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pfervous Prostration
cured by Dr. Mile*' Nervine. ]
Prolong deranmment of tho norroui
tslpm not only *ffoct* tbo brain and m.n2i
?,???. bu? doTelopB dl?a?t In ?ra>o of
Ih. ?lt?l ors?0?. Thd mow danneroui of I
!kL mdlrwt rwulu I" "??n tho heart li
Thit was the caao of tho Bo*. N.
i Surfiw. Fawn BItot. Mich., who wrlt??
undar data 18W:
fourteen ycart a*o I bad a slight atrokoot !
n?r?l7<l?- Overwork brought on nerrotu l
^miration. I w*? exceedingly ner?ou? anil
' .1 ...lilla ranuul '
the excruon ui pwwuu iiiwhus .? ??>
heart palpitation that threatened my life. '
I used two bottles of Dr. Miles' Now Ileart 1
Care for my heart trouble, and two of Dr. j
Miles' RestoraHvo Nervine for my nervous- ,
new and feel better than I ever expected to
feel again. I can apeak for hours without i
tiring or having my heart flutter as it formerly
did. and I have you to thank that I
am all*e today." '
On sale by all druggists. Dr. Miles' Book
on Heart and Nervous Disorders KKEE by
malL Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Inti ,
Dr. Miles' Eanedics Restore Sealtli.
fR Best * i
^^of all Cough Medicines
is Dr. Acker's English Remedy.
It will stop a cough in ,
one night, check a cold in ;
one day, prevent croup, relieve
asthma, and cure consumption,
if taken in time.
It is made on honor, frobi the
purest ingredients and contains
neither opium nor morphine.
If the little ones have
croup or whooping cough,
use it promptly.
Thrte Six**?25c^ 50c. and $ J per bottlt.
At Druggists.
C6 ana zS Chambers Street, New York*
kind ercr since a boy. Wrli I Jr\ 111111
tad I nerer hoped tor cam.
bntKly'a ("roam
tow. Mtor acquaint- rCdJ^Af BAlnl? i
toce* bare u?o<l ft Ha ZPsftjbSL'OrcCOLD '
with excellent ra- I
?nn?.-ovAR Offiac*.
? Warren A to.. Chi fcJJOTtVty Eg.
cwu and cleans* mum\ vvV-..
tne NaxJl 1 'usages. " I
horw. Protects the Mnnibrmo from, colds, R? tores
the Senasa of Ta*t? ml flmell. The Balm
U quickly absorbed and *ire? relief atone?.
A particle I* applied liiu> each nostril aud I*
creeable. Pne* 30 cents at Dru*fUUorby mail. |
IXY BROTHERS. St Warren street.Sew \ork. ,
noJO-Mwrawy j
l* Urmtf, can*
' : ZXT < \ . c k I r. t?nn? Qfti U T? ll .m f "
a *ne t?ale u< klMNl bonder. I
riDMr. with teattaonlala end financial refer new.
Jo that* for centvitatum*. Btwariofinj^ I
Briau. *oid by our adT#rtiaeda*enta. or iiddrcta ,
?-rr SM4I C+., Maooni" Temple, I
Bold Id Wheel Inc. W. Va.. by Logan
Z>ruc Co., corner Main and Tenth atreeta.
de24-ttb&w <
(Prow U. a JnmaltfMidieiM.)
Prof. W.B. Pfek.,who nukM ? fpecUJty of Epflepay, |
huwUhotit<loQbttrfatwlandcur?SmoT?iCMe?tli*o 1
aByllTtngPhjriieUn;hia*ncc?nUaaton!ahlng. *e I
h?reb?ardnfca??aof90yeer*'eundlnj:curalbyhlm. |
Hapobluhcaavaloablework onlhiedlaea*) which he
*oda with a large bottle of hi* absolute ear??frre to
any mttrr*T who way amd thrlr P.O. and Kxpma adrirtM.
Weadrlreanyooawtahlnfacaretoaddreaa, j
*wf. W. IL PKEKE, F. P., 4 Cedar Su, New York.
j Garriers j
A To R*aldencm and itiialnau A
f liuaaea Throughout f
\ Wheeling ? i
j) ajtit in A
| SUBURBS. 5 |
* t 1
V iwuium wwnj. <J?ll up
' ? -I
If yoti pwrhM* or tanko* lonn on ra*l
Mim? have tho title ln?ur*l l?r th?
Wheeling Title and Trust Co,, i
jl M nvdnuu u r. HTIFKU <
Pntldrat si'oroMrf \
Vio.? Pr*Ml<lAot. A?VtHm?Urj ,
(i. JL K. OlI-CHKMT. Kxamlnor at Tltlrt. ,
'lnl7 j
HI! NKATWT TYPK u*vi la tho Co Or 1
Btrciti Printing doue by
riiousimds Mode Homeless anil
Mliny People Perish.
In JolnuiinlinrR, the Capital of Trana*
vaal, IVrrrka a largii Fart of the City,
(Wtra llnmlrrd People Illowiito Plecea
aiulThonaaitila Thrown on the Charity
of the World?One of the Great eat Dlaaa
trra of llrt riit Years.
Copyright, 1896, by the Ansoclated rrc?B.)
Republic, Feb. 20.?Details* are reading
this city to-day of what is probably
:he most disastrous dynamite explosion
an record In any part of the f world.
I'housands of people have been renderHi
homeless by the terrible calamity,
ibout 100 persons are believed to have
aeen Wiled, some two or three hundred
men, women and children have been
jeverely wounded, and many others
Dave been more or lean Injured.
AmotiK the freight cars standing on
the shunt lines at Yiedendorp yesterday .
were eight trucks loaded with dynamite.
The deadly stuff was hidden unJer
canvas coverings to protect It from
the rain and sun.
As evening wus approaching there
was an explosion near the freight depot,
so awful in the Intensity of Its force
that the ground for miles around was
convulsed an if by an earthquake,
liouse rocked and fell, masses of Iron,
orth, stone, wood unci human remains
were hurled skywards, the windows of
almost every house In Johannesburg
were broken aml#i>eople wore thrown
through the air like straws before a
ffust of wind.
