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ic Ohio League Seems to he tlic
Ik-st Horc for Wheeling.
, I lie Om?ulE?tUm - Ha Thluki
VlirrllUK Should 0? In the
ILili Sartly be Bolter than Um Cratnl,
Kuudv Uall U> Toledo la Aunrrd-Au
LmtUur Is Thought Of-Lnai
liowlltt|[?OllMrKnn of Bport
[The Intelligencer laat week gave InIrmatlon
of the proposed Ohio Base
bill League, which is being fathered
If J. \V. Gunnels, of Toledo, who has
ten prominent in past base ball venires
in the city by the lake. As usual
aother morning paper "got on" a week
ter. printing facta.yesterday morning
nit were given in this paper nearly a
eek ago.
The intelligencer last evening reived
u letter from Gunnels in which
j speaks encouragingly of hUi project,
c is partleularlyanxlous to?eo Whoel~
-.^>ru?u>iitp<l in the lea cue, believing.
{the facta Justify, that the West Virata
metropolis ?-dulri strengthen It.
says nuckenberger has written him
tarilng the admission o? Wheeling to
Then* Is no question," says Mr. GunIs,
"but that a Rood league can be ornixed
with Toledo, Wheeling. Dayi.
Sprtnpilcld, Hamilton. FIndlay,
riton-Mas^lffon and Akron in the cirt.
Of course this would be subject
changes If-, improvement could be
do. 1 am doing all I can and hope
nako it a succc.Htf. We will have a
d pork here In Toledo right in the
heart of the city for week-day fames,
and a good Sunday parte with avery
convenience where there will be no
danger of Interference; and there Is no
question but tbut the people would taleo
an Interest and the attendance would
be large."
Here's hoping Gunnels' scheme will
be a go with Wheeling as one of the
In the event that Wheeling is so unfortunate
A* to lie shut ont from a season
of professional base ball in a good
league, there is a strung probability
that an amateur or semi-professional
league will be organised with one or
more teams in Wheeling and a team
each In some of the following towns:
Rarnesvllle. Sistersvllle. Martins Fer
I ry. Bridgeport. Belial re. Fairmont.
yanntngtoa, SZeubcnvMc and Mounls
ville. With practically no salary lkst
I such an organisation would be finan
dally successful and would appear*
I the appetite of the ball cranks. HowI
ever, the organisation of this league
I would be only In the event that profes|
slonal ball Is not a go here.
i wotmse bowlers.
I TltaXIfhtljKfCo'ntvftttrtkM aud 8parr*
OU I !ir Allrj-?,
\ W. L. P'ct.
Harvest ..33 7 .831
Mail Pouch 30 11 .714
Mosart 24 16 .616
La Belle 22 17 .5*4
Standard 15 23 .410
! Apollo 16 26 .381
Novice 11 31 .262
Orient 8 31 .205
L.a*t evening Mozart defeated Novice
\ twice in three games on the following
MOZART. 1st 2d. 3d.
Knoke 138 146 113
Horstman 105 113 11?
Marschner 137 I6T. Ivt
Schxntilbacn no ?.?Campbell
1SI 146 133
Ilandlan 14S 1S3 176
Total# 81J 860 Ml
NOVICE. 1st. 2il. 3d.
Kbelln* 164 174 1?5
Zimmer 104 139 114
nark 149 124 169
Hores ISC 152 130
Henderson 10'J 141 139
Jloss m 129 129
Totals $00 859 846
Cincinnati RntrtMfloM.
CINCINNATI, Jan. 24.-It Ur announced
by the officials that the entries
to all stakes ef the Cincinnati Jockey
Club for Oakley Park and also for I>atorla
for 1TO6 nnd for flxed events of
1S97, close Wednesday. January 13.
Kew Ortraita Hare*.
NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 14.?Forty*
fifth day Crescent Jockey Club's winter
me?tlng. Weather cloudy and cold;
trsck good.
First, six furlonfirs?Text won; Cossack
second; Elsie Ferguson third.
Time. l.-Mfc.
Second, mile and twenty yards?Le
Itanio won; Kmln Hey second; G. II. Cox
third. Time. l.Wi.
Third, handicap, thre*-year-olds and
upwards. rolle?KIrk won; Capt. Kfdd
second; Merry Nell third. Tim*. 1:M%.
Fourth, handicap, for four-year-olds,
mile and a sixteenth?Imp Monarch
won: Jafco Zimmerman second; Stark
third. Time. 1SJ.
Fifth, avlllnv. seven furlonjr*? Bowl*
1np Green won; Miss Rowett second;
OverelU. third. Time. 1:28%.
Ontu Again.
To the Editor of tho Int'jllleeneer.
