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John Busby, n Scotland Yard detectIvc,
In nent. to Manhingford to Jnveatl*
g ? the roouery of a diamond neeklaei
worth 20,000 poundH. Thlr. belonged to
blr Henry lCllesmere, who has Just died,
ajiu the JfrnvclH wore found mlittfing after
the reading of the will. UuHby puts
up at the hotel, and overhear* the eu?tomers
dlHcusslnK the nuittcr. one ol
whom suwpectu the young wife of Sir
Henry to have taken them.
The detective quoHtlonH his Htepnon,
the new baronet. whorteJlH him the Jew..I
nli.?n *n hla fathnf hv lltl III
dlan i>rlnce, wore intended as un
heirloom, ana that his stepmother always
wanted them. He tells of his own
marriage ami of a quarrel with h
father, who was angered l?y It. Busby
questions the widow, and she hints thai
Sir Charles himself has taken the Jewelf.
He also hears of and Bees a deaf
and dumb woman, Julia Oraley, a
dwarf, who has a home In th? house,
and has always been very devoted to
Sir Charles und his father. He talks
with the butler, wno asks his confidence,
and tells of strange mooting* or
the part of the old baronet s young wife
with a man hanging about the grouvds.
Husby himself suspects * he has stolen
the Jewels, and Inquiries anion* the grants
confirm this belief . He Is much
puzzled, und telegraphs for his fellowdetective,
Crewe, to whom he tells the
whole story.
Ben Crewe wus a man of long head
and solid Judgment. He thought slowly.
hut us a rule, he thought sure, nnd
he generally came to the right couclu,
slon. We had been acquainted ever
since we entered the force, and hud
worked a deal together, and knew each
other's methods and ways. I told him
everything I had seen nnd observed,
and waited rather anxiously for.the remarks
that nhottld follow. In my Idea
there could be no doubt who had committed
the robbery, but Hen would not
give any opinion on the subject.
"You know, Jock," he said, "that you
must always give me time to think over
things. Let us hnve a pipe aogethef,
and when that's through maybe I may
have seen sumraat, but It looks dark to
me now!"
So we sat Iri the cofTee-room of the
' #.-.?ofhor In
Bf.i finished his first pipe and tilled another,
and sat there, with crossed
knees and closed eyes. for all tin* world
like a graven Image and about as motlonless.
I thought he would have
never done, but I knew him too well to
Interrupt his train of thought. At last,
ufter a good hour or more, he opened his
eyes?stretched himself?yawned and
"Lot's go for a walk and have a look
about the place!"
It waa a wet morning, not at all
fitted for a stroll, but I wouldn't gainsay
Hen. so we sallied out side by side,
and took our way up the village street,
until we reached the open country.
"You don't seem to catch on to the
idea of a lover, Ben," I ventured to say.
"No, Jack! I don't." he answered
"Why not?*'
"Because no lady would be such a fool
as to m^et a man. as she oughtn't to,
Jn ber own grounds, and before the
eyes of her servants. Mind! I don't
say as they haven't done It and worse
things besides, but not such a woman
as you describe this Lady Elleamere,
with a determined character and mas.
terful will. If she w?*nt to meet the
man at all, which I doubt.?and you
know how servants are always ready
to muke the worst of everything their
employers may do, especially If. as In
this case, they don't like them?she
went to send him away, or warn him off
the grounds. Sir Charles told you he
believed that a spy was set upon his
movements, which, ns likely as not. Is
true. What If this loafer were th* spy,
an her ladyship, believing the young
man was Rone for good. went to pay
and dismiss him? It is as likely a notion
ns not."
"Of course It might be." I answered.
Jn a dissatisfied tone, for I had f?*lt so
sun' that Ben would fall In with the
Ideas I had formed concerning th?? case;
"out, how then, do you suppose the Jewels
were abstracted?"
"Have patience!" he replied, "1
haven't come to that pnrt of the matter
We were walking along some fields as
he spoke, and drawing near to the
churchyard where Sir Henry lay burled.
"This where they put the p<?or old
man," I observed, as we entered the
wicket gat??. "It's a pity he can't rise
again for an hour or two and let us
hear what he knows about the affair!"
