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Buckcnbcrgcr and Morclnnd Visited
Winding Yesterday.
Anil Couftrml wltli llic Street Rallunr
IVuplr, ami FJ111I Some Opposition In
fjar Way of * 3Ior?ui?iit for ?* Team to
I* Otriirtl ?t Home?Uuck Hay* nc u
M'illlnxto IUtim?L**t Sight'sHowling
Gutur^Ollicr ueu-#ofS|>or(.
TOLKDO, Jan. 21?Tho nicctlm? to
orfanize th?* Intor-Rtnte Hanc llnl!
T^acuf vrll In) held In Toledo, Tucailoy,
February t. I could not gat things In
ehs,K.. for the meeting before this date,
only one city l? now needed to complete
the elght-dub circuit. In addition to
the seven now In, Toledo, Wheeling,
Dayton, Washington, New Castle, Sandusky
and Fort Wayne, there are applications
from several other towns to
In- acted upon. We want the best and
pwJ men only. J. W. GUNNELS.
lt? ssi *. A. C. Duckenborger and
George L. Moreland. ot Pittsburgh.
w,re In the city yesterday, tot the pur......
?f iiMikhic over the ground with
reference to their engaging In a base
ball venture here this season. "Buck"
seems to think he can haudle two clubs
Iti two leagues without a conflict of Intermits,
something In which very few
people share his belief. He la to inanosv
Trenton In the Atlantic Association,
where he has taken several players that
were billed to wear Wheeling uniform*,
and thinks In addition he can preside
over the destinies of Wheeling in the
base ball way.
As predicted by the Intelligencer.
Buckenberger did not And the path that
leads to u new base ball park anything
like a "bed of roses." On the contrary
it is very much a by-way <jf thorns.
He also found that the street railway
people favor the ownership of the club
by local people. The "homo government"
sentiment as to the base boll club
would nut be so strong, probably, were
it not for the connection of Uuckenl>er?rer
with another club. In fact, it is
known that If he were to give up his
Trenton interests he would be able t'o do
business In Wheeling. As the mutter
stands, however, there is strong opposition
to "Buck" being connected with the
dub. ?
Iiuckenberger told a well known Jpcal
enthusiast who has been connected 'with
pa*t efforts to give Wheeling professional
base ball, that he was willing to
retire and let the local people take the
./.?>?>> It llnxbAnhorirop mean* this thn
problem la solved and there lb no doubt
that the Wheeling people will go nhead
and (five the town a good team In the
now Interstate league. The local ,
movers, by the way. are In a better position
to secure pounds than any outside
syndicate?ana the ground' question Is
tbe key to the situation.
In a Inter to the writer, Mr. J. W.
Gunnels, of Toledo, who Is the head and
front of the new Inter-state movement,
says that he does not propose to go
blindly Into the movement. He soys
that Toledo will be represented If a good
1 ague can he formal. Ho believes that
such x league Is possible and U doing all
he can for It He expresses himself as
well satisfied with Washington and h? r
backers. He Intimates that no meeting
will be held until It is pretty well assured
that the prospects are .good for
eight well backed clubs In eight good
According to an evening pAper, Buckenl
erger made a "discovery" yesterday
aft :n.-)n?thnt some Wheeling people
ha! the nerve to s?t up a movement for
a club without consultittff* HlM. "If
they want the club, he raid fee .Would be
tcUHnir tn .'ill nlnJt&ff.tJVJt. if they
would Come out and oak 'for It." is an
extract "NVhy should they ?*k ''Buck's"
convent? The Held la surely open until
franchises art- given out. And ns the
: igue hasn't organised yet most cer*
t nly no franchises have Jp&n ^iven.
If i local organisation should ne?foi med
and have a representative at the Ifeague
mating who could give assurance of
ample barking and that grounds Were
secured. It Is hardly probable the league
would award the franchise to a man
who already has one team on his hands
1r. another Ir.igue and docs not propose
t" (five his perefnal attention to the
club, hut goes into It merely.as a speculate
n on the strength >>( Wnee!ing*8 reputation
n.s a good bow? ball town.
" it's about the Situation In a nutshell
ami very probably the local people will
V r-ptx-B* nted at the meeting?providing
course, that the tn"ounds ?ju?stlofi
is settled satisfactorily.
Although the local cluii Idea Is not yet
in ahape to be dudded a full-Hedged
"movement" those ednaect^l with if
are moving and will probably be . In
; ha; - to huv something of their plans In
r M\ <lays. The btM ball publlo-can
r-st assured that the town will hare n
club If th-ro Is a good league formed at
Toli-d . ^
The At'. Clwh 31?)'T?k?
nn Tlirf? !?to.