SIR:?'Tou will flri'd It stated In last
Sunday's Newu that the Wheeling i'ot?
t^ry Company ftas ii full force working
Gladness Comes
itli a better understanding of the
* * transient nutnre of the many physical
ilU whiah vanish ho faro proper ef?
forts?gentle efTorti?plca^unt effort s'~
/ightly directed. There is comfort in
tliM knowledge that bo many forms of
cicknof* are not due to i:ny actual dines***.
but si/npljr to n constipated condition
of the s.vsuxn, which the ploaoant
family laxative. Syrup ot Flm, promptly
r-movrs. That is why it is the oilly
remedy with millioti:iof aimltu.-s. and i?
everywhere esteemed so highly l?v nil
who value good health. Its l*ene(icial
effpctxnre due to the fact, that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
eleanllneM, without debilitating the
orpin* on which It ad*. It i.s therefore
nil important, in order to pet it* lieneflcial
uffectii, to note when you i?ur*
chane, th.n.vou Ji.ivc the genuine article,
which 1a manufactured by the California
J**'rr Nyrup Co. dnly, uu-1 sold by :ili reputable
If in tho enjoyment of #o?m1 beftlth,
end the *y*tem In re/ruJar, then Inxatlvcaor
other remedies are not needed.
If afHW icd with nny actual dtawfte, one
miy l?e roinmended tothemont skillful
phynicianiv. but If In nerd of a laxntivn
!h?*n one lionld have the Itefit.and wit4
the well-Informed everywhere, S'vrupef
P'.tfM tiUind/t blithest. and in mont largely
Med aud^ivca most general tali* f actloa
In the sanitary department In faot
they have ht?d us working full time (on
paper) for the last three-weeks, and
during that time not one man hns done
a tap. I respectfully call the attention
: of the Sunday Now# to the hradlqg of
this Item. SANITARY MAN.
I -1 Htotbholilrra
of the llnutrr Oil Compauy
ti? ? Family Qnarwl- A if Injunction Heilrolutntt
Male of ttlo?k?A Combine At(clll]>ir?I.
The HunterOUCompany 1b madeupof
, WhctUn* people, who were among the
flrvt to get In on tho ground floor at the
commencement of the boom back of
Wavwly. down In I'leamrots couniy.
They got a nice block of leeaes and
have a producing well on the Uuuter
farm In the mldstof developments In the
new Held. It seems th/U their good
luck has resulted In a "family quarrel"
on to the policy to be pursued In developing
the territory, culminating yesterday
In the Issuance of an Injunction
by the circuit court, forbidding the
board of directors from issuing fifteen
additional shares of stock at |l?> per
It seccnji that three gentlemen formed
a combine for the purpose of obtainInir
control of th?? cornnnnv hv hvurlnff
a majority of the capital stock. The
"big thrae" bought out for $3,200 one man
who held eight and one-half pharos, or
'at the rate of $000 a share. As there are
fifty share*, this makes the worth of
the company's holdings about $70,000,
a very neat profit on the original lnveHtment,
which was less than $10,000.
It seems that the board of directors
heard of this purchase of stock, which
was Just euough to give the "biff
three" control, so they at once set
about to prevent It. Monday night
the board held u mooting and passed a
resolution for the issuance'of fifteen additional
shares of stock at $125 per
shares. These shares were quickly
gobbled up by friends of the anti-oomblners
yesterday morning.
The result Is that the "big three"
found they were far from being Jn the
saddle. Th?*re was consternation In
their caimp Cor a time, but-the legal fraternity
was given an innings, with the
result that an Injunction was applied
for and granted In-the circuit court, restraining
the board of directors from issuing
th" additional block of stock. The
i<3U?e comes'Up for settlement on the
16th of this month and will attract
great Interest In oil circles. In the
meantime the ?;ock has already been
' Issued- ttud^he "antl-comblncrs" are in
control, t
In the \t?vrrljr Klrhl I)|<1 Sot Come In
YnlrnUy m Ktprclrd.
Mr. Charles E. Van Keuren yesterday
returned from the Waverly oil Held
down the river, where he was looking at
the properties In which he has an interest.
He expected to witness the coming
in of the well of the Reed Oil Company,
on the John Janes farm, near the
"Preachers" well, but did not. Just at
the top pf the sand yeserday morning
the tools were lost and the well will not
probably be iu before the end of the
week. The owners of this well, most of
whom are Wheeling people, expect to
make a good strike on the Janes.
Will hoof* Again.
The Bridgeport Oil and Gas Company
will shoot theJr Hllle well, on Archer's
Fork, nKain to-day. The first shot in
this wejl by a miscalculation in measurement
was exploded about six feet below
the pay streak in the sand and did
no good. Belter results are expected
from the shot to-day.
That l,lmriloii( Well*
The well of the Royal Oil and Gas
r* ....... ?* Tlmaai..!.* In Mnrahall
county, mention of which htm been
made, has been cased with Inch casing
and Is now drilling at a depth of
1,200 feet. The pay'sand Ik expected to
be reached at 1.C00 feet or l**ss.
Ilapa and In tlie Thriving Clljr
Arrow the Illvrr.
