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i it. vitus dance / '
^ pttyiklin ^Prescribes Dr. Miles'
I ' Restorative Nervine.
I pr. silk" MfdiralOo., Elkhart, Iod.:
I M/daujbter Mattlo. mod 14, wu afflicted
I lul ipriuf with St. Vital Uanco sod ucr- .
I ronine**, h?' ootlro right ildo *sj numb
I ocarly ptrmljied. Wo comulUxl pby*
Bidan and ho proscribed Or. Miles' Bestoratlre
Nervine. Sho took throe bottles before 1
we w* any certain signs of improvement,
(but after that she began to improve very
fx?t and I now think sho la entirely cored, <
She has taken plno bottles of tho Nervine, .
hut no other medicine of any kind.
Knox, Ind., JM. 3, "W. u. nr. uusnrrxwu. i
physicians prescrlbo Dr. Miles' Remodles
tweaasti they ara known to bo tho result of 1
the loos practice and experience of ono of '
tho brlshtcs., raombers of their profession, 1
acd an* carefully compounded by export- ,
ecccd oheralsts. in oxact accordance with Dr. ,
Miles' proscriptions, as used In bis practice.
On sale at all druggist* Wrlto for Dr.
Mile*' Book on tho IIcart and Norrca. Or.
tllloa McdJcal Co., Elkhart, Ind.
Dr. Miles' Remedies Restore Hralth.
f IK Best *
^"of all Cough Medicines
is Dr. Acker's English Remedy.
It will stop a cough in
one night, check a cold in
one day, prevent croup, re- j
lieve asthma, and cure corf
ciimntfnn. if taken in time.
W*~?J T ? ?
It is made on honor, from the
purest ingredients and contains
neither opium nor morphine.
If the little ones have ,
croup or whooping cough,
use it promptly.
Thra Sixc*?25c^ 50c. and $1 per bottle*
At Druggists.
t6 and xS Chambers Street, New York,
e! aunt. *ncj ber*u?fl
Tery deaf. a*ed CpAil.
Uft Cream Balm BAL^^fc
iid In thrw* week*
p.ttld bear m well m V 5c I
?ror -A.lt KmA*. ^u??rJrV?*8 ^ J
Grtllnf. Mich.
urt CR1A1 HAL*
opeoa and cboia B|r\ ^>V-^ r?K?
ue Noel Puuifi. L-kU??
ci d r. i a tion. HMlftli? COLD "?HEAD
Forer i'rotect? the Membrane from eolae, B#?
com the Mnwof Tiute end Small. The Balm
bqatrklr absorbed nod aire* relief el once.
a particle f? applied fiiio etch nottrilI and u
Keeable. Price W eente at DrucfUu or bnfML
V MlOTHERS. 36 Warren ?treot. Sew York.
?ll oer*
TOU dliwti.JVm* J}?B?
m. I>*?r,f Brmln PowwJleWwhe.WUefoiMjM,
L-??t vitality, nlKbtfrt?wU?ion?. #*H jw??i
ixp-?M7 and Vmlitlptil^^caB^bTfooibfcn*rr*
toolr and blood builder. MafcfflIM
pt'? no i pjur ?mni and plump., KmUjcarnaa
In Ten & per bo*; ? for *6. Br maU.
pferan WIUI a WTtU?o ru*r*i^tocoreortnoofy
rafnr. ><1. Fraa ncdleal book. P^n f
n^r. with t*?Oinfmial? and finanoUl rt#? .
rsw*. ?cAorw/or connUMt??M.
n*. sold br naradmtlaed ai?i?u. or addrwa
K'rre fl??d Co.. SUtonlo Temple. Chicago.
^Sold In WhoeUnff, W. Vo.. by Loffan
Drus Co.. corner Main and Tenth ntro*ta.
___ de24-tth*w
(Fnm u. 8. Journal
Ptof. W. H. Peek*, who xjukr* ? tpfdtixy of Eptlcpiy,
tw wltiiTct doubt treated and cared wore caw* than
loylhrlng Phynlrian; hUiucconUaitoolshlng. Jl e
UTrhtanlofeajwiofSOjreaff'^tandlDffCTirtd 07 him.
He puMuh?artJnabl??work on thi*dl*aae wtalcb no
crJi* with a Jar** bottla of hi* absolutecore, freo to
r *llrmwh9MT Hvttixhr.O.Ui BtpWMttl
cxr?* .>cnur;?* anyone wiPim.R -7^
hi!. W. IL PKEKE. r.P..? CwteSu.ilawTotH'
LC Cnjn vTblBrcmfdjr bclni in=
?Jcrled directly to the
ffU JSk w?t of thooo dUew
Q K* of tbe eenlto-I rlnnrj
U & 11? ff?ST'^
li - ??H fawwtffd In 1 to 8
= = daya. Mmall plain packnrjll
TvaKfl. by au, 91.00
w U X\??Ho1<i only by
McLaln'a New Pharmacy, Bole Agonta,
Eleventh nnd Market atrceta (Baerter
!! '* . WhH-llng. W. Va. Jc?-d*w
J Garriers?? )
A DKLtrta \ t
A To ItaiflenoM ami Iluilnou A
r llutuu Ttirouxhsui f
\ Wheeling J
4 AND ITt 4
j To order nully, Mil dp ^
<1 IAMI: iv,. JOB, flRYItol.l). rnnhlir.
' A JI'.UTISHHON. AM't C??hl?r.
<'AI'ITAI, $200,000. paid IN.
\viu:i:lino, w. va
Alien Hrook, JfiMrph r. PriiII,
".';l ' 'inmln*. Henry IM?ber?orW
' yum tin. JoHoph Seybold,
, , OlbftOn 7.nm)>.
, ' ' " I'alil on rpftcl&l U^poalt*.
n,', ,'luftg on MriKlnnri, Ireland nm
D?yil Coahler.
ill (lie >Va)- From CuUtotnlu t<
New York City.
iml Looked After Along the Ronte b)
Ha II road null 8tc?n?ltlp Mcit-Hov
i iTuucut VI ? iiHini?Kiuii ? iiuiruBi
tloiia were Obrywl-Stury of the Trip,
NEW VrmK, Jan. 23.?Motherless,
fatherless, but happy, camo to the busy
metropolis to-day four tourists of the
juvenllo world. The Cromwoll line
iteamer Louisiana, which has carried
many precious burdens to this city from
New Orleans, brought them here. The
four little waifs, Ahrens by name, the
eldest twelve, and the youngest. four
years old, were made orphans on a* little
farm at Loom Is, In Cnllfornlo, and
their grandfather here, furnished the
fund which enabled the little tots to
come here.
