for you or
I will also furnlih the remedy itaelf cheaper than
a drontfst con prepare It. Anyone In need of tbla
formula ran get It froo by addressing
l' M IlI'VAl'UtnillS 1I...M/I11 Iklnn Mt?k
nov'O-MWi >
IrsJ. Stevens Hart's
School for Young
Ladies and' Children,
13l0aii?l 1318MarketSU, Wlieelluj, W.Vu.
ihoUland car* ittid electric motors pass th?
no [. Fourth anuuai .?<wsion beelas MONDAY,
.-"W<:tnb<T t", i? u. This *ehool o.Tcrs a com|>l(-t?an'l
thorough education In Practical Km;<:?n.
Mathematics, KuglUh Ciaislcj, Latin au<l
iltKJiru IjUlftlA^CS.
. hi? achooi rotmliti of Prlmnrr. Intermediate,
Academic awl College Preparatory department!
Tn- !.,?- ho<l? uui c?>ur?? ol Instruction will
^o.'attsrf favorably with the best sooiluarie* ia
Hj.v* Mrc rpoeiT?<l in the Primary nnrt Intor?awuu.
For circulars or interview, apply to
Principal, Wheeling. W. Va.
inciid ftwrr
If vou purchase or make a lonti on rual
MUitc hare tbe title iniurcd by tho
Wheeling Title and Trust Co.,
NO. 131.% maickkt 8TKKKT.
_ , , I'icsiijpnt. secretary.
Vjrc PrfKideut. AH?'t ."eorctary.
f; R F ?,IIa:HRI.ST. Kxatnlnerof Title*.
T. H. Higgins,--?^
- "!'j_ 42 Twelfth Street.
i.H PAR7rJ. Oil* C It a vox. Watwi
and Ink.
2IS<t TUtiriN STRPr;T.
: * i'i.eak amdpnmkntani.e i'apkit
king our, ye bells:
King out. ye Joyous New Year'* bell*.
King out the old. rlug In the new!
Kach brawn throat triumphant swells.
At if. old bells 'twere much to you.
This happy. merry. gladsome time.
You're ringing lu with Joyful chime.
Perhaps'lisso; ao Jong roa'rt t-zg,
80 long In that old steeple gray.
Methlnks each iron, dancing toofue
Is glad to teU Its tale to-day.
Each ringing, twinging, tuneful bell
Its twelve months' tale would gladly telL
A happy twelvemonth 'two to aome;
Alas! that 'twaa not so to all!
But joy ?nd grief alike must come.
Into each iu#? some rain must fall.
Oh. tolling, rolling, heavy bells.
How solemn sound jour deep-toned knells!
You've rung for life, you've rung for death*
The gladsome lay. the last saddle;
You're sped the old year's parting breath.
And welcomed ofc the new year bright;
You clanging, twanging nolsr bells,
That each a different story tell*'.
But. oh, vour maddest, blithest tune.
Your gayest, brighter, sweetest lay.
You chime from June to sequent June,
On every hapny wedding day.
Then trilling, thrilling, blithely swells
Your paean glad, on, marriage bells!
But. dear old bella. whate'er your song,
Though sad or merry be your lay.
I've loved you well my whole life long,
111 love you to my dying day.
VniiH^Nn. K^TI.
>V herein a work/of m u*lc dwell*!
?Jtyrlam J/j/rr* in the fate York tun,
A Bright ArtUtlc and Graphic Picture bjr
n Great Authority.
Mr. A. 11. Winchester, of Buckhandod,
has a bright and interesting lettor
in The Timbermaa on the methods of
logging in certain parts of West Virginia,
a method rapidly going out of
practice and confined now to certain
small sections, fine big horses having
generally taken the places of the little
mountain oxen. A portion of the article
is given below:
Bickhanxon, \V. Va., Nov. 20.?All
through the mountain portion of the
Mouth there is no valley so narrow nor
hillside so remote as not to ofier the
familiar sight of the mountaineer's
cabin, dotted upon the landscape like
raisins on the surface of a fruitcake.
Usually the one near the trail is occupied
by the father, living with his second
wife, with eight or ten small children
and his own father and mother. It
is a singular and u uj?) an interesting
fact that with all m> Acquaintance with
the people of the mountains?and I
think il ii perhaps as extensive r? that
of anj man now living?I never knew a
man, whom I now recall, who had outlived
his father, or a home that did not
contain a "grandpap" and "grandma."
Up every little "seep" and "drain,"
setting back from the home place,
?? m/t/loatlv hiH ihn pfihinn of the
married ? I was going to Bay
"grown-up," but that i? not alway?
essential?sons by the first wife,
whoso progeny equal in each instance
the number of half brothers and half
sisters, but never exceed it, that being
considered a breach of family custom
not to be thought of in these patriarchal
communities. Near the home cabin,
built of logs, only differing from those
of the sons in having a ladder to climb
up into the loft?a tribute to grandpap's
rheumatiz'?while they pull themselvei
up on pegs driven into the wall, stands
the "new house," roofed and all but one
aided up, with one of the outside ond
chimneys nearly completed and tho
other just begun. But at this stage of
the construction the rude little dry
kiln, heated by direct fire heat, always
burns up witli all of the finishing lumber.
It is never completed, as the mortgage
'upon the portable mill is foreclosed
end operations are suspended before
any more can be sawn.
The occasional traveler from tho outside
world who rides these lonely trails
and aeea the occupauts of the home
place in an incidental way, puts them
all down as sans diggers; while men of
the M. Quad and Opie P. Kmd sort,
who occasionally catch a glimpso of
their cabins out of a sleeping car window,
give full credence to the atoriea
telegraphed Wheeling papers by young
fellows sent out to the mountains to
recover lrorn an attack of the "horrors,"
and believe them all to be the home of
aespemuoes, muruarurn aim uiuuu*
ahinors. They base all their pictures of
mountain life upon this belief, that, because
they do not know mountain men
and mountain womeu, they dress city
hack drivers, livery stable hostlers and
canal boot cooks in their attire and
palm them oft upon au unsuspecting
public as mountaineera.
Wo lumbermen know that throughout
the lumber region of tho mountains
south evorv one of these is a "jobber."