Seats have arrived for three rooms In
the Central school building. It Is believed
that eight rooms will be ready
by the time the schools re-open and the
parents, pupils and teachers will be
glad of this.
Xavier Scrogglns and Aug. Serlg
have changed theJr minds abotft engaging
In the glass sign business at
Indianapolis. Ind. They had made
nearly all of the arrangements.
In the case of Jacob Lot* vs. Schaeffer
& Helfenblne for damage* for
wrongfully attaching hfs gao<la. In the
common pleas court yesterday he got a
Judgment for ISO and cost*.
Nick Schoelfler. the Cleveland A
Pittsburgh detective. Is watching for
the Martin's Ferry boys who jump on
end off moving trains. He took several
names yesterday.
The oil well being drilled by farmers
on the Myrtle-farm on Short Creek, is
down about WO feet. The contract is
for 1.300 feet. It is the first one on the
The switch board and alternator are
expected to arrive to-morrow and it is
thought the Incandescent lights will be
ready to turn on by Saturday.
The stockholders of the Belmont
brick and tile works met at the oftlce of
v..?fi.rdMV and re-elected tho
old board of director* and the officer*.
The ensea against Luther Gibson and
the Chinese (aundryman were l^vestl
gated yesterday. W. T. Graham is
foreman of the grand Jury.
Commencing to-day the car* on both
electrical railway* will run to the end
nt the Hn*9, tor %hJch the people are
Miss Maggie McWllllams returned
yesterday from Moundsvllle. where she
has been visiting her sister a month or
Some good orders are being received
nt the Hegumont glass work?.
John Krlm haa taken a position h?re.
Several employes of the Cleveland,
Loruln & Wheeling railroad have been
released tor drinking while on duty.
Lant night the Oriental Guitar and
Mandolin club was entertained by
George Bradbury. of the Island.
Frank Jordan fell from a wagon on
his farm on Scotch nidge on Monday
and broKo one 01 mo ubiwb.
Only twelve (unitary guards are on
duty In Mnrtln's Ferry, while last week
there wore seventy-five.
nev. \V. II. Hartzog find family, who
have been visiting at Spencevllle, O.,
will return this week.
Loroy C. Sedgwick returned yenterdny
from Columbus, where he attended
the Inauguration.
Wilson Lcmmon, a well known cltlzen
of Coleraln, died yesterday morning
aged *7 yearn.
Mrs. Margaret Flynn died at her
home ??n Fourth street yesterday aged
70 years.
Mrs. Mary Given*. of THtonvllle,
visited friends In Martin's Ferry yesterday.
F.veral wagons nre busy hauling
supplies from Martin's Ferry to Colon
Work ha? been resumed by the puddling
department at the Aetna-?tandard.
John ('. llayne returned venterday
from rt bijslnens trip to Wanhlngton,
The Mnrtln's Ferry Junior base ball
club will reorganise next week.
MIks Margaret Pennington returned
ln:<t evening from MouiidfVllle.
nev. Foul Kwnnvr returned yesterday
frnru TUwcr FsJls, Pa.
Mrs. Richard Lynch Is vi*ltfng h*r
parents at Muncle, Ind.
IX. s. MeOrew and Albert Oliver were
id Cob-rain yeittrrdny.
A wire fonco Is being put uround?tho
north school.
"" jjiON.
'''lit; Trutli From Honest IV
' Kliciiiiiiiti.su), Catarrh, Dyspcps
anil .Most Obstinate Diseases
Utile I'rllrta?Why Pmy UtB to Da
tan When Yon Cut Care Vonrwlf irl
* '!5-('eitf Bottle ofMnnjron'i Iniprov<
IlnmcTopfttliic Itcincrilr*!
J. C. Cram, Wellsbwgi W. Va.. nay
"I have boon a great sufferer from dy
Portia and catarrh of the liver, ar
have tried a gn'at many doctors ar
used numberless remedies, but wlthoi
a euro. In fact, of lato, I grew won
so rapidly that I was Riven up a*
hope-lens cose. At thls^tlme Munyon
treatment was recommended to me, at.
I firmly believe the use of his Homoe<
pathtc Remedies saved my life. A aho
course of treatment. using Munyon
Dyspepsia Cure and Liver Cure, curt
me completely of all my stomach at:
liver troubles, and made a new man ?
Munyon's Rheumatism Cure nev<
falls to relieve In 1 to 3 hours, and cur
In a few day*. Price. 25c.
Munyon's Dyspepsia Cure la guarai
teed to cure nl) forms of Indigestion ar
stomach trouble s. Price, 25c.
Munyon's Catarrh Remedies posltlvi
ly eure. Price, 25c each.
Munyon's Kldnej Cure speedily cur
pains In the luck, loins and groins, ar
all forms of kidney disease. Price, 23
Munyon's Fomale Remedies are
boon to oil women. Price. ^5c.
Asthma Cure, with Asthma Herb
$} 00.