The Journey represented about 4,000
miles, and the quartette of tiny travelers
completed It unattended except for
the assistance from railroad and steamKhlp
officials at various points alonn
the route. No travelers ever came over
the Southern Pacific in whose behalf
room general orders and special in
htlotlnna hnd tuun latnoil PMilHant
C. P. Huntington, wlien he was Informed
that the llltlo parentless quartette
were coming, Vlred A. N. Towne, the
general manager of the Pacific system,
that they should be treated with the
preatest consideration and care. And
90 they were everywhere along the line,
conductors, brakesmen, agents competing
with cach other In the oommon eni
deavor to make the Journey of the children
safe and comfortable.
A Home ForThrat Here.
The late father of the four children
was a son of Charles A. Ahrem, a cigar
dealer at No. 68 Klghth avenue. It
was to this grandfather. whom they
had never seen before, that the children
came consigned. Their mother died
two monthH ago at Loomls, shortly before
the death of their father. The
eldest child Is George. 12 years old, whe
act?*d as cnshler during the trip. Dora
9 years old. a sweet, golden-haired miss,
Is next. She Is fully an Inch taller than
her older brother. Charles, the next lr
years, celebrated his eighth anniversary
of his birth while the train was al
San Antonio. He, too. Is umlerslxed,
and resembles Menry. the baby of the
party, 4 years old, both In build and Jr
height so much that the two might
readily pass for twins.
The children arrived In perfect health
and were, under special instructions
examined by the surgeons of the roail
rrom point to point. i ne sv? jmsouKt
was a rough one. the Louisiana encountering
several days of hard head
winds. The tiny travel A* were seaBlck
the most of the time; but beyond
that they suffered no Inconvenience or
their Jong Journey. They were Jusl
eleven days on the road, having left
San Francisco on January 10.
The 2.489 miles of railroad Journey tc
the Crescent City was finished last
Tuesday evening, and the following
morning the Louisiana left New Orleans,
reaching her pier in the North
River nt 11 o'clock last night Th?
children were given Into the custody oi
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry Poulston
steward and stewardess respectively ol
the Louisiana, and the latter In particular
became so attached to the tots thai
she wept like a child when their grandfather
came along this morning and
took them away.
"Be good to them for my sake," said
Mrs. Poulston between sobs to GrandCather
Ahr#ns. "Will you not?"
"I shall guard them with my life,*
said the old man.
"And you, little mother," said Mrs
Poulston. taking Dora In her arms and
twining her fingers In her hair, ' yoi
will be brave and true and honest ami
grow up a good woman, will you not?'
"Yes, Mrs. Poulston, I will."
Ktary of Their Trip.
The children are all bright looking
and interesting. Dora Is especially,so
hmthoni, she is a nun
blonde. They were at breakfast when i
Mall and Express reporter visited th<
ship to-day.
"Mother Dora," said Captain Gager
"tell the reporter something about youi
Hut Dora hung her head and thi
others were Just as mute, and so Steward
Pnulston had to act as spok?*mat
for them.
"Their father," he said, "was former
ly a sailor. 'He gave up seufarlng be
cause he mot and won a sweet-facec
lass In San Francisco. Buying a ltttl<
farm at Loomls. he settled down there
and It was on this farm that these toti
were born. Their father couldn't mak?
money, nad when finally ho was fount
dead oa. his farm then* was no equltj
left In Hie farm. Neighbors at Auburr
had to take charge of the children
Tntn Grandfather Ahrens here sent foi
them, and here they are."
On braving San Francisco, Charley
the oldest of the children, had }15 ir
cash. He had It tucked away to-day or
arrival. The railroad ofhclals target
them with letters to the conductor
along the line. Newspapers all aloni
th* route had printed Information thn
the children were coming and It wuj
urnrtsinc what large crowds flocked t(
the car* to see thet tourist* nt v&rioui
point*. It wm not mere curiosity 01
the part of the crowds either, for the]
lavished presents upon the orphan*.
Th?? passengers of the steamor die
everything in their power to make thi
tots happy. When not ill the chlldrei
wandered all over the vessel, and 01
several occasions were taken down U
the engine room. On Sunday las'
Charley wandered into the steerage
One of the passehgers In this sectloi
was an Italian peddler. He persuade*
the boy to buy.a "gold" watch for S7
The boy showed the watch to Portei
John Jolnson and the latter promptlj
went to Captain Gager. The watch wai
worth about SI and its works shool
like a rattlebox. Hefore Captain Ga
ger could act, Jolnson, with the o**lst
ant engineer and quartermaster, won
In search of the Italian and beat hln
unmercifully. In the excitement tha
followed, the Italian turned over f
and gave It to tho lad. Charley counte<
the money and said:
"There Is too much here."
"That doe*n't matter. Keep It."
"No," *ald the boy. "That would b*
dishonest. Shall I keen It, Dora?"
"No," replied the little miss. "Yoi
know what mother told us once."
"What did *he tell you, dear?" aske<
Captain Gager.
"She told u* never to lie or steal."
In Thrlr Kfw Home.
During the drive from the stcam*hl|
pier to tho Ahren's home In Eight!
avenue, th?* four youngsters were oj
merry oji grigs and crowded to mo car
rlage windows, looking with wide oye
nt the noliio and confusion of the clty'i
streets. When the rarrlaKe stopped <a
the little cigar store, Mr. Ahrenn win
waiting to receive them. And th'
greetings the tiny tourists recelve?
pn.saged the Warm treatment they an
t<? hnve In the Ahrens home.
Home time Inter. when they were li
the cigar store, little WlllUrand Char
!<*y BwlfC their cousins, came In fron
" hoof. Mr. Ahron/f cried out as th??;
ntored: "Here, boys, are your cousin*
Trorn California. Come, shako handi
with them."
his, nnturnMy. wns the signal Tor i
display of Inordinate bashfulness on th<
I'rirt of the si* youngsters Wlwn thi
hnn Inh/iklnR to?-k place It was done a
long range, In the manner of all chll
'Iron. All of tbem looked relieved whoj
the ordonl wns over. It wns atnunln;
(" ivntch the sJdeJon/r glances of th<
'hlldren as they Inspected one another
When the reporter nskod Dora hov
*ho enjoyed the trip, she,said, wlthou
Tho best preparation for
Tlicro is nothing like it for
arousing to action tli<< torpid
blooil and tlms preventing pnounionia.
Sold by druggists and grocers.