The explosion had torn a hole 200
feet long snd 80 feet wide, over the spot
where the eight trucks of dynamite
tood but a few minutes before. The
whole of thnt quarter of Johanneubun;
was literally blown to pieces. The effects
of the explosion could be seen
aver a radius of more than a mile, and
ilmost everything within a hulf mil* of
hunted for the night was razed to the
around and crushed by th?i dynamite
beyond redemption. Iron work twisted
and torn, store* destroyed and brick
work pulverised, showed the force of
the explosion.
On the ground were blackened heaps
[>f human remains; limbs.heuds.trunk*.
scorched and torn. The victims were
mostly Malays. Kafllrs and Chinamen,
the whites being In a minority at Vledundorp;
but in spite of this, quite a
number of white people, including six
Ifirls, are among the many victims of
this terrible calamity.
In fifteen minutes after the explosion
occurred, the bodies of forty dead
persons, all horribly mutilated, were
picked up and carried away from the
scene, while the searching of the ruins
conthrued without intermission. Over
two hundred of the most severely Injured
persons were also carried away, and
hundreds of other wounded persons
were taken to places where they might
be cared for.
In addition to the wounded, thousands
of people rendered homeless by
the explosion, are being cared for by
the charitable and will receive assistance
until they can begin life anew.
A popular subscription has been opened
for the relief of the wounded i\nd
homeles*. Already over $500,000 have
been raised and this amount will reach
(500,000 before night.
In addition steps have already been
taken to clear away the debris from
the ground, a portion of the money
subscribed will be Invested in building
materials and the work of reconstructing
Viedendorp will be commenced as
noon as the remains of the dead are
Interred. This will probably be tomorrow
and the occasion will be marked
by a turnout of almost the whole
population of Johannesburg.
The headquarters of the Wanders
Club Is being used as a mortuary
chamber. In the gaily decorated club
room are horrible lines of memberless,
ftiacKeneu irunns 01 numnn noaire.ruwn
of charred arms and legs, crushed and
humed headH, hands, feet, pieces of
(lesh, etc., etc., tied up In bogs, the
whole preventing a Right as blood curdling
as wan ever witnessed. Around the
;lub the scene of the explosion the most
harrowing Boenes are witnessed. Fathers
looking for their children, wives
staring blankly at what seemed to be
the remain* of husbands, the living,
many of them badly hurt themselves,
hunting for traces of their uead.
Probably the best Idea of the force of
the explosion can be gathered from the
fact that the Iron axles of the track*
upon which the dynamite wan loaded
have been driven twenty feet into the
hard ground.
How the explosion occurred is not
kuown. Hut a belief prevails that a
thieving Kaffir found his way to the ,
shunted trucks and that In trying to (
break op*n one of the cases of tho ox- i
plosive being In Ignorance of what It 1
contained, he brought about the dlsas- 1
ter which has caused so great a loss of j
life and which has rendered so many ,
l>eople homeless and penniless. ,
The Boers and the Ultlanders are
working harmoniously In the succoring
if the wounded and homeless. The dls
unrr oh-iiib m jir?? uuuc ?v sn.ni ?. ? ,
towards healing the iorfn?w which remained
from the Jameson raid and may
io much to cement a new and better
feeling between the foreign population
ind their Boer rulers.
President Kruger hns telegraphed his
lympathy with the people of Johannesburg
In this emergency, and he Is being
kept posted on all the details of the
jrcat calamity.
One to the Cold Spell In Chl(-?go-<Jreat
CHICAGO, Feb. 20.-Chlcogo Is experlencing
the coldewt weather of the
??a?on. The signal service lowest j
reoord was at six o'clock this morning, i
when nine below was reached, but the
Dhermometers in the suburbs and in
various parts of the city proper nidicvuted
a much lower <empera?ture, ,
some marking fourteen below.
Two deaths have already resulted, j
Michael Hughe*. who was froxpn to
J oath while on his way to work, anil J
John Bradley, who was overcome by
the Intent oold, fell into the river and .
was too benumbed to grasp -the rope i
thrown him. Besides these, scores of i
people who have been compelled to remain
out doors exposed to the biting ,
winds have been severely frost-bitten. ,
The cold snap Is general over -the
Cold In Pittsburgh.
PITTSBURGH, Pa., Feb. 20.-The
mercury took another drop last night '
Mid zero weather prevails throughout
western Pennsylvania. In this city
thermometers registered from two to
?1ght degrees In-low aero, according to
exposure, while In the mountains att'l
n northwestern Pennsylvania the meriiirv
in reported to have fallen to 12
kgrees bolow r.ero, the projfpejrt* b^lnp
for ft continuance of the cold weather 1
for several day a.
Tlir Ideal Patl?C??.
Jam** L. Francis, Alderman, Chicago,
nays: "I regard I)r. King's New
Discovery a? n n I deal Panaecea for 1
Roughs, Colds and Lung Complaints,
laving used It In my family for the last
live yj?ars, to th?? exclusion of physi- ;
dan's proscriptions or other prepara*
Jons." I
Rev. John Burgus, Keokuk, Iowa,
writes: "I have be??n ft minister of the
Methodlwt Kplr?<?pal church for fifty
k'eara or more, and (have never found
mythfcng so beneflofo.1, or that gave mi> I
mrth speedy relief an Dr. King's New
Discovery. Try t'hls Ideal Cough Remedy
now. Trial tattles frco at Logan !
iirug Co.'s Drug Store. C
I iiinL- mmrvi I
!K utmi\wllxi OMI SKtUUK / R
Hat stood the Tut of Time
Tlir Knlnrfi of Hip Minify mid Work
NEW YORK, Feb. 20.?Money on cnll
easy Rt 34?4 per cent; last loan 3Mj
per cent;closed at 30316 per cent. Prime
mercantile paper 5%?'" per cent. Sterling
exchange steady, with actual business
In bankers' bills at $4 S7,j|(ff4 S7?4
for demand and |4 8G'A04 SG'.i for sixty
days. Posted rates $4 S7ft4 87'.(: and
14 88*604 89. Commercial bills
Bar silver 67%c. Silver certificates C^C'?
The Ktoek mnrket dixnluved a con
sJderalde improved ton** to-day. Business
was on an Increased scale ami the
dealings wen? fairly well distributed.