Munyon's Nerve Cure atops nervoui
nefca and builds up the system. PrlC
Munyon's Headache Cure stops heat
ache In three minute?. Price, 25c.
Munyon's Pile Ointment positive
cures all forms of piles. Price. 25c.
Munyon's Blood Cure eradicates a
Impurities of the blood. Price, 25c.
Munyon's Vltallzer restores lost pon
era to weak men. Price, $1 00.
A separate cure for each disease. J
all drugfflMH. 25o. a bottle.
Personal letters to Professor Munyo
1505 Arch street. Philadelphia, Pa., ai
swered with free medical advice for ar
disease, _
r*ll*li?nuir niwtwuvK ? - - ?- ??- . ~ .
Boy* Foritiwl?HlgR*r Mcrllng m% (1
llanqnrt Twb'r.
Last night a meeting of West Virgin
Vnlverslty men was held In the ottice i
W. C. Meyer, on Chapllne street, to o
ganlze an association of then who ha^
attended the university. Mr. H. C. Oj
den was chosen temporary chalrma
and Frank C. Cox temporary secretar
It was decided to form the Pan Hand
Association of the West Virginia Un
A committee was appointed to a
range for a fuller mating on Fridu
night. February 31, a feature of whit
is to be a banquet Meanwhile anoth
committee will be at work looking i
men eligible to membership, who a
requested to send their names and a?
dresses to rran* u. v,u*, awtciai
Any resident of the Pan Handle xrl
lias attended the university Is cllglbl
It is not necessary to be a gradual
The movers in the matter are encou
aged to believe that the association wl
have a membership of at least fifty.
On ihe Hack Itlvcr, wtirrr the' Icr
Smootli, hut Itnthrr Tbtn.
Hundreds of merry skaters are to 1
seen throughout the day and evenlr
over on the back river now-a-days. Tl
river Is frozen smooth as glass from tl
head of the Island down to the bacl
river dam. a distance of about threi
quarters of a mile. The best skating
just under the Bridgeport bridge, whei
the largest crowds congregate. iJox
ever, the Ice Is as yet, or was last evei
Inir, entirely too thin for safety. Yei
terday afternoon two young: men brol
through, one near the shore where tl
?' ?? ohniinip hut the other awn
out from the shore. The latter hu
8ome difficulty In getting out. It w|
take another day or two of cold woathi
to make the Ice wife for the crowds <
skaters that are using it.
Kvrrjrtiotl)' Talking Abont It,
Everybody in talking nlxiut the gref
free offer of l?r. Greene's, the most inn
cessful specialist in curing nervous an
chronic diseases. and who discovert'
that wonderful medicine. Dr. Greene
Norvura blood and nerve remedy. H
makes a specialty of treating patlen'
through letter correspondence. and a
Who accept his offer are astonished i
the marvelous success of this methoHis
office Is at 25 West Fourteen!
street, New Tork City, where he r?
celves and carefully examines evei
letter sent to hlrn by persons descrlblr
their case and telling him the
symptoms. After thoroughly studylr
each ease he answers the letter, ej
plaining the cause of each symptoi
and telling a sure way to gvt well ar
strong. Jle makes the patients unde:
stand exactly what alls them and tel
them all about their complaint, and n
thiw Is entirely free of charge. Th<
?:ave the expense of a trip to the clt:
have no fee to pay. nnd have the bent
fit of the beat medical advice and 001
sulfation. Here Jh an opportunity f<
you to get well, reader, you can elth?
aerypt or reject It. Which will you dr
Almost everybody takes some laxatv
medicine to cleanse the system an J keep tl
blood pure. Those who t.iUe SlMMOJ
LIVER REGULATOR (liquid or powde
set all the benefits ol a mild and pleasa
laxative and Ionic that purifies the blo<
and strengthens the whole system. Ai
more than this: SIMMONS LlVKR Rnr.i
i.ATOR reflates tho l.lver, keens it o^th
and healthv, and when the Liver Is
KooJ condition you find yourself free fro
Malaria, Biliousness, Indigestion, Sic!
Headache and Constipation, and rid .
:hat worn out and debilitated fcrlin
I heso are nil caused by a slugRlsli Live
iood digestion and freedom from stomal
'rouNes will only be had when the llv
properly at work. If troubled ivlth or;
I these complaints, try SIMMONS l.ivi
TGL'LATOR. The kini: ol Liver hW
nes, and Belter than Pills.
I *.n* (In* /. Hlaiup In rt'd on wrup|M>
| .1. II. Zelllil 41 Co., Phil*., l*o.
H re-- _ M
IeJUU* uut W.r'jxa ju usual rw .' *
UuO r*MB ^
ri| ?mmi>i? ^
Itj I ! Has itocfl me itsi 01 lime
*8 ' * i ?"'wB
Sort* of hocul Sntianil Ooulp from
the Uinta City.
^ The union services at the rink have
m stirred up a great Interest In the city,
and the rlnlc is crowded every night.
