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Story of tlic Scottish Reformation"
tills Week.
II ?lll 1? K-innl lo ">? PrM?lt??on_
of til* Lnthrr Upraliwle llerolaut Y.?r.
KulgUtl ">f ?>?' KulKI... Tem.
j.l.r T?k? P?rl-TUr*? rr??Jlit?<lont la
b. ulv.u, Ike Plr>? till. EvMiliiR-LUt
! 0f (he l'cr(bruier*?
This evening in tho Grand Opera
house the first presentation of "The
Sivttish Reformation; or John Knox
vs. Mary. Queen of Soots," will be given
under *the auspices of the directresses
of the Home for A red and Friendlew
Women. The second presentation
will occur on Tuesday evening, and on
Wednesday afternoon there will be a
mat! nee.
mis production will no doubt draw
larpe audiences at each performances
tlw even* has been looked forward to
wKb interest for several weeks, during
whldh the participants have been earnestly
rehearsing their parts. The produo:
Ion Is to be given on an elaborate
cole, fully up to the similar production
hero tost year of the "Martin
Luther" spectacle. The following is
the programme with the cast:
Allcporleal Procession?"Rallying of the
Clans." Chorus, "Form Your Battalions."
Leaders..Cora Daily and Harry H. Bodley
Puritan Maids:
Margie Lindsay, Edna Sturgls,
Llllle Anderson, Blanche Etxler,
Kettle Mager, Mm. A. L. Meyer,
Annie Murrln, Bessie FarlP,
Jewle Marsh, Lulu Hany.
Sarah Browne, Cora Paller,
Cloda SerJff. Adda Wlncher,
Clara Miller, Laura M. Serlg,
Margaret Hall, Mrs. II. Simmons.
UUIO uriDik
Scene of Puritans and Students from
Olascotr University on their way to
I.elth to meet the Queen.
Habtkuk GIIAlan Charles H. Israel
Sandy Muekle wrath C. \V. Schwhb*
David Galathy J. Edward Slmrne*
Isaiah Bailey Albert E. Murrln
Samuel Klll<?y L. A. Meyer
Donald Murry Albert A. Jse
Samuol McLannan Harry IL Bod ley
First Wallace 11. 8mlth
Second Will T. NYsbltt
Third J. H. Cooper
Fourth Dr. E. L. Warren
Fifth J. M. Bruhn
Sixth Harry McGulre
Story Continued?Thirty-five Views.
John Knox In the Court of Mary, Queen
of 8cota.
Queen Mary?Mrs. Andrew H. Patterson
Mary Beton Miss lhatx-1 Henry
Mary Livingston.Mrs. Morris Horkhelmer
I Margaret Curl Ml?s Thermo Phillips
Mary 8eton Miss E. Grace UpdegrafT
Hannah Kennedy Miss Lin a Htnnl<
1 John Knox Bentler Jones
D*rnley a K. Mc.Mfchcn
James Stuart Frank W. Ncsbltt
Lethertaarton Judft* Cranm<-r
French Minister Edward Franrhclm
English Gentleman B. 8. Allison
Erskln of Dun Dr. E. L. Warren
Messenger Herman Serltt
Priest John R. MendH
Attendant J. M. Bruhn
Pape Howard Merkei
Scottish Guards; V
Homer Simmons, E. 8. Knabe.
James A. Arm- Charles Moore,
Jtrong. H. A .Grtbe.
W." 'iLDy '* w'.^j.MJner.'
Howard E. Shafer.
Military Guards:
Detail from CoL B. Shanley Division. No.
21. V. R. K. of P.. under command of
CapL Llsby.
Dctnli from Cyrene Commandory. No. ?.
K. T.. under Eminent Commander
John K. List.
Story Continued?Fifteen Views.
Mary Stuart on her way to Execution.
Queen Mary....Mrs. Andrew H. Patterson
Hannah Kennedy Miss HennlK
Alice Miss Laura Serl??
Gertrude Anna Murrln
Rosamond Marpwt Hall
Burffoyne Will T. Nesbitt
Mel mile Wallace M. Smith
Burleigh R. S. Alilnon
Psulet J. M. Bruhn
Sheriff Franels M. Wilson
Military escort of Knlcht* of Pythias and
Xnlirhts Templar. Scottish Guards.
Story Ended?Fifteen Views.
Allcttorical Drill?Triumph of Puritans.
Chorus?"God's Miraculous Deliveriancc."
Names of Ladies and Gentlemen Representing
the Scottish Clans.
f Jlanruerlle Dickl- Mary Hankc,
man. Blanch* Chapman,
.Miriam McClement. Maud Chnpinan,
MancareuForney. Xehla Cook.
