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I Atlantic Tea Col
I Oar annual inventory ii complot6
I and to us is vory satisfactory. Our ^
J| btisinoss shows a marked iucre.no
over 'Ut. wo aro u?w ?b?mmuu ?u??
W shall IcaJ all preceding your?, i(
Jan- pricos and gtanjird Roodi will
attract trado, ami we tlilnk it will
jfcw CM. rroim <i?nto). 5 lb* lor 25c 1
?w cm. K??P- PmAm llanor), 3 Ibi for. 26? 5
lie* Vatvi. 41 hi for.? 25o |
OtrnaU Currants. -IS U* for........... .. 25c ?j
Kiw Raisins (Inrfi). 5 It*, for.. .... 250 1
Km h Cora Meal.? lb?. for-......^.....^. 25c I
Fn*h Hominy, i"?lb*, for.......................... 25c y
1W1 iiit.io l Oats, 10lbs. for....aMM. 28c 1
itofcOM Med, W Ibv tor- ?_ 250
Frvh nmtcr Crackora. ft lbs. for...^ ... 25c
Fr<*h f.injrer ?nnp?. 3 Ib?. for ?25c
>*ew French Kidney lkatw. 8 lbe. for. 25o
Caolce Table Poachw. pef can ? j Oo
ptjad?nl Tomato?i. ? cam for.....^.....^.^. 250
j?cy coM rock Tomatoes, per can ao
Choice Standard Corn, por can? 50
fur fan.l'c*. S to tiio potMKj. por lb. q0
Carpet Tackj, por box~ jo
Atlantic Tea Co.
Wo I-raJ, Lot Those Who Can Follow.
4 OLD i
? - ***? ?-1 A
f | T ccrtalnty it a <lutjr and our d??tre M> T
i ' nr-nuami toutfiiblhe?x?Mw?lqual- 6
f Hit* ol our Plport WbUkejr when you \
A need till* article for medlclna! or fomtljr 4
f nurjxne* TUert If none on the rnarket T
i i'i.?re entitle* to your consideration. It 4
f he* As*. I'uritr *nd oeinj iroo irom an * <
a Injur iom lncredlontf should command, A
f your attention. f
f H'l.L yt'-tHTS $1.00. A
a Sild in Wheeling only by A
f Mail and oxore? order* will nvelro f .
a irumnt attention. JO.< FLEMING Jt a
w SON o: M.irketsiKet Plttabanch. 7 1
a jtayubfAwr a j
J Talk is Cheap, $
( But it takes money to buy f
A and to got value for your money a ,
7 in whiskey, try*quarto* f
I They are the bent?That*! what we 4
? claim for them. For ?ale bjr ererr \
9 tint-clan dealer, or vend direct (or 9
. Iliera to \
' V1Y YIRlfl ?a Fwiwtf f
i "AA Mjfilfl, AKJ'EOlfRMT. PA. \
f 'jjt ncMV Catalogtto mailed ou appllca- f
^ tion. Sf ad for one. ^
w.xw.. DOCTOR^>*?W*?W
, ipieay
will ?tot> > couith In ? night, check ? cold
' in a >!av, and care consumption if taken 1
to time. If the little one* have Croa? or
Whoop tag Cough,
u? tt promptly.
Croup bi very
_ fatal dlteaae.
r. Uij _ Fu,,fone* 1
9 ?V?2L* fihiijL t>?'< ?<
F *ho4e m.
1 JLL. f iSTi. K? tacked die. 1
The freat
1 t"*~ , , J-'ArL iS> danger is
\ \ 4 ? in delay.
1 The dlseoae prn^rcwei so rapidly that 1
1 th* lorn of a few boor* in treatment M
( often fatal. ACICKK'R BxOU?H RlCU*- 1
' r?v will rnre Croup, and tt nhoald at'
m myn he kept In the honne for 1
emnrgettclrM. A ?5 cent bottle may
J save your child's life- 1
i Three litest flfle, flO?, ?1. All Drncrlit?
tH A 18 Chamber* St., New York. ,
n?* l u_i. n>_>. tua<?i<iki> waktfalnMi. 1
Vitality, nlfhtir ml??>on?,^UdrjmiM,
lmtxjtn,flr and *Miing br yotub*
iu'?rr?ir? or xooaaoa. Oonlatna nooBlilct. U
? ?? ?"M,ir?mdbloo?1 hnlldcr.
pal" nn-1 aimnv arid plump. >
lo r^?! ,j ,L ?i Mrboxt ? forM. Drmali
prepail with a written jniarmn^ ^ curs or money
r*fun-> i. rrt-r> m?tdleul book, nttlm!. plain i
wrapper. wf.ii uinimor.tel* and flrian"lAl roferram*.
So r 'uifos tor wniui'atum?. Ittwar* of imi>
foul br our adrtrtlaod a*ont?, oriKldrfM
Her-l <:?>., Mattrolo Tamplo, rhlc?j?*
Hold |n Wheeling, W. Va., by J-ogan
Drug Co., corner JAain anil Tnnth streets.
{Prtm U. 8. Journal tfMidielru.)
f fof. W. II. P?*ke,who make* * apeclalty of Epfltpey,
!?wlthontdonhttreaUd nod cured mote caaee than
*'7"vlng Phyriclan;hleaucc??alaaaU>nUhtnf. Wa
?v" ti'MtUifcvwaof Wyftara'aUTitllOlcured by Mm.
"'j"iMi?heaav?liiahl?work onthudlaeajewkkh ho
"n-l. with a large hottl* of hia a fowl u to cure, free to
?'> t ?iffrrrr who may aimd Ihrlr P.O. aad Eipme ?dWo
advlM anyonewlahlnjf aetire to addreaa,
J>-.f. W. IL rZKKH, F. P., 4 Q.(Ur at., New Torfc
-* ' liook, Job, Nnwepnper nnd Po?{211'rlhtlnjr
rt"0e at JUaaonable Katea at the
Job Pajwrno Orrica Modern
fi JitApia Proaaea KewTyoetnd bealgnf
)onc by the Floods) In Parts of New
nil Wkc Nanjr Another I.oim Ills I.lfo
While Try I u ?? lleecne Other?-Gre?t
Dnmoitr Done at llomid Itrook ami Slor.
rlilown-Kln Adds to the Terrors*
SOMERVILLE. N. J.. Fob. 7.?Willie
he loss of property at Bound Brook
not night by Are and llood will to well
ip to expectation.'it is now reasonably
jertaln thai but one life was lost. This
nan. whose name was Miller, perished
n the attempt to aid people In distress,
rhc Kurltan river wan over twenty-five
eet higher thnn its normal condition
ust night The river and the canal
vers 200 yards apart before the water
)0Kttn 'to rise yesterday afternoon,wore
ill one lust night. The flood was ctmis>d
by the heavy rainfall overflowing
he Rarltan.
