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animal Extracts
pared Koortloe to tbo formula of
I jjiUUbontoryat W??blii?toB,D.C.
H TW most wonderful therapeutic
rflitovery ?Iom the daya ol .tenner.
jgREBRINE. - prom tho bra(n<
nEDULUNE.pr^in jhe ip|na| Cord.
cAROINE, From tho heart.
HfESTINE, prom the testes.
JoVARINE, " From the ovaries.
-TV phfuloloflcal efforts produced by aeln?
^Mf+doae of Cerebrtna are acceleration of the 1
HruUt wlH? feellne of fullness and dliiientlob
L t^e bead, exhilaration of spirit*, increased '
arlnsry excretion, augmentation of the oxHeaiive
force of the bladder and peristaltic
Miction of too intestines, increase In muscular ;
Hitrfoirtb un(1 'nduranw, increased power of
n rjijoii in elderly people, and incrcasca appetite
sod digestive power.
Dot*, F/?s Drapt. Priet (2 dnohmt), Sf.OO.
Washington, D? C. I
gend for Boole. ^
OLD "^^5 (
Jj Export Whiskey. J!
| l Guaranteed Eight Years Old. I ^
I / IT certainly In a duly and our donlro to ll |
Miiaiut von with tho excellent quill- J
i fttes of our Export Wblskoy when yotl ? r
x need this article for me<licinnl or fain II v \ C
f purpose*. Thero I* nono on the market v 'J
i mora entitled to your consideration. It i i
f hat Age. Purity, ami being free from all ?
\ injurious ingredients should comraaud a f
yonr attention f
A Fall &uirts ffiJL OO. J 1
k Sold In Wheeling onlr by i J
1 Inhn iriovl t'OR- MARKET AND \ *
1 Mill and oxprcs? orders will reoelro 1 C
# promptnttentlou. JOS. FLEMING JcSON, f J
^ 412 Market street, Pittsburgh. ^ I
? ?
/ . jf !
^ ^ \ vS^ i
WM.M.BATES. Hbflflfl B. L. M. BATES. 1
An established hotel under new miuingemenf. .
thoroughly renovated, perfect sanitation and all '
modern improvements. visitors to New York will .
find the Everett In tlio very heart of the popular
hopping district, convenient to place* of auiumv j
went and readily iicceAsihlo from all parte of t/jo
op'2-TTI).^ ,
aSOlLE i
, f. B. Curtis, Design, Va., writos: ]
I hn*e beon a nuffcrer from piles for twenty TMW. I
| ?u(Torina m ono only knows who hM boon similarly I
afflictod, and burn trln) many roniHllea nnd upont a
grrat deal of monry. My last phyaiclnn was tho most I
prominent aiuseon in Richmond ami I may nay a man ,
of nntional reputation in hia prof?"?lon. bat never '
listc I RotUm rnliof until I boaon using tho Jopanete f
Pile Remedy. Tlio box I bought of you today is only
the third one I havo had and I nm almost entirely 1
rurtnl alroady by tho two former bote*. 1 ffivo this '
voluntarily with tho hope that others unfferlna with
Flloa may bo inducod to try tho Jajmneao Pilo ltemedy. '
Wo sell the Japanese Pilo Curo ot 50c. and $1.03
per box. fl for $5.00, by mail, with written jruaran- ,
te?to refund the money if notcured. Namplo free.
Jnpanesflk Pile Ointment 25 eta. por box.
t'hu. It. Ooctze and W. W. Irwin. jy'i7-DAW
?iasS^5^^^^DKBfLtriTi:D a rk ?.*^Jju.s
n CTilumi to OTJX*JEJ br thlM KjnrIMPROVI
fl'lcr fwfy. *[fd. B<nthJar. C??lla?oa? CvrrmU of ElootrlfUr
taronih all MTAK PABTR, rattorlnK them to IIKALTU
u4 TIGOROIS KTUKAQTIU KlKtrle larrut KfU In.Untlf,
r??forfait 15.000 Id ?ub. An ebmp, and will euro worn
t?ir? lo 1 to 2 nentbi. IWwara of Imitation* c!vlu< to hi?>
trleenrrrnu. Sealtl Paaphltt Kr??. AMrets:
6 AND EN ELECTRIC CO., 828Broadway, New York.
(From If. S. Journal of Medicine.) ,
IVof. W. M. Pcf k?,who makes a specialty of Epilepsy, ,
* v without doubt treated and cured more case# than :
snjlivlog Physician; his success is astonishing. We
have heard of cases of 20 years'standing cured by him.
lie publishes a valuable work on this disease which he
it-!* with a large bottle of his absolute cure, free to
in y .' .fTcrrrwho may send their I'.O. an d Kxprrssad*
Ov*. Wc advise anyone wishing a cure to address,
ft W. II. PEEKE, r. D., 4 Cedar SL, New York.
'or (icnorrbtra. Clfct, leararrtnea awl PperwaUrrtwa.
_ _ w* No Pain. No Stain. Free Syring*.
racvrvTa ^Tv.iCTtrucfujdaii piuvatb diseases. .
at uraccuu, orarcttoanj addrr?a, furil.UO.
<c.'feUt,a iUJjrdw i? TfiflJW' of ailaln>nar r?me6tab*
^ DB. ilKSuY KKNY. UUdaforJ. X o.
Ui/vnftaufft (?ha?.Ai* n. M.fl.a
no.'Q rrl?.is
f von purchase or muk? h loan on real
tat% have the tftlo insured l?jr tfjo
Wheeling Title and Trust Co., ;
No. i?i3 MAKKirr stiu:kt.
M M. nrs-KLl. L F. STlPKf* !
President .s-crftlary.
t. j. u aw use. a.i.si so i. irro.v.
V|r? 1'rr?sidcnt. A?'? Serretnry. ,
' H. k. (ilLTURItfT. Kxamlncr of TllU-s. '
?lr?17 (
r. H. Higgins, !
. (1 ' 42-Twelfth Street.
J '"tr:ura m I'amtku Oil, Citvro.v. WATCfi I
axu Ink.
Is Misunderstood by a Leading
Eogli&h Newspaper.
But Goes to Japan us a Private
Individual on Invitation ol China
to Help Her Plenipotentiaries In
Their Negotiations For Pence?Mr.
Foster Will Ijeave at Once,
"Loxdon, Dec. 2$.?The Westminster
Gazette this afternoon says:
"It ia generally believed that America
took more than a kindly concern in the
atlaira of Korea. The envoy of the
United States was once high In Korean
favor. Then China wai jealous, and
that China now aeeka the aid of the
United States ia one of those carious
tranaiormauona 01 ineae iimea 01 wain*
"England cod all the powers ,wel:ome
tbe news of President Cleveland's
prompt response to China's appeal.