The speculative sentiment aside frotn
the purely local factories was favorably
Influenced by renewed foreign buying
of our securities, which was reflected
In sharp advances In the International
stocks. The change of front abroad ,
la due to a variety of considerations. It
Is being recognized that apprehension
which bore heavily upon our speculative
markets h month or two aso. are
now entirely dissipated. The prospect
of financial legislation during this session
of Congress is remote and In Kurope
as well as In this country, a decidedly
enlarged estimate from previous
calculations as to the riet gold results
to the treasury, from the government
loan are made.
To-day's speculation undoubtedly received
some Impetus from prominent
local banking Interests and rumors of
progrens making toward the rehabilitation
of the Northern Pnclflc Company
exerted considerable Influence. At
the outset general fractional Improvements
in prices occurred, followed
around mid-day by recessions on realizing
sales. The upward trend of
prices was soon resumed, but the gains
were not of especial Importance until
the Inst hour, when the purchasing
movement was attained In full force.
The closing was strong at general fractional
net s-olns. The railway bond ;
market exhibited animation and
NirviiKin; hip guiun ??-uis ?
tributed. Net gains wore material In
many Instance* and extended to 3 por
rent In General Electric debenture
live*. The aggregate sales of railroad
bonds were $3,333,000.
The strength of the government bond
market was unabated with the new 4s 1
the feature. The aggregate sales wore
The market for state Issues broadened
to a moderate extent. Purchases of
Virginia Centuries, Louisiana Consols
V and Tennessee Settlement 3s were
poted. The total dealings amounted to
The total sales of stocks to-day were
Government bonds strong.
State bonds dull.
Railroad bonds strong.
The Evening Post's London financial
The stock markets were active and
Rtrong to-day. Americans were better,
closing at about the best That market
is commanding attention again. The
Paris bourse was active and firm. The
Berlin market was llrm.
S'ew U. 8. <s reentered 117% i
New 17. 8. 4s coupon 117%
?' " ? r... I1M.
IT. 8. 5s coupon 11V?
r. S. 4* registered 109?*
1*. S. 4s coupon 11?
I'. 8. 2* registered 9?
Pacific to of '95 102
A trillion ! ?*?
Adams Express ]?*
American Express 110
Baltimore A Ohio 51
Canada Southern 6?li
r? ntrnl Pacific ]&
Cheiuipeak* A Ohio i *i
r'hlfHKO A Alton 1M
r-htcano. Burlington A Qulncy Sl>4
Chicago Has
Clevland, Cincinnati, Chi. A St. I.
Colorado (Toal A Iron \... "
not ton Oil Certificates l.Vi
Delaware A Hudson 11*4
PHaware, l?ackawanna A Western .. 12KV*
Denver A Bio Ornnde preferred 4?',
Distillers' A Cattle Feeders' Co 1K*?
Erl?* ! >
do preferred
llllnolH Central 'At
K?ncan A Texa* preferred n?7* !
Lake Erie A Western 2P.4
do preferred ,
l<akc Shore .
ij.h.1 Trnat * ?<. '
Lonlevlllo * Na*hvllle
Michigan Central v>>
Mlftflotirl Pacltlc 23 Mi
Nn*hv|lle ft Chattanooga
National Corduge ??V4
do preferred 11 ;
Netv Jen?? v Central lo7"i J
Norfolk ft \Venterti preferred S
Northern Pacific 4% |
do preferred l-'a
Northwef?t?rti ??^3v
do preferred ?? I
Now York Central !? ?
New York ft New KnKland 4<i
Dreijon Improvement .j 214
Oregon Navigation 1"
Pacific Mall ,2^i '
Plttuhurifh 1W <
Iteadlnu 1-Jnii f
Hock l*tand ? ,
M. Paul <* 4
do preferred
3t. Paid ft Omaha 41
do preferred ]'^!i
Sugar Hetlnery 12rennNKO
Coal ft Iron 20
IVxa* Purine P| .
roledo ft Ohio Central preferred JBH"
I'noln Pnclllc * " ? J
United States Kxpn-Hij 4k. 1
Wabash. St. f<oiil* ft l'arlllc f
do preferred 43 |
IVell* Fargo Kxprew W ,
IVentern I it Ion s,|> .
Wheeling ft l.ake Krle 11*4
do preferreil 3t'
Serieral Electric 3|Ui
Pnharco 81 1
do preferred I'd i
[J. H. leather preforre<l C6%
|lrrnd?tiifT? and Provlilom.
CHICAOO?Whent, which wns gal- t
vanlxed Into nomo ?how of activity yea- t
terday by the heavy upot grain hunl- i
nenn. relapned to-day Into almost com- J
plete llfcleMnnenn, and more from lack '
r?f trading than anything Hue. cloned ,
vlttlon* wore equally dull, and made |
but little change In vnlue.
Flour barely ateady.
Wheat?Canh No. 2 HprinR 02%<^fin?4c;
No. 3 uprlnir MtfiKir by sample; No. 2 ]
red flf?7iifrr?7%o: February wna>4w J
B2?fco: May <H%ffOr.W.:.r; June U4?f,W '
05%w?r?c; July i
Corn? Canh No. 2. 2Nc; No. 2 yellow r
28c; February cloned at 28c; May 1
JOViWOe; July 3O%031i,W31c; Septem!?cr
Oat?--C'aHh No. 2. lDlfr'lfltyc; No. 2
white 2l%022?4c; No. .1 white 20V?1/
!ilVfcc; February cloned at Ifltycf May
2Q%03IM021r: July 2l02ltt?M1Wc;
September 21 <it21 %c.
Rye-No. 2. 38c.
Harley?No. 2 nominal; No. 3, 34{?>
Me: No. 4. 2647270 f <?. b.
Flaxnecd?No. I, 0194c.
Timet!iy?eM?IWnw 50 75.
Mi-w fork?Cu"h i **r barrel $9 #2ty0
10 OD; February $'.? Tf.tirl? 87tfff9 8.*,; May
*!? Hifi 10 tftttflO 05; Ji ly JIO OOfjJlO 20f?p
10 I'O.
Lard?Cash per 100 liot i*rl?.i J'?
5 Ko')ru?ry 37'.iffl* 4".
May 55 6505 &7M.?&5 r.7!j; July v"? 67Vi *
R 70<&>G 70.