Jtnale Mtmr, MoIIIk Gardner,
Nellie Henry. Ann!* Dorrlntj.
Hat tie Stamp, I-ulu LI nd cm mi.
Tiuth Hall. N'va Weyrick,
Nat* I^awKon, J>olla Wilson,
3la?jd Mercer, N'ora Scrlu.
Kulllt Trlppett Matilda Ise,
Clara R M*y*r.
"William IS. Htur*ln?, Emll. C. Barthel,
Tidwnrd C. Schnepl, J- H. Cooper,
Wallace If. Smith. Allen W. Tracy,
Harry L. Hease. Will T. Ncsbltt,
Harry McGulro.
Miss Florn Pollack. Pianist.
Dr. John McClure, Leader of Orchestra.
Committee on Aranffementa:
Mrs. J. K. V*nc?\ Mrs. J. A. Bell,
air*. Qeor*e Wise. Mr*. Henry F. Jone?.
The Il*?r Ball Situation Decidedly Mlied,
Failure to Secure (sromida May Knock
On I Frnfraalnnat 11*11 Here til la Nraaon,
Corbetl't I>eiy to Fllzalmiitoua?Other
Sporting X?w?.
The bane ball situation la decidedly
mixed. On Saturday it wna anounccd
that Al. Buckenberger had disposed of
his Intercut In the club and that the
K?njtleman to whom he had disponed of
Ms Interest, C. J. McKee. of New Castle,
would dispense with the nervines of
(Joorge Moreland, who/ has been slated
as manager of the team. Moreland. it
se?ms, has entered a vigorous objection
to such a procedure and will appeal
to President Power, of tho InterHtote
league. P.ut. really, nil thin t*
more by-play. While these gentlemen
ure quarreling over the ownership of
the dub the fact remains that the outlook
for a club, no matter who owns It,
Is about as Rloomy hh possible.
As I* well known. Mr. W. H. Wright,
Iteneral manager of the Whet ling Kail*
way Company, spent all of last week
In on endeavor to secure grounds for
the club, of which he was to be tin*
Erlndpnl owner. The old park, owned
y Mr. Bchmulbach, could nor hi- secured
nnd then an effort was mnde to
*et the Cflles ground serosa th?* street
from the old park, but here again failure
was the word. The owners of the
Cities property. It seems. havo an unr?*asonable
prejudice against hull clubs,
and would not do business for. that reason.
These two sH^s tnnk?? up the
available list, with the exception of the
Mats fair grounds, which. howevtT, has
many objectionable fen tun*.
Mr. Wright Intended yesterday to
formally notify j'p'.Mdont Power ?.f
the league, that h?* was unable to secure
grounds for the club aod would
have to iriv#? up the rttrht. When Mr.
Wright give# up there Isn't much hope
for n club, tin outside people would not
he able to do m<rre than b* did It
surely looks us though Wheeling will
not see professional base bnl) this season.
'Tls a pity but 'tis true.
Cnrhrtt will l-'nllmr IMHliiiiumii nnil
Vnrtr n Kl?ht.
DKTItOIT. Feb. 2X?James J. Corb?tt
and company played to n parked
house at ths Lyceum theatre to-nlgHt
To an Associated Press reporter Cor
bett mild:
"I expect nothing further from Fit*
slmmons. Ho lms unntn shown thai
he (loos not want to light me, nevei
(lid and nuver will If ho can help It,"
In response to calls from the audience
Mr. Corbett appeared before tin
curtain and reiterated bin statement!
made In Chicago, to the effect thut h<
was determined to get a match witl
Fltxulmmone, and pledged his word 01
honor that he would follow him to Eng
land If necessary in order to flght him.
Hntimtny'ft Howling.
W. L. P'ct
Urownles 43 11 .791
DaiMios 83 lfl .70
Nameless i... 34 17 .Gfit
Musee 28 26 .Cli
Heabout 21 30 .41,'
H. C. Richards 19 35 .85:
Independent 15 31) .27)
Press Club 15 38 .271
On Saturday evening the Dalslsos defeated
Independents three straight lr
the Musee tournament. Score:
Club. 1st 2d 3d Tota
Daisies PG4 894 #83 a731
Independents ... 870 799 833 250:
JUakea Hli Appritntaoeat IIvadq??rtrra o
theSalvation Army?What Ilitppcnnl i
Sfmt-Thp New Cumtnauiler.
NEW YORK, Feb. 23.?Balllngtot
Booth appeared at the Salvation head
quarters to-night for the first time slnc<
ho erased to be commander of the arm]
of the United States. Neither Colone
Nlcol nor acting commander Eadle ha<
been told that Dooth would be at tin
meeting. Major Glenn, staff captalr
Crafts and a half doxen others, al
strong supporters of the deposed com
mander, took a place on the pavemeni
In front of the building about 8 o'clock
They did not wear the army unlforn
and did not enter the building when
Colonel Eadle was conducting a meeting
In the lnrge hall.