Mr. Foster's prosonco at Tokio should
lid greatly the chances of a speedy
Washington, D. C., Dec. 28.?The
somment of the Woatminster Gazette
refers to the announcement made by
;he Associated Preas last night that Mr.
John W. Foster, formerly secretary of
itate, has besn requested by the Chiaeao
government to no to Japan and meet
:he plenipotentiaries of the former govirnmont
in order to aid thein in the
legotiations for poaco. Mr. Foster, as
uinounced last night, has acceptod the
nvitation and expects to leave Washngton
within a day or two, sailing
rom Vancouver for Yokohama on Jaulary
7, unless'there is some delay in the
leparturo 0/ the Chinese peace commieioners.
It does not seem probable
hat there will bo any delay in this
natter, as Peace Commissioner Changfin-Huan.as
announced by tho Assorted
Press this morning, has left Tien
fsin for Chefoo and is expected at
jhanghai on January G on his way to
But as intimated by the Associated
?ro3B, Japan in ay not consent to receive
he sccond Chinese peace commissioner,
5hao Yao Lien, on account of the fact
hat when Governor ot Formosa he
>ffered rewards for Japanese heads.
Jut the Westminister Gar.ettee would
leem to be in error as to the actual facts ,
n the case. Mr. Foster has not been
ippointed ae. a peace commissioner 07
.'roaident Cleveland. Mr. Foster desires
t to be understood that he goes to Japan
>urely in a private capacity as an adriser
of the Chinese plenipotentiaries,
tie haa no authority to represent or
ipeak for the government ol the United
Eluormous Amount Obtained by Forgery
by AiiguiiiUH Llppert.
Loxdo.v, Dec. 28.?At the offico of the
icent general in London of Cape Colony,
>ir Charles Mill*, a representative of
he Associated Press was informed tolay
that thoro was no doubt as to the
dentity of Wilhelm Augustus Lippert,
?rho was recontly arrested in Cinciniati,
Ohio, and brought to 2?ow York
preliminary to hid extradition to Engaud,
on the chargo of obtaining SS-13,}75
by forgery. His operations are
laid to have been conducted in Kimbery,
South Africa, and it is understood
that ho will bo sent to Capo Colony for
"M- - "f r!nnn Pnlnnv if fin.
llio UUI1JUI ivioa VI v?px vu>v~ -, ..
pears, have boon hunting for Lippert
for the paat four years. Hia family bolongs
to Hamburg. Lipport and hia
brother went to Capo Colony in 1SG1
ind engaged in the wool buatnoss. At
first thoy wero successful, but subae[juently
thev apeculated and failed,
l'hen \V. A. Lipport obtained a aituation
in a bunking house.
The prisoner for some yeara waa conlui
genoral /or Germany at the Cape.
Cnsliior Uiolby mid Teller- Gillette Stole
About 870,000.
Rome, Is*. Y.t Dec. 28.?The total
ihortago of Cashier Bielby and Teller
jillette, of tho Centrnl National Bank,
increaaos as the exporata continue their
nvestigation of the books. It has now
reached an aggregato of $70,000. Teller
Gillette is under $7,000 bonds for examination
boforo United States Commissioner
Rowlands. Yesterday ho was to
have beon examined, but his attorney
said lie waa to sick to appear, and the
proceedings were adjournod. About the
Lime this was going on an additional
shortage of over $4,000 was found in bts
accounts and ho was re-arrested by
Deputy Marshal Condon, and $5,000 additional
bonds wero demanded. Thi8
Ctillotto waa unable to furnish and .Marshal
Condon baa instruction to place
him in jail to-day in case his condition
will per/nit, if his sureties do not <jua!ify
in tho oxtra amount.
About to ltronk Out In Brazil?Rio la 11
State of Tunic.
New York, Doc. 2S.?A epocial from
Montevideo says: Rio do Janeiro is
reported to be ia a stole of panic. The
troops refuse to loave the city for tho
south. Presidont Moraos has discovered
that the arm v is do voted to Peixoto.
The principal officers roluao to nnaumo
command totako tho field in RioGrando
l)o Sul, and tho wholo country seems on
tho brink of rebollion again. More
than two hundred otlicors have boon arrotted
and nro itnprisonod in surrounding
forts under heavy guard.
It is rumored that an attempt will bo
inado by insubordinate military lieads
to rescue their comrades from prison.
Precautions have boon takun to prevent
I'lie Stroep hotter Kntfiirrilag Cnutntnck.
Washington, 'Doc. 28.?An extended
search of the files of tho white bouse
shows that tho letter reforro<l to by
LowisS. Strcep in his examination before
tho I*exow committee yosterday in
Now York charging Anthony Comstock
with accepting bribes was received at
tho whito homo last July. The President,
however, never saw it pornonally,
but as it camo as part of an application
for pardon, it was referred on July loth
last to tho dopartmontof justice, where
such cases are made up for the final
:or.sidoratiofi of tho President. Sinco
then nothing lias boon hoard of tho
papor at tho whito house.
llUtorle Mnnaioit to Jin Dr<lro)'?il.
Washington, Dec. 28.?An opora
houso is to bo erected upon tho site of
tho JMaino residence on Lafayette
Squam in which the statesman died, a
permit for tho building having boon is*
mod by tho district commissioners today.
The lilaino property has boon
loasod for a term of 100 years to Wood
?fc Lavelle, Chicago. The historic nunftioa
now occupying the ground will be
torn down, the work beginning about
January 1. The opera bouce it to coat
$250,000. The new building will be con*
atructed ?o aa to allow a roof garden, the
firatof ttie kind in Washington. The
Blaioe house waa the old Seward mansion.
aw u. uun s Co.'? import? tonuiuoni at
tb? Clot* of tbe Year.
St* York, Doc. 28.?K. G. don 4
Co.'? weekly review o[ trade will say:
Commercial failures in 18fll already
reported number 14,292 against 15,242
lajt year, with liabilities of S103.23S.404
against $346,779,889 lait year. Next
weelc the final report (or 1894 will probable
include about 400 mora failure*,
with liabilities of about $4,030,000.
From these accounts, banks, bankers,
financial and transportation compauies
are excluded. Manufacturing failures
already number 2,756 against 3,422 last
year, but liabilities are only $64,491,237
against $176,982,031 last year.
The trading failures already number
11,314 against 11,512 la't year, but liabilities
are only $87,899,056 against $130,062,333
last year. The statement by
sections show a decrease of about twotbirds
in defaulted liabilities in the
middle and central northern states, onehalf
in the west and soutbweit, and a
third in other sections. Holiday trade
lias met expectations. Purchases have
been numerous, but smaller tban usual
in amounts and more confined to needful
articles, thus anticipating ordinary
NV heat has declined one-naif a cent,
though western receipts have been only
7.112.098 bushels.