Send for pamphlet to
ltoclioster, N. Y.
hesitation: "It was nil right while we
were In the cars, but the boat made uh
all nick." Mr. Ahrens wild: "I expected
to And the children somewhnt fagged
by the trip, but they nre as bright uh
larks. They will be nil right as soon
an we get them rigged out In city
clothes and send them to school. I an;
going to take the throe boys, und my
fc- daughter, Mrs. Swift, will care for Dora."
Tlie Ftnlnrn of (lie Monty ami Mlock
NEW YORK, Jan. 23.?Money on call
easy at [email protected] per cent; last loan 3 per
I cent; closed at 3 per cent Prime mercantile
paper [email protected] per cent. Sterling ex
change firmer, with actual business In
bankers' hills lit $1 88KQ4 S'J for de<
manU. and $4 87*i?4 ss for sixty days;
posted rat?*s $4 [email protected] 89 and |4 S9Vi(p
i 4 90; commercial bills *4 88*i. Sliver
i certltlcates 67%?-67Vfec; bar silver C7c
The speculation In stocks to-day was
i!nmlnnt>>(] bv a mrorted chnnpre In the
political situation abroad. It waa al?
leged In early cables that a combination
i had been formed between Russia iwid
the porte, and this condition of affairs
wan reflected In a slump In prices. Ini
eluding Americans, on the London stock
i exchange and by persistent and fairly
1 large selling In this market for foreign
! account. TWs new phase In the sltua
Hon was followed by a hardening
I tendency In thu sterling exchange market.
and encouraged bear predictions of
1 probably heavy shipments of gold on
i Saturday. The Impression had gained
ground previously that very little. If
any, of the metal would go forward.
The money markets were unchanged
> as to quotations, but uncertainty as to
the prospect of continued ease still
counts as.an Important Influence in 11m
Jtlng the scope ot the dealings. In the
i late session there was decided pressure
t against some of the Industrial stocks,
C which were in turn brought to bear upon
the railroads. Tobacco displayed
f exceptional weakness In yielding 2%
per cent to 75%, on renewed attacks by
t the professional traders, and llquida
tlon by Insiders. Sugar lost the early
I gain and Manhattan. New Jersey Central.
Southern preferred, Leather preI
ferred, Burlington and Rock Island j
dropped 1 per cent each. At the finish
some support was extended to a few
stocks, cauilng an Irregular closing.
Bonds were well held on moderate
dealings. The general sales aggregut- ]
ed SI,133,000.
The aggregate sales In governments j
In state securities a sale of 11,000 Louisiana
consuls 4s was recorded. I
, State bond* dull.
Railroad bonds Arm.
The total sales of stocks to-day wore
5 147.268 shares.
l Evening Post's financial cable:
? London. Jon. 2.1?The Husso-Turklsh
alliance is universally discredited In the
best Informed quurters hero. At the
r same time there is a disposition here to
regard an amicable arrangement be?
tween Russia and Turkey as a natural
. solution of the eastern question. I
? Queen Victoria's Indisposition was
the main cause of the relapse of the
. stock markets to-day.
The markets opened good, but relaps|
ed on the report of the queen's Imllspo?
sltlon and the unconfirmed reports of I
, the Russo-Turkey treaty. The other
i markets shared In th** depression, but |
? the close wus above the worst.
1 PARIS, Jan. 23.?The bourse was qulr
et but firm to-day, and especially for i
and home stock.
BERLIN. Jan. 23.?The stock mnrkot
p was quiet. The value of Monday's rising.
i New U. S. 4s registered 113
1 New U. 8. 4* coupon lMVi
1 V. 8. 5k registered 1U
. U. 8. 5n coupon 113
. IT. 8. 4s rcKtHtired US
? U. 8. 4* coupon 10H4
I IT. 8. Ik rofjistered W
* Pacific Cm of "55 100
> Atchison
I AdaniM Express Bfi
, American Express 110
: Bnltlmore A Ohio Vi
r Canada Haul hern 4S4
Central 1'aclfic 14^
I Chesapeuko & Ohio 14!*
? Chicago & Alton m
, Chlcnifo, HurllnKton A Qulncy <4flj
, Chicago Oo* ?H*S
1 Cleveland, Clnelnnntl. Chi. & St. L.... 344
* Colorado Coal A Iron 3
t Cottoh Oil Certificate# lfi
Delaware Si Hudson I2f?Vi 1
i Dt>lawar<>. Lackawanna & Western...100
i Denver & Bio Grande preferred 434
1 Distillers' & Cattle Feeders' Co 1f?V?
* Erie B4
f do preferred 234
r Illinois Central W
? Knn?ns Ac Texas preferred 21%
, Lake Erie ik Western 19
do preferred
" Lake Shorn 1414
" Lead TruHt T??
t Loulavlllo & Nanhvlllo 4|?>,
\ Michigan Central W
t MlMOUli Purine 24*11
a Naahvllle A Chattanooga 6..
, Nntlonal Conine* Wi
J Jo preferred l'?
New Jer?ey Central .
Norfolk A Western preferred T}4
Northern Pacific JH
i> do preferred i*
Nortnwontern 87%
, do prof erred uj
1 New Vork Ontml. W'4
New York A New England 45
1 Oregon improvement 13%
Oregon Navigation if
Pacific Mall
Pittsburgh > ?
Heading '*,<
) Rook Inland ? > 'j
, St. Paul fgJS
1 do preferred 12*?
,n St. Paul A Omaha JM4
do preferffcd J1S
" Sugar Rellnory 1"2%
* Tefihc8MO Coal ?v Iron.....
n Texaa Pacific rii
t Toledo A Ohio Central preferred GT?
? Onion Pnclflc S',6
,, United State* Ilxprewj. Ss
i Wnhanh. Ht. Loul* & Pacific CV4
? do preferred l'?
Write Fargo Kxprow !>.?
Weatern union 82Mi
, Wheeling K- I^nko Brio 11
do urnferred 3o
Oencrnl Elcetrlc JW
1 Tolmcco 7BH
k* iio preferred K'Mi
n l*. H. leather preferred... 61%
ltrmilitnfl'i nti?l I'rovUlniu.
i CHICAGO?A great deal of long
i wheat wm *old out to-day and a lot of
r> short wheat vim covered also; the net
t result of which was a decline for the
ilny of por bushel. Corn wan a >
i ?diade easier In nympathy with wheat
^ ind provision* a trllle higher.
i Flour steady.