Such Interest has been manifest In
fhese service* that an additional meeting
was held yesterday nfternoou in tho
c~ First M. E. church, and the rink Is
hadly larg? enough to accommodate all
who attend In th" evenings. No denoml,a
national linen ar?? dmwn. All unite In
c* tho services, the .ministers of the vatt
rious churches taking turns In tho
talks, while the union choir renders
?? grand music each night.
The report that Frank Archer will be
e a candidate for state labor crmmlssion'
cr Is premature. Ho wan nskert to be a
j. candidate by gentlemen In Columbus.
hut unless It Oi a settled fact that Hon.'
... \V. T. Lewis Is not to be reappointed ho
has decided not to be a candidate. Of
Mr. Lewis Is not to retain the oflleo
Frank would likely not object to hold..
Ins? It. but he does riot propose making
a fight on the present Incumbent,
it John Joyce, a bottle blower, who had
been drinking hard for a few weeks,
n. rushed Into the home of Thomas !>Ickn
ens Monday night orftf asked for projv
tectlon. He said. "They want to kill
rne." He was perfectly harmless, but
the hallucination nna put ?u<
wrong that ho refused to leave and
Officer Bowers had to <jall' assistance
rtt to take charge of him. Friends later
I*? took him home, when a physician was
called and he was fixed up.
la The remains of Israel Moore, the unDf
fortunate man killed at the Riverside
st*el works, were brought to his late
r" home here yesterday morning. He was
re over seventy years of ape. and lived
f. In a little house on Gravel hill with his
wife, who is about the same age. The
" unfortunate accident leaves the aped
j* wife In great distress, as she Is left
j* alone with nothing for her support.
This city bought 600 feet of hose at
P. the council meeting last night. The
Ly fact that that much hose was to be
taught brought representatives from
er New York, Chicago, Cincinnati and
,p Pittsburgh here, and the agents.
,4 Messrs. Johnston. Balrd. Ogden and
j. Ide, hustJcd around all day yesterday.
y. At a meeting of the city council last
night 600 feet of fire hose was bought.
i/? but beyond that routine business clalme.
ed the attention of council. All the
t>. funds of the city except one were retx>rtcd
In aood condition by the finance
Ill committee. which made a statement of
the condition or all of-them.
Dctcctlve J. E. Payne, of St. Louis.
Mo., dropped into Bellnlre Monday
nltrht. and there was much speculation
' as to his business. It Is surmised now
that he came here In search of evidence
x? concerning a recent Jewelry robbery In
that city.
V The store of Harry Heitberg was en,r
tered Monday night and a lot of cheap
ie Jewelry and some clothing stolon. There
c- were no arrest* made, but suspicion
^ points to certain ones and they may be
I arrested yet.
8 A number of witnesses went out to
St. Cl&lravllle yesterday to be Interr
viewed by the grand Jury, but more
1- will go out-to-day. as there ar* many
s- summoned to tell what they know.
ie Most of those who went to Columbus
ie to attend the Inauguration of Governor
Itushnell returned yesterday. Cots were
*1 at a premium at the hotels Sunday and
II Monday nlfthts.
^ Senator Charles M. Hogg, who spent
31 a day or two In this city, went to Columbus
early yesterday morning. The
senate thinks the rows In the Ohio senate
are over.
it Abe Stahl went to Columbus last
2- night to attend a meeting of the saloon
id league. The antl-saloon league will
d meet in that city next week.
'* J. W. Howell went to Slstersvllle
e yesterday to assume the duties of his
^ place In the Farmers' and Producers'
^ National Bank at that place.
j Rev. J. K. McKalllp. formerly a pasl|
tor of the Presbyterian church here, has
' accepted a charge at Punxsutawnoy,
y Pa.
ig The school board met last night, but
lr transacted only routine business.
C- .Mnrvrlona lirsttlU.
"J From a letter written by Rev. J. Gundermnn.
of Dlmondnle, Mich., wo are
, permitted tt> make this extract: "I havo
^ no hesitation In recommending Dr.
'{ Kind's New Discovery. ns the results
were almost marvelous In the case of
' iny wife. WhUe I was pastor of the
" Baptist church at Rives Junction aho'
l" wok brought down with Pneumonia
,r succeeding La Grippe. Terrible par '?
oxysms of coughing would Inst bourn
L with little interruption and It seemc<f
n? If .<he could not survive them. A
friend reccomtnonded Dr. King's New
If Discover}'.' It was quick In lt?* work and
1 highly satisfactory In results." Trial
bottles free at Logan Drug Co.*s Drug
Store. Regular slsa fiOc and 91 00. 1
TO-DAY ntSttrel A C.xV-lJlnnkol*.
COUOHTNO Irritates the delicate organs
and aggravates the disease. Instead
of waiting, try One Mlnuto Cough
Cure. It helps at once, making expectoration
easy, reduces the rareness
and Inflammation. Every one llkos It.
Logan Drug Co., Wheeling, W. Va., B.