What the casual obsorvor takes for coon
dogs trailing rabbits, and syndicate
writers imagine aro bloodhounds running
detectives of the revenue department,
aro thoir little oxen, ranging
through the red brush and lire brakes,
their activity occasioned not by the
chase of victims, but by a commendable
effort to bo the tirst to light upon a
sprout or weed as it unfolds its budding
leavos upon its initial apnearance above
the ground. Dogs there are, ana in
abundance, too; but they aro iusido
the house calmly sleeping
on tho hearth, while those hardy little
oxen, shaped something liko the onos
our children make by sticking toothpicks
for horns and logs into potatoes,
range tho hills. One end of the new
house is (nil of corn, and in the other
end "grandpap" makes new ox yoKeaor
renaira tho old ones, which look like the
willow twigs wo usod to bend into similar
shapes to work our kittens in, long
before Great Iloo Hoo taught us the sacred
nature of the cat. What tho idlo
stranger tukes for the grape arbor, leading
from the little gato up to the front
door, is tho "shoeing rack," whore tho
diminutive creatures are traced up to
bo shod.
In this district lies all of West virginin's
lumbering operations west of tho
Littlo Kanawha, which includes Tug
river and all other tributaries of the Big
Sandy, Twelve Polo, Guyandotte, Mud,
Coal, New and Lower Gaulev and Elk
rivers, the only exception that now occurs
to mo being tho Graham Lumber
Company's operations on tho waters of
the Tug, which are carried on just as
thoy would be in a lirst class lumber
camp in Maine or in Wisconsin. The
current magazines inform ue that. "Time
has slumborod in our midst, but he has
been very kind to tho cattle industry
hero, which, like tho farmer's
crops, keep growing while he is
-1 !,? racnlf thnf.
muupiuK, IT im ? ...... ......
father in this locality owns at loaat livo
toama and oacli son at least ono. A
touui consists of five yokes, that boing
tlio least number that ran bo driven
without the loss of dignity in the eves
of tlio community, and is, therefore, tho
niimbor taken to go alter tho log chain
borrowed by a neighbor, or to get a
shoe box to make another cradle, after
the old flan*trongh ones are filled by tho
increasing family. When we take int-j
consideration the numbor of family
branches reaching out from tho main
atom, any nttempt to compute the number
of those work cattle reminds ono of
St. Ivoar' riddle with reference to wivos,
sacks, cats and kits, and arithmetical
progression ol tho figure 7.
Tno first etop toward logging opera*
tions is, of course, n contract to put in
all on a given stroam or hillside. Tho
socond is an advanco of crodit at the
commissary for supplies, which include
coppor-tood shoes for tho "chans," snuff
for tho womon and salt meat from Chicago.
1 know a man who killed twouty*
even sboiU off the range laat fall, who,
before the middle of July, had taken
over a thousand Dounde ol meat out of
tha atore. On the following Monday
morning sftor tba contract ii taken,
"irrandpip" redoubles kii azartioni on
tha yokes, while "psp"andtbe sons, with
tha combined force of "chap*" and dogs,
gather up the ileera. On Tnaaday and
np to Wedtietday noon, all ia Ufa and
activity shoeing the ateera. By that
timetheyall have to b? turned out to fill
DP on oak brnah before undertaking
any bard work. It takea all day Thursday
to gather them up again. 1'aually
considerable work is done on Friday,
unless all handa take into their lioads
to go to mill, while on Saturday, of
course, no work la performed, on the
olt-expressed theory tbit "Saturday is
a nigger holiday, and it ia a pity if a
white man ain't aa aood at a nisiger."
Sunday, of coarse, ia given up to the
usual visiting and preaching Begin*
aiaz with Monday the whole pro*
gramme ia again repeated.
A Divorced Couple After a License Sleet
an Obstacle.
Pittsburgh Dispatch of Thursday.
Among the applicants for marriage
licenses yesterday was a couple who bad
been once divorced. Tbo license was
refused because there were no decrees
of divorce on hand. The contracting
partiei are middle-aged, ana, according
to the story told at the Register's olDce,
their lives are tinged with more or loss
romance. They now reiido in Pittsburgh,
having come to tbo city from
Wirt county, 0., about twenty years
aeo. Thev elooed and were married
when quite young, against the wishes
of their parents. The husband was
then of a roving diiposition, and, after
living; for two years with his wife, suddenly
disappeared. The parents of
the wife prevailed upon her
to secure a divorce, she did
so, and obtained a decree that permitted
them both to marry again. The husband
went to Mexico, and in a few years
was a prosperous merchant in a big
Mexican city. It wa? some time alter
his wife secured a divorce that he learned
of the fact through a friend, and
thinking that she would probably remarry,
he hesitated in making known
hia place of abode. The husband sold
out his business in Mexico and came
north to settle in Pittsburgh. He was
not long In this city until he discovered
that his wife had never remarried, but
instead often expressed a wish to see
him. A second courtship followed, and
this time, with the consent of the
woman's parents, they decided to venture
once again on the matrimonial sea.
About the first question Captain John
D. Hieber asks an applicant for a marriage
license is: "Were you ever married
before?" and if tho reply is in the
affirmative that question is followed
with: "How was the marriage dissolved?"
If bv death the license is
forthcoming. If by divorce a copy of
the decree is roquired. The refusal of
the license to the couplo just mentioned
will evidently cause a big mixup
in arrangements for a wedding, as it
appeared they had been about completed.
As the couple retired from tho
Voir anid tlin nrtnv nf t.hn ilnn.rna
could be secured in a few davaand ihey
would return for tho licence.
Another couple was refused yesterday
because the would-be groom was
under age and intoxicated. He wanted
to marry a woman who was many years
older than he.
A Household Troaatir?.
D. W. Fuller, of Canajoharie, N. Y.,;
Bava that he always keepa Dr. King'*1,
Now Discovery in the house and his,
family has always found the verv best.
results follow its use; that ho would not
be without it, if procurable. G. A.
Dykeman, Druggist, Catekill, N. Y? says*
that Dr. King's New Discovery is undoubtedly
the best cough remedy; that
he has used it in bis familv for eight
years, and it has never failed to do all
that is claimed for it. Why not try a
remedy so long tried and tested. Trial
bottles free at Logan Drug Co.'s drug
store, Regular size 60c, mad $1 00. 3
Any one who has children will rejoice
with L. B. Mulford, of Plaintield,
N. J. Mis little boy, five years of age,
was sick with croup. For two days and
nights he tried various remedies recom
J--I 1. r~: 1- Tin
U10GUBU IIy iliuuuD nuu uoipui/uia.
lays: "I thought sure I would lose him.
