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(smci FROM FOOD,
Bui Hie Food Must be Digested.
Then-1? no way to get strong without
/ooJ. food l? the strength maker.
jiui .-nough rood, properly digested,
mikes liic strong and healthy man or
voaan. To%much, loo Ik tip, or evon
,hr riff tit quantity, not flighted, -will
make anybody weak. I
Tiif beginning- of all sickness Is
wmkeeis. The beginning of all weakiie??
Is Indigestion. So to keep strong,
t.vik after your digestion. That is thu I
tnos: Important point of all.
When your food ferment* In your
(tonrach and forma gas, causes dlxzlnuusea,
bad taste, sick headache,
full feeling. nervousness, lrrllability,
etc., you have Indigestion., You are losing
;i j?art of your life. Every hour
you arc sick causes a lops of strength.
" Tin1 way to cure It Is to take Shaker i
]Mse*:lYt! Cordial. A few doses will
relieve. If you tako It long enough you
will regain the strength you have lost.
Shaker Digestive Cordial Is made
from herb# and plants by the Shakers
of Mount Lebanon. It contains very
strong, digestive tonic propcrUes. it
creates strength. It makes your food
make you strong and bright and healthy.
It clears your complexion and
strengthens your body against discs*
If you want to get atrong and
well, try a bottle.
Sold by all druggists at 10, 25, 50
ponts anil $1 00 a bottle.
f OLD f
| Export Whiskey, j
f IT wtulnly u * duly ?nil our .iMlre to f
i I aMUlai v?B?ttbUWMalltlil4<>*>. J
f ItlMoloor fiioort TOU*?y ?hon iron T
a n<v.l this article Tor medicinal or imnujr m
f purposes. There U uaae oa Ibc market F
l more entitled to youn*?nslderatlon. It A
f b? Act-. Purity. and being free from all F
j lojurlou# Ingredient* should command x
f youratwutiou. f
f HL1, QUARTS $1.00. A
i S??ld lit Wheeling only by A
J JOHN KLIHI, SRi!ff!?Si \
f Ma I and express order* will receive f 1
A prompt attention. JO* FLKM1NO 4 a
r SOX. <12 Market strcoL Pittsburgh. F
^ jiP>Tfhutr>* ^
I Talk is Cheap, j
/ But it takes money to buy if
a und to gt> t value lor your money A
f >n whiskey, try a quart of f
f Tber are tho boat-Thai*? what wo i
. clnira for them. For aula by every \
9 tint <'1om dealer, or fouit direct lor ?
. tbem to \
' MlYtflGM ? Ked?ral ?L. f
i BAA hbDlfl. ALI.Kr.HKM*. PA. x
w Our newr Catalogue mailed oo applica- f
| Uoo. Rend for one. a
>?*?**?- DOCTOR **+++*+. '
u ? IrvV. -WV-rntd ,
W1U nop ? COUKU ? ? ,,7
in*4ey. end euro consumption if taken
in time. If the little ones have'Croup or
Whooping Cnugb, <
Z*9"^K lUttlfrtrnMy*
Croup la a very
* h?Vf onef I
r dinger U 1
The diaeaee pfogreM*? *? tapldly that '
the lose of a few hour* Jn treatment i?
' Often fetal. ACKER'S Broliim KBMBr>v
will enre Croup. mod It should ml- '
1 wmyw he kept In the boatw lor
emrr^rnejra. A ?s cent bottle may
1 uvt your child'e life.
i Thre.ilieiia9e.50e.fi. All Dro?*i?U. ,
tO &s iH Chambers tit.. New York. C
narr^^"'|ty^ll nn%
roof dlwiMot. Weak Mem*
orr. Lotiof Drain Pow?rtHe?d?f he.Wak?fnlne??,
!.? ? Vitality, olfhtlf emlMlon*. erll dnmnii,
imnottney ?o4 wMltng <U??a?-? cmied bf youthtvirror*
oreirMin> Contaln? nooplftM*. la
n*rre tonloand blo??1 bnlldei*. .Mftttna the
prepaid with ? wrtiton fMftntM to cure or money
'-fnn<l?d. Preo mrdlial book, waii rt. pUIn
w'?pp#r, with M?dUmnnl?1? and financial rnlw
noat. .Y? cfaroi jor foniu/Mkmt. Htwarr n/imiMUm>
MI4 wOff MTiraMlMNntl.OTMllfNl
S--?elto?4 tf:?.. M*?on'? T*nipl?, Chicago.
HoM in Whcolin*, W. V*., Uy Logan
Ltuie Co.. corner Main und Tontli MtroaU.
rimnbln; ami llti Fitting,
Steam and lint Water lloatlii?.
* Fail Lla? of tbo ColohrotcJ
??~K?ipt(V>n*tnntly on I!*nrt.
^yiLLIAM HAitfc Jc BOX.
Practical Plumbers,
<.as and ktk.ur fitthhs.
No. a8 Twelfth Stroot.
All Worn Doua Promptly at itotwonabla IM.ni
But is a Very Exciting Story Jusl
the Same.
Illicit DUtlllrr* Litrcil Revenue OlHoeri
Into nit Aintiii?ra<te ~*kot Stopped tlx
Duel?It llnd Been n lllootlr <>?? wit*
Knlvee?A Htmple Story Located i?
West Virjjlnlu.
The following story appea-a in th?
Now York Sunday Press. It is a sample
of the sort that frequently flppean
In the metropolitan press about allegci
occurrences In West Virginia and help!
to give this state a wild and wool)
reputation among eastern newspapei
readers. The writer of this article
however, overdid the thing In locatlnt
the occurence In Smyth county. Wan
Virginia. There Is no Smyth county lr
West Virginia. There Is a county bj
that name in Virginia, and It Is thli
sort of a mixing up of the two statei
by "Intelligent'' newspaper men of Now
York that has helped to give us the
unenviable reputation above referred
to. Following Is the Press's thrilllnt
"Whoever says that the avoragi
West Virginia moonshiner Is a merciful
creature, so far as revenue officer!
are concerned, certainly doesn't know
what he's talking about." said a wellknown
revenue agent to a Press reporter
last night. "Not long ago I wai
In Hrnflrlfnivl Umvlk nnimlu IV Vn
heard that moonshiner* were opcratlnf
along Tumbling Creek, near the base oi
the Clinch mountains. and I determined
to break up their stills. 1 had been toU
that the gang wan a desperate one. an<
that If I went after them I would probably
lose my life. I had dealt with
makers of Illicit whisky before. I started
?ut at daybreak, accompanied by n
tall Virginian, who never experienced
a thrill of fear in his life. When wi
got within about three hundred yardi
of the place where I had been told thi
still-house was situated, we tied oui
horses and stole through the wood toward
the object of our raid. As w<
neared the place we heard angry voices.