F. Peabody, Denwood, and Bowlo &
Co., Bridgeport, O. 6
WIIKUK to l??f Ulrtukr(?. Sue Stlfet A
Cu.'miil* ^
NOT a few who read what Mr. Robire
ort JCbwls. of Hollands. Va., has to Rny
below, .will remember their own
perlenco under liko circumstance:
,\ "Last winter I had la grippe which
'I left mo In a low state of health. 1 tried
aj numerous remedies, none of which did
me any good. until 1 wan Induced to try
a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough ReinJ*
edy. Tho first bottle of ft so far reliev,c
ed me thnt I was enabled to attend to
n my work, and the second bottle effected
~ tycure." For sale at 23 and 50 cests per
^ bottle.
Pi TO-PAY Hi SUM A On.'*?Itlfinkolfi.
C- ?'
[ PILES of people have plica, but Do
Witt's Witch Hani Salve will euro
r: them. When promptly applied It curca
\\ scalds and burns without the slightest
\y pain. Logan Drug Co., Wheeling, W.
ji Va., H. F. Pea body, Hen wood, and
Bowie A Co., Bridgeport, O. 3
Dr. Miles' I'aln PIIIh stop Headache.
r AVIIH111; to buy llliuilcat*. Sea Nllfel &
Co.'* ail.
~gTB, S
A natural consoquonce oft
have some Blankets soiled
Pairs that have the edges a
also one lotZANESVILLE I
machine soil. This entire
Special Sale Tf
* ^
This city never offered to
sale. The lot is all of the b
let, Plaid. Cray and fancy
quarter slzo, napped and u
fuio oilo nnnna at 8 O1
ilia smw
be on hand as soon after a
ftaTWill not sfend on mem
anted-giriTto do general
housework. Apply at No. S35 Market
street. Jal*
t v Cook, m?u or woman, for hotel Atiplj*
at Mehur* Home. . dem
of jrlamwarc. Address PACKER,
Intelligencer office. Jal3
know that the Wheeling* Btislnesa
College will rcolten January t de8Q*
?t hut first-class need apply. HOTEL
W1LHELM. lll? Market street d?a
Salesmen on nltr?; ?taple line. It you
mean hualucM. ddren with particular*. BUtiiig
aye. LUKK BROS.. CbU*go noi8-lf*Tft
our line of lubricating oils
and specialties on commission. Extra
ffood inducements offeree. BUCKEYE
REFIN1 NO CO.. Cleveland. O. Jal*
_ , -r,- * XTT nova or
Wiu uun * > ?. -
loafers, but men of ability. <$300
to 9W a month to hustler#. State and
general agents. 8alary and commission.
Wis. delS
U (o call on physician* with large aud Important
surgical work nltnott roadr. An excellent
inootoe can to earned by physicians or
others of good addruts. state aie aud experience
Lock Box isv?. Philadelphia.nt mrl
Wanted?several trustWORTHYgentlemen
or ladle* to travel in
Weat Virginia for established, reliable home.
Salary STuo and exoentes. steady position. Enrlotc
reference and wlf-a<ldru*?ed stamped enrrJope.
Floor. Omaha Bullcliitc. Chicago. noS
In every stale to
travel: *75 to $100 salary and commission
to energetic young men. Excellent chance
for teachers and Btudents. Business pleasant
and permanent. Splendid opportunity
to make money. Our new plan takes like
wild ft re. Address NATIONAL LIBRARY
ASSOCIATION, 221 Monroe St.. Chicago.
Good location and trada Can he bonght
cboap. Inqulro oI 8. O. UOYCE.
oral 1 1409 Chapllne street. _
For sale or rent?the setDERT
Garden, at Pleasant Valley,
fronting 270 feet on National Road
and extending back 720 feet Can be laid
out in very desirable building lots. For
Rent?The homestead of C. Selbert. adjoining
8. S. Bloch'ti residence, with a ten
and a four-roomed house on the premises.
Possession given immediately. Inquire of
F. HAPPY, at Heyroann Brewary, or at
premiss. . deil-eow
O 50 shares Ohio Valley nan*.
9 ?lmrc? Rlvenrfde Glass Company.
3 Wheeling Pottery bond*. 6 per cent.
10 shares Exchange Bank.
Jtt shares Wellsbunr National Dank.
40 shares Fostorin Glass Company.
80 shares Actna-Stnndanl Steel and Iron
?$V4 shares Wheeling St<?el and Iron Co. i
20 shares Franklin Insurance Company.
R 8. IRWIN, Broker.
JalO No. C Twelfth Street.
Cheap and on Easy Tcrmi
ota rnv j^nk UnlMlni. Mark*: Ktrev. I
T?OR REST. APRIL 1,1S9GL NO. 1404 ,
I? Main Hinwt. threo-itArr brick vrarahoiw.
Inquire of HENRY K. LIS I. Tho City Bank o!
Wheeling. dcIO
A ro-.tms, hall and bath, on second floor. |
10Q4 Main street.