I hud seen Chamberlain's Cough Horn*
edv advertised and thought I would try
it as a last hope, and am happy to say
that after two doses ho slept uiitil
morning. I gave it to him next day and
a cure was ettected. 1 keep this remedy
in the house now, and as soon as any of
my children fthow signs of croup I give
it to them, and that is the last of it."
25and 50 cent bottles for sale by Charles
R. Goetze, Will W. Irwin, John Klari,
Wm.E. Williams,C. Menkemeller, Win.
H. Hague, H. C. 8tewart, A. E. Schee'.e,
J. Coleman, C. Schnepf, Win. Menke*
mollor, Wheeling, W. Vs.; Bowie & Co.,
Bridgeport; B. F. Peabody & Son, Banwood.
Hucklen'ft Arnica Siilv*.
The best salvo in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rhoum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi*
tively cures piles, or no pay requirod.
It is guaranteed to give porfect satisfaction
or monoy refunded. Price 25
cents por box. For sale by Logau Drug
Iftli? llaliy l? Cutting Teeth,
Bo suro and use that old and well-tried
remedy, Mas. Winsi.ow's Soothing Sykui1
for children teething. It sootnos tho
child, softons the gums; allays all pain,
cures wind colic and is tho best remedy
for diarrhma. Twenty-five cents a
bottlo. mwfaw
Yirlil Not to Mirtfortune."
I was alllicted with catarrh Inst autumn.
During the month of October I
could neither tusto or smoil, and could
hear but littlo. Ely's Cream Balm cured
me.?Marcus George ShauU, Railway, X../.
I sutlered from catarrh of tho worst
kind evor since a boy, and I never hoped
for cure, but Ely's Croam Balm seems to
do even that. Manv acquaintances havo
usod it with excellent remits.?Oscar
Otlrum, 45 Warren avenue, Chicago, 1U.
Cream Balm is ngreoable.
That our wonderful remedy 'Mothers J
Y Fid end" which makCfi child-birth rosy I
u] may bo within tho reach of all wr have )
f reducod the price to ONE DOLLAK per I
I ...BEWARE of frauds, coant- * H
erfelts and substitute!. Take U
nothing but /
Il/I others I
|i"l. Friend
J rlTWrite for book "TO MOTHERS"
I mailed free.
|| Sol* Proprietors* ATLANTA, <>A.
Cnpleataot KxpirlcncM That Spoil Hit
Temper sod the Flavor of Bla Break*
You wake up on a cold, gloomy morning tod,
an!ess you are different irom most of us. you
wish you could sleep a litue loader. Bat it
won't do; business calls you. Yousblrerasyou
stand In the cold air of your bed room. and.
while you are dressing yourself, yon cough
three or four times.
if you hurry at your toilet the cough comes on
again, and when you go out Into the street after
breakfast you hsvc auother paroxysm.
Are you on the verge of gtllopinic consumption
f Not a bit of it But causes you may not
hare been conscious o! hart weakened your
whole body and the cough is nature's call for reinforoementa.
Because It ii not a melodious call is no reason
why it should be neglected. A body tried by
sudden change* of temperature is best protected
not by overkhoes and mufflers alone, but also
by a mediciual stimulant oh guaranteed purity.
The neople who wrap aud bundle themselves,
mar hack and sneeze all winter. Those who um
Duffy's Pure Mall Whiskey aro rewarded for
their prudenco by freedom from coughs, tore
throats and attendant miseries.
Not. because Duffy's I'ure Malt ac'a orclusirely
on the throat and lungs. Krery organ in the
body feels it* helpful Influence. Free irom the
least taint of foreign matter. It is ncrer con*
founded with common whiskle*. and it is not
necessary to explain that Duffy's Pure Malt
(a nriinarnH hftlll fnp ffltllllv And ClCdlC*
inai purposes.
The Feature* of tho Money and Stock
New York, Dec. 27.?Money on call easy at lj^a
2 per cent; last loan 2 per cent; closed at 2
per cent Prime mercantile paper afiH% per
cent. Sterling exebango quiet and steady. with
actual business In bankers' bills at $4 M^a
4 hh% for demand. Silver certificates 5W$c bid.
The total sales of stocks to-day were W.T'Jt
Speculation on the stock exchange reached a
point of extreme stagnation to day, tbu total
sales being leas than has been done in a single
hour on a fairly active market. Only the small
traders entered lutn the dealings, which were
for the most part for the aocouut of the short
iuterest und to close out loug contracts which
showed a profit. There were occasional bear
raids, which wero chiefly confined to Sugar.
The general market moved Independently of the
syndicate, the bonds receding to 2J7>,. which Is
about tho price currotit at the time the new
issue was floated, while the syndicate selling
prico was 119%. lu announcing the disruption
of tho bond trust a Mug is taken at the L'uited
States treasury, the action of which on tbo currency
question is decinred to bo the cause of tho
dissolution of the syndicate, which had disposed
of only 35 per cent of the issue. The remaining
65 per cent will be apportioned to the
member* according to tlieorigliial subscriptions,
to be disposed of individually.
~At tho opening of the slock market a generally
firm tone prevailed and some shares showed an
advance on theciosiug tiguresof yesterday. The
market soon became heavy and dull, but rallied
a fraction after 11 o'clock and continued fairly
firm on a light business until 1 o'clock. Then
came a rally, and at ?30 o'clock the tendency
was downward during tbu rest of the day and
tho market closed weak. Comoared with yesterday's
closing prices the final sale* to day are
very irregular, but the majority of the list is
lower. IWCIllies Hre rcwiucu iu jmjihuii/iv a.
Ohio. 1 percent, and Distilling and CotionOil
preferred % per cent. Among the advances are
CordaRe preferred Leather "/? and Tobacco
jHjr cent.
The bond market was generally weak during
the early session. but closed iu a good lone. The
total sales were 81,010,500.
Government bonds easy.
Statu bonds dull.
Railroad bouds firmer.