BaJlington Booth reached the build
lng about 8 o'cloek, and with his frlendj
In waiting went to room 16, on tht
fourth floor. The crowd that *> th*r.?<!
outside the building in anticipation
that something was going to huppon
began to cheer loudly for Booth.
Ex-Commander Booth was not attired
in the army uniform, although hi
wore the usual military cape ooat. Hli
face was pale and showed signs ol
Colone! Nlcol, who wos to have addressed
the meeting, did not appear, although
he was In the bulldlnir all th<
evening. As It was the crowd hlsset
him several times as he passed througt
mo corriaors.
Colonel Eadle wan Informed of the ar
rival of the Booths while the meeting
was going on. He at once left the plat'
form and hurried to the fourth floor after
a hurried conference with Colone
Nlcol. The meeting: wan then adjourn
ed and the lights In the audltorlun
turned out. Most of the crowd walfei
outside the building. The news hat
spread that Balllngton Booth was Ir
the building and they anxiously await
ed developments.
Some of the officers of ttte army wen
summoned to the room where Ballington
Booth had gone. Among then
were Brigadier Evans and Brlgadlei
Flrldlng. of Chicago; Major Stlllwell. 01
Michigan, Ensign Taylor, Adjutant Da
mun and Mrs. Damon, Major Glenn and
Htafr Captain Crafts. A meeting tool
place behind closed doors. Colone
Nlchol and Colonel Eadle were present
for half an hour and then went to Colonel
Eadle's office on the floor below.
Soon after 10 o'clock word readied
Col. Eadle that the Assotfated Press
had received a dispatch from Londor
announcing the appointment of Commissioner
ami Mr*. BootSi-Tucker u
succeed Balllngton and Mrs. Booth. A
few minutes aMerward the following
bulletin was Riven out:
Commissioner ami Mrs.Booth-Tuckei
have been appointed succespors t(
Commander and Mrs. Balllngton Boott
and may be expected to arrive In thli
country wKh all dispatch.
. Immediately after tho meeting Balllngton
Booth hurried from the building.
Ho refused to make ony statement
of what had occurred In the meet
1U(| OS U|M mi UIC V.ii':i nwu nvtu ?/ ?sent.
It Is known that he re?d a lont
Colonel Nlcol, on the departure ol
Balllngton Booth, gave out a statemoat.
He ?tfd: "The charges thai
General Booth is opposed to the Americanism
of this division of the armj
are absurd. The poHcy of the arnij
has always been to follow th? habit i
and customs of -the country In whlci
It was located. In Franoe we an
French, in Africa. Africans. 'A1
things <o all men.' Is one of our mot
toes. I have heard of no dissension ii
the army. I do not think tost Balling
ton Booth will makf any trouble abou
turning over the property of the army
We want him -to go to Bngland anc
have a conference wtth Ws father before
he leaves the army."
Commandor Herbert Booth to-nlgh:
telegraphed the Associated Press fron
Toronto, Oat., a denial that any of thi
affnlro of the Solvation Army In th<
UnrteJ States are under his control, 01
that he has taken his brother's pla?
in Now York. "I am, as hitherto,' h<
says, "directing the affairs of the armj
In Canada, and at present am entlrelj
Ignorant of my future appointment"
Last to-night, Balllngton Booth is<
sum! the following statement:
"It was the furthest from our Intention
to enter Into any controversy rc
gardlnK our action, but certain errone
ous statements having been made pub
He. It la only right and Ju?t, both to tlx
movement and to ourselves, to submit?
"First?Colonel Nlcol states: 'It Is un
true as reported that Commandan
Gladness Comes
\X7ith a better understanding of tin
? ? trunsient nature of themnny phys
leal Ills which vanish before proper ef
forts?gentle efforts?pleasant eflforts/ightly
directed. There is oomfort it
the knowledge that so many forms o:
fllckness are not due to any actual dls
easo, but simply to u constipated condl
tlon of the system, which the pleasant
family laxative, Syrup of Pigs, promptly
removes. That is why it is the only
remedy with millions of families, and is
everywhere oatceracd so highlv by all
?-? ' Itjj 1w>nnftnUl
Willi V1IIUU K"?n? in ? *?
effect? uro due to the fnct. Hint it i? tlio
one remedy which promotes interim'
clean lines*, without debilitating th<
oranrui on which it net*. Iti? therefor*
all Important, in order tojfet itebene
Jlci.nl eflfect/i, to note when yon i>nr
chase, thatyou liavo the Pennine article
which is manufactured by the Califoroh
Ki# Syrup Co. only, uud sold by all rop
utahlo driiffgiRt-H.