1 looked out into the clearing In which
the stilUhouse stood, and saw twe
young moonshiners facing oach other
" 'Yo' did t??li 'em/ yelled one of thi
" *Yo' He ef yo* say so,' said the other
"That settled It. Out came theli
knives. The blades flashed In the air,
and it wasn't many seconds before thej
were dripping with blood. They slashed
right and left Their clothing wai
cut Into shreds, and I knew that it wai
but a question of tlmo when both would
sink to the ground hurt or dead.
"While they were fighting awny 1
heard a yell. Next moment a short,
heavy moonshiner, with a thick yellow
beard, burst into view, carylng a gun
Taking quick aim, he llred at one of th<
men. That man went down like a log
The other staggered around to see whe
llred the shot. It was his father.
" 'Yo' tale." shrieked the old roan.
"The son tried to answer, but he wai
so weakened by the loss of blood anc
the fierceness of the struggle, that h(
fell in a faint beside the form of hli
advwsary. Before he could raise r
hnnrl. fh?? old nmn ahnt hli inn'a frv? r
second time. Ho didn't kill him: hf
only badly wounded him. It didn't
take us a second after that/o *P*"lnp
out Into the clearing and capture ih?
old man. You never-saw such a surprised
fellow In your life. We tied hltr
t6 a tree. ?
"How that old moonshiner did sweai
and rave! I never heard anything llkt
It. As the wounded men were In no posltlon
to prevent us from carrying ou1
our plans, we went and destro-M thi
still. We turned loose probably 3(X
gallons of Illicit stuff. When we stepped
out Into the clearing again w<
found the old man had wrenched himself
loose and escaped.
"Take the case of Deputy Mnreha
Lawson Worrell, who was shot b)
moonshiners at the base of the Blu<
Ridge mountains, near HlUsvllle, tw<
weeks ago. Worrell and hla compan
ion, W. H. Thornton, were told tha
some men were operating an illicit dls
tlllery near the foot of the mountains
and that ir they went there at on<x
they would be able to destroy the still
as all the moonshiners wore away
They regarded the mnn who told then
the story as a person who could be full:
trusted. But, like all others of hli
class, he was treacherous. The rnoun
tnlneer was a moonshiner In dlsffulse
and Worrell and Thornton were led In
to an junbush. They rode out Into th<
dark, and kept on until they got nea
the foot of the mountain,
"Thon they dismounted, and walke<
to the still-house. When almost li
front of the bulldlnK. six men.arme<
with Winchesters, rose up from bchln<
a number of logs and openpfl fire upoi
the revenue men. Worrell fell; Thorn
ton escaped In the darkness. A moon
shiner named Jones, lifted Worrell 01
his shoulders nnd took him to a nearb;
house. Thornton made his way t<
Mount Alrey, N. C. He saw a physt
clan, and the next day he started ti
Worrell's aid. with some remedies tha
the doctor had fflven him. While rid
Infc alnm? the lonely road he was so
upon by a dozen or more moonshiner*
After disarming him, they dragged hin
from hin horse and boat him so that hi
could not walk. A few daj's later War
rell was taken to his home In HUlsvtHc
where he now lies In a critical condl
"So far about 2.000 gallons of llllel
whisky have been seized by revonui
agents In Carroll county. The moon
shiners are a bad lot. You can't trus
them, and the man who Is desirous o
living long will do well to keep awaj
from them." ^
A Terrible Accident*
PAWTUCKBT. R. I., Feb. 10.-Om
man was killed, one was fatally Injure*!
and five others slightly hurt by the cx
plosion of a 110 horse-power holler al
the Ann and Hope cotton mill, Lons
dale, to-day. List of killed and Injured
Patrick McCannon. unmarried, a Are
man. instantly killed.
Hugh McLaren, will die.
James Plnnegan, 11 reman, badlj
scalded, will recover.
The engineer, assistant engineer, an<
other fireman and a coal cnrrler, wh<
were In the building nt the time, wen
also hurt, but their injuries are no!
serious. ^
r.,ti nil,i,I. ?ii.ifU.
LONDON. Feb. lO.-The Hon. Cecl
Rhode*, formerly premier of Capo Colo
ny, started for Buluwayo to-day. Mr
Rhode*' departure wa* managed vers
quietly. It I* understood that he wli:
return to England for the trial of Or
Jnmenon, which will tako place In Juni
The Pall Mall Oa*otte thl? aftrrnoor
mention* the report that Mr. Rhoda
went away In order to defeat any at
tempt upon the part of the house ol
commons to *top him from leaving tin
Knows A Unori Thing.
NEW YORK, Fob. 10.-The Jernej
City Journal, recognized a* one of ih<
leading afternoon paper* In the *tate 01
New Jersey. and which hn* recent i3
passed Into the control of Shefllelc
Phelpn, lion of the late Hon. Wllllnir
Walter Phelps, to-day begin* the ful
leased wire fwrvlco of the Annoclatcd
Pre** nnd abandon* the service of tlx
United Pre**. _
HOOTJITNO. healing, clean*lng. !> ?.
Witt'* Wlteh Hostel Halve In the enemj
to Sores, wound* nnd pile*, which II
never fall* to cure. Htop* Itching an?
burning. Cure* chapped lip* and coldsore*
In two or three hour*. Logan A
Co.. Wheeling, W. Vn., II. F. Penbody
Pen wood, nnd Uowle & Co., Bridgeport
O 7
TheNhortrat ami Hut-rat Way liy Wlilch ll
C'NII IN* IhiUi-.
t "There uro ft thousand ways of fighting
a cold, but only ono way to effect u cure."
It was an experienced mod I en 1 man wno
uttered thin nagti remurk not Ion* ago.
"Do you know," ho continued, "that
thoro In one wuy to euro oolds and prevent
colds that can always be rolled upon? It
In a Bsftt und rolluble remody, but I always
hesitate to recommend It because tt Ik
i liable to lead to serious mistake*. I will
toll you in confldcnco, however, thnt there
> 1m nothing hotter or safer to take In win.
ter tlmo than purn mult whisky. The only
trouble In that It must be absolutely pure,
i The ordinary whisky you got In saloons or
bar-roomN will not do. Thnt I* where ipont
iMnnli. fr.ll n ivrnnir ihon thi'v tlllllk thnt
whisky Ik whisky. and that ft Is all the
Burno. They forget that thero Is hardly a
i whisky free from adulteration. To do
. any good, whisky must ho thoroughly
pure, and It Is only such n whisky that 1
I would ever recommend."