It 15 ?iu$t?- probable that Frank Swell
y. the well knoftu Kenwood boxer.
wh-? came Into tfcs pood graces of
WhMlnu admirers" of the fistic art by
so cleverly outpointing Charley Och
lapt fail, and John Vinncgnn. a former
V.'heellng boy, now of Pittsburgh, will
r<.ir.< tf-fffther In a finish or limited
f"un<! -, in th?* near future. Fitim-gan
v . h- r.. yesterday to >??'e HwriTJl-y, but
a* th- iatt"" was In Pittsburgh, he did
i-.' t ii. him Plnnogan went on to
Flt:.-tj\irgU, and expected to arrange a
J- 'it witn Sweeney when they met
't will i?? .,f tntereKt locally to know
t at th.- Metropolitan Athletic Club
will i n.'.;,t.jy urrange to have the
s ' -Flnnegan hout take place In
11 i at Fulton. One of the ofliff'iN
- f the rlul> said that thin could
arr;in>c?-d If the men would consent
* i limited number of round# and
it, moves. wnicn nr.* wiui
' ' it p qutromontH. An offer is to
I ! - the two men nt once.
mi came Into notice n week or
hj icf atlng i' iv* Corblt, the
r' f Jim Hall, at Homeetead. He
-.it; t<. I,.- a hard hUt?r and very
1ft 8w? ney poMRwe:* both quail*
ouid bo able to give Flrme1
: tchase from ntnrt to
\nvlrr Won Two.
I t . v nlnK the Novice team of tho
i(owllni; league won two
f"'' tti tho Standards by the fol ow;?
Fowling, 136, 177,142; Zlmmer.
1 .1 nden 113, I ?T. 120}
,"1' I..2. ISO; Snaubor, I2t>, 120,127;
r: yk. ii-in. 12*. Totals. 7:?J, Ml. *32.
!'.r<! S'olt... 120, 137, 13H; Rolf.
Amt, 171, Iti; 143; Wood.
' 121; i'.alxor. 137. 131. 128; llllnd.
lift. Totals, 871. HOI, 772.
>'rw Urlrmu t(ncr?.
"III.KANS. Jnn. M.?Kitty
I 'lay CroncMit City Joekoy CHub'a
^ '* '* r Weather cloudy and
' ' ! ! trnr-k heavy,
ng, one raJJor*Chlcot won:
j f ' ?nd; fJomor third. Time.
lllriK, mile?Dutch Arrow
i: second; Sweetheart
( 1 Ulsiff. irill<* and seventy yardu
n; Hilly Mennett Hecond;
' handicap, three-yenr-olrln
i i ? ii<- Wedgefleld won; Tunl
l; Chugnut third. TJme,
4ftl?, selling, mile and Seventy yardu
?IrfGranrti- won; Hippo rri ft MCOnd;
rotirtani third. Time, 2:02.
.Notes of Hpoii.
Will White Is getting together a frisky
crowd of youngster* for Dallas. He believes
In young blood.
"Dummy" Ityn, tho mute first basejnan
of lout season's Twin Cities aggregation.
wan hero yestcrduy.
"Tim" McGulrk, who was at first for
Kenton la3t season, may manage Lima
if a club la organised there.
The movement for a ball club In Foh
Wayne Is well backed and that olty 1m
sure to bo in the new leugue.
Pommy Nichols will Ih? In Kansas
City's left garden again this season.
He Is one of the best outfielders In the
Western leamie.
The II. C. lit char do bowling team will
play six games next Monday eVtalng,
throe with Nameless and three with Independent.
They should win four at
The national hoard of bone ball leagues
meet* In Washington next Monday.
The eases of several players who
have agreed to play with too many
clubs this season will be decided.
The suggest ton that "Jack" Darah bo
scoured to manage Wheeling has been
received with general favor. The
"broncho's" aggressive taction would be
appreciated were he In a Wheeling uniform.
Lima wants to come In the new league
but favors a WOO salary limit. This
would be too small for Dayton, Toledo,
Fort Wayne. Wheeling and other
higher-class towns that arc to bo la the
Am! Krc-lprorlty for Kntlunnl Prosperity*
The .Manufacturer*' CoiivVutlou Adjourn*.
CHICAGO. Jan. 23.-Th!tt was (he
third and last day's session of tho meeting
of tho American Manufacturers'
Association. Mr. Plyney Jewell, chairman
of tho nominating commit toe. announced
that the committee had nominated
Mr. Theodore C. Search, of Philadelphia.
fcr president* Mr* polnn having
declined a renomination on account
of sickness. Mr. Search was then electt
d president unanlmousl}*. Mr. .Search,
in accepting, *MUd: ' An association of
American manufacturers.organised for
the patriotic purpose of widening the
markets >>f our people and protecting
our industrial interests is one which
rpust appeal to the patriotism of every
man engaged In Industrial enterprises.
At this time there are no objects that
appeal ty the American people with
nor* than tin se?tariff for protection
to American Industries; an abundance
oflr^venue for maintaining our
nntlonal "credit; reciprocity with other
nations ?to market our surplus ,and the
Nicaragua canal to make us masters of
American - continental water-ways."
iJe claimed our years of prosperity
were identified with high tariff, and
sold: "The lessons of our people under
tho low tariff need not poon be repeated.