Short nibs?Cash OMM 10: February
to 0r.(if5 07M&5 05;, May 15 17','d
5 22Vi; July jr. 27%fi*. :s2*&#5 32fc;
dry Malted ftliouiut tm ?c; snori civnr
hIcJi'k (boxed) S>40irt%c.
Whisky? lUfltilln'H' lllilshed Roods
per .gallon $1 I'll.
Suffiirr?Hutloif $."? 87',i; granulated
55 U"??4; ?tandard A S*i 1-V?.
On tho Produce Kxchung-e to-day. the
butler pntikot was Ilrni; dairies 8^ J Co;
creameries H?l'Jc,
Cliprse?.Quiet at O^^IO?.
KgffH?Firm; fresh ll',l^l2c.
NEW YORK?Plonr, receipt* 15.100
barrels; export* ly.MO barrels; market
dull and heavy. Wfic.it, i? r* ipts 8,300
bushels; exports 103,GOO bushel: ; spot
market dull; No. 1 hard 74%c delivered;
options opened st< ady and elwed ViW
'.4c net lot's; February closed at 12%v,
May clc.srd at 71 Vic*. Corn, receipts
l(J,(i(K) hu.*<heln: export!' "MOO bushels;
spot market dull; No. II. HC'.-c; options
<!till and easier and closing partially
V<i?t net lower; February closed at 36%c;
May 3fl!fr36^4c and closed at 36%c. Oats,
receipts 74,400 buidiels: exports 700
bushels; spot market steady; No. 3.
2.1 Vic; options dull and featureless and
closed unehnrjired t?i %e higher; Feb
riwry CIOW.O ai amy viuncu ui
2"i^c. Tallow steady. Rosin quiet
Leather cloudy. Turpentine quiet. Rice
firm. Moli'isr* firm. May firm. Hops
steady. Beef steady. Cutmeats steady.
Lard ; western steam closed at
S". 70; May $5 87 nominal, l'crk quiet.
Cottonseed oil dull and nominal. Coffea,
options opened (Steady at unchanged
prices, closing su-ady at unchanged
prices to * points nut decline; sales
17.000 bag*. Sugar, raw lirm; reflnud
BALTIMORE?Flour quiet and unchanged;
receipts 0,055 barrels: shipments
19,095 barrels. Wheat firmer;
spot 7.'!5;<* bid; month 73*?e asked: May
72,,ift72V--c; southern wheat by sample
74{?">7r; do do on grade 71,{i^V74Vjtc.
Corn firm; rpot, month and March .1.".%
W33?ic; April 34034 Kc; May 34%0
35'^c; steamer mixed 'J2%&32]&c: receipts
73.720 bushels; shipments 94.28.1
bushels; southern white and yellow
corn n.'Ifg.Hc. Oats steady; No. 2 white
western 28$?8}&c; No. 2 mixed do 2CW
26%c; receipts 59 bushejs. Rye quiet;
No. 2. 44f|)4.r)C near-by; 47?4Rc western:
receipts 1.809 bushels. Hay Ann.
' irain freights barely steady, with very
little demand, unchanged. Butter firm
and unchanged. Eggs weak; fresh
1'jUr; cold storage and limed 10c.
Cheese steady and unchanged. Whisky ,
CINCINNATI?Flour easy. Wheat
easy; No. 2 red 78Vfcc; receipts 1.400
bushels; shipments none. Corn active; 1
No. 2 mixed 30c. Oat.4' quiet; No. 2
mixed 22Mjc. Rye nominal; No. 2. 41,.i*j.
Lard steady at $5 224- Bulkmeats
steady at $5 12Vi. Bacpn steady at $6 00.
Whiskey steady; sales 458 barrels at
$1 22. Butter quiet. Sugar firm. Eggs
firm and higher at 11c. Cheese steady.
TOLEDO?Wheat lower; No. 2 cash i
7n*4c; May 74c: July JOc. Corn steady:
No. 2 mixed SS'.jc; No. 8 mixed 28c; May
SO'ic. Oats quiet; No. 2 mixed 20Vsc;
No. 2 white -2c; May 2214c. Rye dull;
v''> ' ??? > Jl" dtAfldv
prime cash and February 54 52^;
March 14 50.
PHILADELPHIA ? Butter tlrm;
fancy western creamery 20c. Eggs dull
and easier; fresh near-by 13c: do western
1.1c. Cheese unchanged. i
IjIv? Sto?k.
CHICAGO?Cattle. ??mmon to choice
native dressed beef am. shipping steers
13 20ft4 40; sales largely |3 [email protected]>4 25; exporters'
good buyers around 54 00ii4 10:
stocker and feeder market was dull. ,
Cows 51 75?t 95; calves are lower than I
a week ago. Hogs, the bulk of tin* I
trading was at $4 05fp4 10; prime to I
heavy medium weights and mixed sold
nt 12 R504 10. and fancy light 53 15^4 20.
Sheep, there was a good trade at steady
prices; Inferior to choice native sheep
were disposed of at 52 5003 65, and
prime extra were largely nominal at
53 70tfi4 00; yearlings sold at' 53 7i?<fj4 00.
Receipts, cattle 13.000 head; hogs 24,000
head; sheep 14,000 head.
FAST W'FFALO?Cattle, receipts
one car of fresh fule cattle und a load
;>f heavy steers i'hat held over. Hogs,
receipts 22 oars; market slow; Yorkers.
Cair to choice 51 fiOfi'4 ."5; roughs, com- ,
mon to-good 53 [email protected] 00; pigs, common '
to fair 54 4004 45. Sheep and lambs,
receipts 12 oars; market slow; lambs,
tjoo.l to extra SI 6004 75; culls and com- |
tnon 53 5004 (H); sheep. choice to selected
ex poll wethers 53 [email protected] 00; culls und
common SI <KW2 50.
RAST T.i RERTY?Cflitlle slow: nrime !
54 4njj4 CO; butchers J" 80?4 20;
bulls, cow* and s*t<nr-"* $1 75? 3 50. Hogs,
dull and lower: Philadelphia* 14' 4Ofi
4 45; Yorkers and pic 35 ?4 4?:
heavy hogs 54 30G?4 40: rotighs J.I OOtfr
4 00; Chicago reported lower. Sheep
active; prime $3 65<fJ3 SO; good $3 4040
:t common J- 2502 75; lambs *3 G0W
i 73; vmi ojivw j?> 00fi7 00.