U. 8. ais reg 1 17W|National Cordage.* ?">
IT. S. fts coup.. 117^' do preferred 'J1,*
I U.S. 4? rcg llHLiNew Jereey Cent-... 81^4
U. S. 4s coup- Il-l5e Norfolk A: West, p'd 173*4
'U. 8.2sreg '.'7 Northern Pacific.... 4
Pacific Gs of "Jj 100 do preferred - WA \
Atchison 4 Northwestern
Adams Express i:iM do jirefern:d 14Ainerican
Exprcss..ll0 New York CentraL 'JO
ltdltlmore .t Ohio.. f.'J N. Y. it New Hug... 31%
Canada Southern... r?0 Oregon luiprove'L. 11
Ceutral Pacific. ..... 11 Oregon Xav PJ
Chesapeake .t Ohio 17** Pacific Mail
Chicago <t Alton?I4t? Pittsburgh 167
Chi. Hur. it Ciuiucv 70% Rending U!?
Chicago Gas. 7:"/* Richmond Term.... 16
C., C.. C. it St. 1* 38!a do preferred 'JO
Col. Coal it Iron s Rock Island- 01^
Cotton Oil Certillc.. 2J^,St. Paul ?... 07
Del. it Hud 125 do nreferred 117f?
Del., Ijtck. it West.ltiUi St. Paul it Omaha... fj
Dou. it R. U. pref'd 33'^ do preferred 110
Dlst. & Cattle Feed riuxur Refinery H.V'?
Erie 'J}i Tenu. Coal it Iron.. I'?JH
do preferred 21 Texas Pacillc 0l/i
Illinois Central 81 ToL it O. Ceu. pref. 75
Kau. it Tex. pref'd 'i\H Union Pacific.- 11
Lako Krie it West... 10>4 L*. S. Express 41
do preferred 71 IV.. at. I., it I* '?7?
Lake Shore do preferred 13^
Lend Trust Wells t'urgo Ex 10:?
Louisville it Nash.. JWJfr Wasteru Union 80^
Michigan Ceutral... 'J7 Wheeling it L. E... 10
Missouri Pacific '27 do preferred 39>?
Nashville ?t Chatt.. G'i Geueral Electric... 31
lirendstuttii unci Provisions.
Chlriic"?Hard selling near the finish broko
ofl'todar after a generally firm session, aud Mav
wheat closed lower. The other markets followed,
May corn losing y*c, Mav oats J?o and
i provisions doollned moderately.
Flour phsv and uuchauued.
Whk.it?Cash No. 2 spriug ft7,Sa59'^c; No. 3
print; nominal; No. 2 red ??.'I>4a%4c; Decomhcr
May 67.1ia5S3'^u>7>8c; July 6sJ,a
Cokn?Cash No. 2. 45"ic:No. 3 yellow-Halite;
December i5Jia-l6U>ii.'?;0c; Jauuurv 457?ttl(i/.^a
45*#; Muv 4SLH4yiu?^c.
Oath?Cash No. 2, 29i^c; No. 2 white Sl?4a-2e;
No. 3. 31>Jc; i'ccewher 29ai9>4?2yc; May 31}yi
Ryk?No. 2, 4S&C.
lUKLkY?No. 2, o5c.
Fi.axskeo?No. l.$140Vji.
Timothy Skki>? Prime sAW!*
Mew PoKK-Cash per bbl. SI I 2oail 37S: January
911 15all 35s 1I 17S; May til 77Sa
Laiu>?Cash per 100 lbs. SO to; January SO 62J-Sa
6 TOnti 05: Muy SO jtfaO ftVaC SK). !
Shout Btiu-?!ash side* Uo?se) S5 05a? 70; January
|5 6270h5 05; May !"??k>/i5 Waft W; dry
waited shoulder* (boxed) ftaft'^c; bhort clear
side* (boxed i OaOke.
Whiskey?Distillers' fiuisbed goods per gallon
Si 22.
Si-oar* unchanged.
IiUTrEK?dtcady;crcatucries 12u23c: dairies l:ia
KctiS?Firm at lJal'Je.
Now Vork?Flour, receipts 20.700 barrels;
exports 3y.000 bnrrel.?; sales O.'kAl packages; market
dull and weak. Wheal, exports 15.600 buvhels;
Miles. 'J,U35,000 bushels uf futures and lkS.000 bushels
of spot; spot dull; options closed ^'$0 lower
thttu last nlsht; No. - red January >VjyBa
59 l.VICftVJjic; l-obrunry closed nt tiiK'ie; March
cloicd ntt>l%n. Mh.v dosed m (i-'J^e; Juno doted
nt 6J){c; July closed hi 0-W; December closed
nt .W4e. Corn, receipts 15,wO bushels: exports
8J.G00 bushels; sales. -1W.OOO bushels of futures
nud <M,UU0 bushels of spot; spot dull; option*
closed at kn5*c decline; Jununry Slv'taS^'d"^;
February cwsed nt fd^c: May closed at W^c;
December closed at 61^0. Outa, receipts 5J.8UU
bushels: export*:MW bushels: sales 50,000 bushels
of futures and 8J.OU0 bushels ot spot; spot
ilrtn. closing easy; option* closed unchanged;
January .HaJl'4c; February closed at :50c; .May
dosed at 25%c. liny dull. Hops fairly active.
Hide* firm. Leather steady, lteef dull. Cutmeat*
tjuiet. Lanl lower", v, <sti.ru steam closed
at K? 'J5 asked, city ?'! vh6; kj. sa. * 1J.'? tierce*;
lttccruhor closed a't $6 05. lhitter steadier; wmtern
dairy lUaltic; do creamery 15a2Jc; do factory
yysjalSc: Klgius 24c; imitation creamery r.'a
18c; state dairy lOalPc; do creamery 10a?!c.
Clieese quiet. Eggs firmer: state and I'cnnsvlvatiiaSl^a'-Uc;
western fresh 2.5c. Tallow Htm.
Pork lower. Kosln quiet. Turpentine steady.
Rico steady. Molasses unlet. Oranges firm;
fancy 00a'.' 25; others 81 iy>a'2 00. < 'ottonaeod oil
quiet; prime yellow '.Sc. Cofl'ee, options closed
juiet at 5a'J0 point* net advance, Sugar, ruw
dull; refined dull.
itnltlinorn? Flour dull and unchanged; rereipLs
18,878 barrel*; shipments i!,?.K>8 barrels
sales 100 barrels. Wheat firmer; snot nud month
39%aA9%c; January f^aCOc; Februnrv W^e;
May CL'/iB^c; steamer So. i! red 5?^^a5^c; receipts
w.ti'-M bushels; stock 1.052.849 bushels;
sale*7,000 bushols; southern wheat, by sample,
5Su6lc: do ou grado .'iTa^ c. Corn tlrincr; spot
and year 47J4U7J$c; January 48at%c; May .Y.'c
asked; steamer mixed 46Ua4t>}4<>; recelpta fll,8?j
bushels; thlptneuLs 17,143 bushels; slock 1,098
1(1 J DUM1CIS; KHIL'fl - 'MWJ UHMIUis; rmim.-iii
whitucoru 4la4Sc; do yellow 43aJHc. Oats quiet
but firm: No. - white western .*WmX8J?c; No. *j
mixed a,i8WLic; recelpta II,tfW bushels: "lock
HM.078bushels. Kye quiet; No. J. filnATJ^C; re?'oipt>>
2 0.V! bushels; nock 35.62S bushel*, liny
teady; pood to choice timothy Si:i uOni:: ao.