Ben grinned in his queer manner,
and we walked to the opposite Hide of
the churchyard where th?? lmronot wa?
burled. It had been his particular wlnh
?ho I had been aold. not to be laid In
!hc damp family vault, with hln mold>?rIng
forefathers, but out in the open
spare when* the light an?l dunnhtno
might full upon hla grave. So ns j'ot
there was only a mound of earth
heaped above his remains. the monument
which Sir rhnrles had ordered
to 1?? *'rected to hlH memory not being
Ah lien and I came In sight of tho
grave we were startled t>> see what
looked like n bundle laid upon ft. but
which proved on a nearer Inunction to
bo the figure of tho poor dwarf, Mlna
Cruh'j. who watt tying out (hem all ?>f
a heap In tin* rnln.
"Poor creature;" I exclaimed; "they
told me her love for the nld gentleman
wan more like that of a dog than a human
being, and no It must haw been
Noon* but a dog would have the fidelity
to fnrui-l discomfort Ilk'- this in Its
trrlef for tho loss of what It loved Hut
?<ho muRtn't lie here. Hhe will ditch her
death of cold! I lore. MIhm Ornley," 1
eontlnmd, rntatiiK my voice, "M(hh
(.'raley! you inunt l?*t me take you
home! You iriiiHt not utuy hero In the
Hut T mifyht a; well hnve spoken to
th'' grave itKt'lf. for nil the notice who
tool; <>f my words.
"1lush!" mId Urn, laying his hand
on my nrm: "thi. ih th?? jioor lllil"
hutnplmrk you me nf! 1.<*t us try
and rommunlfnt" . itIt h? r; It Ih nn
excellent opportunity, finding her hern
"Hpt idu- in detif and dumb." I rel)ll<'il.
'idle can neither lient* nor an:
"1 know the dumb alphabet," mi I*)
flen, "and d<>uhtl<>Hx t?he Knows It. too!
They Ji/ive told you that If Ihw Jewel*
wore taken from the barow t'n hoc'*
room, Hhe tnUHt have ween It done, a*
he was present till the time I Let Uh
try If who can tell us anything about the
"It Is uselwsn,' I demurred; "If
could talk with her linger*, they would
have got It nil out of her at once."
And the upshot proved \ was right.
We went up to the grave and touched
the dwarf gently on tho shoulder. Bhe
took no notice at first, but after related
taps ?"Me raised her head, and t
[ saw that her eyes were swollen with
' crying. The sight moved me. I'oor
unhappy creature! Were her hodll*
afflictions not enough to bear, that she
| was called upon to sorrow for th? lows
, of her best frlendZ
"Mustn't llu here!" I said, talking as
14 ..l... ..n llitlii nhllil nml ru it 1111 ti ir
. tip' to the dull *ky and down to the
damp ground: "you wll catuh cold?be
very, very sick?let me take you homo!"
pointing to where the thatched roof of
, The Gables wn;< visible above the tre<t?.
She made nome unlntelllRlb'e reply and
. shook her shoulders free from my touch,
i but she did not scream In the painful
manner In which 1 had heard her when
In the presence of 81r Charles and Lady
Elleamere. I reiterated my argument,
and J sow she watched my Hps and
Kained some knowledge of my meaning,
for she shook her head and iald it down
again upon the wet clay piled above the
grave. Around her and all over the
mound were scattered such wild flowers
an one can find in lat** autnmu, they
looked draggled and wee /is herself,
and she had laid on them till they were
all crushed nnd disfigured. "Did you
love him?" I nsked, pointing downwards
to the grave and making such
actions with my Hps and hands, as to
show my ideas were emblematic of affection.
though Hen told me afterwards
that I looked like nothing but the representation
of a windmill, nndthat he
had the greatest difficulty to prevent
himself bursting out laughing, which
would of course have spoiled the whole
1 am sure the poor creature understood
whait 1 meant, for she gave a low
moo/n like that of a wounded animal,
and the tears gushed forth from her
eyes again. Suddenly she appeared to
be all comprehension, for she sat upright,
and gazing up at me, she pointed
to her mouth and moaned?.then turning
to the grave, she scratched th?earth
about wltih her fingers?turning
from 'the useless task with another
moan, a-nd again pointing to her
mouth, as though she deplored her inability
to speak to us. "What can she
mean?" I said, musingly.
Hen made no 'reply, but I could see
from tine expression of his face .that he
was struck by the coincidence, but
finding, after awhile that we could not
persuade Miss Craleyto leave her position.
we strolled away, and turned our
t/tcps again towards the village.