CINCINNATI?Hog* lowr at *175?
I'20; receipts 3,600 head; shipments COO
head. ;
Dry (*u(hU. ^ |
NRW YO&K? As a consequence of
the reduction in prices there has been !
a beoter inquiry all around that was !
by a very fajr volume of new
purchase* of all dtwrlptlonc? of cotton
goods. Printing cloths dull nt 2^ i
: Il-I6c for box squares and lhttle do- ]
Ing In odds. Agents hive reduned the j
pr4oe of I?ocbwood ami bulla* wide
sheetings to the basfet of 20c for 10\1 \
and Allendale to 17V^c for 10x4 bleached. J
Oil* CITY?Credit balances opened
at $1 40; closed at $1 35; certificates. j
March delivery, opened at $1 35; highest (
M 35; lowest $1 33; closed at $1 33; sales
1,000 barrels; clearances none; nhlp- j
inenta 1,925 barrels; runs 72,87." barrels. J
NBW YORK?Petroleum easier;
closed at $1 35 bid. <
NEW YORK?Pig: Iron quint; .southern
$11 7r?ifrl3 25; northern 113 00$fl3 50.
['upper firm. J??*ad steady. Tin quiot;
itrults $n 25<fid3 35; plates easy. Spelter "
Wool. |
NEW YOHK?Wool quiet.
Ifflir Unity U Cutting Trrtli,
sure nml use that old and well-tried ,
KYUI'P for children teething. It
loot It os the child. softens the minis, nlays
nil pnin, cures wind colic und In
:he bent remedy for dlurrhocu. Twon;y-flve
cents ii bottlo. tnwf&w
Headache curod In 20 nilnuten by I)r
tides' Pain Pills. "One cent u dose.'' At
Pile*: Pllrrt (tolling Pllrn.
Symptom*?Moisture; intense Itching
ind HtltiRlnK; ntoht at night; worse by
icratchlnK. if allowed to contlinn- tur.orr
form, which often blood and uloorUe.
becoming very Koro. HWAY.N'K'S
51NTMKNT stops the ItohlnK und bloodnc.
h**nIh ulceration. and In m?!?t canon
muovoh the tumors. At druggist* or by
null, for W cents. Dr. ttwuyuo & Son.
'IIiim lo C'nro Alt Kklli l>Um?r?,"
Plinolv antdv BWAYNR'H OINTMKNT.
S'o Internal medicine required. Cure* tel.
rr. ecxenia. Itch, all cruptlona on the
urn. hand*, now, etc.. leaving :ho *Un
ilcar, white ami healthy. It.s jjreat h,mlnK
and curative power* nro pukhowao.I by
to other remedy. A*k your druKKim for
Lightning Hot Drops?
What a Funny Name!
Very True, but It Kills All Pain. j
Sold Everywhere. Every Day? '
Without Relief, There la No Pavi |
.A-.-XK-r>.,Sj } &'! J
Business College!
In tho l?P!*t school to attend If yon wnjt
to lii-romp prnctlrul buslnesN "i0'1 "!}"
women, for it In tlx* only school In the
city that drills Its student# thoroughly in
('liirimcri'inl Linv,
1 ( 'niixnumiiwl nilKtt
?umih>:? < ? i
liiishiess ICtliics, etc.,
ns well nn everything that Is short ana
prm-tlml In Bookkeeping unci Arithmetic.
ri !?? ?? subjects urn tuugnt exactly uh pructie.-*:
in our best and most nucceaaful
business house*.
Hundred* (if 11h students each year exemplify
thu method* tu tight In this school
in IiijmIih'mh hou*<** In this mid other cities
In good positions sec ured by the managen.rnt
of th?> school and through It* repu?
tat Ion for thorough practical work.
Thin school nt all tlinen gives its ??tudmls
the latent and b??*t practical work
that ran he obtained from the counting
room. It* tench^r* know what buainesa
Is and how to teach It.
Wheeling Business College,
W H : E LI N C. w. V A. >1:-?u n y
lender ill* Direction of tha SUtnrs of tha
Ymltntlon, IS. V. M.
Full English, Mathematical ond Claaalcal
Course, with Modern Language*.
Drawing. Tainting, Klocutlon and I'lljaU-al
Musical Department especially noted.
Extensive Library?both French und
Location unsurpassed for Beauty and
Hoard excellent.
Pupils received at any time during tha
session. Address,
Young Ladies
and Children.
lam Miirkot St. WliMllor, W. V*.
Fifth annual session berlns MOJCl>AY,
OKi' lKMIiKIt id, Ihji.i. 1 bin school often n
rorapliMoand thorough editcjitlou Hi I'ltACnCAU
Knummi. m atiikm *tk>. Kngluk cumich, latin,
modkr* i,an?it*0? mad kkocl'tion'.
Spf'lKl udraii:?gc? orered graduate* from
tujblle school* Hti'l others who Ucsir? Co purine
hlxher branches of etudr.
Methods and course of Instruction compare
fsvomnly with tho best setuiimrlei in the conn*
Hove recelrcd In the Prlmsry and Intermedl to
OepartinenU. For circular* or Imerrleiv,
apply to
Prinel pal. Wheeling. W. Vn.
Fitting thein for utefulncsa In onr branch of
kindness or any counting xooto. For circular
and references address I. R. MOlsK.
dc'. Wheeling. W. Va.
LOl * 18 VI u\E/LO\VI
M1SM1M!18,fNE\V oVt^raraflBSw
jjWnl i.LANri and intcrinedlatc
point* take pulnvHtcaroens
of the
I'lttslmrph A: Clndnv-rrTT/
nntl racket Llna, l?av.
TJkZ-. foot of Eleventh at reel, ua
folliuw s;
Slimmer KEYSTONE STATE. Charles
W. Knox. Maater; Henry J. Beat, Clerk;
every Tueaday. K a. in.
Steamer HUDSON. Robert Afrnew. Master;
James Alexander, Clark; every
Thursday. S n. ni.
Steamer VIRGINIA, leaves every Sunday
at 8 a. m. T. S. Calhoon, maater;
Robert H. Kerr, olerk.
For freight or pR?aace telephone 930.
CHUCK A ltD &.. BOOT! l.s
ja25 A^tnta.