We have nil been attending school. An
nhundance at revenue to-da>* la tho one
thing most needed by our market; without
It we an* drifting toward the
gtnight road to bankruptcy, natlor.nl
and individual. Restore It and progress
will Immediately reassert Itself and we
ph:i!l once more take up the march for
national power and Industrial enterprise."
He also advocated reciprocity and
strongly recommended the building of
the Nicaragua canal, the control of
which, he said, should rest solely with
the United States.
Robert Laldlow and E. P. Wilson,
both of Cincinnati, were re-elected
treasurer and Hecretary respectively.
Philadelphia was selected as the next
place of meeting, the dattf to be fixed
by the executive commission.
From a Forrtgn Point ofVlnr,
LONDON. Jan. 24.-A dispatch to
tho Times from Washington, with reference
to the so-called Jlnfo argument
that Venezuelans will never coftjcnf 16'
the repeal of the statu^ which for 11'is
the reopening of nerotlatluna with
Great Britain, said: *" "* "*
"There 1st no public opinion In Venezuela
which will survive the first plain
notice from the United States that the
republic nuiKt choose between accepting
her advice and arranging as best
sh<* ?'an unaided with Great Rrltain.
It will newr l?e neoesnary to put It so
bluntly as that. The advice has been
given and will, if necessary, be reported
and pressed. America's will will prevail
or Venevuela must seek a champion
elsewhere. I am not speaking from
conjecture or heresay OS to the presence
of that determination In Washington.
The Caracas statute will be seen to
unnvei uno nomine.
A I'o**Uile Hark Ilnrw,
CINCINNATI. O.. Jan. 23.?The Commercial
Gazette will to-morrow print In
Ita series Of presldctlal possibilities a
word In support of ex-United States
senator Manderson, o( Nebraska. This
article is a spcclal from Omaha. It
s{?.tes (tyitht- outset that Senator Mandorrion'nild
Senator Thurston arc warm
piiHonal friends and that the Nebraska
d ilation will go to St. Louis for McKinlt
y, but In rase of a dark horse
coming upon the scene they would make
Manderson the dark horse.
Itar Iron Auorlatiott.
CLEVELAND, O., Jon. 23.-Tho bar
Iron association hoa been In session
here for two days and the meeting will
contlauc .until Saturday night. The
pin i?oKe at present Is to devise ways qf
Inducing the 15 per cent Of the manufacturers
who are outside of the association
tu Join It and control prices.
What 'jSrtfgresB has been made Is not
known, as the meetings are secret and
no Information has yut been given out.
fjgzjl W
Gladness Comes
With a bettor understanding of tho
transient nature of thu Jimny physical
Mr which vanish before proper offorts?gentle
directed. Tbc.ro in comfort in
tho knowledge tbnt *o many forum of
sickness arc not due to any actual disease,
but simply to a const!oated condition
of tho system, which tun pleasant
family laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptly
remove* That is why it in tho only
remedy with millions of families, and in
rveryirhere Esteemed so highly by all
who value good health. Us l?eiicilrial
effects arc duo to tho fact, that it |s the
ono remedy which promotes internal
clcaniiuoss, without debilitating tho
organs on which it acts. J tin therefore
nil Important, in order to get its benefici.il
clTi'ct>i, lo note when you purchase,
that.you havo the genuine article,
which is manufactured by t he C'ttllfornia
Klg tyrup Co. only, and Bold by nil reputable
If in tho enjoyment of gornl health,
nod tho synteni in regular, then InxativcHor
other remedies are not needed.
If a filleted with nriy actual disease, ono
may 1m commended to tho mo*t, skillful
physicians, Init. If in need of a laxative
then one r.bould liavo the liest, ami wit/i
t bo \vell-|nform -d everywhere, Syrtipof
Figs stands highest and I* most Jsrgelp
Ufccd uud gives moat general satisfaction.
More I'roplr t'lirrri hy Mnuyou'a Itemrillra
During IJic |?n?l Week Clint* by Hie
Wlinle Medical ProftMlon in Hi* Mouths.
A Me|H%rat? Cure fbr K?u-h I)l?ea?e-At All
DriiRKiili, !U CriiU a lJottlc.
Mr. WJUlam P. Buttner, 1215 North
Central avenue, Baltimore, Md., Bay?:
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liritiiphinl nntfii-rh. Mv noHP WQH 111
ways completely stopped up, and I could
not sleep nights because of violent fits
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and became very despondent. After
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benefited { began using Munyon's
Cough Cure and Catarrh Remedies.
Within a short time I was much relieved,
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Munyon's Rheumntlsm Cure never
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Munyon's Dyspepsia Cure Is guaranteed
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Munyon's Catarrh Remedies positively
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pains in the back, loins and groins, and
all forms of kidney disease, Price, 25c.