If in tho enjoyment of (food health
nnd the nyntoiu In regular, then Inxu
tlvcn or other remedies urc not needed
If afflicted with any actual diMcaHe, oih
may l>o commended totliemoiit skillful
ph.VHlcimiK, but if in need of a hixativa
then one should have the )M>At,nnd with
tho woil-informtfd everywhere, Syrup of
Fitfs stands highest nnd Ih most Inrgwlji
used uud tfi ves most irencrul Rnt.lsfnrtioti
Herbert Uooth peremptorily demanded,
that his brother ban?l over the Hoys and
. property of the army.'
I "The bent denial of this Is the followp
luir quotation which wi* wrote down
from th?; Una] episode In the discussion
on Thursday la?t. After having ??a!d
? wo Mhould only have the Sunday to say
? farewell and they hail Inquired about
? the property and found It could be ar\
ranged at short notice, the coinmondt
ant llnnlly ruid:
" There are two propositions which I
ant empowered to place before you,
llrst, 'that you withdraw your letter to
" n"|?nrwi. jiu, nn n>ri iiuu
" That you go to England on Sati
I "Wo replied: 'No, except upon our
] conditions.'
) " 'Very well,' oon-tlnucd Command}
ant Herbert. wkh emphasis, 'In tlin-t
i cnae all I have to say Is I demand tha/t
i you hand over your keys n>nd portfolios
I by 10 o'clock <o-morrovr morning.'
"I replied: 'We shall require to have
the aut/horlty of the chief of staff,' (referring
to London headquarters.)
" 'Tboft y6u ?an have before 10 o'clock
beaause I am empowered to give you
1 ttie alternative.'
*1 replied: 'Then you shall have the
keys nnd the offices by 10 o'clock tomorrow.'
"We n-t onoe rose hut neither the
ootnntan<kMvt, commissioner Eva nor
f Col. Nlco* demurred at the decision and
i the only other words exchanged were
good night.' Did sllenco give con.
"Second?Col. Nlool further states:
" 'It Is equally untrue that ho ever ,
i dismissed Balllngton Booth. Neither
r Commandant Herbert Booth nor any
I other officer possesses such power. That
I power Is alone vested In the general.* ,
"We have always understood that the
\ power of dismissal of torrlorlal officers
I Is vested In the general. But the com.
mandant led us to believe that he and
I the other representatives had oorne
fully authorised and said they were
J backed with a definite brief from I*onj
don. Colonel Nlcol said to us directly
! after seeing Commissioner Evu, that
we must be prepared for the worst."
"Third?After leaving our keys upon
i our respective desks and vacating
f headquarters Friday morning at 3
| o'clock, we retired for consultation, i
i which occured later In the day In our
expressing by cablegram 10 ix>nuon
that we had received our dismissal from
the hands of the commandant, and that '
any further negotiations had closed.
"Fourth?After the above deplorable
circumstances. we hereby declare on I
Mrs. Booth's and my own behalf, that
we cannot under any conditions whntiwver
accept proposals from London. ,
nor enter again under the authority or
government of international headauarters
In England.
"Mr*. Booth and myself bitterly regret
that we have not even had the opportunity
of Haying a loving farewell to
our Immediate staff and faithful ofll- 1
cors?to nay nothing of the thousands
we still dearly love on this wide fleld.
Of the Halvntion Army Complication.
Hranwrll lloolh'i Lrlltr.
LONDON, Feb. 2H.?Bramwell Booth's
letter to Chauncey M. Depew was written
after telegraphic consultation with
General Booth In India, and gives as I
the reason for the action toward BallIngton
Booth that It was In accord with
the usual routine of changes, without
whloh Balllngton Booth could never
have been appointed to America.
The Dally News and the Chronicle,
have long New York dispatches dealing
with the matter. The Dally New* also
says In an editorial: 1
"America may yet have a Salvation
Army Fourth of July."
The Chronicle editorially expresses a
similar opinion, and thinks that Ball- ,
lngton Booth was In the wrong. "The
strength of the army," says the Chronicle,
"lies In its military basis of disciplinary
, iltLLAIttz..
All Sorts of I/oml Xf?wnnd Goastp from
(he Glut City.
The OMo Valley Telephone Com- '
. pany will hold another mooting this
evening to complete the organization.
They now have over a hundred tele.
phone subscribers In this city and have
; not begun to brunch out. They will
ask the council for a franeGrtoe to- i
f morrow evening, and this will, of i
courso, be given the new company,
t Food Commissioner iMcN'tol 4s rrxik
Ing a strong showing for re-namlnatlon .