Sales of wool this month have been
17,890,800 pounds against 13,049,197 lost
vear and 121,302,300 in 1892, and Ohio
XX has sold at 17 cents.
The market for iron and stool is waiting,
but tho reduction in wages at the
Edgar Thomson works, averaging lo per
cent, plainly indicates the same. difficulty
which is neon in other quarters,
that the demand in consumption does
not answer to the increase in production
of pig iron. The shipment of rails for
elevon months are reckoned only
700,000 tons, of which only L'00,000 were
for new roads. Numerous projects for
ateel buildings are under consideration,
but no important contracts aro reported.
It gives some encouragement thai tho
Bethlehem works have secured a contract
to make armor plates for Russia,
but the order for cast pipe for Japan is
still in doubt Prices havo scarcely
changed during the week, though BesBemer
pig and billets are if anything a
shade weaker. There is larger demand
in nails, but in hardware, machinery,
ongines and railway stocks and materials
the business is much depressed.
Failures lor the week have beon 350
in the United States against 511 last
vnar. and 41 in Canada ae&inat 41 last
year. ?
Creetlon Wautn to Rnttlgn.
New Yokk, Dec. 2S.?Police Captain
Timothy I. Creodon, who tostifiod before
the Lexow committee that he had
paid $15,000 for hia promotion, filed his
application to-day for retirement from
the force. The commissioners will consider
the application this afternoon.
No -Actual Deficit.
Brooklyn, Dec. 27.?Deputy County
Treasurer Harridan said to?day regarding
the story that tho county trcaaurcr'a
accounts show a ahortage of $S9,649
that he haa the word of the expert
who made tho examination for the
hoard of supervisors for tho statement
that thero is no actual deficit.
Flftnen Yotivn lu Ohio.
The Franco Medical Institute, of Columbus,
Ohio, is tho only institution of
the kind that has met with crowning
success. While others have faiied, they
by their remarkable cures and upright
dealing have ateadiiy advanced until today
they enjoy an enviable reputation
that is world wide. The steady and
rapid increase of their business covering
a period of fifteen years ia proof sufficient
to recommend them to all who
are afllicted with a chronic or private
(11801180. 10 moso wno nave utcoraa
discouraged, wo would aay, visit the
doctors and obtain their opinions.
Owing; to thoir large and increasing
practice in this community, Dr. Ottinan
will make a visit to Bridgeport,
Sherman House, Tuesday, January 1,
Bellaire, Glote Hotel, Wednesday, January
2, where ho can be soon from 9
a. m. to 6 p. u?., one day only. Consultation
free and strictly confidential,
Iluckleii'* Arulua Snlvn.
The best oalve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively
cures pilos, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give porfoct satisfaction
or money refunded. Price 25
cents per box, for sale by Logan Drug
irtlin linbyl* Cutting Tooth,
Bo sure and uso that old and well-trim]
remedy. Miw. \V inslow'sSootui no Sykup
for cliildroo toothing. It soothes the
child, softens tho uuiub, allays all pain,
curns wind colic and is tho best romo*
<ly for diarrhoea. Twenty-fivo cents a
bottle. itw-Fdw
"Yield Not to Misfortune."
I was alllictod with catarrh last autumn.
JJuring tho month of October 1
could neither taste or smeil. and could
hoar butlittlo. Ely's Croam Balm cured
me.?Marnm (ieorge Shaulz, Hah way, j\T. J.
1 suflered from catarrh of the worst
kind over since a boy, and I never honod
for euro, but Ely's Cream Balm scorns to
do oven that. Many acquaintances have
used it with excellent results.?Oscar
Oslrum, 4*> Warren aitiiw, Chicago, 111. '
Cream Balm is agreeable.
When Baby waa sick, -wo gaT* her Caatoria.
When alio was a Child, alio cried for Caatoria.
When aho Iweamo Mlaa, aho dung to Castoria,
When abe hod Children, alio gavotbom Castoria.
I'lltn! I'll??! Itolilnc I'll*#.
Svhitoms ? Moisture; IiiUmho (tolling anl
BtlUKim;; most at uiglit; wor?e by ncrauliini:. H
allowed (o continue tumors form, which often
hired nod u Ice rate, becoming verv M?r?>.
Hwavnic's Oint.mknt atops tho itching mid
bleeding. heals ulceration. uiid iu most eases removes
tho minors. Ai drm-Rlsis. or by mail. lor
i/U cents. l?r. Sway no ?fc don. i'iilladclphltk.
"How to Cur** All Skin Disonsns.''
Simply apply "Swavsk's Ointment." No internal
medicine required. Cures tetter, eraenin,
Itch, all eruption* on tho fiico, hntid*. nose, A'-.,
leaving tho skin Clear, white and healthy, its
truat henliiiK aud eurativo powers are possessed
y no other remedy. Ask your drtiKKlst for
Lightning Hot Drops?
What a Funny Name!
Very True, but it Kills All Pain.
Sold Everywhore. Every Day?
Without Relief, There Is No Pat*
Twt procttr a GAiiatc co. crrrt.
finance axi) thadk. '
The Famture* of th? .Uuavjr and Slock
new york, Dee 28.?Money on call easy at l?{a
2 per ceut; ?>? .oan 2 per cent; cloted at 2
pep cent- Prime mercamilo paper 2J4a?J^ per
cenL Sterling exchange quiet but firm, with
actual bii'inea* in baukerV bills at $? ?5:>a
4 for demand. Silver certiflcatci 59J*c bid.
The total aalea of stock* to-day were b'>.09S
The itock market to-day wa? Ie?a active than
oii resieruay. lue ?aics assn-k-auu* ic? iu^. c~,Oi)o
kUarc*. Outtide ot the coal >hare* aud Baltimore
iV Ohio, the trading was unimportant.
Immediately after the opening au attack was
made on the coalers. New Jersey Central was
the maiu poiut of attack and wan sold freely,
with the result of a break of oor ceut fa tiio
tock,2% In Delaware A Hmuon,4 per cent in
Delaware A Lackawanna and in Reading. At
the lower figure* then* was Mine buying in the
stock*, causing an ad ranee o! 2 per tout in New
Jersey Central, 3'{ in Delaware A Lackawanna.
3bi In DclawaroA: Hudson and V\ in Reading.