The water In the /meadow brook,
ibout a quarter of a. mile from the
ieart of Bound Brook, also overflowed
ts banks. The tforeo main blocks In
he village were flooded with water and
vhlle the cltlsens were trying to rescue
ieople from" houses that were In dangor
>f being swept way in their houses by
Jie llootH alirc was discovered.
It was first seen In the himber yard
jf L. D. Cook & Company. Citizens
,vere unable to do anything in the direction
of flghtlng the flames or resting
property, because of the swltfticss
of the current of water rushing
hrough the streets, which threatened
o carry men off their feet Under
:hese conditions the fire had simply to
junn Hself out. It Is thought that
weniy houses have either been destroyed
by the fire or wrecked by the
lood. Many small outhouses belonging
to farmers on the outskirts of j
Bound Brcrok were carried away by the j
lood and were swept down the Ra-rkan
tveri i
P/inn/1 Tlrnnlf I
las been partly resumed this afterioon.
The waters of the Rarltan river
lave recoded and they are about four
:eet Wgh on the main street cK the
own. The Are broke out at the tlmo
he flood was at Its height, dk! over
1100,000 damage. Ptvple driven from
ho4r homes by the fire and flood took
ctfuge at first In the Presbyterian
?hurch, but the flames spread to tJhat
fdlflce and the Inmwtes were obliged to
eave It. AU escaped.
MORRISTOWN. X. J., Feb. 7.?The
residents of the lower seotlon of this
own were kept In a state of terror last
light by the floods caused by the
>reaking of the Pocahontas lake dam
n the-upper end of Morrlstown. The
arater runhed into the valley, sweeping
sverytMng before ft. The people hud
;o take to' the upper stories of their
souses and remain there until they
:ould be removed In boats. The water
n the streets rose to a depth of from
leven to ten feet. No lives were lost. I
rhe lake dam had for a long time been
n a delapidated condition, ready to |
weak during any severe storm.
"cur* that the Lou of Life vrai Greater '
than Rfportcd.
BRISTOL, Conn., Feb. 7.?This afternoon
consternation was caused by the
ilscovery that the loss ot life by hist
night's ncciaerw may oe a* great u? ax
first reported. It has been learned that
&n the bridge at the fateful moment
there were twenty-one men Instead of
thirteen. Three dead bodies have been
rucaverod. eleven are known to be
ilhv. and seven are missing.
Among these are Patrick McCarthy
and James Mack, both of New Britain.
The army of searchers feel confident
bhat In Philnfleld Pond there are sev?ntl
ibodlrs, but there Is a covering of
Ice several Inches In thickness and all
efforts to ascertain the facts are futile.
Chief of Police Arms, of this placp,
Is conducting the search and \t is expected
that several bodies will be
found before nightfall. The storm has
interrupted communication with tJhe
outside world and the ascertainment of
details Is difficult.
The bodies recovered were those of
Martin Curry, Daniel O'Brien and
Nicholas Rich. The eleven survivors
sustained painful bruises, but none of
them was seriously hurt. The men constituted
a gang of engineers, mechanics
and laborers who were engaged In
strengthening the bridge, whiah 'had
recently been cond?nned as unsafe.
Sentenced ut Purkcntlmrg to the Penitentiary
for Robbery,
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
PARKERSBURO, W. Va., Feb. 7.TJzzle
Mlcbaela, convicted of robbing
James Smltt, an aged farmer, of 1273
In Llllle Cox's house, this city, recently,
wan sentenced to two years this
morntng. Michaels la not her right
namo and she refuned to give It. The
woman came to ParkeTBburg two years
ago from Wheeling. Shortly after her
arrival here she got public notoriety
by bolng a witness to the murder of
William Holen by Elmer Choddock,
who Is now serving a life sentence. She
Is about twrenty-one years of age. Her
accomplice in th<* robbery, Peter Louler,
Is now on trial. _
Receiver* Aaked For.
BALTIMORE, Md., Feb. 7.?A petition
was lllod bore to-day asking that
the receivers be appointed for the following
The J. Wtnslow Jones Packing Company,
1150,000; the Highland Packing
Company. 110.000; the Patuxent Canning
Company, *10,000; nil Incorporated
In Wcw* VlrRlnlu, and the Illverton
Live Stock Company, *25,000, incorpor
q'tfH] in Maine. AII'^iuuuuh vi nmur
vcncy are made and admitted In the
pleadings. It In understood that the
trouble grows out of Mie failure of the
Fort flttmdwix National Dank, In
Home, N. Y.. in whlcto J. Window
Jones. the hond of the ooncern* above
mentioned, wan deeply Involve*].
\Vu t'li?rlr*lo?? Negro.
Bpoclal Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
HTPJUBENVILLE, 0.. Fob. 7.-Coroner
Fisher's Inquest on tho body found
In the creek at Uloomflold has developed
that tho man was Alexander Mason,
a mulatto tunnel workman. He
urns thirty years of ago and his homo
was In Charleston, W. Vil There is no
bullet hole in his head, although foul
play is suHpected.
A Baby Kills HI" D rot her.
Special Dispatch to tho Intolllgencer.
HUNTINGTON, W. Va.. Fob. 7.Ashor
Stephens, aged twelve, was shot
by a brother two years old to-night In
Contra! City. They wore scuffling with
a rovolver when the shooting occurred,
and It Is thought to be accidental. Tho
lad Is mortally wounded.
The Kentucky Hallotlng.
wnATCKirhnT. Kv..Fob. 7.-The sen
tutorial ballot wtui devoid of excitement
to-day. The roeult was: Hunter
CG; Ulnckburn G2; MoCreary 3; Carlisle
2; Date I.
IMlr.I I'llrat Ilelltnf( PllM.