4 rooms and hall, on third floor, 1067
Mnln Street, JAMES I* HAWKEY.
Real Katato and Ix>an Arent.
dcgS lQ6o Muln street.
T5 T7i"vrm I
Rooms for Offices
AUo, for term of ye?r?, ground 100x40 New
llrldac Place. SIMPSON
liowR Ktooki InT<*tmont<?n?l Inyi&inco.
Maraschino Ch?rrl*|f 1Pancjr Cakes and
Cim'kTu, Capo Oodf CrAiilwrrlcn. Plum
l'uddlnir. Fancy Taffic Halflns. FIr*. Orunci?,
J laminar Jrtnlnrn (Iraorn, Queen
Olive*. 1'ln MonqjT Ploklea, Jelllea. Jams
anil M'trmnhulcxf Stilad Dressing. Mlnco
Meat. Fresh Nutf and CheMt of nil kind*.
a v. iiakdino & co.,
<lr30 / lSOfl Market Struct.
*+ + ?+ ++ + ? + +
lyioMPT (i>Mi'i.t*rii>N or okdkrs ?r
E. 8TIFEL 8c CO.
. GO.
he Blankotdepartmontlsto
In showing. We'voovorlOO
ind fold Just slightly soiled.
BLANKETS that havesllght
lot goes on
1-DAY K? .srd
Its people such a Blanket
est makes, in White, Scarborders,
full 10, II and 12
clock. It ia a good plan to
s possible.
o, exchange or take back.
No. 69 Fifteentfyptntt ft* 00
Na 1012 C&Apinie stroot. 5 rooms ? 11 00
No. US Fourteenth street.... 20 00
No. 2-1 Twentieth (.. 4 rooms. both j?a*;?... lu 00
No. 2141 Alley A. 2 room* L 5 00
No. 40KIeruoth street I-~ .......... 20 W
No. ?4 fixteoath street, siore ruuui...~~._ JO 00
No. 37 Twentieth ?twet. I* 00
Na 12 Indiana street.. 15 00
No. do North Front ftrevt .. 13 00
Na IW? McCollocli street _ ? 16 ft)
No. 1416 Mala street, store mod 23 00
Na 1507 Market street, store room uud
dtrellin? ? .. 65 00
No. 117 Fourteenth street. 20 00
Na 101 Thirty-third street. m>re room..._ 6 OJ
Foar-roomed houses. Creaoen*. Fltce?... '7 0J
No. *9 seventeenth ?treat. a room*. ? 1 50
Twelro- roomed residence,:^ aero (trootid.
Ktislnston"? 1-ane.......... . ? ?
Na ;aJl5 Ohapjfno street ?_ 13 00
Koom. with or \rlthoat power, Chapilno and
revenwoma iimu.
Na nil AllCf M. 4 room*.S 00
No. 3VJ0 MaIu street. - rooms. ?.. ......... ? w
No. :3<B A Hot B . ? 8 W
No. :G(M Main street.:? rooms. ..._~.?. ? G U?
Xesidesoa Pleasant Valleyw - 35 W
No. .W Main ttrvct. saloon, with bar Hilure*,
li room*. both esses, water oq
each floor. and some (uraiturc...~ O 00
2 room*, rear oi Mluloa Sunday school,
Eighteenth *t roe t........ ...... 0 W
No. 1U0 Mala street. 3 oltlco rooms-.........? 9 00
No. 2J?? Alier C. 4-roomed house...?...... 9 00
No. 3413 Market street, second floor ? 00
No. 19i? Main street. 4 rooms....................... 6 00
Na 43 Twentieth street, 3-rooraed house? 11 OJ
No. 99 Twentieth street 6-roomed house..- 10 00
Na nil Maiu street, 4 rooms, both pises.. 10 0J
Three room*, l'icasaut Valley.?~6 03
No. 2l<>4 Mala street 3 rooms.???. s 03
No. 104J Cbapline iimi 2 rooms... 5 0J '
Na 'Mtl Alley B 3 rooms C 0J
Na S3 Alley 13 . ?M
Nos. 432 and <M National road. "
JtasJne* house and residence. Market street
Counters and shelving No. 101 Thirty-thlrd
I tree L
No. 92 Sixteenth street.
Na 66 Seventeenth street
No. CO North Front street.
Lot on Sooth Front street.
Six-roomed house, Peninsula. .
Duivauta imiip p.ii)Minr Naur^ Pahila and
y*:nt'?M AttoroorrNo. 16*1*/ Marfcet atrast' Jail
No. 1407 Chapllne St., S room*, modern.
No. 57 Fourteenth St, 8 rooma, modern. "
No. 105 Fifteenth 8t, 6 rooms, modern. 3
No. 4* Fifteenth St., 6 rooma, modern.
No. 100 Twelfth St. 9 rooms and feeble. gj
No. 11 Sixteenth St, store room and
No. 61$ Main 8t, 7 rooma
No. 70 Indiana St., 8 room?, modern ' 3
No. 8G Eighteenth St, 5 rooms.