Baltimore A Ohio was again heavy, openiug l
percent lower at til. and making a iurther decline
of 2?-? on sales of only on shares. As the
result of disquieting rumors in circulation,
touching the company'* iiuaiictal standing,
which were ofilcialiy denied, the Mock closed
otilr jg per cent above the lowest point touched
The gcueral market moved within a narrow range
on a very small volume of buiiuei*. During the
morning the speculation was steady to firm, became
heavy after mid-day aud strengthening in
tho Una! iirndiug: the market closed in good
form. lu the late dealing General Electric lost
K per cent. Sugar moved Within a range of l' H
per cent, closing at an advance of per ceut ou
the day.
In the bond market there was a moderate increase
In the volume of trading, with the main
troud of values toward lowor figure*. The total
transactions for the day were 11,278,600.
Government baud* tu>ady except Sor is, which
are weak aud Vt per cent lower.
State bonds inactive.
Railroad bonds easier.
Bo.vDt* ash stock quotations?closed bid.
U. S. ."is rcg 117 !National Cordage...
U.S. ft* coup. ...117 i do preferred 1"',
U. S.4s rcg 113,New Jersey Cent-... 8?}f
U.S. is coup 111'# Norfolk A West. p'd IT
U. S. 2s reg 97 Northern Pacific.... 3%
Pacific lis of "jj lod | do preferred 1"
Atchltou \x/t Northwestern. '.W'%
Adams Kz press 140 I do preferred It-Ji
American Express..! 10 (New York I'entrni. :o
Baltimore A Ohio- 5SKf.N. Y. A New Eug... ?l*i
Canada Southern... 4^-4 Oregon improve t- 11
Central Pacific 13 Oregon Nav 19
Chesapeake A Ohio 17)j, Pacific Mail 21
Chicago A Alton.... 146 i'iliahargh -157
Chi. Bur. AQulucy 71 1 tending U\i
Chicago Oas 73%iRichmond Term.? 15
C., C..C. A St 1. SHU do preferred - 2)
Col. Coal A Iron....: 7} Jltock Island. 61'?
Cotton Oil Certlilc.. 22%|St. Paul ?... y>'H
Del. A llud 125 V. do urcferred 117'
Del., Lack. A West.lClL[St. Paul A Omaha.- 32 J*
Den. A R. G. prefd 33 do pr??f?rrer1 lift
Dlst. A Cattle Feed yjjsugur Refinery W/Z
Erio OjJConn. Coal A iron- lV'i
do preferred .... 21 ,'Texas Tncinc
Illinois Ceutral K%.Tol. ?t (>. Con. prof. < >
Kuu.JiTex. urvf'tl J]J< Union Pacific 11
Lako Erie it West... 16J-., I*. 8. Kxprcs* 42
do preferred 70S W.. fct. L. A I' -r?7?
Lake Sboro i:tt do preferred IHj^
Lend Trust if7% Wells largo Ex 10.%
Louisville ,fc Nash.. XI Western Cnfou tuft
Michigan Central... !?"? Wheeling ?fc L. K... 11?*
Missouri Pacific 'JG)4 do preferred ?
Nashville & Chatu ft? General Electric...
Bread-mill* and l'rovlslom.
Chlcnco?The grain markcta were heavy today
and inclined to weuucnnejw under easy
cables and Inilueneed by holiday dullness. The
provision market wore something of a gladsome
look for the bulls and made advance.-, of 2.?c iu
pork, 10c each in lard und ribs.
Flour easy and unchanged.
Wheat?Cash No. 2 si>ritiK .17 Jin-ty'-je; No. 3
spring nominal; No. 2 red .V'.l;n.Vlc; December
May 57^057^57"^; July 67;j;u
Cons?Cash No. 2.45lic: No. 3 yellow 41a41l?c;
Dcceuibcr 45%a45vUl%c; January
45^c; May 4Sa4S%aih,.?c'Oath?Cash
No. 2, 2te; No. 2 white ni^c; No.
3. white 3l''4a;UVjc: December 28J?a23Jia2S%c;
MrtV M%A3lX31*ic.
Rye?No. 2. 4s&c.
Flaxseed?No. 1.81-19.
Timothy Seed?Prime 8553!^.
Mess Pork?Cash per bl>I. Slf 37}4*II 50; January
?11 I7)$ail ?&all 4% May ill 57,'3all6i
all G'?.
Lard?Cash nor 103 lbs. SO 75; January $6 05a
6 75; May Sf> 90a* 00a" On.
.Short Kius?Cash 85 7ua.'? 75; January 8-"> G.'>a
5 70a570; May 55 0"aC (WaO 00; dry salted shouldera
(boxed) 5a5>;c; short clcarsides (boxed)
Whiskey?Distillers' finished goods per gallon
Sugars unchanged.
Butter?qulot; creatncrios 12a23c; dairies 10a
?Oc.s-Steady at 12al!)c.
New York?Flour, receipts 12,9o0 barrels;
exports 17,300 barrels; sales 5,500 packages; market
generally nominal. Wheat, exports 31,200 bushels;
sales 1,565,OoO bushels of futures and 8.000
bushels of .spot; spot market steady; options
closed }?c hot decline; N'o. 2 red January closed
at 59%c; February closed at 6D>ic; March closed
nt 6I?V\' May closed/tt 02c; June closed at OJ'jc;
July closed at f>2!je; December closed ut 5'>v\
Corn, receipts 9.800 bushels; exports 35.100 busiiels;
sales t;t5.0J0 bushels of futuj-cs and 81,000
bushels of spot; spot market steady; options
closed y?u'4c net decline; January closed at
51 V;c; February closed at 5l)?c; May closed at
52c; December closed at 51%e. Data, receipts
'j.GuO bushels; exports 100 bushels: sales lio.owj
budieJ* of futures and 141,000 bushels of spot;
spot market llrtn; options closed unchanged:
January closed at 3l'4c; February closed at
:t5Vic; May closed atil'iJic; December closed at
H4J?c. Hay dull. Hops quiet. Hides tlrai.
Leather dull. Beef dull. Cut meats quiet. Lard
tirm and higher: western steam closed at $7 05
asked: city <?*at%c; December closcu at 87 u*?,
nominal; Jummrjr 87 u>, nominal. February
$7 10. uoniiinL Pork easy, llutter lirmcr; western
dairy lOalOc; ido creamery loa'-Mc; do factory
Oaloc;Hlgins 21c; imitation creamery l2a!Sc;
state dairy OalOc; creamery H'.a22c. Cheese dull.
Kgga strong: state and Pennsylvania 25c; western
fre-?h 'fallow dull but firm. Host a
pilot. Turpentine quiet ami dull. Kiro quiet.