' and the fjujt that the dealers Who have 1
r felt the penalty of the pure food laws
have imfctcd in opposition to film, tendH
1 to make him stronger with the people
who are fci favor of unadulterated or1
tides of food, lie has invaded JJelmon t !
1 Some of the ladles of this city got the J
[ Idea from the equal division of the supreme
court on the question of women
j voting oO *?rhool elections as presented ,
, to that court, chat their right of franohlse
in school matters wos lost Thin
. Is not the fact. They have the same
J right to vote this spring they iiad last
? year.
? The O. A. R. fair will close at Turner
r ball to-night. The cold weather of the
? past week Interfered #omct\<hat w.th
? the success of the fair, but In spite of
r this the attendance was fair and the
t festival will round out a nloe success
for those In charge.
Henry Fitton left yesterday evening '
for fronton. where he will be married 1
to-morrow 'to Miss Mabel Clark, of that
city. They will return to this city Immediately
after their marriage and go
to housekeeping In the Fourth ward.
? The case of Assignee Gallaher j
against several of the subscribers to
the f?tock of a glass company will be
[ heard In John A. Gnlhihor's ofllce here 1
i by Judge Drlggs *o-moriw.
The Washington birthday exercises .
at the U. P. church on Saturday even- j
Ing were well attended and Iihe addresses
by Rev. Messrs. White. King j
and Holmes were all well received. ,
It 1s only two weeks now until the
Republican city primaries and the candidate*
are stirring rhemselvrs ocmsldera?bly.
There nre six candidates for
l the nomination for mayor. (
I Mrs. George -Boyce, of Marlon. Ind., \
! li ths guest of ?t/he family of Charles ,
Dankwerth In the Fourth ward. ,
The Ice dealers and the butchers are 1
taking Advantage of the good Ice on the I
creek and storing eome of !L <
WrlRht Fred ***d family went to j
Rarnesvllle Saturday to attend the funeral
of a relative. 1
Hon. J. K. Blackburn returned to |
? Columbtm ycarterday, after a couple of
' toys at home.
s Charles Whittcmorc returned Satur- 1
. day from Cadlr. after upending a week
. al that place.
Howard McCombg, of New Castle, I
, I?a.. Is <hc gues>: of relative* In the Sec- I
j- und ward.
The Novelty 8tamping Works was '
, shut down Saturday on account of no ]
t water.
Minn Anna Comutf, of Welisburg, Is ]
, the gue?t of friends In the Fourtih
i ward.
I Mist Emtnn (lament hi l?*r. of Barnes- i
v4Ile. 1s vlsttlng frlctxls In this city.
Th?* flMwr Virginia i* laid up at J
I Hen t'herlng ton's <vn oocowvt of loe.
? The O. A. It. Pair and festival closes
j this evening wltfli a wand hall.
Mis* Minnie Kenvplr' left Saturday for
. Cincinnati to sjurnd 'two weeks.
, Mrs. I> \V. Cooper Is confined to her
i home wttti ? severe cold.
Louis Cohen oontemplates moving to
Nashville. Tenn.
DON'T Invite disappointment by ex- j
perlmenting. Depend upon One Mlnuto
, Cough Cure and you have Immediate re.
I lief, it cures crotip. Tho only harmloss
remedy that produces Immediate
results. Logan dr Co., Wheeling, W.
| Vn.. B. F. I^abody, Ben wood, and
; Bowie ft Co.. Bridgeport. O. 6
Us? Dr. Mllos' N?rvo Planters for Rplnal
Wrukncuu. All druicffluts ???u '?m for JSu.
If?pa nml MUlmpa iu Utu Thriving < ")'
At rut* (lir Itlvrr.
The remalns of the unknown colored
tramp who was asphyxiated while
sleeping In the producer ut the
Aetna-Standard mill on Saturday, wore
buried at Lin wood cemetery ywterday,
afternoon. It In supposed the poor fallow
wont In to get warm and fell asleep.
A part of hlH body was badly burned.
He was about thirty years old and live
feet three. The coroner found nothing
tin him by which he could be Identified,
lie weighed about 140 pound*.
The opera nouso wa? well filled on
Saturday night to hear Polk Miller's
dialect recitals, conflicting of stories,
sketches and songs. Illustrative of old
times in the south, with ttm negro as the
central figure. He raid the abolishment
of slavery was the best thing that
ever happened for the south. He was a
soldier In the rebel army and praised
iui' u. a. )v. vujrm *c?; u
Communion services wore held In the
United Presbyterian church yesterday
morning. Rev. Edgar N. Bailey was
assisted by Rev. G. W. Thompson, of
Luclle. There were Ave accessions, two
by confession and threo by letter.