Symptom*?Moisture; Intonie Itching
and itlnKtnir; rno*t at nlifht; worao by
nrratehlriK. if allowed to continue tumori
form, which ofton bloed and ulcerate,
twromlnir very eore. BWAYNB'B
OINTMENT Ntopi fho Itrhlnt and bleedIn#,
hvalH ulceration, and In moit canen
romov?-n the tumori. At Orugglut* or by
moll, for fO cent a. Dr. Swayno A Bon,
"flow lo Cfire All gkln DIhmm.*'
No Internal medlclno required. Curoe tetter,
ocxeina, Itch, nil eruption* on the
fact, hand*, none, etc., leaving the "kin
clear, white nnd healthy, lta great healing
and curative power* are poueiuiad by
no other remody. Auk your druBgl?t for
From tho Courier*lletuld, 8 affirm
Mk?h.: It wan publleJy talk<^cl all ov
Clare Coun'ty, Mich., for oomo tlr
beforo the Courler-Ilerald fien-t a i
porter to Dover to fully invatftlfra
the Coulter imatter. He finally wei
ami we publish to-day his full repo
The Coulter* are prominent poop
though Mns. C. In reirponno to tho qu<
tlon whether who objected to being 1
tervtewed, #ald; 'Certainly not." H
story follows:
"About fourteen yc?w afro wo dcx
ae? 10 taite up our aixxw in uover a
everything went along waoolihly 1
several years, business progressed u
being of a saving temperament we c
cumulated quite an amount. Our floj
ily increased a? the years Tolled by a
we now havo Ave children living, t
oldest fifteen, youngest throe/but sir
ness made its way into our foouseho
and doctors' bills flooded upon us, u
til wo have nothing left but our htm
and these sweet children. Everytlit
went to satisfy the claims of phyi
"About three year? ago I had a ml
ernble feeling at the back of my ea
my right hand became paralysed a
the paralysis extended to my arm a
throat, and would affect my head a
eyes, sometimes for days I would If
my sight, my face was deformed. 111
less as 1t were, my nose was drawn
one sldo and I presented a pitiable n
pearonce and never expecting to regu
niy natural facial expressions. I 01
ployed the bevt physicians that con
be procured, expending thousands
doHars for their services, but oot:
nut nlvtnln ntllnf Ait ln?t. 4hi?V
my case was beyond the reach of mc
leal skill, and It would l*p but a eh<
time until the end would oome. T3
certainly was net very encouraging
inc. but I never gave up hope,
connection with receiving the atten
ance of physicians I have 'tried eve
medicine known to the apothecary.^
never received any relief until Dr. Wl
lwrm' Pink Pills for Pale People cw
to' my assistance. Before I had tak
half of tho first box the deformity
my faco had left me, and before fo
boxes had been consumed the paraly
had disappeared entirely and much
my surprise I felt like a new womc
I have not taken any medicine sin
last spring. Just alwut a ypar ago a
my trouble has not appeared slw
I owe imy health, my life to Dr. Wl
lams' Pink Pills.
"A short time since my little lx
John, was afflicted with St. Vlti
dance. He could not walk across t
room without assistance, in faot
would fall all over himself, birt afl
talcing a few boxes -of Dr. WlUt&n
Pink Pills, tit. Vitus' dance entlr?
left him, and no trace of the afTUcti
Is leflt. These Pills are worth th<
weight in gold. You may say In <1
connection tfhat I am willing a* a
time to make affidavit to the troth
these statements,, and furthermore
will answer any communication co
cernlng my case, as 1 consider It not
Ing more than right and Just that
should assist suffering humanity."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain i
the elements necewiary to give new 1
and richness to the blood and rostc
shattered nerves. They are for sale
all druKKlsts. or may be had by m
from Dr. Williams' Medicine Ooi
pany, 6chenectady, N. Y.. for CO ce:
per box, or ?lx boxes for <2 50.
The Feature* of tiir Money nud Sic
NEW YORK, Feb. 7.?Money on c
easy at 3V??7 per cent; last loan
per cent; closed at per cent. Pit
mercantile paper 5Vi<$7% p?*r ce
Sterling exchange easier, with act*
business Jn bankers' bills at U 87?
4 88*4 for demand and *4 88%04 8
(or sixty days. Posted rates $4 87}
4 8S^ and *4 89 and $4 89%- Commerc
....is $4 88. Suver certificates 67?
67.sc. Bar silver 67^c.
To-day's stock market was quite ri
ular. The volume of buslnegH was
about the scale a? yesterday, and
Paul and Sugar were again the lead
in point of activity, although thi
was to-day a disparity of over 40,
shares between them. In ravor or,!
second mentioned stock. Lower L<
don prices, for Americans and free f
elgn selling here attain exerted a i
pressing Influence upon the local spe<
la Ion. The dealings were for the m
part governing of the professloi
leaders whose tactics were most clea
evident In the manipulation of the
dustrlal shares. On the other ho
there was good Investment buying
some other rallroa.d stocks and partli
larly of the shares of the com carryl
stocks. Purchasing movement galr
fuller headway In the afternoon de
Ings, Sugar was the pivotal stock, r
Ing about U per cent on very hen
trading. Tobacco was tne exccptli
ally weak feature towards the closl
declining 3 per cent on heavy offerlu
The closing was active and heavy
tone, but with the net results ?jne
Trading In railway mortgages was
a larger scale, the dealings footing
$2,213,000. Higher prices prevailed.
Government securities were Irregu
In the early trading, but closed stea
There were heavy transaction* In i
new coupon aggregating $275,000.
Government bonds steady.
State bonds Inactive.
Railroad bonds strong.
The total sales of stocks to-day w
Evening Post'H financial cableRTar
The feature of to-day's market w
a further revival In Kaffirs. There v
Rood buying but the movement
rather difficult to understand, an
much that should tend to depress i
The other markets were Idle and ei
ler. Americans were lower on N
York sales, but closed above the low
The Paris bourse was steady a
Berlin was firm.
Now If. 8. 4s registered 11
New IT. 8. 4b coupon 11
It. 8. 5s rexlNtured 11
U. 8. coupon 11
IT. 8. 4s registered 10
IJ. 8. 4s coupon 1C
IT. 8. 2m registered 2
Pacific 6s or '95 1C
Atchison 1
Adams Express 14
American Express 11
Baltimore & Ohio 3
Cuntdu Southern fi
Cunt ml Paclllc 1
Chesapeako & Ohio 1
Chicago & Alton If
Chicago, Burlington & Qulncy <
Chicago Gas .................... f
Clevoland, Cincinnati, Cbl. A St. L... i
Colorado Coal & Iron
Cotton Oil Cortldcates 1
Delaware & Hudson 15
Delaware, Lackawanna & Wostorn...lfl
Denver & Rio Grande proferred 4
Distillers* & Cattle Feeders Co 1
Eric 1
do proferfed J
Illinois Central 5'
KanstH & Texas preferred 2
Lake Erie & Western S
do preferred 1
Lake Shore 14
* - j
Loulm-lllo & Naalivlllo A
Michigan Central ||
MlMourl Pacific J
Navhvilln & Chattanooga C
National Cordago
do preferred 1
New Jerney Central . 10
Norfolk fit VVoatern proforrcd
Northern Pacific
do preferred 1
Nortnwoatcrn w
do preferred H
New York Central H
New York fir New England 4
Oregon Improvement
Oragon Navigation ]
Pacific Mall J
Pltmhtirgh Ifl
Heading 1
Rock Inland <
St. Paul ?
do preferred 1*
flt. Paul fii Omaha <
do preforred 12
HuKiir riefloery 1]
TftnnflRaeu Coal & Iron 3
Texan Pacific
Toledo fit Ohio Central preferred C
Union Pacific ,
United State* ISxpro** <
Wahanh. tft. Loula & Pacific
do preferred 1
Wollfl Karpo Kx prima i
Western Union
tVh&Mni & f.tike Erie 12%
do pr??r??rrcil
Oc tutu I hivotrlo 2J>i
Tobacco ?ffJ4
do preferred 1'IJh
w V. a. Uai;??r preferred c.%
!Irrn<l?l?inii unit Provision*.