Wheat?Hash. No. 2 spring C0?4<?<W*c; ,
t No. H iipting wheat GDttfiCO^c: No. t red
t MttVMKc; January MhtiGltrOUKc; I
Vbruary tH4G61>/fc0CO%cj Muy
B2HiO?2*c; July akG*3%863?c.
Torn?Cnib. No. 2. 27Vic; January
'Jn^ed at 27Vie; Mny ?%?HMl<&2?V4c;
July 30^?30%?30Vit*; HoMomber 3l*?fo>
-.I'-uMlH c.
C>ntH?Cosh. No. 2. 1S%c; No. 2 white
20ViC/20fcc; No. 3 White l*?J20c; January
cloned at lflttc; February j
ISlac; May 20H^20%^i'0^c; July 20fctf
Rye?No. 2 cash, SR'/fcc. i
liarley?No. 2, nominal; No. 3 f. o. b.
FIiix?.*MJ-NO. 1. 92tfc.
Tlmothyneod?Prime |C cr?*?3 70.
J'ork?Mi'H*, cash, per barrel flO.IOtf?
10 40; January $l0 27V*10 35fcl0 35; May
110 K>?10 C2%@10 02%.
Lard?Cash, per 100 lbs S' G5<??I? 67%;
January |Ti 60CP GHCVr* C2>^o; May $3t>0?
r. nr.?*r. 0914* Tnlv M i)3V.Cifl 07U.
Short ribs?Cash ff? 02%$?j> 07%: Jnn- ,
uary $5 02)495 07U05 06: May $r? 27Wt
f. 32%05 30; July *5 406S 42'/40r? 42ft. 1
Dry Halted shoulders 4%@&c. Short
clear Hides 5%tf?3*?c.
Whisky?DlHtlller8* finished goods I
per gallon $1 22.
Sugars unchanged.
Hutter?Stcady; dairies [email protected]; I
creameries 14W19c. J
Cheese?Quiet at 8*J{(9t4c.
Eggs?Steady; frrtth 1/Hfc$16c.
NEW YORK.?Flour, receipts, 22.600
barrels; exports 8,600 barrels; market
ruled strong to-day, but ruling prices |
arc too hlfrh to encourage business;
spring patents unsalable at present
prices. Wheat, exports 264,300 bushels: ,
No. '1 72%c: No. 1 hard 7iy*c f.o.b. alloat;
options opened stronger on firm cables
and closed firm at a partial loss of He;
\ No. 2 red January closed at 71Hc: May
69 7-lGfi:?O?4&)60%c. Corn, receipts 48,800
bushels; exports 68.000 bushels; spot
easy; No."2 35$ic; options steady, closing
Vi?%c lower, with late months lo
higher; January 35%(??3C^3r?!Hc; May
35 ll-IC^35'i^l^c. Oats, receipts, 98,400
bushe'.n; :?pot steady; No. 2 24%?
24'Ac; options quiet and easier, followI
lug corn, and closed unchanged to %c
lower; January closed at 24%c; May
closed at 26c. Hay quiet. Hops dull,
i Hides quiet. * leather steady. Reef
steady. Cut meats firm. Lard very
dull; January $5 90 nomlnul; western
| steam *6 05. Pprk dull. Tallow
steady. Rosin steady. Turpentine
uulet. Rice firm. Molasses firmly held.
Cottonseed oil steady. Coffee, options
opened steady and cloned quiet at the
opening prices; null's 13,000 bags. 8ugur,
raw Arm; refined quiet.
BALTIMORE?Flour firmer; western
flUporJ)m? $2 4502 50; winter wheat patents
$J75?4 00; receipts 12.723 barrf-ls;
shipments 1,566 barrels. Wheat easy; I
spot and month 70V4&70%c; May [email protected]
70Hc; receipts 1.321 bushels; shipments
6,000 bushels; southern wheat on grade
6#(:f7Ic. Corn easy; spot and month
32%ft 33c; May 3&%?35U?c; steamer mlxed
31%?31%c: receipts 165,426 bushels;
shipments &0.S."i7 bushels; southern I
white and yellow corn 32V&Q83WC. Oats
Inactive jind steady; No. 2 white western
24&24%c; receipts 1.934 bushels. Rye j
quiet and steady; So. 2 western 42c; re- 1
celpts 1.337 bushels. Hay quiet but
firm; oholc** timothy $16 00 naked. Grain
freights steady; engagements slow and
1 unchanged. lUitti-r steady and unchanged.
Eggs steady; fresh ICc. Cheese
steady and unchanged,
j CINCINNATI?Flour steady. Wheat
Ann; No. 2 red 70c; receipts 2.000 bush'
els; shipments 4.COO bushels. Corn, fair
demand;No. 2 mixed 2814c. Oats steady; I
No. 2 mixed 2le. Rye easier; No. 2, 41c.
Lard Arm at $5 GO. Bulkmeata steady at
$5 25. Bacon steady at $6 25. Whiskey
I steady; sales 550 barrels at CI 22. Butter
quiet and easy. Sugar fairly active.
Keg? In moderate demand at 14c.
Cheese steady. j
TOLEDO?Wheat active and higher;
No. 2 cash 69Vac; May 71c; July r,6?4c.
1 Corn active; No. 2 mixed 28c; No. 3
] mixed 27c; May 30'/ic. Oats quiet; No. 2
mixed 19',jc nominal; No..2 white 20&c.
Rye dull; No. 2 cash 38Hc. Cloverseed
lower and dull; prime cash ?1 35; March
I $1 37%.
PHILADELPHIA?Butter a shade
firmer; western creamery fancy 19?26c;
Pennsylvania prints 20c; Jobbing 2l??
24c. Eggs dull and He lower; fresh
near-by l7V4c; western [email protected]%c. Cheese
Lire Stock.
CHICAGO?Cattle. although the
demand was moderate ut the small run,
prevented any further shrlnkuge In
prices. Sales of common to vtrictiy
choice native beeves were made nt
$3 2504 60. w)t<h extra choice Btecrs salable
around $1 [email protected] 80; butchers and
canners entitle are active and strong.
Cows sold at $2 [email protected] 25 and prime heifers
as high as $100. As a rule, JG00 hi
the top price for calves. There is a ralr
tralllc Vn stoclcers and feeders, with
most of the sales a* about $3 80. Hogs.
packers continued to kick against the
prl-cca demanded by uellcvrs, J?ut the
supply ira*J so light that they wore
olillR"d to pay yesterday's quotations.
Common to prime drovoH sold at 33 90<j/?