Molasses dull. Oranges tlrm; fancy $2 25; others
8125a2 00. Cottonseed oil dull; prime crude'.'la
25c, Coffee. ojitions closed firm at net tinehauged
to 10 point* advance, Sugar. raw dull;
refined quiet.
Maiiiiiiore?Flour dull and unchanged; re
ceipt* lu.sin: oarrcts; suipmems . u.uo* iwrreis
sales IfiO barrels. Wheal qufel; spot aud month
/waVH"^u.-.De; January 5yjia5j^e; February
GUl^c; May steamer No. Jredi.Vi^aM1.^;
receipts H.'.Wi bu?hels; shipmenti 112,000 biinliViN;
Mock l.OW.JWI bushels; sales N.'.ooo bu>hels;
southern wheat, by sample,&8aii0e: do on grade
Vi' jiVJv.c. Corn easy: .spot 47a4T1 yvur 47a
17'^c; January 4">val7*?c; May .?i'4c asked;
Himiiivr mixed 4V,4ait?c: receipts "4,77.'? bushels;
shipments bushel*; stock l.H>l.77.i bushels:
siUoh5.01*'bushels; southern white com 4lu.
48c: do yellow 4.?ji use. Outs tiriii: No. 2 white
\vi'>U'rti ::^a.Vv -J m:\ed receipts
11,140 bushel*; stock 1G1.57H bushels. Hyc slow,
No. 2. iTa'-T'^c; receipt* 4,0. J t bushels: htock ::iJv*?
busnclf. Hay linn but steady; good to
choice timothy Si:t(JUai:> &0. bunat quiet and
unchanged. Hotter ats?i eg^s steady and unchanged.
Cheese firm and unchanged,
l'blllitlnl|>liiit?Wheat '.u' jC lower; No. 2
rod |)eeenil>er .'<7 ?a : January .V.<a;'>'''4e; I ?-briuiry
io^atirtc: March Co;<^f?l,;e. t orn ^aj^c
lower; So. -'mixed lieeombur iv'.aiS' ,e; Jauuury
JSa4s,,|1e; February 4,.?l,nl'JMarch M>a.Vli$c
On* lower: No. 2wnlteDecen>bci 37%a38^e;
January 37V:'SV': February ;>a:w4e. March
USaW.jC. Itutter iirtu; fancy western creamery
21c; do renuiylvatiia print* 27c; do do jobbing
USaUIc. Kgga 1c higher; fresh near by 2:!o; do
western 2Jc.
Cioeiiiiintl?Flour stead v. Wheat slow: No.
2 red VbtfJWc; receipts 2,2nd bushels; shipments
I'W. Com tirm; No. - mixed 4;i'?c. Oats in
light demand; No. 2 mixed :L,l1a:.'f,c. Hye iu
lluht. demand; No. 2. Fork quiet at 811 7-?.
I.nrd firm nt Juihi. mmik iiichin oiinv. jiihhui m
liuIII demand. Wlitsky (ii fiiir demand ttthl
kt.-iuly in Sl '.J. Hutter quiet and Ht?*ady. Sugar
on lot mill Meady. l^s *carco; firm hi Iso.
Cbecso sleadv.
?Wheat lower hirer and weak; So. 2
rath DeceinberWio; Mny <orn
active and lowt'r; No. iiiixud : No. ; mixed
4l,..c; No. n yellow I-J4C Uuts Mull ami oanler;
No.'J mixed :ilc; No. white Uyo dud;
rush file. Clovorceed dull and Meady: prime
cash fiW; January $> 57,4; February 3-'??K'.
I.ive Mock.
(Hifcngn- f'ntdo?{*rlcc? unchanged. J.leht
nud medium Mecr.s wont nt ?:i .Min i i'.o. n few plain
light steer* iiround SfS> and thrifty well bred
I went around Hoc*-Demand
light and price* unchanged Uo<mI heavy pack*
lug mid whipping loin nolil ehlrllv at fl i'>al
iiluln mixed nr.mud SI -tt>. and 1 it:ht weights
lamely at $5 lRJhr.U Sheep?Weaker nud UK?
lower, ciudec fat wether* sold hi si ;cm!l i*';
good mutton stock nt $. S'm'l'S*, and Ihln to fair
mixed lot* nt SJ0Oa2t>.>; fancy Iambi went ut
Glial :<oand (nlr lot* around -'< Kecelpt*.
Otitic, 7,/kH) head; calve*. 2oo head; boga, 'JO.OOO
head; uliocp, 11,000 beau.
ICnnt l.lli^riy Cattle newly; prime f,?00n'? 1'y.
Rood SI l.'inl :*.) , bull*. slug* ami eow.i al 5-"'a
'A 10. IIvks xtrousor; Philadelphia* $1 Oual 70;
yCoofo PURE
corntpon to fnir Yorker* t> SOnl 40; ronghs i
fcM?J*4uo. Sheep steady, uncbaujred.
Cincinnati?Hog* tirraer at {3 ytt C&; receipts
3,100 bead; anlptnenu. C.JjO bead.
New Y??rU?Pljj iron dull. Tin weak; strait*
ft." C0aU7i?; plau* dull, Spelter dull. Lead
weas. Copper quiet.
Oil City.? Opened at 9l,'$c; hUhe?t I
lowest J>Jc: clou-ii at 9itfc: salea H.uX) barrels; j
shipments 10S,97i? barrel*, run* 73,927 burrcliNew
York,?Petroleum eaMer. Pemuylraula !
oil. wiles none; January option, wiles none; 1
CJUX7U Bl UJU. l.nuit will MU? "V?v.
Srxw York - Wool sti'H.lv. 1
(i. Lamb, President Jos. Sky bold. Caahloc j
J. a. j?prci?ox. Assistant Caabier.
CAPITA.L 9200,000, 1?AI1> IN.
H. M. Harper. .tosoph K. Pa till.
Jutnes Cutntnius, Fletiry Hloberwo,
A. Hey munu, Joseph Soy bold.
Gibson Litnib
Interest paid on special deposit*.
l?sues dr&lUou England. Ireland and Gotland.
myll JusEl'H SKVHoi.l). r.u?(>i'-r.
xcifaxgli bank.
CAPITAL .$300,000.
J. N. Vance .. ....PreMilent.
Jons Fhkw. ....Via? IVciideuL
j. N. Vane?. George E. Stifal.
J. M. lirown WJJliam Kllinjbatn.
John Frow. a. W. Kolloy.
Jobu Waterhome. \V. E Stona
\V. If. Frank
Draft* lnued on Ka^inad. Irolanl. Sootlm 1
and all pointa in Europe.
JOHN* J. JOXK*. Cash lor.
a v'u' fw TIIK c 111 lO VAlXEV
CAPITAI ~.$l75,OOa
William A. Ixrrr - President
William B Simpson .. Vice-President.