I The opinion above given Is Interesting,
but It Is not now. Every experienced phy?
slclan knows thnt puro malt whisky Is
P nature's grout remedy for stimulating thu
vltnl forces and building up tho health.
: Rut such a whisky Is not to ho found everywhere.
Thoro Is, in fact, only ono that
has boon proved to bo medicinally puro
> and free from adulteration. This whisky
I Is Duffy's pure malt, which In universally
l recognised as a wonderful hoalth-glvor
r and rostoratlvo. Nothing has ev?*r com,
pared with It for toning up tho digestive
* orguns, creating a healthy appetite, stlr'
ring up the blood and giving renewed
r vigor to every part of the body. It will
i not only keep off colds, grip and pneuI
monla. but It will euro them. Every per.
son who takes It can go through tho sei
vorest winter without any fear of chills or
} pneumonia.
r Tlic Feature* of the Money and Stork
j NEW YORK. Feb. lO.-Money on call
[ steady at 3?5 per cent; last loan 3 per
r cent; closed at 3 per cent. Prime mcr|
cnntlle paper Per cent. Sterling
, exchange weak and lower, with actual
, business In bankers' bills at $4 87'/i<3>
; 4 87* for demand and $4 8W04 SCVi'for
. 60 days. Posted rates }4 87<fl4 88% and
| 14 S8M<'4 S9^. Commercial bills $4 85H.
[ Bar Bllver 67?4c. Silver certificates 67%
The specualtlon to-day was characterized
by pronounced strength. The
volume of business exceeded any total
since the stormy days following the
Venezuela message. The dealings were
very widely distributed and took In a
number of usually neglected shores
Higher prices for American securities
In London, purchases for that account
In this market, stimulated by a fuller
appreciation of the Improved outlook
on this side us defined by the success
ofthe government bond Issue; an easier
condition of the time money market
and weakness In foreign exchange
rutes, all contributed to encourage the
local dealers. The changes of front on
the pnrt of London, which had previously
been a persistent nnd fairly large
seller, was considered particularly encouraging.
Leading commission houses
reported an influx of orders and a decidedly
cheerful tone prevailed. Tho
general list rose 1 ($2% per cent. Leather
preferred was a conspicuous exception
to the movement* receding per cent
on reiterated statements of the Improbability
of action on a dividend at the
coming meeting of the directors.
Around 1 p. m. the execution of realizing
sales on a liberal scale unsettled
the market. In the late operations
prices again took on strength. The
closing was active and strong at generally
fractional concessions from the
best prices.
The ,bond market displayed considerable
Irregularity to-day. but the undertone
was firm. The sales were J2,?
Governments stiffened slightly on
purchases of $362,000.
State bonds were sluggish. Dealings
were $10,000 of Louisiana Consols 4s at
a slight advance.
The total sales of ptocks to-day wero
Government bonds firmer.
State bonds dull.
Knllroad bonds Irregular.
The Evening Post's London financial
cablegram: The stock markets were
good to-day and the closing at the best
Americans were strong, closing at the
best, but the excitement in Kaffirs diverted
the real anlmntion from nil
other markets. The Paris market was
irregular and the Berlin market firm.
New U. 8. 4k registered J16U
New U. 8. 4m coupon llfi?i
IT. 8. G9 registered 113*
I!. S. Gs coupon JISQ
U. 8. 4s registered JM
IT. 8. 4s coupon lWVi
IT. 8. 2m restored 05
Pacific Cm of '% 102
Atchison 17
Adams Kxpress I4I?
American Express Ill
Baltimore & Ohio 3C}fc
Canada Southern 51h
? Central Pacific l."H
? Chesnpealie & Ohio VJ'tj
p Chicago & Alton* 1M
r Chicago. Burlington A Qulncy 81U
Chicago Cla* ?BH
] Cleveland, Cincinnati. Chi. & St. L... 33
. Colorado Coal A Iron 3
I Cotton Oil Certificates ISty
j Delaware & Hudson 1JW
1 Delaware, Lackawanna & Western.. 1'-:%
i Den\*er A Rio Grande preferred 47%
DMUUcrs & cauie i eeucnr i-o i?
Erie Wfc
do preferred 27
Illlnolx Central . ?T>4
Kansas & Texas preferred 30
Lake Erie A Western 22?i
d? preferred ?4w
Lake Shore 14.H4
l/end Trust 2s
LouIkvIUo & "Nashville $0%
Michigan Central f.?v
Mlnnourl Pacific
Nashville Chattanooga 65
National Cordage {*
do preferred Il?i
New Jersey Central 10?>%
Norfolk & Western preferred V
Northern Pacific
do preferre<l
Northwestern 19?S
do preferred H-?
New York Central !?U
New York A New England 4s
Oregon Improvement 2?i
Oreaon Navigation m
Pacific Mall
Pittsburgh 1?
- Heading
Itot^k Island i*.?
St. Paul
do preferred 1?J#
St. Paul & Omaha
? do preferred
I Sugar Ilellnery I"
. Tennessee Coal & Iron 33j?
Texn* Padlfle . . n
1 Toledo & Ohio Central preferred AS
" Union Pacific ?
: United States i KxtirMB 4S
Wabash. 8t. Lonfa & Pacific
do preferred ' !
Well* Fargo ExpreM./. g*
Western Union
, Wheeling A l*ko Erie 12\
r do nreferred TV
Grnrrnl Electric ?
> do preferred '"i,.
, U. 8. Leathor preferred 0-'*
1 HrrniNlnll* .ml i'rovLlom.
CHICAGO?There wns a bcrcak today
in the nin of l?ull news which
I wheat has been havingfor the pn*t
. week or two and short wlter* recovered
pome of their Iohhch, May closing *c
lower than Saturday'* clou nu price.
Corn I* practically unchanged and oat a
He lower. Pork declined 7!4c; lanl 214c
and rllM Be. '
Flour quiet nnd unchanged.
Wheat?Cash. No. 2 spring Gift?
tUfto; No. .1 spring (ilHffCle: No. 2 red
M%??8%e; February
t May *SH??*??!*< : June 6M40M*?
Grt'lio; July flWt?6(I%Pflfll4c.