4 15. rtfiielly at 54O504JO. Pigs sold
largely nt 5.1 DOftt of. Choice hogs of
medium wcigiit sold .decidedly hotter
than heavy Jo<s. Sheep, trude wan dipr?M(d
to-dtiy as buyers objected id
purchasing sheep with their lleocc full
<if water, anil juices averaged 10c lower.
Sales were made of sheep at $2 00?i2 f.O
for Inferior to common tip to 32 75<ip3C0
for choice.
EAST BUFFALO?Cattle, receipts 3
car loads and there was a couple of car
loads holding over. Market about
steady for the rood, handy and desirable
kind*. Hogs.recoipts 25 cars;market
slow; Yorkers, fair to choice. $-1.10?
4 3r?; pip?, common no fair, 34 10(8:4 25.
Sheep awl lambs, receipts 50 oars and
inarkc: demoralised^ Lambs, choice to
prime {4 40(2'4 GO; sheep, choice to selected
export wethers $3 25?3 50; culls
and common sheep 31 [email protected] 50.
EAST LIBERTY?Cattle steady and
unchanged Hogs slow, prices a shade
lower; medium weights 34 30fl?4 35: best
Yorkers and prime light hogs 34 20tf>
125; heavy pradeH 34 10<B>4 15; roughs
33 001*3 75. Sheep dull and little demand.
pfvrrWATT ? Itac* ?lonr and
s tcodyat $3 7*>@4 25; receipts 3,300 head;
shipments 1,300 head.
JjONJ.'OJV?A ii excellent ueiuotloji was
pirt forward at the wool auction huIoh
ro-doy, consisting of better Australian
combing greaslas, which were strongly
competed by American buyers who
I>akl 10 p?*r c?rt over the December
Holes. Medium grades were well taken
by Yorkshire and continental buyers at
an advance of & per cent. A good show
?f cross-brcd* wus chiefly purchased by
I'orlcnMres and high prices were ob?
tnlncd for Jambs owing to the scarcity
of the present and prospective supply.
American purchases to-day were fully
2.000 tales. Tho present serteii will close
January 30. The number of bales offered
to-day were 11,CIS, of -which 800 worn
wfchdratvn. Following are the sales In
detail; New South Wales?4,283 bales;
ncourcd Is &0O1& Gd; greasy lid.
Queensland?2,411 bales; scoured Is ldg?
In 4d; greasy G^ftlll&d. Victoria?1,830
bales; scoured K'^dtfPIs fiV-d; greasy
r.^flOls 7 ^d. South Australia?72S
bnlco; scoured 1??ls 2d; greasy 7V4fl>
D<|. New Zealand?1,280 bales; scourcd
ftftdQl*; greasy [email protected] Cape of
Good Hope and Natal?1,044 bales;
scoured G?J</??!? lid; greasy
NEW YORK?Wool quiet and steady.
OH, CITY?Credit balances, (Pennsylvania
oil), Jl40; c^rt Ideates, F?brunry
delivery, oponed at SI 3714; highest
$1 38; lowest $1 37M; closed at $1 37
sales 24,000 barrels; shipments 53,144
barrels: runs 95.9J6 barrels.
NPIW YORK?Petroleum weak a:
51 a/ft uiu.
NEW YOHK?PIg Iron dull. Copper
dull. I?oiul steady. Tin essy; straights
$13 osfffis 10; plates Uull and weak.
Spvltor dull.
Dry <JooiU.
NEW YORK?The close of the day'
PhcAvs n rooderaite Increase in the volume
of business completed n* n result
of -the jrniiter Inquiry from the lorner
number of buyers, the tone of th# m?r/
krt symp?cfilxcs Lh<?reu*lth and values
ar?* no lower. JMprcsentotlvcs of som*
very important out-of-town houses arc
hero and they never come, except on
business. Printing cloths very dull and
ih.jiiiT'il at 3c tu 2T?c and talc.i or l|C?v
pieces ait iCic Is-ttor i.rloo.
NOT a fow who read what Mr. Robert
Jtowln, of Holland!. Va., lias to miy
below, will remember thflr own experience
under like circunwtanew:
"hunt winter I had la Rrlppo which
left mo In a low utate of health. I tried
numerous remedies, none of which did
ine any good, until I was Induced to try
a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough ilemedy.
The flrst bottle of it so far relieved
nie that I was enabled to attend to
my work, and the second bottlo effected
? /M.rn " For aula at 25 and.50 cents per
SOOTHING, healing, cleansing, DoWltt'g
Witch Hazel Salve is the enemy
to sores, wounds and pile*, which It
never falls to cure. Stops Itching and
burning. Cures chapj?ed lips and coldsorcs
In two or three hours. Logan &
Col, Wheeling, W. Va., 13. F. Peabody.
Benwood, and Bowie & Co., Bridgeport,
O 7J
Business Collage!
Is the best school to attend If you want
to becomo practical builne?n men and
women, for It Is the only school In the
city that drills Its students thoroughly In
Commercial Law,
Business Correspondence,
Business Ktlilcs, etc.,
an well an everything that Is short and
practical In Bookkeeping and Arithmetic.
These subjects are taught exactly as practiced
In our best and most successful
business houses.
Hundreds of its students each year exemplify
the methods taught In this school
In business houses in this and other cities
In good positions secured by the management
of (he school and through Da reputation
for thorouKh practical work.
This school at all times gives its students
the latent and beat practical work
that can bo obtained from the counting
room. Its teachera know what business
Is and how to teach it.
Wheeling Business College,
Under tb? Direction or the Sinter* of tho
Visitation, U. V. M.
Full English. Mathematical and Classical
Course, with Modern Languages.
Drawing. Painting, Elocution and Physical
Musical Department especially noted.
Extonslve Library?both French and
Location unsurpassed for Beauty and
Hoard excellent.
Pupils received at any tlmo during tho
session. Address.
Young Ladies
and Children.
1310 Market St., Wheeling. W. V*.
Fifth annual session begins MONDAY,
SKfTKMMKIl in, 1805. Thlisohool offer* a
complete and thorough ?*dnc#tlon In Practical
Modkcjc Lasouaukm and Elocction
Special advantages otiered jrrndtuton from
Subtle acbooM and others who dealre to pursue
Icher branches of ftudfMethodi
and course of instruction compare
faroraolj- with the beat aemlnarles lu thecouutrr.
Dors recelred la tlio Primary end Intermediate
Department*, for circular* or Interflow,
apply to
Principal. Wheeling. W. Va.
Flttiof them for usefulnosa In anr branch ol
business or any counting room. For circular
and references address I. R. MOIME.
dc.'i Wlfcling. NV. Va.