CHICAGO?tfcwno worn flgurcn from
Liverpool on European clearancea
brought njbout a radical change in
whwvt to-day and the market, after
jc* opening with all tho mark* of u bull
M,. Iliumui, V.IUBVU 75 >- inr.il I. V-OIII ?' ?
n. oivtn were helped by wheat and closed
C1 ullprhtly stronger, but provlslona made
material recessions.
Flour dull.
\Vh??at?Ca?h, No. 2 Hp ring, C6W
V,r 6G*4c: No. 3 spring C5c; No. 2 rod 70V*?>
nrt 70%c; February GI'.?ftGGH.0fl6%c; May
"u (lC>i.^flS%W6SV4c; June CC^tfC8%0G8%c;
July f?Gtt<SC7%tfiG7%c.
n.\ Corn?Cash. No. 2 yellow, 28%c; No.
urt 2, 2S,ic; February closod nt 28*4c: May
J? [email protected]%@30%e; July 31%031%<S>31%c;
September 32Vs^33(&:32T<.c.
?' Oats?Cash. No. 2. 10%c; No. 2 white
" f. o. b. 22c; No. 3 white f. -o. b. 20V4c:
* Febnrary closcd at lOttc; May 21%?
,i. 2lH?2l%c; July 2l,A?2l%?2i%c; Sep31
/Wmkr 21l4<ff,2l>4<3>21Uc.
. ' Rye?No. 2, 39^c. ^
L llarley?No. 2. nominal; No, 3, 250
"i 36c;.No .4. f. o. <b. 24H?26c.
",i Flaxseed?No. 1, Olc.
n.i Tlmothyaoed?Prime. |3 85.
" Mens Pork?Cash, per barrel, $10 20?
!? 10 2",; February $1017V4?10 4001017*fc;
tn May $10 37^010 60010 37%; July $10 550
i. 10 TOCflO r?5.
Lard?Cash, ner 100 lbs., $5 55; Feb
* rmiry 15 62*605 60flB62%; May 15 72%?
,Vd 5 80^5 72%; July ?5 S7%@5 92*606 87%.
Short Riba-Cafh. sides, *B20; F??b,l3
ruary Sr. 12%@5 22%tf5 12%; May
ed I5 32%*?5 42%?5 32%; July $5 42%?
Jj! B52%0&42%.
Jrt Dry saKed shoulders 4%$p4%c.
?i?i Short cJeor sides 5%@6%c.
to Whiakey?Distillers' finished goods,
Jn per /rn! Ion. $1 22.
*1. Sugars unchanged.
Ijy I3u ft or?Steadier; dairies [email protected];
,?t creameries 14$l8%c.
ij. Choose steady.
ne 12gg?? Steady; frorth 10%{?13c.
en NEW YORK?Flour, receipts 12,000
In barrels; exports 0,400 barrels; market
'ur flriji, with a better demand. Wheat,
uls exports 4,000 bushels; spot market
to strong; No. 2 red 82%c; No. 1 hard 78%c
in. f. o. b. afloat; options opened weak and
?e closed strong nt not advance;
ml No. 2 red February closcd at 73?fcc; May
co. closed at 74%c. Corn, receipts 36,100
11- bushels; spot markat firmer; No2,37%c;
options opened easier and closcd %o
>>\ net higher; February close<l at 37%c;
is* May 36%?S6*ic; closed at 86%c. Oats,
he receipts91^00buBhelB; spot marketflrm;
he So. 2, 25*[email protected],25%c; options very duU,
?r closing at net higher: February
closed at 26%<v. May closed at 26c. Hay
ly steadier. Hops dull. Hldosi dull,
on Leather steady. Coal quiet Beef
sir steady. Cutmeats weak. Lard barely
,lH steady; western steam cioei-u a.t ?.> oo
ny asked; May *6 05 nominal. Pork dull.
?* Tallow steady. Rosin dull. Turpentine
1 quiet. Rice steady. Molaeses steady.
Cottonseed oil dull. Coffee, options
,n~ opened steady and closed unchanged
1 to 5 points not decline: market quiet.
. Sugar, raw firm; refined quiet
lfe BALTIMORE?Flour firm and un,re?
changed; receipts 10,483 barrels; shipby
ments 64 barrels. Wheat dull; spot and
all month 74074Kc; May 73%{?73%o; rem.
ceipts 6,340 bushels; shipments 15.200
its buihels; Houthern wheat on grade 72?
75c. Corn steady; spot and month 33%
@33\oi May 35%@35%c; receipts 54,146
bushels; shipments 129,500 bushels;
southern white and yellow 32%?a3%c.
** Oats firm; No. 2 white western 24H
asked; receipts 977 bushelB. Rye
all firmer; No. 2 western 46(?47c; receipts
3>? 779 bushels. Hay steaay; choice tlmme
othy $10 00 asked. Grain freights very
nt. quiet; rates steady and unchanged.
Jal CINCINNATI?Flour firm. Wheat
L? firm; No. 2 red 75%c; receipts 2,000
" ? *- r CAA i>?-Kaiii Porn
?*4 DUttnein; ampmuiiiB V,HW w,.o... ....
firm; No. 2 mixed 30c. Oats steady; No.
dal mixed 22*?c. Rye dull: No. 2, 44c. Lard
6? (lrm at 15 35. Bulkmoats fairly steady
at |6 25. Bacon easy at 16 12%. Whls?g
ky steady; Hole# 514 barrels at $1 22.
on Butter steady. Sugar steady. Eggs
St. easy at 11c. Cheese steady.
ers TOLEDO?Wheat active and higher;
^ No. 2 cash and February 76Hc; May
000 77C; July 72%c. Corn dull and steady;
he No. 2 mixed 29c; May 31V4c. Oa*s dull
)n" and steady; No. 2 mixed 20%c; No. 2
ar~ white 22c; May 22He. Rye dull; No. 2
oash 41c. Cloverseed active and higher;
-U- prime cash, February and March 54 50.
"! PHILADELPHIA?Butter Arm: fan[!{*
cy creamery 20c. Eggs firm and He
,y higher; fresh near-by 16&16tec; do
nd wca*ern Cheese unchanged,
or Wool.
;u" BOSTON?The Boston Commercial
Biilletln will say to-morrow Of the wool
'*** trade and market: The only feature of
?'~ the market has been the liberal buying
,s" of Montna fine stuple on a basis of 37?
lV>* 38c clean by a Massachusetts worsted
)n" mill. The market is a little steadier.