Munyon's Female Remedies are a
boon to all women. Price. 25c.
Asthma Cure, with Asthma Herbs,
II 00.
Munyon's Nerve Cure stops nervousne?s
and builds up the system. Price,
Munyon's Headache Cure stops headache
in three minutes. Price, 2!>c.
Munyon's Pile Ointment positively
cures all forms of plies.. Price. 2&c.
Munyon's Blood Cure eradicates all
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Munyon's VltAllcr restores Iohi powers
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A separate cure for each disease. At
all (IrucRl.stM. 2Gc. a bottle.
Personal tetters to Professor Munyon,
1605 Arch street. Philadelphia, Pa., answered
with froo medical advice for any
disease, _
At Central City?A ('onucll (lint Out llrrtHlrd
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
HUNTINGTON, W, Vn., Jan. 23.There
Is much comment In .Central City
now over the action of the outgoing
council, all tho members of which are
Democrats. Ever since the town was
organized It has been the custom for the
outgoing body to tlx the salaries for
the council the coming year. The members
of the new council are all Republicans
and the city clerk Is a Democrat.
The last act of the old body was to cut
the salary of the mayor for next term
down to $25 per year, and entirely wipe
out the salary of all councllmen. The
city marshal's salary was reduced from
jffi to 135 per month and the salary of
the clerk, thp onlv Democrat in the
body, was Allowed to remain the name.
The diabolical net Is the leading talk of
the city now and Democrats as well as
Republicans are condemning the members
in the bitterest of terms. The marshal
Is required to Rive a bond of $3,000,
and It Is thought It will be hard to tlnd
any one who will serve for the pitiful
sum of ISC per month.
An Attempts Snlcldc?Wedding In High
Llfln-IujnncUona ( ranted.
Special Dispatch to tno Intelligences.
PARKERSBURG, W. Va? Jan. $3.?
Theodore Marse, employe at the Sentinel
ofllc^. attempted suicide last night
btf taking laudanu/n. He was unsuccessful.
Financial embarrassment was
the cause.
. United States Judge Jackson granted
InJuniLJuli# to-day In the case of E. W.
Clark against Dameron and others, also
In the case of R. H. Prltchard, et al., vs.
the Wirt county court. The first Injunction
restrained the defendant from
cutting tlmbenpfT plaintiff's land. The
sccond enjoined-the Wayne county officers
from collecting $S,000 taxes erroneously
assessed against Prltchard.
A wedding In high society will occur
hero next Wednesday. Hugh O'Connor,
of Coydon. Ind., who has Just returned
from Ireland, where he came Into a
great fortune by the death of an uncle,
an Irish lord, will weu Aims norence
Shattuek, daughter of C. II. Fhattuck,
one of the* city's wealthiest cltlxens.
W, X. Miller, attorney for Obcrlln colleKe,
anil J. R. Severence, treasurer of
tbo college, were before Judge Ooff for
contempt of court to-day. It was alleged
against them thnt they sued C. S.
Fewsmlth. receiver for lands In whlrh
the college was Interested, In Doddridge
county, without the consent of tue
federal court. The caj?e waa hotly contested.
The judge took the matter under
advisement. _
Hapt and Mliliap* In the Thriving City
Atrow tlic lllver.
The Ohio legislature lias passed u bill
requiring wholesale cigarette dealers to
pay a tax of $400 per year and retailers
5250. Mr. Swingle, of Muskingum has
Introduced a bill amending the laws
defining grounds of divorce. Incurable
insanity for Ave years Is made a ground
... lilts. Mm Kill .thnt III 6xtl'L>mc
cruelty R must be shown that ouch
cruelty has Inftlet<*d serious bodily InJury
or great mental MjfTerlng. arid In
order to constitute a iercal ground gross
neglect must he shown -to have continued
five years.
Standard Council Jr. O. U. A. M. No.
39. of Mantln'n ferry, hint evening Installed
the foliowing officers: Junior
pav?t chancellor. Wells McDanlot; counsellor,
Harry Romlg; vice counsellor,
Thomas Smith: warden, Pre a ton Jaiu-n;
conductor. William Saldkeld; inside
sentinel, Joseph Tliclss; outlook sentinel,
Edwin Groves; recording secretary,
Frank Barr: assistant recording secretary,
Robert Purcell; treasurer, John
Rice: trustee. George Stralm; representative
to state council, I2dwln
Groves; alternate, William Saldkeld.
The Ohio Oil Company's well on the
Malin Hill farm, near Coleralit, crime
In a rank duster yestnrday.^The vol I
at Adena owned by Flushing par tics,
Irt a duster ami the Merkle on .Short
creek, will he considered uueh until Jt
is i'!iot.
Many Martin's Ferry people tvliih the
Intelligencer to thank the telephone
company for the free line of the telephone
during the rjuurhutlne.
Ming Anna Lennnrd lost evening
pleasantly entertained a number of
friends at 'her home on South Second
A number of Martiu'u Kerry people
attended the farmers' Institute a: Colera
In last night.