.Sugar quiet mnl unchanged. Butter and eKga
steady and unchanged. Clioesc firm and unchanged.
riill?delplitn?Wheat tyiJic lower; No. 2
red December MaM'^c: January February
GO^aW^ie; .March d'-iafiH^c. Corn 3uC
higher; No. '.'mixed December iHkat'Jc; January
PJaPJ^c; February 50aj0'ic; March fioy^tflc. 0,it*
%a%o higher: No. .! whlto December Maltese;
jHtiiiMry 3Sa.W.4c; February asa.'W'ic; March
38j{a3i!%c. Hutter ilrni. Kgg* higher; fresh
near-by 2-'o; do western 21c.
Cincinnati?Flour in fair demand. Wheat
quiet; No. 2 rod Mc; rccelpti :i,Vjo bushels; ahlomenu
none. Corn quiet; -No. 2 mixed <3Wo.
(lata In fair demand; No. - mixed
Kye steady; No. 'J. I'ork <lttll at 911 7Laid
quiet at Iri.V). Hulk tneaPt easv at S>'? 7.V Dneoti
to light demand id *7 0.?. Whisky steady at
S! J'.'. Itutter steady. .Sugar In light demand.
Fgg? higher at 17e.
Li*? htoek.
rhirnc" -t'aUlo?Quotation* ranRMt from
f;i uu to.? for commou to extra atccrb, with the
balk of the bi?Joe? at H T\aj 2V Covi arid
heifers were salable t( (1 -*-* 50. and there w?* ?
fitrfDiuirr lorcatresattZttaS'.^ Hon?With
oue or two exeeptions nothing sold Above ft *>.
a&<1 tne bulk of tbe business wn$ accomplished
at pTlre* below %\ 10. Vrom *4 t0a4 2i> bon*ht
moit of the lisbt ?ud (I .*%?l 50 the bulk of tbe
mediant and bear* weight* In lew of the
mail receipt*, ibe lack of armaess the market
displa?rd was a surprise. Sheep?The beet
b?ej? sold around ?i *) and as hlrb a* K 'S> *m
paid for lamb*. Quotations now range trom
SI Titofl tor poor to extra sheep and $1 bo to
ft <i> for lamb*. K*celpt>-Cattle. ?.?Q0; calm.
JuOjbOkt. J6.0U0; sheep. 9.000.
Liberty?Cattle steadv: prime t^OOaS ?' ;
Rood 51 15a4 50; bull*. star* and cows at 92 00a
510. Hog* steady; Philadelphia* SI &*4 ?>?;
common ,to fair Yorkers $4 joa4 30; rough*
SSOOaHiO. Sheep stesdr; extra SJ00a.i'J5; good
t2 JQa2 TO", common to fair lambs k 00a3 16.
Cli'rinnntl?Hogs Stondy at 83 ?0al 60; receipt!
1',TOO brad; shipments. 1.SU0 bead.
Dry <ioods.
N?w York?The severity of the snow storm
was a regular wi back to any prospective <it?matid.
and ibo oflice business was belittled by
ibo receipts of mails from the ?ciu Thcru wa*
au irrtyular demand for colored cottons, and at
the reduced prices for wide .sheetings very fair
engagement* went made. At the best. however,
the business with commission houses wu of
nominal pmportions, Printing clotb* very quiet
at 'J 1 l-16c bid for 64 squares, and no sales reported.
Oil City.?Opened at 03c; highest
lowest W>gc: closed at 9lj^c: sale* J.wo barrel;
clearan?-es 70,0u0 barrels; shipments W,412 barrels;
runs S3,497 barrels.
?w York.?Petroleum firm; rennsvlvania
oil. sales none; January option, sales none;
closed at 95c bid. Lima oil. talcs none.
New York?Pir Iron dull. Tin weak; straits
tl3 65; plates dull. Spelter dull. Lead dull;
brokers' price $i 00. Copper dull.
New York ? Wool steady.
G. Lamb, President. Jos. Skvbold. Cashier
J. A. Jurruuos. Assistant Cashier.
CAPITAL |200,000f PAID IN.
II. M. Harper, Joseph P. Paul!.
I Jaines Cummin*. Henry Hieberton,
A. Reytnann, Jowph tkjtHjld.
Gibson Lamb.
Interest paid on special deposits.
Issues drafts on ttiflnud, Ireland and Scotland.
myll JOSEPH SEVHOU). Cashier.
CAPITAL....... ....$300,000.
J. N. VakUhhm. __PreMdent.
Joun Fuvwmw ~~.Vlce President
J. N. Vance. Goorgj K at I ML
J. M. Drown. William El (Ingham
John Frew. A. W, Keller.
j Johu Waterhotue. W. ? Htouo.
W. II. Frank.
| Draft* lamed on England, Ireland. Scotland
and all points In Europe.
JOHN J. JONES. Cashhir.
CAPITAL ~ $175,000.
I William A. Isbtt....^- - President
William B. Simpson ......Vice-Presldont.
Draft* on Euglaad, lroluud. France ana Uormany.
William A. IsetL Mortimer Pollock
J. A. Miller. William B. Simpson.
E. M. Atkinson. John K. Botiford.
UcurySpoyet. Victor Roseuburg.
IL Forbefl.
Jal J. A. MILLER. Cashier.
y Will leave Wharf boat,
foot of Klevouth strejt, as
Steamer KnyNtono State, for Cincinnati, O..
every Tuesday at 8a. m. T. S. Culhouu, Master;
Charles W. Knox. Clerk.
^Steamer Hudson, every Thursday at S a. in.
uuuciw AKiiun . Jiiniur. j. oinvcu v-ici
.Steamer iron Queen, over? Saturday at 8 a.
m., for Cincinnati. JoUu M. PbllUps, Master;
1L II. Kerr. (.'Jerk.