The heavy failures In the clothing trade
and the disorganisation of prices on
men's wear wools continue to check aero1
tlvlty here. The Bales of the week ore
2,655.000 pounds of domcuU? and 1,224.000
on pounds of foreign, against 1,620.000
up pounds of domestic and 1.431,000 pounds
" of foreign last week and 2,319,600 pounds
lar of domestic and 806,000 pounds of forJy.
elgn for the same week last year. The
- -?-*?? ? i nf \ ,
[Ill' 811108 IU UlllL' oiiuiv iui mwjchcv u?
384 pounds of domestic and 4,717,800
pounds of foreign from the sales to the
same date In 18D5. The receipts to date
show an Increase of 775 bales of domesere
tic and 18,666 bales of foreign.
NEW YORK-Wool dull.
rn? Dry
.'ns NEW YORK?In the more extended
1* character of the Inquiry for all dcacrkpild
tlons of cotton*, there has been a very
the deal rod Improvement and much more
business has been effedted Hhan for
fcs- mnny days. The effect of tfoe surplua
ew mrbscrfptlon to the bonds becomes
st more marked every hour, yet the purtnd
chasing trade requires time to adjust
affairs and get to work, hencs the improvement
will be slow, but certain.
J. lYIntlng cloths disclose more business
r, doing, ns the sales for tho week are
6*4 180,000 places.
?* PAl>L IUVER?Print cloths In fair
a1 demand nt 204c; manufacturers flow
0 sellers *and sale* small.
IjIvb Stock*
?u I tt* A arr r TtiTrnTV_rn?J?i ct/widv and
A unchanfred. Hogs a abode higher and
0 closing strong. l^rtme medium weights
ov *4 40574 (Mi; twit Yorker* 94 r.0<tf4 M;
6tt heavy hogs U <W< 5S; plica <4 3004 40;
r:? roughs 33 000*4 AO. Sheep active; prime
2? sheep 53 40? 3 60; fliir $2 60*3 00; oomTil
mon $17fi?2 20; Iambs 13 000)5 00; veol
.{{} calves $fi 00f?(5 7fi.
3' CINCINNATI?Hops strong at $37501
;sJf 4 35; receipts 4,000 head; shipments
Jij 1,000 head.
(ity OIL CITY?Credit balances $1 48;
1 certificates, March dellvory opened,
hlKhest. lowest and closed at $1 42\ic
J* bid; shipments 03,107 barrels; runs 93,^
153 barrels.
NEW YORK?Petroleum strong: and
closed at $143 bid.
5^ Mrlnls.
B NEW YORK?Pig Iron barely steady;
? southern $11 750*18 25; northern |12 005?
,.7* 13 00. Copper llrm. Lead Arm. Tin
J*' firmer. Spelter quiet
vt ?
?!! "GIVE me a liver regulator and I can
r, regulate the world," said a genius. Tho
?*i druggist handed him a bottlo of Deh
NVllt's LlUlo Early Risers, the famous
si'/4 little pills. Logan & Co., Wheeling, W.
* Va., II. E. Peabody, Uenwood und JJowlo
?. /-?? J'-fl/Uroriurl O. 5
0 "
Upo Dr. MIIob' Norvo ria?tors for Spinal
Wcttknono. All druffglata sell 'cm for 2Co.
;;; J
Lightning Hot Drops?
Jjjj Whata Funnv Name!
Very True, but It Kills All Pain.
2^ Sold Everywhere. Every Day?
J} Without Relief, There Is No Psvt
?h i '
By Tlrtun of two dMrmoi
coun ol Ohio comity. W Vu., rttmjrf J"
tlio cliunccry cauno of A. a gJJJjf ?
mlinlnlstrator v*. Matilda A. Caldwoll
oiliorg, gn on Octobor 1.1MJin" ??
January 3. 1M0, tho unOer?lKn'^t"P?oW
eommlMloncra will ofTcr for mlo .at puwio
miction at tho front door of the court
liouro ot Ohio county. W. Va.. on
rotnm"i;ciriir ut 10 o'clock a. In., tho o
lowltiK dmcTlbeU property: , .
First?ElBhty-BOvcn rttaros of 'ho cap!
till BtorK OI 1110 >Vncuiti<f? ?tvu< ?
Company. J'ur value *100 per share.
Along with thlu stock will pass the right
to u 3 per cent dividend (JzCl) lately declared,
payable March 20, 189G. The Htock
will be Bold by the underslgnod, acting an
Joint spcclnl commissioners. The roal estate
hereinafter described will bo sold by
tho undersigned William Ersklne, special
8econd?Lots C and 7, in squaro 8, in the
Caldwell addition to the city of Wheeling,
being vacant lots situated on the west sldo
of Cnapllno street, north of Twenty-ninth
street, and running back to an alley near
the Paltlmoro & Ohio building now used
by the Warwood Tool Company.
Third?Lots 9 and 10 In said square 0,
being* vacant lots sltuatod at tho southeast
corner of Twenty-ninth and Market
streets, fronting on tho east side of Market
street, the suld lot 9 being tho corner
Fourth?Lot 29 In division K In said addition,
being situated on the hill east of tho
Laliello iron Works, said to contain flvo
and twenty-three hundredths acres.
Fifth?Lot % In dlvlHton K. adjoining
said lot on tho east, and said to contain
thirteen and nlneteen-hundredths acres.
Sixth?Lot 25 In division K, adjoining
said lot 26 on tho east, and supposed to
contain eight acres.
Tho said lots will bo offered separately,
nnd in Instances where two or more of the
lots are by said decree required to be sold
to satisfy the same liens thoy may be
offered together, but will be sold In suoh
manner as will bo found to bring the best
TERMS OP SALE?For tno saia bioc*
of tho Wheeling Steel nnd Iron Company,
cash: for tho real estate, one-third of tho
purchase money and such further portion
thereof as the purchaser may elect In
cash: for tho remainder, the purchoHer to
rjlvo notes for two equal amounts, payablo
n one nntl two years from tho day of sale,
with interest from day of sale. The Interest
on the two-year note shall be payable
GUY n. C. ALLEN and
Special Commissioners.
I hereby certify that bond with security
hu8 been Riven by the above named commissioners,
as required by law.
Clork of Circuit Court of Ohio County.