***' - n..tSHilwu. tit icor.
1 II1IL' iUUil' III ?"tvi
NOTICE?Plca?o take notico that trains
of the Ohio Klver It It will run by tlnatern
Standard Timtj on and after September
29. Itti.
Dally. SDally except Sunday. Eastern
South Pound. | 1 | t | 6 1 7
Via P.C.C.&St.L. H a.m. p. m.
Pittsburgh. Pa..L'e 3:10 .12:45
Sieubf-nvllle.... L'o *10:25 *2:10
Wheeling ....Arrive 1*11:? Jl:20j
~~ ' a. m. a. m. p. m.
Wheeling *7:00 Hl:? M:W
lien wood 7:15 12:01 4.1r?
Mounilrfvllle 7:35 12:1C 4:35
New Martinsville .. 8:40 1:12 5:37
SlKtcrKvlllo U:0G 1:35 6:t?
Friendly 8:17 1:45 6:12
St. Mary's 9:45 2:11 6:43
Wllllamstowa 10:25 2:50 7:26
a. m.
Pnrkereburg 11:00 3:25 8:00 ?:1K
UellovlUo 11:13 4:02 7:53
p. m.
Ravens wood 12:07 4:38 5:22
Kfpley Landing .... 12:2S ,4.5> g.-fic
Graham 18:51 6:22 9:22
New llaven 1:01 5:27 8:30
Hartford 1:04 5:31 9:Sl
Mason City 1:10 6:37 9:40
Cllftoa 1:16 6:41 9:42
Pt. Pleasant 1:40 6:0c 10:17
aslllpoUs Ferry .... 2:17 C:&) jo:Si
Guyandotte 3:15 7:55 11:4."
Huntington 3:24 8:05 7:20 12:03
l? i.nnvn 3-.4S 8:S!ii 7?KS IS-M
Via KITft M. Ily. p. m. p. m. p. m.
K. A M. June....Lv !I:3S "9:42 2:35
Charleston Ar 15:00 *11:56 5:05
Go HI polls 12:49 10:1S
Huntington ......... _1:C0 _?:50j 11:16
Via C. A O. Ky. * a. m. . p. m.
Leave Huntlnjrton. !2:1G *2:80 # 2:15
Ar Charlwton7\V.V 14:19 *3:45 -4:10
Kenova__..... Arrive *2:06 !>:iqj fIS:Q3
Vla*C. & O. iCyT p. m.a.~m. p. m.
Konova Loavo *2:25 *4:45 *2:26
Cincinnati. O....Ar *C:fi0 *?:6Q
Lexington. Ky...Ar *7:00 9:85 *7:00
W. jrnOBINSON. Q. P. A.
? Pennsylvania Btutloub.
annsylvania Lines.1
Trains Hun hr Control Tituo.
ri<*crr Omrw at piwkbtiaaku Htatioh o?
wat** St.. f??ot of bltrxxm st.. ?\ uelii no,
at Mol.oa* Hot *. yvni-BUKo, aim at twi
rkkkm.yakia Rtation. PimxiicronT.
Bopthwk*t BTirras*?" Pak lUNnt.r Hours *
Dally. ! Dally except Sunday.
From Wheeling to Leave. Arrive
WelUb'c and Steub'e.. 1C:2j am !6:^ pm
McDonald and Pitta.. 10.;'" am !5:35 pm
Now Cumberland..,...* 6:25 am 10:35 pm
lndlannpollft and 8t L. am !5:35 pm
Columbus and clnoln. 16:25 am .'5:35prn
Wcllab'g and Steubo.. !6:2o am !6:36 pm
l?hlla. ana N. \ 12:25 pm !2:2u pm
Steub'e and I Itta...... 112:35 pm !S:2?? pm
Columbus and chic o. tlS:SS pm !2:So pm
Phlla. and N. Y ... ^:55 pm *10:35 am
Baltimore and; Waih. *2^6 pm *10:35 am
Steub'e and i'ltt*. *S3U pm 10:35 am
Stoub'o and Deniilion. *2:60 pm *10:35 am
Indianapolis and St. L. SO) pm !6:12 am
Dayton and Uncln.... saj |>m !?:12 am
Steub'e and ColumbuB. !S:W pm !C:13 am
Northwest System-Clove. & lMtts. Dlv.
Train* run dally, cxcept Sunday aa folIowa:
From unupopwr' ?u ucava arrive,
i-'ort Wuyn? uml Chicago C:Cb um X:0.', pm
Canton und Toledo C:rts am 8;0S pm
IMttMburKb and Bteub'o.. 6:0* am g:i?5 pm
Btrwbrnvillo And I'lttn.... B:0S nm 8:05 pin
8teu!>> and Pittsburgh" 9,n? am JO.n,} nm
Cleveland and Chicago... 1:10 pm S:t?6 pm
Canton and Toledo 1:10 pm 4:&N pm
Alllanco nnd Clevolnnd..; 1:10 pm 12::to |>m
Bteub'o and Wellavlllo... 6:15 pn> 7:3S am
I'hlla. and New York.... 2:44 pm 8:0i pm
Ralttmoro and Wa?h 2:44 pm l:M pm
Btoub'o and Pltt?titirgh.. 2:44 pm ?:uS piu
J. U. TOM LINSON, Paw. Agont.
Btatlon Koot of Klovrnth and \Vat??r i'ta.
. /
Ardvalni l departure of (minion mil alter
Her. is. H-Jk Ktri.AH or ItKreuifcc
Mark*: *l>niljr; fDilhr. uxcept 8uii<lar; {Walljr,
cxrcpltatiinUr; f l>nlly. oxoopt MotuJttv; jr.^ntionly;
.-aiurlu/? a aljr.
jvn*(?ru dbtu>lnr<l Time. ,
irf.rARt. |lt.,fcO.)v.It.-MaIn Mne. Kutt arrive.
12:2b aiu Wmti.C'j.lltlL. WilL ? <. V, < *.>? urn
?*: <) pnilWiuli.Cjr. Kill.. I't.ll. V N. Y
17:00 Hin'M..MCuniiN*rlnii<l Arcotu.... f7:W pm
<3:40 pm M.MMM.Urnftfiii Aeroiii J??; |o ntn
iMMii mil .....MouihUvJIIo Acront t7:i > am
t.'ntai Dili MoumUviliii Aroma f 1:11 pm
11:00 pm Mountlivllln Acroni -7:10 put
11:20 am .Wa?liliictou Cltjr Kxpmm, *"4 J*# pm
r~, -I firafmn Ktpn*?? ,1 lfc2S pm
iiKrAitr. It. O.ILIl.?L\(). UI v.. West aimivk.