Corn-Cash. No 2. -sue; No. 2 yellow
2#e; February closed at ajc; .>my auweo' i
r,Ott03Ofte; July 31%0HH031Hc; Sepr
Oatii?Ciwh, No. 2. 10%c: No. 2 white
r 2IMC/2SO f. o. I).; No. 3 while 19'??2lKc
f. o. b.; February t9'[email protected]'Ki<tflOHc; May
I 2lKff21*021 Vie; July 2lttfttlK?21V*c;
1 September 21021 U4f21V&c.
I lty?r? No. 2 cailh, W/tc.
I Barley?No. 2 nominal; No. 3, 3G?38c
. f. o. b.; No. 4. 20o.
Flaxseed?-No. 1, flOtyc.
Tlmothyseod?Prime $3 1)0.
Pork?Menu, rash. per barrel 110 10T|>
10 ir.; February $10 02)6010 1BOIO 05;
t May 110 22VW10 JBttlO 2:.; July 110 450
I 10 r.of* 10 45.
Lard-Cimh, per too lbs, fS 4fi0547tt:
r February $fi 47ft05 6006 47\bl May
. XT, fir.?r? 07V4O5 ?r?: July cb*p<! at tr?80.
Short rllm?Crtsh. mI/1??h, *6 l,r?^r? W:
February $(i J0rf<6 160G 10; M?y $5 27V6
05 32%(0B27?; July $fi 37%0S 4005 37',*.
pry sal ted shoulders 4K(??Sc. Short
clear ; !dii 5%$f5^e.
Whisky?plstlllerr. finished poods, per
gallon l\ 22.
Sugar s? I' uchan Re d.
nutter?Firm; dairies 8(flGc; creameries
Effgs?Firm; fresh 12!??12c.
NEW YORK?Flour, receipts 31,700
barrels; exports 28,400 turreta; nrsrHel
dull and heavy, not quotably lower/
Wheait, exports OS,GOO bushels; spot
market lower; No. 2 rod W%c; No. I
hard 77%c f. o .b. afloat; options oponed
weak and closed Irregular at 1%0
l*%c net loss; No. 2 red February closed
at 73%c; May closed at 72%c. Corn,
receipts 54,BOO l>u?hel.i; exports 47.400
bushels; spot market dull; No. 2, 3GMie;
options opened weak an>1 closed Mfy'Ac
net lower; February closed <ut 30%c;
May closed <at 3G%c. Oats,
receipts 121.200 bushels; exports 60.500
bushels; spot market quiet; No. 2.
25%c; options dull and featureless and
closing MiC net lower; February closed
at 25,/ic; May '2oVj(it^>%c and closed at
25%c. Feed quirt. Hay dull. Hops
steady. Hides steady. Leather steady.
Iteef steady. Cutmrats rt?ady. Lard
dull and lower; western steam closed
at $5 77%; refined weaker. Pork dull and
easier. Tallow steady. Rosin steady.
Turpentine steady. Rloe steady. Molasses
steady. Cottonseed oil Inactive.
Coffee, options opened steady and closed
steady a?t 15?20 points net advance.
Sugar, raw firm; reft tied steady, but
BALTIMORE?Flour quiet; western
super J2 55&2 70; extra $2 9503 30; winter
wheat patent $3 90f?:415; spring
$3 70?{MQ0; spring wheat straights
$3 50{*'3 CO; receipts 13,886 bushels; shipments
29,000. Wheat weak; spot ahd
month 73V2rrt;73%c; May 72%<B>73c; receipts
2,500 bushels; #al?s 31,000 bushels;
southern wheat by sample 76<B>77c;
on grade 72076c. Corn easy; spot and
month 33ff3314c; May 35%@35Hc; receipts
74,500 bushels; shipments 115,700
bufhels; southern white and yellow
33ff<34c. Oats'strong; No. 2 white western
28c; No. 2 mixed do 2Ce; receipts
1,841 buchels. Rye Ilrmer; No. 2, 44^
45c near-by; [email protected] western; receipts
1,896 bushel*. Hay quiet and steady;
' holce timothy $16 00 asked. Butler
steady; fancy creamery 21?'22c; do Imitation
16tf?18c; good ladle [email protected]; store
lacked [email protected]>12c. Eggs Arm; fresh 14V4c;
cold storage 10c. Cheese steady. Whiskey
CINCINNATI?Plow aotive. Wheat
easier; No. 2 red 75 ?75 He; receipts
2,500 bushels; shipments 3,500 -bushels.
Corn firm; No. 2 mixed 31c. Oats firm;
No. 2 mixed 22&c. Rye nominal: No. 2,
44c. Lard easier at <5 *>7?4. Eulkmeais
barely steady at $5 25. Ifcioon barely
steady at $6 00?G 12%. Whiskey quiet
anil steady; sales 572 barrels at $1 22.
Butter quiet and steady. Sugar and
cheese steady. Eggs steady at 11c.
TOLEDO?Wheat lower and steady;
No. 2 cash 73^c; May 75ftc; July 71Vfrc.
Corn active and steady; No. 2 mixed
29c; No. 3 mixed 28%c; May 31c. Oats
quiet; No. 2 mixed 20V4c; No. 2 white
22o; May 22Hc. Rye dull; No. 2 cash
41c. Cloverseed active and steady;
prime cash and February $4 60; March
*4 57U?4 60.
PHILADELPHIA?Butter firmer;
fancy western creamery 20c. Eggs Arm
and !?c higher; fresh near-by 16c; western
15&?l6c. Cheese quiet, but steady.
EAST DUFFALO?-Cattle, receipts
100 cars, against 117 earn last week.
Fairly good demand for good fat butchera
and handy stock and all kinds of
cattle at all tit for the block up to 1,100
pounds, but anything above this was at
a discount. Hogs, receipts 100 cars;
market slow; Yorkers, fair to choice
$4 50&4 65; pigs, common to fair, {4 40
ff'4 65. Sheep and lambs, receipts 147
cars; market strong; lambs, choice to
prime (5 00&5 25; sheep, choice to selected
export wethers $3 25?>3 50; cuIIb
and common $2 00?2 GO.
EAST LIHERTY?Cattle, common
and medium grade higher, prime U 406"
4 60; good butchers *3 S0?4 20; rough
fat 13 205(3 75; bulls, BtujfS and cows
II 750-3 6o. Hogs active and higher;
Phlladelphlas $4 7504 HO; best Yorkers
$4 4.1 ft4 55; ptgH $4 [email protected] 60; no extremely
heavy hogs here. Sheep a shade
higher, prime sheep $3 COS'3 75; good
$3 30?3 60; common $1 90ft'2 40; lambs
|3 5005.00; veal calves |6 6007 25.