The St. Cluirsvlllc farrnern* Institute
will be held next Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday.
The West Virginia glans works will
he offered at public mile thin morning
at 10 o'clock. 4
ITayor meetings were held In the
churches lust night, the first night /or
six weeks.
uporko v;oouo wont iu jyihimim
yesterday to vlnlt Jilrt purctitn null!
On? of the elrli-ty-foot ntftclui ut tlm
Aetna-Standard liuii been placed In x???altlon.
A. C. Smith, of New TVatrrford, O.,
arrived lnnt rilftlit to vlult lilii mother.
In Dtlmont coufity there are 3CC
nchool teaoftieril in wtlvo nervlce.
W. T. Garrett und J. W. CoJIInn have
returned from Pittsburgh.
DR. RtTI.L'8 Cu?th Syrup In the beat
In the market A alnffle bottle will convince
you of Itn excellence. Try it.
Uiw Dr. Mile*' Norvc JMonteri* for Spinal
Wvakncits. All druuirlMU^noll 'cm for 25c.
T]i?OpfUln;>iviiluii of (lie Itutloiial Convnitlnii
? Til* Wonwu'i Vlbl* D'liottuml.
WASHINGTON, D. C.. Jan. 23.?The
twenty-eighth annual convention of the
National American Woman SulTrago
Association began here to-day. Three
hundred delegates are preaent. The
mooting will last six daya. The neaslon
thla morning was mainly preliminary,
Mian Huaan H. Anthony prealdlng.
Rev. Anna H. Shaw, of Philadelphia,
vice president at laree, In her review
of the year, related the Interest In the
work evinced at the meeting# heicT at
Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Cheyenne,
Denver and other cities.
Miss iNabella Howland, of New York,
In delivering the report of the corresponding
secretary, Mrs. Itachel Foster
Avery, of Philadelphia, said that the
work had boen hindered by a general
misunderstanding of the relation of the
so-called "woman's bible" to the association.
Ah an orgnnlatton the body
had been held responsible for the action
of an Individual in Iteming a volume
with a pretentious title, covering a
Jumble of comment without literary
value and sot forth In a spirit neither
relevant nor Inquiring. She urged that
the association, by resolution, disavow
responsibility for the publication A
number of personal colloquies resulted
ed and the report Anally was tabled by
I a vote of 5'J to 16. In the course of the
: report Mrs. Avery urged that the success
of the cause<ln Utah clearly demonstrated
the advisability of securing
the aid of political parties through
planks In their respective platforms.
"We now have," she said, "six senators
and representatives from three states
on the floor of Congress, all of whom
stand there with an evor present sense
that an Important part of their constituents
are of the ferriale sex."
All Sort* of 7?ocm1 Mmnnnil Goialp from
(lie (<1bm CWy.
John Rock, a youth of perhaps 18,
who wan ?"nt to the penitentiary from
this city lant year, wrote a letter to
Mayor Dultois yesterday in which ho
sayn'he if a changed boy and regrots
he (lid not heed the advice given blm by
the mayor before he landed in the pen.
He nays his time will be out in July
and he wants the mayor und other good
citizens to help secure him a place to
make an honorable living. He Is a
bright boy and if turned in the right
direction would make a good citizen.
In the case of Tiegelbach as administrator
against the Pittsburgh and
Wheeling Coal Company, am no brought
because the son of the plaintiff had
been killed in the mines, ior ?lo.wo
damage*, claimed for alleged negligence
of the company, the Jury brought
In a verdict for the defendant
The Hellalre Athletic club has elected
the following oflicers: President. David
*?../- I.. -J?. rt~.? Lira p_ j ni
ley: second vice president. Moses Ellkan';
secretary, Frank O'Toole; treasurer.
John MoKelvey; trustees H. W.
Bahra, William Cauley and Joseph McNabb.
W. D. Jones, formerly manager of
the lantern globe works In this city,
left Wednesday night for Charlerol,
Pa., where he has secured the place of
factory manager for Macbeth & Co.
H?* had had no permanent plaet* since
the globe worits here burned down.
The electric cranes in the new plate
mill department at the steel works
were tested yesterday and worked like
a charm. The advance made in the
matter of handling the product of this
mill is simply wonderful. It docs away
with many laborers, too.
The county commissioners held a
short session yesterduy to hear the report
of Mr. Wise, who was at Columbus
In the Interest of special legislation
to allow an increase In the tax levy
of this county.
There Is little prospect of starting up
the old lantern globe works at this
time, but a company to operate it could
readily be orftanhteti lfpmpto Inducem.mts
were made to rae^t compeWtloh
In that line.
Robert Westlake, manager of the
Hazleton, Pa., base ball club, has signed
Michael Davit*, of this city, as right
fielder for this season. Davis has never
been out, but is a crack amateur player.