-jacKT swin oen, prw??nuy; woo
was the medical man who-attended Sir
Henry <m his deathbed?"
"A Dr. Stone, I Relieve?a local practitioner."
"Have you Interviewed him?"
"No! I didn't see Ohe necessity! Sir
Charles 'told me he had the certificate
of death, which said that ?r-he old man
died of paralysis of the brain."
"I propose that we so and see this
Dr. Stone at once!"
"Good Heavens, man! what have you
pot In your'hrad now?"
"Only an Idea, Jack, raised by ?the
actions of that poor idiot yonder. Did
you notice how ?he pointed to her
mouth and then scratched at the earth
above thy prave, as If she wanted to
sors?>ch the body up?"
"And what do you make of that?
from an idiot. Ben?"
"Jdhyts often have more sense than
wise men tcIve them credit for. This
Miss Craley was In the old baronet'*
room till h?* dk*d, you tell me and saw
all'that passed, though she has but few
means of relating the story. Why
should tih<? want to scratch him up
a^aln? Why doew s?he associate ?thc
uM?h li??r mmifh? vvJHi ftomnthlnfr
going in-to her open mouth? Hap she
seen Anything go Into hi*? Will taking
up.tihe body reveal the truth? His death
appears to have been n sudden and
rather mysterious one?^he widow tells
you that before the quarrel with his
?on he was as well and hearty as herself.
The son says'that he never heard
chat his father was 111 until he received
the n-ews of his death. Quarrels, however
painful, do not as a rule, kill people."
"Rut the old gentleman has a decided
>troke. Goddard. the butler, and Mrs.
.Velson bear witness to tha-t."
"I dare say; but strokes do not kill
the flr*t time of occurrence?a?t least.
i ot as a rule?especially when the subject
Is strong and hearty. I think ft Is
o'fr fluty ito see the doctor who attended
"But we are not trying to And out ?
case of murder," I objected.
"WH1! that Is my notion," answered
jten. Mhut If my head's no good ito you
I'd belter go back to London."
I didn't Hke to heor the old boy talk
like tih-ait, for I had the greatest admiration
for his cuteness and .faith In his
opinion, as a rule, though Mils proposal
of his did seem rather unnecessary
.to me. Rut Hen Crewe was a
p; rouge ifiiow: vcraiwontiny \v? innfin
huvc?ald amongst ourselves that
there was something uncanny about'
htm. He would refuse ?to seo a reason
for :i thing, Kometlm**, when it s?M?m?*d
as clear us day, ami then all of a
sudden h?* would Mart ttoe wonderfulle*t
n<r Ion?dream, ns It were, or It
cnmc urtoHH his mind J lift Jllce a flash
of lightning, without apparent rhyme
or reason, hut It would prove to be the
right thing in the end. and left us all
wondering how he had got.hold of It. 80
I had great faith in lien, even when
he Heiwd mono unintelligible. and
wouldn't have llown In tin- face of his
wishes for ever no. 1 told him tcimvthlng
i) fthe sort on the present occaMion.
hut he only answered rather
/rrulUy. as though too dldn'-i like It men;l"in
.1: "N*i v i- mind when- I t:i?t it. or
"That M""
# Cough"
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it It's my own Idea or some one elae'a.
I want to .within doctor, and tne sooner
we go to him the better."
Accordingly we stopped ?t his hoiwo
on our way hack to the hotel, and wer*
noon ushered lirto -his surgery. Of
course, he had heard, In common with
everybody else, of our presence in
Mannlngford ami the reason for our
being there, and he came Into the room
with a raither prrturhed expression of
countenance, as If ho hopod h?- wore
not going to be mixed up wMh the affair.
I left Hen to be the spokesman,
and accordingly he began:
"We -have taken i'hc liberty of calling
io sec you ,Dr. Stone, In the Interests
of Justice. There was a robbery
committed n-l The Gables, ao doublless
you know ail about, whilst Che old
baron/,t was lying 111, and whom, we I
understand, you attended on his deathi\ej
1 "
"That Is true, Mr.?Mr.?" said the
"Crowe,at your service, sir," Interposed
"Mr. Crc-we! thank you; but I cannot
suo how my having attended Sir Henry
In lilts last Illness can have uny bearing
on the case. I tvw only there -twice. I
cannot possibly know anything about
thr rubbery!"