CHICAGO?Hogs, receipts 32,000
head; left over 500 head; market fairly
active and generally light J4 0004 30;
mixed 14 000 I 27heavy *3 9504 26;
rough $3 95&4 00. Cattle, receipts 21,000
head; market slow and 10015c lower;
beeves |3 106-4 65; cows and heifers
[email protected] SO; stockers and feeders 92 60(ft
,1 75; receipts : sheep 20,000 head; market
weak and principally 10c lower.
rr\*PIntVATI?Hoks barely steady
at $3 75?4 30; receipts 7,900 head; shipmonts
3,000 head.
OIL CITY?CreJK balances $143.
Certificates, March delivery, opened at
$J42fc; highest $1 42ft: lowest $142%;
dosed at $1 42\fc; no sulcr, no clearance:
shipments 106,071 barrels; runs
156,058 barrels.
NEW YORK?Petroleum strong:;
closed at $1 43 bid.
NEW YORK?Pig: iron quiet; southern
$1175013 25; northern $12 00^13 00.
Copper steady; brokers' $10 25; exchange
10(3)250. Lead IIrm; brokers'
$3 00; exchange $3124^315. Tin barely
steady; straits $13 3501335; plates
steady. Spcltvr dull.
NEW YORK?Wool steady.
A HIGH liver with a torpid liver will
not be a long liver. Correct the liver
with DoWltt's Little Enrly Risers, little
pills that oure dyspepsia and constipation.
Logan ft Co., Wheeling, W. Va.,
B. F. Pea body, Bon wood and liuwie &
Co., Bridgeport, O, 2
OUR people are growing more and
more in the habit of looking to C. R.
aoetsse, W. W. Irwin, C. Schnepf, C.
Menkemeiler, John Klari, W. II..Hague,
H. C. Stewart, R. B. Rurt, J. Coleman,
A. E. Scheale, William Menkemeiler,
,1. G. Ehrle, Wheeling; Bowie ft Co.,
Bridgeport; B. F. Peabody ft Son, Benwood,
for the Intent and bent of everything
in the drug line. They noil Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, famous for its
cures of bad oolds, croup and whooping
cough. When in need of such a medicine
give this remedy a trial and you
will be inorc than pleased with the rooult.
HeadAchn cured in 20 minutes by Dr
Miles' Pain Pills. "Ono cent a dose," At
\ "GIVE me a liver regulator and I can
regulate the world," said a gonitis, Tho
druggist handed him a bottle of DeWltt'a
Little Early Risers, the famous
little pills. Logan ft Co., Wheeling, W.
Va., B. F. Peabody, Benwood and Bowie
ft Co., Bridgeport, O. 5
Pilnt Ptlra) Itching IHIm.
fiymptoms-Moluturo; Intonso Itching
onu ntlnrrlng; most nt night; worso by
flcratchlmr. if ullowod to continue tumor*
form, which often blecu and ulcornt<\
becoming very soro. BWAYNB'S
Ul N'TM IJNT sto|)? Jth? JJ^h'ng^iind^ bleed.
remove* Hie tumors.' At ?JruR*lAts or by
inhll, for cents, nr. Bwaynu & Bon.
Philadelphia. _____
n||ow loI'nrr All Hhln !)I?mw?,"
Blmply apply SWAYNK'8 OINTMKNT.
Ko internal medicine required. Cures totter,
ociwmii. Itch, nil eruptions on the
face, hands, none, etc.. leaving the Nkln
clear, white and healthy. Its great henlInir
and curative powers nro ppnnosso<l by
no other remedy. Ask your dniMlst for
Lightning Hot DroprWhat
Funnv Namel
Very True, but It Kills All Pain.
Sold Evcrywhore. Every Day?
Without Relief, There le No Pavl
Business College!
In the best rfchool to ottanfi It yon want
to be come practical builnewi men and
wotium. for It in the only uehool In tho
city that drill* Its itudenU thoroughly In
('omniurciul J<?w,
iinsiticss Correspondence,
JfUSlllMH l.llilCS, CU'.,
as wc11 u.h everything that Is short and
practical In Bookkeeping hnd Arithmetic.
1 bene MiliJcctH are taught exactly as pructlcetl
In uiir hunt and most uucccauful i
buBlnc** hour"?.".
JIundrrdH of Its students each year exemplify
the methods taught In thin Kr.hool |
in hUMineiiH houses In lhlH and other cities J
In Rood position* Hf-cnred hy the maiumement
of the school and through Its reputation
ior thorough practical work. I
This school at all times gives Its stu- J
dints the latest and lw?at practical work
thnt can be obtained from the counting
room. Its teachers know what business
la and how to teach it.
Wheeling Business College,
WHEELINO,W-VA. ]?n-wwr> |
Under (bo Direction of the Sinters of tho
Viallatlon, ft. V. M.
Full English. Mathematical and Classic'
al Com*.-, with Modern Languages,
Drawing, Painting, Elocution anu Physical
Musical Department especially noted.
Intensive Library?both French and
location unsurpassed for Beauty and
Hoard excellent
Pupils recMvod at any tlmo during tho
session. Address,
lUAtW AAA* A m nr ^ . ?
Young Ladies
and Children.
lSin Market 8L, WU#.!lug, Vf. V*.
FUth annual aeaaioa bogina MONDAY,
SKITKMHKR 10, 18113. Thi?aohoOl offer* a
oompleto and thorough education la Practical
Esouaii. Mathkxatim. Enuubh Claimics, LATIJf,
3IOOKKK Lanopaoks and Elocotio*.
Hpeolal advantages oBored graduates from
public school* and other* whodoaire to pnrauo
higher branch?* of attidjr.
Method* and eonrae of iuatraotlon compare
fnvoraoljr with the beat aeftinarlc* in tho couutrv.
Bo** received in the Primary and Intermedlate
bepnrtiueuts. For circular* or intorriear,
apply to
Principal Wheeling. W. Va.
Fitting them for usefuluo? in an* branch of
buMniw or ant counting room. ,For circular
and rcforenoea addreas I. R. M0I8E.
Wheeling. W. Va.
And Manufacturers of Marine and
Stationary Engines.
/uaWlfrrptfra ville. st. louis,
and Interme\fiwgUMBK^gM
dlato points take palaTS^EKSflEgnury
tlai steamers of tho
v5v?wRv Pittsburgh & Cinclniatl
Packct Lino, leavfoot
of Eleventh street, a:i
f olllotv*:
8tei?iner KEYSTONE STATE. Charles
W. Knox, Master; Henry J. Best, Clerk;
every Tuesday. K a. m.
Stoamer HUDSON. Robert Agncw, Master;
James Alexander, Clerk; every
Thursday. 8 nu m.