Drafts on England. IreJaud, Franco *U<J Germany.
William A. Jaclt. Mori inter Pollock
J. A. Mlllor. William II. Simpson
K. M. Atkinson. Joint K. Ilotsford.
Henry Speyoi. Victor Roaonburg.
II. Forbes.
Jal J. A MffJ.KK. fTmiuar.
WUl len^o W b a r f b oat,
loot of Elovoatlntruat. as
Steamer Keystone stat% for Cincinnati. O.,
every Ti'Ksday at 8n. m. T. S. Calhoun, Master;
I'barJes W. Knox, Clerk.
Steamer H udson, every Thursday at 8 a. n.
Robert Agnew, Master; Al J. Sluven. Clerk.
Steamer irnnQufii, every Saturday atS a.
m., for Cincinnati. Julia M. Phillip*, Master:
R. II. Kerr. Clerk.
First-class fare. Wheeling to Cincinnati. SO.
Round trip. #10. Meal* and atst-i roomt laeluded.
Tickets good until used. For freight or
passage apply on board, or telephone No. .Hi
/^^v BALTIM0RE4 0HI?;
Umo. Schedule la of
liraftou Kx press. Vi n. nr.' Moutlay only."
Washington City Express, 9:5* a. in., daily, exccpi
Cumberland Accommodation, 5:30 a. ra.. daily
extent Sunday.
liraftou Accommodation. 2:30 p. m.. dally.
Moundsville Accommodation. 11:20 a. in. and
0 00 p. m., exceptSunday.and 11:03 p. in., Saturday
Aitnivp. v
From N'ew York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.
&1*?u. m.. dally.
Washington City Express, 5:00 p. in..daily., except
Cumtwrland Accommodation, *:J> p. ia,ex^UraUoii
Accommodation. 10:15 a. m. daily,
( ruftou KxprcM, 5:00 p. m.. Moudav ??ul.v.
Moundavlllo Accommodation. 7:'0 a. m., ex*? .?
<ii?. lnv 111:11 a.m.. daily. I-: ^ and ?:'*)
p.m., except Sunday,aud 7:.'"? p.m. Saturday only.
For Columbus aud Chicago, 7:J0aud 10:15 n.
in. dally and l:lJ p. in., dully. xch?i Monday.
Chicago Kxprcis. y::k) p. m . Monday only.
Columbus aud Cincinnati Kxptvxn. Khl 'a. in.
daily, 11: w p. in., daily, except Saturday, and
'J:M it. in. Sunday only,
Saudutikv Mail. 10:15 a. in., dnlljr.
Newark Accommodation, 3:3) p. m., daily, except
M. Clairsviilo Accomiiiodatiou, 10:15 a. in. aud
3:30 p. in., except Sunday.
Chicago Kxpreai, '-'. loa. uuund 5:.V> p. ui. daily,
and 10:1 > a in., dally, except .Monday.
I'fiicHjjo Exprwi, J !:?>&. in.. Monday only.
I'luciunati Kx press. :>:? a. m. and 5:25 p. in,
Sandusky Mail. 5:3> p. in., daily.
Newark Accommodation, ll:3}u. in., dally, except
St. Clainviile Accommodation, 11: ? a. m. and
5:35 p. in., daily, except su tula v.
WllKi:i.lN?; 1'ITTSlinwiC DIVISION*.
I'or Pill-burgh. .' :<*? hii>1 7 ? a. jo., ami p.
in. daily: and I :;w p. m., daily, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh and the oait. 5:05 a. iu. and 5:|5
1?. in., dally.
Washington Accommodation5:03 p. m., daily,
except Suuday.
From Pittsburgh, HMOh.iu. and * :' () p.m. daily,
11: y p. in., .mil., except Saturday. 1 p.
ui., except Sunday, and n. ei? Sunday only.
\?'a?hiuu't"ii Accoinuiodatiou,8:lQ a. m..*daily,
except Sunday.
?. Pennsylvania tftntiows
Trains Run by neutral Tir26.
* - - kf p?-?:vst!.va <ia Station' oj
\\ - i.:?t St. vir.vni St., Wjiku.iso,
ai M?'I.iirk Hoimr. Wmi MXfi, and at ih?:
I'i vswt.vAma Sta rms. Iifijimr.ronr.
wi-T Ht*TVV- !>A\ )!wm.K ROUTE'"
Daily, t Daily *:xc*pr Sunday.
FliOM WHKKI.INU TO i.s:a VB A Kill YE.
WillsburKHud Susiiiiottrllla* iH;Stan MM pm
McDonald and Piiiaburgli..... uiu j i: "? pm
N. Cumberland am
lndianapoli->amlHt l*mk... tii:.'?ain put
Colimibuiiand Clticuiuati..? r<-. '>aia V:r> pm
WeiUbniy audsJtenbonvilla pm
Philadelphia ami Now York 11 -:?? pm pui
.sicubcnvliloand PiiuburKtitl-:~i pin .':2i pm
Coluiiiounaiid Cihuum fliiii pin .':Jj pra
Philadelphia and New York pm 0 (J:5j am
JUiltiuiore an?l W'a-iiiiigion. Vj p u i;:?:i m
MniiiHjnvilie ami Pittsburgh 1-':m pm am
Steubenvllloand I'auuUou. - :"?? pm <*io.;l'? mn
Indiamtpoil* audrit. i/iuii... |S:??J pm ant
Day win ami Ciuatnuati pM pm j,;;u A;il
BtfiiUrnvillo and Column 11- is:t>J pm fti;i2aui
Norihvve*iiJyau?tn?Clovo. Pilta. Division.
Trams tun daily. oxoopi rJiiud ty. at lollo.vi:
l iiUM HitiiMii.fnKr ro Lkivk, amuivjl
i-i. \\n. in* and Chicago :iisa:ii e'.:4l> pm
Cauidu and Toledo .. !?;<>> am |<; inn
Piibdiuri;li .V Sioiibenville .ViH am 6:10 pm
HleuDonvillcand Piiubtirgh... .'>:i&am 8:lo pin
Hioubeiivllleaud PitUburgh.... ifcoyam HMnaru (
SleiilienVlllo i\; Wo Isvllle I0;|:i itnt li |C I'm
cmvelaud ?fc Chicago 1:10 pin ii ? pin
Canton aud T< dodo 1:lupin 4:.Wpin
AlUaneaand Cleveland l.-lopm l.':aspm
BtoubonvUla'and W'elUvilio..,. 1:10 pm 7 ?** am
Philadelphia and New York.... "J:11 pm 8.1" pm
Balilmoroami Wa*hlni?iu;i...- y;ii pni cvspra
Hietibonvilio and I'iunburxb... -,:il pm J W inn
Ktffiiin'nri'1-' u i;>t'(it- i>m :; ,s hid
TH f. St.XTKST TYi'K are used in thtf Commercial
Printing done by
Arriralanl <!?tur:'ir.? of trains on a?-1 after
V'Vi?mUr l? Evr^AVtriaVorlUrnUDfCS
M*j?? JUatlj sand*.-term*I; ;M??nUr?*?