Time table In effect Dcrembor 1*. 1833.
N OTICK?Please take notice tliat trains
of the Ohio Klvcr H. It will run l?y Rim*
nrn .Standard Time on and after September
29. 1M?6.
Dally. !Dally except Sunday. Eastern
Eolith Bound. | 1 | 3 | 6 | 7
Via P.C.C.&St.I* n a. m. p. rfT
Pittsburgh. Pa..L'e *9:10M2:43
Stetib<>nvillo.... I/e *10:25 *2:W
Wheeling ....Arrive *11:35 !8:2^
a. in a. tn. p. m.
Wheeling *;:00 :r,:4* *4:r<>
Hen wood 7:15 12:ul 4.P.
Moundsvllle 7:35 12:10 4:.V?
Sew Martinsville .. fc:40 1:13 6:37
t>tstpr*vlllo I?:W l:Si
Ktlendly '.':i7 ins C:i2
S?. Mary'a S?:45 2:11 6:43
Wllllamatown 10:25 2:50 7:2t?
Parkersbnrf 11:0*1 3:25 8:00 a"7?lS
llellcville 11*2 4:?: 7:13
P. :n.
Itavenswood l-:0# 4:3* S:.T2
lllpley landing ... 12:2> 4;f.j S;.'*;
Lirahtim 12:64 6:22 U:22
SVw Ha Von 1:C1 5:27
Hurt ford 1:W 5:31 H;34
Muion City l;lu 6:37 3:4U
[Tllfloo 1:15 6:41 ?;45
I't. Pleasant 1:4? ti;<W 10:17 ,
ulllpollN Ferry .... 2:17 C.jj H/:S.j
. uynndotte 3:15 7:55 n;f,
Huntington 3:24 S:05 7:2ft 22:03
Ivcnovn 3:45 8:26 7:56 12:23
Via K. A M. Ry. p. m. p. in. n. m.
IC. Ac M. Junc....hv !2:33 *9:42 42:33
'harleston Ar !6:03 *ll:6'? G:C3
ialllpolls 12:4? ~T:SS ioTlS ,
Huntington l:6u 8:60 11:45
Via (K- O. Hy. a. in. p. m
Leave Huntington. !2:]fi *2:30 2:15 <
Ar Chariest on. W V !4:19 *3:43 4:l!i ,
Ivenova Aenye *2:06 !9:10 !12:03 ;
Via C/& O. fly. |p. tn. a. m. ~ p. m.
Iwnnova Leavel *2:25 *4:t5 *2:23
CTIiu-lnnntl, ("?....Ar *?:30 *9:i? 1:20 (
Lexington.-Ky...Ar| *7:00 9:35 *7:03 ]
w. J. ROBiNBowron*. A:~ i
fyonnBylvania Stations
snnsylvania Lines.!.
Trains Run f>y Central Tine.
*rarr Orrtcw at J>XK?ri.vA>nA htatiox oi
\\ at*? ht.. K?m*t or ki.rvr.srrH sr., wih:kmko,
at Sjrl.l'ltJt ItOITHK. UlU'RI.IVll, .\*|? A'( TU?S
PKNK^TLVAMIA Htation. 1'ntiMiKronT.,
SoctuwkutKrntt'-"Pa* lUm.i ie Hoimc "
Dally. !Daily except Sunday.
From Wheeling to l.eavc. Arrive ;
iVellab'g and Hteub'e.. I?:25 am !6l36 pm
tie Donald and l'itta.. 16:25 am !6:35 pin i
K?ow Cumberland ti:2fi am lu;33 pm
ndlattupollx and St. u am !6:33 pm :
'uiumhus and Clncin. !?::'.*? am !6:tf pm \
tWIHb'g and Steubo.. !6:25 urn !6:;tfi pm ;
/hlla. and N. \. !12:23 pm !2::'0 pm ;
UeuU e und l'itta...... 112:26 pm !2:2u pm '
Viuuibus und Chic o. !12:25 pm !2:20 pm .
I'hlla. and N. i ....... *2:65 pm *10:33 am !
ilaltltnoro and \\a?h. *2:65 pm *10:33 am ;
Urilbv and l'ltte *2;5j pm *10:33 am '
Ueuh'o und Dennl?on. *2;."?J pm *10:33 am
ndlanapoll* and St. u !?:o0 pm !C:12 am
Jayton und clncin.... lt|:00 pn? tfi:l2 am i
Iteub'e and Columbun. !S:00 pm !G:13 am
Nortbweat Syatem Clove. & Pitts, uiv.
Train* run dully, except Sunday a? fol* '
.'rom llrldgcport to I?env?i. Arrive
"oii Wiiynw Chicago 6:08 am 8;0.*? pm
'anion ami Tolotlo 5:08 nm 8:05 pm
MitithurKlt ami St*ub'e.. &;0S nm 8:06 pin
ili?ulM?nvill? anil I'ltfh.... 6;0s am 8:05 pm
Slonli't! and 1 *?tk?? - ?:?!? nm 10:05 am
'levehtnd and Chicago... 1:10 pm fc:PG pm ,
'anion it ml Toledo 1:10 pm sum cm 1
Ullunro and Cleveland... 1:10 pm 12:33 pm ,
Uciib'e and Wellavllln... U:ia pm ~,;bs am 1
>hlln. and Now York.... '.':44 pin 8:05 pm ,
Jaltlmoio and \Vanh -;44 pm 4:5S pm '
lloub'o and I'lttiiburgh.. LM4 pm 8:05 pm .
J. a T0MLIN80N. Pam. Agent, 1
Nation Foot of Klwvwnth and Wator 8U. ,
iUvs i
The Weekly Iiitellluencer 1
Arrival and departure or trains on and
after Jrin. IN*;. Kxplnnatlon of ItPter*
rn?*e Murks: Dally. tDally, exeept Hundny.
? Dally, except Hnturday. 'Dally, exi?-l>t
Monday. JHundaya only. Monday*
only. 'Saturday* only. Katttern Standard
Dnpurl. fll.&O.?Main Wne.IJ'ntl Arrive.