Steamer VIRGINIA, leaves every Sunday
at 8 a. m. T. S. Calhoon, master;
Robert H. Kerr, clerk.
For freight or parage telephone 930.
Jn25 Agents.
Time tablo In effect Docomber 16, 1895.
NOTICE?Plcaso take notlco that trains
of tho Ohio River R. R. *??ll run by Eastern
Btandard Tlmo on and after September
29. 1895.
'Dally. I Dally except Sunday. Eastern
South Bound. I 1 | I \ 5 \ 1
Via P.C.C.ASLL. R a. ra. p. m.i
Pittsburgh. Pa..L'e *9:10 !l3:?5
Steubenvlllo.... L> *10:25 *2:09
Wheeling ....Arrive ?llj35 J3:S)j
a. m. a. m. p. m.|
Wheeling *7:00 111:45 S:00|
Bcnwoou 7:1& 12:01 4:151
Moundsvllle 7:36 12:18 4:35
Now Martinsville .. 8:40 1:12 5:37 ,
Slstorsvllle 9:06 i:3S G:00
Friendly ?:1T 1:45 6:121
St. Mary's 9:45 3:11 6:43
WJIllomatowa 10:25 2:50 7:26
Porkprsburg 11:00 5:25 8:00| 705
UoHcvUlo 11:83 4:01! I 7.53
p. m.
Ravenswood 12:07 4:38 8:32
Ripley Landing 12:2S 4:60 I 8:5fi
rimkam 12!fi4 B!?5 I O-M
New Havdli 1:01 5:27 8:30
Hurlfoni 1:04 5:31 o:J4
K??i City 1:10 5:31 9:40
curio.i 1:1} 5:41 9:45
Pt. Pleasant 1:40 8:? 10:1?
Oalllpolls Ffirry .... 1:17 0:50 J0:JS
Guyawlotto 3:16 7:55 11:45
Huntington 3:24 8:06 7:S0 15:0!
Kenova 3:46 M:23 ?11:25
"VBTK. A M."j'ty- p. m. p. m. pHBT
K. ft M. juho....i-v !S:36 *9:4! , 2:35
Charlotton . *r !S;05 '11:55 6:05
OulUpollJ 12:4? 7:3! ToTlS
Huntington 1:50 8:50 11:45
Via C. Si O. By. . n. r.i. p. m.
Li>nve Huntington. IMS *2:30 2:15
Ar ChariestotvW.V 14:1V *8:45 4:111
Krnovi_..?. Arrive 1:05 !9:I0 111:05
\'iii*cr ft <5.' Ky. p. m. a. m. p. nC
Krnova U?4 *2:25 "4:45 '1:3
Cincinnati, O....Ar 11:60 *9:00 '6:50
Uilnilton. Ky...Ar 1.00 9:35 '7:00
w7j. nonitJgow. a p. a.
???nn?ylvnnii> MUitlon.
gnnsylvania Lines.!
Tralna Run by Control Tine.
ticwrr Qmp* at Jwnm-nini Htattow o?
?t . FKytof elrvtmi *t.. Wnr.r.wso.
at lichen*llocit. Wmtuw, amp at ti??i
TmnifitnA t?TAnnn. KnitxncroRT.
Sotrruwicirr BTrnnr?" Pax iUxmk noim:"
Dully. !Dally oxcopt Sunday.
From Wheeling to, ,H?V0- ..Arr,v?
Wpllsb'R and Bteub e.. !6:25 am !5:36 pm
McDonald and I'ltta.. !6:SS am J5:S5 pm
Now Cumberland...... 0:26 am 10:36 pm
IndlanapollH and 8t. L. 0.25 ain !5:35 pm
Colunibun and Clnclu. l?:86 um Jf>:86 pm
\N'clli?b'K and Stoub o.. !b;.j? am {5:33 pm
1'hlla. and N. Y. {12:28 pm !2:2u pm
Btvub'0 and Pitta...... Jljli-S pm fS:ao pm
yolumbuH and Oilco. Il.:25 pm 12:1*1 pm
rhlla. and N. *2:ft P?n *10:15 um
Haiti mo ro and Wa?h. *2.55 pm *10:35 am
Htriib'o and I'ltta. *11:66 prn *10:.15 um
Btcub'o ami JJunniBon. *.? i>m *10:36 nin
lnaiunnpullH HJid Ht. I*. !b:0O pni !C:ia am
Dayton and Clncln.... !J?:00 pm !6:12 am
Btcub'o and Columbus. W:W inn lti-.il am
Nort Invent Bjritem-Clovo. & Pitts. Dlv.
Trains run dally, except Hunday oh folFrom
Uric!Report to Ihmivb. Arrive.
Fort Wayno and Chicago 6:iw am 8:05 pm
Canton and Toledo....... 6:us am h:06 pm
i'ltuburgh and Btoubo.. 6:08 uin 8:u6 pm
Steubonvlll# iind 1 ltt?.?. 6:08 am 8:05 pm
Btoub'o and FMiiburgh.. U:0U am M:i? am
Cleveland and Chicago... 1:10 pm 8:06 pm
Canton and Toledo....... 1:10 pm V.M pm
Alllnnco and Cleveland... 1:10 pin 1?J:35 pin
Btoub'o and WcHavHIo... 0:13 pm ?:5S am
l'hlla. and Now York.... 2:44 pm 8:05 pm
Baltlmoro nnd Wnnh 2:44 pm 4:6S pm
Btoub'o and 1*1 tt trim rgh.. 2:44 pm 8:05 pm
J. ll. TOMl.lNSON. Paii. Agont,
Station Pont of ISloventh and Wwtor Btg>
Only "the best quality- op
TUB NKA'VEST T\PB are uwyi la tbo Cum*
m,ra"1 ^iWwKlS/iwcKR JOB OFHCI
<\rifVtfUfi.| depart'iro of traititon' awl aftor
Juiiljlin _ ??, ]W(i, I .X I'tAN A' IOW OK. ItSFMUtNCK
Makkm: Vl?itllv; fDdiJtr, excopt Himdav; JDsily,
oxteptHntiird iV: /imllr. excopt MoimUt; i?on.
lays ouljr; (Muiidnrs ouiy; co?lurJjy? only.
Kantom S .tudiird Time*. ?