I-J.ird; Mtur'.*jrc\-rp:?*|Sua<Uronlr;NfttuMavoalj.
Mo::.!*y oaij. Ijutara siaadarJ
I>KP\BT II ,l61Tll I.lac. Ka?(I AMUY&
*.l i' nui \\'*%h r.lUlt . |?tilL >v N Y| t> 1*? am
t > pm \Ya?h ?"> . Ii.il: Hall. .V S. Y
*> am Oumtvrund \ roni > pm
t J> pm ?r*f'?>.i Uivm. ... fio?? *ai
*" W ?'?i Motill lavilltf ACT.IM ...i * am
* <*) ptti Mt>UUtl>ville Ai?>Cl #1S:W ptu
llnw |<m M i? Irriilo Aocom 7s 0 ptu
!' Hm'_\V* ! tu*'oa ? Xy Ktprt><? !s*?' pm
Ty-. o am: Urafton K<proa? I pm
puart. ;h AO K.H.?*i O. Mr.. Watt j arrivk.
' ' am For ' liuaibu* ami < ni *; > *n?
**i-1 am ' mjha? *r I Inclutwt: 1 pm
fj'.f pm, ('olttmtm* a:i>( idaaaUJ am
;<:1J pm roluinlm* an-l? Hlcago am
' J> pm| On a*i? !.xprt*?? rtl tt am
0 P>n N.-waris v, .tn am
wttttD . tit. cialNtim Aocom |*11tlVin
pm -t. (*Ulr?vul- \i-coin.. J* 31 pm
': o am <**>1umh n ,?r. lOacia. K\p.
<10:1.** am - I'.'l 1'fcV M*:I . t'? v* pal
tTf ART II. A ll'lLIL W , ! .V 1*. l?i% aRRIVK.
* ' am' For I'ltuhiirca tio 10 am
1" ? ?m, ritt?buri;h ^ pm
t?V4.% piul I'ltlktxitKll nB'l Iji?1 . cll:X ptn
? pm ... . ... I'ltuburjiu . 1-:85 pat
' *' W |?m,.?Wa.?hij>irion I'.i Areoni.l "S;10 ata
. .I1?t>bun:h K\|.r.-?s ' |?2\ am
ut Aur | l*.. r >r I. It v. a naive.
am l'lttAliurch . . t %3S pm
am ^teiibvnrlllc and \\>*t -<:is ptn
"lpin .l'iUtlHiivIt and New York.. pm
I " ptu I'itUburB*h mi l Sew York . tll:3> am
nmiF.xprts* ,r?n. mi l <? Louin '"Hum
:'(#? pro Kx pre**. Cin aud Sr Ixmit pm
l:i? pmlKxpro**.Stoub.noilChicago '':2? pm
II V. p ut .lMt?i?ur.'U and i>??iml*on tlam
"dw-ABTF C \ ? . K u. Mtttirr.
am; .Fort Wayijt? and Chicago... I JV-'.s pm
' Wiim ... .('union and Tolislo ... '9:10 pm
m.;iis aw ..Alliance and Cleveland | "7.46 pn?
vOS am Stenbcnvlllcaud Pittsburgh; v'11 pm
!" '*? am Mcubenvlllcand i'ittaburch ll.o'? am
n <: am Sft>iiU>av/IIe ?& Welfirtlla.. 7.-4? pm
pm .Fort Way no an<l Chicago. pm
ptu. .. .Canton and Toledo ?.VV< pm
"MO pm ... Alliance and Cleveland. *|:;w pm
^lo pmjsi* nbeiiville and WelUvllle ?9:I0 pm
>1 pm Philadelphia and New York s.Y."?s pm
l !4l pmjltdltirabrv and Washington ' ?S pm
' ! il pm'stcnbetirillvandi'ittmursb ' M pm
"7:13 pm Sienbenvtile a- \V.-ll.svlH?' vs* any
I'KI'ART. I W. A: L K. "11V. \KKI\>; '
lo.oo am Maatillou Toledo and We?i pm i *
10:00 am Canton. Akron .t; Cleveland ".VUG pm \
10.00 am Wheeling ami SletibeurilleI \'>:M pm
pW.?,MiiX4il)on and Canton... JU:05 am
J:2.'?_pm Wheeling and Si?'nlwnviHo 11:<V? am
i>Ki'At:T. | 1? >v W.?Hr.iiMiKroiir. | aurivb. '
7::W am Cleveland.Toledo?i Chicago] pm
"!: W pm Cleveland Toledo & Chicago pm
' 4:l'? pm Man>lllon Accoin I'KfcVt am
'7:TJ am, St. ciainville Aocoto ! '6:00 am
9:19 ami St. ciulrkvilla Accom <"3:47 pm
' l:'J0 pill St. C Itirsvillo ACCOD1..... JU:.?0 pm
'pm* 8L rlalnrtlio Accom..... *9:37 pia
*1:30 pini ......Local Freight.. 1*11:1* am
17 .0 am! -Passenger .. 111:00 am
pm Paaieugcr. pm
f4KW jinn Passenger f7:4S pm
I.KAVK I H, Z.&C. llAILKOAD. aiirivr
lll'l.l A IRK. BKM.AIKK
i?.iu am ...Bellairo and Zatiesvilla,... SriO oin
? pin[ W. 1.? l-iTi.'l.l. ... I? nm
The Cleveland, Lorain S Wbaellag R. R.
Via. Klyria and tho Luko Shorn Haute.
November 18. im central Time.
stations. j Ti iii w
Central Time. p. m a. m a. m. a ra.
Lf. Wheeling .. 3 25 6 Ou 11 W
llellaire 3 1!0 5 M 11 45
.Mariin'* Ferry 3 6 on 11 55
llriduepori 3 45 6 20 12 n
Flushing 7 13 115
Freoport & '21 7 44 1 4i
rhrlcluvlllo. tinu 40 8 l!i 2 19
New I'lillailolphia. ti :0 0 CM 8 21' 2 40
Canal I>??rcr 6 27 U 071 8 4?> 2 4S
Mnaslllon 7 15 fi .V?| 9 :? a 40
Warwick. 7 22,10 01 4 0J
Sterling 7 45 JO 21 4 .12
Seville- 7 .r.i: io .41 4 39
Medina 8 11! 10 5;; 5 03
( rafton 8 40i 11 20 5 2i
\ Klyria .. 9 10 12 45 5 51
p. m p. m.