Ten rooms In the new centrai school
building will be occupied by Friday.
The high school will move In to-day.
followed by the grammar rooms and
other grades later in the week.
William Cooper, who has been reported
mysteriously missing, whs at the
home of a neighbor named Moon?. He
went away In the absence of the family
and tills pave rise to the report.
The railroad employes are circulating
petitions against reducing the railroad
fare from three to two cents a mile.
There Is a strong sentiment In favor of
a two cent fare.
Hundreds of people viewed the remains
of the Buckeye Glass Works yesterday,
several hundred coming from Wheeling,
Bridgeport and Bellaire.
Rev. Lepnard Trumen, formerly of
the St. Clairsvllle presbytery, has resigned
the pastorate of the church at
It Is said that by the death of an uncle
C. E. Hitchcock, formerly of the SL
Clairsvllle schools, lias Tffllen heir to
Bert Krlm will be taken to the North
Wheeling hospital to-dny. to have an
apratlon performed on his left leg.
The tin mills at the Aetna-Standard
have not shut down as reported and will
fro on this morning as usual.
Edward Elliott, of Cleveland, and
James Elliott, of Bcllalre, spent yesterday
with Bert Olliver.
A meeting of rhp executive committee
of the Episcopal church will be held on
Wednesday evening.
While unloading oil well tools at Colerain.
Thomas FKssimmons had his foot
The King's Daughters will meet at
the Presbyterian parsonage this evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Clem Speidel, of Wellsville,
spent Saturday with relatives
S. L. Wood and J. M. Henderson spent
Sunday with their wives at Smithlleld.
Public exercises will be hold in the
high school on Friday afternoon.
The Standard orchestra will give a
ball at Scheehlr's hall March 4.
The nail factories at the Laughlln mill
will be off until Wednesday.
Charles Helling, sr.. returned to Ellwood
City, Pa., last night.
Two persons united with the Baptist
:hurch yesterday morning.
The?Republican city primaries will
be held on March 13 or 14.
M. Rowley entertained a party of
friends Saturday night.
Samuei Young was down from Rochester,
Pa., over Sunday.
All of the churches were largely attended
Mrs. Samuel Stlllwell Is visiting at
3t. Clalrsville.
E. J. A. Drennen goes to SUteraville
this morning.
THE standard cure for cold and
cough, Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, should
be kept by every mother who loves
her darlings.
Coming? Kj-Prleit fllatlrry.
tltn fammia /vint-ort.
?d priest. is coming to Wheeling. He is
said to bo one of the most powerful
anil eloquent speakers on "Romanism"
Chat has ever appeared In our city. He
respectfully nhallenges any prlewt or
bishop to mom him in debate, ami a* It
te his Arm visit to this city, he may expect
overflowing houses. It is the best
class of people who go to hear hiin.
He Is to leoturo In Egerter hall to-morrow
night, Februury 2-r*. Subject: "Why
I l>eft tiv? Roman Catholic Priesthood,
and What I Saw Therein.' Mrs. Slattery,
formerly known in the convent as
Sirtor Mnry Elisabeth, will lecture to
ladies only, Tuesday afternoon ut# 2:33
"Nolblns Venture, Nothing nave."
Rev. John Reid, Jr., of Great Falls,
Mon., recommended Ely's Crium Dalm
to mo. I can emphasize his statement.
"It is a posltlw* care for catarrh if
used as directed."?Rev. Francis W.
Poole. Pastor Central Pres. church,
Helena. Mont.
It Is the medicine al>ove all others for j
catarrh, and is worth its weight in
gold. I can use Ely's Cr?*im Ralm with
safety and it does all that Is chimed
for it.?B. W. Sperry, Hartford, Conn.
Relief In Sis Hour..
Distressing kidney and bladder dls
poses relieved in six nours uy the i
KIDNEY CURE." This new remedy
Is a great surprise on account of Its
exceeding promptness in relieving pain '
n the bladder, kidneys, back and every
part of the urinary parage In male J
cr female. It relieves* retention of
water and pnln In passing It almost
immediately. If you want quick rtllet
md cure this is your remedy. Sold by
R. IL List, druggist, Wheeling, W. Va.
Important Pacta.
If you have a dull and heavy pain
across forehead and about tho eyes; If
the nostrils are frequently stopj>ed up
ind followed by a disagreeable discharge;
if soreness in tho n^se and
^ceding from tho nostrils Is often ex[jorlencd;
if you are very sensitive to
cold in tho head accompanied with
(ii?.idache; then you may bo sure you 1
lave catarrh; and should (Immediately)
resort to Ely's Cream Balm for a
:ure. The remedy will give instant re.?
lef. 3
Did Von E*?r
Pry Electric iJltleni tin a remedy for !