Hkpakt. R.to.iM;.?afaln Muo. &ut aduivb.
lfttt am WhiJi.f r, flail., Phil. * N. Y *H:2J am
<;t:40 pm WMh.Cy.UnU., fult. AtN. Y 17i00
am Cumberland Accom 17:05 pm
8:W pm ..........tfraftnu Accom chi:lO am
urn .....Moinnliviile Aocoin f7:4A am
MH) pro], ....Moniirlivlllo Aocom fi:in ptu
11x00 pml .Voiinrtkviil" Accom *7:40 .pm
*11:20 rtuiLWuliinctoa City Kxorftw.. pm
..-.I Kxvr?t?.. H?2IpM
WtPAim Ift .V: 07R.R.?a O. W.. Wait *ABIirv?7
7:W aimParOolumbiw iinl Ubfaw *1j16 am
lOJl.'i ?rft! .(.'olmn'mi a id Cincinnati.. 'V W pm
}11:40 pmLCfdiitiihn* mti| Cincinnati . 94:W am
*3:45 pm (:<?inmbii??nd ChhMtfoKxp ?l?lsl0 pm
fa::? pml ..Zarieavltlf Aonoin flO:W am
fiojl.'i onij..;...st. C'lairxvllln Acoom-... fio^s om
f3:.T0 pm tfl. <;ialr*vlll? Aceom...,! pni
I'MO nm lUolumbtt* Aii>lCinoln. I'xpC
flftis ?m| "wiid'xkr Mall "ft-.W pm
i>w?a nr. | a a d. icatt. - w., V. A li. i)lv a iiki ve.
4:V? am ......For Pituburgn "HMO am
"7:10 did !'ltt*biir?h 7:00 pm
*& .!!> pm) I'lvulMiinh and Kaat W'M om
tiwri pml Plliaburffh flO:t?a um
I I'HtMnirgh K<prc<*. |2.'2.? am
nmrrrT] i'., c c. .<t ht i.. It v. i arrivr.
f7A1 am| PltUltiirjjh pm
Yl:l\ Rin ....^tcut>c?TiUo>uirt Wmi.... tfV.M pm
71:25 pm ..i'lttiliiinrli ami Now York. tW pm
*3:5& pm ..Pittsburgh ami New York. am
7:25 am Kxprow, Cln. and ft **> ?!? t7:1 am
fftOO pm|K*j?rot?. Cln. and Hi- l^uitis pm
pm K*proiw,Htonb. and Chicago t3:iJ pm
"?MV5 pmi..Pltt%burgli and iwitnwoii- "lhitt am
DRdKr. I C. ib P. K. K.?iiriookimht. AirnrvE.
1^:0s am -Fort \Vaytio and Chicago.. tA:W pin
uiuj Canton fio'l ToMo .. 9;QS pm'
t?i:0h am)....Alliance and Cleveland... IftOS pm
tfl.OS nmjNioitlicarillniKi'I I'ltttlmrgh ptn
I ?:?i9 arajsieiibenviilaiinil PitMbuhch t l:"'? am
tljIO pin ...Kort Wayne and Chicago. VS3 pm
'.'. lo pmj can ton and Toledo fc5S pm
'iilO pm ...AlUnnco and Cleveland..,. 1:3% pm
3:41 pm Philadelphia and New York fcVj pm
3:44 ptn J Halt I more nnd Wfl^hlmjion 5:58 pm
| il'44 pmidtcubonvilloaad rittsonrch 5:5S pn
I j?-!'1* ptn|-^tciibonyllio a-WelMTllla... ?m
V*P4KT. I \V. .CL. K. nr. AKKIVR,
(9;.*) am -Toledo and WeiU ffc05 pm
9:30 amiClavolfind. Akron ?fc Canton ?fl:05 pm
9:30 amifirilllaiit uiid StetibaUYUle t&OG pm
7:30 pm Mawllon nnd Cantoa.... 110:40 ain
7:80 pin|HrUllant mid Stpnbenvllle f 10:40 am
I napAKT. | ?~i L ?t W.?llaintfKroar. Aitruvr.
17:15 atniClevHand.ToledoA Chicago fl:'J2 pm
f 1:41 prn ClcreIaiid.Tolodo?IS Chicago 7:50 pm
f.voo pm MuMllon Accom f am
f#:0l am ....-St C'alrarllle Accom f9:28 am
tJM? aroL....St. Claimllto Accom 1:31 pm
12:32 pm .St. Clair*vlllo Accom,.... 4:48 pm
I +6:33 pm) St. Clairrvllle Accom..... 7:02 pm
1 flKtt pm| ...... howl Freight. f ijj am
depart. | <5ificTIuVKr jl k. rnrvt
<7.u0 am) ?FasMngf)r............ *13 is na
I f 15:45 am!....... Pnueuger,.- f2:0ft pm
N OP pm| ^Panonyor *6:46 pm
LKAVC il,ii0.i:AILTl0A.b; AnnivxT
nn.i.AiHi: BKU,aire
10:10 nm ....Bollalro and Zauwrilto. ... 4; Jo pm
6:15 pin Wood?tield 9:4> am
Departure and arrival of
train* at Wheeling. Eastern
tjmc. 6ch?l^ la tlpSrMd^w?PS'?ic1lte!5
nnd Mr* a. tu., and Sttfrfe.
Cumberland Accommodation. 7:00 a. m., dally
except Sunday.
tirafton Accomraodatlon..a:40 p.-ra., daily.
Mouudsrlllo Aocommodatlon, ?:03 and 8:40
a.m. and 3:80 p. m., cxccpt Sunday, and 11.-W
p. m.. Saturday ouljr.
bvam v?> V/irir. PhiLadoiithla and Baltimore,
:20 a. ra., dally.
Cumberland Express, 4:25 p. m.,dally, cxcopt
| Monday,
Grafton Express. 4:25 p. ra.. Monday only.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:05 p. m., except
Oral ton Accommodation, 10:10 a. m., daily.
Moundsvllle Accommodation, 7:15 a. m.. oroept
Sunday: 10:10 a. m.. daily. 1:40 and 7:0>
p. in., except Sauday, and 7:40 p. m. Saturday
For Columbus and Chicago. 7:85 a. in. and 3:43
p. m., dally.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express, 10:15 a. ra.
daily, li;40 p. ra.. dally, oscept Saturday, and ?
2:40 a. m. Suudajr onlr.
Sandusky Mail, 10:15 a. m.. dally.
ZnncsTilio Accommodation. b:tfO p. m., daily
cxccpt Sunday.
St. CUlrsrlllA Accommodation. 10:15 a. m. and
8;3C p. m,, except Sunday.
Chicago Express. 1:15 a. m. and 12:10 p. m.
Cincinnati Express: 4:50 a. m and 5:80 p. a.,
8andnsky Mail. 5:30 p. m.. daily.