First-clan fare. Wheeling to Cincinnati, un.
Round trip. *10. Meal* and atate room* inclti
Je<L Tickets good uatll used. For freight or
passage apply on board, or telephoue No. 34.L
trains at Wheeling. Kaitera
time. Schedule iu effect
November \K 1S9L
For BaUlmore.^'bnadelGrafton
Kxprem. 9:&"? a. m . Monday only.
Woshlugtou City Express, a. in., daily, except
Monday. , ...
Cumberland Accouimudatlou, 5:30 a. m.. dally
ezi*ept Sunday.
(irafton Accommodation. J:? p. m.. dally.
Moiiudsvllle Accommodation. II:'41 u. m. and
G:(Xl p. m..exceptduuday,andil:Ql p. in., Saturday
From New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore,
8:l*i a. m.. dally. .
Washington City Express, 5:01 p. in., daily., except
Cumberland Accommodation, .:j0 p. xn.,exnnitt
?>mftoia Accommodation. 10:1') a. in. daily,
(iruftou Kxprcs*. 5:00 p. m.. Monday only.
Moundsvllle Accommodation. 7:>0 a. m., except
Sundnr: 10:1 "? a. ni.. dally. and 7:.'i0
p.m., except Suuday.and 7:J5 p.m. Saturday only.
For Columbus and Cbicugo, 7:i0aud 1013 a.
m. daily and 1:1'.! p. m>. dally, except .Monday.
Chicago KxprcxN. ":D0 11. ui.. Monday only.
Columbus aud Cincinnati Express. 10:1 a. m.
dally, 11: ! ? p. in., dally, cxeopt Saturday, and
l':L'0 a. m. Sunday only.
Sindu?ky Mall. 10:15a. m.. dally.
Newark Accommodation. &:? p. in., daily, except
St Clalrsvllle Accommodatiou, 10:15 a. in. and
i 3:30p. in., except Sunday,
j AKRtvr.
| Chicago Express, '.':35 a. in. aud 6.TV p. w. dally,
ntid 10:1 a. in., dully, except .Monday.
| Chicago Kxpre??. 11:11*. a. in.. Mondaronly.
rinciuuati Kxpress. 5:00 a. m. aud 5.*:S5 p. m*
Smdusky Mail. .W p. in., dally.
Newark Accommodation, 11:03a. m., daily, exI
ccpt Sunday.
' St. Clair?vllle Accommodation, II: >3 a. in. aud
5:36 p. m.. dally, except Sunday.
For I'itttburjjb. 5:05 and 7: M a. in., ami.?:!> p.
m.. daily: and l::?p. in., dally, except Sunday.
For Jltuburgh aud tbeeatt. 5:03a. m. and 5:45
p. m., daily.
Washington Accommodation, ?:0J p. ul, daily,
except Sunday.
From IMttuburch, 10:10a.m. andil:30p.m.daily.
11:30 p. ra.. dally, except Saturdar. 12: .15 p.
m., oxeept Sunday, and 2:"25 a. in.. Sunday only.
WaihiiiKtou Accommodation,8:10 a. m.. daily,
exeupt Sunday.
Pennsylvania Stations.
m -?=-: 1
cJrSf Traiaa Run by Contra! Time.
rickvt Orricia at t?*xnati.*avza Station o>
\\ *t/u St., Foot or Ei.rvr.vTii St.. Wiikklino,
a i MrLmc llotmK, WurKi.Jvrj, aXD at tu*
Bfl"TR*r"T Swrv-" !'av I! ?\*ru.K ROTrr*."
Dail*. tDAiLr Kxcirr sundiv.
FllOM WllKKMNO TO i.eavr altrtve.
Wt-IUbu.rKftiicl StoubonrlUo. tft:J.*iam 15:35 pm
MeIJuuH.il an J Plttabiirgn ..? ft!am pin
Now Cumberland Uam 10:36 am
Indiana poll* and til. Louli*. ft?.J"i m pm
Columbia ana Cincinnati..- fti . : .? am iVtt pm
WVlliburtf and dtoubonvllio. fti:i"?.am pin
Philadelphia aud Nevr Yorlttl.'riS pm V2;ii pm
KioubonvUlonnd ritLiburjchUJ:i\ pm f.':ii pm
Columouaand Chicago pm pm
Philadelphia aud Now York *.':? pin 10:34 am
Baltimore and Washington. pm "lO.-ftam
Steubenvllleand Plttaburgh 0.':VJ pm *l0::i> am
Steuben vlllo and Dannlwn,. pm *10:35 am
IndlauapolU audMu Louis.- t8:iWpm f6:l.!am
Dayton and Cincinnati tS:W pm f6:l2 am
Steuben vllle and Columbua. f8:iK)ptn f6:i.'am
NorthweniSyatora?Cloro. Jk PlUt DWiiiou. '
Trains run daily, except duuday. at tallow: (
Fkom BniiwKroRTTo Leave. Arrive.
Ft. Wayue and Chicago A:08 am ti:<i pm *
Cauton and Toledo... -..5;0Sam ??t?m
I'tttnbunch Steubouvillo 5:0* am r?:n*? pm t
Ktoubenvllleaud Pittsburgh.... .r>:0Sam 1:10 pm
Bteubensllleaud Pittsburgh.... 9.0*Jaui 10:05 aui <
Stnubtiuvlllo ?v Woilavllle. 10.il nm fi:4G I'm
Cleveland Chicago 1:10 pm #: W pm J
Canton and Toledo .. l.lo pm 4:58 pm
Alllanoeand Cleveland... Ml:li)pm l-'.is pm <
Steuben vllleand WelUvilio..... i.-iopm 7:.VSnm
Philadelphia and New York.... li i.m 8:10 pm ;
Baltimore and Washington...- 2:41 pm 4:.VS pm
8teubenvllle and Pittsburgh... -:U pin 4:5H pm
Steubou vllio ?k WcllaviUc 0;U pm 7:53 urn
railway time card.