Kour troubles? If nol, get a bottlo now
and get relief. This medicine has j
lieen found to ho peculiarly adapted to I
Hie relief and eure of all Female Complaints,
exerting a wonderful direct
Influence in giving strength and tone
to the organs. If you have Low of Ap[>eUte.
Owftlpatlon. ll??udnche, Fainting
Spells, or nre Nervous, Sleopl^hs,
RxcltaWe, Melancholy or troubled with
Dizzy Spells, Electric Bitters Is the
medicine you need. Health and |
HrvngPh ?ro guaranteed by Kb use. |
Fifty cents und $1 00 at Logan Drug
Co.'s Drusr Store.- :i
t "Complete
How to Attain It."
A Wonderful New
Medirnl Ikwi k, vrr 111 o n
for M?n Only. uoo
copy may bo had Ire?
od application.
geTe. st
have yo
read of
Wo have it, and every hotel
has silver, glass or other goo
it is.
Not an invention?it's o
and polishes at the same tiir
does its work so well that c
will last months. Cheaper tl
for it's
1 E7
The Crash department of the
household needs replenish'
ing. Look at the pure Flax
Crash, extra quality, a1
6%C per yard to-day, and
the regular household all
linen at only 8c per yard,
and Barred Linen Crashes
at 10c, 12c, 15c, 18c.
Towels?one lot 50 dozer
regular 15c value, \ flp .
21x44 inches, at lUlieacE
25 pieces Outing Flannels, tlu
grade usually sold at 7c K/i
/ and 8c per yard, at . .
Another lot of Men's Drill
Night Shirts, plain white,
all sizes, 13 to 17i, thai
should sell for 75c, we RO/i
now sell at . * "01
>> work ut homo; 1 pay Sk to *16 per
week lor makine Crayon Portraits; now
patented method; anyone who can read
nn<l write can do the work at home, in
spare tlinc, day or evening; send for particulars
and begin work at once. Addrone
H. A. ORIPP, German Artist, Tyrone. Pa.
fob rent.
OH RENT, APRIL 1, 1396, NO. 1404
I? Main ?ireot. three tnry brick wtrehou*?.
Inquire ut HENRY K. 1.131, The City Bank oi
Wheeling. delO
For rent-new six-roomed
house No. 76 South Pcnn street, desirable
location, all modern conveniences.
Will rent cheap to good party. Enquire
of WALTER MARSHALL. 1012 Market
street fe20
tho city; largo and plenty of light;
contrally locted In best advertised building
In tho city. Alao largo hall for rent.
Apply at HUH CLOTHIERS, Fourteenth
and Market streets.' J all
? resldenco, No. 112 Fourteenth street
Has 8 rooms, finished nttlo, bath room,
basement laundry, hot and cold water,
both gases. Enqulro at NESBITT &
l!KO.'. 1313 Market itreet. Ja2J
Third floor, 1007 Main atrant, f!r? rooms.
TO LOAN?9ft,000 011 good renl Minto.
FOR 8ALK? Property on the lilnuil paying
12 per cent.
Ileal Estate and Financial Agrut,
Jail iO<V. Mslu Street
for 8alr.
(JooJ location and trade. Can bo bought
cheap, luqulro o( S. 0. BOYCE.
ocil HOP ChapUno Stroat.
Avkry good chance for anybody
to buy or rent a sood location,
the throe-story brick building on tho corner
of i.'liapllne and Thirty-first streets,
with complete bar fixture*, occupied by
Frnnk AlulnKcr as a saloon. but sultablei
for most any business; with 13 rooms on
Hfoontl nnd third ftooro, not counting bar
nnd billiard rooms and other small adjoining
rooms on first floor. For further
notice Inoulre of SIR. GEORGE CARL,
corner of Thirty-ninth and Jacob streets,
city. fctt*
j^Ulv BALIi.
Cheap and oo Buy Tcrrai
ocfl City Dank nnllJlag. 1KB Market Street.
^ 45 share* Gorman Rank.
0 shares Rlversido GlaAs Company.
3 Wheeling I'ottery bonds. 0 por cunt.
10 shares Exchungo linnk.
20 rharos Wcllsburg National Bank,
sn shares Dollar Buvlngs Bank, of Bellalre.
TO shnres Aftna-8tandard Steel und Iron
1W shares Wheeling Steel and Iron Co.
20 sharos Franklin Insurance Company.
It. 8. IRWIN, Broker.
fe!5 -No. 23 Twelfth 8treet.