"Perhaps not. sir." said Hen," but I
conclude that you know what Sir Henry
died of."
Dr. Stone looked startled?aimost
frlghtenc d.
"Of course I do! He died of paralysis
of the brain. 1 gave a certificate to that ,
"We've heard <ts much," said Ben,
"but are you certain that ?u the only
cause of death?"
"As certain as I am that I sit here,"
Mr. Crewe!"
"And what did It nrlse from? Lady
Ellesmere says the baroiK't was well
and hearty the week before!"
"She Is r!?<ht. Sir Henry was a remarkably
hale man for his time of life.
Hut he received a terrible shock at the
quarrel with his son, and It acted on his
sy?t?*m In a depJora/ble manner. It Is
ni/t always possible to uccount for sutOi
things. They are attributable to the
state of temperament In which they find
their victims. Hal that quarrel not
taken pla?e, Sir Henry might have
taxied forth** noxt twenty years?as It
? ? 11 ' '"- I * Hn ni.uiir rnlllnd
after the -a:tack."
"And nothing ( '.??> bu< the sjtock
could hatv accounted for Ms symptoms?"
Inquired Ben.
"I do not understand you, Mr.
"Then io rut ft morn plainly, la It
quMe Impossible 'ths?t the late -baronet
may have boon subjected to foul play?
that similar symptoms might not have
presented themselves on the administration
of a noxious drug, for example?"
"Go>J HoJ! Mr. Crewe, sucfi an Idea
never entered my head! Who would
have thought of ?uch a thing:? Whom
do you suspect of so terrible a crime?"
"It's not our bus.'-wss fo?tcll you anything
further, Dr. Stone! We come
here -to ask you a simple question.
Could -tCie symptoms shown by the late
baronet be produced by the administration
of any poison? Will you give us a
straightforward answer?"
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jssssr UtIUI
Jl Sold EncsrwHitz-iSc ado 50c fizt Bar,
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cW? ^ Dr. Peal's Pei
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Fcr aale by CHAB. R. QOETZE. Druggist. aucccaao
W. H~ FEE. W
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Kept ( nn ?ta^^t^ on Hawl.
WILLIAM llAltli A SON. ?
Practical Plumbers, ^
No. 38 Twelfth Stroot,
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jl JAMES PYUi, New Yo
10 STUBS. f fi'l
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Blank Books are many*
mako Blank Books. Sp?cl&'
I Work, Bind Majrazlnea, ParlIs.
etc.. In fact, do ovorythlng
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ion? and we will call for you-* I
Eir Bindery,
Tbo only cafe, aui-. an&
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I I A ever'offered to Ladiei,
I 1 A especially roconmend.
Is* Lb VI ed to married Ladlea.
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.00 per box* o boxe? fur is?.OU.
L? COm - Cleveland, Ohio.
Agon I.
B ?uts.
g Burns, ^
? Bruises, f |
Scratches, i
shbv Am Bites of '
rj Animals and ?
\gP Buas, etc. J
a Tastes Good. S
Smells Good. \
ru. Ho Rcucr, He Pay. i
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It. Ttaocenolnt (Dr, Poat'a)Dfvcrdisi]?
P*xi.M*oicj*?C3o., Qertland.O.
r to McLaina Pliarmucy. JAi
%A. P. T. L.
nerican Protective Tariff League
ational organization advocating
sction to American Labor and
y " as explained by its constitui
object of this League shall be t? r""'^
i Ut)or by a tariff on import*, which iMil
?ly assure Amoricnn induitria! predict*
iho competition of foreign tabor."
ro aro no personal or private
in ccnncction with the organizaJ
it is sustained by memberships,
wtions and the distribution of its
': Corraipondanro ' oliellod r.v*'~ rJ
arohip " ?nd " Official Corronp,',fl'",l?>
VD.- Wa need and welcome contr?iutJ"?.
nmallor large, to our cauae.
D: Wa publith rx large line of daeuejant*
-II Tnniff OUBHtiCn.
will b? ir?il?d to tny oddr#?? 'or 80 cw> ^
TH: Bind posiil cony
of th? t u~
Wilbur T. W?V?n-nn. Qiw-"
tt 23d Qtrool. N?* York.
an jiakkki >rKk*r?

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