7:1*i Atii Kor('nluiiibii< ana (Jhlutgo ?1:I3 am
*10ilh inn -ColimibtMand ciuchitiaci . >.VT) pm
111:40 pm .('oliiuiltiuaiirl CliininnitlL ?I:V) am
r4:4-? pm ColtitnlHiiuml Chicago Exp ?1:0? pm
'atf pt? .......... >?>wark Acijom...?. MMO pm
flP:l'? ntn dt. Clalrtvllla ACOOtn. . |l?l) pm
pm M. Clalnvlllo Accoin.....| fktt |>tn
fixo am Oilntnb'n nndClnolti. IJxp. | ..........
'lftir' am Snndu?ky Mall... -| ?:W pm
Tin-a nr. a ?fcO. ILll-W.,P. A 11. I?ivi AKKivit
?4:.V? am Fur Pittsburgh ?10;10 am
<7:10 sm Pitfburgh ?:(/) pm
fr.ti pm Pitlabiirgh acl Kail...... !ll:'?i pm
tlrii pm Pittsburgh ....... flkOO am
Pigglmnch Bxprow 11:21 am
DisriiiT. P.. U. c. A St. L. Kir. | arhivk.
47:i'i nin _ Plltihur*li_ |WW pm
am ...Jttonbenvllloand Weil fifcll pm
flrtt pm .Pittsburgh and New York, ffc23 pm
3:4S pm -Pittsburgh and Sew York. nbiS am
fnm Ktpreu, Cln. and PL Louis t7:li cm
pm KiproM. Cln. and St. Louia Tr? pn?
iuo Express,Hteub. nnd Chicago rtiVl pm
pin .Pittsburgh and Dtunlsou-. "llfltt am
DKI'ART. C. .t P. ft ft?BniDOCrOBT. ARRtTC.
1i.:(w nin -Fort Wayne and Chicago- pm
C:'JS ntn Canton nn?l Toledo,.-... ff.fo pm
JOrOK uni ....Alliance and Clereland^. p;0? pm
1?:08 aui,Sieubonrllloand Pittsburgh ffcM pm
t trw am sioiibonrlllaand Pittsburgh fllH>i am
?:10 pm -Fort Wayne and Chicago, tV.58 pa
2:10 pm Canton and Toledo.. f-:* pm
'J.IO pa ...jlllUnc?and Cleveland..- tl.J* pm
:?:44 pm Philadelphia and NawYork te.Mi pm
3:?4 pm Baltimore and Washington t6: >8 pm
ft:<4 ptn Steubonrtlleand Pitunurgh i>.W pm
f?:l1 pm ..StonbcnrHIo * WmIUtWo? am \
DEPART. W.Al*? Hr. A?uu \
t 9:? am .?-.Toledo and West- t*06 pm \
t 9 30 am Cleveland. Akron A Canton fcos pm V
f MO am Brilliant and BteubanflUe ffcOS pm \
t 7:30 rnn I Ilawillon and Canton..... \ 0:40 am \
f 7:.T0 pmlHrllllant and ritgnbcnvllleltl0:40 am \
pkpaht. I r.. j? .v W.?Unirvjf.poKr. ARMV& \
17:1' au)|CT!or<'lan<I,TolA(l(i(L'^hic?co fl:22 pm \
ft:<i pmtClereland.ToledoJcChlc*#} 7:50 pm \
pra ........Masnlllon Aecoin f fcS'J am * ^
ftj-.Ol ant St. Clalrarllle Accora tftzs am
t)0:08 am St. Clair?rllle Accora 1:S1 pra 1
pro I KuClaiprllle Accom..... (:48 pm
pm St. Clairavtllo Accom..... 7:02 pm
Tl:<V? pm) ,....l.ocal Freight. .... f '2.IVam
t>F.r*uT. I ofliO itiTOir K. K. Hint
<7:00 am .......-PaMcnRcr............. *10:45 am
1l!:45 Bio ...^. ...l*a?sctiKor. 1i05 pm
4.-0J pin|.? ^..Paa*gDR8r.^..^...| *C46 pm ;
lkavk I 11, Z. A C. RAILROAD. arrive. j
nr.r.LAinr. bi:i.lairb
10:ln i>tnL.BcU*Ire ati'I ZanwvIUa... 4:20 dio
6:15 pm| ..NVoodsfleld ........ 9:15 am
s&gttfr. BALTIMORE 4 OHIO.
Departure and arrival ot
[G&htraiu? at Wheeling. East*
tern Schedule in-ef*
ESf Mfeci October -'0. WMt
For Baltimore, PMUdelWjsRy
phia and New York ILlZ
nad II:JO a. in., and 3:43 p.
Cumberland Accommodation; 7:00 a. m., daily
except Sunday.
Oraltou Accommodation. S:W p. xn.. dallr. _
Mottiidaville Aocotntnodatlon. <K>I and 8:4(1
a.u. aad 5:30 p. in., except Sunday, and 1L0J
p. in.. Saturday ouly.
From Sctr York, Philadelphia and Baltimore
E:'J? a. in., dallr.
Cumberland Express, 4:25 p. m.,dally, oxcopt
Moudny. '
(irafton Express 4:25 p. m.. Monday only.
Cnml>erUnd Aooomwodatlon, 7.US a m., except
' ' in.1? M Amn?
unuum Arrouoiuuutiuu, iu.>u?
Mound?viilo Accommodation. 7:tt a. m.. er?
Copt Sunday: 10:10 a. ni.. dally. 1:40 and 7:01
p. ra., except Sunday, and 7:40 p. m. Saturday
For Columbia and Chicago. 7:35 and I0-J5 a. m.
and 4:10 p. ni..
Coliirabuaand Clm-iiraatl Express. 10:15 a. ra.
dally, ll.-iop. m.. dally, except Saturday, aod
'?49 a. m Sunday ouly.
J-andtuky Mall. I'fcis a. m.. dally.
Newark Accommodation. 3:43 p ra., dally.
Si. ClatnTlllA Accommodation, ifcls *. m. ill
8;45 p. m., excopt Sunday.
Chlcnjjo Exprefta. 1:15 a. in. and 12:10, 1:05 and
5:30 p. m.. dally.
Cincinnati Express 4:50 a. m. and &30 p. nu
Fandn*ky MalL 5:30 p. m.. dally.
Nenark Accommodation. 1A10 p. nu. dally.