Ity virtue of a decree ot the Circuit Court ot
Marshall county, West Virginia, entered on the
28th day of Octobor. lttV in Chancery Order
Book No. 6. pago 2M, In obancorv cause therein
pending. In which the Stato ol \V?it Virginia it
plaintiff and Nell Quinn nnd others are defendants.
the undersigned, who were by the said decree
appointed special oommlaslonor# for tbe
purpose, will odor for sale at public auction, to
the highest and best bidder, at the front of the
City Hulldlng. in the city of Ben wood. Marshall
county, West Virginia, on
SATURDAY, tub 28tii day or DECEMBER. 1893,
taeinulng at 2 o'clock p. m., of that day, the
following described real estate, sltaato in tbe
city of Benwood, Marshall county. Wait Vlrglula.
that is to sari Lot No. 39, In Tchad's Third
" '' ? - -i-- ? ?i.? Ibnmnl
AIJIOUUCU AUUiwiawkniiKiviv Ml -?
being the property convoyed bf tbo 8cbmnibnrh
Brewiug Company to Mid Nell Qui nil by
deed dated April V, 1891. and now of record lu
tbo office of tbo Cleric of tbo Countr Court of
Marshall county, In Deed Book No. U7. i>agu 300.
Alto the undivided two -eveuths of part of a
tract of land In Union district. in Mid county
and atato. known aa tbo Crangle and Fleming
lot. and lying immediately south of RoMnson'a
addition to Benwood. and north o( the Den wood
Iron Works Rolling Mill property, and bounded
and described ni follows: Beginning at a stako
on the easterly aide of a sixty-foot roadway, and
250 feot southwardly from the intersection of tbo
easterly side of SeoCnrt street with the eouth lino
of Roblnson'a addition: thcuco with the easterly
aide of said sixty-foot roadway southwardly and
at right unifies with the south line of-Mid Robinson's
addition dftvfeettoa stake; thence at
ricbt angles from said alxty-foot road war. parallel
with ?ald sonth line of said Robinson's ad*
dltlon nluety-threefoet to the we?t?rlv side of a
sixteen-foot roadway, and with Mid side of ?ald
sixteen-foot roadway northwardly and parallel
with said sixty-foot road tray fifty feet to u stake;
thence westwardly and parnilef with aatfjoinb
Hue of said Robinson's addition nlnety-threo
feet to the beginning.
Touts or SALe:-One-thlrd of tho purchaso
money, and as much moro thereof as the purchaser
shall elect to pay. in eaah on tho day of
Mle and the residue thereof payable In two ??.|n?l
installments In one and two year* respectively
from the day of sale, with interest from that day.
the purchaser giving his notes for tbo deferreil
payments, bearing interest as aforesaid, with
personal security thereon satisfactory to said
special commissioner*, a&A\be\ttta\oto
od until payment in full of said purchase money
and interest. T.J. PARSONS.
^ Sjpeclal CommtoloiMsw.
i iicroov Brrtii; iuat <jcwik<i ? vmu-vn ......
T. J. Parana. tho above immod special coram!**
alonen. havesiren bond and security *? required
by the court and by law. and tho Mid bond and
security have been approved by me
Clorkof the Circuit Court of Marshall county,
W. Va. no28-Th
The above aale U adjourned until SATURDAY.
FEBRUARY 8. 18M. nt tho ?nme honr and
place T. J. PAR80N8.
do-tl JaI5.fol.8 Special c'ommloloncw.
Tlmo tablo In effect December 10, 1S95.
NOTICE?Plenao tako notlco that trains
of the Ohio River R. R will run by Euatern
Standard Time on and after Soptoraber
?. IStf.
Dully. IDally except 8unday. Eaatern
South Bound, j 1 8~j E 7~~
Vla'P.e.C.&St.L. Rl a. m: p. m.
Plttaburgh. Pa..L*e[ 9:10 112:45
Steubenvllle.... L'e *10:25 -2:09
Wheeling ....Arrive! 11:35 JJ:?
(a. m. a. m. p. m.
7:00 !11:45 4:00
?:lti 1C:01 4:15
7:?i 12:1G 4:K
i:40 1:12 LX
Blfttemvlllo 9:06 1:36 6:00
Fifondly 9:1. 1:15 6:12
Bt Maiy? 9:45 2:11 6:43
William stows 10:25 2:5o 7:26
Porkcraburg 11:00 6:25 8:00 7:15
Belleville 11:33 4:02 7:53
p. m.
Rovonnwood 12:07 4:38 8:25
Ripley Landing .... 12:W 4.? 8:56
aruhnm 12:54 5:22 8:f2
Now Ha von 1:01 6:27 9:80
Hartford 1:W ?:? 9:34
Mason City W0 5:37 9:40
Clifton 1:16 5:41 9:45
Pt. Plenaaiit 1:40 C:M 10U7
GatllpoUa Ferry .... 2:11 6:Cft lOiS*
Guyandotte 3:16 7:55 11:45
Huntington 3:24 S:M 7:20 12:03
Kcnova _. _3:48 8:28 7:6j 12:15
Via k. & M. Ry. p. m. p. m. pm
K. & M. Jt?ne....Lv 11:35 *9:42 2:35
Charloaton Ar 15:06 *11:55 6:03
Gallipot In 12:? ~7X joili
Huntington 1:50 8:C0 11:45
Via C\ & O. lly. a. m. p. ni.
Lonvo Huntington. !2:1R *2:80 2:15
Ar C?iarlc*ton,\V.V 14:19 *3:45
Konova Arrive *2:05 19:10 112:05
-Vi<nr& O. Ry. p. m. a. rii. p. m.
Konova Leave *2:3G *4:45 *2:25
Cincinnati, O....Ar *6:50 tf:00 ?C:50
Lexington, Ky...Ar *7:00 9:35 JTtiO
' ~ W. J. R0niN*80N.ir'P. A.
?Ponnpylvnnin Bmtioiib.
gnnsulvania Lines.
Trains Run by Central Time.
Wat*it St., I ?w o? Et.rv*xtk St . tfneiti.tKO,
at Mol.v** Hourt. tvinsiuvp, aw at to--.
I'EMKfTIA*!*!* pTATtO*. PunxiKPOBT.
Botoiwmt by?txm-" pak iuhuik rout*."
Dally. IDutly except Sunday.
From wheeling to Leave. .Arrive
Welleb'K and Stoub'e.. C;24 am 15:35 pm
McDonald and Pitta.. 18:25 am !5:35 pm
Now CumburlMil...... 0:M ?m 10:35 rm
liullannpoll" ""''.I1'" !? S pm
Columbus and Clncln. jw.?5 em !5:35 pm
Wellab'K ana miouo o.. jo:*o am 10:36 pm
Phlla. nnd N. Y. 12:25 pm JJ.1W pm
Btrub'o and Pitta...... !U-.a&pm 53:20 pm
Columbun und Chlo o. 112:M pm !2:2U pm
Phlla. nnd N. \....... *a;M pin um
Unltlmoro and \\ a?h. X:tt pm ?10:36 nm
Btnub'e nnd Pltte...... ^:65 pin *10:35 am
Btiuib'o und D?'unl?on. *i:Ki pm *10:35 am
Indlunapollf and St. U a.oopm I6:ia am
Duyton and Unoln.... S:W rm !d:13 urn
Btoub'o und Columbue. 18:00 um (0:11 am
NorihWMHt Systotn- clove, ou Pitta. Ulv,
TmtuH run dully, except Sunday aa folFroui
nrldgoport to Leave. Arrtvo.