The last grand Jury in this county
wiw composed prlnlcpally of business
men and It was oom mended by Judge
Drlggs and the people generally for its
prompt work, doing it all in three days.
The number of Republican candidates
for mayor grows ueautifully less as
the time approaches. Some of the aspirants
will have better Jobs, and that
is what they are all looking for.
Mrs. Anna Thompson, president of
the Woman's Relief Corp*, was orwably
surprised at her home by the members
of the corps calling in a, body on
the occasion of her birthday.
"Ras" Wilson, the "Quiot Observer"
of the Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette,
will be one of the lecturers at the farmers'
institute at St. Cialrsvillo next
111,000 In the amount paid into the
county treasury each year by the saloons
of this county under the Dow
tax law.
The suit of John "W. Hammond vs.
Eva Hammond for divorce will be
heard In common pleas court to-day.
Ex-Congressman Pearson and Hon.
J. P. Sprlggs, of Woodsfleld, were in
town yesterday.
IrlMitopul mii5ot Imprrgnalilr,
it tlm? tnkim hv n^sault. but a
physique built up, a constitution fortified
by Hostotter's Stonuvch BIttgrs, may bid
defiance to the assaults of malarious disease
oven In localities* where It I* most
prevalent ond malignant. Emigrants to
the ague-breeding sections of the West
should boar thin In mind, and utnrt with a
supply. Tho Hitters promptly subdues
dyspepsia, rheumntlc and kldnoy com(?lalnis,
nervousness, constipation und bllousnoss.
ADMISSION ton cents. Refreshments
served, at the Musical and Literary
Entertainment given by the Kind's
Daughters df Fourth Street M. E.
church. Friday evening.
Almost evervbodv takes some laxative
medicine to cleanse the system and keep the
blood pure. Those who take SIMMONS
LIVER REGULATOR (liquid or powjer)
get all the benefits of a mild and pleasant
laxative and tonk that purifies the blood
and strengthens the whole system. And
more than tills: SIMMONS LlVtU REGULATOR
regulates the Liver, keeps It active
and healthy, and when the Liver Is In
good condlllon you find yourself free from
Malaria, Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick
Headache and Constipation, and rid of
that worn out and debilitated feeling.
These are all caused by a sluggish l.lver.
Good digestion and (rerdom from stomach
roubles will only be had when the liver
is properly at work. If troubled with anv
f these complaints, try SIMMONS LlVEK
(EMULATOR. The Mnir of Liver Medlines,
and Hetter than Pills.
jsff-KVKIlY I'ACKACJI?-*un
the /> Htani|> In red on wraii|K-r
,1.11. /iilllii ? Co., I'lillo., Pa.
Looked for and waited for by hum
Hardly thought we'd have it this y
half, and that at
On the special counters, second flooi
nf -y nnn aarments?Union
Pants, in white, gray or scarlet, fl
women, misses and children. Bigge
be in on time TO GET SIZES.
Cook, inau or woman, (or lioieL Apply
at AfcLntc IfouMi. doJJ i
Board wanted for oentlbMAN
and wife; private family pre- ,
ferred; state terras. Addres F, care of
IntelUgnncor. 3a20*
for a permanent portion: salary
trr. month Unit have ISO 00 In cash.
ArtcfrM-OPPORTUNITY. Inlel)ljcenc?r
office. Ja23.* |
qale8m an (medical)?wanted
U to onil od pbyalciana with large and Ira* 1
portant aurglcar work almoat ready. An exoel*
Tent income can bo earned by phy?iciaoe or
otheriofgoodaddrosa State aae and experlenoe.
Lock Boa UVi, Philadelphia.Pa. mri
wanted-several trust.
? woRTHYgentlemen or ladloa totravelln
West Virginia for <*fabliahed. reliable home.
Saury VW and exponaea. Steady position. Ku- I
cloee reference and aelf-addrewed stamped on- i
Floor. Omaha Building. Chicago- no5
Money to loan.
Caab always on hand In rams to rait,
from 9to and upward*, on real eatate: alio on
furnitnre, Ac.. without removal; easy payments. I
No charge unless loan la made. Confidential.
W11EKLI NO LOAN CoMPAN i*. Box 107. 1
|>ORRKNr. APRIL 1,1890, NO. 1404
L Main street. thw-ntorr brick warehouse, j
Inquire of HENRY K.LI9T. Tho City Bonk of I
Whetting. dalO I
? house No. 124 Fourteenth street. En- j
quire at Intelligencer office. JalS *
For rent-'no. do chapline st.,
brick dwelling, containing 6 rooms j
and bath, front hall, attic and both gases. I
Enquire of B. KLi EVES, 2X15 Chaplin*
struct. N . jo22
f rooms, ball an? batii, oo second floor,
1001 Main street. " . T .
M rooms and hall, on -third t floor. 1087
Main street. JAMES L. HAW LEY,
Real Estate and Loan Agent.
dcCS 1065 Main street.
Rooms for Offices
' - - ? irvwifl V?