No. 157 Fourteenth 8t, 7 rooma
No. 1049 Main St.. 5 rooms, modern. y,
No. S5 Eighteenth St.. 2 rooma rear. .J
Stable rear of No. $ Eighteenth St j
No. 1503 Chapllne 8t., 2 rooms. . vJ
No. 1402 Chapllne St., 1 office room. '
No. 2723 Wood 8t. 5 rooms. HO.
No. J1? High St, 2 rooma 15.
No. 1166 HiKh St jS rooma
No. 127 Twelfth Si. 5 rooma 112.
No. 1S47 McColloch 8t. Vrooms, ?9. * 1
No. 123 Thirty-third St.. 5 rooms, 18.
No. 1314 Market St., office rooma
House on Baker St.. 3 rooms, $6.
nitik.1 ion I V*# ' * W
The City Bank Building. "viti
Telephone 2IS. (Ja7) Room No. 6.
4-story building Nos. 1312-1314 Water SL d
Business nouse Nob. 1034-1036 Main street . , J
with nine living room*.
Dwelling No. 63 Fifteenth St., 9 rooms. ' :'i
Dwelling No. 90 Fifteenth 8t., 7 rooms.
Dwelling No. 10 Zane St.. C rooms.
Dwelling No. 1114 McColloch St.. 6 rooms.
. Dwelling Na S3 8outh Front street, 8 ;j
Dwelling No. 113 South Front street, S I
Dwelling No. ISO South Front street, 6
rooms. ,
Dwelling on Florida street. 6 rooms. ,--3
Dwelling No. 134 Kim street. 6 rooms. o?}W
Dwelling No. 35 Virginia SL. 8 rooms.
Dwelling No. 11 South Wabash street, '-4
5 room;*.
Dwelling No. JSS Fifteenth St, 7 rooma. ,vj
Store room No. 1121 Main street. { .ffl
Store room No. 2101 Main street.
Store room No. 303 Main street.
Store room No. 1424 Market street!
Call for list of smaller houies anil offices. .,?j
Ja7 No. SO Fourteenth Stroet. ;
Time table In effect Dcceinber 15, 1SSS. 7I
NOTlCK?Please tak? notlco that trains " 5|
of tho Ohio River R. R. will run by Kast- j
crn Standard Time on and after Septcm>
ber 29. IMS. v?J
Dally. !Dally except Sunday, l?astera '
Tlmo. *
Houth Bound. | I | I t '6 I 7 ' . ,'JB
Via P.C.C.4fc8t. ITU la. m.lr. m.l
nituburKh. Pa..L/o
Fteubenvlllo.... L'o *10:25 *2:0?
Wheeling ....Arrive Ml:35| !3:20| jj?
n. m. a. m.ip. m.
Wheeling *7:00 !ll:-iSj '4:00 f
Ken\voo<l' 7:15 12:011 4:15 ,1
Moundsvjlle 7:S& 12:15 4:? ; fJ
New Martlnsvlllo .. 8:4Ui 1:12) 6:37 M
Slstersvlllo 5:05 l:35| 5:00 \
Friendly 9:17 1:45] C:12 AM
St. Mary's 2:11 5:43 0
WUIlamstowa 10:25 2:50 7:25
Parkerwburfl? 11:00 S :2S| SKB **7:15
1 ujj 4:O2J 7^3
p. in.
R.iv*n*wood 12:0" 4:M
Ripley Undine .... 15:g 4:? ?:M
Cmham 11:54 6:22
N. w Haven 1:01 5:*? 1:3# i35f
Hartford 1:04 * U J:34 .'.1
M**on Clly J:I0 3.S7 f:4Q ?
Clirtoo l:l?? 6:41 9:45 }
rt. Plmmant 1:40 C:0C 10:17 ;J
ClnlllpollR Ferry .... 2:17 6:5? OJ*
Guyandotlo 3:15 . .*> 11:45 rl?
Hunt met on 3:24 ?:30 ].:03
Ktnov* _J:45 S:2S| ?:5* MJS ^.
VI* K."V M. It jr." ip. m. p." m. p. m.
K. * M. June....Lvj *2:05 *9:42
Charleston Art 15:05 ?11.55 JM
QalUpolH 11:49 7:? 10:1.1
llimtlniTiutt I IrBO S:flc 11:45
"VlaC. A- <>. Hy. j"" a in. p. m.
Unve Hiinttncton.f *2'J0
At Charleston,*** V ?4:li?! ..f'JJ
K<noW. Arriwl !M0
Vln'C. & 6. liyTYp. m.Ja. n. p.m.
Kenova Lemv* Jir.i *4:45
Cincinnati. O....Ar tftfJl ?:??
Lexington. Ky. .Arj *7.<V; 9:23 ?:?& ^
W. J. 110 D1N SON. O.""T. JL tig

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