J2?S um.WiiMh., Hal., Phil., N'.V; *8:20 utn
pm WiimIi.. Hal., Phil.. N'.YI
i7;tj0 am ..Cumberland A room..' t7:C5 pm m
M:tu pjnf Grafton Aecom.?...J*10:10 am
t$:Jn iinii..MoiindsvHle A<iom..i i'as am
'.5:3o pm|..Muunditville A<vom ti:40 pm
11:00 Jim j.. Mound* vllle A room..: "7:40 pm
11:20 aim Washington city isx.j 54:25 pm
...Gralton Express 11:26 pm
"Depart. B.&O.-C.O. DJ v., W?jM| "Arrive, '
7:25 am For Columbus and Chl.i *1:15 am
10:15 ami.Columbus and L'inclnJ *6:30 pm
<11:40 pm!.Columbus and Clneln.j *4:50 am
3:50 ptniColumbuH and Chi. Ex. 1*12:10 pm
3:30 pm . ..Zanosvlllu Act;om...i<l(l:K am
110;I5 um:St. Clalrsvllle Accom. 11.0:55 am
12:#) pm St. Ciftfrsvllle Areom.i 15:30 pm
12:40 nmiColumbuu and Tin. Bx.l
10:15 ami Handuslty MaU | 5:30 pm
Depart," IB. & O.-W., P. B. Dlv.i Arrive, .
4:?i5 am For Pittsburgh i*I0:J0 am
7:10 am, Pittsburgh I *7:00 pm
5:45 pm|..Pittsburgh and East..|lll:30 pni
13:25 pm Pittsburgh |tl0:00 am
(..Pittsburgh Kxprf-ss..| 12:25 am
Depart. P.. C., C. & St. L. By. fArrlveT"
17:25 am! Pittsburgh 1 16:36 pm
17:25 amjSteubenvllle and Went t6:35 pm
11:25 pm,.. Pittsburgh ami N*. Y.. t3:20 pm
3:55 pni|..Pittsburgh and N. Y.. *11:35 am
17:25 am (Fx., Cln. nnd Ft. Louis 17:12 am
pm Ex., Cln. and St. Louis 16:33 pm
j,?v n,?i rhl.. nm
3:85 pnif..Pitts. and Dennlaon.. *11:35 am
Depart. C. & !?.?Bridgeport. Arrive.
1?:0S ami Fort Wayne ami Chi. t5:M pm
1i>:<VS am'..Canton and Toledo.. t?:0o pm
It',;OS urn: Alliance und Cleveland 19:06 pm
W:08 um SteuhenvHIe and Pitt*. 19:05 pm
am;Ktt?nl)fiiivllle and Pitts. til:05 am
>2:10 pnnl't Wayne and Chicago 15:M pm
< 2:10 pm ..Canton and Toledo.. tS:?pm
'.2:10 pm Alliance and Cleveland 11:J5 pm
<3:41 pmjPhiladelphia and N. ). 15:58 pm
13:44 prnlHaltlmore and Wash. lo:M pm
t3:44 pm Steubenvllle and Pitt". tS:M pm
17:1.1 pm Steub'e and WollavHle t8:M ap
"iWr't: I " . '& I rR Arrive.
*9:30 unj' Toledo and Heat.... tw:0G pm
19:30 am Cleve. Akron & Canton t?>:06 pm
19:30 am Brilliant and Steube'le t?:06 pm.
f7:J0 nm'Masalllon und Canton tl0:40 am /
17:30 pmiBrllllant and Bteuhe le|110:40 aw
Depart. ICT TZ ?"w.-nrldK^p/i7j Arrive.
17:16 am Cleve., Toledo and Chi. ?L22
11:40 pm Cleve., Toledo and Chl.l t7:S0 pm
1,1:00 pm . ...Masslllon Aceom....i110:fi0 am
1$:01 amlBt. Clalrsvllle Accom. 19:M am
110:0S am Ht. Clalravllle Accom.l 11:31 pm .
12:32 pm'St. Clalravllle Arrom.I 14:41 pm
pmiHf. ClulrT.-iVc Accom.l #:? pm
11:05 pm) Local Freight |tl3:48 am
"iVpnrt. f Ohio River R. R. ("Arrive.
7:0o ami Passenger |*10:4o am
111:15 am Passenger 12:03 pm
4:00 pm, Passenger *6:4S pm I
""Leave I 'A. & C. R.~R. Arrive
Delia I re.' Bellalre.
10:10 nm Hellalre and Zaneavllle 4:20 pm
pm' Woodntleld 9:45 am ^
r11 im^. Sch?du& In el
puia aun r?ow iunc isa
XjMrffyS^ ?ud II: *0 ?. m., and 3:40 p.
anil** m., dully.
Cumberland Accommodation. 7;00a. m.. daily
xccpt Sunday.
.rafton Accommodation. ~:|0 p. m.. dally.
Monndavillo Accommodation. 7:W and 8:19
a. uu and 5;80 p. in . except Sunday, aod 1L*09
p. tnr.Sftturday only.
From Neir York, Phlludalphla and Baltlcaore,
f:2tia. m.. daily.
Cumberland Kxpreu. 4:25 p. m., daily, cxoopt
iruiinn Kxpre**. 4:2.% p. ro.. Monday only.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:05 p. m.,ex?
cept Sunday.
Uralton Accommodation. 10:10%. m.. daily.
Mouiid?vilie Accommodation. 7:15 a- in., except
Sunday: 10:10 a. m.. dully. 1:40 and 7:01
p. in., except Sunday, and 7:t0p. in. Saturday
For Coin robin and Chicago <:S> a. m. and ?:45 <
p. m..?ially.
Columbia and Cincinnati Etpre??. 10:15 a. m.
dally. li:iop. iu.. daily, except Saturday, and j
11:4" a ra Sunday only.
Samlimky .Mail. I0:l.?a. in., dally.
Xiiiii^vil c AcL'omino latiou. Ikii p. m., dally
except Suudiiv
St. CUirsville Accommodation. 10:16 a. m. and
S;.*W p. m., except Sunday. - ..-jX
Chicago Kxprca. 1:13 a. m. and 12sl9 p. m.
Cincinnati Kxpresc 4:7) a. in and 5:30 p. m..
daily ' 'A
Sandn*ky Mail. 5:3) p m.. dally. . -1
Zaueavh.e Accommodation. m. daily
pxoept Snudar
St. Clairavillc Accommodation. 10:55 a. m. and
6:30p. in'.. dnilr. except Sunday. r
wiinn.iNO ?i nrrsBnwH division*.