SI. ClalniTlll<<Accoininodatlou, lilo p. m. aa 1
6:20 p. ra., dally, except Sunday.
ForPltUbursh. 4:55 and 7:10 a. m.. aud?:l> p. ?
m.. dally; and3:!5 p. ra.. daily, except Sunday.
For PltUbitrgfe and tbo cast. 4:&i a. ra. and xil
p. in., daily.
From ritt*bnrRh. Iftio a. m. and 7:00 p. ra..
daily. 11:30 p. in . daily, except Satnrdar.(lw00 a. '
I in., exempt Sunday, and sy? a. ra.. Sunday only. ^
TbeCleielaod, Lorain fi Whoeliag R. R.
Time Table in elTeot Sfondar. iVorenibcr 21. ISMk
riereland Depot. Foot of Sonth Water Street \
CeuiralTimeiA.M.jr.M|P.m a.m. a.m a. m. p.mIp.m
Letter Jed fcfcT-rWj-V^
Iximln. dep.
Hrrln.. 7;l5|l:19;4:ai
(Jriiftou....... 7:Si|l:3ft.4:|
I,c*?cr Jet-... i?
' Medina. MlM0,5:t? !?1
Chip. Lttko.. f:4.!-':JO;C:0l
Warwick.;.... W* ^!&40
M*?i?lOIl_?. 9:47 3:S2|?:lO &W
Jnrtflh KWOJfesBt'S!* ?:<5
Canal Dover. IO?ft 4:W 7:57 7:10
Now Chitad- IMS. 4: 17>*&\ *?
UbricbatJIlo il:? <*?' *?
SLClAirerlllo *l:S ? 9:50 7:30 11:50 *05 &? ' flrldsepori...
l^Si StSo fc50A2? 1W1 IHS ?
Bolloiro. l:37i?:<tt .... 10:10l&^ 12*01**. p
Electric otr* between Wheeling. Martlo'e Ferry
and C..UAW Depot in UrldggporU
Central Time. a.m a.m. p.*. p.* a.* a.* pji Ml .
jtollalre 6*M S 5b4?fi:4ft &M 1:1ft 40ft
Bridgeport..... ?:I5 r.':40,4.-00 T:0l 9M 1:W jJ?
Ht. Clfttwtllle- 9:50 'J: JO 5:13 7:4?1 i?:W 230 5:15
llhrieb?vlll^ MO ?S3 0.-00 x.H a.M P.M Wt
New Philnda... 1W? *V.fcl7
C*I)*lIX)Vur.... .V4.S ttjCi *00 ku
Jii?t'i? '<H4 9:0^3:30 0^3
MaMillou I&.H) P:2S r.:4j|7:IO
Warwick ?KV.Vt 9:.0 4:10 P.*1
Sterling 7:1ft I Chi.' 4:M
Cblpp wttLue cRlitwo ??
Medina ?.. 7:44 10:17 5:00
IxvterJct 1-27 10:59 &4J . fl
Oration. *4511:07 0:03
Klyrla~ fcOOllstl &-21
Ixirtln 9:t511:M fctt
LtntrricL 7:54 10:4ft 5:15
Cleveland, Ar.. 9:00 11:50 0:15
A.M A.M. r. M. ,
7:00 a. nt. from Cleveland to UhrlrbiTllle. i ?
n. m. frpra Uhrichrrille to Cleveland run* dally.
Through connection* and through tlckott to
all point!*, t'nll on our agent* or addrqa
M. ii. CAIUIKL Oeneral Pouenger Agent.
Wlieellno & Elm Grove Railroad.
On and after Saturday. Fobroary X 1MV traltu
i trill run as lollowt. olty time
j """l.tUVK^wilKKUSO j l.KAYE KIM OKOVK.
Tr'n T'me Tr'n Tme.Tr'n. TtnefPrn Tmo
a.m p.m. a m ' p.tn.
Na 5-.1?'>;00 Na 20.. 3KX)!Na l_1 :00N*a 19.m3^i
No. 4?...7,t?) Na S?...4HM Na a ... 7K?!Ka :U...4:0ll
Na (L.JWW1N0. i!l...'?:00|No. 5... ?HX> Na 2<-.5rfM
Na Rn...9ki0 Na 2?...<HWNa 7...I9.-00 Na lV?rt:0(l &
Na ?U. lo.VQ Na i?...7;W No. 9_Jt):U> .Na 27_7,-ftl
Na lillaO Na 30...&ai Na 11.11.-00 Na 29...&01
ri m jNa l1- m 3l...fci?
liOO'Na 3l_10:iic Na 1M2.<0 Na &UM)
Na No ?Jl:00|Na I5?.l:0 i Na 3j?ll:09
No. 18.^'AOOl |Na 17001 '
t Dally, oxoept Sunday.
Hnndny church train* will leave KltnQrovei;
BK.ia. w. nud N'neellng at 1117 p. in.
II. K. W.-LSttr.KUKK. lieu. Manager.
Wlieeliiid Brldiio 4 Terminal Ry.
C. O. DRKW8TBR, Recoircr.
Time Table No. 13. to tako effoct 13:01
n. m.. Sunday. November id. 1S93.
1?mvo Wheclin?-fS:00, t9:4S. |11:40 a. m.,
t2:20. 3:15. 14:30. |?:0Q u. m.
Leav<> lvnlneula~ft:M. t?:51, 111:46, a.
m.# t2:2G? *3:S1, 11:38 |0;OG p. m.
I...v.. M m'a I.V.W. (k.m ?Q.r- 111 .M
a. in., '2.y:, 3;:,7, 14:42, |i?:12 p. in.
Arrive Terminal Junction?110:01
|U:SI n. m.. 12:3S, 3:32. 14:4?, 19:18 p. m.
l.fivvo Terminal Junction--;7:52, {9:00 a.
tn.. 12:40 a. m., 83;R?, |4:Ufc, tf?:H, ts:4j p. m.
1 snvo .Martin"* Ferry- i7:2s, |3:07, a. m.,
12:45, J4:ors 14:10, 15:10. t8:5t p. m.
U nvo Penun?uln-j?:.H, |?J:14. a. m..*12:Cl.
|4:ll, t4:U, t&:2Ts <H:? p. m.
Arrive Wheeling?17:40. |9:S0l a. m 12.5T,
t4:I7, t19:tS p. nu
Dftlly. tl->atly except Sunday. |8unday*
Ail train* will run on Gaatem Time.
.. . J. 18. TAKBSta. Superintendents
: ' ..... . . ... J

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