.Arrival and departure of trains on ??d afWf
November l\ 1*M. Explanatio* or RtmSYO*
Mark*: tl>ailjr; >nndarexecuted; ;Mooiarp*
copied; jr*aiurdayp*.-*pttd; |Sutiaayoolj; *H\'
u^tajr only. 'Monday only. Eaatarn Standard
ntTART. 1EAO.R.K -Main Una. KaM ABUT**
aa?nh i"t, Rait.. Phtl. ? X. Y t*15 am
.'.jO pmWaan.c t. tuit.. l*nu. JfeN. Y
r-r30 am Cutnbfrlaud A room *7:.V) pa
t~# pm', ..Aitafion Xerorn ***
11:39 am ....Moundavllle Aocom "WO am
GrOO v?m .... Moun<Uritie Aceom?'li^ pm
11:A) j?m . . Mound?viHe Accom pm
P ^ aciLWasbttieton fity Bipmi. JVtt) pm
tfc5i> im <; ration Exprea* 1 rxQ3 pm
do-art. Ill A o. II K?V o. Dir.. NVest a aura.
t7:30 am Knr?,oluinbu< and i'bica?0 tito am
|wlb ami Volumbu* and Cincinnati.. TfcSJ pm
(11:40 pm, .Columbia aud Cmriuaatl. ti:M am
!*:l- iuu Columbus and Chicago Kip am
ptnl ........Cbhajro Expreas tll:? am
TV pm ... ......Newark Aocom ^. CU:JA am
*10;IS am ....at. I'lalraville Aocom....|*ll:tt am
T .? pm . >t. ciairavllle Aocom | <"3:5* pm
i.\r>u atn](Y>lumbu? atnU'inclu. Exp. I
tlM.% mm ^andmky Mali. pm
DKI'ART. Ili AO K.K - W .l\? B. Dirt ARKlYfc
1Vo;? am| For Plttatmntb *m
1? 30 am! l'itt?burk*h fti pm
pm| Pittaburgh and Hast jll:J0 t?m
rl:.i0 pmj Pituburcn *1.':.V> pm
*3:00 pm:... Washington Pa.. Arcom... <^10 am
......... I Pittsburgh K\pr????. .... IS'# am
DEPART. 1 P., C .V; Sr. L. Rv. | ARUIVg.
7:2"? am| Pittaburgh 1 ltl:3S pm
am .....Stcubenvilleand Weat ...I ?&!& pm
J:ii pm .Pittsburgh and New York..! pm
13:55 pm Pittsburgh and Now York ...tll:31 am
?. 1 WK"*r22
amiExpros. <*ln. and St. Loui<! *7:12 nm
ttOO pm hxpret* Clu aud Si Louis, pm
!:?? pm l*Tpre*?.Su?ub. and Chicago, pin
fJ:.M ptn ..Pituhurgh nud Hwnnt?on. 'fH^S am
t>:Os am ..Port Wayne and Chicago- ?fc58 pm
Mn Canton an?iToh>do *9:10 pa
am ....Alliance and Cleveland... >7.46 pm
t>:08 am 8teubenvllleand Pittsburgh ?fclf> ptn
*)0;09 am SionbenYillu and Piltubnnh |?1W? am
11:43 amLstouUmrlllo .% WellsvllleJ 7:44 pm
*.:10 pml .Fort Wayne and ChloagoJ V?H pm
*-:j0 pm Canton and Toledo | >?VV? pm
Ji:!2 I101 - Alliance and Cleveland ... "1:3* pm
*2:10 pm Steubenvllleand Wei la vl He *0:\(t pm
2-*44 pm I'htladelphla and NewYnrk <?5: .s pm
3:41 pm Baltimore and Wn%bingtoii 5:W pm
2*. 44 pm Stenbenville and Ptttaonnrh ?5M pm
*7 '3 pm ..Staubenvllla A Wellavlll* ..| <*;M am
**?***' r W. ALF. Itr. arrivk."
< 10.00 am Maaslllon. Toledo and Went ?&?<> pm
"10:00 am Canton. Akron <b Cleveland ?ft:36 pm
v10;00 am Wheeling and Stenbenville *&M pm
*4:25 pmj Manillon and Canton..... *11:05 am
*4:25 pmi Wheeling and Stcnbenvllle|?ll:?5 am
DSTART. I a. L. .t W.?HflllMlKPOIir. ARRIVK.
7:30 nmiCIevrland.Toledotfc Chicago **. *_? pm
1:30 pm Cleveland.Toledo ?fc Chicago pm
*4:43 pm Mammon Accotn <*10 V. am
*7:12 am St. Clalmvllle Accom <>6:00 am
'9:19 am St ClaJravJlfe Accom *3:47 pm
'1:20 ptn .St, Clalraville Accom "i-V#) pm
4:35 pm St. Clalraville Accom eR:37 pm
1:80 pm) Local Freight *11:45 am
|7:20 am ....... PRwenger............. fll.00 am
!:15 pm ....^.. ...Paucnger ?,J:45 pm
f4.-00 pm| .....ranenger f7:45 pm
LRAVK I B, z. 4i C. RAILROAD. Akaiva.
y:10 am ....Bellalre and Zanesvllla... .1:20 pm
4:00 pm| Wond?fleId 8-t'? am
Tbe Cleveland, Lorain fi Wheeling B. R.
Via. Eljrri* and tbe Lake Shoro Rout*.
November 18,1894. Central Time.
RTATION". j n ifi 36 35 J
Central Time. p. m. a. ra. a. m. a m.
LT. Wheeling 3 2ft 6 00 11 bS
JU-lUlre 3 20 6 50 II iS
Martin's Kerry S .... 6 W 11 &s
Itrldueport 3 4.S 6 20 12 1%
Flnablng 7 19 i 15
Kreeport........ 5 21 7 44 1 42
Ubrlcbiville - <" 00 fi 40 8 IP 2 19
Now Philadelphia. 6 20 ti oo 8 30 2 40
Canal Dover 0 27 6 07 8 4* 2 48
Munition 7 15 G 55 3 :<3 3 49
Warwick. 7 22 10 oi 4 o*
Sterling ........ 7 45 lu 24 4 11
Seville-. 7 51 10 .11 4 39
Medina - .. 8 11 10 53 5 09
<>rufton 8 40 11 20 5 25
Elyrla. 0 10, 12 45 5 51
p. m. p. m.
Ar. i.oraln 9 25| 12 00 6 1<>
Cleveland 10 10 12 30 6 4>
Akron 8 00 11 00 5 09
Sandusky... ? 1:57 .........
p. m.
Norwalk 12 20 8 57
Toledo. 2 06 3 10 10 55
Detroit 6 25 C 25
a. m.
Chicago........ 9 00 mm 7 3?