Also, for term 01 jwn. ??? ??
Bridge 1'laco.
Bonds. Blocks, Investments and Insurano*
For sale-oood horse, cheap.
Call at 2730 Chaplino itrcot. jpg*
oak dining room chairs, used
very little and good us new. Alao ono
alnglo bed with good mattress. Will bo
sold cheap. Address P. E. A, car? of Intelligencer
offlcc. Ja22
(tood location and trade. Can bo bought
cheaa Inquire of S. O. BOYGE.
oc 11 HOP ChwpHne btreeL
20 share* Ohio Valley Bank.
o hnriw iiivornidit niaim Comnany.
3 Wheeling Pottery bond*. 6 per cent
10 aharos Exchanco Dank.
20 snares Wcllsburg Nationnl Bank.
40 shares Fostoria Glass Company.
80 shares Aetna-Standard Steel and Iron
K% shares Wheeling Steel and Iron Co.
20 shares Franklin Insurance Company.
R. 8. IRWIN. Broker.
JqlO No. 22 Twolfth Stroet
j^Ott SALE.
Cbesp sud oa Easy Terms
nrrt Hiv Hank lliillillng. ! *? Market Strom
CHESTER. W. VA.. Dee. P. 1J5M.
In pursuance of a notice published for
two weeks preceding December 9, 1895, In
"The News Review," of East Liverpool,
Ohio. "The Independent." of New Cumberland,
W. Va., and "The IntelllKonccr,"
of Wheeling, W. Va., a meeting of tho
stockholders of the East Liverpool Bridgo
Company was held at tho ivsldcnco of
E. L?. Marshall, Chenter, \V. Va.. on December
0, 1W5, all of the stockholders beinjr
personally present, the following
rVPOIUUUll Mliuiliiiiwum; ?'IU |? .
"llonolvod. That we tilrcontlnuo the
buvlnchH of the corporation.'*
J. E. M'DONALD. President
flttO.P. RUST. Bfc'y pro torn. dogp-f
W. H. FEE"
Kinds of ^UALCOKE...
ireds Is this UNDERWEAR SALE,
ear, but we find we've too MUCH
reek, so decide to close out about
, near elevator. We iiava upwards
Suits, Drawers, Shirts, Vests and
at ribbed or camel' hair, for men,
it lot than ever before, but you must
tifel & Co.
No. 1407 Chapline SU 8 rooms, modorn.
No. 67 Fourteenth St, 8 rooms, modern.
No. 105 Fifteenth St., 6 rooms, modem.
No. 4b Fifteenth St., 6 rooms, modern.
No. 100 Twelfth St., 9 rooms.and stable.
No. 11 Sixteenth St, storo room and
No. 619 Main St, 7 rooms.
No. 70 Indiana St, 8 rooms, modern.
No. 85 Eighteenth St, 5 rooms.
No. 127 Fourteenth St., 7 rooms.
No. 129 Fourteenth St, 7 rooms. /
No. 1118 Morrow Alley, 2 rooms, J7.
No. 1049 Main St., Lodge room.
No. 1603 Chopllne St., i rooms.
No. 5 North Uroadway, 5 rooms, lift,
No. 2733 Wood St, 5 rooms. GO.
No. 11*4 High St, 2 rooms. 15.
No. 1166 High St.. 3 rooms. |8.
V/? 177 To?*.lfth rft K rnnnn. ??.
No. 1347 McColloch 8t., store room and
dweU'n*. " rooms. ?
No. 1? Thlrtv-thlrd St, 5 rooms.4S.
No. 1314 Market St.. office nooms.
House on Baker St.. 3 rooms, 9*.
The City Bank Building.
Telephone 210. (Ja21) Jloom No. ft.
No. 1C10 Market street. (tore room and
No. 9011 Cliaplino ?trect.........? 00
No. 3018 Chapline street 1?00
No. 'zao7 Jacob street. 2?rooma ? 00
No. M Fifteenth street, IS 00
No. 1042 Ctupiine atreet 6 rooms.... 1100
No. 145 Fourteenth street. ? ?. 20 00
No. 23 Twentieth at.. 4 roonu. both?*s?ea... 10 00
No. 2144 Alley A. 2 room*. ft 00
No. *4 Sixteenth atreet. atore room ? 0T"
No. 37 Twentieth street ...... 13 00
No. 12 Indiana street. ....?r 15 00
No. GO North Frout street 1.1 00
Na 1Q?> McColloch itfwt ... 16 00
No. 1416 Mulu street store room.23 00
No. 1307 Market atreet. atore room and
dwelllnf ^ ..... 6"i 00
No. 147 Fourteenth street..... 'JO 00
Na 101 Thirty-third street. atore roo?a...._ 6 M
Four-roomed houncs. Cresceot d'UoOk...7 0)
.No. W Seventeenth ?creet * rooma ..... 7 60
Twelre-roomod residence^ ecres jrnonnd.