Zattesvllie Accommodation. w:5S a m. daily
except Sunday.
St Clairsrillo Accommodation, 10:53 a. m. and
5:80 p. in., dally, oxccpt Sunday.
For Pittsburgh, 4:55 and 7:10 a m.. and5:43 p.
m.- iioiir- nnda:li d. ni.. daily, except Sunday.^
For 1'itubtirgh end the out. 4:33 a. m. taaiiii
p. la., dally?
From Pituburgh. 10:10 a. m. and 7j?3p. m..
daily, 11:30 p. m , daily. oxoept Saturilur. 10:00 a.
in., oxoept 9und?r, and 2:2* a. to., Sanday only.
The Cleveland, Lorain & Wbesliag R. R.
Time Table in effect Mondar, Noven?bor2l, 1695.
Cleveland Dopoi, Foot of 3onth Water Street
CcntraiTime a.m. p.mIp.m a.*." a. Ml a.m. 7H Km
Here land.... 7:20 1:00 4:M
Letter Jet..... 8:22 i.-GO&a*
Lorain, dep. 7:00 1:05 4:10
Elyria. 7.16 1:10U.%?
Grafton..-. 7&2 1:1W 4:40
Lc?ter JcL... 7:60 l:.Vl .V05
Medina. 8J1::W'k?
( hip. Lake.. ;M0fe0l
?terlin*_ fc57 2i?!fcl7
Warwick W0 2:JI!<?40
Mwnillon.... 9t47 *22,7:10 M0
Ju?tu? 1<MB fca?!7:2C 6:45
Canal Dover. iu:? lt? 7J>7 7J6
Sow Phllad. 1?>:42 4:17'fc0.\ 7?J3
UhrtehiriUe 11:2A 4:32 Sr.3 7:41
f. M. A.N
SLClftinrjiio i:? i:?i i ? ?- ?
Bridgeport ' 1:22 6:M I WOIS:!# IK313:45 W>2
Bpuiita? 1:37 7:0-"i !"llQ:loM'2^ol*-'<18?
Etectrlo cut* between \Vh ?11 m. Xarttn'a Perry
.cdC.. L A \V Depot In Bridgeport.
Central Time, a.* i.*. If.?. r.n in ah mm
Bellllre. ~~1 SK?fej 3:<0 ?:? MS HlSl<:lS
Brldrepu t fclSlMl too 7s0? MeWB ?B?
St ClairtTl lo. MO SSO M? : *> MO v? M?
llhriclwrlll'i? S:2J Moj 2:38100 A.? *.? r.U r.U
No* PhlMa-kS Jgi M?fg
Uinal Dour.... bM J*. fcM
juitm ?*Ul !kw 3iM 4M
MmiUba &30 90S 8:*S 7:10
Warwlofc -S^LjSSi'MM
Sterling 7:15 10:1*1
Chlpp'Wtl^k* 7:X2 10:98 4:?
Mculun 7:44|l0:S?( 5:00
Letter Jot fctt' Mrf# 6:44
uSAm ^\M *?
Byrlft- 9:00,11:21 &21
SWii . 9:14,11:361 <k?
Lester Jol~ l7:64]10:46| 6:15
cSwl?nd,AxJ9K??:? *16
7 J0 a. in. from Cleveland to Vhriohavtllo. 2: .15
p. in. Irom Uhrlehavlllt to Cleveland roni dtlljr.
Through connection! and through ticket* toall
point*. rj)l on our agouU or address
M. (I. CARREL General Passenger Agont.
Wlieellno & Elm Grove Rallroat
On and after Saturday. FebruMT * M>X trains
will rim n? follow. oUy time:
Tr'n T'mo.Tr'n l,nio;Tr"n. TmojTrn Tmo
*.tu. p.m.1 ?iu.l p.io.
No 2...ff>:00 Na 20..*0QNa UlgWjNa 19...1W
Na 4?...7:<0 No. 22...4KW Na 8... 7.00,Na J1...4:(M
Na B?JkOO1No. 24....VUP No. 5... fcW Na
Na (L...!>KWNfv Na ?... 19:00 Na 2V..&03
Na in.lO:UO;Na ia...7r(K)JNo. N'a?27...7KJ)
Na 12.11.i0 Na 50.,.?.H*>jNa 11-UjOO Na 29.,.*0i
p. in [Na ?.'..,9:<>o| p. m Na 31...0:0)
Na nfuMJO Na ?t.lO;(W Na 13-12:tX) Na M.lfcQ)
Na Ifl.J.OJlNa U?i..ll:ito)Na J5...1KX? Na 8J.U:09
No. 1 |?.'a I7.?.':lifl|
tUally. Sunday.
Htindnj- church imIui will lo*ro Kim Qrovoi;
9:43*. ui. ?ud WiipoIIoh lit U.17 p ?a .
H. K. WKISUKKllKK Won. Mnnagor.
Wlicellna Brltlsic & Terminal Ry.
C. O. HRRW8TEH, Nocelvor.
Timo Tftblo No. 13, to take ofToet 12:01
n. m.. Sunday, November 19, 1895.
Usvvu \Vlu:v?ll?K->t>-.W, 1t?:4i, |U;4? t?. m,
12:?. *S:15, ?4 :ao. jy:0(J |?. in.
l.cave 1 'oiitiiHulii?19:61. |U:4fi, a.
in., 12:2fl, '3:21, 14:30 |!>:i)6 p. m.
Leave Mr.rtln'.s rry?tSslJ, t9:C7, 111:53
n. m.. 12:32. *3:27, |4:42. fn:l* p. m.
Arrive Terminal Junrtlon?tS:l", 110:031
||1:M n. m., tJ:3S. '8:32. 14:44 19:1$ p. m.
l*?avy Terminal Junctlon-t7;22, l{i:00 a.
m., *11:40 n. m.. |3:&. ?4:06, tP:l4. 18:45 p. m.
Leave Martin** Fcrr.v-17:2$, |9:Q7, a. m.,
12-.45. |4:<-Cs 14:10, 1S-.W J>. m.
I.onvo I'enlnnuln?17:34, |9:14, a. m,.*U:&L
(4:11. 14:17, 15:25, IS:W p. m.
Arrive Wheeling?f7:40, f0:20. a, m?
11:57. 14:17, t4:25. IfsIL 19:05 p. m.
Dally. 1 Dully oxccpt Sunday. |3un?
day* only.
All train* will run on Eaatern Time.
J. 22, TAUSSIG, Superintendent.
\iS ' . "V wi' 1 i* ' rjAt 2i

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