Buflalo - 5 40 5 40 12 35
a. m. a m.
Albany 2 50 2 50 9 35
p. in.
I New York 7 00 7 00 1 4*.
iJo.itoil 10 451 10 45 3 45
10 12 14 16
n m ? m.In. in. n. m.
Ar. St. Clalravllle. 7:50 10:00 iio 5:15
Lv. Kirk wood... 7:12 9:19 1:30 4:J>
15 13 :i | 9
V. m. p. m. a m. (a. m.
Lv. St. ClaiMVille ft:2S 3:05 11:60 8:00
Ar. Klrkwood 6:00 3:47 12:301 8:57
All Train* dally, exoept Suuday.
General Freight and Pmsenggr Agent.
On aud after Sunday. Docembor 16,1891. Fa*wnjrir
Trains will run ai follows: "Dal 1 jr.
tDally Exwpt Sunday. Central time.
' BOOTll BOONU. 7 6 3 T~*
r. *. r. v. a. if.
Whfolmt ?... 3 00 tl2 15 *6 JO
Benwood. 3 1ft 12 30 6 35
Moundarllle 3 S5 12 50 6 53
New Martinaville 4 4*-' 1 50 7 55
?i?ter*vlUe 6 0o 2 10 8 20
Friendly- 5 17 2 20 8 Si
St Mary b 60 2 45 9 00
Wllllaimtown A.*. 6 30 3 20 9 40
I'arkemburg. t 6 00 <7 00 3 45 10 25
nelleville. 6 35 p.m. 4 22 1105
Ravonswood 7 12 5 00 11 45
Ripley LaudiUK 7 ft 20 12 10
8 05 6 45 12 35
Ymr HaTcn" " 8 12 ft 50 12 4J
Hurtlorrt ? ,'? 6M }??
Hwon CltJ. " rj fcs?
rilftotl 8 SO 6 0- 12 57
rlrSmnt 9 00 '? }*
amiipoiH ojf i?
(jtlVHDllOtte ]0 3.? '
Huntington t|0? ?00 *2 45
P. M. r. M. A. M.
Wheeling. ~ tl?
Kenwood 6 TO 945
Moundivllle 1 l-? 6 J;| 0 t*.
New Martiusvilla, 12 1J 6 10 8 22
SiiternTllle -. 1150 4 45 8 00
Friendly - 11 >< 4 .10 7 47
St M?U7?: - 11 12 4 00 7 19
Williamitown 10 ? 3 20 cs> p.k.
I'aTkenbnrg- 10 00 2 45 b Oo 2S
Belleville 0 05 2 05 A. M. 8 fi?
KaVetWWOOd. 8 2.? 1 &? 8 20
Ripley Landing - 8 04 1 03 7 69
(irabara. 7 43 1J J' <30
New Haven ? 7 31 12 W 7 28
Hartford - ? 27 12 ? 7 18
Mason City ? ' M 12 20 7 10
riiiton 7 15 12 15 7 06
PL Pleasant 6 47 11 4'? ? 37
(ialllpollR 6?|nsi tM
(iuyamlotte 5 10 3.? 6 10
Huntington 6 1>'10 25 t5 00
i. M. I A. M. r. u.
Wheeling & Elm Grove RallroaCL
On and ?lt?r Friday. April J), 1831. irtltti will
run as follows, city time:
Tr"n TmcTr'n Tine Tr'n. Tme "Trn Tme
am.I p.m. a.m. p.m.
No. 2...M00 No. 20...3:00 No. 1.-10:00 Na 19...3:0ft
No! 4-...":00|Na 22... 1:00 No. 3... 7:00 Na 2l...4:M
No. 6-JtOOlNo. 24...6:00 No. 5... 8:00 Na 23...5:#)
va 8 9:00 Na 26...&00 Na 7...t9:00 Sa 26...6:00
Na 10.10:00'No. 28.-7:00 No. 9-..10:00 No. 27...7.-00
Na 12.11:00 Na 30...8:00 Na 11-11.-00 No. 29,..8:00
p. m Na 30 p. m Na 31...9:10
No. 14*12:00 NO. 34-11:00 Na 13-12:00 No. M-10:10
No. 16?1:001 No. 16...1:00
Na 18...2:001 No. 1....2:00
jDailr. except Sunday.
Sunday church trains will loavo Kim Grove at
IMfta. ra. and Wheeling ?t 12:17 p. m.
Traina No. 2. ti 14 and 26 connect with hordio
line forTriadelphia. Herdlcleave* TrUdelpbl*
lor Kim Grove at 5:? a m . 7:iW a m.. 12:30 a. m.
imiii. in Dnllv uriiAnt Mtinitav'? and But.
urdnv'Vliunllr. will connect with train"No. W,
leaving Wheeling at 11:00 p. m.
Sunday's hordlc leave* Trladolphla at 9HW
lum.. 12 On a. in.. d.-TO p m. and connect* with
train* No- * 14 ?nd M from Wheeling.
H. E. WKISUKKBKR. Gen. Manager.
Wlieellno Bridge & Terminal Ry.
C. O. BRKWSTKR Receitor.
Time Table No. 13. to take effect 12:81 a. ol.
Sundar. November 19. W91
Leave Wheellnic-tSaM. |ll:4i? m.t2:U,
?;l5,t4-W, 29:00 p. in.
Leave Peninsula?f8:0fl, t0:51, |11: id a. m.,t2:3i
8:Jl.t4:S6,19:00 p. iu.
l*ave Martin'* Forrjr?|8:U 111:52 a. m.,
[2:32. *J:27. t4:42.?9:12.
Arrive Terminal Junction?fS:17. flO:UJ, 211:15
L in . \i. W. 3:M. fl.46. 19:18 p. tu.
I.cavu Terminal Junction?f7:22. 29.-00, a. m,
-12*40. a. iu.. 13:69, tS:li P ?
Leave Martin'* Kerry?17:28, 29:07 a.m., *12:11,
14:0'?. t4:10, f.'?:l9, t?:Wp- ?n.
' Leave renimnU?t-31,29:11a.m., *12:61, f4.ll,
>4:17. fH.'M p. m.
Arrive Wheeling?1^:40, 19:20 a. m? #?2:57,
14:17. |4:2\ fVilTfr i* P. m.
Dally- fDalljr except Sunday. ISunday* only.
Ail train* will run on Kastern Time.
J.L TAUSSIG, Superlutendenu

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