Ar. I-oraiii 9 25, 12 tW fi 10
Cleveland - 10 lo; 12 3<? 6 45
Akron 8 00111 00 5 03
8attduakT~-? J;57
p. m. i
Norwaik 12 2(1 8 57
Toledo 2 05 3 10 10 55
I'etroil 6 25 6 2b ?
a. m.
Chicago- 9 00 7 3*
IUillulo... 6 40 ; 5 40 12 35
a. m. a m
Albany 2 50/ 2 50 9 35
p. m.
New York ??)! 7 00 1 i%
tto?ion.~.~ 10 45110 45 3 4i
I 10 12 I 14 I lf?
? a. m. n. m. p. in. p. ui.
Ar. ft. ClaimTlllo. 7:.'0 10:00 110 8:1}
L?. Kirtwood 7:13 9:10 1:30
p. m. p. m. a. in. ja. in.
Lr. SI. rinirsvllle. &2S 2fc(K 11:50 8:00
Ar. Klrkwood ti:00| 3:47 12:301 8:.
All Trains daily, cxcept Sunday.
General Freight and Passenger Agent.
On and after Sunday. Dccetnbcr IS, 1891. Pa*
kohrit Trains will run as follows: "Dally.
tDaily Except Sunday. Central lime.
4001,1 *"""> ' r''? A A1*
W1.ed.nf. IS'HJSIS
mcuw?ki ? - ii J." S 55
Mouii'iiviiic,... 2 S r 52 New
M?nln?vlllo J- J J? :
SMernvtlle J ? f
Sfc sS 58
I'a rk e r*htuk"...' P'-W ?700 34? 10 ?i
iuevUle. C *. X. * -- 1105
K^nLiood.." 7 1- 5 00 114%
Kipley Landing 7 jj; ' ;J Jj g JO
New Haven J J- I'.jS
MarUoM J',1; ';* hi?
Maaon City J-' * JO U M
Clllmu ~ J;J ?r g
I'l. I'lcanaui JJ ^ J ? j ri
.2? ?S "?
lluutiuglou txto J'
^ItriTBOt'Nli. - 4 0
P. M. r. M. A. x.
Wheeling. t{4jj SS?1Jg
Bcrnrootl 1 3U ? V? * .7-'
Mouudavllle...... 1 1;' } ? J ^
rti S8 jo
ii? tS
BbSSE== !Si?i US iStf*
iXSfc:.: ??l ??*? !?
JlavVimvood. ? J r;'| *
nij.ipy umiiuB ; ?| J M 2 y
7mI bail ?S
Hertford. 7 37112 30 7 1H
Micou City 7 20, 12 20 7 JO
Clifton 7 15| 12 I.*, 7 06
I'l. l'lea?ant 6 47 11 4? 6 37
Calif polls 1131 6 2J
CuyniHlotte .r? 25i 10 u.'? 5 lu
liuutlugtou 0 1*? '10 25 f& 00
A. M. I *. M. P. it.
Wlieellno & E!m Grove Railroad.
On mill after Frldav. April -0, 1531. train* will
run uk follows, oity time:
Tr'u T'me Tr'n TmejTr'n. T'me|T rn T'mo
urn.1 p. hi. I n.ni.; p.m.
No. 2...f?.:'JU Na 20.^3:00 Xo. 1-16:00 Xa 19...3:00
.No. 4 7:00 No. t:<*i So. 7:0d(.Ya 21.,.4:00
No. 8:00'No 21 ...-':0? No. ft... 8:00 Na 23...&:00
No. K i?:lX)'Na 2C...?:iK) No. 7... 19:00 Na 2f?...?:00
No. li> l'?:00 No. 2.4...7:00 No. 9 -10:00 No. 27...7:0J
.Na J2.11UU No. ?J....S;l?)jNa ll..ll:00 No. '29 ..8:00
p. in No. :r.'...9: !) p. in Na 31 ...9:10
No. HfliUO No. ?i..ll:'W|No. 13.12:00 Na 33.10:10
Na i?V...l:00; No. l '-,..l:0J
No. l.T..2:00l I No. 17... .':i)0
~~tl>ally. except Sunday.
Sunday diureh trains will le*vo Kim Grovoat
9:a in. mnl Wlicellni; at 12:17 p. til.
Traill* No. 2.0 14 and 2T. ronaoct with hordio
line for Triidolplila. Herdlfleaves Trl<4(lel|ibiia
jor KlimJrovo at ?. Jia hi.. 7 ;) a in.. 12:33 a. in.
mid 0:10 p. ill. Dally, exempt Sunday'* nud Saturdav'i
hurdle, will e.nniicct with tralu Na 31.
leaving Wheollinr atll:00 p. in.
sundrtv'* hcnlic lonvet TrJudelphJa at 9;0i)
a.m.. 12:0oa. hi.. rf:'W p in. mid coiiuecta with
truins No. a. 14 and troin Whirling.
\i. i'- UTI-iiKIUH.lt. 0<mi. Manager.
Wlieellna Brldye & Terminal Ry.
C. O. HIIKWSTKU Kccclvor.
TJJflO J Bbl'* >o lo. U) mtcn dutoi Ijl ?- mu,
Sunday. November l'J 1831
LeaveWbceling-tSWJ.fJJto, m..
k;:K>. II: w. ?.' > oj pIxjavo
i'ouiuttila?18:06. f9:31, g 11:44 a. ra.,t-':J4.
i?. m.
I?nvu Mariln ? Furrjr?tD:57, jll:JJa. uj.,
U . 1 *:
\rrlvo Termlnal.lmiction?<8:17, jll:55
It !?.. t- -> ?i: H <*? #:IS P- U?
lxyivo Terminal Jniiciinn?|7:2J. J?:00, a. in.,
?1io a. in.. ?i t ?:U, tS.ii p. ra.
t.ravo Martm'* Kerry-t7:'2S, 0:01 i.m./lMV
>1:0-. 11 10. 1 <:[<}. JSp. in
I .caw I'ctiltutila ?f7:^-1.11a.m., -T2;51, ?1:11,
14 17. 1 fS:VS p. m.
\iriv? Wheeling?a. ra., 12:67#
(1:17. 1t u. tfl.it> I>. in.
Dally. fDatlyexwjpi Sunday. JSundays oaly.
AiliraliuwiH run o;i Kaiteru Tima
J.L TAU&lO, tiapcnnlcudca**

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