Port Wayne and Chicago 6:08 am 8;05 pm
Canton aniTToli'do....... 6:* am K.W v,m
iMtWburgh and Bteub'o.. 6:08 um S.08 pm
Btpubonvllle und Hltte.... 6:08 um 8:06 pm
Steub'e and Plttnburffh.. 9:09 am 10.V6 nm
Cleveland and Chicago... l:io pm 8:06 pm
Cnnton and Toledo....... 1:10 pm 4:6.1 pm
Alliance and Cloyeland... 1:10 pm lfU pm
Bloub 0 und WcIIbvIIIo... 0:13 pm 7:M am
Plitlu. und Now YinK.... 2:44 pm 8:06 pm
galttmoni and Wash 2:44 pm 4:6.1 pm
loub'o nnd PltteburKh.. 2:44 pm 8:05 pm
J. O. TOMUNH^N. Paw Airont.
Station Foot o t Eleventh and Water tit a.
Arrlvalnnd dapartnro or trains on nod afttt
Jammr* 20.liMMJ. Kxci.anation or HrrsAwc*
JIaiikh: 'Daily; (Daily, oxcapi Sunday; Jl'illjr.
ci?*"ptHal'!ri?/; S folly, axcopt Month?, itfun?l?y?
only; jMond.iyn only; "u'Aturiittyn only.
luwtoroHlitndArd Time.
pkpaht. Main Lino. dwt arrive.
I f A ?m Wmh.i"r, BrtlL. Phil. 4 N. V aui
H: 10 j?m Waih.Cy. B.1I1.. I'hll. * N. Y
17:0) am (-'umbcrlund Ax com fWtfpm
*3:40 prn 'iraflou Accoro *10:10 ain
AR-.40 am .....Mnmvlavflto Ancom am
prn . ..^MoiiikIhvMIo Aecom 4l:40 pin
11:00 pm Moun^vllle Aceom *7:40 pin
11j2& Hinl-WathlimiOH City Kxorcii.. T4:X> pm
,|.. Grafton Kxprmu .. |4:gS pm
parAjrr. H..fcO,RK.?d O. Dlv^wt arrivr.
*7:35 am For Columbia and Cblcaju "1:1") am
J0-.1.S am ..Columbni aud OineliuuitL pin
111:40 pin ..CoIoinbUA and CluciunatL N.M am
mn CftlmnblU and Chln??a Ken ftKMD nm
ffcSO piu ZaneavUlo ACoorn tifcM am
am rit. <:ialrnvill<9 Acoora-.JflO-.55 aui
f3:30 pm ft. Clalrnrllla Acoom....| pm
}2A0 Htu Oluuibiu and Clnclu. Exp. ........
?IM5 am .../hndinky Mall *6:30 pm
' PKPART. a U.K?W., P. 6t JJ. D1T akkivr,
*4:.V? aui -For Pittsburgh *10:10 am
7:10 am Pittsburgh ........... *7:00 pm
pm Pittibursfh and E*?t M1:.X pm
pm .. ....Plttuboryh........... flO-.OO am
..Pimburgh h<pr<"<?. jl.X am
DBrairr. P..C. C. ?fc Bt. L. Ht. jmwva.
17:2.'. am ....^...-PltuburRh- pm
yi:Vt am .....StonbanTilleand Wont..... p:3S pm
fl^S pm -Plttibnrsh and Now York. pm
*3:55 pm -Pittsburgh aud Now York. 11: r> am
fam Exproas. Clu. mid.fit. LouU t7:ll am
pm Kxpron, Clu. and Ht. Lotili tu t. pm
pm K*pro?i,8toub.aQdCHIoago tMa PW
pra-Pituburgh and DcnnUou-. "11 > am
PKfABT. C. & P. It R.?HtllXJKVORr. AantTB.
r.K>H am -Fort Wayno and Chlbago- pm
0:08 am Canton andTdknlo .. jf.M pm
<WW am ....AHlanoeand Cloroland... ffcO'' pm
5:08 am ttieubeovUleandPltttburgh JftM pia
f (r00 am Htcnbenrllleand Pituburgh flt-d} am
^10 pm -Fort Wayuo and Chicago- tfcM pa
?10 pm Cauion and Toledo. piM pm
7:10 pm ...Alliance and Cleveland.... tw
Mi pm Philadelphia and Network {5:?pia
. 41 pm Baltimore and Waihlogton tV.w>p:a
< H inn hteubennUoandPltUtourah iftiSjpia
f7:18 pm ..flmubonTHIa A Wtillarllla.. ffr.M am
~D*rTirf. W. <t L. E Rr. aanva.
?:.? *m -Tolndo and Wo*L._. to-jo pm
9:90 junjClerelund. Akron A Canton f6J6 pm
9:30 *nt Brill iltit and StenliuUvlliu Hi;05 pin
7:30 pm Mojnillon and Cdntoo..... ftftiQ am
7:30 |>P)|UrllHaut nud StcnbenrlUoJflOiift am
17:1* ftui Cleveland.Tolodo A: Chicago (I:S3 pm
f 1:40 pm Uoraland.TolodoAChicago f7^0.om
J voo pm Mawillou AoOom ? 110:50 am
ft .*01 ami St. Ciatmitlo Aocdm ffrJI am
f 10:08 im) SL Cluirvrlllo Accom..... *1:M pm
p-M pm t?i C,lair?rlllolAocom.v. f4:<8 pm
fi:3J pm St. Ciairsrllle Acoom.m f7:02#m
fi:05 pm|... iiOcat Ftofeht.. fifeiS am
DKPiBt. I OHIO KIVK& 11 K. abwvk.
*7:00 am ...Pawongfir ....... ?10:46 am
f 1!:13 am ......... ...i'aiicnger. t-fi pm
"4:00 pin| ....Pai?ngor....... tji pm
matic a. z. ii a railroad. **rml
10:10 Am ....Bollnire and Zanosrlllft ... 4:20 om
3:13 pm ............. tVoodirtleld 9:15 am
Dcpartaro and arflul of
traJnn at Wboollag. ftutern
time. 8chednje lu ?{
pMa' andfjli)?w?V o
Hud U:J) a. m., and 3:40 p.
CtiroDerlaad Aooommodatiou, 7:00 a. m>, foil?
except Sunday.
urafton Accommodation. 3:40 p. m., daily.
Moundivillo Accommodation. t:ou ana
B.m. nnd 5:30 p. ra., exoept Sunday, and 11:03
p. m., Saturday only.
?roro New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore
a. ra.. daily.