For PitUburch. 4:Vi and 7:10 a. ra . andVO p.
ni.. dally; mid?: o. hi.. daily, except Sunday.
F<t I'ltiRbtirgb and the oait. 4:65 a. in. and j:4J
p. ui.. daily.
From PitMbms'i. 10:10 a. in. and 7:t)0p. m*
daily. 11:30 n. in . daily, excopt Satnrdav. 10:00 a.
n?.. rxrept Minday. and .'.J ?a. iu.. Sunday only. J
TheCleveldod, Lorain 4 WiiMllBg R. R.
Time Tattle in eflocrMondar. November M, 139i.
Cleveland Depot. Foot of 3.tnth Water Street.
"VniNti -oi'TIL
I'oulralTiincI a.m. ;r. ill itvplmrt^atiittiitil
nwhwiZl T-J0.l:0n i:Xi|
Lu-ter .Irt ? v.'-'l
Mraiil.dop..! 7KW|i^?V4jlO;
H>ru : r.:j:rj jvjs,
i -ilium
l.i*?i?r J?u? 7tV? >: ? ':A)
\Mhm WU.TW.Vl*
i hip Uki-...'
Momi'::.0j ?:*} 9
I'MMl IMvr.
N>*r I'iii-H'l I :?J!? p ?:0; :<H
rhrtcblVHIe;!l:-.'V4:.?:'.1;i? ?:4I;
Sl.. lKlnvUle"i:-> tV<" {.! ?!?? ' 1
nrl?]f?MWt.J i:*.v V.v?'
Kicrtriccnr* b*tvfi?eu Whwllu;. M?rtla'iForrf
Hid i.. U ?fc W I'cpoi in ItrlilgepOrt. _ '
i 1 1 I I I . '
Beutrftl Time. v.m' a.m r m r.MiA.wlA.it r.u r.?
Mlnlnv ! i fcW U)Jo:4.*? 1:1* 4:U 1
Brii\io?K>rt ' ?:' "? V-':W'4,-m T.-0l?jj
Si. ?'TnJr?VlUc? I9..VW .V.VIkliiJstt &S0 23) fclJ '
UI.riolmtU" H:H? SMWl A.N IK M' <
\>H- I'htM* i:.?. hSS J:Vt K:l7i
l aiiAl l>.?x? r.. . I . ?
)n?tii* r'H
MfttlUoil *.S| St: IS 7:10
IVurtvIck ?:"'l * ?! <:!? r.M ,
ilcrCnc <;:?:
wnl.iiw- " v;?tv.v 4:|h,
Mnflu*. U Irt'.i't *00
l.onlCr.'ct.. ' ?:!?, t . .J > v
.irnfion XM.V 11:07' A:0li
Sltrln i?:00llr't 6:.'l
Smta Wvii:? m.!
LcftlerJrt |T:."?4;10:?R fcl.\
lUevelund, Ar.. l?:tX? 11:.*) fittt
lA.?;A.M.if. Mm
7: JO a. iu. fi?Ji ( U'vcUiiu to l.hrion?rtHe. in
p. in. Ir<?m rhrlclwllle to Cleveland run? dally.
Througn connection! nnd throurli tlokotsta
U1 point*. <"al(on our np'iiti or addre*i
M. li. CAUKKI. (ienwral raMenner Meat.
Wlieellim & Elm Grove Railroad
Oimnd afier Satunliy. Kabriury J. ISJj iraloa
\\ ill run its follow*. city time- -j
I'r'n T rue Trn Tnn?Tr'n. TintTru Tma
N.m p.m. a to. p.m.
So No. 20.. JMW No. U 16 00 Na 19 ..1:00
S'a 4.....7:noNa ?-\..4:00 No. 3... 7.H?Na
Sa OCl No 2I...-VOO Na A... 8:00 No. 2*...5:0)
Sa H SMMNa 2ft...*0i> Na 7...?ftiO Na
Sa i > l":W'N'o. :S...T:W No. 0_lO:<ttlNa 27...7:0)
Sa lJ.llno.Na W . a (> Na ll.lltdO Na J9 ..*01
f.. m Na :t\..9:0'J p. m Na .11...9:0) i
l.'.oO No. .il .imm Na No I4.l0.rtl
Sa Na ?Ul:0u Na 1*?...1<V> Sa 3Y.U:N
So ,K |No. 17...-'.00
tWlly. exaept Sunday.
rtumlay ili-in-h tmliii will l<?re Km Orarcu
III. ?ud Wheeling At 1 M7 P III.
11. K. WhlS'iKUHKU ilea. M mi agar.
Wlieellnn Brldtie & Terminal Ry.
<\ O. nRH\V8TBR. Krolver. , '}
Time Tnlile No. 13. to tnko efToot 12:01
n. in.. Sunday, November 19. 1WS.
Leuv? \. luM'iinj; ..vio, ill:4u a. m,
[2:20. *3:16.14:3o, I'JSOO ?. m.
Leave retiliiHula?1S:5L ill:4ft. a.
m.? 12:2tf, *3:21, 14:30 |9:06 p. m.
Leave Martin* Kerry?tins. tf?:57. |tl;U
?. nt. 1*:32. 3:27. t4:42. jS:l2 p. m.
Arrive Terinlnul Jnnction-t8:l7. tl0:0JL
lll:5S a. m.. 12;?, '2.X1. t4:4t>, |lt:U? p. m
Leave Termlnnl Jnnrtlon--?7:22, 19:00 a.
11.. *15:40 il. in.. I3:ftl. *4:<LV ItrU. r?i:43 n ni.
I.cnvo Martin'* Kerry?17:28, 19:07, a. m.
12:45, 11:05, 14:10, 18:W p. m.
l.ouve Penln*ula-17:14. |9:14. a. m,. *11:51.
|4:ll. t4:l7. 16:26. 1K:M p. m" U
Arrive Wheeling? f7;40. 19:20. a. ra..
'12*7. 14:17.44.85. t&l. 19:05 p. in.
* Dally, t Dally cxcopt Sunday. |9ua*
Jay* only.
All train* will mn on Eastern Time.
J. E. TAUSSIG. Superintendent.

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