EdaiURton'a Lana.....~.....~~~~...~??
Na 3U13 rhaplioe *treet-....?13 00
Boom, with or without power, Uupllne mid
Seventeenth streets.
Na 1311 AllOf U. 4 rooms.-?8 00
No. 2520 M*lu street.3 rooms. ??. COO
No. '?08 Alley B-... 8 09
No. .KM Malu street. :l rooms?.....? 0 09
Residence. Pleasant Valley ? 35 VQ
No. 3*5 Main itroet. talooo. with l>ar fixtil
res, 12 rooms, both cases. water on
each floor, and aomo furniture?. 40 00
2 rooms, rear ot Mission Sunday school,
Eighteenth street ? 6 O)
No. 1420 Msln street. 1 office rooms?..? 90) .
No. 2311 Alley C, 4-roomod hou?e?.? U 00
No. 2415 Market street, second tloor e 00
Na 1920 Main street. :i rooms. 100
No. 39 Twentieth street. 5-roomed house.? 10 00
Na 2151 Main street, 4-moms. both cases... 10 to
Three rooms. Pleasant Valley?..?.? 0 00
No. 2104 Main street. 2 rooms. ? ? ft 00
No. 1042 Chapllno street. 2 room*.....?..?. 5 00
Na 2C?J Alley B. 3 rooms 6 Oo
Na 63 Alley 15 . ? 00
453 and 454 National road.
Uusines hou?e and resident* Market street
Counters and shelving, No, 101 Thirty-third
Na 92 Sixteenth street.
Na 66 Seventeenth street
No. 00 North Front street.
Lot on South Front street.
Six-roomed house, Peninsula. >
i/ II III L. W ? ! ISwtVI(S(
BaalBitato Agent Collector. Notarr Public tad
Pensiou Atturnor. Na 161- Market street Ja20
FO!R< S-A-ZjE.
House, 2 rooms, Wilson it, -Centra'Wheellac,
easy terras. tbbo
Lot, fiO feet front. Llnd at., 92S0.
House, 4 room* and attic, Jacob-st., 6th ward,
Mouse, 14 rooma, brick. 16th it. Ifl.500.
Hotel, 24 rooma. Martin's Ferry, 0.; cheap, on
?air terms.
House. 6 rooma, and 8-roomed home in roar,
Market st.. between 7th and 8thits.. 93.80).
New houte, 6 rooms, large lot. 8Sih St., 91,6901
House. 4 room*. 24th su.1l.loa
Hoii*o, 6 rooms. lJJth iu $1,600.
House. 10 rooms; Chapliue it. Centre Wheel*
lug. with large lot, cheap, on easy terms.
House. 6roomsaud hall, with 2 acres. Plea*
ant Valley. 93.000.
HouHc. s rooms and ball, bath and bothfaao*
Jacob st, between 15th and 16th, Si.600.
flooM," room* and halt. lot 60x100 ft., noar
streetcar barn, cheap. 91,700.
l/ita in MeMenhcn. North Benwood. Olendala.
Inland. Kdgingtoti. Parte View. Pleasant Valley
and many other lots In aud near city. Call and
get prices.
Hnuso. 9 room*, brick, lot 31x122 ft,, Chapllna
at., 6th ward, 97.000.
House. 14 rooma and store room. Main st, noar
21st, lot 44x130 ft
House. 6 rooms, 14th St., 91,600.
Lou on Und at. Balrodera 1250 and 9276 each. ,
llusincas property on Marltet at at moderato
9200.9300,9M0.*00, n.ooo and 92,500 (o loan on
real estate. ________
TolflU. 1739 Market Strwot.
No. 21 North Broadway street, 4 rooma
and kitchen.
nu. i ? viiwkt ? i uum?i niyi isiiu.
No. C Vlnjinin utrcet. 9 room*, with hath.
No. 12S South l'cnn otroot, 7 room*, with
And many other*. Call and aeo our lint
Wo havo *ome Hpeoial bargain* in building
lots. Houac* and lota for aalo on easy
payment*. _________
Teleplioiio 0W7. No. 1143 Market Str?>
For Sale-Bargains 1
T<cathrrwood roHldonco, *evcn room*,
three attic room*, hall, bath, furnace,
natural pas; lot 60x250; handy to motor
tatlon; not and cold water. VomcmIoii
Aurll 1. lS9rt.
No. 1SS Virginia street, houso of Ave
rooms; lot RiixlJO. Prleo $2,r<00.
No. 60S National Hond, *lx rooms. Prlco
#.pG0. Largo lot.
store room and four living room* corner
of Maryland and York mrwtn. Price $1,360.
Hulldlnp lot* nt reduced price'*, on easy
terms. all parts of the city.
Money to loun on real e*tato security.
ROLP cto 25 ACT 33.
Jslfi 30 Fourteenth Btroct.
CXJUWTaiid TASTY NVOKK. Scndfor prlco*
2ft tud fl FouriacuUHma^

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