Cumberland Express, 4:29 p. m., dally, exoept
UratumExpcew 4:25 p. m.. Monday only.
Cumberland Acooraraodation, 7:05 p. a.,0?
oept Sunday.
Gratton Accommodation, 10:10 a. ra.. daily.
Moundsrillo Accommodation. 7:4) a. m.. ox*
crpt Sunday. 10:10 a. m.. dully, 1:10 and 7:0?
p. in., except Sunday, and 7:40 p. m. Saturday
For Columbus and Chicago 7:3b a. m. and 8:13
p. m., dully.
Colurabui and Cincinnati Express. 10:15 ft- xn.
dally. IIM0p. in., dally, cxcopt Saturday, aad
2:40a ra Suudny only.
Sandusky Mali, 10-.15 a. ra.. dally.
Zntiepviilw Accommodation, 3:30 p. in., dally
except Snadoy
St.Clnirarill* Accomodation, 10:15 a. m. and
3:30 p. ra., except Sunday.
Chloago Exp reus. 1:13 a. m. and 12:10 p. m.
Cincinnati Express 450 a. m. and 5:30 p. m.,
Sandusky Mail. 5:30 p. ra.. dally.
JCuiiwrli* Accommodation. *j:53 a m. dally
except Sunday.
Clainvtlta AmxaarrtatVm, 10:W a. m. and
5:30 p. in., dally, except Sunday.
For PlUibntrh. and 7:10 n. m.. andPin.,
dally; a?d3:J6 p. m.. dally, excopt 8aodayFor
Pltuburjb and tie out. a. m. aod6.U
From Pittsburgh. IfelO a. m. ?nd 7:M p.jn..
dolly, *? d"1,3r: 941 m2?*
ml. exceptduudar.and2&Z m.. 8and*ronly..
TiiaClenlwi, Lorala 4 Wtiasllag, R. B.
Time Table In eflest Mouda*. NoreoborJI. 18H.
rWffland Depot. Foot o( South Wator Street.
CeotralTtmc ajw. r.Mjr.M a.m.|a.m
l^ralu. dep..
Klrria. i:JS if tif
Grafton ?;33 J.* M?
gajas ffispn
Isffi&r SSSSjSS ?=?
Jnmli ".-"' lOtnn 3:<fl 1:? t:4(l
Canal borer. '0;? !')?
SeirPhllad. lfc??:l?.Mtt ?:?
Ubrlebarllle U:?4:J2 KA <:??
BtCI&lr*villo ? 9*0 3:05 S:2J
nrUtsmorl... ):??'?.? 0:? ft* lisi ?<<f ?.??
iSltl-t. 1-.37 ..._ Wiolika 1S30 <;0> ? \
F.iectrlc cur* between Wheeling. Martln'a Forry
and U. u & w Depot iu Bridgeport.
fallalr* ?? 1805 MO W5 M? Mg
SrlittSbrt G:ir? 12:40 4:00 7:01 *08 1:81 4:88
Si (SKrtUft- *? 22Dfcl5 7:40*60 M8k?
I'urlchSViU- .. fc* J: 10 *? &0O A.II A.M P.M R*
New Tbllndu... : * 8:28 2:5.16:17
SmIDOTW.... &4? 8:30 *00 0:24
jJVt. J W* HBflcM
MaSvlllbu 0:30 0:33 3:45 7:10
wS5U ~*s?8B m**
Ktcrllnit-......? 7:16 ?!?{
Cblpp'waLake :*? 10:26 4:48
Medina 7H4 10:87 5:00
SrJcL 8:2? 1&M Ml
Grafton 6:01
KiriZ. WOllril *ai
Lorain * Shift HiSS 8*t
Letter ici~ I'M10:46 5: IS
Cleveland, Ar.. 9K?11:80 0:15
X-U A.M. f. M. I L?
7:30 a. ui. from ClcreUtid to UhrlehtTlUe. SM
n m. (mm Uhrlchsvllle toCldYoland ron? dsttrIbntHRh
ponncdUooi and ihronjrh tlckittto
all point*. Call on our agent* or add row
11. u. caRRKL General Pawonier Aicat.
Wheeltnn & Elm Grove Rallroal
OmuiiUftorSrtiiniv. Kubruarf A "U. i?Im
will niu m fotlovn. city Umo: ^
Tr'n T'nioTr'n~T'mo Tr'n. rmolfrn *??
. ,n p.m. ntu. P-io.
No 5...WN(X 20..fc00Na U1<WQNa S9.JM8
SS ?...*<? No. 3?.' oK;<x *...ioa
N<v 6....t*:(X> Na 2I...MM Na ? ?**>
Na (L fcOO'Nn. 20...d.tM No. 7.?t9:00 Na
nS tanw'xo. a...7K? Na ?.%$?> 37...7jJ>
Na 13.11*0 Na y0...8.(? Na 11.11:0) Na ?...JW
n, m Na p. n? Na
Na 14 f 12:00 No. Ji.inoi) Na WJiuO Na
Na JflL.ro) Na 30-11:00 Na lft...l:0J Na SSuUtOI
Na Na 17...?00|
Sunday c'bureh twlus will lotro Kim QroftM
9USa in. and Wnoollug at 1*17 a m.
It K. WuKuEUbttft Uou. Manager.
Wheeling Bridge ScTerminal Ry.
C. O. BRKWSTER Kocolver.
Tlmo Table No. 13, to take oftcct 12:01
a. m., 8unduy. November 19, 1*91
Leave \Vhuellng-Ti>:uo, 1V:4* |ll:40 a. m.?
t2:W. 3:15, t4:30, 19:00 p. m.
Leave Peninsula?13:08, 19:51, |U:4* a.
in.. 12:20. 3:31. ii'MJi'M p. TO.
Leave Martin j? Kerry?18:12. 19:57, |U:SI
a. in.. 12:52, -3:37. 14:41, |#:12 p. m.
Arrive Ternitnnl Junction?1fi:17, 110:03L
III :GS a. m? 12:8s, ;j;K, K:46, 89 :18 p. m.
Leave Terminal Junctlon-t7:22. {9:00 a.
m.. *12:40 a. m., ?314:05. tf?:i4. 1*:45 p. nu
1 .Olive Martin'" Kerry#-t7:2S. |9n)7, a. ra?
1!:45, 14:05. 14:10. 16:1JJ. fh:M l?. to.
Leave P*n1nfiila-t<:>4. |9:14. a. ni,. *1S:5U
(4:11, t4:17,lk:?. 1 * P- **
Arrive WheellncM7:40. |9:20, a. m* ,
12:117. 14-J7, 14:?, 15J1. TO.
Dally, tually except Sunday. |8un*
dayn only.
All train* wUl run on Enitern Tlma
J. E. TAUSSIG, Superintendent. *

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