National Hank of Wo?t Virginia.
Kxrhnnpo Hunk.
Nallunnl lintik of Wcllsburg.
Aetnn-Standttrd Mill.
Ijil'*llo Iron Works.
WlmHinic Bt?4l anil Iron Company.
Wlu'ollriK Ico and titorugr Company.
N.-w 8to.il Urlcljso.
Wheeling Hallway Company.
Hlvonddo (llow Company.
Crystal <?lan? Company.
TUi??-h liro?. Tobacco Company.
Franklin Inauranco Company.
Wood Droit. Planing Mill Company.
Stock*. Donda, Investments, Insurance.
f.'T ?ll Market Htreot.
> '
u heard of it?
it, or seen it?
keeper housewife or lady who
ds to polish should know what
i discovery?a cloth that cleans
te, without dust or powder, and
leaning is a pleasure. A cloth
?an any scouring on the market,
j BlackandNavy Mohair Serge,
wide diagonal effect, with
; elegantfinish.oOincheswidc,
j all wool, at
<45p >r
This identical material is much
sought after by manufac
turers of readymade skirts.
I 25 pieccs All-Wool Novelty
Suiting, 38 inches wide, in
> eight or ten different shades,
1 all new?cheap at 65c?our
> price
: 43c- j
[ ???
IToam, 8 rooma and hill, with all modarn IraSroremcnta,
Chapllns it., Centre Wheeling.
Homo. 7 moral and ball, lfitb at.. 82.700.
House, 5 rooma. nth at. fl 400,
: ltonaa, 3 roomi, ia Balradera add. ft&).
House. 14 rooms audntoro roam, Main ?t, near
21?t kL.lot 4U1-J2 It. D.600.
For a abort time. one of tho flncit hooaca on
Chapllno at. Contra Wheeling: 9 rooms, with
hall and modern Improvement: cheap: termj
t MAma 1..11 anrt 1*rm 1 nt 11th lt? J
. H?x>.
Houne. 7 roam* nnd 6-roomed hoiuo In rear;
lot ?xl20 ft. lath ?t .ftwo.
Houte. 7 rooma, brick. with hall. Jacob it,
, Contra Wheeling: cheap HSW.
Huuw. 0 room*, brick. EoT it, Mb wd., SUOQ, _ k.
House. "roomi S. Market at: cbeap, 11.150.
2 lota on Mod at. Belvedere. each.
Uouae, '2 room*. WlLsou at, Centre Wheeling,
ea*y term*, tt-Vl
Ix)t. AO feet front Llod at. S2V).
llmue. 4 room.* anil attic, Jacob at, Oth ward,
i SMtt
llonae. 14 rooms, brick. 13th at, fft.501
Hotel. 2? room*. Martln'a Furry, 0.; cheap, oa
cur tcrroa
Hoiim 8 room*, and S-roomed honee In rear,
Mnrkei at. between 7th and *th iti. $ !?)). S
llnnae, ft rooraa and hall bath and bothgitet
Jacob at. between lSth aud iflth. (o.60J.
nnilncM property on Market at at moderate
P3JJ0. D0(), JVM, 6503. 12,000 and J^6W to loan on
real estate.
Tel.6It 1730 Market Street.
IIS Ohio street, 7 rooms and bath.
6 Virginia street, 9 rooms and bath.
Gl South York atroot, 7 room a and both.
128 South Penn street, 3 rooms.
And several others. Houses and lota
for salo on oaay terms. Money to loan
on Real Kstato.
Telephone 087. No. 1143 MnrUotBtr'et.
EN by any ni'W.iyaper?Fifty Cent# i
to agents on each Dollar. The catholic
News Is endorsed by the Catholic lilshops, &
Priests and eminent writers an the leading
Catholic Family Weekly. Subscription c
6rice. One Year by Mall. One Dollar?
nnvassors are allowed tne large coramlMion
of Fifty Cents on each fl 00. '
Agents wanted In overy Catholic parish In
every city and town. Experience not necessary.
Write for sample copy. Addnesa
street. New York. feS
The partnership which existed between
John L. Schilling uml S. H. Kasley,
under the firm nume of Schilling & Kas?
ley. was dissolved on the 3d day of September.
1894. John L. Schilling retiring.
The business has since been conducted by
8. H. Kasley, who Is still the agent for i
West Virginia of the Pent! Mutual Llfo 1
Insurance Co.. of Philadelphia.
felR-sa S. H KA8LKY.
Near zero and scant supply of
natural gas, the hands, face
and lips will chap.
Will heal and keep them In
good order.
h'ji.ii iiv
R. It. LIST, IOIO Main Street,
and dealkks mentally.

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